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1 8 – 2 8 m ay This is what quality theatre is about. THE EXAMINER By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd 15 CHildERS ST CiTy WEST 6247 WWW.THESTREET.ORG.AU on behalf of 1223 Dramatists Play Service Inc.


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Dragon Boating has become a popular LGBT sport in Australia. Helen Stevens headed down to Lotus Bay in Yarralumla to find out why and to chat to the girls in the Diamond Phoenix Club.


Do you know what Gender Dysphoria is? We take a closer look at being a Trans* person — the terminology, the facts and the reality that comes with it.

39 We were all so fabulous! Check out this year’s awesome Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2011 photo feature.



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One of the most extraordinary pieces of theatre written in the last few decades, I Am My Own Wife tells the true story of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a self-identified transvestite. We chat to Robert Jarman about his portrayal of this amazingly courageous woman.

12 Tony Hamlyn talks to the very sexy Carsten Andersson about his transformation from porn star to pop star.

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It’s an understatement to say that the internet has become a popular tool for gay guys looking for partners. Matt Teran looks at how this has affected sexual heath and attitudes in our community.

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❂ BE PROUD. I was not a cool kid at school and I was bullied. There I’ve said it. I think it was mostly just because I was a small feminine looking boy, but I did get called “ya poofter Thatcher” a lot. Maybe they knew something I did not at the time. It was all very upsetting as a young teenager and getting punched and pushed is never very nice. I cried a lot — that probably did not help. I remember my mum really lost it once and chased a big kid down after he punched me at the bus stop for no reason, (thanks Mum). Alex Thatcher at 18 Editor

Tony Hamlyn at 16 Entertainment Editor

Simon Copland at 18 Political Editor

Bullying in schools has always been a problem and kids can be awfully cruel to one another. Having said that, they do learn from their ‘own environment’ so they are not totally to blame. Kids are very open to suggestion, so what they are taught by parents, teachers and peers can shape them for a life time. Teach them intolerance and that’s what you get…. Intolerance. Bullying in schools and gay suicide has featured a lot in the news over the past few years, but it has not been until recently that governments have started taking this issue seriously. Just before the last election the Gillard government promised $22 million to help tackle suicide in at-risk groups, including the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans* community. More recently the ACT Government said they are ‘ramping up efforts to stamp out homophobia in Canberra schools’. (Andrew Barr MLA writes about this on p15.) It’s a slow road I fear, but at least we’ve started addressing a very serious problem affecting our youth. On a more up beat note, we’ve got a pretty sexy issue for you this month. Our features include an interview with all round hottie Carsten Andersson — porn star come pop singer. (Bet ya he never got picked on at school.) p12. We also chatted to the ‘very fit’ girls at the Diamond Phoenix Dragon Boat Club about endurance, stamina and hanging out at the lake. p21. Plus there is Madonna, Kath & Kim, hot gay guys (and girls) on the TV soap 90201, 70’s hair, sexy money and hooking up — we’re just full of sexiness. But the sexiest of all is our big Sydney Gay and Lebsian Mardi Gras 2011 photo feature — It’s awesome and so were we. p39. Be proud & enjoy, Alex Kitty Cunningham I just love the new look FUSE mag. It’s vibrant, modern and dares to go where no other publication in Canberra will. It’s a great voice for the GLBTQ community! March 26 at 1:38pm

Chris Powell at 18 Creative Director

Julie-Anne N Cindy Lovell-Malta We think FUSE is so cool. Maybe you could do a feature on queer families — we are up for it if you’re in need of peeps! ta, cindy and jack xxx March 26 at 2:33pm


A special congratulations to the lovely Yasmin who’s now a mum to beautiful little Freyja. 2


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MOVIES SUCKER PUNCH OPENS 7 APRIL Sucker Punch is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape ­from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, and her incredible adventures blur the lines between what’s real and what is imaginary. Stars Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens and Abbie Cornish. LA TIMES Zack Snyder puts visual zing into a tale of violation and revenge that is as empowering as it is controversial.

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS OPENS 12 MAY During the Great Depression, Jacob, a penniless 23 year old veterinary school student, parlays his expertise with animals into a job with a second-rate traveling circus. He falls in love with Marlena, one of the show’s star performers, but their romance is complicated by Marlena’s husband, the charismatic but unbalanced circus boss. A great cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz.


THE FLICKS THOR 3D OPENS 21 APRIL The epic adventure Thor spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.

The story of Margaret Humphreys (Emily Watson), a social worker from Nottingham, who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals in recent times: the organised deportation of children from the UK to Australia during the 40s and 50s, some without their parent’s knowledge.

JUSTIN BIEBER NEVER SAY NEVER 3D OPENS 7 APRIL Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is the inspiring true story and rare inside look at the rise of Justin from street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario to internet phenomenon to global super star culminating with a dream sold out show at the famed Madison Square Garden ­­— in 3-D.

FREE MOVIE TICKETS FUSE has double passes to give away to Dendy Cinemas.







IN THE NEXT ROOM OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY 8-11 JUNE AT THE PLAYHOUSE, CANBERRA THEATRE Pamela Rabe directs an all-star cast, headed by Jacqueline McKenzie, in Sydney Theatre Company’s smash-hit production of In The Next Room or the vibrator play. For the wife of the eminent scientist and inventor Dr Givings, the vagaries of the medical field have never held much allure. Until now. Now, as the dawn of the age of electricity rises, her husband’s profession has finally piqued her interest. The remedial treatment that he administers to females suffering from hysterical disorders is an important medical invention and nothing more. The Chattanooga Vibrator is absolutely nothing for his healthy, happy wife to get her bloomers in a twist about. Nominated for both the Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize, this play was a resounding hit when it opened on Broadway in 2009 and consolidated playwright Sarah Ruhl’s reputation as one of America’s most exciting contemporary writers. A sensitive riff on the relationship between physical connection – be it sexual, plutonic or maternal – and emotional intimacy, In The Next Room has infinitely more to it than primitive vibrators. Sharp, witty and bursting with charisma, this is an utterly beguiling play about love, longing, science and invention. Bookings 02 6275 2700 or

SUNDAY 15 MAY 2011 The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, coordinated by the Global Network of People living with HIV is one of largest grassroots mobilization campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness in the world. Join communities around the world and help reduce stigma, ensure access, increase resources and promote involvement. ACT NSW

WHAT’S ON! Check out for a full list of what’s on

TURNS 22-25 JUNE 2011 CANBERRA THEATRE Australian theatre icons, Nancye Hayes and Reg Livermore —last seen in Canberra in Opera Australia’s My Fair Lady — take to the stage in the world premiere tour of Turns. Pantomime star Marjory Joy is on her last legs – or is she? As she reflects on a life spent in show business Marjory’s son Alistair tries to understand his mother (all women, in fact) and come to terms with one woman in particular... Written by Reg Livermore, Turns is a reflection on identity, family, show business... and completely losing your marbles. Bookings 6275 2700 or

NATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL 21 - 25 APRIL 2011 EXHIBITION PARK IN CANBERRA There’s more to Canberra than politics! The National Folk Festival is celebrated every Easter, when the Canberra is frocked up in its golden autumn best. The festival draws together people from all around Australia and the world. They come to share in the songs, dances, tunes, and verse that have flowed through the ages from many communities into Australian folk culture. More Info at 5




FOOTLIGHTS I Am My Own Wife is the achievement of playwright Doug Wright and has drawn sell-out crowds across the world, exposing a huge range of people to the passionate and courageous life of the proudly self-identified transvestite, Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. Von Mahlsdorf was assigned male at birth, and raised as a boy during WWII — forced into Hitler Youth by her Nazi father in the late 1920s — and survived a traumatic home-life. After her father held a gun to her head in an altercation with her mother, von Mahlsdorf killed him while he slept. After a period of psychiatric detention, von Mahlsdorf was released and lived proudly and unapologetically as a member of the avant-garde. In her bid to develop a legacy of worth out of the destruction of the war, von Mahlsdorf collected items from the houses of deported families and stored them in a ‘museum of every day items’, the Grunderzeit Museum. She took these items and kept them as they were, which is an apt visual for von Mahlsdorf’s broader legacy. Robert Jarman (who plays von Mahlsdorf) agrees. ‘What I’ve learnt from Charlotte is that you have to take people as they come. Every aspect of a life is worthy and precious, because all of it is a life, a lived experience.’ The Grunderzeit Museum is instructive in this way because ‘if [an item] was chipped then it was chipped — and that’s how we have to preserve her life too’.

This May, set aside some time to reflect on the depth of the contributions that trans* and sex and gender diverse people have made to the landscapes of history. Well, you could probably do that right now (what, like you’re sooo busy?!), but especially do it in May, because Canberrans are going to be blessed with the arrival of Pulitzer Prize-winning play,

I AM MY OWN WIFE. By Gabrielle Hitch A Gender Agenda Media Representative

This complexity is explored in the one-actor play, and Jarman believes that a life of inconsistencies and of astonishing achievements is the most interesting part about von Mahlsdorf. Forget about a polished, clear, linear narrative; some of these stories that von Mahlsdorf is telling us contradict each other, overlap each other or cancel each other. ‘There are aspects of this life that people won’t like...people think, “I want her to always be heroic”, but you have to admire her determination to live according to the way she thought was right,’ Jarman said. Jarman is a fairly determined person himself. Within I Am My Own Wife, other than von Mahlsdorf, he plays forty separate characters of varying genders, ages and languages — often involving three-person conversations across dialects. What can you even say about that? Well, you should probably see the play. Jarman is excited about the show’s arrival in Canberra, ‘So often, [Australian actors] get an opportunity to do a show once and never again. I feel incredibly lucky to get a second stab at it... to develop the role, the meaty bits of it. I feel privileged to be able to show this really extraordinary story of an astonishing life!’ Von Mahlsdorf pushed back the restrictive boundaries of gender for many people by living fiercely and bravely and utterly as herself. This play is a chance to celebrate a pioneer ‘out’ gender diverse person and to experience some of the key moments in her almost unbelievable life. Seriously, shut up and buy a ticket. I’ll see you there!

I Am My Own Wife is showing at The Street Theatre Cnr Childers St & University Ave, Acton Wednesday 18 May to Saturday 28 May 7


ELIZABETH TAYLOR DIES The last of the great Hollywood icons, Dame Elizabeth Taylor, died on March 23, 2011 aged 79. She will be remembered for a lot of great things: Films such as Butterfield 8, Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, A Place In The Sun, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, and Cleopatra; For her eight marriages to seven men (twice, of course, to Richard Burton); For her jewellery, for her glamour, for her drinking, for her scandal, for her infamy and for her fabulousness.

By Simon Copland


But she was also the first major celebrity to stand up and do something about the HIV/ AIDS crisis of the 1980s. At a time when all her gay friends were dying, but the US government were refusing to even publicly discuss HIV/AIDS as a real issue, she lobbied and cajoled and used her power and influence to raise awareness and get things done. In a time of fear she displayed a kind of doggedness, making sure money was raised and people were educated. In a press statement, her family said: “She was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humour, and love.” RIP Liz Taylor.

BEING GAY IN SCHOOL IS ABOUT TO BECOME A LITTLE EASIER It’s about to become easier to be queer in school if you’re living in NSW or the ACT. In January the NSW education department announced a program to tackle homophobia in schools. This program, called ‘Proud Schools’ will be trialled in a small number of schools, with a full roll-out if it is successful. Following this, the ACT Government announced a similar scheme focused on training school staff about how to deal with homophobia. Andrew Barr MLA also announced an anti-homophobia conference open to all high school and college students and staff to be held on the 17th May this year.

....BUT NOT IF YOU’RE IN NSW PRIVATE SCHOOL Debate has been raging in NSW in the lead up to the state election over 30-year-old laws which still allow private schools to expel students for being queer. The controversy was re-inflamed after John Hatzistergos, the sitting Labor Attorney General publicly backed the legislation. Unfortunately the incoming Liberal Attorney General has also stated that they will not be overturning the legislation, leaving queer kids in private schools stuck with the continued threat of expulsion due to their sexuality.

OSCAR WINNERS Eight of the twenty acting nominees for this year’s Oscars were first timers. Four had won an Academy Award in the past. Natalie Portman, winner of the award for Best Actress, is a vegetarian & animal rights activist.



RiotACT discussion provides a perfect example of why a program to tackle homophobia is needed. MLA Andrew Barr tweeting about the level of discussion on Riot Act after he foreshadowed an anti-homophobia program for ACT schools.


The King’s Speech won the most nominations in this year’s Awards (twelve), picking up four of these awards, including best film. The Social Network was based on adapted screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin; famous for conceiving the television show The West Wing.

This is about the rights of the territories to determine their own future. Senator Bob Brown, leader of The Greens and out gay politician, talking about his legislation to overturn Ministerial powers to veto Territory legislation.




Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers.

NEW PRIME MINISTER? Without knowing it, a new Prime Minister has taken the helm in Australia. If you were to listen to the Liberal Party, you would think that Greens leader Bob Brown had taken the top job at Parliament House.


Teens who were rejected by their families for being LGBT are 8 times more likely to report having attempted suicide.

$22 million

The amount the Gillard Government promised at the last election to help tackle suicide in at-risk groups, including the gay, lesbian and bisexual community.

Calls that the Greens were now in charge began after a few policy changes from the ALP. Firstly, the ALP caved in on its dumping of the solar flagships program in order to obtain the Greens support for a flood levy. This was followed by the announcement of the introduction of a carbon tax, with details soon to be followed. Finally, the ALP caucus agreed to support Greens legislation that would overturn the ability for Ministers to veto territory laws; something that many claim would lead to gay marriage in the ACT. The real Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was quick to rebut any claims that the Greens were now in charge, pointing out that there were many areas the two parties would never agree on; in particular the ALP’s policy on mandatory detention of asylum seekers.


The percentage of gay people who said they have had 5 or fewer partners in a recent poll by okcupid. (vs. 44% for straights). 98% said they have had 20 or fewer partners in total. (vs. 99% for straights)


The percentage of teens that had have not told their parents about their same sex attraction. (Here For Life Youth Sexuality Project)

140 million

The average number of Tweets sent per day.

THE DRAGON WITH THE GIRL TATTOO Are you a fan of Stieg Larrson’s Millennium Trilogy? Well, as the final movie wraps up in cinemas you have an opportunity to relive the first book, but with a twist. Adam Robert’s book, ‘The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo’ takes a satirical look at Larrson’s trilogy, telling the story with a fire-breathing and treasurehording cast. Robert’s is famous for his mash-ups of Tolkien, Dickens and Dan Brown and with this new book he enters the world of Swedish crime. Enter his lair if you dare...

CRICKETER COMES OUT 24-year-old Star English cricketer (and all round hottie) Steven Davies became the first international cricketer to officially come out. Davies had been out for years to his family and to his teammates before his public outing. In a recent interview with the UK Telegraph, Davies said “I have got nothing to hide and I am ready to tell people ... I feel it is right to be out in the open about my sexuality,”

There are many famous out sports players. Some of the most notable include: • NBA Player John Amaechi • Beach Volley Ball Gold Medalist Natalie Cook • Olympic Swimmer Daniel Kowalski • Former World # 1 Tennis Players, Amelie Mauresmo and Billy Jean King • Rugby League Player, Ian Roberts • Rugby Union Player, Gareth Thomas

UGANDAN MAN BEATEN TO DEATH A gay rights activist in Uganda, David Kato, was beaten to death by a hammer in January. Mr. Kato became famous after the newspaper, Rolling Stone, published his picture (along with others) as part of an article outing known gays and lesbians. Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda. The country has been at the forefront of the queer rights movement in Africa after the introduction of legislation that would make homosexuality punishable by death. 9


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thIngs FAB { }



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17-21 MAY Breast Wishes is an uplifting Australian musical about life, love, family and silicon. Premiering in 2008 with a Gala Concert in Sydney, followed by a 2009 capital city tour, Breast Wishes now travels to all states and territories as part of a 46 venue tour — making it the largest tour of a home grown musical. ‘Uplifting, and joyous, and funny, and ultimately moving... hits its target audience with a whopping great big bang.’ Stage Whispers.

15-17 SEPTEMBER The Lennon & McCartney Songbook. Three of Australia’s top cabaret performers are joining forces to take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through a collection of the finest pop songs ever written. ‘A full throttle cabaret show’ Adelaide Now



6-23 JULY Willy Russell’s classic musical Blood Brothers is set in Liverpool and is a story of twin brothers separated at birth who reunite and become friends in their childhood, unaware they are related or of the consequences their relationship will bring. Regarded as one of the all time great British musicals, Blood Brothers has been playing on the West End for over 20 years. ‘I see no reason why it shouldn’t run for at least another ten years. If you haven’t seen it yet...WHY NOT?!’ Christopher George, London Theatre online 11

By Tony Hamlyn

TEN MINUTES WITH CARSTEN ANDERSSON Carsten Andersson is of German / Danish descent, and he’s very beautiful. We’re talking Nordic, blond, and buff kinda beautiful. I mean, breathtaking. And I’m interviewing him. Eek! As if that isn’t making me nervous enough already, he is also a celebrated porn star. But I’m not chatting to him today about porn (well, not entirely). Carsten and I are skyping to have a chat about a new venture; a song he’s released entitled ‘Fun’. I know what you’re thinking: “Porn star turns pop diva with atrocious results”. But the thing is, ‘Fun’ is a really great track. It’s up and catchy and melodic and, well… FUN! And, as I said, Carsten is ridiculously good looking. So we here at FUSE thought we’d spend ten minutes with the wannabe popstar and find out what his deal is.

PORNTOPOP TONY HAMLYN TALKS TO PORN STAR CARSTEN ANDERSSON WHO WANTS TO BE THE NEXT POP SENSATION. FUSE4 Tell me about the song ‘Fun’. CARSTEN4 When I was kicked out of the band East Bloc, due to my past in the gay porn industry, I got in touch with the production team, Zebra1 in London. They had heard about the scandal and wanted to work with me. They produced it and they wrote the song. They did songs for Sugababes and Aaron Carter, and now for me. I was very proud that they wanted to work with me. 12

FUSE4 What were they like to work with? CARSTEN4 Very easy going, very relaxed, very cool. They sent me several songs and left it up to me which one I would choose. FUSE4 And what made you pick ‘Fun’ from the songs that they sent you? CARSTEN4 When I heard the song I thought, “that’s a good choice for a song because fun is what it’s all about”. I don’t have the biggest voice, so it was really all just about the fun of doing the track. So I thought the song would fit right away. WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU

FEATURE FUSE4 Have you recorded more material? CARSTEN4 I have two more songs. One is a cover version of the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘It’s A Sin’. And we are about to record another, but it’s not finished yet.


FUSE4 Is that another cover, or is that an original? CARSTEN4 The new song is going to be a cover. FUSE4 Can you tell me what it is? CARSTEN4 Not yet! Not yet! It’s going to be a little secret until it’s released, because we have a surprise. It’s going to be a name that I cannot say yet, a European boyband. So… FUSE4 So you’re doing a cover of a song by a boyband with the actual band themselves? CARSTEN4 Yes, we’re going to do a little incorporation, and probably will shoot the music video together. It’s all not really worked out exactly yet, because the release won’t be until (European) summer. I’m very excited! FUSE4 What music do you listen to yourself? CARSTEN4 I’m mostly into pop music, but I can listen to anything. I have my phases when I’m suddenly googling all this stuff from Guns’N’Roses and Metallica. FUSE4 Wow! So Carsten Andersson is a rock pig? CARSTEN4 (Laughs) Trying to be. FUSE4 So what direction will your own music take? CARSTEN4 Actually my role model through my entire music career is… do you remember the band called Bronski Beat? FUSE4 Absolutely, yeah. CARSTEN4 Yeah, this is so much what I would like to be. They did the song ‘Hit That Perfect Beat’. When I heard that song I thought, “this is where I wanna go”. They were gay, but they were also mainstream. They were pop, but they were also really sexy. FUSE4 Now you’re a legitimate popstar is porn in your past? CARSTEN4 I wasn’t planning on doing any more, but I received a great offer from Lucas Entertainment New York, and I thought, “this is going to be a really relaxed shoot.” I’m pretty okay with the results. I haven’t watched it all — it’s always tough for me to watch myself. But yeah, I think it was a great idea to do that again. And I know some people hate me for doing it, especially some of those who were working with me (on the music). It was a weird situation for them to work with someone like me, seeing naked pictures of me on the Internet. But I said, ‘“Well guys, you knew who you were working with, so that’s what you’re going to have to deal with”. FUSE4 Do you think a female porn star in that position would have an equally hard time? CARSTEN4 Hmm… it’s hard to say. I think the hardest part of this thing that I’m doing is that it’s gay. I think if it was straight they would all just find it so cool and they would’ve been jealous and everything. I think that’s the hardest part about it. It’s not porn; it’s gay.

FUSE4 Do you get sick of having to talk about being a porn star? CARSTEN4 No, I love talking about it! Because, first of all, I enjoy it; Secondly, it’s not that I’m ashamed of it — the complete opposite — I’m proud of it. It’s been a part of my life and made me happy and gave me so many opportunities. And lets be honest, if I had not done it no one would talk about my music. Lady Gaga’s always going to have to talk about why she’s such a freak, and Madonna’s always going to be asked about the ‘Material Girl’ stuff. FUSE4 Exactly. George Michael’s going to have to talk about his various dramas for the rest of his career. I guess you just have to embrace it. CARSTEN4 Definitely. I’m so thankful for this. When the band kicked me out due to my past I was so sad and I thought, “Why did I do these movies?” But now it’s the complete opposite and I say, “Be proud of it, be thankful for it and just make the best of it”. You can listen to Carsten’s single and check out some more smoking photos on the FUSE website at: FUSE4 I read that your celebrity crush is Tim McGraw. Is that true? CARSTEN4 Oh yes. He is a hot guy. FUSE4 He is gorgeous! And so many gay men overlook him. What is it about Tim McGraw that you love? CARSTEN4 For me he’s the full package. He has everything a man needs. Plus I do have this sort of fetish for cowboy style. Yeah, he dresses masculine, he behaves masculine. I wish he was gay, but I don’t think he is. FUSE4 He’s married to Faith Hill, isn’t he? CARSTEN4 (Laughs) Ooh — so what? FUSE4 Have you ever been to Australia before? CARSTEN4 No. I’ve never been. And the only reason why I’ve never been is just that I’m scared of such a long flight. FUSE4 Oh Carsten, take a Xanax and get on that flight! You will love it! CARSTEN4 I have a feeling I will. I’m sure I will love it. Though I’ve never been there I already know I’m going to love it. FUSE4 And trust me when I tell you, Australia will LOOOVE you. CARSTEN4 (Laughs) Thank you. 13

If you are thinking of suicide


to Talk

r you t eone


Avoid being alone

Set yours

elf small


Lifeline Ph: 13 11 14 Kids Helpline Ph: 1800 551 800

Feeling overwhelmed, or that things will never improve? It is important to remember that you are not alone. Talking is the first step to getting help. Other things to do to keep you safe: • Get regular exercise and eat well; • Avoid alcohol and drugs; • Avoid being alone; • Set yourself small goals.

ACT Crisis and Assessment Team Ph: 1800 629 354 suicideprevention







The ACT Government is ramping up efforts to stamp out homophobia in ACT schools, as a La Trobe University study confirms our schools are the most common place same-sex attracted young people suffer abuse. The Writing Themselves in 3 (WTi3) report was compiled by La Trobe University in 2010. It’s the third national study on the sexual health and wellbeing of same sex attracted and gender questioning young people. In 2010 more than 3,000 young Australians responded to the survey including 80 from the ACT.

By Andrew Barr MLA

Like any form of bullying or discrimination, homophobia can have a massive and negative impact on the life of a young person. For example the report shows there are strong links between homophobic abuses and feeling unsafe, excessive drug use, self harm and suicide attempts. There is clear evidence in this report that schools can make a major contribution to the health and safety of students by effectively addressing homophobia. I am determined that every ACT school will continue to make every student feel safe and valued.

Key findings of the 2010 report include: •

Young people continue to suffer high levels of verbal and physical homophobic abuse particularly at school.

That’s why I have asked the Department of Education and Training to:

In 2010, 61% of young people reported verbal abuse because of homophobia, 18% physical abuse and 26% ‘other’ forms of homophobia.

The most common place of abuse remained school with 80% of those who were abused naming school.

Arrange an ACT Schools anti-homophobia conference to be conducted on 17 May to coincide with the International Day Against Homophobia. The conference will be open to students and teachers in ACT public, independent and catholic systemic schools.

Develop a new training package to help ensure school counsellors and pastoral care coordinators can better work with their entire school to prevent homophobia.

Reform schools’ Anti-Sexual Harassment Contact Officer training to improve our schools response to homophobia.

• As many as 37% of young people described their school as homophobic or very homophobic overall. •

For more than half of the participants, homophobic abuse impacted negatively on aspects of their schooling.

• •

40% of young people surveyed said they wanted the Sexuality Education delivered by their school to be changed so that it was more inclusive of same sex attraction and gender diversity. Young same-sex attracted people, who reported their school as having a supportive environment, were less likely to harm themselves or attempt suicide demonstrating the importance of putting policy into practice.

ACT schools already work hard to make every student feel safe and welcome. But there’s always more to do. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated in ACT schools and it will not be tolerated in ACT schools. 15


By Tony Hamlyn



Screen Australia has given the funding go-ahead for a Kath & Kim movie, starring Gina Riley and Jane Turner and directed by the show’s longtime collaborator, Ted Emery.

Last September I reported on the HBO TV series The Miraculous Year, which was still in production but being touted as potentially the gayest show of all time.

According to reports, the project is called The Kath & Kim Fillum, and apparently the gals will be taking the story abroad, “on a whirlwind tour of love, lust and revolution.” Which might sound suspiciously like the last Sex and the City film, but I feel certain these girls will handle things a whole lot better. The good news here is that it sounds as though there’s a decent script nailed down already, and with all hands on deck this might be in theatres before the end of the year. We all knew that, of that whole D-Generation/ Fast Forward cast, the girls — Jane and Gina, along with Magda Szubanski and Marg Downey — were the real standout talent and constantly the funniest. Yet, at the time, they always seemed to be somehow overshadowed by the men.

So it’s very satisfying to see them getting the opportunity to do something like this. More info will follow no doubt as filming gets underway, but with the show’s huge overseas success, what we have here is a major international money-spinner and maybe even a potential resurgence in fabulous, funny Aussie films, not seen since the mid-90s glory days of Priscilla and Muriel’s Wedding. Check out Kath & Kim’s very foxy website at: 16

A pilot was filmed, directed by Oscar winner Katherine Bigelow, and featuring big name stars like Susan Sarandon and Frank Langella, but then surprisingly HBO pulled the project stating that it was ‘appealing to too narrow an audience’. Looking at HBO’s history, with TV series like Carnivale for example, this claim is just beyond ridiculous. Industry talk is that another network, maybe AMC, may pick it up (fingers crossed!) but for the time being Miraculous Year will not be seen. But don’t cry just yet, cos there’s something even more fabulous a-brewing, with news that Steven Spielberg is producing a show for NBC called Smash, a backstage drama centred around a fictitious Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. It sounds like Glee for grownups, which to be perfectly honest was exactly what we were all waiting for, right? Debra Messing (pictured) is starring as the fictional musical’s lyricist, along with a toothy but cute Broadway actor called Christian Borle who is playing her gay BFF and songwriting partner. Also cast are Broadway favourites, Brian d’Arcy James and Megan Hilty, the great Anjelica Huston, and former American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee, playing the casting-couch ingénue. There’s a choreographer character played by one of my all-time favourites, the adorable Jack Davenport (Miles from This Life), so if it wasn’t already gay enough for ya, that’s sure to up the gay-ometer somewhat. This whole thing is a no-brainer, especially when you add into the mix original songs written by Hairspray tunesmiths Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. I very much suspect this time next year ALL OF US will be talking about Smash. WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU

BUZZ ! 9021-HOMO Don’t you just love trashy teen soap? I mean, seriously, is there anything better than a weekly dose of Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill? And then there’s 90210, the millennium version of Beverly Hills 90210, the mother of all trashy teen soaps. You might be surprised to hear the remake is actually still running in the US, now in its third season and building quite the fan base. Network Ten, who airs the show here in Australia, have been a bit dismissive with 90210, recently advertising its return with the launch of their new digital channel Eleven, only to nix it after a few episodes. Very disheartening. Especially given the show’s great history with gay and lesbian characters. In season two Rumer Willis (yes, the eldest daughter of Bruce and Demi) featured as a confident, young lesbian who got it on with one of the regular gang members, wannabe pop starlet Adriana. The lesbian affair was fleeting, but the girlon-girl action was more than we’ve ever seen from any other teen drama, that’s for sure. Now it’s the boys’ turn, as main character Teddy Montgomery gets his gay on. Teddy’s ‘in the closet’ storyline began with the season three premiere, with the super-hot blonde former tennis pro clandestinely kissing the school choreographer.

Rumer Willis shows she’s just like mum Demi Moore after lesbian kiss in 90210. Rumer is starring in gay friendly drama 90210. In a recently episode she full on snogged the face off co-star Jessica Lowndes, who plays troubled character Adrianna.

It’s now developed into what is so far a well scripted, nicely performed (not to mention, HOTTEST!) gay outing. In a series where crazy drama rules – Annie, for example, is currently being single-white-femaled by her younger cousin Emily, whilst 17 year-old Navid is reinventing his exiled dad’s porn studio into a legit filmmaking business — the Teddy storyline has been low key and sympathetic, and surprisingly realistic. He’s been dealing with potential boyfriend dramas, his straight pals’ reactions, his disconnectedness with the LA gay scene, and all the while getting advice from his ex-girlfriend and now BFF, Silver, who has fag-hag written all over her. He’s just begun flirting wildly with the school soccer star, where a potential romance blossoms. I mean, it’s basically exactly the same as my own coming out story. Except of course for the money, the tennis career, and the perfect abs. But with Channel Ten withholding 90210, how are we ever gonna see all this uber-gay teen angst? Well thankfully, earlier this week I received an email from their publicity bitches telling me that as of April 2nd Channel Eleven will begin airing 90210 late on Saturday nights, after the evening movie. Make sure you tune in people, cos you definitely don’t wanna miss the gayest zipcode in town.

TOO MUCH CHARLIE How about that Charlie Sheen, huh? Never before has a fall from grace been so jaw-droppingly excessive and so publicly consumed. We’ve been captivated by celebrity hijinks before (anyone else miss Randy and Evi Quaid?) but never on such a grand, relentless scale! Like it or loathe it, Two And A Half Men is the highest rated scripted program on US TV, getting huge numbers still after eight seasons. Sheen was bigger than he’d ever been before and had negotiated a contract of $2 million per episode (that’s almost $50 million earned in a single year). And then… this! But, aside from the perceived success, what’s so unique and addictive about the Charlie Sheen saga is his own delusional and ongoing denial.

He launched a Twitter account and had more than a million followers in less than 24 hours and his numerous interviews and statements have spawned catchphrases, with “Winning!”, “Lion’s Blood” and “Trolls” already becoming part of the pop cultural vernacular and appearing on t-shirts he himself is actually manufacturing. Hilarious! There’s a lot of debate about whether all this is exploitative of a man who is clearly unwell, or whether he’s putting nails in his own coffin. At the moment it’s a compelling train-wreck, but how long ‘til we’re all asking have we all just had too much Charlie? By the time this goes to publication my guess is that Two and a Half Men will have already announced his replacement, and my money’s on Anthony Michael Hall or John Stamos. Stay tuned…

Whilst your Mel Gibsons and your Paris Hiltons sought the advice of PR experts, then bit the bullet and publicly apologised, Sheen actually refuses to show any signs of remorse. His daily vlogs, calls into radio stations, and TV interviews showcase the behaviour of an unhinged madman, and he knowingly feeds the media frenzy. It’s guerilla public relations, which in Hollywood is unprecedented, and he appears to be reveling in it. 17



HOMO HERITAGE IN BED WITH MADONNA We look back at a significant cultural phenomenon from our big gay past… Every now and then a movie comes along that spawns more quotes than you can poke a stick at. The sort of film that contains dialogue so fabulous and so unforgettable it causes homosexuals to quip one-liners all through brunch for the next twenty years. In Bed with Madonna is such a film, and this May we celebrate 20 years since the release of this cinema great. Documenting Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour of 1990, the movie follows the superstar and her entire entourage through Asia, the US and Europe, capturing all the craziness and carryon of a large scale concert tour. The documentary focuses mainly on the maternal relationships formed with her dancers, almost all of them gay men experiencing a kind of mass adoration and attention for the first time. The tension, the glamour, the competitiveness and the bitchiness, all make for some incredible behind-the-scenes moments and some of the snappiest oft-quoted dialogue ever captured on film (‘You’re not filming me getting an adjustment’; ‘The fascist state of Toronto!’; ‘She says she woke up and her bum was bleeding’). Madonna is of course followed by a camera crew seemingly throughout the whole experience, and her then romance with Warren Beatty features heavily, as does her relationships with celebrity friends like Sandra Bernhard and a very young Antonio Banderas, as well as her younger brother Christopher, who was Artistic Director of the tour. The backstage fodder is priceless, including conversations with her stepmother who astutely observes, ‘This whole thing is lit!’ (Had she even SEEN a Madonna concert before???) And Kevin Costner famously telling her that the show was ‘neat’. It’s all about as brilliant and candid as fly-on-the-wall Hollywood stories get.




In case you weren’t aware, the Blonde Ambition tour was a milestone moment that singlehandedly reinvented the way live concerts were executed and produced. It introduced the outstanding Jean Paul Gaultier costuming (including the now iconic conical-bra) to the broader public, and it influenced the way artists performed and presented material in a live format. In one of the most inspiring decisions, presumably from director Alek Keshishian, the backstage stuff that makes up the majority of the film is all shot in black-and-white, leaving the onstage concert footage to explode onscreen in astonishing colour, bigger than life. Who could forget the tour opener, ‘Express Yourself’, with its industrial staging, and its bold blue lighting? A truly jaw-dropping moment for cinema audiences. In pre-internet days, before you could watch a YouTube video an hour after an event, the reverence of actually getting to live through that concert footage was truly awesome. It is of course available on DVD — see it today! WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU

Opening in April

e in is Cu an ne ra er it ed M n er od m in Specialising BreAkfAst • lunch • dinner n - 02 6255 6965 so at W , et re St r ye de in W s, op sh n Watso



Devine Café Gallery

TILLEY’S IS NESTLED IN TREE LINED LYNEHAM For over 26 years Tilley’s has been famous for its breakfasts, lunches and dinners... and of course its fabulous coffees. Tilley’s attracts not only ‘regulars’ but visitors from overseas and interstate who enjoy the all-day menu specials, and oh such lovely cake! Internationally renowned for legendary blues, jazz and classical concerts, Tilley’s continues to attract artists of international calibre who prefer the intimacy of a warm theatre atmosphere clad in red velvet, brass and dark timber booths. With a fully licensed bar, one can enjoy champagne with breakfast, or in the evening savour our broad range of wines, spirits or boutique beers on tap.

ERIC BIBB IN CONCERT International folk-blues master of songcraft is returning to his Australian fans to perform a series of inspirational concerts. Eric will showcase material from his latest full length studio release - Booker’s Guitar - an incredible album inspired by the opportunity Eric had to play a 1930s guitar owned by blues legend Booker White.


THE CALL IS YOURS! TILLEY’S CAN DO IT FOR YOU! CORNER OF WATTLE & BRIGALOW STREETS, LYNEHAM Serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days • Monday to Saturday: 9am – 10pm Sundays: 9am – 6pm • To reserve your favourite table or booth phone us on 6247 7753 20


DRAGON BOATING IS THOUGHT TO HAVE STARTED IN CHINA 2,500 YEARS AGO AND IS ASSOCIATED WITH AGRICULTURAL RITUALS AND FESTIVAL CELEBRATIONS. The boat is traditionally made of teak, with a decorative dragon head and tail at either end of the craft. Unlike rowing, participants are called ‘paddlers’ and face the direction the boat is travelling and the paddle is not attached to the watercraft. Twenty-two people consisting of twenty paddlers, one sweep and one drummer make up the crew. The drummer sits at the bow facing the paddlers with the sweep at the rear. Two paddlers at the bow are the leading pair, also called ‘pacers’ or ‘strokes’, and their job is to set the pace for the team. The drummer is the heartbeat of the boat and is a ceremonial icon and a motivational coach for the team. Through rhythmic drumming they synchronise the crew to keep in time and pace. The sweep steers the boat from the rear using a sweep oar rigged to the boat. Like similar watercraft sports, the aim of dragon boating is to get over the finish line first. Dragons Abreast was the first dragon boating team in Canberra. It was formed in the 90’s as a way for women recovering from breast cancer to get together, keep fit and manage a side effect of breast cancer called lymphedema. A common symptom of lymphedema is swelling of the arm and paddling can help prevent fluid from pooling in the arm. Today, the Canberra Dragon Boat Association (CDBA) has over 800 members across ten sports clubs and three schools. The Diamond Phoenix Dragon Boat Club is a proudly LGBTQI friendly club for women paddlers. Women of different ages, fitness level, sexuality, identity and background are welcomed into the Diamond Phoenix family. If you are not the competitive type you can paddle at training sessions and sit out regattas.


By Helen Stevens

I talked to Margaret Ritchie, Captain of Diamond Phoenix about why she started dragon boating.

‘I joined two seasons ago to gain upper body strength and I am now hooked. It keeps me challenged and feedback from the coaches helps my performance. Being on the lake in the early morning is wonderful — it is a great location and I enjoy the interaction with the team’. Margaret says there are a lot of opportunities to participate competitively. Regattas are held locally as well as in Orange and Jindabyne, NSW. This year Diamond Phoenix is competing in the ACT championships and the national event AusDBF Australian Dragon Boat Championships are being held in Canberra. This is a week-long event which will see Diamond Phoenix paddle against strong inter-state teams. More travel is planned later in the year, with the club setting sail to Hong Kong in June to compete in the Annual Crew Club Championships. And if that is not enough action, Margaret tells me Diamond Phoenix have been nominated for a 2011 ACT International Women’s Day group category award for fostering empowerment and friendship amongst women in sport. Dragon boating is an all over body workout. It makes intensive use of upper body, arm and leg muscle strength, as well as core body conditioning. Endurance and stamina are required to keep up the momentum for paddling up to fifteen kilometres in a two hour training session. Training sessions occur three times a week and provided you attend at least one session, you will keep the coaches happy. The Dragon Boating season runs from September through to April. A number of open days are held in the first months of the new season for anyone wanting to test the water. ACT Girls Dragon Boat Club : NSW GLBT Dragon Boat Club :

DRAGON BOAT GIRLS The AusDBF Australian Championships 2011 will be held at Central Basin on Lake Burley Griffin from 31st March to the 3rd April. Get on down to the lake to support the ladies and remember ‘when I say Diamond, you say Phoenix’.


FEATURE GENDER IS AN ISSUE WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. I view my own gender as increasingly fluid, particularly as I become a more active member of the queer community and explore my identity and sexuality. I’m sure many of you have heard the age-old argument that being transgendered is little more than a psychological disorder; so what I want to explore in this piece is the basis for a genetic explanation and the reality of the psychology surrounding this subject. Let’s start with a bit of terminology: the terms transgender and transsexual are often used interchangeably, especially outside of the queer community. However, there are distinct differences between the two words. The first being the obvious discord between “gender” and “sex”, the first being a social construct and the later a biological phenotype. Transexualism refers to an individual who identifies with a gender which is different to their sex at birth. It was first described by Magnus Hirshfeld who wrote a journal paper in the 1930s with reference to the first genital reassignment surgery. However, the English term “transsexual” was not introduced until 1949 by D. O Cauldwell (who interestingly shares the same surname as my first girl crush). He used the term to refer to people who wished to change their physiological sex. In contrast, transgender has come to be used as more of an umbrella term (only standing under this umbrella will get you wet!). Transgenderism refers to people who do not typically conform to gender roles associated with their sex and may identify with a different gender without the overwhelming necessity to change their physiological sex. The term is thought to have been coined by Charles “Virginia” Prince. She wrote, ‘I know the difference between gender and sex and have simply elected to change the former and not the latter’. Gender is a highly subjective construct and one which varies historically and culturally. Gender was not used to refer to masculinity and femininity in English until around the fourteenth century. It is also important to note that stereotypical genders are not always limited to simply female and male, in many cultures further genders exist. An example of this is “hijra”, which in South East Asia refers to a biological male who has adopted a feminine gender identity. Hijira have been an accepted and documented part of East Asian society as far back as the writing of the Kama Sutra. However during the invasion of India by the British the practice was outlawed. Gender is something which, in our modern times, is constantly reinforced from childhood. Until children are around two-yearsold they will choose toys which are new and exciting regardless of gender stereotypes which suggest that girls should play with dolls and boys with trucks and Lego. However, as children’s understanding of the world increases they begin to realise what is expected of them. Boys who wish to play dress-up are discouraged as are girls who want to play foot ball. Even the most subtle disapproval shapes children’s minds, until most are intrinsically restrained within gender binaries. Those children who don’t conform to these gender binaries are faced with a constant struggle. Transgenderism has long been identified as a psychological disorder described as “Gender Dysphoria”. Homosexuality was also described as a mental disorder in the Psychiatric Handbook until 1973. 22

Chris to Chrisie Born Chris Edkins, Transgender woman Chrisie is a full time carer to her daughter Chloe. She has faced a backlash from outraged neighbours and was even physically assaulted after announcing she was going to live as a woman. Chrisie is adamant that being a trans-woman doesn’t stop her from being a good father.

‘My sex doesn’t determine how good a parent I am, and it’s taught Chloe to be accepting and understanding of other people. She knows not to judge people by what they look like.’ Chrisie, who is also an entertainer, is well known in the trans* community for the pro-active role she plays in trying to spread knowledge, understanding and support to those within the community who need a little help. Find more out about Chrisie at:

SO WHAT IS GENDER DYSPHORIA? Essentially, it is described as discontentment with the sex one is born with. By definition, it is present from very early childhood, with reports of confusion about physiological body features starting from as young as two years of age. Perhaps the most alarming facet of this is that self-harm commonly occurs by eight years of age, when individuals try to change body parts which do not match with perceived gender identity. Every year thousands of children are taken to hospital with mutilated penises and breasts from desperate attempts to remove them. One parent “Sally Jones” says her daughter “Nick”, who was born male, has identified as female since she was five-years-old, and first attempted suicide at thirteen because her body disgusted her and the ridicule she faced for opting to wear girls’ clothing was just too much. It is because of this self-harm in children that a huge medical debate is underway internationally as to whether or not we should allow the use of hormonesuppressant drugs to stop the onset of puberty in transgendered children to allow them time to consider gender reassignment surgery without the often unbearable changes to their bodies which commence with puberty. Clinics in the Netherlands have now begun prescribing “puberty blockers” to children as young as eleven. They claim that no one has ever come to them regretting the treatment. I think this is a wonderful step forward and yet, at the same time, the United Kingdom and much of the US and our own country refuse to give intervention treatments until age sixteen, when they believe children are ‘old enough to decide’. However, the irreversible developmental bodily changes (such as breasts or facial hair) are well underway by the age of sixteen. WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU

The first case in Australia to allow for hormone suppressants occurred in 2004. More recently, a male identified twelve-year-old in Victoria was also granted permission by the Family Court to undergo puberty blocking treatment as well as apply for passports and Medicare documents under his preferred gender. The controversy this was met with and furthermore the fact it had to be taken to court is ridiculous. The hormonesuppressant treatment is reversible and more importantly, life-saving for these children. It comes down to the ill-informed belief that transgenderism is a mental disorder, rather than a biological reality. However, correlations do exist between transgenderism and genetics. One of these is a gene variant described in 2008 in Vienna which is associated with female-to-male transgendered individuals. The variation relates to an enzyme involved in metabolizing sex hormones and can influence early brain development via increased testosterone levels. Forty-four per cent of the fifty trans* men involved in this Austrian study carried the gene. In addition to this, earlier this year a gene was discovered that affects the sexual preferences of female laboratory knockout mice. Knockout mice have genes systematically removed, and when this particular gene is removed, female mice reject the advances of males and instead try to mate with other females. The mouse gene codes for an enzyme that adds sugar to proteins affecting their oestrogen levels. The brains of mice embryos lacking the gene are flooded with oestrogen and, as a result, develop more like the brains of male mice, with female anatomy (essentially transgendered mice). While, it is impossible at this stage to know whether or not there is a similar gene in humans (as this particular gene does not code for the same enzyme in humans, and masculinity in humans is controlled by testosterone) this provides us with an insight into the genetics of transgenderism.




By Zara Jackson-Martin

Chrisie Edkins is a pre-op transsexual woman and lesbian. She likes to stand out from the crowd and is a born entertainer who in her spare time likes to drive and ride fast cars and motorcycles.




By Alex Thatcher

AS AUTUMN STARTS TO TAKE SHAPE AND THE LEAVES TURN THOSE WONDERFUL GOLDEN COLOURS, MY WINDOWSILL IS BRIMMING WITH HOME GROWN TOMATOES. A lot of people don’t think about Autumn gardening, but as it’s quite a lot cooler it’s a great time to get out there and do some of those tougher jobs. Autumn gardens also produce some fantastic vegetables long after spring planted veggies are finished. So what are the best plants to grow during the cooler months? Of course this depends on space available, climate zone, and what you like to eat. Even heat-loving crops, like tomatoes, sweet potatoes and capsicums, will produce until frosts hit — depending on where you live. Then there are other plants that will have already given up fruiting, like cucumbers, pumpkins and squash that can be harvested up until they die. Hardy vegetables like potatoes, carrots and other root and tubers will keep growing until the temperature is as low as -6˚C

WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THOSE EXCESS TOMATOES? Tomatoes will freeze quite well, so if you’re not in the mood to cook them into something just pop them into some freezer bags (with dates on them) and they will be available for soups, stews and pastas in the winter months. I like to make Green Tomato Pickles from my un-ripened fruit and pasta sauce from all the red ones which I usually freeze in batches. The Green Tomato Pickles recipe comes from my grandmother — they are really tasty and never last long. (Thanks Nan.) This homemade pasta sauce recipe is one of my own favorites.

Some vegetables prefer the colder months so it’s time to plant cabbages, cauliflowers, garlic, onions, rhubarb, beans, peas, berries and whole range of greens.


Tip: When planning seeds, look on seed packages for the words “early season”, or seeds sporting the least days to maturity. Choosing the vegetables with the shortest growing season helps ensure they can be fully grown and harvested prior to the appearance of frost. Even better still buy seedlings direct from the nursery.


Plant your winter veggies before it gets too cold.


With your garden slowing down for winter this is a great time to repair and build new garden beds.


Clear away old vegetation and dead plants, weed, compost and dig in any manures for next season.


MAKE FRESH PASTA SAUCE 1kg of fresh tomatoes (you can also use canned tomatoes) 2 chopped onions and 1 clove of garlic 3 table spoons of olive oil 3 table spoons of balsamic vinegar (the secret ingredient) 1 cup wine (red or white) 2 table spoons fresh chopped basil 2 table spoons fresh chopped oregano 1 table spoon of sugar Optional chilli to taste


It’s time to harvest your remaining tomatoes, egg plants, capsicums, pumpkins, and squash.

Cut the ends off the tomatoes and cut in halves. Add all the ingredients to a baking dish and cook in the oven on 200˚C for an hour. When cooked place the baking dish on the counter and if you have used fresh tomatoes gently remove all the skins — they will come away easily if fully cooked. Add pepper and salt to taste.

Tip: It’s a good idea to let your pumpkins cure’ by leaving them in the sun, this helps harden the skin and ripen the fruit.

Tip: This recipe freezes well, which means you can whip up a pasta at a pinch. You can also add one cup of vegetable stock and blend to turn it into wonderful Tomato Soup. WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU


Solidarity. Sunday 15 May 2011 Wolf Sverak Photography




SEXY Sex sells! Sales are related to sex and because money is used in the sales process, money is sexy! So of course being a financial planner is sexy too? I may have chosen the wrong profession for that one! In all seriousness though, sex and money have a few things in common: you need to practice both safely.


MONEY TALK By Scott Malcolm

So here are some Sexy Money Safety Tips... #1 BE CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE. This is often the hardest part of the process, as life has many possibilities and sometimes things change. If you are not doing the things you enjoy or want to do in life then the best time to start the change is now!

My tip: Think about what are the really important things to you. If you only had a limited timeframe left to live what you would want to be doing? What do you wish you had done, been and seen, and what would you miss the most? These answers can help to form parts of your life plans.

#2 YOUR CASH MATTERS The next step is to have a plan because your cash does matter. Being spontaneous can be fun, you might enjoy the heat of the moment, but if you don’t think about the bigger picture you could end up with the new outfit but no money for the party to wear it!

My tip: Keep it simple and pay yourself first. Put 20% of your income into a high interest saving account for your future enjoyment or longer term plans, and then use the balance to enjoy life today! Always spend less than you earn and avoid credit cards as only the banks win there.

#3 INVEST WITH UNDERSTANDING The world of investment can have many risks, from changes in the value of your investment to things going bust! Knowing what you are investing in, its benefits and limitations before you sign will ensure you are able to stay the course of your strategy, even in the hard times.

My tip: Educate yourself if you are thinking about investment. Ask friends who have invested in a similar thing, check out the resources online ( or sign up for an adult education course on money and investment!

#4 HAVE CLEAR CONVERSATIONS IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP AND AVOID STDS! You don’t want to end up with an STD. Sexually Transmitted Debts can cause more than friction in a relationship. If you are thinking about buying something with your partner and need to take out a debt, be up front and have the hard conversations about what you would do if things don’t work out.

My tip: If you are in a relationship and you want to protect each other, talk openly and honestly about your current (and past) financial relationships and then engage a solicitor to get a Binding Financial Agreement in place while things are good. Hopefully you will never have to use it but it will be a back up just in case things break down! If you need assistance in exploring these tips further talk to a professional, but most importantly start your journey to being free around your money and creating wealth with understanding.

Scotty’s Loose Change Beat your bank at their game – shop around for the best interest rate on your savings (6% plus is great) and review the rates you are paying on any debt (around 7% is great!)

If would like to ask Scott any questions, you can email him at or call 02 6257 5557. ( Scott Malcolm is Director of Money Mechanics who are authorised to provide financial advice through PATRON Financial Advice AFSL 307379. The information provided in this article is of a general nature only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this information you should consider its appropriateness having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs.




GROOMING THE BELOVED 70S AND THE HARD EDGE 80S ARE BACK IN A BIG WAY, FROM THE HAIR TO THE FASHION, IT’S ALL COMING BACK. Now some of you out there might be cringing at the thought of the 70s/80s revival since you may have already lived through these decades, but it’s the luxury of the 70s that will be making a come back with the pastel colours, and the boho prints making a huge statement in many of the collections. I personally just love it. From Marc Jacobs to Gucci they have all taken influence from the past decades. So throw in some faux fur, polka dots and floral prints and some big teased up hair and you might just look the part.

But not all of the 70s and the 80s are back — so before you go perming your hair and dusting off your old flares — here is my guide to getting the look, and not looking like you’re going to a dress up party. Firstly don’t go overboard, meaning if you’re wearing a floral print maxi dress there is no need to go all out with the mishmash accessories, keep it simple, maybe work in a boho bag and a pair of nice flats. The worst mistake is to work everything you can into one outfit and look like you’re from That 70’s Show. The flared jeans are back as well but not to their full potential, bigger than the boot cut but smaller than the bell bottom. Claudia Schiffer as been seen in London setting this trend, but I personally love my skinny legs too much to give them up for a pair of jeans that make me look like I have fat ankles. I on the other hand, am loving all the trends that are coming through from the 80s. I was born in the 80s so I should love the 80s right? So if you’re like me and are on the same mindset, try and choose a couple of things to work into your current wardrobe. I recently purchased a gold belt and a vintage electric blue leather bomber jacket, just for some 80s fun. But I have to admit I may have taken it too far the other day when a few friends told me that I looked like a black version of George Michael from his Wham days. I love George Michael and I love Wham so I took it as a compliment.

By Chad Wijayatilake Chad is a stylist at Form Haircutters

Let’s do it all

over again My hair right now is pretty 80s; I’ve recently come to terms with my natural curly hair so I’ve learned to embrace it and start wearing it curly, with the sides and back being nice and short and a curly mess on top, it’s my homage to the one and only Prince. Now if I can only find a gold sequined suit, my look will be complete. Just kidding! Many of my clients and friends keep asking me if I have had my hair permed, but no I have not had a perm, it is all natural (just many years of straightening). Any hooo…. If you’re after a bit of 80s fun with your hair here’s an idea: If you have long hair, curl it using a large curling tong and then sweep one side over so that all the hair is sitting and cascading over one shoulder, use some bobby pins to secure the hair that you have swept over and a bit of hair spray to make it stay, and you will look oh so 80s. This look is very powerful and demands attention so why not try it for work or on a date. Try and stay away from crimping your hair, because that’s never a good look unless you happen to be going to that 80s party. For the boys think big and think hard — hard shapes that is. The 80s were all about angles and shapes with hair, so if you’re after something with an 80s twist, try and have a heavy weight line with your next short back and sides and have the top quite long with lots of volume and flip it all to one side.

AMERICAN CREW FREEBIE FORM HAIRCUTTERS has generously given FUSE this fantastic American Crew Essentials Travel Kit which contains a whole range of fantastic hair + body products. Send a comment about FUSE to and it could be yours. 29


TIP.01 MATCH YOUR LIFESTYLE TO YOUR HOME With the supply of properties being marketed for sale growing, it is important buyers know what they should look for when buying in a specific area. Once you have found a prospective home, make sure to ask the agent plenty of questions and make your own enquiries so you can make the most informed buying decision. Whether it’s a house or an apartment, ask to view the contract, as this should include a building report, pest inspection, compliance rating, energy rating and building file. This will give you a complete understanding of the home and make sure there are no outstanding issues. It’s very important to be sure an area matches your lifestyle. Get a feel for what type of people live there, check out the neighbourhood and ensure it offers all the amenities you need — parks, sporting facilities, public transport, local shops for instance. If there is anything specific you want then it is important you know what facilities the suburb and surrounding areas have to offer you. Ensure you are completely aware of any developments occurring in and around the area. Most importantly when making an offer ensure you research what properties are currently for sale and look up recent sales so you can make an offer that represents fair market value based on what has sold. Happy house hunting TIP BY : JASON ROSES : REAL ESTATE AGENT & AUCTIONEER IN ACT & NSW.



We can do a lot on an individual level to help the environment. You can save tonnes of CO2 just by turning off our unused electrical equipment, like computers, printers, stereos, TV’s, and so on, at night or during the day when you’re not at home. It’s easy and will also make a big difference to those power bills.

HOW TO SAVE A GAY GORILLA Everywhere there are same-sex attracted animals — it’s a perfectly natural part of nature. So obviously we don’t need to point out there are gay gorillas living in the deep Congo and they need your help because life can be tough as a gorilla in 2011. But there is hope for our gay comrades, because now you can save gay gorillas and all you need is an old Mobile Phone you don’t want anymore. For more information on how and why visit the FUSE website.

TIP.04 GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! If buying or selling real-estate the auction method can be a quick way to a fast sale. Auctions have a transparent sales process and by opening up the sales process to the greatest of scrutiny, both buyers and sellers can feel secure, physically see and be involved in the process. For those selling, the single greatest thing to take from the auction process is the deadline. Because there is no cooling off period on the auction sale contract, fall of the hammer means security of sale. No seller wants to have their property on the market for months, preparing their property for at least 2 open homes per week. Auctions ensure you get bang for your buck on your marketing investment and work to secure a sale within a time frame. If you’re buying you should feel assured the auction process works to your benefit as well. Buyers can physically see and hear those competing for the property and act accordingly. On auction day make sure all the decision makers are present (or on the phone) and you know exactly how much you can spend. Don’t let the perfect property escape you simply because you were unprepared. TIP BY : JOHNATHAN DAVIS : REAL ESTATE AGENT & AUCTIONEER IN ACT & NSW.





By Tony Hamlyn

EAR CANDY NEW TUNES GOSSIP PNAU : THE TRUTH I get a bit upset with this so-called 80s revival. The 80s were much more than asymmetrical hair and minimalist synth sounds. All these twelve year-old wannabes lay down their plinky-plonky noises over a cowbell and drum machine then claim it’s all a Depeche Mode pastiche, and that saddens me. Where’s the joy? Where’s the grandiosity? Where’s the bigness that made the 80s so special? Pnau’s new single The Truth transcends all of this and FINALLY captures what was excellent about pop music’s greatest decade, without skimping on the bigness. The fabulous production here is full and rich, with a lasting melody that will have you hopping with gay abandon. The lyrics might speak of tragedy and heartbreak, but there’s no time for tears on this dancefloor. This upbeat bonanza is an exhilarating throwback to Erasure’s Stop or Phil Oakey’s Electric Dreams, but not in a cheap, copycat way. It is glorious! Apparently Sir Elton is their new biggest fan and has had a hand in the upcoming album, Soft Universe. “Hurrah!”, say I, and “Thank you, Pnau”. Can’t wait to hear what happens next.

QUEEN : DEEP CUTS V1 1973-1976 What’s this? Another Queen’s Greatest Hits? Well, not really. It’s a collection of early album tracks, chosen by band members Brian May and Roger Taylor, with some help from Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins (a Queen die-hard from way back). Doused in layers of harmony and crazy combinations, Queen’s infamous blend of hard rock and camp joie de vivre is even more sublime today, thanks to the re-mastering of these lesser-known tracks. A strange beast, Queen of course helped pioneer the prog-rock sound of the early 70s, produced innovative and groundbreaking sounds, wrote some extraordinary hits, and influenced music forever. They are the stuff of legend, particularly Freddie Mercury, whose vocal bravado remains one of the most thrilling put to record, and whose big-dicked leatherman posturing has confused and excited teenage boys for generations. Deep Cuts is part of a re-release of the band’s first five albums, which have also been re-mastered and feature incredible packaging and liner notes on the history of this groundbreaking music. This is not at all your typical Greatest Hits fodder, featuring instead some of the more obscure moments of the band’s back catalogue including Flick Of The Wrist and the marvelous My Fairy King. It’s hard and loud and quirky and, with it’s new sound quality, is a must for all Queen fans. FUSE has a two copies of ‘Deep Cuts Volume One 1973-1976’ to give away to the first two people to email us at 32

VALE LOLEATTA Disco legend Loleatta Holloway died last month aged 64. The voice behind tracks like Relight My Fire and Love Sensation, Holloway’s big, unique vocal style was sampled time and again in later years, most famously for Mary Mark’s. MR SHUE SOLO Glee’s hottest teacher, Mr Schuester, aka Matthew Morrison, is releasing a solo album. The first single Summer Rain is a reggae infused pop track that, like Matt shirtless, is really quite cute. The album, out in May, features a duet with Sir Elton, covering one of his best tracks ever, Mona Lisa’s And Mad Hatters. SOMETHING FOR OLD PEOPLE Ronan Keating has recorded an album of Burt Bacharach favourites, with none other than the great songwriter himself. When Ronan Met Burt may just be the campest title so far this year, and is available early April. IMPATIENT BRITNEY Britney Spears’ last single was out all of half an hour before the record company hit us with the follow-up. If you can catch your breath fast enough, Till the End of the World is currently available for download and the album Femme Fatale will, most likely, be out in five minutes time.. WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU

Everyman Theatre presents the Australian premiere of Duncan Ley’s Patrick White award short-listed play…


Directed by: Duncan Driver

19 – 28 May 2011

The Courtyard Studio - Canberra Theatre Centre Bookings 02 6275 2700 Adult $30 Concession $20 Groups 10+ $25




DJ PETE mixing it up with the cool kids at Homo High Friday 19 May. 2011

DJ Matt Getting you all hot and sweaty on Foreplay Fridays. 9-5am Fridays


♥ HOMO HIGH AT CUBE NIGHTCLUB Friday 20 May with Cube’s resident DJ Pete spinning the decks all night long. There’ll be fabulous drag shows, great prizes for the best dressed, FREE entry for those dressed in theme, class photos and fun Homo High souveniers.




RED HERRING CAFE A HOME AWAY FROM HOME FOR QUEERS AND THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Fridays: Live Music : $5 Cover Saturdays: Open Mic Night : FREE Plus join us on Wednesdays for the Queer Book and Film group : FREE OPENING HOURS Monday til Thursday : 10.00am-9.00pm Friday til Saturday : 10.00am-10:30pm Sundays : 10.00am-5.00pm Red Herring is a alternative and queer cafe in the heart of Canberra’s Petrie Plaza. Come down for some great food, coffee and all round good atmosphere.





Talking to your kids about puberty, relationships and sexuality can be challenging. Parents can feel that they lack the conďŹ dence or resources to do this effectively.

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) is a health promotion charity that has been supporting parents & carers in Canberra to have these conversations with kids since the 1970s.

Our key goal is to minimise the risks and harms faced by children and young people, using an evidencebased approach to comprehensive relationships education.

For more info about how SHFPACT can support you as a parent or carer, phone us on 6247 3077 or visit our website at today.

Assisted with funding from the ACT Government.














* Terms & Conditions Apply

ALIVE! Health & Fitness is a gay friendly, health and fitness club, promoting wellbeing as a way of life. We remove the mental barriers to working out and provide members with the latest in exciting and invigorating programs. Our facilities are designed to encourage members to pursue healthier lifestyles in a challenging, non-intimidating environment.

Narrabundah Jerrabomberra Ave & Hindmarsh Drive 02 6295 9500 Queanbeyan 5-9 High Street 02 6297 7788 Health & Fitness 41












...THE INTERNET OUTRANKS BARS AS PLACES FOR GAY MEN TO MEET PARTNERS... It is an understatement to say that the Internet has become a popular source for gay guys looking for partners. In fact, recent Gay Community Periodic Surveys show that in our fair town, the Internet actually outranks venues such as bars or sex-on-premises venues as places for gay men to meet partners (2006, 2009). And when it comes to promoting sexual health, all this logging-on tends to ruffle a few feathers. This is because gay men’s chat sites and iPhone apps are often presented in the media and some research literature as environments where gay men basically let their wanton desires run rampant. But these representations aren’t necessarily accurate. They instead reflect concerns that the growing popularity of such sites and the speed with which men can anonymously find each other online lends itself to risky sexual behaviour. While studies have found that men seeking sex online are generally more sexually active, it should be remembered that the medium itself does not necessarily cause gay men to ‘get more’, or engage in risky or unsafe sex. Rather, it is perhaps better to think of gay chat sites as just like gay bars; while some go there to pick up, others go there to hook up with regular ‘friends with benefits’, to hang out with mates in a queer space and to see other guys. And in the coming months, with the launch of the AIDS Action Council’s (AAC) NetReach project, these sites will also be places where chatters can ask their sticky sexual health questions.

By Matt Teran AAC Peer Education Officer

The NetReach pilot program will be staffed by trained peer volunteers who will be online in Gaydar chatrooms. When approached by chatters, volunteers will offer referrals and advice on sexual health, sexuality, HIV, relationships and other health issues affecting our community. NetReach will ensure Internet users have access to the best quality sexual health information, know about the local health services available to them, and have the opportunity to talk with a peer who understands. Ultimately, we hope to extend the program to other networking sites such as Manhunt and the popular iPhone application, Grindr. The NetReach project is as much about offering sexual health information, as it is making sure the AAC is online and readily available to our community. That said, chatrooms are very particular places, each with their own culture, etiquette and style. And that’s where volunteers come in! Your working knowledge of gay networking sites is invaluable and will be a key ingredient in helping this project work.

VOLUNTEER If you are interested in being a NetReach volunteer, or would like more information about the NetReach program, please contact Matt Teran on 02 6257 2855 or email 45

COMMUNITY DIRECTORY AIDS Action Council The AIDS Action Council provides information, support and services. More info:

Girl Thing ON RAW FM 87.6 Wednesdays & Sundays from 7pm Presented by Tori Mac, an hour of sexy house and electro served up girly style.

ACTQueer A free email list for LGBTI people in Canberra and surrounding region.

Long Yang Club ACT A social club for Asian and non-Asian gays and their friends. More info at:

Bent Lenses Canberra’s very own queer film culture group. Check out movie times online at

Pink Tennis Gay & Lesbian Tennis Group meets Mondays 6pm – 9pm at Turner Tennis Club, Cnr McCaughey & Condamine Sts.

Bit Bent Youth Group Meet other young people, get support or just hang out. Mondays at Belconnen Youth Centre 6pm–8pm and Thursdays at the Woden Youth Centre 5pm–6.30pm. More info email:

Qnet - queer youth cyberspace Qnet is an online community for GLBTI people under the age of 25.

Canberra Bears Bears at the Bar is held at 4pm, first Sunday of each month HUSH. For the bear facts: Canberra Gap Group Gap group is a monthly coffee/drinks group for same sex attracted women and gender diverse people. Contact: Canberra Gay & Lesbian QWIRE Want to be involved with Canberra’s own gay and lesbian choir? Singers and non-singers encouraged. More info: Dyke Dinner & Movie Group More info on FUSE website or see Canberra Lesbians on Facebook. Fruits in Boots A social and support network for rural GLBTI members outside the ACT. Email: Gay ACT Squash Group Wednesdays 6.30pm–7.30pm.National Sports Club, Mouat St, Lyneham.


Rainbow Bubs A playgroup and support group for same sex parents and their kids. Email: hoogied@yahoo. com Rainbow Bowlers Meet new people on ‘Gay Bowling’ Sunday nights at Belconnen Bowling Alley. 1 Emu Bank from 7pm. Same Way Rainbow Network ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GLB and Sister Girl community network. Email: South Coast Pride NSW From Wollongong down to Merimbula come out, come out, wherever you are! Email: Transgender Network A social and support group for all transgendered persons and their friends. More information online at: Uni of Canberra LGBTI group A social group for all LGBTI students and staff at the Uni of Canberra. Queer Space is located at the UCSA building 1 at the Uni of Canberra. Info email:

✪ HANGOUTS Cube Nightclub Canberra’s premier gay nightclub venue. 33 Petrie Plaza Civic, Canberra City. Tilley’s Devine Cafe For over 26 years Tilley’s has been a gathering place for the gay and lesbian community. Warm and sumptuous, it’s famous for its food and fabulous coffees and cake. To reserve your favourite table or booth call us on 6247 7753. Cnr of Wattle & Brigalow Sts, Lyneham. The Red Herring Cafe A place for quirky, queer, and just curious people to meet, mix and mingle. Petrie Plaza, Canberra City Bar32 Bar32 is gay friendly bar and nightclub with a mixed younger crowd. Indy and alternative dance music and bands. 32 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra City. Champions Men’s Lounge Canberra’s men’s space. Champions Lounge is located within Mustang Ranch and is a venue for men who want to meet men.

Want to know ‘What’s On’ or be listed here, then visit us at



DEAR ROSE By Rose Pappalardo


Dear Rose, I have been in a long term relationship for quite a while now and I’m very happy. However, I find that we very rarely try anything new in bed. Can you give me some tips on how to approach trying some new things with my partner? Peter

Peter, @ Dear So you are bored with your bedroom play? Whenever I am bored with my bedroom play, I go back to the drawing board! Make a wish list of all the types of play you would like to try. Take your time, compile all your fantasies on a piece of paper and title it with ‘Things I really want to try’. Now here is the trick, you need to make your partner his lunch, tape your list to the top of the container, wrap his lunch and when you give him a kiss in the morning hand him his lunch and say, ‘Enjoy your lunch’. I guarantee that he will be discussing that list with you that night.


Dear Rose, I’m a ‘lights off’ sort of a girl and quite shy about my body. How can I learn to be more comfortable when my partner is looking at me? Annie

Annie, @ Dear You are not alone; Lots of people feel uncomfortable being naked in front of others. The only way you’re going to feel comfortable about your own body is when you actually like it yourself. So, bite the bullet, take yourself off to a full length mirror, get naked and actually take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Before you panic, this exercise will produce two kinds of reactions: Either you are going to be unhappy with how you look or you are going to look at yourself and think that the body is not the problem. If you are unhappy with your body then this is a great time to think about getting into shape. However, if you suffer from simple shyness, my top tips are; A. Use table laps instead of bright room lights. B. Candles are a great option as candle light emits a beautiful glow onto the skin. C. Practice, practice, practice! Start walking around the house naked, get used to the feeling of not wearing clothes. Enjoy your own skin.


If you would like to write to Dear Rose please email her at


Dear Rose, My 19 year old twin brother and I are both gay and my sister who is 17 recently just came out as well. Our parents are beside themselves and think they did something wrong to bring up three gay children. Do you think it’s in our genes or our up bringing? We all feel very happy and well adjusted but mum and dad are not fairing so well. How can we help them? Paul

Paul, @ Dear OMG, I can just imagine both your parents lying in bed, staring at the ceiling wondering, ‘Maybe it was all that fairy bread that you were craving at 3.00am in the morning?’ Firstly, you need to tell your parents that you love them and reassure them they have done an amazing job in bringing you all up. The next step would be to enlist help from PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays.) They will be able to provide support and information for both you and your parents. It can be very difficult for some parents, they often get caught up in a perceived shame and a feeling of loss at milestones they have dreamed for you. What they haven’t realised is that those dreams might not be exactly how they pictured, but in time will change and be even more meaningful and special. If they are not quite there yet be patient with them and remember ‘the parents will be alright!’

PFLAG is a non-profit voluntary organisation whose members have a common goal of keeping families together. PFLAG is here to give help, support and information to families and friends of all gay people. PFLAG

Parents and friends of gay and lesbian people who are a part of our community.


The fact is “real“ grass is often brown, patchy or dying and it takes a lot of looking after. From weekly mowing to watering and, if you want it to look any good, fertilising. All that time and money looking after your lawn instead of enjoying it.

There are many benefits of using synthetic grass. The look and feel of synthetic grass is just like real grass, plus it stays lush and green every day, all year round. It’s perfect for a full sized lawn, a small courtyard or even a balcony. It’s great for kids, pets and you. Lie back and enjoy the goodness... Oh, and did we forget to mention that you’ll never have to worry about bindis? Drop by The Greenhouse Emporium, take your shoes off and test-drive our synthetic grass today!


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You won’t believe all the exciting environmentally conscious products we have at Greenhouse Emporium. Composite Decking • Solar Solutions • Water Solutions • Synthetic Grass • Worm Farms • Cleaning Products • Personal Care Items • Organic Baby Products • Environmental Products • Why not drop by, grab a coffee or lunch in our relaxed and laid back coffee shop, and see what’s new on the green market. 277 Canberra Ave Fyshwick Telephone 02 6162 2800

FUSE22 : Celebrating Gay Pride (Girl Cover)  
FUSE22 : Celebrating Gay Pride (Girl Cover)  

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