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on tour PROSUMER [GER] Thursday March 28, Mercat Basement SINDEN [UK], BRENMAR [USA] Thursday March 28, Revolver Upstairs THE DEMIGODZ [USA] Friday March 29, Prince Bandroom INNER VARNIKA: LEROSA [IRE], WBEEZA [UK], LUKE HESS [USA], XDB [GER] + MORE Friday March 29 - Sunday March 31, TBA DAVID SQUILLACE [ITA], DAN GHENACIA [FRA], DYED SOUNDOROM [FRA], SHONKY [FRA] Friday March 29, Brown Alley PACHANGA BOYS [GER] Saturday March 30, The Bottom End SILENT SERVANT [USA] Saturday March 30, Mercat Basement IAN POOLEY [GER] Sunday March 31, OneSixOne ARTY [RUS], MAT ZO [UK] Sunday March 31, Billboard GRANDMASTER FLASH [USA] Sunday March 31, The Espy BLACK SUN EMPIRE [NED] Sunday March 31, Brown Alley JAMIE XX [UK] Friday April 5, Prince Bandroom AXEL BOMAN [SCO], WBEEZA [UK] Saturday April 6, Mercat Basement IVAN SMAGGHE [FRA], SUPERPITCHER [GER], INXEC [UK] Sunday March 31, Brown Alley ELLEN ALLIEN [GER], MOVE D [GER], JIMPSTER [UK], BAREM [ARG] Friday April 12, Brown Alley OPTIMO [SCO] Friday April 19, The Bottom End JOZIF [UK] Friday April 19, New Guernica IAN FRIDAY [USA] Friday April 19, Mercat Basement ANDHIM [GER], NICE7 [ITA] Friday April 19, Brown Alley PHAROAHE MONCH [USA] Friday April 19, The Espy OTTO KNOWS [SWE] Saturday April 20, Alumbra PLUMP DJS [UK] Thursday April 25, RMH The Venue EATS EVERYTHING [UK], DERRICK MAY [USA], BEN KLOCK [GER] Thursday April 25, Brown Alley MOVEMENT: NAS [USA], 2 CHAINZ [USA] + MORE Saturday April 27, Sidney Myer Music Bowl SUPAFEST: 50 CENT [USA], T.I. [USA] + AKON [USA] MORE Saturday April 27, Flemington Racecourse MOSCA [UK] Saturday April 27, Revolver Upstairs EXAMPLE [USA] Friday May 3, The Palace YACHT [USA] Friday May 3, Ding Dong Lounge YING YANG TWINS [USA] Saturday May 4, The Espy BAAUER [USA] Saturday May 4, Brown Alley ATARI TEENAGE RIOT [USA] Friday May 17, Billboard COSMIN TRG [ROM] Friday June 7, New Guernica CHRIS LIEBING [GER], JIMMY EDGAR [USA] Sunday June 9, Brown Alley JEFF MILLS [USA] Sunday June 9, The Bottom End ATA [GER] Friday June 21, Mercat Basement A$AP ROCKY [USA] Saturday June 29, Festival Hall EARTHCORE: ANGY KORE [ITA], PERFECT STRANGER [ISR] + MORE Friday November 29 - Sunday December 2, TBA

black sun empire words / jo c a m p b e ll

15 and five albums on, drum and bass dark-steppers Black Sun Empire are well on the way to creating the powerful syndicate alluded to with their Star Wars’ referencing alias. Beats caught up with one third of the Dutch trio ahead of their visit to Australia spruiking BSE’s latest dancefloor decimator, From The Shadows. Micha Heyboer is relaxing in his hotel room ahead of the night’s gig in Auckland. He’s nearing the end of the album tour, which has seen him traverse the globe to perform to sweaty, packed out rooms, taking in 80-dates since the LP was released in September last year. He’s temporarily parted ways with his usual partners in crime, brother Milan Heyboer and lifelong friend Rene Verdult after their appearance at last weekend’s Miami Ultra Music Festival where they played alongside Dieselboy, Matrix & Futurebound and Concord Dawn. “Milan and Rene have kids now, so I often do the shows solo,” he explains with distinct Norwegian enunciation. “We never really played the three of us. It was always just back to back and the other guy would drink beer,” he laughs. “Three men behind the decks is just too much. It’s the same way we play now. It’s mostly just one of us or you play back to back and after a few months you notice we play the same tunes, only in a different order, because we have the same tastes.” From The Shadows has been blitzing it across the charts, making it into Beatport’s top five best selling albums for 2012, across all genres. This most recent offering has seen the trio returning to drum and bass after a foray into dubstep and mixed tempos with their last LP, Lights And Wires. “It’s pretty unexpected,” Heyboer says of the new album’s success. “I think it was maybe the right time for a pure drum and bass album after the whole dubstep thing and of course, the insane amount of collaborations we did.” Along with a collaboration with fellow Dutch lords of darkness Noisia and Virus Recording’s Audio, the LP features collabs with New Zealand neuro-rollers State of Mind and Bulletproof. BSE have also headed into new uncharted territory with a vocal number with UK hip hop outfit Foreign Beggars and another with vocalist Inne Eysermans, which comes close to being a ballad.


we haven’t really done any vocal tunes before.” Following the success of From The Shadows, a remix EP of the album has this week been released with six re-workings from producers Memtrix, Telekinesis, Prolix, Icicle, Receptor and June Miller. Heyboer says having the freedom of owning their own label, Black Sun Recordings, has allowed BSE complete creative control. “We started the label because we’re all pretty stubborn and you

already have to make a lot of concessions when you’re working with three people. With the first releases we had out on other people’s labels there was always a struggle to get it out in the time you wanted, with things like artwork. “Maybe we were young and naive but we decided to do it all ourselves. We do the artwork ourselves, we do everything ourselves. We really enjoy doing that and maybe we could have been a lot bigger if we’d gone on other labels but we’ve developed a good fan base. If we’d gone with a bigger label, they may have directed us to make different music and maybe we would have had a different career but I guess, we would never have listened to it...” he laughs. Along with a plan to launch a new imprint called Black Out to focus more on pushing other artist’s work, Heyboer has embarked on a new solo spin-off project entitled Tinlicker. Surprisingly, Tinlicker’s sound is deeply introspective, broaching melodic house and techno, without a hint of BSE’s frenetic darkness. “We always made all kinds of electronic music and we’ve been doing drum and bass for so long, the urge was gone for a long time, but the urge slowly came back to do other forms of music,” says Heyboer. “Two years ago I started making a lot of four to the floor music and made a lot of tracks and eventually I had 30. And I thought, ‘Maybe I should do something with it’. It gave me such a lot of joy that I re-found my love for drum’n’bass, which had never really gone. But you have to keep challenging yourself. Right now I really enjoy making both forms of music.”

Black Sun Empire play Brown Alley on Sunday March 31.

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derrick may, ben klock, eats everything

off the record w i t h

“We are basically always collaborating, working as the three of us,” Heyboer says of the amount of group projects on the LP. “We’re kind of used to it and it’s nice to see how other people work and get inspiration from that, change things up and make friends... or enemies,” he laughs. “We have a lot of new fans. Young kids who are able to sing along to some of the songs, which is cool because

t yson

w ray

Nothing says Easter more than a 4-day bender, right? See you on the other side.

The philosopher, Mr Derrick May, is returning. Following last year’s show and intimate Q&A, the Detroit daddy will once again impart on us his celebration of creative existence. For those of us learned in Mayday’s musical legacy and tireless international touring, we can admit to sharing a natural inclination to comb our hair and sit up straight in his company. With over 35 years musical experience tingling on his fingertips, Mr May is an invaluable icon to cities all over the world. He’ll be joined by one of the Bergain stalwarts, Ben Klock, and upcoming UK talent Eats Everything at Brown Alley on Thursday April 25.

tour rumours Tensnake, dOP, Sepalcure, HNQO, Vakula, Nina Kraviz, The Revenge, 6th Borough Project, Oxia, Andrew Weatherall

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chris liebing, jimmy edgar

g i veaways

sonic animation

The infamous sonicanimation are back on tour following the release of their new album. Having shared the stage with the likes of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, the reputation of the tongue-in-cheek duo precedes them, with their live shows a flurry of dancing Technotubbies and frenetic energy making their live act one of a kind. They hit The Toff In Town on Saturday March 30 and we have some double passes to giveaway. Hit up to win.

Chris Liebing is a person dedicated to his decisions. In 1993, Chris bought his first vinyl and opened the venue, Spinclub, one year later. Following the closure of Spinclub, a lifetime disciplined in the world of techno music ensued. Recently a new addition to Scuba’s boundless Hotflush label, Jimmy Edgar creates exed-up electro funk is best heard in the dark; preferably in front of a visual installation he has created himself. The two will take over Brown Alley for a day rave on Sunday June 9.

electronic - urban - club life

pharoahe monch Y’all know the name. Pharoahe Monch has announced his return to Australia to precede his upcoming full-length release, P.T.S.D. Pharoahe Monch has blown Australian audiences away many times, most notably at a barnstorming Meredith Music Festival appearance in 2009. Pharoahe Monch performs at The Espy on Friday April 19.

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news in snaps tribute: ajax

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plump djs

Lee Rous and Andy Gardner, aka Plump DJs, have been performing and producing together since meeting in the late ‘90s. Since the start of their career they have been avid pioneers of diverse electronic music, smashing into the early breaks scene and since then, keeping the electro, house and bass music fields supplied with their everevolving beats. They truly cemented their status as industry heavyweights through the success of still legendary releases such as A Plump Night Out and Eargasm, which in turn led to the run of their epic Eargasm and Headthrash parties at London clubbing institution, Fabric. They’ll be tearing up RMH the venue on Anzac Day, Thursday April 25.

lucky coq

who presents Where’s it at? Bimbo Deluxe. So why is the north side better than the south side? Who’s taking sides? What’s the best thing about the north side? Ok today we’ll favour north. It’s kinda spunky! What’s the worst thing about the north side? They know it. Ouch! So tell us about the party your throwing? A handpicked lineup showcasing a few faces continually contributing to and shaping Melbourne’s ever expanding musical output. Who’s playing? Weekend Express, Ennio Styles, Inkswel, Nubody, Dave Mack and Who. What sort of shit will they be playing? Rooftop will cover eclectic sounds of the past, present and future. Downstairs on the big system it’s house music all night long! What night is it on? Saturday March 30. And it’ll be better than the party on that night over at Lucky Coq, why? We got who’s who in the zoo! It’s free, yeah? Yep! What’s the one thing we’ll remember most vividly in the morning? Stella finding her groove. Give us one more reason why we should come on down? Weekend Express!



Los Angeles based beat maker Adam Glassco, better known as Flinch, is a veteran producer who has progressed effortlessly from his beginnings in drum and bass and then electro, to current endeavours into jump-up and deeper, more melodic synthbased dubstep. A true tastemaker, Flinch consistently delivers a wide selection of cuts riding between the UK funky, club, moombahton, techno, garage, and dubstep genre lines. He hits The Espy on Wednesday 24 April, Anzac Day Eve.


One of the most exciting names to proliferate in the world of house music and thereabouts over the last five years or so, English DJ and producer jozif is a unique talent. Born to a professional drummer father and a Royal Ballet ballerina mother, he grew up surrounded by music and slowly but surely worked his way into similarly focused endeavours. His highly musical take on house and downtempo 4/4 grooves as a producer is somewhat belied by his prowess as a dancefloordriven DJ, but it’s exactly this combination that makes him such an exciting proposition. jozif will be launching his edition of the Balance series at New Guernica on Friday April 19.

party profile: andhim and nice7

Following suit from Adana Twins and Dr Dru, Circle Social continues to showcase Europe’s bubbling new talents with Andhim and NiCe7 taking the reins for another mystical journey through house. It was spring 2010 Andhim decided to kick their arse into gear and get out of their studio to bring their beats to the world. Less than 12 months later they were voted in the top 10 German newcomers and their records were found in the cases of many unknown and famous DJs alike. They’ll be joined by up-and-coming Italian tech-house duo NiCe7 at Brown Alley on Friday April 19. Don’t sleep on this one.

suckmusic client liaison

Vehement breakthrough stars of this year’s Golden Plains, Client Liaison have announced their first ever headline show. Winning over the masses with their inimitable fetish for the finest Australian culture, Client Liaison are set for superstardom. Joining Client Liaison on the night will be Post Percy, Romy and Namine, with DJ Dan Watt . Client Liaison perform at The Toff on Sunday March 31.


Where’s it at? Bimbo Deluxe

What night is it on? From 7pm Easter Sunday night.

So tell us about the party your throwing? Suckmusic (record label and website) hosting the closing party at Bimbo Deluxe, showcasing some of our favourite house DJs. We will be recording the whole night so you can listen over and over again.

It’s free, yeah? Hell yeah!

Who’s playing? Boogs vs Spacey Space, Silversix, Nick Coleman, Doakes and Lucille Croft. What sort of shit will they be playing? House music all night long!

electronic - urban - club life

What’s the one thing we’ll remember most vividly in the morning? Probably not much if we have anything to do with it. Give us one more reason why we should come on down? Eat, drink, dance!

behind the decks with: Where’s the strangest place you’ve woken up? In the hands of an obstetrician at Mornington Bush Hospital on May 7 1981. What was the weirdest thing you believed as a child? That the Grim Reaper gave you AIDS via ten-pin bowling.


The most awkward moment you’ve had as a DJ? Thinking I was a piano-accordion player in a Croatian wedding band.


What would be the worst dance track in the world to be tortured with on repeat? That fucking song about Bar Mitzvahs by The Black Eyed Peas. What’s the most played record in your bag? You’re Gonna Miss Me The 13th Floor Elevators. What question would you like to ask an omniscient, all-knowing being before you die? “Can you put me on the door at Revs?” If you hadn’t made it as a DJ, what job would you choose to work in instead? I would be Post Percy’s feedbag attendant.

When and where is your next gig? The Toff In Town on Sunday March 31 with Client Liaison, Post Percy, Romy and Namine.

denver maxx

first floor

Didier Cohen

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snaps sound empire

pachanga boys word s / a n d rew ‘ h a z a rd ’ h i c key

So a Mexican and a German walk into a bar. They find each other, connect and eventually start making beautiful music. “It was love at first laugh,” jokes Mauricio Rebolledo. Together with his counterpart Aksel ‘Superpitcher’ Schaufler, they went on to form the duo now known as the Pachanga Boys. “We clicked right away. We became friends way before we had even thought to develop anything together, then the rest came naturally. Nothing was planned.” The ease with which they first came together, is much like their sound – a seamless combination of Rebolledo’s Latin roots and Schaufler’s European flavour. “We like different things in music but theatrical elements, drive and momentum are things we both like.” Bonded by their mutual appreciation of deep grooves and infectious energy, the unique duo can be seen creating waves on dance floors across the globe, with cigarette in mouth and chest hair out. It’s just how they do it. While some things have grown more formal since that fateful night at a club in Mexico, the impromptu nature of their friendship permeates throughout their work and their studio process. Much of what makes their partnership work is an unspoken bond. “If we meet at the studio it’s because we’ve already talked and developed an idea. Sometimes we have a concept or even a title and we start from there. The creative process starts way before we turn on any machine.” You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that there would be some sort of creative tension between two equally passionate musicians. Rebolledo, however, says he and Schaufler are always

on the same page. “Pachanga Boys always agree, the charismatic Rebolledo says emphatically. “If we decide to do something we just let it flow.” Having travelled much musical terrane in their time together, the intrepid producers will now be making their first trek to Australia as a group. “Superpitcher has been there before on his own, so he already has his own picture of the magic there, but we like to be surprised every time so we try not to have expectations.” They will be taking their open-minded dance-floor-driven approach to The Bottom End in Melbourne. The following night, if that wasn’t enough, Superpitcher will be performing a solo set at Brown Alley. Bringing the ruckus to more intimate confines during their Aussie visit, the Boys have had experience rocking different sized venues. While they enjoy both, size doesn’t necessarily matter for this duo. “It really depends on many factors, not only the place or the size. Playing in small places can be very special and we really enjoy it, but the right big venue can be also amazing. The crowd has a lot to do with it.” The energy of the crowd is what wills them along, particularly if playing an extended set as is customary in many European clubs. “We really enjoy long sets when the right conditions are there. As long as people are still enjoying [it], we can just go on and on, but a great party not only depends on how long it is, because you can have short intense experiences that are as good as long ones.” Some of their lengthiest and most enjoyable sets have appropriately

davide squillace word s / ri c k wa rn e r

As resident of Ibiza’s infamously raucous DC-10 party, Italian artist Davide Squillace has got cred. He’s like the guy that everyone highfives at the decks for playing a tune they’ve never heard before (probably while he’s trying to mix his next record) and no doubt gets a beer or two bought for him at the end of his set. The casual clubber (see festival attendee) who thinks Guetta is a genius probably won’t have heard of this guy, but that seems to be just fine with Davide. He doesn’t think he’s that famous either. “I have three more interviews after you. What is it with you guys?!” he laughs, referring to his morning schedule of interviews from Australia. “I’m not even that interesting.” Despite being complete uninteresting by his own account, the evidence suggests otherwise. Squillace grew up in Napoli, coming up in the electronic music scene alongside Marco Carola and Rino Cerrone. “I’ve been really lucky to grow up in Napoli. It’s not too complicated a city and it’s not very cosmopolitan. It’s a tough city,” he explains. As a 15-year-old, he and his friends were already putting on parties responsible for bringing out heavy-hitters like Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills to Napoli for the first time. But after a sojourn to London as a young man, the confines of the southern Italian city with a population of under one million people seemed too much. “After London I moved back to Napoli to study sound engineering and I was like, ‘I need to get the fuck out of here!’ It was between Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Berlin? Everyone’s in Berlin. Why am I going there? Amsterdam, I love the city. It has beautiful

architecture and people, but it’s just too cold. So I went to Barcelona and I really loved it. I’m not here that much now but when I come back I’m really happy.” It’s in his Barcelona office that I catch him for this interview. He’s happy, surrounded by props from a recent video shoot. He grabs a cubed art piece and thrusts it into the Skype camera enthusiastically, explaining the stop-go film technique used on a recent shoot. “It’s very inspiring,” he explains about his new label, This and That Lab. “There is a bunch of people at the office and we’re brainstorming every day.” Created to merge his love of music with his passion for art and media exploration, Squillace has big plans. “We try to connect with different people in the arts scene. For example, we’ve teamed up with a contemporary art gallery from Napoli and every cover is going to be done by a different artist.” He continually stresses the word ‘we’ when discussing This and That Lab’s next project, the branding and advertising for a music festival. The label seems a genuine collaboration of creative minds and something Squillace seems proud of. “We just don’t want to release something and say, ‘That’s the music. That’s it.’ We’re not kids anymore.” Despite the advertising campaigns and art show curation that keeps him busy at the office, it’s still music that takes him across the globe. He’ll soon be in Miami to play a few dates in the big electronic music love-in that is the Winter Music Conference and it’s something that he’s looking forward to. “That’s what I like about

ivan smagghe word s / a la s d a i r d u n c a n

Ivan Smagghe got his start selling records at the legendary Rough Trade store in Paris, but he never considered the fact that he might one day have a flourishing career as a DJ. “I have always been very passionate about buying records, ever since I was a kid,” he says. “When I started DJing, though, it wasn’t because of any plan or design, and I never really intended for it to be a way to make money, it just happened by accident.” This was the early ‘90s, and at the time, playing records was just for fun. “No-one really wanted to be a DJ in those days, but it just happened.” If there’s a thread that runs through Smagghe’s musical career, from his legendary Death Disco mix through to the tracks he produced with Black Strobe, it’s a tendency to gravitate towards slightly twisted sounds. ‘Dark’ is the word I use, although Smagghe is not quite sure. “I’ll take anything people say about me, so if that’s what you think, then it’s valid, but I don’t think I’m necessarily drawn to dark things,” he says. “I don’t like dumb, happy-happy music, but I’d say that I’m more attracted to things that are strange. I like the weirder side of dance music. I absolutely don’t mind playing disco music, as long as it has a stranger side to it, but I really don’t like this word ‘dark’.” He ponders the question of darkness in his music for a bit longer, and eventually hits on a description that he likes. “I guess maybe


the best way to put it is that the music I like isn’t ‘straight’,” he says. The aforementioned Death Disco mix, released in 2004 but still just as essential today, is a good example of this. It’s crammed with weird and wonderful hybrids of disco and house – music that evokes the glamour of the night life, but with a decidedly sinister edge. “I love disco and I love pop,” Smagghe says. “My only rule is that I like to do things people don’t expect, things that are a bit strange.” Recently, Smagghe has been spending a good deal of time in the studio with production partner Tim Paris, putting the finishing touches on their collaborative album as A Fine Line. Record sales today are precarious at best, but in some ways, he actually sees this as a positive. “Knowing that you’re not going to make a living from putting out records, in a way, you start to feel very free,” he says. “Nobody’s telling us to do more of this or more of that. So no, I’m not worried. It would be nice to get recognition from people, but we’re really just doing it for ourselves.” A lot of electronic musicians say that their tracks are inspired by the gear, by glitches and mistakes in synths and sequencers, although Smagghe is somewhat sceptical of that notion. “Producers are always saying things like, ‘Oh, I plugged my machine in and it made a weird noise, so I made a track out of it!’” he says with an audible

electronic - urban - club life

enough taken place in Schaufler’s native Germany, in Cologne to be specific. “Cologne is one of the places where we’ve done 9 or 10-hour nights and they work perfectly... always a great place to be back to.” Like the intensity the music of the Pachanga Boys stirs up in listeners, it’s been a whirlwind of energy for the international tag team, as they continue to spread the gospel. “Last year was super crazy busy, and this year we took it a bit easy at the beginning but now it’s getting very busy again.” Ringing true throughout their time as a group, Rebolledo and Schaufler thrive on intensity and have been continuing to build their reputation as ultimate party starters. The past few weeks have seen them on the road without much respite, performing at the Sonar Reykjavik festival in Iceland and the Black Weekend in Chamonix, France. They even found time to run their own event, the Turbo Hippie Dance party in Miami, performing alongside long time buddies Thomas Von Party, Tiga and Daniel Maloso. At time of speaking, the tireless Rebolledo, who showed no clear signs of exhaustion, was gearing up to hit Nitsa in Barcelona and Mondo in Madrid, before making the trek Down Under. While the energy can obviously vary between being in the studio with one other person and performing in front of thousands of fans, the Mexican-bred DJ/producer says that one is an extension of the other and helps them overall. “Whilst playing you get new ideas for the studio, in the studio you develop those ideas, come up with new ones and then you see the results again while playing. It’s a great creative circle.” It’s like the circle of life, but probably more satisfying. It’s no coincidence that their demand at clubs around the world is growing by the day, as the Pachanga Boys are fresh from releasing their eclectic yet cohesive debut album, We Are Really Sorry. Possibly one of the most idiosyncratic dance releases of recent times, it was released through their own Hippie Dance label. There’s plenty more where that came from, Rebolledo warns. “We’ve got many projects on the table at the moment, for Pachanga Boys and for Hippie Dance... be patient.” Pachanga Boys play The Bottom End on Saturday March 30. One half of the duo, Superpitcher, plays Brown Alley on Sunday March 31.

conferences and festivals because all my friends that live in different parts of the world go there. It’s a big get-together. That’s the highlight of every festival for me, more than the actual gig itself,” he smiles to himself. “I love listening to music and partying. That’s what I do. I don’t work in a bank!” The reference to his gratefulness for not working a standard nineto-five job is one he mentions a couple of times throughout the interview. Like most musicians not chained to a desk, he’s aware that he’s living a life that most only dream of, but when asked if he’ll still be doing it in 15 years like elder statesmen Sven Väth or DJ Hell, he’s non-committal. “I feel tired already,” he grins. “When I look at [Vath and DJ Hell], they still play good music. They still have a genuine interest and do genuine research into the music, the clubbing industry. I could do that. I might use some Botox though,” he adds jokingly at the end. He returns to Australia’s shores as part of the Circoloco tour, a clubbing brand to which he holds a long association. After a successful debut tour alongside Jamie Jones in 2010, Australia is a destination he is looking forward to revisiting, despite the long haul travel to get here. “First thing is like, ‘Wow, you fly all the way to Australia and it’s shit. It’s a long way.’ But trust me, it’s pretty amazing.” He explains further that he loves the openness of the clubs here, gushing about Melbourne’s famed Revolver where the decor and lighting allowed him to make a real connection with the crowd. “Revolver was a nice club. I want [to DJ at] a fancy, nice place. That doesn’t mean bottle service. It means it needs to be nice. It doesn’t need to be so dark. I want to see people. I want a place where I can talk to them,” he says, then as if to hint to any future promoters out there. “When you hear that underground dance music needs to be in a dark place. It’s bullshit! It doesn’t.”

Davide Squillace plays Circoloco at Brown Alley this Friday March 29. soundcloud.comdavide-squillace

smirk. “I feel like that’s a little bit far-fetched. I really like the idea of old, faulty machines in tracks, but as for the mistakes serving as an inspiration, I’m not sure. It sounds a bit too good to be true, but it’s fun to say.” As for his actual source of inspiration, Smagghe says that he often takes a record he loves as inspiration, then twists it in a variety of new ways. “It’s not about copying,” he says. “You can start from a track you like, but that track will disappear in the process and turn into something else. You can do that, or just start from scratch with an idea that inspires you. There’s no one method. Some people always make the same record, and if that’s your thinking, if you just want to keep churning out club hits, there’s a method, but I come at every track differently.” Smagghe lost a great deal of his vinyl collection in a fire several years ago – many DJs would consider this a calamity, but he took it in stride. “I still have some vinyl, but I’m not a fetishist about it,” he says. “I mean, there are people who fall in love with an artist of label and need to have every one of their releases on vinyl, but I’m not like that.” For him, ultimately, it’s about the quality of the tunes, rather than the format. “There are two types of music,” he says, “good and bad. End of debate. The rest of the things, like the format – that’s all just technicality. I’m not interested in that at all.” As for the music he’s enjoying currently, Smagghe is reluctant to say. “I could name one, but then later, I’ll think, ‘Oh shit, there’s also this one and this one,” he laughs. “There’s that, but there’s also the fact that I might really like one particular track by one particular artist, but then the next thing they put out might be something I really dislike. Likewise, I might hear a track I really like by an artist I really don’t like. So I never really like to say what I’m enjoying or what I’m not – I just like to listen to a lot of music.”

Ivan Smagghe plays alongside Superpitcher and INXEC at Brown Alley on Sunday March 31.

club guide wednesday march 27

snaps one twenty bar

COQ ROQ - FEAT: AGENT 86 + DJS LADY NOIR + JOYBOT + KITI + MR THOM Lucky Coq, Windsor. 8:00pm. COSMIC PIZZA - FEAT: NHJ Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy. 9:00pm DUBSTEP GRIME DRUM & BASS - FEAT: DJ BADDUMS + DJ CARMEX Laundry Bar, Fitzroy. 9:00pm. HOODRAPZ Workshop, Melbourne. 8:00pm LOST & FOUND - FEAT: DJ SPIDEY + DJ RUBY FROST Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 9:00pm. NEW GUERNICA WEDNESDAYS New Guernica, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. SOUL ARMY Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy. 9:00pm. THE DINNER SET Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 7:00pm.

thursday march 28


3181 THURSDAYS - FEAT: HANS DC + JAKE JUDD + NIKKI SARAFIAN Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 7:00pm. 3181 THURSDAYS - FEAT: HANS DC + JAKE JUDD + NIKKI SARAFIAN + HEY SAM + JESSE YOUNG + JOHN DOE + SEAN RAULT Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 6:00pm BANG N MASH Word Events Warehouse & Lounge, Melbourne. 8:00pm. BILLBOARD THURSDAYS - FEAT: MATT DEAN + MATTY GRANT + PHIL ROSS Billboard, Melbourne Cbd. 11:00pm. $10 CHI BEATS Chi Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 10:00pm. DO DROP IN - FEAT: DJ KITI + DJ LADY NOIR The Carlton Hotel, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm. DON’T THINK I’M ALIVE THURSDAYS The Vineyard, St Kilda. 8:00pm .FREE RANGE FUNK - FEAT: AGENT 86 + LEWIS CANCUT + WHO Lucky Coq, Windsor. 7:00pm. FUN HOUSE - FEAT: DJS FINLO WHITE & MC KITTY KAT Co., Southbank. 10:30pm. GOOD EVENING - FEAT: DJ PEOPLE Toff In Town, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. GRAD PARTY THURSDAYS - FEAT: DJ ROWIE European Bier Cafe, Melbourne Cbd. 6:00pm. LE DISCO TECH Pretty Please, St Kilda. 9:00pm. LOVE STORY Toff In Town, Melbourne Cbd. 9:30pm. MEZZANINE & THE BACK ROOM - FEAT: DJ MANNEQUIN + DJ SYTO Abode, St Kilda. 10:00pm. MOOD - FEAT: NUBODY Loop, Melbourne Cbd. 10:00pm. NEW GUERNICA THURSDAYS - FEAT: CONDUCTORS + JAMES KANE + NEGATIV MAGICK + NU BALANCE + POST PERCY New Guernica, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm. RADIONICA Workshop, Melbourne. 8:00pm RECREATION - FEAT: SMOKING TODDLERS + CARLOS TURNE + YES TESLA Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. THE BEATNUTS + DJ FLAGRANT + ONE SIXTH + REMI + SOLILOQUY Espy, St Kilda. 9:00pm. THE LATE SHOW - FEAT: BRENMAR + SINDEN + WEDNESDAY THE RAT Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 7:00pm. THE RITZ THURSDAYS - FEAT: CAUC-ASIAN DJ’S + JOSHUA GILILAND + KEN WALKER + LUCILLE CROFT + CARRICK DALTON & SAM COHEN + ED WILKS + MAX KRUSE + TIM LIGHT + ZACK ROSE Trak Lounge Bar, Toorak. 9:00pm. $20. TIGER FUNK LIVE - FEAT: DJ MOONSHINE Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy. 9:00pm. TROCADERO Match Bar & Grill, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm.

friday march 29

Didier Cohen

BADABOOM FRIDAYS - FEAT: DJ ROWIE European Bier Cafe, Melbourne Cbd. 5:00pm CANT SAY Platform One, Melbourne Cbd. 8:30pm. $10. CHI FRIDAYS Chi Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. CIRCOLOCO - FEAT: DAVIDE SQUILLACE + DYED SOUNDROM Brown Alley, Melbourne. 8:00pm. CQ FRIDAYS Cq, Melbourne. 8:00pm. DEEP CUTS + DJ DEEP AAGEAN Cape Lounge, Fitzroy. 7:00pm. DISCOTHEQUE - FEAT: ELANA MUSTO + GREG SARA + SCOTT T Match Bar & Grill, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm DJ NICK HOLLIDAY The B.east, Brunswick East. 8:00pm. DNA FRIDAYS - FEAT: DJS DUCHESZ + OOHEE + PAZ First Floor, Fitzroy. 10:00pm. DOESN’T MATTER DAY/NIGHT - FEAT: MOODMACHINE + UONE + SEKKT + THAD LESTER New Guernica, Melbourne Cbd. 4:00pm. $15. FRIDAY DEBRIEF - FEAT: DJ OBLIVEUS Big Mouth, St Kilda. 10:00pm. GOOD FRIDAY - FEAT: LOW & BEHOLD Veludo Bar & Restaurant, St Kilda. 9:00pm. GOOD FRIDAY EVE - FEAT: RUFUS + GLASS MIRRORS + YES YOU Order Of Melbourne, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. I LOVE OLD SCHOOL - FEAT: SHAGGZ & PUPPET + DJ TEY + MERV MAC Red Bennies, South Yarra. 11:00pm. $10

JUICY - FEAT: CHAIRMAIN MEOW + COBURG MARKET + MR. FOX + TIGERFUNK + WHO Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy. 9:30pm. MEET YOUR MATES FRIDAYS Libation, Fitzroy. 10:00pm. MEZZANINE & THE BACK ROOM - FEAT: DJ MANNEQUIN + DJ XTIAN Abode, St Kilda. 11:00pm. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS - FEAT: DJS PREQUEL & EDD FISHER Toff In Town, Melbourne Cbd. 12:00am. MIDNIGHT MIDNIGHT New Guernica, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm. NIHILISTIC ORBS Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood. 10:00pm. $10. PANORAMA - FEAT: DJS MATT RAD + MR GEORGE + PHATO A MANO + TOM MEAGHER Lucky Coq, Windsor. 9:00pm. PARADISE SOUNDS OF MYKONOS - FEAT: MAMOUNIA + ADAM D’OR + ADRIAN JOHN + ADRIAN RANIERI + ANDRU BALOTTA + BILLY TAXX + BORCHE + DANNY DELANO + DIAMOND + EJAY + JOHNNY G + KOSTA NICO + LIL NIK + MARK RAZ + MEF + MISS K + MISSA BROS + NATHANIEL + NOSKI Trak Lounge Bar, Toorak. 8:00pm. POPROCKS - FEAT: DR PHIL SMITH Toff In Town, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm. REMEMBER ME The Motel, South Melbourne. 8:00pm. RETRO SEXUAL One Twenty Bar, Fitzroy. 8:00pm. REVOLVER FRIDAYS - FEAT: DJ LEWIE DAY + DJ MIKE CALLANDER + DJ ALEX THOMAS + DJ KATIE DROVER + DJ WHO Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 7:00pm. RNB SUPERCLUB - FEAT: SAMANTHA JADE Rnb Superclub, Southbank. 8:00pm. SHUFFLE FRIDAY NIGHTS Bridie O’reilly’s Brunswick, Brunswick. 11:00pm. SMASH JAM - FEAT: LUKE MCD + DAVE CHESTWIG + LUKE MCD + T-REK Red Bennies, South Yarra. 10:30pm. $15. THE FOX FRIDAYS Fox Hotel, Collingwood. 8:00pm. UPTOWN GROOVE Order Of Melbourne, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm.

saturday 30 mar BILLBOARD SATURDAYS - FEAT: FRAZER ADNAM SCOTT MCMAHON + JAMIE VLAHOS + MR MAGOO + ZIGGY Billboard, Melbourne Cbd. 10:00pm. $15. CHI SATURDAYS Chi Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. COSMIC TONIC Veludo Bar & Restaurant, St Kilda. 9:30pm. DJ DELAY The B.east, Brunswick East. 8:00pm .FIRST FLOOR SATURDAYS - FEAT: BILLY HOYLE + DJS DUCHESZ + MZRIZK + WASABI First Floor, Fitzroy. 10:00pm. GLITCH THIS - FEAT: SATURDAY Workshop, Melbourne. 8:00pm. GUTTER HYPE RECORDS RESIDENCY - FEAT: DJ ROBSPINX 7:00PM. $10. HOT STEP Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy. 8:00pm. JAMBOREE SATURDAYS - FEAT: DJ KALEP + DJ DINESH + DJ LEE DAVIES + DJ RUBZ + DJ RUFIO + MC SHERLOK Red Bennies, South Yarra. 10:00pm. $20. LAB 22 Palace Theatre, Melbourne Cbd. 11:00pm. MIXED DRINKS SATURDAYS Libation, Fitzroy. 10:00pm MOTEL SATURDAYS The Motel, South Melbourne. 8:00pm. NEO SACRILEGE - FEAT: DJ NERO Abode, St Kilda. 9:00pm. NEW GUERNICA SATURDAYS New Guernica, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. ONESIXFIVE - FEAT: DJ COURTNEY MILLS + DJ HOOPS + DJ OLLIE HOLMES + DJ JOSH PAOLA + DJ WILL CUMMINGS Onesixone, Prahran. 3:00am. POISON APPLE Prince Bandroom, St Kilda. 8:00pm. READY STEADY GO - FEAT: DJ MOHAIR SLIM + DJ BUDDY LOVE + DJ PIERRE BARONI Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood. 8:00pm. $10. SATURDAY CONFIDENTIAL Galley Room, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. SATURDAY IS FOR DANCING - FEAT: ANDY CAN & ROC + WASAB iBig Mouth, St Kilda. 9:00pm. SATURDAYS - FEAT: ACTION SAM + DJ ROWIE European Bier Cafe, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. SATURDAYS AT ONE TWENTY BAR One Twenty Bar, Fitzroy. 8:00pm. SOUND EMPIRE - FEAT: DJ TATE STRAUSS + DJ JOE SOFO + DJ MATTY + DJ MISS SARAH + DJ PHIL ROSS Fusion, Southbank. 10:30pm. $25 SOUTH SIDE SHOW - FEAT: EDD FISHER + KNAVE KNIXX Red Bennies, South Yarra. 9:00pm. $15. STAR SATURDAYS Star Bar, South Melbourne. 8:00pm. STRUT SATURDAYS - FEAT: ANDREAS + DANNY MERX + HENRIQUE + JASON SERINI + MARK PELLEGRINI + MC JUNIOR + NICK VAN WILDER Trak Lounge Bar, Toorak. 9:00pm. $22. SUNDAY NIGHTS - FEAT: DJ DAMION DE SILVA + DJ JAY J + DJ KEN WALKER + DJ LIGHTING Co., Southbank. 9:30pm. TEMPERANCE SATURDAYS - FEAT: DJ MARCUS KNIGHT + DJ XANDER JAMES Temperance Hotel, South Yarra. 9:00pm. TEXTILE - FEAT: DJS PACMAN + JEAN PAUL + MOONSHINE + TAHL

electronic - urban - club life

Lucky Coq, Windsor. 7:00pm. THE FOX SATURDAYS Fox Hotel, Collingwood. 8:00pm. THE LATE SHOW - FEAT: MAT CANT + RANSOM + TOO MUCH + BOOGS + CONGO TARDIS #1 + DANIELSAN + MR MOONSHINE Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 7:00pm. WHY NOT? - FEAT: SATURDAY Pretty Please, St Kilda. 8:00pm.

sunday march 31 ARTY & MAT ZO Billboard, Melbourne Cbd. 10:00pm. DANGER - FEAT: GEORGE HYSTERIC & ROHAN BELL-TOWERS The Carlton Hotel, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm. EASTER SUNDAY SESSION - FEAT: DISCOVERY + DJ HIJACK + DJ HYPER FOCUS Veludo Bar & Restaurant, St Kilda. 8:00pm. ELECTRIC OWL - FEAT: IVAN SMAGGHE Brown Alley, Melbourne. 8:00pm GOO GOO MUCK Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm. GUILTY PLEASURES Pretty Please, St Kilda. 8:00pm. MOTEL SUNDAYS The Motel, South Melbourne. 8:00pm. NO MORE-BANG-FOR-BUCK BURLESQUE SHOW! Red Bennies, South Yarra. 8:00pm. REVOLVER SUNDAYS EASTER WRAP PARTY - FEAT: DJ SUNSHINE + DJLUKE MCD + DJ HANS DC + DJ JACOB MALMO Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 7:30pm. SOUTH SIDE HUSTLE - FEAT: ASKEW + BOOSHANK + DISCO HARRY + JUNJI + MISS BUTT + PAZ + PETER BAKER Lucky Coq, Windsor. 9:30pm. SUNDAE SHAKE - FEAT: AGENT 86 + PHATO-A-MANO + TIGERFUNK Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy. 5:00pm. SURRENDER - FEAT: DJ SERGEANT SLICK + DJ ADAM TRACE + DJ ADRIAN CHESSARI + DJ CHRIS OSTROM + DJ SEF Fusion, Southbank. 9:00pm. THE HOUSE DEFROST - FEAT: DJ ANDEE FROST Toff In Town, Melbourne Cbd. 12:00am. THE ITALIAN PROJECT 2 - FEAT: MARK PELLEGRINI + ANDREAS + ANDY FALCS + ANFERNY MANFRE + DANNY MERX + DJ PAULY C + DJ RICH + HENRIQUE + LOUIE GALLINA + NICK VAN WILDER + VIBOX + YEAH RIGHT Trak Lounge Bar, Toorak. 8:00pm. THE SUNDAY SET - FEAT: DJS ANDYBLACK + HAGGIS Toff In Town, Melbourne Cbd. 5:00pm.

monday april 1 IBIMBO - FEAT: LADY NOIR & KIT Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy. 7:00pm. KOOL AID - FEAT: DJ MU-GEN Laundry Bar, Fitzroy. 9:00pm. STIFF DRINK - FEAT: DJ MICHAEL KUCYK + DJ MICHAEL OZONE + DJ ROMAN WAFERS Toff In Town, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm TWERKERS CLUB - FEAT: DJ FLETCH Workers Club, Fitzroy. 8:00pm.

tuesday april 2 BIMBO TUESDAYS - FEAT: ADAM ASKEW Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy. 9:00pm. COSMIC PIZZA Lucky Coq, Windsor. 9:00pm .DJ JAGUAR E55, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm. NEVER CHEER BEFORE YOU KNOW WHO’S WINNING - FEAT: REPETER FONDA Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. 8:00pm.

party spotlight:

best of both sides Putting aside old rivalries in the name of a weeklong party, the Best of Both Sides Festival has returned for its fifth year, encompassing both sides of the city in a celebration of Melbourne’s best. Southside’s Lucky Coq and the northerly Bimbo Deluxe have collaborated to bring the festival around again and give Melburnians the chance to mingle with a backdrop of musical diversity. This year’s lineup includes DJ Who, Silversix, Uone, Ransom, Tigerfunk and Kasey Taylor. Along with familiar faces Boogs, Spacey Space, Muska and over 50 different acts. There will also be 13 live performances, including live visual DJs and a week-long building project. Following the philosophy ‘always free, always fun’, all events are free, along with a courtesy bus running between the two venues. Enjoy some frugal fun and forget picking favourites at the Best Of Both Sides Festival, which runs all of this week until Sunday March 31.


behind the decks with: Where’s the strangest place you’ve woken up? Upright in hotel room wardrobe cause my bed was hijacked. Ask DJ Kronic, he knows all about it. Describe yourself using the title of a song. More Bounce To The Ounce What was the weirdest thing you believed as a child? That chewing gum sucks your blood and if you burn your chewed gum with a cigarette lighter you will see your blood oozing out of it.. Try it.

snaps rnb superclub

The most awkward moment you’ve had as a DJ? I’m going to pretend you meant ‘awesome’ instead of ‘awkward’. That moment was last year when Jamie Foxx stopped the music and bought everyone in Marquee Sydney a bottle of Dom! What would be the worst dance track in the world to be tortured with on repeat? Blow My Whistle (Bitch) What’s the most played record in your bag? You mean MP3 on my sticks yeah? I guess I’m biased, but I’ve been playing the Komes mix of my song Serotonin every set. What question would you like to ask an omniscient, all-knowing being before you die? What’s next! And do they have sushi there?


If you hadn’t made it as a DJ, what job would you choose to work in instead? Krispy Kreme manager for sheezy! When and where is your next gig? Fusion at Crown on Saturday March 30.


chaise lounge

faktory at khokolat bar

Didier Cohen no diggity at red love

50% NorthÊUÊ50% SouthÊUÊ100% Free


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urban club guide snaps khokolat koated

wednesday march 27

COMPRESSION SESSION - FEAT: CASSAWARRIOR + DD + RICKA E55, Melbourne Cbd. 9:00pm. SOUL ENSEMBLE Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 10:00pm.

thursday march 28 4MYPEOPLE - FEAT: DJ NINO BROWN + DJ MIKE METRO + DJ STEVE MINK Fusion, Southbank. 8:00pm. DIAFRIX Yarra Hotel (geelong), Geelong. 8:00pm. EASTER THURSDAY - FEAT: JACK JACK JACK & LIL ROSSCO + MOSE & THE FAMILY + STEPH HANNAH Veludo Bar & Restaurant, St Kilda. 9:00pm. PENNIES - FEAT: VARIOUS DJS Laundry Bar, Fitzroy. 9:30pm. $6. RHYTHM-AL-ISM - FEAT: DJ DAMION DE SILVA + DJ K-DEE + DJ SIMON SEZ Fusion, Southbank. 10:00pm. $15.

friday march 29 CHAISE FRIDAYS - FEAT: SOULCLAP + DJ CLAZ + DJ DIRX + DJ PERIL + DJ SEF Chaise Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 4:30pm.

CREW LOVE - FEAT: DJ TONY SUNSHINE Sub Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 11:00pm. $15. FAKTORY - FEAT: VARIOUS DJS Khokolat Bar, Melbourne. 2:55pm. FAKTORY - FEAT: DJ DAMION DE SILVA + DJ DURMY + DJ K DEE + DJ YATHS Khokolat Bar, Melbourne. 9:30pm. GET LIT - FEAT: VARIOUS DJS Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 10:00pm. GOOD FRIDAY EASTER JAMBOREE - FEAT: VARIOUS DJS Fusion, Southbank. 8:00pm. LIKE FRIDAYS - FEAT: BROZ + DIR-X + DJS DINESH + NYD + SEF + SHAGGZ + SHAUN D La Di Da, Melbourne. 8:00pm. SWEET NOTHING FRIDAYS - FEAT: DJ MARCUS KNIGHT + DJ XANDER JAMES Temperance Hotel, South Yarra. 9:00pm. THE DEMIGODZ - FEAT: APATHY + CELPH TITLED Prince Bandroom, St Kilda. 8:00pm. $40.

saturday march 30 CHAISE LOUNGE SATURDAYS - FEAT: DJ ANDY PALA + DJ KAH LUA Chaise Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 8:00pm. LAUNDRY SATURDAYS - FEAT: VARIOUS DJS Laundry Bar, Fitzroy. 9:30pm. PHATURDAY - FEAT: TOM SHOWTIME + DJ AYNA

Blue Bar, Prahran. 10:00pm. SATURDAY NIGHTS - FEAT: DJ DAMION DE SILVA + DJ JAY SIN + DJ K DEE Khokolat Bar, Melbourne. 9:30pm. THE DOJO - FEAT: VARIOUS DJS Order Of Melbourne, Melbourne Cbd. 11:00pm.

sunday march 31 4MYPEOPLE - FEAT: DJ ANDY MURPHY + DJ HEATH RENATA Fusion, Southbank. 8:00pm. BE. - FEAT: DJ DAMION DE SILVA + DJ JAY J + DJ KEN WALKER Co., Southbank. 10:00pm. $15. DIAFRIX + MIRACLE Corner Hotel, Richmond. 8:30pm. $18. GRANDMASTER FLASH + MAFIA + MANCHILD + MS BUTT Espy, St Kilda. 8:00pm. $38.

monday april 1 FREEDOM PASS - FEAT: PHIL ROSS + B-BOOGIE + CHRIS MAC + DOZZA Co., Southbank. 10:30pm. HIP HOP OPEN MIC First Floor, Fitzroy. 8:00pm.

tuesday april 2

CAN I KICK Lounge, Melbourne Cbd. 10:00pm.

rhythm-al-ism at fusion

Beats is the new weekly clubbing bible for Melburnians. be. at co.

Beats covers all aspects of the electronic, urban and clubbing lifestyle and will be found in every copy of Beat Magazine plus 2,000 stand alone copies. Featuring interviews with the biggest DJs, producers and MCs on the planet, plus Australian superstars, up-and-coming locals and those behind the scenes, Beats will take you deeper into the world of partying and celebrate Melbourne's rich clubbing culture. Covering everything from house to hip hop and techno to progressive, alongside snaps from Melbourne's hottest clubs and the latest news, tours and reviews, Beats will take you backstage at the biggest festivals, behind the decks at the latest nights and show you how to up your partying ante and ensure you don't make it home until dawn.

If you would like to get involved, please contact:

Patrick Carr

Didier Cohen or ph. (03) 8414 9751

electronic - urban - club life


venue directory where to next?

Hoo Haa 105 Chapel St, Windsor, 9529 6900

Revolt Elizabeth St, Kensington, 03 9376 2115

Horse Bazaar 397 Little Lonsdale St, Melb, 9670 2329

Revolver Upstairs 229 Chapel St, Prahran, 9521 5985

Iddy Biddy 47 Blessington St, St Kilda, 9534 4484

Rochester Castle Hotel 202 Johnston St, Fitzroy, 9415 7555

Jett Black 177 Greville St, Prahran

Rooftop Cider Bar, Cnr Swanston & Flinders St, Melbourne, 9650 3884

John Curtin Hotel 29 Lygon St, Melb, 9663 6350

Room 680 Level 1, 680 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, 9818 0680

Khokolat Bar 43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, 039642 1142

Roxanne Parlour Lvl 3, 2 Coverlid Pl, Melb

La Di Da 577 Lt Bourke St, Melb, 9670 7680

Royal Derby 446 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9417 2321

Labour In Vain 197A Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9417 5955

Roal Melbourne Hotel 629 Bourke St, 9629 2400

Lomond Hotel 225 Nicholson St, East Brunswick

Ruby’s Lounge 1648 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave, 9754 7445

Longroom 162 Collins St, Melbourne, 9663 9226

Saint Hotel 54 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, 9593 8333

Loop 23 Meyers Pl, Melb, 9654 0500

Sandbelt Live Cnr South & Bignell Rd, Moorabbin, 9555 6899

Lounge 243 Swanston St, Melb, 9663 2916

Scarlett Lounge 174 Burnley St, Richmond, 9428 0230

The Lounge Pit 386-388 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 9415 6142

Seven Nightclub 52 Albert Rd, South Melb, 9690 7877

29th Apartment 29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, 9078 8922

CQ 113 Queen St, Melb, 8601 2738

Love Machine Cnr Lt Chapel & Malvern Rd, Prahran, 9533 8837

Spensers Live 419 Spencer St, West Melb, 9329 8821

303 303 High Street, Northcote

Croft Institute 21 Croft Alley, Melb, 9671 4399

Lucky Coq 179 Chapel St, Windsor, 9525 1288

Spot 133 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, 9388 0222

Abode 374 St.Kilda Rd, St.Kilda

Cruzao Arepa Bar 365 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9417 7871

The LuWOW 62-70 Johnston St, Fitzroy, 9417 5447

Standard Hotel 293 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy, 9419 4793

Albert Park Hotel Cnr Montague & Dundas Pl, Albert Park, 9690 5459

Cushion 99 Fitzroy St, St.Kilda, 9534 7575

Mercat Cross Lvl 1, 456 Queen St, Melb, 9348 9998

Star Bar 160 Clarendon St, South Melb, 9810 0054

Alia Lvl 1, 83-87 Smith St, Fitzroy, 9486 0999

Damask 1/347 Burnswick St, Fitzroy, 9417 4578

Mink 2 Acland St, St Kilda, 9536 1199

Station 59 59 Church St, Richmond, 9427 8797

Alumbra Shed 9, Central Pier, 161 Harbour Espl, Docklands, 8623 9666

The Dancing Dog 42A Albert St, Footscray, Footscray, 9687 2566

Miss Libertine 34 Franklin St, Melb, 9663 6855

Stolberg Beer Café 197 Plenty Rd, Preston, 9495 1444

Back Bar 67 Green St, Windsor, 9529 7899

The Drunken Poet 65 Peel Street, West Melbourne, 9348 9797

Misty 3-5 Hosier Ln, Melb, 9663 9202

Strange Wolf 71 Collins Street (enter via Strachan Lane), Melb, 9662 4914

Bar Open 317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9415 9601

Der Raum 438 Church St, Richmond, 9428 0055

Mockingbird Bar 129 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, 9534 0000

Sub Lounge & Restaurant 168 Elizabeth St Melb, 0411 800 198

Baroq House 9-13 Drewery Ln, Melb, 8080 5680

Ding Dong Lounge Lvl 1, 18 Market Ln, Melb, 9662 1020

Musicland 1359A Sydney Rd, Fawkner, 9359 0006

Sugar Bar (Hotel Urban) 35 Fitztroy St, St Kilda, 8530 8888

Bendigo Hotel 125 Johnston St, Collingwood 9417 3415

Dizzy’s Jazz Club 381 Burnley St, Richmond, 9428 1233

Neverland 32-48 Johnson St, South Melb, 9646 5544

Temperance Hotel 426 Chapel St, South Yarra, 9827 7401

Bertha Brown 562 Flinders Street, 9629 1207

Double Happiness 21 Liverpool St, Melb, 9650 4488

New Guernica Lvl 2, Hub Arcade, 318-322 Lt Collins St, Melb, 9650 4464

Thornbury Theatre 859 High St, Thornbury, 9484 9813

Big Mouth 168 Acland St, St.Kilda, 9534 4611

E:55 55 Elizabeth St, Melb, 9620 3899

Night Cat 141 Johnston St, Fitzroy, 9417 0090

Tiki Lounge 327 Swan St, Richmond, 9428 4336

Billboard 170 Russell St, Melb, 9639 4000

East Brunswick Club 280 Lygon St, East Brunswick, 9388 2777

Night Cat 279 Flinders Ln, Melb, 9654 0444

Toff In Town Lvl 2, 252 Swanston St, Melb, 9639 8770

Bimbo Deluxe 376 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9419 8600

Edinburgh Castle 681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Noise Bar 291 Albert St, Brunswick, 9380 1493

Tony Starr’s Kitten Club 267 Lt Collins St, Melb, 9650 2448

Birmingham Hotel Cnr Smith & Johnston St, Fitzroy

Electric Ladyland Lvl 1, 265 Chapel St, Prahran, 9521 5757

Northcote Social Club 301 High St, Northcote, 9489 3917

The Tote Hotel 67 Johnson St, Collingwood, 9419 5320

Black Cat 252 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9419 6230

Elwood Lounge 49-51 Glenhuntly Rd, Elwood, 9525 6788

Old Bar 74 Johnston St, Fitzroy, 9417 4155

Town Hall Hotel 33 Errol St, North Melbourne, 9328 1983

Blue Bar 330 Chapel St, Prahran, 9529 6499

Empress 714 Nicholson St, Nth Fitzroy, 9489 8605

One Twenty Bar 120 Johnston St, Fitzroy

Trak Lounge 445 Toorak Rd, Toorak, 9826 9000

Blue Tile Lounge 95 Smith St, Fitzroy

Espy 11 The Esplanade, St Kilda, 9534 0211

Onesixone 161 High St, Prahran, 9533 8433

Tramp 20 King St, Melb

Boutique 134 Greville St, Prahran, 9525 2322

Eurotrash 18 Corrs Ln, Melb, 9654 4411

Order Of Melbourne level 2, 401 Swanston St, Melb, 9663 6707

Transport Hotel Federation Square, Melb, 9654 8808

Brown Alley King Street, Melb,9670 8599

Eve 334 City Rd, Southbank, 9696 7388

Palace Hotel 893 Burke Rd, Camberwell

Trunk 275 Exhibition St, Melbourne, 9663 7994

Brunswick Hotel 140 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, 9387 6637

Evelyn 351 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9419 5500

Palace Theatre 20-30 Bourke St, Melb, 9650 0180

Tyranny Of Distance 147 Union St, Windsor, 9525 1005

Builders Arms 211 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Ferntree Gully Hotel 1130 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully, 9758 6544

Palais 111 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs, 5348 4849

Two of Hearts 149 Commercial Road, Prahran

Cabinet Bar 11 Rainbow Alley, Melbourne, 9654 0915

Festival Hall 300 Dudley St, West Melbourne, 9329 9699

Palais Theatre Lower Esplanade, St Kilda, 9525 3240

Union Hotel Brunswick 109 Union St, Brunswick, 9388 2235

Caravan Music Club 95 Drummond St, Oakleigh

First Floor 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9419 6380

Papa Goose 91 Flinders Ln, Melbourne, 9663 2800

Veludo 175 Acland St, St Kilda, 9534 4456

Caseys Nightclub 660A Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, 9810 0030

Forum Theatre 154 Flinders St, Melb, 9299 9800

Penny Black 420 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, 9380 8667

Victoria Hotel 380 Victoria St, Brunswick, 9388 0830

Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets 80 Smith St, Collingwood, 9415 8876

The Fox Hotel 351 Wellington Street, Collingwood, 9416 4957

Pier Live Hotel 508 Nepean Hwy, Frankston, 9783 9800

Wah Wah Lounge Lvl 1, 185 Lonsdale St, Melb

CBD Club 12-14 McKillop St, Melb, 9670 3638

Fusion Lvl 3, Crown Complex, Southbank, 9292 5750

Pony 68-70 Lt Collins St, Melb, 9662 1026

Wesley Anne 250 High St, Northcote, 9482 1333

Chaise Lounge Basement, 105 Queen St, Melb, 9670 6120

The Gallery Room 1/510 Flinders St, Melbourne, 9629 1350

Portland Hotel Cnr Lt Collins & Russell St, Melb, 9810 0064

Westernport Hotel 161 Marine Pde, San Remo, 5678 5205

Chandelier Room 91 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin, 9532 2288

Gem Bar & Dining 289 Wellingston St, Collingwood, 9419 5170

The Prague Hotel, 911 High St, Northcote, 9495 0000

Willow Bar 222 High Street, Northcote, 9481 1222

Chelsea Heights Hotel Cnr Springvale & Wells Rd,

George Basement, 127 Fitzroy St, 9534 8822

Pretty Please 61c Fitzroy St, St Kilda, 9534 4484

Windsor Castle 89 Albert St, Windsor, 9525 0239

Chelsea Heights, 9773 4453

Gertrude’s Brown Couch 30 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, 9417 6420

Prince Bandroom 29 Fitztory St, St Kilda, 9536 1168

Workers Club 51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9415 8889

Cherry Bar AC/DC Ln, Melb, 9639 8122

Grace Darling Hotel 114 Smith St, Collingwood, 9416 0055

Prince Of Wales 29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, 9536 1168

Workshop Lvl 1, 413 Elizabeth St, Melb, 9326 4365

Chi Lounge 195 Lt Bourke St, Melbourne, 9662 2688

Grandview Hotel Cnr Heidelberg Rd & Station St, Fairfield, 9489 8061

Public Bar 238 Victoria St, North Melb, 9329 6522

Yah Yah’s 99 Smith St, Fitzroy, 9419 4920

Co. Lvl 3, Crown Complex, 9292 5750

Great Britain Hotel 447 Church St, Richmond, 9429 5066

Railway Hotel 280 Ferrars St, South Melb, 9690 5092

The Vine 59 Wellington St, Collingwood, 9417 2434

Colonial Hotel (Brown Alley) Cnr King & Lonsdale St, Melb, 9670 8599

Grind N Groove 274 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville

Red Bennies 371 Chapel St, South Yarra, 9826 2689

Commercial Club Hotel 344 Nicholson St, Fitzroy, 9419 1522

Grumpy’s Green 125 Smith St, Collingwood, 9416 1944

Red Love Lvl 1, 401 Swanston St, Melb, 9639 3722

Cookie Lvl 1, 252 Swanston St, Melb, 9663 7660

Gypsy Bar 334 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9419 0548

Retreat Hotel 226 Nicholson St, Abbotsford, 9417 2693

for more venues, visit:

Corner Hotel 57 Swan St, Richmond, 9427 9198

HiFi 125 Swanston St, Melb, 1300 843 4434

The Retreat Hotel 280 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, 9380 4090

Cornish Arms 163 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Highlander 11a Highlander Lane, Melb, 9620 2227

The Reverence Hotel 28 Napier St, Footscray, 03 9687 2111

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Beats Magazine - Wednesday March 27