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ONTOUR MACKLEMORE [USA], RYAN LEWIS [USA] Saturday February 16, Corner Hotel MARCEL DETTMANN [GER] Friday February 15, Brown Alley


Until yesterday I never understood Smithers’ dig at Madonna in Who Shot Mr. Burns? Holy shit. That’s got to be the harshest/most hilarious thing on the show ever, right? Tyson Wray

Tommy Lee & DJ Aero: Trakkin’

LUNICE [CAN] Saturday February 16, Revolt Artspace JUDGE JULES [UK]


Saturday February 16, Room 680. DAMIAN LAZARUS [UK], SUBB-AN [UK], SHAUN REEVES [GER] + MORE Sunday February 17, Brown Alley

Netsky: Live in Melbourne

PICTUREPLANE [USA] Sunday February 17, The Liberty Social DAVID MORALES [USA]

As DJs and producers, Tommy Lee & DJ Aero’s sound is dirty, filthy, nasty electro-house; and since their musical tastes are not constrained to one genre, the duo often veers into techno, progressive, breakbeat and even hip hop territory. It is one thing to play the same set list of rock songs to stadiums filled with adoring, expectant fans; it’s entirely another to walk into a swarming nightclub crammed with judgmental trainspotters, read the crowd correctly, and make people dance. They hit Trak on Thursday March 7.

Having sold out venues across the planet, Netsky will be hitting the city for a one off show this March. Boris Daenan aka Netsky rose quickly through the ranks to lead a wave of new school drum and bass talent in Europe. Having achieved celebrity status in his home country of Belgium, he signed exclusively to the Hospital label in 2009. His first release Memory Lane, debut album Netsky and newest release 2, have all been met with worldwide critical acclaim. Catch Netsky live on Sunday March 24 at RMH.

Friday February 22, Red Bennies DIXON [GER], HUXLEY [UK] Friday February 22, Prince Bandroom BOK BOK [UK], L-VIS 1990 [UK] Saturday February 23, Revolver MIGUEL MIGS [USA] Saturday February 23, New Guernica SOUL II SOUL [USA] Thursday February 28, Trak Lounge LINKWOOD [UK]

Spit Syndicate: Launching

Friday March 1, Mercat Basement GOLD PANDA [UK] Saturday March 2, The Liberty Social MOODYMANN [USA] Friday March 8, Prince Bandroom FANTASTIC MR FOX [UK] Saturday March 9, The Liberty Social GOLDEN PLAINS: MOODYMANN [USA], JULIO BASHMORE [UK] + MORE Saturday March 9 - Monday March 11, Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL: THE PRODIGY [UK], DIZZEE RASCAL [UK], BOYS NOIZE [GER] + MORE


Sunday March 10, Flemington Racecourse GREG WILSON [UK] Sunday March 10, New Guernica ELI VERVEINE [SWI] Friday March 15, La Di Da Basement JULIO BASHMORE [UK] Friday March 15, Brown Alley

Joelistics: Labour Day Eve Bash

Founder of TZU (alongside his contemporaries Count Bounce, Yeroc and Pasobionic) and one of the pioneering forgers of Australia’s hip hop identity, rhyme man Joelistics is returning to the Espy to headline a show in the Gershwin room on Labour Day Eve. Always an MC of eclectic influences, Joelistics’ solo sound is grounded in the boom-bap of hip hop whilst keenly referencing his love of beat poetry, shoegaze electronica and folk. His 2011 solo debut Voyager is both introspective and electrifying, focusing on themes of travel, modern world paranoia and growing older. Entirely self-produced and featuring few guests, you can be sure the man’s upcoming show will be an honest and unfiltered party. Catch Joelistics on Sunday March 10 (Labour Day Eve) in the Espy Gershwin Room, performing with special guests. Entry is free.

THE DEMIGODZ [USA] Friday March 9, Prince Bandroom XXYYXX [USA] Friday March 22, The Liberty Social ACTRESS [UK] Friday March 22, Brown Alley DANIEL BORTZ [GER] Sunday March 24, Revolver Upstairs NETSKY [UK] Sunday March 24, RMH The Venue PACHANGA BOYS [GER] Saturday March 30, The Bottom End

DJ Spinna: Beats In The Gershwin

With his rare combination of pristine house tempo mixing and hip hop rooted turntabalism, DJ Spinna has rocked crowds from Iceland to Dubai, South Africa to Japan, and is heading to the Espy Gershwin Room at the end of this month. DJ Spinna is a creative talent who transcends genres and limitations. An extraordinary DJs, producer, remixer, and music historian, DJ Spinna was a cornerstone of hip hop’s late ‘90s indie uprise; everyone from Mos Def, Talib Kweli to Pharaohe Monch boasted Spinna beats to prove their worth to the scene. DJ Spinna plays the Espy Gershwin Room on Friday February 22, with special guest. Entry is free.

Out of Sydney’s inner west, Australia’s infamously charming hip hop duo Spit Syndicate (Nick Lupi and Jimmy Nice) return with third LP Sunday Gentlemen, out this month. Nick and Jimmy bare all on the release, revealing thoughtful, deeply personal, sometimes confronting stories with their now-renowned flair. Sunday Gentlemen is the record where they live up to the expectations placed on them when their debut album Towards The Light picked up an ARIA nomination for Best Urban Release in 2008. Their 2010 follow up Exile cemented their progression and got them onto stages with everyone from 360, Horrorshow, Illy, Bliss n Eso, Drapht, Cypress Hill and Lupe Fiasco, not to mention on festivals such as Pyramid Rock, Peats Ridge and Good Vibrations. Spit Syndicate are set to play an explosive live show to launch Sunday Gentlemen on Friday April 12, supported by Jackie Onassis and Mikey Hundred, at the Northcote Social Club.

Soul II Soul: Summer Tour

Multiple Grammy award winners Soul II Soul (Sound System) will be heading to Australian shores this Summer featuring Jazzie B, Caron Wheeler and MC Chickaboo. Commencing their career way back in 1988, Jazzie B and Soul II Soul are pioneers of the British new jack swing genre and some of the UK’s most legendary soul survivors. After more than 20 years, a string of number one hits and multiple platinum records, they will be bringing their unique ‘Funki Dred’ style and sound downunder. Don’t miss them when they get down at Trak Lounge on Thursday February 28.

SILENT SERVANT [USA] Saturday March 30, Mercat Basement GRANDMASTER FLASH [USA]


Sunday March 31, The Espy MOVEMENT: NAS [USA], 2 CHAINZ [USA] + MORE Saturday April 27, Sidney Myer Music Bowl ATARI TEENAGE RIOT [USA] Friday May 17, Billboard

Poison Apple: Hosting at Prince of Wales

Last Saturday the iconic Prince of Wales introduced a new weekly Saturday night host, Poison Apple. Poison Apple is one of the city’s longest running Saturday night brands, with numerous tours, events, festival endeavors and thriving artists to their name. The renowned Prince Bandroom has hosted artists including Pink, Coldplay, Calvin Harris and Daft Punk. Anticipating more than 1000 patrons on a Saturday evening, the Poison Apple team are hoping to provide St Kilda-bound Saturdayers with a fresh home for music and mischief.

Grandmaster Flash: Pioneering Hip Hop

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There are lots of stories about the birth of jazz and the beginning of rock ‘n’ roll, but hip hop has definite founding fathers, and one of them is DJ Grandmaster Flash. His career began in the Bronx with neighbourhood block parties that essentially were the start of what would become a global phenomenon – the dawn of a musical genre. He was the first DJ to physically lay his hands on the vinyl and manipulate it in a backward, forward or counter-clockwise motion, rather than just letting it play. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five went platinum with their single The Message, and the group became the first hip hop outfit ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Catch the legendary Grandmaster Flash on Sunday March 31 in the Espy Gershwin Room.

Zebra Katz, Le1f and Mike Q: Avant-Garde Rap

In a massive collaboration of queer muscle, Liberty Social will be hosting three of today’s most cutting edge, exciting and ground-breaking artists: Zebra Katz, Le1f and Mike Q, all together for one night. Touring with Njena Reddd Foxxx who features on his breakout Mad Decent single Ima Read, Zebra Katz’s performance art background shows through in all areas of his music, videos and lyrics. While still an undergraduate, Le1f garnered a heap of attention last year, mainly for juggling identity politics within his very accessible, party-ready rap. Add in Mike Q, the new-school’s most celebrated and in-demand DJ and producer, and it’s clear this is going to be one hell of a show. The trifold awesomeness will be happening on Friday March 1 at Liberty Social on Flinders Lane.




“Music was a pure hobby like fishing was, then it started to slowly take over my everyday schedule until I found myself touring and working on music full time.”

UNIQUE: PERCEPTION 2012 was a watershed year for Montreal artist Lunice Fermin Pierre II, better known as Lunice. His TNGHT collaboration with Scottish artist Hudson Mohawke smashed speakers, featured in most of the ‘best of’ lists for last year and even caught the attention of superstar rap artist Kanye West. For a guy just reaching his mid-20s, it’s a massive achievement. Like most success stories, there is a lot more to Lunice than the sudden attention that TNGHT got after their EP was released. His is built on a lot of hard work, creative genius and a strong foundation. He first started producing music in 2000 after he heard the work of producer 9th Wonder. He discovered the computer programs that he was using to make the music and started playing around. It followed a period as a b-boy that has definitely imparted a huge performative side to his live appearances – things like teaching crowds how to do Lil B’s ‘cooking’ dance and generally being animated on stage. Lunice played his first show in 2007 and ended up joining a local crew called Turbo Crunk. It was through their parties that he met Hudson Mohawk and ended up signing to Lucky Me. They released two of his EPs in 2010, and that year also brought great reviews for his performance at the Sonar festival, then a slot in London for Red Bull Music Academy. Around that time he played a show with Major Lazer, and Diplo asked him to collaborate on a Deerhunter remix put out on his label Mad Decent. The support of such high profile artists and labels brought more opportunities and shows through the door. A collaboration with the rap sensation Azaelia Banks


came next and even an appearance in the music video for her song 212. Each achievement comes from Lunice’s methodical approach to life. “I’ve always been the kind of person to self-analyse and where I’m at with things to make sure that every step forward is solid,” he explains from his home in Montreal before visiting Australia again this month. It’s his second time over here following rave reviews for his performances last time. “I guess I came up with this behaviour in high school. I tried to be a ‘bad boy’ just to catch attention but soon realised it’s really just pointless ,so I went in my own direction.” That ‘do your own thing’ attitude marks everything that Lunice does. In reality the TNGHT collaboration was a happy accident. With a few days off in London, Lunice joined Hudson Mohawke in the studio and they started to lay down some tunes. They wanted to create some stripped back, hip hop inspired, party tunes and after talking about it for a while they finally got together to collaborate. There is a sense of ‘less is more’ in their approach that Lunice sees too. “Exactly! We’re simply making straight forward rap instrumentals but coming from our perspective of how we process these songs.” The tunes may be “straight forward” but they captured a massive following last year. The bass-heavy tunes only have to play for a short time and whole clubs start dancing with a higher energy. With such success for TNGHT, it’s interesting that Lunice sees the minimalist nature of his music as one of the most challenging areas. “Minimalism has always been one


of the biggest and hardest elements to explore to me,” he admits, “and it’s a part of life that, I find, will always intrigue me whether it’s music, cooking or dancing.” TNGHT has given Lunice some great opportunities. “The TNGHT project really set a platform for us to present to rappers and vocalistists in the mainstream realm,” he says. “I’ve always felt that team effort has a bigger presence than solo work, depending on the situation. But in general it just naturally has a bigger effect because there’s more than one mind in the works.” Lunice had a fairly quiet year for solo releases last year. “I was working on my full-length album but then got a little sidetracked with the TNGHT project. So I just focused on working with vocalists for most of 2012. This year I’m planning to finish my album.” So does Lunice want to reveal who any of those vocalists are? “I got a few projects going at the moment. Been working on some new stuff with the homie Rockie Fresh. But in general, I’d rather just keep it on the low until everyone hears it. I sort of like that whole element of surprise.” Lunice is incredibly down-to-Earth and open. It’s a refreshing feel from someone who has experienced massive success. “That success has taken me by surprise because I’ve always been a humble guy through the whole experience,” he reflects. “I’m grateful for the positive response people give me. Everyone grows up to be in school and have a diploma or some kind of workforce certification. I was doing the same thing while selling wine on the side. Music was a pure hobby like fishing

was, then it started to slowly take over my everyday schedule until I found myself touring and working on music full time.” There was no family context to Lunice’s musical designs either. “My mum is an optometrist and my grandfather is a tailor actually but my grandfather always had talent for art. From martial arts to drawing, he has amazing talent whenever he’d showcase it. And my older sister has always been the one listening to a lot of music in the family.” Lunice almost took the traditional workforce route instead of music. His tunes offer a type of soundtrack quality that could lend themselves to films and he prefers to be thought of as a ‘creative’ rather than just a musician. “Before I was producing, I was studying Cinema Communications Arts in college actually. I’ve always been into working on short films and video art so the whole sound scoring influence really comes from doing films and such. I’ve always seen myself working in media. Didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to be involved in anything that needs creativity.” It’s all about a unique perspective on things. “In terms of how I approach my music there’s no real exact way to explain it. I can definitely assure you that it’ll be coming out of the way I just perceive life.” Lunice [CAN] plays Espionage alongside The Nextmen [UK], Riki Gooch [NZ], Dizz1 [AUS] and more at Revolt Artspace on Saturday February 16.





Friday February 8



Saturday February 16 place

Revolt Melbourne Artspace NOTE Early event, starts 4pm


The Liberty Social



Saturday March 9 place

The Liberty Social


Friday March 22



Brown Alley

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WEDNESDAY13TH COQ ROQ Rocking Wednesdays at Lucky Coq are rotating DJs Lady Noir, Agent 86, Kiti, Mr Thom, Joybot and guests giving you nothing but the best new wave, punk, brit pop, bong rap and hair metal. Coq Roq takes place every Wednesday from 8pm with free pool downstairs from 9pm as well as drink specials. Roq out! Lucky Coq, 179 Chapel St, Windsor

MIDNIGHT SOUL ENSEMBLE Whether it’s a DJ on the one’s and two’s side by side with a drummer hitting the skins while jammin’ away into the night, or soul singers gracing our humble stage performing Erykah Badu tribute songs over wonky future beats, or hip hop DJs cuttin’ up Serato records, we got the mid-week party. You know you wanna. Free entry Lounge, 243 Swanston Street, Melbourne

SOUL ARMY With more flavour than a chocolate pizza, the Wednesday Soul Army throws down raw, uncut funk next to smooth soul grooves and rare blue jams. Bring that special lady because when the boys lay down the love it could be the difference between ‘we’re just friends’ to ‘let’s get it on’. PBS stalwarts Vince Peach and Miss Goldie accompany Prequel and Black Diamond Kicks weekly. Free. Bimbo Deluxe, 376 Brunswick St (Cnr Rose St), Fitzroy

LAUNDRY WEDNESDAYS Deep, dark, minimal dubstep and drum and bass. Laundry Bar, 50 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

THURSDAY14TH BIMBO THURSDAYS Tigerfunk brings with him his full band of travelling gypsies, hipsters and middle class executives, all of whom are prepared to deliver the most excitement you can have this side of the weekend. Bimbo Deluxe, 376 Brunswick St (Cnr Rose St), Fitzroy

FREE RANGE FUNK Funk up your Thursday nights with Free Range Funk at the Windsor favourite Lucky Coq. Grab a couch early and enjoy one (or more) of their famous $4 pizzas from 7-11pm. Meanwhile DJs Who, Agent 86, Lewis CanCut and special guests tempt you into the night with their eclectic bag of treats. Setting the mood early is delightful jazz, deep soul, and funk. Later it’s fruity disco, choice house, and hipster dance drops. Free entry every Thursday. Lucky Coq, 179 Chapel St, Windsor

FUN HOUSE Celebrate Thursday night at Co. with club classics and dance floor anthems. Co., Crown Entertainment Complex, Lvl 3, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank

SLOW HOUSE THURSDAYS Slow House Thursdays is just what Brunswick has been missing. Get down to the latest Thursday spot at Noise Bar, find a space with your bros and get into the as DJs Same O, David Bass and James Hurt spin bass laced tunes ‘til the early hours of the morning. Noise Bar, 291 Albert Street, Brunswick


n dicin’ over jiggy beats and underground anthems. Bounce to the ounce, and get yer “drank” on! And kids remember one thang, in the wise words of Lady: this pussy be yankin! YOLO. Free entry. From 10pm. Lounge, 243 Swanston Street, Melbourne

CQ FRIDAYS The weekend starts here! Get on down for after work drinks from 5pm with DJs Marcus Knight, Mark Pellegrini, Nick Van Wilder & DJ Anferny getting your weekend started right. 5pm til 3am. CQ, 113 Queen St, Melbourne

FIRST FLOOR FRIDAYS A journey of international music from all over the world; past, present and future rhythms incorporating afro, soul, funk, world and deep house elements! First Floor, 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Saturdays at Lucky Coq tick all the boxes so start your night early and stay til close! Famous $4 pizzas from 7-9pm (that’s dinner sorted) then from 9pm spread over two levels with DJs playing hip hop, funk, disco, house and electro. Rotating guests on both levels keep the tunes fresh. Free entry. Lucky Coq, 179 Chapel St, Windsor



Smashing it every week at Melbourne’s hottest looking venue! Top 40 dance, house and R&B 9-3am, then electro from 3am - 5am. DJ Ontime, DJ Ryza, Scotty Erdos and Azza M. $15/$20, free entry after 4am. Eden, 163 Russell St, Melbourne

The brain child of the creative kids at 360 Agency and Seven Nightclub. The Weekend is here to put a smile on your dial every Saturday night. We want you to join the family. Dancing from 10pm weekly. Seven, 52 Albert Rd, South Melbourne

LOUNGE-CLUB Dazzling disco lights? Check. Big dance floor? Check. Stage to dance on? Check. Music all night long? Check. We got Melbourne’s finest purveyors of music. You’ll get funk, boogie, disco, house, Latin, afro, techno and much more. Lounge-Club happens every weekend from 10PM and it’s free entry. Lounge, 243 Swanston Street, Melbourne


Forbidden’s venue is going to wow all those that attend through its state of the art sound and lighting system, an amazing balcony overlooking Russell and Bourke Streets and is located in the heart of the city. Forbidden will feature some of the hottest DJs in Melbourne including Anyo, Rufio, Stefan C, Alex Da Kid, Galo, Timmy Edgell and Azza-M. Forbidden is the hottest place to be on a Friday night – the location has just changed. Free entry applies to everyone between 8pm – 9pm and happy hour will run for 3 hours! Eden, 163 Russell St, Melbourne

It’s house, electro, dub, anthems, disco and funk with guest DJs Genetix, B-Two and Oohee rocking til the break of day. Doors open 10pm with $5 basics til midnight! First Floor, 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

FREEDOM PASS Friday’s at Freedom with 2 premier clubs, 5 huge rooms, 10+ local and international DJs blending their unique sets across countless styles of tunes – vocal house, smooth R&B, electro and commercial top 40. Throw in a few sexy podium dancers, a world-class lights show and drink specials, the Freedom Pass is your personal ticket to a night you won’t soon forget! Fusion, Crown Entertainment Complex, Lvl 3, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank

FRIDAY NIGHT LOFT PARTY Kitty Schmidt couldn’t find quality dance music in Fitzroy so she’s decided to open up her bedroom doors. Living above Melbourne’s stalwart lesbian/gay Libation Bar, she’s now throwing a monthly party in her boudoir. Come into her renovated upstairs loft, cocktail bar, dance floor and smoking terrace. With quirky house, deep disco and erotic electronica being spun by Marvin Roland, Mr. Pyz and Kitty Schmidt DJs. Libation, 302 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

PANORAMA Start your weekend on a good note with Panorama Fridays at Lucky Coq. DJs Matt Rad, Mr George, Tom Meagher and Phato A Mano transform the upstairs area into one hell of a house party with Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, Disco and House. Meanwhile, downstairs gives you a secluded wind down atmosphere with cult films as background visuals and quality cocktails to sip on. Let the new coqtail list wash away a crappy week! Lucky Coq, 179 Chapel St, Windsor

RETRO SEXUAL FRIDAY DJ Grandmaster Vicious spins Fitzroy’s finest mix of ‘80s and ‘90s pop, rock, new wave, hip hop, disco classics and cheese to please plus dance floor anthems from then to now. One Twenty Bar, 120 Johnston St, Fitzroy





For lovers of deep clandestine beats. Black Label is a night designed for a stylish yet edgy collective who just want to dance. Resident DJs include Syme Tollens, SmuDJ, Herc Kass and guest TV Weird presenting minimal and chunky tech house beats. Dress all stylish, no street or elegantly twisted. ABODE, 374 St Kilda Rd (cnr Martin St), St Kilda


Get Lit every Friday night with Mugen & D’fro slicin’

Torgeir Byrknes and Larry Cons are some of the finest exponents around of the renowned movement that is drum and bass. Years on, Teebee and Calyx continue to highlight the reach drum and bass has achieved – especially since its move away from jungle and a predominantly UK-based scene, to an all-encompassing global movement. Now the two are heading back to Australia for a series of shows that will no doubt raise hell, as they have every time they have visited here. Teebee explains: “First and foremost, when we got signed to RAM Records, that was like a huge step for us. In retrospect, the move was totally the right thing for us to do, as far as the label goes. RAM is as big as it gets, and that for them is a testament to what they’ve achieved and what they’ve done for the drum and bass genre over the years.” Calyx adds: “To be honest, I always knew I wanted to be involved with music. Since I was really young, I’d been obsessed with playing music and knew I wanted to produce it. By the time I was finishing college, I was playing in my own band. I built my profile and when drum and bass took over, I had to reduce my involvement in other things and had to focus.” Now, enjoying the spoils of their labour, the duo continues to spread their message everywhere. “Getting all or nothing out there after having worked your arses


off for so long is what keeps us driven,” explains Teebee. “We knew [we’d] done good things over the years, but to get the massive support across the world when we play feels good; being appreciated for doing something that you love is even better,” he says. Teebee also tells all about the Subtitles label. “It’s still going strong. The label did go through a slow stage for a while,” he admits. “But really though, that was merely because we wanted to do something that was distinct and unique. We’ve all witnessed the decline in vinyl sales – pretty drastic actually – but that was part and parcel of the electronic music scene in general, not just drum and bass. The digital thing hasn’t really done as well. So now I’ve been in touch with my peers and they want to be on there, so we’ve got some exciting stuff planned for sure.” On the solo production front however, Teebee isn’t as committed. There’s Calyx, the label and a catalogue of music – his own and that of others. That doesn’t leave him a lot of time to focus on much else. “There isn’t much of a chance of that,” he laughs as he answers in jest. “Calyx and I are on the right path and in saying that, there is a lot of good music out there – both drum and bass and from other genres – so we’re definitely keeping very busy exploring [what’s] new,” says Teebee. And more philosophically too, he takes another tangent:


SUNDAY17TH SOUTH SIDE HUSTLE The perfect Sunday soundtrack with DJs Askew, Peter Baker, Booshank, Paz, Miss Butt, Junji, Disco Harry and guests. They will be laying down disco, afro beat and deep house til 3am. For lovers of good music - South Side Hustle. Lucky Coq, 179 Chapel St, Windsor

STAR BAR SUNDAYS The original and still the best Sunday in Melbourne. Star Bar, 160 Clarendon St, South Melbourne



Google Hot Step and you’ll get a bunch of Vietnamese game reviews and Balkanese dances on YouTube. But that’s nothing like what you can expect to find within the confines of Bimbo on a Saturday night. Developing thick and heavy but altogether groovy, enjoy an eclectic mix of fairy floss funk, doom disco and monk movement minimal every week. Free. Bimbo Deluxe, 376 Brunswick St (Cnr Rose St), Fitzroy

Our Signature serve. Each and every Sunday we play host to a self professed vinyl junkie caught between the golden years and boogie wonderland. A mouthful? Perhaps. Phato Amano perfectly sets the mood for an audio-adventure that redefines the dance floor weekly. Our Sunday aficionados Agent 86 and Tigerfunk stir up a full cream shake to the flavour of your liking. Forget everything you thought you knew about losing yourself to the grooves. Bimbo Deluxe, 376 Brunswick St (Cnr Rose St), Fitzroy

POISON APPLE Poison Apple is one of the city’s longest running Saturday night brands, with numerous tours, events, festival endeavor and thriving artists to their name, and they’ve now got a new venue - the renowned Prince Bandroom. Anticipating more than 1000 patrons of a Saturday evening, the Poison Apple team are hoping to provide St.Kilda bound Saturdayers with a fresh home for music and mischief. Check out Poison Apple Saturdays on Facebook for more information. Prince Bandroom, 29 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

SATURDAYS AT ONE TWENTY BAR DJ CKass will take you on a musical journey to the retro sounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s, followed by Top 40. One Twenty Bar, 120 Johnston St, Fitzroy

SOUND EMPIRE Co. At Crown’s Saturday night party Sound Empire this week features mega sounds from resident DJs Tate Strauss, Miss Sarah, Nova, Johnny M, Matty G, Dean T, Joe Sofo, Marcus Knight, Dinesh, Chris Ostrom, B-Boogie and Sarah Roberts. Co., Crown Entertainment Complex, Lvl 3, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank

STAR SATURDAYS Star Saturdays - smashing it every Saturday! Phil Ross, Scotty Erdos, DJ Ontime, LC, Nick James, Dane Gains, Ryan Hamill, Deja, Phil Isa, Nixon, Azza M, Scotty Nix, DJ Ryza, C Dubb, Alex-J, G-Funk, Dylisco, Achos, Az, Shaggz and guests. Star Bar, 160 Clarendon St, South Melbourne

TEMPERANCE SATURDAYS DJ Marcus Knight & DJ Xander James drop sexy house, dance and drum and bass all night from 8pm. Free entry. Temperance Hotel, 426 Chapel St, South Yarra

“For me the worst thing is drum and bass that is inspired by drum and bass; in the early days you would draw influences from reggae and jazz and techno. It was music from across the board in the 1990s. ‘Anything goes’ was the mentality. Even at the start of the millennium, it was a bunch of people inspired by drum and bass and it was starting to sound a little the same. But then you had movements like dubstep that I think was a great thing for us – it took a lot of people across from one genre to the other. A lot of great artists found their real home there. Others brought it into their productions or gigs. Some of those guys became real superstars. Others just enjoy making music and with that, they bring depth, so there is nothing wrong with that,” he professes proudly. But it was mostly the first sons of drum and bass – artists with “no hidden agenda” as Teebee terms them – that influenced the duo in their own way. “For me, it was artists like Photek and LTJ Bukem; they brought the best of different things with them. That’s the reason that Larry and I have survived; we have always tried to find different styles of music with them. You can always go hunting for some samples or whatever from a website – those things are so accessible now. It’s big business. We understand that, but we’re about doing things without losing the essence.” Finally, for a duo that considers drum and bass their very bread and butter, they remain committed to creativity and an insight into what their fans want. “We know they expect something big from us and that can add a little pressure. But we’ll always create the storm along the way.” They have to, right? RK Calyx & Teebee [UK] play at The Hi-Fi on Saturday February 16.

MONDAY18TH IBIMBO Have you always wanted to be a DJ but been cruelly cursed with tone deafness and a general inability to version excursion? Well Bimbo Deluxe saves the day once again.. All you need is an iPhone and you’re set. Just download the free ‘remote’ application from the app store, log into the Bimbo DJ wireless network and you choose which song plays next. Bimbo Deluxe, 376 Brunswick St (Cnr Rose St), Fitzroy

TUESDAY19TH BIMBO TUESDAYS Bimbo Tuesday’s have long been the discerning DJs midweek breath of fresh air. An opportunity to indulge in, and to each parade their individual takes on music. A night where by the weird and wonderful is not frowned upon but rather celebrated. Resident selectors Matt Radovich, Andras Fox and Henry Who draw from a colorful array of sounds that warm your midweek blues. From 8pm, free. Bimbo Deluxe, 376 Brunswick St (Cnr Rose St), Fitzroy

COSMIC PIZZA NHJ and friends host every Tuesday night upstairs at Lucky Coq. Playing uneasy listening, freaked out bass jams, romantic comedy disco, tropi-jazz, soundtracks and shit you won’t hear on the other nights. Lucky Coq, 179 Chapel St, Windsor

ALI B PRIVATE PARTIES: BIG NIGHTS English DJ and producer Ali B started out at London’s The Blue Note club before moving onto a ten-year residency at Fabric. Initially known for his breakbeat sound, Ali B is now known for his legendary five hour sets which take in everything from blues and funk to rock, soul, dub, disco and more. 100% chats with the lad about his favourite private parties he’s played at, Air Recordings, the business side of the music industry and what’s in store for 2013 ahead of his appearance at Sound Lounge’s Nuit Blanche. Ali B is always in demand at high profile events. “I get asked to play at a lot of parties like that and they can often be a lot fun,” he says down the line from Vancouver where he’s preparing to throw one of his famous Oh Shit! parties with Vinyl Ritchie. “When I played at Mick Hucknall’s 50th, I was told not to play Simply Red records and when I played at Gary Barlow’s wedding anniversary your boy Jason Donovan amongst others got up and performed too. I was once asked to DJ on the set of Friends when they were over filming in London several years ago, and this year during the Olympics I did a ton of good parties including one which was on board a super yacht called Caledonian Sky, hosted by an Australian sports agency.” This is pretty much the norm for Ali B who has mixed records for Fabric, Godskitchen and more, and who has handled PR for the likes of Norman Jay and Pete Tong. Having initially started out playing at The Blue Note, Ali B went on to a ten-year residency at Fabric before kicking off his own Air parties. “In terms of helping to lay the foundations of today’s electronic music scene, The Blue Note was a hugely influential venue,” he says. “In the mid-‘90s, it suddenly became acceptable for DJs to throw down whatever they wanted, regardless of genre, which hadn’t really been happening up until then. This melting pot of styles was something that the club actively promoted through their diverse programming, which read like a who’s who of dance music at the time. Some of the scene’s biggest players found their feet there, such as Ninja Tune, Goldie and The Metalheadz, Wall Of Sound, Talvin Singh and James Lavelle’s Mo Wax. “It was also where I started my Air night, during the period when me and a bunch of like-minded folks coined the term ‘Nuskool Breaks’. I was only 18-years-old when I started playing there and so I’ll always have fond memories of that place as it had such an influence on me. The Blue Note’s musical integrity was also one of the major influences on Fabric, which I think is partly why I was asked to be one of their resident DJs. I’ve had so many amazing nights down at Fabric; it’s hard to know where to begin. Being in control of a sound system like that on the regular was quite a privilege, more so when you consider how the club’s reputation as the spiritual home of cutting edge electronic music spread worldwide.” Aside from hosting Air and playing at The Blue Note and Fabric, Ali B went on to work for Gilles Peterson’s Acid Jazz label before handling PR for legendary British DJ Norman Jay and UK DJ and BBC Radio 1 host Pete Tong. But, unlike some DJs and producers who discover the business side of the music industry and bail out, Ali B managed to balance the creativity of being an artist with business – and actually enjoyed it.

“I’ll be trying my hardest to make sure everyone’s having a fun time. I’m less about standing on stage seeking adulation and more about lurking in the shadows – but not in a creepy way.”

Nuit Blanche

Arts Centre Melbourne & Mad Heckler present

Sat 23 Feb


“Being a music publicist was a fantastic job, largely because it was based around going out and meeting a bunch of like-minded people and hyping up all the musicians and artists that you’re into, not to mention all the ridiculous stories I used to make up,” he says, chuckling. “That period was an exciting time in the UK, comparable to what’s been happening in North America over the last couple of years where electronic music has dominated the landscape of popular culture. Balancing business with creativity can be a challenge but I’ve always enjoyed both sides and have been fortunate to have been able to weave my way between the two. If I spend too much time in front of numbers and not making music I get cranky, but then the same is also true the other way around.” Aside from all of this, Ali B has just released his Oh Shit! (Commonwealth) mix and is currently working on a bunch of tracks and remixes due for release shortly. His label Air Recordings also continues to thrive. “We just released DJ Love’s debut album Waiting For A Revolution... The album has a great hip hop feel to it and features vocalists such as Geechi Suede from Camp Lo and Special Ed. We also just put out a new single from Mr No Hands which is doing pretty well right now.” But, for now, Ali B is pumped about heading Down Under to play Melbourne’s Sound Lounge night Nuit Blanche – a series dedicated to offering a cross-genre musical experience in a relaxed environment. “I’ll be taking things all over the map, playing both up-front and vintage cuts, trying my hardest to make sure everyone’s having a fun time,” he says. “I’m less about standing on stage seeking adulation and more about lurking in the shadows – but not in a creepy way – trying to build a good vibe in the room.”


AFFIKS & A13 Arts Centre Melbourne Hamer Hall Foyer On Sale Now Tickets $20 Book online or call 1300 182 183

Annabel Maclean Ali B [UK] plays alongside Son of Kick [UK] and more at Sound Lounge in the Hamer Hall Foyer on Saturday February 23.

Mad Heckler






FRIENDLY FIRES LATE NIGHT TALES: UP PAST THEIR BEDTIME Mixtapes can serve a lot of purposes – you can craft one for a furtive crush to make your true feelings known, or assemble some tunes to accompany the most kickass road trip of all time. These are all fine and noble causes, but let’s not forget that mixtapes are also about showing off: proving just how interesting and eclectic your own taste is. When it came to assembling their entry in the Late Night Tales series of compilations, Ed Gibson of Friendly Fires admits that this occurred to him and his bandmates: “You want to look cool as fuck with your selections, for sure,” he says with a laugh. “With something like this, you have a great opportunity to share the music that you love. One thing I really like about the other compilations in the series is that I don’t know too many of the tracks on them – hopefully we’ve done something similar with this.” Friendly Fires’ mix is broad in its scope, taking in everything from old-school disco through to contemporary club tracks and dreamy early ‘90s indie. It’s certainly an eclectic collection of songs – only in the surreal world of Late Night Tales would Cocteau Twins rub shoulders with Olivia Newton-John. For the band, it was about finding the perfect balance of tracks to reflect their individual tastes and personalities. “It’s difficult sharing a mix between three people,” Gibson says. “Divvying


out the songs is the easy part – from there, you have to choose which songs you want to include, and figure out how they might all sound next to each other. In the end,” he continues, “we decided that we couldn’t be too precious about having every single song we wanted. We knew it would be best if we just concentrated on making a mix that would flow in distinct sections.” The impulse to share your musical tastes with others is certainly a strong one. When I’ve had a little too much to drink at a party, I’ve been known to plug my iPod into the stereo and begin an impromptu DJ set of my own. I ask Gibson if the Friendly Fires boys also have this impulse, and he tells me that it’s a constant struggle to control it. “It’s difficult, because you can look like a real music snob when you’re forcing your tastes onto people,” he says. “I had a party recently, and there was some diabolical music being played, but people were dancing to it. The urge to commandeer the stereo kicked in but I had to resist it.” Gibson is quite adamant that the tyrannical impulse to control the tunes at a party comes from a place of love. “It’s only because you care so much about music that you want to hear the good stuff!” Each of the Late Night Tales compilations ends with a spoken-word track, usually a well-known actor reading a snippet of a short story. The newest instalment features


the vocal talents of Benedict Cumberbatch, star of the BBC’s Sherlock, and apparently, a Friendly Fires fan. “It was a bizarre sort of thing,” explains Gibson. “A friend of ours read an interview where he said he got out of character by listening to our first record. It was a crazy compliment, and we realised we could use it to our advantage! We approached him ourselves and he was very keen.” Despite the warm reception, the lads were slightly star-struck. “It was amazing and surreal to

have someone like him involved,” Gibson says, “but it’s fortunate things came together the way they did.” Alasdair Duncan Friendly Fires’ Late Night Tales is out now through Central Station Records.







Kick start your weekend with Melbourne’s newest Thursday night! Motown Thursdays caters to all true music lovers. Join us on an eclectic musical journey of soul, funk and disco through to early R&B. A live Soul Band features some of Melbourne’s most talented musicians; Carmen Hendricks, Laurent Soupe, Duncan Kinell and Aaron Mendoza just to name a few. DJs keep the records spinning into the early hours; residents are Reg-e, Lee Davies, Kalepe, Dinesh, Suga, Rubz and Alwin Rafferty. Join us around a big, shiny disco ball or two, for free entry, soulful tunes, drink specials all night and a dance floor full of friends! Fashion Lounge, 121 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

RHYTHM-AL-ISM Start the weekend early with Fusion’s Resident DJs. Music for your funkin’ soul. Special guests every week! Fusion, Crown Entertainment Complex, Lvl 3, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank

FRIDAY15TH FAKTORY This is it. Faktory Fridays are open for business at Melbourne’s home of R&B, Khokolat Bar. Where else? Damion De Silva, Ken Walker, Durmy, K Dee, Simon Sez, Yaths and Jacqui Dusk spinning all night long. Khokolat Bar, Basement, 43 Hardware La, Melbourne



Like Fridays at La Di Da serves up R&B and electro house across two rooms giving you a fun filled end to your week. DJs Dinesh, Dir-X, Sef, NYD, Shaun D, Shaggz, Broz and more. La Di Da, 577 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

LIGHT We celebrate everything that has made Light at Red Love, kicking off with our after work drinks session from 4pm. Our DJ lineup includes each and every one of the Daddy Mack’s who have helped lead Light into our 5th running year of old school R&B. Harvey Yeah, Ripz, TMC and Stel Kar locking down that Old School Flava with guest appearances by G.A.K. & The Seminar of Funk and Nick K. It’s all happening this Friday as we celebrate 5 years of doing our do and bringing that Red Love! Red Love, Level 1, 401 Swanston Street, Melbourne

THE LOOSE GOOSE The Loose Goose is focused on providing a wonderful array of cocktails and offers a great CBD location to lounge and relax in while overlooking busy Flinders Lane.



A small plates menu is available to graze on whilst trying our delicious cocktails from the classics to contemporary, beer on tap and a wide range of beers, wines and spirits. Every Friday evening DJ Jumps of The Cat Empire will take to the decks at the bar spinning his rare afro Latin funk vinyl collected from around the world from 6.30pm until late. Papa Goose Cocktail Bar, 91-93 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

SWEET NOTHING FRIDAYS DJ Marcus Knight and DJ Xander James spin hip hop, R&B and house tunes all night from 8pm. Free entry and early drink specials. Temperance Hotel, 426 Chapel St, South Yarra

THE NICE UP Tom Showtime presents The Nice Up. All flavours of hip hop, ghetto funk and reggae niceness provided. Sailor Jerry nice up the cocktails, Dos Blockos nice up the $5 beers. Fridays done proper. George Lane Bar, 1 George Lane, St Kilda

SATURDAY16TH KHOKOLAT KOATED All new experience, same great location with a fresh koat of Khokolat. Restless Entertainment reloads your favourite Saturday night party. Damion De Silva, K Dee, Jay Sin and weekly guests playing R&B & ol’ skool sounds strictly for the urban elite. Khokolat Bar, Basement, 43 Hardware La, Melbourne

REDLOVE SATURDAYS RedLove Saturdays is all about solid classics from the ‘80s, ‘90s and into the ‘00s! Dropping beats of retro pop, disco classics, old school funk, and certainly some of that old school R&B and house to kick! RedLove Resident DJs Phil, HB Bear and Da Gato bringing down the house every Saturday night. If you’re looking for quality service, music to rock, sumptuous drinks and just a cold hard good time; look no further! Red Love, Level 1, 401 Swanston Street, Melbourne

SHAKA SATURDAY The newest R&B Superclub Shaka Saturdays grand opening is set to hit Melbourne over two massive weeks. The northern suburbs newest, freshest club playing all of your favourite R&B, hip hop, old skool and reggae. Shaka Saturdays is showcasing Australia’s newest and favourite R&B DJs, including DJ C-RAM bringing video mixing to Melbourne and special guest hip hop band Yellow Cake. Set at one of the most amazing venues Melbourne has to offer with two levels, good music, great ‘Shaka’ atmosphere and cheap drinks, we are hoping to pack it out and create a night for people to remember. Level 2 The Club, 2 Arthurton Rd, Northcote

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