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Global Affairs Section Is Abenomics working? Charles YIM (FS2009-10, The University of Hong Kong) Global investors who have invested in the Japanese stock market should be rather satisfied as it has been up for more than 80% in the past two years. The main reason for the surge was Abe’s economic policies. While Abe has achieved part of his goal, we should always ask ourselves a question, how far can it go? Let’s have a recap on Abe’s three arrows. Bold monetary easing This arrow has been the most successful so far. The central bank of Japan, Bank of Japan, is quite aggressive in expanding its balance sheet by buying government bonds, corporate bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and real-estate investment trusts (REITs). Currently the assets held by Bank of Japan as a percentage of the country’s GDP is the largest among developed countries. The loose monetary policy has successfully kept the Japanese interest rate low, allowing the government

to borrow (and then spend to boost the economy) at a low cost. Another positive effect of the monetary easing is the weakening of yen. I guess every reader knows how cheap it is to travel in Japan now! The weak yen does not only boost tourism but expor t in general. It helped expor ting companies a lot and that is why the stock market has been in such euphoria. Easing has another impor tant goal of boosting inflation rate. Japan has long been in deflation due to its weak economy and ageing population. Dropping prices encourage citizens to delay spending and invest in low risk products, which are not good to the real economy and financial market respectively. Abe has an inflation target of 2%, which was achieved in 2014, yet it is questionable in the long run. Theoretically the BOJ can continue easing until the inflation target is reached and keep depressing yen to boost the economy. However, Japanese who have lived in a deflation environment for so long might not be happy to see rising prices, especially when their salary is not rising as fast as the price level.

Source: Financial Times, IMF, Haver Analytics, Fulcrum Asset Management LLP tley/2014/11/02/bank-of-japan-announces-more-quantitative-easing-the-next-chapter-in-abenomics/


A flexible fiscal policy This par t has not been executed as good as the first arrow. By increasing government spending, Abe can give a push to the country’s GDP. However, some criticized that Abe has largely concentrated on infrastructure projects. While infrastructure can promote the long term economic growth, it is not effective in the shor t run. The industry has a limited capacity due to shor tage of labor, the extra government spending could have benefited more people if it is on industries that are not constrained by supply factors. In addition the rise of national sales tax works exactly opposite to the intention of the arrow. The government explained that the rise of sales tax was essential to bring down the heavy debt burden, as Japan is the most heavily indebted country in terms of debt-to-GDP ratio. Here comes the contradiction. Increasing tax and raising more debt are both undesirable, as they hur t real economy and creditability of the government respectively, how can the government get funds to boost the economy?


Growth strategies This arrow is considered as the most impor tant arrow among all. The purpose is to raise the long term economic growth by structural reforms. Plans include corporate tax cut, trade liberalization, privatization, increase in women’s par ticipation in labor force, etc. We see mixed results, and they are far from enough. While all these plans are generally believed to be beneficial to the economy, there is resistance in every area. More impor tantly some problems are so deeply rooted like its low bir th rate. Abenomics has achieved a par tial success so far. Weak yen has at least boosted the stock market and the wealth effect (change in spending that accompanies a change in perceived wealth) should be suppor ting the real economy to a cer tain extent. However, there is a fundamental contradiction concerning the second arrow of robust fiscal policy. On the one hand, the government intends to increase spending to suppor t the economy. On the other hand, it faces huge challenge in raising funds. For the final arrow, more patience is needed to see the release and implementation of Abe’s growth strategies. Even if Abenomics works in theory, we should not underestimate the resistance from the public. Rising price level with stagnant salary, more intense competition due to trade deliberation, increased sales tax are all hur ting ordinary people’s lives in the shor t run. Perhaps rich people who own Japanese stocks are the most benefited so far. Abe is halfway through, but whether ordinary people have the patience to wait for the payoff after all the suffering is a question.


Global Affairs Section Product traceability at consumers’ fingertips Mariah STEWART (FS2011-12, The University of Hong Kong) Imagine you go to a retail store and pick up a product. You see a QR code on the packaging and scan it with your smart phone. It immediately directs you to information about where the product originates from and how it is made. Driven by the shifting consumer expectations, companies are raising the level of disclosure on information about their products, supply chains and business practices. To achieve such visibility in supply chains, traceability – the ability of tracking products from origin to consumer becomes essential to businesses, especially for those in more controversial arenas such as seafood. In the EU, seafood traceability is not only expected by consumers, but is also required by law. Companies selling seafood products must be able to indicate cer tain information on consumer labels, including the catch area and the type of fishing gear used. However, the nature of today’s global trade gives raise to long and complex supply chains.

How can one track a fish caught in Russian waters, filleted in China, breaded and fried in Germany, and eventually distributed to retail stores? To tackle this issue, companies seek for innovative ways to capture key data along the value chain. METRO GROUP, a leading global retailing company with outlets throughout Europe and Asia, introduced a traceability solution to enable consumers to conveniently retrieve detailed information on its seafood products. Consumers can use smar t phones to scan fish barcodes to understand where the fish was caught, how it was caught, the best-by-date, etc. The solution is built upon a dencentralised data system where all par ties along the global supply chain – from the producer to the retailer – provide data which are then consolidated online. The system is inherently ready to trace individual objects identified by a serial number, meaning it can be utilised not just for traceability purposes, but also for internal process optimisation for more targeted recalls, in-stock and supply chain management, anti-counterfeiting solutions, and fraud prevention.

METRO GROUP, a global retailer, launched a cloud-based traceability solution that allows consumers to access product information from their smar t phones.


Outdoor clothing company Patagonia offers 100% Traceable Down collection to assure sound animal welfare.

Empowered by easier access to more data, consumers are more informed about the ecological and social impacts of their shopping behavior. Companies are also more scrutinised than ever on their supply chains practices, including workers’ rights, product safety and integrity, environmental responsibility and beyond. With greater knowledge on supply chains, there is a growing niche of consumers who align buying preferences with an environmental or social cause, to avoid experiences such as wearing sneakers manufactured in sweatshop factories, eating “beef” lasagna made of horsemeat, or using shampoos that contribute to disappearing rainforests.

Traceability can create a competitive edge for companies that leverage the oppor tunity to promote good corporate citizenship and reinforce the strength of their brands. Since 2013, outdoor clothing company Patagonia has been offering its 100% Traceable Down products. Through implementing a Traceable Down standard to ensure animal welfare, all of the down in Patagonia’s down products can be traced back to birds that were never force-fed and never live-plucked. The only way to ensure every bird is treated humanely is by examining every single link in the down supply chain. To provide consumers with a robust contents claims assurance, the Traceable Down


standard sets out methodology in auditing suppliers all the way from the parent farm, hatchery, slaughterhouse and garment factories. The company makes supply chain transparency an impor tant element of its approach to corporate responsibility, by providing a global map of textile mills and factories that make its products on the corporate website. Traceability touches upon various aspects of the retail business, including legality, enterprise risk, marketing and corporate social responsibility. In today’s world, selling the product alone is no longer enough, retailers need to sell it with the relevant information to help consumers make informed buying decisions.

Start-up Experience Sharing CAO Nan (FF2008-09, Harvard University) Name of my organization: Shenzhen Green Cloud Investment Co. When did I start my own business: Jun 2014 Nature of my business: Healthy Juicery Details of my business: Shenzhen Green Cloud Investment Co. is a juicery company that focuses on a juice detox series; our brand name is “Fruggie” (combining “Fruit” and “Veggie”). What made me decide to start my own business: The decision to star t my own business is a life-path decision, rather than a career-path decision. When I decided that I wanted to fulfill my life with a star t-up path, I knew then to move forward.

What challenges did you face? Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.

Website of your start-up: (under construction)

What are you most excited about at the moment? I am most excited about seeing how we can break through a currently tough situation.

Contact details: Cao Nan +18607126123 Wechat ID: Tsaonan

What advice would you offer to the Fung Scholars/Fellows soon to be start-up founders out there? I would advise Scholars/Fellows to think through all the consequences, make sure you have no doubt when you want to star t-up, and move forward once you determine.


Start-up Experience Sharing LEE Chi Ming Henry (FS2006-07, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) Name of your organization: Pipe of Insight (POI) When did you start your own business? My buddy Pengye and I star ted POI three years ago, right after I finished my MPhil degree. Huan joined us a month later. Nature of your business Our business is in the online education space. We see many secondary students experience difficulty with their homework. Very often school teachers and parents are not nearby to help those desperate students. We offer a whiteboard communication solution that connects them to online tutors using smar tphones or tablet computers. The finger tip convenience, the instant response to questions and the affordable pricing of online tutoring outweigh the tradition of hiring a private tutor. Details of your business We developed 1) a mobile communication software that allows online tutors to conduct teaching and homework tutorials to students and 2) an online teaching community that encourages university students to teach junior students while getting course credits and financial suppor t for paying tuition fees. Until now we have gathered the power of 7000+ tutors from 40+ universities to help more than 10,000 desperate secondary school students in China and turned 100,000+ helpless

homework problems into helpful tutorials. What made you decide to start your own business? First of all, I love what I am doing. Second, it is a good learning experience that will make one wiser and help to star t whatever organizations or projects in the future. Third, it is better to star t early when the oppor tunity cost of failure is low and one has not much to lose, apar t from a brief time in life and maybe a bit of shor t-term money. In other words, the experience I will gain outweighs what I could possibly lose. What challenges did you face? Running a star t-up is like sailing a boat to explore new lands. You are sailing in the ocean full of mist and unknowns. Getting the crew on board is hard. Motivating them to finish the journey with you is even harder. True leadership puts to the real test. What are you most excited about at the moment? The anticipation of something great makes me excited all the time. We truly believe what we are doing will be of great help to students. In addition, it could potentially offer more education oppor tunity and the social mobility to underprivileged students. As Warren Buffett said, we want to live in a world with equal oppor tunity but not equal outcome. We are honored to be par t of this movement.


What advice would you offer to the Fung Scholars/Fellows soon to be start-up founders out there? You could change your life if you star t to change yourself right now. It takes courage to make wise decisions and, more impor tantly, the first step towards your goals. Once you take action, the rest will only be easier. Lessons make you wiser and reach your goals sooner. Do not get lost and distracted by unimpor tant things in your life journey. The Project site: The Company site:

Start-up Experience Sharing Samuel GALLER (FS2009-10, Harvard University) Name of your organisation: Sticky Rice Love (糖不 ) When did you start your own business? January 2014 Nature of your business Sticky Rice Love (糖不 ) is an online sexual health platform by and for Hong Kong youth. Details of your business We focus on increasing sexual health knowledge (e.g. puber ty, safe sexual decision-making, contraception, etc.) and interpersonal skills (e.g. communication, relationship-building skills, consent). We will empower youth by providing accurate information and a space to discuss sexual health and relationship issues so that they can make conscious decisions by and for themselves. By reaching youth on popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat), we will demonstrate greater long-term engagement and impact than traditional classroom-based sexual education. Our online Sticky Rice Love Journal provides thought-provoking educational ar ticles, news commentaries, photos, and videos. We also work collaboratively with local ar tists and social media promoters. Our online Sticky Rice Love Forum will allow adolescents to ask questions and discuss relevant issues.

Trained university volunteers will help moderate our forum and answer questions. Over the next year, we will work with sexual health educators and schools to refine and update their sexual health and relationship curriculum as well as launch the first youth-generated, online sexual health curriculum in Hong Kong. What made you decide to start your own business? I was in Hong Kong doing research on sexual health interventions and quickly saw the need to involve youth in sexual education process. Currently, sex and relationship education is insufficient, and this causes many social problems that can have lifelong effects. We wanted to build a bottom-up solution to allow a new generation of HK youth voice their real concerns. What challenges did you face? Because we are all par t-time volunteers, the biggest challenge has been keeping the momentum during times when our key leaders were very busy. We are hoping to hire our first full-time staff in the next few months, and that will improve things a lot. We also faced difficulties getting the website up quickly and with all of the features that we wanted. What are you most excited about at the moment? I am excited for the organization to launch its interactive youth forum and to star t leading active discussions about


the current state of youth sexual health in Hong Kong. We are holding a number of exciting events in the next few weeks, so please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates. What advice would you offer to the Fung Scholars/Fellows soon to be start-up founders out there? Be persistent, and don't give up! Keep motivating the people around you, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to many people who might be interested, and you will find par tners along the way. Website of your start-up: Facebook Page: Instagram Page: Contact details: Julia Sun, Director,

Start-up Experience Sharing TAN Meng Li Lionel (FS2014-15, National University of Singapore) Name of your organization: Intriva Pte Ltd When did you start your own business? May 2014 Nature of your business Training and Development Details of your business Intriva is a training company focused on making an impact on individuals and teams through a thorough understanding of oneself. Powered by Emergenetics, a psychometric tool backed by more than two decades of neuro-science research, Intriva designs and executes programs fueled by the vision to inspire a generation that celebrates the uniqueness of individuals. What made you decide to start your own business? For a long while, I have had deep conversations about how education impacts the growth and development of individuals. While the education system was producing batch after batch of academically gifted students, I felt that there was so much societal pressure to conform. Hence, when I learned about Emergenetics and spoke to fellow associates, the opportunity presented itself. I found a tool that could easily communicate how we are unique individuals and enhance self-awareness. The turning point came when I finally won over the support of my family. The keen entrepreneur in me constantly shared my business ideas that they often disapproved of. When this business idea won the support of my family, I decided that it was time for me to take the plunge.

What challenges did you face? The greatest challenge I faced was certainly the lack of knowledge. As a young entrepreneur, the challenge was finding out what I did not know. Assumptions can lead to huge losses and failures in businesses. I had to be informed about the legal landscape that my company navigated through. I had to be informed of the various processes, from procurement to delivery of services to collecting payment. However, with humility, I learned that seasoned entrepreneurs out there were more than willing to teach. Sometimes, all I had to do was to ask. Another challenge was my over-optimism about my services. Entrepreneurs tend to be strong believers in their products and services, and this passion overwhelmed me. I expected the market to share my perspective, but I learned that it was not always the case. It is important to gain a keen sense of the market and whether there are ready buyers, and most importantly, the right price point at which potential buyers will be keen to make the buying decision. What are you most excited about at the moment? I am most excited about the launch of our programs scheduled for the end of the year. Since incorporation, we have put ourselves out there to speak to many parties who share a similar philosophy - the uniqueness of individuals ought to be celebrated. Talks are underway as we discuss partnerships to offer a suite of programs to various age groups, and I am excited to see our plans unfold!


What advice would you offer to the Fung Scholars/ Fellows soon to be start-up founders out there? Always stay humble and be excited to listen and learn. Since joining the world of entrepreneurship, I have been fascinated by the support from fellow entrepreneurs. In fact, many seasoned entrepreneurs are often glad to hear of young entrepreneurs joining the ranks so long as we remain humble. Hence, my advice would be to get connected to fellow entrepreneurs out there. If possible, find a good mentor. A mentor who has endured this journey can, thus, hasten your learning process. Be prepared to stumble and to face countless obstacles. Through conscious and deliberate re-coursing, I believe you'll find a way. Website of your start-up: Contact details: Lionel Tan,

Start-up Experience Sharing ZHENG Chengyu (FS2009-10, Princeton University) Name of your organization: Whisper When did you start your own business? I joined Whisper in late 2013. Nature of your business Social Media, Social Networking Details of your business Whisper is a visual and anonymous social network. Users create, consume and engage with content via the mobile app available on both iOS and Android. The company’s mission is to make the world a more authentic, compassionate, understanding and connected place. Whisper was founded in 2012 by Michael Heyward and Brad Brooks and is based in Venice, Calif. The company’s investors include Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Par tners, Shasta Ventures, Thrive Capital, Tencent, and Trinity Ventures. What challenges did you face? 1. Finding a mentor within a fast growing organization vs. figuring out things ourselves (because the organization is small, you get a lot of responsibilities) 2. Balancing priorities

What are you most excited about at the moment? I am excited about a future where every human with a smar tphone is a tap away from connecting with others around the world based on shared emotions and experiences. Those connections enabled by Whisper are profound and immensely valuable. What advice would you offer to the Fung Scholars/ Fellows soon to be start-up founders out there? Take action upon your passion. We have 30,000 days in our lives. Once you realize your passion, the first step is to try small steps instead of dreaming about it. Website of your start-up: Contact details: Chenyu Zheng, Operations Manager, Email:



Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014 CHAN Chun Yat Arthur (FS2014-15, Oxford University)

Asia’s development in the past few decades has been nothing shor t of a miracle. Moving on to the future, we need to ask: what can we learn from the successful development model of the past? What are the new problems that Asia faces today? And what are the oppor tunities presented by these new challenges? These questions were discussed in the Fung Scholars Conference 2014 under the theme “The Miracle of Asia: What are the implications to Young Leaders?”

Over 100 Fung Scholars from around the world gathered in Hong Kong to share their thoughts and insights on how to be the Young Leaders of tomorrow. The busy morning schedule kicked off with some warm welcoming remarks from Dr. Victor FUNG, Chairman of the Victor and William Fung Foundation (the “Foundation”), and Mr. KM WONG, Director of the Foundation. Dr. William OVERHOLT, President of the Fung Institute and Senior Fellow at the Harvard Asia Center subsequently gave a presentation entitled “Advancing the Miracle”, where he shared his personal insights and analysis of Asia’s successful development. The presentation ended with a brief overview of the key future challenges Asia faces, and the discussion was then opened to the floor. Many par ticipants raised questions and pressing issues, drawing comparisons between the present challenges we face and past development models.


Welcoming Remarks by Dr. Victor FUNG, Chairman of the Victor & William Fung Foundation

Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014 CHAN Chun Yat Arthur (FS2014-15, Oxford University)

A par ticularly pressing challenge is the change in mindset of the younger generation and its implication to management. Dr. Leonard LANE, Managing Director of the Fung Academy, focused on this challenge in his presentation “Commonalities of the Millennials and their implications to future development”, where he shared his personal experiences interacting with Millennial and asked par ticipants to share their thoughts on the mindset of their own generation.

Commonalities between the two mindsets were explored, and their implications to leadership and management debated. After lunch, par ticipants were asked to brainstorm future oppor tunities arising from Asia’s development in an interactive group exercise with Mr. Richard KELLY, Chief Catalyst of the Fung 1937 Management. The afternoon was then concluded with some remarks from Professor Lap-Chee TSUI, President of the Foundation.

Welcoming Remarks by Mr. KM WONG, Director of the Foundation

Dr. William OVERHOLT, President of the Fung Global Institute and Senior Fellow at the Harvard Asia Center gave a presentation titled “Advancing the Miracle”


Dr. Leonard LANE, Managing Director of the Fung Academy, focused on this challenge in his presentation titled “Commonalities of the Millennials and their implications to future development�


Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014 CHAN Chun Yat Arthur (FS2014-15, Oxford University)

Mr. Richard KELLY, Chief Catalyst of the Fung 1937 Management led the afternoon workshop.

Shor tly before dinner, Local Chapters introduced their work in past year, and shared ideas in expanding fur ther the Fung Scholar international network in the year ahead. To encourage new initiatives and to celebrate various entrepreneurial successes among Fung Scholars, an Entrepreneurship Sharing Session was held after dinner. The panel discussion was chaired by Ms. Barbara MEYNERT, Director of the Foundation, and featured successful social entrepreneurs Mr. Francis NGAI, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Social Ventures Hong Kong, Mr Howard LING, Director of Annalee Dolls, Founder of Harvester, Happy Veggies, Bijas, and Ateen Social Enterprises, Co-founder of AGITO mobile apps, and GIMME Taxi, Senior Consultant of

Closing remarks by Professor Lap-Chee TSUI, President of the Victor & William Fung Foundation.

The HKCSS --HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre, and Mr. Henry LEE (FS2006-07, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Co-founder, Pipe of Insight --Online Education Star tup. The speakers shared stories both of success and failure, as well as the lessons that could be learnt from these experiences.


Par ticipants actively involved in the afternoon workshop


Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014 CHAN Chun Yat Arthur (FS2014-15, Oxford University)

Integral to Asia’s future is its increased interaction and interdependence with the rest of the world, which requires wider cooperation and more vibrant exchanges of ideas. This is also the core mission of the Fung Scholars network: to widen international networks, facilitate exchanges, and help promote change within the community. The 2014 Conference was yet another realization of the Foundation’s core values, and it is hoped that this success will continue in the network’s development in the coming year.



Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014 Janel LOI (FS2013-14, Singapore Management University)

The Fung Scholars Leadership Conference was a memorable and rewarding experience for me. The theme of the conference, which was held in Hong Kong this year, was “The Miracle of Asia: What are the implications to Young Leaders?” We were privileged to hear from experienced speakers Dr. William OVERHOLT, who spoke about the Asian Miracle, and Dr. Leonard Lane, who shared his thoughts on the Millennial Generation. Upon our arrival at the conference, we were each handed an iPad that would serve as our personal learning device for the day. The iPads helped to actively par ticipate to each session, with the speakers keeping us engaged by asking us to share opinions through polls and contribute to word clouds. It was so much fun watching our contributions pop up on the screen in real time!

In the afternoon, we took par t in an interactive workshop, where we put our creativity to good use. In groups, we tried to think of products and services that we could offer to the world. Going around and listening to various groups present their ideas was both inspiring and enjoyable. A common thread between all ideas presented was optimism, with the notion of making the world a better place. After a copious dinner, we attended a panel session by three entrepreneurs. They candidly shared their experiences, challenges and successes as entrepreneurs and fielded many questions from the conference par ticipants. I learned more about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and will definitely make use of these nuggets of wisdom if I star t my own business sometime in the future. What I enjoyed most about the Leadership Conference was the oppor tunity to meet with fellow Fung Scholars from all over the world and learn about what the different local chapters were doing. It was a highly international bunch, with some of them taking 20-hour flights from the US just for the occasion! Connecting and sharing our experiences was meaningful and valuable. I managed to make many new friends and hope to meet them again in Singapore or elsewhere soon. I am grateful for this fantastic learning oppor tunity and the chance to connect with fellow Fung Scholars, Fung Fellows and the Foundation. A huge “thank you” to all those who worked hard to make this happen!



Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014 KAN Chui Yee Tracy (FS2012-13, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014 has been the third conference I par ticipated in since I became a Fung Scholar in 2012. My experience at the conferences has been gratifying and enjoyable. The topics covered in the conferences were well-chosen. I am grateful to learn great lessons and met great people during the conferences. The most memorable par t of the Conference 2014 was cer tainly the workshop conducted by Mr. Richard KELLY in the afternoon. The interactive workshop is a great channel for us to think, reflect and learn. Mr. KELLY is a brilliant moderator who guided us to think out of the box.

During the discussion time, we expressed our ideas and gained insight from each other. The discussion enabled us to build on each other’s ideas to polish our ideas from good to great. It was undoubtedly a great exercise to widen our horizon and enhance our creative thinking. Bringing the great minds together, the conference connected the Fung Scholars from all over the world. I was delighted to meet representatives from each Local Chapter. Throughout the conference, we had lots of oppor tunities to communicate and share views with different people. It was interesting to listen to different people’s thoughts.

Mr. Richard KELLY in the afternoon workshop.


Sharing of views is the most direct way to learn and acquire new knowledge. I treasure the network of Fung Scholars. Making friends with these brilliant peers was the most valuable par t in the conference. Undoubtedly, the Fung Scholars Leadership Conference is an event I look forward to every year. Together, we created precious memory with each other. I sincerely appreciate the effor t of the Victor and William Fung Foundation. I am thankful to be a Fung Scholar and hope to continue par ticipating in this meaningful event in the coming years. Fung Scholars, see you next year!

Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014 Allan HSIAO (FS2011-12, Harvard University) I had a wonderful time in Hong Kong as a par ticipant of the Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2014. The first impor tant component of the experience was being in Hong Kong itself. The oppor tunity to travel to Hong Kong during such an interesting time was invaluable – I was able to visit some of the protests sites and to see for myself the energy and determination that Hong Kong’s youth is pouring into the Umbrella Revolution. I was also able to speak with Hong Kongers about their thoughts on the ground. I left with a unique perspective on the events that I could not have gotten without having been there in person. Attending the conference was also an engaging experience. Our morning began with two talks: one by Dr. William OVERHOLT on the Asian miracle and one by Dr. Leonard LANE on the millennial generation. My main takeaway from Dr. OVERHOLT’s talk was the idea of attaching your career onto a long-term trend and holding onto it despite any challenges you may encounter.


Dr. LANE’s talk provided an interesting take on the source of misunderstandings and occasional tension between generations. The afternoon sessions consisted of breakout sessions, in which we were encouraged to think about our futures and our impact. These were especially valuable, since we interacted in small groups of fellow Fung Scholars. I had not yet met any of my group members prior to the session, and so it was a wonderful oppor tunity to network in a fun setting. Lastly, I should mention the wonderfully delicious food that was provided to us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I par ticularly enjoyed the Indian dishes, as well as the fried tofu appetizer and the dim sum selections. Overall, I am very thankful for the oppor tunity to par ticipate in the conference, and I look forward to keeping up with the new connections I have made!

Post Conference Activity

Dragon 100 Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum and Study Tour

To tie in with the theme of this year’s Fung Scholars Leadership Conference, the Victor and William Fung Foundation sponsored the highly successful Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum and also a Study Tour, organised by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and The Dragon Foundation. The Forum was attended by 17 Fung Scholars and the Study Tour by 10 Fung Scholars.

The Forum was held after the Conference on 13 October 2014 at Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong. Its theme was “Press Here to Star t: Beyond the Talk”, with our very own Dr. Victor Fung as the keynote speaker of the event. The conference attracted more than 400 young people worldwide to gather together and share one another’s stories of star ting a business. The par ticipants not only gained the practical tips on how to generate ideas, find capital and develop par tnership and marketing strategies in their business, but also became par t of a unique network of worldwide young entrepreneurs. After the Forum, a Pitching Session was held where par ticipants presented their business idea to a series of adjudicators. Congratulations should be given to one of our par ticipating Fung Scholars, Julia JASKOLSKA (FS2013-14, MIT), who won the Best Business Plan Award and Most Popular Star t Idea at the Pitching Session.

Julia JASKOLSKA (FS2013-14, MIT) won the Best Business Plan Award & Most Popular Star t Idea at the Pitching Session


After the Global Entrepreneurs Forum, 10 Fung Scholars travelled to Qianhai, Hengqin and Nansha in the Pearl River Delta Region for a Study Tour. By visiting various training institutes and meeting with government officials, par ticipants were able to understand more on the suppor ts and services available for star tups in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Following the Leadership Conference on 13 October 2014, the Fung Scholars Hong Kong Chapter organised a local tour for the overseas Fung Scholars. The group dined on a delicious dim sum lunch in Wan Chai followed by a visit to Victoria Peak, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong. The tour provided a great oppor tunity for the Fung Scholars to make new friends, catch up with old ones and explore the city.


Post Conference Activity

Dragon 100 Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum and Study Tour

Christopher LIPPARD (FS2012-13, Oxford University) The Dragon 100 Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum and Study Tour gave me the unique oppor tunity to meet numerous young leaders from all over the world with a strong interest in Asia. It was an especially exciting year as this was the first when non-Chinese nationals, like myself, were invited. It is difficult for me to summarise all the events but more interesting if I describe the three most impor tant areas for me. The Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum Conference provided a platform to meet many other successful entrepreneurs from all over the world. Fur thermore, watching other Dragon 100 par ticipants - two of which were Fung Scholars - pitch their ideas to a panel of exper ts was par ticularly impressive.

Simon SQUIBB (left), one of the speakers of the workshop, who is a British venture capitalist.

A fascinating workshop was given by the British venture capitalist Simon SQUIBB where he shared his insight and exper tise. From a humble background he has risen to become a major early backer in numerous Hong Kong technology ventures. We, as teams, came up with a new business idea (our idea was to reinvent the concept of business cards) and pitched this to the whole group. I would now feel much more confident pitching my business idea to investors in the future. Thirdly and perhaps most impor tantly, the Dragon 100 event provides a great network throughout Asia and beyond. Although I star t in a graduate role at Shell in January in the United Kingdom, it is likely I will have the oppor tunity to work abroad in Asian countries where many of the Dragons I met are based. Selfies amongst the Dragons were the best way to capture the impor tant moments we shared! I would like to thank the Victor & William Fung Foundation for their generous suppor t in allowing me to attend the Dragon Forum. After the event, I travelled to Chengdu to visit a friend and greatly improve my Mandarin. Soon I will be exploring the Gobi deser t in Gansu province and look forward to updating you in due course!

Chris (middle) at the Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum


Selfies amongst the Dragon 100 par ticipants


Post Conference Activity

Dragon 100 Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum and Study Tour

PHUA Mei Qi (FS2013-14, National University of Singapore) The Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum 2014 was a truly enriching experience. Like so many others, I par ticularly enjoyed the plenary dialogues. I drew much inspiration from the panel speakers who shared with us their thoughts and experiences on entrepreneurship.

as they shared with us their failures from the past. The path towards their success today could not have been possible were it not for the struggles they had faced in their early days. One of my greatest learnings from the three speakers is this balance of confidence and humility.

In the first dialogue “How to Stay Smar t and Know the Risk”, we had panel speakers from various backgrounds who shared with us their personal journeys towards star ting up. Beyond learning more about the “how to” of star ting a business, such as financing your business in its infancy stage, I was touched by the spirit of entrepreneurship exuded by the speakers. In par ticular, Ms. Edith YEUNG, the Vice President & Head of Marketing of Dolphin Browser, impressed me as a strong and passionate female entrepreneur. One key lesson I drew from her speech was to “be a walking billboard of your brand!” Surely, one key characteristic of an entrepreneur is to believe your idea so that you can influence others. I was also touched by the humility embodied by the three entrepreneurs. As much as the speakers were well poised, confident and very knowledgeable in their delivery, they evoked a sense of humility

The second dialogue was “What Makes Social Innovation Successful”. I was especially engaged in this dialogue because I was personally involved in social entrepreneurship. It was hear tening to know that the ideas all star ted with a vision to make a difference in society – some dreams may be simple to begin with, but they evolve to become bigger dreams today, making even bigger impacts in society. I thought ‘Green Monday’, a social enterprise that promotes green, healthy and sustainable living through its vegetarian promotion and food rescue initiative was par ticularly impressive. Even the name of it – Green Monday - did not come easy. Rather than choosing a name that would sound as if it requires people to give up their usual habit of meat consumption, the name was meant to have a positive connotation to encourage people to adopt green practices by simply giving up meat for just one day a week.


“Monday” was chosen because it is the beginning of the week, which is a good time to welcome a change of pace in the mind and the body. From the sharing by Mr. David YEUNG, the Co-founder of Green Monday, I could feel his passion for his social business as much thought had been put into even the smallest of details. It was hear tening to know that he is planning to spread the message abroad, expanding his social enterprise beyond Hong Kong. As I had to catch my flight in the evening, it was a pity that I had to leave the forum early. Never theless, the speeches by the distinguished speakers at the forum had definitely spurred my passion towards entrepreneurship. I would like to thank Victor and William Fung Foundation for giving me the oppor tunity to attend the forum in Hong Kong. At the same time, the event would not have been possible without the suppor t of everyone else involved. I was hear tened to know that the facilitators at my table were working adults themselves, who had actually volunteered their time to facilitate the event on their own initiative. I am thankful for such a great oppor tunity and for the people whom I got to interact with at the event.


Post Conference Activity

Dragon 100 Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum and Study Tour DENG Jie (FS2013-14, Xiamen University) This year's forum was entitled "Press Here to Star t: Beyond the Talk". Personally, the most insightful par t of this forum was the series of Plenary Dialogues. Not only did they offer the audience of young entrepreneurs suggestions and experiences about how to star t a business and succeed in your career, they also gave a chance to network with others looking to do the same and learn from different people from around the world. Perhaps the most memorable par t for me was during the coffee break, when I met a student from the City University of Hong Kong. He had purposefully missed his school class to join the forum and despite being only in his junior year, he had already star ted up his own company. Our conversation was brief, but has remained with me since: Myself: "I can't believe you missed class, don't you care about your grades?" Student: “Life is not all about studying." Myself: "Why do you want to star t up your own company?" Student: “I want to be my own boss, the amount of money that I earn should not depend on other people, it should depend on me."

In the Chinese Mainland, the education system has been likened, by some, to a large factory, producing students with sufficient grades but lacking in creativity and set goals beyond academics. For myself, I know I would like to study at Columbia, and I believe I could gain the required grades, but when I am asked if I enjoy what I am currently doing, my honest answer is that I am still looking for my true passion in life. Like the City University student during the coffee break, the forum was full of young people who were extremely passionate about their chosen career path, with long term goals and incredible drive to achieve them. This forum has somewhat inspired me to look to my own future. About the Study Tour The theme of the study tour was "Youth Entrepreneurship: New Oppor tunities in Pearl River Delta". This incredible tour of one week not only exceeded my expectations, it shattered them. The visiting spots were wonderful and the whole arrangement was undoubtedly awesome, but what makes this experience really wor thwhile are the people I met and their aspirations for the future.


Despite the fact I have lived in Hong Kong for more than half a year now, we visited several places I hadn’t been to, including the Hong Kong Design Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Science & Technology Park and the M21 at Aberdeen. We also took a trip to Qianhai and several high-tech companies in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These places taught us much about technology and innovation in the 21st Century. The most impressive par t of the study tour was the culture performance, where Dragon 100 par ticipants from different countries had to perform for the rest of the delegates. In order to perform well, we had to do a lot of preparation, including writing drafts and choreographing the dances. Through these activities, I learnt a lot about teamwork and discovered the impor tance of team spirit. On the bus journey back to the hotel, we all bonded by singing some classical songs together, and I believe in years to come this incredible moment we shared will never be forgotten. At the end of this study tour, I am reminded to some extent as to how I felt at the end of my exchange program at the University of Hong Kong. Whilst I know there will be days, weeks, months and even years until I see some of these amazing individuals again, I am confident that we will pick up right where we left off! It is not goodbye!

DENG Jie (the second one from the left)

Photos taken at the Dragon 100 Forum and Study Tour.


Establishment of Local Chapters - Nanjing Chapter CHEN Zihan (FS 2014-2015, Nanjing University) Establishment

Departure gathering

The idea of a Nanjing Chapter was put forward by the former President Yi YANG (FS 2012 – 13, Nanjing University), when a group of Fung Scholars from Nanjing took par t in the Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2013 in Shanghai. They were inspired by the sharing of Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore Chapters. After several preparation meetings, the Nanjing Chapter was officially established in March 2014. The current President is Junyi WANG (FS2013 - 14, Nanjing University). Emphasizing “connection and contribution”, the Nanjing Chapter aims to provide an effective platform for Nanjing Fung Scholars to network with global Fung Scholars of all age groups. Until now, the Nanjing Chapter consists of more than 30 members, most of whom are from Nanjing University.

In April 2014, the first pre-depar ture gathering was held at Nanjing University in order to familiarize new scholars with the upcoming exchange program at the University of Hong Kong. Senior scholars from both the Shanghai Chapter and the Nanjing Chapter offered valuable advice on life and study in Hong Kong. The pre-depar ture gathering has become a routine activity of the Nanjing Chapter and the latest one was held on 27 December 2014 for the spring exchange program. In addition to this, regular tea-gatherings are planned to connect scholars closely.

The pre-depar ture gathering in April 2014.


Figure 2: Flyer Manual

Flyer manual

Bonding with other Chapters

A flyer manual was launched in May 2014 to provide information on how to apply for fur ther study program abroad. Flyer is used to symbolize those studying abroad, highlighting the great oppor tunities and broad knowledge a period of time studying overseas offers. The manual pictures which par t of the world Nanjing Fung Scholars continued their study, and this is followed by stories shared by five Fung Scholars from the Nanjing Chapter. Thanks to the manual, younger scholars have gotten to know much more about the application procedure and how to arrange their work in different application stages. Since the manual was highly praised by scholars, the Nanjing Chapter decided to issue the manual annually in future and enrich the manual through inviting senior Fung Scholars who now have a full-time job to share their experience.

The Nanjing Chapter has built a close connection with the Shanghai Chapter in 2014. On 19 April 2014, the Nanjing and Shanghai Chapters took par t in a charity activity named “One Egg Walkathon�, where the par ticipants were supposed to walk 50 kilometers for donations to childcare programs in rural China. Not only did the par ticipants finish their goals, but they also met Fung Scholars who share similar interests and expanded their network. In late April, the Nanjing Chapter designed the sightseeing route and acted as guides for the Shanghai Chapter when they came to visit us in Nanjing. Inspired by how rewarding the charity walkathon was, it has been decided that Nanjing Chapter will continue the walkathon in 2015 and par ticipate in other charitable activities in the future. Located in Nanjing, a city characterized with a profound Chinese history and culture, the Nanjing Chapter looks forward to communicating with chapters from all over the world, sharing brilliant knowledge and contributing to the global society. Contact: Email:

Completing the One Egg Walkathon


Establishment of Local Chapters - Boston Chapter TIAN He Charlie (FF2013-14, Harvard University) The Fung Scholars Boston Chapter was established in February 2014 by Qianqian ZHANG (FS2009-10, Peking University) and Charlie TIAN (FF2013-14, Harvard University). The chapter organised regular gatherings and seminars for local Fung Scholars to make new friends and exchange ideas.

We have also organized two networking dinners in 2014. The first chapter gathering took place in Mulan Restaurant, in March, followed by a second event in September. Many Fung Scholars and Fellows from Harvard and MIT went to the events and shared ideas. Contact: Charlie TIAN (FF2013-14, Harvard University) ( Facebook:

In 2014, we organised 10 seminars on China. Many internationally renowned scholars, diplomats, government officials and business leaders have shared their ideas at HKS-Fung Seminars on China. Kevin RUDD and Nicholas BURNS exchanged their viewpoints on the future of US-China relationship, while Dwight PERKINS, Ricardo HAUSMANN and Richard COOPER debated on the long-term prospects of the Chinese economy. We have covered a wide range of topics from urbanization to anti-corruption, from non-profit to think tanks, from venture capital to real estate, and last but not least, Ezra VOGEL on DENG Xiaoping. Many Fung Fellows and Fung Scholars benefited from the seminars.

The 7th HKS-Fung Seminar, “The social sector and social movement in China� by Mr. Peng YANG, former Secretary-General of One Foundation and former secretary-general of SEE Foundation, now visiting scholar at Harvard University.


Establishment of Local Chapters - New York Chapter Kristen JESTIN (FS2012-13, Columbia University) & Sherry CHAO (FS2010-11, Harvard University) The Fung Scholars New York Chapter (“New York Chapter”) was founded in May 2014 with the aim of bringing Fung Scholars and Fung Fellows living in the New York area together in order to strengthen the bonds of the Fung network, build friendships, exchange ideas, and par ticipate in various career and community-focused activities as a team. The New York Chapter’s first gathering lunch was held on May 31, 2014 to introduce Fung Scholars in the New York area to each other, as well as to discuss future chapter activities such as mentoring and bonding events.

Par ticipants in the lunch shared their education and exchange study experiences, professional experiences, and goals. They also expressed their enthusiasm for helping to mentor new, younger Fung Scholars. Fung Scholars also discussed impor tant current events and shared their different points of view. In Fall 2014, the New York Chapter initiated program planning for Spring 2015, including group mentorship events, Chinatown volunteering activities, and networking dinners with prominent Asia figures based in the New York area. We are excited to put our programs into action in the coming months. Contact: Kristen Jestin (


Local Chapter Updates Hong Kong Giselle YEUNG (FS2013-2014, Hong Kong Baptist University)

2014 was a rewarding year for Fung Scholars of the Hong Kong Chapter. We were pleased that the annual conference was held in Hong Kong in 2014 and we were delighted to interact with Fung Scholars from around the world. This conference enhanced our creativity and facilitated idea exchanges. Also, it gave us the chance to show Fung Scholars around and introduce them to our culture.

Hiking on 1 Jun 2014

Other than par ticipating in the seminar and conference to stay connected to the world and explore new directions, we are also socially responsible. This year we have visited some ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, engaged in charity runs and even gone through the challenges of Famine 30 together.

Our connection was strengthened in 2014. We would like to show our sincere gratitude to the Victor and William Fung Foundation for the all-rounded suppor t in sponsoring and facilitating the growth of the Hong Kong Fung Scholars network and for allowing us to deepen our bonding. With the kind suppor t of the Foundation, our first Christmas par ty was successfully held on December 27. We played games, shared our New Year’s resolutions and listened to music. It was amazing to gather with friends and reflect upon 2014 together.


Futhermore, we would like to thank all helpers and coordinators for making 2014 a colorful year for Fung Scholars Hong Kong Chapter. It was amazing to hear that even more people were involved in organizing events. Fung Scholars are future leaders from various different fields and so it is great to step out our comfor t zone and explore different avenues of life.

The Hong Kong Chapter brought a group of foreign Fung Scholars to the Peak, one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong, after the Leadership Conference in October 2014.

In 2015, we will organize new activities with excitement. We intend to diversify our activities and welcome people to join the planning process with the belief that each of us can be a leader and enrich another’s life. There is a Chinese saying from Confucius’ Analects that says “三人行,必有我師焉。” This means that we can always learn from others. Fung Scholars is an extensive network with a wealth of exper ts that can always cause us to look at the world from a new angle. We are now recruiting more Fung Scholars with similar interests. It would be wonderful to share interests with and introduce ourselves to newcomers. We believe that 2015 will be another fabulous year for the Fung Scholars Hong Kong Chapter.

Fung Scholars Hong Kong Christmas Par ty on 27 December 2014


Local Chapter Updates Beijing DANG Wenjie Pristine (FS2013-14, Tsinghua University)

The Fung Scholar Beijing Chapter was formed with the goal of enhancing communication among the Fung Scholars in Beijing and to maintain close connection amongst its members.



Pre-Departure Gathering

The Beijing Chapter for the year 2014-2015, has been formed with five committees and around 30 members. The current President is ZHU Fengyuan(FS 2013-2014, Peking University). They will serve the Beijing Chapter until June, 2015.

During the year 2014-2015, the Fung Scholar Beijing Chapter has organised several activities, all aimed at enhancing communication among members, no matter where they come from or what the age they are. The activities are as follows.

This is a traditional event in Fung Scholar Beijing Chapter. Every semester, the outstanding students from Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China will be selected for an exchange with The University of Hong Kong. The former students will organise the pre-depar ture gathering for the new Fung Scholars, and share impor tant information and experiences with them.

2014 Leadership Conference On 11 October 2014, 6 Fung Scholars from the Beijing Chapter had the honour of par ticipating in the Leadership Conference in Hong Kong. The intensive one-day activity inspired everyone with insightful speeches and exciting interactions. Fan FENG (FS2012-13, Peking University), the internal affairs secretary from the Beijing Chapter, presented to Fung Scholars from other chapters the achievements in 2014 and prospects for 2015, whilst also expressing a warm welcome to Fung Scholars worldwide, should they want to visit Beijing and connect with members of the Chapter in future.

Communication with other Local Chapters Every year, many Fung Scholars from different places of the world will come to Beijing for a variety of reasons. The Beijing Chapter has organised several activities to mix with them. In the year 2014-2015, The Beijing Chapter has created several oppor tunies for Fung Scholars from MIT, Shanghai and other places to connect with Scholars in Beijing. The gatherings mainly focus on communication and the sharing the information, for future development of each chapter.


2015 Prospect - "3E" plan

1/ Extending the time frame and functions of the existing Mentorship Program

The committee of the Beijing Chapter plans to take 3 steps, with the aim of strengthening the internal network and developing external networks.

In line with the Foundation’s mission of nur turing future young leaders, we plan to enhance the existing Mentorship Program launched in 2014, by organising seminars and networking events. The topics will not be limited to exchange life in Hong Kong anymore, but instead there will be more discussions on global affairs, domestic affairs, innovative solutions, personal development and career coaching will be involved. 2/ Engaging members with voluntary services We wish to establish a platform for Beijing Fung Scholars to contribute to the whole community. The committee is trying to gain access to more external organisations and resources, in a bid to encourage a greater number of chapter members to offer voluntary services for underprivileged people in the society. 3/ Enhancing networks with other chapters As our Internal Affairs Secretary expressed at the Leadership Conference 2014, we are more than happy to connect with and host Fung Scholars from other chapters worldwide. Furthermore, if you have any exciting stories to share with our local Fung Scholars, we can organise a TED Talk just for you! Either you come to Beijing for academic purpose or just for fun, but never hesitate to contact Beijing Chapter committee via


Local Chapter Updates Shanghai HU Mingxiang Hoover (FS2013-14, Fudan University)

Broadening impact of Shanghai Chapter Since the star t of 2014, Shanghai Chapter has organized various events to broaden the scope of impact radiation. And members grew up through the activities with friendship bonded and insights deepened. The Committee of Chapter was reorganized in September with HU Mingxiang Hoover (FS2013-14 Fudan University) being the new president from Fudan University. Also, six other members of Cabinet were elected, including QIAN Zifei (FS2013-14, Fudan University) and JIANG Yiqun (FS2013-14, Shanghai Jiao Tong University) for Liaison Depar tment, SHEN Shuyi (FS2013-14, Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and WU Kexin (FS2013-14, Shanghai Jiao Tong University) for Finance, HUANG Qihan (FS2013-14, Fudan University) and LIN Yuyuan (FS2013-14, Fudan University) for Publicity. The seven members are Fung Scholars who exchanged at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in the autumn of 2013. Networking intensely within members and with neighbors In 2014, Shanghai Chapter focused on its goals to serve as a platform for local and oversea Fung Scholars to grow, give, globalize and gather. In March of 2014, newly returning FS from exchange life in HK re-gathered as arranged by YANG Zizhou (FS2012-13, Fudan University), former president of Shanghai Chapter. Members shared and recalled their unforgettable lives, while Yang announced the idea of a new president election. In April, two girls from Nanjing University joined the Walkathon together with two boys from Fudan University. They completed 50 kilometers step by step without giving up, which strengthening their mind and proving their ability. In May, two members from Shanghai Chapter joined the pre-departure gathering organised by Nanjing Chapter to celebrate Nanjing Chapter’s establishment. This visit strengthened the connection between two Chapters. In June, Shanghai held its own pre-departure gathering for those who would exchange in HKU later on. It was the first time that new FS from two universities in Shanghai Chapter, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fudan University, joined together. In July, initiated by DAI Bin (FS2006-07, Nanjing University), some Fung Scholars in workforce gathered with the students, to share their career development experiences. In August, hearing of some foreigners joining the Learn, Live and Intern in China (LLIC) Program, Shanghai Chapter organized a welcome gathering for them. The Fung Scholars from Hong Kong, the USA and the UK, were impressed by the Shanghai-style food. Some have become good friends. In January of 2015, Shanghai members gathered to celebrate New Year with one Fung Scholar who was touring Shanghai from Hong Kong and one interning in an investment company from Zhejiang. Participants brainstormed and shared ideas of starting a new business. The monthly get-together supports our friendship. Thanks to the sponsorship and support by Victor & William Fung Foundation, activities can be held successfully. p46

One Egg Walkathon in May 2014

Blueprinting the future Last year, the bonding of the local Fung Scholars has become stronger through the local chapter’s events. In 2015, more gatherings will be organised for returnees and Fung Scholars who visit Shanghai. The new committee election will be held in June 2015.

Gathering with LLIC 2014 Fung Scholars in August 2014

Pre-depar ture gathering in June 2014

Career Development gathering in July 2014

Contact info Fung Scholars (Shanghai) Email: Renren Account: FungScholars上海

Election meeting in September 2014


New Year Gathering in January 2015

Local Chapter Updates Singapore KO Weiling Jamie (FS2009-10, Singapore Management University)

A Singapore national record-holder in the long jump, a sponsor of a scholarship, and individuals who can make music with their cheeks – this eclectic, diverse mix of people are just some of the Fung Scholars who I got to know through the Fung Scholars Singapore Chapter events this year. This diversity, to me, is what makes the Fung Scholars local chapter a special place. The oppor tunity to meet Fung Scholars and discover their fascinating and different stories is something I continue to look forward to year after year.

Dinner, ideas, and a different Leadership Conference We kicked off the year with a dinner with Mr KM WONG when he was on a trip to Singapore in January 2014. Catching up on what everyone was currently doing at the time, while discussing how to engage the Fung Scholars alumni at the annual leadership conference over Teochew cuisine all made for an enjoyable evening.

Dinner with Mr KM Wong


Fast forwarding to October, nine Singapore-based Fung Scholars par ticipated in the 2014 Leadership Conference held in Hong Kong. The conference incorporated an additional evening seminar on entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The Foundation tapped on its network and invited experienced and successful entrepreneurs as speakers, and Fung Scholars (including me) had the oppor tunity to ask questions to learn about the speakers’ motivations, experiences, and lessons.

True to his word during the dinner in January, Mr WONG and the rest of the team at the Foundation took into account ideas that we discussed and made changes to the Leadership Conference to better cater to the growing group of Fung Scholars, many of whom have already graduated and were in the workforce. This unwavering commitment from the Foundation to suppor t Fung Scholars in their development through various oppor tunities is well-appreciated by all of us.

Singapore-based Fung Scholars at Leadership Conference 2014

Hong Kong & Singapore Chapters sharing experiences over Manila dinner

Bringing more people closer Another valuable aspect of the local Chapters is the oppor tunity to learn from one another. As fate would have it, both Kevin LO (FS2006-07, City University of Hong Kong) and myself, founders of the Hong Kong and Singapore Chapters, were in Manila for work over a similar period of time. Thanks to the Fung Scholars network, we both found an additional dining companion while abroad. Over dinners, we exchanged challenges and learnings from our experiences with each of the local chapters. Kevin's sharing, together with feedback from Fung Scholars, inspired a revamp in the pre-depar ture gatherings (PDG). The first new PDG in 2014 organized by CHEONG Hao Ming (FS2012-13, National University of Singapore) and PHUA Meiqi (FS2013-14, National University of Singapore) was a roaring success. New activities helped attendees learn much more about each other while having fun. The bonding was reminiscent of relationships formed after college orientation programmes, and made me feel quite young again.

New PDG format in 2014 – lots of fun was had

Continuous growth One round networking drinks, two PDGs sessions, and a (superb seafood) dinner with Tammy, were other occasions that brought Fung Scholars together. As the Singapore Chapter continues to grow, it will become more challenging to engage the many scholars in the network. However, with Fung Scholars continuing to volunteer to plan events for the rest of the Chapter, together with the Foundation's suppor t, I am confident that local chapters will continue to grow from strength to strength, and hopefully explore collaborations across chapters in the near future.


My Experiences Living with a Chinese Host Family in Beijing Aline Sophie LAHAYE (FS2014-15, University of Oxford)

I am a 20-year-old student studying Chinese in my second year at Oxford University and I am a Fung Scholar this year. I am currently on my year abroad at Peking University and have been living with a Chinese host family for the last four months. My decision to live with a Chinese family derived from the wish to experience “real” Chinese life first hand and to improve my Chinese. I found my host family through what is called in China 關係 (lianxi), connections, my mums friend knew someone in Beijing, who knew someone else, who then knew my host family’s dad … When I came to Beijing in September, my host family was very welcoming and took me in like another family member.

Favourite library in Anhui


The family had two children and a dog, which created a nice family environment and facilitated my star t in a completely culturally different, and to me unknown city. Their 阿姨 (ayi), a nanny who also cooked and cleaned the house, was only able to speak Chinese with a strong Sichuan accent which proved to me a challenge at the beginning but through daily conversations and a lot of laughter, me confusing 粽子 (zongzi-Chinese dish) and 虫子 (chongzi-insect) and therefore asking to eat insects instead of 粽子, my Chinese got better and better every day. The ayi also showed me how to make dumplings and other Chinese dishes and taught me a lot of everyday vocabulary that was not included in our newspaper ar ticles we read and translated in class. My host family took me on holiday to Anhui, the father’s ancestral place in the southeast of China, during the National Holidays. We visited a few villages in the area around the 黄山, the Yellow Mountain, with its unique Huizhou architectural style and my host father told me about the regions myths and beliefs. I settled in quickly and really enjoyed the last four months. I encourage everyone who goes abroad to live with a host family for some time. I was not sure before I came if I had made the right decision, as I did not meet my host family in advance. But I took the courage to experience something new and unknown and in the end I was rewarded with a unique inside into Chinese modern life.

My host sister and me

View from holiday house in Anhui


My Experiences My Exchange Experiences in Canada MOK Xiao You (FS2014-15, University of Tokyo)

I am MOK Xiao You, a Singaporean student currently studying at the University of Tokyo. When I tell people that I study in Japan, people automatically assume I am fluent in Japanese, but the very unfor tunate truth is that I can only carry out simple conversation in Japanese, and at most read some newspaper ar ticles by vir tue of my “Chinese-Person-Kanji-Skills”. This then confuses people – Didn’t you say you studied in Japan? I do indeed, but I am par t of the pioneer cohor t of the University of Tokyo’s “Programs in English at Komaba”, known affectionately, and more commonly, as PEAK. Komaba is the university campus that my classmates and I will spend for four years – a compact campus in a perfect location in between the bustling, neon-lit youth haven and tourist Mecca of Shibuya, and the more laidback, bohemian neighbourhood of Shimokitazawa. I study entirely in English, in a decidedly non-English environment, for a major confusingly known as “Japan in East Asia”, and it has been a whirlwind of a ride. Currently, I am on exchange at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver as a Fung Scholar, and it has been another eye-opening experience.



My Experiences My Exchange Experiences in Canada MOK Xiao You (FS2014-15, University of Tokyo)

Car plates in British Columbia read: “Beautiful British Columbia”, and they could not be more right. British Columbia is a proof of Mother Nature’s talent as Ear th’s most sublime ar tist – from turquoise glacier lakes to the undulating silhouettes of sleeping mountains set against the pink skies of the setting sun, there is no doubt that British Columbia is beautiful. As a city girl I spent my past four months in absolute awe of the beauty, and the vastness, of nature – only after on exchange I went on my first “real” hike – in sunshine, in rain, and even in snow; did rock climbing outside of a gym; went camping “in the wild” – completed with hotdogs and s’mores toasted on “real fire” with “real sticks” from “real trees”; had my eyes blinded by the stunning blue of glacier lakes gleaming in golden sunshine; and experienced the absolute grandeur of the Canadian Rockies with awe.


What I am learning on exchange, however, seems to be different from that of my friends here, who generally concerned with the newfound independence and also problems that arise from moving abroad alone. Having already had that experience moving to Tokyo, I found uplifting myself across the Atlantic to Vancouver relatively smooth-sailing. In fact, compared to moving to Tokyo, setting up a new life in Vancouver seemed almost too easy. After spending two years in a country that operates almost entirely in a language that I am not familiar with, living in somewhere everything is in English brings more relief than one can imagine. There are no more complicated administrative procedures where instructions are mostly given in Japanese, in paper form or online websites (although “online” bureaucracy seems to be a rarity in my experience). Of course, the experience of going to district ward offices where English-speaking staff seem always to be away won’t happen here. In contrast to most of my friends, however, I found myself immersed entirely in a whole new university experience. UBC is a big university, with an endless array of courses offered and where many classes are taught in large lectures. This is, for many, the typical college experience. This could not be more different than what I was used to back in Tokyo, where my year has a grand total of just 27 people, and university sometimes felt like going to a very small international high school; everything I felt new and strange is actually par t of a typical college experience. Never theless, while I did enjoy that experience, I’m glad that this experience is temporary. I really missed, and now more greatly appreciate, the small class size and the family-like atmosphere of my home university. In fact, my entire exchange experience might be summed up as such: While I did enjoy it very much, it made me appreciate what I had in Tokyo. As beautiful as nature is, I am still a city girl at hear t. Vancouver is nice, but it can’t beat the dynamism and energy of Tokyo, where being in the city is education in itself.


My Experiences Study at Asian University for Women Binita JIREL (FS2013-14, Asian University for Women)

I never thought that one day I would end up studying in an all women’s University in a country far away from home. In addition, even after getting admitted to Asian University for Women (AUW), I never expected that my life would be destined to meet such wonderful young female leaders from different par ts of Asia with who I would be talking about leadership, critical thinking, terrorism, peace and women empowerment. AUW is a Liberal Ar ts University with an American curriculum. It is multicultural, diversified, and with outstanding international faculty members and students. This wonderful University has around 500 students from around 15 different Asian countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and many other where we learn to live and respect each other beyond different religions and life styles.


I am from Jiri, a small village in the central par t of Nepal where I completed my secondary education. I moved to the capital, Kathmandu, for my college education and then came to Bangladesh in pursue of my higher education. I have been staying in Bangladesh for one and a half year. Currently, I am in my First Year of Undergraduate Studies at AUW. I successfully completed Access Academy, a pre-university program of AUW, where we have learned English, Leadership, world history and computer skills for three semesters intensively. I am taking different core courses right now like Calculus, Introduction to Gender Studies and Ar t History. My intended Major is Economics and my Minor is Math and Gender Studies. I have been par t of the Fung Scholar community since 2013. I am so grateful and will always be grateful to the Victor and William Fung Foundation for providing us such a generous scholarship in such a wonderful University. I am delighted to be a par t of the Fung Scholar community and I hope to learn more about other Fung scholars in coming days so that we can exchange our knowledge to make our surrounding wor th to live in.


Chief Project and Co-Liaison Officer for Europe Co-Liaison Officer, Beijing Giacomo Leopoldo BAMPINI TANG Yuxuan Aviana

Co-Liaison Officer, Beijing DANG Wenjie Pristine

Giacom Gia comoo (FS2 com ( FS2 FS2013 013-14 013 -14,, Oxfo -14 O xfo xford rd Uni Univer ver sit sity) y) dri driven ven by his in inter terest ter est in EU EU-As -Asia -As ia rel relati ations ati ons,, stud ons s tud tudied ied in differ dif ferent fer ent in inter ter nat nation ional ion al uni univer ver sit sities ies in or order der to deepen dee pen hi hiss know k now nowled ledge led ge of bot bothh EU E U fore f ore oreign ign po polic licyy lic and Ea East st Asi Asian an cou countr ntries ntr ies.. He ies H e wor w or ked k ed wit withh Belg B elg elgian ian and Eu Europ ropean rop ean Fo Forei reign rei gn Ser vic vices es dea dealin lingg with lin w ith As Asian ian countr cou ntries ntr ies.. As ies A s an a n Oxfo O xfo xford rd Fun Fungg Scho S cho cholar lar,, he lar h e has h as attend att ended end ed cla classe ssess at sse a t Peki P eki eking ng Uni Univer ver sit sityy and a nd he is curent cur ently ent ly stu studyi dying dyi ng Eco Econom nomics nom ics at LS LSE. E.

Aviana Avi ana (F (FSS 2013 2 013 013-14 -14,, Peki -14 P eki eking ng Uni Univer ver sit sity) y) is cur ren rently tly a yea year-4 r-4 un under dergra der gradua gra duate dua te stu studyi dying dyi ng Inter Int er nati n ati ationa onall Rela ona R ela elatio tions tio ns and Ec Econo onomic ono mics. mic s. Yux Yuxuan uan is from fro m Shen S hen henzhe zhen, zhe n, and sh shee exch e xch xchang anged ang ed to HKU in 2014. 201 4. Sh Shee is i s invo i nvo nvolve lvedd in lve i n vari v ari arious ous so socia ciall acti cia a cti ctivit vities vit ies,, ies includ inc luding lud ing be being ing st stude udent ude nt lea leader der in PK PKUU Stud S tud tudent ent Gover Gov er nmen n men ment, t, cha chairi iring iri ng Mod Model el Uni United ted Na Natio tions tio ns confer con ferenc fer ences enc es and do doing ing ch chari arity ari ty int inter er nshi n shi ships. ps. Sh Shee enjoys enj oys mu music sic,, and sic a nd has st star ar ted t ed pla playin yingg pian yin p ian ianoo and a nd flute flu te fro from m the t he age of 4.

Wenjie Wen jie (F (FS20 S2013S20 13-14, 1314, Ts Tsing inghua ing hua Un Unive iverr sity) ive si ty) is cur ren rently tly a sen senior ior at Ts Tsing inghua ing hua Un Unive iverr sity ive si ty concen con centra cen tratin tra tingg in tin i n Medi M edi ediaa Stud S tud tudies ies an andd has h as bee beenn admitt adm itted itt ed to HEC Pa Paris ris fo forr mast m ast aster er in man manage agemen age ment. men t. She wa wass sele s ele electe ctedd as cte a s a Fu Fung ng Sch Schola olarr in ola i n 2014 2 014 du durin ringg rin her se semes mester mes ter at th thee Univ U niv niver er sity s ity of Ho Hong ng Kon Kong. g. Whi While le at bot bothh Tsin Tsin singhu ghuaa and ghu a nd HKU HKU,, she s he was ac activ tively tiv ely involv inv olved olv ed in vol volunt untar unt ar y so socia ciall ser cia s er vice v ice ices. s. She ha hass inter int er ned n ed for Ba Bayer yer an andd L’Or L’Or ’Oréal éal in co commu mmunic mmu nicati nic ations ati ons field fie ld for mo more re tha thann one o ne yea yearr and a nd car cares es pas passio sionat sio natee nat ly abo about ut soc social ial re respo sponsi spo nsibil nsi bility bil ity an andd sust s ust ustain ainabi ain abilit abi lity. lit y.

Liaison Officer New York DING Mengjie


Editor Sherry CHAO

Mengjie (FS2009-10, MIT) graduated in 2012 with a BS in Economics and Math with Computer Science. As a Fung Scholar, she spent a summer taking classes at HKU and inter ning in Shanghai. She cur rently wor ks as an analyst at a hedge fund in New Yor k, and focuses on global macro investment strategies. Outside of wor k, she enjoys travelling, reading and volunteering.

John (FS2011-12, MIT) originally from Lebanon, and have been living between Europe and Nor th America in recent year s. His long-ter m professional interests are in energy and healthcare, which he developed through academics and professional experience. As an undergraduate at MIT, his academics focused on energy power systems. His inter nship experiences included both financial ser vices (Credit-Suisse, Oliver Wyman) as well as engineering (IBM). He will be joining the MBA class of 2017 at Har vard Business School next Fall, and before that will be going to China for language classes!

Sher r y CHAO (FS2009-10, Har vard Univer sity) graduated in 2012 with a BA in Economics. She cur rently wor ks in finance in New Yor k City. Sher r y was bor n and raised in Florida but has lived in both Shanghai and Hong Kong. While at Har vard, Sher r y was actively involved with Har vard Smar t Woman Securities, a non-profit organization focused on investment education for undergraduate women. Today, she continues to be an avid advocator of financial literacy. Sher r y enjoys reading food blogs and practicing yoga in her free time.


Tom COXON Editor

Aline Sophie LAHAYE Editor and Writer

Jenny YUEN Editor

Tom (F (FS20 S2011S20 11-12, 1112, Ox Oxfor fordd Univ for U niv niver er sity s ity ity)) grad g rad raduat uated uat ed in 20133 with 201 w ith a Mas Master ter s in i n Chem C hem hemist istrr y and re ist remai mained mai ned in Oxford Oxf ord to pu purr sue su e a Ph PhDD in i n Orga O rga rganic nic Ch Chemi emistr emi str y. He was se selec lected lec ted to be a Fun Fungg Scho S cho cholar lar du durin ringg his rin h is tim timee as an Eng Englis lishh tuto lis t uto utorr near n ear Gu Guang angzho ang zhou, zho u, Gua Guangd ngdong ngd ong and ha hass been b een fa fasci scinat sci nated nat ed by Chi Chines nesee cult nes c ult ulture ure ev ever er since. sin ce. As a con conseq sequen seq uence, uen ce, he is he heavi avily avi ly inv involv olved olv ed in Chines Chi nesee cult nes c ult ultura urall exch ura e xch xchang angee and ang a nd has es estab tablis tab lished lis hed severa sev erall soci era s oci ocieti eties eti es at his un unive iverr sity ive si ty to pro promot motee this mot t his his. Tom is al also so Soc Social ial Se Secre cretar cre tar y of o f his h is col colleg lege, leg e, Wol Wolfso fsonn fso Colleg Col lege, leg e, whe where re he enj enjoys oys or organ ganisi gan ising isi ng and DJ DJing ing at all so socia ciall even cia e ven vents. ts. Ou Outsi tside tsi de of wor k, he lov loves es to travel tra vel,, atte vel a tte ttend nd fan fancy cy dre dress ss par tie ties, s, and bu burr n off those tho se cal calori ories ori es at the gy gym! m!

Aline Ali ne (FS (FS201 2014-2 201 4-2015 4-2 015,, Pemb 015 P emb embrok rokee Coll rok C oll ollege ege,, Univ ege U niv niver er sity s ity of Oxf Oxford ord)) is ord i s stud s tud tudyin yingg in yin i n her h er sec second ond ye year ar for a BA in Chi Chines nesee Stud nes S tud tudies ies.. Alin ies A lin linee is i s cur c ur rent r ent ently ly on her ye year ar abroad abr oad at Pe Pekin kingg Univ kin U niv niver er sity s ity ity.. She S he was bo borr n and raised rai sed in Ge Gerr many, ma ny, an andd enjo e njo njoys ys rea readin ding, din g, ar t an andd travel tra vellin vel lingg as lin a s well w ell as ro rowin wingg for win f or her Ox Oxfor fordd coll for c oll ollege ege and pl playi aying ayi ng hoc hockey key an andd the t he pia piano. no. Po Postst-gra stgradua gra duatio dua tionn tio Aline Ali ne wou would ld lik likee to t o stud s tud tudyy law. l aw.

Jenny Jen ny (FS (FS201 2010-1 201 0-11, 0-1 1, The Un Unive iverr sity ive si ty of Hon Hongg Kong K ong ong)) gradua gra duated dua ted in 20 2012 12 wit withh a Ba Bache chelor che lor of Ec Econo onomic ono micss mic and Fi Finan nance, nan ce, an andd a mi minor nor in Ac Accou counti cou nting. nti ng. Bo Borr n and raised rai sed in Ho Hong ng Kon Kong, g, Jen Jenny ny lik likes es tra travel vellin lingg and lin a nd experi exp erienc eri encing enc ing di diffe fferen ffe rentt cult ren c ult ulture ures. ure s. Jen Jenny ny has in inter ter ned in Chi China na and wo worr ked ke d as a s a vo volun luntee lun teerr on tee o n an a n orga o rga rganic nic far m in i n Japa J apa apan. n. She en enjoy joyss danc joy d anc ancing ing,, prac ing p rac ractis tising tis ing yo yoga, ga, hiking hik ing an andd read r ead eading ing in he herr free f ree titime. me.

Nicholas SHEKERDEMIAN Editor

Mariah STEWART Editor and writer

Junyi WANG Writer

Nicholas (FS2014-15, Oxford Univer sity), a second year undergraduate at the Univer sity of Oxford, reading Chinese. He was bor n in London, although He is half Greek, quar ter Ar menian and a quar ter British. He is cur rently studying in Beijing for one year as par t of his cour se. His par ticular interests are in Chinese histor y and inter national relations. Outside of the classroom, He likes playing spor t, and managing my star t up, which focuses on teaching English to Chinese students via online education.

Mariah (FS2011-12, The Univer sity of Hong Kong) graduated in 2013 with a BSocSc in Geography and a minor in Translation. She is cur rently wor king as a sustainability and research officer in a multinational seafood company, absorbing daily a wealth of knowledge in food and fisheries industr y through various exposures, such as attending the APEC meetings on food security. Bor n in Australia and raised in Hong Kong, Mariah speaks fluent Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. Her favourite pastimes are hiking and exploring new places and experiences.

Junyi (FS2013-14, Nanjing Univer sity) is a senior student at Nanjing Univer sity, majoring in finance. She was bor n in Jiangsu Province and now lives in Nanjing. She was exchanged to HKU for one semester. She spent much of her time doing voluntar y wor k during the undergraduate year s. She also loves hiking, exploring unknown places and experiencing new cultures.


Janel LOI Writer

Charles YIM Writer

KAN Chiu Yee Tracy Writer

Janel Jan el (FS (FS201 2013-1 201 3-14, 3-1 4, Sin Singap gapore gap ore Ma Manag nageme nag ement eme nt Univer Uni ver sit sity) y) is cur ren rently tly a sen senior ior at Si Singa ngapor nga poree por Manage Man agemen age mentt Univ men U niv niver er sity s ity ity,, pur p ur suin s uin uingg a do doubl ublee majo ubl m ajo ajorr in in Mar ket keting ing an andd Stra S tra trateg tegic teg ic Man Manage agemen age ment. men t. Ori Origin ginall gin allyy all from fro m Sing S ing ingapo apore, apo re, sh shee spen s pen pentt a te terr m in Rou Rouen, en, Fr Franc ancee anc on stu studen dentt exch den e xch xchang ange. ang e. She is an av avid id tra travel veler vel er who loves lov es goi going ng off th thee beat b eat eaten en pat pathh and a nd act active ively ive ly see seeks ks to und under er stan s tan tandd more m ore ab about out lo local cal hi histo storr y and cu sto cultu lture ltu re throug thr oughh the oug t he peo people ple sh shee meet m eet eets. s. Jan Janel el als alsoo enjo e njo njoys ys volunt vol unteer unt eering eer ing,, hiki ing h iki iking, ng, wr writi iting iti ng and tr trivi ivia. ivi a. She is passio pas sionat sio natee abou nat a bou boutt tech t ech echnol nology nol ogy,, educ ogy e duc ducati ation ati on and pover pov er ty t y alle a lle llevia viatio via tion. tio n.

Charr les Cha le s (FS2 ( FS2 FS2009 009-10 009 -10,, The -10 T he Uni Univer ver sit sityy of o f Hong H ong Ko Kong) ng) gradua gra duated dua ted in 20 2011 11 wit withh a BS BSocS ocSci ocS ci in Psy Psycho cholog cho logyy log and Fi Finan nance. nan ce. He is pa passi ssiona ssi onate ona te abo about ut inv invest estmen est ments men ts and an analy alyzin aly zingg econ zin e con conomi omies. omi es. He ha hass wor w or ked k ed as an analys ana lystt in lys i n a fu fund nd hou house se for tw twoo year y ear s befo b efo efore re goi going ng to Aus Austra tralia tra lia fo forr wor w or king k ing ho holid liday. lid ay. He co conti ntinue nti nuedd his nue h is backpa bac kpacki kpa cking cki ng tri tripp to t o Indi I ndi ndia, a, Sri La Lanka nka an andd Iran I ran afterw aft erward erw ards. ard s. He enj enjoys oys pl playi aying ayi ng bad badmin minton min ton,, hiki ton h iki iking, ng, watchi wat ching chi ng mov movies ies.. ies

Tracy Tra cy (FS (FS201 2012-1 201 2-13, 2-1 3, The Ho Hong ng Kon Kongg Univ U niv niver er sity s ity of Scienc Sci encee and enc a nd Tec Techno hnolog hno logy) log y) is cur ren rently tly wo worr king ki ng in Hongg Kong Hon K ong Tr Trade ade De Devel velopm vel opment opm ent Co Counc uncil. unc il. Sh Shee love l ove ovess travel tra vellin vel lingg and lin a nd exp explor loring lor ing va vario rious rio us cul cultur tures tur es aro around und the wo worr ld. ld . Duri D uri uring ng her 22-sem semest sem ester est er exc exchan hange han ge in Vienna Vie nna an andd Shan S han hangha ghai,i, she tr gha trave avelle ave lledd to lle t o over o ver 20 cities cit ies.. She ies S he lik likes es vol volunt unteer unt eering eer ing wo worr k and th that at is why she pa parr ticip ti cip cipate atedd in ate i n ser s er vice v ice tr trips ips to Ca Cambo mbodia mbo dia an andd Yunnan Yun nan,, and nan a nd she wo worr ked ke d in i n soci s oci ocial al ent enterp erpris erp risee and ris a nd organi org anized ani zed va vario rious rio us com commun munity mun ity pr proje ojects oje cts.. cts

CHEN Zihan Writer

MOK Xiao You Writer

Binita JIREL Writer

Zihan (FS2014-2015, Nanjing Univer sity) is cur rently a third-year undergraduate majoring in Sociology. Keen on volunteering wor k, he has spent one year in a NGO as a teacher assistant for autistic children. During his one-semester exchange program in Hong Kong, he joined a local community ser vice center to tutor teenager s on English lear ning and under standing different cultures. He cur rently translates news on fashion for a Chinese website. Running and hiking are his favorite spor ts. Besides, he enjoys cooking during spare time.

Xiao You (FS2014-15, Univer sity of Tokyo) is a third-year undergraduate at the Univer sity of Tokyo, majoring in East Asian studies with a focus on Japan. She studied at as an exchange student in Canada last semester, and will be going to Beijing for another semester to fur ther her interest in China studies. She likes traveling, photography and being with friends and family.

Binita (FS2013-14, Asian Univer sity for Women) is from Nepal. She is cur rently doing her fir st year of undergraduate in Economics at Asian Univer sity for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Her hobbies are playing football, Basketball, Cycling and Travelling.


Samuel GALLER Writer

TAN Meng Li Lionel Writer

KO Weiling Jamie Writer

Lionel Lio nel (F (FS20 S2014S20 14-15, 1415, Na Natio tional tio nal Un Unive iverr sity ive si ty of Singap Sin gapore gap ore)) is ore i s cur c ur rent r ent ently ly a seco s eco econd nd yea yearr unde u nde ndergr rgradu rgr adu-adu ate pu purr suing su ing hi hiss exch e xch xchang angee prog ang p rog rogram ramme ram me at CAS CASSS Busine Bus iness ine ss Sch School ool,, Lond ool L ond ondon, on, sp speci eciali eci alisin ali singg in sin i n the t he fie field ld of mar ket keting ing an andd mana m ana anagem gement gem ent.. Driv ent D riv riven en by cur curios iosity ios ity toward tow ardss the ard t he FMC FMCGG indu i ndu ndustr str y, Lio Lionel nel ha hass par p ar tici t ici icipat pated pat ed and co compe mpeted mpe ted in Ca Case se Com Compet petiti pet itions iti ons wi with th P&G an andd Unilev Uni lever. lev er. Ha Havin vingg a st vin stron rongg pass ron p ass assion ion in pe peopl oplee opl develo dev elopme elo pment, pme nt, Li Lione onell spen one s pen pends ds his fr free ee tim timee volunt vol unteer unt eering eer ing at gr grass assroo ass roots roo ts org organi anisat ani sation sat ions, ion s, wor kin kingg withh and wit a nd men mentor toring tor ing yo young unger ung er stu studen dents. den ts. Du Durin ringg rin vacati vac ations ati ons,, Lion ons L ion ionel el vol volunt unteer unt eer s in i n Myan M yan yanmar mar,, wor mar w or king k ing closel clo selyy with sel w ith a loc local al org organi anisat ani sation sat ion in Ya Yango ngonn to ngo to contri con tribut tri butee to but t o the t he gro growth wth an andd deve d eve evelop lopmen lop mentt of men o f less l ess for tun tunate ate st stude udents ude nts.. nts

Jamie Jam ie (FS (FS200 2009-2 200 9-2010 9-2 010,, Sing 010 S ing ingapo apore apo re Man Manage agemen age mentt men Univer Uni ver sit sity) y) gra gradua duated dua ted in 20 2012 12 wit withh a do doubl ublee ubl degree deg ree in Bu Busin siness sin ess Ma Manag nageme nag ement eme nt (Ma (Marr ketin ke tin tingg Majo M ajo ajor) r) and Ac Accou counta cou ntancy nta ncy.. She ncy S he was aw award arded ard ed the Fu Fung ng Schola Sch olarr ship ola sh ip for he herr seme s eme emeste sterr abro ste a bro broad ad at the Univer Uni ver sit sityy of o f Mann M ann annhei heim, hei m, Ger man manyy in i n 2010 2 010 010.. Jami J ami amiee is is cur ren rently tly wo worr king ki ng at the Bo Bosto stonn Cons sto C ons onsult ulting ult ing Gr Group oup’s oup ’s Singap Sin gapore gap ore of offic fice. fic e. Her in inter terest ter estss outs est o uts utside ide of wo worr k includ inc ludee trav lud t rav ravell elling ell ing,, ar ing a r ts & cra craft, ft, an andd soci s oci ocial al entrep ent repren rep reneur ren eur shi ship. p.

LEE Chi Ming Henry Writer

PHUA Mei Qi Writer

CHAN Chun Yat Arthur Writer

Henr y (FS2006-07, Hong Kong Univer sity of Science and Technology) co-founded Pipe of Insight (POI), an online education star tup dedicated to assist helpless students with their homewor k through technology. Prior to POI, he finished his bachelor and master degree in electronic engineering from the Hong Kong Univer sity of Science and Technology (HKUST) and studied one year in the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. He has several research publications on compound semiconductor sensor s and was a presenter in two inter national technical conferences.

Mei Qi (FS2013-2014, National Univer sity of Singapore) is attending her third year of BA(Hons) in Accountancy. For her exchange program, she attended Tsinghua Univer sity, Beijing. She was involved in r unning a social enterprise cafe with her peer s during her second year. An avid music fan, she enjoys singing and she plays the flute. Mei Qi hopes to embar k on a social pet project prior to her graduation.

Ar thur (FS2014-2015, St Hugh's College, Univer sity of Oxford) recently graduated from Oxford and is cur rently studying the PCLL at Hong Kong Univer sity. Ar thur enjoys reading, windsurfing, playing basketball and the violin. He wishes to pur sue his career as a lawyer. Bor n and raised in Hong Kong, Ar thur is passionate to help and contribute to China's legal development.


Samuel Sam uel (F (FS20 S2009S20 09-10, 0910, Ha Harr vard va rd Uni Univer ver sit sity)( y)(黃善銘 y)( 黃善銘)) 黃善銘 gradua gra duated dua ted in 20 2012 12 wit withh a BA an andd MA M A in i n East E ast As Asian ian Studie Stu diess with die w ith a min minor or in Glo Global bal He Healt althh & He alt Healt althh alt Policy Pol icy.. He icy H e is i s cur c ur rent r ent ently ly att attend ending end ing Ox Oxfor fordd Univ U niv niver er sity s ity as a Rhod R hod hodes es Sch Schola olarr stud ola s tud tudyin yingg for yin f or a DPhi D Phi Phill in in Inter Int er nati n ati ationa onall Deve ona D eve evelop lopmen lop ment. men t. Sam or origi iginal igi nally nal ly hai hails ls from fro m Boul B oul oulder der,, CO, der C O, USA USA,, and a nd cur ren rently tly st studi udies udi es Chines Chi nesee civi nes c ivi ivill orga o rga rganiz nizati niz ations ati ons wo worr king ki ng on HIV preven pre ventio ven tionn and tio a nd car care. e. He dir direct ected ect ed an NGO in Ho Hong ng Kongg dedi Kon d edi edicat cated cat ed to imp improv roving rov ing se sexua xuall heal xua h eal ealth th in Asi Asia, a, and al also so is a ment m ent ental al hea health lth am ambas bassad bas sador sad or for th thee ItI t Getss Brig Get B rig righte hterr Camp hte C amp ampaig aign. aig n. He is a sing s ing inger er in Oxf Oxford ord's ord 's jazzz a ca jaz cappe ppella ppe lla gr group oup,, the oup t he Oxf Oxford ord Ga Gargo rgoyle rgo yles, yle s, and alsoo enjo als e njo njoys ys pho photog tograp tog raphy, rap hy, r unni u nni nning, ng, La Latin tin da danci ncing, nci ng, chess, che ss, an andd tenn t enn ennis. is.

Christopher LIPPARD Writer

TIAN He Charlie Writer

DENG Jie Writer

Chris Chr is (FS (FS201 2012-2 201 2-2013 2-2 013,, The 013 T he Que Queen' en'ss Coll en' C oll ollege ege,, ege Univer Uni ver sit sityy of o f Oxfo O xfo xford) rd) re recen cently cen tly st star ar ted t ed on She Shell' ll'ss UK ll' UK gradua gra duate dua te sch scheme eme in Pr Produ oducti odu ction cti on Ope Operat ration rat ionss havi ion h avi aving ng readd Mate rea M ate ateria rials ria ls Sci Scienc ence. enc e. He has tr trave avelle ave lledd wide lle w ide idely ly in China, Chi na, a hig highli hlight hli ght be being ing th thee remo r emo emote te par ts of Xinjia Xin jiang, jia ng, an andd comp c omp omplet leted let ed a plac p lac laceme ement eme nt wit withh Huaw H uaw uawei ei in Shenzh She nzhen. nzh en. Ch Chris ris en enjoy joyss cric joy c ric ricket ket,, tenn ket t enn ennis is and ro rowin wingg win albeit alb eit mo more re and mo more re as a spec s pec pectat tator tat or hav having ing gradua gra duated dua ted!! Long ted L ong te terr m Chr Chris is hop hopes es to wor k for f or She Shellll in Asi Asia. a.

Charr lie Cha li e (FF2 ( FF2 FF2013 013-20 013 -2015) -20 15) re recei ceived cei ved a BA in Rus Russia siann sia Studie Stu diess and die a nd Eco Econom nomics nom ics fr from om Pek Peking ing Un Unive iverr sity ive si ty in 2008. 200 8. Upo Uponn grad g rad raduat uating uat ing fr from om Pek Peking ing Un Unive iverr sity, ive si ty, he wor ked as an an analy alyst aly st at Oli Oliver ver Wy Wyman man in Be Bejin jing. jin g. He thenn spen the s pen pentt a ye year ar at The Cl Clima imate ima te Gro Group up (an organi org anizat ani zation zat ion fo found unded und ed by Ton Tonyy Blai B lai lair) r) and ha hass most m ost recent rec ently ent ly bee beenn wor w or king k ing as a pro projec jectt mana jec m ana anager ger,, with ger w ith a focus foc us on par tne tnerr ships sh ips wi with th gov gover er nmen n men mentt and a nd NGO NGOss at Rol Roland and Be Berge rgerr Stra rge S tra trateg tegyy Cons teg C ons onsult ultant ult ants. ant s. He is now studyi stu dying dyi ng MPA MPA/ID /ID at Ha Harr vard va rd Uni Univer ver sit sity's y's Ke Kenne nnedy nne dy School Sch ool of Go Gover ver nme nment nt and is al also so the Pr Presi esiden esi dentt of den of HKS Ch China ina So Socie ciety. cie ty. He wa wass bor b or n an andd rais r ais aised ed in Hangzh Han gzhou gzh ou and lo loves ves to re read ad and tr trave avel.l. ave

Jie (F (FS20 S2013S20 13-201 132014, 201 4, Sch School ool of La Law, w, Xia Xiamen men Univer Uni ver sit sity) y) is stu studyi dying dyi ng in her fifinal nal ye year ar for an LL LLB. B. Lastt year Las y ear ear,, Jie J ie was on he herr year y ear ab abroa roadd at roa a t The T he Univer Uni ver sit sityy of o f Hong H ong Ko Kong. ng. Sh Shee was w as bor ned an andd raised rai sed in Ma Mainl inland inl and Ch China ina,, and ina a nd enj enjoys oys pu publi blicc bli speaki spe aking, aki ng, ar t and a nd tra travel vellin vel ling. lin g. Aft After er her gr gradu aduati adu ation ati on Jie wo would uld lilike ke to con contin tinue tin ue her la laww spec s pec pecial ialism ial ism iinn the t he United Uni ted St State ates. ate s.

HU Mingxiang Hoover Writer

CAO Nan Writer

Hoover (FS2013-2014, Fudan Univer sity) is studying in his final semester for a BS in Physics. He has exchanged to the Univer sity of HongKong for a semester. Hangzhou is his hometown, a beautiful and quiet town. He enjoys outdoor activities like racing and travelling as well as Chinese traditional culture. Post-graduation Hoover would like to study material science also in Fudan.

Cao (FF2008-09, Har vard Univer sity) continued his studies in Urban Design from Har vard Univer sity where he received Fung scholar ship and received another master's degree after receiving his bachelor's and master's degree in Architecture from Tsinghua Univer sity. He also has an master's degree in economics from the Univer sity of Hong Kong. He star ted his career wor king in a global constr uction ser vice consultancy corporate company wor king on urban planning depar tment based in Hong Kong, after which he switched to real estate developer industr y and had three-year experience in mainland China. Yet the wor king experience has helped him find his tr ue passion in entrepreneur ship. Star ting from his own needs and interest, he decided to create his own healthy juicer y brand called Fr uggie (Fr uit+Veggie) and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Kristen JESTIN Writer

YEUNG Tsz Wing Giselle Writer

Allan HSIAO Writer

Kristen (FS2012-13, Columbia Univer sity) is a student at Columbia Univer sity and will graduate in May 2015. Kristen received the Fung Scholar ship to take par t in The Univer sity of Hong Kong's Live, Lear n and Inter n in China program in 2012.

Gisell Gis ellee YEUN ell Y EUN EUNGG (FS2 ( FS2 FS2013 013-14 013 -14,, Hong -14 H ong Ko Kong ng Bap Baptis tistt tis Univer Uni ver sit sity). y). Aw Award arded ard ed the Fu Fung ng Sch Schola olarr ship ola sh ip in 2013. 201 3. She is a yea yearr 3 st stude udent ude nt stu studyi dying dyi ng in Commun Com munica mun icatio ica tionn at tio a t The T he Hon Hongg Kong K ong Ba Bapti ptist pti st Univer Uni ver sit sity. y. Her sp speci ecialt eci alties alt ies ar aree in i n publ p ubl ublic ic rel relati ations ati ons and ad adver ver tis tising ing.. She ing S he wen wentt on o n exch e xch xchang angee in ang i n the t he USA for a who whole le aca academ demic dem ic yea yearr in i n 2014 2 014 014.. She S he lov loves es travel tra vellin vel lingg plan lin p lan laning ing hher er own tr trips ips.. ips

Allan All an (FS (FS201 2011-1 201 1-12, 1-1 2, St Joh John's n's Co Colle llege, lle ge, Un Unive iverr sity ive si ty of Oxford Oxf ord)) is ord i s comp c omp omplet leting let ing hi hiss Mast M ast aster' er'ss in er' i n econ e con conomi omics omi cs withh a fo wit focus cus on de devel velopm vel opment opm ent an andd labo l abo aborr econ e con conomi omics. omi cs. He wil willl begi b egi eginn a Ph PhDD in i n econ e con conomi omics omi cs at MIT in th thee fall f all all. His re resea search sea rch pr proje ojects oje cts ha have ve exp explor lored lor ed iss issues ues of migrat mig ration rat ion,, urba ion u rba rbaniz nizati niz ation, ati on, an andd educ e duc ducati ation ati on in Chi China na and In Indon donesi don esia. esi a.

ZHENG Chenyu Writer

FUNG Pui Chi Ashley Designer

ZHU Jiawen Designer

Chenyu Che nyu (F (FS20 S2009S20 09-10, 0910, Pr Princ inceto inc etonn Univ eto U niv niver er sity s ity)) is i s the t he co-fou cofounde fou nderr and nde a nd COO of Wh Whisp isper isp er Chi China. na. SShe he gradua gra duated dua ted fr from om Pri Prince nceton nce ton Un Unive iverr sity ive si ty wit withh a de degre greee in Eco Econom nomics nom ics an andd Envi E nviron ronmen ron mental men tal St Studi udies. udi es. Pr Prior ior to joinin joi ningg anon nin a non nonymo ymous ymo us soc social ial ne netwo tworr k Whi two Whispe sper,r, Che Chenyu nyu wor ked at Mo Morga rgann Stan rga S tan tanley ley As Asset set Ma Manag nageme nag ement eme nt in NYC an andd Hong H ong Ko Kong, ng, an andd buil b uil uiltt wor w or ldwi l dwi dwide de commun com munity mun ity at su susta staina sta inabil ina bility bil ity no non-p n-prof rofit, rof it, Jo Joint int US China Chi na Col Collab labora lab oratio ora tionn on tio o n Clea C lea leann Ener E ner nergy gy (JU (JUCCC CCCE). E). Sh Shee has tw twoo pass p ass assion ion pr proje ojects oje cts re relat lated lat ed to cof coffee fee an andd painti pai nting: nti ng: ww www.c w.coff w.c offeel off eelove eel ovepro ove projec pro ject.c jec t.c om & techgi tec hgiant hgi ants.t ant s.tumb s.t umblr. umb lr. com

Pui Chi (FS2013-2014, The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univer sity)is studying Design, major in Adver tising. She is cur rently a freelancer. And with her wide and broad interest, she can always find her way. To know more about her :


Jiawen ZHU (FS2010-11, Xiamen Univer sity) graduated in Jan. 2015 with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Stony Brook Univer sity, US. She is cur rently wor king in RICNY as a biostatistician. She loves travelling and reading.


Singapore Chapter Bonding Session

27 June

Hong Kong Fung Scholars Pre-Departure Gathering 2015

9-11 October

Fung Scholars Leadership Conference in Singapore

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