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Designed to take everything a tough, long day can throw at it, the new Mitsubishi L200 comes with an extended load bed of 18cm for the double cab. Clearly the new lord of the big load, this king of pickups now has a 175 bhp power upgrade to the 2.5 litre, turbocharged, intercooled engine.

Giving it increased torque and towing capacity when the going gets rough. When it comes to handling an impossibly tough day, the new longer, stronger Mitsubishi L200 proves that nothing is impossible. Starts at just â‚Ź15,500. Visit our website today to find your nearest L200 dealer.


Long day? Tough day? By extending the load bed by 18 cm the new Mitsubishi L200 is built to take the toughest, roughest of days with style. If you still need more ooooooomph, the 175 bhp power upgrade to

the 2.5 litre turbocharged diesel engine will give you the extra raw power, torque and towing power you need. The new longer, stronger Mitsubishi L200 starts at just â‚Ź15,500. Wait no loooonger, take test drive.


The new, more powerful Mitsub ishi Pajero.

. s r e k r o w e h t o t r e w o p More Join the New Workforce. Want more power? More tow? More work out of your workhorse? The new, more powerful Pajero has joined our workforce. We’ve also strengthened our lineup with the new, looooonger L200. Or take

things a bit easier with the outgoing Outlander. Whatever your style of work or lifestyle, this powerful new workforce works hard to get the most out of the toughest of days.

Fuel consumption between 0.0 and 00.0 litres/000km. CO2 emission ranging from 000.0 to 000.0 g/km


Heineken reveals new logo to VIPs before the UEFA Champions League Final in Rome, 2009 As a sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken invited many VIPs to the Final in Rome. Before the game the VIPs where taken to see the ‘World Premiere’ of the new Heineken visual identity, held at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome. BACKGROUND I was approached by Paul Pennock, founder and creative director of Oil, a renowned exhibition design agency. He asked me to come up with a few words for an urgent Heineken exhibition. “We normally get three months for a job like this,” explained Paul, “but we’ve only got a few days to design and built it and then transport it down to Rome. Are you free for the next few days?” Gulp! Er.. yeah..sure. Actually, they had come up with great theme, so the look and feel and tone of voice was pretty much established.

SOLUTION The exhibition was spread over three rooms. Each with a distinct theme: past, present, future. The idea was to show how the Heineken logo has developed over the years and how its use today has become fragmented over many regions. The aim of the new visual identity was clear: continuity across all regions. The new Star-Heineken logo, together with new glasses, merchandise and packaging, were shown on the afternoon before the match. The feedback was very positive and the exhibition in Rome was seen as a great success. Client: Heineken Industry: Hospitality Service: Re-Branding

Poster campaign for Amsterdam road works A10 West Usually you try to attract people to your product. In this case I was asked to turn people away. This teaser campaign was so effective that on the day when they closed the A10 ring road around Amsterdam everybody stayed away. It was so effective they held an inquiry.

Deoloeen Odourless Deodorant We took a little known, but very effective deodorant with a great USP—it had no perfume—and created a TV, poster and ad campaign campaign based around the fact that some of the most useful products are the things we hardly notice. Like paper clips and drawing pins. Within one year, Deoleen went from obscurity to owning 11% market share.

Kelly Services ‘ talent at work’ launch Perception: Kelly Services are a recruitment company for temporary office and call centre staff. Reality: Kelly Services find and place specialist full-time talent for wide range of businesses, including automotive, engineering, healthcare, finance and so on. Solution: Change market perception starting with a simple twist on the Kelly Girl theme.

Canon Ixus—Carry the right attitude The launch of Canon Ixus coincides with a new attitude to towards point and shoot photography. You no longer look through the viewfinder. You shoot between your legs, over your shoulder, at arm’s length. You don’t look. You just capture. The hard core throw their images away without looking at them.

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