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Programme of activities May August 2018


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Kader Attia Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real

Temporary Exhibitions

Espai 13

Until 21 May

Bárbara Sánchez Barroso

From 15 June to 30 September

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Joan Miró Collection

Beehave Until 22 July

Ito Shinsui. Tradition and Modernity Pg. 22

Photography in the Foyer Until 13 May

Toni Garcia From 15 May to 30 September

Joaquim Gomis and Magels Landet

Until 17 June

From 29 June to 11 September

Gideonsson / Londré

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1 to 4 June

2nd Gravitations show From 12 to 15 July


Other Activities

6 May

6 May, 3 June, 1 July and 5 August

The Imagined City 13 May

Prying Eyes 20 May

Hunters of Lights and Shadows 27 May and 10 June

With All Five Senses

The Fundaciรณ. Architecture, Art and Landscape 18 May

My Neighbor Sky Moon, Sun and One Star Beginning in May

Mas Mirรณ Pg. 34

Free admission on International Museum Day 19 May

Architecture Day Free admission on Museum Night 20 May, 17 June and 15 July

Friends of the Fundaciรณ Pg. 37

The Barcelona GATCPAC 31 May

Fire!: Gustafsson + Berthling + Werlin

General Information

Temporary Exhibition

Joan Miró Prize 2017

Kader Attia Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real

Kader Attia. Mirrors, 2018. Stitched canvas. PHOTO: TONY HAFKENSCHEID © KADER ATTIA, VEGAP, 2018

From 15 June to 30 September Follow this exhibition on social media: #KaderAttia #PremiJoanMirรณ

The exhibition featuring French-Algerian artist Kader Attia, the winner of the latest edition of the Joan Mirรณ Prize, is an introduction to his output from the past few years. Selected especially by the artist, these pieces revolve around the notion of repair, one of his main areas of interest. For Kader Attia, the West deals with repair by trying to erase all physical evidence, whereas in other cultures the marks left by traumatic events are accepted or even given a visual treatment that highlights them. Kader Attia develops his work from the areas of friction between cultures that have suffered unequal relationships and that reveal the disparity in the ways of facing the pain of the past. For the artist, covering up the traces of tragic episodes from a shared past does not help to heal the deepest wounds. The title of the exhibition is an excerpt from All the Pretty Horses, the novel by Cormac McCarthy published in 1992.

With the collaboration of:


Kader Attia. Intifada: The Endless Rhizomes of Revolution, 2016. Installation. Metallic sculptures, rubber, stones, newspapers, photocopies. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Krinzinger. PHOTO: AXEL SCHNEIDER © KADER ATTIA, VEGAP, 2018

Beginning 23 June

Free guided tours Catalan: Saturdays at 11 am Spanish: Saturdays at 12:30 pm


Saturday, 30 June at 12:30 pm

Sign language tour

Kader Attia. Some Modernity’s Footprints, 2018. Installation. Railway sleepers, metal staples. Courtesy of the artist, Lehmann Maupin and Nagel Draxler. PHOTO: TONY HAFKENSCHEID © KADER ATTIA, VEGAP, 2018


Joan Mirรณ Collection

Permanent collection rooms


Free guided tour Catalan: Saturdays at 12:30 pm Spanish: Saturdays at 11 am English: Thursdays at 1 pm

The Fundació Joan Miró is a remarkable space created by Joan Miró himself with the idea of making art accessible to all. The collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and works on paper displayed at the Fundació is one of the most comprehensive selections of Miró’s oeuvre, offering a thorough overview of all the stages of his life and career. A variety of spaces allow visitors to venture into an interdisciplinary exploration of the highly personal language and production of one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. A series of overarching themes illustrate key concepts in Miró’s work and in the thinking of his times, while reflecting the artist’s desire to transcend conventional painting. The paintings related to Surrealism and the works based on the Spanish Civil War are particularly noteworthy due to their artistic and poetic significance. Other important pieces include the large canvases Miró produced from the late seventies onwards, which are characterised by large fields of colour and free gesture. The Fundació also devotes a wing to the Kazumasa Katsuta collection, which allows visitors to explore a dialogue between East and West, highlighting the universality of Joan Miró’s work. Joan Miró Collection



Joan Mirรณ Collection

Tapestry of the Fundaciรณ, 1979

The caress of a bird, 1967

Joan Mirรณ Collection


Temporary exhibitions

Jerรณnimo Hagerman. Relaciones mutualistas, 2018

Until 21 May

Beehave Curated by Martina Millà Interventions throughout the city: until 17 June Follow this exhibition: #beehaveBCN

Beehave is a project curated by Martina Millà that draws on contemporary artists’ interest in honey bees and the key role these insects play in the planet’s environmental balance. The project begins at the Fundació Joan Miró with an exhibition based on immersive installations that invite visitors to connect with the world of these insect pollinators. Until 17 June, Beehave ventures out beyond the museum with ten art interventions at different locations throughout Barcelona, with the aim of sparking a debate about the coexistence of humans and bees in cities.

With the collaboration of:


The publication Bee Writings is available at the Fundació bookshop and at the MiróShop.

Temporary Exhibitions


Until 19 May

Free guided tours

Saturday, 5 May from 10 am to 2 pm

Catalan: Saturdays at 11 am Spanish: Saturdays at 12:30 pm

AirBeeandBee workshop

Saturday, 5 May at 11 am

Create your own insect hotel and help pollinate your surroundings. Workshop led by Jordi and Pau Bosch

Guided tour for the visually impaired

Maximum capacity: 15 people

Tour with descriptions, commentaries and olfactory, tactile and sound-related observations

Online registration available

Price: €25 (materials included)

Thursday 17 May at 7 pm

Presentation of the Beehave catalogue Preceded by the Alterbees sound activation by Alfonso Borragán at 6:30 pm

Andrés Vial. Beenation, 2018

Check the activities related to the interventions throughout the city at: beehaveBCN


Xavi Manzanares & Àlex Muñoz. Eixams, 2018

Pep Vidal. 1000 flors, 2017-2018

Temporary Exhibitions

Temporary Exhibitions



Temporary Exhibition

Until 22 July

It Shinsui Tradition and Modernity Curated by Akiko Katsuta Follow this exhibition: #ItoShinsui

With the aim of further exploring the subtlety of the connections between Miró’s work and Japanese art and thought, the Fundació presents the exhibition Ito Shinsui. Tradition and Modernity, with over fifty visually striking prints. It Shinsui (1898-1972) is one of the great masters of shin hanga, a technique and art movement inspired by the genre of wood carving and printing depicting traditional imagery known as ukiyo-e.

In collaboration with:

Ito Shinsui. Hair, 1952 / Woodblock prints, with ink and pigments on paper © TAIYO NO HIKARI FOUNDATION, JAPAN, 2018

Temporary Exhibitions


Saturdays 26 May and 9 June from 10 am to 2 pm

Japanese woodblock printing workshop (moku hanga) Led by Sebi Subirós Limited space available Price: €45 (materials included) Online registration

Ito Shinsui. Gifu-style paper lantern, 1930 / Woodblock prints, with ink and pigments on paper © TAIYO NO HIKARI FOUNDATION, JAPAN, 2018


Temporary Exhibitions

Exposicions temporals



Photography in the Foyer


The Fundació Joan Miró has been programming photography exhibitions to showcase the Joaquim Gomis archive and the work of other photographers who, like Gomis, combined the practice of photography with other professional activities.

Until 13 May

From 15 May to 30 September

Toni Garcia Returning Light His relationship with beeswax has led chandler Toni Garcia to venture into photography. Addressing the synergy that emerges between light and darkness, Garcia observes his surroundings from a different perspective. The possibility of capturing moments becomes his return ticket to memories charged with sensations, textures, and colours that configure a personal record of the instant.

La Ricarda: Two Views Photographs by Joaquim Gomis and Magels Landet Joaquim Gomis photographed La Ricarda –his cousin’s house in El Prat del Llobregat, designed by Antoni Bonet– while it was being built. Once it was finished, he also documented the cultural soirées that were held there. Decades later, the sculptor Magels Landet captured details from the house when it was no longer inhabited and had become a legend of architectural and cultural modernity from the Barcelona of the 1960s.

Photography in the Foyer


Espai 13 The Possibility of an Island Programme curated by Alexandra Laudo Follow this exhibition programme on social media: #illaEspai13

An island is a symbol of independence and self-sufficiency, but it can also be a place of segregation and confinement. It can evoke images of paradise, but also of self-contained tourist resorts. Historically, islands have been objects of colonial power, but also places for social and political utopias. Perhaps, above all, an island is a metaphor for a state of solitude, retreat and introspection. The exhibition programme titled The Possibility of an Island explores some of the symbolic and socio-cultural meanings that islands –those paradigmatic spaces in our collective imagination– have had over the course of time, with the aim of raising questions and reflections about these meanings that may be pertinent to our contemporary context. With the collaboration of:


Until 17 June

The Odyssey Bárbara Sánchez Barroso Taking a childhood memory as a starting point and pursuing a free, feminine interpretation of the Odysseus myth, this video installation by Bárbara Sánchez Barroso is an account of a character’s journey across the sea in search of a place that is supposedly related to her own origin. The Odyssey is a video piece that explores the intersections between fiction and biographical narrative, appealing to the inherent human drive to turn experiences into stories. The piece also refers to the role of foundational narratives in both the development of the collective imagination and the construction of a personal subjectivity, suggesting the significance of journeys as metaphors for personal quests.

From 29 June to 11 September

I am Vertical Gideonsson / Londré The Swedish artist duo Gideonsson / Londré presents a project in Espai 13 based on the concept of verticality. The artists explore the physical and psychological effects that human beings experience at great heights, and how these bodily sensations can trigger and enhance mental states of isolation, introspection or disconnection from the outside world.

Espai 13


Families Our programming for families includes a broad range of activities and experiences for people of all ages aimed at sparking individuals’ curiosity and encouraging their personal connections to art. The activities are grouped into three areas: experiences related to the Joan Miró collection that stimulate creativity beyond contemplation; interdisciplinary activities based on temporary exhibitions and the Espai 13 exhibition programme, which provide a broad interpretation of reality as presented by the museum; and, last of all, other explorations regarding the Fundació and its context, the paths that lead there, the landscape, the neighbourhood and Montjuïc, viewed metaphorically as a magic mountain that opens up new paths to learning.

With the collaboration of:


Prices of the activities: €7 per person €6 Family card €3.5 Friends of the Fundació Tickets for family activities are available at the Fundació website:



With All Five Senses pg. 28

Prying Eyes pg. 27


The Imagined City pg. 28

5–12 Hunters of Lights and Shadows pg. 29

Joan Miró Collection

Sunday, 13 May at 11 am Prying Eyes A workshop for experimenting with the everyday objects in the Fundació Joan Miró. The Espai Taller at the Fundació becomes a laboratory for testing all the particularities of the selected objects.

Family experience Activity designed and led by Experimentem amb l’ART Suggested ages: 5 to 8



Joan Miró Collection

Sundays, 27 May and 10 June at 11 am With All Five Senses A creative experience based on the Joan Miró collection, in which participants discover the museum’s secrets beyond simply viewing the actual pieces. The experience is summed up in a postcard of the tour.

Family visit Activity designed by M. Carmen G. Mahedero Suggested ages: 3 to 6

Architecture and Landscape

Sunday, 6 May at 11 am The Imagined City This workshop involves collective planning, design and construction of a city taking into account sustainability criteria in order to reduce its environmental footprint.

Architecture workshop Activity designed and led by El globus vermell Suggested ages: 5 and up



Sunday, 20 May at 11 am Hunters of Lights and Shadows We will meet at the Fundació and go for a walk in Montjuïc, an area where urban nature will be our learning space. Equipped with an exploration kit, we’ll collect all sorts of samples. When we get back, we’ll share them at the Workshop Space and turn them into a unique piece made of lights and shadows.

Workshop/walk Activity designed and led by Alehop! [Urban Explorers] Suggested ages: 5 and up



Other activities

Sundays 6 May, 3 June, 1 July and 5 August

Friday, 18 May from 10 am to 8 pm

The FundaciĂł. Architecture, Art and Landscape

Free admission on International Museum Day

Guided tour of the Josep LluĂ­s Sert building Catalan: at 12.30 pm English: at 11 am Activity led by El globus vermell

Saturday, 19 May from 7 pm to 1 am Free admission on Museum Night Guided tours of the permanent collection, Beehave and the building


Saturday, 19 May Architecture Day To celebrate Architecture Week, we propose a conversation during a walk through the Fundació, a workshop for imagining a greener city and a drawing workshop focused on the Sert building. 11 am Dialogue-visit Miró, Sert and You 11 am – 7 pm Ongoing workshop Let’s Experience the City! 12 - 2 pm Sketching workshop The Fundació through the Eyes of a Sketcher

Sundays, 20 May, 17 June and 15 July at 11 am The Barcelona GATCPAC An itinerary of avant-garde architecture through Sant Gervasi. Price: €10 per person Friends of the Fundació: €5 per person Ticket sales available at the Fundació website Activity led by El globus vermell

Online registration at the Fundació website Activities led by El globus vermell

Other activities


Thursday, 31 May at 8:30 pm

From Thursday 1 to Monday 4 June

Fire!: Gustafsson + Berthling + Werlin Sampler Sèries

2nd Gravitations show

Concert by the Nordic experimental trio Fire!, as part of the Sampler Sèries organized by L’Auditori de Barcelona, focusing on new sound creation. Mats Gustafsson, saxophone Johan Berthling, bass Andreas Werlin, drums North Patio at the Fundació Price: €7 Friends of the Fundació: €3.50 Ticket sales available at the Fundació website


Other activities

Collaborative art and education project that links the Espai 13 –devoted to emerging artists– with a group of students enrolled in a batxillerat artístic (a high school programme specializing in art). At the end, a selection of pieces produced during the course will be shown at the Fundació Joan Miró. Espai Taller at the Fundació

From 12 to 15 July at 8:30 pm My Neighbor Sky Moon, Sun and One Star Grec 2018 Festival de Barcelona Andrés Corchero / Oguri Dance performance For this year’s Grec, two dancers and choreographers who met at the renowned Min Tanaka Company are presenting a new version of the duet they performed at the same festival in 2013. Considered as an ‘ongoing project’, My Neighbor Sky changes according to the space where it is held. This performance will be on the North Patio at the Fundació, presided over by Joan Miró’s sculpture Moon, Sun and One Star.

Beginning in May Mas Miró “All work is conceived in Mont-roig” Joan Miró Get to know Miró’s roots on a visit to the Mas Miró studio and the landscapes that inspired the artist. Please reserve in advance at:

Price: €18 Ticket sales available at the Fundació website

Other activities


Friends of Fundaciรณ Joan Mirรณ

Friends of the Fundació Activities Programme Wednesday, 9 May at 6 pm

Wednesday, 20 June at 6 pm

Open discussion about Miró's piece May 1968 on the 50th anniversary of the historic revolt. Visit to the permanent collection and the Fundació Archive, led by the Conservation Department.

Guided tour of the Antoni Tàpies. Political Biography exhibition at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, led by its director Carles Guerra.

Friday, 25 May at 6 pm Guided tour of the Francesc Torres. The Hermetic Bell. A Space for Non-Transferable Anthropology exhibition at MACBA, led by its curator Antònia Maria Perelló and the artist.

June Guided tour to the exhibition of Joan Miró Prize winner Kader Attia, led by Martina Millà, the Programming and Projects Director at the Fundació. July Annual end of season party.

Friends of the Fundació


Become a Friend! To be a Friend of the Fundació Joan Miró is to be a member of an active, involved community with close ties to the foundation. To be a Friend is to experience the Fundació Joan Miró’s programming first-hand, to share meeting places, to participate in exclusive activities and to voice your views. To be a Friend is to have an opportunity to learn and grow. Friends Annual Membership:




Individual Friend

Friends under 30 and over 65 years old

Family Friends: 2 individual Friends + children under 18 #AmicsFJM 36

Friends of the Fundació

General Information Opening hours*


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Temporary Exhibitions: Single: € 7 Concessions**: € 5 Espai 13: € 2,5 Free: children under 15 and the unemployed (proof required) Special rates for groups with advance reservations: check our website Annual Pass: € 13 Multimedia Guide: € 5

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* *Students aged 15–30 and seniors over 65

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Visit 6 major art centres in Barcelona for € 30

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Montjuïc Funicular Metro Paral·lel, integrated fare Jacques Dupin Library The Library specialises in Joan Miró and the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries Josep Lluís Sert Archive Tuesday to Friday 10 am — 2 pm 3 pm — 6 pm Mondays and Saturdays 10 am — 2 pm Admission free Browse the Library’s online catalogue.


Bookshop and Gift Shop The Bookshop specialises in Joan Miró and contemporary art in general, and stocks books, magazines, prints and posters. The Gift Shop sells a wide variety of designer articles, stationery, educational toys, etc. Open during general opening hours. Admission up to 15 minutes before closing time.

General Information

Miró Shop


Visit, the Fundació’s new online shop, where you will find a wide range of publications and articles on sale. Follow us Follow the activities of the Fundació on:

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Unless stated otherwise, the photo credit is: Pere Pratdesaba / Pep Herrero / Hisao Suzuki © Fundació Joan Miró Credits of the works by Joan Miró: © Successió Miró, 2018 Credits of the works by Joaquim Gomis: © Hereus de Joaquim Gomis. Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona Fundació Joan Miró is an environmentally friendly organisation

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Cover: Kader Attia. Some Modernity’s Footprints (detail), 2018. Installation. Railway sleepers, metal staples. Exhibition view “The Field of Emotion”, at The Power Plant, Toronto, 2018. Courtesy of the artist, Lehmann Maupin and Nagel Draxler. Design:


Programme of activities May — August 2018

Programme of activities May — August 2018