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Full Throttle Magazine December Issue 2023

December 2023

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New Owners and New Beginnings Merry Christmas to all of you, our loyal readers and fans. The holiday season is here and spreading good cheer. We hope good tidings and great joy rain down on you and your families. As the new year approaches, I want to take a moment to reflect on the past years we have shared with you. Our love of motorcycles came well before the magazine. Bob was riding since he was a kid and I started riding 20 years ago. In 2003 we opened Biker’s Paradise and from that we created life-long friendships that we still have to this day. Ten years later when the opportunity came up to revise Full Throttle Magazine, we had no idea the connections we would make, the friendships that we would create and the love of the open road we would all share. We have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing people along the way. From all around town and the country to many celebrities that all share in the love of the motorcycle industry IE. Scott Jacobs, Randy Couture, Gene Simmons, Eric Estrada and others. It gave us great joy to host, sponsor and support some amazing rides, charities, fundraisers and organizations that give back to individuals and communities respectively. B.A.C.A., Rides for Wishes, Biker and Badges and so many others. All Through the riding season, we would hop on our rides and travel to different events, snapping pictures of your smiling faces. Laughing and cutting up. Shaking hands and getting hugs from those we haven’t seen in a while. The fun part about all that was, once you saw Bob coming with the camera, the teeth began to show, the poses went into positions and arms wrapping around one another started happening because you knew what was coming. Then Bob would shout, “Check out our Facebook page tomorrow to find your picture!” We have had such a great ride over the last ten years. Meeting you and getting to know you and creating lifelong connections. The new year is here and Bob and I feel it would be apropos to share with you, our friends, that we have decided to retire and hand the Handlebars off to our great friends Nick and Dina Gaines. Nick has been with us for most of the ten years getting all up in your smiling faces snapping picture after picture. So, you know that he shares in the same passion as you, the love of Full Throttle. He has tons of experience planning and executing some of the most fun and crazy events in the past and with his outgoing personality and “no fear attitude” it is just what Full Throttle Magazine needs to take it to the a NEW level. We hope you all will welcome Nick and Dina and allow them to be part of your Motorcycle world. Watch out because these guys have some great "New" ideas and will be putting together many new and fun events, rides and making the magazine grow to new levels. Please join us in welcoming the new owners, Nick and Dina Gaines. We can't wait to show up to a new fun event as a reader and fan of Full Throttle Magazine.

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I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. This year has flown by again and I am counting the days for spring to be back with us. I certainly like winter less and less as I roll into my later years of life. Christmas will be here in just a few short weeks and all of us at Full Throttle Magazine wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope everyone can spend the holidays with their family and their loved ones and enjoy a day of peace and hoping that the world can be a united place and that we can all respect each other for that day and many days to follow. As I write these notes and know this will be the last month I write them as the Publisher and Owner of Full Throttle, I am sad but also very excited that Nick and Dina Gaines will be taking over the magazine. Nick has been part of Full Throttle for many years. I think you will be as excited as we are to see what Nick and Dina have planned to take Full Throttle to all new places. Be sure to welcome and congratulate both Nick and Dina as they step into the ownership of the magazine we have built and loved for the past 10 years. Both Cindy and I want to thank all the advertisers, readers and fans for all the support we have been given over the years of our ownership. We realize it’s time for us to retire and let new owners continue to grow the magazine and its readership. 2024 will be a great year for Full Throttle and the new owners Nick & Dina. We hope your New Year is full of all the things you desire. 2023 has been another great year for Full Throttle Magazine. Because of all of you, our readers, fans, followers, and advertisers we have far surpassed any Free Motorcycle Magazine in the Midwest. We had a great year of events, bike nights and charity fund raisers. It’s truly a fact “Bikers” are the most generous people in the world. We salute all of you who helped organized, sponsored, and supported the many events and helped raised many thousands of dollars in 2023 to help other people. We are certainly humbled to be able to help sponsor and support so many great people and so many great events. As Cindy and I pass the torch to the new owners, we say for the last time, As always, ride safe my friends and see you the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

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Gift Ideas for Harley-Davidson En

he holiday season is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for family members who are avid Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. While they might spend most of their time on the road, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful gift options to make their holiday season extra special. In this article, we will explore a range of gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression on the beloved family members of Harley-Davidson riders. Whether they're riders themselves or just appreciate the HarleyDavidson lifestyle, you'll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Harley-Davidson Clothes and Apparel: A great way to show support for your Harley-Davidson enthusiast is by gifting them some branded clothing. Whether it's a classic Harley-Davidson t-shirt, a leather jacket, or a cozy hoodie, they'll appreciate the opportunity to wear their passion proudly. Riding Accessories: For those who are also riders, consider accessories such as gloves, helmets, riding goggles, or rain gear. These not only enhance their safety on the road but also make them look more stylish while cruising on their Harley. Harley-Davidson Memorabilia: Help them decorate their space with Harley-Davidson memorabilia. Items like vintage signs, posters, or even a customized Harley-Davidson clock can transform their home into a mini Harley-Davidson Museum. Motorcycle Cleaning and Maintenance Tools: Motorcycle owners are often meticulous about keeping their bikes in top shape. Consider gifting them high-quality cleaning and maintenance tools like a motorcycle cover, battery tender, or a comprehensive cleaning kit. Harley-Davidson Jewelry: From rings to bracelets and necklaces, there's an array of Harley-Davidson jewelry options to choose from. These pieces allow family members to express their affinity for the brand even when they're not on the road. Motorcycle Course or Experience: Give the gift of an unforgettable experience by enrolling them in a motorcycle riding course or arranging for a Harley-Davidson test ride day. This not only enriches their riding skills but also creates lasting memories. Harley-Davidson anniversary collections: Limited Edition: Anniversary collections are often limited in number, making them sought after by collectors. The exclusivity adds value and allure.

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nthusiasts (Family Members Edition) Historical Significance: These collections often pay homage to the brand's history, featuring iconic designs, emblems, or styles from pivotal moments in the company's past. For enthusiasts, this historical significance can be a strong draw. Collector's Value: Limited runs often appreciate in value over time. The scarcity and historical significance can make these items sought after in the secondary market. Quality Craftsmanship: Harley-Davidson is known for its craftsmanship and quality. Anniversary collections typically maintain or surpass these standards, making them attractive to those who appreciate fine workmanship. Commemorative Items: These collections might include a range of items such as motorcycles, apparel, accessories, and memorabilia, allowing fans to commemorate the milestone in various ways. Community and Pride: Being part of an anniversary celebration creates a sense of community among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, fostering pride and a sense of belonging. Brand Loyalty and Recognition: For dedicated Harley-Davidson fans, owning a piece from an anniversary collection is a statement of loyalty and passion for the brand In conclusion, finding the perfect holiday gift for the family members of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts doesn't have to be a challenging task. With a wide range of gift options available, you can cater to their unique interests and passions, making their holiday season one to remember. These thoughtful gifts will not only show your appreciation but also celebrate the Harley-Davidson lifestyle that has become a significant part of their lives. So, gear up for the holidays and make the Harley-Davidson enthusiast in your life feel truly special! Check out what’s new at the shop here at St. Charles Harley Davidson. This past month we rearranged the parts department show room. With more products on display and arranged to benefit you, the customer. We have a huge sale table full of discontinued parts at EMPLOYEE PRICING! The table has something to fit every bike. We also have a blowout sale on ALL in stock Kuryakyn parts that you will have to stop by to check out. And finally, a sale on in stock Cobra and Vance&Hines exhaust as well as in stock windshields and handlebars! Got winter project ideas? We got you covered. We also have Christmas wish lists that you can fill out and leave with us, so when your loved ones come to shop for you, they know exactly what to get you! Thank you for reading! Feed your inner child, go ride, be wild! Rocky, St. Charles Harley Davidson

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Guys Night & Pictures with Santa December 7th ********************** Weather Permitting


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CRACK UP’S Why wouldn't Ebenezer Scrooge eat at the pasta restaurant? It cost a pretty penne! __________________

What do you call someone who can't stop talking about last Christmas? Santa-mental! _________________

Why do Christmas trees like the past so much? Why do Donner and Blitzen get to take so Because the present's beneath them. many coffee breaks? Because they are Santa's __________________ star bucks! _________________ Why did the Grinch decide to go to the haunted house the other day? Because he was What do you call people who are afraid of searching for the holiday spirit. Santa Claus? Claustrophobic! __________________ _________________ What diagnosis did the doctor give to the patient who kept eating Christmas decorations? Tinsel-itis. __________________ What do you get when you combine a Christmas tree with an iPad? A pineApple! _________________

Which of Santa's reindeers needs to mind his manners the most? Rude-olph! _________________ Why did get Mrs Claus get so mad at Santa? Because he likes HO, HO, HO's! _________________

How do you wash your hands at Christmas? How is Christmas exactly like your job? You do With hand Santa-tizer! all the work and some fat guy in a suit gets all _________________ the credit. _________________ What did the beaver say when it saw the Christmas tree? "Nice gnawing you." What's the difference between the Christmas _________________ alphabet and the regular alphabet? The Christmas alphabet has Noel. What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? _________________ The abdominal snowman. _________________ What did Mrs. Claus say to Santa when she What kind of photos do elves take? Elfies! arl saw this year's Christmas tree? You could replied, “There was in this one!” spruce it up a little! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 19

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