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September 2023

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Full Throttle Magazine September Issue 2023

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pAge 8: CruSIN' CAleNdAr

pAge 12-13: rIde ON WIth COmFOrt ANd


pAge 17: CrACK-upS

pAge 18-20: the SlINgShOt

pAge 23:SAve the dAte- rIde FOr WISheS

OCtOber 7-8

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September has arrived and Dave Mungenast Sr. Memorial Bike and Badge Ride is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th 2023. Registration starts at 8:00am and kickstand up at 10:30 AM. The ride starts at Mungenast Motorsports on South Lindbergh and will be a fun ride plus an amazing event to attend with funds going to help BackStoppers. Hope to see lots of you at this ride to help support an amazing cause.

St Charles Harley and St Charles Motorsports will have their Bike Night on Thursday September 7th from 6-9pm and as always will be a fun evening as always. If you can’t have fun here, you can’t have fun at all. This is by far the largest Bike in the St Louis area. Fun from start to finish. This closes out their Bike Nights for this year. See you all there.

Historic Route 66 Bike Night has been rolling every Weds evening at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park. We are doing a Car and Bike event every Weds evening. If you haven’t been to Bobby’s Place on Weds evening, you need to mark your calendar and head there this Weds for a great time. We will continue to run Bike and Car Night until the end of October weather permitting. Look forward to seeing you there.

We don’t want to forget our friends at Rides For Wishes. This year is going to be great. This two-day event will be set up at St Charles Harley-Davidson on Oct 7-8. Come out and show your support to those deserving kids and help make their wishes come true.

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Robert Blanton,

Contributing Photographer Robert Blanton, Nick Gaines

The Sturgis Rally has come and gone this year and what a great event it as always. This year, the Black Hills invited any and all bikers to attend the largest motorcycle rally in the world. The 83rd Sturgis Motorcycle Races and Rally. This year we had a bit more rain causing a lot of us to go fourwheelin’, aka the truck. But that didn’t stop us from having the time of our lives. There were still crowds of bikers from all over the world. I’ve heard numbers between 700,000 and 800,000 bikers this year. Considering the entire state of South Dakota has a population of only 800,000 that’s a hell of a lot of bikers in one area of the state. I’m always surprises by the number of bikers who have never attended the Sturgis Rally. My friends, this must do on your bucket list. The rides are awesome, and the scenery is pure God’s Country. The one thing I am always astounded by is Crazy Horse Monument. The fact that this has no funding assistance other than private donations, and the fact that it is an unbelievably slow process. Nevertheless, it is awesome and part of my Indian heritage, so I love it. If you have never been to Sturgis or the Black Hills you need to make that a priority in your future.

As always, my friends, ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine.

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2023





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Ride on with Comfort

Welcome back Full Throttle readers! Hope y’all are surviving the heat ok! We have brand new product here at the dealership. Harley-Davidson's New Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket. Re-inventing rider comfort and safety

Harley-Davidson, the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer, has always been known for quality craftsmanship and timeless style. In its pursuit of excellence, the company always seeks to innovate and provide riders with the ultimate experience on the road. The latest addition to their lineup, the Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket, showcases Harley-Davidson's commitment to rider comfort, safety, and cutting-edge design. Let's look into the features and benefits that make this jacket a game-changer for motorcycle riders.

The Comfort: When it comes to comfort, the Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket sets a new standard. Constructed from premium-grade leather, the jacket offers both durability and flexibility, allowing riders to move freely without compromising protection. The innovative Triple Vent System ensures optimal airflow, keeping riders cool during long rides in warmer climate. With adjustable venting options, riders can personalize their comfort level and adapt to changing weather conditions.

The Safety: Harley-Davidson prioritizes rider safety, and the Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket is a testament to their commitment. The jacket features CE Level 2 armor at the shoulders and elbows, providing maximum impact protection. Additionally, a back pocket accommodates an optional CE Level 1 back protector for added safety. Reflective accents strategically placed throughout the jacket increase visibility, promoting safer riding in low-light and night time conditions. The Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket ensures that riders can hit the road with confidence, knowing they are protected.

Smart Design & Tech: Combining form with function, the Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket boasts a sleek and modern design. Its slim fit and clean lines give riders a stylish edge while maintaining the iconic Harley-Davidson aesthetic. The jacket features multiple pockets, including a dedicated smartphone pocket with a headphone port, enabling riders to stay connected while on the go. A removable thermal liner allows for year-round versatility, adapting to various weather conditions.

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Comfort and Safety

Customizable Experience: Recognizing that each rider has unique preferences, the Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket offers customization options. Adjustable cuffs and waist tabs enable riders to achieve a personalized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The jacket is available in various sizes, catering to a wide range of body types, making it accessible to all riders.

The features!

• An Underarm airflow diverter redirects air into underarm vents and out through the back exhaust vents.

• Back exhaust vent allows air to pass through the jacket, keeping the rider cool.

• Extended mesh placket includes a magnetic component allowing the vent to flip back and stay securely in place.

• Snap pull keep vents open to help aid in continuous airflow

• Covered front zipper extension acts as an intake to improve airflow to the back of the jacket.

• Visibility is enhanced with additional reflective front and back graphics, and additional detailing.

• Versatile The new Triple Vent System™ 2.0 works with motorcycles with or without fairings and/or windshields.


Harley-Davidson's Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket is a triumph of innovation, combining comfort, safety, and style in one exceptional package. With its premium materials, advanced ventilation system, and comprehensive armor, this jacket sets a new standard for motorcycle gear. Harley-Davidson's commitment to rider safety and satisfaction is evident in the thoughtful design and attention to detail. The Paradigm Triple Vent 2.0 Leather Jacket is a musthave for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to elevate their riding experience. Ride with confidence, style, and the reassurance that Harley-Davidson has your back.

Also this month Harley Davidson has two, brand new CVO models making an appearance! The CVO Road Glide and CVO Street Glide. The first one has already been delivered here to the shop. Come on by to have a look in person before it is sold! We are going to talk all about them in next months issue so stay tuned for that!

Thank you for reading!

Feed your inner child, go ride, be wild!

Rocky, St. Charles Harley Davidson

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A circus performer is driving home after a long day of training, when he is pulled over by a police officer for a broken light.

The officer looks in the car and sees a collection of knives in the backseat.

“Sir,” he says, “Why do you have all those knives?”

“They're for my juggling act,” the circus performer replies.

“I don’t believe you,” says the cop. “Prove it.” So the performer gets out of his car and begins juggling the knives flawlessly.

Just at that moment, a car with two guys in it drives by. "Wow,” says one to the other. “I’m glad I quit drinking. These new sobriety tests are hard.”

A man and his girlfriend died in a car accident and meets Peter at the Pearly Gates

Peter says, "Welcome to Heaven, do you have any questions?"

To which the man replies, "Yes, my girlfriend and I never had a chance to get married while we were alive. Can we get married in Heaven?"

Peter says, "That's a good question, I will be back when I have the answer."

Left at the gates, the couple begins to talk about love and how long eternity is.

6 weeks later, Peter returns and says, "OK, I've found your answer. Yes, you can get married

in Heaven. So come right in and enjoy eternity together."

The couple responds by saying, "We have another question. Eternity is a very long time and we are not sure if our relationship will last. If things don't work out, can we get a divorce in Heaven?"

To which Peter replies, "Jesus Christ! It took me 6 weeks to find a priest up here, do you have any idea how long it'll take me to find a lawyer?!"

Two old guys are pushing their carts around Walmart when they collide...

The first old guy says to the second guy,

'Sorry about that. I'm looking for my wife, and I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going.'

The second old guy says,

'That's OK, it's a coincidence. I'm looking for my wife, too. I can't find her and I'm getting a little desperate.'

The first old guy says, 'Well, maybe I can help you find her. What does she look like?'

' The second old guy says, 'Well, she is 27 yrs old, tall, with red hair, blue eyes, long legs, and is wearing short shorts.

What does your wife look like?'

To which the first old guy says, 'Doesn't matter, let's look for yours.'

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The Slingshot

No….we are not in Gotham, Batman has not arrived to town and Robin did not lay any eggs. But, what had arrived is Polaris reinventing the wheel; three to be exact, “The SLINGSHOT”.

Nowadays when you think of a three-wheeled motorcycle, you may think of your traditional trike with two wheel in the rear and the motor sitting underneath you. Or maybe in more recent years when Polaris came out with the Canam Spyder, with the two wheel in front. None the less, both of those styles of motorcycles were designed where you ride them by straddling the motor and having the acceleration in the palm of your hand. But still, even with the stability of three wheels instead of two, as it is appealing to most people that have that fear or the inability to ride your standard two wheel, it still wasn’t enough to push that wavering person over the edge. Polaris, I’m sure, was thinking like the Bicentennial Man….. This just won’t do!

Polaris went back to the drawing board to figure out what they can create that will appeal to the rest of those wavering souls that really want to feel the acceleration underneath them but still have a sense of security. That’s when the “Slingshot” was born.

Instead of sitting on top of the motor, you sit behind it. Instead of having your passenger sitting behind you, they sit beside you. Those are two fundamental differences. Other differences are the acceleration; instead of using your hands, this is where it’s just like a vehicle, it’s a 5-speed manual transmission with a steeling wheel, a gas pedal and a clutch and break pedal. In short, you drive it just like a car. But still, this wild and crazy means of transportation has only three wheels; two in the front and one in the back.

As I mentioned before each model has the driver and passenger sitting side by side in their waterproof bucket seats with three point seatbelts. The steering wheel tilts for added comfort as well as the Engine Airflow Management System.

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The Slingshot weigh approximately 1743 pounds and is powered by a 2.4 liter DOHC Engine. This engine derived from the GM Ecotec which was the engine that was formally used by GM in the Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky. It also offers 173 HP with 166 ft.-lbs. of torque and has 2384 cc displacement with the 5-speed manual transmission.

For the Drivers Aids is has Electric-Power-Assisted Steering, Electronic Stability & Traction Control & ABS Disc Brakes.

The lighting has Projector Beam Headlights & LED Taillights. And Lockable Storage Bins and Glove Box.

All models have a Double-Wishbone Front Suspension with a Sway Bar to control the front end.

With all the standard features that are offered, you have your choice of a few different models that offer upgrades. For example, the standard S model has 17-inch front wheels and a singular 18inch wheel in the rear of the vehicle while the SL and the SL LE Editions have two 18 inch forged aluminum front wheels with a 2 inch in the rear.

The SL & SL LE also offers a Clear Ripper Series Wind Deflector and Hood Accent Graphics.

The cockpit has a media console with 4.3-inch LCD Screen, Backup Camera, Bluetooth Integration, Rockford Fosgate Audio System and Cut and Sew Seats

The Top of the line SLR offers all the features of the SL plus added features:

Under the hood: The SLR Branded Exhaust Manifold Cover and Open Air Intake

Exterior: Two-Toned Paint with Colored Frame Accents, Full Body Graphics, Tinted Ripper Series Wind Deflector, 305mm Wide Rear Tire, Composite Brake Rotors

www.FullThroTTle-Magazine.coM Page 19

The Cockpit: Cut and Sew Sports Seats, Sparco Steering Wheel, Shift Knob and Pedal Covers and Interior LED Lighting Kit.

With the prices staring at $21,999, you have plenty of ways to pick your poison.

The Slingshot not a “Automobile”. It does not have a roof, doors, side windows, airbags or a crumple zone. It does not meet automotive safety standards. However, in thirty-five states, it’s classified as an “Autocycle”. With this classification, you only need to have a valid drivers license to operate the Slingshot. You are not required to where a DOT helmet. Missouri is one of those fifteen remaining state that classify the Slingshot as a Motorcycle. But….Because you are no longer required to were a helmet in Missouri that rule no longer applies . You do, however, still are required to have a valid motorcycle endorsement on your license. Here are a few of states across the Midwest and how they classify the Slingshot.

Arkansas – Motorcycle

Illinois – Autocycle

Kansas – Autocycle

Iowa – Autocycle

Hawaii is the only state that has yet to classify the Slingshot. To find out the other states classifications, go to www.polaris.com, click on the Slingshot tab and under the Shopping Tools dropdown, click on license requirements.

Polaris recommends that no matter how the Slingshot is classified from state to state, that you wear a DOT approved full face helmet and the seatbelts.

Now that I’ve gotten all the technical information out of the way I can get to that burning question…..”How does it ride?”

Our Friends at Mungenast Motorsports, who have a vast wealth of knowledge regarding the Slingshot, let us take one out for the afternoon to see what all the hype was about. And I here to tell you that I’ve never driven anything like it before. Yes, it drives like a car, yet it feels different. The power and acceleration you have is exhilarating. The shifting is super smooth, the cornering is tight and because you have one wheel in the back instead of two the “donut” action is wicked short. Not to mentions, you just look plain BAD ASS driving this awesome piece of mechanics down the road.

If you want to take the opportunity to own one of these head turning, eye googling, pieces of machinery without breaking the bank, go see our friends at Mungenast Motorsports on South Lindbergh just South of Tesson Ferry close to HWY 55. You won’t be disappointed.

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