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Celebrating Finland’s Centennial



A HUNDRED REASONS TO CELEBRATE FINLAND This is a year of celebration for

country, with a myriad of events

all Finns and friends of Finland.

from concerts, exhibitions and

Finland is a real success story.

other cultural events to semi-

Nobody could have anticipated

nars, workshops and street fes-

this in 1917, when our country

tivals. These events are mostly

gained independence. Or even

organized by volunteers and

50 years ago. I was ten years old

underscore the diversity of the

when we celebrated 50 years of

Finnish community in the U.S.

independence. In every school,

Some of the themes that we

2017 marks the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Ful-

there was an essay competition,

have decided to focus on in our

bright agreement between Finland and the United States.

including my little village school


In preparation for this anniversary, the two governments

in Northern Finland. I wish I

D.C., are the Finnish education

renewed their commitment to the scientific and educa-

had saved that essay! A fir tree

system, our fantastic design

tional exchange between our countries and paved the way

was planted in the grounds of all

and architecture talents, as well

for their future development by signing a document that

official buildings and many pri-

as “snow how”. The latter ties

legally established Fulbright Finland as a not-for-profit

vate homes as well. Finland was

in well with the Arctic Council

foundation based in Helsinki. As a foundation, we stand

still poor in comparison to our

Chairmanship which we took

stronger to promote a wider exchange of knowledge and

Nordic neighbors, but well on its

over from the United States this

professional talent through educational and scholarly con-

way to growing into what we are

May. This is one particular area

tacts between Finland and the United States.

today. Like the fir trees.

in which we look forward to col-



This year we are also celebrating the Centennial of Fin-

Our history has been diffi-

land’s independence with special events and initiatives on

cult at times, and that is why we

both sides of the Atlantic. Our invited columnist, Ambas-

truly appreciate what we have

I am joining several centen-

sador of Finland to the United States Kirsti Kauppi, gives

today. The newly independent

nial events in the United States.

us a hundred reasons to celebrate Finland (p. 2), and Emilia

Finland survived a civil war,

The year was kicked off in Min-

Honkasaari from the Finnish Embassy in Washington talks

and two decades later the Sec-

neapolis in January where I inau-

about the Embassy’s commemoration with Fulbright (p. 5).

ond World War embroiled us.

gurated the Traveling Sauna, Sisu,

The 600 active members of our alumni in the United States,

After this, Finland had to rebuild

a wonderful centennial mascot

the Friends of Fulbright Finland, also have their own centen-

and reinvent itself. The coun-

which will travel around the U.S.

nial initiative, and this is part of the official Suomi Finland

try decided to focus and invest

It is a real Finnish sauna, travel-

100 program coordinated by the Prime Minister’s office (p. 4).

in one of its best resources: our

ing from west to east, north to

While celebrating the past we embrace the future. Our

people. I believe this investment

south, and ending up in Wash-

Board’s vision for Fulbright Finland is to empower the minds

has much to do with the fact

ington, D.C., in December. I hope

that will find global solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. Minister

that now, year after year, Fin-

you follow Sisu on its website, and

for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini recently observed that rel-

land tops various rankings that

that you also acquaint yourselves

evance and high impact are characteristic of Fulbright Fin-

measure things such as equal-

with the other interesting mate-

land programs (p. 6). We have just returned from the Arctic

ity, transparency, competitive-

rials we have on our webpages

interchange week in Fairbanks, Alaska, where the United

ness, innovativeness and press

and social media sites. There are

States passed the Chairmanship of the Arctic Council to

freedom. In one of the rankings

wonderful video greetings from

Finland. Fulbright Finland brought there a ten-member

we are at the bottom: we are the

a variety of personalities, as well

expert delegation representing Finnish higher education

least fragile state in the world!

as a 12 part Story of Finland about

and research for an intense one-week study tour program to advance Arctic cooperation (p. 8). In the midst of today’s turbulent world news, I am filled

laborating closely in the coming years with the United States.

I am particularly happy that

our history. There is something

Finns see themselves and their

for everybody, throughout the

country as part of the bigger


with a renewed sense of commitment for all that the Ful-



We hope that many Ful-

bright program represents: the transformational power

ticipate actively in strengthen-

brighters and alumni will join

achieved through international educational and schol-

ing security and prosperity in

our centennial celebrations!

arly exchange, and building bridges of understanding.

the world at large. The theme

Our countries and societies need people who can bridge

“Together” suits our centen-

divides and create collaboration across borders. Fulbright

nial celebration perfectly in this

was established to create global citizens – those who dare

regard as well. Finland has suc-

to address universal problems with innovative solutions,

ceeded because we have worked

and create meaningful change. I want to sincerely thank

together and built our country

our grantees and alumni for all they do and for helping us

together. We continue to work

keep our eyes on our mission. As we witness a new cohort of

together with our Nordic neigh-

grantees from Finland join the cadres of these “movers and

bors, with our EU and transatlan-

shakers” (p. 6) it is time to remember why we do what we

tic partners and with the global

do. Today, we need Fulbrighters and the Fulbright program

community as a whole.

- perhaps more than ever before.



This year our goal in the United States is to celebrate the

Kirsti Kauppi

Terhi Mölsä

centennial together with all

Ambassador of Finland

Chief Executive Officer

friends of Finland, all around the

to the United States


2 — Kolumnit / Columns 4 — Fulbright Finland Celebrates the Centennial

Three National Fulbright Seminars in 2017–18

Roth-Thomson Awards to Three U.S. Fulbright Students

5 — Embassy of Finland Appreciates Fulbright Alumni Cooperation

Second Fulbright Arctic Initiative Coming Soon

6 — “Relevant, Current, High Impact” 8 — Widening Perspectives in Alaska, Fulbright Finland Study Tour on Sustainable Arctic Futures 9 — Fulbright as the Catalyst for Technology Transfer Between Alaska and Finland 10 — Reflecting on Study Tour Impact – Raising Funds, Communicating Values 13 — On Finnishness

Mirka McIntire

Innovative Approaches and Leading Scientists Attracted U.S. Graduate Students to Lappeenranta and Kuopio

Three Finnish Universities Pledge Tuition-Free Master’s Degree Studies for U.S. Fulbright Students

14 — Theory of Quantum Physics and Finnish Landscape When “Nothing” Is Happening

I, Cultural Ambassador

15 — Unelmien vuosi Yhdysvalloissa COVER: The Fulbright Finland Foundation brought a ten-member multidisciplinary expert delegation on a study tour to Alaska in May. The tour started from Anchorage (in the cover) and concluded with the week of the interchange in Fairbanks, where the United States handed over the chairmanship of the Arctic Council to Finland. Fulbright alumna Karen Martin was instrumental in arranging the delegation’s program in Healy and Denali National Park. Karen Martin (left) pictured above with Kati Anttila from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Read more on page 8.

16 — Alumni News 17 — Envisioning a Bright Fulbright-JMC Future

Join the Alumni Association

18 — Friends of Fulbright Finland 19 — Grantees 2017–2018 21 — Working with the Scientists and Thought-Leaders of Tomorrow 22 — News 23 — Fulbright Finland Foundation

Cover photo: Floris Goerlandt

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24 — Kalenteri / Calendar of Events

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Fulbright Finland Celebrates the Centennial The year 2017 marks the Centenary

Centennial Ambassadors program is also

of Finland’s independence. Fulbright

part of the official program of the Suomi



Finland 100. As Centennial Ambassadors,

through multiple events and initiatives

American alumni will connect with their

throughout the year both in Finland and

local high schools, universities, com-

in the United States.

munity colleges or any other educational



institutions, and bring their own knowlOn the U.S. side the initiatives are coordi-

edge of Finland to young people, and

nated together with the American alumni

encourage them to consider studying in

network, the Friends of Fulbright Finland

Finland and applying for a Fulbright grant.

(FoFF). In addition to organizing alumni

“Finland offers U.S. Fulbrighters

gatherings in the United States in cele-

life-transforming opportunity. Since I

bration of the centennial, the U.S. alumni

experienced such, I want to spread the

help raise funds for new Fulbright grants

good word about opportunities available

through the Fulbright Finland Centennial

through Fulbright Finland”, says Ful-


bright-Hanken Distinguished Chair and

Friends of Fulbright Finland’s new

Centennial Ambassador John Broussard.


Three National Fulbright Seminars in 2017–18 Fulbright Finland will organize three national seminars during the academic year 2017-18. The American Voices Seminar in Turku on October 6-7, 2017 will feature all of the current U.S. Fulbright scholars and students presenting on a broad variety of topics related to American culture and society. The 2018 Fulbright Forum on Education, Innovation, Science and Art will take place on March 15-16, 2018 in Hel-

Roth-Thomson Awards to Three U.S. Fulbright Students

sinki. This is an annual forum where all

Rebekah Zimmerer, Natalia Magnani

History Can Help Us Understand Extrem-

the Fulbright Finland Foundation will

and Hannah Duncan received the 2017

ism” at a symposium. Duncan orga-

also organize the 2nd Capacity Building

Roth-Thomson Awards. Traditionally, the

nized the event in collaboration with the

Workshop for international education

Lois Roth Endowment has annually given

American Embassy in Helsinki and Anti-

professionals from Finnish higher edu-

two awards for Fulbright students in Fin-

Racist Forum. “I am so grateful for the

cation institutions. The themes for the

land, but this year the selection commit-

Roth-Thomson Award and for everything

workshop are Establishing Partnership

tee was so impressed by the applicants

the Lois Roth Endowment did to make

Agreements with U.S. Universities and

that it decided to award three grants.

this transformative exchange possible,”

Attracting U.S. Students. The workshop

Duncan says.

will take place in Helsinki on March 14,

of the U.S. Fulbright scholars, teachers, and students present on their specific research and professional projects. Back to back with the 2018 Forum,




Rebekah Zimmerer to travel to Sweden

The award recipients were announced

2018, right before the Fulbright Forum,

to discuss the possibility of collabo-

as part of the Fulbright Forum seminar at

providing the participants with an oppor-

rating on a U.S.-Nordic comparison of

the University of Jyväskylä. Roth Endow-

tunity to first attend the capacity-build-

female landowner perspectives initiated

ment Awards are granted annually to U.S.

ing workshop and then use the Forum as

from her Master’s thesis. Natalia Mag-

Fulbright students in Finland focusing on

a way to network and build connections

nani investigates the role of young Sami

the arts, humanities and social sciences.

with U.S. Fulbrighters and their educa-

women in political lobbying for Sami

Fulbright Finland Foundation has worked

tional institutions.

cultural autonomy and self-governance.

with the Lois Roth Endowment since 1991.

Hannah Duncan invited Dr. Marcia Chatelain from Georgetown University to give a talk on “How African American


The seminars are open to the public and there are no entrance fees.

www.fulbright.fi/en/graduate-studies-and-research/ fulbright-us-student-program/roth-thomson-award


Emilia Honkasaari


Embassy of Finland Appreciates Fulbright Alumni Cooperation It is especially important to stay in contact with all friends of Finland in the centen-

Taina Wewer (center) speaking about the new

nial year. The Fulbright alumni in the U.S. are a very valuable group of experts who

emphasis of the 2016 Finnish National Core

know the country well, and the Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C., wants to

Curriculum reform of basic education at the

have a close relationship with the alumni.

seminar on the Finnish education model.

During the centennial year the embassy

the embassy also in the future.”

that are happening in their area. The

organizes a series of events highlight-

The embassy has published a “Ful-

response has been very positive, and reg-

ing Finland’s strengths. A seminar on the

bright to its Fullest” blog on its website

ular updates are in the plans also after the

Finnish education model with the future

since 2012. As education is such a cen-

centennial year.

of education as underlying theme was held

tral topic for both nations, the embassy

in February. Both Finnish and American

decided to focus on the Fulbright Distin-

experts shared their views on the topic.

guished Teaching Award recipients on the

Dr. Taina Wewer, currently a Fulbright

blog. American Fulbright teachers travel-

Connect with the embassy on social media

scholar-in-residence at Denison Univer-

ing to Finland and vice versa write entries

and find more information about Finland’s

sity in Ohio was one of the presenters. Dr.

to share their experiences as Fulbright

centennial celebration in the U.S. on a special

Wewer appreciated the cooperation with


website www.Finland100USA.com.

We’re looking forward to celebrating Finland’s big year with you!

the embassy: “It was such an honor to give

Furthermore, the embassy sends a

a talk on Finnish curriculum reform and

monthly centennial update to all Ameri-

Emilia Honkasaari

teacher education which are close to my

can Fulbright alumni to keep them

Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C.

heart. I am very happy to collaborate with

updated on different centennial events

Second Fulbright Arctic Initiative Coming Soon The highly successful Fulbright Arctic

scholars and indigenous and traditional

nary week was organized in Oulu by the

Initiative will soon get a second round.

knowledge experts are encouraged to

Fulbright Finland Foundation together

A new cohort of Arctic researchers will


with the Thule Institute of the Univer-

be selected for the program taking place

Like the first round, the second Ful-

sity of Oulu. The second round of the Ful-

in 2018–2019, and the competition will

bright Arctic Initiative will create a network

bright Arctic Initiative will coincide with

be launched in summer 2017.

of scholars and researchers to stimulate

the Finnish Chairmanship of the Arctic

international scientific collaboration on


Up to 16 scholars from the eight Arctic

Arctic issues. Using a collaborative model

Council member states will be selected

to translate theory into practice, program


to engage in individual and collabora-

participants will address public-policy


tive research, group seminars, and public

research questions relevant to Arctic

engagement on important Arctic issues

nations’ shared challenges.

Steve Money

during an 18-month program in 2018–19.

Finland had a special role already in

Scholars from many disciplines at all

the first round of the Fulbright Arctic

Academic Exchange Specialist Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

career stages are eligible. Early career

Initiative. The program’s mid-term ple-

U.S. Department of State



“I couldn’t have done my studies at Berklee without the Fulbright Finland grant. Most of my contacts are from Berklee, and my main project and income ‘Eva & Manu’ started there. It was also a huge thing as a young songwriter to get that support from a big organization like Fulbright. It gave me trust and confidence in myself as an artist”. – Eva Louhivuori

“Relevant, Current, High Impact” Altogether 34 new Fulbright Finland

Affairs of Finland Timo Soini and Chargé

scholars, teachers, students and profes-

d’Affaires Donna Welton from the Amer-

voice enchanted the audience. She

sionals heading to the United States for

ican Embassy, both stressing the impor-

studied Vocals at Berklee College of Music

the academic year 2017-2018 received

tance of the Finnish-American Fulbright

in 2008-2009. Eva performed two songs

their grants at the annual Fulbright Fin-

program and its role in creating lasting

at the Award Ceremony, Bridge Over

land Award Ceremony at the Helsinki City

transatlantic cooperation.

Hall in May. The event was hosted jointly

In his remarks to the audience of over

by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Fin-

120 invited guests Minister Timo Soini

land and the City of Helsinki. In addition

described Fulbright Finland as relevant,

to the new Finnish awardees and the cur-

current and of high impact.

rent American Fulbright grantees, this

“The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is

year’s special event honored the Centen-

proud to have an important role in Ful-

nial of the Republic of Finland.

bright Finland,” said Minister Soini.

Fulbright Finland alumna Eva Louhivuori’s

Troubled Water and Kun Aika On.

To honor the Centennial, the Award Ceremony was opened with a special

Greetings from the governments

Having just returned from the Min-

music performance by the Conscript

were brought by Minister for Foreign

isterial meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska,

Drumline of the Finnish Defence Forces.



where Finland took over the Chairman-

Jouni Mölsä (left), Director General of

ship of the Arctic Council from the United

Communications, Ministry for Foreign Affairs,

States, the Minister brought up the

Terhi Mölsä, Chief Executive Officer, Fulbright

importance of Arctic research coopera-

Finland Foundation, Timo Soini, Minister

tion as an example of a current theme of

for Foreign Affairs, Donna Welton, Chargé

particular significance and commended

d’Affaires, American Embassy, and

Fulbright Finland’s grant programs and

T.J. Grubisha, Counselor for Press and

initiatives in this area, including the

Cultural Affairs, American Embassy.

recent Arctic Study Tour to the week of the “This is exactly the kind of coopera-

has been a valued partner of the United

tion we need to solve the important ques-

States for over 65 years in bringing people

tions regarding the Arctic,” Minister

together. As Finland celebrates its 100th

Soini stressed.

anniversary of independence, Fulbright





Finland continues to play a seminal role

from the American Embassy extended

in fostering this broad and deep partner-

her thanks to everyone involved in the

ship between the United States and Fin-

Fulbright Finland Foundation’s work to

land with an enduring commitment to

further academic exchange and cultural

our shared values and interests. We look

understanding between the United States

forward to a new century of friendship

and Finland.

between the people of the United States

“I am continually impressed with the

Photos: Studio Terho Photography

interchange in Alaska.

and Finland,” Welton concluded.

leadership shown by our Finnish part-

Greetings from the City of Helsinki,

ners in this mutual endeavor, from the

the co-host of the event, were brought

Foundation was awarded to Lauri Kivijärvi,

government of Finland, to the staff of

by Deputy Mayor Ritva Viljanen, and the

who will spend a year at Missouri State

the Foundation, to the U.S. and Finnish

words of thanks on behalf of all the Finn-

University conducting research on inorganic

Fulbright grantees themselves. You truly

ish and American grantees were delivered


embody the vision of Senator Fulbright

by John Broussard, the current Fulbright-

for ‘a modest program with an immodest

Hanken Distinguished Chair.

The first grant sponsored by the KAUTE

aim – the achievement in international

Prior to the Award Ceremony, the new

affairs of a regime more civilized, ratio-

grantees were prepped for their upcoming

nal and humane than the empty system

stay in the U.S. at a full-day pre-depar-

ish and U.S. Fulbright alumni who shared

of power of the past.’”

ture orientation seminar. The grantees

their tips and experiences with the new

”As a firm believer in educational and

learned about important practical mat-

grantees, and the opportunity to meet the

professional exchange programs, and

ters from visas and insurances to enrich-

alumni and have interactive discussions

the imaginative work that they foster, I

ment opportunities and useful networks.

with them was particularly appreciated

feel privileged to serve in Finland, which

Many of the seminar speakers were Finn-

by the new Fulbrighters.



Widening Perspectives in Alaska

Fulbright Finland Study Tour on Sustainable Arctic Futures At the 10th Arctic Council Ministerial

organization’s research at the workshops

Dave Shirokauer (second from left), Chief

Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, in May

and at the Fulbright Finland delegation’s

of Resources for Science in Denali National

2017 the United States handed over the

exhibit at the main venue of the public

Park guided the delegation’s visit in the part.

chairmanship of the Arctic Council to

events of the Week of the Interchange.

Finland. To kick off Fin-


land’s Chairmanship in the spirit of collaboration and partnerships, the Fulbright Finland Foundation brought a ten-member




acted as a door for my

The Study Tour acted as a door for my university to participate more actively in research and actions related to the Arctic.

university to partici-

all became friends,” says Kirsi Latola,

pate more actively in

Research Coordinator and Director of

research and actions

UArctic Thematic Networks at the Thule

related to the Arctic,

Institute, University of Oulu.

for example through

Alaska’s science, policy and business

UArctic activities,” says

community had put together a compre-

Elina Oksanen, Profes-

hensive week-long program in Fairbanks

sor and Vice Dean of the

to address the work to be done to meet

Department of Environ-

the goals of environmental protection,

mental and Biological

sustainable development, inclusion of


Sciences at the Univer-

indigenous peoples and international

strategic priority areas,

sity of Eastern Finland.


disciplinary expert delegation on a study tour to Alaska for the week of the interchange. The tour addressed one of the


the Artic, as well as the Foundation’s fun-

In addition to Professor Oksanen, the

“It was interesting to see how much is

damental purpose of promoting a wider

delegation included experts from Aalto

happening, not only at the policy level but

exchange of knowledge and professional

University, Turku University of Applied

on the ground level,” says Outi Koskinen,

talents through educational and scholarly

Sciences, Finnish Meteorological Insti-

who works as a Communications Offi-

contacts between Finland and the United

tute, and the Finnish Ministry for For-

cer at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign


eign Affairs. The tour provided a fruitful

Affairs. The various forums during the

opportunity for the delegation members

Study Tour specifically strived to cross

New Networks for Collaboration

to get to know each other and their orga-

geographic, disciplinary and cultural

The Study Tour took the delegation from


borders and include various perspectives

Anchorage to Healy, to Denali National

from indigenous to academic to business.

Park, and finally to Fairbanks for the

From Policy to Practice

Week of the Arctic Interchange providing

“For me equally important to interna-

and to learn from the representatives

an opportunity for Finnish and American

tional networking was to build new con-

of indigenous groups, as well as talk to

experts and leaders in Arctic issues to

nections and network with the Study Tour

people who are not engineers but working

share best practices and to develop new

participants themselves. These connec-

on related things,” says Arttu Polojärvi,

networks for collaboration. The Finnish

tions are important also in our national

Assistant Professor of Ice Mechanics from

delegation members had the opportunity

collaboration between organizations.

the Department of Mechanical Engineer-

to share and showcase their own and their

After the tour, I can honestly say that we

ing at Aalto University.


“It was good to widen perspectives


Joint Effort This was the 8th expert Study Tour to the United States organized by Fulbright Finland. A large number of Fulbright Finland’s partner institutions and other contacts joined in the planning and implementation of the program, and the role of Fulbright Finland alumni was particularly significant. For the “jet-lag day”, Friends of Fulbright Finland Liaison Suzanne Louis had planned a special treat for the participants: the Aurora Winter Train from Anchorage to Healy. After nine hours in the train crossing through beautiful scenery and scouting out Alaskan wildlife, including a running grizzly bear, Dall sheep, moose, and bald headed

“The Study Tour was a great way to get

The Fulbright Finland exhibit booth served

eagles, the Study Tour participants had

a broad overview of the current and future

as the delegation’s meeting point with

become a team.

trends in Arctic policy and research”, says

partners and stakeholders, here with

In Healy they received a warm wel-

Floris Goerlandt, Post-doctoral Researcher

Ambassador David A. Balton (center), Chair

come by Fulbright alumna Karen Mar-

and Project Manager at the School of Engi-

of Senior Arctic Officers for the Arctic

tin. Healy and Denali National Park are

neering, Research Group on Maritime Risk

Council during the U.S. Chairmanship.

remote and most tour operations do not

and Safety at Aalto University.

begin running until after the Study Tour

“It was a great way to realize that com-

this only marked the beginning for the

in mid-May, but Karen Martin opened

munities around the Arctic face similar

various collaboration initiatives that were

the doors in the community and made it

challenges, to identify areas of mutual

born during the trip. The tour formed a

possible for the delegation to get behind

interest and to network to establish coop-

close group of Study Tour alumni that will

the scenes at the Denali National Park to

eration in these areas.”

continue their collaboration during the

explore areas of common concern in the

The Study Tour culminated at the

Arctic environment under the pressure of

handover of the Arctic Council Chair-

climate change.

manship from the U.S. to Finland. But

Finnish Chairmanship and beyond.


Todd Paris

Fulbright as the Catalyst for Technology Transfer Between Alaska and Finland industry. My personal highlight was the

CHP project that was perfectly suited for

Polar Bear Pitching Competition, where

remote communities in Alaska.

start-up companies were invited to pitch

Subsequent to my visit, we invited

their business idea to a panel of poten-

Volter representatives to visit Alaska, and

tial investors for as long as they wanted

eventually established a collaboration to

– the only catch was that they had to do

install a pilot Volter unit in my hometown

so while standing in a hole cut in the ice

of Fairbanks, scheduled to break ground

of a local lake!

soon. This project has generated quite a bit of interest, not only in Alaska but also

Vision Turns into Action

in neighboring Canada where our coun-

As an Arctic Fulbright Scholar focused on

terparts are equally interested in seeing

energy, I took advantage of my first trip to

if this system is viable for remote rural

In February 2016, I traveled to Oulu to

Finland and arrived a week early to tour

communities that have ample biomass

participate in the Fulbright Arctic Sym-

the country. My goal was to visit as many

resources, but currently rely on imported

posium. This was part of an amazing

biomass projects and companies as possi-

diesel fuel for heat and power.

week of cultural and academic exchanges

ble, since I felt this was a technology area

This collaboration between Finland

hosted by the Finland Fulbright Program,

where my home state of Alaska could ben-

and Alaska would have never taken place

organized for the 17 scholars selected to

efit from Finland’s expertise. Jani Lehto

without the catalyst of the Fulbright

participate in the Arctic Fulbright Ini-

and Antti Arasto from VTT generously

program, and the Finland Fulbright pro-

tiative. In addition to the formal Sym-

helped arrange my itinerary, and I visited

gram’s generous offer to host the Arctic

posium, we visited the Kierikki Stone

several biomass combined heat and power

Fulbright Initiative Scholars. It is a great

Age Center, participated in an event at

(CHP) projects that were supplying energy

example of the vision and mission of the

the Tellus Innovation Arena at the Uni-

to consumers in rural parts of Finland

Fulbright program in action, and I will be

versity of Oulu, and experienced a tradi-

that are most similar to parts of Alaska.

forever grateful to have had the opportu-

tional Finnish Sauna hosted by the City

My travels eventually took me to the

nity to be a part of it.

of Oulu. We met with people from many

Kempele Ecovillage near Oulu, where the

sectors, including inspiring leaders from

small Finnish manufacturer Volter had

Gwen Holdmann

the Saami community, academia, and

installed an innovative modular biomass

Director, Alaska Center for Energy and Power


University of Helsinki


Reflecting on Study Tour Impact

Raising Funds, Communicating Values In 2012, a delegation from Finnish

since has held different positions related

Pia Dolivo during a recent Giving Day

higher education institutions visited

to external relations and communica-

at University of Helsinki.

universities in Washington, D.C., Mary-

tion. “I’ve always had one leg outside of

land and Virginia to learn at firsthand

the university,” she says, explaining how

tion in the Fulbright study tour in 2012.

how U.S. institutions handle alumni

she next worked as head of the careers

Pia, together with twelve colleagues from

affairs, cooperation, fundraising and

service, a role which included reaching

other Finnish higher education institu-

donor relations.

out to successful alumni to help current

tions, stepped out of their busy schedules

students and recent graduates make the

for an intensive week visiting institutions

Fulbright Finland has organised eight

first steps in their own careers. “Then I

in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Mary-

such study tours since 2008, carefully

was asked to look into fundraising. The

land. The tour included talks by profes-

tailored to the needs of the participants,

university didn’t have any dedicated fun-

sionals from Carnegie Mellon and Johns

enabling Finnish higher education pro-

draising or alumni relations team at the

Hopkins universities, as well as visits to

fessionals to meet and learn from U.S.

time, so really I started as a one-person

the Universities of Maryland, Richmond

colleagues and institutions. Each tour


and Virginia Commonwealth, with the

focuses on key issues within the univer-

Over the years, the team grew, Pia

sity sector, such as graduate enrollment,

explains, reflecting an increasing aware-

last stop at the College of William and

community relations, governance and

ness of the importance of alumni rela-

‘It was so worth the investment,’ Pia

funding, adult education and interna-

tions and fundraising within Finnish

says. ‘The biggest learning experience

tional strategy.

Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

higher education. ‘We gained more expe-

was to meet with colleagues from uni-

Pia Dolivo, Head of community rela-

rience, and started working on fundrais-

versities with a lot of experience in this

tions and fundraising at the University

ing campaigns. Now we have ten people

field. We discovered they had some of the

of Helsinki, participated in the Fulbright

in the fundraising team, and a further

same issues we have, but they are so much

Finland Study Tour on alumni relations

eight people working on alumni rela-

ahead of us in their fundraising activities,

and institutional giving in 2012, an expe-

tions, client relationship management,

and they invest so much more in alumni

rience which she describes as a turning

and advocacy work with politicians and


point in her professional life.


However, Pia says, it was inspiring to discover that in a relatively short space of

From a One-Person Shop to a Dedicated Team

Benchmarking from the U.S. Experience

time these universities had significantly

An important step in Pia’s professional

grown their alumni relations and fund-

Pia started out as an alumni coordinator

journey, and consequently for the Uni-

raising activity. ‘Over the past fifteen to

at the University of Helsinki, and ever

versity of Helsinki, was Pia’s participa-

twenty years they’ve made huge leaps in



that area. They run very successful cam-

skirts. Students in Finland see univer-

table discussions on specific topics, with

paigns now, but they explained how it

sity as a way to acquire skills, to get the

people and organizations with shared

wasn’t always that way, that they grew

formal education they need to fulfil their

interests, as well as events aimed at

it through planning and hard work. That

ambitions in working life. U.S. universi-

larger audiences, to inspire a wider com-

gave us confidence that we could do the

ties have a serious advantage, because

munity about the university. We then fol-

same back in Finland.’

they already invest so heavily in campus

low up people who might want to be more

Pia notes that careful advance prepa-

activities. It’s partly cultural, partly a

involved. We also run a forum for the

ration was key to the success of the study

structural thing, influenced by university

foundations who support us, and another

tour. ‘Terhi Mölsä and her colleagues

politics and educational policies.’

for the business community, focus-

at Fulbright Finland helped us prepare and plan what we wanted to find out while we


The Fulbright study tour left us all with a “let’s do this” attitude. We realized that we are change makers, we need to change the game here in Finland.


ing on relevant scientific and economic

mechanisms are also

issues. We are also engaging our students

different,’ she contin-

through an annual giving day.’

ues. ‘For example, in

The hard work of Pia and her colleagues

Finland, we don’t focus

is already yielding significant results. The

on university sports

University of Helsinki’s campaign goal is

the way they do in the

to collect €75 million by the end of 2020,

U.S. - these activities

of which they have already achieved €40

help create a sense of

million in donations and pledges from

shared identity, and

over 1000 donors. This enables the uni-



versity to disburse more than €600,000

bond. Of course, some

in grants, scholarships and awards annu-



ally, supporting teaching and research

already there emotion-

across all disciplines, and enabling young

specific objectives and questions, it made

ally, but not everyone feels such a strong

researchers to make the first step in their

it easier to take home the information we

attachment to their former university.’

academic careers.




a danger with these kinds of activities that they become a sort of educational tourism, where you see a lot but don’t always directly relate it to what you are doing back home. But because we prepared



needed to implement change at our own

Fundraising campaigns and alumni

institutions. Everyone who hosted us was

relations are also a fairly recent phenom-

well-informed about who we were and

ena in Finland. ‘The Finnish government

Developing Lifelong Relationships with Alumni and Stakeholders

what we were interested in, which meant

has pushed universities into fundraising

Like any other relationship, maintain-

we could jump right in.’ As a result of the

by launching a matched funding scheme

ing the relationship between donor and

tour, the group produced a report sum-



institution needs care and investment

marizing what they had learned, which

announced another one. It is becoming

over the long term, Pia explains, and

was then shared with other colleagues at

part of university activity, but it’s chal-

communication is key. ‘U.S. universities

their home universities.

lenging to create the giving culture. Not

are skilled at involving their current stu-

‘It was eye-opening to see the level

all universities have started fundrais-

dents as ambassadors, to communicate

of investment American universities are

ing for the right reasons, they’re doing it

with external stakeholders. At William

making in their fundraising activities. To

because of the scheme. Some are success-

and Mary, we met some of the volunteer

us, William and Mary looked like some-

ful, but some are struggling to find real

students, and it was so inspiring to see

thing from a movie, a perfect American


the pride they and the staff members had





university campus. We said to each other,

in their institution. That was the last stop

“Can this be real? And how can we apply

Fundraising for the Right Reasons

on our tour, and it made a real impact,

ideas from a university like this in Fin-

‘We work in fundraising and alumni rela-

showing the whole journey from student

land?” The culture is very different. But

tions for three reasons. Firstly, fund-

involvement to alumni relations over the

we learned that the fundraising model,

raising is about communicating who we


and the approaches used by U.S. universi-

are, what we stand for, our mission and

‘The Fulbright study tour left us all

ties can work in Finland. The scale of the

strategy, our top people and projects. It

with a “let’s do this” attitude. We real-

campaign and the funds raised are differ-

gets our message out into the wider com-

ized that we are change makers, we need

ent, and certain methods have to be cul-

munity. Secondly, it helps us engage with

to change the game here in Finland. That

turally adjusted, but it can be done.’

our stakeholders, the people and orga-

spoke to us. It empowered us with the

nizations that we want to work with. It

motivation and new perspectives needed

Accounting for Cultural Differences

also helps us enlarge that community,

to grow this area in our home institu-

The biggest difference between U.S. and

to reach out to alumni the university has

tions. Seeing the U.S. approach at first

Finnish universities is the student expe-

lost contact with, and to companies we

hand really confirmed that alumni rela-

rience, Pia suggests. ‘The University of

don’t already deal with, but who have

tions and fundraising is not just a side-

Helsinki is huge, but the student profile

shared interests. The third reason is to

line of more important issues, but crucial

and experience are very different to that

raise money for the university. The first

in communicating the university’s values

of U.S. universities. For example, 75%

two reasons are most important to us.

to the world.’

of our students work, students gener-

No matter whether we are successful in

ally don’t live on campus, and they don’t

receiving donations, we have the oppor-

pay for their studies. In U.S. universities,

tunity to tell our story.’

there is a strong sense of community, of

This communication is often achieved

belonging. But in Finland, the university

in person, Pia explains. ‘Our main tool is

is not necessarily at the center of all that.

one-on-one or small group meetings with

Community-building is more on the out-

stakeholders. We also organize round-

Read the Alumni Relations and Institutional Giving Study Tour report and other materials at www.fulbright.fi/en/study-tours/alumnirelations-and-institutional-giving Text: Louisa Gairn


Tiina Riikonen


A photo project inspired Fulbright Teacher Andrea Schmuttermair to sum up her idea of Finnishness in one word: TRUST.



On Finnishness I arrived in Finland four months ago with

Through spending time in the forest,

a goal to research science and STEM edu-

I learned that “Finnishness” is appreci-

cation in Finland. My research, however,

ating the solitude that quiet nature pro-

has extended beyond education to under-

vides. By going to the sauna with Finnish

Andrea Schmuttermair

stand what makes up suomalaisuus, or,

friends, I have learned that Finns value

Fulbright Distinguished Award


genuine conversation, and are patient and

in Teaching 2016-2017

“Everyman’s Right”) practiced in nature, Finland has created a culture of trust.

It was through learning how to make

relaxed yet somewhat reserved. When

karjalanpiirakka with a Finnish family that

I became involved in Tiina Riikonen’s

opened up a cross-cultural dialogue with

photo project, Finnishness as seen through

Finns and non-Finns on what “Finnish-

the eyes of foreign students, I did not real-

Read more about the photo project and Andrea’s

ness” means. From that point forward,

ize how it would shape my Finland expe-

experiences and reflections on “Finnishness”, on her blog,

my views of “Finnishness” came from

rience. In the photo project, I was asked

Experience Finland: www.thefinlandexperience.com

experiences, reflection, and conversa-

to sum up my idea of “Finnishness”

tion. As John Dewey says, “we do not

in one word: TRUST. From giving stu-

The photo exhibition, “Finnishness as seen through

learn from experience… we learn from

dents independence and responsibility

the eyes of foreign students”, will be on display in

reflecting on experience.”

in the classroom, to jokamiehenoikeus (or

Joensuu’s market square in June 2017.

Photo: Tiina Riikonen

Innovative Approaches and Leading Scientists Attracted U.S. Graduate Students to Lappeenranta and Kuopio High quality programs and research at

the world leaders in my field and publish

Finnish universities attract U.S. gradu-

my works in leading scientific journals

ate students to Finland. Recently three

simultaneously. This is both an unprec-

Finnish universities also decided to

edented experience for a PhD student and

provide a full two-year tuition scholar-

wholly impossible without Fulbright Fin-

ship for U.S. Fulbright students entering

land”, says Smyl.

their Master’s degree programs.

Anna Partridge and Danny Smyl presented their research at the multidisci-

Finland’s innovative approaches to bio-

plinary Fulbright Forum for Education,

mass energy research brought Anna

Innovation, Science and Art in March in

Partridge to Lappeenranta University

Jyväskylä. Fulbright Forum is an annual,

of Technology to complete her Master’s

national seminar that gathers U.S. Ful-

degree in Energy systems community. “As

brighters from around the country to

a Fulbright Finland grant award recipient,

speak about their research and projects.

I have been able to study and perform

Next Fulbright Forum will take place in

research at one of the best research uni-

Helsinki on March 15-16, 2018.

versities in my field, and connect with international students, professors and

Fulbright Finland enabled Danny Smyl to

researchers who are pushing the bound-

learn from the world leaders in his field.

aries of technology to improve our energy future”, says Partridge. Doctoral student and engineer Danny Smyl came to Finland to conduct research on large-scale imaging for structural

Three Finnish Universities Pledge Tuition-Free Master’s Degree Studies for U.S. Fulbright Students

health monitoring at the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio. “I am an

The University of Helsinki, the University

Fulbright-University of Helsinki Gradu-

engineer and a researcher. To be impact-

of Turku and Lappeenranta University of

ate Award, Fulbright-University of Turku

ful and do meaningful things in either

Technology (LUT) provide a full two-year

Graduate Award, or Fulbright-Lappeen-

field, one requires cerebral freedom and a

tuition scholarship for U.S. Fulbright stu-

ranta University of Technology Graduate

stimulating environment. Fulbright Fin-

dents entering their Master’s degree pro-

Award. In addition, LUT has decided to

land provides both by facilitating flexible


grant all their Fulbright students a full

research grant funding in a nearly opti-

The three universities pledge to pro-

mal research setting. Having spent my

vide a tuition scholarship automati-

grant period in the Department of Applied

cally for those Master’s students who

Physics at the University of Eastern Fin-

have received a special Fulbright student

land, I had the opportunity to learn from

award named after the host university;

scholarship for tuition expenses regardless of the grant type.

www.fulbright.fi/en/graduate-studies-and-research/ fulbright-us-student-program WWW.FULBRIGHT.FI — 13


Theory of Quantum Physics and Finnish Landscape When “Nothing” Is Happening lakes, sea ice, and hilly arctic terrain. I knew that I would find that much was “happening,” even if it wasn’t immediately visible. I spent my first four months at artist residencies in different regions, photographing, recording, researching, and experiencing the micro-landscapes of each place. I was struck by what I found: the variety and detail in the forest terrain; the changes in the weather and light at different latitudes; how lake and sea ice fundamentally alter an environment; an evolving understanding of what “nature” means in Finland; and how physically and emotionally complex the winter landI have been drawn to northern and arctic

places, covered in snow.

scape can be.

landscapes since 2012, when I attended an

According to one theory of quantum

I presented an exhibition of new work

artist residency in Svalbard, near the North

physics, pure emptiness is not actually

at Sorbus, in Helsinki, and screened older

Pole. In Svalbard, and at a residency on

empty, but is dense, turbulent, and active.

work at Titanik, in Turku. Finally, I've

Kökar, in the Finnish archipelago, in 2013, I

I am fascinated by what this can mean in

had many long, fantastic conversations

began my investigations into the relation-

scientific, emotional, and planetary terms:

with a wide range of Finnish artists about

ships between these landscapes and the

How can something be empty and dense at

art, science, climate change, abstraction,

abstract realm of quantum physics. This

the same time? What does this theory, and

technology, and politics. Their perspec-

prompted my decision to return to Finland

quantum physics in general, have to do

tives have been continuously thought-

for a Fulbright, as I sought the opportunity

with the real, “natural” world we live in?

provoking and inspiring.

to spend a full winter in the north. I wanted

In Finland, I wanted to experience the

to experience the landscape during the

landscape and explore what this theory

Leah Beeferman

time of year when “nothing” is happening:

about emptiness and density might mean

Mid-Career Professional

when it is dark, cold, frozen, and, in most

in context of the Finnish forest, frozen

Development Grantee 2016-2017

Niko Suominen conducted research on early modern drama and the rhetoric of theatre at Harvard University. And like a true scholar of English Renaissance theatre, Suominen dressed up as Shakespeare for Halloween 2015.

me from my plight was, I repeat, Fulbright. In the spirit of sitcoms (cue the laugh track) the lady wrapped herself in a bath-towel, flashed a heartwarming smile, and we laughed off the misunderstanding. All’s well that ends well, as the saying goes. She then introduced herself

I, Cultural Ambassador

– we would later become neighbors – and even guided me to the right door. If anything, the moral of the story here is not

Fresh off the plane, as my first act as cul-

logic, duh! – ‘If I were a burglar, why the

only that you should (in case of lost Finns)

tural ambassador, I broke into a house.

luggage?’) I got off with a fright. Yet there

remember to lock your doors, but also the

Accidentally. Then, I made my first con-

was one specific thing that ultimately

Fulbright Program’s cultural significance

tact with a native, who just happened to

saved the day. Two little syllables, as hard

in the United States.

be (good grief) a naked lady. This unfor-

as it might be to believe this, possessed

tunate sequence of events, as anyone can

the power that transformed the stand-

Niko Suominen

imagine, could have ended in a nasty way.

off into a comedy of errors. FULBRIGHT.

ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral

However, thanks to my natural charm (and

Yes, the magic word that delivered

Research Fellow 2015-2016


Aleluya Peña Rodrigo


Unelmien vuosi Yhdysvalloissa Vielä elokuussa 2016 jännitin tulevaa

järjestöihin. Elämäni Gallaudetin kam-

vaihtovuotta, enkä tiennyt mitä kaikkea

puksella oli positiivisella tavalla hektistä.

Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.

oli edessäni. Tepastelin kohti tuntema-

Opintojen ohessa pelasin Gallaudetin jal-

in 2016–2017. “My year at Gallaudet on a

tonta maailmaa ja se oli luultavasti yksi

kapallojoukkueessa ja työskentelin Late

Fulbright Finland Undergraduate Grant

elämäni parhaimmista päätöksistä, sillä

Night Gallaudet Universityssä tapahtu-

was a dream come true.”

Fulbright-kauteni Gallaudetin yliopistos-

manjärjestäjän assistenttina ja media-

sa oli yksi elämäni mahtavimmista koke-

vastaavana. Hektisen elämän ohella koin


henkilökohtaista kasvua ja opin valta-

Gallaudet on maailman ainoa kuurojen

vasti ihmisoikeuksista.

Teresa Tiainen studied Communication at

nut minua työskentelemään ihmisten

yliopisto, missä on täyden viestinnän saa-

Palaan syksyllä Humanistiseen am-

kanssa ja kehittämään yhteiskuntaa en-

vutettavuus. Yliopistossa jokainen viittoo

mattikorkeakouluun viemään yhteisö­

tistä enemmän. Lyhyesti sanottuna, vuo-

ja opetus tarjotaan viittomakielellä, joten

pedagogin opintoni loppuun. Unelmanani

si ylitti kaikki odotukseni. Tämä kaikki

kuuro henkilö ei joudu kohtaamaan es-

on tehdä merkittävää työtä, jolla on vai-

ei olisi ollut mahdollista ilman Fulbright

teitä. Se on ainutlaatuinen paikka, missä

kutusta kehitysmaiden kuurojen ihmis-

Suomi -säätiön stipendiä. Haluan kiittää

kuurot ovat osa enemmistöä toisin kuin

ten elämään. Aika näyttää mihin tieni

Fulbright Suomi -säätiötä unelmani to-




Otin entisten vaihto-opiskelijoiden

Kulunut vuosi on opettanut minulle

neuvoista vaarin olemalla sosiaalinen ja

monia asioita, kuten analysoimaan it-

Teresa Tiainen

aktiivinen sekä osallistumalla monenlai-

seäni paljon paremmin sekä löytämään

Fulbright Finland Undergraduate

siin tapahtumiin ja liittymällä erilaisiin

yhteiskunnan epäkohtia. Se on motivoi-

Grantee 2016-2017



Fulbright-professori perusti matka-apurahan Yhdysvaltain tutkimukseen City University of New Yorkin (CUNY)

nen toimiessaan Helsingin yliopiston

apuraha mahdollistaa näiden osallistu-

pitkäaikainen professori Henry Wasser

Fulbright Bicentennial-professorina lu-

misen alan pohjoismaisiin konferenssei-

(1919-2016) oli todellinen Fulbright-oh-

kuvuonna 2013-14. Brooklyn Collegen

hin ja tarjoaa vaikuttavan esimerkin

jelman sanansaattaja. Hän työskenteli

radio- ja televisiotutkimuksen professo-

Fulbright-ohjelman vaikutuksesta yli su-

uransa aikana Fulbright-stipendiaattina

ri Frederick Wasser työskentelee isänsä

kupolvien ja kansallisten rajojen.

Euroopan eri yliopistoissa peräti viiteen

tavoin CUNY:n palveluksessa. Yhdessä

otteeseen: Kreikassa, Norjassa, Englan-

äitinsä Solidelle Fortier Wasserin kans-

Mikko Saikku

nissa ja Portugalissa. Vuosien varrella

sa Frederick Wasser perusti tänä keväänä

Yhdysvaltain tutkimuksen McDonnell

Henry Wasserille kehittyi erityisen lähei-

Henry Wasserin muistoksi Nordic Asso-

Douglas –professori, Helsingin yliopisto

nen suhde Norjan ja muiden pohjoismai-

ciation for American Studies -järjestön

Puheenjohtaja, Nordic Association

den amerikanistiyhteisöön.

hallinnoiman matka-apurahan, joka on

for American Studies

suunnattu pohjoismaisille Yhdysvaltain

tä tuli toisen sukupolven Yhdysvaltain

tutkimuksen jatko-opiskelijoille. Vuosit-

tutkimuksen Fulbright-professori hä-

tain kahdelle jatko-opiskelijalle jaettava

https://sites.google.com/site/naasstudies/ the-henry-wasser-travel-grant

Elizabeth Whitney

Henry Wasserin pojasta Frederickis-

The Buddy Program Inspired the Finnish Fulbright Welcome Network

Fulbright alum and the inventor of the Finnish Fulbright Welcome Network Stephen Horvath introduces the network to the




directly stay involved with the Fulbright

2017-2018 Finnish Fulbright Finland grantees

Buddy Program helped U.S. student

program after their grant term ended. I

at the Pre-departure orientation. This year

grantee Stephen Horvath to settle in to

wanted to create a program that allowed

the Welcome Network spans from Alaska to

his new home town, Lappeenranta. “I

Americans to more easily stay involved

Florida, and from California to Maine with over

found the Buddy Program to be an amaz-

with Fulbright and connected with Fin-

70 participants.

ing experience when I came to Finland.

land, hence, the Finnish Fulbright Wel-

I had just arrived in a new country and I

come Network.”

Finnish Fulbright grantees Pauliina Sini­

already had a person who could help me

The first round of the Finnish Fulbright

with some of the nuances of living in Fin-

Welcome Network took place during

traditional Finnish Runeberg Cakes with U.S.

land. My buddy helped to make my transi-

the academic year 2016-2017. Elizabeth

Fulbright alumna Elizabeth Whitney at her

tion to Finland easier and helped me get

Whitney invited Finnish Fulbright grant-

home in New York City.

more out of my time here.”

ees to her home to bake Finnish pastries

auer (left) and Anna Ovaska (right) baking

Horvath’s experience inspired him to

together. “Meeting Finnish Fulbrighters

the opportunity to spend time with vis-

launch a similar program also in the U.S.

in New York City through the Welcome

iting Finnish academics. I'm looking for-

“I found out that the United States did not

Network has been a really important way

ward to continuing my involvement with

have an equivalent program for Finnish

for me to maintain a connection to the

this program. I encourage others to join

grantees and I asked myself, why not?

Finnish network I developed during my

the Welcome Network and reach out to

Finland had a way for their grantees to

year as a Fulbright. I greatly appreciate

visiting Finnish Fulbrighters!”



Ilmari Pirkkamaa

Benita Heiskanen (left), the Director of the John Morton Center and Anna Kronlund (right), post-doctoral researcher at John Morton Center and the President of the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association, are both Fulbright alumni.

Envisioning a Bright Fulbright-JMC Future The John Morton Center for North Ameri-

teaching, and community engagement,

brighters, we know what it takes to be able

can Studies (JMC), a national research

the JMC has put itself squarely on the map

to provide, as one former Fulbright grantee

center, was established at the University

of North American Studies in Finland, and

put it, “a space for collaboration and sup-

of Turku in February 2014. With a focus on

beyond. With a three-year track record of

port.” The JMC is honored to have the Chief

contemporary societal, political, and cul-

48 scholarly and popular publications, 34

Executive Officer of Fulbright-Finland to

tural issues, the JMC specializes in trans-

organized events, 162 media appearances,

serve on its Board. Imagine if one of these

national research questions. Our ongoing

and 9 courses organized, the Center now

days this collaboration were to result in a


has wide name recognition among aca-

joint Fulbright-JMC Fellowship.



funded by Wihuri, KONE, and Weisell foundations,


demia and the broad public alike.


For international scholars, the JMC

American, U.S.-Asian, and U.S.-Cuban

offers a natural home away from home.

issues, among other things.

Given that the Center’s director and one

Through a thriving research network,

post-doctoral researcher are former Ful-

Benita Heiskanen Director, John Morton Center


Join the Alumni Association Are you interested in building connec-

ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association Board 2017

tions and developing projects to enhance

The association operates with a 7-10 person Board elected from the membership and in

the Fulbright experience and exchanges

cooperation with the Fulbright Finland in Helsinki. Get in touch with the Board members

between Finland and the USA? Join one

for questions, thoughts and ideas!

of the oldest Fulbright alumni associations in the world, the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association in Finland! Finnish Fulbrighters often talk about their grant period as a life changing experience. By joining the association you can continue your experience and stay involved with the Fulbright community. The association is looking forward to welcome also members who are not alums of the Finnish Fulbright program. You can join as a supporting member, and become a part of an active association to get involved in building awareness of the Fulbright program through evets, meetings, and lectures. Become a member by paying the annual membership fee and receive the membership benefits such as the Fulbright Finland News magazine twice a

President Anna Kronlund Post-Doctoral Researcher John Morton Center ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grant 2009–2010 kronlundanna@gmail.com Vice-President Arno Tanner Project Manager - Country Information Service, Finnish Immigration Service ASLA-Fulbright Research Grant for a Junior Scholar 2004–2005 Kirsi Cheas Doctoral Student University of Helsinki ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grant 2013–2014 Antti Oulasvirta Associate Professor Aalto University Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grant 2007–2008

Elisa Repo Visiting Researcher Finnland-Institut in Deutschland Fulbright Finnish Language and Culture Teaching Assistant Program 2014–2015 Elisa Räsänen Lecturer, Finnish language Indiana University Bloomington Fulbright Finnish Language and Culture Teaching Assistant Program 2013–2014 Heikki Saxén Doctoral Candidate, University of Tampere; Chairman of the Board at the Finnish Institute of Bioethics ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows 2014–2015 Leasa Weimer Knowledge Development Adviser, European Association for International Education Fulbright U.S. Graduate Grantee 2011–2012

year, international networking opportunities and special events.

www.fulbright.fi/en/alumni/alumni-association WWW.FULBRIGHT.FI — 17


Friends of Fulbright Finland Carves Out a Unique Profile For the past 10 years Fulbright Finland’s American alumni program has been developing steadily. It has achieved a unique status in the worldwide Fulbright family, offering a broad range of opportunities for alumni to stay involved with Fulbright in Finland after returning home to the U.S. The mission of Fulbright Finland relies strongly on partnerships created with a variety of entities sharing Marlene Broemer

common interests to promote a wider exchange of knowledge and professional talents through educational contacts between Finland and the United States. Friends of Fulbright Finland, FoFF, is a key partner to this engagement. Alumni are welcome to offer ideas for continued growth and encourage everyone to stay


involved and in contact. Periodic emails

May during the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study conference. Seven alumni

through the Fulbright Finland message

and grantees came together for a Happy Hour for Fulbright Finland. “It was wonderful to meet

list provide updates on the latest FoFF

Fulbright Finnish and Language Teaching Assistants, who came to talk about their experiences

activities and Finnish Fulbright projects.

teaching Finnish language in Minnesota and Indiana. Karen Erickson, a Fulbright scholar from

The newest initiatives of FoFF are

1959 also came to share her book and give us all some perspective on how far, broad and wide

numerous, including the Centennial

the Fulbright experience in Finland has been and continues to be”, says the organizer of the event,

Ambassadors, the Welcome Network,

Marlene Broemer.

a fund raising campaign for the FoFF Alumni Enrichment Fund and the award-

Fulbright program, representing all the

Healy, Alaska, 2013 Distinguished Ful-

ing of the 2nd Alumni Enrichment Award.

different grant programs and residing

bright Award in Teaching to University of

Alumni have also been very supportive of

throughout the USA. Council members

Jyväskylä, Ben Zeller, Lake Forest, Illi-

the Fulbright Finland Centennial Fund.

are appointed for two years. A call for

nois, 2012 Scholar grantee to Åbo Aka-

Alumni gatherings have provided ven-

consideration will be made again through


ues for reunions and sharing memories of

the Fulbright-Finland message list in

the Finnish experience. The recent Arctic

early 2018.

2017-2019 term: Hank Frostburg,





Thank you to Bradley Boehringer,

Grantee to University of Turku, Joan

from the active involvement of alumni in

John Helling, Kenneth Kolson, Suzanne

Kluwe, Anchorage, Alaska, 1999 Gradu-

the planning and execution of a compli-

Louis, and Paul Majkut for their service

ate Student to Metsäntutkimuslaitos,

cated, intensive program.

to the alumni community through Coun-

Rovaniemi, Mike

cil participation 2015-2017.

Ohio, 2010 Scholar Grantee to University

Study Tour to Alaska benefitted greatly

Key to shaping the direction of Friends of Fulbright Finland is its Alumni Coun-

Loovis, Cleveland,

of Jyväskylä.

cil, created in 2015 as a working group to

Current FoFF Council

further support and develop the Ameri-

2016-2018 term: Nancy Commins, Louis-

More information on Friends of Fulbright Finland at

can alumni program. The council consists

ville, Colorado, 2011 Fulbright-University


of six American alumni of the Finnish

of Turku Scholar Award, Karen Martin,

Casie Hermansson Receives the Alumni Enrichment Award Professor Casie Hermansson, the Fulbright-University


bright opportunities in Finland.


“The Fulbright was life changing

Awardee 2014 is the second recipient of

for me and my children, and the recur-

the Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni

ring opportunities to extend and even

Enrichment Award. The award supports

deepen the experience have been invalu-

U.S. alumni who work to deepen coopera-

able. Plans are underway now for my next

tion with their Finnish hosts. Professor

teaching stint in Finland in late 2019. I

Hermansson has kept her Finnish Ful-

am also facilitating two U.S. colleagues

bright connection active over the years

to come to Finland in the next year. The

and has plans to continue and develop

impact of a Fulbright is one that keeps on

Casie Hermansson is Professor of

further the ongoing collaboration while


English at Pittsburg State University.

also acting as an ambassador of the Ful-



GRANTEES 2017–2018

Grantees to Finland 2017–2018 Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program Arce, Gonzalo Fulbright-Nokia Distinguished Chair in Information and Communications Technologies Electrical and Computer Engineering  New Frontiers for Compressive Spectral Tomography  University of Delaware, DE  Aalto University and Tampere University of Technology  3 months, beginning June 2017 Cobb, Daniel Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies  A merican Studies and History  D’Arcy McNickle: A Life Revisited  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC  University of Helsinki  9 months, beginning August 2017 Kim, Dong Shik Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair  Chemical Engineering  Surface Interaction of Enzyme with Precisely Designed Biomacromolecules  University of Toledo, OH  Aalto University  4 months, beginning January 2018 Mada Kannan, Arunachala Nadar Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair  Energy and Environment  Design and Development of Solid State  Electrolytes for Li-Ion Batteries  Arizona State University, AZ  Aalto University  6 months, beginning May 2018 Matthews, Peter Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics  Economics  Dreams Grown Apart: A European Perspective on Dynamic Inequality  Middlebury College, VT  Hanken School of Economics  11 months, beginning September 2017 Nair, Anand Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair  Business A dministration  Sustainability Capability through Environmental Innovations  Michigan State University, MI  Aalto University  3 months, beginning June 2018 Pajukanta, Päivi Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Distinguished Chair in Health Sciences  Human Genetics  Searching for Genetic Factors Underlying Cardiovascular Disease Using Multiomics Integrative Genomics Approaches  University of California, Los Angeles, CA  University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio  2 months, Flex grant for academic years 2017-2019 (September 2017) Pearce, Joshua Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair  M aterials Science and Engineering  Open Source Atomic Layer Deposition and Associated Tools for Solar Photovoltaic Development  Michigan Technological University, MI  Aalto University  9 months, beginning August 2017 Stock, James Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics  M arketing  Supply Chain Sustainability: A Collaborative

Partnership to Identify Best Practices in Finnish Organizations  University of South Florida, FL  Hanken School of Economics  6 months, Flex grant for academic years 2016-2018 (August-October 2017) Talluri, Srinivas Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics  Operations Management  Risk Mitigation to Enhance Supply Chain Sustainability  Michigan State University, MI  Hanken School of Economics  4 months, Flex grant for academic years 2016-2018 (July-September 2017)

Researchers of Tomorrow  University of South Carolina, SC  Tampere University of Technology  10 months, beginning August 2017 Timberlake, David Fulbright-University of Tampere Scholar Award Epidemiology  Investigating Roadblocks to Finland’s 2040 Tobacco-Free Initiative  University of California, Irvine, CA  University of Tampere  11 months, beginning August 2017 Fulbright U.S. Student Program for one academic year

Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Cui, Ming Human Development and Family Studies  The Well-Being of Children and Families: Promoting Education and Research from a Cross-Cultural Perspective  Florida State University, FL  University of Helsinki  4 months, beginning August 2017 Frolking, Stephen Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Grant in Health and Environmental Sciences  E arth System Science  Using New Field Data from Lakkasuo, Finland, to Improve a Peatland Carbon Model for Climate Change Impact Assessment  University of New Hampshire, NH  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  5 months, beginning February 2018 Ji, Yun Fulbright-VTT Grant in Science, Technology and Innovation  Chemical Engineering  Fiber Network Structure Study Using FoamForming Technology  University of North Dakota, ND  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Jyväskylä  6 months, beginning January 2018 Kotche, Miiri Fulbright-VTT Grant in Science, Technology and Innovation  Bioengineering  Translation of User Needs Into Engineering Design Requirements for Medical Devices  University of Illinois at Chigaco, IL  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Espoo  6 months, beginning January 2018 Maksoud, Mohamed Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Grant in Health and Environmental Sciences  Dental M edicine  Three Dimensional Printing of Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds from CT Scan Files for the Purpose of Ridge Augmentation, A Pilot Laboratory Study  Harvard University, MA  University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio  5 months, beginning August 2017 McElvain, Richard Fulbright-University of Turku Scholar Award Theatre  Making Offers They Cannot Refuse. American Performance  Fitchburg State University, MA  University of Turku  5 months, beginning January 2018 Sanders, Manuel Fulbright-Tampere University of Technology Scholar Award  M athematics  Mathematical Competencies in STEM: Preparing the

Holt, Gemma Environmental Policy  Creating Resilience: Sustainable Development in the Policies of the Arctic Council  Graduate of Williams College, MA  University of Lapland House, Andrew Fulbright-EDUFI Fellowships  Environmental Studies  Atlantic Salmon Genomic Analysis for Conservation Management in Finnish Rivers  Graduate of Mississippi State University, MS  University of Turku Kaul, Maya Education  Finland’s Race to STEM: A Review of Teachers’ Experiences with STEM Education Reforms  Graduate of Pomona College, CA  University of Helsinki O’Donnell, James Economics and Political Science  Evaluating Basic Income: A Case Study of the Finnish Experiment  Graduate of Villanova University, PA  University of Tampere Olsen, Emily Fulbright-EDUFI Fellowships  P ublic Health  Completing a Doctoral degree in Epidemiology: Disparities in School Victimizations among Adolescents  Graduate of Emory University, GA  University of Tampere Ramesh, Aditya Fulbright-Lappeenranta University of Technology Graduate Award  Sustainable Science and Solutions  Completing a Master’s degree in Sustainability Science and Solutions – Scaling the Circular Economy  Graduate of Duke University, NC  Lappeenranta University of Technology Shirey, Vaughn Ecology and Biodiversity Informatics  Citizen Science: Contributions Towards Our Understanding of National Biodiversity  Graduate of Drexel University, PA  University of Helsinki and Finnish Museum of Natural History Truong, Quoc Thinh Fulbright-Lappeenranta University of Technology Graduate Award  Physics and M athematics  Completing a Master’s degree in Energy Systems  Graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University, NC  Lappeenranta University of Technology


GRANTEES 2017–2018 Tursi, Amanda Fulbright-University of Turku Graduate Award  Bioinformatics  Completing a Master’s degree in Digital Health and Life Sciences  Graduate of Rowan University, NJ  University of Turku Viggiano, Tiffany Fulbright-EDUFI Fellowships  Higher Education A dministration and Policy  Global Responsibility in Practice: International Higher Education in Jyväskylä  University of California, Riverside, CA  University of Jyväskylä Waits, Audrey Fulbright-EDUFI Fellowships  Biology  Health and Wellbeing of Sami Reindeer Herders  Graduate of Georgia College, GA  University of Oulu Mid-Career Professional Development Grant Woityra, William Transportation  A Study of Icebreaking Infrastructure and Management as They Relate to Arctic Maritime Safety  U.S. Coast Guard, DC  Finnish Transport Agency  4 months, beginning January 2018 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Flynn, Sarah A rts  Grasping It: Craft Education’s Role in Post Secondary Choices  Arapahoe Campus, CO  University of Jyväskylä  6 months, beginning January 2018 Infante, Martha History  How Outdoor Education Fosters Equality in Girls  Los Angeles Academy Middle School, CA  Niilo Mäki Institute, Jyväskylä  5 months, beginning January 2018 Meyers-White, Ebony Guidance Counseling  Motivating the Unmotivated: Helping All Students Achieve Academic and Career Success  CarverVocational Technical High School, MD  University of Jyväskylä  6 months, beginning January 2018 Northern, Samuel Library and M edia  Global Competence: 21st Century Students Take Action with Phenomenon-Based Learning  Simpson Elementary School, KY  University of Helsinki  3 months, beginning January 2018 Pekkala-Flagan, Aulikki Science  Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM Education  Ramona Convent Secondary School and Pasadena City College, CA  University of Helsinki  5 months, beginning January 2018 Pigott, Kerry Education (Primary Level)  The Action Packed Class: Learning in Motion - How Finland’s Best Practices Support Students with ADHD  Cottage Lake Elementary, WA  Niilo Mäki Institute, Jyväskylä  4 months, beginning January 2018 Szypula, Linda Science  Infusion of STEM Education into 21st Century Learning: A Comparison of Programs and Integration  Fernwood Middle School, NJ  University of Jyväskylä  3 months, beginning January 2018 20 — WWW.FULBRIGHT.FI

Grantees to the U.S. 2017–2018 ASLA-Fulbright Research Grants for Senior Scholars Heinonen, Kristina Service M anagement  The Embeddedness of Technology in Human Experiences  Hanken School of Economics  University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA  Cost-shared with Hanken School of Economics  3 months, beginning March 2018 Lindström, Leena Evolutionary Ecology  Human Induced TransGenerational Stress Tolerance and Invasion Success  University of Jyväskylä  University of Vermont, VT  Cost-shared with University of Jyväskylä  4 months, beginning August 2017 Lähde, Anna A erosol Technology and Nanoscience  Aerosol Synthesis, Characterization and Optimization of Lithium-Manganese-Rich Layered Structures for Electrochemical Applications  University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA  Cost-shared with University of Eastern Finland  3 months, beginning August 2017

ASLA-Fulbright Research Grants for Junior Scholars Kettunen, Pyry Geoinformatics and Cartography  Intesifying Co-Operative Wayfinding through Interpersonal Indication of Landmarks on Geospatial Pictures (CoWay)  Finnish Geospatial Research Institute  University of California, Santa Barbara, CA  6 months, beginning February 2018 Soininen, Niko Environmental L aw  Law for the Adaptive Management of Freshwater Resources  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, MD  Cost-shared with University of Eastern Finland  4 months, beginning January 2018 Tiekso, Tanja Musicology  Ideology of New Music  University of the Arts Helsinki  Columbia University, NY  10 months, beginning September 2017 Fulbright Finland Travel Grants for Research Collaboration Pahati, Keyimu Human Geography  Tourism Collaborative Governance (CTCG) and Rural Community Development in Central Asia  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  Miami University, OH  2 weeks, beginning September 2017 Penttilä, Nelly Logopedics  Speech Disfluencies in Typical and Disordered Speech  University of Tampere  University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI  2 weeks, beginning October 2017

Stenroth, Lauri Sport Science and Biomechanics  Neuromuscular Training to Prevent Knee Osteoarthritis and Improve Mobility in Older Adults  University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI  2 weeks, beginning September 2017 ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows Karhunmaa, Kamilla Environmental Policy  Debating Change and Stability in Energy Policy and Transitions in Finland  University of Helsinki  Harvard University, MA  Cost-shared with University of Helsinki  9 months, beginning August 2017 Sianoja, Marjaana Work and Organizational Psychology  Creating Sustainable Work: Investigating the Role of Recovery and Workplace Interventions in Employee Well-Being  University of Tampere  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA  Cost-shared with University of Tampere  9 months, beginning September 2017 ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grants Brunila, Mikael Sociology  Completing a Master’s degree in Sociology in the U.S.  University of Helsinki The New School, NY  9 months, beginning August 2017 Huikuri, Sohvi Tax L aw  Completing a Master’s degree in Law in the U.S.  Graduate of University of Lapland  University of California, Los Angeles, CA  9 months, beginning August 2017 Kivijärvi, Lauri Inorganic Chemistry  An Investigation of Electric and Photoluminescence Properties of Metallopolymers  University of Jyväskylä  Missouri State University, MO  Sponsored by KAUTE Foundation  11 months, beginning September 2017 Komulainen, Kaisla P ublic Health  Ideal Cardiovascular Health from Childhood to Adulthood  University of Helsinki  Harvard University, MA  Cost-shared with University of Helsinki  12 months, beginning August 2017 Kukkonen, Anna Sociology  Beliefs and Coalitions in Climate Politics  University of Helsinki  University of Colorado Boulder, CO  9 months, beginning September 2017 Pöykkö, Panu-Matti Theology  Religion and Politics in Levina’s Talmudic Readings and Philosophical Writings  University of Helsinki  Harvard University, MA  Cost-shared with University of Helsinki  10 months, beginning September 2017

GRANTEES 2017–2018 Rusi, Inka Film Directing  Completing a Master’s degree in Film Directing in the U.S.  Graduate of Middlesex University, UK  California School of the Arts, CA  9 months, beginning September 2017 Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grants Huttunen, Manu Electrical Engineering  Smart Control for Energy Efficiency in Process and Distributed Environments  Lappeenranta University of Technology  Stanford University, CA  12 months, beginning August 2017 Fulbright Finland Partnership Awards for Graduate Studies Vuola, Aleksi A rchitecture  Non-degree studies in Architecture  Tampere University of Technology  University of Colorado Denver, CO  The Johnsons Scholarship  9 months, beginning August 2017 Fulbright Finnish Language and Culture Teaching Assistants Jomppanen, Kristiina German and Finnish L anguage  University of Turku  University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI  9 months, beginning August 2017

Fulbright Finland Undergraduate Grants

Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching

Söderlund, Richard Music Performance  Non-degree studies in Music  Metropolia University of Applied Sciences  Berklee College of Music, MA  9 months, beginning August 2017

Heimonen, Emilia English Philology  Inclusion of Ethnic and Sexual Minority Groups in the American Classroom  Nummen yhtenäiskoulu  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN  4 months, beginning August 2017

Study of the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders from Europe Ahokas, Inari Social Entrepreneurship  Business Administration  Savonia University of Applied Sciences  University of Tennessee, TN  5 weeks, beginning June 2017 Kangas, Aino Environmental Issues  Geography and Environment Policy  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  University of Oregon, OR  5 weeks, beginning June 2017 Salo, Konsta Environmental Issues  Civil Engineering  Tampere University of Technology  University of Oregon, OR  5 weeks, beginning June 2017 ASLA-Fulbright Mid-Career Professional Development Grant

Tuomainen, Laura Maria Finnish L anguage  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN  9 months, beginning August 2017

Pudas, Marja C areer Guidance and Counselling  Youth Employment: Supporting the Development of Career Management Skills to Build Careers that Reflect Jobs of the Future  Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Central Finland  Georgetown University, DC  3 months, beginning September 2017

Piri, Olli-Juhani Finnish L anguage  University of Oulu  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN  9 months, beginning August 2017

Rannila, Sami Theater A rts  FinnFringe: Bringing Fringe Festival to Finland  Independent Scholar  Fringe Arts, PA  5 months, beginning May 2018

Leinonen, Sanna English Philology  Collaborative Teaching and Learning in High School; Changing the Focus from Teaching to Learning  Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN  4 months, beginning August 2017 Study of the U.S. Institutes Ikkala, Jussi Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars on Religious Pluralism in the U.S.  Educational Sciences  University of Helsinki  Temple University, PA  6 weeks, beginning June 2017 Lonka, Harriet Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars on American Politics and Political Thought  Legislative Studies  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute, MA  6 weeks, beginning June 2017 Martikainen, Timo Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars on U.S. Culture and Society  Education  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  New York University, NY  6 weeks, beginning June 2017

Grantees as of June 2017 Fulbright Finland Inter-Country Travel Grants, U.S. Specialist Grants, and Finnish Renewal Grants will be announced later. Up-to-date list will be available at www.fulbright.fi/en/ fulbright-finland-grantees-2017-2018

Working with the Scientists and Thought-Leaders of Tomorrow The aerosol physics group at the Uni-

The Fulbright-Saastamoinen Founda-

versity of Eastern Finland (UEF) Kuopio

tion grant supports work that improves

have broad and deep expertise in aero-

the accuracy and predictive capability of

sol technology and atmospheric science.

how aerosols form in the atmosphere and

The ongoing research in the area of par-

their subsequent interactions. A great

ticle formation and growth, their mea-

benefit of being at UEF is working with the

surement and analytical techniques, and

students who are performing the cutting-

collaborations with the Finnish Meteo-

edge work. They are full of ideas and their

rological Institute and other aerosol

energy is infectious! These are the scien-

researchers in Finland puts them at the

tists and thought-leaders of tomorrow.

Studio Terho Photography

forefront of atmospheric aerosol science. A unique strength of the UEF group is

Sean Garrick

their ability to couple droplets and par-


ticles with atmospheric dynamics. Part of

Foundation Grantee 2016-2017

my work is to bring models that describe particle formation and growth as well as

Fulbright Finland Foundation and Saastamoinen

more sophisticated fluid dynamics. Aero-

Foundation celebrate 10 years of cooperation

sol-cloud interactions are thought to play

in 2017. The anniversary celebrations will take place

a significant role in climate dynamics.

in November 2017.



Short Visit – Broad Impact Fulbright Finland Inter-Country Travel

From Cameroon to Fulbright Finland

Grant program provides an opportunity for Finnish institutions to invite current U.S. Fulbright scholars from other European countries for short-term visits to Finland. Jason Olsen and Cristi Marchetti visited Finland in May from their current Fulbright host country, the United Kingdom, on Inter-Country Grants. U.S. Fulbright Scholar Jason Olsen Studio Terho Photography

had been invited to Helsinki by the NonDiscrimination Ombudsman to share his expertise on disability and employment matters with the Expert Group on Disability, and U.S. Fulbright Teacher Cristi Marchetti visited the University of Jyväskylä for consultations at their Teacher Training School. “Though the trip was short, the impact was huge,” says Marchetti.

During their visit to Finland, Olsen and Marchetti also had a chance to attend the Fulbright Award Ceremony at the Helsinki City Hall.

Apply for Fulbright Finland Inter-Country Travel Grant www.fulbright.fi/en/inter-country-travelgrant-finnish-institutions

Nsame Catherine Dzekem works as an intern at the Fulbright Finland Foundation for two months conducting research on the impact of Fulbright in the lives of Finnish grantees.

Shared Passion for Special Education

Catherine, an Anglophone Cameroonian, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Administration and Planning from the University of Buea in Cameroon, and

The Niilo Mäki Institute (NMI) in Jyväs-

has taught English language in a French

kylä is a well-known and respected

school in Cameroon and in an Arab school

multi­disciplinary research and develop-

in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

ment institution for learning disabilities.

Her internship is part of the Erasmus

Dr. Onerva Mäki is one of the founding

Mundus joint Master’s Degree Program

members and a current board member of

in Research and Innovation in Higher

NMI. Dr. Mäki is also a Fulbright alumna.

Education (MARIHE), at the Danube Uni-

She studied in the U.S. on an ASLA grant

versity of Krems, Austria, University of

in 1954-55, and on a Leadership grant in

Tampere, Finland, and Beijing Normal


University, China.

Onerva Mäki met Distinguished Ful-

MARIHE is aimed for university gradu-

bright Teacher awardee Mayra Molina

ates who want to pursue careers as experts

in Jyväskylä. Mäki and Molina discussed

and decision makers in higher education

Mäki’s passion for special education, her

and research. Fulbright Finland has coop-

time as a special education teacher and

erated with MARIHE for five years and pro-

instructor of teachers for hearing and

vided internship placements for one to two

visually impaired. Join the discussion by

interns annually. At Fulbright Finland the

reading Mayra Molina’s article online.

interns conduct studies on topics related to transatlantic academic exchange and


internationalization of higher education while also learning about Fulbright Fin-

Fulbright Finland Foundation

land and its programs. “MARIHE interns are an excellent addition to our team”, says Terhi Mölsä, CEO of Fulbright Fin-

The Fulbright Finland Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization

land. “Resourceful and innovative, they

based in Helsinki, Finland. Its purpose is to promote a wider exchange of

add to our team discussions by sharing

knowledge and professional talents through educational contacts between

both their own ideas as well as what they

Finland and the United States. The Foundation collaborates with a range of

are learning on their MARIHE program.

government, foundation, university and corporate partners on both sides of

Their striving for fresh perspectives and

the Atlantic to design and manage study and research scholarships, leadership

proactive approach are also shared by our

development programs and internationalization services.

team, making this a good match for us and the interns alike.”



Fulbright Finland Foundation Board of Directors Fulbright Finland Foundation Board of Directors assumed the responsibilities of the Finland-U.S. Educational Exchange Commission (FUSEEC) effective October 3, 2016.

Honorary Chair Ambassador of the United States to Finland Chargé d’Affaires Donna Welton Finnish Members: Dr. Piia Björn Professor of Special Education University of Eastern Finland Vice-Chair Dr. Heikki Ruskoaho Professor of Pharmacology and Drug Development University of Helsinki

Dr. Matti Kokkala Professor Dr. Hannu Seristö Vice President for External Relations Aalto University American Members: Ms. Jeanie Duwan Assistant Public Affairs Officer American Embassy

Mr. T.J. Grubisha Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs American Embassy Chair Mr. David Yoken Senior Music Lecturer Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences Ex-officio: Ms. Terhi Mölsä Chief Executive Officer Fulbright Finland Foundation

Fulbright Finland Foundation Office Ms. Pia Arola Johdon assistentti Executive Assistant p. (044) 5535 278 •• Toimistohallinto Ms. Emilia Holopainen Ohjelmakoordinaattori Program Coordinator p. (044) 7035 284 •• Tutkija-, luennoitsija- ja asiantuntijastipendit amerikkalaisille •• Inter-Country-stipendit •• Undergraduate-stipendit suomalaisille •• Sosiaalinen media ja verkkopalvelut Ms. Emmi Jelekäinen Ohjelmakoordinaattori Program Coordinator p. (044) 5535 275 •• Tutkija-, luennoitsija- ja asiantuntijastipendit amerikkalaisille •• Tutkija- ja luennoitsijastipendit suomalaisille

Ms. Maija Kettunen Viestintä- ja tapahtuma­ koordinaattori Communication and Events Coordinator p. (044) 5535 277 •• Sosiaalinen media ja verkkopalvelut •• Visuaalinen viestintä •• Tapahtumat •• Fulbright Finland News •• Fulbright Speaker -ohjelma Ms. Karoliina Kokko Vastaava ohjelmapäällikkö Senior Program Manager (grant program oversight) p. (044) 5535 268 •• Maisteri- ja tohtorivaiheen stipendit •• Neuvonta opiskelusta USA:ssa ja Kanadassa •• Alumnikoordinaattori Ms. Johanna Lahti (opintovapaalla/on study leave)

Ms. Suzanne Louis Projektikonsultti (osa-aikainen) Project Consultant (part-time) •• Friends of Fulbright Finland -verkosto •• Alumnikoordinaattori •• Fulbright Finland News Ms. Mirka McIntire Ohjelmapäällikkö, Koulutus- ja opettajavaihto (osa-aikainen) Manager, Teacher Exchange and Education Programs (part-time) p. (044) 5535 269 •• Opettajaohjelma •• Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars and Secondary School Educators •• Study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders from Europe •• Asiantuntijastipendit •• Seminaarit ja koulutustapahtumat Ms. Terhi Mölsä Toimitusjohtaja Chief Executive Officer p. (050) 570 5498

Office: (044) 5535 286, e-mails: firstname.lastname@fulbright.fi

Fulbright Finlandin toimintaa tukee Suomen ja Yhdysvaltain Stipenditoiminnan Tukisäätiö / Säätiön hallitus: The Finland-America Educational Trust Fund / Board of Directors: Finnish members:

American members:

Agent / Säätiön asiamies:

Mr. Jouni Mölsä Director General of Communications Department for Communications and Culture Ministry for Foreign Affairs Chair

Ms. Donna Welton Chargé d’Affaires American Embassy Vice-Chair

Ms. Terhi Mölsä Chief Executive Officer Fulbright Finland Foundation

Ms. Jaana Palojärvi Head of International Relations Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture

Mr. T.J. Grubisha Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs American Embassy

The Finnish members are appointed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The American members are appointed by the American Embassy.


Toimintaamme tukee mm.: Support comes to us from:

Fulbright Finland Hakaniemenranta 6 FI-00530 HELSINKI FINLAND



6. - 12. 5. Fulbright Finland Expert Study Tour: Towards Sustainable Arctic Futures

12. 5. Alumni Gathering in Minneapolis

17. 5. Suomalaisten stipendiaattien lähtöorientaatio ja stipendien julkistamistilaisuus

1. 6. 2017–2018 hakuaika päättyy:

16. 6. Fulbright Finland Foundation Board Meeting

19. 6. Trust Fund Board Meeting

21. – 24. 8. Yhdysvaltalaisten Fulbrightstipendiaattien tulo-orientaatio

23. 8. ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association Welcome Event

•• Renewal Grants

19. 5. 2018–2019 hakuaika päättyy: •• ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grants •• Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grants



Fulbright Finland Foundation Board Meeting September 2017

6. - 7. 10. 25. American Voices -seminaari Turun yliopistolla



Rebekah Zimmerer:


1. 8. 2018–2019 Application deadline: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Awards for Finland

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Fulbright Finland News 1/2017  

The Fulbright Finland News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

Fulbright Finland News 1/2017  

The Fulbright Finland News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Finland Foundation.