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Celebrating Finland's Centennial


In 2017 Finland has celebrated the Centennial of its independence under the theme ‘Together’. There can hardly be a better word to also describe Fulbright Finland. This year our grantees, alumni, partners and donors have come together on both sides of the Atlantic to celebrate cooperation and joint achievements. In the United States, our alumni have toured the country as Centennial Ambassadors to talk in schools and communities about Finland and about opportunities for Americans in Finnish-American exchanges (p. 8). A part of the official Suomi Finland 100 Program, the Centennial Ambassadors is the initiative of our American Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) alumni network that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year (p. 10–11). On this side of the Atlantic, we have been pleased to renew valued partnerships and establish entirely new cooperation to create new Fulbright scholarships (p. 6–7). A historic recognition of the Finnish-American Fulbright program and its Fulbright Finland Centennial Fund campaign was the Centennial gift from the United States to Finland, USD 500,000 from the U.S. Congress to the Fulbright Finland Foundation. The gift was announced at a joint White House press conference by the Presidents of Finland and the United States. (p. 4–5) In 2017 we have also celebrated the 65th Anniversary of the Fulbright Agreement between Finland and the United States. At this juncture, it is important to pause and reflect on the history and original purpose of the program, both between Finland and the U.S. as well as globally — Fulbright was envisioned as a peace program (p. 9). We are so honored to have former President of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari as our invited columnist. President Ahtisaari reminds us of the origins of Fulbright, the importance of education as foundational to fostering a sense of global understanding, and the critical role of exchange between nations (p. 2). As 2017 draws to a close, we convey our sincere thanks to all who have worked and celebrated side by side with us during this very special year and we look forward to continuing together to begin the next Centennial.

Terhi Mölsä Chief Executive Officer Fulbright Finland Foundation

Thomas Whitehouse


EXCHANGE BETWEEN NATIONS From 1959 to 1974 J. William Fulbright served as Chairman of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As a public servant in a turbulent age, Senator Fulbright committed himself to the belief that wars between nations are preventable. He stressed the importance of education as foundational to fostering a sense of global understanding. In doing so, The Fulbright Program was established in 1946. It is now the largest international educational exchange program with “...the simple purpose [being] …to erode the culturally rooted mistrust that sets nations against one another.” As a citizen and former President of the Republic of Finland, I take pride in the fact that following World War II, Finland was the only country to pay back its debt to the United States. The U.S. Government recognized this commitment by establishing an educational foundation to link the two countries together. Fulbright Finland remains a caretaker of this historic act. To this end, 2017 is a special year. It marks not only Finland’s centenary as an independent republic but also the 65th anniversary of the Fulbright Agreement between Finland and the United States. To honor Finland’s centenary, the United States Congress presented a gift in the form of 500,000 USD to the Fulbright Finland Foundation in Helsinki. Such generosity not only reflects the spirit of the American people, but recognizes the historic role the Fulbright Program has played in advancing cross-cultural understanding. Nearly 20 years ago, I received the J. William Fulbright Prize for International Understanding, as a recognition of “ongoing involvement in preventing crises, resolving conflicts, and promoting peace to improve life for people in some of the world’s most troubled regions”. At the same time, I founded the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) with the aim to prevent and resolve violent political conflicts. 17 years on, CMI continues to advance peacemaking around the world through mediation and dialogue. From brokering the independence of Namibia, to facilitating the Aceh Peace Agreement, the mandates that I have been given have ultimately required backing from the United States. In fact, such support has been a prerequisite for my pursuing these assignments to their rightful completion. The position of the United States remains pivotal in harnessing multi­lateral consensus on the world’s most pressing issues. Mediation and dialogue are recognized as the most effective forms of preventing and resolving violent conflicts. It is critical that platforms for exchange between nations are sustained and treasured.

Martti Ahtisaari President of Finland 1994–2000 2008 Nobel Peace Prize 2000 Fulbright Prize for International Understanding


2 — Kolumnit / Columns 4 — Centennial Gift from the U.S. to Finland $500,000 from the U.S. Congress to the Fulbright Finland Foundation 6 — New Fulbright-TUAS Scholar Award VTT and Fulbright Finland Renewed Cooperation Agreement 7 — Fulbright Finland and University of Eastern Finland 30 Years of Collaboration

Fulbright Bicentennial Chair Agreement Renewed with University of Helsinki

8 — Centennial Ambassadors in Action! 9 — Remembering the Past, Imagining the Future 10 — Friends of Fulbright Finland 10 Years

Maija Kettunen

12 — Alumni Celebrating the Centennial at the Ambassador’s Residence in Washington D.C. 13 — Investing in Optimism 15 — Join the Alumni Association

AVANTO, Exercise in Self-discovery

16 — Alumni News 17 — Donors Make a Difference

COVER: The U.S. gift to Finland on Finland’s Centennial was announced at a U.S. Embassy reception in August 2017. President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö attended the reception and gave special remarks. Read more on the Centennial gift and the special reception on p. 4–5.

18 — Finland’s Appeal Evolving High Quality Research in Environmental and Health Sciences Attracts U.S. Students 20 — Highlights of the American Fall in Finland 21 — Join Us for the Spring 2018 Fulbright Events in Finland

Fulbright Finland Alumna Sparks Dialogue to Promote Sense of Inclusion

22 — Fulbright Finland Foundation 24 — Kalenteri / Calendar of Events

Fulbright Finland News on Fulbright Suomi -säätiön sidosryhmälehti, joka ilmestyy kaksi kertaa vuodessa painettuna ja verkkoversiona. Artikkeleissa ilmaistut mielipiteet ovat kirjoittajien omia. Seuraava numero ilmestyy keväällä 2018. Artikkelit ja muu aineisto pyydetään toimittamaan 2.4. mennessä. Aineisto vapaasti lainattavissa, lähde mainittava. Fulbright Finland News is a biannual magazine published by the Fulbright Finland Foundation in print and online. Opinions expressed by authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Fulbright Finland. The next issue will be published in the spring 2018. The submission deadline for articles and other materials is 2 April. Reproduction allowed, source must be cited. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material in this publication, Fulbright Finland does not accept liability for any errors or omissions.

Päätoimittaja/Editor-in-Chief Terhi Mölsä Toimittajat/Editors Maija Kettunen (toimituspäällikkö) Suzanne Louis Toimitus/Editing Office Fulbright Finland Foundation Hakaniemenranta 6 FI-00530 Helsinki, FINLAND Tel. +358 44 5535 286 E-mail: Ulkoasu ja taitto/Layout Tanja Mitchell, Grafee

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Editorial Council: Anitta Etula Director of International Relations, University of Eastern Finland Outi Hakanen Deputy Director General, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Protocol Services Sirpa Holmström Head of International Services, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Erika Holt Principal Research Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Sanna Kangasharju Press Counselor, Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C. Ossi V. Lindqvist Professor Emeritus


Centennial Gift from the U.S. to Finland

$500,000 from the U.S. Congress to the Fulbright Finland Foundation Throughout the year 2017 the Republic

“Over the past 65 years, the Finnish-

of Finland has celebrated its 100th year

American Fulbright program has become

Executive Officer, Fulbright Finland;

of independence. On the occasion of

a model of excellence for the world’s most

Donna Welton, Chargé d'Affaires,

Finland’s Centenary, the United States

well-known global exchange network,

U.S. Embassy Finland; Sauli Niinistö,

presented a Centennial gift of $500,000

providing over 5,500 Finns and Americans

President of the Republic of Finland

to the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

the opportunity to serve as academic and

From left to right: Terhi Mölsä, Chief

cultural ambassadors and become leadThe gift was announced on August 21,

ers in their field,” President Niinistö said.

conference by the Presidents of both

2017 at the American Embassy in Hel-

He also praised Fulbright Finland’s role in


sinki at the Reception

increasing collabora-

“Through the Fulbright program, we

commemorating the

tion towards common

are sending more of our best and bright-

solutions for a sus-

est to Finland, forging lasting connec-

tainable Arctic future.

tions between Americans and Finns,” U.S.

65th Anniversary of the Finnish-American Fulbright Agreement and Finland’s Cente-

Fulbright is the cornerstone of the FinnishAmerican academic and cultural collaboration.




President Donald Trump noted.

enhance an already

In his speech at the Honorary Doc-

robust Fulbright pro-

tor’s degree Ceremony of the Uni-

gram in Finland and

versity of Minnesota in September



President Niinistö further emphasized


that, thanks to the donation, the educa-

ing people-to-people

tion cooperation between Finland and

connections between

the United States gained significant new

our countries for years

momentum, and that the cooperation

his remarks, President Niinistö noted

to come,” U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Donna

and understanding between Finland and

that Fulbright is the cornerstone of the

Welton said.

the United States will grow stronger.

nary. President Republic



land Sauli

the Fin-


attended the reception






Finnish-American academic and cultural




In her statement the Finnish Minis-

collaboration, and congratulated the Ful-

announced during President Niinistö’s

ter of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen

bright Finland Foundation for its signifi-

visit to the United States at the end of

concluded that the donation “hardly could

cant achievements.

August at the joint White House press

have been directed to a better target.”








The Minister’s statement echoed the spontaneous reactions of the Finnish

The gift was a trending topic in many social media sites. The Finnish Embassy

public at large.

in Washington D.C. reported that the news of the gift was their most popular

The Centennial gift will be used in

social media post of the month of August, reaching over 33,000 people.

full to fund additional special grants and programming by the Fulbright Finland Foundation. Text: Terhi Mölsä Photos: Maija Kettunen More on the Centennial gift on the Fulbright Finland Foundation’s website at:

The newly arrived U.S. Fulbright scholars and students were also welcomed at the Reception commemorating the Centenary and they enjoyed the rare honor to speak with the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö. These smiling faces bring to life the Finnish

@petrisarvamaa U.S. will commit more funds to #Fulbright scholarships with Finland. Great news!

@RothEndowment Have you heard? Finland's turning 100! To celebrate the US is giving $500,000 to the Finland Fulbright Foundation.

@ECA_AS “Through #Fulbright, we are sending more of our best and brightest to Finland, forging lasting connections.” -@POTUS

@SuomiFinland100 The United States presents Finland a centennial gift of an additional $500,000 to @FulbrightFIN #finland100

@KirstiKauppi Thank you! Such a thoughtful present. @FulbrightFIN has had great impact over several decades.

@FinnEmbassyDC The U.S. announces centennial gift of an additional $500,000 to @FulbrightFIN. #Finland100

Kuuntele Yle Radio 1:n ohjelma Suomen Fulbright-ohjelman ainutlaatuisesta ASLA-historiasta, USA:n satavuotislahjasta Fulbright Suomi –säätiölle sekä tunnettujen alumnien ajatuksia ASLA-Fulbright-ohjelman merkityksestä ja vaikutuksista tieteessä, taiteessa ja yhteiskunnassa: Suomi ja Yhdysvallat talvisodasta kylmään sotaan, Fulbright – tärkeä linkki länteen.

Centenary theme “Together.”


Juha Sopanen


The agreement was signed by Vesa Taatila, Rector and President of TUAS, and Terhi Mölsä, CEO of the Fulbright Finland Foundation, on November 27, 2017.

New Fulbright-TUAS Scholar Award Fulbright Finland is pleased to announce

“In terms of attracting top experts

and truly create the possibilities for

its new cooperation agreement with

to Finland, we consider our active coop-

tolerance, understanding, and yes, peace.”

Turku University of Applied Sciences

eration with companies and our practice-

(TUAS) establishing the Fulbright-TUAS

oriented methods to be our assets,” says

Find out more and apply:

Scholar Award.

Anu Härkönen, Head of International

Affairs at TUAS. The new grant program provides U.S.

According to David Yoken, Senior

scholars the opportunity to teach at the

Lecturer at TUAS and a member of the

undergraduate and graduate levels as well

Fulbright Finland Foundation Board,

as conduct applied research at Turku Uni-

the Fulbright signing ceremony by TUAS

versity of Applied Sciences. During their

Rector and President Vesa Taatila and

stay, the scholars can also participate in

the Fulbright Finland Foundation’s Chief

TUAS research projects. In the first appli-

Executive Officer Terhi Mölsä was his-

cation round 2019–2020, the grant will


be awarded in the field of leadership and management.

“The implementation of the Fulbright American scholar program at TUAS will

“This is a brilliant new opportunity

have a transformational impact upon our

for us. The Fulbright program enables

current and future students, teachers, the

our guests to engage in longer-term work

City of Turku, and the Finnish nation,”

at our organization and facilitates the

Yoken says. “As an American citizen, I

search for exact expertise that meets the

sincerely believe the exchange of knowl-

current needs,” says TUAS Rector and

edge between the USA and Finland will

President Vesa Taatila.

lead to solving local and global challenges

VTT and Fulbright Finland Renewed Cooperation Agreement VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Chicago and Yun Ji from the University

and the Fulbright Finland Foundation

of North Dakota to Finland. The renewed

renewed their cooperation agreement for

program aims to increase the number of

the Fulbright-VTT Grant in Science, Tech-

scholars in the future and bring up to five

nology and Innovation program.

U.S. scholars to VTT annually.

VTT and Fulbright Finland have had joint grant programs since 2004 and the

current program was founded in 2012.


This year the program will bring Miiri


Kotche from the University of Illinois at


Turku University of Applied Sciences “Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) – an inspiring community of 10,000 members – is an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates international competitiveness and well-being for Southwest Finland.” • TUAS offers a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in four fields: technology, social services and health care, business, and culture. • Studies at TUAS are working life oriented, combining theoretical studies with professional skills. • A t the core of teaching is Innovation Pedagogy, a new approach to learning developed at TUAS. INNOPEDA® is based on experimenting, sharing knowhow and combining different approaches and it successfully connects teaching, research and development activities, internationality, and cooperation with working life. For further information, please visit

Maija Kettunen


Fulbright Finland and University of Eastern Finland

30 Years of Collaboration The Fulbright Finland Foundation and

“The partnership model created by the

the University of Eastern Finland cel-

University of Eastern Finland, the Saas-

Board of Directors of Saastamoinen Founda-

ebrated the 30th anniversary of their

tamoinen Foundation and the Fulbright

tion; T.J. Grubisha, Counselor for Press and


Finland Foundation is quite unique among

Cultural Affairs, American Embassy and Chair

the Fulbright programs internation-

of the Fulbright Finland Foundation Board.

ally and an excellent example of seam-

Front row: Marja Karttunen, Board Member

Key representatives from both founda-

less cooperation in the advancement of

of the Board of Directors of Saastamoinen

tions, the U.S. Embassy, the Ministry of

internationalization of higher education

Foundation; Terhi Mölsä, Chief Executive

Education and Culture, and the Ministry

and research,” says Terhi Mölsä, Chief

Officer, Fulbright Finland Foundation; Hilkka

for Foreign Affairs, together with past

Executive Officer of the Fulbright Finland

Soininen, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sci-

and current leadership of the University


ences, University of Eastern Finland




Foundation in Helsinki in November.

Back row: Petteri Karttunen, Chair of the

of Eastern Finland as well as alumni of

“The Fulbright Finland Foundation is

the joint grant programs participated in

one of our most long-standing partners.

Ossi Lindqvist, Rector Emeritus of the

the celebration.

The tripartite collaboration between the

University of Kuopio and former Fulbright

university, the Fulbright Finland Foun-

Finland Board Member, and Anitta Etula, Head


dation and the Saastamoinen Foundation

of International Relations of the University of

Foundation and the University of Eastern

has also significantly contributed to the

Eastern Finland, were both recognized with

Finland renewed their cooperation agree-

internationalization and development of

a Certificate of Appreciation for their three

ments for the Fulbright-Saastamoinen

our research,” says Jukka Mönkkönen,

decades of dedicated service for the benefit of

Foundation Distinguished Chairs and

the Rector of the University of Eastern

Finnish-American academic exchanges.



During the event, the Fulbright Finland Foundation,



Grants. Through these awards many

Read Ossi Lindqvist's speech about the history

American researchers in health and envi-

of the ASLA-Fulbright Program (in Finnish):

ronmental sciences have been able to


conduct pioneering research and lecture


at the University of Eastern Finland.

Fulbright Bicentennial Chair Agreement Renewed with University of Helsinki The Fulbright Bicentennial Chair was

lecturing at the University of Helsinki,

November. The signing was followed by

established in 1976 to institutionalize the

Department of World Cultures, North

the inaugural lecture “‘If You Don’t Speak,

teaching of American history, culture and

American Studies program. Today it is one

No One Will Listen’: Why Everyone Should

language at the University of Helsinki.

of the most prestigious appointments in

Know Clyde Warrior’s Name” by the cur-

The position is available for U.S. schol-

the Fulbright Scholar Program worldwide.

rent Chair, Daniel Cobb.

ars in a variety of fields for research and








Northern Michigan University visit.

Centennial Ambassadors in Action! During the 2017 Finnish Centennial year, the Friends of Fulbright Finland’s Centennial Ambassadors have been busy promoting Fulbright and Finland, bringing the message of opportunity and partnership to communities throughout the United States. Alumni have been very creative putting together activities designed to inform and excite Americans, to bring them closer to a Finnish experience through the Fulbright program. The “Centennial Ambassadors” initiative is part of the official Centenary of Finland’s Independence program. Here are a few examples of what our Centennial Ambassadors are doing. Marlene Broemer (2000-2001 Fulbright Graduate Student at the University of Helsinki) and Suzanne Louis (2001-2002 Fulbright Professional at the Helsinki University of Technology) toured Michigan, visiting four institutions as Centennial Ambassadors. Fulbright Program Advisers at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Northern Michigan University, and Michigan Tech, as well as faculty at Finlandia University, met with these alumni, gathering information about the unique qualities of the Fulbright Finland Program. Ben Zeller (2012-2013 Fulbright Scholar to Åbo Akademi) promoted Finland’s Centennial and various study abroad opportunities in Finland at the Global Fest, Lake Forest College, IL. Alumni Anne Dahlman (2016-2017 Fulbright Specialist to University of Turku) and Kristen Cvancara (2011-2012 Fulbright Scholar to University of Jyväskylä) organized an inspiring session for the faculty of Minnesota State University, Mankato. During the session Kristen and

Sanna Leinonen and Emilia Heimonen (2017–2018 Fulbright

Anne shared their Fulbright stories and

Teachers at Indiana University) participated to the cultural event at

the Fulbright Finland team attended via

the School of Education at Indiana University.

Skype to answer questions. For more Centennial Ambassador stories:

"Centennial Ambassadors" is part of Fulbright Finland's

commitment to the Generation Study Abroad initiative.



How did the international Fulbright Program get started? And why is it now more relevant than ever? Fulbright Finland CEO Terhi Mölsä reflects on the global Fulbright Program’s past, present, and future.

Remembering the Past, Imagining the Future I am going to ask you to imagine with me.

that the United States would locally sell

The Fulbright Finland Centennial Cam-

Imagine yourself in the aftermath

the surplus that otherwise would be left

paign offers concrete opportunities for

of the Second World War, in war-torn

and lost, and would use that money to

everyone to be a part of the network sup-

Europe, trying to grasp the magnitude

fund citizens from those countries to

porting the program and to help multiply

of the destruction, the immense dimen-

come to the United States to study and do

the opportunities that Fulbright Finland

sions of mourning and the loss of life,

research, and Americans to travel abroad

offers to students, scholars and profes-

youths and dreams, lost on the front.

for the same purpose. In other words, he

sionals. Halfway through the 4-year

After the guns have gone silent, the

took a completely unrelated piece of leg-

period, the campaign has already mate-

rebuilding begins, a gigantic effort in

islation on a completely unrelated topic,

rialized into several new partnership

recovery and reconstruction — and heal-

and turned it into what


ing. Not only physically, but mentally,

later became the most

and in-kind support,

psychologically — neighbors having



fought neighbors.



I want you to imagine this moment,

worldwide. – So as you

because it is this moment that witnessed

can see, the only thing

the birth of one of the most brilliant ideas

that can make idealis-

in the history of public diplomacy.

tic dreams incompatible

A Senator in the United States had a dream. He dreamt that one day people and

with realism is the lack

The Fulbright program was envisioned as a peace program.

of creativity.

nations would at last learn to live in peace.

That Senator was J. William Fulbright,

As a former Rhodes scholar he knew first-

and the program I am talking about car-

hand the power of people-to-people con-

ries his name.


as well as direct donations. A remarkable and historic contribution to the campaign was the Centennial Gift of the United States to Finland, an additional half million dollars from the

U.S. Congress to the Fulbright Finland Foundation. Consider this as your invitation to be

nections and the power of international

The Fulbright program was envisioned

exchange. So he developed a plan, and the

as a peace program. As we follow today’s

plan needed funding. He was well aware

news, filled with wars and hatred, both

I urge all the students here today at our

that at that point in time it would be polit-

near and far, I can only ask you: has there

American Voices Seminar to think about

ically impossible to try to pass a law for

ever been a greater need for programs

your own voice, and the decisions and dif-

funding exchanges using U.S. taxpayers’

such as Fulbright than there is today?

ference you can make. Whether it is your

money. The dream seemed idealistic and

a part of the campaign and the program — and to make a difference!

The wartime surplus funds are long

study or research aspirations, your career

gone, of course, and over the decades

choices, or the future for you and your

But the Senator took note of the fact

many other things about the program

generation, whatever it is that you have

that at the same time a bill regarding

have changed as well. But the fundamen-

on your mind right now, allow yourself to

wartime surplus was being discussed in

tal ideal remains the same. The Fulbright

think big.

the U.S. Congress. After the war, there

Finland vision is to empower the minds

Martin Luther King did not begin his

was left-over hardware and equipment

that will find global solutions to tomor-

famous speech by saying “I have a plan…”

lying around on the fronts in Europe and

row’s challenges by fostering academic

He said: “I have a dream!”

the Pacific, even food supplies in stor-

and professional expertise and excel-

age that were beginning to rot. Nobody

lence in leadership. There is nothing

seemed to quite know what to do with

humble about this vision. It is ambitious

them. Transporting everything back to

and idealistic on purpose. Just as the good

the United States would have been pro-

Senator proved to us, first you must have a

hibitively expensive and was not possible.

purpose, a dream. The plan and the fund-

just plain unrealistic.

So what does that have to do with international exchanges, you might ask? — The answer is: everything! The Senator proposed to the Congress

ing will follow.

Dear friends: Dream with me!

This is the opening speech by the Fulbright Fin-

In early 2016 the Fulbright Finland Foun-

land Foundation CEO Terhi Mölsä at the 2017

dation launched an ambitious 4-year fund­

American Voices Seminar at the University of

raising and “friend-raising” campaign.

Turku in October 2017.



Friends of Fulbright Finland 10 Years 2017 marks the 10th year that Friends of

stay abreast of the latest developments in

In recent years, Friends of Fulbright

Fulbright Finland (FoFF) and the Amer-

grant programs, learn about new partner-

Finland has extended its mission by the

ican Alumni Program have been active.

ships, convey information about grant-

creation of the Welcome Network and

Building on the strength and vitality of

ees, encourage members to attend local

the Centennial Ambassadors Program.

these foundational years, FoFF strives

gatherings of alumni, and more recently

These initiatives offer opportunities for

for an even more dynamic future ahead.

to enlist the support of alumni to donate

alumni to stay involved in a very active

to the FoFF Alumni Enrichment Fund and

way. Welcome Network alumni reach out

Fulbright Finland Centennial Fund.

to Finns pursuing their Fulbright project

Communicating with alumni in the U.S. has been the cornerstone to build the pro-

In 2012 a new fundraising plan was

in the U.S., while Centennial Ambassa-

gram. It was in 2004 that the first electronic

developed to create an endowment to

dors throughout the U.S. promote Ful-

communique was sent out to hundreds of

support a grant ear-marked for alumni.

bright and Finland in the broad mission

alumni in the U.S., sending Season’s Greet-

2018 will be the 3rd year that the grant is

of extending the exchange environment

ings! Since then more than 60 Fulbright-

awarded, encouraging American alumni

between Finland and the U.S.

Finland messages have gone from the

to return to Finland to build and maintain

In 2015 a FoFF Council of American

desk of Fulbright Finland’s Chief Execu-

connections with Finnish hosts and col-

alumni was initiated to assist the Hel-

tive Officer. These messages help everyone


sinki-based team to generate ideas and

2007 First invitation for American alumni to be part of the new FoFF Alumni Network

May 2008 First FoFF alumni gathering, in Virginia


December 2004 First Fulbright Finland e-message to American alumni, sending Season’s greetings 10 — WWW.FULBRIGHT.FI

2011 FoFF Artist Exhibit at FinnFest, San Diego, CA


Fall 2009 First “Connections Corner” Alumni News in biannual magazine


On Being a Fulbrighter Alumni Reflections Through the Years Alumni stories offer a glimpse into the way that Finland penetrates the thinking and actions of Americans who select to join the Fulbright Finland community. My Fulbright experience dramatically and

outside the classroom and be an observer

profoundly exceeded my expectations. It

and change-maker in my craft. Ongoing

was a rich, rewarding, and transformative

support of the Fulbright programs will

time for me, both professionally and per-

continue the development of global lead-

sonally. And it provided the opportunity

ers and change-makers around the world.

to cultivate long-lasting friendships and

– Andrea Schmuttermair

numerous professional connections. – Roger Coulombe

Living and conducting research in Finland has been a remarkable and life changing

My Fulbright has been transformative for

opportunity. Whether it was the people,

me on a number of levels, both as an artist

culture, environment or research, I come

and as a person.

away from Finland with a new vision – Leah Beeferman

regarding what it means to live a fulfilling life. Being a Fulbrighter is not just about

From the research perspective, the Ful-

the project and what you hope to gain, but

bright experience was a highly produc-

instead, what you can give back. – Benjamin Alldritt

tive period in terms of both hands-on support for the American alumni pro-

research and proposal preparation. From

gram. Each Council member is appointed

the teaching side, it has been a satisfy-

My Fulbright Finland experience has

for a two-year term and representation is

ing experience to teach such mature and

proven to be immensely valuable during

sought from all Fulbright Finland grant

intelligent students.

my professional career at home. From my

programs. The vision is to keep a strong,

– John Pichtel

active, and innovative alumni program in the U.S.

first interview to my daily work, my colleagues and managers have seen the value

Through experiencing the Finnish cul-

of my Fulbright experience. Through my

ture first-hand, I have learned about a

Fulbright research grant I not only devel-

loyal society that values trust and sup-

oped better skills and got exposure to

port. By connecting with professionals

innovative ideas, I showed that I am open

All the projects and initiatives of Friends of

and students in the educational com-

to new experiences, eager to learn from

Fulbright Finland are chronicled on the website

munity, I have made global partnerships

others, and that I have the initiative to


for future phenomenon-based projects.

develop and manage my own work.

Text: Suzanne Louis

– Taylor Tyger

The Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Grant has allowed me to step

2017 Creation of Centennial Ambassador program honoring the Finnish Centenary March 2012 Launch of fundraising in U.S. for the FoFF Alumni Enrichment Award

June 2013 First volunteers at Fulbright Finland booth at FinnFest, Hancock, MI

November 2017 Celebration of 10th anniversary of Friends of Fulbright Finland at Finnish Ambassador’s Residence, D.C.

2015 First Alumni Enrichment Grant awarded

2016 FoFF Welcome Network established

May 2015 Formation of the FoFF Alumni Council WWW.FULBRIGHT.FI — 11


Alumni Celebrating the Centennial at the Ambassador’s Residence in Washington D.C. Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi welcomed American alumni of the Finnish Fulbright program, and friends, to the Ambassador’s Residence in November, to celebrate Finland’s Centenary together. During the evening, many shared plans to revisit Finland, to connect with Finn-

Annie Brandt, Fulbright

ish colleagues and hosts, and to find new

Teacher 2015–2016 and Cristi

ways to make Finland more visible on

Marchetti, Fulbright Teacher,

the American scene. Discussion was ani-

Fulbright Finland Inter-Country

mated, with guests sharing memories

Travel grant 2016.

about their time in Finland and about being a Fulbrighter. Alumni also discussed some of the projects that Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) has developed, especially the Centennial Ambassador outreach and the FoFF Alumni Enrichment Award. The 10th anniversary of FoFF was noted as a special milestone of the alumni program. Fulbright Finland Alumni Ken Kolson and Peter MacKeith were presented with certificates of appreciation by the Fulbright Finland CEO Terhi Mölsä. Both have made significant contributions to ensure the strength of the alumni program and to the future of Fulbright Finland. In a surprise move, Mike Loovis, Fulbright Scholar 2010, presented the Ambassador with a photo of the Spirit of Finland sculpture by Ken Valimaki that now marks the entry to the Finnish Heritage Museum in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Text: Suzanne Louis Photos: Helena Häkäri


Terhi Mölsä and Ambassador Kauppi with Mike and Cindy Loovis.


Maija Kettunen

Investing in Optimism

Father and son Ragnar and Magnus Backström talk about their experiences on Fulbright scholarships thirty years apart, in 1951 and 1981. Ragnar Backström has just celebrated

land and the USA. ‘Everything was so

his 90th birthday, and still remembers in

big. Arriving in the United States in 1951

vivid detail his time as an ASLA scholar in

to me was arriving in a new world, or the

California in 1951. One of the first Finns

new world, as Dvořák put it in one of his

to receive an ASLA-Fulbright award, he

symphonies. The difference in the stan-

was 24 years old, a recent graduate of the

dard of living between the rich U.S. and

Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki,

post-war Finland was enormous, to put

when he made his life-changing trip from

it mildly. In Finland at that time, we were

Finland to the West Coast USA, to study at

still paying heavy war reparations to the

the University of California, Berkeley.

Soviet Union. There were no western cars,

My experience on the Fulbright couldn’t have been better. It has been an influence all through my life. – Ragnar Backström

Ragnar had been working at a shipping

and many things we now take for granted

company during his undergraduate years.

were unavailable. We couldn’t get fruit

He explains that the ASLA-Fulbright

like oranges or bananas. Today we Finns

scholarship gave him the opportunity to

are the heaviest coffee drinkers in the

ranches and a rodeo, but also went to see

study innovative economic and business

world, but coffee was very scarce then,

the local court, a fire-station and even a

ideas that brought a new perspective on

and strictly limited through rationing.

jail. It was all new to me!’

industry back home. ‘I was very proud and

You can imagine that coming to the U.S.

excited when I got the opportunity to go

was a very pleasant shock!’

Forging an International Outlook

to Berkeley,’ says Ragnar. ‘I studied in the

‘At first we spent a few days in New

Following his initial orientation, once

Business Administration Department,

York City, and then we went down to

in California, Ragnar lived in Berkeley’s

and took courses in international eco-

Austin, Texas for a six-week language

International House, a coeducational and

nomic relations, export marketing, ocean

and orientation course, which gave me

multicultural student residence founded

transportation and personnel adminis-

a very good start. There were so many

with the specific goal of helping overseas

tration. Many were still new subjects then

new things to learn and understand,

students integrate, and allowing local

in Finland. It was wonderful to be exposed

including very useful practical details,

students to learn about other cultures.

to all these new ideas.’

like learning colloquial expressions, and

‘It was quite a contrast, coming from

common abbreviations people used in

chilly Finland to the California climate,

Arriving in a New World

the U.S.’ Aside from lectures on language

and also experiencing the easy-going

Ragnar recalls his first impressions of

and culture, Ragnar explains, the course

lifestyle on the West Coast. I found the

the contrast between early 1950s Fin-

included field trips. ‘We visited oilfields,

Californians to be very nice people, very



Most of all, what I learned on the Fulbright scholarship is the importance of optimism and keeping a positive outlook. – Magnus Backström

welcoming. In Finland, we had just come

land, I had fresh ideas that people at home

Another Fulbrighter in the Family

out of the very difficult war years, with no

had hardly heard of. Some were accepted,

Ragnar’s son, Magnus Backström, is

international contact during that time. At

some I was given to understand the time

another Fulbright alumnus, winning

the International House, there were two

was not yet right. After all, this was the

a scholarship to study at Stanford and

hundred U.S. students and two hundred

early 1950s. In business, it took time to

Berkeley in 1981, exactly thirty years

foreign students, including many stu-

accept modern methods. When it came to

after Ragnar. ‘Friends of ours won-

dents from Japan, India and Indonesia.

business and industry, we didn’t yet have

dered whether Fulbright scholarships

It was wonderful to become acquainted

the economic resources

with people from all over the world. We

for modernizing. Even

stayed for a whole semester, and I learned

when there was good

a lot about other cultures as well as U.S.

will to put new ideas

society. The International House had a

into practice, it wasn’t

very good program office which arranged


excursions and visits which we would


are hereditary in our family!’ Ragnar jokes.

While in California, Ragnar became a

soon found an opportu-

My goal was always to come back home and invest that experience in Finland.

popular invited speaker at local volun-

nity to put what he had

tary organizations, including the Rotary

learned in California to

– Magnus Backström

Club, Junior Chamber of Commerce, and

good use in Finland. As

Lions International, of which he is still

a lecturer at the Navigational Institute of

‘My father had always spoken very

an active member today. ‘The university

Kotka, Ragnar taught future sea captains

fondly of his time in the U.S.,’ Magnus

encouraged us to participate in everyday

about international transport and ship-

says. ‘It was very inspiring for him. In the

life. By accepting invitations to speak at

ping economics - subjects he had studied

early 1950s, Finland was quite a closed

club meetings I learned a lot myself and

at Berkeley. Ragnar has also dedicated

society, and not an affluent country. My

made new friends.’

much of his time to research and con-

father did not come from an affluent

‘Clubs like these didn’t exist in Finland

servation of Russian imperial history in

family. In California, he was suddenly

yet. I was able to help when they started

Finland, as director of the Langinkoski

exposed to all this freedom of choice, and

over here, as I could explain to my Finn-

Imperial Fishing Lodge museum in

given the chance to meet so many dif-

ish friends how these organizations were


ferent people. He absorbed a lot from the

never have undertaken on our own.’




Magnus explains that his experiences on a youth camp in Texas and



nized by Lions International, together with his father’s memories of Berkeley, encouraged him to apply for his own Fulbright scholarship.

run in the U.S.’ Particularly inspired by

Looking back on the past sixty years,

environment and his fellow students. I

his contact with the California branch

Ragnar reflects on the changes he has

think the contrast between Finland and

of Lions International, a non-religious,

witnessed in Finnish society. ‘There is a

California in 1981 wasn’t as big as in 1951,

apolitical club organisation dedicated to

very big difference, because we were sort

but still it was a great experience. Finland

international community service, Ragnar

of fenced in then. Of course the Second

was much more affluent then, there was

has been involved in the Finnish Lions

World War was part of that, but as a nation

more than one TV channel and more than

Club since it was founded. ‘It is my 70th

we were reticent and not exactly open

one radio station. But California was still

year as a member of Lions this year.’

to new ideas. That’s just the way it was

very different, and I did get that exposure

then. Now it’s totally different.’ Shortly

to a different way of life.’

Fresh Ideas and a Lifelong Influence

after Ragnar returned from his Fulbright

‘Initially I had plans for doctoral stud-

Ragnar says that his experience as a Ful-

Scholarship, Finland hosted the 1952

ies. I wanted to improve my quantitative

bright scholar made a profound impact

Olympic Games, an event which Ragnar

skills in mathematics and statistics, and

on his life and career. ‘My experience on

views as a turning point. ‘The Olympics

I thought the U.S. would be a very good

the Fulbright couldn’t have been better.

were a very important event for Finland

place to do this,’ Magnus recalls. On the

It has been an influence all through my

and us Finns. That brought a shower of

recommendation of one of his profes-

life. I feel its effects every week, I would

internationalism into Finland. It gave us

sors at the Swedish School of Econom-

say. But above all, when I returned to Fin-

inspiration for going forward.’

ics in Helsinki, the Nobel Prize-winning



economist Bengt Holmström, also a

ened my view. My mother and father were

an extremely important role in increas-

Fulbright as well as a Stanford alumnus,

always very liberal people, very accept-

ing international understanding, not only

Magnus joined the Stanford masters

ing of different cultures, but studying in

with the U.S., which was the original idea,

program in Operations Research before

the U.S. enabled me to get to know people

but also with the international commu-

continuing to Berkeley for doctoral stud-

from different cultures at first hand.’

nity in general. It was a mind-expanding

ies. He has since built a successful career

Like his father, Magnus also stayed at

experience for me personally, and I’ve

in banking and investments, working in

International House while at Berkeley.

been fortunate to study in the U.S., as

Helsinki, Stockholm and New York City.

‘Even though I was in the USA, I made

well as benefit from the Finnish educa-

As Chief Strategist for Elite Asset Man-

many lifelong friendships with other stu-

tion system. My goal was always to come

agement in Helsinki, he continues to work

dents from other countries around the

back home and invest that experience in

in an international context, investigating

world – France, Ireland, Japan, Mexico and


global investment opportunities.

other Nordic countries. They were facing

‘The optimism of the Americans made

the same obstacles and new experiences

a very deep impression on me, and I hope

as I was, so it was easy to form bonds.’

I imported a little of that back to Finland,’

Optimism and Internationalism Like Ragnar, Magnus reflects that Ful-

‘I would say I’m a bit more social, more

Ragnar adds. ‘Most of all, what I learned

bright has been an important influence

approachable, because of these experi-

on the Fulbright scholarship is the impor-

on his life and career. ‘It made it pos-

ences. There’s a stereotype of the typi-

tance of optimism and keeping a positive

sible to get this U.S. experience. It made

cal Finn at a cocktail party looking at his

outlook. That’s something I’ve tried to do

a huge impact on my life. Because of that,

shoes. I was that person, but today I think

throughout my life.’

I’m probably more international, I have

I’m better at reaching out and also accept-

a wider understanding of different opin-

ing other people. More broadly, I think

ions, religions, and politics. It has broad-

Finnish Fulbright scholarships have had

Text: Louisa Gairn

Join the Alumni Association Are you interested in building connec-

your experience and stay involved with

the membership benefits such as the Ful-

tions and developing projects to enhance

the Fulbright community. The association

bright Finland News magazine twice a

the Fulbright experience and exchanges

is looking forward to welcome also mem-

year, international networking opportu-

between Finland and the USA? Join one

bers who are not alumni of the Finnish

nities and special events.

of the oldest Fulbright alumni associa-

Fulbright program. You can join as a sup-

tions in the world, the ASLA-Fulbright

porting member, and become a part of an

Alumni Association in Finland!

active association to get involved in build-

If you are an American alum of the Finn-

ing awareness of the Fulbright program

ish Fulbright program and reside in the

through events, meetings, and lectures.

United States, participate in the Friends

Finnish Fulbrighters often talk about their grant period as a life changing experience.

Become a member by paying the

By joining the association you can continue

annual membership fee 25€ and receive

of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) network!

AVANTO, Exercise in Self-Discovery It was a short road for me to develop a

There is a mental component to pre-

inside with a crispy covering of electri-

strong liking for Finland, Finnish peo-

paring yourself for the freezing water,

fied net. If you have the chance to do it,

ple and traditions. Early on I learned

and of course you do need to be in good

make an avanto excursion and see how

how to appreciate Finnish winter, work-


you describe it. My American friends

ing with the natural forces, that is snow,

With some dedication you can find

back home just don’t get it, with a puck-

your skin improving, your circulation

ered-up face they will always say, “but I

I became an avanto enthusiast.

becoming stronger, and your bad fat

don’t like cold water.” Avanto is not cold

My initiation came through a trusted

turning into the good fat that keeps’s a complete body, mind, spirit

internal organs warm and protected.

encounter with Nature.

ice, cold.

colleague who was an avid winter swimmer, sans sauna! And after my first

A great winter swim experience

exploratory experience, when I had to

includes friends, a group dip, and some

Avantouinti: Winter “swimming”

be reminded to turn around and walk

sort of imposing weather – snowfall or

through a hole in the ice

back toward the shore, I was hooked.

brilliant sun, even blowing rain. When

Especially seeing the ageless ladies in

the air temperature is below freezing

the changing room, who had practiced

and the water close to freezing, guess

Text: Suzanne Louis, Mid-Career

avanto for many decades, I was con-

what feels warm! Electric even. I like

Professional Development Grant 2001

vinced that at last I had discovered my

to say after a really perfect avanto, I

Originally published in the

extreme sport.

feel like a baked Alaska, melted on the

Fulbright Center News spring 2008.


Maija Kettunen


Vinkkejä ja verkostoitumista ASLA-Fulbright -alumniyhdistyksen il-

ASLA-Fulbright Graduate- ja Ful-

lanvietto toi yhteen yhdysvaltalaiset

bright-Technology Industries of Finland

stipendiaatit, Fulbright-alumnit sekä jo

-stipendit maisteri- ja tohtoriopintoihin

valitut lukuvuoden 2018–2019 suomalai-

Yhdysvalloissa lukuvuodeksi 2019–2020

set Fulbright Graduate -stipendiaatit. Jo

tulevat hakuun jälleen helmikuussa 2018.

perinteeksi muodostunut illanvietto järjestettiin uusien suomalaisten maisteri-

Teksti ja kuva: Maija Kettunen

ja tohtoriopiskelijoiden orientaatiopäivän päätteeksi. Uusille stipendiaateille ilta tarjosi verkostoitumisen ohella vinkkejä yli­

Lisätietoja: stipendiohjelmat-maisteri-ja-tohtoritason-opintoihinja-tutkimukseen

opistopaikan hakuun Yhdysvalloissa.

Fulbright Made Me a World Banker Linda Tammisto

Two years ago, I started my Master of Science in Foreign Service program at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Two years later, I find myself working at the World Bank headquarters a few miles down the road.

Two Fulbright Finland Alumni Named UNESCO Chairs

Fulbright brought me to Georgetown. Georgetown brought me to the World Bank. At the World Bank, I help rebuild conflict countries in the Middle East and

As the UNESCO Chair on Values, Dialogue

ther highlight the role of education in

and Human Rights, University of Helsin-

responding to, and building awareness

Georgetown was extremely helpful in

ki’s Professor Arto Kallioniemi (2015-2016

of contemporary global challenges. Inte-

providing the knowledge, access and con-

Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars on

grating peace, human rights and global

nections. I had both classmates, alumni

Religious Pluralism in the U.S.) will be in a

citizenship education into the curricu-

and professors who helped me navigate

leading position in Finnish society to pro-

lum, teacher education, teaching mate-

the organization that employs more than

mote values, shape dialogue and increase

rials and learning environments are

10,000 professionals in 120 countries.

the awareness of human rights issues in

at the core of the project. It will have a

None of this would have been possible


very important role in developing both

without the opportunities that Fulbright

teacher and school education in Finland

provided me with. Thank you, Fulbright

and beyond.


Having University of Helsinki Professor Hannele Niemi (1989-1990 ASLA–Fulbright Short Term Grant) as the UNESCO

North Africa.

Fulbright Finland congratulates the

Chair on Educational Ecosystems for

two new UNESCO Chairs!

Miika Tomi

Equity and Quality of Learning will fur-

Text: Mirka McIntire

ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grant 2015-2016



Donors Make a Difference The Fulbright Finland Centennial Fund campaign was launched in 2016 to honor

Centennial Fund has also been generously

the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence. The goal was to create new part-

supported by Fulbright Finland alumni JY

nerships and raise funds and friends in order to significantly expand exchanges

Zhu and Patrick Miller. A sincere thank

between Finland and the United States and to bring together the best scientists,

you also to the American alumni who

academics, educators, artists, and future leaders in the two countries.

have recently sent in gifts to the Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) Alumni

Half way through the 4-year campaign it

conveys a sincere thank you to all

Enrichment Fund: Philip

has already materialized into significant

its recent donors. The Foundation is

Marlene Broemer, Nancy Commins, Kay

new partnership agreements, pledges and

particularly pleased to recognize those

Kohl, Edwin M. Loovis, David C. Major

in-kind support as well as direct dona-


and Patricia Hart, and Karen Martin.

tions. A remarkable and historic contribu-

qualify them as founding members of

On this page, two of Fulbright Fin-

tion to the campaign was the Centennial

the Fulbright Finland Centennial Fund:

land’s alumni donors reflect on the Ful-

Gift of the United States to Finland, a half

Charles C. Adams, Jr., BJ Deering and

bright impact and their reasons to give to

million dollars from the U.S. Congress to

Jay Gillette, Kirsi Komi, Peter MacKeith,

Fulbright Finland.

the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

Bhaskar Rao, James Stock, Juhani Talvia,

The Fulbright Finland Foundation





Carol Tenopir and Gerald Lundeen. The

Inspiring Alumni Support Supporting people who are expanding international cooperation is in itself an important and rewarding endeavor.

University mergers have become a frequent occurrence in the United States and Europe as institutions seek to strengthen their research and innovation capabilities. As a Fulbright scholar interested in comparative higher education issues, I was fortunate to spend a few months in 2010-­‐2011, at the new Aalto University. The University was the result of a very carefully planned merger of three prestigious Finnish institutions: the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, the Hel-

Fulbright Finland helps maintain

land’s centennial year, it’s an opportune

sinki School of Economics, and the Hel-

valued ties between Fulbright schol-

time to involve more Fulbright alumni

sinki University of Technology.

ars in Finland and the United States. For

in both Finland and the United States in

From the outset, the expectation of

instance, a project grant can enable Ful-

Fulbright Finland. The goal is to increase

key University constituencies – students,

bright alumni from our two countries

the amount of financial aid available to

enterprises, and government – was that

to collaborate on a project of concern

alumni for special projects.

Aalto University would be an important

to both nations, such as sustainabil-

Supporting people who are expanding

source of innovation for Finland. Incor-

ity. Meanwhile an individual grant may

international cooperation is in itself an

porating perspectives of diverse disci-

give a Fulbright alum the opportunity to

important and rewarding endeavor.

plines was viewed as critical to developing

update exceptional work begun abroad

innovations that could help drive the

years earlier. So it’s not surprising why

country’s growth, create jobs, and expand

such endeavors inspire alumni support

Kay Kohl

exports in a global knowledge economy.

of Fulbright Finland. This being Fin-

Fulbright-Schuman Scholar 2010-2011

Supporting the Next Generation

Senator Fulbright’s vision for the Fulbright

designers and artists in their creative edu-

Programs was one of “peace through

cation and lives through my scholarship

international education.” This is both

gift to the Fulbright Finland Foundation,

an eternal and a timely vision, as neces-

and I encourage others in similar positions

sary now as it was following World War

to consider making their gift, as well.

II. As a beneficiary of a Fulbright Finland Fellowship - one which transformed my

Peter MacKeith

education and work – I am grateful to the

Dean and Professor of Architecture

Fulbright Finland Foundation for their

Fay Jones School of Architecture and

support of me at an important moment

Design, University of Arkansas

in my life. As a Fulbright Finland Ambassador, I am happy that I can now in turn

Photo: Washington University in St. Louis

support the next generation of Finnish



Finland’s Appeal Evolving

High Quality Research in Environmental and Health Sciences Attracts U.S. Students Traditionally U.S. students have come

bold solutions to the current societal and

to Finland to study or do research in

environmental challenges are examples

the fields of Architecture, Music and

of U.S. students’ reasons for selecting

Social Sciences. In recent years stu-

Finland as their study or research desti-

dents interested in Finland’s approach


to challenges in Environmental and

On the average, approximately ten

Health Sciences have been represented

U.S. post-baccalaureate students arrive

in growing numbers in the applicant

to Finland through the Fulbright Finland

pool for Finland.

Foundation each year to pursue studies or research at a Finnish university or

U.S. students select Finland because Fin-

research institute. Grantees come to Fin-

land ranks high in global comparisons in

land to complete a full master’s or doctoral

fields such as Energy Solutions or Bioin-

degree or to take courses as a non-degree

formatics, or because Finland has a world-

student. Fulbright U.S. Students can also

renowned research group, for example in

join a Finnish research group or con-

Gene Therapy that the student wishes to

duct their self-created research project

join. Many applicants have also learned

under the guidance of an academic advi-

about exceptional and robust research

sor. Students select their host institution

material or data available in Finland in

independently based on their academic

their particular field of interest. Finland’s

interest and goals.

Fulbright U.S. Student benefits •• monthly grant and travel allowance •• supplementary accident and sickness benefit •• four-day orientation training in Helsinki •• personal advising services •• enrichment and networking opportunities throughout the year •• full two-year tuition scholarship for Master’s studies in selected universities.

basic income experiment, the unique biodiversity information portal and other

U.S. Graduate Student Stories

Text: Karoliina Kokko

Health, Nature, Sustainability When applying for the Fulbright, I knew I wanted to come to the Arctic because of my interest in arctic health. I looked at several arctic countries before deciding to apply to Finland. I was impressed by Finland’s high ranking in gender equality, happiness, and education. The climate, landscape, and the close relationship Finns share with nature intrigued me. My ultimate deciding factor though was finding someone to research Arctic health with at the University of Oulu’s Thule Institute. In addition to being able to study Arctic health in Finland, I also wanted to experience living in one of the most sustainable countries in the world. Since I’ve been here, I’ve struggled to sort my recycling into bins labeled in Finnish, dyed my fingers purple picking blueberries, and I’ve accidently put salt in my coffee because I couldn’t read that a box didn’t say “sugar.” I’m enjoying each and every moment and misstep of my Finnish adventure. I can’t imagine my Fulbright experience anywhere else but Finland. Audrey Waits Fulbright-EDUFI Fellowship 2017-2018 University of Oulu



Connecting with Arctic Researchers climate change. Writing from my desk in

addition, the Arctic Studies Program at

I have been fascinated by the polar

Massachusetts, my research was largely

the University of Lapland is a unique

regions of the globe since traveling to

theoretical in nature and abstract in

non-degree program that will allow me to

Antarctica during my sophomore year of

application. Spending a year in northern

pair my research with a more traditional

college. The North and South Poles have

Finland will allow me to understand the

classroom environment. Finally, the Arc-

a mythic weight, as elusive and compel-

nuances of life in the Arctic and the inter-

tic Centre is home to some of the best

ling as outer space or the deepest oceans.

sectional nature of Arctic peoples, poli-

scholars and researchers in the world and

However, the Arctic is not merely a place

tics, and policies.

I am honored to have the opportunity to

of dreams but rather a complex web of

Finland is the Chairman of the Arc-

social, political, and economic factors. I

tic Council for the next two years which

wrote my senior thesis on the role of the

means that there will be numerous

Gemma Holt

Arctic Council in supporting sustainable

opportunities to connect with Arctic

Fulbright U.S. Student Grantee 2017-2018

development and adaptive responses to

researchers from all over the world. In

University of Lapland

work with them.

Investigating the Circular Economy I chose to apply for the Fulbright student award specifically at Lappeenranta University of Technology because I was attracted to the Sustainability Science and Solutions program. I liked the systems thinking approach that the program had marketed in regards to sustainability, and thought that this way of thinking would be helpful for me to better study and understand applications of the circular economy. Courses such as Advanced Life Cycle Assessment will aid me in my under-

Aditya Ramesh on the right.

standing of industrial operations from an environmental perspective. As part of my

lots of investments being made in scaling

Master’s thesis, I would like to identify

the circular economy in Finland!

and describe opportunities in which the circular economy can scale even further.

Aditya Ramesh

For more reasons to study in Finland see videos

As we learned in SITRA’s presentation to

Fulbright-Lappeenranta University

on Fulbright Finland’s YouTube channel:

us during Fulbright orientation, there are

of Technology Grantee 2017-2018



Vaughn Shirey and Audrey Waits teaching the audience marching band choreography.

XXV American Voices

Dialogue between Nations, Institutions and Individuals Every year over one hundred North Amer-

example of our long-term collabora-

it brings together students and scholars

ican Studies students come to listen to the

tion with Fulbright Finland,” says Senior

from the United States and Finland for

Fulbright grantees present on a myriad of

Lecturer of the North American Stud-

a dialogue and chance to learn from one

topics related to the culture, society and

ies program Janne Korkka. The seminar

another. “The seminar seeks to bridge

life of the United States of America. The

is included in the study program which

research, researchers and students from

annual American Voices seminar, orga-

ensures the continuity of the collabora-

the very beginning of their university

nized jointly by the Fulbright Finland

tion and that there is always an audience

studies, a goal which we take very seri-

Foundation and the University of Turku,

eager to participate in the discussion.

ously in Turku. Meeting American spe-

has enabled a dialogue between nations,

“American Voices is a compulsory part of

cialists and hearing their talks is a great

institutions and individuals already for

the North American Studies program, and

opportunity for our students,” Korkka

twenty-five years.

students get credit points for attending.


“American Voices is a highlight of

Up to a hundred students attend the sem-

the academic year for the North Ameri-

inar, and many return year after year,”

can Studies Program (NAMS) at the Uni-

Korkka says.

Text and photo: Maija Kettunen

versity of Turku. The seminar series has

American Voices seminar serves also

been running for 25 years, and it’s a great

another important purpose. Every year

to the newly renovated Parliament House

Fulbright-University of Tampere Scholar

ing by parliamentary members. We are

which reopened in September. Member

David Timberlake was delighted for the

grateful to Fulbright Finland, our host MP

of Parliament Antti Kurvinen hosted a

privilege: “Following lunch, we visited

Kurvinen, and staff at the Parliament for

lunch and gave the Fulbrighters an intro-

the Plenary Hall where we observed the

the informative tour.”

duction to the Finnish political system.

Finnish government in action with vot-

Text: Maija Kettunen

Seminar information and program:

Thanksgiving Fulbright Finland Style “The annual Thanksgiving gathering at the Bicentennial Residence brings together the extended Fulbright Finland family and represents some of the best aspects of the program, such as community, collegiality, critical engagement, and cross-cultural sharing,” says Fulbright Bicentennial Chair Daniel Cobb (in the photo with his wife Nicole), who hosted the traditional Thanksgiving potluck dinner this year. Terhi Mölsä

The two days of Thanksgiving events also included a visit to the Fazer chocolate factory and a game of floorball with the Fulbright Finland staff team. A very special opportunity was the visit



Join Us for the Spring 2018 Fulbright Events in Finland Welcome American Grantees

the teaching of North American Studies

Engineering and Economics to Envi-

Arrival Orientation for

in Finland, and update and share infor-

ronmental Sciences and Arctic related

New American Grantees

mation about U.S. Embassy, Canadian


January 25-26, 2018, Helsinki

Embassy, and Fulbright resources.

This year’s Fulbright Forum is organized jointly by Fulbright Finland, Uni-

Increase Student Mobility Between Finland and the U.S.

versity of Helsinki and Aalto University.

grantees to Finland! The arrival orientation for new U.S. Fulbright grantees will

Fulbright Capacity-Building Workshop:

of charge.

take place in various locations in Hel-

Establishing Partnership Agreements with

sinki. Fulbright grantees will be treated

U.S. Universities to Increase Student Mobility

to a vast amount of information about

March 14, 2018, Scandic Paasi, Helsinki

Time to welcome new U.S. Fulbright

The seminar is open to the public and free

Finnish Fulbrighters Getting Ready for the U.S. Pre-Departure Orientation for the

Finland including a look at its history, education system and unique language.

The workshop aims to help Finnish uni-

Finnish 2018-2019 Fulbright Grantees

Fulbrighters will get to know each other,

versities in their efforts to establish well-

and Award Ceremony & Reception

the Fulbright Finland staff, and make

functioning partnership agreements with

May 16, 2018, Helsinki


U.S. universities to increase student and




speakers and alumni.

staff mobility between Finland and the

The Pre-Departure Orientation prepares

U.S. The program also explores how to

the new Finnish grantees for their Ful-

Interested in North American Studies?

attract U.S. students to Finland, and how

bright experience ahead. The program

The 14th Annual Fulbright North

to support the development of services

includes expert sessions on various prac-

American Studies Roundtable

available for U.S. students.

ticalities and discussions with Fulbright

February 2, 2018, U.S. Embassy Helsinki

Finland alumni. The day concludes at the Helsinki City Hall with an Award Cer-

The annual Fulbright North American

Education, Innovation, Science and Art: Fulbright Forum 2018

Studies Roundtable brings together pro-

March 15-16, 2018, University of

the City of Helsinki and the Ministry for

gram coordinators, lecturers, and profes-

Helsinki and Aalto University

Foreign Affairs, Department for Commu-

sors of North American Studies at Finnish

emony and Reception jointly hosted by

nications and Culture. The first seminar day focuses on Educa-

The Reception will also recognize the

enhance cooperation amongst the pro-

tion. The second day is multidisciplinary

North American Studies Maple Leaf &

grams, develop new initiatives to support

and includes a wide array of topics from

Eagle conference.

Maija Kettunen

universities to discuss concrete ways to

Fulbright Finland Alumna Sparks Dialogue to Promote Sense of Inclusion

from diverse backgrounds to network, to learn from each other and to share their expertise, ideas and best practices to pro-

Hanna-Miina Sihvonen, Senior Spe-

with the Fulbright Finland Foundation

cialist from the Ministry of the Interior,

and Professor Muqtedar Khan from the

The Fulbright Dialogue series contin-

attended a 6-week Study of the U.S. Insti-

University of Delaware. Professor Khan,

ues in December at the Ministry of Edu-

tute on U.S. National Security Policy­

who teaches courses on Arab and Middle

cation and Culture with a focus on Future

making at the University of Delaware

Eastern Politics, Politics of Develop-

Needs and Prospects for Finnish-U.S.

in January 2017. While the program was

ment, Globalization, and Islam in World

Teacher and Administrator Exchanges.

short and intensive, the insights into var-

Affairs at the University of Delaware,

ious themes and professional networks

gave an introduction to the theme and

have already proven valuable.

shared his expertise on the mechanisms

mote a sense of inclusion.

Text: Mirka McIntire

In October, Sihvonen organized a Ful-

of radicalization and the sense of belong-

More information on the Fulbright Dialogue series:

bright Dialogue: Mechanisms of Radicaliza-

ing vs. non-belonging to the society. The

tion and Sense of Inclusion in collaboration

Dialogue event brought together experts




Fulbright Finland Foundation The Fulbright Finland Foundation is an independent not-for-

a range of government, foundation, university and corporate

profit organization based in Helsinki, Finland. Its purpose is

partners on both sides of the Atlantic to design and manage

to promote a wider exchange of knowledge and professional

study and research scholarships, leadership development

talents through educational contacts between Finland

programs and internationalization services.

and the United States. The Foundation collaborates with

Appointment News from the Board Fulbright Finland welcomes Mr. Ethan Tabor, Assistant Public Affairs Officer at the American Embassy, and Mr. Itonde A. Kakoma, the head of region for Sub-Saharan Africa at the Crisis Management Initiative CMI on the Fulbright Finland Foundation Board of Directors. Ms. Jeanie Duwan has completed her board service. Fulbright Finland conveys to Ms. Duwan a sincere thank you for her dedi-

2016 – 2019

cated service. The Finnish board members are appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the American members by the U.S. Ambassador to Finland.

Fulbright Suomi -säätiö numeroina 2017 Tilastot ovat tilikaudelta 1.10.2016–30.9.2017

Alumnit •• Yhdysvalloissa noin 600 Fulbright Suomi -säätiön amerikkalaista alumnia mukana Friends of Fulbright Finland -verkostossa •• Sadat alumnit Suomessa ja USA:ssa toimivat asiantuntijoina, tieteenalakohtaisina arvioijina ja valintalautakuntien jäseninä, johtokunnan jäseninä

Asiakastilastot •• Asiakaskontakteja ja tapahtumaosallistujia lähes 6 500, joista yli 1 500 Fulbright Speaker

sekä muissa Fulbright Suomi -säätiön tehtävissä •• ASLA-Fulbright Alumni -yhdistyksessä yhteensä 140 jäsentä

Program -tapahtumien osallistujia. Kaikista osallistujista koulutuksen ja kansainvälistymisen ammattilaisia n. 26 % •• 64 tapahtumaa Suomessa: infotilaisuudet, seminaarit, konferenssit ja Fulbright Speaker Program -tapahtumat •• Verkkosivu: 226 500 sivun katselua ja 69 400 käyttäjää

Vuoden 2017 kohokohtia •• Toiminnan säätiöittäminen: Fulbright Suomi -säätiö sr aloittaa virallisesti toimintansa Suomessa •• Alumni Bengt Holmströmille taloustieteiden Nobelpalkinto •• Jean Jordanille ensimmäinen Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) Alumni Enrichment Award

Stipendiohjelmat •• Yhteensä 91 stipendiaattia, joista 48 suomalaista ja 43 yhdysvaltalaista •• Yhteisstipendit mukaan lukien jaettu yli 1,42 miljoonaa euroa apurahoina

•• Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) -alumniverkoston Centennial Ambassadors -projekti osaksi virallista Suomi100-ohjelmaa. •• Opintomatka Alaskaan: Towards Sustainable Arctic Futures •• Yhdysvaltain satavuotislahja Suomelle: USA:n

Perusrahoitus (Perusrahoitus ilman yhteistyöstipendejä) •• 72 % Suomesta (Tukisäätiö, opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö, yksityiset säätiöt, suomalaiset

kongressilta puoli miljoonaa dollaria Fulbright Suomi -säätiölle. •• Suomen ja Yhdysvaltojen Fulbright-sopimuksen 65-vuotisjuhlavuosi.

korkeakoulut, muut) •• 28 % Yhdysvalloista (20 % USA:n ulkoministeriön allokaatio, 8 % muut)


Fulbright Finland serves as the national EducationUSA center in Finland.


Fulbright Finland Foundation Board of Directors Honorary Chair: Ambassador of the United States to Finland Finnish Members: Dr. Piia Björn Professor of Special Education University of Eastern Finland Vice-Chair Dr. Heikki Ruskoaho Professor of Pharmacology and Drug Development University of Helsinki Dr. Matti Kokkala Professor

Dr. Hannu Seristö Vice President for External Relations Aalto University American Members: Mr. T.J. Grubisha Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs American Embassy Chair Mr. Itonde A. Kakoma Head of the Region for the Sub-Saharan Africa Crisis Management Initiative

Mr. Ethan Tabor Assistant Public Affairs Officer American Embassy Mr. David Yoken Senior Music Lecturer Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences Ex-officio: Ms. Terhi Mölsä Chief Executive Officer Fulbright Finland Foundation

Fulbright Finland Foundation Office Ms. Pia Arola Johdon assistentti Executive Assistant p. (044) 5535 278 •• Toimistohallinto Ms. Emilia Holopainen Ohjelmakoordinaattori Program Coordinator p. (044) 7035 284 •• Inter-Country-stipendit •• Undergraduate-stipendit suomalaisille •• Sosiaalinen media ja verkkopalvelut •• Friends of Fulbright Finland -verkosto Ms. Emmi Jelekäinen Ohjelmakoordinaattori Program Coordinator p. (044) 5535 275 •• Tutkija-, luennoitsija- ja asiantuntijastipendit amerikkalaisille •• Tutkija- ja luennoitsijastipendit suomalaisille

Ms. Maija Kettunen Viestintä- ja tapahtuma­ koordinaattori Communication and Events Coordinator p. (044) 5535 277 •• Sosiaalinen media ja verkkopalvelut •• Visuaalinen viestintä •• Tapahtumat •• Fulbright Finland News •• Fulbright Speaker -ohjelma Ms. Karoliina Kokko Vastaava ohjelmapäällikkö Senior Program Manager (grant program oversight) p. (044) 5535 268 •• Maisteri- ja tohtorivaiheen stipendit •• Neuvonta opiskelusta USA:ssa •• Alumnikoordinaattori Ms. Johanna Lahti (opintovapaalla/on study leave)

Ms. Suzanne Louis Projektikonsultti (osa-aikainen) Project Consultant (part-time) •• Friends of Fulbright Finland -verkosto •• Alumnikoordinaattori •• Fulbright Finland News Ms. Mirka McIntire Ohjelmapäällikkö, Koulutus- ja opettajavaihto (osa-aikainen) Manager, Teacher Exchange and Education Programs (part-time) p. (044) 5535 269 •• Opettajaohjelma •• Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars and Secondary School Educators •• Study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders from Europe •• Asiantuntijastipendit •• Seminaarit ja koulutustapahtumat Ms. Terhi Mölsä Toimitusjohtaja Chief Executive Officer p. (050) 570 5498

Office: (044) 5535 286, e-mails:

Fulbright Suomi -säätiön toimintaa tukee Suomen ja Yhdysvaltain Stipenditoiminnan Tukisäätiö. Tukisäätiön hallitus: The Finland-America Educational Trust Fund, Board of Directors: Finnish members:

American members:

Agent / Säätiön asiamies:

Mr. Jouni Mölsä Director General of Communications Department for Communications and Culture Ministry for Foreign Affairs Chair

Ms. Donna Welton Chargé d’Affaires American Embassy Vice-Chair

Ms. Terhi Mölsä Chief Executive Officer Fulbright Finland Foundation

Ms. Jaana Palojärvi Head of International Relations Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture

Mr. T.J. Grubisha Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs American Embassy

The Finnish members are appointed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The American members are appointed by the American Embassy.


Fulbright Finland Hakaniemenranta 6 FI-00530 HELSINKI FINLAND

marraskuu 2017

10. 11.  FoFF Reception at the Finnish Ambassador’s Residence, Washington, D.C.

16. 11. Fulbright Suomi -säätiö Minimessuilla

6. 12. Independence Day Finland 100 years

11. 12. Hakuaika tutkijaohjelmiin lukuvuodelle 2018–2019 päättyy

20. 12. Fulbright Finland Foundation Board meeting

25. 12 - 29. 12. Fulbright Suomi -säätiö suljettu


13. - 17. 11. International Education Week

21. 11. 30th Anniversary of the Fulbright Finland Foundation and the University of Eastern Finland Collaboration

23. – 24. 11. Thanksgiving & Enrichment program for American grantees

11. 12. Fulbright Dialogue on Future Needs and Prospects for Finnish-U.S. Teacher and Administrator Exchanges

14. 12. The FinlandAmerica Educational Trust Fund Board Meeting

30. 11. Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies -professorin virkaanastujaisluento


Happy Holidays!

tammikuu 2018



25. - 26. 1. ORIENTATION for the American grantees arriving in spring

2. 2. North American Studies Roundtable


14. 3. Fulbright CapacityBuilding Workshop on Establishing Partnership Agreements with U.S. Universities to Increase Student Mobility

15. - 16. 3. Fulbright Forum 2018 on Education, Innovation, Science and Art, University of Helsinki and Aalto University

16. - 18. 5. Fulbright Finland at Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference

16. 5. ORIENTAATIO: Suomalaisten stipendiaattien lähtöorientaatio ja stipendien julkistamis­ tilaisuus

Stipendiohjelmien uudet hakutiedot julkistetaan helmikuussa

Finland’s Centennial December 6, 2017

Fulbright Finland News 2/2017  
Fulbright Finland News 2/2017  

The Fulbright Finland News is a biannual magazine published by the Fulbright Finland Foundation.