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Finlandia Prize to Fulbright Alumnus Jussi Valtonen A Northern Look on Global Change Stipendit arktiseen tutkimukseen

vol. 24 nro 2 (60) syksy/fall 2014

fulbright center news

Fulbright Arctic Initiative

Finland – an Arctic Expert

From the Executive Director The vision of the Fulbright Center in Finland is to empower

Finland’s new Arctic Strategy

Arctic superpower in tourism. And

was adopted a year ago. Besides

finally, one third of all citizens

a clear-cut strategy, it includes

living in the Arctic – above the 60

an extensive set of objectives

degree of latitude – are Finns.

for Finland’s Arctic policy and

The Arctic Council is the pre-

concrete actions to reach those

eminent forum for Arctic issues,

objectives. The strategy addresses

recognized by all. The Coun-

education, research, social issues

cil’s institutional role has been

for local residents, the economy,

steadily growing following the

infrastructure, the environment,

establishment of a permanent

stability and international coop-

secretariat, the adoption of bind-

eration in the Arctic.

ing agreements and the extension

the minds that will find global solutions to tomor-

Finland’s role in the funda-

of the Council’s agenda. Finland

row’s challenges by fostering academic and professional

mental change currently ongoing

promotes broadening the Arctic

expertise and excellence in leadership. The program was

in the Arctic is to promote sustain-

cooperation towards economic

established to create global citizens – those who dare to

able development and stability,

and business issues, including

address universal problems with innovative solutions, and

both nationally and internation-

the work of the recently estab-

create meaningful change.

ally. Simultaneously, Finland is

lished Arctic Economic Council.

One of the most critical global questions facing us today

engaged in efforts to exploit the

Both the U.S. and Finland stress

is how we deal with the Arctic. What happens in the Arctic

economic opportunities emerg-

further strengthening of the

does not stay in the Arctic: it has global implications. At the

ing in the North. These two goals

Council. We support the Council

Arctic Circle 2014 Assembly in Reykjavik in October, Finnish

are not mutually exclusive, as

being open to global cooperation

President Sauli Niinistö poignantly reminded the audience

long as the economic activities in

and enhanced interaction with

that not only is the future of the Arctic in our hands, at the

the vulnerable Arctic regions take

observers. Finland fully supports

same time our own future is in the hands of the Arctic (p. 5).

into account the environmental

the U.S. proposal to arrange the

This Fulbright Center News focuses on the Arctic, and

concerns and are sustainable also

Arctic Summit in 2016, if circum-

we are so pleased to have Finland’s Arctic Ambassador

in terms of local communities.

stances permit.

Hannu Halinen as our invited columnist (p. 2). Our grant-

In short, Finland’s Arctic Vision

The U.S. will chair the Arctic

ees and alumni talk about their careers in pursuit of Arctic

states: “Finland is an active Arctic

Council on 2015–2017 and Finland

questions, and we are announcing several new initiatives

actor with the ability to reconcile

will follow thereafter. Together

that address the Arctic.

the limitations imposed and busi-

we are aiming at more focused

The new Fulbright Arctic Initiative provides interdisci-

ness opportunities provided by

alignment of interests between

plinary research opportunities to both established experts

the Arctic environment in a sus-

chairmanships. This will involve

and early career specialists from all eight Arctic Council

tainable manner, while drawing

active dialogue and longer-term

countries (p. 4). Using a collaborative model to translate

upon international cooperation”.

thinking between our two coun-

theory into practice, program participants will address

To give some examples of the

tries and partners in the Arctic.

public policy research questions relevant to the challenges

Finnish Arctic expertise: our

We are seeking for an informal

Arctic nations share. Finland has a special role in this new

airports stay open even during

bilateral Arctic framework – a

program as it will host a plenary meeting of the Arctic Ini-

heavy snowstorms (because of

partnership, if you will – to inten-

tiative scholars in early 2016.

our snow-how) and all our ports

sify the already existing good

The Fulbright Center has also founded a new Travel

are ice-covered during winter,

cooperation on Arctic issues, and

Grant program for key strategic research areas, including

but neither are they ever closed,

to widen bilateral relationships

the Arctic (p. 4), and is actively looking into other possi-

thanks to our ice-breakers. Sixty

in new areas. We are thinking

bilities to join forces with institutions and organizations

percent of all ice-breakers in the

of extended cooperation in par-

in Finland and abroad to find new ways to advance the

world are built in Finland and we

ticular in science, technology and

research and teaching of this critical area. Currently, the

are busy with new innovations

research; in climate and envi-

Center assists in the planning of a summer school on Arctic

in ice-breaking and ice manage-

ronmental issues; in information

cooperation and cross-border expertise at the Lapland

ment technologies. Furthermore,

and communications technology;

University of Applied Sciences (p.6).

to live and work in a cold climate

and in safety and security related

In a globalized world, cross-border and multilateral

is natural for all Finns. Machinery

sectors, as well. The Finnish

cooperation is increasingly important. Respectively,

and houses are built to last even

Fulbright Program is already a

the Fulbright Center in Finland seeks to complement its

the coldest temperatures, cars are


traditional bilateral programs by developing an increas-

winter-tested in Finland, cloth-

in this

ing number of collaborative, multilateral initiatives. The

ing is high-tech; comfortable but


new Fulbright Arctic Initiative is an excellent example of

always keeping you warm. Con-

through its

regional cooperation. Another one is the ongoing Fulbright

cepts such as renewable energy,

grant and

Inter-Country Travel Grant Program that the Fulbright

cleantech and green mining are


Center in Finland helps to coordinate to facilitate U.S.

routinely applied in our Arctic


scholar mobility in all of Europe. There are other examples,

activities. You know that Santa

and even more are in the planning.

Claus comes from the Arctic

None of this would be possible without our numerous

Circle in Finland, but did you

partners in Finland, in North America, and around the world.

know that 90 percent of all hotel

Thank you for joining us for Fulbright Finland… for the future!

beds in the Circumpolar Arctic are

Hannu Halinen

in the Finnish Lapland; we are an

Arctic Ambassador of Finland

Terhi Mölsä

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Fulbright Arctic Initiative


New Research Travel Grants


Deputy Assistant Secretary Curtis in Finland World-Famous School System and Arctic Cooperation


Fulbright at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik


Fulbright in Finland Launched the Fulbright Speaker Program


Summer School on Arctic Cooperation and Cross-Border Expertise


Fulbright Bicentennial Agreement Renewed


Researching State Strategies towards the Arctic


Finland Fulbrighter Teaching Nursing Educators in Kazakhstan


A Northern Outlook on Global Change

12 My Life Changing Experience as a Fulbright Fellow A Career in Pursuit of Arctic Questions 14 First Finnish Fulbright Grantees for 2015–2016 Selected From Peace Mediation to Cleantech and Startups Photo: Hanna Strengell

Cover: After dismantling their ‘chums’ (tents), members of the Serotetto extended family with Bruce Forbes (in front) have a tea/coffee break before moving their large reindeer herd to the next camp. As year-round nomads, the tundra Nenets of the Yamal Peninsula in West Siberia migrate hundreds of kilometers each year between winter lichen grounds in the northern boreal forest and summer pastures along the Kara Sea. Although children attend boarding school on southern Yamal for the academic year, large nuclear families remain the norm, with all ages active in herding during the summer and over long holidays like Christmas. Arctic researcher and Fulbright alumnus Professor Bruce Forbes talks about saving the Arctic tundra, involving local people in research, and influencing public policy on northern landscapes at both national and international levels on pages 8–11.

15 Research on the New Fulbright Flex Award: Helping Cities Adapt to the Impacts of Climate Change 15 Fulbright Center and Vanderbilt Cooperate to Provide Unique Opportunities for Finnish Undergraduates 15 Alumni Vice-Chair Laura Hirvi to Lead the Finnish Institute in Berlin 16 Highlights of the American Fall in Finland 18 Voices Across the Atlantic – Campus Perspectives 20 Fulbright Alumni Find Creative Ways to Give to the Program 21 Alumni News 21 Fulbright-alumni Jussi Valtoselle kirjallisuuden Finlandia-palkinto 22 News / Uutisia 23 Fulbright Center 24 Kalenteri / Calendar of Events

Cover photo: Roza Laptander

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Grant News

Fulbright Arctic Initiative Building on the strong existing network of Arctic Studies scholars and policy

held in early 2016.

experts in the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State has launched

“Finland is an important partner in

the Fulbright Arctic Initiative. This new program seeks to inspire collaborative

the Arctic, and I am pleased to have the

research on the impact of climate change on people and the environment in the

opportunity to work closely with Finnish

Arctic. Finland has a special role in this new program.

colleagues to address our shared challenges in the Arctic during the upcoming

“The Fulbright Arctic Initiative is an

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative will

U.S. chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

innovative program that will provide

support approximately 16 participants

I am delighted that U.S. and Finnish

interdisciplinary research opportunities

for advanced research and collaborative

researchers will collaborate along with

to both established experts and early

study for an 18-month period in 2015–

scholars from the other Arctic nations

career specialists from the Arctic Coun-

2017, coinciding with the United States’

as part of the Fulbright Arctic Initiative. I

cil countries: the United States, Canada,

chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

look forward to hearing more about their

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway,

Beginning in May 2015, the scholars will

work,” says U.S. Special Representative

Russia, and Sweden,” says Dr. Michael

work in thematic teams to explore public

for the Arctic, Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr.

Sfraga, Vice Chancellor, and Profes-

policy research questions and engage

Arctic researchers have over the

sor of Arctic Policy at the University of

governments, NGOs, businesses, and

years been an important group in the

Alaska Fairbanks, and one of the two

Arctic communities.

Finnish Fulbright program, and some

Lead Scholars of the program. The other

The participants will be selected

of them are featured in this issue of

Lead Scholar is Dr. Ross Virginia who

through an open, merit-based compe-

the Fulbright Center News. Dr. Virginia

is the Director or the Institute of Arctic

tition. All grantees will attend three

points out the long-term research col-

Studies, and Myers Family Professor of

seminar group meetings, complete

laboration between his home university

Environmental Science at Dartmouth

a research visit for a minimum of six

Dartmouth and institutions in Finland.


weeks and up to three months, and main-

“We value our close relations with col-

tain ongoing virtual communication with

leagues and institutions in Finland. I see

fellow grantees and lead scholars.

these relationships only growing as Fin-

“Using a collaborative model to translate theory into practice, pro-

land takes on the Chairmanship of the

gram participants will address public policy research questions relevant to

Finland to Host the Arctic Seminar

Arctic Council following the U.S. lead in

Arctic nations’ shared challenges. Over

Finland has a special role in the Ful-

2015–2017,” Dr. Virginia concludes.

an 18-month period, the scholars will

bright Arctic Initiative program as a host

assess the impact of change in the Arctic

of one of the three scholar meetings.

in four key areas: Energy, Water, Health,

Finland will serve as the host of the pro-

and Infrastructure,” Virginia adds.

gram’s mid-term seminar meeting to be

Stipendit arktiseen tutkimukseen nyt haussa

Education, Entrepreneurship, and the Arctic

New Research Travel Grants

Lokakuussa julkistetun kansainvälisen Fulbright Arctic Ini-

The Fulbright Center has recognized the need to more actively

tiative -ohjelman stipendit ovat nyt haussa! Tämä arktisille

engage researchers and faculty on the departmental level at

tutkijoille suunnattu täysin uusi ohjelma tarjoaa ainutlaatuisen

Finnish higher education institutions to ensure awareness of

mahdollisuuden poikkitieteelliseen tutkimusyhteistyöhön ja

the Fulbright Center programs. At the same time, the Center

verkostoitumiseen sekä kokeneille että uransa alussa oleville

has also received feedback from departments at Finnish HEIs

asiantuntijoille. Stipendiä voivat hakea arktisen neuvoston

on the need for short-term travel grants for research col-

jäsenmaiden (Suomi, Venäjä, Yhdysvallat, Kanada, Tanska,

laboration with current as well as new partners in the United

Islanti, Norja, ja Ruotsi) kansalaiset. Hakuaika päättyy 2.2.2015.

States. The Fulbright Center has founded a new grant program

Ohjelman stipendit ovat Yhdysvaltain rahoittamia. Ohjel-

that combines these two aspects. The new Fulbright Center

maan liittyy myös tutkijatapaamisia, jotka järjestetään

Travel Grants for Research Collaboration will offer short-term

kansainvälisessä yhteistyössä eri maissa. Kolmesta tutkija­

travel grants to researchers from Finland to the Unites States.

tapaamisesta yhtä isännöi Suomi.

Lisätietoja stipendit-tohtorintutkinnon-jalkeiseen-tutkimukseen-jaluennointiin/fulbright-arctic-initiative 4

Text: Terhi Mölsä

The program pays special attention to applications from three strategic areas defined by the Fulbright Center Board: The Arctic, Education, and Entrepreneurship. Applicants do not need to be Finnish citizens. The competition will open in February 2015. Stay tuned for more information!

Deputy Assistant Secretary Curtis in Finland

World-Famous School System and Arctic Cooperation No time was wasted during the visit

in education while promoting cultural

to Finland by Meghann Curtis, U.S.


U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Meghann Curtis (second from right) took a

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

As part of the visit, Ms. Curtis

first-hand look at the world-famous school

and Mary Kirk, Director of the Office

launched also the first ever Fulbright

system and promoted Arctic cooperation in

of Academic Exchange Programs in

Dialogue at the Finnish Ministry for

Finland. Here at the Koulumestari

the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau

Foreign Affairs with a roundtable dis-

School in Espoo.

of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

cussion on Transatlantic Cooperation in Teacher Exchange and Education. Finn-

Finnish Fulbright alumni and cur-

ish and American education experts,

Foreign Affairs and at the Ministry of



including various State exchange pro-

Education and Culture.

demonstrated how through the Ful-

gram alumni, were invited to share their

bright Distinguished Awards in Teaching

perspectives on the theme.



“The Finnish Fulbright program really stands out around the world as

Program and the Fulbright Speaker

Visitors also highlighted Arctic coop-

one of the best,” Curtis concluded after

Program, American and Finnish edu-

eration and Finland’s prominent role in

her two-day immersion into Finnish-

cators get to share their best practices

it during meetings at the Ministry for

American Fulbright experience.

Fulbright Center Finland participated at the Arctic Circle 2014 Assembly in October in Reykjavik, Iceland, where the new Fulbright Arctic Initiative program was announced. The conference gathered 1,400 people representing 34 nations. President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö (in the photo) spoke at the Opening Plenary of the conference as well as opened the country

Photo: Terhi Mölsä

Fulbright at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik

session on Finland. Analyzing the opportunities and risks in the Arctic, President Niinistö highlighted the particular importance of high-quality research, cleantech and Arctic know-how. In his speech president Niinistö also reminded the conference that it was on a Finnish initiative that the first meeting between ministers of the Arctic countries was held in Rovaniemi in 1991. “It was a historic meeting, establishing the idea of the eight Arctic states. The meeting produced the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy and launched the Rovaniemi Process, which then led to the establishment of the Arctic Council,” said President Niinistö.



Fulbright in Finland Launched

The Fulbright Speaker Program Every year the Fulbright Center in Helsinki brings over 40 American professors, graduate students, teachers and professionals to Finland. Their expertise is now available throughout the country through the Fulbright Speaker Program. Through the new Fulbright Speaker

The Fulbright Speaker Program also

Program schools, organizations and

gives American grantees a chance to

engaged students to talk about “What is it

institutions all around the country

learn about the world famous Finnish

like to be a teenager in the U.S.” during a visit

have the opportunity to invite Ameri-

education system and schools while

to Helsingin yhteislyseo high school.

can grantees to give talks on specific

meeting teachers who are genuinely

research topics or more general Ameri-

excited to learn about the grantees and

can themes. At the same time, grantees

have them in their classroom.

U.S. Fulbright grantee Molly Schwartz

can give back to the Finnish community

The new Fulbright Speaker Program

and contribute to the internationaliza-

is expected to facilitate a large number

tion of Finnish education by providing

of speaking engagements throughout

More information

intercultural interaction for students

the year and directly reach hundreds of

and in many cases also insight into the

young Finns in all parts of the country.

internationalization-services/ fulbright-speaker-program

subject matter being studied.

Summer School on Arctic Cooperation and Cross-Border Expertise New Fulbright Speaker Program Initiative in Tornio The Fulbright Center is collaborating on a pilot program with the Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Tornio in organizing a “Summer School on Arctic Cooperation and Cross-Border Expertise.” Through the Fulbright Speaker Program, grantees now have an opportunity to gain expertise in Arctic cooperation while lecturing in an international environment at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. At the same time, American Fulbright speakers get to experience the midnight sun and northern environment in Tornio. The summer school will take place in June 2015. More information Photo: Visit Finland, Elina Sirparanta


Mark Miller, the 2014–2015 Fulbright Bicentennial Chair gave his inau-

Michael Brown (left) discussing arctic issues with Heikki Autto,

gural lecture in November. Miller spoke on “The Interactions between

Member of the Finnish Parliament from Enontekiö representing

the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court” to a rapt audience at

Northern Finland. Mr. Autto hosted a luncheon for the American

the University of Helsinki.

Fulbrighters at the Finnish Parliament in late November.

Fulbright Bicentennial Agreement Renewed

Researching State Strategies towards the Arctic

The Fulbright Center and the University of Helsinki have

Michael Brown from the University of Washington spends

renewed their cooperation agreement regarding the Distin-

this academic year at the University of Lapland as a Fulbright

guished Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies. The

graduate student researching the potential futures for state

Chair was established in 1976 to institutionalize the teaching

strategies towards the Arctic. Read online Michael’s article

of American history, culture and language at the University of

about his Fulbright project, and how he became interested in

Helsinki. The Bicentennial Chair has played a crucial role in

Finland, and Lapland. Michael also writes about his obser-

developing the interdisciplinary approach to American stud-

vations about life in Finland so far, and gives some tips for

ies found at the University of Helsinki and at other Finnish

prospective Fulbrighters.

universities with American studies programs. It is the oldest Fulbright Distinguished Chair worldwide and one of the most

Read Michael Brown's article

prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Finland Fulbrighter Teaching Nursing Educators in Kazakhstan Fulbrighter Bradley Boehringer (fourth from left) during his recent visit to Kazakhstan. evolution. The aim is to elevate the level of the nurse from something more than a minimally educated physician’s servant to that of an independent, highly trained




Boehringer explains. “While I think that changing the way a culture perceives nursing will likely take a bit longer than a single run through of a new degree program, I am impressed with their tenacity in the Bradley Boehringer, a U.S. Fulbright

bachelor’s level nurse training pro-

pursuit of this project and proud to say

fellow at Laurea University of Applied

gram,” Boehringer says. “The first of

that I was, if for only a short time, a part

Sciences, Finland, recently returned

the new BSN enrollees occurred this fall.

of this project.”

from a two-week trip to Kazakhstan

This is a huge step forward for health-

where he taught the local nursing

care in Kazakhstan.”


“At the direction of the Kazakh

Bradley Boehringer’s story about his two-week teaching experience in

Ministry of Health, the World Bank and

Almaty and Kokshetau, Kazakhstan

“The students were physician trained

numerous other international consul-

nursing educators representing six

tants, of which Finland is leading the


medical colleges that are piloting a new

movement, nursing has begun a rapid



Alumni in Focus

A Northern Outlook on Global Change Arctic researcher and Fulbright alumnus, Professor Bruce Forbes talks about saving the Arctic tundra, involving local people in research, and influencing public policy on northern landscapes at both national and international levels.


Bruce Forbes is a passionate advocate for Arctic landscapes and the people whose

only climate change, but also changes in

livelihoods depend upon them. A geographer and ecologist working on Arctic

land use. “We look at oil and gas devel-

ecological and social systems, Bruce first came to Finland as a Fulbright grantee

opment, forestry, mining, and tourism,

in 1994. His circumpolar fieldwork has taken him to the Alaskan wilderness,

alongside traditional land uses like rein-

the Canadian High Arctic and the Siberian tundra, gathering scientific data as

deer herding here in the north of Finland

well as cooperating with indigenous Inuit, Nenet and Sámi hunters and herders.

- basically, what we use land for here in

Now based in Finnish Lapland, he leads the interdisciplinary Research Group for

the north. Reindeer herding has been

Global Change at the University of Lapland’s Arctic Research Center.

here a long time, but now there’s a lot of competition for space.”

Bridging Disciplines to Understand Environmental Change

“We also look at these changes not ally, with both Finnish and foreign

only from the perspective of the last few

researchers from different disciplines.

decades of global warming, but also in

We have people working on ice and cli-

the context of centuries, even millennia,

“Finland and the University of Lapland

mate, sustainable development, and

of climate change. For example, study-

were a very good fit, both geographically

environmental law, all here in one build-

ing tree rings and glaciers can reveal

and institutionally,” Bruce explains.

ing. It was a great place to land!”

changes in the environment and climate

“The Arctic Center works internation-

The Global Change group study not

over a long period of time.” 


We need to gear the research so that it has an impact, and is what the community wants and needs, both now and in the future.

Photo: Bruce C. Forbes


Alumni in Focus

From Citizen Involvement to Policy Impact Much of the research conducted by Bruce and his colleagues is applied and participatory, involving cooperation with local people to help address local as well as global concerns. This is something that distinguishes their work from other Arctic research centers, Bruce explains.

In just a few decades, much of the world’s tundra landscape will disappear. This change is likely to have far-reaching impacts, not only for the local people and species whose lives depend on this landscape, but also for the global climate.

“We listen to people’s concerns about land use and environmental changes

from competing modern industries

an impact, and is what the community

at the community level, and we try to

are at risk of crowding out traditional

wants and needs, both now and in the

use science to help sustain northern

ways of life. The Sámi herders are con-


communities that are under pressure.

cerned above all with maintaining their

We talk to indigenous people, like the

livelihood, and handing it on to future

Sámi, as well as non-indigenous local

generations, Bruce explains. “They want

Safeguarding Tundra and the Climate

residents. We’ve got a lot of volunteers

to get younger people involved, but this

Bruce points out that the UN Intergov-

helping with our research, for example

is becoming more and more difficult in

ernmental Panel on Climate Change

monitoring changes in bird populations.

these marginal landscapes.”

predicts that in just a few decades,

Citizen involvement is very important to

The issue of reindeer herding is a

much of the world’s tundra landscape

complex problem, Bruce notes. “Since

will disappear. This change is likely to

“Right now, we’re running participa-

the end of the Second World War,

have far-reaching impacts, not only for

tory workshops with reindeer herders in

reindeer herding has been treated by

the local people and species whose lives

Norway, Finland and Sweden. They’ve

governments as an agricultural enter-

depend on this landscape, but also for

been telling us about the changes they

prise, whereas for the Sámi, it’s more

the global climate.

see in the Arctic landscape. It’s impor-

of a livelihood. In traditional agricul-

“We’re talking about losing most of

tant to get local people’s perspectives on

tural research, it’s all about numbers,

the tundra by mid-century, replaced by

how landscape changes affect their live-

or quantity. That doesn’t involve cul-

tall shrubs and forest. It’s important to

lihood, and how they coexist with other

tural or social imperatives at all. For the

realize that trees and shrubs in these

land uses. For example, the Lappi herd-

Sámi , it’s not just about making money;

northern landscapes do not sequester

ing district in Finland has a long history

it’s about passing on a heritage, which

a lot of carbon, but they do change the

of forestry, hydropower and mining,

doesn’t boil down to how many kilos of

thermal balance and actually accelerate

but now there’s also great deal of tour-

meat you can produce.”

global warming. The vegetation is dark



ism development going on, all of which

“We can help these communities by

in contrast to the white snow, and so it

has an impact on traditional herding

putting science to work, looking at how

absorbs radiation that would otherwise


the tundra landscape has changed, and

be reflected by the tundra.”

Although the northern landscape

what might happen in the future. We

“The herders have all been saying

may seem vast, the increasing demands

need to gear the research so that it has

that the snow pack has changed. They’ve

Photo: Timo Kumpula Photo: Hanna Strengell

observed that shrubs lead to loosely-

how do you do that? Luckily, we don’t

ments and international funders like

packed snow, which in turn leads to

have to hypothesize – we can simply

the EU, Bruce observes. “It’s not enough

faster melting and an earlier growing

ask the older members of the commu-

to have an interesting research question,

season – something that is also pre-

nity, and learn from the techniques they

it has to have the potential to make an

dicted in our scientific models. The Sámi



want to halt this environmental change

However, protecting and maintaining

Bruce highlights the forthcom-

from a herding perspective, but the

the tundra following traditional Sámi

ing Fulbright Arctic Initiative as a good

world needs to prevent it to help combat

land management practices will require

example of support for research with

climate change. This is not a local issue

a significant change

an impact. The pro-

but a global one, as the Arctic feeds back

in policy. “Right now,

gram, which will begin

to the rest of the planet.”

governments consider

Local Knowledge with a Global Impact

this kind of land use to be overgrazing. It would require a major

Drawing on local and indigenous tradi-

shift in policy think-

tional knowledge can play a crucial role

ing to promote the use

in managing the Arctic landscape, with

of traditional reindeer

oral history an important component

herding to maintain

alongside the quantitative scientific

the tundra.”

research. “Tundra is important for climate,

The forthcoming Fulbright Arctic Initiative is a good example of support for research with an impact.

Bruce is convinced

in 2015, will support interdisciplinary research on the Arctic region with a strong focus on influencing public policy, ranging from climate change and management of natural resources to economic and social

that a mix of quantita-

concerns. Organized

biodiversity and reindeer herding. The

tive and qualitative research is needed

jointly by Fulbright and the U.S. Depart-

herders prefer treeless areas to corral

to inform political decision makers.

ment of State's Bureau of Educational

their animals, which are semi-domestic.

“Understanding the real nature of land

and Cultural Affairs, the initiative will

We are investigating whether it is pos-

use and landscape change in tundra

support cross-disciplinary collaboration

sible for reindeer grazing to prevent

areas requires intensive interaction

between U.S. and international scholars

shrubs and trees from advancing. For

between scientists and herders. So, we

from Arctic rim countries.

example, we’ve found that old reindeer

can talk to the herders and find out what

“We’re linking science with the com-

milking meadows abandoned during the

is going on from their perspective, but at

munity, but we’ve also got to link science

past century still remain clear of trees

the other end of the scale we can use sat-

and policy. To do that, it’s best to involve

and shrubs.”

ellites to quantify the landscape changes

policy makers who are already inter-

over a large area. It’s a mixture of social

ested and engaged in the topic.”

“Climate change is not new, so how did people adapt in the past? There are still some people alive who understand

anthropology, ecology and geography.” Text: Louisa Gairn

early twentieth century, before the

Looking Towards the Future of the Arctic

Professor Bruce Forbes recently concluded his

changes in agricultural policy. If you

This kind of policy-relevant research

eight years of service on the Fulbright Center

want to remove shrubs from the tundra,

is increasingly demanded by govern-

Board of Directors in Finland.

what land management was like in the


Photo: Chris Polashenski

My Life Changing Experience as a Fulbright Fellow

A Career in Pursuit of Arctic Questions In the spring of 1983 I was in the last semester of undergraduate studies at the

time. Our study system at Kevo was

University of Alaska Fairbanks when my advisor, Professor Stephen MacLean,

the autumnal moth, Epirrita autumnata,

invited me to do a Master’s degree with him in the Institute of Arctic Biology. He

whose larvae feed on mountain birch,

explained that it would involve immediate arrangements to spend the summer

and whose populations regularly attain

conducting research in Finnish Lapland. I instantly accepted with great enthu-

such spectacularly high abundances that

siasm – and then ran to the library to locate Finland on a globe. In my defense,

they defoliate vast expanses of forest,

Finland was about where I thought, but I spent a long time that day studying

with relevance, for example, to reindeer

the globe and trying to imagine what it would be like. As excited as I was, I still

herding by Sami communities. By virtue

underestimated the extent to which this would change my life.

of work by Professor Haukioja, his students, and similarly productive groups

I spent the next two summers at the

publishing a number of research papers.

in Sweden and Norway, Epirrita is among

northern edge of Finland, well above

This productivity was instrumental

the best studied insects in the world. It is

the Arctic Circle, conducting ecological

in gaining acceptance into a top Ph.D.

a global model for understanding popu-

research at the Kevo Research Station,

program (with Professor Mark Scriber

lation cycles, distribution limits, and the

Lapin tutkimuslaitos Kevo. There it was my

at Michigan State University), an excel-

role of predators and plant defenses in

good fortune to be adopted by Profes-

lent Postdoctoral position with the U.S.

plant-herbivore interactions and plant

sor Erkki Haukioja of the University of

Forest Service, and then an Assistant


Turku and his students. In 1985, with the

Professorship in Biological Sciences

During my Fulbright, we studied

encouragement of Professors MacLean

at Dartmouth College. The luster of a

effects of temperature on the growth

and Haukioja, I applied for and received

Fulbright on my CV didn’t hurt either.

of caterpillars, and documented that

a Fulbright Scholarship to spend a full

However, these immediate professional

larvae could double their mass in a day

year in Finland, the summer at Kevo and

rewards have since been dwarfed by a

at warm temperatures vs. requiring

the remainder in Turku with my wife and

few decades of rich continuing returns

weeks to accomplish the same growth

young daughter, where I was hosted by

from my Fulbright experience.

at cooler temperatures. We also discov-

Professor Haukioja and the Department

I didn’t know it then, but the research

ered that larvae were highly dependent

questions that I began exploring during

on nutritious immature leaves, which

With the benefit of this incredibly

my Fulbright would become even more

are only available for a brief period in

stimulating environment, I succeeded in

fascinating and more relevant with

early summer. This inspired us to build

of Biology of the University of Turku.


Alumni in Focus

lots of simple greenhouses around birch

opportunity began with my first visit to

trees, which showed that early summer

Uppsala as a Fulbright Scholar in 1986.

temperatures influenced a race between

Ever since my own life chang-

feeding larvae and maturing birch leaves.

ing experience as a Fulbright Fellow,

It turned out that larval growth was more

nothing brings me more professional

temperature sensitive than leaf matu-

satisfaction than helping young schol-

ration, such that warmer temperatures

ars of today have similar opportunities

favored the growth and survival of cater-

for international exchange, and to gain

pillars, which influenced the abundance

the skills and international awareness

of egg-laying moths in the fall and cater-

that are so urgently needed in the 21st

pillars the next spring.

century. Thus, I am delighted to play

These studies during my Fulbright

a supporting role in the new Fulbright

have since evolved into the question of

Arctic Initiative. This program, led by

how temperature influences species

my colleagues Ross Virginia (Dart-

interactions in general. For example

mouth) and Mike Sfraga (University of

current projects of my students include

Alaska Fairbanks), will support a team of

studies of how temperature influences

about 20 scholars, with members from

predation of mosquito larvae by aquatic

each of the eight countries in the Arctic

beetles in Greenland, and predation of

Council, to study the impact of change

caterpillars by birds and wasps in New

in the Arctic and engage in collaborative

England forests.

thinking, analysis and problem solving.

Ever since my own life changing experience as a Fulbright Fellow, nothing brings me more professional satisfaction than helping young scholars of today have similar opportunities for international exchange, and to gain the skills and international awareness that are so urgently needed in the 21st century.

In the 1980s, anthropogenic climate

This initiative builds on the historic

change was a barely noted theoreti-

strengths of the Fulbright Program but

cal possibility. Now, in a world that is

is also revolutionary in being organized

warming faster than we guessed even a

as interdisciplinary thematic working

few years ago, thermal effects on species

groups. In this pioneering initiative the

interactions has become a hot topic that

theme is rapid environmental change in

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative is a new

is broadly relevant to understanding

the Arctic, which is particularly relevant

vision of international scholarship and

how climate change is influencing eco-

as the U.S. prepares for its turn as Chair

training that matches the challenges of

systems and the priceless services that

of the Arctic Council.

the Anthropocene.

ecosystems provide to people.

As Planet Earth plunges into the

The greatest personal and pro-

Anthropocene, an era in which the

Matthew P. Ayres

fessional rewards of my Fulbright

ecosystems on which we depend are

Associate Director Institute of Arctic Studies

experience have flowed from the still

increasingly the product of our own

and Professor of Biological Sciences,

expanding circle of friends and col-

activities, there has never been a

Dartmouth College, U.S. Fulbright

leagues in Fennoscandia with whom I

greater need for international coopera-

Graduate Student 1985–86,

continue to interact almost daily. I have

tion and interdisciplinary scholarship.

University of Turku, Finland

published more than a dozen papers with more than two dozen different coauthors from Finland and Sweden, and there are more in the works. Since my Fulbright, I have returned to Finland more times than I can count, including a sabbatical in Turku where I taught a graduate course in Population Ecology that I remember for having learned more from my students than two outstanding Finnish Postdoctoral Scholars, Tiina Ylioja and Anu Valtonen, now scientists with the Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla, and University of Eastern Finland. I have hosted shorter working visits at Dartmouth from more than a dozen other young colleagues from Fennoscandia. I have been honored to be “The Opponent” in two Ph.D. defenses in Finland. And I write this essay from Uppsala, Sweden, where I and a postdoctoral colleague from Dartmouth are August T. Larsson Guest Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; the pathway to this wonderful

Photo: Lawrence Hislop

vice versa. I have been fortunate to host

The author of the article Matthew P. Ayres is one of many Arctic researchers from the United States that have spent their Fulbright in Finland. Last year a group of "Finland Fulbrighters" got together in Abisko, Sweden during an Arctic Fulbright workshop: (l-r) Tim Frandy from the University of Wisconsin–Madison (Fulbright in Finland 2009–2010), Christopher Nelson, Executive Director Terhi Mölsä from the Fulbright Center in Finland, Matt Ayres from Dartmouth College (1985–1986), Sophia Albov from University of Montana and the University of Helsinki (2013–2014), Amy Lauren Lovecraft from University of Alaska Fairbanks (Fulbright Inter-Country 2011), Paul Burgess from Tulane University (2011–2012), and Bruce Forbes from the University of Lapland (1994–1995).


First Finnish Fulbright Grantees for 2015–2016 Selected

From Peace Mediation to Cleantech and Startups Ensimmäiset vuoden 2015–2016 Ful-

startup-yrittäjien mahdollisuutta on-


nistua ja kasvaa Suomessa, ja sitä kautta



syyskuussa, kun Fulbright Centerin johtokunta valitsi 51 hakijan joukosta

luoda tänne pysyviä työpaikkoja.” Tuuli Mäkelä aikoo hakea Yhdys-


valloista eväitä siihen, miten kehittää

ASLA-Fulbright Graduate –ohjelmaan

suomalaista cleantech -alaa vahvemman

sekä Fulbright-Technology Industries

liiketoimintaosaamisen ja kaupallista-

of Finland -ohjelmaan. Uudet sti-

mistaitojen avulla. ”Minua kiinnostaa

pendiaatit edustavat laajasti eri aloja

Yhdysvaltojen verraton yrittäjyys- ja


innovaatiokulttuuri sekä erityisesti







kokemukset ja parhaat käytännöt liittyen cleantech-innovaatioiden kehittämis-

Valtaosa uusista stipendiaateista aikoo


suorittaa Yhdysvaltoissa koko mais-

niistä olevan hyötyä myös suomalaisen

terin- tai tohtorin tutkinnon. Monet

elinkeinoelämän uudistumiselle ja kil-

ovat omalla työurallaan jo edenneitä,

pailukyvylle pitkällä jänteellä.”









Uudet stipendiaatit kokoontuivat


Fulbright-vuoteen valmistavaan en-

haluavat jatko- tai täydennysopinnoilla

simmäiseen koulutukseensa lokakuussa

syventää ja kehittää ammattiosaamista-

Fulbright Centerissä. Ensi toukokussa

an ja luoda kansainvälisiä ammatillisia

järjestetään vielä toinen koulutus, jossa


pureudutaan Yhdysvaltoihin muuttoon

Annina Salvén ja Tuuli Mäkelä aiko-

liittyviin liittyviin käytännön seikkoi-

vat molemmat suorittaa Yhdysvalloissa

hin sekä kuullaan vinkkejä aiempien

maisterin tutkinnon. Salvén erikois-

vuosien stipendiaateilta.

Fulbrightkaudeltani toivon tuovani Suomeen maailmanluokan osaamista ja tietoa, mikä edesauttaa suomalaisten startup-yrittäjien mahdollisuutta onnistua ja kasvaa Suomessa, ja sitä kautta luoda tänne pysyviä työpaikkoja.

Planning for the Fulbright Year

tuu startup-yritysten kehittämiseen.

-seminaarin ohjelma


toivon tuovani

Suomeen maailmanluokan osaamista


ja tietoa, mikä edesauttaa suomalaisten


News Research on the New Fulbright Flex Award

Helping Cities Adapt to the Impacts of Climate Change Dr. David C. Major and his Finnish colleague Dr. Sirkku Juhola are undertaking new research to develop methods of helping small and medium coastal cities to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Dr. Major of Columbia University, Fulbright Scholar in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Helsinki, and Dr. Juhola, Assistant Professor in Urban Environmental Policy at the University of Helsinki, are also co-teaching a new course at the University of Helsinki. The course is titled Urban Environmental Policy and it uses climate change as an example of the contemporary challenges facing urban decision-makers. Dr. Major is the first U.S. scholar coming to Finland on a new Fulbright

years. The Flex Award is also designed

David C. Major, the first U.S. scholar

Flex Award. In order to engage U.S. schol-

for scholars who require multiple visits

coming to Finland on the new Flex Award,

ars currently unable to spend extended

abroad to accomplish their research

with colleague Sirkku Juhola.

periods of time abroad, the Flex Award

objectives. Dr. Major spends two months

allows multiple, short-term stays in

in the fall 2014 at the University of Hel-

More Information on Flex Awards

the host country over a period of two

sinki and returns to Finland in late 2015.

Alumni Vice-Chair Laura Hirvi to Lead the Finnish Institute in Berlin Laura Hirvi will start a three-year term as the leader


the Finnish Institute in Berlin

Fulbright Center and Vanderbilt Cooperate to Provide Unique Opportunities for Finnish Undergraduates


2015. Dr. Hirvi spent the academic year 2009–10 as an ASLA-Fulbright fellow at UC Santa Barbara. She is the VicePresident of the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni

Vanderbilt University and the Ful-

apply for fully-funded scholarships

bright Center toured high schools in

from Vanderbilt as well as the Ful-

“I am very much looking forward to

Tampere and the capital region in

bright Center’s Partnership Awards

applying the knowledge and skills that

early October with Vanderbilt's Direc-

for Undergraduate studies.

I acquired in my studies and previous

tor of Undergraduate Admissions John

Association in Finland.

work experiences in this new and

Gaines as the speaker.

exciting job,” says Laura Hirvi. More information

The Institute aims to create a

The Fulbright Center and Vanderbilt


platform for experts from Finland and

have a cooperation agreement that pro-

German-speaking parts of Europe to

vides unique opportunities for Finns:


foster long-term collaborations and a

Finnish undergraduate students may


German-Finnish dialogue.


Highlights of the American Fall in Finland

Finland, the Exceptional! Each year at the end of August, the

Americans working together,” Professor

Fulbright Center arranges a three-

Gillette commented. “We most enjoyed



and benefited by the social and intellec-

arriving U.S. Fulbrighters in Helsinki.

tual interchange of the people we found

This year’s orientation, for the U.S.

in Helsinki.”






“Orientation well prepared us for our

organized with the invaluable support

next special trip, the weekend follow-

of alumni and partners throughout the

ing the orientation. We flew to visit our

week’s program.

hosts in Oulu, both the university and the community people. They allowed

Among the Fulbrighters taking part was

us to stay at the housing we will use in

Fulbright-Nokia Distinguished Chair

the spring so we knew what to expect.

Jay Gillette, who will begin his grant

We toured the city and the university,

term in the spring but came to Finland

and they hosted us for some convivial

to attend the orientation with his wife,

meals together (Finns eat well). We met

B.J. Deering. “We thought it was imper-

our academic leadership and discussed

ative to meet and participate with the

the role that I will contribute during my

2014–2015 cadre of Fulbrighters, before

Fulbright assignment.”

we all scattered to our appointed universities,” Gillette says.

“We would urge any potential Fulbright scholar to engage fully with the

“We found the full set of orienta-

Finnish program, ahead of time and at

tion activities useful—working with the

your own expense if necessary. You will

Fulbright Center staff foremost, par-

benefit fully, and add more knowledge-

ticularly the director and our program

value on your part as well,” Gillette



“Yet the most important point of engaging fully with orientation is meet-

Orientation program

ing and interacting with that unique

community of scholars, Finns and


American Voices Seminar 2014

Lobsters, Hipsters, Lawyers, and Defective Dete U.S. Fulbrighters’ mid-October weekend is traditionally dedicated to Turku, as they gather for the American Voices Seminar. This October an audience of about one hundred students and faculty from the University of Turku and other institutions in Turku, as well as Fulbright Center and U.S. Embassy staff, spent two days at the Seminar enjoying presentations ranging from Latino influence in the U.S. to the Mystery of Violin Making. Mark Miller, Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies opened the seminar with an academic keynote on

Ramón Barthelemy studies Educational pathways of women in Finnish physics programs at the University of Jyväskylä. In Turku he talked about Inequality in America: How Birth Can Determine Path. 16

ectives American Lawyers as Elected Politicians.

There is always time for

“The American Voices seminar was a

questions and discussion

great way for the various Fulbright stu-

after each presentation at the

dents and scholars to share something

American Voices seminar.

that they thought was typically American with a mostly Finnish audience,” says Miller. “Some of the presenta-

across the Atlantic. According to Paak-

tions were more academic, while others

kanen, it also gives a touch of American

showcased parts of American culture

present day life and academic interests

Education, Innovation, Science and Art

including marching bands, how hipsters

and may give a boost for more curiosity

differ on the West and East Coasts, and

for students. It also creates a chance to

popular American novels, movies, and

present the University of Turku and the

March 5–6, 2015 at the University of Jyväskylä

TV shows. I was very impressed with

oldest city in Finland to all incoming

the wide variety of American themes

Fulbright grantees.

and ideas that were wonderfully pre-

The American Voices seminar pro-

sented by my very talented Fulbright

vides an opportunity to learn about


various aspects of the American society

Irinja Paakkanen, Head of Interna-

and culture through the experiences of

tional Affairs at the University of Turku

American Fulbright grantees currently

has been attending American Voices

in Finland. The seminar is organized by

seminars for several times. She values

the University of Turku North Ameri-

the opportunities it offers for network-

can Studies Program and the Fulbright

ing on campus across the disciplines and


20 14

20 14

Education, Innovation, Science and Art

Fulbright Forum 2015 provides a unique opportunity to hear current American Fulbright scholars and graduate students 20 14 present on their researchScience in Finland. Education, Innovation, and Art The seminar is open to the public and free of charge. Fulbright Forum is organized by the Fulbright Center in cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä. More information


Highlights of the American Fall in Finland

Fulbrighters Celebrate Thanksgiving and Make a Momentous Visit to the Finnish Parliament American Fulbrighters in Finland this Fall were treated to several exciting activities during the traditional Thanksgiving holiday season. A tour of the Parliament of Finland was the highpoint of the two days in Helsinki. Fulbrighters were greeted by


Director of the International Department Guy Lindström and Assistant for International Affairs Maarit Immonen, who very generously provided luncheon and a guided tour of the building. Particularly interesting for the group was meeting with the luncheon host, MP Heikki Autto, Deputy Leader of the

Voices Across

National Coalition Party Parliamentary Group. As representative from Enontekiö, the northwesternmost region in

The invaluable impact that the Fulbright




international education do not go unnoticed by those who work to advance campus internationalization. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Haaga-Helia) and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Turkey roasted to perfection and carved by Bradley Boehringer.

Pomona) are partnering this fall through



Fulbright Program. Haaga-Helia is hosting Professor John Self Finland, Mr. Autto plays a

from Cal Poly Pomona’s Collins

significant role in the Arctic

College of Hospitality.

discussions, and there was ample opportunity to put

“The outcomes of Professor Self’s



participation in this program are

the Arctic, Finnish Arctic

multidimensional. He will directly

strategy, and the EU level

impact students in Finland, add to

of involvement in Arctic

the discussion of international-


ization at Haaga-Helia, and upon


The tour concluded with

return to Cal Poly Pomona, continue

a visit to the Parliamentary

to share his experience with his stu-

Plenary Session which was

dents, fellow faculty, and the campus

Member of Parliament Mr. Heikki Autto

in order and taking a legislative vote.

community. Such an experience is

hosted a luncheon for Fulbrighters dur-

Fulbrighters were quite privileged to be

an investment beyond a personal

ing their visit to the Finnish Parliament.

present in the audience during the par-

experience and it will continue to

Mr. Autto expressed interest to learn

liament’s working session.

enrich, both academically and cul-

more about Fulbright and happily the

A visit to the Fazer chocolate factory

turally, the lives of students in both

Executive Director Terhi Mölsä had in

in Vantaa, followed by a potluck dinner

universities,” says Anneli Adams,

hand a copy of the DVD “Fulbright: the

featuring all the dishes expected on the

Executive Director of Global Initia-

Man, the Mission & the Message.”

Thanksgiving table, rounded out the

tives at Cal Poly Pomona.

eventful two days.

“For us at Cal Poly Pomona, Fulbright programs also help to develop

Text: Suzanne Louis 18

a core of internationally focused

Facilitating New Connections

Photo: Cal Poly Pomona

the Atlantic – Campus Perspectives Fulbright programs get to the core of campus internationalization as the program impact is directly connected to student learning. faculty whose commitment to develop-

“The Finnish-American Fulbright Pro-

ing culturally competent global citizens

gram supports our goal to increase the

is important. Fulbright programs get to

international staff.”

the core of campus internationalization

“Professor Self is our third Fulbright

as the program impact is directly con-

grantee who with his experience and

nected to student learning. As mentors,

expertise in hospitality education and

faculty hold significant roles in advis-

industry enriches our learning com-

ing students and nothing gets students’

munity. He brings a different cultural

attention to the importance of overseas

aspect to the classroom which is of

experience as hearing about its impor-

utmost value for the students,” Hol-

tance from the faculty.”

mström explains. “Having a visiting

Comprehensive internationalization,

scholar on campus also enables fruitful

a mission of senior international officers

professional and cultural encounters for

on U.S. campuses, benefits greatly from

faculty and staff, and these encounters

John Self having a discussion with

intentional incorporation of Fulbright

may foster relationships that develop

Haaga-Helia students Michael Beres-

programs into the campus internation-

into long lasting cooperation for the

ford and Sanna Langi who study hotel,

alization plan.

benefit of students and faculty in both

restaurant and tourism management.

The Fulbright-Haaga-Helia Scholar

universities. Faculty engagement plays a

Award program that provides Ameri-

crucial role in the development of inter-

can scholars the opportunity to teach

national cooperation.”

at Haaga-Helia was launched in 2012.

“For Haaga-Helia, cooperation with

“For us at Haaga-Helia, this program

Fulbright also means an opportunity to

is a great opportunity to advance our

promote the unique character of a Finn-

commitment to be our ambassadors

institution´s internationalization by

ish university of applied sciences in the

before, during and after the scholarship

opening doors for guest lecturers from

U.S. and to increase the awareness of

period,” Holmström concludes.

the U.S. and to connect with U.S. univer-

the benefits of the U.S.-Finnish coop-

sities,” says Sirpa Holmström, Head of

eration in the field of higher education.

Text: Anneli Adams and Sirpa Holmström

International Services at Haaga-Helia.

We appreciate our Fulbright grantees’

Photo: Tarja Leponiemi, Haaga-Helia


Photo: Wesley Hitt

Alumni News

Peter MacKeith Establishes the Fulbright Lecture in Nordic Architecture Program Fulbright Finland alum and Dean of the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas, Peter MacKeith has established the Fulbright Lecture in Nordic Architecture program through his financial gift. The program is done in collaboration with the Fulbright Center in Finland and parallel organizations in the other Nordic countries.

Peter MacKeith, Fulbright Grantee to

A few years after completing his

Finland 1989–90, now the Dean of the

Master of Architecture at Yale Univer-

Fay Jones School of Architecture at the

sity School of Architecture, MacKeith

University of Arkansas.

received a Fulbright scholarship to conduct research on Alvar Aalto, a Finnish

Fulbright Alumni Find Creative Ways to Give to the Program

architect. Rather than the 10 months he expected to spend in Finland, he remained there for 10 years, practicing and teaching at Aalto University, formerly Helsinki University of Technology. Due to the profound impact that scholarship and experience had on him, he decided to

The Finnish Fulbright Center welcomes its alumni and friends to consider if they

promote the legacy of the Fulbright U.S.

have a special wish to help strengthen the program. Many have volunteered time,

Scholar Program through a lecture series

talent, and treasure to help keep the programs vigorous. Here are two examples

focused in Nordic architecture. MacKeith’s sponsorship funds a lec-

of alumni projects that might inspire more creative giving.

ture to be given annually as part of the

Emergency Fund Established by Phillips Brooks

respective lecture series at four schools of architecture; the Fay Jones School of Architecture; the J. William Fulbright

Phillips Brooks moved to Helsinki in 1999 and

College of Arts and Sciences; the Sam

taught at the Department of English, Univer-

Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at

sity of Helsinki. He was a Fulbrighter in multiple

Washington University in St. Louis; Yale

countries. As a staunch supporter of the Fulbright

University School of Architecture; and the

mission, he endeavored to find a way to offer

University of Virginia School of Architec-

support to those who encountered unexpected

ture. A selected architect or designer from

adversity during their Fulbright program. Phil cre-

one of the five Nordic nations will give the

ated an emergency fund to make available monies

lecture as a four-school lecture tour, with

for immediate use. This was a personal mission

the schedule arranged in collaboration

for Phil who left behind a legacy of thoughtful and

between the four designated schools. It

direct gifting, responsive to the unexpected needs

also will be arranged at each school such

that all human beings experience. Phil passed away

that the Fulbright Fellowship program

in 2011 and his memory is forever linked with Ful-

can be promoted to students at the time

bright in Finland through his generosity.

of the lecture. “The significance of Senator Fulbright’s

Friends of Fulbright Finland Donors Recognized





international education exchange cannot be underestimated in the contemporary moment,” MacKeith says. “The Fulbright


U.S. Scholar Program transformed my

donated to the Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni

life, as did my experience in Finland and,

Enrichment Fund include: Gonzalo Arce, Stuart

indeed, the Nordic region. It is an honor

Brotman, Jay Gillette & BJ Deering, Salim Elwazani,

to be able to support both the continuing

Earl H. Fry, Leslie Kadish, Karen Jean Lee, Doug

reach of the Fulbright Program and the

& Joan Maynard, Brendan Mumey, Alex Ruiz-

vitality of Nordic architecture at the four

Torres, Rainey Tisdale, Matthew Turk, and making

universities that have defined my aca-

additional gifts, Kay Kohl and Kenneth Kolson.

demic career. To initiate this upon arrival







In addition, numerous individuals have made extra contributions when purchas-

at the University of Arkansas is to truly

ing their Fulbright Finland…for the Future T-shirt.

come full circle in my life.”

Thank You!

Alumni News

En olisi koskaan tullut kirjoittaneeksi tällaista romaania, ellen olisi ollut Fulbrightstipendiaattina USA:ssa.

Kuva: Markko Taina

Fulbright-alumni Jussi Valtoselle kirjallisuuden Finlandia-palkinto

Kuva: Tammi, Markko Taina

Fulbright Alumnus Jussi Valtonen Wins the Finlandia Literature Prize Jussi Valtosen romaani He eivät tiedä mitä

vaikutti ratkaisevasti maailmanku-

Jussi Valtonen on toinen perättäinen

tekevät sai vuoden 2014 kirjallisuuden

vaani, ja tämä näkyy monella tavalla

Finlandia-palkinnon saanut Fulbright-

Finlandia-palkinnon. Professori Anne

myös romaanissa. Suhde Yhdysvaltoihin

alumni. Vuosi sitten Ville Kivimäki,

Brunila valitsi voittajan kuuden ehdok-

vaikutti myös kaunokirjallisiin vaikut-

lukuvuoden 2007–2008 ASLA-Fulbright

kaan joukosta. Valtosen voittajateosta

teisiini, mikä sekin näkyy mielestäni

–stipendiaatti, voitti Tieto-Finlandian

hän kuvasi ”tajunnan räjäyttäväksi

selvästi teoksessa.”

sotilaan psyykeä kuvaavalla teoksellaan


Valtonen opiskeli Johns Hopkins

”En olisi koskaan tullut kirjoit-

Murtuneet mielet.

-yliopiston kognitiotieteen laitoksella


lukuvuoden 2002–03 ASLA-Fulbright

Read more


Graduate-stipendiaattina. J.H. Erkon

USA:ssa,” Valtonen sanoo. ”Vaikka

kirjoituskilpailun vuonna 2002 voittanut




psykologi ja kirjailija Jussi Valtonen on

kaunokirjailijana, aika Yhdysvalloissa

kirjoittanut neljä kaunokirjallista teosta.

taneeksi olisi





Prince of Asturias 2014 -palkinto Fulbright-ohjelmalle Espanjan kuningas Felipe VI luovutti kansainväliselle Fulbright-ohjelmalle vuoden 2014 Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation -palkinnon Espanjan




lokakuussa. The Prince of Asturias Award -palkintoa pidetään “Espanjan Nobelina”. Se palkitsee merkittäviä kansainvälisiä saavutuksia tieteen, tekniikan, kulttuurin sekä humanitaarisen työn alalla. Palkinnon ovat aiemmin saaneet mm. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, kansainvälinen Punainen Risti sekä Nelson Mandela. Assistant Secretary of State Evan Ryan USA:n ulkominis­teriöstä

Fulbright-ohjelman ehdokkuutta palkinnon saajaksi

yhdessä viiden eri maista tulevan Fulbright-stipendiaatin

olivat tukemassa myös monet merkittävät suomalaiset

kanssa vastaanottamassa 2014 Prince of Asturias Award for

Fulbright-ohjelman alumnit yhdessä Fulbright Centerin

International Cooperation -palkintoa Kuningas Felipe VI:ltä.

kanssa. Suomen Fulbright-ohjelmaa edusti tilaisuu-

Kuva: Fundación Príncipe de Asturias

dessa Fulbright Centerin toiminnan­johtaja Terhi Mölsä.


News / Uutisia

Heikki Ruskoaho to Chair the Academy of Finland’s Board Fulbright Center Board member, professor Heikki Ruskoaho, has been appointed the Chair of the Board of the Academy of Finland. The term of office of the new board

Fulbright Center numeroina 2014 Tilastot ovat FC:n tilikaudelta 1. 10. 2013 – 30. 9. 2014

Asiakastilastot •• Asiakaskontakteja 3 704, joista koulutuksen ja

appointed by the Finnish Govern-

kansainvälistymisen ammattilaisia n. 29 %

ment will last until the end of 2018.

•• 74 infotilaisuutta ja tapahtumaa Suomessa,

The Academy of Finland’s mission is to finance high-quality scientific research, act as a science and science policy expert, and strengthen the position of science and research.

joissa yhteensä yli 2 200 osallistujaa •• Verkkosivu: 227 300 sivun katselua ja 55 500 käyttäjää

Stipendiohjelmat •• Yhteensä 78 stipendiaattia, joista 42 suomalaista ja 36 amerikkalaista. •• Yhteisstipendit mukaan lukien jaettu

Interning at the Fulbright Center

yli 990 000 euroa apurahoina.

Fulbright Centerin rahoitus •• 77,5 % Suomesta (Tukisäätiö, opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö, yksityiset säätiöt, suomalaiset korkeakoulut, muut) •• 22 % Yhdysvalloista (19 % USA:n ulkoministeriö, 3 % muut) •• 0,5 % Kanadasta (Kanadan valtio)

Alumnit •• 436 aktiivia alumnia Yhdysvalloissa (Friends of Fulbright Finland -verkosto) •• Sadat alumnit Suomessa toimivat asiantuntijoina, tieteenalakohtaisina arvioijina ja valintalautakuntien jäseninä, johtokunnan jäseninä sekä muissa Fulbright Centerin Hogai Rahimpur interned at the Fulbright Center in early fall. Hogai comes originally from Kabul, Afghanistan. She did her schooling in Pakistan, and thereafter joined the American University of Afghanistan in 2009 to study International Relations. Hogai moved to Finland in 2012 and has now been study-

tehtävissä. •• Alumneista 120 on jäseninä myös ASLA-Fulbright Alumni -yhdistyksessä.

Vuoden 2014 kohokohtia

ing at Axxell multicultural school for one year. Axxell provides

•• Ensimmäinen Fulbright Forum: Education,

training for immigrants by offering Finnish language teaching

Innovation, Science and Art -seminaari

and helping immigrants to get familiar with Finnish culture and working life. The Fulbright Center hosts several interns every year.

Jyväskylässä. •• Kuudes Fulbright Centerin opintomatka Yhdysvaltoihin: “Communications and Community Relations”.

Internship opportunities at the Fulbright Center

•• Kymmenes Fulbright Centerin North American Studies Roundtable. •• Pohjoismaiden Fulbright-koulutusseminaari

Fulbright Center Introduced Finnish Higher Education in Tbilisi

Fulbright Centerissä. •• Fulbright Speaker Program perustettiin.

Fulbright Center introduced the Finnish higher education system and education opportunities in Finland to U.S. univer-

Fulbright Center serves as

sity representatives and Eurasian audience in EducationUSA

the national EducationUSA

Regional Forum in Tbilisi, Georgia, in late September.

center in Finland.

EducationUSA, a U.S. Department of State supported network of hundreds of advising centers around the world, holds


regional forums periodically. The forums bring together advis-

Fulbright Center advises on

ers for intensive training and networking.

higher education in Canada.

Suomen ja Yhdysvaltain opetusalan vaihtotoimikunta Finland-U.S. Educational Exchange Commission (FUSEEC)

Vaihtotoimikunnan jäsenet / Fulbright Center Board of Directors Honorary Chair: H.E., Bruce J. Oreck Ambassador of the United States to Finland

Dr. Bo Pettersson Professor of the Literature of the United States University of Helsinki

Finnish Members:

Ms. Birgitta Vuorinen Counsellor of Education Ministry of Education and Culture Treasurer

Dr. Heikki Ruskoaho Professor of Pharmacology and Drug development University of Helsinki Vice-Chair Dr. Matti Kokkala Senior Advisor, Smart Cities VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Mr. Jeffrey K. Reneau Counselor for Press and Public Affairs American Embassy Chair Mr. David Yoken Senior Music Lecturer Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences

American Members: Ms. Jeanie Duwan Assistant Counselor for Press and Public Affairs American Embassy

Dr. Laura Stark Professor of Ethnology University of Jyväskylä Ex-officio: Ms. Terhi Mölsä Executive Director, Fulbright Center

Toimikunnan sihteeristö / Fulbright Center Staff Ms. Karoliina Kokko Vastaava ohjelmapäällikkö Senior Program Manager (grant program oversight) p. (044) 5535 268 •• Maisteri- ja tohtorivaiheen stipendit •• Neuvonta opiskelusta USA:ssa ja Kanadassa •• Alumnikoordinaattori

Ms. Sonja Kuosmanen Ohjelmakoordinaattori Program Coordinator p. (044) 5535 275 •• Distinguished Chairs •• Tutkija- ja asiantuntijastipendit •• Inter-Country-stipendit •• Fulbright-tapahtumat •• Verkkopalvelut •• Rekisterit

Ms. Johanna Lahti Apulaisjohtaja Deputy Director p. (044) 5535 278 •• Fulbright Center News

(toimituspäällikkö) •• Undergraduatestipendit suomalaisille •• Renewal-stipendit suomalaisille •• Inter-Country-stipendit •• Testaus ja testeihin liittyvät asiantuntijapalvelut •• Neuvonta opiskelusta USA:ssa

•• Asiantuntijastipendit suomalaisille •• Verkkopalvelut •• Seminaarit ja koulutustapahtumat

Ms. Tanja Mitchell

Projektikonsultti (osa-aikainen) Project Consultant (part-time) •• Friends of Fulbright Finland -verkosto •• Alumnikoordinaattori •• Fulbright Center News

Viestintäsuunnittelija (osa-aikainen) Communications Specialist (part-time) p. (044) 5535 277 •• Verkkopalvelut •• Julkaisut •• Fulbright Center News •• Neuvonta opiskelusta USA:ssa ja Kanadassa

Ms. Mirka McIntire

Ms. Terhi Mölsä

Ohjelmapäällikkö, Koulutus- ja opettajavaihto (osa-aikainen) Manager, Teacher Exchange and Education Programs (part-time) p. (044) 5535 269 •• Opettajaohjelma •• Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars and Secondary School Educators

Toiminnanjohtaja Executive Director p. (050) 570 5498

Ms. Suzanne Louis


Tukisäätiö FUSEEC/Fulbright Centerin toimintaa rahoittaa Suomen ja Yhdysvaltain Stipenditoiminnan Tukisäätiö / Säätiön hallitus: The Finland-America Educational Trust Fund / Board of Directors: Finnish members:

American members:

Agent / Säätiön asiamies:

Mr. Jouni Mölsä Director of Communications Department for Communications and Culture Ministry for Foreign Affairs Chair

Ms. Susan Elbow Deputy Chief of Mission American Embassy Vice Chair

Ms. Terhi Mölsä Executive Director FUSEEC/Fulbright Center

Ms. Jaana Palojärvi Head of International Relations Finnish Ministry of Education

Mr. Jeffrey K. Reneau Counselor for Press and Public Affairs American Embassy

The Finnish members are appointed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The American members are appointed by the American Embassy.


Toimintaamme tukevat mm.: Support comes to us from:

Hakaniemenranta 6 FI-00530 HELSINKI FINLAND

3. 11. 2015–2016 hakuaika päättyy:



•• Mid-Career Professional Development Grant

17. – 21. 11. International Education Week USA:ssa

13. 11. Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies -professorin virkaanastujaisluento

13. 11. Fulbright Center mukana Education Expossa Kaisakirjastossa

19. 11. Fulbright Center mukana Lapin yliopiston kansainvälisellä viikolla

27. 11. Thanksgiving: FC suljettu

U.S. Fulbrighters touring the Finnish Parliament

4. 12. Hakuaika kesälle 2015 päättyy:

joulukuu tammikuu

•• Study of the United States Institutes for Scholars and Secondary School Educators

2. 2. hakuaika päättyy:


•• Fulbright Arctic Initiative

2. – 3. 12. Fulbright Center mukana Studiamessuilla CIMOn ständillä

15. 12. Vaihtotoimikunnan kokous Fulbright Center Board Meeting

2. – 3. 2. ORIENTAATIO: Kevätlukukaudeksi saapuvien amerikkalaisten stipendiaattien orientaatio

6. 2. 11th Fulbright North American Studies Roundtable

6. – 7. 5. Fulbright Center Korkeakoulujen kansainvälisten asioiden hallinnon kevätpäivillä Helsingissä

12.5. ORIENTAATIO: Suomalaisten stipendiaattien lähtöorientaatio ja stipendien julkistamistilaisuus

14. 1. Fulbright Center mukana Turun yliopiston kv-viikolla

Vaihtotoimikunnan kokous helmikuussa 2014

Fulbright Center Board Meeting February 2014

Kevään infotilaisuudet julkaistaan Fulbright Centerin verkkosivulla tammikuun aikana

Fulbright Centerin stipendiohjelmien uudet hakutiedot julkistetaan helmikuussa

5. – 6. 3. Fulbright Forum Jyväskylässä

maaliskuu Fulbright Forumin yleisöä tauolla

huhtikuu toukokuu

30. 5. Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) Gathering in Boston

Profile for Fulbright Finland

Fulbright Center News 2/2014  

The Fulbright Center News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Center in Finland.

Fulbright Center News 2/2014  

The Fulbright Center News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Center in Finland.