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New Fulbright–Hanken Distinguished Chair Fulbright Center Grantees 2015–2016 Supporting the International Change Makers

vol. 25 nro 1 (61) kevät/spring 2015

"On the journey with Friends of Fulbright Finland…"

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“Our World of Partnerships”

Passion and Professionalism

From the Executive Director There would be no Finnish-American Fulbright program today, if it weren’t for partnerships. The program began from the partnership between the two governments, which continues as its bedrock. During the past decade, however, the program has gone through a major transformation, and the partnerships and collaboration have grown far and beyond the governmental ones. Today the FinnishAmerican program is among the largest in Europe with 89 grantees this year. This growth is thanks to the nearly 30 long-term partnership agreements that we have with higher education institutions, foundations, and organizations on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, in essence, the government allocations help fund the Center’s infrastructure, while the partnerships help fund the grants. The collaborative agreements have allowed the Finnish program to grow despite the challenging trends of global economy and public funding for higher education and exchanges in both of our countries. And the Center intends to grow further (p. 22). The Fulbright Center’s newest partnership agreement was signed recently with Hanken, the Swedishlanguage business university in Finland, creating the Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics (p. 4). The Fulbright program in Finland now prides itself with four Distinguished Chairs. In the United States, we are so pleased to announce the Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni Enrichment Award, funded entirely from an endowment created by alumni donations. This new grant was announced in May at our Friends of Fulbright Finland alumni event at the USS Constitution Museum in Boston (p. 20). We are privileged to have the event’s keynote speaker, our distinguished alumnus Dr. Bengt Holmström, Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics at MIT in the United States, and Member of the Aalto University Board in Finland, as the invited columnist of this issue (p. 2). To further underline the importance we place on partnerships and collaboration, the Fulbright Center is pleased to introduce its Internationalization Services (p. 10). With its Speaker Program, national seminars, U.S. Study Tours, dialogues and roundtable series, the Center strives to help Finnish and U.S. institutions create linkages and develop long-term cooperation, tackle existing obstacles in transatlantic mobility, and support the internationalization of education and research in Finland. Enjoy “Partnerships” in this Spring 2015 issue of the Fulbright Center News! Terhi Mölsä

Exchanges, networks and innovation are integrally connected. Seeing that something is possible and it can be done has a great value and significant impact. International scholarly exchanges such as ASLA-Fulbright offer this very opportunity. Exchanges open up a window to benchmark from best practices and to see with one’s own eyes how things are done by others. This is important for the sake of both knowledge as well as motivation. A common misconception about innovation is that it somehow comes from within. In reality, all innovation begins with imitation. You first need to go out to see how others do things, learn from them as much as possible, and then you go back and adapt what you have learnt to your own special circumstances, and then you do it all better. That is how innovations come about. One of the fundamental values of international exchanges is that, in essence, it provides you with an opportunity for imitation, and consequently for innovation. It is not possible to overestimate the importance of networks. We have many levels and many kinds of networks from family and friends to distant acquaintances, both in the personal and business contexts. All of them can be important. But one does not always realize that the most valuable parts of your network are often what are called the “weak links”. Not the people that are closest to you, nor those who are very distant. But rather the middle level, the people you communicate with only periodically. These “weak links” in the network can actually turn out to be the most powerful and the most valuable, for example, in helping to secure a new job or offering an invaluable new connection helping your research break into new grounds. Networking has grown enormously valuable in recent years particularly because of the internet. We need to do much more networking as we go forward. But it is not helpful to do it randomly. It needs to have some kind of a structure. And this is what is provided for instance by Fulbright and its alumni. I also want to point out the connection between networking and globalization and the creation of community—people coming together outside the governments, taking the initiative to do something for a local group or

for the broader society. The ASLAFulbright program fits perfectly with this idea, since it is essentially an independent entity. Although it has government connections from both sides, in the end it thrives on individuals organizing themselves and being motivated by a common project. In this respect the United States is ahead of Finland, which may have less of a tradition in this kind of activity. However, right now in Finland we are seeing much more self-organized groups coming together and solving their own problems in diverse ways, also including giving money to various charities. The advice I give to students both at MIT and at Aalto University is that when you see that something needs to be done, go do it. For example, at Aalto a group of students asked the question: why isn’t Aalto doing anything for entrepreneurship? And in an inspired moment my answer to them was: has anyone prevented you from doing something? And that was all I really needed to say. They understood right away that if they strive to be entrepreneurs, they cannot wait for somebody to come and organize it for them. The best way to become an entrepreneur is just to go and do it. And in fact, it was the collaboration with students at MIT that resulted in the Aalto students seeing what was possible. I was an ASLA grantee myself and have seen the impact of exchanges. And the impact continues. Students came to talk with me, and that is worth millions in the long run, because these small steps in these small groups, taking concrete initiatives are crucially influential. This is especially if they are done with both passion and professionalism. The Fulbright Center has been running its programs with both.

The column is an abbreviated version of Dr. Holmström’s remarks at the Friends of Fulbright Finland alumni event at the USS Constitution Museum in Boston on May 30, 2015 (see page 20).

Dr. Bengt Holmström Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics at MIT Member of the Aalto University Board ASLA-Fulbright grantee to Stanford University in 1974

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New Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business And Economics


Two U.S. Fulbright Students to Finland Receive the Roth-Thompson Award


Celebrating the Finnish Fulbright Center Grantees 2015–2016


Grantees to Finland 2015–2016


Grantees to the U.S. 2015–2016


U.S. Fulbright Scholar Competition Now Open!


Fulbright Centerin stipendiohjelmat suomalaisille 2016–2017

10 Developing Global Competencies and Promoting Cultural Awareness – Fulbright Center Internationalization Services Photo: Terhi Mölsä

Cover: The Friends of Fulbright Finland and the Fulbright Center hosted an alumni event at the end of May at the USS Constitution Museum in Boston to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the first ASLA-Fulbright academic exchange between Finland and the USA and to recognize the 10th anniversary of the American alumni program of Fulbright Finland. Read more on page 20. Cover photo: Greg M. Cooper, courtesy of USS Constitution Museum of Boston.

13 Helsinki Universities and Multi-National Business Create Linkages to Improve Selling Capability 14 Introducing Fulbright Center's Partners: Hanken School of Economics 16 Enriching the Fulbright Experience 18 Supporting the International Change Makers 20 Our World of Partnerships: Celebrating the Finnish American Fulbright Experience 22 Uutisia / News 23 Fulbright Center 24 Kalenteri / Calendar of Events

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Advisory Council Anitta Etula Director of International Relations, University of Eastern Finland Outi Hakanen Deputy Director General, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Protocol Services Sirpa Holmström Head of International Services, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Erika Holt Principal Research Scientist,  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Sanna Kangasharju Press Counselor, Media and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C. Ossi V. Lindqvist Professor Emeritus

Grant News

New Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business And Economics The Fulbright Center and Hanken School of Economics have signed an agreement establishing the Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics. “For Hanken this agreement means yet another way of strengthening our international profile, especially among researchers and universitites in the Unites States. Our networks will be broadened in the U.S., opening up the possibility for development ideas”, says Hanken’s Rector Eva Liljeblom. The agreement provides prominent American scholars the opportunity to

Photo: Sonja Kuosmanen

lecture and conduct research at Hanken. During their stay, the scholars will also contribute to sharing Hanken’s research

The first application round for the

and knowledge within the business

academic year 2016–2017 is open until

community and society at large.

August 2015. The award is intended for

“The agreement with Hanken also strengthens Finland’s profile internationally. The Fulbright program oper-

conducting research and lecturing at Hanken School of Economics.

Eva Liljeblom (left), Matti Kokkala, and Fulbright Executive Director Terhi Mölsä signed the agreement establishing the Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics.

Read more about Hanken on page 14.

ates in over 150 countries. Yet, there are only 40 Fulbright Distinguished Chairs, and as many as four of them are in

Application Information

Finland”, says Matti Kokkala, Chair of the Fulbright Center Board of Directors

Fulbright Center

Hanken School of Economics

and Senior Advisor at Smart Cities

Program Coordinator

Scholarship Liaison Officer

at VTT. In addition to the Fulbright-

Ms. Sonja Kuosmanen

Ms. Lotte Granberg-Haakana

Hanken Distinguished Chair, three

other Fulbright Distinguished Chairs are

+358 44 5535 275

+358 40 837 3751

funded in cooperation with the Nokia

Foundation, Aalto University, and the

University of Helsinki.

Two U.S. Fulbright Students to Finland Receive the Roth-Thompson Award U.S. Fulbright Students Michael Brown

participate in international seminars

and Taylor Tyger have received this

including the Calotte Academy meeting

year’s Roth Thompson Award. The

in Russia.

award will enable the two recipients





Taylor Tyger, who has been research-


ing the environmental health benefits

connections in their field in Finland

of urban aquatic environments at Aalto

and internationally.

University and University of Helsinki, will participate and present at two inter-


With the assistance of the award,

national conferences in Belgium and

Michael Brown, who spent the academic


year 2014-2015 at the Arctic Center at the

The Lois Roth Endowment supports

University of Lapland researching gover-

exchanges across national and cultural

nance strategies in the Arctic, will travel

boundaries to enhance international

to Helsinki to interview Parliament rep-

communication and understanding. The

resentatives and Specialists working for

Fulbright Center has cooperated with the

the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA, and

Lois Roth Endowment for many years.

Photos: Jesse Terho

Celebrating the Finnish Fulbright Center Grantees 2015–2016 The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the City of Helsinki hosted the Award Ceremony and Reception in honor of the Finnish Fulbright Center grantees 2015– 2016 at the Helsinki City Hall in May. U.S. grantees, alumni, and Fulbright Center’s partners joined the new Finnish grantees for the celebration. Before the award ceremony, the new grantees participated in a full day orientation filled to the brim with information preparing them for their time in the United States, expert sessions

Director General Jouni Mölsä (left) from the

Mauri Sumén, ASLA-Fulbright Alumni

on visas, taxation, and social security,

Department of Communication and Culture

Ambassadorial Awardee 2015, thanked the

and discussions with Fulbright Center

of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Deputy

Fulbright Center and all of its sponsors on

alumni who shared their own experi-

Mayor of the City of Helsinki Pekka Sauri,

behalf of the new grantees and urged his

ences and tips.

Executive Director Terhi Mölsä, and Chair

fellow grantees to make the most of the

of the Fulbright Center Board Matti Kokkala

once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Congratulations to the new grantees!

greeted the new grantees.

Fulbright Center undergraduate alumna Eva Louhivuori moved the audience with her two songs, Kun aika on and Cinnamon Hearts.


Grantees to Finland 2015–2016 Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program Crothers, Lane Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies  Political Science  Globalization and American Popular Culture  Illinois State University, IL  University of Helsinki  Academic year Keisler, Jeffrey Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair Business  Decision Analytic Modeling for Energy Technology Portfolios  University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA  Aalto University  Spring 2016 Rao, Bhaskar Fulbright-Nokia Distinguished Chair in Information and Communications Technologies  Engineering and Technology  Statistical Methods for the Sparse Signal Recovery Problem and its Applications  University of California, San Diego, CA  Tampere University of Technology  Spring 2016 Salvucci, Dario Fulbright-Nokia Distinguished Chair in Information and Communications Technologies  Computer Science  Predicting Driver Distraction with Cognitive Architectures  Drexel University, PA  University of Jyväskylä  Fall 2015 Zhu, Junyong Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair  Engineering and Technology  High Solids Enzymatic Processing of Forest Biomass  USDA Forest Service, D.C.  Aalto University  Spring 2016 U.S. Scholar Program Agblevor, Foster Fulbright-VTT Grant in Science, Technology and Innovation  Engineering and Technology  Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis and Hot Gas Filtration of Pyrolysis Vapours of Lignocellulosic Biomass  University of Utah, UT  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  Fall 2015 Bertone-Johnson, Elizabeth Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Grant in Health and Environmental Sciences  Medical Health Sciences  Cardiovascular Disease in Finnish Women: The Intersection of Gynecologic Conditions and Vitamin D for Predicting LongTerm Cardiovascular Health  University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA  University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio  Fall 2015 DeRuisseau, Keith Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Grant in Health and Environmental Sciences  Medical Health Sciences  Exercise Effects on Adipose Tissue Iron Metabolism, Oxidative Stress, and Insulin Signaling  Syracuse University, NY  University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio  Academic year


DeRuisseau, Lara Medical Health Sciences  Identifying Functional Brain Alterations in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease with Particular Attention to Baseline Cardiorespiratory Measures  Lemoyne College, NY  University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio  Fall 2015

Wallace, Melissa Fulbright-University of Tampere Scholar Award  Linguistics  The Transposition of Directive 2010&64/EU in Finland and Its impact on University-Level Court Interpreter Training  University of Texas, TX  University of Tampere  Spring 2016

Harris, Christopher Fulbright-Tampere University of Technology Scholar Award  Information Technology Studies  Developing Cross-Cultural and Multi-Cultural User Experiences Through Human-Centered Technology  State University of New York, NY  Tampere University of Technology  Academic year

Whitney, Elizabeth Fulbright-University of Turku Scholar Award  Communication Journalism  Arts Funding, Shared Values, and Digital Storytelling: A Comparative Approach Between the United States and Finland  Borough of Manhattan Community College, NY  University of Turku  Academic year

Henry, Karen Fulbright-VTT Grant in Science, Technology and Innovation  Engineering and Technology  Long-term Unsaturated Flow Properties of Geosynthetics and the Resulting Influence on Water Flow in Geotechnical Structures  United States Air Force Academy, CO  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  Fall 2015

Fulbright Arctic Initiative Research Awards

Hodge, Bri-Mathias Fulbright-VTT Grant in Science, Technology and Innovation  Engineering and Technology  Evaluating the Economic Efficiency of Grid Flexibility Options for Integrating High Penetrations of Renewable Energy  National Renewable Energy Laboratory, CO  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  Spring 2016 Li, Yue Fulbright-VTT Grant in Science, Technology and Innovation  Michigan Technological University, MI  Engineering  Advancing Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Design for Resilient Civil Infrastructure  VTT Espoo  Spring 2016 (Flex grant for academic years 2013-2016) Martusewicz, Rebecca Fulbright-University of Tampere Scholar Award  Education  EcoJustice, Educational Politics, and Globalization: Toward Education for Diverse, Democratic and Sustainable Societies  Eastern Michigan University, MI  University of Tampere  Fall 2015 Schindler, Anton Fulbright-VTT Grant in Science, Technology and Innovation  Engineering and Technology  Development of Durable Infrastructure for the Long-term Storage of Waste Nuclear Fuel  Auburn university, AL  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  Spring 2016 Sivak, Edward Medical Health Sciences  Cost Comparisons in Healthcare: A Benchmarking Collaborative Between Finland and the United States  Case Western University, OH  Aalto University  Fall 2015 (Flex grant for academic years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017)

Chamberlain, Linda Public/Global Health  Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project, AL  University of Alaska, AL Mid-Career Professional Development Grant Doyle, William Business  Global education Forum: The Schools of Tomorrow  New York Public Library, NY  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  Fall 2015 Fulbright-Schuman Program Wentraub, Carrie International Relations  Swedish and Finnish Security Policies: National, Regional, and International  University of Pittsburgh, PA  UPI-FIIA Finnish Institute of International Affairs  Spring 2016 U.S. Student Program Barrad, Simon Voice  Laululle – To Song: A FinnishAmerican Song Exchange  University of Cincinnati, OH  Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Sibelius Academy Horvath, Stephen Fulbright-Lappeenranta University of Technology Graduate Award  Energy  Master’s degree in Energy Technology  Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Storage Methods  US Coast Guard Academy, CT  Lappeenranta University of Technology Jazmines, Stephanie Anne Architecture, Urban planning  Immersion into Finnish Building Culture and WoodFocused Craftsmanship  Yale University, CT  Aalto University Katz, Heidi Fulbright-University of Turku Award  Education  Master’s degree in Learning, Learning Environments, and Educational Systems  Principia, IL  University of Turku

Grantees to the U.S. 2015–2016 Kim, Hyeong-Jin Fulbright-University of Helsinki Graduate Award  Biological sciences  Master’s degree in Molecular Biosciences  Regulation of Integrin Activity by Phosphorylation  Occidental College, CA  University of Helsinki Kim, Sol Fulbright-CIMO Grantee  Geography  Persistent High Pressure Over Finland  University of California, Berkeley, CA  University of Helsinki Lafond, Kathryn Fulbright-CIMO Grantee  Public Health Sciences  Doctoral degree in Global Epidemiology: “A Robust Global Estimate of Severe Influenza Disease Burden”  Emory University, GA  University of Tampere Wong, Eric Economics  Master’s degree in Economics  Global Competitiveness: How Finland Fares in an Increasingly Globalized World  Columbia University, NY  Aalto University Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Brandt, Ann Baggaley Elementary School, Latrobe, PA  Special Education  Improving Interdisciplinary Staff Education in the Use of Multisensory Environments  Niilo Mäki Institute Dowding, Erin  Flushing International High School, Flushing, NY  ESL/EFL  Learning to Learn: Performance Based Assessments in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms  University of Jyväskylä Hanson-Peters, Meghan Steamboat Springs High School, Steamboat Springs, CO  Social Studies  Cooperative Learning Strategies as a Best Practice in Student-Directed, Globally-Minded Classrooms  University of Jyväskylä Marquardt, Anna Carencro High, Lafayette, LA  English  Creative Literacy in the Secondary Language Classroom(s)  University of Turku Radday, Elizabeth The Marvelwood School, Kent, CT  Mathematics, Special Education  Special and Supplementary Education Beyond the Compulsory Years in Finland  Niilo Mäki Institute Tow, David Terra Linda High School, San Rafael, CA  English, Journalism  Boundaries Beyond Borders: Constructing Global Identities from National Civic Involvement  Host to be confirmed Walsh, Patrick Catlin Gabel School, Portland, OR  History  Globalized Youth Online: Communication, Debate, Solutions  University of Jyväskylä

ASLA-Fulbright Research Grants for Senior Scholars Sari Havu-Nuutinen Early Years Science Education  Creativity and ICT in Early Years Science Education – Cross-National Comparative Study  University of Eastern Finland  University of Ohio, OH  Cost-shared with University of Eastern Finland  Fall 2015 Kalland, Mirjam Family Research  Can Effects of Mentalization Based Parental Groups for First Time Parents Show as Changes in Neurobiological Mechanisms of Parenting?  University of Helsinki  Yale University, CT  Cost-shared with University of Helsinki  Spring 2016

Sointu, Erkko Education Sciences  Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) and Technology Attitudes in Teaching and Learning of Pre-Service Teacher Students  University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu  University of Nebraska-Lincoln & University of Nebraska Omaha, NE Fulbright Arctic Initiative Research Awards Sokka, Laura Environmental Sciences  Energy  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  Stanford University, CA ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows

ASLA-Fulbright Research Grants for Junior Scholars

Ajo, Petri Environmental Sciences  Advanced Oxidation/Reduction Processes: Degradation of Micropollutants  Lappeenranta University of Technology  California Institute of Technology, CA  Cost-shared with Lappeenranta University of Technology  Academic year Karila, Suvi Cultural History  “Your God is No Longer Mine” - Experiences of Unbeliever Women in the 19th Century United States  University of Turku  Harvard University, MA  Cost-shared with University of Turku  Academic year

Laiho, Hemmo Philosophy  Kant’s Theory of Sense Perception  University of Turku  University of California, San Diego, CA  Cost-shared with the University of Turku  Spring 2016

Lahdelma, Imre Music Psychology  The Emotional Effects of Vertical Harmony Music  University of Jyväskylä  University of Washington, WA  Cost-shared with University of Jyväskylä  Fall 2015

Makkonen, Kaisa-Emilia Molecular Medicine  Characterization and Development of CELiD for Gene Transfer and DNA Vaccine Purposes  University of Eastern Finland  University of Massachusetts Medical School, MA  Cost-shared with University of Eastern Finland  Academic year

Luotoniemi, Taneli Arts  Visualizing 4-Dimensional Geometry - An Artistic Research  Aalto University  University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, IL  Cost-shared with Aalto University  Fall 2015

Kopotev, Mikhail Corpus Linguistics  Corpus-Driven Approach to l2 Language Teaching  University of Helsinki  Harvard University, MA  Cost-shared with University of Helsinki  Fall 2015 Sundholm, Dage Computational and Theoretical Chemistry  University of Helsinki  University of California, Irvine, CA  Cost-shared with University of Helsinki  Fall 2015

Törmä, Ilkka Theoretical Computer Science  FaultTolerant Parallel Computation with Cellular Automata  University of Turku  Boston University, MA  Cost-shared with University of Turku  Academic year Fulbright Center Travel Grants for Research Collaboration Karimi-Aghdam, Saeed Applied Linguistics  Developing a Metatheory of Second Language Learning and Teaching: A Cultural-Historical and Dynamic Systems Perspective  University of Jyväskylä  University of California, San Diego, CA

Pyhältö, Kimmo Computer Science  Empirical Study: Third Ager's Frequent Usability Problems and Temptations in Web Services  University of Tampere  Case Western Reserve University, OH  Cost-shared with University of Tampere  Spring 2016 Suominen, Niko Theatre and Drama Research  Early Modern Drama and the Rhetoric of Theatre: The Stage Jew as a Rhetorical Device in Public Debate  University of Tampere  Harvard University, MA  Cost-shared with University of Tampere  Academic year Fulbright-Schuman Program Ylönen, Matti Social Sciences  The Politics in Corporate Tax Information  University of Helsinki  Yale University, CT


Grantees to the U.S. 2015–2016 ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grants Akrenius, Mikaela Psychology  Completing a Doctoral Degree in Cognitive Science in the U.S.  University of Helsinki  Indiana University Bloomington, IN Kivinen, Oscar Mathematics  Completing a Doctoral Degree in Mathematics in the U.S.  Aalto University  University of California, Davis, CA Lahdenranta, Aino Philosophy  Philosophical Perspectives on Early Modern Sentimentalism  University of Jyväskylä  Boston University, MA  Cost-shared with University of Jyväskylä Peltonen, Aleksi Law  Completing a Master’s Degree in Law in the U.S.  University of Helsinki  New York University, NY  Cost-shared with University of Helsinki Poutanen, Johanna Peace and Conflict Studies  Completing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration in the U.S.  Graduate of the University of Helsinki  Harvard University, MA Sumén, Mauri Cinema Studies  Completing a Master’s Degree in Media and Film Studies in the U.S.  University of the Arts Helsinki  Columbia University, NY Tomi, Miika Public Policy  Completing a Master’s Degree in Foreign Service in the U.S.  University of Tampere  Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Pitkänen, Anu Elina University of Oulu  Finnish Language  Indiana University Bloomington, IN Posio, Ilkka University of Turku  Finnish Language  University of Wisconsin, Madison Fulbright Center’s Undergraduate Grants Lemetti, Lotta Photography  Mäkelänrinne High School  New York Film Academy, NY Rimali, Saku Systems Science and Engineering  Ounasvaara High School  University of Pennsylvania, PA Tuomaala, Elias Economics  Mahindra United World College of India  Harvard College, MA The Study of the U.S. Institutes for European Student Leaders Kähkönen, Juho Social Entrepreneurship  Political Science  University of Lapland  Indiana University Bloomington, IN Möttönen, Helmi Environmental Stewardship  English  University of Jyväskylä  Kansas State University, KA Mid-Career Professional Development Grants

Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grants Laine, Hannu Energy  Gettering of Metal Impurities in Silicon Solar Cells with Implanted Emitters  Aalto University  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA

Elo, Petteri Education  Developing and Implimenting New Curriculum: High Quality Classroom Activity and Educational Leadership  Hiidenkivi Comprehensive School  Virginia Association of Superintendents, Salem City Schools, and Charlottesville City Schools, VA  Fall 2015

Oksanen, Satu Public Art  Rethinking Curatorial Strategies in Public Art Commissions  Helsinki Art Museum  International Studio and Curatorial Program ISCP, NY  Spring 2016 Tähtinen, Antti Marketing and Advertising  Digital Service Design – Connecting Marketing, Technology and Creative Innovation  358 Helsinki  R/GA New York, NY  Fall 2015 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Mykrä, Tarja Pedagogical Specialist  Learner-Centered Teaching Methods: A Toolkit for Secondary Education Teachers  Mercuria Business College, Vantaa  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN Pohtola, Taru Teacher  Differentiating Instruction in EFL Classrooms in Secondary Education  Martinlaakso High School, Vantaa  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN Study of the United States Institutes Höyssä, Ari Institute for Secondary Educators  Teacher, Assistant Principal  History  Elisenvaara Upper Secondary School, Kyrö  University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, IL Kallunki, Valdemar Institute for Scholars on Religious Pluralism in the U.S.  Chief Research Officer, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences  Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki  Docent, University of Turku  Religion  University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Grantees as of June 2015 U.S. Inter-Country Grants, U.S. Specialist Grants, and Finnish Renewal Grants will be announced later.

Fulbright Finnish Language and Culture Teaching Assistants Hokkanen, Maria Finnish Language  University of Turku  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Up-to-date list will be available at

U.S. Fulbright Scholar Competition Now Open!

Photo: 2015 BOBCATSSS Conference


During his stay in Finland, 2014–2015 Fulbright-Nokia Distinguished Chair Jay Gillette was invited to give a large of number of public addresses, including the opening keynote speech at the 2015 BOBCATSSS Conference on information sciences in Brno, Czech Republic. “My Fulbright appointment allowed me to have the opportunity to address this important academic conference. I would not have otherwise had the requisite European contacts, I am sure. Also the Fulbright appointment affords instant credibility for an academic. So I encourage other scholars, and especially senior ones, to consider a Fulbright application to teach, and learn, and offer their ideas to the public.” For applications and more information on U.S. Scholar Awards:

Fulbright Centerin stipendiohjelmat suomalaisille

2016–2017 Kenelle




Hakuaika päättyy

Kandidaattitason opinnot

Study of the U.S. Institutes for European Student Leaders

5 viikkoa

Stipendi kattaa kesäohjelman kustannukset

Julistetaan hakuun 2015-16 vaihteessa

Kandidaattitason opinnot

Fulbright Center Undergraduate Grant


Enintään USD 10 000

Julistetaan hakuun helmikuussa 2016

Maisteri- ja tohtoritason opinnot tai tutkimus

ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grant


Enintään USD 30 000

15.5.2015 klo 10.00

Teknologiateollisuuden edustamien toimialojen kehitystä tukevat opinnot ja tutkimus

Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grant


Maisteri- ja tohtoritason opintoihin USD 35 000–50 000

15.5.2015 klo 10.00

Suomen kielen ja kulttuurin opetustehtävät ja omia opintoja täydentävät kurssit ja tutkimus

Fulbright Finnish Language and Culture Teaching Assistant Program


Stipendi kattaa peruselinkustannukset. Stipendisumma määräytyy sijoituspaikan mukaan.

14.10.2015 klo 10.00


ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows Program

Vähintään 6 kk

USD 12 000

14.12.2014 klo 10.00

Tutkimustyö Alle neljä vuotta sitten väitelleille

ASLA-Fulbright Research Grant for a Junior Scholar

4–12 kk

Enintään USD 15 500

14.12.2014 klo 10.00

Cost-share 4–12 kk

Enintään USD 30 000

Teknologiateollisuuden edustamien toimialojen kehitystä tukeva tutkimus, alle neljä vuotta sitten väitelleille

Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grant


Enintään USD 36 000

14.12.2014 klo 10.00

Tutkimustyö, yli neljä vuotta sitten väitelleille

ASLA-Fulbright Research Grant for a Senior Scholar

3–12 kk

Enintään USD 15 000

14.12.2014 klo 10.00



Tutkijoille, asiantuntijoille, opiskelijoille ja kv-liikkuvuuden kanssa työskenteleville Kaikkien alojen hakijoille Euroopan Unionia tai EU:n ja Yhdysvaltojen suhteita käsittelevät opinnot, tutkimus tai luennointi

Fulbright-Schuman Program

3–12 kk

Enintään USD 30 000

Julistetaan hakuun syksyllä 2015, haku päättyy joulukuussa

Fulbright Scholar-inResidence Program

3–9 kk

Vähintään USD 2 700 / kk


Luennoitsijoille Luennointi. Vastaanottava yliopisto hakee apurahaa.

Ensimmäisen ja toisen asteen opettajille, opettajankouluttajille sekä hallintohenkilöstölle Ammattitaidon täydentämiseen ja kehittämiseen tarkoitettu projekti

Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching


Stipendi kattaa peruselinkustannukset, lukukausimaksut ja matkat

Julistetaan hakuun syksyllä 2015

Työuransa keskivaiheilla oleville ammattilaisille ja asiantuntijoille Ammattitaidon täydentämiseen ja kehittämiseen tarkoitettu projekti

Mid-Career Professional Development Grant

3–12 kk

Enintään USD 13 500

14.12.2015 klo 10.00

Ammattitaidon täydentämiseen ja kehittämiseen tarkoitettu projeti lehtikuvauksen, kuvajournalismin ja visuaalisen journalismin alalla

Fulbright Grant in Photojournalism Sponsored by Patricia Seppälä Foundation

3–12 kk

Enintään USD 15 000

14.12.2015 klo 10.00

Yhdysvaltoihin liittyvän opetuksen, tutkimuksen ja oppimateriaalien kehittämiseen tarkoitettu ohjelma

Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars and Secondary School Educators

5–6 viikkoa

Stipendi kattaa akateemisen ohjelman, peruselinkustannukset ja matkat

Julistetaan hakuun loppuvuodesta 2015

Internationalization Services

Developing Global Competencies and Promoting Cultural Awareness Fulbright Center Internationalization Services The Fulbright Center helps U.S. and Finnish institutions create linkages and develop long-term cooperation,


States on specific themes

and supports the internationalization of education and research in Finland in a variety of ways. In response to the

•• Opportunities to invite American grantees to speak at schools and institutions through the Fulbright Speaker Program

strong demand from both the higher education institutions and the sec-


the Center has developed a series of ••

lowing two pages. More information can also be found on the Fulbright Center website at internationalization-services.

Fulbright Transatlantic Roundtables bringing together experts across fields to address and devise concrete solutions to current challenges in transatlantic academic mobility and cooperation

Read more about the internationalization services on this and the fol-

Fulbright Dialogues on timely topics selected in collaboration with local institutions, and spiced with expert introductions to themes

ondary education sector in Finland, Internationalization Services.

Tailored study tours for Finnish expert delegations to the United

•• Two annual national Fulbright scholars ••

seminars open to the public featuring U.S.

Open lectures with partner institutions on interesting international themes and innovative research subjects; as well as on studies, and conducting research in the U.S. and Canada.


Institutional advising on how to utilize the Fulbright Center programs to advance the internationalization goals at your institution.

First Summer School on Arctic Cooperation and Cross-Border Expertise Photo: Molly Schwartz

Coming Up! Study Tour on Graduate Admissions and Strategic Enrollment Management A Finnish delegation will travel to the U.S. in the fall of 2015 on a Fulbright Center Study Tour to immerse themselves in Graduate Admissions and Strategic Enrollment Management. The Fulbright Center will lead a delegation of ten experts from Finnish universities and the Ministry of Education and Culture to the U.S. in late October. The Center has organized specially tailored study tours on higher educa-

The first ever “Summer School on Arctic

“We aim for the Arctic summer

tion as a part of its Internationalization

Cooperation and Cross-Border Expertise”

school to become one of the most

Services tours since 2008; the coming

was kicked off in Tornio in early June.

remarkable products offered in summer

tour will be the seventh.

Fulbright grantee Molly Schwartz’s

campuses all over Finland. The talented

More information on the upcoming

course on “Spatializing Governance in

and enthusiastic teachers from Fulbright

and previous Study Tours: www.fulbright.

the Digital Age: the Arctic Example” and

are representing the top-level educa-


Michael Brown’s course “Introduction

tion professionals needed in this kind of


to Arctic Governance and Politics” pave

opening,” praises Mirva Juntti, Head of

the way for future collaboration between

Education from the Unit of Business and

Fulbright grantees and the organizer,

Culture of the Lapland UAS.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences. 10

Transatlantic Roundtable Launches Joint Projects in North American Studies


Mark Your Calendars for Fulbright Seminars in 2015–16! American Voices Seminar October 9–10, 2015 University of Turku 20 14

Education, Innovation, Science and Art Program coordinators, lecturers and professors of North American Studies at Finnish universities gathered together with the Canadian and U.S. Embassies, and the John Morton Center for North American Studies for the 11th annual North American Studies Roundtable at the Fulbright Center. The group made a decision about the organization of a joint web-based course to be taught by previous Fulbright Professors. The Roundtable also decided to launch a joint webpage collecting together the information on all programs and course offerings in the field of North American Studies at Finnish institutions: north-american-studies .

Interested in North American Studies in Finland? Check out this webpage: north-american-studies

Fulbright Forum March 17–18, 2016 University of Jyväskylä

20 14

Education, Innovation, Science and Art Both seminars are open for the public with free entrance. Come and meet the 20 14 2015–16 U.S. Fulbrighters! See p. 6 for a Education, Innovation, Science and Art list of grantees. American Voices at the University of Turku and the Fulbright Forum at the University of Jyväskylä are both annual, national Fulbright seminars and part of the Fulbright Center’s Internationalization Services. More information

Fulbright Dialogue Discusses Factors Influencing U.S. Students Choosing Finland

Katsiaryna Mikalayeva (left), pre-

Program grant choose Finland as the

in Research and Innovation in Higher

sented her research findings on “Factors

destination for their Fulbright year,

Education (MARIHE). She interned at the



looking at the interaction of various fac-

Fulbright Center in 2014.

Grantees to Choose Finland as Their

tors of influence and exploring decision-

Fulbright Destination” at the Fulbright

making patterns behind the students’

Center in May to an audience of invited

choice. The expert participants also dis-

experts as a part of the Fulbright

cussed how Mikalayeva’s findings could

Dialogues series.

be utilized for the benefit of Finnish



Using surveys and in-depth inter-

higher education.

views, Mikalayeva investigates why

Mikalayeva has recently completed

recipients of Fulbright U.S. Student

her Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree


Internationalization Services

U.S. Fulbrighters from around Finland gathered in Jyväskylä in early March to present their projects and research at the annual Fulbright Forum seminar. Pictured here at The annual Fulbright Forum at the University of Jyväskylä in March provided

Yliopistoportti sculpture.

a unique opportunity to hear about the research and projects that the American Fulbright scholars, teachers, and graduate students are doing in Finland. The first seminar day focused on

my primary interest was in the educa-

Education, which is one of Jyväskylä’s

tional initiatives segment of the Forum,

strong fields of science. Speakers were

however, I found that all of the pre-

inspired by Finnish Teacher Education

senters had some reflection on Finnish

and the Finnish education system’s suc-

education to share”, says Vining, who

cess in international assessments. The

is spending a year in Bergen, Norway,

second seminar day included a wide

as a U.S. Fulbright Teaching Assistant.

array of topics from how information

“The Forum was a great space through

and communication technologies shape

which American and Finnish educators

human lives to American perspective on

could reflect on the systems in their own

Finnish judges and the European Union.

countries and the direction education is

Fulbright Forum’s theme day for

moving globally. It was valuable for me

Education attracted audience also from

to be able to compare my experience

abroad; Abigail Vining traveled to

teaching in Norway as an American to

Jyväskylä from Norway to attend the

the Finnish experience. Presenters were

Forum. “The Forum was a fantastic mix

knowledgeable and generous with their

of educational research and reflections

time and research and I came away from

on day one and a medley of environ-

the conference with some great new

mental, social, and technological pre-

perspectives and contacts in the educa-

sentations on day two. As an educator,

tional world!”

Fulbright Center organizes the Fulbright Forum in cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä, and the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki supports the seminar. Rector Matti Manninen (on the right) and Executive Director Terhi Mölsä opened the Forum. U.S. Ambassador to Finland, Fulbright Center’s Honorary Chair Bruce J. Oreck spoke about Vision and Risk as Partners in Success.

Fulbright Forum presentations and panels engaged the audience and created lively discussions on both days. 12

Creating Linkages

Helsinki Universities and Multi-National Business Create Linkages to Improve Selling Capability I first became invested in Finland, and how people here sell, in 2006, when a colleague I had met at a conference reached out and asked for help in developing a sales program at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Since then, I have visited and/or worked with several Finnish universities in different capacities. So when colleagues from Haaga-Helia suggested I apply for a Fulbright Award, I was excited! At the same time, researchers from several Helsinki Universities were submit-

Photo: Susan Heikkinen

ting a grant, called MANIA, to Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, TEKES

Fulbright Professor Ellen Pullins (middle) with Timo Kaski, MANIA Project

for a research project that really inter-

Leader, and Sirpa Holmström, Head of International Services at Haaga-Helia.

ested me, and asked me to be involved. Long story short, TEKES funded MANIA,

with professional salespeople and their

can trust and makes buying easier.

Fulbright honored me with the award,

buyers, and over 25 video recordings

•• The salesperson isn’t an individual

and I was coming to Finland for three

of actual sales encounters. We have

hero, swooping in to solve problems,

months starting January, 2015. Haaga-

debriefing interviews and a number of

but the focus is on internal and

Helia graciously offered to split my

the participants have been engaged in

external collaboration, and

time on teaching and curriculum with

personality profiling. Qualitative analy-

research work on MANIA.

sis of this data uses a number of differ-

MANIA is a two-year research proj-

ent methodologies.

teamwork. •• Salespeoples’ mental and psychological states are largely

ect focusing on complex business-to-

Several conference papers have been

ignored by organizations. Culture

business services selling. The research

accepted and a number of journal publi-

and development of psychological

goal is to improve sales success of com-

cations are currently being developed or

capital should support the

panies in Finland by creating new sci-

under review. Eventually, we think there

entific knowledge, practical tools and

will be more than a dozen journal publi-

sales methods. The MANIA research

cations to share basic knowledge across

known in sales theory and practice,

approaches selling as multi-disciplin-

several disciplines. Company feedback

and what is understood and executed

ary, involving researchers from several

sessions to identify tool development

by salespeople. Researchers

fields. It focuses on sales interactions

have been conducted with most of the

need to translate concepts for

and value creation at the individual and

firms, and will be completed this month,

understanding, and managers need

organizational levels. The project inves-

with tools and training to come in the

to oversee execution.

tigates the role of emotions, hidden

fall. The first set of unique insights was

needs and differing motivations that

shared with a group of about 150 cor-

One of the things I have often heard

influence sales meetings.

porate partners, alum, and students

since my arrival in Finland is “Finns


at Haaga Helia’s first sales summit in

can’t sell.” I disagree. I have seen excep-

implementing and funding the research

March. Currently practical writing and

tional capability in students and busi-

includes Haaga-Helia, Aalto University,

presentation development are under-

ness people. I have seen extraordinary

University of Helsinki, TEKES, Barona

way. We are also working on future grant

exceptions. Finns can sell. But, I believe

Group Oy, Canon Oy, Fountain Park

proposals to continue the work.

wholeheartedly that this MANIA project




Oy, Happimaa Oy, Konecranes Finland

salesperson in this demanding role. •• There are clear gaps between what is

can elevate that perception and change

Oy, Movenium Oy, Movenote Oy and

So far, there are few things we have

the way selling is viewed and executed.

Rocla Solutions Oy. The external part-


I know that this project is one giant step

ners are the Edward Schmidt School

•• Dialogue is critical: value can

toward linking businesses and universi-

of Professional Selling (University of

only be created when both parties

ties in a way that will benefit Finland, as

Toledo, Ohio USA) and the Snellman


well as the profession of selling, in the

Institute, Helsinki.

•• Value doesn’t necessarily come

Initial anticipated outcomes include scientific





only from the product itself. The salesperson, through diagnosis and

knowledge and theory, but also practi-

providing new insights from current

cal publications and presentations, new

trends and research, can provide

Text: Ellen Bolman Pullins, PhD

tools and methods for companies, and


Schmidt Research Professor of Sales & Sales

benchmarking information. The MANIA team has collected over 100 interviews

•• Buying services is risky, so customers want a relationship they

Management, University of Toledo, and Fulbright-Haaga-Helia Scholar 2015


Introducing Fulbright Center's Partners

The atmosphere at Hanken is international, which is reflected in the broad network of international academic partnerships, the extensive exchange programs and the high number of international students.

Nordic Brilliance In One Of The World’s Safest Countries For over 100 years, Hanken School of Economics, or more familiarly Hanken,

Clark University. The projects are con-

has shaped the future of many successful scholars and business leaders. Hanken

ducted within such fields of research

characterises itself by five elements that permeate all its activities: research

as business ethics, entrepreneurship,

orientation, quality education, internationalization, close ties to the business

humanitarian logistics, and intellectual

community, and the promotion of social responsibility.

property law.

“Hanken represents the Nordic type of

research. Hanken’s professional research


business school where the ties between

services and other support functions offer

Organizational Research that, since 2008,

research and education are close. We

assistance in finding research funding,

supports a small number of recent Nordic

have low barriers between stake-

connecting to external research partners

PhDs of exceptional promise to continue

holder groups, allowing for an informal

and handling all practical matters.”

their training under the supervision

Hanken is also a member of Scancor, Consortium


exchange of ideas between professors,

The atmosphere at Hanken is inter-

students, alumni and society in general,

national, which is reflected in the broad


which is another hallmark of Finnish


PhDs conduct post-doctoral research at

society”, says Rector Karen Spens

partnerships, the extensive exchange

(beginning 1 August, 2015).

programs and the high number of inter-

“Having experience from working

national students. Hanken has ambi-

as a professor in both the U.S. and in

tiously worked to increase the share

Finland, I can truly say that the research

of international faculty, and today the

conducted at Hanken is at an interna-

The research environment at Hanken is

share is among the highest of all Finnish

tionally pioneering level. Evidence of this

dynamic, with scholars at the forefront of


is that Hanken exceeds the world aver-

Academic Freedom in an International Context

their respective fields of interest.






of senior faculty members at Stanford Currently,




In the U.S., Hanken has ongoing

age as regards indexes for both citations

“Our researchers enjoy a high level of

research projects with universities such

and publications in Top10 journals”, says

academic freedom with the opportunity

as University of Virginia Darden School

Timo Korkeamäki, Dean of Research and

to pursue both basic, applied and contract

of Business, Temple University, MIT, and

Professor in Finance.

Quality Guarantee


Additional proof of the high quality in teaching, research, internationalization and corporate interaction at Hanken is

Hanken in Figures

that the school has been awarded two

•• Founded in Helsinki 1909

of the most prestigious international

•• Unit also in Vaasa since 1980

accreditations, EQUIS in 2000 and AMBA

•• Research and teaching in Swedish and

in 2008. Hanken aims at being a triple-

English in five different departments

accredited university by 2016, as the

•• Number of students enrolled for bachelor

process for securing the AACSB accreditation is under way. Hanken values responsibility, sustainability and ethics in all operations. In fact, Hanken was the first university

and master’s degrees – 2200 •• Number of doctoral students – 160 •• Academic staff – 120 •• Number of partner universities worldwide – 105

in Finland to sign the UN Principles for

Areas of Strength

Responsible Management Education

•• Economics

(PRME) and has since then been

•• Finance

appointed PRME Champion and been

•• Management and Organization

awarded for its PRME report.

•• Marketing

As a further sign of quality, today Hanken is the holder of one of the


four Fulbright Distinguished Chairs in

•• Accounting


•• Commercial Law

Hanken has units in Helsinki, the

•• Economics

dynamic capital of Finland, and Vaasa,

•• Entrepreneurship, Management and Organization

the center of the Finnish energy cluster,

•• Finance

both offering an inspiring setting for a

•• Information Systems Science

stay in Finland.

•• Management and Organization

“A visit at Hanken is the perfect opportunity not just for a scholarly fruitful exchange but for a trip to remember for the whole family!” rector Spens concludes.

•• Marketing •• Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility

Executive Education •• Hanken Executive MBA •• Hanken Executive Education Vaasa

Text and photos: Hanken

•• Hanken & SSE Executive Education

Fulbright Center has a cooperation agreement with nearly 30 selected higher education institutions, foundations and organizations. Get to know them by reading the earlier articles in the series online at


Conversations with World Leaders program with Mr. J. Frank Brown, Managing Director of the global growth investment firm General Atlantic (in the middle). Every conversation in the series is attended by a group of Fulbright students from different countries specializing in a range of academic fields. Kirsi Cheas from Finland on the right.

Enriching the Fulbright Experience Enrichment activities are an integral part of the Fulbright Program. Fulbright partners with organizations to be able to offer a variety of programs in multiple locations. In this article, ASLA-Fulbright Graduate grantee Kirsi Cheas shares her experience from New York City. My





Finnish and American world news. In

Twilight Cruise Around Manhattan!

2012, I applied for the ASLA-Fulbright

Since 1987, the U.S. Department of

grant as I thought it would provide me

State has designated One To World as the

with a unique opportunity to become

official coordinator of Fulbright enrich-

acquainted with American news media,

ment programs in the greater New

and to share my understanding about

York area. In my view, the opportuni-

Finnish communication culture with

ties provided by One To World are fun-

American students and scholars. I also

damental for our Fulbright experience:

wanted to learn how interdisciplinary

thanks to these programs, Fulbrighters

studies were organized and promoted in

get to exchange ideas with Americans

the U.S. My aspiration was to become a

and other Fulbrighters with distinct

visiting scholar at New York University

backgrounds beyond the university

during the academic year 2013–14. When

where we are conducting our studies.

learning that I had won the grant, I felt

“We develop partnerships with a large

like the most fortunate person on earth.

variety of social, cultural and volunteer

Still, I did not realize just how much

institutions in the metro area. The aim

being an outsider examining the U.S.

this Fulbright grant would transform

is to create activities that highlight local

from afar, they are immersed in our

and deepen my understanding about

culture and history while also build-

daily lives. In some small way, they get

the United States and the surrounding

ing cross-cultural understanding,” Ms.

to walk in someone else’s shoes. This

world, until I arrived in New York City

Asya Dinets, Director of One To World

exposure to another culture, to different

and began receiving invitations from

Enrichment Programs explains.

ways of thinking and doing will, hope-

an organization called One To World:


and mingle with other Fulbrighters in our

Meetings and workshops significantly increased my selfconfidence and public speaking skills, making me perform better in my presentations at my university and preparing me for my career as a researcher.

Ms. Jane Brown, One To World’s

fully, permeate the rest of their lives.”

Experience an authentic Thanksgiving din-


ner in an American family! Come help the

Sponsorship, adds that “when an inter-

Reciprocal Learning

victims of hurricane Sandy in our community

national student comes to study in the

One of my favorite programs was

work project! Improve your communication

United States, it is an opportunity not

“Conversations with World Leaders,”

skills in our public speaking workshop! Take

only for a wonderful educational expe-

which introduced me to successful

part in a discussion with leading experts

rience, but for a chance to see the world

Americans like Mr. Jonathan Schwartz,

at the Council on Foreign Relations! Meet

from a different perspective. Instead of

Executive Vice President of the Univisión




Communications network; Mr. Steve

student – the program also gave me the

Ross, Director of the Books Division of

opportunity to listen to their thoughts

the Abrams Artists Agency; Mr. John

and learn from their experiences.” This

Zogby, famous public opinion poll-

way, the enrichment programs instruct

ster; and Mr. J. Frank Brown, Managing

us to appreciate ideas of different peo-

Director of the global growth investment

ple, regardless of their age, socioeco-

firm General Atlantic. These leaders did

nomic status or specialization.

not only describe the highlights, but also

Fulbright Seminar Ignites Interdisciplinary Collaboration The Fulbright Center in Finland strives to provide opportunities for

the difficulties they had been through

Building a Better Future

in their careers, teaching us important

Next to being cultural ambassadors,

laborate across borders. Every year

lessons about persistence when pursu-

Fulbrighters are expected to perform

the Center sponsors grantees to

ing goals we are passionate about. For

excellently in our studies. There were

international seminars in Europe.

every conversation, One To World would

times when I would receive a fascinating

Beyond their specific content focus,

compile a group of Fulbright students

invite from One To World – to commu-


from different countries specializing in

nity work projects, culinary expeditions

fruitful networking opportunities.

a range of academic fields. The leaders

to restaurants and vineyards, parties,

Fulbright Scholar Paul Flikkema’s

were always interested in hearing more

visits to American families… – only

experience is a good example of this.

about our thoughts and backgrounds,

to realize I had a seminar or a research

eagerly expanding their knowledge

paper due. Sometimes I was obliged to


about the surrounding world.

prioritize schoolwork over the events.

2013–2014) applied to attend the

its U.S. grantees to connect and col-








I was also very fond of the “Global

Still, I find that the enrichment

Classroom” program, which gives foreign

activities always filled me with positive

EU-NATO Seminar, he hoped to meet


Fulbright students a chance to share our

energy, helping me with my research

other researchers working in smart

cultures in public schools around New

rather than stealing time from it. The

grid technology, his new area of

York City. “It is wonderful to bring Global

meetings and workshops significantly

research. At that event, in Belgium and

Guides into the classroom and see NYC

increased my self-confidence and pub-

Luxembourg in February 2014, he met

students so excited to taste new food,

lic speaking skills, making me per-

Ian Rinehart (Germany 2013–2014),

learn new dances, play new games and

form better in my presentations at NYU

who was working on a project to under-

ask questions,” describes Ms. Marissa

and preparing me for my career as a

stand Germany’s Energiewende (Energy

Munn, Director of the project at One To

researcher. Thanks to the enrichment

Transition) and the remunicipalization

World. “I am challenged every day to

activities, I made close friends with so

of energy utilities in Germany. They

think about my own cultural norms and

many Fulbrighters from around the

quickly found common ground in dis-

expectations. I constantly think about

globe. I saw Russians develop mutual

cussing the socio-technological forces

how to communicate in a culturally sen-

understanding with Ukrainians; Israelis

that are driving the evolution of the

sitive way.”

with Palestinians.

smart grid, the integration of renew-

While the Conversations with World

“One To World creates these incred-

able and clean energy technologies,

Leaders would take place in elegant

ible connections, in which two people

and the differences between Germany

offices in midtown Manhattan, Global

of two different cultures that were once

and the United States.

Classroom exposes Fulbrighters to com-

confronted are now sitting on the same

In summer 2014 they collaborated

pletely different American realities in

table, one sharing with the other his/her

on a proposal to the National Council

neighborhoods like the Bronx and Long

culture’s most cherished traditions,”

on Science and Environment’s Energy

Island City. The children attending these

marvels Giselle Diez, an Argentinean

& Climate Change Conference for a

elementary, middle and high schools

who has coordinated enrichment pro-

symposium. With the leadership and

often came from low-income families.

grams for several years.

staff at NCSE, and researchers Gary

“I love our community work programs.

In addition to working with Fulbright

Radloff and Bruce Beihoff at the

Seeing instances where America is not

grantees, One To World promotes connec-

Wisconsin Energy Institute, they orga-

perfect and how people respond to it

tions with roughly 75,000 self-sponsored

nized a series of symposia around the

is a wonderful lesson to bring home,”

international students in the NY area.

smart grid of the future through the

“One To World is a seed of mutual

autumn of 2015. Their efforts paid off:

Still, the premise of Global Classroom

understanding that we plant in all of

at the conference in January, Rinehart

is very similar to all of One To World’s

the people that get involved with us. But


programs: reciprocal learning. Just like

the bigger impact comes with time and

symposia (‘Integrating Clean Energy

the “World Leaders” are expected to be

will be seen in future generations, cre-

Across Scales: Buildings-to-Nations’

open to the ideas of Fulbright students,

ating a more peaceful world,” concludes

and ‘Utilities in 2050: Which Possible

we Fulbrighters are supposed to inter-

Giselle Diez.

Futures are Likely and Desirable’),

phrases Ms. Jane Brown.

act with the American students. In the




where scientists, technologists, and

words of Ms. Arianny Amador Padilla,

Text: Kirsi Cheas, ASLA-Fulbright Graduate

policy analysts from many states gath-

Fulbright student from the Dominican

Grantee 2013-2014, New York University.

ered to learn from experts in the field,

Republic, “Global Classroom has not only given me the chance to teach

including researchers from the U.S. Photo: One To World

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

American students about the traditions

(NREL) and Amory Lovins of the Rocky

in my home country and guide them

Mountain Institute.

through my journey as an international


Alumni in Focus

Suzanne Louis who has been volunteering at the Fulbright Center since 2006 spearheads the initiative to develop the American alumni program, Friends of Fulbright Finland.

Supporting the International Change Makers Fulbright Finland alumna Suzanne Louis talks about her passion for internationalization, her belief in the value of student mobility and cultural exchange, and the positive impact international collaboration has on society at home and abroad. Suzanne Louis is one Fulbright grantee

working life, I’ve been fascinated by the

who has made international exchange

reasons why young people choose to go

her life’s work. The former director of

abroad to develop their education.”

the University of Virginia’s internabehind the Friends of Fulbright Finland

Fostering International Exchange and Mobility

alumni program in the U.S., Suzanne is

In more recent years, Suzanne’s nomad-

passionate about intercultural under-

ism has taken a Nordic turn, moving

standing and the value of interna-

between her adopted hometown of

tional experience. Born in Kansas City,

Charlottesville in Virginia and the other

Missouri, Suzanne describes herself as

place she feels most at home, Helsinki in

a “domestic nomad”, her family having

Finland, where she volunteers with the

moved around the U.S. several times in

Fulbright Center as a Project Consultant

her early years. “I developed early on the

and expert panel member.

tional center, and now the driving force


It’s very common for us to hear from grantees that their year in Finland was life changing, but for it to continue to add value to the rest of their career is something even better.

capacity to adjust to new environments

“I first came to Finland in 1991 to

in how international exchange activities

and develop new relationships with

attend a conference in Jyväskylä, and

were handled at a non-American uni-

people in each place. It seemed a natural

I was hooked! Afterwards I traveled to

versity, to compare best practices with

part of life.”

Finland several times, on holiday as well

my home institution, and to learn how

This outlook developed and expanded

as business trips related to international

mobility programs were being developed

during her time studying cultural

education. Eventually it was clear to me

in Europe, and how they were expressed

anthropology, leading her to study

that I had to find an opportunity to stay

at the local level in universities.”

Mandarin Chinese, then spend a year

for longer if possible. That’s what led me

teaching and studying in Taiwan, before

to apply for the Fulbright grant.”

“At that time, bringing international students onto the campus was quite a

embarking on a successful career in

Suzanne was awarded a Mid-Career

novelty for Finnish universities, but

international educational exchange.

Professional Development grant in 2001,

we had quite a lot of experience of this

“I’ve spent my career with students

hosted by the International Relations

in the U.S., which I was able to share,”

coming from 150 countries around the

office of what is now Aalto University in

Suzanne explains. “My host university

world. From the earliest days of my

Helsinki. “My goal was to immerse myself

particularly wanted to develop its intake

of Chinese students, exploring how best

just trendy, it’s something that’s very

to support them during the admissions

important to these people. They really

process and once they were on campus.”

want to make a difference, and that’s a

Suzanne was impressed by the num-

very compelling argument.”

ber of academic exchanges being orga-

“We’re very interested in finding

nized for Finnish and other European

individuals pursuing research that has a

students, especially through Erasmus,

larger meaning in the rest of the world,

the European Union student exchange

who want to reach out to their commu-

program. “At the University of Virginia,

nities through their work.”

we had maybe half a dozen one-to-one

Social justice for Suzanne means

exchange programs with foreign uni-

the potential to change communities or

versities. But the volume being handled

societies for the better. “For example,

through Erasmus was really something

we may have someone in medicine doing


bench research, but their goal is to find

“In the U.S. we had lots of students

ways to eliminate diabetes. We’re look-

coming in from abroad from Asia, Africa,

ing for people with this additional mind-

and Latin America, but very few from

set, who are passionate about their work

Europe. I felt that was kind of an imbal-

because it can have a broader effect,

ance. The European exchange programs

perhaps as part of a larger team. These

At the Friends of Fulbright Finland Boston

have been extremely successful, and are

are people who think ‘I’m not the only

event in May, Suzanne Louis was recognized

much easier for European students to

bright light in the sky, but I want to add

for her nearly 10 years of volunteer service

manage and negotiate, while U.S. insti-

my light to others who are working to

for Fulbright Finland.

tutions may appear more inaccessible,

solve this problem.’”

for example requiring tuition fees.”

The physical sciences are not the only

Suzanne reflects that this imbalance

fields that can make this kind of impact,

“Every year, we’re building the Finnish

has remained, but that Fulbright plays a

Suzanne points out. “Social justice hap-

Fulbright community by 35-40 American

significant role in enabling educational

pens in many different ways and in

grantees, so this is definitely a growth

exchanges between Europe and the U.S.,

many different contexts. It may as well

industry! But developing an alumni pro-

something she feels is important not

come from literature or performance art

gram takes a long time, and is not some-

just for the individual but also for the

as it would come from studying biology

thing that can always show measurable


or medicine. Ultimately, it’s the applica-

success in just a few years. Because the

tion of research that’s interesting, valu-

USA is a huge place and our American

able and useful.”

alumni are scattered throughout the

“I think that everyone benefits if students and researchers are free to travel and study anywhere in the world. The

country, it makes it difficult to have

more individuals are able to travel in a

Exchange as a Lifelong Process

significant way, not just as tourists, but

Currently, Suzanne is spearheading

we do is in very small groups, maybe

to really get to know people in the host

an initiative to develop the American

just a few people getting together infor-

country, the better. Through media we

alumni program, Friends of Fulbright

mally. We count that as a success too. It’s

only get a very lopsided point of view of

Finland. “This is a new aspect of the

gratifying that more and more alumni

what other countries are about. It’s not


are also taking leadership roles in the

until you spend time with people from

explains. “We’re trying to establish

different cultures that you can reach a

closer links between the Fulbright

The value of these ongoing relation-

deeper understanding.”

Center and the Finnish experience with

ships is something Suzanne and col-

the Americans who were in Finland on

leagues highlight to each new intake of

their Fulbright grant. It’s very common

Fulbright grantees. “We talk to them

for us to hear from grantees that their

about the alumni program virtually on

Developing this understanding is a par-

year in Finland was life changing, but for

day one when they’re in orientation with

ticular success of the Finnish Fulbright

it to continue to add value to the rest of

us. Being a participant in Fulbright is a

program, Suzanne notes. “Coming to

their career is something even better.”

lifelong opportunity.”

Social Justice and Cultural Understanding



large face-to-face events. A lot of what


alumni network initiatives.”

Finland is an excellent opportunity

“We already have a number of U.S.

To support this, a new grant is being

for Americans to learn more about the

scholars who return to Finland on quite

developed specifically for American

Nordic countries, particularly social jus-

a regular basis to collaborate with their

alumni of the Finnish Fulbright pro-

tice programs that could be adapted for

previous hosts. So we have these ongo-

gram. “The grant is designed to encour-

the United States in some way. Of course

ing bonds between researchers and

age alumni to continue or renew their

we can’t compare the two countries

students, a creative team approach that

contacts with their Finnish hosts or

directly, because the population size and

includes both Finns and Americans.

partners,” explains Suzanne. “We aim

history are so different, but I think the

This type of active participation in the

to develop a large and diverse network of

societies’ goals are similar, in terms of

Fulbright community is something we

partners who share Fulbright Finland’s

using research and education to improve

want to develop even further.”

vision, which is ‘to empower the minds

our lives.” Something

Growing an active network of alumni that

that will find global solutions to tomor-


is an ambitious goal, says Suzanne,

impresses Suzanne is the number

potentially including more than 1700

row’s challenges’”.

of Finnish grant applications focus-

Americans who visited Finland on

Text: Louisa Gairn

ing on environmental issues. “It’s not

a Fulbright grant since the 1950s.

Photos: Johanna Lahti


Alumni News

Our World of Partnerships: Celebrating the Finnish American Fulbright Experience Alumni and friends of the Finnish Fulbright Program gathered in Boston at the end of May to celebrate the 65-year history and vigor of the program and the 10th year of the Friends of Fulbright Finland American alumni network. The theme of partnerships carried the day and allowed participants to see the inside story of the Fulbright Finland…for the Future campaign. The





learn more about

Museum, proved to be very educa-

their experiences

tional, as the historic naval vessel USS

as Fulbrighters in

Constitution was nearby in dry dock


awaiting repair. The ship is well over 200

planners are most grate-

years old, and its hull will be recovered

ful for the valuable sponsorship

with new copper sheeting containing

provided by these partners to enable

the signatures of our alumni, utilizing

this celebration to take place.

the past as grounding to move forward



into the future. This opportunity sym-

Artist of the Event

bolically cemented the mission of the

The featured Artist of the Event was

Finnish Fulbright Program.

Jacquelyn Gleisner who also designed

Distinguished Alumnus Dr. Bengt

the event’s logo illustrations. Jacquelyn

Holmström, Paul A. Samuelson Professor

Gleisner (b. 1984) studied art as a

of Economics at MIT in the United States,

Visiting Researcher at Aalto University

and Member of the Aalto University

in Helsinki, Finland on a Fulbright

Board in Finland, gave an inspira-

grant in 2010. The same year, Jacquelyn

tional talk on Exchanges, Networks and

began writing about the arts for the

Innovation, and Cultural Counselor Keijo

non-profit Art21’s online magazine.

Karjalainen brought greetings from the

This summer one of Jacquelyn’s paint-

Finnish Embassy in Washington DC.

ings will be installed at the Embassy

Karjalainen together with Deputy Consul

of Botswana through the Art in the

General Anna Yletyinen from Consulate

Embassies Program, supported by the

created the visual image for the event.

General of Finland in New York City

U.S. Department of State. Jacquelyn cur-

Gleisner is a Fulbright U.S. Graduate Student

were also on hand to meet alumni and

rently teaches at the New Hampshire

grantee 2010-2011 at Aalto University

The Artist of the Event, Jacquelyn Gleisner,

School of Art and Design. Institute of Art and Framingham State University in Massachusetts. “In Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See, an old man explains to the novel’s young protagonist, Marie-Laure that crystals grow in the same way that stories do. A story is the result of the gradual layering of different voices, as a network of crystalline atoms extends slowly under the precise conditions. The particular shape of a crystal tells a story of how it has been formed. As an artFulbright Center Executive Director Terhi Mölsä (left), Friends of Fulbright Finland Liaison

ist and a writer, my work is likewise the

Suzanne Louis, Distinguished Alumnus and the event’s keynote speaker Dr. Bengt Holmström,

product of my cumulative experiences

Cultural Counselor Keijo Karjalainen from the Finnish Embassy in Washington D.C. and Deputy

and encounters,” Jacquelyn Gleisner says.

Consul General Anna Yletyinen from the Consulate General of Finland in New York. 20

Our World of Partnerships event gathered together Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) in Boston. It was a perfect afternoon for meeting with old and new friends while raising a toast for the ASLA-Fulbright program and the FoFF network. Artist of the Event Jacqueline Gleisner is on the right.

The Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni Enrichment Award Terhi MÜlsä, Executive Director of the Fulbright Center and Suzanne Louis, Friends of Fulbright Finland Liaison announced the Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni Enrichment Award in the event. The Award highlights the three-year initiative to establish an endowment to fund a new grant for American alumni. The Alumni Enrichment Award will be open for the first time on August 1, with the application deadline being October 15. Donations to build the endowment are most welcome, thereby enabling the grant to be awarded annually. Information about the Grant is on the Fulbright Center website at

Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni Council The Boston event also saw the announcing of the first Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) Alumni Council. The FoFF alumni network in the United States has developed to a stage where it benefits from the regular input of a coordinated group of alumni who can voice their opinions on a variety of matters important to the alumni. Council members are recruited from the American alumni of the Finnish Fulbright program, representative of all the different grant programs and recruited from around the U.S. The first council members announced at the Boston event are Bradley Boehringer, John Helling, Kenneth Kolson, Suzanne Louis, and Paul Majkut. More information on the Alumni Council on the Fulbright Center website Text: Suzanne Louis Photos: Johanna Lahti

Edward Sivak signing copper. Sivak's Fulbright term is still ahead--he has received a Flex grant, which will bring him to

More information and photos of the Boston event can be found here:

Aalto University in the fall 2015 and also during the following

academic year.



News / Uutisia

New Team Members at the Fulbright Center

Emilia Holopainen (left) began at the

of Tampere, Danube University Krems

International Internship Program (IIP)

Fulbright Center in January as Exchanges

(Austria), Beijing Normal University

which identifies and promotes intern-

Assistant. Emilia has a Master’s degree

(China), and University of Applied

ship opportunities that advance the

in General and Adult Education from

Sciences Osnabrueck (Germany). Hwa-

professional training of UW-Madison

the University of Helsinki. She has also

hyun comes from South Korea.

undergraduate students and reinforce

studied Human Resource Management at Oklahoma State University.

Olivia Koivisto, a third year undergraduate student from the University

their academic learning through practical application.

Hwa-hyun Min works at the Fulbright

of Wisconsin, Madison’s School of

Olivia will be assisting in organizing

Center for two months as an intern. The

Journalism & Mass Communications

the Arrival Orientation Week for the new

internship is part of Hwa-hyun’s studies

interns at the Fulbright Center as an

U.S. Fulbrighters arriving in Finland this

in a Research and Innovation in Higher



August. After graduation, her goal is to

Education Erasmus Mundus Master’s

summer. She is coming to the Fulbright

pursue a career in the field of advertis-

program (MARIHE) at the University


ing, marketing and public relations.

Management through




ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association New President

Join the Association!

Anna Kronlund was selected as the 2015 President for the ASLA-

Join the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association by paying the

Fulbright Alumni Association Board. Kronlund is an ASLA-

20 € annual membership fee. The Association welcomes also

Fulbright Graduate Grantee at the Columbia University from

supporting members. If you are interested in ASLA-Fulbright

2009-2010. She is currently working as a Senior Research Fellow

Alumni Association and Fulbright Center activities, join your

at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (UPI/FIIA).

fellow Fulbrighters and become a member!

Fulbright Finland…for the Future is an invitation for partnership! This 3-year campaign lasting from 2014 through 2016 is a remarkable joint effort that aims to bring the FinnishAmerican Fulbright program onto a completely new level. There are numerous ways to be involved and to contribute by donating time, talent, or treasure. Which will you share?

List of current partners and more information on how to be involved

Fulbright Center serves as

Fulbright Center advises on

the national EducationUSA

higher education in Canada.

center in Finland.


Suomen ja Yhdysvaltain opetusalan vaihtotoimikunta Finland-U.S. Educational Exchange Commission (FUSEEC)

Vaihtotoimikunnan jäsenet / Fulbright Center Board of Directors Honorary Chair: H.E., Bruce J. Oreck Ambassador of the United States to Finland

Dr. Bo Pettersson Professor of the Literature of the United States University of Helsinki

Finnish Members:

Mr. Immo Aakkula Counsellor of Government, Legal Affairs Ministry of Education and Culture Treasurer

Dr. Heikki Ruskoaho Professor of Pharmacology and Drug development University of Helsinki

American Members: Dr. Matti Kokkala Senior Advisor, Smart Cities VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Chair

Ms. Jeanie Duwan Assistant Counselor for Press and Public Affairs American Embassy

Mr. Jeffrey K. Reneau Counselor for Press and Public Affairs American Embassy Vice-Chair Mr. David Yoken Senior Music Lecturer Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences Dr. Laura Stark Professor of Ethnology University of Jyväskylä Ex-officio: Ms. Terhi Mölsä Executive Director, Fulbright Center

Toimikunnan sihteeristö / Fulbright Center Staff Ms. Emilia Holopainen Ohjelma-assistentti Exchanges Assistant p. (044) 5535 277 •• Program services support •• Sosiaalinen media •• Verkkopalvelut •• Tapahtumat

Ms. Karoliina Kokko Vastaava ohjelmapäällikkö Senior Program Manager (grant program oversight) p. (044) 5535 268 •• Maisteri- ja tohtorivaiheen stipendit •• Neuvonta opiskelusta USA:ssa ja Kanadassa •• Alumnikoordinaattori

Ms. Sonja Kuosmanen Ohjelmakoordinaattori Program Coordinator p. (044) 5535 275 •• Distinguished Chairs •• Tutkija- ja luennoitsijastipendit •• Inter-Country-stipendit

•• Fulbright-tapahtumat •• Verkkopalvelut •• Rekisterit

Ms. Johanna Lahti Apulaisjohtaja Deputy Director p. (044) 5535 278 •• Fulbright Center News (toimituspäällikkö) •• Undergraduatestipendit suomalaisille •• Renewal-stipendit suomalaisille •• Inter-Country-stipendit •• Testaus ja testeihin liittyvät asiantuntijapalvelut •• Neuvonta opiskelusta USA:ssa

Ms. Mirka McIntire Ohjelmapäällikkö, Koulutus- ja opettajavaihto (osa-aikainen) Manager, Teacher Exchange and Education Programs (part-time) p. (044) 5535 269 •• Opettajaohjelma •• Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars and Secondary School Educators •• Asiantuntijastipendit •• Verkkopalvelut •• Seminaarit ja koulutustapahtumat

Ms. Hwa-hyun Min Projektiassistentti (harjoittelija) Project Assistant (Intern)

Ms. Suzanne Louis

Ms. Terhi Mölsä

Projektikonsultti (osa-aikainen) Project Consultant (part-time) •• Friends of Fulbright Finland -verkosto •• Alumnikoordinaattori •• Fulbright Center News

Toiminnanjohtaja Executive Director p. (050) 570 5498


Tukisäätiö FUSEEC/Fulbright Centerin toimintaa rahoittaa Suomen ja Yhdysvaltain Stipenditoiminnan Tukisäätiö / Säätiön hallitus: The Finland-America Educational Trust Fund / Board of Directors: Finnish members:

American members:

Agent / Säätiön asiamies:

Mr. Jouni Mölsä Director of Communications Department for Communications and Culture Ministry for Foreign Affairs Chair

Ms. Susan Elbow Deputy Chief of Mission American Embassy Vice-Chair

Ms. Terhi Mölsä Executive Director FUSEEC/Fulbright Center

Ms. Jaana Palojärvi Head of International Relations Finnish Ministry of Education

Mr. Jeffrey K. Reneau Counselor for Press and Public Affairs American Embassy

The Finnish members are appointed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The American members are appointed by the American Embassy.


Toimintaamme tukevat mm.: Support comes to us from:

Hakaniemenranta 6 FI-00530 HELSINKI FINLAND


12. 5. ORIENTAATIO: Suomalaisten stipendiaattien lähtöorientaatio ja stipendien julkistamistilaisuus

15. 5. hakuaika päättyy: •• ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grants •• FulbrightTechnology Industries of Finland Grants

2. 6. hakuaika päättyy:


30. 5. Friends of Fulbright Finland alumni event in Boston

11. 6. Vaihtotoimikunnan kokous

•• Fulbright Center’s Renewal Grants

Fulbright Center Board Meeting

6. – 17. 7. Fulbright Center suljettu



26. 8. ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association Welcome Event

23. 9. ORIENTAATIO: Suomalaisten Fulbright Graduate -stipendiaattien orientaatio



24. – 27. 8. ORIENTAATIO: Yhdysvaltalaisten Fulbrightstipendiaattien tulo-orientaatio

Syksyn infotilaisuudet julkaistaan Fulbright Centerin verkkosivulla alkusyksyn aikana

9. – 10. 10. American Voices -seminaari Turun yliopistossa

24. 9. Vaihtotoimikunnan kokous Fulbright Center Board Meeting

26. – 30. 10. Fulbright Center’s Study Tour on Graduate Admissions and Strategic Enrollment Management

Profile for Fulbright Finland

Fulbright Center News 1/2015  

The Fulbright Center News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Center in Finland.

Fulbright Center News 1/2015  

The Fulbright Center News is a biannual newsletter published by the Fulbright Center in Finland.