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Reuse Selected Works 2010-2017 Zhenzhen Feng

Content 1. Remember Me


2. Recreate a Park


3. Rebuild a Dream


4. Boxes in a Box


5. Suture the City


6. Other Works


Renovation of the Steel Factory

Renovation of the Commercial Plaza

Structural Topology Optimization

Cultural & Musical Center in Floyd

Regeneration of Durban, South Africa

A steel factory The site is located in Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology Huaqing College, which used to be the area of Shaanxi Steel Factory founded in 1965. The university has renovated and reused parts of the old construction of factories in the area in 2002. The site is going to be reused in the future. The school utilizes steel factories as libraries, teaching complexes, canteens and so forth. I prefer to renovate the site as a greenhouse for new members, Landscape

Architecture students, and teachers in this university. Also, the new greenhouse will keep old memories in it by allowing retired workers to take walks in it. As a result, it will be well remembered by new members. Through the rehabilitation, the old deserted factory has gained a new definition by contributing a new value.

1. Remember Me Renovation of the Steel Factory

8 weeks, individual work, third-year design, 2013


A greenhouse A greenhouse, with multiple and flexible spaces, tries to construct a new space for students and faculties in the Department of Landscape & Architecture and to organize academic activities at the same time. Residents, as well as retired workers, may recall their memories in the newly renovated factory.


People can take a walk on the ground path in the renewed factory, recalling their memories at that glorious time in the Steel Factory.

People can walk on the elevated path to have a view from above. Also, they can enter working boxes by it.

Students can do some trials with plants on various landscape design.


People can envision the historical scene from the reserved traverser.

People can take a walk on the ground path in the renewed factory, viewing the various plants and entering to the communication boxes.


Pen Drawing

Concept of the park The site is located in the axis of Xi’an City, China, which indicates that the role of site is extremely significant for the city. Commercial buildings are gradually constructed along the axis, thus the site is used to be an underground commercial plaza. Now, it almost closed because of the unclear aim and the inappropriate space design. Only a cinema and a few shops survive in the plaza, the overground part, however, is more energetic with people doing

exercises and resting under trees. The site is a commercial space, but also plays a key role of important public space.

2. Recreate a Park Renovation of the Commercial Plaza

16 weeks, final design, 2015 Team member: Tao Qu Duty: Concept development, Computer models & diagrams, Rendering


A commercial green plaza Commercial buildings near the site will be the highest one till 2020, which means the importance of site will be enhanced. Also, the site which is a underground plaza is more precious for the whole city because the aboveground part of plaza can be used as a green space. The site can be defined as a commercial plaza with a large track of green space.




A sand viewing tower When I first visited Qingdao, I had an enjoyable time playing with sand on the coast. It is an incredibly unforgettable time, so I made a decision to construct a building on the coast: like a sand viewing tower on the beach, standing there with the specific facade and free flowing

floor. It comes from my memory, and it will continue to create different memories for other people when they are inside the sand viewing tower. People can sit on the flowing ground, lie on the comfortable ground, and view the distant landscape.

3. Rebuild a Dream Structural Topology Optimization

4 weeks, forth-year design, individual work, 2014


The tide and the viewing tower During the tide period, the people can stay in the 2nd floor and the view scenery of the tide. Also, people can go fishing during the tide period. During the ebb tide period, some of the sea water will stay in the ragged coast which is the most fun part of playing near the sea. Also, people can view the scenery of the ebb tide on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor.


Boxes in a box The site is Located in the center of Floyd which is a highly small town but has a long history of country music. The buildings in Floyd just like boxes standing along the street. I would like to make another box for Cultural and Musical Center with a huge concrete musical box in it. Along the envelope of the musical box, a continuous ramp is built to create an exhibition space on the outside of the musical box. The wall of the music box is 2 feet The musical box is

without the roof so that visitors can view exhibits and appreciate music at the same time. The functional boxes, like fire stair boxes, an elevator box, light & ventilation boxes and a restroom box, are plugged into the continuous ramp as a structural system.

4. Boxes in a Box Cultural & Musical Center in Floyd

8 weeks, first-year of graduate school, individual work, 2016


The light and ventilation boxes Light & Ventilation boxes are plugged into the floors and with a plant at the bottom of these boxes. They are without top level to allow rain inside to watering plants. When it is raining outside, the ventilation function cannot work. When it is cloudless outside, a window on one face of light & ventilation boxes stays open for ventilation.


Warwick Area, Durban, South Africa Durban’s morphology is marred by a condition of fragmentation. The city was segregated by the railway spatially, the inner city and the outer city were floating apart from each other, like two big floating ice islands on the ocean. Those activities within two areas of Durban city were gathering to its own kernel, which broadens the chasm between the inner city and the outer city. The Warwick Area, the site we were pointed to intervene, is located over this chasm and includes both edges of the inner city and outer city, which means the Warwick Area carries all

the functions of both sides. Almost half a million users, from street traders to commuters, pass through Warwick Junction every day. The Warwick Junction became a fragile “linkage” between two parts of Durban city. They define this place as a “place of collide”. We are trying to transform this “place of collide” to a “place of connection”.

5. Suture the City Regeneration of Durban, South Africa

25th UIA Competition Golden Prize, 16 weeks, forth-year design, 2013 Team: Tong Niu, Mingqi Wu, Zhelun Cui, Dian Luo Duty: Concept development, Diagrams, Rendering



4 3

2 1 B







2 4


1. Low-rent Housing 2. Public Space 3. Health Center 4. Activity Center 5. Shading Sideway 6. Market


Other Works I believe photography is a way to inspire my design just like the meaning of painting to me. I present my thoughts and emotions in photographs as color, figure, and geometry. People can view my minds through these images, and I can gain inspiration to design from these products of beauty. It is a representation of my world.

Dusk Photography, Lijiang, 2010


Road Photography, Taipei, 2014


Life of π

Photography, New york, 2016

Model with wasted planks & ropes, 2013


Exhibition of People Photography, New York, 2017

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