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FEATURES USAG Alaska Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Welcome Home!

July, August, & September, 2020

Details on how Soldiers and Families benefit from the Blue Star Community Program page 14 @WainwrightMWR #WainwrightMWR

A Message from the Director Interior Alaska is calling your name! The sun is shining and there's so much exploring to be done on and off post. Whether you are looking to fish, take an ATV trip, or ride the waves, we've got you covered. You can contact our amazing Outdoor Recreation Team and get you signed up for a trip or you can checkout items to go on these outdoorsy adventures on your own. While you're out and about, be sure to take photos of your exciting excursions and submit them to us for a chance to win prizes with our #AlaskanBucketList.

Stay up to date with WainwrightMWR Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter with “@WainwrightMWR” to learn about upcoming events, food and drink specials, and other activities offered throughout Fort Wainwright. Use the hashtags for specific locations and events around the garrison: #WainwrightACS

If the weather isn't in your favor, head indoors for Virtual Reality at


the Warrior Zone, Golf Simulators at Chena Bend Clubhouse and


Golf Course, and 32-lanes of fun at Nugget Lanes Bowling Center!

#WainwrightBlueStar #WainwrightBOSS

We have so many things to do within our programs and facilities and we


want you to go out and experience them for yourself. If there is any issue,


positive feedback, or suggestions for change, I want to help. Reach out


to my email: As always, please know I


am here for you, your Family, our Soldiers, Civilians, and our Retirees.

#WainwrightLibrary #WainwrightLFCAC

Alaska is calling­­— Don't keep her waiting.


- Allison Long, Director of Wainwright Family and MWR

#WainwrightZone The USAG Alaska “FEATURES” is an official information source published quarterly by Family and MWR. All activities described herein are subject to change. Contact the host facility for confirmation. Activities described herein are open to authorized patrons and guests where applicable. The use of a commercial sponsor logo or mention of a commercial sponsor or other organization does not constitute U.S. government endorsement. Front cover photo courtesy of K. Jean.

COVID-19 Message As new developments occur, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees, Civilians, and the entire community. Family and MWR, along with USAG Alaska leadership, will continue to evaluate current day-to-day operations. For updates on MWR Facilities and Program operations, stay tuned to our website: We have increased our protocols in sanitizing ALL of our facilities. In essence, high touch point areas such as interior and exterior doors/handles, countertops, surfaces, pieces of equipment, furniture, tables, chairs, etc. We require our patrons to wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and use other prevention techniques. Thank you for your understanding in during this unprecedented time, USAG Alaska Family and MWR

contents 4 Adventure RIDE THE WAVES Water excursions for everyone

12 Fun BOWL WITH BUDDIES 32-lanes of bowling opportunities

14 Blue Star Community BENEFITS AROUND POST Check out the benefits available to returning Soldiers and their Families


16 Food MOUTHWATERING MASTERPIECES A variety of food options that'll have you drooling

18 Sports & Fitness FITNESS AT ALL HOURS 24/7/365. We have a fitness center open for you

19 Services AUTO NECESSITIES You can count on the Automotive Skills Center for a tow



20 Family YOUR CHILDREN ARE OUR PRIORITY we've got all the services you need

24 Military & Family Readiness RESOURCES FOR READINESS


Let us help you be ready for what's next

28 Map & Directory


Interior Alaska has so much to offer, and the Outdoor Recreation Center is here to help you make the most of your excursions in this vast state! Outdoor Recreation's skilled guides have expertly crafted the trips so you can have the maximum amount of fun with no stress. If you already know the ropes of fishing, camping, ATV riding, and other outdoor activities and want to venture off on your own trip, the Outdoor Recreation Center has a large inventory of outdoor gear available for check-out. To check out gear and reserve a trip, contact (907) 361-6349 or (907) 361-6350.

⃝ Go ice climbing Photo courtesy of Laurel F.

EXCITING EXPLORATIONS #WainwrightODR Ride the Waves Stand Up Paddleboarding at Tanana Lakes is a great way to enjoy the warm weather and spend some time outdoors. Paddleboards are provided and all skill levels are welcome. Must be 8 years old or older.

Tackle the Trails ATV trips with Outdoor Recreation are a great day trip! ATV, goggles, and helmet will be provided during our guided trips. ATV trips are an excellent way to explore Alaska's beauty and cross off your #AlaskanBucketList! Join us for the Wickersham Dome trip coming up, register by calling (907) 361-6349. If you plan on taking any ATV trips with Outdoor Recreation Center or renting an ATV, ATV Safety Courses are required. These courses take place every month, usually multiple times­— check the calendar for our anticipated dates and registration deadlines.

Registration & Reservations To register for a trip, course, and/or check-out gear for your own excursion, contact Outdoor Recreation at (907) 361-6349 or (907) 361-6350. Visit for the most up-to-date COVID-19 guidance.


⃝ Ride the waves at Birch, Quartz, or Harding Lakes





Boater Safety Course

August 1

July 25

Outdoor Recreation Center

Tanana River Float

August 1

July 25

Tanana River

ATV Safety Course

August 2

July 26

Training Area 111

Women in the Wilderness: Hatchet Throwing

August 2

July 26

Glass Park

Tabletop Blueberry Picking & Hike

August 8

August 1

White Mountain NRA

Wickersham Dome ATV Trip**

August 9

August 2

Wickersham Dome

Boater Safety Course

August 15

August 8

Outdoor Recreation Center

Stand up Paddleboarding

August 16

August 9

Tanana Lakes Recreation Area

ATV Safety Course

August 16

August 9

Training Area 111

Chena River Kayak

August 22

August 15

Chena River

Boater Safety Course

August 29

August 22

Outdoor Recreation Center

Hatchet Throwing

August 29

August 22

Glass Park

Tanana River Float

September 12

September 5

Tanana River

Women in the Wilderness: Chena Fly Fishing*

September 13

September 6

Chena River

Clearwater Silvers Fishing Trip*

September 17, 18, 19, & 20

September 10

Clearwater Boat Launch



All trips subject to change.

*Alaska State Fishing License Required **ATV Safety Course Required



This is just a glimpse into the B.O.S.S. life! For a full list of B.O.S.S. activities and adventures, visit us online, or contact your B.O.S.S. representative or the B.O.S.S. office at (907) 353-7648. B.O.S.S. ADVENTURES TO REGISTER, CALL (907) 353-7648




Cooking in the Barracks: Summer Cooking 101

August 7

July 31


Delta Clearwater Flyfishing*

August 8

August 1

Clearwater SRS

River Safety Day

August 11

August 4

Chena River


August 15

August 8

Glass Park

Vehicle Winterization

August 21

August 14

Auto Skills Center

ATV Safety Course

August 22

August 15

Training Area 111

Chena ATV Trip**

August 23

August 14

Chena River State Recreation Area

Single Track Bike Trip

September 8

September 1

Ester Dome

Vehicle Winterization

September 11

September 4

Auto Skills Center

Vehicle Winterization

September 25

September 18

Auto Skills Center

Clearwater Silvers Fishing Trip*

September 27

September 20

Clearwater SRS



All trips subject to change. *Alaska State Fishing License required **ATV Safety Course Required

Stay Updated Find out what adventures, life skills events, and more will be happening next with the B.O.S.S. Text message service! Text "WainwrightBOSS" to (206) 929-4040. Find out how you can volunteer with Soldiers Against Drunk Driving with the S.A.D.D. Text message service! Text "VOLUNTEERforSADD" to (206) 929-4040.


GET INVOLVED WITH B.O.S.S. TODAY #WainwrightBOSS B.O.S.S. activities are open to all single Service Members, single Service Members with dependents, and Geo-bachelors. B.O.S.S. is an excellent way to meet new people, create memories, and enhance your community.

Your Opinion Matters

The bi-monthly installation B.O.S.S. meetings, currently open to Battalion Representatives, are a great way to learn about upcoming B.O.S.S. opportunities, shape our upcoming activities, and voice your concerns. Meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at the Warrior Zone.

Earn Volunteer Hours

Are you looking for ways to increase your volunteer participation in activities throughout USAG Alaska? B.O.S.S. has previously volunteered with the Commissary, Ice Dogs Hockey, and more! You can earn volunteer hours while getting to know the community, meeting new people, and having fun.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities This October, we are having a Haunted House! We are in need of volunteers to help put the Haunted House together and scare those who dare to enter. Year-round, Soldiers Against Drunk Driving (S.A.D.D.) is looking for volunteers help serve your community. Last year, S.A.D.D. Volunteers helped 924 Soldiers, Airmen, and other DoD ID Cardholders get home safely with a free and anonymous ride. Anyone can volunteer— S.A.D.D. isn't just for B.O.S.S. Soldiers. Contact the B.O.S.S. office to register for these fun and fulfilling volunteer opportunities, (907) 353-7648.

Vice President

Looking to help B.O.S.S. in a big way? You could become the Fort Wainwright B.O.S.S. Vice President! Applicants must have at least one year left on station at the time of acceptance for the position and be considered BOSS eligible (Single, Single with Dependents, Geo-Bachelor). For more information, contact (907) 353-7648.

� Learn to ride an ATV

Visit for the most up-to-date COVID-19 guidance.


TRAILS & TEES #WainwrightChenaBend Chena Bend Golf Course and Clubhouse is a 18-hole course that allows you to soak up the midnight sun while playing a round of golf. Check out all that Chena Bend Golf Course has to offer on

FlingGolf How far can you fling? FlingGolf is Chena Bend Golf Course's newest addition to the course! This alternative to golfing has you throwing the ball, similarly to playing lacrosse, all while playing alongside your golfing partners. After hitting the 18-hole course, grab a bite to eat at The Turn Bar and Grill.

Keeping Up with Your Golf Game Chena Bend Clubhouse has AboutGolf Simulators which is great for all skill levels. You may be someone who is just learning or maybe you are staying sharp for golf season, it's a great opportunity for indoor, realistic golfing.

New to the Greens Are you in need of golfing lessons? We have golf lessons available for beginners and even to help those seasoned golfers to improve their swing. Don't have golf clubs yet? No problem! Checkout clubs from the Chena Bend Clubhouse. Enlisted Service Members checkout golfclubs for FREE with the purchase of a golf game! For more information on how to get started, contact Chena Bend Clubhouse at (907) 353-6223.


Are you a Blue Star Community Member? Check out the Chena Bend Clubhouse benefits available to you: —50% Golf Simulators —Buy One, Get One FlingGolf

STAY UPDATED! To stay updated with the most

recent information at Chena Bend Clubhouse, text "WainwrightGolf" to (206) 929-4040 or check out the calendar at

⃝ Hit a bucket of balls at Chena Bend Golf Course

SEWARD & THE SEA #SewardMilitaryResort South of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula, the Seward Military Resort, in Seward, Alaska is a mustsee for Active Duty, Retirees, Families, Disabled Veterans, and DoD Civilians traveling within Alaska. With mountains meeting the resort's perimeter on one edge, and the calm ocean waters of Resurrection Bay on the other, Seward Military Resort is the perfect setting for an Alaskan adventure. Year-round, you, your friends, and your family are welcome to experience all that Seward Military Resort has to offer.

Combat COVID-19

Seward Military Resort wants to reassure you that they are doing everything they can to combat COVID-19. Seward Military Resort staff are wearing face coverings, have increased sanitization throughout the facility, and extensively clean the rooms are each use. If you're looking for a place to stay but prefer to be secluded from others, RV spaces are also available for use. To make a reservation, call 1-800-770-1858 or (907) 224-2659.

Expanding Our Guest List

As of January 1, 2020, Disabled Veterans are now authorized to stay and utilize services at Seward Military Resort. Seward Military Resort is open to DoD Cardholders (Active Duty, Family Members, Retirees, Civilian Employees, and Disabled Veterans). To make a reservation, call 1-800-770-1858 or (907) 224-2659.


Are you a Fort Wainwright Blue Star Community Member? Check out the Seward Military Resort benefits available to you: —Buy One Night, Get One Free for Standard Rooms

Visit for the most up-to-date COVID-19 guidance.


CHECK OFF YOUR ALASKAN BUCKET LIST! If you've seen these check marks, that means our USAG Alaska Community is checking off their My Alaskan Bucket List! We have created a list for you to get started on your adventures but there is so much to do in this vast state that the list is endless. our neighbors and friends are getting out and exploring all that Alaska has to offer, then submitting their photos for the chance to win prizes and be featured in our publications! Check out some of the amazing things they've done and added to the list we've created. For more details, go to:

⃝ Gaze up at the Northern Lights ⃝ Go snowmachining ⃝ Go ice fishing ⃝ Learn to ride an ATV ⃝ Land a halibut on a Seward Military Resort fishing charter

⃝ Cross the Arctic Circle ⃝ Try your hand at curling ⃝ Attend a hockey game ⃝ Strike it rich with gold panning

⃝ Attend an Alaskan music festival

⃝ Catch a Northern Pike

⃝ Net a salmon

⃝ Learn to operate a jet boat

⃝ Tend to a trapline

⃝ Take in the magnificence of the midnight sun

⃝ Hit a bucket of balls at Chena Bend Golf Course

⃝ Overnight at an off grid cabin

⃝ Ride a dog sled

⃝ Float the Chena River

⃝ See the sights in a bush plane

⃝ Graduate with your Alaskan Hunter Education Certification, then go on a hunting adventure

⃝ Get face to face with a glacier

⃝ Watch the start of a sled dog race

⃝ Take a hike

⃝ Ride the Alaskan Railroad

⃝ See inside an ice cave

⃝ Create something tasty in the kitchen with wild Alaskan berries

⃝ Go ice climbing ⃝ Tromp in the snow with snowshoes or XC skis ⃝ Grow an Alaskan-sized vegetable 10

⃝ Dip into a natural hot spring (Chena, Manley, Tolovana Hot Springs)

⃝ Zoom down Birch Hill Ski Area on skis, a snowboard, or a sledding tube ⃝ Ride the waves at Birch, Quartz, or Harding Lakes

� Float the Chena River

Fun WE'VE GOT THE BEST SPOTS TO HAVE FUN! GET IN THE ZONE #WainwrightZone A place to watch the game, refreshing drinks, mouthwatering food, multiple gaming systems including a Virtual Reality Station, and so much more is available to you at the Warrior Zone. This 18+ location is a great place to unwind after work and with food and a drink or get competitive while you play video games or a game of pool with your friends. Warrior Zone is a popular spot for our 18+ events. We have had comedy shows, Live Music with various singer songwriters, meet-and-greets with some of your favorite celebrities, and so much more so be sure to be an eye out for our big upcoming events!

LAST FRONTIER #WainwrightBowl Looking to for a spot to host a birthday party, event, or meeting? Contact Last Frontier Community Activity Center to reserve the ballroom and/or party nook.


Looking to become a Blue Star Community Member? Check out the Last Frontier Community Activity Center to register. Call (907) 353-7755 to preregister and pick up your Blue Star Community Card at the LFCAC front desk.

#WainwrightBlueStar Are you a Blue Star Community Member? Check out the Warrior Zone benefits available to you:


—10% off select food and beverages

Salsa Fiesta


32-lanes of bowling at Nugget Lanes Bowling Center with a tasty diner, and refreshing drinks at the bar; no wonder it's a one stop party shop! This location is great for birthday parties of all ages, exciting SFRG events, and just your everyday with family and friends get togethers

#WainwrightBlueStar Are you a Blue Star Community Member? Check out the Nugget Lanes benefits available to you: —$40 for 40 games —10% off select food and beverages


September 4 Warrior Zone

Poker Tournament September 9 Warrior Zone


September 25 Nugget Lanes Bowling Center

READING & MORE! #WainwrightLibrary Book Bundles Daily, during normal operating business hours The Post Library has created themed Book Bundles for all ages and reading levels to dive into! Select a theme such as Alaska, Heroes, Mystery, or Underwater and call (907) 353-2642 for curbside pick-up.

National Library Card Sign-up Month September 1 - 30

DC's Wonder Woman is embarking on a new mission to support the value of learning and the role libraries play in transforming lives and strengthening communities. Every new library card account created in the month of September is put into a drawing for an e-reader!

Banned Book Week

September 27 - October 3 Did you know "Walter the Farting Dog" was challenged because it used the word "fart" too many times? Stop by the Post Library all week to discover what books have been challenged or banned in honor of Banned Book Week.

Technology at the Library Daily, during normal operating business hours The Post Library has free computers to use for homework, surfing the web, and staying in contact with family. If you are in need of printing, copying, and/or faxing services, the Post Library offers these services. Call (907) 353-2642 to reserve your computer. Visit for the most up-to-date COVID-19 guidance.




USAG Alaska Family and MWR recognizes the sacrifices Soldiers and their Families make every day. In appreciation of their selfless service to the Army community, and to demonstrate our commitment to providing quality programs and services for a quality life, each eligible Soldier and their household will gain entry into the Blue Star Community Program. Eligibility: Soldiers and households of Soldiers who have deployed for more than 90 days with any date being between September 1, 2019 November 15, 2020.

Photo courtsey of M. Laycock

Registration: Pre-register by calling Parent Central Services (907) 353-7713. After you are pre-register, take in your DoD ID & Deployment Orders to pick up your Blue Star Community Card. STAY IN TOUCH! Discover all of the ways that you can benefit from the Blue Star Community Card by texting "WainwrightBlueStar" to (206) 929-4040.


Current Promotions Receive 10% off meals at participating Family and MWR dining facilities Eligible dining facilities include: The Turn Bar & Grill (located within Chena Bend Clubhouse), Motherlode Cafe (located within Nugget Lanes Bowling Center), and the Warrior Zone (18+ to enter). Grab and Go food and alcohol are excluded for discounts. Grab and Go items include bags of chips, candy, bottled drinks (bottled soda, water, energy drinks, etc.). Purchase 40 games of bowling for $40 Receive 40 games for $40 at Nugget Lanes Bowling Center. Limit 1 card (40 games) per Blue Star Community Card per month. Does not include shoe rental. Child and Youth Services Respite Care Receive up to 16 hours of Respite Care, plus a 20% fee reduction on Full-Day or Part-Day care. Contact Parent Central Services to impact your family's readiness at Building 3414 Rhineland Avenue at (907) 353-7713. Chena Bend Golf Course Discounts Receive 50% off Golf Simulator use & Buy One, Get One FlingGolf (one use per visit). Schedule your tee time at Chena Bend Golf Course at (907) 353-6223. Seward Military Resort Buy One Night, Get One Free for Standard Rooms at Seward Military Resort. Reserve your summer and/or winter stay by calling (907) 224-2659. Must present Blue Star Community Card at the time of check-in. As of August 1, 2020 these are the current promotions associated with the Blue Star Community Program. Promotions are subject to change, please check the website for the most updated information.




Feast on Nugget Lanes Bowling Center's Motherlode Cafe's new menu items, like savory pizzas, juicy burgers, and more! Mother Lode Cafe is the only place on Fort Wainwright to find all of these yummy foods under one roof­— talk about convenience!

Using beans roasted by local coffee roasters, Mojo Cafe serves up delectable, brewed espresso and beverages to please any palate! Sit down and relax or grab a cup to go from the cafe, located inside of the Last Frontier Community Activity Center.





Choose from a wide selection of diner-style appetizers and entrées, as well as brews on tap at the Warrior Zone. While you’re eating and enjoying an ice cold beverage, kick back and crush the competition in our Gaming Center with upgraded systems and the new Virtual Reality Station. Talk about the perfect place to unwind with friends!



Looking for alternatives to your barracks cooking situation? We understand it can be challenging creating meals in limited spaces but we've got a way to fix that! Get creative in creating food with B.O.S.S. with Cooking in the Barracks Series!

The drool-worthy food at The Turn Bar & Grill inside of the Chena Bend Clubhouse will have you wanting more! Your taste buds will thank you for treating them to classic bites with modern twists of flavor and flair.

Check out the Fort Wainwright B.O.S.S. Facebook page to see previous meals and snacks that have been created and also reference back to when recreating these Barracks friendly recipes over and over again.

From the bacon lover's dream, to a lighter plate of grilled steak over salad, and a classic kids menu, The Turn has something for everyone. Come on over— Everyone is welcome to enjoy The Turn Bar & Grill!

Summer Cooking 101



Hearing your stomach rumble? Grab the popular items like a breakfast burrito or turkey bacon wrap—the savory flavor will leave you asking for more!

August 7, 3 p.m. *Register by July 31 (907) 353-7648

For more information about all of our activities, visit the Directory on the back cover and visit


Sports & Fitness SPORTS & FITNESS

Join us at any one of our three fitness centers: Physical Fitness Center, Melaven Fitness Center, or Wolf's Lair 24-Hour Fitness Center for a personal training session, group workout, or PT. Check out what each of our fitness facilities has to offer you during your fitness journey. *Reference the COVID-19 guidelines before planning your fitness outing.

PHYSICAL FITNESS CENTER Physical Fitness Center use is free and open to all eligible Family and MWR authorized users (16 and older). PFC offers an indoor track, free weights room, cardio machines, medicine balls & exercise mats, and so much more! Open during the winter months, the PFC Ice Rink is a versatile indoor rink that offers both hockey and ice skating. For more information about PFC, call (907) 353-7223.

MELAVEN FITNESS CENTER Melaven Fitness Center is free to use for authorized users. Melaven offers functional fitness equipment, free weights room, and more! Melaven Aquatics Center is also housed within Melaven, which is the only pool on Fort Wainwright. For more information regarding Melaven, call (907) 353-1994.

WOLF'S LAIR 24-HOUR FITNESS CENTER Wolf's Lair is Fort Wainwright's exclusive 24hour fitness center, open 365 days a year. Open to authorized users, Wolf's Lair offers premier fitness equipment for Family and MWR authorized users who are 18+ years of age. The Wolf's Lair features weight room equipment, state-of-the-art cardio machines, a turf area for functional fitness, and staff that are there to support you every step of the way. For more information about Wolf's Lair, call (907) 353-2242.

STAY UPDATED #WainwrightFitness Sports & Fitness Text Messaging Service Keep up to date with what's happening at the Melaven, Wolf's Lair, and Physical Fitness Centers. Text "WainwrightFitness" to (206) 929-4040 and get all the updates directly to your phone.


Services TOWING SERVICE AVAILABLE 24/7 Stuck or have a flat? Let Automotive Skills Towing Service help you out of any roadside emergency. We're available 24/7 and offer service to all areas of Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks, and North Pole, even on holidays.

Save these numbers in your phone: (907) 590-1716 and (907) 353-7436 CERTIFIED TRUST Let us help you get the job done Automotive Skills Center services include but are not limited to:

• Alignment and tire rotation

• Tire mounting and balancing

• Tire repairs

• Heating and air conditioning repair

• Ordering of auto care supplies

• 24-hour tow service, including jump-starts

& locksmith

• Complete vehicle winterization

SHOP TALK #WainwrightAuto Become Knowledgeable with Auto 101 Are you wanting to work on your own vehicle but don’t know where to start? Start with Auto 101. During Auto 101, the staff at the Automotive Skills Center will orientate you to the space, tools, and appropriate techniques needed to get the job done correctly.

If you're looking for somewhere to clean your car, check out the Automotive Skills Center car wash. For more information, contact Automotive Skills Center at (907) 353-7436.

Visit for the most up-to-date COVID-19 guidance.




Family YOUR CHILDREN ARE OUR PRIORITY #WainwrightCYS Registration CYS Registration is required for all authorized childcare and programs on our installation; this includes respite care, hourly care, part/full-day care, preschool options, youth sports, camps, and other CYS programs and activities. Registration is fast and free! Step 1: Call Parent Central Services at (907) 353-7713 between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Step 2: Complete the following: a. Health Assessment/ Sports Physical b. Health/ Developmental Screening c. Emergency Contact Form d. Immunization/ Shot Record (not needed for children attending public school)


Full and Part-time care requests: Provide LES/Pay stub for Sponsor & Spouse because childcare costs are based on Total Family Income.

STAY ACTIVE WITH YOUTH SPORTS Scavenger Hunt Calling all Scavenger Hunt enthusiasts! Youth Sports & Fitness is hosting a multi-week scavenger hunt for families. This will include going to different locations On Post as well as watching Workout Wednesday videos on the Wainwright MWR Facebook page!

Virtual Adventures Bored in the house? Tune in to the Wainwright MWR Facebook page every Friday to watch Virtual Adventures from Youth Sports & Fitness. Each week we deliver a howto video on different activities. From soccer to hatchet throwing, there’s a video for everyone!

Workout Wednesday Looking for a fun way to get your whole family active? Come to the Wainwright MWR Facebook page to be WOW’d by Youth Sports & Fitness’ Work Out Wednesday fitness videos! YSF has videos from small challenges to full workouts, yoga to plyometrics! All exercises can be modified for all ages and ability levels.

Visit for the most up-to-date COVID-19 guidance.

Find the right care for your family

so you can focus on your mission Get started on for easy access

20 to Fort Wainwright child care programs, wait lists, and more.





Calling all parents! New Parent Support Program is holding virtual classes on the Ft. Wainwright Army Community Service Facebook Page. Current classes that can be found on Facebook is the Infant Massage and Developmental Milestones classes. Here is a little insight on what these types of courses can offer you.

Are you new to USAG Alaska and enrolling with the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District for the first time? Or maybe you're changing schools and need assistance navigating the ins and outs of the school system. No matter the issue, the USAG Alaska School Liaison Officer is here to help! Get in touch and let us make sure your child has a successful school year. Contact the USAG Alaska School Liaison Officer at (907) 361-9897.

Infant Massage


Numerous studies have shown there are many developmental benefits with infant massage. Infant massage helps connect you with your infant, as well help you learn nonverbal cues. Come and learn how to massage your infant and the benefits derived from it. Recommended for parents of children ages 0-3.

Developmental Milestones Do you have questions about what milestones your baby should meet and when should master them? Come join us to learn the different milestones that a baby should reach and ways to help your babe achieve them.

Need more? If you are a new parent and have questions about this program, contact the New Parent Support Program at (907) 353-2101.


School Liaison Officer is here to help your family transition back into the school life

EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) provides an all-inclusive approach for community, educational, medical, housing and personnel services for Families with special needs. For more information, please contact the ACS Exceptional Family Member Program at (907) 353-4460 or USAG Alaska School Liaison Officer at (907) 361-9897.

STAY UPDATED #WainwrightFitness Army Community Service Text Messaging Service Keep up to date with what's happening at Army Community Service. Text "WainwrightACS" to (206) 929-4040 and get all the updates sent directly to your phone.


Military & Family Readiness TRANSITIONING #WainwrightACS


Newcomers Expo at Fort Wainwright

Army Community Service can provide training and support for your SFRG. Visit the website or contact (907) 353-7908 for additional information. Please note that for the time being, we are hosting virtual trainings and will resume in-person trainings when we are able to.

Every Tuesday There is so much to learn when you arrive at USAG Alaska. Newcomer Orientation is mandatory for all Soldiers: however, Family Members are highly encouraged to attend the orientation and join us for the bus tour too. While at the Newcomer Expo, meet with local organizations and learn about the opportunities the local community has to offer at the Information Fair.

LEVY Brief: How to PCS


PCS in your future? We want to assist with your move to your next Permanent Change of Station (PCS). This Army Community Service course will cover topics like travel expenses, shipping household goods, shipping vs. driving vehicles, route planning, TA-50 turn-in procedures, clearing, and more. Find this brief on


Welcome to Winter September 10 & 24, 6 - 8 p.m. Prepare yourself for ALL that the Alaskan Winters have to to offer with our Welcome to Winter course. Learn how to properly “winterize� your vehicle, what to wear in the bitter cold, how to care for your pets in extreme conditions, and other helpful winter tips. For more information, go to


September 24, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Spouses who are currently living on and around Fort Wainwright are invited to attend Spouse to Spouse, an event created specifically for Military Spouses of USAG Alaska. Discover programs and agencies available to you as a military spouse, and open your eyes to the amazing opportunities that await you in Alaska, all in the comfort of the North Haven Community Center.

SFRG Leader Virtual Training August 17, 9 a.m. - Noon August 20, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.

SFRG Key Contact Virtual Training

August 19, 10 a.m. - Noon & 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

SFRG Informal Funds Custodian Virtual Training August 28, 10 a.m. - Noon & 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Command Team Virtual Training August 24, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Command Readiness Representative Virtual Training August 24, 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.

VOLUNTEERING Giving back is one of the greatest, most selfless acts of kindness out there. The USAG Alaska community is always in need of volunteers, whether it is for Youth Sports coaching, manual labor, or community service events. Contact the Volunteer Readiness Program Manager at (907) 353-4337 to find out more.

Keep Track of Volunteer Hours

Already a volunteer and looking to track those hours? Attend a Volunteer Management Information Systems (VMIS) training and make sure your hours are being tracked. Classes are also available for those supervising and tracking the hours of their volunteers. A full list of training dates are available online.

Organization Point of Contact Virtual Training July 15, Noon - 1 p.m. August 10, 5 - 6 p.m. September 17, Noon - 1 p.m.

Volunteer Management Information Virtual Training

August 3, Noon - 1 p.m. & September 10, 5 - 6 p.m.

ARMY READINESS Army Community Service is always working on ways to help families and individuals thrive. If you'd like to better prepare yourself for upcoming events within the military lifestyle, check out these trainings. For more information on registration and class details, go to

Army Family Team Building Virtual Training September 8, Noon - 1 p.m.

Deployment Cycle Resiliency Virtual Training August 25 - 27, Noon - 12:15 p.m.


Report Domestic Violence: (907) 353-7535 Learn your options in reporting domestic abuse: (907) 799-9770 Report Child or Domestic Abuse: (907) 353-7535 Report Sexual Assault 24/7 Hotline: (907) 353-7272 Safe Helpline: (877) 995-5247 Talk to Someone. Military Family Life Counselors: (907) 371-8586


#WainwrightBOSS S.A.D.D. (Soldiers Against Drunk Driving) wants to bring you home safe.

Call (907) 353-4145 on Fridays and Saturdays, as

well as training and federal holidays from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. for a free ride home. This free program is open to all DoD ID Cardholders, and is completely confidential.

READY FOR THE INTERVIEW Looking for a job and need your resume polished? The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) offers resources to help with your career plan and job search. Whether you’re a military spouse, Family Member who just moved to a new installation, Retiree, or DoD civilian looking for new opportunities, Active Duty Military, Active Reserve, National Guard Member, or Wounded Warrior, we’re here to help. For more information, contact (907) 353-4337.

Resume Writing Class

July 29, 10 - 11:30 a.m. September 21, Noon - 1:30 p.m.

Mock Interview Training

August 5, Noon - 1:30 p.m. September 14, Noon - 1:30 p.m.

FINANCIALLY STABLE First Term Budget Workshop Every Monday & Thursday, 1 – 4 p.m. Set yourself up for success! While mandatory for all incoming Soldiers, Family Members are also welcome to join in on the learning. This Army Community Service course will cover financial readiness within the Army, budgeting, saving, investing and TSP/BRS, your credit score, bank account management, and more.


Trainer Gate


River Road

r ive aR en

Main Gate 1 599th Street



<< Fairbanks


Gaffney Road



Bassett Army Community Hospital


Neely Road


Alder Avenue

Richardson Highway

1. Outdoor Recreation Center 2. School Age Center 3. Child Development Center 1 4. Child Development Center 2 5. Youth Center & School Liaison Officer 6. Birch Hill Ski & Snowboard Area 7. Last Frontier Community Activity Center

8. Family and MWR Ad Human Resources, C Sports & Fitness 9. Physical Fitness Cen 10. Automotive Skills C 11. Warrior Zone 12. Post Library



Chena R

i ve



8 ney


d Roa

Rd .



12 PX / Commissary

dministration, CYS Youth

nter Center




Luz on

Ave .

Montgomery Road


Badger Gate >



15 Rhineland Ave.

16 17 *Map is not to scale

North Pole >>

13. Nugget Lanes Bowling Center 14. Army Community Services 15. CYS Parent Central Services, CYS Hourly Care 16. Wolf’s Lair Fitness Center 17. Melaven Fitness Center 18. Chena Bend Clubhouse & Golf Course

@WainwrightMWR #WainwrightMWR


USAG Alaska Fort Wainwright Family and MWR Facilities


Fort Wainwright MWR Directory For a complete list of facility and program hours, please visit

Army Community Service

Family Child Care

School Age Center

Building 3401 Phone: (907) 353-4227

Building 1045 Phone: (907) 353-6266

Building 4166 Phone: (907) 361-7394

Automotive Skills Center

Last Frontier Community Activity Center

Seward Military Resort

Building 3730 Phone: (907) 353-7436 Tow Service (24/7): (907) 590-1716

Birch Hill Ski & Snowboard Area Building 1172 Phone: (907) 353-1998

B.O.S.S. Program Building 1045, #31 Phone: (907) 353-7648

Building 1044 Phone: (907) 353-7755

Library Building 3700 Phone: (907) 353-2642

Melaven Fitness Center Building 3452 Phone: (907) 353-1994

NAF Civilian Personnel

Chena Bend Clubhouse

Building 1045 Phone: (907) 353-6356

Building 2090 Phone: (907) 353-6223

Nugget Lanes Bowling Center

Child Development Center 1

Building 3702 Phone: (907) 353-2654

Building 4024 Phone: (907) 361-4190

Child Development Center 2 Building 4176 Phone: (907) 361-9056

Parent Central Services Building 3414 Phone: (907) 353-7713

Outdoor Recreation Center Building 4050 Phone: (907) 361-6349

Physical Fitness Center Building 3709 Phone: (907) 353-7223

Private Organization Advisor Building 1045 Phone: (907) 353-7615

2305 Dimond Blvd. Seward, Alaska Phone: (907) 224-2659 or (800) 770-1858

School Support Services Building 4109 Phone: (907) 361-9897

Soldiers Against Drunk Driving (S.A.D.D.) Phone: (907) 353-4145

Unit Funds Building 1045 Phone: (907) 353-7715

Warrior Zone Building 3205 Bar: (907) 353-1087 Gaming: (907) 353-6629

Wolf's Lair Building 3439 (907) 353-2242

Youth Center Building 4109 Phone: (907) 361-5437

Youth Sports & Fitness Building 1045, basement Phone: (907) 353-7482

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