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Welcome, Students,     Congratulations on your acceptance into Florida State University and to the Honors Program. The Honors Staff and Student Directors of the Honors Student Association would like to introduce you to all that the Honors Program has to offer.  Every month the Marketing Team of the HSA puts out a Newsletter full of important information, upcoming events, student and alumni features, and other fun content catered toward the students. This is special edition of the newsletter is our welcome to all of you. Inside you will get a look at all that the Honors Program and the HSA have to offer. We hope that  will you consider joining us here at FSU and look forward to seeing you around Landis and HSF soon. If you would like to see what Honors and HSA are up to during the semester, check out the past issues of the Newsletters here and follow us on social media. All links in this newsletter are clickable! Best,

Kayla Rojics 2017-2018 HSA Director of Marketing & Communications


Dear Prospective FSU Honors Students,   Congratulations on your acceptance to FSU!  Now we hope you will join us here in Tallahassee as a member of the FSU Honors program.  This is an exciting time to be entering FSU Honors as we are in the process of hiring our own faculty.  Every student at FSU has to take Liberal Studies courses and we are hiring dynamic faculty to deliver an Honors liberal studies curriculum that will be exciting and relevant to college students in 2018.  By your membership in the Honors program you also will have access to Honors courses delivered by distinguished faculty in most departments around campus.     Our first year colloquium course will provide a comprehensive introduction to life at FSU.  The course is comprised of a combination of presentations from many of our campus partners and small breakout sessions led by upper level Honors students.  In addition to the courses, FSU Honors has a dedicated staff that will provide guidance for your course selections and advice on how to make the most of your undergraduate career.  Finally, you also will have the opportunity to live in the Honors residence hall, Landis Hall.     Go Noles,

Dr. Kearley Honors Director


Honors, Scholars, & Fellows House Landis Hall Oglesby Union Stroizer Library

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DISTINGUISHED HONORS ALUMNI ELIZABETH EASON     Elizabeth McLaughlin Eason graduated from Florida State University’s College of Nursing in December of 1989. While her husband and her were stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base, she was able to complete her BSN at FSU’s Panama City campus while juggling a part-time job, a toddler, and a baby on the way. She decided to join the Honors program because of its prestige and weight with prospective employers. While attending FSU, Eason was involved with Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society, Garnet and Gold Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi, and volunteered at some of Panama City’s clinics.      Upon graduating, she went on to work in a private OB/GYN office until her family moved after her husband left the Air Force. Once moved, she helped establish a private OB/GYN office and worked there as the Practice Administrator and RN.      Currently, Eason works part-time as a CNM/ARNP in a private OB/GYN office. She is the preceptor for Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife students in her and her husband’s office. Also, she is an adjunct professor for their local college. Most recently, she became the Medical Director for Tabitha’s House, an orphanage in Haiti that her church owns. With this role  she travels to Haiti 2-3 times a year.      Elizabeth Eason says her greatest professional accomplishment was returning to school full time to earn her Master’s of Science in Nursing, being certified as a Nurse Midwife and as an ARNP. Her personal accomplishments include delivering four children for the same family and delivering the baby of a baby she delivered 19 years ago. Her inspiration for continuing her education stemmed from working with Nurse Practitioners and Certified Midwives at her clinical sights during her undergraduate degree. She directly contributes her involvement with the FSU Honors Program and Nursing Program for her admittance into a competitive Master’s of Nursing program at the University of Florida.      For currently Honors student, she gives the following advice: become involved in the community, discover ways to apply your education outside the classroom, and pursue your passions outside of your chosen career to have fun. Also, most importantly, stay in touch with FSU by joining the Alumni Association and attend a few football games. 

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   The biggest difference between Honors Classes and Standard Classes is size. While standard classes can have hundreds of students, honors classes are usually capped at 30! This means that it is easier to ask questions, get to know your professor, and stay focused during class.  In addition to size, honors classes are also taught by professors a the top of their respective fields of study.

A WORD FROM AN HONORS STUDENT: Honors Class in HSF I started off taking Honors Orgo 1 and loved that I was able to become immersed in the material and get to know the professor, something that I missed when I went on to take standard Orgo 2. I think the smaller class size played a big part in my success in the course. ~ Kayla Rojics, Senior, Biology  Standard Class in Fisher Lecture Hall


PHILANTHROPY PROGRAM "KIDS INC." The Honors Student Association prides itself in creating the leaders of our future. This is evident through the academic success and diverse involvement that our students show every single day. Now we are striving to expand our definition of excellence and to create a culture that is as focused on giving back as it is on individual success. Our philanthropy program focuses on giving students the opportunity to cultivate a long term relationship with a local Tallahassee non-profit. This year we adopted Kids Incorporated. They provide quality, comprehensive services such as Early Head Start curricula, developmental assessment, family engagement activities and classes, and health and disability services. They serve at-risk families with children aged 0-3 and pregnant women in Jefferson, Leon & Madison counties. HSA Philanthropy participates in bi-weekly outings to interact with the children, as well as fundraising for and promoting the great programs this organization offers. We hope to continue our relationship with Kids Inc. and to provide more opportunities to students that are looking to make a difference in our community.

Student Statements

Hear from current students about the benefit of being in The FSU Honors Program     "FSU Honors has connected me to invaluable research, fellowship, and leadership opportunities, including my Honors Thesis research and my summer 2016 experience with the Critical Language Scholarship. Without the Honors Program, I undoubtedly wouldn't have discovered FSU's innumerable resources in time to make use of  them before graduation."  - Natalie Jones        "Being a part of the FSU Honors program has been an incredible and unparalleled involvement that has sincerely enriched my college experience. I have benefitted so much from all of the opportunities provided, most importantly, my ability to take honors classes. Honors courses provide a smaller class size of around 30 students. This learning environment allowed my education to be individualized, and provided a space for real and personal relationships to be formed with my professors. Getting this unique access to the incredible faculty at FSU has allowed me to thrive as a student and an undergraduate scientist. Smaller classes also provided me with the opportunity to grow with a group of great peers. Being surrounded by like minded individuals has been a huge encouragement to strive and fulfill my full potential in college. It has given me a group of friends that push me to be a better student and a better member of the FSU community. I would not be the woman I am today and I would not have had the same awesome experiences at FSU had I not been a part of the FSU Honors program. My advice to incoming freshmen would be to take advantage of every opportunity that FSU has to offer, and to not limit your college experience to be just a checklist of resume boosters. College is an incredible time of exploration and growth. FSU provides an amazing environment with countless resources to help you push the boundaries of your concept of success and aid in discovering your true potential."  - Kaitlyn Huetteman

HSA EVENTS    The HSA is responsible for planning and executing events that are focused on promoting the values of community, friendship, and creativity. Each events is catered towards the students, and their suggestions for events are always taken into account. Every month the HSA hosts breakfasts for the students and plans socials, skill-building workshops and more throughout the semester. During finals week, the HSA pulls out all the stops and throws events daily. Past finals week events include the Insomniac Study Party, featuring hundreds of delicious cookies, Finals Fuel, an event providing snacks to help keep student going, and the Study Stop, where the HSA provided students with free study supplies. While each event is unique, one thing is for sure, these gatherings unite students as academics, Noles, and, most importantly, friends.

STUDENT RESOURCES Honors Peer Mentors The name says it all! Sophomore, junior, and senior level Honors students are paired with rising freshmen and sophomores based on interest. In addition to guiding their mentees through Honors and college, in general, these peer mentors plan group activities and one-on-one meetings with their mentees, as well!  

Honors Colloquium Every first-year student in the University Honors program takes a one-credit hour course called the Honors Colloquium. “The Colloquium provides a common intellectual experience for new Honors students and introduces students to the opportunities at Florida State.” It is made up of two parts - a large lecture, and a breakout group. On alternating weeks everyone meets together for a lecture with a guest speaker. On the opposite weeks you meet in small breakout sessions with your Honors Colloquium leader and approximately 25 other first-year Honors students.  

To learn more about Honors Student Resources, visit our website at

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Editor-in-Chief: Kayla Rojics Content Editors: Ellis Daugherty  Jordan Block, Blakley Baker, Emily Coldpack, and Bryan Clark

FSU Honors Welcome Newsletter-March 2018  

Welcome to the FSU Honors Program! This issue of the Newsletter is for all incoming students to give you an idea of what Honors is all about...

FSU Honors Welcome Newsletter-March 2018  

Welcome to the FSU Honors Program! This issue of the Newsletter is for all incoming students to give you an idea of what Honors is all about...