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Fayetteville State University

College of Arts and Sciences Winter 2012-2013


Budget Cuts Mean Increased Need to Apply For Grants The College continues to make significant strides in grants and contracts. Within the past year, College faculty improved their grant writing capability with over 46 proposal submissions for a total requested amount of 21 million dollars. As reported by the Office of Sponsored Programs, between July 1 and September 30 of this fiscal year only, 14 grant proposals were submitted by faculty from the College for a total requested amount of $4,308,017 Within the period of July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012, the College received 13 grant awards totaling approximately 3 million dollars. While I commend all the grant writing laurels in the College, I want to especially recognize and congratulate the recent grant efforts of : Dr. Afua Arhin of the Department of Nursing, who, in collaboration with Drs. Sheila Cannon, Kimberly Tran, Mei-Chuan Wuang, and Terri Moore-Brown received a 5-year competitive grant award in the value of $1,493, 462 from Health Resources and Services Administration to establish a Comprehensive Interprofessional Behavioral Center that Focuses on the Biopsychosocial Needs of Military Personnel, Veterans and their Families; Dr. Rakesh Malhotra of the Department of Government and History, who, in collaboration with Drs. Bogdan Czejdo and Sambit Bhattacharya was awarded a 3-year competitive grant award in the amount of $450,000 from the U.S. Department of Defense National Geospatial Intelligence Agency to develop the Geospatial Intelligence Certificate at Fayetteville State University; Dr. Charlesene McNeill-Blue in the McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program, who collaborated with me to win the 5-year competitive award from the U.S. Department of Education, in the value of 1.1 million dollars to continue the stellar McNair Scholars Program at Fayetteville State University. In addition to COS Funding alert emails from Dr. Okunbor, did you know that almost daily in FSU News The Research Office and the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs posts Grant Opportunities. For more information contact: Dr. Daryush Ila, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, x 2417 Dr. Leslie Evelyn, Director of Sponsored Research and Programs, x 1644 Shenetta Dudley, Pre-Award x1570 Carolyn Harris, Post Award x 2612 Dwane Hodges, Budget Officerdhodges1@uncfsu.edux 1645 Carla Padilla, Compliance Officer, x 1569 1

Grants and Publications Dr. Michelle Carpenter (PHIL), “Voluntary Wrongdoing in Plato's Hippias Minor.” Skepsis ,vol. XX edition iv volume 22 is the 2012 volume, edition iv Summer 2012? Dr. Ngozi Caleb Kamalu (POLI) and Dr. Kwame Boakye-Sarpong (POLI), US-Cuban Relations and the Helms-Burton Act’ Journal of International Studies and Development Vol 2 Spring 2012pp.122140. Dr. Hans Lheem (POLI), ‘China, Africa, and International System: A New Strategic Relations’ Journal of International Studies and Development Vol 2 Spring 2012pp. 85-102. Monograph by Dr. Joseph Osei (PHIL) Ethical Issues in Third World Development: A Philosophy of Social Change by Edwin Mellen Press , Lewis, N.Y. Spring 2011. ---- ‘Toward a new Philosophy of Education for Sustaining Democracy and Development in Africa: Seven Foundational Principles’ Journal of International Studies and Development Vol 2 Spring 2012

Have you noticed the changes as we continue to grow?

CIVIL WAR HISTORIAN: Hari Jones The History Program at FSU hosted a presentation by Mr. Hari Jones the assistant director and curator of the African American Civil War Freedom Foundation and Museum in Washington, D.C. He is one of the foremost authorities on the role of African Americans in the Civil War. Before Jones fully immersed himself in matters of African American military service, he served in the United States Marine Corps for over twenty years. His knowledge, passion and zeal for history are apparent in his numerous presentations, videos, lecturers, and demonstrations. He has made presentations at churches, colleges, museums, schools, and other organizations. He is highly sought after as a lecturer and content adviser for exhibits on African American military service and the Civil War. The lecture was sponsored by the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Foundation Complex. (picture L-R: Dr. Cardenas Walsh, Mr. Hari Jones, Mr. David Winslow, Dr. Bertha Miller) 2

BUDGET NEWS As a reminder of the information produced at the General Faculty Meeting on October 30, 2012 shared here is Contributed by: Dr. Jon Young, Provost a summary: Our recent budget reductions are the result of aligning our budget with actual enrollment. We experienced enrollment reductions as a result of increasing admissions standards and progression standards. While enrollment has increased for this year and last, our actual enrollment is still below our budgeted enrollment. The UNC system originally stated that they we would not face budget decreases based on enrollment until fall 2013. In June 2012, we were informed that our budget would be cut by $3 million for 2012-13 based on enrollment. The fact that this reduction was announced with no advance notice meant that we had no time to plan for it. As a consequence, we will have to struggle this year. Funds for part-time faculty, travel, and faculty development are especially in jeopardy. It is important to note that, even though, our revision of policies has resulted in enrollment and budget reductions, they have also helped us improve overall student success. The percentage of undergraduates with GPAs below 2.0 has declined, retention and graduation rates have improved, the number of graduates has increased, including students eligible for Pell Grants, and our 2008 freshman cohort earned learning gains on the CLA in the 95th percentile. We may experience more budget reductions next year based on enrollment, but the university will be in a much better position to plan for the cuts.

Grants and Publications, cont. GEOINT: Fayetteville State University (FSU) is pleased to announce that it has received a five-year $443,000 research grant from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to support the development of a Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) certificate to be offered to students pursuing undergraduate degrees in Geography, Computer Science, and Intelligence Studies at FSU. (FSU Public Relations) for more information:


GRANTS The FSU Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (McNair Scholars Program) has been refunded by the U.S. Department of Education. The award amount is $1.1 million over the next five years beginning Oct 1, 2012-Sept 30, 2017. The goal of the McNair Scholars Program is to increase graduate degree awards for first generation, low-income,

and/or underrepresented minority college students. Potomac Region of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) has awarded $500 to the Geography Program at Fayetteville State University. North Carolina comes under this region and by hosting the ISPRS SC Summer School in July at FSU, we enhanced the sanding of the region at the national level. The funds were awarded in recognition for this effort and will be used to promote the Geography program and sponsor program related activities. Need for Grants, con’t from p1 In our continued efforts of improving capacity in grant writing, the College has initiated several strategies, including, sponsoring grant writing workshops for faculty and staff and establishing a grant writing resource center. Due to low enrollment, the grant writing workshops scheduled for fall semester have been postponed and will be held sometime in February next year. The solicitation for participation will be announced in January and I would like to plead with faculty to actively participate in these important workshops if you would like to boost your knowledge and skills in grant writing. The grant writing resource center is located in room 329 Lyons Science Annex (3rd floor) and the center will be open to faculty during the hours of 1:00pm – 4:00pm Mondays and Wednesdays. The grant writing resource center has a computer and over 20 grant writing books. Please, visit the center whenever you have chance. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Daniel Okunbor at x2104 for information regarding grant writing and for An Initiative for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness at FSU Contributed By Ernest Brown, Jr., Graduate Student

Would you know how to respond to a friend, loved one, or student in distress or is suicidal? For most, the answer to this serious question is “no.” This is where our team of 5 faculty (Drs. Laura Coyle, Samantha Daniel, Pius Nyutu, Kim Tran, and Mei-Chuan Wang) and 4 graduate students in the Counseling Psychology program (Ernest Brown, Jr., Elise Fleming, Nadia Haughton, and Joanne Youngblood) comes into play on the campus of FSU. In collaboration with Student Affairs and University College, our goal is to increase the overall awareness of suicide and suicide prevention among faculty, staff, and students through outreach programming. This initiative is funded by a grant from the Morehouse School of Medicine’s HBCU Center for Behavioral Excellence. As part of the grant, Dr. Daniel and the students attended the Lonnie E. Mitchell Behavioral Health Policy Academy in Houston, Texas. The conference provided the team with the opportunity to meet and listen to other professionals within the behavioral health field, consult with other students from HBCU’s across the country promoting similar initiatives, and receive and transfer ideas about what is and isn’t working well across HBCU campuses to increase mental health awareness. Following the success of the initial grant, Dr. Nyutu (Psychology), Dr. Rhodie (Center for Personal Development), Dr. Corbin (Social Work) and Ernest Brown (Psychology Master’s Student) have received an additional grant from the Morehouse School of Medicine for 2012-2013. The focus of this grant is to continue to promote suicide prevention and increase awareness of eating disorders and alcohol abuse. The grant will also support screening for mental health issues among students and to establish an Active Minds chapter on campus.To request further information on how to promote mental health awareness, refer individuals appropriately, or request programs to be presented in your classes or departments, please contact Dr. Nyutu at Should you need immediate assistance regarding suicide or referring students for services, please contact the Center for Personal Development at (910) 672-1222/1203, Campus Police at (910) 672-1911, or call 911. 4

First UNC Hispanic/Latino Forum @ NCSU October 6th, the 1st Hispanic/Latino Faculty UNC System Forum was held at NC State. The forum was held from 9:004:30pm at the Friday Institute, NC State's Centennial Campus in Raleigh. Dr. Dionne McLaughlin (EDUC) facilitated a breakout session. Three other FSU faculty members attended: Dr. Daniel Montoya - Associate Professor - Psychology Dr. Socorro Hernandez - Associate Professor - Fine and Performing Arts Dr. Kelli Cardenas Walsh - Assistant Professor - Government and History Topics discussed included Hispanic/Latino Faculty Recruitment and Retention, Campus Climate and Pipeline Issues and, Campus Collaboration, Support, and Administration The keynote speaker was FSU Alumnus: Dr. Josephine DeLeon, Chief Diversity Officer at the University of New Mexico - Albuquerque. (Photo right: Counsel General of Mexico in Raleigh,

Interested in participating in future events? There is a Hispanic/Latino page on Blackboard . Feel free to share ideas, inform of oppor-

NC Mr. Carolos Flores Vizcarra).

Fresh Starts Green Grocery Social Business Fayetteville State University and UNC-Chapel Hill were the only two institutions among the 17 in the UNC system to have both of their teams make it to the final round of the UNC Social Business Conference competition held on Thursday, September 27th. The Social Business Conference was hosted by the UNC General Administration on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University. Each UNC institution was allowed two teams to compete and present their proposals on a social entrepreneurial business idea for a business that has one or more objectives that addresses societal needs. FSU’s two teams, BioWaste Energy and Fresh Starts Green Grocery, made the finals. The BioWaste Energy team won 2nd place and $1,500. The Fresh Start Team consisted of Richard Wall, the presenter, Kristian Cook, Luz Teresa Martinez, and Constance Woods and was advised by Dr. Melissa Barlow (CJ). (Article and Photo contributed. See FSU News)

Race-a-Cop to Benefit Rape Crisis On August 30th drivers had the opportunity to race a cop on the open road. Well, the open road at Putt-Putt Fun Center and its go-kart track. Organized by Dr. Emily Lenning (CJ) and Dr. Sara Brightman (CJ). both serve on the Board of Directors for the Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County. The event was a fund raiser to support Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County, a nonprofit that assists sexual assault victims. More Community Outreach: Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered, Queer (LGBTQ) sensitivity training was provided by Dr. Emily Lenning to the FSU police on 9/11/12. The training session taught FSU officers how to appropriately and effectively interact with LGBTQ students and coworkers. In response to the training, Chief Hassell commented to Dr. Lenning’s training session as being well received by officers and staff. CAS TEACHING BLOG: Did you know we have a teaching blog? Share ideas, join the conversation at: and "like" us on our Facebook page: 5

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Matthew Wynn FSU Alumnus Matthew Wynn ‘11 attended the George Washington Teaching Institute summer 2012. Mr. Matthew Wynne an 8th Grade Social Studies at R. Max Abbott Middle School was one of five teachers in NC accepted into the George Washington Summer Residential Teachers' Institute. Established in 1999, the George Washington Summer Residential Teachers' Institute is a highly competitive program which brings teachers to Mount Vernon, Virginia for an intensive week of study at Washington's home. Participating teachers immersed themselves in the study and discussion of this critical period of American history and the remarkable role George Washington played in the founding of our nation. Teachers had the opportunity to: • Explore the character and accomplishments of George Washington while living on his estate • Engage in an active exploration of 18th-century history with top historians • Participate in interactive workshops, tours, fieldtrips, and group projects • Discuss how to integrate the teaching of history into English, science, math, and geography curricula • Return to your classroom and share new knowledge, teaching materials, and enthusiasm with your students

All teachers accepted into the institute receive a travel stipend and reside on the grounds of Washington's home. Participants are required to complete one lesson plan for dissemination to teachers across the nation on the Mount Vernon website, and perform one inservice session for colleagues in their home district or state. For more information check our website: educational-resources/teachersstudents/attend-program Story Contributed by Matthew Wynn

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Emily Lenning In November Dr. Emily Lenning (CJ) was awarded the New Scholar Award from the American Society of Criminology's Division on Women & Crime. The New Scholar Award recognizes the achievements of scholars who show outstanding merit at the beginnings of their careers. Outstanding merit may be based on a single book or work, including dissertation or a series of theoretical or research contributions to the area of women and crime. Eligibility includes scholars who held a Ph.D. for less than eight years.


Students Gain Global and National Perspectives INDIA Summer 2012, two Government and History faculty, Dr. Linda Tomlinson, History and Dr. Rakesh Malhotra, Geography, led the FSU Honors Program Study Abroad trip to India. The trip that lasted 3 weeks covered various regions of India and provided a socio-cultural and educational experience for the students. In addition to visiting three universities, the students also travelled to the Himalayas, the Taj Mahal, and several other locations in Northern India (New Delhi, Shimla, Jalandhar, and Chandigarh). The experience is best summed up by Professor Tomlinson : "Spending three weeks in Northern India during July of 2012 was a culturally invigorating and academically rewarding experience for our FSU students and attending faculty. These ten students were totally immersed into Indian culture, navigated various geographical terrains, and honed their critical engagement skills to a level which prepares them to be global citizens of the 21st century. As an academic it was inspiring to see such transformations take place in our students!"

Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. – Gustave Flaubert Summer 2013: Travel to China. Find out more from the Office of summer School

Finding Global Experiences State Side If commitments of time, work and/or family prevent you from traveling abroad consider a field study course stateside offered by the office of Summer School. Enhance your understanding of how the United States contributes to the global experience. or 671-1229 Do you know of students who have been accepted to graduate school? Faculty / Student travel opportunities? Let us know for inclusion in future issues of the CAS Newsletter. 7

Spring 2013 Calendar Performing and Fine Arts

Look for more information about the summer season of Sweet Tea Shakespeare Company

January 2013 5 Contemporary Ideas in Art Rosenthal Gallery Series: 14 MLK Celebration 25 Motown Madness Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County Fourth Friday Event February 2013 2 FSU Concert Choir 130th Anniversary Celebration 11 Aesop's Fables Butler Theater Series 21–22 North Carolina Symphony Orchestra 22 Power of Sounds & Rhythms: West African Drums and Musical Instruments Exhibition Rosenthal Gallery Series 23 Boston Brass 23 Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra

Contact Jeremy Fiebig 910-672-2574

Ceramic Vase by Alice Phair

March 2013 12 Forces of Nature Dance Theater 13 Women’s History Month Speaker, Hilda PinnixRagland, Seabrook Auditorium, 2pm 16 24 Hour Theatre 5.0 19 Evening of Trumpets and Percussion 26 Evening of Voice, Strings, Woodwinds 26 Senior Art Show, Rosenthal Gallery 28 Evening of Dance April 2013 6 Straight Ahead Ray Codrington Jazz Series 10 8th Chesnutt Student Honors Recital Opus II/ World premiere of And then came tomorrow A new play by Walter Allen Bennett, Jr. 20 Senior Art Show Rosenthal Gallery Series 21 FSU Symphonic Band 28 Concert Band Concert May 2013 11 WFSS/Jazz at Festival Park June 2013 Sweet Tea Shakespeare Company: Anton Chekhov's The Seagull and William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juli et. Check website for specific dates http: or contact Jeremy Fiebig 672-2574

or the Office of PFA Dr. Earnest Lamb, Chair Doreatha McCoy, Secretary (910) 672-1571 JOIN US! The CAS Newsletter is edited by Dr. Angela Taylor (CJ) Dr. Kelli Cardenas Walsh (HIST) Contributors & Editing Assistance Dean David Barlow Dr. Jeff Brooks Dr. Heather Griffiths Ms. Socorro Hernandez Hinek Photo Contributors Dr. Kelli Cardenas Walsh Ms. Socorro Hernandez Hinek Mr. Dennis McNair If your CAS program has news for the next issue, please forward to: and

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Fayetteville State University CAS Newsletter Spring Summer 2012-13  

Fayetteville State University CAS Newsletter Spring Summer 2012-13

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