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“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.� ~ Joel Barker

Fayetteville State University Annual Report 2006-2007

06-07 ADMINISTRATION Dr. T. J. Bryan Chancellor of the University

Dr. David Barlow Interim Dean, College of Basic and Applied Sciences

Dr. Juliette B. Bell Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Ms. Mary Bailey Interim Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement 7/1/06 thru 1/31/07

Dr. Valentine James Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Ms. Latonya Hankins Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance

Mr. Stephen L. McDaniel, CFRE Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement

Dr. Assad Tavakoil Interim Dean, School of Business and Economics

Attorney Wanda L. Jenkins Chief of Staff and General Counsel

Dr. Joseph Johnson Dean, School of Education

2/1/07 to present

Mrs. Olivia Chavis Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

06-07 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. John B. Brown, Jr. Chairman Dr. John R. Griffin, Jr. Vice Chairman Mrs. Gloria M. Carter Secretary Mr. Jerry C. Dean Dr. Shirish D. Devasthali Mr. Nathan T. Garrett

Dr. Catherine LeBlanc

Mr. T. Michael Todd

Ms. Juanita Pilgrim

Mr. Roosevelt Wright

Mr. Stephen W. Raper Ms. Sylvia Ray Ms. Keisha Robinson Ex-Officio

A statement of vision Fayetteville State University is a regional public university, offering degrees at the baccalaureate and master’s level and a doctoral in Educational Leadership. The primary mission of Fayetteville State University is to provide quality education to its students through a basic liberal-arts foundation, specialized professional training and specific graduate programs. Committed to excellence in teaching, research and service to the community, the University seeks to prepare its students and graduates to lead meaningful and productive lives. In doing so, Fayetteville State University strives to produce creative thinkers and leaders who will reach beyond current intellectual and cultural boundaries to become the change agents for shaping the future of America and the world.

As part of its broader mission, the University extends its services as a regional institution by providing life-long learning experiences and opportunities to the University’s immediate and extended communities and serving as a resource for business, education and culture in North Carolina.

Fayetteville State University is accredited by the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

A World of Possibilities

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Preeminence Fayetteville State University continues to make strides in its quest to be among the preeminent universities in the country. During the 20062007 school year, many enhancements both academically and physically make FSU an institution whereby students from various walks of life can achieve their educational goals and faculty can conduct research at the highest levels. New 21st century academic programs were added, buildings were constructed and renovated, enrollment increased, and study abroad opportunities expanded.

Each member of the FSU family has played a role in these transformations. They did their part in holding up the university’s motto: “Res Non Verba” (Deeds Not Words). Their deeds have demonstrated to those who have entrusted the institution with providing them with the highest quality education possible that it is truly “All About U.”

“Nothing stops an organization faster than people who believe that the way you worked yesterday is the best way to work tomorrow.” ~ Jon Madonna


Strategic Milestones Academic Programs

Enrollment The academic year began August 23 with record enrollment. A total of 6,301 students from diverse backgrounds made the decision to be a part of the FSU family. This figure represents an increase of more than 1,000 students over the last five years and puts the school ahead of its enrollment-project schedule. FSU was not projected to break the 6,000-student mark until 2008.

Each year, the university has added new academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels that prepare students for careers which will garner both personal and financial fulfillment. In fall 2006, FSU launched its master’s degree program in criminal justice. The program addresses the needs of several constituents: • • • •

Students with B.S. or B.A. degrees seeking to further their education in criminal justice Criminal justice professionals and researchers who wish to advance in their careers Criminal justice and social justice advocates seeking the knowledge and skills to improve the quality of justice in their communities Military personnel who want to enhance their skills and improve their employment marketability

Additional new bachelor’s programs were launched in fall 2006: • • • • •

B.S. Fire Science B.S. Art Education B.S. Psychology online completion B.S. Sociology online completion B.S. Criminal Justice online completion

President’s Advisory Council on Efficiency and Effectiveness (PACE) University of North Carolina System President Erskine Bowles introduced the President’s Advisory Council on Efficiency and Effectiveness (PACE)–a University of North Carolina system-wide initiative that he proposed in his inaugural address. Immediately thereafter, goal setting, data gathering and analysis, and benchmarking began at each of the constituent institutions. In the first phase, FSU gathered data and submitted a report to UNC General Administration (GA), capturing costs and expenditures throughout the university. The second phase required Fayetteville State to adopt PACE key operating principles—identifying opportunities for collaboration, innovation, elimination of redundancy, and overall improved management of the university’s resources with a focus on streamlining administrative functions and redirecting any cost savings to the core mission of education, research, and public service. In the third phase, Fayetteville State University finalized its initiatives and action plans—including specific targets and measures for implementation in fiscal year 2007-2008 and beyond. In June 2007, each institution provided its implementation plan to UNC GA. The plan included short- and long-term activities designed to yield savings, cost avoidance, and an environment of efficiency and effectiveness. 7

Strategic Planning The university completed its strategic plan. Included in the plan are priorities that are linked to the UNC Board of Governors Long-Range Strategic Plan. The Board of Governors’ priorities are as follows: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Student success: access, retention, graduation, and affordability An outstanding faculty More and better teachers; improved schools Research Quality academic programs and support services Regional and statewide economic development Adequate facilities Health care Information technology Internationalization Partnerships with community colleges Private fundraising

Facilities Master Planning The university continued its work on its facilities master plan. A firm that specializes in campus master planning was hired to map, based on feedback from the university community, the course of action that FSU would take to accommodate growth in the coming years. An important element is the comprehensive Student Life Master Plan, which includes a Residential Life Master Plan, Student Center Master Plan, and a Recreation Master Plan. Other strategic plans include the academic strategic plan, which will focus on developing high-quality programs that meet the educational needs of the region, state and nation. The parking plan will address the need of adequate parking facilities to accommodate a growing student population and will look at moving parking areas in an effort to make the campus more attractive. The recruitment and retention plan will focus on meeting the highereducation needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds and with varied aspirations and skill levels. It will also examine ways to retain these students. The technology plan has three foci: to improve the ability of decision makers to collect, process, and analyze data; to increase the use of technology in teaching and learning; and to improve administrative processes. 8

FSU and Public Education in the Region Fayetteville State University has demonstrated its support of public education in the region in countless ways. Perhaps, the greatest evidence of the university’s commitment is Cross Creek Early College High School, which opened in fall 2005 in the Butler Building. In its inaugural year, Cross Creek Early College High School (CCECHS) was one of the top-performing schools in Cumberland County. At the end of the year, the mean grade-point average for the students was 3.1. All students were promoted. In 2006-07, the students in the inaugural class at CCECHS are high school sophomores who were enrolled in FSU courses–either Criminal Justice 200 or Computer Science 100. All were on track to complete the university preparatory pathway to graduation. In fall 2006, 75 new freshmen entered the school. With the enrollment of this group, the gender gap in the study body narrowed. Now 64% of the total enrollment is female (compared to 67% in 2005-06), and 36% is male. The racial/ethnic breakdown of the total student population this year remained relatively unchanged. The group was still 67% African American and 17% white. The percentage of Hispanic students dropped from 10% to 7%, while the percentage of multi-racial students rose slightly from 7% to 8% and American Indian students remained at 1%.

A total of 96% of the students were proficient in Algebra I, 100% proficient in geometry honors, 99% proficient in English I honors, and 85% proficient in civics honors. Overall proficiency was 94.1% for the year.

Since CCECH’s birth, the university’s support of the high school has been extensive. A total of 5,600 square feet of space— for nine classrooms, a computer laboratory, and administrative offices— has been provided. The university contributed fifteen laptop computers and a charging cart to the high school. Space was set aside space in the dining hall for the students. The university thanks Aramark-Gourmet, its dining vendor, for its generosity and student centeredness. The efforts of Aramark-Gourmet ensured that the high school met the requirements of Cumberland County Schools’ Child Nutrition Services in outstanding fashion.

Trustees and Administration The Fayetteville State University Board of Trustees operated at full capacity. Mr. John “Ben” Brown assumed the chairmanship of the board, replacing Mr. Nathan Garrett. The members of the Board were as follows: Ms. Gloria M. Carter, Mr. Jerry C. Dean, Dr. Shirish D. Devasthali, Mr. Nathan Garrett, Dr. John R. Griffin Jr., Dr. Catherine LeBlanc, Ms. Juanita Pilgrim, Mr. Stephen W. Raper, Ms. Sylvia Ray, Mr. T. Michael Todd, and Mr. Roosevelt Wright. Mr. Clifford Parker, Student Government Association President, joined the board in June 2007 as an ex-officio member. Several key administrators joined the university. Mr. Stephen McDaniel was named Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement. Prior to joining FSU, Mr. McDaniel was Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of the University Foundation at

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University in Huntsville. Victor Pace III was named Director of Alumni Affairs. Dr. Arnold Cooper was named Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, while Dr. C. Barnabas Charles was selected as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Ms. Denise Bosselman joined Fayetteville State as Director of Bibliographical Instruction and Distance Education Librarian. Mr. David Camps was named Director of Sponsored Research. Ms. Jolene Elkins was appointed Associate Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance. Ms. Trasey Lamotte was chosen as Treasurer/Bursar, while Ms. Lisa Shirley was appointed University Controller. Ms. Angela Revels-Bullard was appointed as Director of Human Resources. Dr. Edward McLean was welcomed as the new Director of Athletics. Ms. Marsha McLean was named Special Assistant to the Chancellor and Director of Special Projects. 9

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.� ~Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Specialized Accreditation One of the major highlights for the Division of Academic Affairs was the School of Business and Economics receiving accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Fayetteville State University is one of only 540 business schools worldwide with AACSB accreditation and is the only school in its economic-development region that holds the distinction. Currently, fewer than one-third of the nation’s business programs, and only 15% of the world’s business programs have earned AACSB accreditation. The accreditation placed FSU in the top 10% of business schools worldwide. AACSB is one of the most prestigious and rigorous accrediting bodies for business programs in higher education. Receiving this distinguished accreditation demonstrates that the FSU School of Business and Economics has established itself as a leader among business schools. Students’ opportunities for participation in internships and cooperative programs are enhanced by Fayetteville State’s accreditation by AACSB, and so are their opportunities for permanent jobs. The Master of Business Administration program continued to solidify its status as one of the best in the world. In 2006-07, a group of MBA students placed first during the Venture Challenge Business Plan Competition in Atlanta, Georgia. Their first-place award allowed them to compete in the Global MOOT Corp Business Plan in Austin, Texas, where they received accolades for best presentation, defeating 33 other teams that hailed from eleven different countries.

11 11

International Education Efforts to enhance international education at Fayetteville State proved fruitful. Four students from China pursued FSU master’s and doctoral degrees this year. A ninemember Fayetteville State University contingent spent three weeks in China in late May and early June; this was the first visit to the country by a group of FSU students. This trip will not be the last, according to Dr. Yunkai Chen, the university’s Assistant Vice Chancellor for International Education. Dr. Chen and Dr. Yali Li were in China with the FSU group, which included recent graduate Mr. Kenneth Kimber, juniors Ms. Natalia Grant and Ms. Stefanie Montunnas, sophomore Ms. Nicole Krueger, freshmen Mr. Jeremy Crumpler and Ms. Ade Lilly, continuing-education students Ms. Carolyn Smith and Mr. A.E. Williams, and Mr. Matthew Lawson, a technician in the FSU library. The students completed two courses–Chinese Culture and Situational Chinese Conversation–at Inner Mongolia Normal University. They earned 13 A’s among 18 final grades.

Our faculty remains among the best in the University of North Carolina system. More than 93 percent hold terminal or first-professional degrees. Honors Program The Honors Program ended its third year and graduated its first student, Ms. Megan Kutchenriter earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing. When the Honors Program began almost four years ago, 42 students enrolled. A year later, 75 students were added. In fall 2006, 70 more joined the Honors Program family. The breakdown of this year’s new student population was as follows: 16 males and 54 females; 49 African-Americans, 11 white students, six Hispanic students, one Asian/Pacific Islander, and three classified as “other.” Sixty-six of the participants were in-state students, and four were out-of-state students.

Student Highlights Mr. Saed Abokor, a junior, was honored with an award for research he presented at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in Anaheim, California, in November 2006. ABRCMS is an annual conference organized by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and supported by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. ABRCMS is the largest professional conference for biomedical students. Over 2,500 people attended this year’s conference, including 1,633 students, 421 faculty and program directors, and 418 exhibitors. The conference is designed to encourage underrepresented minority students to pursue advanced training in the biomedical and behavioral sciences and provide faculty mentors and advisors with resources for facilitating students’ success. During the four-day conference, over 1,100 students participated in poster and oral presentations in nine sub-disciplines in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. 12

More Student Highlights All undergraduate student presentations were judged, and those receiving the highest scores in each scientific discipline and in each educational level were given awards during the closing banquet. A total of 120 undergraduates received monetary awards of $250 for their outstanding research. Mr. Abokor was recognized for his research elucidating the cardioprotective mechanism of insulin. A team of five Fayetteville State University students finished in first place in the Seventh Annual Opportunity Funding Corporation (OFC) Venture Challenge Business Plan Competition. The competition took place April 12-15 in Atlanta and included students from 18 HBCU institutions. The FSU students were Ms. Madeline Bodoh, Mr. Tandon Mardis, Ms. Daniela Pavel, Mr. Amir Pirzadeh, and Ms. Christine Powell. Dr. Assad Tavakoli, who is the director of the FSU MBA program, was the team advisor.

The FSU business plan for the competition was SmartSaws, Inc., the brainchild of Pirzadeh. He developed the idea for software to be attached to an industrial power saw to determine how to cut different pieces of lumber to meet demand, increasing yield while minimizing waste. SmartSaws is more than a concept; it is actually a company producing industrial saws with the most advanced computer software in the industry. It is currently in trial run at a major furniture manufacturer. “This is our biggest success,� Tavakoli said. Given that the FSU MBA team is a consistent contender for the OFC competition grand prize, Tavakoli’s statement says much. FSU has participated the last five years, finishing first or second during four of those years, with its other championship coming in 2005.


“Give us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for—because unless we stand for something we shall fall for anything” ~Peter Marshall


The procurement card program was successfully implemented with pilot campus departments–Chancellor’s Office, Student Affairs, ITTS, Marketing and Events, and Chesnutt Library. The program was established to allow rapid purchases of repetitive or low-dollar goods and services while simultaneously reducing paperwork associated with these types of purchasing processes. Additional departments will be added to the program in a roll-out phase. The university contracted with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to assist with the billing and collection of student tuition and fees. TMS provides interest-free monthly payment options tailored to students’ needs. The lease agreement for the University Bookstore was approved by the State of North Carolina. The lease provides approximately 4,738 square feet of office, warehouse, and retail space in Bronco Square for the relocation of the University Bookstore. Phase I of the renovation for the Rudolph Jones Dining Hall began with the re-carpeting and purchase of new furniture to include tables, chairs, and barstools. The renovations were completed during summer 2007.


The university underwent several capital improvement projects to buildings and grounds during the past year. Among them are the following: • • • • • • • • •

Installed new carpet and vinyl floor tile in the School of Business and Economics building and completed installation of a new chiller. Repairs were made to improve exterior appearance of the building. Improved the exterior appearances of the G.L. Butler Classroom Building. Additionally, second-phase renovations were completed on spaces occupied by Cross Creek Early College High School. Implemented measures campus-wide to improve the housekeeping operation to increase cleanliness of interior spaces. Completed the realignment of W. T. Brown Drive with Coley Drive. The project provides a middle turning lane from the north and a right-hand turning lane when approaching the campus on Murchison Road from the south. Traffic lights have been provided to control traffic and pedestrian crossing. Completed numerous projects to improve the appearance of the university grounds. Barricades were added to keep vehicles off the turf. Completed a comprehensive interior/mechanical/ electrical/plumbing renovation of Lauretta Taylor Gym, converting it into an academic facility. Completed a new addition to Lyons Science Building consisting of 56,000 square feet of research space, laboratories, classrooms, and faculty spaces. Installed new roof on the Rosenthal Building. Carpeted Chesnutt Library, replaced most furniture, and replaced damaged ceiling tiles.

The following are budget figures from the 2006-07 fiscal year: • • • • 16

Total Authorized Revenue Budget State Appropriations – $16,547,820 Total Authorized Expense Budget State Appropriations – $65,793,387 Total Actual Revenue State Appropriations – $16,395,249 Total Actual Expense State Appropriations – $65,521,837 Fayetteville State enjoyed a 48.7% increase in grants, receiving $11,335.271.23 in 2006-07—up from $7,623,612.88 the previous year.

“A leader’s role is to raise people’s aspirations fo energies so they wil

1101 Regular Term Instruction 1102 Summer Term Instruction $286,552 $1,468,393 $30,225 $1,300 $2,100 $1,138,187


$164,620 $22,051 $1,108,957

1103 Distance Education-NonDegree 1142 Community Services 1151 Libraries 1152 Academic Support 1160 Student Services 1180 Physical Plant 1252 Other Related Reserves

or what they can become and to release their ll try to get there.�

1990 Regular Term Tuition

1101 Regular Term Instruction

~David Gergen

1102 Summer Term Instruction

$2,622,573 $138,476 $30,225 $1,468,393

1103 Distance Education-NonDegree 1142 Community Services

$6,059,153 $3,540,106

1151 Libraries

$9,449,121 1152 Academic Support


$9,379,749 $2,767,910 $1,206,911

1160 Student Services 1170 Institutional Support 1180 Physical Plant Support 1230 Student Financial Aid 1252 Other Related Reserves

1101 Regular Term Instruction $9,370,348 $3,539,923 $6,206,302

$9,307,886 $2,848,993 $1,206,911

$27,136 $963,503

1103 Distance Education 1142 Community Service 1151 Library Services 1152 Academic Support

$2,604,089 $138,490

1102 Summer School

1160 Student Services $29,308,256

1170 Institutional Support 1180 Physical Plant Support 1230 Student Financial Aid 1252 Other Related Reserves

“The vision is really about empowering workers, giving them all the information about what’s going on so they can do a lot more than they’ve done in the past.” ~Bill Gates


In August, the Council of State approved the university’s leasing of Phase I of the University Place Apartments (UPA) from the FSU Housing Foundation for a five-year period. On September 15, 2006, the Department of Residence Life assumed management of Phase II of the apartments. Operation Smooth Move on August 19, 2006, was very successful. More than 600 first-semester freshmen moved in without any major problems or incidents. A total of 1,209 students were housed on main campus, and 164 students were housed in UPA. As part of the PACE initiatives, the division began to leverage technology to reduce the cost of telephone services in the residence halls, increased opportunities to enhance campus safety by outsourcing security for special events, and improved programs and services by reviewing the organizational structure and consolidating and streamlining processes. The Division of Student Affairs coordinated the Annual Bronco Pride Awards Ceremony. Approximately 150 students and 20 student organizations were recognized for campus leadership through their involvement in residential and Greek life, student self-governance, and their unselfish service to FSU and the surrounding community.

FSU fraternities and sororities played a significant role in campus life during the 20062007 academic year. Approximately 2% of FSU students were members of national Pan-Hellenic Council organizations. The average grade-point average of such students was 2.9. They rendered countless hours of service to the university and the surrounding community by implementing and participating in numerous programs and activities, including the Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil, a bone-marrow drive, campus clean-ups, a feeding-the-homeless campaign, Reading Rocks Walk-A-Thon, voterregistration drives, clothing drives, health fairs, and volunteer work at area schools. The Student Activities Council sponsored the first Earth Day Observance on March 28, 2007, to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the earth’s environment. Activities included planting trees on campus and a campus clean-up. More than 14 FSU clubs and organizations participated in the event.


It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live his dreams. ~Les Brown



Homecoming was a resounding success. Ms. Carolyn Dunston, the retired director of FSU Alumni Affairs and a member of the Cumberland County Chapter of Fayetteville State alumni, was named Miss Alumni. The Director of Alumni Affairs has been working with the Future Alumni Association to increase membership for the academic year 2007-2008. The marketing strategy changed to encourage all students to become members of the Association by selecting key student leaders who serve on the executive board as members and by collaborating with Career Services to promote membership. Future Alumni students won a trophy for a campuswide community-service contest this year.

The division moved its administrative operations to the James Paige Alumni House in February 2007. The division assumed responsibilities for two additional units on campus—Career Services and Telecommunications (including WFSS 91.9 FM). This reorganization consolidates FSU’s operations image-building operations and more than doubles the size of the division.

Under the leadership of the Divison’s newly appointed Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement, Mr. Stephen L. McDaniel, CFRE, Fayetteville State University made fundraising history in 2006-2007. On March 29, 2007, the university launched its most ambitious campaign ever, seeking $1.5 million. FSU received more than $1.75 million–surpassing the goal by more than 15 percent. The campaign, under the leadership of sixteen committees, sought unrestricted support for the needs identified by the FSU leadership team. The campaign solicited the support of alumni, community volunteers, parents, and other friends of the university. Additionally, the division implemented a comprehensive Major Gifts Moves Management Process to garner transformational gifts for the university.

Alumni Affairs has launched a new affinity travel program to meet the ongoing development needs of the Office of Alumni Affairs. Bronco Travels (www. began in mid-May 2007 and provided travelers, particularly alumni and friends, with a gateway to booking hotel rooms, reserving rental vehicles, and planning vacation packages. This affinity program uses the same automated technology and provides the same features and prices as Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity. Fayetteville State will receive 40% of the commissions earned.

The Chancellor’s and the Fayetteville State University Foundation’s 4th Annual Scholarship Gala was held April 14, 2007. A sellout, the event featured the legendary O’Jays.

Broncos 21

A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done. ~Ralph Nader


The Fayetteville State University golf team captured its second consecutive PGA Division II National Minority Golf Championship in Port St. Lucie, Florida, in May 2007. This marks the fourth time that FSU’s team, coached by Mr. Raymond McDougal, has won the title. Mr. Derek Scott, a junior from Hope Mills, North Carolina, was the Division II Individual Medalist. Scott is the third consecutive golfer from Fayetteville State University to post the annual tournament’s lowest total. Coach McDougal, who was named CIAA Golf Coach of the Year for the 11th time, guided the Broncos to their seventh conference championship in a row and their 22nd since golf became a Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association varsity sport in 1970. FSU student-athletes continued to perform well in the classroom. Their achievements include the following: • • • • • • • •

Sixty-six students-athletes and support personnel had semester GPAs of 3.0 or higher. Sixty-seven student-athletes and support personnel had cumulative GPAs of 3.0 or higher. Twelve student-athletes and support personnel were named to the Chancellor’s list. Two–Mr. Brandon Daughtry and Ms. Alicia Winstead–earned perfect 4.0 GPAs. Thirty-one student-athletes and support personnel were named to the Dean’s List. Twenty-nine student-athletes and support personnel received degrees at the 140th Spring Commencement. Nine graduated with honors, and twelve had GPAs of 3.0 or better. Eighty-seven student-athletes and support personnel received some form of academic honor during the spring season. Eight were named to the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Team; 27 were named United States Achievement Academy AllAmerican Scholars; 40 were named to the CIAA Academic Honor Roll; two were named to the ESPN the Magazine District 3 All-Academic Team; and two were recipients of the United States Navy’s “Accelerate Your Life Award.” Ms. Shayla Roberts, a member of the women’s basketball team, was presented Georgia’s “Peach of an Athlete Award” and won the ALLTEL Wireless “Word of Wisdom: Lessons in Courage” Essay Contest. For her victory, Ms. Roberts received a $5,000 scholarship. Three FSU Athletes were named to the 10th Annual Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Commissioner's All-Academic Team, which recognizes twenty student-athletes on the first team and ten on the second team, as voted on by the CIAA Sports Information Directors' Association (CIAASIDA). Named to the 2007 CIAA Commissioner's All-Academic second team were FSU sophomore Ms. Contessa Sanchez, tennis; sophomore Mr. Derek Scott, golf; and junior Ms. Deanna Wooten, basketball. The average grade-point average for the first team is 3.830, and the average for the second team is 3.739 (on a scale of 4.0).


2006-2007 Visionaries $50,000.00 + Aramark Educational Services Incorporated Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation FSU National Alumni Association Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Smithfield-Luter Foundation Wachovia Foundation of North Carolina $25,000 - $49,000

Cumberland County Tourism Development Authority ExxonMobil Foundation North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Office Depot Foundation


Anheuser-Bush Foundation , Anheuser-Busch Inc. Franklin S. Clark Coca-Cola Bottling Company Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church McLean Foundation Youth Growth Stock Trust

$5,000 - $9,999

Academy of Applied Science American Urban Radio Networks Arts Council of Fayetteville Cumberland County Black Entertainment Television Boeing Company John Ben Brown T. J. Bryan John M. Chance Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. FSU Retirees Club Julius A. Fulmore Large & Small Graphics, Wayne Branch Robert A. Massey Mathematical Association of America National Collegiate Athletic Association


North Carolina Arts Council Radio One, Inc. Siemens Xerox Corporation $2,500 - $4,999 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Association for Psychological Science Gregory & Mary Bailey Charles W. Broadwell James T. Burch Class of 1961 Community Foundation of New Jersey ConocoPhillips Company Family Foods, Incorporation Florence Rogers Charitable Trust Jack Freeman FSU Athletic Club, Inc. Nathan T. Garrett G. LaTonya Hankins Thomas G. Hicks Highland Press Leonza Loftin Mary E. McAllister Mitchell McKeller Mary M. Pohlmann Southern Arts Federation State Farm Companies Foundation Target UGS Corp.

$1,000 - $2,499

Samuel Adu-Mireku Akbar Aghajanian David E. Barlow Blue & Associates Insurance Services/Geico Bonitz Flooring Group, Inc. James M. Boyd Henry B. Brown Cape Fear Valley Health System Felton J. Capel Mithu Chaudhuri Olivia D. Chavis Marvin V. Curtis James E. Dew Ander J. Dunham Ernest Evans Ferris, Baker, Watts, Incorporated Valeria P. Fleming

Founders Federal Credit Union Mary G. Foy FSU Athletic Hall of Fame FSU Senior Academy John D. Fuller Marion F. Gillis-Olion Willie A. Gray Stephen Habbert Dorothy G. Holmes John C. Honor IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program Jabez Youth Foundation Lawrence Jackson Michael E. Jackson Valentine James Wanda L. Jenkins Jerry Gregory & Associates Inc Carolyn S. Jewell Tendai (Paula) M. Johnson William R. Jordan Junior League of Fayetteville, NC Inc. King’s Music Mixers Lafayette Society, Inc. Luther Nick Jeralds Middle School Perry A. Massey Stephen L. McDaniel Gloria Moore-Carter National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Foundation Event National Minority College Golf Scholarship Fund David Nimocks Ladelle Olion James M. Paige Roy Parker Parks Chapel Freewill Baptist Church Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation Juanita Pilgrim Bernadette M. Ross SNtial Technologies, Inc. St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church William E. Stevenson Daisy S. Stroud Geneva R. Suitt Ulysses Taylor Chalissa M. Taylor Joyce J. Tucker Sybil (Terri) S. Union Thelma W. Wall

Wal-Mart, Raeford Rd. Wal-Mart, Hope Mills Wal-Mart, Skibo Rd. Wilbert E. Williams Williams Printing & Office Supply Roland P. Wilson Jon M. Young

$500 - $999

Alsco AXA Foundation’s Matching Gift B & B Catering & Event Planning Juliette B. Bell Blue Ribbon Show Services Vincent M. Bryan A. Howard Bullard Burney & Burney Construction, Incorporated Carolina Heart Physicians, LLC Carson Communications, Inc. Joseph Christian Class of 1963 Jacqueline H. Clay Jerry Cordett Jeannette M. Council Cumberland Retired School Personnel Willie A. Curtis Henrietta L. Dixon Richard S. Ellis Fast Service Food Mart James E. Flanders Willie A. Gillis John R. Griffin Landon R. Hadley Leonard N. Hedgepeth James A. Ivery Lelia F. Ivery Joseph J. Johnson John Richard Jones Jannetta Jordan Dr. Gabriel Katul Margaret E. Kilpatrick Catherine LeBlanc Joe Malone Harold L. Maultsby Jeffrey W. McLeod Mohawk Flooring & Janitorial Services Gregory E. Moyd Opportunity Funding Corporation (OFC)

William (Bill) Pannhoff Partnership for Children of Cumberland County Alvin R. Pierce Policy Research Consulting Inc. RALM, Inc. Rand & Gregory P.A. Bob Ratliff Deanne Robinson-Blue Sam’s Club Fred Sapp James Robert “Bob” Smith Minnie L. Smith Team Stackhaus Campaign Committee Patricia C. Thompson T. Michael Todd Peter L. Valenti Sara Vanderclute Virginia State University Foundation Vision Focused Consulting, LLC Fred Waddell Wal-Mart, Spring Lake James R. Wilson Ronald E. Wilson Jeffrey M. Womble Curtis Worthy Zeta Pi Omega Cultural & Educational Fnd., Inc.

$250 -$499

100 Black Men of America, Inc. Booker T. Anthony Arc Thrift Store Steven Arle Shirley J. Autry Sarah D. Baker Cheri L. Beasley John Bell David C. Brown William (W.T.) Brown Cape Fear Otolaryngology, PA Winfield C. Coachman Community Based Developmental Service James C. Cooper Gerald S. Costen Nettie T. Council Cumberland Regional Improvement Corporation Program Fund Cunningham & Sons Mortuary, Inc. Earnest L. Curry

Peggy A. Devane Warren R. Dobbins Fayetteville Courtyard by Marriott Fdr Inc. Junetta B. Freeman Cora H. Gainey Louis J. Gloston Golden Opportunity Homes Inc. Bryan C. Gooding H & H Constructors, Inc. Samuel A. Hanger Elorine A. Hill Oliver Hodge Hospira Employee Giving Campaign Eric J. Hyman Johnny W. Jiggetts William E. Johnson Wendy L. Jones Geneva Kimber Knight Faye M. Leavy Clarence E. Lloyd William D. Lucas Janice H. Lucas Juan Ma Mary M. Mallette Shirley L. McCall Sabrena P. McDonald Bertha H. Miller Charles R. Moore Moorman, Kizer, & Reitzel, Inc. Terence L. Murchison Jilly M. Ngwainmbi Offramp Group, LLC Obiefuna Okoye Daniel Okunbor Sophia B. Pierce Paul Prabhaker Stephen W. Raper James A. Ray Jane R. Rhodes Bernard Richardson Rueben N. Rivers Joseph C. Ross Mary B. Sanders Michael Sanders James A. Scurry Richard H. Shereff Terrance C. Smith Charles A. Stevens Gerdine C. Stevens Stephen Stokes Pamela S. Story SunTrust Carrie J. Sutton

Urban Sports & Entertainment Group Nathaniel Waddell Baye W. Webb Linda Wilson-Jones Eugene Edward Wright Anntoinette M. Wright-Harris Valerie Wynne-Hall

$100 - $249

AAA Action Graphic, Inc. Russell C. Adams Barry M. Ahrens Inez S. Alexander Mario S. Allen Ada V. Alston Henry Antonitta Michael Armstrong Al Ashbury Lloyd J. Austin June Aysse Janniffer Johnson Bailey Bharti Bakri David P. Beach Kathryn Beach Mimie M. Beatty Gilbert Beeson Tara V. Bellamy Anthony T. Bennett Morris C. Bethea Percy Bethea Santha B. Bickford Scotty Biggs James Bishop Anyonga D. Blackwell John A. Blanton James T. Blue Kwame Boayke-Sarpong Charlotte C. Boger Preston Lee Boone Christopher J. Bostock Don Broadwell Shirley B. Brooks Dorothy G. Brown Charles D. Brown Bernard Brown George W. Brown Brenda J. Brown Brown’s Dry Cleaners & Laundromat Frances Ilene Bryan Hilda D. Burgos Otis Burks Eric Burns Lee Burns Edith R. Burwell Carolyn B. Campbell

Conroy A. Campbell Harrison Campbell Kirk A. Campbell Rudolph S. Cardenas John Carter Alfreda L. Chance Pauline A. Chandler Church of Christ Louis P. Clark Monica A. Clarke William Clement College Heights Presbyterian Church Eddie Cooper James Coore Evelyn P. Council John A. Covington Jeffery Coward Alma Y. Crosby Dave Crotts Marion A. Crowe Margie L. Daniels Athene Daniels James Dargan Charles A. Darlington Andrea P. Davis Shade Dawson Hermine L. Dobbins Myrtle E.B. Dorsey Randal C. Draughon David R. Dull Vanetta A. Dunn Pearl E. Durham Preston R. Ealy George R. Ebron Edenton Prime Time Retirement Village LLC Leo Edwards Mavis J. Edwards EEC, Inc. I.J. Elder John L. Elliott Gerald Ellison Margaret English Alonzo Epps Jane Evans Annette B. Evans Genevieve S. Faison Family Vision Center of Fayetteville Martin Farley Fred Farmer Johnny I. Farmer Richard Faulks Dorothy E. Fielder Harold C. Fields James Finch

Brian K. Fleming Elizabeth W. Fleming Bobby A. Flowers Obe J. Ford Dianthia Ford-Kee Daisy Foxx George Franks Susan H. Franzblau Elizabeth J. Frasier John Frazier Rosia G. Freeman Isabell P. Freeman William C. Freeman Friends of Larry Shaw Committee Charles W. Fryar Larry Gaddy Cora L. Gainey Galloway Painting, Inc. Arasu T. Ganesan Donal Gaylord GEE (Gooch Enhancement Enterprises) Harvey George Paul Gerald Beretta R. Gilchrist Stephen T. Gill Isabelle Gillespie Phillip Gilley Lula C. Glaze Richard Glazier John L. Godbolt Steven Godwin Gore Built Homes, Inc. Troy E. Graham Earl V. Graham Ernesto Graham Green Valley South LLC Jesse W. Greene Walter Greene Ben Greene Greenhill Baptist Church Thomas Greenwood Harlon Gregory Kathleen R. Gurley Elmira Gwynn Susan Hager Florine S. Hales Andrew Hales Terrence C. Hall Sandra Hardin Alger T. Hardnett Keith L. Hargrove Calvin Harris Melvyn Harris Hubert L. Harris

William C. Harrison Jimmy Harvey Barbara Hay Pinkie V. Hayes Olivia U. Hayes-Woods Mary Hayslip Lorenzo Hayward Jimmie Haywood Joan Hedahl Lavetta B. Henderson Carl Henderson David Henry Terry D. Hill Amelia H. Hill Hilton Garden Inn Gloria L. Hines Thomas Hodges Holt Oil Company Homemakers Furniture & Interiors, Inc. Robert S. Hubbard John Hubbell Syrena P. Hudson Michael A. Ianucilli Marshall Isler Judith M. Jackson Otis Jackson Carol Jackson Henry Lee James Olive B. Jenkins Robert Jenks Timothy A. Jessie Paul L. Johnson Robert L. Jones Cynthia M. Jones Paris Jones Henrietta Ann Jones-Nicholas Andriea M. Jordan Lucille F. Josey JoAnne D. Joyner Daniel J. Jutson Elizabeth Keever William J. Kelley Regina Key Kidz Konnection Bryan T. Kilpatrick Wayne V. King David B. Kingsberry Kathy Klaus Lester A. Knibbs Genevieve M. Knight Daisy M. Lacewell Lafayette Motor Sales, Inc James L. Lawrence Patricia C. LeBeau


Golden C. Lee Charlie Leggett Bruce Livingston Marie C. Long-Smith Marvin W. Lucas Patricia A. Mabry David J. Mack Bessie M. Magby Audrey E. Majette Joyce B. Malone Eric L. Mansfield Jerry Markatos Alvin Marshall Leverne L. Marshall Esperanza Martin William A. Martin Bobby C. Martin Aubrey Masilela Melvin F. Mason George Matthews Delven McAllister Lonnie J McAllister Gwendolyn P. McAllister Robert J. McBryde Robert E. McCall Maggie McCrimmon Coleen P. McGlone Pinckney McIlwain Edward McLean Dan H. McLean Jimmy McLean William McLeod Sharon S. McNair Ellen C. McNeill Patrick McPharlin James R. McPherson Edward F. McShane Medical Arts Pharmacy, Inc. James Melvin Melvin M. Mitchell Agency Inc. Merrill Lynch Matching Gifts Program A. Leon Miller Harold M. Miller Laura Miller-Echard Ethel S. Mills Melvin M. Mitchell Peggy A. Mitchell Mary W. Mitchell Richard Molvin Sallie L. Monroe Moonlight Communications James T. Moore Terri Moore-Brown Preston L. Moreaux Jerry F. Morrow 26

Richard Morton Elinor N. Napoleon David Nash Gayle H. Nelson Ivan Nickels John Nigro Noelle-Elaine Media, Inc. Not Quite Antiques LLC Beverly Oclander Jesusa M. Olivarez Virginia Thompson Oliver Louis Orban Orchards Children’s Services, Inc. Cary C. Owen Geneva F. Page James Parish John R. Pasteur Arvind Patel Denise S. Paye Betty L. Payne PCF Officials Major C. Peavy Gary Allen Penrod Willie L. Perry Carl S. Person Dorothy B. Peterson PhilipMorrisUSA Matching Gifts Program Ruby B. Philyaw Melvin R. Pierce Carneil C. Pierce Rhonda M. Pittman Richard L. Player G. Michael Pleasant Diane M. Porter Robert Pringle Mitchell Pryor Ronald L. Purcell Vivian H. Purcell Alex Purcell Sylvia G. Ray James Ray David Raymond Keith Reagan Jerry Reinoehl Residence Inn by Marriott Angela Revels-Bullard Rhudy’s, Inc. Gregory P. Rich Era Mae Rickman Gardy Rigaud Barney Rogers Michael C. Roper Pedro L. Sanabria Lina M. Sanders-Johnson

Elizabeth Schadel Debra Schmidt Brian L. Scott Albert Scruggs Marshall Scurry Raymond L. Self Cortez C. Sembly Shaw Food Service Company Inc Sammy Short Floyd L. Shorter Saundra N. Shorter Melvin Shropshire Dexter L. Simms Stephen Sims Sara Sinclair Sivels Transportation Inc. Valerie Sloan Linda F. Smith Janice I. Smith Don M. Smith Randy L. Smith Thelma F. Smith Josie F. Smith Jakie W. Snapp Esther R. Snipes Dorothy B. Spearman David J. Speight Maggie M. Speight La Gray H. Spencer George P. Spurlock Julian H. Stackhaus Andrew V. Stancell Lamont Stanford Keith E. Stephens Alice H. Stephenson Patricia Stewart Marie T. Stewart Esther S. Stott Elisabeth Stringer Elisabeth Stuart Johnnie J. Sutton Thelma A. Swygert William Szczepanski Barbara B. Talley Assad A. Tavakoli George R. Taylor Michael S. Taylor Glodene P. Taylor Vanessa H. Taylor Carolyn M. Temoney Ruth Terrell C. C. Thomas John W. Thomas Charles Thomas Benjamin R. Thomas

Vickie Thornton Lyndo W. Tippett Tom Keith & Associates, Inc. Burnis E. Travis Linda M. Treadwell Eric K. Tucker Fred Tucker John Vaughn Marian L. Venable Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program Linda Hardway Waddell Isaiah Walker Eunice M. Waller Myrtle K. Ware Joseph Washington Leslie Ann Watkins Kathy Watson Carole B. Weatherford Frank B. Weaver Queen L. Weaver Carolyn C. Weaver Bernard Webb Donnell Whitaker Roy White Ned F. White Duncan J. Whitted Richard Wiggins Clinton D. Wilburn Paulette L. Williams Virgie C. Williams Evelyn G. Williams Mabel S. Williams Francinea Williams-Brown Mary Fennell Williamson Genethia G. Willingham Jasper L. Wilson Gelora D. Wilson Ronald K. Wilson Maurice A. Wingfield Wiseman Mortuary, Inc. Christine W. Womble John Womble Helen G. Woodard Charles W. Worthy Willie F. Wright Robert Wright

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A & H Coin OP Laundromat, Inc. John Aarsen Charlie Adams Shenetta Adams-Dudley Adegoke O. Ademiluyi Jonathan Agronsky

Timothy T. Ajani Harold T. Alexander Ernestine Allen Joan English Allen Wilbert Allen Carol N. Allen Karen D. Allen Eugenie P. Almeida Michael J. Almeida Joseph D. Alston Robert Alten Gilberto Alvarado E.C. Anderson Karen E. Andrews Maxine A. Andrews-McCall Malethia F. Armstrong Clifton Arrington Pleshette I. Askew Randolph Augustus Areillia S. Avery Karen Marie Baptiste Esther Barkley Ron Bean Camey Bell Cliff Michael Bender Lenora Benson John Beranek Michael Best Progyamita Bhattacharya Renee Bienemy Kathryn Birke Grace C. Black Keith K. Blackwell Rose Blackwell Boncrosby Blakeney Mena P. Blanding Wilhemena P. Blanding Stephanie Blanton Harlan J. Blauser Roy L. Blue John Boeckel James E. Boles Ivan J. Boney Brigitte C. Bonner-Lindsay Bryan David Booker Barbara M. Bowie Ruffus Boykin Marcus D. Brewington Russell Brewton Thomas Britt Wilbur Britt Waverly Broadwell Cynthia E. Brooks Gregory A. Brown Gregory F. Brown

Theresa F. Brown Cyntress W. Brunson Luther Bryant Laura R. Bryant Elaine M. Bryant Naum Bukherovich Franklin Bullock Barbara Burkes Kimberly S. Burton Jane Buryk Stephanie D. Cain Doretha Y. Caldwell Caroline M. Cameron Karen Campbell Norma J. Campbell Christine J. Campbell David C. Camps Carolyn Byrd Cannady Alan Capistrant Karen R. Carney Regis L. Carpenter Ernest Carroll Virginia C. Carroll Gene Carroway Karen Carson Bridgette J. Carson Berta F. Carter Dennis Carter Richard L. Cartwright Joan Cezair Velma Chancy Chon M. Chase F.S.S. Chattopadhya Janie C. Chavis-Lucas Evangeline M. Cheeks Mary A. Cherry Virginia N. Cherry Marci Cherwinski Ronald Childress John Chisnell Robert S. Christian Walter Clark Willie S. Clark Bertha P. Clark Class of 1965 Julia Clay Wanda E. Cockrum-Powell Charles L. Cole Keith L. Coleman Floyd Collins Doris Cook Robert L. Cooper Kelly Cornwell Kim E. Cottman Clement Coward

Arleen Crawford Jim Crayton Creative Video Haywood L. Crudup Erica J. Cureton Otis Curry Jesse L. Curtis John Cwiek Cherlyl L. Daniels H.T. Davis Shelia A. Davis James G. Davis Kara E. Dean Tex Deaton Bob Deckert Queen E. Degraphenreid Louis B. DeLaine Kirk J. Deviere Ernest W. Dickey Pitt Dickey Orin C. Dix Stan Douglas Stacey M. Douglas Edward Downing Lasherrie D. Draughon Kendra M. Dunlap Arlene H. Dunn Nancy R. Dunn Carolyn B. Dunston E. E. Smith High School William Eason Tameshia L. Eaton Education Clinic Florence P. Edwards Linda E. Ellerbe Gloria H. Elliott John T. Elliott Doug Elms Robert Epps Sophia L. Estrada Eureka Chapel Baptist Church Minnie S. Evans Kamesia M. Ewing Fairfield Inn at Cross Creek Kenneth J. Faison Thomas Faison Ethel L. Faison Jorge Farmer Leamon Farrior Jean Moore Fasse Yvonne Felder Charles D. Fergusson Arleen Fields George Fisk Howard L. Fleetwood

Scott Forehand Sandra Jones Foster Sharon Foti Joanne M. Francoeur Elizabeth Fraser Mary Joan Fredette Henry W. Freeman Patricia G. Fulcher Full Potential LLC Jerome Gantt Edward A. Garvin Indravadan Gatiwala Russell P. Gatling Sharon Gertken Lydell Gilleylen India Ginnwight Trisha M. Giordano Erica Glover Stevan Godette Sharon Gooden Robert Q. Gordon Janet Tillman Grady Maurice W. Graham Willie H. Green Wayne Green Latasha S. Green Richard Greenfield Randy Gregory Sharon A. Grey Leslie A. Griffin Teresa A. Griffin Dana Haithcock Phoebe J. Hall Aljanal L. Hamer Carroll Andrea V. Hardiman Barbara H. Harold Charles Harr Ruth Harrington Nancy W. Harris Marvin Eugene Harris Marshall Hartsfield Kervin L. Hawkins Michael Head Hsiaofen Hemstock Sam Henrickson Eric Henry Linda K. Henry Eric D. Henry Socorro Hernandez-Hinek Jay R. Hessenthaler Brent E. Hester Highland Distributing Inc. Carla Hildebrand Azzalee M. Hines Billie L. Hines

Zelphia Hinnant-Jones Alice Pearl Hinson Felicia R. Hinton Joseph Hodge Beth Hogan Elnora C. Hogan Delores J. Holmes Phyllis Houston-Washington Mattie Howard Garry L. Howard Mindy L. Howard Noelle Huff Dennis Hughey Su’Sun S. Hunt Rufus Hutchinson Chris A. Ike Harvey Iwerks Ronald E. Jackson Stacey N. Jackson Charles F. Jackson Kindra D. Jackson Geraldine Jackson Delma S. Jackson Willie Jacobs Hudson Jarvis Arthur L. Jefferson Billy L. Jeffords Charles Jenkins Melvin Jennings Jacob Johnson Cynthia E. Johnson Linda Renee Johnson Reeshemah T. Johnson Docleia M. Johnson Clanton D. Johnson Ericka A. Jones Bobby Jones Bagley Jones Teretha Jones Bill Jordan Deborah C. Jordan Judkins/Sanders Renunion Carolyn Justice-Hinson Patt Kapp Francis J. Keane Keith Enterprises Wanda S. Kendrick Randi F. Kinyon Robert E. Kirkland Kathryn L. Klaus Cassie Klutz Cathy B. Kosterman John Kubes Summer Kuhlman J. R. Labeach

Peggy J. Lancaster Celesta W. Lane Gregory Lane Rosemarie B. Lawrence Kevin Lawson Linda M. Leach Wanda Lee Shirley T. Lee Walter Lewallen Sandra D. Lewis Sarah Alberta Lewis Russel D. Liggon Howard Lim Paul J. Linskens Nancy Linton Brenda K. Lisane Mary L. Livings Regina N. Locust Sophia D. Long Roberto Antonio Lopez Xenia V. Lopez Nassie R. Lucas Ernestine M. Lucas William G. Mack Caleb A. Malcom Jacqueline D. Malone Frank B. Maness Elizabeth Manley Katherine R. Marable Hope Gilchrist Marlin William T. Marlowe John D. Marshall Geneane W. Marshall David N. Martin Sondra E. Martin Mash House Restaurant & Brewery Joann Isabel Mason John R. Mattox Darlene McAllister Mary L. McCallum Bobby L. McClain Lashanta S. Mccorkle Thelma Hawkins McDavis Frances McDonald Raymond A. McDougal Bruce McDowell Bishop Willis McDuffie Carl J. McField Cheryl D. McGhee William C. McGoogan Grace McGrath Emm McKinnon Edna S. McKinnon Carolyn T. McLaurin Marsha R. McLean


Pamela McLean Margaret McLean Willa McMillan Lonnie McMillan Cassandra C. McMillion Dennis R. McNair Alan McNeill Eldridge Keith McNeill Walter Alan Mcneill Ernest A. McNeill Clarence L. McNeill Alphonza McNeill Antoinette McNeill Cleo McPhatter Edith B. Melvin Willie Mae Melvin Gay Menscer Alicia Metzger Wendy Michener Parker Middleton Algernon L. Middleton James A. Miles Lawanda D. Miller Ben C. Minter Joshua J. Minyon Michell M. Mitchell Dorothy M. Mitchell Samuel Mitchell James E. Mitchell Linda B. Mitchell Trina Renee Mitchell Maurice Y. Mongkuo Gail Morfesis Karen Morris Dineen Y. Morton Barbara A. Moses Malone Peter Murray Audrey A. Murray Gavin A. Myrick Roberto Navarro James Neal Latonya Newbill-Inniss Wilbert Nichols Inder P. Nijhawan Martha J. Noel Ruth Norfleet Elizabeth Normandy Gloria D. Novello Nosa Obanor Robert Oehman Carl Ogburn James O’Hern Amon Okpala Mildred W. Oliphant Harry Oliver 28

Grace E. Olmstead Patrick E. O’Neal Carolyn Williams Ortiz Daisy D. Osborn Gregory Owens Donald E. Owens Leonard Owens Alexander Owens Deborah V. Owens Victor W. Pace Virmil T. Pagani Richard Painter Adrienne C. Pannell Nehemiah E. Parker Doris W. Parker Luada Patrick Jane G. Peacock Janet Peacock-Stanley Jewel D. Pearson Jean Pease Mary Anne Peeples Edgar Peoples Terezinha Perritt Victor Phillip Guy Phillips Wilhelmina Pierce Kenneth S. Pinckney Mary G. Pines Marlene Pittman John C. Pollard Edward A. Pone Timothy Pope Reginald Powell Catrina F. Preston Barbara Propst Jenniefer B. Pugh-Newby Beulah M. Quick C. Mason Quick Barbara Ragland-Jones Gurcharn S. Rahi Fran Rand Willie J. Randolph Pamela W. Ratcliff Jean Ratley James Raynor Bobbie Redding John V. Reed Evelyn J. Reeves Gary N. Rhoda Maria L. Rhodes Gilbert Rich Sandra A. Richards Grover C. Richardson Eglintine Rigaud Steven Rigby

Joellen Risacher John R. Roberts Robeson Community College Frances L. Robinson Deborah S. Robinson Nancy Robless Carolyn D. Rocco Saily Y. Rodriguez Robert Lamar Rogers Rita H. Rogers Justin N. Rogers Elbert M. Ross Rocky Ross James K. Rosser Catherine J. Routt Stanley A. Royal Harry Rulnick Teresa C. Rundlett Robin D. Sally Audrey Robinson Sanders Rosa Sandoval Sybil B. Sasaki Willie Saunders Linda M. Saunders Carin Savel Felix C. Sawyer Gerald Schenck John Schmidt Sidonia Schumann Helen W. Scott Tonya Renee Sellers Roxie Mitsuko Shabazz Sherma Shabazz Denny Shaffer Raabia Z. Shaikh Nancy Shankir William Shatterly Rollin W. Shaw Timothy Shea Peggy E. Shropshire James Shutt Willie Simmons Cornell W. Singletary Nicholas Sisk Marie (Queenie) Sivels Ruth Stancell Slade Jonathan J. Slottje Franklin Smith Bryan D. Smith Bryant C. Smith Maceo C. Smith Marian A. Smith Shelby Smith Shirley A. Smith Martha M. Sneed

Ferrell Solomon George Spangler Charlene Speas Dirk Spruyt Kevin St. Denis Alan Stamm Joyce Cecilia Stanley Nina Stephens Al Stephenson Tinera Monique Sterling Nichelle Stevens Lofton Stewart Larry Stone Mekong Surles Lula W. Swann Dineen Y. Morton Tarplee Robert Horace Taylor Zoletta L. Taylor Cary Taylor Deborah Teasley Gina Thomas Lenwood Thomas Willie D. Thomas Vanessa K. Thomas Eloise Thompson Teresa A. Thompson-Pinckney Phillip Thornton Donald D. Tillman Cheryl Anita Tompkins Trinette Flowers Torres Billy J. Tripp Alan Tucker Ricky Tucker Julius Tucker Harold Tull Ruby Turner Renata R. Turner Thomas Vanderbeck Dean A. Venditti Hilton W. Villines Eunice W. Virgil Vision Marketing International Laurel Wachtler Rudolph E. Waddell Collen Walker Ivan D. Walker Cheryl Walker Richard G. Walsh Gisela K. Walston Abdoul A. Wane Mary L. Ward Charles Washington Annie D. Washington Betty L. Watkins Richard C. Watson

Evelyn H. Watson Watson Electrical Construction Co., LLC Jan-Jee Wells Melissa G. Wells Troy Wendell Robert White Erin N. White Darryl O. Williams Treva M. Williams Thomas B. Williams Eva C. Williams Thomas G. Williams Natasha N. Williams Deborah M. Williams Paul T. Williams Fannie M. Williams Minnie J. Williams La’Won D. Williams Staci D. Williams Christopher L. Willis Judith Willner Kim R. Wilson Flossie Wilson Michael R. Wilson Mary M. Wilson Elois Hyman Wingfield Angela Calloway Wise David Witty Kwok C. Wong Sandra Woodard Sharon Worrell Janet G. Wright LyWanda L. Wynder Bobby C. Wynn Ram Yallapragada Amanda B. York Margaret A. Young Sonya F. Burston Young S. F. Young Valerie T. Young Kathleen E. Ziegler


FSU recently celebrated 140 years of service to citizens of the region, state, and nation.

The university’s success can be attributed to the visionary founders who had the wisdom and forethought to establish this great institution. The university has been sustained over the years by dynamic leaders, who, while different in leadership styles, all shared the same goal–advancing FSU to even higher levels.

FSU has made significant strides. Academic programs are cutting edge. Some of the

best students anywhere may be found on the FSU campus. The faculty is second to none. As the university moves forward, with an eye on the next 140 years of service to mankind, it will do so, with its constituents knowing that FSU is a place where dreams become reality.


1200 Murchison Rd Fayetteville, NC 28301 A constituent institution of The University of North Carolina

06-07 FSU Annual Report  

Fayetteville State University Annual Report 2006-2007

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