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The Florida State University College of Education Master of Science Degree in Social Science Education Program Overview

Admission Procedures And related Requirements

Social Science Education offers two competitive Master of Science programs: (1) the MoST program for initial teacher preparation and (2) the M.S. program for currently certified teachers who wish to advance their professional expertise and leadership.

Prospective students should review university requirements and processes for graduate admissions. Applications for admission may be submitted online to School of Teacher Education graduate program coordinator.

The MoST degree

Applicants must submit the following with their application:

The MoST degree (Master of Science in Teaching) is a competitive teacher preparation program designed to prepare candidates to teach history and social science in grades 6-12. This degree option is appropriate for individuals with history and social science undergraduate majors. The program is focused on the specific needs for education in the 21st century, which include the skills and knowledge needed to be critical thinkers and globally competent citizens. The curriculum emphasizes the development of expertise in research-based teaching methods that apply the strong content knowledge in the social sciences and humanities gained during the undergraduate degree. This is an NCATE accredited and Florida Department of Education approved program. The capstone of the program is the student teaching experience (internship) during the final semester. Internship placements are full-time teaching assignments with a experienced teacher in Tallahassee area middle and high schools. There is also an option for the internship to take place in another Florida county. MoST students must also take and pass the FTCE General Knowledge, Professional Knowledge, and Social Studies 6-12 Exams in order to complete certification requirements. More information can be found at

1. Copies of all undergraduate transcripts (minimum GPA of 3.0 required) 2. One copy of a GRE score (minimum score of 146 on Verbal and 140 on Quantitative is required) 3. Three letters of recommendation 4. A statement of academic and professional goals 5. A writing sample

The M.S. degree The M.S. degree (Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction) provides current middle and high school teachers with advanced expertise in social studies methodology and curriculum development. This program is also appropriate for educators considering doctoral study. The curriculum combines required core courses with courses selected collaboratively with the advisor to meet the individual goals and interests of the student. The focus is to develop teacher leaders in the field of social science education.

Beginning Spring 2013, applications for admissions into this graduate degree have been consolidated under the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) degree program. You will be able to choose this degree as your major under the C&I degree program. If you wish to apply for this major, chose Curriculum and Instruction and then this major in the on-line application at http://

After Acceptance Upon admission to the SSE graduate program, candidates must meet with the SSE graduate advisor to complete an advising sheet as a plan of study. All graduate students must meet with the SSE graduate advisor at least once each semester to review their progress and status, as well as stay informed on program activities and deadlines

Master's in Social Science Education