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Preparing to Take the Court

abstinence club

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west weighs in

The new abstinence club causes a stir among faculty and student body


Principal Ed West shares his secrets to shedding pounds


Miranda Davis talks about feminine fero




november 22, 2011

TopThanksgiving Ten Pies

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10. Chocolate Pecan Pie 9. Lemon Meringue Pie 8. French Silk 7. Peach Pie 6. Banana Cream Pie 5. Cherry Pie

photo illustration by miranda davis and allison harwood With the basketball season starting soon, the boys and girls basketball teams prepare for their upcoming seasons.

4. Key Lime Pie 3. Apple Pie 2. Pumpkin Pie 1. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

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Joan_Rivers: I've been on the road for the last 4 days and NOBODY is surprised that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce. Even Helen Keller saw this one coming.

EAJosh: I've been listening to the radio for the past 4 minutes and I still haven't heard Adele. I think that's a new record.

BeachedWhale: Sorry it's been awhile since I've tweeted. Actually, I've never tweeted, I'm a cat. Apology withdrawn.

FillWerrell: That awkward moment when you walk through the metal detectors at the airport, and your abs of steel set them off.

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Abstinence club responds to controversy, explains goals by amani safadi Abstinence is a term students know and hear regularly. If it’s not from their parents, it’s from health classes in junior high. Now, however, it is the subject of an after-school club. “The reason why I [started Abstinence Club] was because I heard so many preteens talking about sex and it was just immoral to me,” senior Karrera Radford said. Abstinence Club was created this year and it’s a topic that many people are finding interesting. “So far we’re talking about what it really means to us to stay abstinent, and other ways we can share it with the school, and basically just to get our feet in the door,” Radford said. The mission statement for Abstinence Club is to prevent teen pregnancy, educate people about teen pregnancy and provide a safe environment to talk whenever needed. They meet every Monday right after school. “We normally talk about what it means to everyone,” Radford said, “and why they decided to join the club, and if they are abstinent, why are they?” Some may feel Abstinence Club is a good addition to the school. “I like it because I guess it’s good for people to want to stay abstinent and have support for that so that they don’t feel like they’re alone,” freshman Kiara Clark said. But it’s no secret that some controversy is stirring in the hallways as the

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Sarah Rohrschneider


club becomes known. “Abstinence is a personal choice and there doesn’t need to be a club promoting it,” senior Nik Schmidt said. The club also said in the announcements that last year 70 10-yearolds gave birth in the state of Kansas. “I know people thought it was inappropriate,” Radford said, “and people were saying that they got raped, and I thought that was irrelevant because they are 10-years-old which probably means they were sexually active. Club sponsor Nolan Henderson is the person who found the statistic from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s website. “I guess it offended some people,” he said. “They said that 10-year-olds can’t consent to have sex. Well, neither can 15-year-olds, and 14- and 15-year-olds are half the population of the school." The announcement caused the club members to perk up their ears. “It was kind of shocking because you wouldn’t really think that would be happening right now, since they are so young,” senior Abishai Guenther said. Guenther knew a boy in junior high who knew of seven girls in his school who were pregnant. “I’m very appalled that young kids are sexually active,” Radford said. “It’s not so important that you have to have sex young. It’s okay to wait.”

Kyle Freese Reporter

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Boys Schedule

12/06 vs. Seaman 7:00 PM at Home 12/07 vs. Shawnee Heights 7:45 PM at Home 12/09 vs. Shawnee Heights 7:00 PM at Shawnee Heights 12/10 vs. Lansing 7:00 PM at Home 12/13 vs. Blue Valley North 7:00 PM at Home 12/16 vs. Lawrence 7:00 PM at Home 01/03 vs. Blue Valley West 7:00 PM at Home 01/06 vs. Olathe East 7:00 PM at Home 01/10 vs. Shawnee Mission South 7:00 PM at Home 01/13 vs. Olathe Northwest 7:00 PM at Olathe NW 01/31 vs. Shawnee Mission West 7:00 PM at SMW 02/03 vs. Shawnee Mission North 7:00 PM at Home

Football season has come to an end, but a new season of sports is just beginning. Basketball has already started taking over. by kimberley messineo

Coaches and players are equally excited for the games to begin. “I am excited to be back with the team,” junior Courtney Parker said. “I think it will be a good season because this year we have more juniors and seniors on the varsity and junior varsity level.” With a new team this year, there are both positives and negatives. The seniors of 2011 have graduated and moved on, and it’s time for the next group to step up and play. “It’s gonna be a challenge because we lost a lot of good players last year,” boys basketball coach Chuck Law said. “But we have good returning players and we’ve got some younger players who are coming that will make our practices more competitive.” Girls basketball had a young team last year, so almost the whole team has returned for this year’s season. “Since we have pretty much all of our team back this year our experience factor will be a strong force,” girls basketball coach Bryan Duncan said. Although Free State lost to LHS in football and soccer this year, players and coaches aren’t too worried about the match-up in basketball.

02/10 vs. Olathe South 7:00 PM at Olathe South 02/14 vs. Olathe South 7:00 PM at Home 02/17 vs. Olathe North 7:00 PM at Home 02/21 vs. Shawnee Mission East 7:00 PM at SME 02/24 vs. Lawrence 7:00 PM at LHS


Put these in your locker to keep up to date with Free State basketball

Preparing for tryouts for the 2011-2012 season, boys begin conditioning.Tryouts were held Nov. 14-16. photo by tori crawford

731 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS • 785.843.4191 Hours: Mon.-Fri 9 am - 7 pm • Thursdays 9 am - 8:30 pm Saturdays 9 am - 6 pm • Sundays Noon - 5 pm

All Free State students, faculty & staff • Receive 35% off all adidas footwear • Receive 40% off all adidas apparel, bags, socks and accessories. Must present your student, faculty, or staff ID at time of purchase.

“I think there’s a lot of energy in the basketball game and all of our sports regardless of who’s won and lost,” Duncan said. “I think it’s a lot more of a factor based on your specific sports the previous times.” “It might give [LHS] momentum, but because we did lose in the other sports it makes us want to win more,” Parker said. Each game is different from others, and it’s always a surprise as to how a game might turn out. “There’s so much emotion wrapped into that game you never know what’s gonna happen,” Law said. “You just throw the records and anything out the window when the two teams get together.” A positive of this year’s season is that freshmen won’t have to travel to Free State each day for practices and games. “It was a nightmare last year trying to organize practices and bring people from different junior highs to one place,” Law said. “I think a lot of kids didn’t try out last year for the freshman level because it was too disjointed.” This year there are a lot more students going out for basketball, which will help give more depth to the program. “[Depth] is the key to success for any program.You gotta have numbers, you gotta have depth and you have to have competition in practice,” Law said. “If you don’t have those things, then you don’t have much of a program.”

Girls Schedule

12/07 vs. Shawnee Heights 5:30 PM at Home 12/10 vs. Lansing 5:30 PM at Home 12/16 vs. Lawrence 5:30 PM at Home 01/06 vs. Olathe East 5:30 PM at Home 01/10 vs. Shawnee Mission South 5:30 PM at Home 01/13 vs. Olathe Northwest 5:30 PM at Olathe NW 01/17 vs. Emporia 7:00 PM at Home 01/31 vs. Shawnee Mission West 5:30 PM at SMW 02/03 vs. Shawnee Mission North 5:30 PM at Home 02/10 vs. Olathe South 5:30 PM at Olathe South 02/14 vs. Shawnee Mission Northwest 5:30 PM at Home 02/17 vs. Olathe North 5:30 PM at Home 02/21 vs. Shawnee Mission East 5:30 PM at SME 02/24 vs. Lawrence 5:30 PM at Home



Basketball Beginnings

november 22, 2011

Let's Get Physical Getting and staying in shape is difficult, but not impossible by hannah moran

Today’s fitness market offers vastly more attractive (but perhaps less entertaining) methods of staying in shape than that of the effervescent 80s. Workouts guarunteeing results range from simple runs to the rigorous P90X workout videos to the Flirty Girl Fitness programs. The work out programs are tailored to fit different kinds of people. One may prefer running while another may exercise though dancing. Simply jogging is one of the best things you can do to get fit and improve your health. The only equipment required is a quality pair of tennis shoes. Jogging strengthens the heart, increases bone density and burns fat. The only problem is, of course, dragging yourself out of bed, lacing your running shoes, turning up the iPod and making the commitment to actually run for an extended period of time. Don’t fret, though. Any amount of running helps--start small and gradually increase the distances. Running is the oldest “get fit trick” in the book. If you’re wanting to get into shape without the aid of some large metal contraption or a man in floral shorts, try going for a quick jog when you get home. If you are looking to get fit while simultaneously soothing your mind, yoga is ideal. Professional athletes and elderly people alike swear by it.Yoga touts benefits such as improved posture, increased

flexibility (whether that is as fundamental as learning to bend over or as advanced as doing the splits) and decreased stress levels. By twisting the body into obscure positions, yoga rids joints of lactic acid and increases joints’ ranges of motion. Another fitness trend that is rapidly gaining popularity is “spinning.” A typical spinning class would include an instructor, loud music and a warm room filled with stationary bikes. Spinning classes can be intense, but they are designed to work every muscle in the legs as well as the heart. Lawrence Athletic Club offers some of the very popular spinning classes, some of which senior Regan Keasling attends. “It’s one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done,” she said. “But I always do it with friends, which actually makes it a lot of fun.” If you want your workouts to not seem like workouts at all and rather like parties, try the Zumba Fitness Party. The program’s founder created Zumba when he forgot his traditional aerobic music tapes and had to use what was in his backpack--salsa and merengue music. His class loved it. Zumba, the Latino-inspired dance/fitness program, was born. You can’t hold back, however. If you want a workout with Zumba, you have to dance. Hard. The environment in

general in Zumba classes is very upbeat. “It’s usually just me and people my mom’s age. People yell and clap during it. It’s hilarious,” Keasling said. For those of you who don’t quite feel comfortable salsa-ing in public, numerous videos are on the market to help you exercise in the privacy of your own living room. Exercise videos have progressed a long way since the idyllic Richard Simmons days. The classic kickboxing, yoga and dance videos are all available, as is the infamous P90X program. If none of these keeps you interested, Flirty Girl Fitness produces a pole dancing fitness program. Participants can install poles in their homes and are also taught chair dances. Fit is good. We all know that. But as winter approaches, people are hard-pressed to find any motivation to work out. If you’re dragging, try updating your iPod or bringing a friend with you to the gym. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, perhaps stop by the library to check out some Zumba or power yoga videos. But fair warning: if it’s been a while since you’ve hit the gym, know that yoga pants and Nike shorts have replaced Lycra leotards and leg warmers.

JCCC in Lawrence: Spring Classes Elementary Algebra Business Math Technical Math I Reading Skills Improvement

Enroll today! Classes fill quickly. For more information, contact Student Services at 913-469-3803 or search for credit classes by location (LCS–Lawrence Centennial School) at

Johnson County Community College in Lawrence at Centennial School, 2145 Louisiana St.


pay attention both to know that there was a change and to be able to acknowledge it and be willing to say something,” West said. Though West enjoys the effects of weight loss, losing weight was not easy. “Sometimes time is a crunch,” West said. “The food stuff is still a struggle...If I get started on a bag of chips, it’s easier for me to stop at zero than stop at one. On the days where I exercise and run more, I can have more that day.” For people trying to lose weight, sometimes constant motivation is a challenge. “I had been in shape before,” West said. “Back when I was a math teacher, I coached cross country, track and actually ran quite a bit,so I knew the feeling of being in shape. I knew I could [do it].” West’s success shows students and faculty that getting in shape is indeed possible. Never giving up is always an important thing to keep in mind. “Sometimes it is frustrating when you decide that you want to do something and a week later you’re not there yet. I’m not much different than a lot of students. I kind of get impatient,” West said. “I think you need to have a big goal. Then you need to break it down into smaller goals and if you blow it one day, that’s just the one day. Don’t feel like if you fall off the can’t get back on.”

Day With-

by katie guyot

Lawrence Athletic Club: (785) 842-4966 Body Boutique: (785) 749-2424 (ladies only) Anytime Fitness: (785) 856-0101 Next Level: (785) 856-7755

• • • •

Especially with Thanksgiving around the corner, weight loss may be the last thing students are thinking about. But for Free State principal Ed West, eating right and exercising have been his main focuses since this past summer. “When you’re 5-foot-6 and [have] no hope of growing taller, growing wider is not a very good option,” West said. After West and his wife joined a gym close to their house, he began to journal his calories. Between a combination of the two, West lost about 40 to 45 pounds. “[Overall], my family has been pretty supportive,” West said. “I am pleased with myself. I enjoy being in shape a heck of a lot better than not.” Forty-five pounds is no small deal. Many Free State students have noticed West’s weight loss. “I was kind of surprised because it seemed like he lost so much weight in such a short amount of time,” junior Aaryn Wertz said. West is surprised by how many people have noticed his transformation. “It’s amazing how much people


Vegan and vegetarian students eat unique Thanksgiving meals

Are you serious about getting in shape? Here are some fitness centers at which you may be interested in getting a membership:

• Perspectives of • Career and Life Planning Hospitality Management • PC Applications: MS Office • Workplace Skills • Introduction to Writing • Nutrition and Meal Planning • Fundamentals of Mathematics • Food Service Sanitation

november 22, 2011

by sarah rohrschneider

Slimming Down


Principal Ed West is taking care of himself and losing weight



november 22, 2011

Why Work Anyplace Else?

Brandon Woods at Alvamar offers part time positions in a resident directed care environment. We are looking for caring, qualified individuals to serve our residents in a professional manner. We offer an excellent orientation program, competitive wages and ongoing training.

We are an upscale retirement community offering opportunities for new experiences and advancement. Why work anyplace else? Come see us at Brandon Woods! Apply in person Human Resources 1501 Inverness Drive Lawrence, KS 66047 Equal Opportunity Employer Drug Free Workplace

Thanksgiving of 1621 starred fresh venison, New England shellfish and heaps of roasted meat, with turkey filling in the gaps. Turkey is now the most common centerpiece, with ham and turducken--and, for even more extreme omnivores, pigturducken-not far behind. But none of these dishes will appear on senior Sarena Farb’s dining room table. “We host a vegan Thanksgiving,” said Farb, whose vegan lifestyle began at birth.Vegans abstain from eating animal products, including meat and dairy. “When I was seven, [my parents] told me I could eat whatever I wanted, and I decided to stay vegan.” Now Farb, her parents and her younger sister, who are also vegan, teach their non-vegan family members to cook vegan cuisine every Thanksgiving. They don’t eat what Farb calls “a very traditional meal,” having abandoned fake turkey for items like rice, sweet potatoes and sushi--sans the raw fish, of course. Pumpkin pie, however, still applies. See a recipe for this holiday classic from JoAnn Farb’s book “Get Off Gluten!” on But the gluten and dairy products that go into store-bought pumpkin pie don’t vex vegetarians. It’s just the main course that talks turkey. As the only vegetarian in her family, sophomore Cleo LeMaster does not eat sushi on the last Thursday of November, nor does she cook the nonmeat turkey substitute, tofurkey. She and her mother,

a pescetarian (one who eats no meat but fish and big meal,” minus the meat. shellfish), usually visit LeMaster’s grandmother for Eberhart-Phillips and his family celebrated Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving even while living in New Zealand, “With all the sides, it’s not hard,” LeMaster said. roughly 7,800 miles from Lawrence and 9,000 from “I eat a lot of starches.” Plymouth, MA. And the Thanksgiving smorgasbord offers When the first Thanksgiving diners ate their way vegetarians starches galore: squash, rice, rolls, through mounds of venison and lobster, it’s unlikely mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, baked potatoes, that they foresaw their newfound celebration sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, potato casserole spreading across the Pacific Ocean. One can only and, of course, stuffing (which stuffs more than the imagine what the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag turkey). See a recipe for sugary sweet potatoes tribe would say if they could see tables across the online. U.S.--even across the world--laden with gluten-free Then there are the greener dishes--spinach, pumpkin pie, sushi and tofurkey. Brussels sprouts, bacon-less green beans. Of course, “I think they would probably think that’s cool,” as Farb put it, “There’s fake stuff for everything.” Farb said. “It’s more about freedom, and [they Yes, omnivores: that means there is such a thing would] approve of it.” as vegan bacon, just as it is possible to make turkey out of tofu. But that doesn’t mean it’s Brussels Sprouts to Redeem The Brussels Sprout Name (serves 6-8) tasty. Ingredients: “I don’t like fake meat,” 2 pounds Brussels sprouts (trim stems, remove outer leaves, cross-cut junior Paul Eberhart-Phillips bottoms) said. (Perhaps there’s a reason 3 tablespoons olive oil Farb and LeMaster omit 3 cloves garlic “turkey” from their dinner 4 cups vegetable stock tables.) salt and pepper, to taste Eberhart-Phillips, along with the rest of his household, is Heat olive oil in 12-inch saute pan over medium heat. Add chopped vegetarian. His Thanksgiving is garlic and cook for approximately one minute, until soft. Do not burn. nearly identical to the typical This will make the garlic bitter. Add Brussels sprouts and coat with American gorge-fest: it’s “just a olive oil garlic mixture. Cook for five minutes, then add vegetable stock. Partially cover and let simmer until tender (about 15-20 minutes). Want more recipes? Visit out our website and Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then serve. check out some other delicious recipies for Thanksgiving!



november 22, 2011

Friending your Family Student analyzes pros and cons of parents on Facebook by allison harwood

Anytime I hear people in high school say their parents have their Facebook password, I shudder a little bit. The same thing applies when someone is going off about how they won’t let their parents have Facebook. As far as the first situation goes, parents: let your babies leave the nest. If your child is in high school, they deserve to be their own person. And that includes privacy. Now, there are obvious exceptions. It’s like the rule about getting a search warrant.You can go in, but only if you have probable cause. Otherwise, stay out, because without a warrant, it’s breaking and entering. Your children’s friends aren’t going to feel comfortable sending your child messages via Facebook if they know you can access them whenever you want. It’s not only about being in your child’s business. It’s about their friends’, too. Then there’s the other extreme. Sometimes we teenagers forget that our parents are people too. They have people they want to catch up and stay in contact with. Many parents also recognize Facebook is a huge part of our society now and want to keep up with the times. Forbidding your parents to sign up for the social networking site is pretty ridiculous and selfish. Both of my parents are on Facebook and I have survived worse. They enjoy finding old friends from high school and college and catching up about their kids. If your parents do decide to join Facebook, there are a few guidelines you all want to consider. First, it’s okay not to add your parents on Facebook. Simply explain why you’d prefer not to be friends. Screaming at them and blocking them will make them suspicious. Second, parents, never add your children’s friends first. They have the right to deny the request, but it makes them feel awkward the next time they’re over at your house. Even if you’ve known them since diapers, let them come to you. Third, if you are friends with your children’s friends, don’t ask your kids about their status updates, etc. It puts your child in an awkward position and it comes off as way too snoopy. And last but not least, kids, be open to being friends with your parents on Facebook. I promise it won’t be as bad as you expect. It can actually be a pretty cool way to share information. If you do decide to not share that part of your life, make sure you have a good reason behind it.

Peeping Parents 55% of parents use Facebook to keep an eye on their kids 40% of parents do not have a Facebook 5% of parents would get a facebook if they knew how

11% 39%


wall postings

tagged photos


status updates

“It’s weird, and creepy. My parents are on there, and they just know what you’re doing the whole time.”

junior sophomore


of those requests are denied

Q: How do you feel about parents on Facebook?

Fletcher Koch

teacher Matt senior

Bridget Cary “I think it's a good tool for parents to keep track of their kids even though it may be a bit invasive.”

of parents joined facebook for the sole purpose of snooping

of parents send their kids friend requests

information courtesy of Bullguard Internet Security Survey 2011: Parents, Children, Social Networking and Consumer Reports

Birds Word

Tad Bray freshman Tye Carter


What parents are spying on

“My dad has one. They can be on Facebook if they’re cool parents, but if they’re over protective then they shouldn't. My dad’s a cool dude.”

Let us know!


Janae Cooper “I think it makes kids watch what they say. They say things that they wouldn’t in person, so adults can kind of censor them.”

Have any ideas? Go to or mention us on twitter with your suggestions!

“It might be a little weird. When my kid is a teenager, I’ll probably friend them on Facebook.”

november 22, 2011


his is not a fitness program for your grandmother. For those readers who think Hot (otherwise known as Bikram) Yoga isn’t interesting enough for my column, I dare you to try it. When Hot Yoga was first suggested to me, I have to admit the same thing was going through my mind. I’ve made it through our very own Yoga Club without any complaints or major injuries, and I figured Bikram Yoga wouldn’t be much different. But on Nov. 4, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., I experienced complete and utter hell.Yoga Style. In case you didn’t know, Hot Yoga earned its name due to the fact that it is held in a hot room. A very hot room. Ninety-five to 105 degrees to be specific. Before the session started, my instructor told me that I was not allowed to speak once in the yoga room, and the only expectation she had for me was to “stay in the room.” This immediately raised some red flags. I began to ask myself questions like, “I wonder if the no talking rule applies for cries for help?” and, “If I pass out, I wonder if she will wait until the session is over to call an ambulance?” After stepping into the Hot Yoga room and seeing the other people in the class, I began to warm up to the whole experience. I was by far the youngest person in the room. Half

the class was full of middle-aged men and women, and I figured if they could handle it, I could too. The session Ryan started with a series of breathing exercises. The room was so hot, I had already started sweating. Throughout the session, I found myself struggling to keep up with the instructor. If she expected anything more than for me to stay in the room, I would have been a disappointment. Although most were a struggle, there was one pose that I was very good at. Savasana, otherwise known as the corpse pose, proved to be a lifesaver. Basically, any time our instructor told us to get into the Savasana pose, it meant, “Lie down, because we are about to do something really painful.” The last 15 minutes of the session were the most taxing. I had already sweated more than I thought humanly possible, and crawling around on the floor in a 100-degree room made me hate myself for taking the class. Stepping out into the open air after this session finished felt amazing. I’m not one of those excessive sweater types, but once the class was over, I was actually able to wring the sweat off my towel. Even though I will never do Hot Yoga again, I have to admit that after I had cooled down, I felt pretty good.


Columnist Miranda Davis weighs in on the battle women have to fight in the real world, and how to prepare for it

by miranda davis

During my daily browse of news articles I came across an article entitled "Does the Media Hate Women?" This idea isn’t something new to me or to most women. The article talks about how the media has devalued us and promotes the concept that women find their value in youth and beauty. So for those of us who want to be taken seriously, we come across as unfeminine or too intense (remember the coverage of Hilary Clinton’s pantsuits in the last election?). I don’t understand how a society that is more than half female (52%) can let this happen. I think most women would agree that we shouldn’t be teaching little girls that it’s more important to be Barbie than it is to be president. While most of us that this is bad, how do we fix it? Women feel hesitant to put themselves into leadership roles because they don’t feel they will be taken seriously or they fear they will be considered a "bitch." I hope to someday be taken seriously as a professional journalist, but as a woman I

Miranda's Column

by ryan loecker

Women vs. the World


ian's inspiration: "Primate Pretty"

by ian patterson


am terrified. Women in professional careers always have to worry, "Am I wearing too much makeup?" "Is this outfit too revealing?" "Do I look like a troll today?" We have to worry about how we are perceived at the office, whereas men do not. Women earn more Ph.D.’s than men. The female mind is usually more creative than the male mind. These are voices society shouldn’t be stifling any longer. Women should start to prepare for the world they are about to enter (if they haven't already). The work place isn't always a friendly place for the XX chromosomes. Be prepared to take a couple hits because of your gender. It happens to almost every woman. I'm not suggesting you take it sitting down, but it will most likely happen, so be ready to deal with it in the way you choose to. How do we start to change this? Well, for starters, we shouldn't mock or judge other girls by their appearance. When we do attack each other, it allows men to do it too. The biggest change we as women need to make is to find the most value in our accomplishments, not our looks. If we can do that, then we can start being recognized as equals in what is still very much a man's world.



This issue, Ryan Loecker attempts yoga. But unlike a typical yoga class, his experience had a toasty twist.

t'Ryan #5

Hot Yoga

lawrence guide


november 22, 2011

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin @ Wonder Fair Nov. 29

lawrence guide


by sam boatright

“Margin Call” Coming Soon to Liberty Hall An investigative, intense and infatuating thriller, “Margin Call” is inspired by true events that occurred during the recent financial crisis resulting in the shutdown of large corporations, the bailing out of banks and the crippling of the housing market. This film sheds light on the corrupt and often shocking nature of the practices implanted in Wall Street that led to the shakedown of the U.S. economy. Driven by an all-star cast--including Kevin Spacey, Zachary Quinto, Penn Badgely, Demi Moore and Stanley Tucci-this informative thriller presents an intriguing quality that most thrillers do not: relevancy to our everyday lives. While most thrillers are murder mysteries or international spy action-flicks, “Margin Call” brings to the forefront events that spurred media frenzy and that left America in a sense of financial turmoil. Not only does this movie feature a sensational cast with a powerful storyline, its relevancy to a major current event makes it that much more attractive to viewers. Given a 4 1/2 star rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a New York Times Critics’ Pick, “Margin Call” is worth seeing because it is an entertaining and enthralling thriller as well as an in-depth exploration of the corruption and exploitation that caused the 2008 financial crisis on Wall Street. Recommended by Firebird Productions.

Anthony Bourdain @ Midland Dec. 16

Men's Basketball: KU vs. Ohio State @ Allen Fieldhouse

December 10

Noise for Toys @ Bottleneck

December 10

December 3

“Food, for me, has always been an adventure.” Chef, travel-show host and culinary expert Anthony Bourdain stops by Midland Theater in Kansas City on Dec. 16 to deliver stories of his delicious culinary encounters from worldwide travels as well as tell-all tales from his journey as an unknown chef to renowned culinary and culture expert. The quote above is from Bourdain’s first book, “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures of the Culinary Underbelly” and describes perfectly Bourdain’s view on cuisine and travel. The two should coincide and create an adventure--a culinary and philosophical crossroads, a recipe to a happy life, if you will. His bitingly honest opinions are prevalent on his show, providing an authentic view of cultures many people don’t get to experience. The themes of directness and honesty also come up in his new book “Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook.” This best-selling author shows his transformation as a culinary expert and as a person since his last book, “Kitchen Confidential,” written in 2000. Bourdain serves hard-hitting blows to some and dishes out praise to others, all while delving into tales of his experiences and giving his opinion on the latest food crazes. Bourdain doesn’t tour as much as some, what with his show and all, so grasp the opportunity while you can. Believe me, you won’t regret it. The man knows what he’s talking about and, if anything, it’ll be refreshing and interesting. The show is all ages and tickets are from $37-78, available on The Midland’s website as well as on Ticketmaster, StubHub and other ticket-selling websites.

The Noise FM/ Making Movies/ Cowboy Indian Bear/ Team Bear Club @ Bottleneck

The band name alone is intriguing--almost as intriguing as the melodies created by Springfield’s indie rock geniuses, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin; or SSLYBY as “the cool kids” would say. A farewell ode to the first president of Russia, the band name says it all--these guys are clever and it shows up in their music. Their first album, “Broom”--recorded in the attic of the band’s house--spawned critical acclaim and underground hits such as “Oregon Girl” and “Pangea.” Since then, they have released two more studio albums, shifting away from the lo-fi sound while perfecting a more refined guitar-pop sound similar to Spoon, early Weezer and The National. Their newest studio album, “Let It Sway,” shows off their varied talent to invent delicate and graceful songs while producing songs transfused with driving beats and distorted guitars. Needless to say, SSLBY knows how to craft the perfect pop song, whether in the form of power-pop jogging music or lightlycrooned acoustic gems. Whether one dances or hums to them, SSLYBY will put on a great show where you can do both. Their music is fun, beautiful, poppy and at times angsty--a great combination for great music. Also, the small size of the venue--the Wonder Fair, an art gallery above the Casbah--will give an intimate and personal feel to the show, a rare treat for fans of bands that are on the rise. The show is $8 and all ages.

      Sundays this Fall 3 - 5 pm in the Teen Zone For Students in Grades 7 - 12 Awestruck by Algebra? Cramming for Chem? Our teen tutors can help!

Lawrence Public Library 707 Vermont Street Lawrence, KS 66044 785-843-3833, ext. 121

  

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