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Business Management System Faster, more reliable deliveries! Put MORE power into your Business Management System (“BMS”) with our NEW Local Delivery Management solution. The latest innovation in delivery solutions powered by BloomNet Technologies allows you to optimize and improve your delivery service with real-time information & automatic updates, right from your drivers’ smart phone. Features: Drivers receive routes electronically on their smart phone. (IOS and Android) Real-time driving directions and address verification. Optimize driver delivery routes, even while trips are in progress. Real-time delivery confirmations right from your drivers’ smart phone. Capture electronic signatures on deliveries.

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Key Benefits:

$24.99 /month

Save time & process orders faster and more accurately.

license fee

$0.18 / per stop

Improve customer service & reduce inquiries with real-time delivery updates. Better tracking capabilities and time management of your delivery drivers.

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Reduce manual entries with automated triggers for delivery confirmations & to close out trip sheets.

Email: Call: 1-800-BLOOMNET (1-800-256-6663) Live Chat:

Combine with BMS Barcode Scanning for more efficient trip creation and management.

See What’s More with BloomNet Business Management System QuickBooks™ Integration:

What’s New:

We’ve just made it a whole lot easier for our BMS customers to get support! BMS Online Chat Support is live and we are ready to take our customer service to the next level!

BMS is now integrated with QuickBooks™. Florists can export their transactions directly from BMS into their QuickBooks™ account.

Time Card:

BMS’s flexible platform provides direct integration with SkipJack™, Transfirst®, Heartland and Elavon payment processing.

Employee time card management has been added to BMS to allow employees to easily clock in and out, and allow you to manage their time efficiently with time management reports. Now, managing temporary holiday help has never been easier!

Shop to Shop Order transfers:

For florists with multiple shops, BMS supports transferring orders between those shops without incurring BloomLink transmission fees.

Google™ Maps:

With just a click of a button, upload your deliveries into BMS’s Delivery Mapping Feature to view and download your deliveries in the most optimized delivery route available from Google™ Maps.

Payment Processors:

Catalog Upgrade:

BMS Product Catalog now provides automatic updates for 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Design Resource Guide and BloomNet Essentials products. Plus, if you have a BloomNet Commerce Website, you can sync both product catalogs, making it easier to manage all your products.

Coming Soon:

Advanced Inventory Management: Leverage BMS’s latest innovations to more effectively and efficiently manage the flow of orders through your fulfillment operation. • Real-time, on demand inventory management features • Optimize production by designers with robust workflow tools • Reduce time & labor and maximize margins on high volume products

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To learn more about how BloomNet Technologies can help grow your business Email: or Call: 1-800-BLOOMNET

BloomNet Technologies Business Management System  

NEW Local Delivery Module Faster, more reliable deliveries! Put MORE power into your Business Management System (“BMS”) with our NEW Local D...

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