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Have You Tried Acupuncture?

It’s All Energy staying grounded by christina ferber

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I seem to write about the concept of grounding in this space often and for good reason. I believe that getting and staying grounded is one of the most important things that you can do to help maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Staying grounded helps us to weather life's challenges while staying 'rooted' and steady. In the book, "Earthing," it is also mentioned that grounding the body can reduce inflammation, chronic pain, and stress while improving energy, healing, and sleep patterns. Other studies have shown that maintaining your grounding can improve your circulation and help the nervous system function properly. As I have mentioned in past columns, we can ground by reconnecting with Mother Nature. Just sitting or being in nature helps us to ground. Walking barefoot in the grass or sand or putting our back against a tree can help us to ground even deeper. Eden Energy Medicine also offers some other techniques that can help maintain that connection if done on a regular basis. The Hook-u up connects two meridians (energy pathways in the body) which are like our "energetic spine" to help us to ground. The hook-up also helps Radiant Energy (the energy of joy and vitality) flow and helps connect the mind and body. Simply place one middle finger in your belly button and the other one on your forehead between your eyes. Push in, pull up, and breathe a few times.

move, can help alleviate joint issues, and grounds us. Rub your hands together vigorously and shake them off. Place them on your thighs with your fingers spread and take a deep breath. On the next inhale, circle your arms out and bring them to a prayer position in front of your heart and exhale. On the next inhale, stretch one hand up and one down, stretching as far apart as you can, and hold your breath. Come back to prayer position on the exhale and repeat on the other side. Do this twice on each side and after the last stretch, bend down as far as you can, letting your arms hang in front of you. Take two deep breaths, and then swing back and forth making sideways figure eights all the way up your body as you come back to a standing position. To see videos of these techniques, as well as other exercises to balance your energy, visit

Christina Ferber is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

The Quickie Grounder does exactly what its name says. Do a Hook-Up as described above and take a few breaths. Next, place your hands on your waist with your thumbs in the front and hands in the back. Slide them down your legs with pressure and then squeeze the sides of your feet. Take two breaths while holding the sides of your feet and then trace up the inside of your feet and legs. The Grounding Thump is another quick way to get grounded and can also help balance the Stomach Meridian. Simply tap on your cheekbones while taking two to three deep breaths.

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October 2021


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