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Food Co-Op Revisited

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become a part of our future by Mary Lynn Powers

Fredericksburg is working diligently on the opening of the new food co-op. Last year I wrote an article explaining the details of the Fredericksburg Food Co-O Op. At that time they had signed over 500 members. They now are at 850 members of the 1,000 needed to open a storefront. The organization is actively looking for a building to use for this purpose. The basic idea of the co-op is that it is member owned, and will facilitate a full service grocery store that sells local, organic foods with the added benefit of buying many foods, like rice, beans, oats, and spices from bins-thus saving packaging. In the meantime they are doing much more in the community. Various classes and information session are offered throughout the month at a variety of locations. The class on October 24th that sounds informative is being held at St. George’s Episcopal Church in their basement rooms where they have a lovely kitchen that can be

used for demonstrations. This class specifically addresses how to prepare good-for -you and good-for- the earth foods. Norris Dickard will show how to cook a vegan/gluten free Mexican dish. The class is free. A potluck will follow for anyone who likes to share their favorite plant based dishes. Last month the class was held at headquarters library, and featured a discussion on zero waste programs. This session was very interesting to me, unfortunately I was on vacation at the time. But I know many of us are vague on the recycling tenets in our communities and work places, and just in a day what goes in the trash is pretty incredible. The literature and research on this wave is available online for those interested in learning about the ideas. I plan on attending the next session if this subject is offered again. The food co-op volunteers are tireless in their efforts to recruit new members, and they can be found weekly at the Farmer’s Market in Fredericksburg. They are always ready for lively discussions on the current topics in sustainable cooking and healthy principles. The care of our Earth and each other is a big part of the food co-op’s ideals. Besides the educational classes offered, the hold happy hours at various downtown establishments. They met at Legume recently, and sometimes at the Red Dragon Brewery, and this month at Don Monchos. Lots of fun talks and a bit of learning goes on at these meetings. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the conversation. More in-depth information can be found at Anyone interested in becoming part of this exciting addition to our vibrant city, come out to the table at the market or contact through the website. They are looking for volunteers of all calibers, so jump in and become a part of our future. "The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain... until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life." -Jane Addams, human rights advocate

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Mendez’s When Joan Diaz-M husband’s employment moved them to Virginia. They chose Fredericksburg to be close to family who live in the area. As a new resident, Diaz-Mendez turned to a family tradition of giving to become involved in the community. “My giving heart is 100% from my mother. I remember when little, on our trips to the Dominican Republic, Mother would fill up our suitcases with clothing, candy, and supplies to give away,” expresses Diaz-Mendez, “While living in New York City, I began implementing fundraising and volunteerism into my life as a hobby while running a Daycare business.” Fundraising and volunteerism have become an integral part of who Diaz-Mendez Leah Meredith Salzberg, Joan Diaz-M Mendez and is and continuing in a new city Gabriel Fernandez made perfect sense. However, Arts and learned about the organization’s Diaz-Mendez explains this is NOT a oneYouth Art Outreach Program. Transitions woman show. Over coffee, her and Leah 4 You would be the second non-profit Merideth Salzberg, Office Manager of organization chosen. Block Advisors discussed, ‘ways to reach Initially, the group planned to

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Fredericksburg charities benefit

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the local public by creating an activity that would engage them while helping others’ with the added bonus of getting their name out to the public. From there, the two, reached out to a group including friends and local business people to see if interested in helping with the project. After each signed on, the “Painting Fredericksburg Sister Cities, A Charity Event” was born. The next step would be to decide who would benefit from the events. The group decided to choose 2 non-profit organizations to be the beneficiaries of the events. Diaz-Mendez researched Fredericksburg Center for the Creative

have a limited number of events. However, the outpouring and support from the community has encouraged the group to continue the events. If you would like to get involved in the once a month events planned at Italian Station or have a private event contact Joan Diaz-Mendez by phone 201546-2516 or email Dawn Whitmore, The “Old Barn” Lady is a barnscape photographer & writer who lives in Spotsylvania. Photos by Speak Photography LLC's, Solange Phillips

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