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DOWNTOWNERS Downtown Girl: Julie Newman by georgia Lee Strentz

Give a Child Something to Think About

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810 Caroline Street (540) 371-5684

O u r Fredericksburg is a dog/cat town, as you walk downtown, notice the multitudes of dog dishes along the streets in front of the shoppes. Notice the feline eyes peeking from behind the merchandise in the windows of the shops. We even write stories about the dogs, cats, even dogs who ride motorcycles like Dewey, who lives with his kind and interesting TV, sound systems, high tech installation shop owner on William street. Here in this issue in May, is the story of a very compassionate business, which could enrich your life and that of your canine family member! Julie says, " I love the dogs, they bring me joy with their own funny, quirky, and precious little personalities." This gives you an idea of the wonderful care your dog will receives at Julie's Furry Farm Pet Boarding (conveniently located near downtown on Olde William Street)) Your your dog can stay for any needed length of time, whether it be for a vacation, or that you work, and need a safe and loving, fun place daily for your best friend, your canine family member. Julie started her journey, ending up in our wonderful hometown like the majority of us, from somewhere else. Julie was raised in a small town of 13,000 in Minnesota, from a family of 10 children, all who went through college. Her dad was a local radio personality-commentator, whom everyone knew, her mom busily raising a large family. Julie excelled in sports in high school, especially basketball. She loved her small hometown, which was not unlike our Fredericksburg. (with more snow!) After Julie finished St. Catherine College, she got a job on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, then married into a military lifestyle, moving to California, Kansas, and other interesting posts, ending up in our big-little town, raising her two children and now is a grandmother. She is a occupational therapist locally. Furry Farms was started in response to a family emergency several years ago, at which time they were living in Spotsylvania, and they had to go out of town. There were no facilities at that time in our area where they could board their dogs. When they returned from their

trip,they decided to start a boarding place to fill this need for a safe place for our canine loved ones. They bought a farmette in Spotsylvania in 2004, established their business, and moved into Fredricksburg, moving Furry Farms to 1523 Olde William St., near downtown. Julie feels "dog people," are so grateful for a safe environment for their family dogs. She says it is so funny the way dogs who come daily, act like they, "own the place." There are certain spots they like. Some people provide doggie clothes, like sweaters, or dresses, and the dogs get in little tiffs, lots of drama over the fact that someone touched their clothing. They also display envy and jealousy, and often steal each others clothing. As I write this. I start chuckling at how cute this is, and how wonderful it is to have a place like Furry farms available in our town. Furry farms provides a safe social environment, with play groups for our dogs, who of course, are basically pack animals. “We have a sleeping time, a routine, naps, play time, and eating time,with lots of attention and personal care�, Julie comments. You can bring your dogs favorite parka or any other clothing, as Furry Farms has seen and welcomes even the weirdest of clothing!

This "gal about town," highly recommends a visit to Furry Farms by car or bike,and while there, bike down to Alumn Springs Park on the Blue and grey, walk through the soon to be warm water, take a break in nature!

Furry Farms 1523 Olde William Street 371-4 4200; furryfarmcamp.com; facebook

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