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As we come to the last month of 2020, Lung Meridian closes out our year-long journey through the Meridians. It is a fitting Meridian to end on, as we breath out the old year and ready ourselves to breath in a new one (hopefully with brighter days ahead). From a physical standpoint, our lungs are the chief part of the respiratory system and along with the heart, help with the circulatory system including the distribution of oxygen throughout our body. The Lung Meridian (LU) also governs the skin and sweat glands which means it plays a large role in the detoxification process. Our sinuses, nose, throat, and the ability to speak with a clear voice also owe it to the lung system for their proper function. Physical imbalances in LU can show up as a sore throat, shortness of breath, catching colds easily, overall tiredness, pain in the chest area, and even asthma. Emotionally, we can feel depressed, sad, anxious, and have feelings of grief. We can have trouble letting go of what we no longer need and lose faith in what is to come. LU imbalances can also lead to us cutting off and withdrawing from others and becoming detached from our greater purpose. However, when LU is balanced, we are full of integrity, reverence, and awe. We are tender to ourselves and others, and we are inspired. Just as our lungs release what we no longer need in terms of respiration, we can release what we no longer need, and have faith in the bigger picture. Luckily, there are few techniques that The Eden Method offers to help balance LU, so we can achieve greater wellbeing. The Lung Source Point, LU 9, helps support the lung organs directly. Simply massage or press on this point and hold it as long as you like. It is located at the crease in your wrist right under the pad of the thumb (see diagram). Together with the Large Intestine Meridian, LU helps make up what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the Metal Element. To balance the Metal Element, and therefore LU, place one hand over your forehead and the other over the top of your head near where the baby soft used to be. Lightly hold these two areas together and take some deep breathes. This can help us to balance the emotional aspects of both of these meridians, which

involves not being able to release that which we no longer need. Tracing a Meridian can infuse it with energy. To trace LU, start with a flat hand over the opposite side of the body over the lung area. Move your hand over your shoulder, down the inside of the arm and off of the thumb. Do this on both sides. You can also 'flush' a meridian for a deeper balancing technique by tracing it backwards one time and forward three times (see diagram for the Meridian pathway). Working with the Lung Neurolymphatic Points helps to balance LU by releasing toxins associated with it. With pressure massage the points at the middle of your chest (see diagram). Hopefully some of these techniques will help you to release the old and bring in the new as we welcome a new year into our midst. For more techniques to achieve better wellbeing, visit I wish you a New Year filled with abundance and blessings! Christina Ferber is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

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