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East Meets West Alternative Therapies & Spa

Roy McAfee a tribute to public service by kevin brown

By Christina Ferber A Large Selection Available

200 William Street Downtown ,Fredericksburg 540.373.4421 Mon-Sat: 9-5:30

As I lay staring up at the ceiling with tiny needles poking out of my face, I wondered how I could feel so relaxed. As I looked at my face afterward, I wondered how the treatment worked so well to tighten and tone my face without any chemicals or abrasive treatment. I am not one to get facials regularly, never would be more accurate, but the Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation Treatment offered at the newly opened Alternative Therapies & Spa got my curiosity peaked. According to Melanie Myers, the spa's acupuncturist, acupuncture opens the chi, or energy, in the skin bringing blood flow to the area that the needle is in. This also brings nutrition and wakes up the nervous system to help the electrical connections within the muscles firm up the skin tissue. Myers also uses a Chinese massage technique called Tui Na, which combines acupressure and reflexology. Those Eastern practices are what make the spa so unique. Alternative Therapies & Spa's owner, Kristen Park, who is also owner of

photo by jenna anderson An Interview with Roy McAfee, Recently Retired Planning Commission Chairman

Hilltop Physical Therapy, wanted a place for her physical therapy (PT) patients to receive alternative treatments that might aid them even more in their healing. "After 30 years in physical therapy, I realized that there was even more to share with my patients that could help in their recovery process, but I also wanted to bring these therapies to the wider population," said Park, who used to own Ambiance Day Spa. "I am fascinated by all of the different ways there are to treat people, and I wanted to give some options to my PT patients as well as the community."

The spa's grand opening on November 2nd brought a range of Eastern healing modalities to our area. The many offerings include different types of massage including Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu (a Japanese from of massage using the feet), and Thai Massage (which includes lots of kneading and stretching), along with Acupuncture, Fire Cupping, and Auricular Therapy (Reflexology for the ear). Many of the facial packages are also a bit more Asian and can include acupuncture, as well as Chinese massage techniques and Korean herbal products.


December 2016

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Helping You Heal Naturally

Essential Oil therapy is a service which can help detoxify and heal the systems of the body. After a Health and Wellness Scan that maps the organs and bio markers, a blend of doTERRA essential oils can be used to treat issues that the scan shows need attention. Many other therapies are also available that offer a wide range of ways to achieve and maintain wellness. The five rooms available in the spa also have Eastern themes. Japanese, Indian, Korean, Chinese, and Thai rooms are all customized and decorated to help the client fully immerse in the experience and therapy they are receiving. Spa packages are also available, as well as party packages and the spa can provide catering during the party and treatment if desired. "My concept for Alternative Therapies & Spa is to show people how East can meet West in the areas of health and wellness. The trees I have pictured throughout the spa match my philosophy. I want people to grow in many ways including mind, spirit, and body," said Park. As for me, after my treatment I am a believer. My skin is still glowing and a stubborn wrinkle on my forehead is still nowhere to be seen. Alternative Therapies & Spa is located on Wakeman Drive, right off of Southpoint Parkway. You can find out more at or call 540-6 693-1 1017. Christina Ferber reports she is still glowing after her day at the Spa.

Q: What inspired you to join the Planning Commission? A: My grandmother told me to leave a place better than I found it. The first home my late Wife and I bought was in a historic and wonderful community in Spotsylvania. Sylvania Heights suffered greatly with social and economic demographics. Speaking with neighbors about the symptoms and causes, I quickly found myself an activist. I produced a monthly flyer that gave voice and solidarity. A neighborhood watch program was reinstituted. Resources were identified and deployed. Over time, progress was made. Eventually I was asked by the community association to take an active part in County government on their behalf. When we moved back into the city of my birth, City Manager, Marvin Bollinger asked me rejoin the RADCO’s Transportation Advisory Group. Despite the drain on my time and family, I did. I have seen Fredericksburg grow. I have seen it struggle. Prosperity and austerity tend to run in cycles. In my youth, I witnessed this with the closing of the FMC and the end of Fredericksburg’s textile industry. In 2006 the City seemed flush and many new residents desired aggressive investments in projects. I am as impatient as the next in seeing progress. However, I knew hard times can be just around the corner. I ran unsuccessfully for Council. One Saturday soon after the election, our current Mayor, Mary Katherine Greenlaw approached me and said that I should apply for the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission offered a challenge. Q: What is the most critical advice you have for city planners? A: A Commissioner should constantly do 3 things; • Keep an open mind. Personal agendas are secondary to stewarding the municipal public will.

• Seek as much information as possible and continue to do so until the question is called. • Render a decision for your grandchildren. Everyone in the room may well fade away before the results of your decision do. Q: What is the most critical advice you have for someone considering service in the City? A: Most people are drawn into municipal service on a single issue. Check with Tanya Lacey, Clerk of Council, or go the City’s website for a list of boards and commission that suit your interest and energy level. Beginning here can give you the most satisfaction and the best learning curve. Q: What is the biggest challenge a volunteer can face? A: Accurately assessing the way things work, and then working within that confine to improve your issue and the process can be frustrating. Many leaders are used to the way things work in private industry. A firm handshake, a smile, hard work and a good idea can be left in the dust of municipal process. Progress will demand time consuming notice, hearings, and participation. Substantive change in municipal government requires multiple voices, consensus and legal frameworks. Resources like staff and funding must be aligned. Many people underestimate the time and work that is required to make real change. Q: What did you most enjoy about your service? A: There are two areas that give me joy in municipal service. The first area is personal; the opportunity to learn, to be included, to work with, to grow, to fail and to succeed. The second area is seeing the will of the people brought forward in real progress and growth here in Fredericksburg. Kevin Brown is the administrator of the the "FXBG City Council Public Forum" Facebook Group

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December 2016


Front Porch Fredericksburg - December 2016  
Front Porch Fredericksburg - December 2016