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DTLA’s PINK TRIANGLE Riding the neighborhood’s new wave of gay bars

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Porn star nuptials, 5 fresh-to-market colognes and a wilderness weekend with Jared Leto






AUGUST 6 - 19, 2015



Best of Gay L.A. 2015


3 Sexy Looks for Summer

48 DTLA's New Pink Triangle

Derek wears Klein Epstein Parker in West Hollywood, and gold bracelet by Topman

ON THE COVER Derek Jaeschke of Ford Models wears Shoreditch, available at LASC in West Hollywood. Photographed exclusively for Frontiers at Bar Mattachine by Ryan Forbes, ryanforbesphotography.com, with 100% of his fees donated to the L.A. LGBT Center. Styling by Art Conn. Photo assistance by Kyle DiFulvio.

AUGUST 19, 2015



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AUGUST 6 - 19, 2015


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AUGUST 19, 2015




The Real GOP Primary: Money, Money, Money Conservatives may be rethinking investment in anti-LGBT messages to win elections By Karen Ocamb



An estimate of the collective money raised by three dozen super PACs between January and June; it’s more than double the amount raised by the 2016 presidential hopefuls themselves


he Republican presidential winnowing process began Aug. 3 at the New Hampshire Voters First Forum. Of the 17 Republican candidates for president, 14 contestants paraded speeddating style before a local and CSPAN audience, free to present their points without having to counter mega-watt poll leader Donald Trump, who wasn’t there. The forum neared its end when the only mention of the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality was mentioned by former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. The void left by the usual GOP crowd-pleasing line on “traditional marriage” reignites the debate over who really runs the Republican Party—the conservative religious right base or the Establishment mega donors who have millions of dollars to throw-around in a post-Citizens United political world. The weekend before the New Hampshire forum, for instance, the conservative billionaire Koch brothers held their own version of a primary at a lavish resort in Dana Point. Charles and David Koch plan to spend $889 million in the 2016 elections, the Washington Post reports, with goals that include defeating presumed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, contributions to their presidential and Senate candidates and building “a permanent ground force powered by a vast trove of data, replicating the kind of infrastructure that helped President Obama win re-election.” But reports out of the Koch brothers’ summit suggested the kingmakers are sounding more and more like populists, concerned about poverty and even civil rights. The Post reports that Charles Koch has become very close friends with Michael Lomax, president of the United Negro College Fund, even though they disagree on a number of issues. And, like many other Republican Establishment

donors—and GOP millennials—the Koch brothers embrace Caption tk LGBT rights and marriage equality, even though a number of the candidates and organizations to which they contribute espouse anti-LGBT beliefs. Nonetheless, spending money on and being associated with anti-LGBT causes these days can prove ineffective and damaging, as Prop. 8 mastermind Frank Schubert discovered when he was forced to leave his own consulting firm. And now the Maine Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage must disclose the list of donors for the organization’s fight to overturn Maine’s marriage equality law in 2009, perhaps setting a precedent to uphold other campaign finance disclosure laws. That matters now with presidential super PACs running expensive shadow campaigns—“buying ads, hosting town hall meetings and hiring canvassers [and having] raised more than twice as much money as the candidates themselves,” according to a Center for Public Integrity review. “About three dozen such super PACs collectively raised more than $266 million from January through June while the campaigns of 2016 presidential hopefuls collectively raised just half that much—about $130 million.” Former

“Back in ‘76, I was hanging out with the Soviet divers because they were closer to my age. ... Some of my teammates were calling me the ‘Commie-fag.’” Four-time Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis recalls the Montréal Summer Olympics in his new documentary Back on Board, which premiered on HBO Aug. 4

AUGUST 19, 2015


FLASHBULB continued

LOS ANGELES LGBT CENTER’S ANNUAL GARDEN PARTY, Hancock Park, July 26—The Center’s second annual event benefitted its Senior Services and elder housing programs. Top from left: Emerson Collins, Sherri Saum, Blake McIver, Peter Marc Jacobson, Christian Taylor Bottom: Peter Paige, the Center’s Michael Mueller and Lorri Jean

3-PACK JACK BOOK LAUNCH EVENT, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, July 11—West Hollywood Poet Laureate Steven Reigns immortalized three previous queer performance art events about gay sex into a set of books. Top from left: Martin Matamoras, John Cantwell, Jonny McGovern Bottom: Reigns, Darin Klein, Ian MacKinnon

SPEAK OUT “Being a total alpha male and transgender definitely makes me unique, even in the trans community” Bodybuilder Janae Marie Kroc, formerly known as Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski, in one of her recent Instagram posts



SPECIAL OLYMPICS WORLD GAMES OPENING CEREMONY, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, July 25—The ceremony celebrated the event’s athletes with entertainment, the culmination of the Torch Run and the lighting of the Special Olympics cauldron. Top left: Michael Phelps and Greg Louganis pose for a selfie From left: Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver, Colin Farrell, Avril Lavigne, First Lady Michelle Obama, Maia Menounos, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti


Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise USA, has raised more than $103 million alone. Where does that leave an anti-gay populist like Santorum? After the New Hampshire forum, Politico reported that the “cash-strapped” candidate “reshuffled his staff” and is now without a campaign manager, raising questions about whether the winner of the 2012 Iowa Caucuses can last until Iowa next February. “[Santorum] had among the worst fundraising hauls of the entire presidential field, raising only about $600,000 and spending about 60 percent of that in his first fundraising quarter as a presidential candidate,” Politico reports. So far, Santorum is the only candidate who has signed the NOM anti-gay marriage pledge, deliberately flaunting the Supreme Court ruling. He is not, however, the only candidate who inveighs against the Court’s “judicial activism,” a rhetorical dog whistle that conservatives use in conjunction with “protecting” religious liberties. And therein lies a warning about how some of that super PAC money can be spent to woo know-nothing base voters. Out MSNBC host Rachel Maddow gave Santorum a civics lesson on her July 22 show. He said the Supreme Court “is not the superior branch of government” and overstepped its authority in Obergefell v. Hodges. Congress and the president also have a right to say what is constitutional, he said. “And that’s part of the dynamic called checks and balances.” “You’re fundamentally wrong on civics,” Maddow retorted. “If there’s a question as to the constitutionality of a law, it gets adjudicated. And the second syllable of that word means it gets decided in the judiciary—the Supreme Court decides whether or not a law is constitutional.” Santorum balked: Congress could pass a law banning same-sex marriage and it wouldn’t be moot because by the time a challenge came, the composition of the Supreme Court could have changed or the justices could decide they “misread the tea leaves that are going on in America right now.” Santorum is not alone in that thinking. Shortly after the Supreme Court rulings, Texas GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz said, “A remedy is needed that will restore health to the sick man in our constitutional system.” He suggested that the Supreme Court Justices hold retention elections. In the first three days after he announced his presidential run, Cruz raked in $2 million. But by Aug. 3, Cruz was so overshadowed by Trump that he had to pull a publicity stunt—baking bacon on a machine gun. The LGBT community must be alert to protect hardwon rights from an easily swayed public enamored by celebrity and false but well-produced TV campaign ads.

AUGUST 19, 2015



Your cheat sheet for intelligent conversation — By Peter DelVecchio


11 Trans Women Slain Since January

K.C. Haggard of Fresno, 66, stabbed to death on July 23, became the 11th transgender woman murdered in America this year. Two days before that, India Clarke was found beaten to death in Tampa, Florida. On May 30, Mercedes Williamson was found stabbed to death and buried in a Mississippi field. London Chanel was stabbed to death in Philadelphia on May 8. Prior to these killings, there were Kristina Gomez Reinwald on Feb. 15, Penny Proud on Feb. 10, Taja Gabrielle de Jesus on Feb. 1, Yzamin Vash Payne on Jan. 31, Ty Underwood on January 26, Lamia Beard on Jan. 17 and Papi Edwards on Jan. 9, 2015. Though the murders have occurred nationwide, there has been little outcry over the epidemic of violence.


Houston Must Repeal Rights Ordinance or Put it to Vote

The city of Houston, Texas, must either repeal the equal rights ordinance passed by out Mayor Annise Parker and the City Council last year or put it to a vote in November, the Texas Supreme Court ruled July 24. Shortly after its passage, anti-gay activists mounted a repeal referendum campaign against the law, which prohibits discrimination in public accommodations on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The city first certified the repeal petition, but then reversed itself, asserting the petition lacked a sufficient number of valid signatures. Proponents sued and won. LGBT activists think this is the next major fight for gay equality.



Boy Scouts Modify Gay Adult Ban

Boy Scouts of America has finally bowed after decades of pressure and lifted its ban on openly gay adult leaders and employees. But there’s an exception that could swallow the rule—local units “may continue to use religious beliefs as criteria for selecting adult leaders, including matters of sexuality,” BSA’s blog says. A significant proportion of local Boy Scouts groups are either supported by churches or use church space for their activities. The full impact of the new policy will need to play out over time, but one religious group, the Mormon Church, is considering dropping the scouts over the change. “The century-long association with scouting will need to be examined” when church leadership meets in August, a church statement says.





India Clarke


Houston Mayor Annise Parker


The White House issued an executive order on July 30 updating the Obama administration’s five-year-old national HIV/AIDS strategy. In a video message, President Obama noted that despite huge advances, “one in eight people with HIV still go undiagnosed.” The update “seizes on the rapid shifts in science and policy,” as more is learned, says Obama. “It calls for widespread testing, full access to services that reduce the risk of acquiring the HIV virus, and guaranteed access to regular doctor appointments.” “For those whose lives are still at risk, and for those who didn’t live to see this moment, let’s keep working for an AIDS-free generation,” the president said.




Yishai Schlissel

Wilson Cruz Exec Produces New Doc on Gays in TV

Actor and LGBT activist Wilson Cruz is the executive producer for producer/broadcaster David Bender’s passion project—a documentary on the history of LGBT people on TV, Playing Gay: How America Came Out on Television. “Whether as an actor or through my work with GLAAD, I’ve always believed that telling our stories through television was one of the most effective and intimate ways of changing hearts and minds,” says Cruz, who played America’s first ongoing openly gay teenager in My So-Called Life. Bender created a Kickstarter campaign to create “a buy-in from our community … to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.” The campaign ends Aug. 18. —K.O.


Wilson Cruz

White House Updates HIV/AIDS Strategy

Jerusalem Pride Stabbing Victim Dies

Shira Banki, one of six people stabbed on July 30 during the annual Jerusalem Pride Parade, died from her injuries on Aug. 2. She was 16. The attack, allegedly by Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jew who had been recently released from prison for a similar attack during Jerusalem Pride in 2005, made international headlines. Banki “was murdered because she courageously supported the principle according to which everyone is entitled to live their lives in dignity and safety,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. “We strongly condemn the attempt to instill hatred and violence in our midst, and we will deal with the murderer to the fullest extent of the law.” —K.O.

AUGUST 19, 2015


OUTFEST 2015 FLASHBULB Obama Schools Kenya on LGBT Rights

Watch Frontiers Media’s exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and red carpet interviews from this year’s festival at FrontiersMedia.com/Outfest2015





OUTFEST LOS ANGELES 2015, July 9-19—The world’s greatest LGBT film festival returned to L.A. with a bang, showcasing nearly 200 films, panels, special events and parties throughout the city. Frontiers Media was a Grand Sponsor of the 11-day event. 1 Opening night saw filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell awarded with the annual Achievement Award, after which the documentary Tig was screened. From left: Tig Notaro, Outfest Director of Programming Lucy Mukerjee-Brown, Mitchell, Elle Fanning, Outfest Interim Executive Director Christopher Racster, Garry Marshall 2 Our Frontiers Media Lounge at the DGA was a popular hangout for filmmakers, bloggers and cinephiles alike. Top, from left: Jason Stuart, Nick Jonas Bottom: Jeremy Kinser, JD Salvatore, Carol Burnett, Tab Hunter with Joyce Dewitt 3 This year’s panel discussion on trans Hollywood proved to be a lively event. Top, from left: Tangerine star Mya Taylor, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Turner Schofield, D’Lo, Katherine Heigl with husband Josh Kelley, Kate Flannery Bottom: 54 Director Mark Christopher (center) with Outfest Senior Programmer Alonso Duralde (right) and friend




resident Barack Obama, far and away the strongest LGBT champion ever to occupy the White House, ventured into a lion’s den of anti-gay repression recently when he visited Kenya, homeland of his father, where a bill that would impose penalties as strict as stoning for homosexual “offenses” is working its way through the legislature, and where one major party leader denies any African is born gay. The president took the opportunity to school his hosts on LGBT rights on July 25, sharing a stage with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta (pictured below on right, watching on as Obama hugs his half-sister, Auma Obama). “With respect to the rights of gays and lesbians,” Obama said, “I believe in the principle of treating people equally under the law, and that they are deserving of equal protection under the law and that the state should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.” “As an African-American,” Obama said he is “painfully aware” of the evils of discrimination. “I’m unequivocal on this. If somebody is a law-abiding citizen who is going about their business, and working in a job, and obeying the traffic signs, and doing all the other things that good citizens are supposed to do, and not harming anybody, the idea that they are going to be treated differently or abused because of who they love is wrong. Full stop.” Perhaps with a nod to the burgeoning U.S. “religious freedom” response to the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, Obama said, “And the state does not need to weigh in on religious doctrine. The state just has to say we’re going to treat everybody equally under the law.” Responding, Kenyatta seemed unfazed, asserting that Kenya and the U.S. “share so many values,” including “democracy, entrepreneurship [and] value for families.” But he minimized LGBT rights, calling it a “non-issue” in light of Kenya’s purportedly bigger problems. This argument, however, seems unlikely to fly globally, with worldwide acceptance of LGBT equality growing, and with human rights activists accusing the Kenyan government of, among other things, “extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions and torture by security forces,” as a recent Human Rights Watch report did. “Frankly, what we can do is keep a spotlight on LGBT rights and raise this issue and make sure that governments know that they are going to be hearing about this from us and hopefully from our partners in the international community,” says White House spokesman Ben Rhodes. —P.D.


Will the really Hillary Clinton please stand up? By Karen Ocamb


t was a sweet moment. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was taking questions at a gathering of supporters in Nashua, New Hampshire, on July 28 when a young boy asked, “What do you think is the most important thing in life?” “What a great question!” Clinton says, holding the youngster’s hand as she turned to the approving crowd of mostly women. “I think we have either a future philosopher or a theologian here.” Turning back to the boy, Clinton says, “Actually, I think the most important thing in life is love. It also may be the hardest thing.” It was one of those spontaneous personal moments her supporters crave from the candidate they expect to make history by becoming the first woman elected U.S. president in 2016. Clinton not only gave the answer her supporters wanted but added a throw-away line referencing an emotional vulnerability—all those publicly embarrassing moments standing by her once-philandering husband.

But since her well-received rollout where she talked about how her mother worked as a maid and how proud she is to be a grandmother, Clinton seems to have become tightly controlled, inaccessible and scripted, much like the overwrought candidate who lost to Barack Obama in 2008. And in a political era when gut reaction to “likability” trumps world experience and vetted ability, Clinton is losing ground. A recent AP/GFK poll shows only 39% of Americans view Hillary Clinton favorably, while 49% view her unfavorably; two-thirds say she’s not honest, 61% say she’s not inspiring, and 58% say she’s not compassionate. And while seven out of 10 Democrats view her positively, AP reports that is an 11-point erosion since a similar poll in April. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released the day before, however, showed Clinton with a 45% unfavorable rating, but a 52% favorable rating. But apart from the different polling methodologies and Clinton’s fame-factor, what happened to shift Clinton’s image from that loving grandmother to a calculating witch? It depends on who’s managing her image. In the 1990s, Clinton famously complained about “a vast right-wing conspiracy” out to catch the Clintons doing something wrong in a bad real estate deal called Whitewater, among other manufactured scandals. Many laughed until former right-wing henchman David Brock came out of the closet and confessed. “When Mrs. Clinton made that remark about the political opposition in the late 1990s, insiders scoffed,” Media Matters founder David Brock told an audience at the Clinton School of Public Service in Arkansas in 2014. “But she was right. The people I was working with then—they were after the Clintons. We were. I was. It’s also troubling that more than 20 years later, given her long and exemplary record of public service acknowledged on both sides of the aisle, that the right’s sexist caricatures of Hillary Clinton still have mainstream currency.” So much currency that The New York Times fell sway to “anonymous” inside sources (believed to be Republican lawmakers) and rushed to print a flawed story about the private email server Clinton used as Secretary of State. Initially the story’s first paragraph said, “Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private email account she used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.” Later The Times corrected the paragraph to note that Clinton wasn’t the target and the word “criminal” was deleted, substituted with “security” referral, among other corrections. Four days after the original story, The Times published an editor’s note about what went wrong, acknowledging that substantial alterations “may have left readers with a confused picture.” “The paper’s reporting was false,” the campaign’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri wrote in a letter to The Times, “in several key respects.” The paper didn’t even try hard to reach the Clinton campaign for comment before going to press. Nonetheless, Fox News and other outlets continue to report on the “criminal” investigation. Clinton’s also been implicated in a UBS Bank scandal, allegations that she claimed at a July 30 Maryland news conference are “categorically false.” Brock predicted the intense smear campaign, even though Clinton’s the “most vetted candidate for that office in modern political history.” The strategy, he said, is to attempt “to recreate the scandal-obsessed press corps of the Ken Starr era.” But Clinton’s contributed to some of her image difficultly herself. For instance, when asked about the Keystone XL pipeline in New Hampshire recently—to which environmentalists are extremely opposed—Clinton said, “I am not going to second-guess [Obama] because I was in a position to set this

AUGUST 19, 2015



in motion,” meaning environmental reviews when Secretary of State. “I want to wait and see what he and Sec. Kerry decide.” Then she added, “If it is undecided when I become president, I will answer your question.” “That standard, however, has not kept Clinton mum on other issues,” CNN reported. “Her State Department worked on striking a nuclear deal with Iran, combating terrorism and pursuing trade deals with the United States’ Asian allies, all issues that Clinton has commented on as a 2016 presidential candidate.” Plus, people remember the snark more than the reason, especially if it comes from a woman. In his book on her, Carl Bernstein offers some insight. In the mid-’60s, Clinton wrote a letter to her youth minister describing herself as “a mind conservative and a heart liberal”—a description Bernstein believes holds true for the adult. Democrats may hold that liberal heart as the real Hillary. A Real Clear Politics average of polls of Democratic contenders from July 13-28 shows Clinton with an overwhelming margin over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders—58% to 18%, despite Sanders’ surge in popularity among progressives, drawing large crowds and arguably pulling Clinton to the left. She also out-polls Republicans, which suggests that Clinton could win the election while still being considered dishonest and unlikable to the majority of Americans. But Clinton’s “unlikability” problem has opened the door for a possible late run by lovable, unpredictable Vice President Joe Biden. And, certainly, Sanders’ anti-Wall Street message has struck a nerve among mostly white progressives. But his inept and petulant reaction to the Black Lives Matter protest at Netroots Nation last June left many wondering why a man who marched with Martin Luther King didn’t grasp the significance of the growing movement. “It was a remarkable display of cognitive dissonance when Sanders said the country needed a democratic revolution, as he looked out at one staring him in the face and ignored it,” Sanders fan Joe Dinkin wrote in The Nation. “The #BlackLivesMatter activists showed incredible courage in disrupting the presidential town hall and urging the Democratic candidates to speak about police violence against black people and



the systemic racism that continues to infect our country,” Michael Crawford, an AfricanAmerican LGBT activist from Washington, D.C., tells Frontiers. “I was shocked at the fumbling responses of both [former Maryland Gov.] Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders and, frankly, some of the white activists in the room. It’s critical that all of the presidential candidates provide effective solutions to racial and social injustice.” In some ways, the Black Lives Matter movement is the ACT UP of today—and its leadership is gay. “#BlackLivesMatter was started by two queer women and the daughter of Nigerian immigrants,” co-founder Alicia Garza told USA Today. Garza recently told trans journalist Janet Mock that the group will also protest the epidemic of transgender murders, most of whom have been women of color. Clinton didn’t attend Netroots Nation, where she would probably have been booed for having perceived ties to Wall Street. But she did share the Urban League stage with Sanders and her expected main Republican rival, Jeb Bush. “I don’t think you can credibly say that everyone has a ‘right to rise’ and then say you are for phasing out Medicare and repealing Obamacare,” Clinton said, referring to Bush’s “Right to Rise” super PAC. “They can’t rise if the minimum wage is too low to live on. You cannot seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote.” In New Hampshire July 23, Bush said Martin O’Malley should not have apologized for his insensitivity to the Black Lives Matter activists. “I know in the political context it’s a slogan, and should he have apologized? No. If he believes that white lives matter, which I hope he does, then he shouldn’t apologize to a group that seemed to disagree with it,” Bush said. Clinton retorted at a campaign stop in South Carolina, “This is not just a slogan. This should be a guiding principle.” Which Hillary Clinton is more likely to win in the end—the snarky, manufactured politician or the experienced, loving grandmother and daughter? On Aug. 3, Clinton’s openly gay campaign manager Robby Mook released two sweet campaign ads for Iowa and New Hampshire to encourage voters to believe that Hillary comes from humble stock and cares about them. Will it work?

“I opened the car door and grabbed him by the arm. He stood up in a daze. He snapped out of it in the house and said, ‘You saved my life.’” Miami drag queen Elaine Lancaster, né James Davis, after saving a man’s life in Mykonos, Greece, by pulling him from his burning car. The city has labeled Lancaster a “shero.”





On the 50th anniversary of the 1965 rebellion, at 2 p.m. the Hammer Museum discusses the past and present of race relations in the United States with historians Gerald Horne and Brenda E . Stevenson. hammer.ucla.edu

THU. | AUG. 20


The very first exhibition to be held in the Architecture + Design Museum’s new DTLA space, it looks at the changing landscape of Los Angeles, with local architects’ work highlighted. Through Nov. 6. aplusd.org

SAT. | AUG. 22

PAF ANGEL AWARDS Twenty-five years ago, Marianne Williamson had an idea to deliver meals to homebound people will lifethreatening illnesses. Nine million meals later, Project Angel Food honors her and her dream with an Angel Award. For more info and tickets, go to angelfood.org

THU. | AUG. 27


The fifth annual fest will feature three nights and four days of tastings, dinners, lunches, seminars, book signings, cooking demonstrations and special events. Nowhere else will you find so many Michelin stars and James Beard award-winners. lafw.com

SUN. | OCT. 11


AIDS Project Los Angeles recently announced the date for one of the city’s most popular HIV/ AIDS fundraisers. The Walk, which starts and ends in WeHo, is expected to draw a crowd of more than 25,000 and raise millions in support of those afflicted in L.A. County. Register at la.aidswalk.net

AUGUST 19, 2015






Air Apparent Spritz, spray, splash or dab on these five new-to-market men’s colognes, each of which will leave you fragrant and fresh By Mikey Rox


here’s arguably no better compliment—or testament to yo u r ow n p e r s o n a l hygiene—than a random “You smell great!” from a sniffy stranger— especially if he has sparkly eyes to get lost in and a six-pack to knock on. Catch even more bees with your body nectar by wearing these five new fragrances, guaranteed to have all the boys buzzing.

1. LACOSTE L.12.12 JAUNE For the Man Who… has an unwaveringly optimistic disposition. You know the kind—the dude who wakes up a ray of sunshine, skipping around the house like an oblivious modern-day Cinderella and cheerily doling out goodmorning greetings to birds and rodents while you’re all, “Get

your hot ass back in bed and shut the hell up.” Because you’re a real Prince Charming. Smells Like… grapefruit, peppercorn, tonic and apple. Basically a tall glass of your signature summer cocktail with a twist of twink. Available at Sephora at Hollywood & Highland, 6801 Hollywood Blvd., $70 for 3.3 oz.

AUGUST 19, 2015











For the Man Who… sex waxes his surfboard before showing you the motion of his ocean. Smells Like… bergamot, basil, lavender, tobacco, patchouli and sandalwood. Reminiscent of those quintessential SoCal nights by a beachside bonfire, shooting the breeze with your besties and breathing in all the beauty that West Coast life delivers. Available online at luckyscent.com, $110 for 2.5 oz.

WHO COULD FORGET the aroma that enshrouded late, great grandma and induced an unforgettable sense of comfort? Well, thanks to Katia Apalategui—a 52-year-old entrepreneur, formerly an insurance saleswoman, natch— mourners could go on inhaling mesmerizing bouquets of loved ones long after their rotting corpses have ceased to give off the stench of decay. After losing her own father seven years ago, Apalategui was inspired to capture his signature scent in a perfume, and so she teamed up with researchers from the French Université du Havre. Though the exact process of extracting and bottling these morbid emanations to craft a person’s characteristic scent remains a company secret, Popular Science has said, “It’s reasonable to think that they may be using some version of the classic perfume distillation process, which involves passing steam through an object at high temperatures and capturing what results.” September is the kick off month for this service, which will set you back about $600. Of course, you could just save granddad’s favorite old shirt in a large Ziploc bag, but what’s the fun in that? —J.L.


For the Man Who… appreciates the tidier things in life—high-thread-count linens, that straight-from-the-shower feeling, manscaping, mani-pedis and a moisturizing regime. Smells Like… bergamot, basil, violet leaf, jasmine and musk. Like if Jake Gyllenhaal and Channing Tatum had a baby, named him Kennedy, moved to the country and lived happily ever after. Available online at cleanperfume.com, $58 for 2 oz.


For the Man Who… is a steed in the streets and a bucking bronco between the sheets. Smells Like… red everything—cranberry, ginger, saffron, sage, wood, leather and coffee. Imagine Scott Eastwood bare-chested and dripping sweat while riding his stallion toward the Triple Crown. Sorta like that, but more, er, intense? Available at Macy’s at Westfield Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., $89 for 4.2 oz


For the Man Who… considers himself an intellectual. A student of literature, culture, history and science; a well-rounded professor type or salt-and-peppered man who enjoys exploring Germany’s Bavarian Forest as much as kicking back on the sandy expanses of Monte Carlo. Smells Like… bitter grapefruit, cardamom, sage leaf, violet leaf, black pepper, patchouli and cinnamon. Akin to a vintage book in a centuries-old library or a well-worn attaché with a lot of mileage. Available at Bloomingdales Beverly Center, 8500 Beverly Blvd., $82 for 3.3 oz.

SHOES HAVE COME A LONG WAY from mere instruments for transporting us from A to B. Most footwear is in some way a fusion of fashion, technology and history, and no sneaker has withstood the test of time like the beloved Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, which arguably started the sneaker game. Unveiled on July 28, the new Chuck Taylor All Star II—the very first retooling of the classic “Chucks” in 98 years—lives up to its historic roots with a bit of modern technology thrown in. Along with maintaining the style that has for decades captivated footwear fanatics, this newfangled sneaker is retrofitted with a shock-absorbing Lunarlon sockliner, foam padding at the ankle and durable Tencel canvas by Nike (which bought Converse years ago), so you’re never without the necessary amount of cushion for your sidewalk pushin’. The Chuck II low-cuts will run you $70, with high-tops running $75 at all major retailers. As of now they’re available in your choice of white, black, red and blue. —Jim Larkins 20






STRANGE BREW Angel City Brewery once again invites locals to craft a special L.A. beer with its What Would You Brew? contest


By Jim Larkins FROM AVOCADOS TO ZUCCHINI, when it comes to beer infusions, nothing is sacred. For that reason—and because of the heartfelt belief of Angel City Brewery proprietors that Los Angeles should have its own uniquely characteristic beer—the What Would You Brew? beer-concocting contest was established. The competition—the winner of which will have the opportunity to brew beer with Angel City brew masters and receive a custom kegerator, case of pint glasses, tap handle and tin tacker sign—has inspired previous winners to produce such concoctions as a sweet and spicy “Mexican Cola Beer” (2013) and “Desert Dreams” (2014). Angel City will also feature the winning brew during L.A. Beer Week 2016. And what better brewery to host such a creativity-inducing contest than this popular local microbrewery, with its 19-tap bar that caters to the savviest of suds connoisseurs? Not to mention the fact that it hosts such L.A.-type events as trivia nights, art shows, concerts and festivals (in addition to brewery tours and on-site tastings). But Angel City—located at 216 S. Alameda St. in the Downtown Arts District—is no basic brewery. The company prides itself on its role as an interactive and supportive partner to the city’s arts and business communities. And its claim to play an integral role in the renaissance of DTLA is backed up by producing old-world, small-batch craft brew that’s hearty enough to honor all of those grog-gurgling bohemians who sidled up to counters of taverns and pubs of yore. The winner of What Would You Brew? will be chosen this October, with entries accepted at angelcitybrewery.com/wwyb through Sept. 30. “The response has been fantastic, with really creative and complex entries,” says Angel City brewer Layton Cutler. “Bringing the winners into the brewery to make their dream beer come to life is really rewarding—for us and them.”

o what if Orwell’s flying cars have yet to manifest? MegaTiny is stepping up to ensure that futuristic expectations are met with their new Anti-Gravity Phone Case. Millions of microscopic vacuumsealing suction cups can attach your smartphone to most anything, supporting the company’s proud claim that this phone case sucks ... literally! What this means to the bumbling selfieobsessed shutterbug is no more snapshots with faces of loved ones and celebrities blurred by a misplaced thumb. Available for iPhones and the Galaxy S6/ Edge, the case comes in white or black and retails for a cool $50 at megatinycorp.com. —J.L.

The Joy of Jellyfish When a regular fish won’t cut it, opt for nature’s floating aquatic attractions IF YOU DELIGHT IN THE relaxing acrobatics of betas, clownfish and other aquarium dwellers, you’ll love the latest in underwater offerings. Jellyfish Art, the brainchild of Alex Andon (jellyfishart.com), a Biology and Environmental Science graduate of Duke University, is adding new dimensions to the feng shui of offices and homes with the aesthetic design and soothing ebb and flow of his jellyfish habitats. What makes these aquatic attractions an instant success is the quiet grace the seemingly weightless creatures evoke, along with their unique habitats. The jelly tanks are artistically designed and infused with relaxing colorful lights that pass through the translucent creatures making for a beautiful work of living art in motion. Keeping jellyfish as pets can be a painless process (moon jellyfish produce no sting), and easy as long as you handle with care. The tanks are designed with a breakthrough device that allows the fragile sea creatures to flourish in an artificial environment. The technology, jellyfish, accessories, tank and special food come with a hefty pricetag (about $685), but don’t even think about a standard fish tank for your new friends; they’ll be sucked into the filtration system, turning your beautiful jellyfish into an unappetizing jam. —J.L.

AUGUST 19, 2015




The recently reopened north side of Dolores Park


Back to the Bay LATCH &


Commuting is hectic enough without digging for the elusive flash drive that has vanished from your laptop bag. With that in mind, Grid-it ($12-40 for various sizes, cocooninnovations.com) is a paraphernalia detangler for today’s guy-on-the-go. Tentacles of various sizes secure everything from pens and pencils to smartphones and iPods. Strap your travel accoutrements in, then tuck the whole thing in your briefcase, tote, backpack, knapsack or whatever you use to transport your home away from home. —Jim Larkins

21 new reasons to visit San Francisco, from anticipated events like Super Bowl 50 and a newly revamped Dolores Park to dining hot spots and world-class accommodations By Patrick Rosenquist 1. Beating out competing bids from New Orleans and Florida, San Francisco will host Super Bowl 50 come February. Expect the whole bay to come out for the match’s golden anniversary, no matter who ends up charging down the field. Don’t have cash for a ticket? Justin Herman Plaza will be transformed for two weekends into Super Bowl City, a family-friendly festival with games and activities meant to entice locals and visitors to check out football history. sfbaysuperbowl.com 2. Thrillpeddlers’ Club Inferno, a glam rock musical based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, is back by popular demand at The Hypnodrome. Blending rock ‘n’ roll with a classic story of the afterlife—”where each new level of hell reveals a famous diva suffering her own brand of torture”—it’s one hell of a good time. Aug. 20 - Sept. 12, hypnodrome.org 3. San Francisco’s Mandarin Oriental property until recently, the Loews Regency San Francisco ($$$$) sits in the Financial District’s second tallest building (with the hotel taking up its top 11 floors),

which means you’re offered an unparalleled view of the city. Everything about this property screams luxury, from its expansive suites and upscale spa to world-class customer care. loewshotels.com 4. Helmed by new owners, century-old Swedish staple Café du Nord now boasts a new look and live music every night. Attached to the Swedish American Hall, this Upper Market location also sports half-priced champagne and dollar oysters after midnight. cafedunord.com 5. The New Bernal Heights brewpub Old Bus Tavern serves chili beer, pickled quail eggs and five varieties of Boiler Makers. Picklebacks with housemade brine? Yes, please! oldbustavern.com 6. Get your nostalgic fix and your cardio rush in one place! SoulCycle spin fitness center recently set up shop in the Castro. Classes are drop-in rather than by membership, making it a great option for the traveler who refuses to return from a trip with packed-on pounds. soul-cycle.com AUGUST 19, 2015






Zoological Wonders



Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Set on 210 acres and divided into equal areas of hills and flatland, this huge animal sanctuary creates the ideal habitat for a rich variety of animals, from birds to reptiles to mammals. About 705 species call these gorgeous gardens home. nzg.ac.za

Clockwise from above: The view from San Francisco’s new Loews Regency Hotel, California Academy of Sciences, fresh oysters at Ichi Kakiya, the new Tenderloin Museum, Yard at Mission Rock

7. Southern food in San Francisco? Hell yes! Head to the Mission District’s Buttermilk for reasonably priced offerings like shrimp and grits, pimento cheese and house chips. It’s the city’s most soulful menu. buttermilksf.com

15. The San Francisco outpost of Madame Tussauds marked Pride this past month by unveiling the first trans celebrity in its roster, the Emmy-nominated Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox. madametussauds.com

8. Explore the role that color plays in the natural world—from mating signals to survival tactics—at Color of Life, the California Academy of Sciences’ latest exhibit. calacademy.org

16. Loved by Bay Area cyclists, Sports Basement has opened a temporary outpost at Columbus and Bay, renting out premium 2015 Cannondale Adventure 3s for $32 per day. Your fee works as credit at any of the store’s locations, too. sportsbasement.com

9. When the much-adored Ichi moved locations, its owners decided to turn the old Bernal Heights location into an oystercentered restaurant, with Ichi Kakiya serving grilled, steamed and raw seafood. It’s a must-try. ichikakiya.com 10. The Tenderloin has been known as a hotbed for vice and crime for decades, but amid the grit, it’s been home to great jazz clubs, some of the city’s first gay bars and a huge network of social services. The new Tenderloin Museum illustrates the history of the neighborhood, tracing its blight—and bright spots—since the ‘30s. tenderloinmuseum.org 11. What the hell is pinsa? Head to SoMa’s Montesacro and try this ancient Roman forbearer to pizza. The fermented flatbread is topped with the likes of olive oil, spicy roman sausage and fermented fish sauce. montesacrosf.com 12. Operated by drag royalty Heklina, mega-venue Oasis is a 6,000-square-foot bar that hosts Mother—an offshoot of the legendary Trannyshack, featuring the city’s best drag—on Saturdays. sfoasis.com 13. Want to double-up on your vacation? Qantas has just returned to the Bay Area with nonstop service from SFO to Sydney, meaning you can have a blast up north before heading down under. qantas.com 14. With brand-new tennis and basketball courts, a redesigned entrance and a southern overlook, the new Dolores Park livens up one of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods. 24


17. Bacon cheddar popcorn and octopus shawarma may not sound like traditional Irish pub fare, but the Mission’s The Crafty Fox pulls it off with charm (and 36 beers on tap!) craftyfoxsf.com 18. The Giants’ new hangout The Yard at Mission Rock is fashioned entirely from shipping containers and features a full-fledged beer menu, rotating collection of pop-up restaurants, and farmers market on Saturdays. theyardsf.com 19. A block from the bustle of Union Square, the King George Hotel ($$$$) is a recently renovated, charming boutique property. It’s the perfect price point for a quick jaunt, with all the amenities you require for a relaxing getaway. Regular visitors who know parking is no joke in San Francisco can opt for the parking package, which offers convenient 24-hour valet services. kinggeorge.com 20. Alcatraz Island is the ideal backdrop for Prisoners of Age, an exhibit running through December that chronicles the fastest growing population of inmates (those 55 and older) in North America. It’s the latest in a series on the island that highlights incarceration, crime, punishment, freedom and social justice. 21. For the 18th year, Peaches Christ screens Showgirls at the Castro Theatre on Aug. 8, but those familiar with her productions know it’s all about the pre-show. Superstar queen Alaska Thunderfuck will play Nomi Malone, and expect a free lapdance with every large popcorn. peacheschrist.com



BEIJING Founded in 1906 during Japan’s late Qing Dynasty, this zoo’s claim to fame is its rare animals endemic to the country, including pandas, South China tigers, Chinese alligators and the Chinese Great Salamander. giantpandazoo.com



SAN DIEGO With over 3,700 animals, the world’s most captivating zoo is in our own back yard. It’s also one of the most active in conservation and preservation, breeding animals for eventual release into natural habitats. sandiegozoo.org —J.L.


Can’t wait to explore Cuba now that travel restrictions have been lifted, but aren’t sure where to stay? There are about 61,000 hotel rooms in the country, with 40,000 considered four- or five-star, and Airbnb started offering its service back in April, with more than 2,000 homes currently ready for short-term rentals on the island. airbnb.com Planning a trip to Madrid in 2017? Start saving up, because it was just announced that Mandarin Oriental has purchased the city’s Hotel Ritz for $148 million. The hotel will undergo a complete renovation of all rooms and public areas, and a spa will be added. mandarinoriental.com

VACATION:POSSIBLE 5 tips for financing the vacation you’ve always wanted and desperately need

Voted one of the planet’s best new hotels by Travel + Leisure, El Blok in Vieques, Puerto Rico, is the Caribbean’s most stylish property. At $200-350 per night, you’ll want to have drinks at the hotel’s beach-facing bar before stepping into the openair restaurant, run by star chef Jose Enrique. elblok.com





Aug. 16 Missed out on the Wigstock festivals of yesteryear? The crossdressing hairdo ho-down is back for another encore. This time w i g s a n d w a te r come together, setting sail out of New York Harbor with Lady Bunny, Kevin Aviance and other artists. seatea.com

Aug. 29 - Sept. 13 Epicurean creations and wine await you on Maui, Oahu and Hawaii for this upcoming fest. Host Hawaiian Airlines also promises to pamper your palate en route to paradise with their Chef In-Flight first-class culinary program. hawaiifoodandwine festival.com

Sept. 25-27 Come with a hungry soul and satiate your senses at this immersive Vegas festival for music, food and art, featuring the talents of Stevie Wonder, Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar, Duran Duran and an eclectic roster of more musicians. lifeisbeautiful.com

hose lucid dreams where you see yourself cruising along the Amalfi Coast or deep in the brush of Africa can become a reality, but not if you don’t know how to properly budget, save for and execute an economical vacation. In the wise words of Peter Cetera, “Everybody needs a little time away,” so we’ve asked John Lake, LGBT Segment Manager for Wells Fargo, for some advice on vacation-related money matters. —Stephan Horbelt







There’s no universal formula, but establish a plan to cover expenses. A trip can be financed by your savings, credit or a combination of both. Before choosing credit, first evaluate if it’s really necessary; otherwise use your savings. If you plan to finance your trip with a credit card, use one that earns rewards with every purchase. You might be able to increase your budget and offset some expenses completely. Most importantly, be ready to pay the debt on the card as soon as possible, otherwise the interest might result in your trip being more expensive than it was worth. Assess the costs of your trip accurately. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average vacationer spends just over $1,300 for travel, including food, lodging and transportation. First consider your hotel and airfare, but don’t forget smaller expenses, too. Set aside a portion of your budget to cover unforeseen expenses and emergencies; that will give you flexibility to improvise on fun activities along the way, and you’ll stay relaxed knowing you have money in case of an emergency.

Once you’ve established a budget, start saving. Track your monthly expenses and income, and based off that, establish priorities. (There are tools like Budget Watch that can help.) Examine which expenses you can do without and save that money for your trip. An easy way to do this is by opening a savings account; you’ll make sure to save a predetermined amount towards the vacation. There are three easy ways to avoid identity theft. (1) Protect your bank statements. Stolen mail that contains personal information is one of the most common forms of identity theft, so use online banking instead. (2) Monitor your finances. Examine your account statements regularly to stay alert in case there are charges you don’t recognize, and set up customized email or phone alerts. (3) Protect your password. Avoid using easily identifiable information, like the name of a relative or your birthday. Use a combination of capital letters, numbers and special characters.

(1) Notify your bank before traveling. It can constantly monitor your account and avoid issues due to suspicious activity. (2) Exchange money for local currency. It’s always useful to have local currency on hand for taxis, tips and meals. Upon your return home, exchange leftover paper currency. (3) Enjoy comprehensive protection from fraud. Use a card that is protected against unauthorized transactions, which should come at no extra cost. AUGUST 19, 2015









This multi-projector 16mm film installation by artists João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva has been characterized by its use of silent films and other analog forms of expression to portray poetic-philosophical narratives suspended in a zone between reality and artifice. redcat.org ■ Through Aug. 15 NEW ORIGINAL WORKS FESTIVAL REDCAT

Entering the festival’s second week, the three-week event launches nine new works by local dance, theater, music and multimedia performing artists. Celebrate the brilliant growing community of artists as the theater transforms into a creative laboratory. Through Aug. 15. redcat.org ■ Fri. | Aug. 7 CUB SCOUT Eagle L.A.

This packed monthly East Side party returns with its regular assortment of hirsute hipsters. DJs Chris Bowen and Victor Rodriguez provide the soundtrack, while San Francisco den mother Lady Bear hosts. eaglela.org ■ Through Aug. 30 ADAM & EVE AND STEVE Theatre 68

A world premiere musical farce based on the biblical Adam and Eve story, the Devil interferes and adds Steve to the mix to create fun, mischief and struggle. The three get tangled as they attempt to figure out the many definitions love has to offer. plays411.com/adam

■ Fri. | Aug. 7


Local promoter Luke Nero gets cheeky at Boystown’s local video bar, bringing a little slice of Australia to West Hollywood. Now taking place every Friday evening, it’s surfboards, sexy boys and speedos. revolvervideobar.com ■ Through Aug. 23 A NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN Pasadena Playhouse

Following her Tonynominated Broadway run, Mary Bridget Davies returns to take audiences on a journey celebrating Janis Joplin and musical trailblazers like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Nina Simone and Bessie Smith— all of whom inspired one of rock’s greatest legends. pasadenaplayhouse.org ■ Through Sept. 27 SCORCHED EARTH Hammer Museum

L.A.–based artist Mark Bradford has compiled a collection of new paintings, a multimedia installation and a major painting on the lobby wall that refers to formative moments in his life and ruminations on the body in crisis. He uses the emotional, political and actual tones of the city as his inspiration. hammer.ucla.edu ■ Sat. | Aug. 8 NEW ACQUISITIONS FEAT. THE KAUFMAN COLLECTION The Autry

Presenting nearly 60 paintings, sculptures and works on paper, this exhibition is organized thematically as the art is set alongside quotes describing aspects of experience and identity in the West. Through July 2017. theautry.org

S’mores with Jared Leto The actor and his rock band offer a weekend-long wilderness retreat for fans By Mike Ciriaco


is for fans. Following the group’s split with or every child of the ‘90s who fantasized Virgin/EMI last year, they toured extensively about spending a weekend with Jordan to promote their most recent album, Love, Lust Catalano, your flannel-clad dreams are and Dreams, first alongside Linkin Park and AFI about to come true. This month, 30 Seconds to as part of the 25-date Carnivore Tour, then as Mars—the rock trio fronted by My So-Called Life part of New Orleans’ Voodoo Music and Art and Dallas Buyers Club alum Jared Leto—will Experience, which also featured Outkast, whisk its fans away to the wilds of Malibu for Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys. a three-day camping experience called The band has also enjoyed Camp Mars, full of hiking, climbing, something of a renaissance of yoga, cooking classes, raising the CAMP MARS late, which can be attributed flag and campfire sing-alongs. To Malibu to Leto’s recent accomplishsweeten the deal, the band has Aug. 22-24 ments as an actor. In 2014, he even promised s’mores. adventuresin was awarded a Best Supporting “We’ve always looked to do wonderland.com Actor Oscar for his performance things for our audience that are in Dallas Buyers Club, in which he fun and unique,” Leto told Rolling portrayed an HIV-positive trans drug Stone during a recent interview. addict. Leto shed over 30 pounds in prep“What better way to celebrate the sumaration for the role, shaved his eyebrows and mer than in beautiful Southern California with depilated his entire body. His performance the Mars family in full?” garnered critical acclaim and attracted fresh As should be expected from a campeyes to his music career. ing retreat hosted by a musical group, the “A nice thing that’s wilderness weekend will feature several live happened is there’s performances. 30 Seconds to Mars will play been some clarity twice over the course of the trip, as will several and some underyet-to-be-announced DJs. Fans can choose standing and some from one of many tiered packages. Thriftier re c la m a tio n of campers can nab a $399 day pass and particip u b lic im a ge ,” pate in potato sack races and tug of war until Leto told Rolling the concert at dusk, though accommodations Stone . “ Pe o p l e are not provided for day passers (so when the have gotten to sun’s gone, they are as well). know me a little At the other end of the pricing spectrum, more rather than the Red Hawk package, running $1,900, an id e a th ey includes a stay in either a semi-private cabin, may have had of dorm-like room or one of the lodges, as well as me. It’s a fringe food and beverage. In addition to daily activibenefit, but it’s ties, each evening will feature a themed night. also a really This summer camp weekend is as much nice thing.” a vacation for Leto and his bandmates as it

■ ■ ■ ■

■ Sun. | Aug. 9 SIZE Here Lounge

■ Thu. | Aug. 13 SUMMERLAND TOUR Club Nokia Live

This Tom Whitman weekly party celebrates more than a decade of great Sunday afternoons and the joys of daytime drinking. Expect to find a gorgeous group of guys imbibing and dancing before starting up the work week. tomwhitmanpresents.com

This fourth annual ‘90s alternative music tour features radio gods Everclear, Toadies, Fuel and American Hi-Fi, providing the ultimate nostalgic experience. The tour was once heralded by Rolling Stone as one of the “10 Hottest Summer Package Tours.” axs.com

■ Through Aug. 9 GIRLFRIEND Kirk Douglas Theatre

Two teenage boys explore a relationship during the summer after high school. The rock musical gives voice to small towners, outcasts and anyone who remembers the thrill of first love. centertheatregroup.org

■ Thu. | Aug. 13 TAKE IT OFF Faultline Bar

■ Tue. | Aug. 11 ROTHSCHILD mmhmmm

Dress to impress at Andrés Rigal’s weekly Tuesday night party, featuring the city’s chic and fabulous gays—and those who love to watch them kick back drinks and work a dance floor properly. standardhotels.com

Strip down to your skivvies at this weekly East Side underwear party thrown by former Drag Race hottie Shawn Morales. The party, offering $5 Absolut cocktails, also features a roster of some of the city’s most popular DJ talent. faultlinebar.com




ASICS WORLD SERIES OF BEACH VOLLEYBALL Aug. 18-23 Alamitos Beach wsobv.com

Spike in the Sand The ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball returns to Long Beach to build America’s Olympic team ANY CINEPHILE CAN ATTEST that the gayest moment in film history is the volleyball scene from Top Gun. This month, you can glimpse some real-life Maverick and Mongoose-calibre homoeroticism when the ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball returns to Long Beach. As the final qualifying event before the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, the World Series will feature 218 of America’s best athletes vying for a spot on our nation’s team, as well as offering fans an opportunity to play in an open competition. “The goal was to create a premier event in the sport while also capturing the beach volleyball lifestyle and culture,” says Leonard Armato, Founder and CEO of the event. “The result was a celebration of all things beach, including a music festival and an open tournament for all ages and experience levels. Now in its third year, the ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball is an official FIVB Grand Slam event and the largest beach volleyball event in the world outside of the Olympic Games.” In addition to the athletics, this year’s World Series features a multi-day music festival sponsored by iHeart Radio and a Celebrity Charity Match hosted by Hunger Games hottie Josh Hutcherson benefiting Straight But Not Narrow, an organization that focuses on hetero youths striving to improve LGBT perceptions. Hit this tournament up and you might just get to windmill high-five Peeta. —M.C.

BRUTUS | FAULTLINE Photos by Rolling-Blackouts


MATTACHINE | AKBAR Photos by Dusti Cunningham

THE NEXT PICTURE SHOW Sundance Next Fest unites indie film and music for one glorious audio-visual weekend


ince its conception, the Sundance Film Festival has strived to embody the spirit of independent filmmaking. This month at DTLA’s Ace Hotel, Next Fest, Sundance’s rebellious little brother, ups the ante by pairing debut screenings of indie films with live performances by indie bands that share their artistic sensibilities, as well as conversations with filmmakers and personalities who inspired the movies’ making. Think of it as the coolest audio-visual club ever.

COP CAR Next Fest kicks off with an open-air screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery before relocating to the Ace Hotel later in the week. First debuted at Sundance 2015, the film features Kevin Bacon as a small-town sheriff tracking down a pair of boys who hijacked his car for a dangerous joy ride. Get there early to grab a nosh from the some of L.A.’s favorite food trucks. Sunday, Aug. 2, 8:30 p.m. MISTRESS AMERICA + SKY FERREIRA A lonely college freshman is seduced into the thrilling underbelly of Manhattan by her soon-to-be stepsister. This story of female rebellion will be accentuated by the music of Sky Ferreira (pictured above), an acclaimed musician and indie actress in her own right. Friday, Aug. 7, 8 p.m. FINDERS KEEPERS Bryan Carberry’s stranger-than-fiction documentary follows recovering addict and amputee John Wood, who wages a legal battle against a Southern entrepreneur over possession of his mummified leg. The screening will be followed by a conversation with a TBD guest. Saturday, Aug. 8, 3:30 p.m. ENTERTAINMENT + SHARON VAN ETTON Attempting to rekindle his relationship with his estranged daughter, an aging comedian sets out on a stand-up tour across the California desert. The film’s emotional vulnerability is complimented by a solo performance from indie rocker Sharon Van Etton. Saturday, Aug. 8, 8 p.m. CRONIES Set over the course of a single day, a lifelong friendship is put to the test when 22-year-old Louis attempts to pursue adulthood while Jack clings to adolescence. A special conversation will follow. Sunday, Aug. 9, 3:30 p.m. TURBO KID + NEON INDIAN, TORO Y MOI Set in a post-apocalyptic 1997, this pastiche of ‘80s action films follows an orphan teen and his robot gal pal as they battle an evil warlord who controls the only water supply. The film’s futurism will be finessed by the electronic sounds of back-to-back DJ sets. Sunday, Aug. 9, 8 p.m. —M.C. AUGUST 19, 2015


■ ■ ■ ■


TOUCH THURSDAYS | THE ABBEY Photos by Rolling-Blackouts

■ Thu. | Aug. 13 ALABAMA SHAKES Greek Theatre

In support of sophomore album Sound & Color, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the band makes its Greek Theatre debut. Opening the show is Blake Mills, who produced the band’s most recent album. greektheatrela.com ■ Sat. | Aug. 15 SQURRRL Akbar

The San Francisco party returns to Silver Lake with David Banjela and Suppositori Spelling in the front room, a trio of DJs in the back and a midnight performance by Tamale Ringwald. As always, it’s $4.99 to get inside. akbarsilverlake.com ■ Sun. | Aug. 16 BURBANK COMEDY FESTIVAL Flappers Comedy Club

Now in its second year, the annual festival showcases talent both on-the-rise and well-established. Special guests include Adam Carolla, Tom Green, Mary Lynn Rajskub and a few surprises. The festival highlights stand-up, sketch, variety, short films and improv. Through Aug. 22. burbankcomedyfestival.com

■ Tue. | Aug. 18 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Hollywood Bowl

Behold the visual grandeur of Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece on the Bowl’s big screen while the soundtrack is performed live, including Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra, music by György Ligeti and the “Blue Danube” Waltz. hollywoodbowl.com ■ Through Aug. 23 BENT Mark Taper Forum

This profound love story takes audiences into the deepest, darkest moments of one man’s fight to survive gay persecution in 1930s Germany. Moisès Kaufman directs the performance in its first major U.S. revival since its 1979 Broadway premiere. centertheatregroup.com

■ Sun. | Aug. 16 SUNDAY SCHOOL Precinct

■ Through Sept. 13 TONGUES UNTIED MOCA at PDC

Sundays at new DTLA gay bar Precinct take you to church with local DJs Josh Peace and Omar Di Jou for a free, full day of great beats. Class is in session from 3-8 p.m. precinctdtla.com

Titled after the landmark film by poet, activist, and artist Marlon Riggs, this collection presents works from John Boskovich, Felix GonzalezTorres and others alongside Riggs’ deeply personal and lyrical exploration of black gay identity in the United States. moca.org

■ Through Aug. 16 THE MISANTHROPE Kings Road Park, WeHo

French playwright Molière’s comic masterpiece tells the story of Alceste, torn between devotion and absolute truth and desire for the beautiful and cruel social butterfly Celimene. classicaltheatrelab.org ■ Mon. | Aug. 17 SAAAANG OUT QWEEN Fubar

On Mondays, Lady Red Couture—co-hostess of web series Hey Qween—hosts karaoke. Sing your favorite songs and maybe even perform a duet with the diva herself! Best of all, indulge in fried chicken made by Lady Red herself for $1! Sign up starts at 9 p.m. fubarla.com



■ Through Aug. 30 RICHARD III The Eclectic Company Theatre

Shakespeare’s historical play recounts how Richard ascended to the throne and consolidated his power by murdering his perceived political adversaries, including members of his own family, in a story that resonates as surprisingly modern. eclecticcompanytheatre.org

AUGUST 19, 2015


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DICKSLAP | PRECINCT Photos by Jeremy Lucido

THE HOUSE THAT MOUSE BUILT The D23 Expo celebrates all things Disney with interactive attractions and in-the-flesh notables


ust out your Mickey ears, Tinkerbell wings and Cinderella glass stilettos, because the D23 Expo is hitting Anaheim once again. Produced by D23, the official Disney fan club, this Comic-Con for Disney zealots will provide the ultimate fan experience to lovers of all things Mickey, as well as the mouse’s cousins within the realms of Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar. “Bob Iger, our Chairman and CEO, knew we had terrific clubs that served guests with specific interests. But there wasn’t one entity that celebrated everything Disney—past, present and future,” says Jeffrey Epstein, Spokesperson for D23 and coauthor of Queens in the Kingdom: The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Guide to the Disney Theme Parks. “He wanted to create a club that served fans who just love Disney. And once that idea was born, a natural extension was D23 Expo, a way to bring these incredible, passionate fans together in one place for a few days to thank them for their love of our entertainment and product.” The convention features several interactive attractions showcasing Disney’s stable of beloved characters. Get a mani at the Minnie Mouse nail bar, then pull up your hair at the Tinker Bell bun bar. Butch boys should head to Playmation’s Marvel Avengers and scope out this year’s interconnected series of toys and wearables allowing you to recreate your favorite superhero exploits. Disney’s menagerie of fictional characters will be joined by a number of in-the-flesh notables. Most prominent is Star Wars creator George Lucas, who will be receiving the Disney Legend Award for his work on not only his epic sci-fi franchise but also his contributions to Disney theme parks, such as Captain EO, Star Tours and Indiana Jones Adventure. Gay Disneyphiles can also look forward to meeting the cast of ABC Family’s LGBTinclusive series The Fosters. Much like Comic-Con, themed cosplay is highly encouraged. The Mousequerade contest offers a trip to the Aulani Resort in Hawaii for best costume, and this year’s participants have pretty big shoes to fill—or bones, as it were. “One guy, who was dressed all in black, built a life-sized Jack Skellington puppet that attached to him and looked like he jumped right out of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas,” says Epstein. —M.C.



AUGUST 19, 2015





The best in TV, film, music and more

It Takes a Nation

Gay singer-songwriter Ari Gold is back in the spotlight with a new stage name, a hot summer record and a cutting-edge dance sound By Patrick Rosenquist


hen you’ve been releasing music as long as Ari Gold, changes in style and persona aren’t just expected, they’re mandatory. The pop singer has been on the scene since his 2001 self-titled release, but his career has stretched most of his life; he’s been in the spotlight one way or another since he was a toddler. From stints as a child TV actor to onstage work, Gold, 41, has lived a life dominated by show business, and he’s always eager to take on new types of music with the same sultry wit that’s become a blueprint for other openly gay artists. His latest release, Soundtrack to Freedom, out Aug. 7, still deals with topics familiar to Gold fans—themes like sex, politics and self-expression are all mined for catchy hooks—but the New York-based singer has changed both his stage name and sound. Debuting GoldNation, a loose collective that includes new collaborators, old friends and, yes, even fans, Gold is creating a new chapter in his precedent-setting

career. Who else has been releasing explicitly gay tunes as long as Gold? Anyone can be a par t of GoldNation—it’s a celebration of dance music as a rallying cry for gay rights, and it's the beat that brought together the gay community and gave it the verve to fight for equality. Tapping Dutch producer Subgroover, whose beats are lean and modern yet musical, Gold wanted to create an album that moved around the history of dance music with a decidedly contemporary take. Now, in this Q&A with Frontiers, Gold discusses his upcoming projects, his life in the spotlight and the labor of love that was putting together Soundtrack to Freedom. FRONTIERS: Why the name change to GoldNation? ARI GOLD: I wanted to use this album to creative a collective and a movement. And this really wasn’t a solo effort; I was working a lot with Subgroover and other artists. I wanted to open up. Being a solo artist—especially a solo gay artist—can be hard.



he July 26 series premiere of I Am Cait, E!’s docu-series on Caitlyn Jenner’s life during and after her transition, drew 2.7 million viewers, beating typical Keeping Up with the Kardashians numbers but not matching other TV specials on Jenner. According to Nielsen’s ‘live plus same-day’ estimates, I Am Cait averaged 2.73 million viewers for its debut, the network’s largest audience for a premiere in four years and its third largest audience of any kind for 2015. It’s an undeniable success for the show, which has seen praise across the board for its handling of wider trans issues, but falls slightly short of some expectations. It’s a far cry from the whopping 17 million viewers that tuned in for Jenner’s two-hour coming out interview with Diane Sawyer for ABC in April, or

the 8 million who watched her collect the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs earlier this month. It also falls just short of the 2.9 million viewers for the first of a two-part special episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians titled “All About Bruce,“ which followed the Sawyer interview in May. E! is also pleased with the show's positive reaction online and on social media, having received extensive praise from the trans community and beyond. Twitter saw Jenner receive support from trans sisters Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and Jazz Jennings (who has her own show, I Am Jazz, on TLC), while even rapper Lil' Kim had words of encouragement, tweeting to Jenner, “You and your story are beautiful.“ —Dominic Preston AUGUST 19, 2015


film GRANDMA Opens Aug. 14


Opens Aug. 7


Meryl Streep has played many characters over the course of her career—Holocaust survivor, French chef, Margaret Thatcher—but she’s never been the hot mess she is in Jonathan Demme’s comedy drama. The film itself is a hot mess, though not the disaster the trailer would lead you to believe. It’s a watchable, entertaining story of an estranged rock-stardom-chasing mother who’s sucked back to Indianapolis after her daughter’s breakdown. Streep’s performance is mannered and inelegant, raw—which is fitting here—though she cedes the screen to her own child, Mamie Gummer, doing her best acting as the acerbic, depressive Julie. Ricki might never win an award for Parent of the Year, yet Streep’s generosity is the very definition of a mother’s boundless love. —Dan Loughry

10,000 SAINTS Opens Aug. 14


Directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini haven’t had a critical or commercial success since 2003’s American Splendor, and it’s to be seen if 10,000 Saints will turn that tide, but their latest is a fetching coming-of-age tale set in Vermont and the East Village in the 1980s. With strong supporting work from Julianne Nicholson, Emily Mortimer and Ethan Hawke (playing, perfectly, another hapless father), and the palpable grunge of New York pre-gentrification, the film dips its toes into some moments of unnecessary melodrama, yet its young stars—Hailee Steinfeld and, especially, Asa Butterfield—ground the action, with a beautifully calibrated turn by a chunky Emile Hirsch as a straight-edge punk harboring a secret that, by today’s standards, we’d all find quaint. —D.L. 36



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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Dark Places Fantastic Four


The Gift


August 14


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


Straight Outta Compton



You get put into boxes. I’m suddenly just a gay singer. I embrace that term, but it’s limited in what you’re allowed to do. With GoldNation, I could bring anyone on stage and open up what was possible. F: You went for a new sound on this album, as it’s more electronic than your previous work. What drew you to the genre? AG: EDM is exciting. It’s mindful, interesting dance music. Bob Sandee [producer Subgroover] does a lot of EDM, but it’s musical; it still has a lot of musicality, like interesting chord changes and other things I’m drawn to as a singer. It’s not just the usual “thump thump” you sometimes hear. I also wanted to rebrand myself. I wanted to play different characters—I mean, I’ve always played different characters in my songs, but I wanted to do something that doesn’t sound like me. F: Why the name Soundtrack to Freedom? AG: The basic premise is that dance music is the soundtrack to gay liberation. Just how you can say that folk was the sound of the feminist movement, or that soul was as well for civil rights, dance is the music that defines gay rights. I also wanted to make a personal statement. That’s something you see in feminist folk—that the personal is always political, and you can make a statement by telling a story. Getting back to the characters thing, I tried to do different voices for each song. Gay men can be multifaceted, but we’re either under- or misrepresented. And especially in music, we’re completely underrepresented. How many artists deal with gay content? I wanted to include as many voices as possible. Some are sexual, some are playful, childlike or heartfelt—I wanted to show as many sides of myself as possible and show complexity in the gay world. F: How did you meet Subgroover? AG: I heard him through Kristine W. I’ve known her for a long time, and he did a few remixes of her music and I was impressed. I sent him a message on Facebook and told him I’d love to collaborate. He was interested, but he was based in the Netherlands, and I’m in New York, and I figured it wouldn’t work. The funny thing is, I totally forgot I was about to head off to the Netherlands,


Lily Tomlin is poignant and hilarious as Elle, the acerbic title character in Grandma. When her granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) turns up needing $630 for an abortion, the two women embark on a local road trip to visit various folks Elle has known over the years, including a tattoo artist (Laverne Cox) and an ex (Sam Elliott) who might be able to help them out with a loan. Sure, Grandma is a slight, contrived story, but it still yields many pleasures, most notably whenever Tomlin bulldozes her way through a scene dispensing bracingly funny one-liners or engaging in some hilarious physical comedy. —Gary M. Kramer


GoldNation SOUNDTRACK TO FREEDOM (JRED Music) Available Aug. 7


No Good (Cherrytree / Interscope Records)


because I kept calling it Holland! It was meant to be—in Yiddish we’d call it bashert. So once I get to Europe, I figured we would be in the studio for a few days and do two or three songs. In two weeks we ended up creating the whole album. It was just very concentrated—he has his own studio, so we could take as long as we wanted without having to worry about booking a spot and paying for it. He’d play me some European stuff I wasn’t familiar with, and I’d play some older American songs he didn’t know, and we drew ideas from both. It was a great collaboration. F: You’ve said elsewhere that the album took two years to record, but you finished it in two weeks? AG: Well, we got the basic framework together when we first met, and then we finished it up over the internet. So much goes into recording, and there were a lot of Skype calls and emails from New York to the Netherlands. It was challenging, to say the least. F: You’re doing a one-man show this year. How did that come about? AG: I’ve been working with a dramatist named David Drake, and the show we put together is called Pop Out. It’s about my life growing up in show business. It took about two years to get the script right. It deals with a lot of Jewish and gay themes, too. I actually just did the first performance in front of an audience last night. Oh man, I’m still decompressing. As I’m sure anyone who has done a solo show can tell you, it’s really exhausting! F: Are you going on tour for Soundtrack to Freedom? AG: I did some new material for my Pride tour, but I’d like to get more of this on the road. I also want to take Pop Out to L.A. and elsewhere. In fact, one of the songs off of Freedom is in the show; it’s a ballad. In fact, just to show you the times we’re in, a few weeks ago I was playing a song from Freedom called "Take Your Shirt Off" to a friend, and there’s a line in it about how we can all get married. He told me, “You know that’s not true, not everyone can get married.” A few days later, the Supreme Court released its decision. I’m very proud that there’s been significant progress for us.





August 7

Chemical Brothers Born in the Echoes

Fear Factory Genexus

Albert Hammond Jr. Momentary Masters

August 14

Jill Scott Woman

Pat Green Home

Joss Stone Water for Your Soul

Grace Potter Midnight

Yet even more proof that one should never judge a book by its cover, this striking Arkansas-born singer looks like Grace Jones’ angular, pale sister and comes across like a cross between Lil’ Kim and Amy Winehouse on her hi-NRG debut PRIME CUTS: No Good. As all good modern R&B divas “The Dame Says” do, she’s got a mouth on her—whether “Biscuit” she’s imploring you to chow down on her “Biscuit” “Like a Glove” or singing her own praises on opening cut/calling card “The Dame Says.” She can get brassy like Shirley Bassey, and occasionally her lyrics drift towards cliché (the otherwise slinky hip-hop “Champagne Taste” turns on the modern trope of "champagne tastes with a Bud Light budget"), but this is a stellar debut from a superstar in the making. —D.L.

THE MYNABIRDS Lovers Known (Saddle Creek)


The Mynabirds’ third and most accomplished full-length is one giant step toward mainstream chart success, but is that really a good thing? Head Mynabird Laura Burhenn spent over a year crafting these tunes, all of which PRIME CUTS: are somewhat memorable. The trouble “All My Heart” is the Myna sound is far less memorable. Lovers Know “Semantics” sonically straddles the line between St. Vincent “Velveteen” and Florence + The Machine without achieving the experimental grandeur of either. Album opener “All My Heart” shows the potential of the band, but it remains unfulfilled by the end of the record. Tracks like “Hangman” and “Omaha” just lie there, belying other, more successful tracks. Lovers Know is not a disaster, by any means; it’s just a missed opportunity. Skip this and pick up something from St. Vincent. —Dominik Rothbard

THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Remixes & Covers (Casablanca)


Just like it says on the tin, this 17-track collection features Tel Aviv’s The Young Professionals dropping exactly what they do best—having added their own discoball sparks to other people’s work, and PRIME CUTS: offering their own takes on some classic “All of It But Me” ditties. The diversity comes in the wide “Talking Body” swath of genres they tackle. On the remix side, everyone “West Coast” from Moby to Imagine Dragons to Zedd to Tegan and Sara get perfect spitshines. And their Tove Lo “Talking Body” remix is magnificent! Covers-wise, they transform both Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” and Abba’s “SOS” into electro, indie rock stompers. Just to put a cherry on top, they also offer an infectious new track for the dance floor. Keep this collection handy poolside or as you’re headed to the club. —Paul V. Vitagliano AUGUST 19, 2015



By Nathaniel Grey

TV's Weirdest New Series is Here





Mark Taper Forum Through Aug. 23

In this electrifying revival, Mar tin Sherman's brilliant, Tony-nominated 1979 drama, which originally starred Richard Gere, has lost none of its pertinence. In an era in which new terrorist-fueled Holocausts threaten the globe and homophobia remains an ever-present danger, this searing tale of love against the odds in a World War II concentration camp remains a dramaturgic treasure. Visionary director Moisés Kaufman (The Laramie Project) helms this lacerating production. A magnificent ensemble is headed by Patrick Heusinger and Charlie Hofheimer as Max and Horst, two prisoners whose love bond helps them endure the horrors of Nazi imprisonment. Amid a superb ensemble, Andy Mientus, Jake Shears and Ray Baker are particularly effective. Likewise triumphant are Beowulf Boritt's evocative sets and costumes, Justin Townsend's lighting, Cricket S. Myers' sound and Ken Roht's choreography. This isn't an easy production to watch, but its portrait of spiritual redemption in the face of inhumane behavior is enthralling and unforgettable. —Les Spindle



Rogue Machine Through Sept. 23

Rob Mersola's dicey new comedy Luka's Room benefits from the efforts of a splendid ensemble cast under the crisp direction of Joshua Bitton . The story centers around a libidinous college student (Nick Marini, as Luka), who moves in with his eccentric San Fernando Valley grandmother (Joanna Lipari), where he experiences an unexpected rite of passage. Though the production is often quite amusing, the story's big climactic surprise feels more tacked-on than integral in terms of narrative and theme. Thus, the script doesn't quite nail the incisive and ironic commentary on the peculiarities and moral dilemmas of the information age that it might with some retooling. Still, Marini is charming and funny as the befuddled protagonist, and Lipari excels as his sometimes confused, sometimes sharp-as-a-whip granny. Also excellent are Alex Fernandez as his slimy ex-con uncle, Vince Melocchi as his conflicted father and Sarah Scott as his femme fatale flame. All of the production's design elements are superb. —L.S.



an exposé on the world's first Inuit documentary and aguerilla investigation into a Mexican drug cartel. The very first episode, "Sandy Passage," recently shown at Outfest, is Armisen's and Hader's hysterically warped sendup of Grey Gardens. In a recent interview for The Wrap, Meyers says, “It’s a real specific kind of show, but I think for the very thin amount of people that are looking for a very accurate fake documentary show, this is right up their alley.” If you're not a fan of recent SNL seasons, don't let that connection keep you away, as this is sure to be a tight, well-written project. Another appeal is the variety of guest stars set to appear, which include Jack Black, Mad Men's John Slattery, True Blood's Dale Dickey as well as SNL cast members Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson and Michael Patrick O'Brien.



etween their busy careers, it's a wonder Saturday Night Live vets Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers could take on another project, but when it comes to creative passion, there's always room. The three comic geniuses (along with Lorne Michaels) are executive producers of Documentary Now, a new series that will spoof revered documentaries like Grey Gardens and The Thin Blue Line, hosted by none other than Helen Mirren. Through a joint statement, Armisen, Hader and Meyers have explained why they took on the new series. "We're all fans of documentary film," they said, "and this allows us to use that love of documentary film and combine it with comedy to present a sort of unique take." The limited six-episode run offers amusing looks at off-the-wall things like Iceland's annual Al Capone Festival, '70s band Blue Jean Committee,

DOCUMENTARY NOW Debuts Aug. 20 on IFC at 10 p.m.

The Unauthorized Full House Story Aug. 22, Lifetime


The previously released cast photos alone warn of this anticipated cable movie trainwreck, simply because it appears Lifetime intentionally cast actors who look nothing like the original cast members. Miley Cyrus' former boyfriend Justin Gaston wears a most embarrassing wig to play John Stamos, alongside Big Eyes' Stephanie Bennett, who will play Lori Loughlin. (Don't expect any of their costars to look familiar.) As is typical of these projects, the TV exposé will follow the rise of one of America's most popular family shows as its cast deals with celebrity and personal struggles.

What makes this spin-off stand out is that it details the events leading up to the world plague of wandering deceased. Set in Los Angeles though unsurprisingly filmed in Canada, the story features Gone Girl costar Kim Dickens as a thirtysomething parent of two kids. Playing her children are Harry Potter vet Frank Dillane and The 100’s Alycia Debnam-Carey, with Juan Gabriel Pareja, who played Morales on The Walking Dead, reprising that role. The show's first season (including its 90-minute premiere) will run for just six episodes, but a second season has already been ordered for 2016. TELEVISION LONG DIVISION

SET YOUR The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Z Nation

I Am Legend

Fear the Walking Dead

Sunday, Aug. 16


Pasadena Playhouse Through Aug. 23




The triumphant production returns to the Pasadena Playhouse in a spectacular new run starring the magnificent Tony Award nominee Mary Bridget Davies. Playing like an actual Janis Joplin concert, the evening is interspersed with Joplin’s history as she tells tales of her early years—both in her career and family life. She speaks to her influences—women like Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Etta James—all of whom appear onstage alongside her. The quartet of performers playing these roles is uniformly superb, but it's Davies who truly stuns. With a face and movements that embody Joplin’s signature growl and hair-throwing antics, Davies becomes the iconic Queen of Rock; so much so that by the night’s end you feel like you’ve truly seen a Joplin performance. While the typically older Pasadena crowd was more reserved at first, by the time the show had ended the entire audience was on its feet shouting its approval and giving an umpteenth standing ovation. —Kevin Taft

The telefilm version of Lisa Belkin's nonfiction book Show Me a Hero has Oscar Isaac as a 1960s city mayor facing a volatile community when a federal court orders the construction of lowincome housing in white neighborhoods. Co-starring Alfred Molina and Winona Ryder. (9 p.m., HBO) Tuesday, Aug. 18 New reality show Worst.Post.Ever. with Frankie Grande, former Big Brother cast member and gay brother of donut-licker Ariana Grande, debuts. (10 p.m., Oxygen) Tuesday, Aug. 18 MTV's notorious practical joke series Punk'd is back for a 10th season, this time airing on BET. There's no word on whether creator Ashton Kutcher will be involved or if there will even be a recurring host. (10:30 p.m., BET) Saturday, Aug. 22 Patrick Stewart returns to primetime television in Blunt Talk,

playing the hard-hitting Britishborn host of an L.A.-based cable interview and news show. Seth MacFarlane is behind the comedy, co-written by Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames. (9 p.m., STARZ) Sunday, Aug. 23 Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi are back for another witty season of the UK series Vicious. The two play an elderly gay couple who taunt each other in the London flat where they have lived together for almost 50 years. They're joined by Harry Potter vet Frances de la Tour and Game of Thrones' Iwan Rheon. (10:30 p.m., PBS) Friday, Aug. 28 Pedro Pascal, who played bisexual Prince Oberyn on Game of Thrones, is a DEA agent gunning for drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar in the new crime thriller Narcos. (12:01 a.m., Netflix) AUGUST 19, 2015





As if you needed more reasons to love L.A., we’ve singled out the city’s finest luxuries—from Instagram-worthy nights on the town and sexy spots for getting sweaty to the local app that delivers a handle of hooch directly to your Downtown doormat By Mike Ciriaco, Drew Droege, Stephan Horbelt, Eric Rosen, Patrick Rosenquist, Lydia Siriprakorn and Kevin Wilen AUGUST 19, 2015




Top, from left: El Cóndor, the Ace Hotel’s Praying Mantis cocktail, the patio at Eveleigh, DTLA’s Grand Central Market, the taco sampler at Guisado’s Below left: Plan Check’s PCB, the pizza at Sotto

Best Place to Look Cute While You Get Drunk What’s better than cheap booze? Enjoying it with top-knotted, tattoed hipsters with strollers! Our favorite East Side happy hour happens at El Cóndor (which real Angelenos refer to as “The New El Conquistador.” On Mondays, they have insanely good $5 margaritas that will knock your teeth across the room. You’ll find $3 pints of Pacifico and $3 tequila shots every weeknight, plus delightful swordfish tacos and asada quesadillas if you’re a basic bitch who needs food with your hooch. —D.D.

Best Poolside Potion with a View The swimming pool of DTLA’s Ace Hotel may be too tiny for an underwater rager, but with the rooftop bar’s brand-new frozen cocktail The Praying Mantis, you’ll feel like you’re imbibing with your toes firmly entrenched in the sand. Made from VEEV, Bacardi Maestro, passionfruit, avocado and honey, we’re pretty sure it’s the definition of refreshing. Plus, the view of DTLA is an added bonus, as is the hotel’s filled-to-the-brim events calendar, including Kaftan Discothèque on Aug. 15, where you’re encouraged to don a daishiki and dance to forgotten disco. 929 S. Broadway, acehotel.com/losangeles —S.H.

Best Back Alley Restaurant You might be used to searching for speakeasies behind hidden doors and down dark alleys, but chef Eric Greenspan has brought a little of that

Best Happy Happy Joy Joy Homos in the know can attest that WeHo’s best happy hour isn’t on the Santa Monica Boystown strip but one block up at The Den on Sunset. From 5-7 p.m., wash out that foul taste of the workday with $4 well drinks, $2 off beer, $3 off wine and $2 off signature cocktails while unwinding in the bar’s faux-cabin atmosphere. 8226 W. Sunset Blvd., thedenonsunset.com —M.C.

Best Daytime Patio In a city with weather as good as Los Angeles, there’s no shortage of restaurants with amazing outdoor spaces. However, the one at Eveleigh commands an especially impressive view of the city—Downtown to the Pacific—from its perch on Sunset. All the better to enjoy lunch specials like California Delta asparagus with smoked bone marrow butter, a soft egg, radish blossoms and lemon. 8752 Sunset Blvd., theeveleigh.com —E.R.

Longshot Coffee is an Aussieowned coffeeshop attached to the WeHo Library. There’s plenty of parking and power outlets to entice you, and one of the best dirty chais in the business. Try it with macadamia nut milk for a smooth treat. 625 N San Vicente Blvd., longshotcoffee.com FRONTIERSMEDIA.COM

There are precious few places in L.A. where you feel like you’re in the midst of a major metropolis, but the 14th floor terrace at Perch in the 1928 Pershing Square Building is one of them. High above the streets, surrounded by skyscrapers, this cozy deck is an urban garden party thanks to canoodling corners near the fireplaces, artfully placed shrubs and nattily dressed waiters whisking cocktails and nibbles like truffle poutine to tables. 448 S. Hill St., perchla.com —E.R.

Best Airport Bites No matter how cosmopolitan the city they serve, airports aren’t generally dining destinations themselves, but the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX is an exception thanks to a plethora of upscale dining and shopping outlets representing some of the city’s best. You might not be flying first-class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a glass of champagne and dollop of fine caviar at Petrossian, stave off jetlag with a coffee to-go at LAMILL, feast on burgers at Umami or share a piping-hot pizza at 800 Degrees. Skip the airplane food, for sure. —E.R.

Best Newfangled Dining Destination DTLA’s Grand Central Market might have opened nearly a century ago back in 1917, but it exemplifies one of the newest dining trends where gourmet food markets gather upscale purveyors and restaurateurs, replacing traditional restaurant rows. Start

The L.A. coffee scene is booming, thanks to the city’s infinite supply of creative spirits and freelancers. (Take that, NYC!) These caffeine houses pair lots of seating, a communal vibe and good design with the perfect roast



Best Nighttime Patio


Verve Coffee may just have the best buildout of any coffee shop in L.A. The Santa Cruz-based roaster serves amazing coffee, of course, but—even better—you can enjoy it on the beautiful outdoor patio. 833 S. Spring St., vervecoffeeroasters.com


Dinosaur Coffee is just as cute as the couple that owns it. Michelle and Ben Hantoot are the newest kids on the block to join the lineup of good East Side coffee. The vibe is warm and funky for hanging out but serious when it comes to quality. 4334 Sunset Blvd., dinosaurcoffee.com

MANHATTAN BEACH The trek to Two Guns Espresso is totally worth it. Another Aussie-owned spot, it was a welcome addition to the South Bay in 2011, which was in dire need of an indie coffee shop. Stop in for the flat white. 350 N. Sepulveda Blvd. —L.S.


The 4 Best Places for Creatives to Refuel

sensibility to Maré, his latest venture on Melrose. To get to this new restaurant in the former back patio of The Foundry, guests must enter through the Grilled Cheese shop, pass the counter, go through the kitchen and out an enormous meat locker door. Once you’re there, enjoy seafoodfocused dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine in what feels like your own secret garden (so please keep it hush-hush). 7461 Melrose Ave., maremelrose.com —E.R.

CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT Best L.A. Lie Told to Newbies

with a buzz at G&B Coffee and a hearty breakfast at Eggslut, then graze the meaty marvels of Belcampo Meat Co. and snack on seafood at one of the newest stands, chef Mark Peel’s (formerly Campanile) Bombo. Finish with a sweat treat at Santa Barbara artisanal creamery McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams. 317 S. Broadway, grandcentralmarket.com —E.R.

Best Nontraditional Brunch You might not find recognizable brunch items on chef Kris Morningstar’s menu at Terrine, but with dishes like eggs benedict with crispy veal tongue, spinach and chive hollandaise; and house-smoked brisket hash with sunny side-up eggs, horseradish and burnt lilies sauce, who cares? Snag a table on the back patio and spend all afternoon sipping Bloody Marys made with Monoplova vodka and heirloom tomato juice that are strong enough to put hair on your chest. 8265 Beverly Blvd., terrinela.com —E.R.

Best Plant-Based Fine Dining Forget quinoa bowls and kale smoothies; at The Gadarene Swine, Chef Phillip Lee elevates vegan dining to a new level with elegant bites like hummus with seaweed snacks, crisp tomato rounds and homemade potato chips; and popcorn spiced up with fresh thyme and roasted garlic. 11266 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, thegadareneswine.com —E.R.


Best Burger in Town The burgers at Fairfax gastropub Plan Check may not be the biggest in town, but they’ve still got plenty to set them apart from the pack—namely chef Ernesto Uchimura’s “ketchup leather,” devised to keep the bun from getting soggy. The signature PCB (Plan Check Burger) starts with a juicy beef patty and comes topped with melted dashi cheese, onions caramelized in schmaltz and mixed pickles, but go for the Chef’s Favorite burger that includes crunchy bacon, a cheese crisp, hot sauce and a fried egg. 351 N. Fairfax Ave., plancheck.com —E.R.

Best Local Taco Chain Family-run restaurant Guisados is quickly becoming an L.A. mini-chain with locations in Boyle Heights, Echo Park, Downtown and, most recently, WeHo. The tacos are small, made-to-order and utterly delicious. Try the signature spicy tinga de pollo with a sliver of avocado as garnish, or go all-out with the six-taco sampler plate for the full range. Wash it all down with a Negro Modelo or house-made hibiscus agua fresca. 8935 Santa Monica Blvd., WeHo, guisados.com —E.R.

Best Option for Omakase Trying to pinpoint the city’s best sushi is like trying to pick out the hottest guy at Equinox. There are plenty of fabulous options, and it just comes down to personal taste. Some prefer the hushed, highend experience at Urasawa while others prefer Sawtelle’s casual sushi-slinging joints. If you’re looking for a nice mix of the two, head downtown to tiny Q, where chef Hiroyuki Naruke heads the kitchen. (Three L.A. lawyers paid to relocate him from his six-seat Tokyo restaurant to his new 26-seat base.) Save up, because you should order the 22-course tasting menu for $185 a person. 521 W. 7th St., qsushila.com —E.R.

“You’re no one unless you jump off the Hollywood Sign!” Don’t believe folks when they tell you this, because they will—constantly. Sure, the Peg Entwhistle story sounds like a perfect Tinseltown dream: In 1932, girl does Broadway; girl moves to La La Land and lives with her uncle on Beachwood; girl chows pills and slurps booze while waiting for the phone to ring; it doesn’t, so girl climbs the Hollywood sign and leaps off the H. The next day, she was offered a role at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Unfortunately, she was quite dead. Moral of the story: hang onto this filthy city and make it love you. On the other hand, things probably worked out best for Peg; she was clearly on the fast track to Scientology. —D.D.

Best Replacement for Schwabs When Seeking a Celebrity Run-In I think it’s obvious that celebs love Subway sandwiches—the tough over-herbed bread bricks, the alien-textured iridescent tomato slips, the bitter mouth-fuck of the green peppers, the rainbow-hued meats—it’s basically Tavern on the Green on the Go! I got into an argument with Jodie Sweetin at the Subway on Melrose and Martel; we both got the Seafood and Crab on Honey Wheat but she added black olives, which I hate. God, what a mix-up! Bottom line, go to Subway—eat fresh and fight with the stars. Locations throughout L.A. —D.D. FYF Fest

Best Straight-from-the-Volcano Pizza Pizza as we know it originated in 19th century Naples, but chefs Steve Samson and Zach Pollock have made a new home for it in L.A. at Sotto, complete with a specially commissioned, handbuilt Neapolitan pizza oven insulated with Vesuvian soil. Pies come with tantalizing toppings like housecured pork cheek, mild ricotta, fresh scallions and herbaceous fennel pollen, with just the right speckling of char and bubbles in the crunchy crust. 8575 W. Pico Blvd., sottorestaurant.com —E.R.

Best Potty-Mouthed Music Fest The name FYF Fest expands into Fuck Yeah Fest Fest, which is pretty redundant and not very nice. Swearing at concerts? What’s wrong with kids these days? Over a decade old, FYF is the city’s premier music festival, and after last year’s switch to a two-day party at the Sports Arena and Expo Park, it’s only gotten better. Running the weekend of Aug. 22, headliners include Frank Ocean, Morrissey and FKA Twigs, with our pick of the weekend being London’s disco DJ collective Horse Meat Disco. fyffest.com —P.R.

Best Podcast Eargasms Let’s face it—as actors and writers, none of us get enough work. Well, except for NeNe Leakes; we can AUGUST 19, 2015




Best of Broadway West If you think theater in L.A. is terrible, then you aren’t looking hard enough. Yes, we have plenty of selfserving solo shows. (The worst we can remember was a “wacky” tale of a commercial actress dealing with her mother-in-law on 9/11—in Los Angeles.) But several times a year we see something that blows our mind apart. Circle X’s production of Trevor was the stuff of dreams (3269 Casitas Ave., circlextheatre. org), as was Vs. Theatre’s mounting of Gus’s Fashion & Shoes (5453 W. Pico Blvd., vstheatre.org). And after a year in location limbo, Celebration Theatre is back this fall at a new space at the McCadden; you can always expect challenging and intelligent LGBT theater from them (celebrationtheatre.com). Or just go downtown to the REDCAT (631 W. 2nd St., redcat. org), where you might catch Frances McDormand wailing Shaker spoken-word. Not a joke, kids. —D.D.

Best Way to Take a Trip (Without Calling Your Dealer) Phony people, weird health crazes and bad transportation—we all know the L.A. stereotypes, and while we can’t speak to the first two, that last one is dead wrong. Los Angeles is shaping up its subways, and the Expo Line—the newest addition— cuts through Downtown to Culver City, expanding to Santa Monica as early as next year. Why not check out MOCA Downtown and then cruise to the Museum of Natural History? Hell, you can take your dealer, too. We won’t judge. metro.net —P.R.



Best Block for Art Galleries While there are plenty of thriving art galleries in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, there’s power in numbers over in the Culver City Arts District. There are 15 galleries alone on La Cienega between Washington and Venice Boulevards—and that’s only half of it. Drive by on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll see that this area is always popping with art afficionados (and probably philistines who just like wine). —L.S.

Best Place to Be a Super Sleuth Throw on your detective hat (or something close to it) and head to Escape Room L.A., where your puzzle-solving skills are put to the ultimate test. After success with “The Detective,” game-maker John Hennessy (who helped found Race/L.A.) opened up a second escape game called “The Cavern.” Both scenarios include clues and puzzles that lead to your 12-person team’s escape—if you solve them in time, that is. 120 E. 8th St., DTLA. escaperoomla.com —L.S.

Best Way to Get Tipsy OK, so you may not want to get too tipsy kayaking the Los Angeles River. Since the ‘30s, when the free-forming river was cemented to maintain a predictable flow, it’s been an eyesore. A yearslong restoration has reversed that image, and L.A. Kayak Safari highlights the changes with rides down

a pristine stretch in Elysian Valley (the water is so clean, it’s nearly drinking water quality). Spot some herons and other wildlife during the “lazy river” moments, but don’t relax too much—this ride has a few rough patches. lariverkayaksafari.org —P.R.

Best Place to See Some Stars No, we’re not talking about some god-awful cavernous Hollywood club, but one of L.A.’s most unique theater experiences—the Electric Dusk Drive-In. Situated in the Fashion District, this abandoned produce market turns into an old-fashioned drive-in twice per month, showing movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Princess Bride. The concession stand serves up BBQ, and pets are always welcomed. How can you beat that? 1000 San Julian St., electricdusk drivein.com —P.R.

Best Place to Get Strung Up The Hollywood Bowl is a shrine to everything that makes this city great—wonderful weather, good friends and great entertainment. Each year, every Angeleno worth his salt scours the lineup for the best shows hitting the iconic, beautiful amphitheatre. This year is a good one—we’ve been looking forward to Erykah Badu, Empire of the Sun and Grace Jones. And never miss the L.A. Phil—its sweet strings will accompany the customary season finale (Sept. 11-13) as well as a Bugs Bunny-inspired symphonic revue (Aug. 14-15). Pack a picnic and enjoy. 2301 Highland Ave., hollywoodbowl.com —P.R.

Best Place to Mosh and Slosh L.A. River

Nothing epitomizes an intimate concert quite like The Troubadour, where big acts and indie darlings are both drawn to the venue’s history and party vibe. Drinks are reasonably priced, especially for West Hollywood, and the smack-dab-in-themiddle stage lets you experience your favorite band just as you want to—up close and with full intensity. This summer, check out stoner fuzzrockers Wavves (Sept. 12) or The Get Up Kids’ 20th Anniversary show (Sept. 9, 11). 9081 Santa Monica Blvd., troubadour.com —P.R.


all agree she’s been given too much. The rest of us have to put our hot imagination demons somewhere—otherwise we’d be running through Runyon Canyon screaming at coyotes and making wigs out of moss—so thank God for podcasts. We love Ronna & Beverly, a brilliant nonstop chatter riot by two of the most hilarious women on God’s green, Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo (ronnaandbeverly.com). Also, if you don’t listen to Throwing Shade with Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson (throwingshade.com), you’re missing out on two of our funniest lunatics, who expertly weave politics and stupid headlines and crazy family tales into the most entertaining hour of your week. —D.D.

RETAIL & SERVICES From left: DTLA’s Electric Dusk Drive-In, the Hollywood Bowl finale fireworks spectacular, Escape Room L.A., Marco Marco underwear, The Last Booksotre’s book tunnel, Wacky Wacko, Driving is a Drag’s Erik Koral

Best Local Butt Huggers

Best Nerdgasm

Best ‘WTF Are You Wearing?’ Fashion

In WeHo, what you wear under your pants is just as important as your flat-fronts themselves. For locally manufactured skivvies, nothing is funkier than Hollywood-based Marco Marco’s bold color palette and contouring fabrics, as evidenced by their appearance on so many sexy go-go boys’ asses across town. Purchase online at marcomarcounderwear.com. —M.C.

With the ascent of gay geek chic, keeping up on current comics is paramount. Mega City One carries a wide selection of both mainstream and indie titles, plus they offer 10% off new issues all week long. Hardcore nerds will appreciate the vast selection of action figures and tables accommodating games of Magic: The Gathering. It’s more than a comic book store; it’s your friendly neighborhood clubhouse. 7301 Melrose Ave., megacityone.com —M.C.

You’ll never show up in the same outfit as someone else when you shop at Seth Bogart’s Wacky Wacko, an Echo Park boutique that stocks nothing but loud, offthe-wall pieces. The vibe is ‘80s pop art-meets-funky fashion, promising lively additions to your wardrobe, whether it’s underwear or new bedding you seek. 1361 Sunset Blvd., wackywacko.com —L.S.

Best Bewigged Lyft Driver

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or adding sultry touches to your bedroom, WeHo’s Candle Delirium has long been the city’s one-stop shop for scents you never knew existed. Delirium is right, too, when you see the incredible selection, but don’t fret; a kind staff member is always on-hand to walk you through this high-end wax wonderland. 7980 Santa Monica Blvd., candledelirium.com —L.S.

Best Drag Deals The aspiring drag queen who finds herself as destitute as she is creative should hit up the Jet Rag $1 Rummage Sale on Sundays. A keen eye is sure to spot some gorgeous needles in these massive haystacks, and the dirt-cheap pricetags are well within the humblest of budgets, no matter which gender you’re looking to clothe. 825 N. La Brea Ave. —M.C.

Best Places to Meet Other Bookworms “Independent” and “Hollywood” may not always mesh well, but at Book Soup it’s the name of the game (8818 Sunset Blvd., booksoup.com). WeHo’s thriving indie bookstore is a staple for the local neighborhood and big-name authors alike. It’s easy to get lost for hours—just the way it should be at your favorite bookstore. The Last Bookstore (453 S. Spring St., lastbookstorela.com) is a world-famous literary treasure right in DTLA. Peruse its vast collection or pop into the book tunnel upstairs for the perfect Friday night date. —L.S.



As the founder of Driving is a Drag, what you get when Erik Koral’s Prius pulls up is a car decorated with beads and teddy bears—and Koral dressed as his drag queen alter-ego Erika Simone at the wheel. It’s a ride-sharing experience like no other, inviting you to dress up in feather boas, sing along to karaoke favorites and get an impromptu tour of Hollywood by a sassy local. drivingisadrag.com —L.S.

Best Place to Hole Up and Write Your Screenplay Hotel Covell proves size doesn’t matter; it’s how you use it that counts. This boutique property has been all the rage since it opened in Los Feliz earlier this year. Each room—or chapter, as they’re called—tells a story with a different theme and décor. The rooms range from 300 to 800 square feet and feel more like your dream apartment than hotel room. 4626 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz, hotelcovell.com —L.S.

Best Place to Shop for Mood Lighting

Best Place to Unload Your Vinyl Collection You don’t have to be an Angeleno to know that vinyl is alive and well, but living here certainly helps if you’re looking to add to your personal collection. Avid record collectors who prefer to shy away from the stimulus overload of places like Amoeba Music will find themselves overjoyed at Mono Records in Silver Lake, which buys and sells vinyl and is known for its well-curated selection, unpretentious staff and reasonable prices. 1805 Glendale Blvd., monorecordsla.com —L.S.

One of the best aspects of living in L.A. is that everything can be delivered straight to your door


When you’ve partied a bit too hard or are stricken with a severe case of the munchies, like a lovechild of Uber and Whole Foods, Yummy delivers groceries to your door in approximately 30 minutes—just enough time to watch something on Netflix while you wait for your nosh. yummy.com


You and your boys have already had quite a few cocktails when you realize that bottle of Smirnoff is almost completely drained. Don’t panic—download the Saucey app onto your smartphone. The California delivery service specializes in fetching libations (in under an hour), so you can continue your partying without risking one of those pesky DUIs. sauceyapp.com


When you take a rip off your gravity bong and suck up nothing but ash, in the past you were forced to schlep to a dispensary, leaving that Adventure Time marathon behind. Fortunately, Speed Weed, L.A.’s online medical marijuana delivery service, is willing to do the schlepping for you, so all you’ll have to worry about is finding your laptop. speedweed.com —M.C. AUGUST 19, 2015




From left: Acupuncture facility WellStream, L.A. Boulders, Mansion Fitness, Fubar’s Thursday night party Big Fat Dick, A Club Called Rhonda

Best Private Gym with Nightclub Lighting

Best Beach Bum Magnet

Best Place to Get Sweaty

WeHo gyms can be intimidating. With hordes of chiseled physiques infesting every incline bench, it’s easy to talk yourself out of working out entirely. The solution is Mansion Fitness, a private gym where personal trainers collaborate with clients on fitness goals in an intimate, elegant atmosphere. I mean, how often do you get to squat thrust under crystal chandeliers? 7912 Santa Monica Blvd., mansionfitness.com —M.C.

The competition for best beach is stiff in this city, where there’s no shortage of places to enjoy a coldpressed juice and work on your tan. But Manhattan Beach is definitely a beach above the rest, with plenty of space to lay out, ample parking (just don’t slack on filling your meter), a scenic pier and an adorably upscale downtown area. —L.S.

For much-needed perspiration, look no further than The Sweat Spot in Silver Lake, run by dancer and choreographer Ryan Heffington. He’s worked with the likes of Sia, Kesha and Icona Pop, and he packs a full house for his Sweaty Sunday classes. Whether you’re feeling jazz, ballet or pop-based moves, be ready to hit the dance floor, because there’s a spot for you here. 3327 Sunset Blvd., thesweatspotla.com —L.S.

Situated at the gay nexus of SMB and La Cienega, Exhale dispensary’s modern space and breezy atmosphere is a far cry from the sketchy vibe wafting off its local competitors. At the vanguard of toke tech, this place complements its top-shelf herbage with a selection of vape oils, waxes and accessories, but it’s the free joints gifted with every purchase that’ll keep you coming back. 980 N. La Cienega Blvd., exhalemedcenter.com —M.C.

Best Way to Become a Nowhere Man There’s no shortage of great trails in L.A., from Runyon to Point Dume, but if you’re up for a taxing— though rewarding—hike, check out Azusa’s Bridge to Nowhere. Nestled deep in the San Gabriel Mountains and requiring at least a half-dozen treks through rushing water, this oddity is worth the trouble. Built in 1936, the art deco bridge was meant to connect San Gabriel to Wrightwood, but funding never came through, and now it sits abandoned in the foothills. Those with energy left can bungee jump off the structure toward the torrid river below. Mt. Baldy, Calif. —P.R.

Best Sexual Education

With 12,000 square feet to play on and walls clocking in at 17 feet high, there’s plenty of room to climb at DTLA’s L.A. Boulders (1375 E. 6th St., touchstoneclimbing.com). This huge indoor rock climbing gym is the perfect place to get your feet wet or beef up your skills, and they take pride in constantly setting new routes, so you’ll never get bored. For climbers ready for the real thing, there’s Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School’s group classes and private lessons for all levels, boasting beautiful rocks up to 230 feet tall. No matter where your climbing skills are, you’ll find the right challenge here. joshuatreerockclimbing.com —L.S. 46


You should be exercising more, shouldn’t you? You should get out and mingle, too, right? Well, the Gay Bicycle Club of Southern California has you covered in both cases, sponsoring rides like Long Beach to Balboa or Marina Del Rey to Santa Monica. Most trips are designed for newbies, so don’t worry about flailing in front of a potential date. This welcoming tribe of cyclists hosts monthly rides throughout the Southland, aiming to build a strong gay biking community in the wider community. facebook.com/ SouthernCaliforniaGayBicycleClub —P.R.

Best Place to Get a Woof (Aside from Scruff)

You should always aim to improve yourself in the boudoir, so learn to be a better lover with one of The Pleasure Chest’s many sex workshops. Learn to walk on the wild side of sex during “Extreme Sex with Damon Holzum” on Aug. 12, or improve your fellatio technique with “Blowjobs and Beyond with Chris” on Sept. 9. 7733 Santa Monica Blvd., thepleasurechest.com —M.C.

Best Place to Become a Rock God

Best Way to Cruise (With) Guys

Best Place to Get the Spins If it’s good enough for Madonna, it’s good enough for us. WeHo’s Cycle House spins on the serious side and makes it all about sweat, sculpting and intense cardio. You won’t find any of that frou frou stuff from other spin studios here—just a pure workout and maybe the occasional film crew. This famed studio now has its own reality series on E!, Hollywood Cycle, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. 8511 Melrose Ave., cyclehousela.com —L.S.

Angelenos love their dogs—we put them in purses, feed them organic food and generally treat them like fluffy royalty. Unlike other major cities, L.A. rarely has restrictions or dues for dog parks—meaning you can hop from one canine-friendly locale to the next. Silver Lake Dog Park is the city’s best, with separate areas for big and small dogs, as well as a steady stream of friendly pooches to keep your mutt busy. 1850 W Silver Lake Dr., silverlakedogpark.com —P.R.

Best Place to Get Poked You might think of acupuncture as simply a treatment for pain, but the folks at WellStream want you to know there’s more to the practice than relieving back issues. One of the largest acupuncture facilities in California, here they help with stress, bloating, endometriosis and more. Located in Larchmont, this facility is ready to make you feel great—no matter what ails you. 321 N. Larchmont Blvd., wellstreamacupuncture.com —P.R.


Best Joint Joint


Best Nostalgiac 8-Bit Bar

Best Daytime Diving

Best Venue for Tipsy Twerking

The arcade—a former touchtone of American culture—had all but disappeared in the last few decades until EightyTwo single-handedly resuscitated the concept. Its expansive Arts District space offers a smorgasbord of retro games, pinball machines and amazing DJs. Venturing into this much-needed gem will make anyone feel like a kid again—that is until you tap into its full-service selection of adult cocktails and craft beers. 707 E. 4th Pl., eightytwo.la —K.W.

It’s time to forget about the trendier, splashier, more youthful gay bars further down Santa Monica Boulevard, because the Gold Coast is legitimately where the fun is happening when the sun is bright. This no-frills, locals-frequented dive bar may not accept credit cards, but their drinks are strong, their heart is big and the intoxicated conversations cannot be beat. 8228 Santa Monica Blvd., goldcoastweho.com —K.W.

When seeking out West Hollywood’s best DJs, hit up Here Lounge. Boystown’s quintessential gay bar, it serves up strong cocktails, shirtless bar hunks, brash drag divas and, most importantly, adroit soundsmiths. Size Sundays alone boasts the talents of resident DJs Casey Alva, Josh Peace, Manny Lehman, Derek Monteiro and the Perry Twins, to name a few. If you’re looking to get tipsy and twerk, this is your dance floor. 696 N. Robertson Blvd., herelounge.com —M.C.

Best Underground Party Striking up a conversation with underground dance party Dialogue is no easy feat. The all-night house music event is hidden inside a well-respected DTLA art gallery, but first the determined partier must visit a series of checkpoints disguised as functioning bodegas in order to gain access to its highly secretive yet unstoppably sinful beats. This party may have its unique set of challenges, but the rewards never fail to keep the night (and morning) young. —K.W.

Best Disco


Do the midweek blues have you down? Forget for a minute that you have to work in the morning, because Dirty Dave’s long-running dance institution Love Thang continues to attract an always gorgeous and enthusiastic crowd onto the discoinfused dance floor of The Echoplex. 1154 Glendale Blvd., theecho.com —K.W.

Best Daytime Drinking (with Bouncy Castle) Long-running summer party Bears in Space at Akbar has outgrown its reputation as the quintessential bear gathering of the summer and has evolved into a carnival of delight for anyone in Los Angeles seeking stiff drinks, pop-up shops, food trucks, a novelty bouncy castle and an unprecedented array of talented DJs. When it comes to daytime hard-partying, it may very well be the most iconic celebration of L.A. culture since the construction of our beloved Hollywood sign. Launch me into space! 4356 Sunset Blvd., akbarsilverlake.com —K.W.

Best Electronic Music Events The evolution of Downtown’s Arts District continues unabated with PrototypeLA’s string of events, which in the last year has grown so colossal that its only rival in town are bottle-service mega-clubs Avalon and Exchange. This often chaotic merging of the biggest international DJs in a no-frills warehouse setting miraculously strikes a perfect balance appeasing every type of partier, from the Hollywood club diva to the underground dance music snob. There’s no rest for the wicked. 613 Imperial St., prototypela.com —K.W.

Best Place to Gaze a Gaggle of Go-Gos In the ongoing “Sharks vs. Jets” feud between gay L.A.’s East and West Sides, the battle usually boils down to smooth muscles or hairy raunch. Mario Diaz’s Thursday night party at Fubar, Big Fat Dick, takes WeHo’s athletic bodies, Silver Lake’s bearded boys and blends it all with an anything-goes backdrop. The party’s signature competition—where anonymous dick pics of patrons are voted on by the crowd—deliciously blurs the lines of exploitation. 7994 Santa Monica Blvd., fubarla.com —M.C. EightyTwo

Best People Watching In a city of traffic, congestion and isolation, A Club Called Rhonda has for the last decade been our truest representation of contemporary L.A. street fashion; a pervasive explosion of Paris is Burning ball decadence, John Waters trashiness and Studio 54 extravagance. It’s the pantheon of polysexual, anything-goes fashion, and perhaps the most important event happening in Los Angeles today. Your eyes will never be bored. rhondainternational.com —K.W. AUGUST 19 , 2015


Riding the New

WAVE DTLA’s pink triangle—the fresh batch of gay bars including Precinct, Redline and, soon, Bar Mattachine—has brought LGBTs out of the woodwork, ready to party in the city’s most booming neighborhood By Drew Mackie | Photography by Ryan Forbes

ow does this sound for a Friday night plan? Snag a ride downtown and go to a gay bar. Enjoy a drink or two, see who’s there and then walk a few short blocks to another gay bar. Then mosey on to a third gay bar that’s again only walking distance away. Repeat every weekend. This doesn’t sound like an L.A. night out, but by the end of this summer, Downtown Los Angeles will house three recently opened gay bars—a fun, walkable triangle that marks a new age for gay nightlife outside West Hollywood and Silver Lake. First, Precinct celebrated its grand opening on June 17, sitting a story above the traffic of South Broadway and 4th Street. Next, Redline opened its doors for business on July 14, just blocks away on the corner of South Los Angeles and 6th. And by late summer, these two will be joined by Bar Mattachine at Broadway and 7th—just a five-minute walk back to Precinct. It’s not exactly a coincidence that three new establishments should suddenly arise in a neighborhood not exactly known for dedicated gay nightlife, aside from the longstanding New Jalisco Bar on Main and popular dance party Mustache Mondays at La Cita over on South Hill. Precinct, Redline and Mattachine’s near-simultaneous arrival results from the gradual need for new, different gay spaces in the greater Los Angeles area, but in particular Downtown, whose growing population currently boasts an estimated 50,000—five times more than it did in 2005.


f the five new bars that have opened downtown in the last year, two of them are gay bars. (Mattachine’s arrival will see gay bars and non-gay bars break even.) It’s a change welcomed by City Councilmember Jose Huizar, whose district includes Downtown. “Every great city needs a great downtown, and the more inclusionary DTLA is, the greater it will be,” says Huizar, who also said he’d help usher along future LGBT venues in the future. Thor Stephens, co-owner of Precinct with Brian McIntire, explains that his bar serves the larger L.A. gay community but especially the concentrated population of downtown gays who might otherwise need to trek elsewhere. “There’s a whole group of men here that I haven’t seen before,” says Stephens, who was previously the bar manager at Faultline on L.A.’s East Side. “I haven’t seen these guys in West Hollywood. I haven’t seen these guys in Silver Lake. They’re



downtown, and there was nowhere to go here.” Now there is, and as Stephens sees it, that’s a good sign for gay Los Angeles. “For a long time, gay bars didn’t open; they closed,” he says. “It’s good for everyone if we can revitalize gay nightlife and get people to go out and do stuff, as opposed to just sitting at home with their damn phones.” Oliver Alpuche, co-owner of Redline with Zachary Beus, echoes Stephens’ statements. “Downtown Los Angeles specifically had been a dead zone for years, and people are finally realizing that there’s a lot of growth and opportunity here,” he says. A DTLA resident, Alpuche says the idea to open up a bar arose when Beus moved downtown as well and asked a simple question: “What do we do?” Alpuche explained where the gay bars were, and Beus was surprised at how decentralized gay life was from downtown. “After a few years, we’d see many other members of the LGBT community out on the streets, and we wondered, ‘Where does everyone go out at night?’” he says. Fourteen months later, Redline became the second of Downtown Los Angeles’ new gay bars. Its arrival doesn’t threaten Precinct’s success, however. As the two pairs of bar owners readily attest, having multiple gay bars is a boon for business. “What Brian and Thor are doing will definitely help bring the crowd downtown—and help keep people who are already downtown from going elsewhere,” Alpuche says. “It’s win-win.” Stephens says he and McIntire even gave the Redline owners the benefit of their experience navigating the various processes needed to open a bar. “Part of it is self-serving,” he admits. “If they exist and there’s more draw to downtown, we all benefit.” Enter Bar Mattachine, which has yet to nail down a solid opening date but whose owners aim to start welcoming patrons in late summer. Garrett McKechnie (pictured behind the bar at right), co-owner alongside Vee Delgadillo and Jigger Mercado, agrees that DTLA was begging for new gay nightspots. “There’s a very creative, interesting vibe happening downtown,” McKechnie says. “People have been saying that it’s been coming for a while, and now it’s actually happening. Just walking Spring Street between 5th and 7th, I’m blown away. There are so many young single people moving there. It’s only appropriate for some new gay establishments to open up.” And McKechnie agrees that the Precinct-Redline-Mattachine

Inside DTLA’s new Bar Mattachine, Derek wears shirt and jeans by Zara, bracelet by TopMan

AUGUST 19, 2015


THE TRIANGLE IS COMPLETE The interior of Bar Mattachine has been warmed up with stone, wood, reclaimed furniture and gold accents throughout. Derek wears Klein Epstein Parker, with cuff links and shoes by TopMan



threesome could form a great, symbiotic relationship. “I think it’s great,” he says. “The success of those two bars is key to the success of my bar.”


he story of DTLA’s gay bar renaissance begins with Precinct, and for Stephens and McIntire, it’s been an arduous journey just to open the bar’s doors. They first signed the lease in January 2014. Stephens describes the period that followed as “19 months of hell.” Zoning changes, traffic studies, sewer connections, sprinkler work and “a thousand little other horrible things along the way” pushed back

the bar’s opening date—and caused temporary closures beyond the grand opening. (A spokesperson for Huizar’s office did estimate that the average time it takes for a new bar to open downtown is between one year and 18 months.) Stephens says opening for business wasn’t just a goal; it was a necessity. “If we hadn’t opened when we did, we never would have opened. Two weeks later? This would never have happened,” he says. It’s perhaps surprising to hear Stephens say that he holds City Hall in high esteem. Discussing the sprinkler work that recently necessitated the bar’s brief

us. They come in and fix the problems,” he says, noting that Garcetti and Huizar are trying to change the process for the better. Now Precinct is at long-last open, delivering a service to a neighborhood that sorely needed it. And he hopes to introduce a new generation of gays to a form of socializing they may not have experienced before. “Throughout the ’80s and the ’90s, there were no smartphones. You went to a gay bar to meet guys,” Stephens says. “Now there’s a disconnect between the older guys and the younger guys, who have a completely different life experience. The younger ones don’t mind going to a straight bar to hang out. Personally, I’d rather die.” He continues, “It’s important to bring these guys into the world of ‘This is a gay bar. This is what it means to have a bar full of men.’ And that will hopefully get them to go out more and experience something they maybe haven’t before.”


closure, Stephens says, “It’s one of the things that Eric Garcetti has just stepped up and kicked ass on. He and Ray Chan, the head of Building and Safety— both wanted to get rid of this rule that was created in the ‘80s, and they actually stepped in and said, ‘No, this is bullshit.’” Stephens also says he feels Precinct wasn’t the only new business to suffer as a result of the lengthy, difficult process. “This is the process that is the City of L.A. Planning. We have dealt with people who I think were part of their issue, but the city overall has been very supportive. They’ve been 100% behind

s Alpuche sees it, Redline is embracing history in a different way. “What everyone says about Downtown is that when you walk around, you look up and see all the great architectural details. These buildings are 100-plus years old,” he says. “We wanted to make sure that what we built matched. In our design, there’s a lot of elements from when that building was first built, to make sure it felt like Redline belonged in the building.” Inside, patrons will find an industrial chic atmosphere. Alpuche and Beus chose Redline’s location so it would integrate with the neighborhood. Within a single block of Redline are seven locations where patrons can stop—to drink, grab a bite or shop—and Alpuche says this makes Redline feel like part of one connected downtown experience. “We wanted to be part of everything,” he says. “We wanted people to come over and go to Cole’s, have a French Dip, and then come over to Redline for a drink after.” Just barely open, Redline hit the ground running and has just recently started advertising events. Alpuche acknowledges that the bar has benefitted from a shorter processing time than did Precinct— just 14 months. Overall, Alpuche says the city has welcomed Redline. “LADP has been extremely supportive. City Hall has been extremely supportive. We’ve never encountered anyone that said, ‘That’s not going to work. We don’t want that here,’” he says. “It’s just been a tough process. But we did it! And we cannot be happier.” Alpuche’s aim for Redline is to help re-create DTLA as a destination that evokes the feel of big urban centers elsewhere. “What’s happening down here is absolutely amazing, and we’ve noticed an influx of people coming from New York and wanting that big city feel. And that’s what Downtown has—only we also have the good weather. We have it all,” he says. “But before, it was hard to invite people to Downtown for the

night. We always felt extremely comfortable at any of the restaurants here, but there’s something about having a gay bar,” he says. Alpuche says he wants Redline to be a community asset. “We’re not just in it for the business. This was something Zach and I wanted to do—to create a space for the LGBT community.”


hen Bar Mattachine opens in the space previously occupied by vodka bar Silo, it will bring something new to the L.A. gay bar landscape—craft cocktails. Instead of well drinks, patrons can order from a list of drinks that includes the Harry Hay, named for the gay rights pioneer who founded the Mattachine Society in Los Angeles in 1950. “He drank a lot of whiskey,” McKechnie says of the drink’s namesake. “So it’s a rye cocktail with a little bit of fruit and a touch of bitters. It’s actually a simple cocktail, but we added a flaming lemon peel, which actually creates a lot of flavor, and then threw a cherry in it. It’s a flamboyant kind of garnish.” That’s the sort of touch McKechnie hopes will distinguish Mattachine from its sister bars, but he’s careful to mention that seasonal specialty cocktails made from fresh ingredients won’t make for a stuffy atmosphere. “It’s not going to be a suspender bar. It’s still going to be sexy and casual,” he says, explaining that he wants customers to feel comfortable wearing tank tops and flip-flops. McKechnie, who cut his teeth at Barracuda in New York and has served as a consultant in the formation of many L.A. bars, reiterates why it’s important to establish new gay spaces. “The invention of Grindr and all that did have an effect on gay culture; gay bars were ghettoized and slowed down. But now I’ve been noticing that it’s getting busier and busier,” he says. “And it may be that people want to go to a place where they can look across the room and see someone and know that there’s more than a 10% chance this person might be attracted to you.” Mattachine’s two-story space also allows for a performance space, and McKechnie says he hopes to one day host talent—maybe even a drag queen in residence. McKechnie hopes his bar, Redline and Precinct make Downtown L.A. seem like a viable destination for gays looking to have a good time. “If someone is going to take an Uber from West Hollywood, it’s much easier to get in a car and come to my bar for a cocktail, Redline for a cocktail and then to Precinct and make the whole triangle,” he says. Gay bars are an important part of gay identity, McKechnie says, and it follows that these three new establishments can offer patrons a unique experience that reflects how gay culture itself is segmented but united by a common interest. “At the end of the day, we don’t have to be homogenous,” McKechnie says. “We can be different, in a wonderful and beautiful way.”

AUGUST 19, 2015


SEXY SUMMER ESSENTIALS Whether you’ve bailed on work for a beach day, are heading out to California’s snow-covered trails or have late-night plans for dinner and dancing, let this be the summer you had a blast while looking amazing






For the Weekend Hike


1. The All-Purpose Summer Staple Stylish and cool, the chambray shirt is the musthave that should be in every man’s closet this summer. $79 online at rpmwest.com 2. Dupres Vest by Moncler A cozy, padded turtleneck vest suited for an Alpine-friendly or casual city day look. $780 at Moncler, 328 N. Rodeo Dr., Bev. Hills, moncler.com


3. The Perfect Energy Bar One bite and you’ll be hooked. These organic protein bars by 22 Days are a perfect treat after a morning run or hike. $3 at Whole Foods, 6350 W. 3rd St., L.A. 4. Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner Made with herbal extracts, antioxidants and vitamins, this men’s astringent will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. $18 at General Quarters, 153 S. La Brea Ave, L.A. 5. The Jungle Boot for Civilians A modern athletic boot designed with breathable canvas and ultra-lightweight comfort for the outdoor man. $150 at NikeTown Los Angeles, 9560 Wilshire Blvd., Bev. Hills, nike.com




6. Hanes White Ribbed Tank You can never go wrong with a classic Hanes ribbed tank; wear it alone or layered under a shirt for a complete look. 3 for $12 at Target, 7100 Santa Monica Blvd., WeHo, target.com 7. Tracker Short by Theory With exposed pockets, an elasticized waistband and breathable fabric, you’ll never want to take these off. $135 at Theory, 8428 Melrose Ave., L.A., theory.com 8. Harwick Backpack For the guy on the run, this water-repellant nylon bag with a padded body and leather handles is great for that spontaneous hike. $98 at J.Crew Men’s Shop at The Grove, jcrew.com




For a Night on the Town



1. Noir Deodorant Stick Woodsy with a bit of cinnamon, this deodorant not only smells delicious but will keep you dry all night, too. Mr. Ford agrees. $35 at Nordstrom at The Grove, nordstrom.com 2. Japanese Selvedge Denim These jeans are the perfect combination of premium Japanese raw selvedge denim and American craftsmanship, and they’ll fit to your body in all the right places. $135 online at rpmwest.com 3. Tom Ford Wrap T Bracelet This masculine bracelet adds the finishing touch to your night out and lets your jewelry do the talking. $390 at 346 N. Rodeo Dr., Bev. Hills, tomford.com 4. Lanvin Low-Top Sneakers Take your shoe game to the next level with this suede calfskin pair. Designer sneakers never go out of style. $495 at Neiman Marcus, 9700 Wilshire Blvd., Bev. Hills, lanvin.com 5. Pow! Wow! Shirt Hawaiian prints aren’t just for tourists. Totally on trend this season, printed florals—like this one by Roberta Oaks—add a pop of playfulness when paired under your favorite slim-fitting blazer. $120 at Roberta Oaks in Honolulu and online at robertaoaks.com 6. Cannabis Santal Parfum by Fresh You just need one spritz of the season’s hottest woodsy scent—a sensual, refreshing fragrance that captures raw desire. $88 at Sephora at Hollywood + Highland, sephora.com


7. John Varvatos Slim-Fit Leather Jacket The sleek design of this leather jacket merges innovation and heritage, and it’s a fashionable alternative to a blazer. $1,898 at John Varvatos, 8800 Melrose Ave., WeHo, johnvarvatos.com 8. Your New Favorite Energy Drink A quick boost of energy that also helps promote weight loss, when you’ve got a long night ahead, Celsius is healthier than Red Bull, and we love the taste. $3 at Ralphs throughout Los Angeles






AUGUST 19, 2015





4 For a Breezy Beach Day 1. YSL Shades Choose the right pair of sunnies to shape your handsome face. This classy pair is sophisticated and timeless. $325 at Saint Laurent at the Beverly Center, ysl.com 2. Brigata Shoes by Vans A pop of brightness on your feet adds flavor to your outfit and transitions perfectly from the sand to your favorite lunch spot. Inspired by the traditional boat shoe, this style features durable canvas, metal eyelets and Vans’ signature waffle soles. $55 at Vans, 400 Broadway, SaMo, vans.com


3. Ombre Beach Towel Big enough for two, you and your buddy should have fun on the sand together. $20 at Target, 7100 Santa Monica Blvd., WeHo, target.com 4. Anchor Gold Bracelet by Miansai Bring this timeless gold-plated bracelet with you on board. Subtle bling on your wrist gives your overall look loads of character. $185 online at miansai.com 5. Swim Shorts by Vanwolff Camo prints never go out of style, so easily add some to your summer wardrobe with these classic fit shorts. $75 online at vanwolff.com 6. The Perfect Skin Protection This versatile Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen by Clarins not only protects from harmful rays but also pollution and free radicals while improving your overall tone. It’s lightweight and scentfree. $42 at Sephora at Hollywood + Highland, sephora.com 7. Paul Smith ‘Badlands’ Shirt Our current obsession is novelty-inspired printed wovens, and this is your not-so-typical button-down—tailored, lightweight and perfect for summer. $215 at Paul Smith, 8221 Melrose Ave., L.A., paulsmith.co.uk 8. Super Luxe Beach Bag This perfectly sized, simple and elegant Hermès Escale bag will have everyone talking while keeping your belongings stylish and safe. $1,075 at Hermès, 434 N. Rodeo Dr.,Bev. Hills, hermes.com






AUGUST 19, 2015


THE WORLD OF BILLY MASTERS From left: Aussie footballer and model Luke Casey, Caitlyn Jenner, antibullying hunk Ben Cohen, new fiancés Allyson Chinalia and Harry Louis


Caitlyn’s New ‘Boy’ Friend In a scene clearly staged for the reality show cameras, Caitlyn Jenner had what is being called a “religious naming ceremony” at her Malibu home. Paparazzi pics from the pious event (officiated by some sort of cleric) show about 15 attendees of questionable gender all in white watching the outdoor ceremony. Cameras and elaborate lighting captured every bit of the pomp and circumstance—the circumstances of which are dubious. Entertainment was provided by Boy George, who I suspect wore 56


something more slimming than white! The next day, Jenner returned the favor by appearing at the Greek Theatre to introduce Culture Club (though I’m not entirely sure she ingratiated herself to the band by continually referring to it as a Boy George concert). Here’s what she said: “Caitlyn Jenner in the house for her first Boy George concert. This is going to be a good group. Thank you so much. Enough about me. Thank you for being here tonight. This is so much fun for me. Let’s hear it here at the Greek Theatre for Boy George! Let’s get it going!” This transcript is shared with you for two purposes: First, to show how difficult it is to be a good MC; second, to show who’s getting all my gigs! If I’m to make a living, I may have to consider estrogen replacement therapy. The Hot Guy Circuit Gay porn star Harry Louis got engaged on live television to Allyson Chinalia, often referred to as his “look-alike boyfriend.” They were on a TV show in Spain when Louis popped the question. It may be in Spanish, but I’ve been watching Caso Cerrado on Telemundo for two years, so I’m virtually bilingual. For those of you who lack a foreign tongue, Louis sweetly tweeted the announcement in two languages, and he shared a sentiment I’m sure anyone who has been in love will understand: “I have no words to express how much I love you @allysonchinalia!!! I also love doughnuts, but you are sweeter...” Nothing says I love you more than complimenting some guy’s cruller! We’ll post the video and some hot shots of the sexy couple online. Since we’re talking hot foreign guys, let’s turn our attention to Luke Casey, an Australian footballer and model. For reasons completely unknown to me,

Australians appear to enjoy being photographed au naturale—and who am I to complain? The sexy 20-year-old stripped down for a photographer—and apparently shaved down as well, since he appears to have all the pubic hair of a newborn. Of course, this only accentuates every nook and cranny of his fantastic physique. Let me add that what he may be lacking in the flaccid penile department, he certainly makes up for in foreskin, if that’s your thing. You can decide for yourself when you see him on my site. Ask Billy: All Chained Up Our question comes from Karl in Chicago. “I just saw photos of Nick Jonas looking hotter than f*ck performing at some gay club all chained up. What’s that all about?” Little Nick Jonas is continuing his quest for world domination—or at least the part of the world belonging to Justin Timberlake—by conquering it one gay bar at a time. This was his second performance at the legendary G-A-Y party at Heaven in London. What made it memorable was that he sang his single “Chains” whilst actually chained up by drag queens! “You know, we’ve gotta do something special for the G-A-Y audience, right?” he said, looking hotter than ever (those arms), as you’ll see when you watch the video on my site. When a Jonas can be restrained by drag queens, it’s definitely time to end yet another column. Nick’s not the only one giving you something special. You can always get a rise fromBillyMasters.com, the site that likes it rough. If you’ve got a question for me, send it along to Billy@BillyMasters.com and I promise to get back to you before someone takes care of my cruller! Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.


Ben’s Burgers There are pros and cons to being in the public eye. Straight rugby player Ben Cohen has used his popularity to speak out against bullying, even starting The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. But last week he found himself the target of some nastiness. As a professional athlete, Cohen has always maintained a good—if not slightly burly—physique. On July 22, he posted some less-than-flattering shots of himself frolicking on the beach with the caption “Eaten way [too] many burgers. Need to get back into shape!! Or maybe it was just the camera angle. LOL.” Two days later, those same photos turned up in the UK’s Telegraph accompanying an article called “How to Avoid a Middle-Age Man Spread” with the subhead “As former rugby player Ben Cohen is photographed looking portlier than usual, experts reveal how men can avoid piling on those extra kilos.” Ouch! But Ben owned it, retweeting the piece with the following caption: “Thanks for the advice @ Telegraph.” Within hours, Cohen was flooded with support. He responded by saying, “Thank you all for your lovely comments and support. Very unexpected and I [am] really overwhelmed by it all. Ben.”





firmly believe there’s no love stronger than between a heterosexual woman and her gay BFF. Often referred to as “fag hag syndrome” or “fruit fly disorder,” yours truly is unable to label that bond with such bitchy monikers, as I’m forever thankful for all my hetero sisters who stand in LGBTQIA solidarity. That’s perhaps why I found myself a bit jealous when Maura—my straight, nonsexual wife—asked me to Marix for dinner last week. Now, visiting the WeHo haunt for Taco Tuesday is no rarity for the two of us—we’ve been doing it since our (long ago) college theater days—but this particular invite was different, because it came with a ‘plus one’ attached, making me the alienated third wheel. For the first time ever, Maura was bringing a man. A “totally straight” man. A bonafide breeder who was into her and all of her lady parts. Well into their second week of dating, Maura explained it was time to find out if (we’ll call him) Troy was worthy of my queer seal of approval. As she stated, “How will I know if I love him if my gay best friends aren’t jealous that I’m dating him?!” I reluctantly agreed to the Mexi-Cali meet-and-greet, fearful of what I might mumble after one skinny margarita too many. (Maura’s taste in men has always been mismatched at best.) I arrived at the eatery—fashionably late, of course—only to find that Maura was fashionably later. The host took me to my table, where I found Troy lying in wait. To my surprise, Troy was tall. Troy was dark. Troy was handsome. And Troy was a gay porn star! And I’m not talking “appeared in a few videos back in the day to pay for cosmetology school” porn star but a “has silicone body parts for sale at The Pleasure Chest” porn star! As my jaw hit the floor, it was evident Troy knew that I knew he wasn’t new to the touch of a man. “All you gays are the same,” he groaned. “I’m straight.” “Not according to the cover of Acres of Ass 3,” I responded. Troy quickly explained to me that he recently discovered CrossFit and Jesus (my two worst enemies!) and was now into women, who didn’t judge him or his homo-porno past. I had two options—launch into a gay-for-pay debate or break my no-carb streak and stuff my face with deep fried-taquitos. I chose the second. The moral of the story here is not to judge a porn star by his DVD cover. Sometimes even the most GayVN award-winning of gays is nothing more than a hetero disguised in Andrew Christian clothing! (And in case you’re wondering, Maura, yes, I am jealous!)



erosmith frontman and f o r m e r Am e rican Idol judge Steven Tyler was recently seen at WeHo’s Big Gay Starbucks on Westmount. He wore what appeared to be throwback bellbottoms, ordered a latte and tipped the barista $50. More importantly, he was spotted with a copy of Frontiers in-hand! Robert Herjavec—“son of an immigrant factory worker, now a technology mogul who sold his first internet company for over $350 million dollars” as he’s introduced on his hit show Shark Tank—was spotted jogging Runyon Canyon—shirtless! Not only is the star (literally) worth a billion bucks, but his ever svelte body looks it, too! Run, Robert, run! For more Gossip Gay, go to FrontiersMedia.com. Drop me your dirty little secrets at QueerSay@hotmail.com, and don’t worry, I never give up my deep throat! AUGUST 19, 2015



Clockwise from left: Bella da Ball, Brandini Toffee’s sugary delights, fashion marketplace Raymond Lawrence

MY PALM SPRINGS: BELLA DA BALL The city’s hardest working drag queen hostess shares some of her favorite desert destinations, hidden hot spots and ongoing events Under the Stars event, and as the Desert Business Association’s Outstanding Community Service Leader. In November 2013, she even got a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. These days you’ll find Bella hosting bingo and trivia at the Ace Hotel on Mondays, a cabaret show at Georgie’s Alibi Azul tapas lounge on Tuesdays and a drag revue at the Copa nightclub on Thursdays, in addition to emceeing special events throughout the year. “Just give me a microphone and clipboard and I’ll run the show,” she says. —James F. Mills

Drag “Someone once said Palm Springs has the most drag queens per capita, and I’m doing my part to help keep those numbers up. If you like drag, you can find drag queens, female impersonators, female illusionists, singers or dancers every night of the week. Look into the Purple Room, Ace Hotel, Georgie’s Alibi Azul, Playoffs, Copa, Oscars, Hunters, Toucans, Streetbar, Desert Rose Theater and others.”

Bingo “You can play multiple nights a week. Some are charity-related, some have no cover charge. They always get such an eclectic group of people. On Mondays when I host Bingo at the Ace Hotel, I never know who I’m going to get or where they’re from. One week I had people from Denmark and Sweden. Another week, people from Spain and Holland—and locals, of course! That’s what makes it so much fun.” 701 E. Palm Canyon Dr., acehotel.com/palmsprings

Festival of Lights “We’ve got a holiday parade where all the floats are covered in lights. It’s one of the best nights of the year. We get 30,000 to 40,000 people coming out to watch. It’s a little cool since it’s in December, but everyone puts on their holiday attire and has a fabulous time.” This year’s will take place on Dec. 5 along Palm Canyon Drive. psfestivaloflights.com

Don and Sweet Sue’s Cafe “Fabulous breakfasts served all day. I love the barbeque pulled pork sandwich, too. Huge portions and very reasonable prices.” 68955 Ramon Rd., Cathedral City. donandsweetsues.com

Raymond Lawrence “It’s like a mini-mall with about 15 boutique shops—men’s clothing, women’s clothing, jewelry, decorations, home furnishings. Very high-quality, and very fun.” 830 N. Palm Canyon Dr., raymond-lawrence.com 58


China King “It’s a hidden treasure in a nondescript building, but it’s the best Chinese food in town. Large, delicious portions and a great bargain. Excellent presentation and service, too.” 295 N. Indian Canyon Dr. Great Shakes “Come here for gourmet shakes and malts. If you’re getting hungry and thirsty, they’re delicious. Plus, if you get a shake, they put a mini-donut on the straw.” 160 S. Palm Canyon Dr., greatshakesps.com Brandini Toffee “Two local kids were trying to pay for a class trip and ended up creating a candy business. They have amazing toffee, delicious candies and popcorn. They make great gifts, too.” 132 S. Palm Canyon Dr. and also in Rancho Mirage, brandinitoffee.com


Film Festivals “We’ve got the best film festivals in the world! There’s the Palm Springs International Film Festival every January that attracts the established crowd, and ShortFest every June where you get young, upcoming producers and directors. My favorite special interest festival is the Film Noir Film Festival held every May, screening lots of those stylish old ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s mysteries and murder pics. And they’re all in glorious black and white. One year I dressed in black and white and greeted everyone as they came in.”



“I’M JUST A SMALL-TOWN BOY who always wanted to be in a skirt and a blouse,” laughs Minnesota native Brian Wanzek, better known to Palm Springs audiences as drag queen emcee Bella da Ball. At 6’6” in heels—plus another 12 inches of hair—this queen is hard to miss. With a vibrant, outgoing personality, she’s been the life of the party while hosting hundreds of events since coming to Palm Springs 15 years ago. She’s such a part of the local scene that she’s been honored with a Community Service Award at the AIDS Assistance Program’s annual Evening

Fri. | Aug. 7 RUSSELL PETERS Aqua Caliente Casino Resort

The Canadian comedian offers up a hilarious—and very R-rated—show, starting at 9 p.m. hotwatercasino.com Sat. | Aug 8 YOGA IN THE PARK Ruth Hardy Park

This hour-long yoga session starting at 8 a.m. each Saturday (donations requested) offers balancing, stretching and strengthening poses. No reservation needed; just show up. poweryogapalmsprings.com Mon. | Aug 10 PINOCHLE LGBT Center of the Desert

Get a Double Run in Trump and score big points in the open play pinochle game held every Monday from 1 to 4 p.m. thecenterps.org




The soulful singer offers sad songs, fun songs and some in-between, starting at 2 p.m. as part of the Center’s weekly Sunday Cabaret series. lesmichaels.com/joslyn Mon. | Aug 17 SHOWTUNE MONDAYS The Spurline

Video clips from your favorite Broadway and Hollywood musicals start at 8 p.m. every Monday evening. spurline.com Wed. | Aug. 19 BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID Camelot Theatre

Paul Newman and Robert Redford sparkle as robbers on the run in this 1969 classic from director George Roy Hill, screening at 8 p.m. as part of the theater’s Classic Hollywood Film Series. camelot theatres.com

STILL LIFE: CAPTURING THE MOMENT Palm Springs Art Museum Aug. 7 - Feb. 21 ps museum.org

Bruce Cohen’s Untitled (Interior with Violin and Anemones), 2011



BE VERY, VERY STILL ONE OF THE BASICS IN ART is the “still life,” the depicting of inanimate subjects both natural and man-made. The Palm Springs Art Museum opens a brand-new exhibit, Still Life: Capturing the Moment, on Aug. 7, which, in the words of chief curator Katherine Hough, “looks beyond the classical definition of a ‘still life’ to explore why this esteemed genre continues to compel artists today.” Tracing its origins back to the Middle Ages, still life emerged as a recognized genre by the 16th century as artists learned to use light, form and texture to evoke feelings and associations with mundane objects or scenes. Most people think of paintings when they think of still lifes, but photographs and sculptures are considered still life as well, as this exhibit demonstrates. Artists represented in the exhibit, which hangs around the desert through mid-February, include Bruce Cohen (whose work is pictured above), Ori Gerscht, Don Eddy and Ginny Ruffner. —J.F.M. AUGUST 19, 2015


en— h il d r e ! c r e om s ov Cros are welc all


WRITTEN IN THE STARS Earth sign, fire sign, water sign or air sign—does it really matter? As far as every gay man is concerned, it’s always the Year of the Cock TANTRIC KEGELS




Call now for your free reading! The Age of Aquarius lasts approximately 2,160 years— coincidentally the exact running time of Hair, the musical Virgo Nick Jonas is more cock ring than promise ring these days


Our favorite Geminis have activated their Wonder Twin powers!

Who better to advise today’s troubled teens than a Mexican demon child with a hashtag? #CharlieCharlie

Romancing the stone, olde-school style

“Molly, you in danger girl.” Penny Dreadful’s Vanessa Ives sees a bad moon rising

Walter Mercado—#alltea #noshade since 1970

LSD is like the Uber of the spiritual freeway

Sagittarians are fun-loving spirits who are born to be free—free of tact and decorum—which is why we love Miley

It’s Sharon Needles. She wants to say hi. That’s what psychic friends are for, right? “I’m a Baptist. I only come to these meetings for the free coffee.”




JULY 23, 2014




Profile for Frontiers

Frontiers Vol. 34, Issue 08  

Frontiers Vol. 34, Issue 08  


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