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Mimi Niles, CNEP Class 52


imi (Paulomi) Niles, CNM, MSN, MPH knew she wanted to become a nurse-midwife beginning in her early twenties after traveling to India, the land of her heritage. According to Mimi, seeing Indian women through the lens of her “American Privilege” was eye opening. “I saw, felt and embodied the experience of sex discrimination with such a rawness—a kind I never truly felt or articulated growing up in New York City,” said Mimi. “I felt an activist rage and passion start to rise up in me and I began to know that my work on “It was a strategic the planet was to use my privilege as an educated decision for me to woman from the West to make life more equitable choose Frontier and just.” despite the option of

having three major midwifery programs here in NYC.”

When Mimi returned to the U.S. she went to Planned Parenthood for some gynecological care and was helped by a caring woman who made her feel peace during a confusing time of life. After learning she was a nurse-midwife, Mimi felt a fuse being lit inside of her. Her next 10 years became dedicated to becoming a nurse-midwife and advocating for women’s empowerment. She decided her next step was to enroll in FNU’s nurse-midwifery program. 4

Summer 2016 FNU Quarterly Bulletin Volume 91 Number 2  
Summer 2016 FNU Quarterly Bulletin Volume 91 Number 2  

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