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WE ALL HAVE A HAND IN MAKING OUR COMMUNITIES STRONGER We have the resources to help your business grow and add jobs, as well as manage your wealth in a way that accomplishes your goals and leaves a legacy through individual and business tax, technology, financial and estate planning services. Work with a firm that’s not only part of the community, but cares about it as much as you do.

What inspires you, inspires us.


MAKING YOUR TAX CREDIT DONATIONS EASY. • Go to one site to make your tax credit donations! • 100% of the donations pass through to the organization you choose. • A receipt will be sent for your tax purposes.

You can donate to them all. Private School Contributions create scholarships for kids in private school.

Qualified Charitable Organization

Qualified Foster Care Organization

Public School

Support organizations assisting low-income children, individuals, and families.

Providing a variety of services, clothing and shelter to support foster children.

Contributions to Arizona public or charter schools support qualified activities and programs.

$2,365 - Married filing jointly

Maximum Contributions for 2020:

Maximum Contributions for 2020:

Maximum Contributions for 2020:

$1,183 - Filing single

$800 - Married filing jointly

$1,000 - Married filing jointly

$400 - Married filing jointly

$400 - Filing single

$500 - Filing single

$200 - Filing single

Maximum Contributions for 2020: TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  We’re available! 480-865-8081


Arizona Tax Credit

Giving Guide 2020-21 published by FRONTDOORS


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Table of Contents

CELEBRATING TAX SEASON! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 TAX CREDIT CONTRIBUTIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Help Nonprofits Serve During Pandemic, and Also Benefit Arizona Residents

UMBRELLA ORGANIZATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 AZ Tax Credit Funds

Executive Council Charities

Valley of the Sun United Way

QUALIFIED FOSTER CARE CHARITIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-19 Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale

Generation Justice

Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents

Catholic Charities Community Services

Hope & A Future

Child Crisis Arizona

OCJ Kids

Free Arts For Abused Children of Arizona

RISE Arizona Family Services, LLC

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation

ARIZONA QUALIFIED CHARITIES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-48 Ability360

Cortney’s Place

National Kidney Foundation of Arizona

The ALS Association Arizona Chapter

Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation

Nourish Phoenix

ALWAYS (Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services)

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Arizona


Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

Diana Gregory Outreach Services

Arizona Autism United

Duet: Partners In Health & Aging

Arizona Burn Foundation

Esperança, Inc.

Arizona Food Bank Network

Foundation for Blind Children

Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Central and Northern Arizona

Assistance League® of East Valley

Foundation for Senior Living

Ryan House

Assistance League® of Phoenix

Gabriel’s Angels

The Salvation Army

Association for Supportive Child Care

Gesher Disability Resources

Smiles and Beyond

Aster Aging

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona

Sojourner Center

Back-to-School Clothing Drive

Human Services Campus, Inc.

Southwest Behavioral & Health Services

The Be Kind People Project

Jewish Family & Children’s Service

St. Mary’s Food Bank


The Joy Bus

UMOM New Day Centers

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona

Junior Achievement of Arizona

Valleywise Health Foundation

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona

Kids in Focus

Waste Not

Brighter Way Institute

Legacy Connection


Children’s Cancer Network

Mission of Mercy Arizona Health Partnership Fund

Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation

Phoenix Indian Center Phoenix Rescue Mission Power Paws Assistance Dogs, Inc.

SCHOOL TUITION ORGANIZATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50-51 Arizona Tuition Connection

Jewish Tuition Organization

Catholic Education Arizona

New Way Academy

PUBLIC SCHOOL TAX CREDIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Arizona School for the Arts

YOUR GUIDE TO MAXIMIZING ARIZONA TAX CREDITS All listings include the organizations’ websites so that giving is just a click away. We hope you will save and use this directory when meeting with your CPA or financial adviser this tax season.



Tax Season! At Frontdoors Media, we celebrate life in Arizona every day. But here’s one more reason our state is exceptional. It’s one of the best in the country when it comes to tax credits for charitable giving.

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit repays you, dollar for dollar, on the money you donate to qualifying Arizona charities. You decide where your tax dollars go — and, for most people, it doesn’t cost a thing. So what’s the catch? There isn’t one, just an Arizona tax credit limit. A married couple filing jointly can get credit for up to $800 donated to a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO). And QCO is just one of five categories of Arizona tax credit nonprofits! Each one is separate — so you can claim the maximum amount in all five categories. Read on for details about how this program works as well as a listing of nonprofits, foster care charities and school tuition organizations that have partnered with Frontdoors Media for the 2020-2021 tax season. We invite you to choose the organizations you want to support and take this special issue to your next appointment with your tax adviser. Our hope is to see tax credit giving increase across all five categories. That way, you have a direct say where your money goes, and Arizona nonprofits and schools get the support they need. Isn’t that something to celebrate? With thanks,

Andrea & Karen Andrea Tyler Evans | PUBLISHER Karen Werner | EDITOR

P.S. For a complete list of all qualified tax credit entities, visit



By Tom Evans


he nonprofit world has been immensely disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, especially when it comes to fundraising. As Americans struggle with the economic and public health realities of COVID-19, nonprofits are trying to do more with fewer resources. That’s why many nonprofits are relying more than ever this upcoming year on tax credit contributions, which provide donations to nonprofits while giving donors a break on state income taxes. The State of Arizona offers an opportunity to receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your state income taxes when you donate to qualified organizations in five categories: •A rizona Qualifying Charitable Organizations provide basic needs to qualifying low-income families and individuals, the chronically ill and disabled. Limits are $400 for individuals and $800 for married couples.


•Q ualifying Foster Care Organizations, with corporation limits of $500 for individuals and $1,000 for married couples. •P ublic School Tax Credit Organizations, with limits of $200 and $400. •P rivate School Tuition Organizations, for which limits increased this year to $593 for individuals and $1,186 for couples. Contributions can be made directly or by a shareholder when paid by an S corporation. •C ertified School Tuition Organizations (also known as the “Switcher” Individual Tax Credit). These organizations may receive your contribution if you’ve already maxed out the Private School Tuition Organization credit first. Limits for these increased to $590 individually and $1,179 for married couples. Contributions can be made directly or by shareholder when paid by an S corporation.

Additionally, corporations can qualify for two types of credits for contributions made to Certified School Tuition Organizations. But they must apply for approval for part of a statewide capped credit amount before making their contribution. The first is the Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit (statewide cap is $123,042,188). The second is the Disabled/Displaced Corporate Tax Credit (statewide cap is $5 million).

where their tax dollars go, and to provide meaningful support for organizations they believe in. With the generosity of our supporters, AZA United has been helping Arizona families for 15 years.” A few other changes were made this year, according to Brenda Blunt, partner with Eide Bailly LLP. Blunt said that with the increased Standard Deduction under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA),

“This is your chance to invest in Arizona’s future. Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can decrease your Arizona tax bill — or increase your refund — by $400 or $800.”

Many people think it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. You can give to a qualified charity or tuition organization instead of giving it to the state government for taxes. Over time, these contributions have become increasingly popular for Arizona residents. Gerald Wissink, CEO of BHHS Legacy Foundation, said tax credit contributions impact the Backpack Buddies program Legacy Connection provides as well as the many nonprofits the foundation supports. “Tax credit contributions are vitally important to Legacy Connection’s Backpack Buddies program,” he said. “In Arizona, where one in four students lives in poverty, many children miss school because they don’t have clothes or supplies. Thanks to tax credit donations, we are able to make a powerful difference in the lives of Arizona families.” Aaron Blocher-Rubin, CEO of Arizona Autism United, said that tax credit contributions are tremendously helpful to his organization, which qualifies under the foster care tax credit. “The Charitable Organization Tax Credit program is an amazing opportunity for Arizona residents to build community support for local families living with autism,” he said. “The tax credit makes it easy for everyone to do their part in improving our community. It is a perfect way for taxpayers to have a say in

many people do not get a tax benefit from making charitable contributions other than these credit programs, because it does not benefit them to itemize their deductions. But under the CARES Act, passed in response to the pandemic, taxpayers who make contributions that do not qualify for the credits (because they are over the thresholds, or are to a non-qualifying charity) can take a $300 deduction, even if they do not itemize. “There has been a push in Congress to increase this to $600 as part of a new round of COVID-19 relief, but they have not yet been able to agree on a package,” Blunt said. “Hopefully, there will be more to come on this. The CARES Act also included some other charitable incentives for bigger donations. Higher-income, charitably minded people may want to talk to their tax advisers.” These contributions are an essential way for Arizonans to support their favorite charitable causes during difficult times. “This is your chance to invest in Arizona’s future,” Wissink said. “Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can decrease your Arizona tax bill — or increase your refund — by $400 or $800. That means your gift of support ends up costing you nothing. It is a simple but powerful way to reach out and impact our community.” TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  9

Umbrella Organizations

Some charities under the Arizona Qualified Charity Tax Credit have a slightly different designation as “umbrella organizations.” They are eligible for contributions of $400 per person and $800 per couple as well, but are listed differently on the State of Arizona’s website. For example, Executive Council Charities, Valley of the Sun United Way and other United Way organizations across the state are considered “umbrella organizations” because they may receive tax credit contributions and distribute them to other nonprofit partners in the community.

AZ TAX CREDIT FUNDS AZ Tax Credit Funds allows donors to go to one easy-to-use location to make all of their tax credit donations. AZ Tax Credit Funds makes it simple for donors to review and understand the missions of the qualifying organizations to choose from. Once an organization has been selected, AZ Tax Credit Funds makes it easy for donors to make their donations and provides the support documents needed for tax purposes. Donors can donate to any QCO, QFCO or school directly from one location, simplifying the entire tax credit donation process.


Umbrella Organizations

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL CHARITIES Executive Council Charities’ mission is to support charity organizations focused on helping youth in our community overcome adversity and reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Support Arizona Youth (SAY) is the annual campaign for Executive Council Charities (ECC), an umbrella organization for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Through SAY, donors can take advantage of the tax credit for both qualified charities and foster care charities and choose either “Highest Need,” to have the most significant impact among our 50 featured charities, or indicate a preference for any specific qualified charity. Not only are 100 percent of the funds forwarded along to benefit vital programs at these charities, but ECC also covers credit card processing fees. Tax Code 20726

VALLEY OF THE SUN UNITED WAY Since 1925, Valley of the Sun United Way has unified diverse partners, donors, businesses, nonprofits, schools and faith-based communities to build a stronger Valley for us all. United Way and our partners help provide snack packs for students in food-insecure homes, train after-school program employees to mentor students, and help adults find jobs. Over the last year, 79,205 kids received Breakfast in the Classroom, 7,000 children received School Readiness Kits, and 4,058 adults obtained employment. Tax Code 20726



TAX CREDIT OPPORTUNITY BY GIVING TO ALL FIVE CATEGORIES Deadline is April 15, 2021, Tax Day, to make these contributions and submit your forms to get your tax credit when you file.


1 $

500 $1,000

Per Individual

Married Couples

Example: Mr. & Mrs. Smith give $500 to two Qualified Foster Care organizations or give $1,000 to one organization.


2 $


Per Individual



Married Couples

Example: Mr. & Mrs. Smith give $800 to one organization or give $200 to four Qualified Organizations.

EDUCATION TAX CREDITS Public School Tuition Organizations

3 $


Per Individual



Married Couples

Private School Tuition Organizations

4 $

593 $1,186

Per Individual

Married Couples

Certified School Tuition Organizations*

5 $

590 $1,179

Per Individual


MAX OUT THE TAX CREDITS Mr. & Mrs. Smith have tax liability of $5,000 and donated the maximum combined amount to all tax credits of $4,565 on their Arizona tax returns. They now receive a credit of $4,565 and their tax liability is $435. No catch, dollar-for-dollar assistance to their favorite organizations or schools.

Married Couples

* You may only make this contribution if you’ve already maxed out the Private School Tuition Organization credit first.

Married Couples $1,000 $800 $400 $1,186 $1,179 $4,565

Per Individual $500 $400 $200 $593 $590 $2,283

Qualified Foster Care Charities $500 per Individual $1,000 per Married Couple Arizona Department of Revenue Form 352 Required

Qualified Foster Care Charities ($500 per Individual / $1,000 per Married Couple)

AGAPE ADOPTION AGENCY OF ARIZONA A Phoenix-based agency with a passion for empowering positive outcomes for children and families. Agape’s qualified, caring staff helps families create bridges from where they are today to the safe, healthy future they envision for themselves and their communities. As a nonprofit, faith-based agency, Agape provides foster care licensing, case aide and parent aide services, and adoption certification services in a cooperative environment focused on meeting clients’ needs. When it comes down to it, few things so directly make a difference for children and families as a donation. Agape maximizes your giving to provide life-skill training for birth parents and financial support for fostering parents by delivering excellent, personalized services to families throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties. Tax Code 10031

AID TO ADOPTION OF SPECIAL KIDS (AASK) Our purpose is to provide safe and stable relationships for children in foster care. AASK connects children with foster families, adoptive families, siblings, kin and adult mentors. Tax credit gifts help us match caring adult mentors with foster youths placed in group homes and shelters, reunite brothers and sisters separated by foster care, and support grandparents and other kin when they take emergency placement of children. As a foster care agency, we raise funds for those programs not already funded by the state: mentoring, sibling connections and services for unlicensed kin. Tax Code 10026


Qualified Foster Care Charities ($500 per Individual / $1,000 per Married Couple)

ARIZONA ASSOCIATION FOR FOSTER AND ADOPTIVE PARENTS By families, for families, supporting kinship, foster and adoptive families. The Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents was founded in 2003 to support, empower and educate the state’s foster, adoptive and kinship families. Our motto is “by families, for families.” Every year, we put together events and activities that bring together children and families for fun and support. In 2021, we’re planning a back-to-school shoe giveaway, spring and fall picnics, swim parties, family camp and the Recycle Your Bicycle program for the holidays. Here’s how your donation helps children and families: $1,000 sends 20 children back to school with NEW shoes. $500 buys parts to recycle 20 bicycles for children in foster care during the holidays. Tax Code 10008

ARIZONA FRIENDS OF FOSTER CHILDREN FOUNDATION AFFCF provides social, athletic and educational activities for children in foster care in Arizona, offering them quality experiences while they live through challenging circumstances. AFFCF is dedicated to giving children in foster care in Arizona the opportunity for “normal” childhoods and preparing them for successful adulthoods through programming and scholarships. We need the community’s help to continue this vital work for the more than 13,000 children currently in foster care in Arizona. To date, AFFCF has made 50,580 awards totaling more than $10.6 million to children in foster care. These funds go toward assistance in school, music or dance lessons or sports equipment to ensure each child in foster care in Arizona experiences the kind of childhood every child deserves. Tax Code 10023 TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  15

Qualified Foster Care Charities ($500 per Individual / $1,000 per Married Couple)

CATHOLIC CHARITIES COMMUNITY SERVICES Catholic Charities Community Services provides education and certification for foster families to find stable, loving homes for foster children of all ages in Arizona while also helping at-risk youth, vulnerable children, families and more. Tax credit contributions will assist children and families in programs across central and northern Arizona, particularly where needed most. If an investor would prefer to designate his/her contribution toward one of our 20+ programs in seven counties, he or she can include designation instructions using the drop-down menu on our website or let us know via e-mail, mail or phone. Tax Code 10000

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF GREATER SCOTTSDALE To enable young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. At no charge for children in foster care, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale provides unrivaled programming and a vital source of stability that helps kids avoid risky behaviors and overcome challenges. We know how important it is for kids to have a safe place to have fun, build positive relationships, learn new things and be supported. But we do more than that. We provide homework help, and art, and tech, and science, and exercise, and mentoring, and hopes and dreams, and on and on. We do whatever it takes to help kids succeed. Tax Code 10050


Qualified Foster Care Charities ($500 per Individual / $1,000 per Married Couple)

FREE ARTS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN OF ARIZONA Free Arts transforms children’s trauma to resilience through the arts — volunteer mentors and artists create a safe environment where children can express themselves, acquire skills, develop self-efficacy and build hope. “Free Arts helped me get some important things off my chest. I felt welcome, comforted in expressing myself,” said Anna, a program participant. When you donate to Free Arts, you contribute to our annual efforts to serve 8,000 Arizona children residing in foster care and homeless shelters. Trauma, including abuse and homelessness, can cause major changes to the brains and bodies of developing children. By participating in activities that combine the arts and mentoring, these children build resilience to help overcome their past trauma and move into a positive future. Tax Code 10015

CHILD CRISIS ARIZONA Child Crisis Arizona provides emergency shelter, foster care, adoption, counseling, early education and parenting support services all focused on our vision of “Safe Kids ... Strong Families.” Every single child matters and deserves a home free from abuse and neglect. Last year, we provided 79,875 nights of safety for 627 children through emergency placement services. The foster care and adoption program is committed to helping children in out-ofhome care by licensing and certifying parents who want to give a child a safe, loving home. Your tax credit donation will protect children in need of emergency placement services and expand programs, giving more children a forever home. Tax Code 10012


Qualified Foster Care Charities ($500 per Individual / $1,000 per Married Couple)

GENERATION JUSTICE Generation Justice works to mend the child protection system and bring a permanent end to innocent children enduring violence. Generation Justice provides free legal representation on behalf of abandoned, abused and trafficked children. We work in legislatures and courtrooms to mend the broken child protection system, so these children have the families they need and the justice they deserve. Your donation will change the lives of generations to come. Tax Code 10053

HOPE & A FUTURE Hope & A Future serves abused and neglected children in the Arizona foster care system by helping them reach their potential and achieve their dreams. Hope & A Future is entering its 16th year supporting Arizona foster kids 7 to 21 years of age. We receive no government funding and operate entirely through donations and the Foster Care Tax Credit. Sixty-seven percent of foster kids drop out of high school and only 3 percent ever graduate from college. Your donation allows us to form relationship-based connections through our summer camps, life-skills training, mentoring, tutoring and educational scholarships. Through these programs, we improve foster kids’ long-term outcomes by offering them hope and a brighter future. Tax Code 10021


Qualified Foster Care Charities ($500 per Individual / $1,000 per Married Couple)

OCJ KIDS OCJ Kids provides essential resources, mentors and group activities to children within Arizona’s foster care system. Currently, more than 900 children enter foster care every month. Arizona Tax Credit funds allow OCJ Kids to provide essential resources such as pajamas, diapers, wipes, bottles and formula to caseworkers as children are removed from dangerous and neglectful situations. Cuddle Bags are provided to children as they enter foster care to ease the trauma of this transition. Cuddle Bags include a blanket, teddy bear, water bottle, snacks, overnight hygiene, etc. As children journey through the foster care system, particularly those living in foster group homes, OCJ Kids is there. We provide services and resources from the time they enter care until they age out or move to permanency. Tax Code 10018

RISE ARIZONA FAMILY SERVICES, LLC Our mission at RISE is to create opportunities for and with people. RISE Arizona Family Services, LLC, is a division of RISE Services, Inc. that specializes in finding and supporting loving and caring families for children in need of foster and or adoptive homes for the children in DCS custody in Arizona. We also provide parent aide services for parents who have children in DCS custody, family preservation services for families to help them maintain their children in their family home, and child and adult developmental homes for children and adults with disabilities. Your tax credit contributions will help us provide these services and create more opportunities for these children, families and teams. Tax Code 11060


ACTIVATE: CHANGE Donate to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit to ACTIVATE solutions for families in Maricopa County. Give up to $800 to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. And you no longer need to itemize your deductions to qualify. * Arizona State tax credits are available based on your income tax filing status. Valley of the Sun United Way is not a tax advisor. As with any financial recommendation, contact a qualified tax professional for expert advice your specific tax MEDIA situation.| TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE 20  on FRONTDOORS *


$800 $800 GET

Qualified Charities $400 per Individual $800 per Married Couple Arizona Department of Revenue Form 321 Required

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

ABILITY360 Ability360 Sports and Fitness Center is a 45,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility built with purpose and intention for people of all ages with disabilities and their families. Ability360 continues a tradition of providing empowering programs for people with all disabilities. We offer and promote programs to enable people with disabilities to take personal responsibility so that they can achieve or continue independent lifestyles within the community. The Sports & Fitness Center offers a wide variety of amenities to help our members achieve health and fitness goals, including a fitness center with accessible weight machines, an aquatic area equipped with lifts and elevators, accessible locker rooms and more. Providing much-needed scholarships to members of all ages during these trying times will enable us to continue our mission. Tax Code 20090

THE ALS ASSOCIATION ARIZONA CHAPTER We uphold our vision of creating a world without ALS by advocating for and empowering people affected by ALS throughout Arizona to live their lives to the fullest. ALS is a horrific disease that creates isolation, fear, loss of independence, caregiver burden and financial hardships — and there is no cure. By supporting The ALS Association Arizona Chapter, you allow us to continue providing free, local programs and services that help patients and families manage this disease with dignity and hope. Our Durable Medical Equipment Program is a vital resource that our families often rely on to care for their loved ones properly. The medical equipment we provide to patients can cost upwards of $30,000, but due to generous donations, our families receive the equipment at no charge. Tax Code 20994 22  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

ALWAYS (ARIZONA LEGAL WOMEN AND YOUTH SERVICES) As lawyers to human trafficking survivors and young people harmed by child abuse and neglect, domestic violence and homelessness, ALWAYS seeks justice for Arizonans who would otherwise be left behind. ALWAYS attorneys and advocates believe every person deserves full access to the justice system. Your contribution supports operating costs for ALWAYS and our free services in the following areas: • Safe and stable families • Justice for trafficking survivors • Opportunity through immigration • New roads to success The power of putting a lawyer at the side of someone in need is transformational. We watch our clients go from hopelessness to hope. You can too by investing in their ability to live a life free of violence and full of opportunity. Tax Code 20888

AMANDA HOPE RAINBOW ANGELS Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, a 501(c)(3), supports the here-and-now needs of families impacted by childhood cancer. Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels was founded in honor of Amanda Hope, a little girl battling cancer who had a special dream to help other children in the same situation. Her mother and our founder, Lorraine Tallman, turned her wish into reality for thousands of children. The mission of Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels is to bring dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Today, Amanda Hope provides Comfycozy’s for Chemo apparel, comfort and care counseling, major distraction events and financial assistance to families throughout Arizona. Tax Code 20854


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

ARIZONA BURN FOUNDATION Arizona Burn Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for burn survivors and their families while promoting burn prevention education and advocacy in Arizona. Serving Arizona since 1967, the Arizona Burn Foundation is the only nonprofit in the state that provides survivor support programs that help children and adults cope with the devastating psychological and physical effects of burn trauma. We assist burn survivors and their families from crisis to recovery to a life of thriving. In addition, we are the leading organization in Arizona offering burn-prevention advocacy and education. Tax Code 20667

ARIZONA AUTISM UNITED Arizona Autism United is a local nonprofit organization founded in 2006 to provide excellent direct-care services and therapies to individuals with autism and their families. With 1 in every 54 children diagnosed with autism in the U.S., the array of services and supports we provide to individuals and families is greatly needed. Donations from our supporters benefit all our programs, which include: Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment, Speech and Language Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Social Skills Groups, Habilitation, Respite and Attendant Care, Clinical Family Coaching (Behavior Coaching), Sibling Support, Family Support and Care Coordination, Community Awareness Trainings, and School Consultation. Tax Code 20353


Qualified QualifiedCharities Charities ($400 ($400 per per Individual Individual / $800 / $800 per per Married Married Couple) Couple)

ASSISTANCE LEAGUE® OF EAST VALLEY Assistance League of East Valley puts caring and commitment to our community into action through our philanthropic programs — WE CARE! This year, Assistance League of East Valley celebrates 25 years of philanthropic work in the East Valley. Our signature program, Operation School Bell, provided new school clothing to more than 10,000 area children last year. We also work with several community agencies to assist homeless teens and adults in need. We are an all-volunteer organization. Your tax credit donations will help us through this pandemic to continue our work providing new school clothing, shoes, assault survivor kits, and scholarships in our community. One hundred percent of every tax dollar credit is used for our philanthropic programs. Tax Code 20222

ARIZONA FOOD BANK NETWORK Develop solutions to the problem of hunger through food banking, public policy and innovation. Programs at AzFBN that benefit from tax credit-eligible contributions include work to support our five food bank members and the nearly 1,000 agencies they serve to ensure a strong emergency food network. AzFBN also works to end hunger through programs designed for children, seniors and other at-risk populations. Nearly one in every six Arizonans suffers from hunger. Your gifts help get people who are food insecure the help they need. Tax Code 20527


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

ASSISTANCE LEAGUE® OF PHOENIX Assistance League of Phoenix improves the lives of children through philanthropic programs that fulfill basic needs, foster self-esteem and enhance quality of life. Our signature program, Operation School Bell, has been providing new wardrobe packages to children living in poverty for more than 35 years. Each year, we provide nearly 9,000 children, grades K-9, with new clothing, shoes and hygiene items. Our Delivering Dreams buses travel to over 90 Title I schools each year to bring the program to kids in need. All tax credit donations go directly to providing these necessities for children in the Greater Phoenix area. Through the generosity of BHHS Legacy Foundation, we have a grant that can match tax credit donations, doubling the impact! Tax Code 20533

ASSOCIATION FOR SUPPORTIVE CHILD CARE ASCC’s mission is to champion children everywhere by providing resources and support to adults caring for them, helping every kid achieve the brightest outlook possible. Together, we can strengthen families and support the communities surrounding our youngest learners to help produce happy, healthy kids and set them up for school and beyond. Our programs educate, train and equip families and caregivers to help kids develop cognitively, socially and emotionally, physically and behaviorally during the most formative years, ages 0 to 5. With early intervention, we see a greater societal return with higher graduation rates and higher economic development and personal income. It also decreases the need for special education and remedial services, dependence on social welfare, crime-related costs and incarceration rates. Tax Code 21988 26  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

ASTER AGING Aster Aging’s mission is to empower and support East Valley older adults and their families to remain independent and engaged in our communities. Aster is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our local communities since 1979. Our vision is to be a leader in providing direct services and mobilizing resources that support our older adult population’s changing needs. We provide a full continuum of programs aimed at independence with dignity as older adults and families navigate the challenging journey of aging. We impact thousands of older adults and their families annually through these core programs, offering a full range of service delivery options and resources to address individual needs: In-Home Support, Meals on Wheels, Senior Centers and Social Services. Tax Code 20426

BACK-TO-SCHOOL CLOTHING DRIVE Back-to-School Clothing Drive breaks down barriers to education by providing new school uniforms and outfits, backpacks and school supplies to children who need them. Our annual “New Clothes, New Beginnings” event gives 5,000 Title I students everything they need to succeed in school. The kids are treated like royalty as a volunteer “personal shopper” helps them pick out two pairs of shorts and shirts, three pairs of socks and underwear, and a pair of shoes. They also get a backpack filled with hygiene items and school supplies. For most of these children, what they bring home that day are the only new items they own, and it gets them excited about going to school! Your donation helps us break down the barriers to education. Tax Code 20462 TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  27

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

BENEVILLA Started by and for our community in 1981, Benevilla enriches the lives of West Valley residents by serving older adults, adults with disabilities, children and the families who care for them. Benevilla promotes health and independence by providing supportive services to our community neighbors while recognizing that caring for the needs of older adults reaches beyond the individual to the entire family. Our extensive programming includes Life Enrichment Adult Day Programs with specialized programming for those who are unable to care for themselves (memory loss, Parkinson’s, stroke survivors) while providing much-needed respite for family caregivers, free home services allowing homebound adults to remain independent in their own homes (assisted transportation, grocery shopping, phone pals and more), caregiver support groups, preschool and childcare, and family resource services.

THE BE KIND PEOPLE PROJECT The Be Kind People Project (BKPP) offers social and emotional, character and academic programs to K-8 youth that improve the learning environment, provide proactive solutions for bullying, and build a foundation for a generation of respectful, responsible, healthy and caring citizens and leaders. The Be Kind People Project utilizes tax credit donations to offer effective, high-impact youth development programs to thousands of low-income students. Tax credit donations help support character education, health/wellness, and CyberSkills programs grounded in The Be Kind Pledge™ (I pledge to Be Encouraging, Be Supportive, Be Positive, Be Helpful, Be Honest, Be Considerate, Be Thankful, Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be a Friend). These donations help BKPP provide high-quality programs that improve student academic achievement, help students live an active/healthier lifestyle and provide students with essential skills to help them be successful both now and in the future. Tax Code 20831 28  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE Tax Code 20493

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

BOYS HOPE GIRLS HOPE OF ARIZONA Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona’s mission is to nurture and guide motivated young people in need to become well-educated, career-ready men and women. BHGH continues to provide access to quality, collegepreparatory education for high-achieving, under-resourced Arizona children during these challenging times. When school is out, we are here! BHGH tackles the root causes of poverty and poor achievement by addressing two of the greatest needs of marginalized youth: a strong academic foundation and emotional support. Through BHGH, scholars gain access to the resources and support necessary to attain a college degree, become true leaders in their community and break the generational cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. BHGH scholars are determined, capable youths who, given the opportunity for a great education, will make the most of it. In fact, 86 percent of BHGH scholars graduate with a four-year college degree, more than 50 points higher than the national average for similar students.


Big Brother Big Sisters works to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth. Mentorship has the power to ignite the passion and potential of youth. Children who participate in a mentoring relationship are proven to be more likely to do better in school, avoid risky behaviors and have improved relationships with their families. You can redirect your tax dollars to BBBSAZ — an organization with more than 65 years of experience building professionally supported mentorship relationships — and know that you’re giving to a program that works. With the support of community members like you, we can ignite the potential of more than 1,600 youths each year. Tax Code 20332


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

BRIGHTER WAY INSTITUTE Brighter Way, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, strives to provide comprehensive oral health care for vulnerable adults, children, veterans, those experiencing homelessness, and individuals with special needs in Maricopa County. Since 2000, Brighter Way has become one of the leading nonprofit providers of comprehensive and restorative oral health care in Greater Phoenix. With a vision of “Transforming More Than Smiles,” over 94,000 services are provided annually through three clinics and the Mobile Dental Unit. Our Downtown Dental Center offers restorative services to veterans, adults and homeless individuals. Parsons Center for Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics helps impoverished schoolchildren. The Phoenix Boys & Girls Club Clinic reaches low-income children and families. Your tax credit donations will provide emergency, urgent and comprehensive care to patients in our community who need services during the pandemic. Tax Code 20880

CHILDREN’S CANCER NETWORK Children’s Cancer Network supports children and families throughout their cancer journey with programs designed to provide financial assistance, offer psychosocial support and encourage healthy lifestyles. Children’s Cancer Network assists Arizona’s childhood cancer families to cope with the stress and uncertainty that begin with the initial diagnosis and often continue for years after that. Our programs lessen the burden by providing assistance and support. Programs include gas/ food cards, adopt-a-family programs, school reentry support, wigs, beds, support programs, scholarships and more. These programs have been redesigned to virtual and drive-thru formats to address childhood cancer families’ increasing needs due to the pandemic. Reaching more than 800 families annually, we work to ensure that families are not alone in their fight. Tax Code 20176 30  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

CORTNEY’S PLACE Cortney’s Place, a family-founded nonprofit disability organization, provides an inclusive, stimulating and meaningful community-based day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Cortney’s Place is a specialized day program for up to 42 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our caregiver to individual ratio is 1:4, and we currently have 33 individuals enrolled. Cortney’s Place curriculum components include music therapy, healthy cooking, hydrotherapy, pet therapy, health and wellness programs, art classes, and technology classes. We strive to ensure that the individuals participating are stimulated cognitively, physically and socially to meet their personal goals, work toward becoming more selfsufficient, and elevate their overall potential. Tax Code 20130

DELTA DENTAL OF ARIZONA FOUNDATION Delta Dental of Arizona works to improve lives by promoting optimal oral health for underserved and underinsured children, pregnant women and seniors. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, over half of Arizona kindergartners (52 percent) have tooth decay, compared to the national average of 36 percent, which is why Delta Dental of Arizona utilizes tax credit funds to support preventive oral health programs for children. These programs provide sealants, fluoride varnish treatments, screenings and education to children in school and community settings. Tax Code 20261


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

DIANA GREGORY OUTREACH SERVICES Diana Gregory Outreach Services enriches lives through healthy eating by providing access to fresh produce to vulnerable and underserved veterans, seniors and grandparents raising grandchildren. More than 100,000 seniors in Maricopa County over the age of 65 live 100-150 percent below the poverty level. The Nourishing Seniors program provides interactive workshops that provide nutritious fruits and vegetables and teach healthy eating and exercise. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 veterans in Maricopa County are seniors over the age of 65 living in poverty. One in four veterans struggles with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The Nourishing Veterans program provides homeless veterans and low-income veterans access to fresh fruits, vegetables and nutrition education.

DEVEREUX ADVANCED BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ARIZONA Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Arizona is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and Qualifying Charitable Organization whose mission is changing lives by unlocking and nurturing human potential for individuals with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences. Tax credit donations from our generous friends help support the more than 5,000 at-risk youths we serve every year in Arizona with one of our award-winning programs and services, including Adolescent Health and Wellness Clinic, Autism, Brief Intervention, Outpatient Counseling, Respite, Residential Treatment, and Therapeutic Foster Care. Through the generosity of donors like you, we can offer back-to-school supplies, holiday gifts and basic essential hygiene items to traumatized youth. Tax Code 20538


Tax Code 21050

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

ESPERANÇA, INC. Esperança’s mission is to provide hope and improve health through sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment for every life we touch. Esperança is a 50-year-old, Arizona-based global health organization transforming lives in six countries. Through our affiliate, Esperança, Arizona LLC, we are uniquely positioned as a leader providing preventative health education and resources to Maricopa County’s most atrisk and under-served Latino youth, adults and seniors through classes covering oral health, chronic disease prevention and management, and nutrition, inspiring multi-generational change. Esperança’s bilingual and bicultural community health educators come from the communities they serve. Classes take place in community centers, clinics, schools and HUD housing facilities to eliminate unnecessary travel. In response to COVID-19, Esperança is continuing to offer education virtually. Tax Code 22188

DUET: PARTNERS IN HEALTH & AGING Duet provides compassion, dignity and hope to seniors in our community by promoting health and well-being through vitally needed services to homebound adults, family caregivers, faith communities and grandparents raising grandchildren. Your generosity helps Duet deliver free-of-charge services to homebound adults, family caregivers, faith communities and grandfamilies. Duet pairs volunteers with homebound adults who can no longer drive yet wish to age in their own homes with dignity. Volunteers provide vital services, including grocery shopping, rides to medical appointments, tech assistance, friendly phoning, paperwork assistance and minor handyperson repairs. Duet cares for family caregivers and grandparents raising children through support groups, respite, personalized guidance and workshops. Duet also trains nurses to develop programs that promote health in body, mind and spirit within their faith communities and the wider community. Tax Code 20552 TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  33

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

FOUNDATION FOR BLIND CHILDREN At the Foundation for Blind Children, our mission is to provide education, tools and services that enable all people with vision loss to achieve greater independence. FBC serves clients from birth through 104 years old. One of many programs that benefit from tax credit contributions is the Sports, Habilitation, Arts and Recreation Program (SHARP), a unique program for visually impaired kids in grades K-12. Through weekend programming during the school year and a four-week program each summer, SHARP teaches independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, money management and personal hygiene. Students complete real-life tasks and participate in recreational activities designed to provide the foundation needed to become self-sufficient, social and productive citizens. Tax Code 20676

FOUNDATION FOR SENIOR LIVING FSL has been caring for Arizonans since 1974, with a mission of providing home and community-based services and developing energy-efficient, affordable housing to promote health, independence and dignity for all. FSL develops single-family homes, multi-family affordable housing communities and residential behavioral health group homes. We also operate food pantries in Phoenix, Peoria and Wickenburg. Additionally, we serve nearly 900 congregate and home-delivered meals to Arizonans each day. We provide home and community-based services to enhance independence for Arizonans of all ages, including adult day health, Medicare-certified home health, and non-medical home-care services. We educate clients and family caregivers to empower them to maintain and enhance independence for themselves, their loved ones and their clients. Tax Code 20199 34  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

GABRIEL’S ANGELS Gabriel’s Angels inspires confidence, compassion and best behaviors in at-risk children through pet therapy. In the last year, Gabriel’s Angels programing was made possible through 180 registered pet therapy teams, comprised of owners and their pets, who visited 123 statewide facilities serving 12,500 abused, neglected and at-risk children in the Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott areas. Your tax credit donation can provide the opportunity for Gabriel’s Angels pet therapy visits to these children, giving them unconditional love and teaching core social behaviors such as confidence, empathy and respect. Please remember that for every $50 of your tax credit donation, you can fund one year of life-changing pet therapy programs for one Arizona child. This is truly your tax dollars at work. THANK YOU! Tax Code 20449

GESHER DISABILITY RESOURCES Founded in 1985, Gesher Disability Resources serves children and adults affected by a disability through inclusion assistance in the classroom, resource referral, residential support and social groups. Tax credit donations received by Gesher Disability Resources enhance ALL programs and services offered by the agency. While the year 2020 brought challenges to so many of us, Gesher pivoted, moving learning and social groups from in-person settings to online offerings. An education enhancement program called Camp Gesher kept students from experiencing the summer slump. Weekly Gesher ZOOM Rooms with member-requested themes and Gesher Game Sundays have provided online fun with friends. The Gesher Gala will also be moved to an online show with both live and recorded segments. For more information, please contact Tax Code 20748 TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  35

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

HUMAN SERVICES CAMPUS, INC. Using the power of collaboration to end homelessness, The Human Services Campus, Inc., in partnership with 15 nonprofit organizations, provides services to solve homelessness for men and women. Your tax credit gift supports our life-changing services 365 days a year, through global pandemics and recordbreaking heat. The Human Services Campus reunifies clients with family and friends and offers intake and assessments, post office services, connections to a holistic array of partner services on the campus including identification documents, shelter, meals, medical, dental, employment and legal services, navigation to housing, and coordination with regional access points and housing providers. Our most important outcome: connecting nearly 2,500 individuals with permanent housing in the last year. Tax Code 20970

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY CENTRAL ARIZONA Bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. The housing crisis in the Valley was bad before COVID-19. Now the pandemic has underscored just how important it is to have a decent and safe place to call home. Many Valley residents struggle to put food on the table, let alone have the money for much-needed home repairs to keep them safe and secure. Last year we were privileged to help 19 Arizona families realize the dream of homeownership. We also served 349 families with much-needed home repairs. When we consider the affordability issues in Arizona and how the pandemic has made quality-of-life issues worse for everyone who lives here, the need for affordable homeownership solutions becomes clear. Tax Code 20434


Qualified QualifiedCharities Charities ($400 ($400 per per Individual Individual / $800 / $800 per per Married Married Couple) Couple)

THE JOY BUS The Joy Bus mission is to relieve the daily struggles of homebound cancer patients with a fresh and healthy meal delivered by a friendly face. Many cancer patients are left to fend for themselves during this turning point in their lives. The Joy Bus eases that burden by providing healthy meals, specified to meet a cancer patient’s needs, from fresh, organic, non-GMO produce. Tucked into each hand-decorated bag is an information sheet on the nutritional power of the ingredients used and how they will support their fight against cancer. More than a meal, The Joy Bus provides wellness checks for cancer patients and weekly opportunities to personally support a person dealing with some of the most challenging days of their life. Tax Code 22214

JEWISH FAMILY & CHILDREN’S SERVICE JFCS strengthens the community by providing behavioral health, healthcare and social services to all ages, faiths and backgrounds. Tax credit dollars help provide critical support for the most vulnerable individuals, families, older adults and children in our community. The funds we receive go toward numerous services that benefit the community as a whole. Your gift of $400 or $800 helps pay for behavioral health and primary medical care services, in-home support for older adults, emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, job training and GED education for youth transitioning out of foster care and so much more. JFCS serves more than 40,000 individuals across the Valley each year. Thank you for joining our mission of healing lives, regardless of age, faith or background. Tax Code 20255


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF ARIZONA We are preparing 60K+ primarily low-income Arizona students this year to succeed in work and life, regardless of where they are learning today. Tomorrows are more important than ever. Our kids’ perception of our community and what it stands for are being shaped in ways that will define their entire lives. JA’s critical programs help kids see their potential and give them the skills and knowledge they need to step into that potential. We are the spark that ignites their dreams and gives them hope. Every year, we prepare tens of thousands of primarily low-income students to think critically, manage their money, thrive in their careers and ultimately pursue the future they deserve. Hope can’t wait. Tomorrow needs us today. Tax Code 20937

KIDS IN FOCUS Kids in Focus is dedicated to empowering and equipping at-risk kids to shift from surviving to thriving; through evidence-based mentoring programs, vulnerable children build hope and resilience, starting at age 10. When kids experience abuse, neglect, homelessness and other traumas, they disconnect from the world and themselves. Through the restorative power of photography and with the guidance of dedicated mentors, Kids in Focus alters the course of troubled lives. KIF’s innovative programs help forge the resilience needed to overcome hardship and trauma by instilling confidence, character, trust, belonging, curiosity and hope. Each program uses photography and one-on-one time with mentors as the tools to help kids reframe their world and open their eyes to their potential. All programs are provided free of charge, thanks in part to tax credit contributions. Tax Code 20929 38  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

LEGACY CONNECTION Legacy Connection is an affiliate nonprofit organization of BHHS Legacy Foundation and collaborates with a variety of local nonprofits to support a range of programs that serve disadvantaged children. As a Qualifying Charitable Organization, Legacy Connection receives community donations that support its main initiative, Backpack Buddies, a vital resource for thousands of Arizona schoolchildren. Backpack Buddies donations made to Legacy Connection are matched by the Foundation dollar-for-dollar. The combined funding supports local nonprofit organizations serving low-income children from Title I schools. The children receive all brand-new items — backpacks filled with school supplies and hygiene items, books, undergarments, school clothing and shoes — preparing them to return to school with confidence, ready to learn. Tax Code 20524

MISSION OF MERCY ARIZONA HEALTH PARTNERSHIP FUND Mission of Mercy restores dignity and “heals through love” by providing free primary healthcare, medication and patient education to working poor and uninsured Arizonans. Mission of Mercy Arizona (MOM) brings doctors to the people via two mobile RV medical units and an army of volunteer health professionals at six donated clinic sites in underserved communities of Maricopa County. We are the medical home for nearly 3,000 uninsured patients annually, and our volunteers helped to provide 13,475 patient visits last year alone. In operation in the Valley for more than two decades, MOM is 100 percent privately funded, which allows us to serve everyone who walks through our doors — no questions asked. Because health matters. For everyone. Tax Code 20941 TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  39

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

NOURISH PHOENIX Nourish Phoenix (formerly ICM Food and Clothing Bank) is a community engagement center that provides the vulnerable population in Central Phoenix with emergency assistance, providing nutrition, clothing and toiletries at no cost to the community. Your tax credit contribution benefits the NourishPHX food pantry and clothing bank, which nurtures families by alleviating immediate hunger, clothing and toiletry needs. Your generosity also supports our nutrition education and workforce development programs, which provide resources to empower our families and help them become self-reliant members of our community, who can meet their own basic needs regardless of their situation. These additional services have been made possible through sponsorship and private donation, and we are grateful for the support. Tax Code 20385

NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION OF ARIZONA The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona is the only agency of last resort for Arizonans battling kidney disease. We’ve provided vital patient aid and early detection education since 1963. Kidney disease is particularly dangerous because it can become quite serious before you ever notice symptoms. Ninety percent of people with the disease have no idea. Your generous gift would provide expensive medications and nutritional supplements for patients in need. It would pay for transportation that gets patients to lifesaving dialysis or dental work that is mandatory before being put on a transplant list. Your gift is also proactive. Community funds provide research, public health screenings and other critical programs that slow the spread and help patients find donors willing to give the gift of life. Tax Code 20663


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

PHOENIX INDIAN CENTER The Phoenix Indian Center, established in 1947, is a human services organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of families. We provide direct services to more than 7,500 clients annually through workforce development for unemployed and underemployed individuals to secure a permanent job with a livable wage; drug and alcohol prevention to help youths make positive life choices; skill-building seminars to inspire high school youths to stay in school and be ready for college or career and life after high school; and language classes and cultural-sharing opportunities to keep American Indian culture alive, along with COVID relief support. Tax Code 20394

ONE•N•TEN one•n•ten serves LGBTQ youth and young adults ages 11-24, providing empowering social and service programs that promote self-expression, self-acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices. With programs ranging from workforce development and mentoring, supportive housing for youth experiencing homelessness, to the nation’s largest LGBTQ summer camp, Camp OUTdoors, one•n•ten serves more than 1,279 youths across Arizona each year. Our vibrant youth center located in central Phoenix serves as the primary connection point for services. At the same time, satellite programming is offered across the state in Anthem, Chandler, Flagstaff, Glendale, Litchfield Park, Mesa, Prescott, Queen Creek, Scottsdale and Yuma. Tax Code 20190


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

PHOENIX RESCUE MISSION Phoenix Rescue Mission provides hope, healing and new beginnings to hungry, homeless and hurting men, women and children in the Valley of the Sun. Phoenix Rescue Mission strives to transform lives through a comprehensive approach designed to provide a hand up, not just a handout. Through the efforts of highly qualified staff, hundreds of dedicated volunteers and a strong team of partner organizations, we address the mental, physical and emotional needs of those in our community struggling with hunger, homelessness, addiction and trauma. But we can’t do it without you! Your tax credit dollars fund programs like mobile outreach, short-term temporary shelter, long-term residential recovery, vocational development and food box distribution. Tax Code 20549

POWER PAWS ASSISTANCE DOGS, INC. Our mission is to provide highly skilled assistance dogs to people with disabilities, education and continuing support for working assistance dog teams, and to be a resource in the community for people with disabilities. Your tax credit donation lowers the cost of training an assistance dog for those faced with the financial burden of healthcare for the rest of their lives. Power Paws provides assistance dogs to Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens — the disabled. Areas of service: PTSD, Mobility, Type I Diabetes and Facility Dogs. Dogs work with survivors of sexual/domestic abuse. Dogs are also placed with forensic interviewers in court when survivors provide testimony or find digital evidence for internet crimes against children. Our dogs improve the quality of life for those we serve. Tax Code 20712 42  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES® OF CENTRAL AND NORTHERN ARIZONA Keeping families together and close to the resources they need when traveling to the Valley for medical care for their children. Since 1985, Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Central and Northern Arizona has been providing families with a “home-away-from-home” when they need it most. Across three Valley locations, our home-like accommodations and support services help families with sick or injured children who must travel to metropolitan Phoenix to receive pediatric care that isn’t available in their home community. While doctors and nurses at local medical facilities take care of their child, we take care of families by providing a place for them to rest and rejuvenate so they can keep on fighting their hardest battles together. Tax Code 20400

RYAN HOUSE With our world-class care and programs, we embrace all children and their families as they navigate lifelimiting or end-of-life journeys through palliative and respite care that addresses the emotional, spiritual and social needs of the family. The Support-a-Stay Program at Ryan House provides 24-hour respite stays for children with life-limiting and terminal conditions. Respite is a gift of time; short-term overnight stays that help a family take breaks from the stress of 24/7 home care. Through the Support-a-Stay Program, we provide professional nursing care, expert Child-Life care, life-enhancing therapeutic/expressive activities and experiences, food and nourishment, and medical supplies, along with anticipatory grief, legacy work and bereavement support in our 12,500-squarefoot, home-like medical facility. Tax Code 20088 TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  43

Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

SMILES AND BEYOND Our mission is to provide the gift of a restored smile to men and women who have experienced incarceration or domestic violence and are committed to rebuilding their lives. For 10 years, Mary did not look in a mirror because she was ashamed of what she saw. Who has $35,000 to pay for major dental work? Not Mary. Her job-training instructor said she was one of his hardest workers, but Mary still could not get past the interview stage. Generous folks like you helped Smiles and Beyond give Mary the dental care and confidence she so desperately needed. Today, she has a family, a good job and is proud to show off her new smile. How many people’s lives — like Mary’s — will you change today? Tax Code 20828

THE SALVATION ARMY The Salvation Army has been helping Arizonans in need overcome poverty, addiction and economic hardships through a range of social services for more than 125 years. Your generous tax credit contributions help The Salvation Army provide food for the hungry, emergency shelter and clothing for the homeless, disaster and heat relief, rent and utilities assistance, senior activity and outreach, holiday joy, adult rehabilitation, skills training, and opportunities for underprivileged children — “Doing the Most Good” in communities throughout Arizona. In the first-ever listing of “America’s Favorite Charities” by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Salvation Army ranked as the country’s largest privately-funded, direct-service nonprofit. Tax Code 20671


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

SOUTHWEST BEHAVIORAL & HEALTH SERVICES Delivering compassionate care to enhance lives and improve communities. Southwest Behavioral & Health Services provides services in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, rural Maricopa County, Gila, Mohave, Coconino and Yavapai counties. SB&H offers an array of programs to meet the unique needs of the communities we serve. These include integrated care and value-based contracting; outpatient mental health treatment and psychiatric services, including medication monitoring; assistance for persons with addictions; intensive inpatient care for persons in crisis; residential housing, in-home and supported housing services; prevention services, community outreach and school-based counseling; services throughout the lifespan for members with autism spectrum disorder (ASD); and four opioid replacement clinics throughout the state.


Tax Code 20125

Overcoming the impact of domestic violence, one life at a time. More than half of the population we serve at Sojourner Center are children. We have a licensed Child Development Center that benefits from your tax credit gift each year. Tax Code 20544


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

ST. MARY’S FOOD BANK The world’s first food bank is Arizona’s largest food bank — St. Mary’s Food Bank exists to help feed hungry families throughout Arizona, including Maricopa and 12 other counties across the state. Reacting to the needs of Arizona during COVID-19, St. Mary’s Food Bank provided an unprecedented volume of food to help the hungry in Arizona. We regularly distribute over 250,000 pounds of food through more than 600 nonprofit partners across Arizona. Our Kids Cafe School Pantry and Backpack programs help to feed hungry children in our communities. St. Mary’s Food Bank is so efficient that for every dollar donated, we are able to provide seven meals for those in need. That’s right! $1 = 7 meals. Tax Code 20208

UMOM NEW DAY CENTERS UMOM’s mission is to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual. UMOM New Day Centers is a local nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness for families, single women and youth in our community. With a focus on restoring hope, rebuilding lives and ending homelessness, we work with individuals one-on-one and provide a variety of supportive services and resources such as employment workshops, life-skills classes, health care and more. Last year we served more than 15,000 people. Your gift provides critical shelter and access to supportive services and housing programs that help individuals secure employment and safe and sustainable housing. Tax Code 20541


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

VALLEYWISE HEALTH FOUNDATION Valleywise Health Foundation is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit partner to Valleywise Health, Arizona’s public teaching health system. Valleywise Health is home to the Arizona Burn Center, one of Arizona’s largest physician training programs, and is the largest provider of inpatient psychiatric care in Arizona. Unlike other health systems, more than 65 percent of Valleywise patients are financially vulnerable. Money raised supports critical patient needs and programs, including burn survivorship care, behavioral health services, and teaching tomorrow’s healthcare professionals. As the designated community health provider for our vulnerable neighbors, donors help Valleywise Health achieve its mission — exceptional care, without exception, every patient, every time. Tax Code 20047

WASTE NOT At Waste Not, we’re creating sustainable food systems that help people and the planet to flourish by eliminating food waste and hunger through innovative community partnerships. A great deal of time, money and resources go into growing and delivering nutritious food. Yet, each year, 40 percent of that food is thrown away. At the same time, nearly 1 million people in Arizona are struggling with food insecurity. We’re transforming this broken system by connecting tens of thousands of Arizonans with quality food that would otherwise go to waste. Waste Not collects fresh food from local food businesses such as restaurants, catering companies and grocery stores. It then delivers that food to 60+ nonprofits that provide critical community services, such as housing and employment assistance. With a tax credit investment, you’re helping to reimagine what’s possible for food rescue and making our community and our planet healthier. Tax Code 20408


Qualified Charities ($400 per Individual / $800 per Married Couple)

WHISPERING HOPE RANCH FOUNDATION Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation provides hope and healing to children with special needs through the wonders of camp, the beauty of nature and the human-animal connection. There are more than 280,000 children in Arizona with special healthcare needs and one camp facility designed and built from the ground up expressly for them — Whispering Hope Ranch. Serving children living with any physical, medical, emotional or intellectual disability, Whispering Hope Ranch is more than just a camp. It is a place where campers accomplish things they never thought possible, where differences are the norm, and a place of acceptance and respect. Camp is a powerful experience for children with special needs, giving them strength during difficult times, improved medical compliance and renewed hope for the future.

WHEAT Since 1979, WHEAT has been working to end hunger and poverty at the root. Programs include: the Clothes Silo, a clothing boutique empowering economically disadvantaged women through the provision of free workwear; the Fair Trade Store, fighting global poverty with fair and ethically traded wares; and WHEAT’s management training, providing skill-building workshops and on-the-job training for living-wage employment. Tax Code 20391


Tax Code 20322

Education Tax Credits Private School Tuition Organization (Original Tax Credit)

$593 per Individual $1,186 per Married Couple Certified School Tuition Organization (Switcher Tax Credit)

$590 per Individual $1,179 per Married Couple NOTICE: A school tuition organization cannot award, restrict or reserve scholarships solely on the basis of donor recommendation. A taxpayer may not claim a tax credit if the taxpayer agrees to swap donations with another taxpayer to benefit either taxpayer’s own dependent.

Public School $200 per Individual/$400 per Married Couple

School Tuition Organizations

ARIZONA TUITION CONNECTION Arizona Tuition Connection provides an easy way for donors to use tax credits to support children attending the private school that is right for their needs. Arizona Tuition Connection works with every qualified school in the state. Donors can recommend that a child or school receive their tax credit donation and receipts are sent quickly for your tax records. This tax credit program is an excellent way to support a school or family you know with their tuition needs or donate to support general funds for low-income or specialneeds students. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to walk you through the donation process. Arizona Department of Revenue Form 323 and Form 348 Required

CATHOLIC EDUCATION ARIZONA We provide scholarships to underserved children to change lives, serve society and transform culture. The mission of Catholic Education Arizona is to enable underserved families in Arizona to provide a quality education for their children. Through tax credit support, every child has an equal opportunity to pursue an education that allows them to reach their highest potential. Our organization provides both individual and corporate Arizona taxpayers to choose what their taxes support. Ninety-nine percent of our students graduate high school, and 97 percent continue to post-secondary education or enter military service. Catholic Education Arizona and Arizona taxpayers work together, investing in Arizona’s economy and the education of the next generation. Arizona Department of Revenue Form 323 and Form 348 Required 50  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE

School Tuition Organizations

JEWISH TUITION ORGANIZATION For more than 20 years, the Jewish Tuition Organization (JTO), a school tuition organization (STO), has provided scholarships for children at six local Jewish day schools. The JTO raises funds through Arizona’s dollar-fordollar private school tuition tax credit available to both individuals and corporations. Without the community’s support, many of our students could not receive the education that is so important to their families. For tax year 2020, the maximum credit is $1,183 for individuals and $2,365 for couples. C corps, S corps and insurance companies can also receive a tax credit. The corporate tax credit does not have a maximum up to the state cap for the program. Arizona Department of Revenue Form 323 and Form 348 Required

NEW WAY ACADEMY Since 1968, New Way Academy has provided a transformative education to students in grades K-12 with learning challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia and executive functioning diagnoses. Each student at New Way is a gift to our school and community, which is why the need to provide resources for our students is ever-growing. Tax credit donations help our students with the tuition assistance they need to resume their education at the school that gives them the resources and support to learn their very best. Without tax credit gifts, nearly 70 percent of our students would need tuition support to get the education they deserve from our highly trained and dedicated New Way staff. Tax credit contributions are imperative to make New Way possible for most of our students. Arizona Department of Revenue Form 323 and Form 348 Required TAX CREDIT GIVING GUIDE | FRONTDOORS MEDIA  51

Public School Tax Credit ($200 per Individual / $400 per Married Couple)


ARIZONA SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS Arizona School for the Arts is a nonprofit, public charter school committed to equity and access where no prior arts experience is required and all students are welcome that serves more than 850 students in grades 5-12. ASA is an innovative model in education with a concentration on college preparation through immersion in the performing arts. Giving your annual Arizona Public School Tax Credit to ASA allows our students to participate in extracurricular activities that enhance character development and create a well-rounded, civically engaged, critical thinking, globally-minded citizen. Contributions fund clubs such as Mock Trial, Model UN and Robotics.

Your neighbor sharing a lasting stake in the county’s future. We are in this together. Enriching Health, Well-Being, and Opportunity for the People of Maricopa County. Tax Code 078722001 Form 322 Required

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APRIL 6, 2021 Arizona Gives Day is a single statewide day of giving that has raised $23 million for Arizona nonprofits since 2013. Your donation on this day could help an organization win a cash prize, too! Find your cause at

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AX DOLLARS TO CHILDREN IN N T R U O Y T EED DIREC Take advantage of a dollar-for-dollar tax credit opportunity to help youth in our community overcome adversity and reach their full potential. Support Arizona Youth is a tax credit program which funds nearly 100 youth programs and generates almost $2 million annually in tax credit donations.





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Cut here and take with you.

You can donate to them all. Our state has many wonderful tax credit options. Go to AZTAXCREDITFUNDS.COM to make all the donations. Use this worksheet to help you with your planning.

My 2020 Arizona Tax Liability:



Private School MAXIMUMS Married filing jointly: $2,365 Filing single: $1,183

Qualified Charitable Organization MAXIMUMS Married filing jointly: $800 Filing single: $400

Qualified Foster Care Organization MAXIMUMS Married filing jointly: $1,000 Filing single: $500

Public School MAXIMUMS Married filing jointly: $400 Filing single: $200










NEXT STEP: Go to to make your tax credit donations from one site. A single receipt will be sent to you and your accountant upon completion of your donation.

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