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Fresh Perspective Emerging Artists of Vermont

Frog Hollow Craft Gallery April 2018

Fresh Perspective Emerging Artists of Vermont

April 2018 Frog Hollow Gallery Burlington, VT


Frog Hollow Craft Association Board of Directors Carol MacDonald- President Lynne Bond - Vice President Rachel Morton - Secretary Eileen Blackwood - Treasurer Susan Raber Bray

Frog Hollow Gallery Board of Directors Cody McKibben - President Kevin Ruelle - Secretary Deborah Holmes

***Prices listed in this catalogue apply to the listed works only during the duration of the exhibit and are subject to change.

Executive Director Rob Hunter Cover image:

Founder Allen Johnson

“The Fertile Cliffs”, Eben Schumacher, Oil on Canvas, 48''x32'', $1,000

About the show

In 2017 as part of a senior year art class final project two UVM students initiated an emerging artists show at Frog Hollow. The intention was to connect Frog Hollow with the next generation of Vermont artists. The show was a great success. This catalogue documents the second Emerging Artisans Show, Fresh Perspectives and continues the vision and efforts put forth in our first show, being a showcase of young Vermont artists (35 and under). From over 30 submissions we chose an array of mediums, styles, and skill levels to highlight the next generation of Vermont talent. This month-long exhibit is a tribute to our future and the talent that lies within the boundaries of our state.

Works by: Alex Kolnberger Alex Turner Amanda Vella Barbara Saur-Davis Brittany Charles Corrina Thurston Eben Schumacher Eli Rosenblum-Stephens Entropic Allignment Ezra Ranz Francesca D'Elia Gina Pettys Gonzo Macabeo Jamie Herman John Barron Katherine Peranio Lydia Gatzow Nikki Laxar Olivia Hartwig Rebecca Mulheron Sienna Fontaine Takoda Madrona Tim Santimore

Barbara Saur-Davis Live-Edge Votive Holder Unidentified Scrap Wood Sanded by hand, finished with Danish oil

Barbara is 29 years old, and lives in Williston, Vermont. A Vermont native, she believes growing up here has given her a love of the natural world. Barbara has loved doing art and making things her entire life. She took art classes throughout her elementary, middle, and high school years. She earned her Associates Degree in Visual Arts from the Community College of Vermont in 2017. That fall, she went to the Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Waitsfield for the eleven week Woodworking Certificate program. There, she fell in love with woodworking, particularly making a ladderback chair by hand from green wood, and carving.

Olivia Hartwig

Curious Object #1, #3 Clay, Mixed Media, Foam, Paper Backdrop $200 ea.

Olivia works out of her studio in Burlington, Vermont. She has a bachelor of Fine Arts from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

Tim Santimore

Winter Landscape in Six Strokes Acrylic on Matboard 6”x9” $200

Tim Santimore completed his BFA degree in Studio Arts from Johnson State College in the winter of 2016. He is a Photographer and Mixed Media Artist, coming to the latter after ten years working variously as a Freelance Photojournalist, Stock Photographer, Gallery Assistant, Farmhand, Security Guard at the Phillips Collection in Washington DC, and Construction Laborer. He received a 2016 fellowship grant from the Vermont Studio Center, and has shown his work at galleries and venues throughout the state. His work is heavily influenced by Eastern philosophical ideas (especially those of Zen Buddhism) and the energetic aesthetics of gestural abstraction.

Corrina Thurston

Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Top), Snow Leopard (Bottom) Colored Pencil

Corrina Thurston is a wildlife artist specializing in realistic, vibrant colored pencil drawings. She is a professional artist, author, speaker, wildlife conservationist, and business consultant. She began drawing in 2010, two years after falling chronically ill. Stuck in bed and in debilitating pain for over six years, she taught herself to draw from the confines of her bed.

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India Cow (Top), Lake Champlain Sunrise (Bottom)

Sienna Fontaine, LICSW, MSW, MFA, is a Vermont born artist who was raised in haylofts, fields, and forest, among cows, sheep, chickens, and cats. She produces homegrown artwork, printed in the highest quality in small batches, from the Lake Champlain Valley and Green Mountains. She created Art born in Vermont. After earning her Bachelor of Education, and teaching at a local high school, she graduated from Goddard College with a Masters of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts focusing her practice on the pedagogy of ecology, sense and development of home and of healing.


Portrait, Pen on Paper 10”x15” unframed $250 Petals Charcoal on Paper 8”x8” unframed $100

“I have found art to be the only way I am able to express and unify my wide ranging interests. I tell stories through my art work by layering and compositing images. I am fascinated by the interplay of seemingly disparate elements and weaving them together to create a unified narrative. This approach is both deeply personal and also serves to represent the inherent complexity and interconnectivity of our world.�

Entropic Alignment

Cosmic (Left), Flower of Life Coasters (Black Hole) Wood

Entropic Alignment is an artist collaborative, currently comprised of two people Jackie Sage Longe and James Nutter, with the goal to expand and include other creators. We create works at the intersection of the natural world and the synthetic realm. In our pieces, we utilize found and reclaimed wood and other natural materials, up-cycled in organics, as well as resins, plastics, metals, and other “new� materials. We fuse these contrasting media through listening to the natural will of the material and also through manipulation using contemporary technology to make goods which decorate the body and the home. The end result is functional items that speak to the exponential growth of the human mind and technological/ scientific discoveries. These pieces allow space to reconnect with the natural materials through manipulation and union of humanity and Earth.

Francesca D'Elia Sunrise Bracelet (Top) Sterling Silver, Stamped $70

Full Moon in the Woods Necklace (Bottom) Moonstone, Sterling Silver $120

Francesca D'Elia is a sophomore, Business Administration major and Economics minor at Saint Michaels College. For Francesca Homegrown Jewelry is in its fourth year of existence. She began making jewelry with wire and pliers, being completely self-taught until her senior year in high school when she took classes with a local jeweler. Her designs are heavily inspired by not only life in Vermont but also the various areas she has traveled to. Homegrown Jewelry is a combination of natural elements and modern, sleek designs.

Alex Kolnberger

The Design Table Lamoille Waterfall Rock, Black Walnut, Hard Maple 6’ x 3’ at 31” tall $4,300

“Born in Minnesota, raised by coaches, schooled under hard knocks, guided by the wooden spoon, and sharpened with fire. Midwest kids know that “up north” isn’t a place; it’s a card game, it’s a gooey s’more, it’s a hot dish of family time. The lakes, fish, trees, and birds remind you to skip that rock, pick that flower, and climb that tree. My ambition is to bring outdoors indoors, put the electricity away, and carve a memory into this life. Behind the debarked lumber I manipulate the rejuvenation of nature. No matter how far removed a tree is from its roots its remains alive. Inhaling and exhaling moisture vivacity endures. My work and myself travel together as we are cut, scraped, and stained into new versions of our originals. It’s the little things that end up meaning the most.”



Wildfire (Left) Print 8''x10'' $65

Disintegrating Rock (Right) Print 8''x10'' $65

“Photography as a medium allows me to capture and share what catches my eye. My photography aims to showcase elements of nature that are often overlooked in everyday life. I like to experiment with how best to capture an image I find intriguing. When shooting, I do not concentrate as much on the composition of the photo as I do on making sure the focus and angle capture what I want the final image to portray. Then, I experiment with the image, using Google Snapseed to edit and craft the image exactly as I want it to appear. My images aim to reveal how amazing nature can be.�

“A self-taught artist, my pieces are often inspired by nature, but with no intent to replicate. As a native Vermonter, born and raised in the the Northeast Kingdom, I still view the pure beauty of the Green Mountains as if seeing it for the first time. I give a blank metal canvas new texture, color and form with an organic feel.  The patinas on my pieces are achieved through a unique and lengthy process that results in deep, rich colors creating a playful contrast with the metal’s natural hue.”

Gina Pettys

Sizes vary 1''-3'' Long Straight Dangle, $42 VT Pendant, $48 Leaf Earrings, $44 Rounds, $44

Alex Turner

Twirling Vine Kiln-Formed Reclaimed Glass, Encased w/Botanical Specimen 15''x15 1/8'' $450 Fern Fossil Pendant Kiln-Formed Reclaimed Glass, Encased w/ Botanical Specimen 16 ½'' x 9 ž'' $35

Alex is an emerging fused glass artist. Her work is all made from reclaimed glass from old window panes. The work she is submitting to this exhibition is from her "glass fossil" series, and includes real botanical specimens collected right here in Chittenden County, VT.



Bound Chair New England Cherry and Danish Cord (Piece finished with Danish Oil and Wax) $4,000 (for the pair)

“I grew up traveling from island to island in the Philippines, all over China, and all over the United States. My travels exposed me to various cultures, their art, and practices. I began woodworking when I was 4 years old during my stay with the Mangyan tribe in the Philippines where the local tribe taught me to carve and craft. Their emphasis on function while keeping what they craft aesthetically pleasing inspired me at a young age, and I strive to apply that into my work. My work explores the balance between art and function. I draw most inspiration from the ocean and the culture that sprouts from it.� Gonzo Andreu Miguel Macabeo

John Barren

Another Black & White Animal Black Walnut and Mahogany 24''x30'' $800

John's work covers a number of topics including but not limited to: police brutality and sustainability. Although not necessarily to directly make a statement about either subject, rather hopes to foster discussion as to its content. The powerfulness of the interpretation is subjective to the viewer.

Katherine Peranio “Do You See It?” Acrylic 8''x10'' $111

Katherine Peranio is a junior at Champlain College. She is studying Professional Writing but is also trying to establish herself within the art world.   Fear is her inspiration in all forms. Whether it's her fear of failure or fear of clowns.

Lydia Gatzgow Cold Trees (Left) Oil on Masonite 9''x12'' $300

Winter on the Farm (Right) Oil on Masonite 9''x12'' $300

Lydia is ​a​ ​contemporary​ ​oil painter​ ​focused​ ​on​ ​expressing​ ​landscape​ ​ and​ ​climate.​ Born​ ​and​ ​raised​ ​in​ ​Whitefish​ ​Bay,​ ​Wisconsin,​ ​She ​graduated​ ​from​ ​Pratt Institute​ ​of​ ​Art​ ​and​ ​Design,​ ​Brooklyn,​ ​NY​ ​in​ ​2015​ ​with​ ​a​ ​major​ ​in​ ​painting​ ​ and minor​ ​in​ ​art​ ​history. Lydia’s paintings are focused on expressing landscape and climate. Lydia is interested in how we objectively see our surroundings and how that can be translated into an emotional experience.

Takoda Madrona Networked Shark Glass $1,000

Takoda is a glassblower. He specializes in hand drawn designs as well as a technique called networking. He has been blowing glass for about 7 years and taught glassblowing lessons for 5 of those years. During that time he also repaired broken glass while developing and producing lines of commonly animal themed sculpted glass pipes. He now focuses his time making hand drawn glass pendants and matching functional pieces.

Nikki Laxar Sloth 13.5''x10.5 $300 Wolf 26''x17'' $500

“Most of my work involves portraying creatures in a very whimsical way. I'm a self-taught artist who enjoys learning new ways to bring my vision to life. Constantly experimenting, I primarily work with watercolor and ink. I really love the process of bleeding color onto paper and letting it trail off with just a little guidance. I also enjoy working with clients to create realistic pet portraits, logo designs, and I'm excited to currently offer guided galaxy painting workshops. �

“I have been working with clay ever since high school. I love the fluidity and endless possibilities that the medium provides. My work is inspired by growing up in the Vermont countryside and being surrounded by nature. I aim to create functional and sculptural pieces that bring joy and happiness to everyday moments.�

Rebecca Mulheron Sunfish 12''x4''x5'' $350 Pike 28''x5''x5'' $800



The Frozen Peaks (Top) Oil on canvas 48''x32'' $1000

The Fertile Cliffs (Bottom) Oil on canvas 48''x32'' $1000

Amanda Vella


Lake Champlain in Winter 9" x 9" 2018 Watercolor


Finally Raining 2" x 2" 2018 Watercolor  

Amanda's watercolor paintings explore her sense of place, the feelings different environments evoke, and the way outside forces such as time, light and weather might work alongside emotion and consciousness to create her perceptions.

Brittany Charles Wild Turkey Needle Thread

“I think craft is more important now than ever before. We're surrounded by objects that have never been touched by anyone until we take them out of their packages. I want my work to reflect that magic of the human hand, the passion of making for the sake of making, the challenge of creating something out of nothing.�



Cherry the Chair Vermont Cherry Wood 32"W x 28"D x 32"H $4,000


Fresh perspective catalogue  

Frog Hollow's second annual Emerging Artists Exhibit

Fresh perspective catalogue  

Frog Hollow's second annual Emerging Artists Exhibit