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Marton Mere Wildflower Meadow Project 2015 –Included within:NestHoverfliesFungiPlantsBoxContents

Marton Mere Wildflower Meadow Survey Data Date of Survey 29th July 2022

Owen and Carol Fawcett and Jan Bramhall compared plants, butterflies, damselflies and bees in the two areas in the Wildflower Meadow. Malcolm Evans recorded Hoverflies and Moths on 27 July 2022.

29 July 2022

Buff-tailed bee Red-tailed bee

A bee hive was discovered by Marton Mere volunteers on Tuesday 26 July 2022. Comparing the number of bees proved impossible this year due to the large number of Honey bees visiting the Common throughoutKnapweedtheMeadow. spotted parasitic fly


MartonMereWildflowerArea(West) 2019 2020 2021 2022

Agrimony x Bartsia, Red x x x x Bindweed x x Bistort, Amphibious x x Bramble x x Carrot, Wild x x Chickweed, common mouse ear x Cinquefoil, Creeping x x Cleavers x Dock, Curled x x x x Field Horsetail x Goldenrod, Early x x x x Hogweed x NIF x Horseradish NIF x Knapweed, Common x x x x Knapweed, Greater x Mugwort x Nettle, Common x x x Plantain, Ribwort x x Ragwort, Hoary x x x x Silverweed NIF x x Spear Mint x x x x Teasel x NIF Thistle, Creeping x x Thistle, Spear x x Vetch, Tufted x x Vetchling, Meadow x x x x Willowherb Epilobian sp x x Willowherb, hairy x Willowherb Hybrid x

MartonMereWildflowerArea(East) 2019 2020 2021 2022 Bartsia, Red x x x x Bindweed, Lesser x x Bird’s foot trefoil x x Black Medick x Bramble x x Buttercup, Meadow x x x Carrot, Wild x x x x Chickweed, Common x Cinquefoil, Creeping x x x Cleavers NIF x Clover, Red x x x x Clover, White x x x x Dandelion x Dock, Curled x x x Hogweed x x x x Knapweed, Common x x x x Knapweed, Greater x Mouse ear, Common x x x Nettle x x x Plantain, Ribwort x x x Ragwort, Hoary x x x x Restharrow x Silverweed NIF NIF NIF x Sorrel NIF NIF Spearmint x Thistle, Creeping x x x Thistle, Spear x Vetch, Tufted x x x x Vetchling, Meadow x x x Willowherb, Broad leaved x x Willowherb, Rosebay x Yarrow x x x

MartonMereWildflowerArea 2022 2022 Grasses east west east west east west CanaryBent grass, Reed x Cock’s foot grass x x Couch, Common x Fescue, Red x Fescue, Giant x Meadow foxtail x Meadow grass, Annual Meadow grass, Rough Meadow grass, Smooth x Oat grass, False x x Rye grass, Perennial x Timothy x Yorkshire fog Sedges Sedge, Hairy Trees / Shrubs Apple fruit fruit Elder NIF Honeysuckle NIF Lichen Xanthoria polycarpa x x

MartonMereWildflowerMeadowArea 2021 2021 2022 2022 BUTTERFLIES east west east west Gatekeeper 3 4 3 3 Meadow Brown 5 Peacock 1 Skipper, large 2 White, small 1 1 AzureDAMSELFLIESBlue 2 Common Blue 7 1 3 EmperorDRAGONFLIES over over BEES (individual species not identified) 54 21 100+ 100+

Area = Early Easterncut Area = Late cutWesternEasternCombined Hoverfly Species Platycheirus sp.11 Episyrphus balteatus123 Sphaerophoria scriptaCheilosiamale11 pagana11 Eristalis intricaria213 Other larger Eristalis Othersp.141226 smaller Eristalis Helophilussp.12921 pendulus156 Helophilus Syrittatrivittatus11 pipiens11 Total number of individuals333164 Minimum number of species8710

of Hoverflies and Moths 27th July

Mere - Wildflower Meadow

Carried out by Malcolm BasedEvans on 30 minute sessions in each Westernarea

Also just a single Cinnabar moth larvae on ragwort in the western area.

Marton RecordsProject Survey2022

WesternEasternCombined Moths Gold Spot Silversp11 Y235 Shaded Broad-bar235 Udea lutealis459 Crambidae Othersp.61420 micro moths9918 Total number of individuals233558

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