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Annual Gift Report 2010-2011

Thank you for sustaining the spirit in Quaker education through gifts to Friends Council on Education

w w w. f r i e n d s c o u n c i l . o r g

September 2011 Dear Friends, It is with gratitude and pleasure that we share with you some highlights from the 2010-11 year at Friends Council on Education. We know that you share our love for Friends education, Quaker schools, and Friends Council, and we are grateful for the many ways in which you show that love. Whether you are connected to us as a teacher, trustee, administrator, graduate, parent, grandparent, devoted Friend, or some combination of these, we value you as a vital member of our extended Friends Council community, and we could not accomplish our work without your support. Here’s what you made possible this year: Friends Education Outreach. We debuted our new streamlined website and added many new resources for sustaining the Quaker dimension in our schools. We developed a national forum for outreach opportunities through our mindfulness programs. We co-sponsored the annual Mindfulness in Education conference in partnership with the Center for Courage and Renewal and presented a mindfulness workshop to more than 150 participants at the National Association of Independent Schools conference. We delivered a mindfulness course to educators from private and public schools, including Friends schools, a reflection of the increasing collaboration between Friends schools and the world of public and independent education, creating partnerships with other schools locally and globally. Stewardship of Resources. The October board meeting at Pendle Hill culminated in a shared lunch with heads of Friends schools, where we heard from Dr. Eric Chivian, the founder and director of The Center for Health and the Global Environment. We continued the stewardship theme by featuring in Chronicles of Quaker Education the many exciting environmental sustainability initiatives in Friends schools across the country. We also started a new web section specifically for stewardship resources in Friends schools. Governance Matters. Our fifth year of serving trustees through regional one-day governance workshops focused on financial sustainability for small Friends schools. Our extended learning options included webinars in a live online format reaching hundreds of participants from multiple schools, and weekly Monday morning podcasts containing helpful tips on outreach and development. Both the webinars and the podcasts are archived on our website, providing a permanent resource for our constituents. Peer Networks. Our peer networks continue to grow in popularity and participation. Through conferences and electronic interchange, these self-directed groups serve staff, faculty, administrators and trustees, strengthening the values-based curricula and pedagogy in Friends schools. Less than ten years ago there were only four peer networks; this year more than 400 people took part in one or more of the 15 peer group events. The Development/Public Relations joint gathering involved many new participants, for example, and the Diversity peer network event drew more than 60 enthusiastic participants from 18 schools and Quaker organizations. Diversity. Supporting diversity work in our schools is part of Friends Council’s strategic plan, and this year some of that work included co-sponsoring the Quaker school luncheon at the NAIS People of Color Conference, and co-sponsoring the Youth Symposium on the Holocaust with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. Reasons to Celebrate. We celebrated the 2011 Leadership Institute graduates who delivered their Action Research reports at Friends Council’s Annual Meeting in April, and we are inspired by the depth of commitment from the 2011 SPARC (Spirited Practice and Renewed Courage) graduates. These emerging leaders will continue to strengthen the Quaker dimension across the network of Friends schools. Some of those schools marked important anniversaries this year, and it was a joy to celebrate with them: Friends School of Atlanta – 20th; Olney Friends School – 174th; Friends Seminary – 225th; Moorestown Friends School – 225th. This is just a snapshot of the many and varied activities of Friends Council on Education. Your devoted financial support, combined with your heartfelt and unwavering passion for Friends education is what makes it all possible, and we thank you. Sincerely, David Tomlin, Clerk

Irene McHenry, Executive Director

While we strive to report all gifts accurately, omissions and other errors sometimes occur. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and let us know about the mistake at 215-241-7245 or write to so that we may make necessary corrections. Front cover photos of Friends Council on Education Peer Network Gathering & courtesy of George School, Wilmington Friends School and Friends’ Central School.

2010-11 Corporate Sponsors Brock and Company Culinart, Inc. A.W.G. Dewar, Inc.

H. Freeman Associates Schoolhouse Candids Photography Silverpoint.Net

Smart Tuition TADS, Inc. Turnaround Marketing Communications

Foundational Support Benevolent support from charitable foundations provided a lifeline for the Friends Council on Education’s strategic initiatives that benefit all Friends schools. The Clark Foundation D’Olier Foundation Friends Foundation for the Aging The Jonathan E. Rhoads Trust The Thomas H. & Mary Williams Shoemaker Fund

Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation Trust for the Meditation Process The Sue Thomas Turner Quaker Educational Fund Yarnall Fund

Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends provided loving and generous support for all Friends schools through gifts to the Friends Council on Education.

Meeting Gifts:

Adelphi Monthly Meeting of Friends  Baltimore Monthly Meeting of Friends, Stony Run  Bethesda Friends Meeting  Centre Monthly Meeting Germantown Monthly Meeting  Huntsville Friends Meeting Jericho Monthly Meeting  Lansdowne Friends Monthly Meeting London Grove Monthly Meeting Plymouth Monthly Meeting 

Merion Monthly Meeting of Friends  New York Yearly Meeting  North Carolina Yearly Meeting Conservative North Meadow Circle of Friends Paullina Monthly Meeting Providence Monthly Meeting of Friends Solebury Friends Meeting  Vassalboro Monthly Meeting of Friends  Virginia Beach Friends Meeting Yardley Friends Meeting

One of the loyal Annual Fund supporters who have made ten or more gifts within the past ten years. We deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment.

These gifts given in honor or in loving memory of the following family and friends are deeply appreciated.

Gifts were made in Honor of:

Gifts were made in Memory of:

Maia & Jeremy Baker Pam & Earl Ball Scott Baytosh Annette Breiling Darrell Cotton Faculty & Staff of Delaware Valley Friends School April Diop Institute for Engaging Leadership in Friends Schools Joseph M. Evans, Jr's 65th Birthday J. Harry Hammond Stephanie Judson Irene McHenry Peggy Ramsey Administrative Council of Sidwell Friends School Wilmington Friends School

Dr. L. S. Deshbandhu Mrs. Domenick Kristin Lynn Gale Earl G. Harrison Thomas Paul LaMonica David Mallery Adelbert (Bert) Mason Joyce McCray Ira & Lois McHenry Maureen Mullen Menard Nancy Bailey Neely Louise Sweeney Thomas Wood

In-kind gifts of volunteer time, energy and service were generously given and gratefully received.

Gifts In-kind were contributed by: Judy Belasco Brenda Boggess Ginny Christensen Culinart, Inc.

Mary Hanisch Arthur Larrabee Terence Peavy Glenn Ravdin

Earl Sissell Sarah Sweeney-Denham

Abington Friends School Brooklyn Friends School Friends School of Baltimore Photo courtesy of Friends School of Baltimore

The Annual Fund Anonymous (6) Kathy Adams-House Lydia Adelfio Kenneth & Cassandra Aldridge Richard Alper David & Holly Ambler  Thomas S. & Patricia Ambler  Philip G. Anthony & Margaret Mitchell Jack Armstrong Mark & Carol Aymar Phyllis Babcock Caroline A. Bailey Peter F. Baily  John & Aminda Baird  Earl J. & Pam Ball  Marion Ballard  Stephen K. & Sallie Barker  Gregory Barnes Lisa Barsky & William Blauvelt Michael C. Batinski & Ginny Hoffman Carol & Bruce Beaton Douglas & Ellen Bennett Mary Lou Bennett Betsy Berger Ari M. & Shauna Betof Elizabeth R. Bodine Larry & Brenda Boggess Matthew H. & Melinda Wenner Bradley Richard Brady And Elisabeth Dearborn Annette Breiling Dr. & Mrs. Sidney R. Bridges Sidney Bridges Amy Ward Brimmer & J. David Brimmer Francis G. Brown David Bruton Martha B. & Henry Bryans  Charles Bullard David & Anne Burnham  Patricia C. Burns Carolyn K. & T. Sidney Cadwallader  Frederick C. Calder  Barbara & Sam Caldwell Pam Callantine Anne Marble & Tom Caramanico Lisa Carbone Warren Tracey Quillen Carney Max & Jane Carter Elizabeth Cary  Kent John Chabotar David Chadwell Ginny Christensen  Timothy Clarke James W. Clay  Jonathan Collett  Lisa Collier Harold T. & Carolyn Commons Kenneth & Margaret Conrow  Grace Sharples & Merrit T. Cooke Deborah Hope Cooper Esther & Harry Cooperman  Carol Corson Gail Crane Betsy & Dan Crofts Linda Currie Ralph & Marie Curtis Julia E. Damkoehler  

Scott Harrington  Hanshi Deshbandhu Bruce N. Harrison Jean Dinneen Dana Harrison April & Ibrahima Diop Neil Hartman Nancy Fitts & Orlin Donaldson  Cyril & Judith Harvey Christopher Dorrance  Marion Heacock Betty & Cornell Dowlin  Douglas & Harriett Heath Matthias & Linda Drake Judith Heggestad Sharon Dreese Oren Helbok George & Sharon Eastburn Dorothy Henderson Sidney L. Eaton Daniel & Elizabeth Hendey Jonathan Edmonds Lili Herbert & Tim Sheldon Kay M. Edstene & Marylou Schak Larry P. Herz Julia & John Eells David Hewitt Brooks Eldredge-Martin  Roxanne Hewitt Eleanor M. & Thomas D. Elkinton  Janet Himel Russell S. Endo & Victoria Kong  Heather Hoerle & Rich Hilpert 2009-2011 Institute for Engaging Leadership Cohort Dennis Hoerner John Etter Michelle Yvette Holland Marilee Eusebio Thomas Hoopes & Elizabeth Castiglione J. Morris & Anne Evans  Jonathan W. & Melissa Graf Evans Lucretia Evans Peter & Ellen Evans Walter C. & Jane F. Evans Corporate Sponsors 2% Other Income 3% Joseph M. & Carolyn Evans Jr. Margaret Ewing Investments 11% School Dues 28% Geraldine Faivre Tom Farquhar & Mary Grady David M. Felsen Annual Giving 11% Sharon Fichthorn Frank Fisher George Fisk  Dorothy Flanagan  Foundations 28% Susan Fleming Programs & Publications 17% W. Byron & Betsy Forbush  Darryl & Gail Sullivan Ford  Deborah Frazer & John P. Malinowski John Frazier Sources of Income Jane Fremon Waman French Carolyn & John Friedman Nancy & Charlie Gale Bryan K. Garman Karen Ballotta Susan Hopkins  Susan Garrison & Michael Campbell Karen Horikawa & Peter Wenigmann Thomas R. Gibian Galen Horst-Martz David Girardi Robert & Gloria Horvay  Elizabeth Glascott & Thomas Macy Scott & Susan Hoskins  Richard & Claire Goldman  Charles S. & Nancy Hough Martin Goldstein Catherine Hunter Joseph Gosler & Sheila Wolper Jessica Hurwitz Autumn A. & R. Vann Graves Jonathan & Christine Huxtable Joanne & Mike Green Maureen & Dennis Jackson Ruth Greenberger  Ken & Katharine Jacobsen  Betsy Griffith-Smith & Paul Smith Jane James James & Pamela Grumbach Anne & Peter Javsicas  Veronica Guevara Juan Jewell & Susan E Cozzens  Richard Guttmacher  Beth D. & Martin C. Johnson Rose Hagan Gay G. Johnson  Bruce Haines David & Sallie Jones Elizabeth M. Haines  Ruth Joray Karen S. Hallowell  Stephanie Judson & Sandy Rea  Heidi Hammel & Robert J. Yarbrough Richard K. Jung J. Harry & Melody Hammond  Edwina & Harold Juram Michael D. Hanas Daniel & Michele Kahn Frederic & Mary Hanisch Daniel Karpf John & Margaret W. Harkins 

One of the loyal supporters who have made ten or more gifts within the past ten years. We deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment.

We thank these donors who made charitable contributions to the Friends Council on Education between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. Donors whose gifts were received after June 30, 2011 will be included in the Gift Report for 2011-2012. Pledges for which payments have not yet

been received are not included in this report.

David & Anne Kendall Margaret R. Kendon Thomas & Lisa Kennedy Christopher J. & Cathy Kerr  Christopher R. Kimberly Yvette King Richard Kleinschmidt Peter & Martha Klopfer  Hollister Knowlton Dorothy P. Kramme  Robert & Beth Krick Mark A. & Cynthia Kuhn Paul A. & Margaret Lacey  George & Suzanne Lamborn  Arthur Larrabee & Nancy Van Arkel Geraldine & Lawrence Laybourne  Jodi & David Leeser Odie & Bob Lefever Frederic & Holly Locke  Nelson J. Luria

Administration 6% Grants to Schools 7%

Fund Raising 7%

Programs & Publications 80%

How Funds Were Used

Deborah J. Lyons Russell J. MacMullan Timothy Madigan Susan & Todd Makler Jane Manring  Richard Marr Gertrude P. Marshall Edward W. Marshall & Joanna Bassert Michael Mascari & Lisa Gasstrom Barbara P. Mason  Nicholas & Sue Mason Alice Maxfield & Nelson Camp Connie McCann George & Marae McGhee  John, Marsha & Matt McHenry Irene McHenry & Randy Granger  James McKey  Robert McKinstry  John R. McKinstry & Nancy Crickman  David McNab  Donald & Britta McNemar Matthew Micciche Elaine Miles

William Starr & Elizabeth Reno  Robert & Constance Miller  Jane Stavis  Ron Miller  Bruce & Andra Stewart  Phyllis & Manley Mincer Jacqueline Stillwell Jane C. & Clark Moeller Clay Stites Anne Moore Ruth W. Stokes Marcia K. Morgan Susan Stone Karen & Kelly Morris  Sandra Stees Sudofsky Fern Moskowitz Thomas Swain Keith & Elizabeth Mosley  Eleanor & John Sweeney Anne S. Nash Richard Sweeney Faith Needleman Sarah Sweeney-Denham & Dan Denham Steve & Wendy Nierenberg Nancy M. Swift  Richard & Robin Nourie Michi Tashjian  Holly & Tom Olson Daphne Taylor Ralph & Darlene Palmer  Susan S. Temple Blythe Danner Paltrow Norman & Betty Tjossem Deborra Sines Pancoe & Craig Pancoe David & Carrie Tomlin  Glenn Parker  Daniel Tompkins Helen B. & Clarence Parker  Eva Travers  Marlisa Parker  Cindy & Peter Trueblood Linda Patterson Molly Tully James R. Perkins Karen Vaccaro & David Kern Thomas & Katherine Perry Laurence R. Van Meter Colleen Pike-Blair Virginia Cronister Vaughan Mimsey Potts Diane Vernon William C. Probsting Robert Vitalo  Christine Ramsey Alice Waddington Ann & David Raper Dick & Cheryl Wade  William D. Ravdin  Jean & Peter Warrington Beth Reaves Stephen & Anne Watters  Katherine Redding B.J. Weatherby & Verne Nielsen  Ann & Norval Reece Henry W. Weiss Joan Reese Richard D. & Shirley Wenner Dorothy M. Reichardt Debra Will & David K Thomas Edward Otto Rhoads John & Christa Williams  Jonathan E. Rhoads Juan & Delise Williams Tom Richards William & Judith Wilson Sarah Rickerman Anne Wood  Thomas Roby Deborah B. Wood  Priscilla Longstreth Roche Karen H. Wright Barbara Barriga Rowe James Wright & Mary K. Dabney George & Margie Rowe  Cinthia & Stephen Yingling John Scardina Peter & Carolyn Yoder  Sara Scattergood Andrew M. & Pat Phelan Young Cornelia and Marshall Schmidt Thomas E. & Jacqueline Zemaitis  Beth Schneider Marla Schoolmeester Michael Zimmerman Carole & Charles Schreck Debbie Zlotowitz Richard & Lee Schultz Howard & Rosalind Zuses Jonathan and Grace Scott Will & Rebecca Martin Scull Marcy Baker & Peter Seitel Sarah & David Selby Cecily & Geoffrey Selling  Francis & Antonia Sharp “Your work is stellar, Janet & Benjamin Shute  Richard & Mary Sidwell Dorothea C. Sines needed, critical to the world, David Singleton Earl Sissell and to be admired.” Robert L. Smith  Kirk Smothers Samuel Snipes & Marion A. Smith Maryhelen Snyder Peter Sommer Nancy O. Starmer

Gifts to Named Funds

Nancy Aranda Peter F. Baily John & Aminda Baird Earl J. & Pam Ball Larry & Brenda Boggess David Brightbill Amy Ward Brimmer & J. David Brimmer Martha B. & Henry Bryans Lisa A. H. Darling April & Ibrahima Diop David & Lisa Eldridge Walter C. & Jane F. Evans Wilson Felter Frank Fisher Friends Select School Friends Seminary Peter & Sarah Gaines Bryan K. Garman & Karen Ballotta Barbara Gilvar Jennifer Gorzelany Autumn A. & R. Vann Graves Heather Hoerle & Rich Hilpert Michelle Yvette Holland Beth D. & Martin C. Johnson

Daniel Karpf Sharon Livingston Marianne Master Eric Mayer Irene McHenry & Randy Granger James McKey Matthew Micciche Laura Novo Deborra Sines Pancoe & Craig Pancoe Michael Saxenian Richard & Mary Sidwell Earl Sissell Abigail Smith Nancy O. Starmer State College Friends School Carol Swainson Sarah Sweeney-Denham & Dan Denham Jane Whitney Thompson David & Carrie Tomlin Beulah Trey & Steve Masters United Friends School Laurence R. Van Meter Rebecca Zug

Ravdin Fund: This permanently endowed fund was established to provide pro bono financial consulting, especially for small Friends schools. The future stability of all schools depends upon sound long-range financial planning, fundraising, and sustainable resources. Phyllis & Manley Mincer Cindy & Peter Trueblood

Photo from Friends Council Early Childhood Educators Gathering

Leadership Endowment Fund: Leadership development is one of Friends Council’s most fundamental priorities and is essential to the long-term health of our member schools. The Leadership Endowment makes it possible to continue this program in perpetuity.

Evergreen Circle

of Friends

It’s Easier Than You Think Ari and Shauna Betof on Planned Giving What do you think of when you hear the words “planned giving”? Maybe you picture a retired person adding a bequest to the will. Or perhaps you think a legacy gift requires a large sum of money. We sat down with our newest Evergreen Circle members, Ari and Shauna Betof, to discuss their decision to make a planned gift to Friends Council on Education. As a young family, they were surprised at how easy, inexpensive, and meaningful it can be. Here is a snapshot of that conversation: Why did you decide to support Friends Council with your planned gift?

Ari & Shauna Betof and their daughters, Anya & Kayla. Shauna:

Ari: Shauna and I have a lifelong commitment to lifting up Friends education and supporting Quaker schools. Friends Council on Education can draw upon expertise across all Friends school to support Quaker education writ large today and into the future. That is Friends Council’s mission.

We also made a planned gift to George School where we both work and live and where Ari is an alumnus.

Why did you decide to make a planned gift now? Shauna:

We wanted to do something meaningful now, something that would carry into the future.


It’s part of being a responsible parent, part of the “what if” thinking you do.

Ari: We are at a good stage of life to consider a planned gift. As parents of young children, we have to think about all the ways the future might unfold. This gift is part of the whole picture. We want to take care of our family and our intentions should something terrible happen.

Was it hard to make your planned gift?

Ari: We have been talking about making a planned gift for a few years, but we were waiting until we updated our will. We were happy to discover that it’s possible to name Friends Council on Education as a beneficiary of our retirement account. TIAA-CREF makes it very easy to do. It was one simple form for each of us. Shauna: We were also glad to know that we could assign a percentage of our 401K and not be limited by a specific dollar amount. It’s a small amount today, but it will grow, so that hopefully it will be substantial by the time it comes to FCE. Ari:

If it had been complicated, we probably wouldn’t have gotten around to it right now. But it only took about 30 minutes.


We hope it can be a model for our children. This is one way we want to demonstrate our values to our girls.

Please consider joining Ari and Shauna as members of the Evergreen Circle of Friends.

Planned gifts can be made in several ways, including: Bequests, Trusts, Securities, Charitable Gift Annuities, Retirement Assets, and Life Insurance. To discuss these and other giving options, please contact Amy Ward Brimmer at 215-241-7533. We look forward to talking with you about sustaining the vital work of Friends Council on Education.


We celebrate these Evergreen Circle members who support the Friends Council on Education through their long-range planning, reflecting their love for Friends education and their desire to sustain the vibrant network of Friends schools that make up the Friends Council. Their planned gifts strengthen the future of Friends education.. Peter F. Baily John & Aminda Baird Ari & Shauna Betof Martha B. & Henry Bryans Kay M. Edstene Eleanor M. & Thomas D. Elkinton George Fisk Mark & Heather Garrison Rose Hagan

J. Harry & Melody Hammond Lili Herbert & Tim Sheldon Susan Hopkins Irene McHenry & Randy Granger James McKey Mimsey O. Potts William D. Ravdin Bruce & Andra Stewart

We gratefully acknowledge the gifts that formed the roots for the Evergreen Circle. Caroline A. Bailey Susan Vanderpoel Clark Francis Ferris Marion Graham

Earl G. Harrison Leonard Kenworthy Leigh Van Etten Thomas A. Wood

1507 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

The Board of Directors July 2010 - June 2011

David Tomlin, Clerk

New Garden Friends School

Martha Brown Bryans, Assistant Clerk At Large

Peter F. Baily, Secretary Oakwood Friends School

Joseph M. Evans, Treasurer At Large

Mark Garrison

Ken Aldridge

At Large

Germantown Friends School

Rose Hagan

John Baird

Friends Select School

Westtown School

Lili Herbert

Ari Betof

Jim McKey

Earlham College

Richard Nourie

Abington Friends School

Richard Sidwell

George School

Friends School of Minnesota

Olney Friends School

Matthew Bradley

Heather Hoerle

Nancy O. Starmer

Sidney Bridges

Michelle Holland

Susan Temple

Westtown School

West Chester Friends School Brooklyn Friends School

Darryl Ford

William Penn Charter School

Friends School of Baltimore

Karen Horikawa

Wilmington Friends School

Mark Kuhn

Jane Fremon

Westtown School

Laurence Van Meter

Moorestown Friends School Director Emeritus

Carolina Friends School

Princeton Friends School

George School

William D. Ravdin

The Staff Irene McHenry Karen Vaccaro April Diop

Amy Ward Brimmer Carolyn Friedman Deborra Sines Pancoe 215-241-7245 Photo courtesy of Westtown School

Annual Report 2010-11  

Friends Council on Education Annual Report for 2010-11.

Annual Report 2010-11  

Friends Council on Education Annual Report for 2010-11.