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The end of 2018 is here, can you believe it? This is the time most of us reflect on the previous eleven months to set our expectations and goals for the next twelve. Some of us say to ourselves, “I’m going to travel more, work out more, save money, or [insert new risk-taking adventure here]” As you dig out your resolution list, I want to challenge you to something. Are you ready? Here it comes. Instead of resolutions, take out the list that holds your life goals - yes, even the ones you held when you were a kid - and revisit it. Something weird happens when we hit 30, 40, and even 50... we tell ourselves we missed our chance at something, to do what we’ve always wanted to do. Maybe it’s a jaded case of disappointment that we never tried to accomplish that one thing or perhaps it’s a case of other people telling us that it’s impossible or too late. Listen, if it isn’t the military, chances are you’re never too late to give it a shot. We’ve somehow left dream-chasing to the youth and if we didn’t catch whatever we were after by the time we hit 30, well, then it was time to settle into a life-long routine of whatever it is we were already in. Why do we do that, either to ourselves or to other people? You’re not too old. YOU are NOT too old. Go back to school, explore a new in-


dustry, create your art, whatever it is - try. In no way do I mean to say that this will be easy - it’ll most likely be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Change is never easy, but it is how we grow. I think it’s a universal sort of agreement we can admit to that life is too short - and it would make sense to say, in addition to that, that life is too short not to take advantage of as many experiences as we can. I should also mention that this isn’t solely an age-related issue either. The reinforcing of our own capabilities has to happen when we’re young also - so if you’re teetering on the edge of a decision and you’re wondering if you can do the job, handle that major, or take that risk... only you can answer that. The best advice I can give to the younger generation is to trust your gut and give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, all we need is a push something to affirm that we’re not crazy in pursuing a dream “so late in the game.” So, if you take any encouragement from this Editor’s Note, let it be that - no, you’re not off your rocker, yes you deserve to be happy, and absolutely, you should chase that dream like it’s the last bus out of town. Happy New Year, everyone, I wish you all the best going into 2019.


keep it local-II shop small this holiday season

Brass Unicorn Owner: Kathryn Barile

Yoshi NOW! Owner: Yoshi Toi

Brass Unicorn has been a fixture in the community since December 1980. The owner, Kathryn Barile, originally opened the shop to further her own learning, as access to the information she was looking for was limited at that time. Since then, she has sought to help others on their journey down their own path. This unique shop includes, but is not limited to, the Brass Unicorns line of handmade incense, bath salts, and scented oils. Books, new and used, (metaphysical, self-help and healing). Unique clothing gifts, jewelry, statuary, crystal and mineral specimen. Herbs, candles, Essential and perfume oils. All throughout the month of December, you’ll be able to find daily specials on items in the store. Mondays: Scented Oils, Tuesdays: Purses and Backpacks, Wednesdays: Earrings, and Thursdays: Outerwear (i.e. jackets/wraps/etc.) Aside from the fair-trade, handmade, one-of-a-kind original items, Brass Unicorn also offer services such as crystal healing, astrological charts and interpretations, spiritual counseling and pranic healing services, tarot reading, house/business cleansing and blessings, aura photography and pranic feng shui. Brass Unicorn is located 1007 N Van Ness Ave, Fresno, 93728. Find them on Facebook @BrassUnicorn

The owner, Yoshi Toi, immigrated from Hiroshima, Japan and after a few successful restaurants, found his calling in vintage goods. Yoshi NOW! Opened its doors in 2005 and was an evolution from The Garage Sale, a thrift/vintage store Yoshi owned throughout the 90s and early 00s. Yoshi NOW! Offers a variety of vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, vintage furniture, decor, wall art, collectibles, tchotchkes, and more. Throughout the holiday season, they’re offering 20% off all their vintage clothing. A family owned and operated vintage store, Yoshi NOW! Has been a part of Fresno’s vintage community for three decades. “We are constantly stocking new and unique finds: between Yoshi NOW! and our huge warehouse location, we think our customers are guaranteed to find what they are looking for and more!” Yoshi NOW! Is located 648 Broadway St, Fresno, 93721. Find them on Facebook @YoshiNowVintage

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Yosemite Wine Tails Owner: Colette Goga Yosemite Wine Tails is the brain child of entrepreneur Colette Goga, owner of Oakhurst Feed & Pet Supply and All Kritter Sitters in Oakhurst. Their mission, as it is stated on their website, is “Social responsibility and accountability are at the heart and soul of Wine Tails. Unending love and affection of pets set us on our mission to create a business model that begins by insisting that each winery, brewery, vendor and distributor contributes a portion of their proceeds to a pet centered non-profit.” Yosemite Wine Tails offers $5 wine tastings which include a one-on-one, personal approach to exploring new wines. Colette gets a sense for each person’s palette and hand selects a wine from her unique collection of small production, California based, wines. You won’t find these bottles in any big-box store. A dog-friendly business, you’re welcome to bring your furry friends as you try a variety of wines, beers, and even sake. Yosemite Wine Tails is located at 40409 Highway 41, Oakhurst, 93644. Find them on Facebook @YosemiteWineTails

Oakhurst Spirits Owners: Ally and Mike Benbrook A recent installment to the Oakhurst community, Oakhurst Spirits is home to craft distiller, Mike Benbrook. His wife, Ally, showcases her artwork in the adjacent gallery. A well-known artist, Ally has been invited to display her work in exhibitions throughout the US, Canada, and China. She has earned signature memberships in eight national and international watercolor societies. After years of living in the corporate world with 40+ years experience in business, as owners of WebbShade, a manufacturing business near San Diego they felt it was time for a change of pace. They had been coming to Yosemite for years and loved the peace and tranquility of the mountains. Mike is a re-


tired USN Chief Petty Officer, and is a member of the American Distilling Institute, and the California Artisinal Distillers Guild. Using the open fermentation technique, Mike invites the floral notes Oakhurst’s natural landscape into the flavors of his whiskey (bourbon, rye, wheat), rum, gin, and vodka. A whiskey tasting is available at $12 for a 3-flight and $15 for a 4-flight. Currently, gift box sets are available for $30 of either a 3-bottle variety of whiskeys, or a bottle of rum with a bottle of lavender flavored vodka and 2 glasses for $30. The Benbrooks believe in sourcing all their supplies from local businesses, and have been active as donors to local charities. They look forward to this same involvement in our mountain community in and around Oakhurst. Oakhurst Spirits is located at 40300 Greenwood Way, Oakhurst, 93644. Find them on Facebook @OakhurstSpirits

Vee’s Sensory Bottles Owner: Virginia Maciel Vee’s Sensory Bottles are full of glitter and magic for both adults and kids! They are made from recycled plastic Voss bottles, a variety in types of Glitter, Orbeez to add texture and to help the glitter fall, and finally, they are Gorilla Glued shut to avoid any leaks and to make sure no one drinks the sparkly liquid. These bottles are a lot like the ‘slime’ kids are into right now, however, they are contained and won’t dry out and get stuck in the carpet. The purpose of these sensory bottles is to help your mind relax from everyday stressors. What you do with a sensory bottle is simple, you just pick it up, shake it, and let the glitter and sounds do the rest. These bottles are great if you’re having a bad day and need something to focus on, they’re also great for time-out corners. These bottles often help those with Autism, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, PTSD, ADHD. You can get almost any color or color combinations just ask! Email: The Large bottles are $20. The Small bottles are $10. BUT! If you buy a Large bottle, the small bottle is only $5. Embrace the sensory magic! Find Vee’s Sensory Bottles on Facebook and Instagram @veesensory as well as Etsy: veesensorybottles (Free shipping code for locals) | FRESNO FLYER |



Fresno Collect-A-Con on December 9 By Lisa Talley |

A signed poster of Iron Man by the late, great Stan Lee. A 1984 Topps Dan Marino rookie card. If you’re a collector, you know what these are potentially worth – either monetarily or personally. Finds like these are few and far between, but occur in the most unlikely of places. You’ll never know where they’re going to pop up, which is why a collector is always on the prowl. Just ask the man behind Fresno’s Collect-A-Con, Dave Fly. Before the days of Collect-A-Con, Fly was a planner for Frank & Son Collectible Show. One year, a man showed up with a van full of vintage Star Wars figurines, hundreds of unopened Boba Fett ships to be exact. And in case you’re wondering what something like that could be worth, a single unopened box goes for (at the time) $300 - $500. Now, they’re worth upwards to $1,000 – and that guy was offering up the whole lot for only $700. Fly walked away with van-load full of rare items at a steal. Over the years, Collect-A-Con has been a staple in the community of the Cen-

tral Valley - the stomping grounds for those diehard hunters of all things vintage, rare, and collectible in the comic and pop-culture worlds. On December 9, collectors and fans can find the event at the American Legion Post 509 in Fresno. “My favorite thing about these events is the comradery between us dealers and the people. A lot of customers of ours have been coming back to us for years, and it’s always good to see them coming in. It’s all about the connection between everybody … that’s what has kept me going for almost 30 years,” shared Fly about why he continues to do what he does. Collect-A-Con will be a oneday-only event that offers a playground of memorabilia, collectibles, comic books, figurines, and guest appearances by comic artists and even an original Glow Girl. It’ll be a place where vendors, collectors, and fans can get together to trade, sell, buy, and share a mutual enthusiasm for Marvel, DC, and pop-culture favorites. Fly brings his expertise from all

over the country, having hosted similar events in New York, Atlanta, Vegas, and Los Angeles. But he won’t just be bringing his experience, Fly will be at the event with his vintage Star Wars items in tow. Wonderland Comics, who have been working in tandem with Fly to get the event set up this December, will also be in attendance with a wide selection. Fresno CollectA-Con, formerly held at the Piccadilly Inn, has moved to the American Legion Post 509 where it can accommodate larger tables and a bigger crowd. Entry to the event is only $3 (kids under 12 are free). There is no set schedule of events and patrons are welcome to attend at any time during the event – 10 am to 3 pm. However, giveaways are set to go off every hour, every person receives a raffle ticket at the door. Prizes include toys, comic books, autographs, and memorabilia. So, you’ll want to be sure to

stick around even if you don’t hear your name on the first draw! The American Legion Post 509 is located at 3509 N First St, Fresno, 93726

5 Ways to Support Your Community this Holiday Season

(Family Features) Each year, the true spirit of the holidays can seem to get buried further beneath mountains of wrapping paper and drowned out by commercialism. However, when it comes to the holidays, gifts don’t have to come in glossy paper with crisp edges and hidden tape (though those are nice, too). For example, author Carol Lavin Bernick recommends focusing on gifts that make an impact, such as giving back within your community. The former chairman of beauty conglomerate Alberto Culver, Bernick published “Gather As You Go,” a book sharing insights she’s learned through her many roles: corporate leader, working mother, philanthropist and founder of the nonprofit organization Enchanted Backpack. Consider these tips from Bernick for making a difference without breaking the bank.



1. It’s About More Than Just Dollars

Instead of measuring your support by how much money you give, focus on the many ways you can support organizations near and dear to you by spreading the word online and in-person while recruiting new supporters. Alternatively, you can find an organization that puts your knowledge and skills to work. For example, if you’re an artist or IT specialist, find a charity that needs your skill set. 2. Think Long-Term When you’re working with an organization, consider how you can help it find a longterm solution to problems. For example, if you’re interested in helping young girls excel in science and math, work with your local elementary or junior high school to establish or support an after-school STEM program.


3. Start at Home Teach your children the importance of giving back by donating gifts to those in need through charitable programs, volunteering at a food pantry or fundraising through a bake sale. 4. Shop with Purpose This year, you can make an impact with your holiday shopping by buying gifts that give


back. For instance, all proceeds from “Gather As You Go” directly benefit Enchanted Backpack. 5. Focus on Your Passions Define your focus and make a difference by dedicating yourself to one or two causes that excite you the most. Find your passion and pursue it. Find more inspiration to give back at


Answers to last issue’s puzzles

Fun Facts The Recycling Edition

Zero Waste Tips 1. Gift an experience (i.e. massage, tickets, or a class) instead of an item this holiday season. 2. Wrap your presents in a reusable cloth or in a reusable bag instead of gift wrap. It’s a 2-in-1 present! 3. Avoid single use items at your holiday parties.


4. Buy secondhand decorations at thrift stores. Bonus: Donate old decora1. The origins of Christmas can tions if you’re buying new ones! be traced back to ancient pagan celebrations such as Deus Sol 5. Purchase items that can be recycled after the holiday season is over. Invictus (observed Dec 25) , the Kalends ( Jan 1-5), and Satur6. Make sure to bring your reusable bags when you shop this holiday seanalie (Dec17-23). The Christian son! Church disapproved of these festivals and co-opted the holiDid You Know? days by declaring Dec 25 as Jesus’ birthday. 1. Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday period than any other time of the year. 2. The tradition of tinsel, which was invented in Germany in 2. About 40% of all battery sales occur during the holiday season. Make 1610, is based on legend about sure to find a battery recycler near you! spiders whose web turned into silver when they were spun in a 3. 8,000 tons of wrapping paper is used at Christmas each year, equating Christmas tree to roughly 50,000 trees. 3. Most of Santa’s reindeer have 4.The 2.65 billion Christmas cards sold each year in the U.S. could fill a male-sounding names, such football field 10 stories high. as Blitzen, Comet, and Cupid. However, male reindeers shed their antlers around Christmas, so the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh are likely not male, but female or castrated. | FRESNOFLYER.COM |





For the Classic Entertainer

The American Legion Post 509 T

he Fresno Federal 509 Family is an active chapter of the American Legion, a non-profit organization, that seeks to serve the needs of the community’s veterans and their family. As it states on their website, “It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.” The 509 Family continuously runs programs throughout the year that help them maintain their mission of giving back to veterans in the Central Valley. The Operation Comfort Warriors program supports recovering wounded warriors and their families, providing them with “comfort items” and the kind of support that makes a hospital feel a little bit more like home. The Legion also raises millions of dollars in donations at the local, state and national levels to help veterans and their families during times of need and to provide college scholarship opportunities. Of the many ways they contribute to their community, the 509 Family also have an outstanding Honor Guard who provide military burial services for any veteran anywhere in the Valley. Open to the public, the 509 Family hosts numerous events throughout the month, every month, such as Bingo, Karaoke Night, and Sunday Dances. Details for December’s activities can be found in the Calendar section of this Fresno Flyer issue. The American Legion’s success depends entirely on active membership, participation, and volunteerism. The organization belongs to the people it serves and the communities in which it thrives. For more information on how to get involved, the Honor Guard, becoming a member, or hall rentals, call (559) 2240522.



Photo courtesy of Getty Images


hen in need of inspiration during gift-giving season, focusing on thoughtful presents that align with the personalities and interests of your intended recipients can be a surefire way to delight even the hard-tobuy-for friends and family on your list. If you need a little extra help this holiday season, though, these ideas curated by the experts at Macy’s can help you hand out on-trend, versatile gifts.

“The holidays are our favorite time of the year,” said Durand Guion, group vice president, Macy’s Fashion Office. “As the gift destination, we believe in the wonder of giving and are excited to help our shoppers find the perfect gifts. Our fashion directors have highlighted the best selection of fashion, beauty and home with trendy pieces that are not only versatile but also inspiring, whether they’re for gifting, dressing or entertaining.” Find more thoughtful gift ideas that can make your loved ones smile at gifts.

For the Home Decorator

For the Modern Host


Bring the holiday cheer home this season with cozy throws and decorative pillows that are perfect for gathering around the fireplace. A variety of options are available, including a Basket Weave Faux-Fur Pom Pom Throw, a Snuggle by the Fire Pillow, a Holiday Truck Pillow and a Stand Out Scottie Pillow. Featuring touches of faux fur and velvet, these throws and pillows from the Martha Stewart Collection can add warmth to a room on chilly nights.


Essentially every host knows entertainment should be a focal point of the party. Bring family and friends together with the Studio Mercantile Stacking Game, a vintage-inspired twist on a classic made to be played while sharing a round of drinks. The set includes 40 wooden blocks engraved with prompts that can make things more interesting as well as 14 blank blocks so you can create your own entertaining tasks.


Savor your favorite spirits with loved ones and add an elevated touch to your entertaining this holiday season with a set of two whiskey glasses from the Hotel Collection. Accompanied by black marble coasters, this modern set of 14.7-ounce glasses can help protect your furniture and surfaces from cup marks, drips, spills and condensation while also impressing guests at any size gathering.

For the Beauty Lover

For the woman who is beauty-obsessed, give her a gift of relaxation with the Tony Moly sheet mask set. The set includes 19 masks in total, including pulp sheet masks, layering sheet masks, gel face masks and gel eye masks, and is a perfect reason for a girls’ night in. Featuring ingredients such as red wine, which helps tighten and purify skin, and lemon, which helps brighten skin tone and combat hyperpigmentation, among others, there is a mask for nearly every skin need.

For the Go-Anywhere Man

Perfect for the office or a night on the town – and nearly anything in-between – a Tommy Hilfiger watch is a lasting and versatile gift for the special man on your list. Completely focused in black stainless steel with a matching minimalist dial, this sophisticated timepiece is also water-resistant to 30 meters. The black-on-black design is a modern upgrade to classic watches, and can keep your man in style for seasons to come.


1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts 2 tablespoons minced fresh sage Heat oven to 375 F. Thaw puff pastry sheets according to package instructions. Once thawed, unfold into thirds. Cut each third into 12 equal squares to make 48 squares. Grease two mini muffin tins; press each puff pastry square into muffin cup. Bake 8-10 minutes; remove from oven and press center of each cup in with end of wooden spoon.

Fuss-Free Holiday Recipe Inspiration (Family Features) Hosting holiday dinners can be stressful, even for the most seasoned home cooks. Between gift giving, cookie baking, home decorating and more, there’s often little time left to think through a festive feast for a hungry crowd of family and friends. While the main entree and dessert are usually the first courses to be accounted for when planning, seasonal appetizers and sides can set your spread apart. Perfect for intimate gatherings or larger parties, a simple app like Cranberry Walnut and Brie Bites, filled with ingredients like Willow Tree Classic Chicken Salad and creamy Brie cheese, can leave guests anxiously awaiting the rest of the meal. Round out your menu with musthave sides like potatoes. For example, a traditional French dish like Dauphinoise Potatoes are easy to make and feature a homemade butter and garlic sauce, thinly sliced potatoes and rich Gruyere cheese. Once the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, however, one of the last things many hosts want to do is cook anoth-

er big meal. With an option like Willow Tree Chicken Pies, you can skip the hassle and get a meal on the table quickly. For more easy hosting ideas and recipes, visit

Cranberry Walnut and Brie Bites

While puff pastry is baking, prepare cranberry sauce. Add bag of cranberries into saucepan. In pan over low heat, combine sugar, one strip orange or lemon zest and water; cook, stirring occasionally, until sugar dissolves and cranberries are soft, about 10 minutes. Increase heat to medium and cook until cranberries burst, about 12 minutes. Reduce heat to low. Add sugar, salt and pepper, to taste; let cool slightly and reserve. Fill center of each puff pastry cup with chicken salad, 1/2 teaspoon cranberry sauce and one piece Brie cheese. Bake 5-7 minutes, until Brie is melted. Top with chopped walnuts and minced sage. Serve warm.

Dauphinoise Potatoes Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 30-45 minutes Servings: 1 8 ounces potatoes 1 tablespoon butter 1 large clove garlic 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 ounce Gruyere cheese, for garnish salt pepper Heat oven to 350 F. Peel and finely slice potatoes. Add butter to saucepan and melt. Finely mince garlic and add to saucepan; saute gently until garlic is pale golden color. Add cream to saucepan and bring to rapid simmer but do not boil. In oven-safe dish, arrange slices of potato in even layers. Pour warm cream over potatoes slowly, allowing to seep between layers without overflowing dish. Top generously with sliced Gruyere cheese and place in oven, 30-45 minutes per portion. When done, potatoes should be golden-brown on top, bubbling at edges and a knife should slide easily into center.

Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 10-15 minutes Servings: 12-16 2 packages (17 ounces each) puff pastry 1 bag (12 ounces) fresh or frozen cranberries 1 cup sugar, plus additional, to taste 1 orange or lemon, zest only, cut into strips 2 tablespoons water salt, to taste pepper, to taste 1 container (7 1/2 ounces) Willow Tree Classic Chicken Salad 4 ounces Brie cheese, cut into 48 pieces | FRESNOFLYER.COM |





CALENDAR December 1-7 Art Tech Tuesdays at Ideaworks Tuesday, December 4, at 6 PM – 9 PM Ideaworks 1730 H Street, Fresno, 93721 Ideaworks’ weekly technology meet-up, Tech Tuesday, is your chance to explore technology, learn new skills, and work on advanced tech projects. Beginners are welcome to use our laptops and micro-controllers to start down the path of creating their own robotics, automation, or “Internet of Things” projects. Regularly scheduled sessions on learning Arduino will help you get up and running in no time. More advanced sessions on Raspberry Pi, CAD, and other topics will be offered soon. So bring your project or just your curiosity, there are plenty of projects for you to get involved in! Piñata Alcohol Inks Christmas Ornament Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 10 AM – 12 PM Allards Art 5350 N Blackstone Ave. No experience necessary! Ages 12 and up!

$40 class fee. Three Ways to Register: Online at classes/Pinata_Alcohol_Ink.html Call us at (559) 225-1500 or Talk to a cashier in-store Arthop at the Brewery: Culture Cloths Series Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 5 PM – 11 PM Full Circle Brewing Co. 620 F St, Fresno. Its FREE and ALL AGES so bring the whole family. ArtHop and Makers Market December 6th, 2018. 5 PM - 8 Peerless Building 1755 Broadway Street Fresno. Find a unique gift this holiday.

Theater Swede Fest 18 Sunday, December 2, from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM Tower Theatre 809 E Olive Ave, Fresno, 93728 The only film festival for homemade, summarized re-creations of your favorite Hollywood movies, is returning to the Tower Theatre on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2. FREE. ALL AGES!

It’s A Wonderful Life Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 7 PM – 9 PM Reedley’s River City Theatre Company 1720 10th St, Reedley. The story of George Bailey, the Everyman from the small town of Bedford Falls, whose dreams of escape and adventure have been quashed by family obligation and civic duty, whose guardian angel has to descent on Christmas Eve to save him from despair and to remind him… by showing him what the world would have been like had he never been born, that his has been, after all, a wonderful life. Disney Presents The Lion King Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 7:30 PM Saroyan Theatre 700 M St, Fresno.

mission, Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to find his birth father and discover his true identity. Faced with the harsh realities that his father is on the naughty list and his half-brother doesn’t even believe in Santa, Buddy is determined to win over his new family and help New York remember the true meaning of Christmas. This modern day holiday classic is sure to make everyone embrace their inner elf. After all, the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear. tickets. A Christmas Carol: The Musical Friday, December 7, at 7 PM – 9 PM Golden Chain Theatre.

decorated and strung with miles of holiday lights! Enjoy holiday music, live entertainment, festive treats and beverages for adults and children, free photos with Santa Claus* and Holographic glasse. HoloSpex holographic glasses available for $2 each. Tickets Martin Park Craft Day Tuesday, December 4, at 4 PM – 6:30 PM Martin Park, Inc. 345A N Glenn ave, Fresno, 93701 Martin Park Hosting a community Craft evening. Bring your children after school to a event where they will be able to express themselves. Art has been known as one of the best ways to express themselves and show their creativity. We look froward to seeing you here! Tree Lighting Ceremony WednesElf Jr. Friday, December 7, 2018 at day, December 5, 2018 at 5:30 PM 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM Children’s Mu- Santa Photo December 3-24th Si- – 9:30 PM The Vineyards California sical Theaterworks 2425 Fresno erra Vista Mall 1050 Shaw Ave, Clo- Armenian Home 6720 E. Kings CanSt, # 101, Fresno. Buddy, a young vis. yon, Fresno. singers, a band, and orphan, mistakenly crawls into San- dancers. Gather with friends and ta’s bag of gifts and is transported ZooLights 2018! Sat-Sun, Decem- family at 5:30 to experience the lightto the North Pole. The would-be elf is ber 1 & 2, at 5 PM – 8 PM Fresno ing of the tree and park. Then enjoy raised, unaware that he is actually a Chaffee Zoo 894 W Belmont Ave, holiday culinary delights in the AACL human, until his enormous size and Fresno, 93728 For this annual event, Hall. poor toy-making abilities cause him the entire Zoo is transformed into to face the truth. With Santa’s per- a magical, winter wonderland, fully Bingo at the 509 every Wednesday, open to the public. Bingo Prices: $20 buy-in includes: 19 regular games, plus 1 bonanza card. Doors open 4:30pm - Horserace game 6:15pm - Regular games start at 6:30pm - Payouts $175-$250. Weekly kitchen dinner specials 5pm-8:30pm (559)224-0522 3509 N. First St. Fresno. North of Sheilds ave.


American Legion Post 509 with help heal Veterans has arts & crafts, therapeutic craft kits. Free to Veterans every Wednesday at 10am to 1pm & Thursday 1pm to 3pm. 3509 N. First St. Fresno. North of Shields ave. Light Up Downtown Holiday Open House Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 5 PM – 8 PM Downtown Visalia 120 S Church St, Visalia. Reedley’s Electrical Farm Equipment Parade Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM Downtown Reedley G St, Reedley.

Senior Events Stretch & Strengthen 12/4 at 10:30am Palm Village Senior Network 7638 N. Ingram, suite 111, Fresno, 93711 For more information, call or email: 559-346-7662






MORE Bingo 12/4 at 3-4pm Palm Village Senior Network 7638 N. Ingram, suite 111, Fresno, 93711 For more information, call or email: 559-3467662

Fresno City College Jazz Concert Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 7:30 PM – 9 PM Fresno City College Theatre 1101 E University Ave, Fresno. B27 Train Brain 12/5 10:30am Palm Live Holiday Music Thursday, DeVillage Senior Network 7638 N. In- cember 6, 2018 at 6 PM – 9 PM Rivgram, suite 111, Fresno, 93711 For er Park 71 E. Via La Plata, Fresno. more information, call or email: 559- 346-7662 Hamilton Loomis Thursday, De cember 6, 2018 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 Mexican Train Dominoes 12/5 PM Tower Theatre 809 E Olive Ave, Palm Village Senior Network 7638 Fresno. Tickets towertheatrefresno. N. Ingram, suite 111, Fresno, 93711 For more information, call or email: 559-346-7662 An Evening With Fleetwood Mac Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 8 PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. Copa Combate 2018 Friday, De- Fuerza Regida Friday, December cember 7, 2018 at 6 PM Save Mart 7, 2018 at 9 PM – 2 AM Aldos Night Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. Club 617 W Belmont Ave, Fresno. Fresno State Bulldogs Mens Basketball vs. Weber State Men’s Basketball Wednesday, December 5, at 7 PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Paint & Sip “Vintage St.Nick” Shaw Ave, Fresno, 93710 Tickets · Wednesday, December 5, at 7 PM – $10 - $40 available at Ticketmaster. 9 PM Pinot’s Palette (Fresno) 6763 com N Palm Avenue, Fresno, 93704 This painting will be done on a wood palFresno State Bulldogs Mens Bas- let with a bonus mini chalkboard to ketball vs. Long Beach State Men’s hang on his hat, as a countdown Basketball Saturday, December to Christmas. More info and tickets 8, 2018 at 4 PM Save Mart Cen- available at ter 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. Oooh POP! Thursday, December Exposed Carry Firearm Class Sat- 6, 2018 at 9 PM – 2 AM FAB Fresno urday, December 8, 2018 at 9 AM – 716 E Olive Ave, Fresno. 5 PM 5180 N. Fresno St. #101 $125 (includes range fee) Goldstein’s Stout & Porter night Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 6 Hanford Rockin’ Rudolph Run PM Goldstein’s Mortuary & DelicaSunday, December 9, 2018 at 8:30 tessen 1279 N Wishon Ave, FresAM – 10 AM 325 N Douty St, Han- no. ford Tickets Register Now and experience the best 5k Wine & Chocolate Tasting Friday, Christmas run/walk around. The December 7, 2018 at 6 PM – 9 PM Rockin’ Rudolph Run is a great way Downtown Hanford Tickets www. to start the holiday season with a Event tickets great stroll through downtown Han- are $30 in advance and $35 on the ford. INCLUDED WITH YOUR REG- day of the event, and will be available ISTRATION One Really Awesome for purchase on November 5th. Custom Beanie Rockin’ Rudolph Shirt Finisher’s Christmas Medal LMC Presents: Gene Farris FriSanta Claus will be there for pic- day, December 7, 2018 at 9 PM tures (let’s hope you have not Fulton 55 875 Divisadero St, Fresbeen naughty) Costume Contest no. P-REZ (Not So Fast Records) Chip Timed Race (Kids MAJ (Vinyl Set) $10/$15at the Door Race is not timed) Mac Miller Tribute Friday, December 7, 2018 at 9 PM – 1:30 AM Strummer’s 833 E Fern Ave, Fresno. 9pm 21+ only FREE! The Ataris, A Minor Assumption, 24 Hour Bigfoot Attack Wednesday, Calling All Promotors We can December 5, at 8 PM Strummer’s help get you out there. We’ll design, 833 E Fern Ave, Fresno, 93728 All print and distribute. 559-472Ages! Tickets available at TicketWeb. 7182 com


21 & Over

November 8-14 Art The Dreamer Co-Op; A Fresno Collective Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 11 AM – 4 PM Lanna Coffee Co 617 Broadway St, Fresno. Join us for a Mid-century holiday experience with local artisans, florals, styling bar, Photo-Booth, lounges, food trucks, craft brew tasting & more! FREE entry! The event is benefiting the local Non-Profit Able Advocates ! Family Friendly! Wreath Making Workshop Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 9 AM – 11 AM Belmont Nursery 7730 E Belmont Ave, Fresno. Join our holiday tradition, register now for the wreath making workshop! Learn how to make your own holiday wreath with natural materials! LIMITED space available, registration required. (559) 255-6645 Calling All Promotors We can help get you out there. We’ll design, print and distribute. 559-4727182

Family Day with SANTA Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 11 AM – 4 PM Fresno Art Museum 2233 N 1st St, Fresno. Ongoing Activities, art, treasure hunt, face painting and more. Workshop: Field Production Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 2 PM – 5 PM CMAC 1555 Van Ness Ave, Fresno. Hands-on introduction to filming on-location, including proper setup and breakdown of the camera, audio, and lighting equipment, camerawork, basic interviewing tips, and planning for post-production. This workshop is in two parts: Part 1: Tue, Dec 11, 2–5pm Part 2: Wed, Dec 12, 2–5pm CMAC membership must be paid prior to training. Contact for membership and enrollment: (559) 2662622 or Paint & Sip “Winter Snowy Owl” Thursday, December 13 at 7 PM – 9 PM Pinot’s Palette (Fresno) 6763 N Palm Avenue, Fresno, 93704 Join us to sip wine with friends, listen to music and discover your inner Van Gogh as our artists lead you step-by-step in creating your own masterpiece. Tickets available at








BLAZEFEST: FROM ASHES TO NEW Article & Photos by Steven Sanchez |


rom Ashes to New, Bad Wolves, Five Finger Death Punch, and Breaking Benjamin all on the same bill together! That’s a metalhead’s fantasy. It was a reality when the bands came to Fresno on November 12th at the Save Mart Center as a part of Blazefest, an annual concert event that is hosted by local rock station, KKBZ 105.1 The Blaze. It was definitely one of the top showcases in the genre of rock this year in the Central Valley. The majority of the time, when a band on the rise or a high-profile act comes to the area, usually it’s the club venues or theatres in the downtown area like the Tower District’s Strummer’s, Fulton 55, Warnors Theatre, Crest Theatre, or the Rainbow Ballroom that are the go-to destinations. So, to see touring groups like these headlining one of the top arenas in the state was pretty awesome. And that goal, to headline venues all around the world spreading their message through music, is something that Pennsylvania natives From Ashes to New hope to do for a long time. They’re a nu-metal band, an infusion of rock and rap, inspired by past raprock pioneers like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, and Korn. Matt Brandyberry is the rapper, and Danny Case is the vocalist, a very similar setup like Linkin

10 | DECEMBER 2018

Park, where Mike Shinoda would provide the rap flow and rhymes, and when the song needed to turn up during the chorus Chester Bennington’s high octane vocals would be the musical closer. Their idols and their home have cultivated inspiration to their musical content, appeal, and identity as a band. If you check out From Ashes to New’s website, their description of their origin city, Lancaster - along with other American cities or towns of disillusionment - is that “suburban boredom, broken families, substance abuse, limited opportunity – this is an environment in which authentic, compelling creativity can thrive...” it’s places like these where the genres of rap and rock have the most appeal and relatability. “Both the styles of music, it allows for people to have an outlet for whatever pent-up aggression or frustration on whatever situation they’re in to get it out and it feels like someone understands them and somebody else can put into words what their feeling,” says Danny. And there was a time where the blend of rap and metal was at its mainstream peak in the late 90s/early 2000s. It’s worth asking, do they feel the pressure of carrying the flag of the genre as a new band into the next decade of the millennium?


“I sure would like to believe so,” Danny proclaims in a hopeful voice. “I think that over the years the nu-metal genre has been overlooked. And some of the biggest bands playing the biggest stages in the world are nu-metal bands like Disturbed and Korn, and there’s a lot of longevity in that style of music. I think people want more of it.” This drive to prove themselves serves as a good reason as to why they’ve been included in the charts during their tenure as a band since 2013. Five years and several lineup changes, they’ve gotten Billboard recognition on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart for their singles “Through It All” (#6), “Crazy” (#3), and Broken (#16). Conventional wisdom shows that for most popular bands it usually takes them upwards to almost ten years to receive chart-topping success. And they don’t let that chart acknowledgment steer their trajectory with their creative endeavors to be more pop or having to change in order to be accepted. Nor do they pay attention to the detractors who criticize them for being copycats of previous bands they look up to. They take it with a grain of salt when compared to bands they admire. When From Ashes to New took the stage, they may have been the openers, but


they owned the arena as if they were the main attraction. Matt and Danny scurried around the stage, marking their territory on every square inch. Even without a bass player, they had a complete sound. They demanded the audience move their hands in the air and they followed in unison. One heck of an indication that soon their name will be in the top slot wherever they play. They were followed by the LA fivesome, Bad Wolves, who are straight-forward heavy metal. Formed in 2017, the band is comprised of members from different groups. One of the best moments of the night was everybody hoisting their cell phones and lighters in the air as they busted into their rendition of The Cranberries classic “Zombie.” Then came Five Finger Death Punch, and pun-intended, after their performance that’s what it felt like. Even without original drummer Jeremy Spencer due to back surgery, being replaced by a guy named “The Engine” (later revealed to be Scale The Summit’s Charlie Engen) there was no change in tempo. A gigantic skull occupied most of the space with explosions, a levitating platform for the guitarist, lasers flashing, and confetti, regular things you expect to see at a rock show. Their pro-American show got everybody into an enjoyable frenzy. Breaking Benjamin was the headliner. They didn’t have much theatrics, except for some pyrotechnics here and there, but they didn’t need them. They played a crowd and personal favorite early in their set with “I Will Not Bow.” They’ve been a consistent touring rock act and name stay in rock radio, and after seeing them live, I see why. The show took place in the aftermath of the Thousand Oaks shooting and the wildfires. So, this lineup was definitely well-needed to cope with the frustration surrounding the recent tragedies. For the band, with moments like these, this is the purpose they want to serve. From Danny’s perspective, he isn’t in it for the vices that come with the rock life, he’s all about quality and giving it to his fans. “I feel we should stand for something, I think we should provide hope and inspiration for people, so I feel we have a job as artists to touch people’s lives in a meaningful way.” And the message Danny had for the Fresno attendees before the show... “There’s always going to be bad times in life, and bad things happen, it doesn’t mean that it has to define you. Let the bad times make you stronger, not tear you down.” For more photos and videos of the event check out Steven’s Instagram account @stevensanchez5807


The Magician and the Witch Doctor Friday, December 14, 2018 at 6 PM – 9:30 PM Vista Theater 1296 N. Wishon Ave., Fresno. Tickets

Theater Narnia: The Musical Friday, December 7, 2018 at 7 PM – 10 PM Sierra Pines Church 40855 Covey Ct, Oakhurst. Gremlins (1984) Film Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 8 PM – 10 PM Historic Crest Theatre 1170 Broadway Plaza, Fresno. Tickets Only $6 The Ha, Ha, Ho Comedy Show Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM Tower Theatre 809 E Olive Ave, Fresno. Footloose - Good Company Players December 13-16. 1105 N Wishon Ave, Fresno, 93728 Thursday 7-10p, Fri & Sat 7:30-10:30p, and Sun 1-4p The iconic movie explodes to life in this exhilarating story about a pentup young rebel who sets a repressive small town on its ear. A teenager and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town and discover a repressive set of rules instituted by the local preacher, including a moratorium on dancing within city limits. The Oscar-nominated top-40 movie film score augmented with dynamic new songs for the musical which also garnered a Tony nomination for its high-octane, musical numbers from the ‘80s. Tickets available Shoplifters, presented by Fresno Filmworks Friday, December 14, 2018 at 5:30 PM – 7 PM Fresno Filmworks Tower Theatre, 815 E Olive Ave, Fresno. premiere of the Japanese fami-

ly drama “Shoplifters,” winner of the Palme d’Or award at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Master filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda sweetly reimagines what defines a family by examining the effects of poverty. Two show times: 5:30 and 8:30 PM at the historic Tower Theatre.


Open Gym Hour at Lee’s United Gymnastics Academy Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 1 PM – 2 PM 505 W 6th St, Hanford. Children MUST be at least 6 years of age to participate and pricing is as follows: Slice of Comedy headlining Keith Members: $7.00 Non-Members: Carey Saturday, December 15 at $10.00 8 PM – 10 PM Di Cicco’s Italian Restaurant 408 Clovis Ave, Clovis, 93612 Keith Carey is a Long Beachbased comedian who performs all over the country, on hard-hitting top- ZooLights 2018! Fri-Sun, Decemics. Keith is a regular at the Comedy ber 7-9, at 5 PM – 8 PM Fresno Store’s popular Roast Battle, which Chaffee Zoo 894 W Belmont Ave, he also performed on at 2016’s RIOT Fresno, 93728 For this annual event, Alternative Comedy Festival in LA. the entire Zoo is transformed into Tickets available on a magical, winter wonderland, fully decorated and strung with miles of Fresno Christmas LGBTQ Drag holiday lights! Enjoy holiday music, extravaganza Sunday, December live entertainment, festive treats and 16, at 8 PM – 10 PM The Crest The- beverages for adults and children, atre 1170 Broadway Street, Fresno, free photos with Santa Claus* and 93721 Join us on Sunday, Dec 16 an Holographic glasses**. *Free phoALL NEW Night of Comedy, Cocktails tos with Santa Claus NOT available and Queens! Host Leilani Price & December 26-30. **HoloSpex hoTranz-Jenner. With A SUPERSTAR cast lographic glasses available for $2 of Queens They are among the cen- each. Tickets available FresnoChaftral valley area’s most sought after performers and this December they are all under one roof at The Crest American Legion Post 509 Karaoke - first & third Friday of the month. Theatre. 7pm to 11pm Lightning entertainAn Irish Christmas Sunday, De- ment featuring: 1st - DJ Dave aka cember 16 at 2 PM Saroyan Theatre Puppet man, miss Lori & Rico. 3rd - DJ 700 M St, Fresno, 93721 features John Matzler. Snacks, drink specials, an award-winning cast of Irish danc- dancing, tons of fun! & you. 3509 ers led by Caterina Coyne (Principal N. First St. Fresno. North of Shields dancer, Riverdance) and Connor ave. Reider (Principal dancer Celtic Fyre, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, The Chief- Central Valley Reptile & Pet Expo tains), as well as members of the Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 10 Kerry Dance Troupe, The Kerry Voice AM – 5 PM Fresno Humane Animal Squad and the Kerry Traditional Or- Services 760 W Nielsen Ave, Fresno. chestra in a memorable night that sparkles with the charm and magic Holiday Pet Photos with Santa Satthat only this festive time of year can urday, December 8, 2018 at 10 AM – 3 PM Miss Winkles Pet Adoption bring. Center 85 TEMPERANCE AVE, Clovis.



Pose your pet with Santa this holiday season and help local animals in need at the same time! For just $20, you’ll receive two digital photos and the proceeds benefit our animals right here at Miss Winkles! What an amazing way to celebrate the season and give back! 89th Annual Downtown Fresno Christmas Parade Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 1 PM – 3 PM Downtown Fresno Partnership 845 Fulton Street, Fresno. 31st Annual Christmas in México Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 4 PM – 6 PM Fresno State Satellite Student Union Annual Christmas in México Folklórico Show! HO! HO! HO! CHRISTMAS AT BEBE O’S Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 5 PM – 8 PM celebrating it’s annual Christmas party and you all know what that means. We will once again bring Santa and you can get your pictures with St Nick himself. Listen to the sounds of DJ Bum while doing some Christmas shopping. Refresh-


ments will be available. Now remember as always we will also be collecting toys, socks, underwear, blankets, canned foods, and monetary donations to help those less fortunate in our community. We will also have raffles throughout the night. Save the date, come shop and help us help those in need. Merry Christmas! Jingle Jam Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM New Covenant Community Church 1744 E Nees Ave, Fresno. A Christmas party big enough for the whole family! Join us for music, games, drama, refreshments, and FUN! Jingle Jam at NewCov is a fun family event that you won’t want to miss. It’s great for all ages and all are welcome... also, it’s free! Fresno Collect A Con Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 10 AM – 3 PM American Legion Riders Chapter 509 Fresno, Ca. 3509 N 1st St, Fresno. $3 to get free...hourly raffles Calling All Promotors We can help get you out there. We’ll design, print and distribute. 559-4727182


DECEMBER 2018 | 11

MORE Blue Christmas with Elvis! Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 6 PM – 10 PM Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater 1226 N Wishon Ave, Fresno. For more information, visit Holiday Extravaganza Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 4 PM – 7 PM Pavilion West Shopping Center 2035 W Bullard Ave, Fresno. Get into the holiday spirit with FREE photos with Santa (Printable photo booth copies to take home and/or bring your camera and snap a photo while you’re there!). Participating shops and restaurants will also be offering free food and drink samples, as well as having special sales just for this event! Come get your holiday shopping done while sampling the best that Pavilion West has to offer. Pizza With Santa! Friday, December 14, 2018 at 5 PM Pizza Factory Madera 37184 Avenue 12, Madera Ranchos. Come on down to the Pizza Factory Friday December 14th @ 5-8pm and get your selfie with Santa! There will be cookies and hot chocolate! We will also be having a $1 Santas workshop where the kiddos can buy presents for their loved ones. Bingo at the 509 every Wednesday, Fun for all ages! open to the public. Bingo Prices: $20 buy-in includes: 19 regular games, plus 1 bonanza card. Doors open 4:30pm - Horserace game 6:15pm - Regular games start at 6:30pm - Bridge 12/10 at 1-3pm Palm VilPayouts $175-$250. Weekly kitchen lage Senior Network 7638 N. Ingram, dinner specials 5pm-8:30pm 224- suite 111, Fresno, 93711 For more 0522 3509 N. First St. Fresno. information, call or email: 559-346 7662 American Legion Post 509 with help heal Veterans has arts & crafts, Stretch & Strengthen 12/11 at therapeutic craft kits. Free to Veter- 10:30am Palm Village Senior Netans every Wednesday at 10am to work 7638 N. Ingram, suite 111, 1pm & Thursday 1pm to 3pm. 3509 Fresno, 93711 For more information, N. First St. Fresno. 346-7662

Senior Events

Sports Fresno State Bulldogs Wrestling vs. Minnesota Golden Gopher Wrestling Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 7 PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. Visalia Jingle Bell Run Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 9 AM – 10:30 AM Mooney Grove Park 27000 S Mooney Blvd, Visalia. 5k Run or 2 Mike Walk. Fresno State Bulldogs Women’s Basketball vs. Cal State Stanislaus Warriors Womens Basketball Friday, December 14, 2018 at 7 PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno


Metallica - WorldWired Tour Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 7:30 PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. Trapfest 2018 Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 8 PM – 1:30 AM 1725 Rainbow Ballroom Broadway St, Fresno. 18+ w/ Bars Available for 21+ Fresno City College Community Symphony Orchestra Concert Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 7:30 PM – 9 PM Fresno City College OAB Auditorium 12887 E Ashcroft Ave, Fresno. Tickets www.fresnocitycollege. edu The Fall of Troy, Hail The Sun, Royal Coda, Vis Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 7 PM – 11:30 PM Strummer’s 833 E Fern Ave, Fresno.

door, with VIP Meet & Greet available for $40. This is a 21 & over event. Valid identification required. Star Wars Pub Crawl Saturday, Please be advised photographers December 8, 2018 at 7:30 PM and or videographers will be on site Tower District olive and palm, Fres- to capture the event. no. Meet-up will be in the old BofA parking lot at 730pm. We split into groups and head to the bars at 8pm. Dress as ANY Star Wars character that you want to be! IF you can’t get a costume you may show up showing off your Star Wars pride in a Star Wars shirt and other accesories. Blow your own Christmas OrnaAdding even more features and fun ment Tuesday, December 18, 2018 so stay tuned! Wristbands are only at 4 PM, 6 PM, & 8PM Ballis Glass $5 and get you no cover at all bars 2888 N Sunnyside #104, Fresno, and drink specials while is Star Wars 93727 With Christmas right around attire! Wristbands will be available the corner learn how to make your for pre-purchase soon at BeBe O’s own Christmas ornament. Make it for and in Tower and Blue Shell Gaming yourself or give as that perfect one of in Clovis. They will also be available a kind gift. This class includes everyto purchase at the meet up for the thing you’ll need to design that one crawl, but we highly advise getting of a kind glass ornament. You get them in advance to avoid the line. to choose your own colors and add This event is 21+. them to the molten glass and then using your own breathe, inflate the Outlaw Tavern 4 Year Black And glass to create a glass bubble. TickWhite Anniversary Saturday, Decemets available at ber 8, 2018 at 4 PM – 1 AM Outlaw Tavern 325 Clovis Ave, Clovis. $3 fireCommunity Art Night! Tuesday, ball 9pm to the best of the December 18 at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM best Dk and Hard n Heavy rockn the Common Space 2915 Tulare Street outlaw 9 to 1. Dress black & white Fresno, 93721 The third Tuesday of and get in free. every month, we invite the communi ty out for Art Night. We have everyProhibition Repeal Party at Goldthing you need to make your next stein’s w/ Viper City Brass Band Satmasterpiece, or just let off some urday, December 8, 2018 at 8 PM steam in a creative way. Supplies Goldstein’s Mortuary & Delicatessen include: coloring books, paper, pads, 1279 N Wishon Ave, Fresno. pencils, charcoal, canvases, paint, brushes, fabric paint, glue, colored Fashawn: Live In Vice City Friday, pencils, crayons, markers, and so December 14, 2018 at 9 PM – 1:45 much more. AM Republik Ultra Lounge 115 N Locust St, Visalia. The Valley’s Own, Fashawn performing LIVE at Visalia’s hottest nightclub with Omar Aura. Pre-sale tickets $15, $20 at the Once Upon a Christmastime Come and join us for a wonderful experience with Peoples Church Christmas production. We will experience the joy of Christmas throughout the years in a theatrical presentation of music and drama. You do not want to miss “Once Upon A Christmastime” on Saturday, December 15, at 4pm and 6pm, or Sunday December 16 at 9:15am, 11am and 1pm. Peoples Church 7172 N Cedar Ave, Fresno. A Christmas Carol: The Musical Friday, December 15, 2018 at 7 PM – 9 PM Golden Chain Theatre.

21 & Over

December 15-21 Art


Family Peddler’s Fair Saturday, December 15 - 8am to 2pm at the American Legion Post 509 located at 3509 N First St Fresno, north of Shields Ave. Holiday boutique. Snack bar will be open. Vendor space is limited - con-

12 | DECEMBER 2018




MORE tact Matthew 559-304-3622. Come by and do your holiday shopping with us. S.A.L. Squadron 509 Drag Story Time Sunday, December 16, at 11 AM – 2 PM Bitwise Industries 700 Van Ness Ave, Fresno, 93721 Over fifteen drag queens and drag kings reading story books, activities for the families, a photo booth and fun giveaways for the kids. Sunday Dances at the American Legion Post 509 on December 16 at 2pm - 5pm 3509 N First St Fresno, north of Shields Ave. Country and mixed music. $5 at the door. Every 3rd, 4th, & 5th, of the month. Have a Very Merry Drag Christmas Sunday, December 16, at 3 PM – 6:30 PM Yosemite Falls Café 4020 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, 93726 Come out and have your picture taken with the best of the best, Fresno’s very own Drag Queens and Kings! Enjoy a no host dinner and drink while watching your local Queens and Kings perform to some of your favorite Christmas classics! Event entrance is FREE! Complimentary Horse & Carriage Rides & Free Photo w/Santa Fig Garden Village Sunday, December 16 at 10 AM – 1 PM 790 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, 93704 Welcomes you to bring your own camera if you wish! Horse & Carriage Ride pick-up and drop-off point located in front of Pottery Barn. Complimentary instamatic photo with Santa located by the Holiday Tree near Pottery Barn.


Music Shwayze Saturday, December 15 at 8 PM Strummer’s 833 E Fern Ave, Fresno, 93728 All ages! Tickets available at or at Strummer’s during normal business hours. Blackalicious Sunday, December 16 at 8 PM Strummer’s 833 E Fern Ave, Fresno, 93728 All ages! “We’re older, we’re wiser, we’re more mature,” MC Gift of Gab (nee Timothy Parker) says of Imani, Vol. 1, Blackalicious’ first new album in a decade. “It’s better now, because we’ve grown as people and artists.” Imani, Vol. 1 lives up to the beloved California-bred duo’s hard-won reputation as one of hip-hop’s most progressive, forward-thinking creative forces. Tickets available at TicketWeb. com or at Strummer’s during normal business hours.

21 & Over

Zack’s Brewing Company Grand Opening Saturday, December 15, at 12 PM – 11 PM Zack’s Brewing Company 712 Fulton St., Fresno, 93721 Come and celebrate our grand opening event on December 15th! We will have plenty of beer on tap and we will also be releasing limited batches throughout the day. Live music: Bill Clifton’s Chicken & Whiskey Band and Llama Boy! Food vendors: Dab Tacos, Just the Tip, The Rolling Donut, Rude Boys Açaí and more! RockBingo at the 509 Wednesday, De- N-Pop-N Photobooth will also be here cember 19 at the American Legion to capture all the fun! Post 509 at 3509 N First St Fresno, north of Shields Ave. Open to the public - every Wednesday. Payouts $175 - $250. Bingo prices: $20 buyin includes 19 regular games plus 1 bonanza card. Doors open 4:30 pm, Horserace game: 6:15p. Regular games: 6:30. Weekly kitchen dinner specials. Call (559) 224-0522 with questions.

El Patio "Muy Bueno Mexican Food"

BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER: Served All Day, Every Day!

Serving Beer, Wine, Margaritas & Micheladas RESERVE OUR


552 E OLIVE AVE, FRESNO 93728 Hatriot A Very Metal Christmas Toy Drive Friday, December 14 at 7 PM Full Circle Brewing Co. 620 F St, Fresno, 93706 Hatriot is an American thrash metal band formed in 2011 by EX-singer Steve “Zetro” Souza (currently the lead singer of Exodus) and guitarist Kosta Varvatakis. Also performing Nothing But Losers, Bombscare, A Butchers Euphoria, Cursed. Nate Butler’s 26th Annual MmmMmm Christmas Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 9 PM – 12:15 AM Fulton 55 at 875 Divisadero St, Fresno, 93721 Come sing Christmas Carols with us, guided by your host Nate Butler! The lyrics will be projected overhead, so you have no excuse not to join us in holiday song! We’ll also watch classic Christmas TV Specials, make ornaments for the Christmas tree (crafts materials are provided), and indulge in much holiday cheer!



Visalia’s 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl Saturday, December 15 at 4:30 PM – 9 PM Main St. Visalia This Holiday season, join us as we cheer up Main Street Visalia with Ugly Holiday Sweaters, games, raffles, prizes, and caroling. We sold out a whole week before last year, so get your tickets now! Visalia’s Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl will give you no cover charge at all locations plus great drink and food specials with your wristband. Tickets available on Takers Leavers With Special Guests At Barmageddon Saturday, December 15 at 8 PM 126 E Kern Ave, Tulare, Karaoke at the American Legion Post 509 Friday, December 21 at 7 pm 509 at 3509 N First St Fresno, north of Shields Ave. Lightning Entertainment Featuring: D.J. Dave AKA Puppet Man, Miss Lori & Rico. D.J. John Metzler. Snacks, drink specials and dancing.

2 X 1 LUNCH OR DINNER Purchase 1 lunch or dinner plate and receive one plate of equal or lesser value for free Must present this coupon at the time of order. Valid M-F Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

December 22-30 Theater It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) In Color Friday, December 21, 2018 at 8 PM Historic Crest Theatre Fresno 1170 Broadway Plaza, Fresno, 93721 Experience this holiday classic in full color! What better way to enjoy a classic film than in a historic theatre. It’s not just a movie, it’s an experience. Doors open: 7:00PM | FILM: 8:00PM Tickets A Christmas Story (35th Anniversary) at Crest Theatre Fresno Saturday, December 22 at 8 PM 1170 Broadway Plaza, Fresno, 93721 Returning to the big screen at the Historic Crest Theatre for a one night only special 35th anniversary event. It’s not just a movie, it’s an experience. FILM: 8:00PM $6

Senior Events Bridge 12/17 1-3pm Palm Village Senior Network 7638 N. Ingram, suite 111, Fresno, 93711 For more information, call or email: 559-3467662 Train Brain 12/19 at 10:30 Palm Village Senior Network 7638 N. Ingram, suite 111, Fresno, 93711 For more information, call or email: 559346-7662 Calling All Promotors We can help get you out there. We’ll design, print and distribute. 559-4727182 | FRESNOFLYER.COM |



DECEMBER 2018 | 13


List Your Events With Us! Call Today 559-472-7182

Central California Ballet’s The Nutcracker Sunday, December 23 at 2 PM Saroyan Theatre 700 M St, Fresno, 93721 The whole family will enjoy the festive Party Scene, the Battle of the Nutcracker General and Mouse King, and the lovely Waltzing Flowers! Each year the production offers new choreography and professional guest artists. Tickets available at

Family Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides Saturday & Sunday, Dec 22-23 at 1 PM Old Town Clovis 456 Clovis Ave, Ste 2, Clovis, 93612 Jingle all the way around Old Town Clovis in a horsedrawn carriage! Hop in the carriage and enjoy the sights and sounds of the holidays in Old Town from 1 to 4 p.m. Horse-drawn carriage rides will be every Saturday and Sunday until December 30. Christmas at the Longhorn Saturday, December 22 at 1 PM – 6 PM Longhorn Feed And Supply 5092 N Academy Ave, Clovis, 93619 Come join us for an afternoon and evening of shopping! Local vendors are set up for your unique and one of a kind holiday gift ideas. Longhorn Feed has Christmas activities for the kids! Ya’ll load up the friends & family and come see us! Sunday Dances at the American Legion Post 509 on December 23 at 2pm - 5pm 3509 N First St Fresno, north of Shields Ave. Country and mixed music. $5 at the door. Every 3rd, 4th, & 5th, of the month. Kids Free Train Ride Sunday, December 23, 2018 at 11 AM – 4 PM River Park 71 E. Via La Plata, Fresno, 93720 Enjoy a free Train Ride for your kids. Bingo at the 509 Wednesday, December 26 at the American Legion Post 509 at 3509 N First St Fresno,

north of Shields Ave. Open to the public - every Wednesday. Payouts $175 - $250. Bingo prices: $20 buyin includes 19 regular games plus 1 bonanza card. Doors open 4:30 pm, Horserace game: 6:15p. Regular games: 6:30. Weekly kitchen dinner specials. Call (559) 224-0522 with questions. Sunday Dances at the American Legion Post 509 on December 30 at 2pm - 5pm 3509 N First St Fresno, north of Shields Ave. Country and mixed music. $5 at the door. Every 3rd, 4th, & 5th, of the month.

Sports 559 Fights 69 “Garcia vs. Zigler” Saturday, December 22 at 6 PM Rainbow Ballroom 1725 Broadway St, Fresno, 93706 In the main event, Nate Garcia takes on Wilton Zigler for the 559 Fights Featherweight Title. Tickets available at 559Fights. com Fresno State Bulldogs Mens Basketball vs. Utah Valley Wolverines Men’s Basketball Saturday, December 29 at 4 PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno, 93710 Tickets available at TicketMaster. com

Music The Midnight Hour (Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad) Thursday, December 20, at 7 PM Full Circle Brewing Co. 620 F St, Fresno, 93706 w/ Special Guest DJ Mr. Leonard. Tickets available at Next Level Breakin Jam ‘18 Thursday, December 27 at 9 AM – 5 PM The Big Fresno Fair 1121 S Chance Ave, Fresno, 93702 Come and Enjoy the Biggest Breakin Event in the Central Valley. Hmong Cultural New Year Celebration, Inc Presents “NEXT

LEVEL” BBOY/BGIRL Breakin Jam ‘18 3v3 (ALL AGES) *Note that there MUST be 3 participants registered in order to battle.By showing that we value the youth, participants under the age of 18 (With High school ID) will be able to battle for free. Preregistration is required! Call with any questions (559) 286-9920 Resolution 2018 w/ Ookay Live - Bad Habits Tour Saturday, December 29 at 8 PM Rainbow Ballroom 1725 Broadway St, Fresno, 93706 Fresno’s Winter Music Celebration. Lineup: Ookay LIVE! BONNIE X CLYDE, Holly. Tickets available at Days Under Authority EP Release Show plus Valkyrie Missile Friday, December 28 at 8 PM Strummer’s 833 E Fern Ave, Fresno, 93728 With Helsik, Prey For Reign. All ages! Tickets available online at or at Strummer’s during normal business hours.

21 & Over Vibe All White Affair - Battle of the Zodiacs Saturday, December 22, 2018 at 9 PM Frank’s Place 1432 Fulton St, Fresno. With the holidays approaching us and everyone coming back home for the holidays, this is the perfect time to see all your friends and family dressed up at the All White Affair. Red Carpet Pictures Provided by FresnoVibe (Free Pics) $15 Pre-sale $20 At the Door. This year we will be recognizing and honoring 2 individuals in the community for their hard work for the year. Performing Live “Blueface”! All White Winter Jam Saturday, December 22 at 9 PM Marlo’s Club & Mexican Restaurant 468 N Palm Ave, Fresno, 93701 Don’t miss out, Blueface will be performing his hot single “Thotiana” and more! This event will

sell out quick so don’t be late on booking VIPS! Call for tickets (559) 930-9037 Hanford’s Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl Saturday, December 22 at 4:30 PM – 9 PM Downtown Hanford, 93230 Are you ready for the Holiday Pub Crawl of your life? This Holiday season, join us as we cheer up Downtown Hanford with Ugly Holiday Sweaters, games, raffles, prizes, and caroling. Tickets only available online at EventBrite. com (no tickets will be available at the door) FAB presents Game Night Tuesday, December 25 at 9 PM – 2 AM FAB Fresno 716 E Olive Ave, Fresno, 93728 Every 4th Tuesday of the month. No Cover. With Drag Bingo hosted by Charmalina! 3rd Annual Winter Ball-Sudden Rush Live Sunday, December 30 at 9 PM Club Imperio Fresno 3950 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, 93726 Live Performance by: Suddenrush Semi-Formal Dress Code Tickets available at Junkyard at Fulton 55 Sunday, December 30 at 9:30 PM 875 Divisadero St, Fresno, 93721 Plus special guest, Rise. Doors at 6:30pm. EverAfter Reloaded NYE 2019 Monday, December 31 at 8 PM Marlo’s Club & Mexican Restaurant 468 N Palm Ave, Fresno, 93701 “Central Valley’s Favorite 18+ New Years Eve Party” Featuring “MOONBOY” Sync Live Countdown. Insane Lighting & Lasers. Balloon Drop & Party Favors. Confetti Cannons. Tickets available Jaded Live at Jimbos on NYE 2019 Monday, December 31 at 9 PM – 1 AM Jimbo’s 451 Herndon Ave, Clovis, 93612 Food, Champagne toast at midnight. Prizes! $5 cover. N e w Year’s Eve Dance Party Monday, December 31 at 8 PM 730 Recreation Avenue, Sanger, 93657 Live Enter-

tainment by “The Royal Core” Oldies Band. Ticket purchase Includes Appetizers, Dinner, Dessert and Champagne served at midnight with party favors. Random door prizes every 30 mins and Hourly raffles till midnight must be present to win. Tickets available at

On Going Events The Salsa Tuesdays Latin/Salsa, Ballroom Salsa Dance Lessons start at 8 pm; music and dancing follow every Tuesday night at The Cellar Door. Beginners’ lessons run from 8-8:45 pm, advanced lessons from 8:45-9:30 pm, and dancing follows. All dabce lessons are free with admission. event-calendar.html Event Info: (559) 636-9463 The Cellar Door 101 W. Main St. Visalia. Wine Tasting Food/Tasting J. Sorrenti Wine Bar in the Sierra Nut House hosts daily wine tastings, with appetizers and full menu items. (559) 432-4023 Sierra Nut House 7901 N. Blackstone Ave. Fresno, 93720 Daily 8am-8pm Lgbtq&a Support Group 4867 E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno, 93727 The second Friday of every month, we hold a support group for Queer, Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay, Genderqueer, pansexual individuals, and everyone else accross the gender and sexuality spectrum! Meet us at the Holistic Cultural and Education Wellness Center of Fresno at 4879 E. Kings Canyon (Northwest corner of Kings Canyon/Winery, next to Big Lots). Contact us if you have any questions. Email: transemotion@ (559) 464-5806 Calling All Promotors We can help get you out there. We’ll design, print and distribute. 559-4727182





559-621-1111 |



CHAINSAW chain & OFFICE Desk Chairs

ANNOUNCEMENTS Garden Tool Sharp- $50 (559) 375-0420

MEET HERCULES A062307 He is full of love. His adorable cuddles are guaranteed to steal your heart. Call 559-233-7722

LILY A066311 loves to purr! You can catch this adorable feline chasing lasers and asking for treats. Call 559233-7722 ext. 116

LUCY A065901 is a sucker for treats! You’ll catch this baby rolling, sitting, and shaking for any treat. Call CCSPCA at 559233-7722 ext.116

JUMP INTO the holiday spirit with Bobcat A063731! Bobcat came in as an injured stray and has his tail amputated. Call 559233-7722 ext.116

CHARLIE, DAKOTA, and Frankie just came back from foster care! Are you ready? 559-233-7722

PREPARE TO BE cuddled with Maya A065652 She loves going on walks and playing! 559-233-7722

SAY HELLO to Herman A064037 he loves belly scratches! His playful energy would be great for morning runs and hikes. CCSPCA 559-233-7722

HERE COMES sweet Monty A064097 You can catch this adorable feline sleeping one minute then playing the next! CCSPCA 559-233-7722 ext.116

RILEY A065890 is here to have fun! Riley is sweet, loving, and very adventurous. She’s a sucker for treats! 559-233-7722

COMET A060490 is as sweet as can be. He’s always ready for a hike or a dip in the pool. Call CCSPCA 559-233-7722 ext.116

ening. Visit Jensen & Watts 516 N. Chestnut, HALL TREE $100 NEED A LOAN? Let Fresno. (559) 255- (559) 722-7852 us help you get the 0465 money you need! No BLACK LEATHER application. No cred- MONGOOSE 26” electric recliner that I it check. Call Dean’s Rockrider mountain no longer use. It’s in Coins for more in- bike $75 (559) 903- good condition. I’m formation (559) 264- 0662 asking $125 If inter4653 ested please text only LARGE VARIETY of 930-4119. LEARN TO DRIVE Bearings - Sprockets A FORKLIFT. Train- - Drive Components. The-Trainer & Re-Cer- Visit Jensen & Watts ANTIQUES tification Classes 516 N. Chestnut, Fres& COLLECTIBLES Available. Day & no. (559) 255-0465 Night Classes Avail- PERGO PRAM baby able. Visit GO-KART Mini buggy stroller This For More Info. 559- Bike Tires - Clutches units frame measures 325-8097 - Chains - Sprockets. 22” wide and 31” long. Visit Jensen & Watts The top parts is detach 516 N. Chestnut, Fres- able from the bottom PERSONALS no. (559) 255-0465 and a rain guard is in cluded as shown. DefiMEET SINGLES in RIDING MOWER nitely a neat piece and your area. Real Hook- Tires & Tubes. Visit a easy ride for a baby ups Real Fast. Try it Jensen & Watts 516 $250 (559) 803-1521 FREE! Ahora en Es- N. Chestnut, Fresno. panol 18+ (559)761- (559) 255-0465 VINTAGE ship lamp 0162 $100 Beautiful unique VINTAGE cloth- ship lamp (559) 803 ing & accessories at 1521 EDUCATION BeBe O’s in Tower. We also carry vintage 1890’S Victorian WalLEARN TO DRIVE items & furnishings. nut bed $750 It is for a A FORKLIFT. Train- Come check out the full sized mattress set, The-Trainer & Re-Cer- inventory! 1130 N. (not included), which tification Classes Wishon Ave. Fresno. measures: 54” wide x Available. Day & (559)445-1928 75” long. Everything Night Classes Avail- is in astounding shape able. $50 Discount to MANUFACTURED considering the age. It Veterans. Visit CFTC. Homes in a Gated has been in my family net For More Info. Community. Homes for 60 years. Sal (559) 559-325-8097 starting at $59,000. 760-7230 (coursegold) Owner financing, low down payments, com- MOVIE GRAPH MISCELLANEOUS petitive interest rates. Hand Crank MovVeterans let us help ie Projector. Lights FITDESK exercise you with a $2,500 grant Up! $25.00 Call 229bike - $120 (510) 295- towards the down pay- 7904 ment on a home! Call 3814 Willows of Santiago GO-KART Mini-Bike today (888) 563-3003 Repair & Service. Vis- it Jensen & Watts 516 N. Chestnut, Fresno. FURNITURE (559) 255-0465 DINETTE SET Nice 2001 Mitsubishi Dia- solid wood table and mante $3000 (559) 6 chairs, comes with 286-8304 2 extra leaves $275 (559) 554-8277 WE LOAN & Buy Guitars & Amps. Call BAR STOOLS (3) $20 Dean’s Coins (559) (559) 270-6903 264-4653 TWIN BED $160 UPRIGHT Vacu- (selma) (559) 977um $20 (559) 289- 2098 9321 | FRESNOFLYER.COM |

GAS Stove by GE $225 (559) 612-0760 KENMORE model miVINTAGE cloth- 721.69072901 ing & accessories at crowave with Quick BeBe O’s in Tower. Touch Cook & Auto We also carry vintage Defrost & Express Deitems & furnishings. frost and more $50.00 Come check out the please call or text me at inventory! 1130 N. (559)389-4462 Wishon Ave. Fresno. (559)445-1928 Re- KENMORE, Washer ceive $5 off your $25 and Dryer $400 (559) 905-3791 purchase. BLACK&Decker Wa tercooler $60 (559) APPLIANCES 545-2611 KENMORE refriger- ator $250 (559) 304- TOASTERS, water coolers, microwaves, 1303 (Coarsegold) pans and more! 50 DRYER, WHIRL- 70% off retail pricPOOL, electric, large es. Stop by Sound capacity $225 559- Stage Bazaar 3821 N. Blackstone. Over259-9740 stock-Clearance-LiqLG GAS dryer $300 uidation (sanger) (559) 240- UPRIGHT Vacuum 0497 $20 289-9321




FARM & GARDEN CHAINSAW chain & Garden Tool Sharpening. Visit Jensen & Watts 516 N. Chestnut, Fresno. (559) 2550465

DECEMBER 2018 | 15


SALLY (A39654204) is a sweet, 2-year-old independent female cat with torti-tude! Visit for more info. #webelieveinshetercats

FLOYD (A40180574) is a 2-year-old big, goofy boy who plays great with other dogs in play group but prefers to share his space with friendly girl dogs. Visit fresnohumane. org for more info. #webelieveinshetercats JOHN DEERE 2630 $8,500 OBO 4445 hours. Call Pete at 559574-5445 EXTENSION 1

DUKE is a sweet boy looking for his forever home. He loves people and kids. He loves to play fetch and loves his cuddles. He does well with female dogs. Please contact (559)304-1831 for more information.

DAISY is looking for a special home with someone who will give her the one on one time she deserves. She believes she’s the size of a lap dog. She loves her belly rubbed. Please contact (559)304-1831 for more information. RIDING MOWER Tires & Tubes. Visit Jensen & Watts 516 N. Chestnut, Fresno. (559) 255-0465 SELLING something List it here for only $20/ issue. 472-7182

275 GALLON Plastic Food Grade IBC tanks for sale. Hydroponic, aquaponic, rain water, plants, animals, TONS of uses 275 Gallon dirty non-food grade-$50 275 Gallon dirty Food Grade-$100 275 Gallon clean Food Grade-$150 330 Gallon clean Food Grade-$180 We give bulk discounted quantity deals! Could deliver anywhere. Please ask about Our delivery services!! Call/text 209-2019936 BEAUTIFUL quarter horse $4000 (madera) Im selling this beautiful horse, he is really gentle, anyone can ride him. For more information call or txt He comes with the saddle as seen on the pic, its in new condition. Also comes with the bit 559871-0129 TORO LAWN mower 7hp front drive self propelled Works great very good condition text me at 559-7285896 thanks I’m asking $145

SELLING something List it here for only SUPPORT LOCAL $20/ issue. 472-7182


1-559-761-0162 16 | DECEMBER 2018


VINTAGE Case XX 323-6 Knife USA MADE 1965-69 with sheath Vietnam era Knife a Little warn but still in good condition $225 call or text 559960-5266 FITDESK exercise bike - $120 (510) 2953814 SALOMON Women’s Ski Boots Sz. 8 Seneifit Evolution 7.9 Like New Great Christmas Gift $95 call or text 559-960-5266 STANDARD weights and standard bar $80 (559) 304-9815 GOLF DRIVERS 10 ASSORTED EA $50 (559) 224-4440

TOOLS CHAINSAW chain & Garden Tool Sharpening. Visit Jensen & Watts 516 N. Chestnut, Fresno. 255-0465

MONGOOSE 26” mountain bike $75 (559) 903 JW CLEAN-UP SER- LAWN SERVICE. 0662 VICES. Estate Sale Cleanups, Fertiliz- cruiser Cleanups. Yard, Trash, er, New Saw, Lawn WOMEN’S Construction cleanup, Spraying, Sprinkler bike $50 (559) 430rubbish, trees & demo, Repair & Lawn Re- 7389 rentals, lots, apart- seeding. Call for a ments & foreclosures. Free Estimate! 559- DAHON 6 speed WERNER 16 ft fi- We do it all Just Call! 696-5149 or 559-275- folding bike. It’s lightberglass extension (550)307-4304 ask for 7630 weight compact and ladders, 250 lb rating James in good condition just in excellent condition CHAINSAW chain & don’t ride it anymore. $135 each. Call 559 LAWN SERVICE. Garden Tool Sharp- If your interested call 259 9740. Cleanups, Fertiliz- ening. Visit Jensen & or text Robert 559er, New Saw, Lawn Watts 516 N. Chestnut, 975-5989 $200 (MadeHEAVY duty shelving Spraying, Sprinkler Fresno. (559) 255- ra) 3’x4’x10’, (1) $155 Repair & Lawn Re- 0465 559-259-9740 seeding. Call for a Free ATVS Estimate! 559-696- RIDING MOWER LARGE VARIETY of 5149 or 559-275-7630 Tires & Tubes. Visit Bearings - Sprockets Jensen & Watts 516 2006 POLARIS pred- Drive Components. N. Chestnut, Fresno. ator for sale. This Visit Jensen & Watts (559) 255-0465 quad is in very good HAULING 516 N. Chestnut, Fres condition. Nerf bars. no. (559) 255-0465 Pure polaris exhaust. JW CLEAN-UP SER- Fox shocks. Fresh serVICES. Estate Sale BIKES MAC TOOL box Cleanups. Yard, Trash, vice/oil change. New mb4-1004-pd - $3500 Construction cleanup, PAUL FRANK Beach battery. Please call or (Selma) (559) 352- rubbish, trees & demo, Cruiser Bike, from text Matt at 559-3048081 rentals, lots, apart- khols , bike is good 0883 ments & foreclosures. condition, brakes POLARIS 2000w We do it all Just Call! work, tires hold air. CLUB CAR Golf Cart generator $525 (559) (550)307-4304 ask for $100 Call or text (559) with charger and new477-0141 er batteries. It is 48 James 217-9024 Volt and semi-street le PUSH craftsman lawn SUPPORT LOCAL GIRL’S BIKE with gal, it has head lights, mower 7hp $125 (559) training wheels, has blinkers, and break 728-5896 brakes and good tires, lights. Newer tires and Doesn’t need any work black hub caps. No SELLING something $20 Call or text (559) rips. No tears. Good List it here for only carpet. Upholstery is in 217-9024 $20/ issue. 472-7182 overall great condition. $3750 OBO. Ready to SUPPORT LOCAL go! (559)580-0829


LAWN & GARDEN Rockrider


Real Singles, Real Fun...

More Numbers: 1-800-926-6000 18+

ROLLING TOOLBOX $175 (559) 3211497 JAMESON Snow- board Brand New Nev- RIDING MOWER er Used Great for De- Tires & Tubes. Visit cor or Snowboarding Jensen & Watts 516 150 CM$100 call or N. Chestnut, Fresno. (559) 255-0465 text 559-960-5266



FIREARMS ELECTRONICS JEWELRY TOOLS the Fresno SPORTS MUSIC Hock shoppe EQUIPMENT & MORE! LIC # 1005-0990 (559) 264-5856 Check out the inventory at 3235 E. BELMONT AVE



2010 Toyota Prius 2013 HONDA Fore- clean title no accidents man 500 4x4 atv Fuel RVS TRUCKS excellent condition Injected $5500 (209) 470-3900 2010 Aljo 245LT looks like brand new 1999 4 Runner Limited Clean nice trailer that everything works great $5500 (559) 801-8566 KAWASAKI 650 Brut has had very little use. with 133,000 mileage Force $4000 (559) Includes Ezlift hitch does for $6995 please DODGE Ram 2500 786-6025 Dry weight 4750 call or text me 559- Cummins - $12500 Length 25ft 800-5876 (Sanger CA) (559) 2009 KTM 505sx Tows great$9959 500-9889 SELLING something quad $8000 (559) 473- (559) 836-1876 List it here for only 2000 DODGE Duran7428 1988 21.5’ 5th wheel $20/ issue. 472-7182 go $1200 (559) 2162013 HONDA Fore- $2700 (559) 392-7698 3835 2012 CHEVY Cruze man 500 4x4 atv $5500 209-470-3900 BLACK BLUE RV looks like brand new 01 CHEVY 2500 $3250 (559) 333-3230 no accident no scratch HD - $4500 (Tulare) excellent condition Power window, power RZR 800 4 - $12500 (Visalia) (559) 907- 1996 HOLIDAY with 90,000 mileage door locks, Rhino Lin9574 rambler vacationer just for $7495 please ing, running boards, $13,800 (760) 475- call or text 559-800- tow package, newer 5876 or 559-377-1473 tires. Runs good with 05 HAMMERHEAD 0477 150cc dune buggy 200,000 miles on a gas $1800 - $1800 (Ba- SELLING something 2007 FORD Mustang motor. $4500 obo. Just kersfield (661) 316- List it here for only with only 116K Miles. smogged. 559-972Automatic, Cold A/C! 5056 or 559-805-2888. 5069 $20/ issue. 472-7182 Power Options! Runs 2007 Winnebago Jour- Xint! Newer Tires! 2005 HONDA Pilot ney 34H Diesel Con- Dent on Front Right EX 4WD, runs perfect, MOTORCYCLES See Pic- clean, like new tires, vection Microwave Fender, 06 HONDA CRF450 - $27000 (559) 370- tures. Clean Title and seats eight, 169,300 Smoged! $3500.00 Of- miles, smogged, 5,400 $2400 (Hanford) (559) 6678 fer! Please Call or Text or best offer ,call or 679-5167 2002 SIERRA forest for more Info. (559) text John 559-9032007 CRF 50 - $1000 river $4000 (559) 317- 392-1864 6575 (Prather) (559) 907- 3415 2017 NISSAN Versa 2007 CHEVY Silver0007 2006 TRAIL-LITE Note SV. It’s in perfect ado $5500 (559) 283BRAND NEW 2018 C191 - Sleeps 8, under condition and was al- 7300 Harley Davidson 883 3500 lbs. dry weight, ways well maintained. Iron Sportster $7950 easy tow tandem ax- Runs and looks like 09 FORD F-250 diesel (559) 407-5451 les, fiberglass exterior brand new. No issues 6.4 4x4 160.000 miles w/aluminum framing, or problems. It is clean mint condition great 2007 Kawasaki nin- large 6 cu ft fridge/ title with 5,000 miles. truck no trades. Air ja ex250 $1100 (559) freezer, 3 burner stove 4 cylinder is a huge bags in the back. 559396-8880 w/oven, microwave, gas saver with power 575-4928 $23000 full enclosed bath- everything, cruise con07 YAMAHA R1 room, great storage trol, and good a/c. No lowballers. Call or text street bike $3000 (559) $7495 559-259-9325 209-484-3024 575-0526 SELLING something CARS List it here for only $20/ issue. 472-7182 2015 HYUNDAI So nata Sport Bluetooth SUPPORT LOCAL 2010 YAMAHA integration for calls YZ450F $3500 (209) and music. New tires 968-4952 put on within last year, intake manifold re2016 Kawasaki Ninja placed this year. First 650 $4500 (Sanger) and only owner. We’ve (559) 816-1403 loved it while we’ve had it, and it’ll make GO-KART Mini it’s next owner quite Bike Tires - Clutches happy! $10495 (559) - Chains - Sprockets. 708-2203 Visit Jensen & Watts 516 N. Chestnut, Fres- 2001 Mitsubishi Diano. (559) 255-0465 mante $3000 (559) 286-8304 2007 Buell Ulysses XB12X - One Owner 2011 chevy malibu - Registered Until May LS 56,392 Low Miles 2019 $4900 (559) 375- $9000 (HANFORD) 0420 (559) 904-4933 | FRESNOFLYER.COM |



DECEMBER 2018 | 17


A PA RT M E N T S Los Arbolitos Apartments offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartment homes. $200 off first month. Call for more info (559)255-8370 or stop by 555 S. Argyle Ave. Fresno, CA 93727

APARTMENT Rentals helps with all your housing needs. Please contact Destinee or visit or website to help find the right apartment home for you. Call 559-255-8370 or visit our website

CHATEAU MONTEREY I 2881 Willow Ave. Clovis (559) 294-7144 MONTHLY RENT $650.00 Studio 1 bathroom $350.00 security deposit application fee $25.00 per adult

$895 / 1BR - 708ft Garden Villa Apartments of Clovis, California! Garden Villa Apartments is a quiet and clean Clovis community in a park like setting. Please contact us at (559) 291-4305

SELLING your home? List it here for only $20 per issue. Call (559) 472-7182

2 BEDROOMS / 1.0 Bath 925 sq. ft. $1195 Crystal Tree Apartments located in Fresno, California. We offer seven distinct floor plans, featuring one and two bedrooms. Relax around our Olympic size pool or take advantage of one of our many sports facilities; tennis, racquetball, basketball and volleyball courts, pool, spa, and saunas are all available for your enjoyment. As if that wasn’t enough, we also offer picnic areas and a game room for your entertainment. We are a pet-friendly community and welcome your furry friends. 431-2110



WE CAN DO IT ALL! Palm Trees Tree Stumps MistleToe

Free Estimates

(559)421-8555 Licensed & Insured #9739750

18 | DECEMBER 2018


$925 / 2BR - 796ft2 Hunter Place Apart- ROOM FOR RENT ment Homes. Now accepting section 8! ROOM FOR rent in (888) 673-8962 quiet Clovis neighborhood. Month to month $799 / 2br - 1161ft2 - rent with 30-day notiAir Conditioning and fication. The rent inCentral Heating, Walk- cludes the following: In Closet(s), Play- Full house and kitchground (559) 512-7670 en privileges (spelling correct please), use of $1099 / 2br - 925ft2 - washer and dryer cable $500 Off 2nd Months TV, WIFI, and all utiliRent 2 Bedroom Floor- ties are included in the plans (559) 297-2297 rental price. $475.00 The Best of the Best per month Provide in Clovis! We offer proof of income text or timeless living and re- call (714)335-5341 laxing surroundings. An apartment commu- FRESNO/ASHLAN nity graced with year 2 Rooms Available - round blooming flow- - Large room like a ers, gorgeous mature studio. Single or Coucedar trees and beau- ple, no kids. $600/mo tiful brick exterior. $500/deposit Second Scottsmen Too Apart- Room - $400/mo $500 ment homes are within Deposit Habla Espanol walking distance to the Call (559) 400-1500 post office, shopping center, restaurants and RENTING your bus line. room? List it here for only $20 per issue. Call (559) 472-7182


ROOM FOR Rent With Full Access to House, Includes Fireplace, Washer/Dryer, Kitchen Ect. $385 all utilities split equally. Quiet Clean Available Now. Close to Fresno State, Airport Near Clovis Small Deposit (559)797-5209

$1325 / 2br - 1026ft2 Charming Tower Bungalow for Rent (559) 492-4000



$1645 / 4br - 1445ft2 - Great family home, clovis schools, shopping nearby by, 4 bed 2 bath (559) 824-5044

YOUR ENTERTAINMENT OASIS! $559,000 Stillmeadow 1 subdivision in Oakhurst Minutes from town. Pool, hot tub, waterfall and beautiful views. Landscaped yard. 2790 sf two-story home with 5 Bd, 3Ba, open living area, and wraparound deck. Main floor master suite. Room to park your RV/toys.! Scott McGhee, Lic #01987178 (559) 6837183 office (559) 4620321 mobile

$1495 / 3br - 1328ft2 - Fresno SE Home, 3BR/2BA, Blt 1960, Fresh Paint, RV Parking (559) 287-9643 $1150 / 3br - 1440ft2 3 or 4 Bedroom Home For more information or other available properties please visit, or call 559-221-3151


$995 / 3br - 1006ft2 Affordable 3 Bedroom Clovis House For more information please visit, or call 559-221-3151

TOP OF THE WORLD VIEWS! $215,000 Beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom mountain home with incredible views. Open concept with plenty of natural light from the large windows. Relax on the huge partially covered deck. On Deadwood Mountain, minutes from Oakhurst. TOP OF THE WORLD VIEWS! $215,000 Scott McGhee, Lic #01987178 (559) 6837183 office (559) 4620321 mobile

their own balcony, heating and bathroom with soaking tub. Scott McGhee, Lic #01987178 (559) 6837183 office (559) 4620321 mobile

YOUR OWN PRIVATE HOMESTEAD! $299,000 Only minutes from town, this custom home was designed and built by the owner! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living /dining room combined, kitchen and an office make up the 1,589 square feet of space. All on 5.95 acres that has a B&B ON THE small barn for horses, CREEK IN FISH two creeks, and room CAMP! $998,000 to roam. Scott McWell-established bed & Ghee, Lic #01987178 breakfast inn situated 683-7183 office on year-round creek, located 2 miles from PIERCE LAKE ESthe south entrance to TATE! $55,000 Ready Yosemite Nat’l Park. to build near Oakhurst Operated by sole pro- Schools. 1.07 Acres prietor since 2002. 3 in the desirable Pierce beautifully furnished Lake Estates. Enjoy guest suites, each with the meandering sea-

sonal creek and take advantage of a flat building site. Mature trees provide a bountiful canopy of shade. Come see this parcel today! Scott McGhee, Lic #01987178 (559) 683-7183 office (559) 462-0321 mobile $300000 / 4br 2093ft2 - House For Sale | 3487 Jordan St. (Selma) Beautiful and spacious 4 bedroom 2 bath home in Selma. It features an open kitchen looking into the living room, nice size bedrooms, ceiling fans throughout, covered patio & red wood deck. Did I mention this home has solar? Call today for a showing (559) 256-7878

ation center. Property is covered with rock outcroppings, has a seasonal creek, and ready for your imagination. Scott McGhee, Lic #01987178 (559) 683-7183 office (559) 462-0321 mobile SELLING your home? List it here for only $20 per issue. Call (559) 472-7182

BUILD ON 10.98 ACRES! $95,000 10.98 acre lot on a quiet road in Coarsegold. Paved road to the property. Room for all your animals. The private well and pump have been installed, just need to hook up to the power. Electric power poles are across the street. Scott McGhee, YOSEMITE LAKES Lic #01987178 (559) PARK! $14,500 1 acre 683-7183 office (559) of land in the commu- 462-0321 mobile nity of Yosemite Lakes Park (YLP). Great loSUPPORT LOCAL cation. Close to recre-




$469000 3br - 2491ft Situated near Old Fig Garden & Christmas Tree Lane is this beautiful 3/4 acre lot with a one-of-kind home. 559-349-2543






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