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MAY 2013

IN THIS ISSUE Perth girl Kirsty Spraggon makes it big in LA with KirstyTV Follow your DREAMS! The best advice you’ll ever get for Presenting Technical Information Is it easy for people to REFER your business? What holds us together and tears us apart? Keep Leadership Simple

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How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


DIARY DATE INFLUENTIAL PRESENTATION SKILLS TRAINING (2-day Public Program) Join Michelle at her next public program SYDNEY May 14-15 June 12-13 July 23-24 MELBOURNE June 18-19 BRISBANE May 21-22 (nearly full!) ADELAIDE September 3-4 CANBERRA October 9-10 To register or chat about your specific needs please email:

WHO IS MICHELLE BOWDEN? Michelle is an expert in influential presentation skills in business. She has run her 2-day Influential Presentation Skills program over 570 times with many thousands of people and she’s been nominated for Educator of the Year 5 years running. Michelle is one of only 25 Australian females who is a Certified Speaking Professional the highest designation for speakers in the world. For a list of Michelle’s clients please go to:

Michelle’s Update Welcome to the May issue of How to Present! This issue is packed with articles that will assist you to present with greater confidence and influence at work. Did you take a break over the school holidays? Are you ready to get going again now? I’m all rearing to go. In the next 10 weeks I’m booked to deliver 12 training programs, 5 keynotes around Australia and I’ll start working with two new coaching clients - one a TV celebrity and the other a high powered CEO based in Melbourne. It might sound like a lot to do (actually it does look like a lot as I type it here), but when you’re following your dreams it doesn’t feel like work. Back in 1997, I sat with my then boss Rod Matthews in his office, and he helped me create my dream board for my life. I said I wanted to be happily married with 3 children, to be Australia’s number one presentation skills trainer, and I wanted to live in a big house on a hill with a pool! They seemed lofty goals for a 25 year old. Imagine my delight when I recalled that exercise just a few months ago and it had all come true! Our cover girl this month had much loftier dreams than me. Kirsty Spraggon set her mind to having her own TV channel in LA. Then off she went and did it! Sounds easy but of course it wasn’t. Kirsty’s joy, enthusiasm and complete focus is a lesson to us all about the importance of following your dreams. PLUS in this edition I’ve shared some of my critical Tips for Presenting Technical Information, tips for When you go Blank. Andrew Griffiths asks Can people Refer your Business? Domonique Bertolucci gently pushes us out of our Comfort Zone while Justin Tamsett gives us some ideas on Work-Life Balance and Greg Mowbray urges us to Keep Leadership Simple. Plus read some inspiring presentation Success Stories. So grab yourself a ’cuppa’, put your feet up and have a read! And most importantly, make sure you put the invaluable advice into immediate action so you see some fast results. Happy Presenting!

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


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How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013



What kind of presenting do you do at work? My presenting is extremely varied. It ranges from facilitating workshops, to speaking at conferences, university lectures and industry forums, to presenting to current and prospective clients. What prompted you to attend Michelle's Influential Presentation Skills program? I had read Michelle’s book Don’t Picture Me Naked and immediately made some changes to the way I approached my presentations as far as content such as culling slides!! and restructuring my message. I wanted to further sharpen my stagecraft skills. I looked around for a suitable course and they were either too basic, too short or delivered online, which I didn’t believe would provide the intensive and practical learning I needed. How did Michelle's program change your attitude to presenting in business?

Katrina Walton (BAppSci HMS (Hons1), GCert OHS, MPH(Hons1), Cert IV TAA) is the Director and Corporate Wellness Strategist at Wellness Designs. She has over 17 years experience in the strategic development and implementation of multi award-winning workplace wellness programs, nationally and internationally. Katrina is passionate about spreading the wellness message, whether it be through publishing, speaking, training or tweeting! !

Michelle’s course reiterated the importance of a more structured approach for pitching to clients, 1-on-1 meetings, and speaking to a large audience. Also, I’ve changed my approach for more formal presentations and now recognise the importance of a strong physical and verbal presence to help articulate your message persuasively. In general, what positive outcomes have you achieved from improving your presentation skills? Michelle’s course was a perfect blend of theory, practical application and most importantly, applied learning.! It also served to reinforce key points from her book.! I left the course and immediately reworked a presentation which I was due to present to an industry conference the following week. I felt a lot more confident in presenting as a result, and had a lot of positive

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


SUCCESS STORIES! (CONT.) feedback following the session. In my interactions with clients, I have also found the techniques have enabled me to develop an earlier and easier rapport with them, which has led to more successful and productive meetings. ! In what specific ways have your presentation skills improved since completing Michelle's training? ! I highly valued the constructive peer and facilitator feedback from the course, which I have taken on board in fine-tuning (and in some cases overhauling!) the way I approach my presentations. I have considerably scaled back the amount of content, changed the structure in line with Michelle’s 13 steps, utilised props more effectively, and allowed more time for prep. What were your top three take aways from Michelle's program?

1. Structure is critical. For a 1-on-1 pitch, group presentation or impromptu speech. 2. The rule of 3 when designing slides (still working on this one!) 3.!And finally, practice, practice, practice!

WHAT IF I FORGET A POINT? BY MICHELLE BOWDEN If you forget a point or go blank, it’s important to remember that it’s not the end of the world.! Great presenters lose their train of thought all the time.!Just don’t apologise or make a big deal about forgetting because it causes the RAS in their brain to track for other mistakes you might make!! Great presenters have recovery strategies or tricks for when they go blank. Take a minute today to plan your recovery strategy. You’ll be confident whatever happens, because you have a plan! Here are some ideas: If you’ve designed your presentation using the Storyboard technique, you could look up and try

to see an imaginary Storyboard with your 4Mat and post-it-notes on the ceiling (above your eye line). This might stimulate your visual memory.! I Keep breathing. It’s important to remember to keep breathing right into your belly, so you keep your oxygen flowing.! Remember oxygen in your brain means increased clarity of thought.! Can you think of a witty ‘one-liner’ that you can say to get the audience laughing while you reclaim your thoughts? If you still can’t remember, then it’s completely fine to take a drink of water and check your notes. The audience wants you to be confident, so show them you are confident. Happy Presenting!

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


THE BEST ADVICE YOU’LL EVER GET FOR PRESENTING TECHNICAL INFORMATION! BY MICHELLE BOWDEN If you are a technical expert you’ll probably find yourself presenting from time to time so you gain acceptance for a proposal, or ensure continued support for a project or endorsement for your recommendations. Unfortunately, many technical experts believe that if they create lots of slides full of tiny words, numbers, diagrams, charts and graphs they will be a first class presenter. If you think about it, we do know deep down that a hundred slides with eight point font and diagrams that we couldn’t read in an hour (if we had a spare hour) isn’t going to make anyone worth listening too, much less engaging or persuasive for an audience. As a presentation skills trainer over the past 20 years I’ve seen hundreds of technical presentations that you’d be lucky to stay awake in - even with a Red Bull or a No Dose at the ready. And I think it’s such a shame because in the majority of cases, the presenter was a true subject matter expert, they just didn’t know how to showcase their professional expertise in a way that was exciting for their audience.

Build rapport. People like people who are like themselves. So find a way of using your dress, body language, voice and language patterns to be as similar to as many people in the audience as possible and that way you’ll be in rapport from the start. Motivate your audience. Most people go to way too many meetings that are a complete waste of time. Make sure your meeting isn’t one of them! Your role is to motivate your audience to listen – to make the content relevant to them in their roles. Manage any objections. Spend some time thinking about all the objections your audience may have to your content. What questions will they ask and what are the different answers you could give. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Set the guidelines. Make sure your audience knows the boundaries for your presentation. What will be covered and what won’t? Should they turn their phone to silent?

Anyone can be an exceptional presenter. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and doing it. Here are my top tips for presenting technical information: Know your audience. Your technical area probably affects every aspect of the business you’re in. But just because you know the minute detail related to your role doesn’t mean that the people you’re speaking to know about the topic you’re addressing. You must appreciate the level of knowledge and the roles of the people you’re presenting to so you can tweak your message and put things in a way that your audience understands.

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


THE BEST ADVICE YOU’LL EVER GET FOR PRESENTING TECHNICAL INFORMATION! (CONT.) How long will it go for and when should they ask questions? Setting the boundaries will help you avoid chaos but please don’t use a slide for your agenda! Rehearse. Exceptional presenters rehearse the opening and close of their presentations many, many times. Use a whiteboard. PowerPoint is great, a white board is better! It’s spontaneous, organic and way more engaging than a slide show. Draw diagrams. Love your content. People often say to me that they don’t know how to make their topic interesting because it’s so boring or dry. Well if you think it’s boring and dry what is your audience going to think? Find the parts of your message that you are passionate about (because they are the parts most relevant to your audience) and make sure you highlight those parts with vocal emphasis (louder more energetic voice at certain times). Be yourself. Chat with the audience like they are your old friends – not like they are a scary judgemental bunch who want to find your information boring. Evoke emotions and motivate. People are more likely to change their thinking or behaviour if you tell stories or use analogies related to your subject that evoke emotion. Don’t assume you need slides. A common assumption when you’re giving a presentation is that you must use PowerPoint. That’s not true. A short talk with the use of a whiteboard or flipchart may be the best way to get your points across. Use PowerPoint as an aid for your audience to remind them of your three key points and for entertainment value. Use other visual aids too.

Use illustrations, not bullets – It’s easier to tell a story when you use pictures and graphics as opposed to bullet points. Pictures and graphics, pie charts and tables provide a better way to convey your message, and they help your audience to listen, rather than just read your slides. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Effective presentations have to be planned out, thought through and refined for days, if not weeks, leading up to your presentation. Preparing your material well in advance gives you time to fine-tune certain aspects and to program your subconscious regarding the flow and general message of your presentation. This way your delivery will sound more natural. You don’t need to be ‘over the top’ – Don’t worry about being charismatic or a comedian. Be yourself and talk about what you know. Your authentic self will be evident to your audience and then they’ll be better placed to connect with you and buy your concept or idea. You’ll also be more comfortable with yourself, you’ll be able to relax and you’ll deliver a stronger presentation. Make your presentation a discussion with your audience – In most situations, people would rather be part of a discussion than be talked at. Don’t rely entirely on your slides and don’t just read what’s on the screen. Remember you are a real, live human being and your role is to connect with the other real live human beings in your audience. To read more about best practice for presenting technical information read How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work. You can purchase it online HERE.

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


IS IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO REFER YOUR BUSINESS? BY ANDREW GRIFFITHS I believe that any business that masters the art of referral will never be short of quality customers, and they key word here is quality. Rather than just getting anyone who stumbles across our business, taking a smart approach in how we generate word of mouth (or word of mouse) referrals will result in! attracting more of the type of customers that you really want. Here is my five step process that might just help you to get all the referrals you want. STEP 1. Be clear about what your ideal customer looks like.! We need to be very clear about this so that we can let other people know. This is harder than it sounds and most business owners have never really considered who their ideal customer or client actually is. We need to be able to finish the sentence “my ideal customer is…………………” ! STEP 2. Spell out why they should use you? Give four or five specific reasons that clearly state what your competitive advantages are. Don’t make it too long or wordy, keep it short, sharp and to the point. Make sure these are the selling features that will appeal to your ideal customer. STEP 3. Explain how you would like people referred (and make it really easy)

This step is crucial – let people know how to physically refer others to you. Do you simply want a name and a number, an introductory email, or perhaps a face to face meeting? Once people are clear on this, they will develop their own sales pitch to refer you. STEP 4. Take away the risk We are often cautious about recommending a business, just in case it doesn’t live up to the expectation that we paint. Let your customers know that anyone they refer will receive the same level of service that they enjoy. Be bold, stand behind your statement and make sure that you live up to it.

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MAY 2013


IS IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO REFER YOUR BUSINESS? (CONT.) need to have that ready to go, but having the opening line is the toughest part. We don’t want to appear needy or desperate, so I suggest a line like the following – “Thank you so much for your business, I know you have a choice and thank you for choosing me. I am very passionate and committed to growing my business and I would love more great customers, just like you. I would really appreciate it if you could refer my business to your family, friends and anyone else who will listen.”

STEP 5. Package this all up in a succinct and smart way.! I suggest that you put a very simple document together explaining all of the above. Design it, make it fun, give it an engaging title – something along the lines of “If only I had more great customers just like you”. Then make sure you distribute it far and wide. Last but not least, ask people to refer you and they will, but you need to know how to ask. The above information will certainly help, and you

Sounds simple – which is why I love it. But if you can master the art of asking for referrals and make it easy for people to refer you, I guarantee that you will get exactly what you want, lots of new customers. Good luck. Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s #1 small business author with 11 books now sold in over 50 countries. Described by most as a street-smart entrepreneur, Andrew bought his first business at the age of 17. Since then, and for the best part of 30 years, he has owned and operated many small businesses in fields as diversified as retail, consulting, advertising, publishing and travel.

TESTIMONIAL about Michelle’s training: FROM LIZZIE BORWICK, FUNDRAISING AND SUPPORT CARE MANAGER, CARITAS I loved the energy, tips and the down to earth realism that Michelle brings to the course. She takes everyone’s nerves and tackles them. I now feel so prepared to structure a presentation. Fantastic! For more information on Michelle’s coaching or training please go to

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


5 TOP TIPS FOR WORK LIFE BALANCE BY JUSTIN TAMSETT Do you ever find yourself wishing life had more balance? Here are five tips to help you achieve more balance and less stress: Book end your day Have a physical ritual that indicates the start of your day and the end of the day. I recommend you take two or three minutes at the end of the day where you sit somewhere quiet like a park to reflect and peacefully end your day. Set expectations Much of the stress from work comes from setting unrealistic expectations. Take steps like changing your message from ‘Call you back ASAP’ to ‘Call you back within two days.’ This immediately gives you another 24 hours to get back to whoever has left a message. Family time Put it in your diary. Make it an appointment that cannot be changed. Find an outlet You can become a workaholic when you have no hobby or outlet. To create balance in your life find a hobby or outlet for yourself. Ideally an engrossing one, for example, snow skiing, swimming, bike-riding, going to the theatre – an outlet where you cannot check your phone.

Date night Whether one night a week is spent with your partner or catching up with friends or even family, one night a week should be set aside for building your personal relationships. The great thing about this tip is that it involves others. Justin Tamsett is an author, speaker and 4th generation entrepreneur as well as an innovator, comfort zone challenger and thought leader. His generosity and desire to help all people achieve the best they can is evident in his own approach to life and business, and his enthusiasm for his work, his life and work-life balance. He combines his passion for small business with a passion for rugby. He is a former 1st grade coach at Northern Suburbs and now Director of the Rugby Club and Cabana Bar & Lounge.

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013



A confident, persuasive speaking voice lies within you! Many of us know someone who has a strong, rich, resonant voice. Maybe it’s an actor like Sean Connery or Cate Blanchett. At some point you may have found yourself wishing that you could enhance your vocal quality and projection so you were more compelling, influential and persuasive when speaking in meetings, persuading your manager, or selling to your clients. Well you know it’s possible, and it’s easy! Creating a rich, resonant influential voice is all about warming up your voice, and this CD will take you through the warm-ups that actually work one by one. Enjoy!


Fast-track your presentation and speaking skills success by discovering the presentation secrets of 14 of Australia’s top conference keynote presenters. What would be possible for your career and income if you absorbed the wisdom of Australia’s top speaking professionals and could learn from their tips and their mistakes? Well, now you can in this series of insightful interviews by Australia’s #1 Presentation Skills Expert–Michelle Bowden. Learn critical presentation tips from the amazing: Amanda Gore, Lisa McInnes-Smith, Glenn Capelli, Alan Parker, Siimon Reynolds, Rodney Marks, Sam Cawthorn, Marty Wilson, Terry Hawkins, Dale Beaumont, Catherine DeVrye, David Penglase, Avril Henry and Bruce Sullivan.


You can design an exceptional presentation in a minimum amount of time! Imagine how helpful it would be if you could have your very own coach taking you through the design process for an exceptional presentation. That’s exactly what this DVD is for! If you have a presentation to write, simply play this DVD and Michelle Bowden will coach you through the design of an exceptional presentation from beginning to end. It couldn’t be simpler! An ideal accompaniment to Michelle’s book How to Present, you’ll be reminded how to identify the purpose of your presentation, analyse your audience and design a powerful message that influences your audience to change their thinking and/or behaviour using techniques that actually work!

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS BY ROBIN POWIS Cleavage Overload How do you cover your cleavage without unsightly safety pins or having to wear a camisole under a low cut top?!!I love Swarovski crystal Bosom Buttons as you can attach them just where you want them.! Each Bosom Button is handmade with quality crystal stones. Pierce it through your clothing and fasten with the clutch at the back.! Skirt Lengths!! How short do you go?! When purchasing a skirt or dress always sit down in front of a mirror to see how far it rides up.! ! Laddered Stockings Here are some tips to help you: Don’t put on a pair with!holes or ladders and wear them out,!they're sure to run more. Never wear dark sheer hose with ladders or holes as they look totally distasteful. And be sure to always: Take a spare pair of hose to alleviate a disaster. Rush out to buy a replacement, even if they are a bit ordinary from a convenience store. Remove the laddered pair if your legs are looking good.!!!!!!

Robin Powis is an image consultant who believes some people are born stylish whilst others need to learn about style. She’s passionate about colour and creating a fresh & stylish new YOU. ! To look Spectacular call Robin on 0419 468 272 or

TESTIMONIAL about Michelle’s training: FROM TINY KAY, AUSTAR ENTERTAINMENT “A great program that can be used to greatly improve my presentations and even coaching and delivering team briefs. I learnt so much and now I just need to put it all into practice. I loved Michelle's enthusiasm and the confidence she had in us all. I was so pleased with the way Michelle changed my feelings towards presenting at work. For more information on Michelle’s coaching or training please go to

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013



You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. Brian Tracy ! Do you sometimes feel like each day blends into the next? That this week will be the same as last week, this month the same as last month, and that this year doesn’t look likely to turn out that differently from last. ! When you’re busy, it’s easy to fall into a rut where you do the same thing over and over, partly because it’s easy, but also because you

can’t find the energy or inspiration to do things differently. ! The truth is, the only person who can change your life is you. ! This week, why don’t you step out of your comfort zone; try buying your coffee from a different café, taking a different route home or catching up with people you don’t see very often. There’s nothing like a change of scene to remind you that the world is full of possibilities and it’s simply up to you to choose which ones to seize.

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


WHAT HOLDS US TOGETHER AND TEARS US APART? BY KEN WARREN Did you know that the one key thing that preserves our well-being is the same thing that can destroy it? What is that one thing? It is the quality of our relationships.!

But having said the above, relationships are also the main cause of our misery.

Is there anything more important than our relationships? I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think so. Human beings are social animals. For most of us, our relationships with others are the primary source of our well-being. We know from the research that â&#x20AC;Ś At least one positive, loving relationship in our childhood is a major protective factor against childhood loss and trauma. Yes, children are affected by such events, but the effects are less severe and they bounce back more quickly when there is at least one person who is a strong, positive influence in their life. ! Our engagement with friends and the wider community enhances our wellbeing and resiliency. ! People who have positive relationships at work are more productive, less stressed, and have higher morale. ! Couples in loving relationships report higher levels of satisfaction than do single people. Men in committed relationships have a higher life expectancy. ! People with mental illnesses function at a higher level and require less medication when they are involved in the community and are able to build a network of friends. ! Those in leadership roles with good

people skills are far more effective in engaging team members to perform well and embrace change.

Children exposed to abuse or prolonged conflict between their parents are at a far higher risk of mental health problems, behaviour challenges, as well as relationship difficulties as adults. ! Women experiencing domestic violence are more likely to develop a mental health problem. ! Men going through relationship breakdown are at a far higher risk of problematic drinking and suicide. ! People experiencing ongoing difficulties with someone at work experience reduced morale and productivity and are more likely to take unplanned leave, lodge a formal grievance, or leave the workplace.

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


WHAT HOLDS US TOGETHER AND TEARS US APART? (CONT.) People experiencing ongoing difficulties with someone at work experience reduced morale and productivity and are more likely to take unplanned leave, lodge a formal grievance, or leave the workplace. I hope you are not surprised. Relationships really are at the core of who we are and everything we do.! ! Most of us know the importance of our relationships and we need to make time for them. But it can be all too easy to get distracted by the so-called importance of other things â&#x20AC;&#x201C; our work, challenges we are having, and the general business of life. Technology also leads many of us to spend more time engaging with our computer than we do with family, friends and workmates. ! Ultimately, the most important factor that determines our happiness in this world comes down to our relationships.

What will you do to use relationships to enhance your own well-being as well as that of others? Ken Warren is a Relationships Specialist who helps teams to perform at their very best.! Check out all of his FREE resources at!


Why the ability to communicate in public is critical to your success. The essential skills all successful speakers have in common. How to overcome fear and project confidence to your audience. How to plan and structure a presentation for maximum impact. How to use the right type of humour and have your audience in stitches. Simple techniques to communicate subconscious messages. What it takes to make $1 million a year as a professional speaker.

To claim your very own copy of Secrets of Great Public Speakers Exposed be one of the first 5 to email with the words Public Speaking in the subject line.

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MAY 2013


DREAMS COMING TRUE WITH KIRSTY TV! BY KIRSTY SPRAGGON Sometimes I reflect on where I’m at in my life and I find myself shaking my head and quietly laughing. What in the world am I doing?! I ask myself and in the next moment, I know; I’m listening to my soul and making a way to realize what my core is telling me. I’m one of those “crazy” people who has an outrageous dream.! Mine is to become a talk show host. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but that’s the main idea. For real insight into my dream, think–an Australian Oprah. Did your eyes widen at the audacity of my goal? The great thing about being a dreamer who shoots for the stars, is that I know I’m not alone! Most of us will admit that we have a dream. Somewhere along the line, I grew to feel that “boldness” is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s key to getting what you want. It’s part of the recipe that gives me fuel to drive forward. It’s 1/3 of my mantra: a pinch of delusion, a dash of audacity and a shot of courage. I believe those three ingredients are what it takes to commit to your dream and be effective. I’ve even engraved it on a bracelet I wear as a reminder to take a dose when my faith is running low. I’m sharing it with you now because it’s working for me.! It’s been a year since I sold everything I owned, at the height of my career in Australia and moved across the planet with 2 suitcases to Los Angeles, or “Lala Land” as some like to call it. Deciding to change my life didn’t happen in the most dramatic leap, there were two parts. The first change came when I was at the top of my game in sales, ranked in the 1 per cent of RE/ MAX’s global network of 121,000 sales agents. Something was nagging at me though; I wanted something more and knew I wasn’t living my purpose. I wanted to become a speaker & to help others to find success. So, I went to every speaker seminar I could find and got to it. I called it my year of ‘speaker university’. At speaker university I learned about the power of

words and connecting with people. I still watch the best speakers make individuals feel like they are the only person in the room of thousands. Speaking taught me how to connect with people through stories. I feel like something magical happens when people share their stories and truly connect. I wanted to hone in on that part! That feeling led to part two of my decision to take the biggest leap of faith in myself, of my life. ! The self help guide, ‘So You Want To Be a Talk Show Host,’ was a life saver. Kidding! I don’t even know if there is such a book out there. And my inbox wasn’t full of invitations to host a show, so I did what I always do when I want something badly enough. I just did it. I wish that sentence was longer, more profound and not as easy for people to throw away because that cliche is gold! Please keep in mind that I am not super human and building a show without any experience as a host, or interviewer and with no camera training whatsoever, has left me paralysed with fear at times. If I were to sum up my toughest times, I would say that Sir Edmund Hillary said it best, “It’s not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.”! It really has been about conquering myself emotionally and mentally. ! What keeps me going at even the most challenging of times is a ‘knowing’ that this is

How to Present Magazine

MAY 2013


DREAMS COMING TRUE WITH KIRSTY TV! (CONT.) what I am supposed to do, an inner guidance that keeps pushing me forwards. Here we are today and Kirsty TV is a real online show with incredible guests, amazing stories and a real audience. I’ve received videos and messages from people across the world telling me that what I’m doing is important and that they are watching. I am connecting with people indirectly and directly! I can’t put into words what it’s like to sit with someone as they share their story and let you into their vulnerability. I’m truly honoured to be an outlet for these people to share their message with the world.

must have the audacity of a ‘somebody’. Audacity gives you the ability to fake it till you make it. Above all, you need courage. Without it I don’t know how you would survive the dream crushers and naysayers. You need the courage of a lion to stand strong in the most uncomfortable of situations, to keep moving forward, to keep getting back up when you fall, pushing onwards and upwards. I hope you find your own recipe for success but in the meantime feel free to borrow mine, all you need is ‘a pinch of delusion, a dash of audacity and a shot of courage’.

So what do I know for sure a year into the journey? I know that I could have lived with losing it all and having to go home and live with my parents, but I could not have lived with the not knowing or the not giving it a go. This journey has been my biggest learning. I have grown, stretched and become someone I wasn’t 12 months ago. The lessons you get when you put yourself into such an uncomfortable situation are profound, they make or break you. So there it is. Whatever your dream may be, make your way to it. See yourself as what you will become, especially when everyone else may think you are delusional. Be bold, be persistent, make it happen and ask for what you want. In the beginning, you may be perceived as a ‘nobody’, but you

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MAY 2013


KEEPING LEADERSHIP SIMPLE BY GREG MOWBRAY I reckon one of the reasons people shy away from leadership responsibility is that they think it is hard. It can be, but it doesn't have to be. If we had to boil leadership down to its purest essence it would look something like this. Care about others. Leading is all about helping others achieve good things, so being selfless or at least not being self absorbed will help. Have a plan. Be prepared to say "this is where we need to go and this is how we are going to get there". Get things done. Leading is about communicating but it is also about doing and getting results.

Lift others.!Somehow, leaders get others to try harder than they normally would. They are able to 'lift' performances because they understand what motivates others.

Shoulder responsibility.!Show others that you are prepared to be accountable for what you and they do together.

We tend to over complicate most things, but if you want to be a more effective leader, KISS!

TESTIMONIAL about Michelleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s training: FROM DR MARK PSILLAKIS, GROUP OPERATIONS MANAGER, DENTAL CORPORATION I have a personal "feel good" story that you are a significant part of Michelle! We've just had our annual conference on Hayman Island. It was attended by a total of 320 delegates and spouses. I prepared using your advice and my presentation was unbelievably well received! I was congratulated by every one of the Directors and approached by multiple delegates who expressed how aligned they felt with the content and passion I expressed and they all went on to offer their assistance in achieving the vision I presented!!I certainly have a lot more work to do but as a first experience in presenting to what many would consider a challenging audience it was a complete success! So thank you. For more information on Michelleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coaching or training go to

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IS IT TIME IMPROVED YOUR PRESENTATION SKILLS? COME JOIN ME! Dramatically improve the way you present and influence. Attend one of my Influential Presentation Skills programs.

then practice, then learn something then practice…

It’s a life changing experience!

Risk free approach to a subject most people find ‘daunting’!

Risk free - 100% moneyback guarantee. Endorsed by thousands of people from over a hundred corporations around Australia. Interactive and personalised. Facilitated by Michelle Bowden who has over 18 years experience running her programs and who has been nominated for Educator of the Year for the last 4 years. Absorb yourself in a generative and experiential approach. Learn something

Group sizes are limited to only 10 people per program.

SYDNEY DATES: May 14-15 (full) June 12-13 June 25-26 (full) July 23-24 August 27-28 September 17-18 October 22-23 November 13-14 December 3-4

Plenty of time for you to get personal one-on-one time with Michelle’s during the program.


Address your specific, personal needs.


Learning with lots of laughter.


Techniques are embedded so you remember them decades later.

CANBERRA DATE: October 9-10

There’s no need for you to be nervous or miss a career opportunity due to public speaking ever again!

To chat about your specific needs or receive more information please email Michelle directly:

TESTIMONIAL about Michelle’s training: FROM DANIELLE WILLIAMS, JURLIQUE Finally a practical, fun and non-threatening program on how to be a wonderful speaker and presenter! The tools and templates are invaluable. Thank you for your knowledge and ability to impart it in an entertaining manner. You are so approachable! The offer of follow up support and being available 100% over the two days sets you apart. Thanks a million! For more information on Michelle’s coaching or training go to

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How To Present May 2013  

A magazine full of tips and techniques for improving presentation skills, public speaking and business communication.

How To Present May 2013  

A magazine full of tips and techniques for improving presentation skills, public speaking and business communication.