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The A better choice! program wins the 2021 PMA-Produce Plus Marketer of the Year Award! Hort Connections 2021

Market Purchase with Industry Investment Update

Shop & Win Campaign Wrap Up

ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

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4 – Hort Connections 2021 Hort Connections 2021 was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7-9 June 2021

6 – A better choice! Wins MOYA! The ‘A better choice!’ program is proud to receive the 2021 PMAProduce Plus Marketer of the Year Award!


12 – Meet Michael Pivac from The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) We went directly to the source to understand a little more about the company that the MMA has engaged to perform the testing

15 – Businesses Thrive When Everyone Knows The Ground Rules


16 – Pre-employment Drug Testing Can Mitigate The Risks Of Businesses At The Melbourne Market It’s crucial that Melbourne Market workers, especially those operating machinery and vehicles, are fit to carry out their jobs. Drug users are a serious risk to themselves and their colleagues

17 – FareShare Meals

Employing someone in your Warm Melbourne business is similar to recruiting Storm Victims 8 – Images from Hort someone on to your sporting team. Connections 2021 There are goals to achieve, there’s a Recent storms have added to the plan to get there and there are rules misery of COVID restrictions for many Victorians. FareShare 10 – Market Purchase with around how you play the game organised a special delivery of Industry Investment Update quiches and casseroles to help tide In each Fresh State of Affairs we Dining Room Mission over for will provide an update on the plans two weeks behind the Market Purchase with Industry Investment Published By:

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ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

President’s Message


18 – Shop & Win Campaign Wrap Up See the achievements of the first bi-annual marketing campaign for A better choice! in 2021

20 – Foodservice Australia Show 2021 The Foodservice Australia show will be held from 24–26 August at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

22 – Apple UpsideDown Cake This cake will turn your dessert upsidedown! Our Apple UpsideDown Cake is a surefire delight, topped with golden, sticky, caramelised seasonal apples from your local fruit and veg shop

As we approach the middle of 2021, we can acknowledge how quickly time has flown this year. Big projects are well and truly underway, and even more, significant achievements have been made. Congratulations to the 'A better choice!' team for winning the 'Marketer of the Year' Award at Hort Connections 2021 for the Shop & Win Campaign. It was a well-deserved achievement and great to see all the fantastic things this program does being recognised. In this magazine, you can read all about Hort Connections' happenings, and we will give you an update on the Market purchase with Industry Investment project. We've included some interesting reads about Drug Testing at the market, which holds some beneficial market users' information. As always, we appreciate input from our members and the community on improving. We encourage you to contact us if you have any exciting topics to include in the next magazine.

23 – Calendar of Events Shane Schnitzler President Fresh State Ltd.


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Hort Connections 2021 After a tumultuous 18 months for the Australian horticulture industry, a COVIDSafe and COVID-Resilient Hort Connections 2021 was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7-9 June 2021.

Despite the ongoing disruption from COVID-19 and the snap lockdown preventing Victorians from travelling to the event, over 2,200 delegates from all sectors of the horticulture industry descended on the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7-9 June to ‘Celebrate the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables’. There were hundreds more who tuned in and streamed the speaker sessions. Hort Connections encompasses the vegetable, fruit, nut, cut floral and nursery sectors. This year, more than 60 event sponsors and industry organisations


partnered to provide added value to delegates and allow them to access the expertise and services of a range of industry members in-person and online. The three-day event was the premier opportunity for supply chain members, growers and industry stakeholders in the fresh produce and floral industry to see the latest in technology and innovation, hear from industry experts, meet leading local and global agribusinesses and network at the most highly anticipated social events on the industry’s calendar.

ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Trade Show

Networking Opportunities

While it would have been even better if Victorians could attend, it was still great to see the trade show being a major highlight of the conference. The tradeshow presented an unparalleled opportunity for delegates to network with the leading supply chain partners in Australian horticulture.

Throughout the conference, networking events were held to connect growers with agribusinesses, researchers and representatives from all areas of the supply chain, transport and retail sectors, including the Hort Connections Gala Dinner, multiple off-site and on-site events held by Hort Connections sponsors and a variety of other events that coincided with the conference.

It featured around 190 industry partners from across every sector of the industry and provided delegates with the chance to look at the latest trends, technologies and services available to them to give their businesses an edge in both productivity and profitability. The trade show was sponsored by Australia’s Fresh Produce Markets. Over the three-day event, many growers and industry members were able to forge new partnerships with a range of leading agribusinesses and reconnected with friends, colleagues and supply chain partners to celebrate the achievements of the horticulture industry through what was the most difficult year for many businesses and communities.

Gala Dinner The capstone event of Hort Connections 2021 was the Gala Dinner, where industry members from across the supply chain gathered to celebrate the achievements of the best and brightest in the Australian horticulture industry. Queensland vegetable growers Andrew and David Moon were announced as Grower of the Year, while Fresh Markets Australia won the 2021 PMA-Produce Plus Marketer of the Year Award for its ‘A Better Choice’ – Shop & Win campaign.


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

‘A better choice!’ WINS MOYA Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) and the Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA) are delighted to announce the ‘A better choice!’ program is proud to receive the 2021 PMA-Produce Plus Marketer of the Year Award (MOYA), sponsored by Seeka.


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

“This program was established to promote the independent retailers, greengrocers and fruiterers of Australia, who are key buyers of the Central Markets. Independent retailers are such a large and important part of the history of this great industry, and when they prosper, it benefits the whole Central Market supply chain. We are so proud that the ‘A better choice!’ initiative has received this award in recognition of its outstanding efforts promoting the sector.” said Mark Maskiell, Chairman of Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA). Shane Schnitzler Chairman of Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) said “This award recognises the efforts of this initiative with such significant importance for the independent retailers nationwide. Many of which are owned and run by families who are a large part of the heart and soul of this industry and have been for generations. This award recognises the important role the ‘A better choice!’ programme plays within our industry, and the support behind the initiative keeps it growing for years to come.”

Australasia’s premier marketing award for the fresh fruit, vegetable and floral industries was presented at the Hort Connections 2021 Gala Dinner in Brisbane on Wednesday, 9 June 2021. ‘A better choice!’ is the first national program designed to encourage consumers to shop for fresh produce at their local independent fruit and vegetable retailers. The joint FMA and CMAA initiative supports more than 550 retailers across Australia. PMA-Produce Plus recognised ‘A better choice!’ for its Shop & Win campaign. MOYA judges were impressed by the way the campaign harnessed a wide range of marketing tools – from point-of-sale activations through to digital advertising – to drive awareness of the competition, along with participation “Capturing such a large audience over a relatively short time was very impressive, and from all reports interest in the competition has continued to grow since MOYA nominations closed. The ability to unlock added value for a cluster of independently operated grocery stores also demonstrated a high degree of marketing innovation in the eyes of the judges.” said Matthew Jones, Editor of Produce Plus Magazine.

The ‘A better choice!’ program delivers two campaigns per year with the next campaign already in production and will be launched in Spring 2021!

About Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) is the national organisation representing each of the five Market Chambers, which themselves are organisations that represent the fruit and vegetable wholesalers located in each of Australia’s six central Markets (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle).

About The Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA) The Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA) was formed in 2001 to provide a peak body for the five capital city wholesale central markets around Australia. Its members include the Adelaide Produce Market, Brisbane Markets, Perth Markets, the Melbourne Market and the Sydney Markets.

James Patrick, National Program Manager said, “It's an honour in itself to be a part of a program that represents independent fruit and veg shops around the country; It's a great honour for the team and all those involved around the country supporting Australia’s local fruit & veg shops by the ‘A better choice!’ programme to win the PMA-Produce Plus Marketer of the Year Award for 2021.” 7

ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021


Market Purchase with Industry Investment – Opportunities and Benefits

The hundreds of businesses that work at and use the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable and Flower Market every day have the strongest possible interest in the industry's growth, development, and long-term sustainability.

We think industry investment in the ownership and operations of the Melbourne Market is critical to the ongoing growth, development, and modernisation of the market. In each Fresh State of Affairs, we will provide an update on the plans behind the Market Purchase with Industry Investment. These updates will be in the order of the following areas: ¡ Opportunities and Benefits ¡ Participation ¡ Implementation






ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021






Opportunities and Benefits

Industry ownership allows the market to: ¡ Be more efficient

¡ Be part of a national network with co-investment,

sharing of ideas, and operational benefits

¡ Maximise opportunities presented by

new technologies

¡ Be modernised in terms of work practices and

trading hours

¡ Establish a viable, sustainable long-term model for

all market participants.

Key benefits of Industry Ownership include:

¡ Businesses that work in the markets will benefit

from their investment long term. This will encourage further investment, renewal, and modernisation.

¡ The Melbourne Market would become part of

markets. The national platform leads to more throughput, growing businesses, better access to higher quality produce. It could also lead to reduced operating costs through leveraging the national network with suppliers and service providers. ¡ Strengthen the relevance of the central markets to

avoid fragmentation.

¡ Attraction of new entrants ¡ Retention of existing businesses, particularly

across generations.

¡ Providing a sustainable platform for small

retailers and small independent supermarkets to continue operating.

¡ Retains and grows jobs in Victoria. ¡ Investors can fund future market expansion as

it is their core business, thus avoiding further State investment.

a national network of other industry-owned


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Meet Michael Pivac from The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) Here at Fresh State, we’re regularly asked about the Drug and Alcohol testing process in the market, so we thought that we would go directly to the source to understand a little more about the company that the MMA has engaged to perform the testing. I’m Michael Pivac, General Manager for TDDA Tullamarine & Thomastown. I grew up in rural New Zealand and moved to Australia in 2003, joining TDDA in 2015. I love Victoria for its great access to live sport, awesome natural areas like my local Moonee Ponds creek trail, and of course the food!

Who is TDDA? TDDA is Australasia’s largest company dedicated to creating drug-free environments. We work with businesses in safety-sensitive industries – especially where staff operate industrial vehicles and machinery. We provide expertise in designing drug and alcoholfree policies, educating people on detecting drug use, and providing onsite drug testing.


TDDA helps keep people safe from harm. We help businesses mitigate the risks of drugs and alcohol at work, and to stay compliant with safety regulations including the ‘chain of responsibility’. Since May 1st, TDDA has become a tenant in the MMA building. And while TDDA is located in the MMA building, it is an independent company. We provide high-quality drug and alcohol testing, training and educations services to any businesses seeking to create safer workplaces. TDDA Tullamarine & Thomastown is a Member of Melbourne’s North Food Group, and a proud sponsor of Maribyrnong Park Football Club & St. Vincent De Paul Primary School. To learn more visit us at or call Michael Pivac, General Manager for TDDA Tullamarine & Thomastown on 0410 158 474, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021


Workplace health and safety regulations are serious business, and inappropriate drug and alcohol use is a risk to everyone at the Melbourne Market. Introducing The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA), Australasia’s leader in workplace drug and alcohol testing. With over 300 staff, 90 testing vans, and 65 locations, we’re your ideal health and safety partner. We specialise in: Drug and alcohol policy design · Training and education · Mobile testing · Pre-employment testing · Hair, urine and saliva testing. We help businesses create drug-free environments. Come chat with us at Office G02, MMA Building. Visit or call on 0410 158 474 to learn more.


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Free HR Services

Contact us today for assistance with your HR needs. Help Desk

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Bullying & Harassment Training | (03) 9533 0028


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Businesses Thrive When Everyone Knows The Ground Rules BY CORINA VUCIC, DIRECTOR OF FC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

Employing someone in your business is similar to recruiting someone on to your sporting team. There are goals to achieve, there’s a plan to get there and there are rules around how you play the game.

How do you educate your employees about the rules and your expectations of them as team players?

Start With a Job Description Make it clear and detailed. Try to limit vague duties such as “as required.” A job description is your starting point for measuring someone’s performance. It sets the expectations and is a starting point for identifying any training that’s needed. As your employee develops and takes on new roles in your business, always provide them with a new, updated job description.

Provide the Policies and Procedures A well written employee handbook (or policy manual) will lay out all the rules and expectations around their employment. It will cover their entitlements, policies on a whole range of things from maternity leave to drugs and alcohol in the workplace, and will set the safety and wellbeing standards you expect. Procedure manuals should outline how things are done in your business. Which position (person) is responsible for what; the workflow pattern; how that’s achieved; what to do in certain circumstances, and any machinery or equipment information, for example. A new employee should be able to pick up this document and work out who to approach about a particular issue, as well as being provided with a richly detailed manual as they learn your business and their role.

Circulate the Goals and Strategies Coaches make it very clear that the goal is to win. Similarly, as an employer, you need to share your goals with your team. Tell them what you are aiming to achieve, get them excited about it, invite their feedback and celebrate wins along the way.

Shape the Winning Culture Culture is make or break on a sporting team and also for a business team. You will have policies about harassment, bullying, racism etc. Make sure they are lived by your team. If you see a problem, don’t wait for a complaint: talk to the perpetrator about amending their ways. A toxic employee can cause significant harm to your business. Make ‘respect’ the common value of everyone on your team. Workshop what other values are important to your employees. Ask them, “if we are hiring new team members, what is the one value that you insist they possess?” Out of this exercise will fall five or six words that you can use to shape your culture. Everyone spends so much of their time at work that it’s important that they enjoy being there. Yes, the work has to be done, but equally important is taking time to have some fun and to reward achievements – to bond, build relationships and become a true team. Following these strategies will not only give you the best chance of building a top performing team, but it will also mean that you become an employer of choice – someone people want to work for. And - as a bonus - you should be meeting many of the legal expectations as set out by Fair Work Australia. 15

ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Pre-employment Drug Testing Can Mitigate The Risks Of Businesses At The Melbourne Market BY MICHAEL PIVAC, GENERAL MANAGER FOR TDDA TULLAMARINE & THOMASTOWN

The Melbourne Market is a base for over 5000 businesses, and with 1100 forklift drivers onsite, health and safety regulations weigh heavy on each and every owner trying to protect their employees. Understand the Risks It’s crucial that Melbourne Market workers, especially those operating machinery and vehicles, are fit to carry out their jobs. For many, this means showing up to work in boots, high-vis vests, and occasionally hardhats. It also means showing up fresh and not fatigued, and not suffering a hangover from drugs or alcohol. In particular, drug users are a serious risk to themselves and their colleagues. Every worker has a right to safety and every business needs to take protecting them seriously. Business owners, managers and supervisors all bear a responsibility under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to take all reasonable steps to ensure no one is injured or killed on site. Failing to do so can lead to legal grievances and charges against owners and management.

Get Your Policy and Testing Right Businesses can create a drug-free workplace by implementing a robust drug and alcohol policy, get team “buy-in” through education and training, as well as apply pre-employment, reasonable cause, and random drug testing. In fact, pre-employment drug testing is basic due diligence when hiring. It provides a risk assessment of potential candidates and helps ensure the right 16

people are operating your machines and vehicles. When combined with a policy discussion, it sets the tone for employment and details what are acceptable behaviours before the first day of work starts. It’s better to stop risks before they enter your business.

All Testing Leads to Safety, and Each Type has a Use Testing situations differ, but for your average workplace test it's important to recognise that urine testing provides a high degree of accuracy. Urine testing can deliver fast and highly accurate results across a wide array of drugs, and it’s likely to detect recent and historical drug use. Oral fluid testing is also a great option, but it only delivers results based on recent use of drugs that have contacted the oral cavity. It’s considered less invasive, easy to administer; but the trade-off for those benefits is a reduced drug detection timeframe. Hair is also an option, it won’t show very recent usage but excels at revealing habitual patterns of use, making it ideal for pre-employment tests. Good testing programmes require a combination of the right tools at the right time.

Getting on the Front Foot with Preemployment Urine Testing Businesses can get on the front foot with preemployment testing to mitigate the risks with the Melbourne Market Authority. With The Drug Detection Agency office onsite, it is also easy for business to incorporate this as part of their hiring process. Drug and alcohol policies and testing protect your employees and your company. Implementing a fair and effective policy gives you the peace of mind to manage your business and know you’re meeting your legal requirements to mitigate risks in the workplace.

TDDA is an independent company operating in the MMA building. It provides high-quality drug and alcohol testing, training and educations services to any businesses seeking to create safer workplaces. To learn more visit us at or call Michael Pivac, General Manager for TDDA Tullamarine & Thomastown, on 0410 158 474.

ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

FareShare Meals Warm Melbourne Storm Victims Recent storms have added to the misery of COVID restrictions for many Victorians.

Dining Room Mission in Croydon Hills lost three months’ worth of food when power was cut. FareShare kitchen volunteer Jack Merx runs the meal service which feeds between 50 and 75 people including rough sleepers and families with small kids. “We were without power for three or four days,” said Jack. “All our food went off. We have three freezers at the local school and we had to throw everything out before the long weekend. “We were in a real bind until FareShare came to the rescue. Fantastic!” FareShare organised a special delivery of quiches and casseroles to help tide Dining Room Mission over for two weeks. “It’s not just about the meals,” says Jack. “It’s the social chat they have.”

Meanwhile, Oonah Health & Community Services Aboriginal Corporation in Healesville was also struggling to restore food relief services. “We had no power for four days and some of our staff and clients still don’t have power on at their homes a week later,” said Katy Bottomley, Tucker Bag Coordinator. “We were luckily still able to run a simplified version of Tucker bag on Friday to support people in need even though we had no power and no lights. “With the lockdown and then this huge storm with all the damage it has brought some of our more vulnerable community members are really doing it tough …so we really appreciate the support FareShare is able to provide to us.”


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Shop & Win Campaign Wrap Up The first bi-annual marketing campaign for A better choice! and its retailers launched on the 1st of March 2021. The national team put together an exciting opportunity for retailers and consumers alike.

We have seen so many retail companies launch their own rewards programs, and it is slowly becoming standard practice, be it in food, liquor, fashion, electronics, or hardware. More and more chain companies are launching these programs to incentivise their customers to shop with them. However, when it comes to independent retailers, a rewards program is much easier said than done. The first-ever nationwide competition was championed by your local, independent fruit and veg shops. With weekly winners, the Shop & Win competition is the independent answer to a rewards program where every shop gives consumers a chance to win. With prizes such as Apple Watches, Kitchen Aids, Sony Cameras, Vitamixes, and so much more, consumers hoped to be and were even more eager to support locals. 18


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Victoria had four lucky winners; ¡ Cherlyn Ng won a Philips Airfryer XXL for

nominating her local fruit and veg store, Signorelli’s North Balwyn

¡ Sarah Wright won a Weber Family Q Black LPG

for nominating her local fruit and veg store, The Happy Apple Greengrocer

¡ Bron Rossi won a Nespresso Breville Capsule

Machine for nominating her local fruit and veg store, Micky Booth Home Delivery

¡ Pamela Thompson won an iRobot Roomba

Vacuum for nominating her local fruit and veg store, Alexandra Fruit and Vegetables.

Congratulations to all winners and stores!


ABC broadcasted news of this competition across all social media channels, had exciting point of sale merchandise, had radio advertising, YouTube videos, sent out EDM’s, and collaborated with a collection of high calibre micro-influencers from all over Australia.

WEB TRAFFIC INCREASING TO OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION PEOPLE EDM DATABASE INCREASED TO 70,000 SUBSCRIBERS THE OVERALL CAMPAIGN REACHED OVER 3 MILLION PEOPLE AUSTRALIA WIDE Now, these are not the only collaborations A better choice! has in mind. With the Shop & Win Competition wrapping up at the end of July, the team has plenty more exciting plans to come throughout 2021. These new ideas aim to grow the online community and spread the word of supporting locals to more people than ever before. So, keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to their channels to find out more as it unfolds.


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Foodservice Australia Show 2021 The Foodservice Australia show will be held from 24–26 August at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. It's your chance to reconnect and rebuild after what has been a challenging year.

Discover over 450 exhibitors and aisle upon aisle of new products and fresh ideas on show. Thousands of chefs, restaurateurs, café owners, retailers, c-store owners, bakers, pâtissiers, caterers, suppliers, and producers will gather for three action-packed days.

Melbourne Market Stand, which is in partnership with the Northern Food Group. Each bin will include a sign, which will read “(Business Name) supporting local restaurants and cafes with their fresh produce needs.”

The show will feature a series of special events, including the Chef of the Year, National Restaurant Conference, Cafe School, The Sweet Spot, Chef Success Workshop, and the Aged Care Catering Summit.

This is an opportunity to showcase the Melbourne Market and communicate to the Food Service sector why we're the best place to purchase their produce.

The Opportunity: We have secured an opportunity for six Wholesalers to display their produce in a number of bins in the


If you are interested in this great opportunity, please contact Dee on 0418 441 115 or

ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021


Contact Fresh State Gas on (03) 94014615 and organise your own Gas FOB today


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021


Apple Upside-Down Cake

Caramelised Apples ¡ 3 apples ¡ 60g unsalted butter ¡ 2 tbs brown sugar ¡ 1 tsp cinnamon ¡ Juice of ½ a lemon

This cake will turn your dessert upsidedown! Our Apple Upside-Down Cake is a surefire delight, topped with golden, sticky, caramelised seasonal apples from your local fruit and veg shop.

Cake ¡ ½ cup salted butter ¡ 2 tbs brown sugar


¡ 2 eggs


¡ 1 tsp vanilla extract ¡ 1 cup plain flour ¡ 1 ½ tsp baking powder ¡ 1 tsp salt ¡ ½ cup milk

To make the apples, cut apples into thin slices, ensuring you remove the core and seeds.

2. In a pan on the stove, heat butter, sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice

until well combined. Add in your apple slices. Stir well and cook for 5–10 mins, then allow to rest for 5–10 mins.

3. To make the cake, while your apples are cooking, pre-heat the oven to

180C and line a springform tin with baking paper.

4. Cream together your softened butter and brown sugar until you get a

light and creamy texture. Add in the vanilla, then eggs (one after the other) and beat well.

5. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt. Add half

of the dry mixture, as well as half of the milk to your mixing bowl and combine. Repeat with the other half of the mixture until you’ve got a cake batter.

6. In your springform tin, pour in the caramelised apples. Next, pour

over the cake batter, place in the oven, and cook for approx. 25 mins.

7. Remove cake from the oven and turn cake out upside-down so your

apples sit on top of the cake. Slice and enjoy with some ice-cream.


ISSUE 58 — JULY 2021

Calendar of Events Fresh State’s Member Event July (Date TBC)

The Foodservice Australia Show Tuesday–Thursday, 24-26 August 2021

A better choice! Cooking Demo August (Date TBC)

Fresh State’s Annual General Meeting October (Date TBC)

National Forklift Challenge October (Date TBC)

New event dates and times will be communicated in the near future. Thank you to all who have supported our events over the past years. We hope you are staying healthy and safe, if you have any questions about events, please email

Disclaimer Fresh State Ltd makes this magazine available on the understanding the users exercise their own skill and care with respect to its use. Before relying on, or altering any business practices, users should carefully evaluate the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the information for their purpose and should obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances. This magazine contains views and recommendations that do not necessarily reflect the views of Fresh State Ltd. Fresh State does not in any circumstances accept responsibility for the accuracy or suitability or otherwise of any information published in Fresh State of Affairs. Fresh State Ltd specifically disclaims all and any liability for loss or damage of any nature whatsoever and however arising, whether due to accuracy, error or omission or any other cause.

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