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Art Anthology 2020

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FRESH PRODUCE freshproduceucla@gmail.com http://freshproduce.art/ m.me/fpucla

Table of Contents Cover Kateleen Ganzon "Homologus" Susan Liang "Birth of Azazair" Nyx Aurelia "Buu Buu Desu Referee" Alex "Play With the Stars" Kateleen Ganzon "How To Train Your Dragon" Kateleen Ganzon "Shinee-Kim Jonghyun" Kathleen Ganzon "Felix Fraldarius" Helen Li "243" Yan "drawthisinyourstyle for hyde senpai" Fred "Sand Planet" Courtney Fortier "Aigis" Gerrick Gardenas

...CONTINUES "Kaede Akamatsu Micah Flores "VII" Synus "Forgetting" Synus "Eireis Athena 'Sedhiris' Concept" Nyx Aurelia "Byleth" Yan "The Key to Salem" Yurae "Marinette" Micah Flores

HOMOLOGUS Susan Liang Digital Media Fire Alpaca sqliang99@g.ucla.edu


his piece features two of my ocs, an owl journalist and a maine cat congresswoman, on their way to solve a murder despite their differences and their troubled past.



Birth of Azazair Nyx Aurelia Watercolor, 6X9'' nyxaurelia.com


nspired by another artwork of Nozomi (and most likely Eli) playing tennis, and I deemed it was only fair to have Dia judge the game.

Buu Buu Desu Referee Alex Digital Media Clip Studio Paint Pro deviantart: alpakah1


endition of IG @ northernspells draw this in your style challenge (done during social distancing/selfisolation)

Play with the Stars Kateleen Ganzon Crayola watercolor Color pencils Instagram: mintipreshdoodles

WangXian Serena Song Digital Media


rawn in selfquarantine and just got sticker labels :)

How to Train Your Dragon Kateleen Ganzon USPS sticker lables 0.38 Pilot G-2 pen Instagram: mintipreshdoodles



SHINEE-KIM JONGHYUN Kateleen Ganzon Crayola watercolor GRAPHITE Instagram: mintipreshdoodles


his is an illustration of Felix from Fire Emblem: Three Houses done for a tarot deck project! He represents the Emperor

Felix Fraldarius Helen Li Digital Media Sai ClipStudio Paint Twitter: fireemblazem


t is a drawing o f O c h a k o from Boku no Hero Academia! I was inspired by the cover art of chapter 243 in the manga. She looked stunning in her outfit so I just had to draw her in it

243 yan Digital Media ClipStudio Paint Twitter: waffuri


got to draw the lovely OC of @hydedraws on instagram

drawthisinyourstyle for hyde senpai fred

digital media Clip Studio Paint Tears Instagram/Twitter: @fredbirb

Sand Planet Courtney Fortier Digital Media Procreate Instagram: @royalecourt


his is a piece of fanart for the Len Kagamine cover of one of my favorite vocaloid songs, Sand Planet. It is based off the music video for the song.


his is Aigis. I drew Aigis because I love Aigis.

Aigis Gerrick Cardenas Digital Media Clip Studio Paint Twitter: @Gctc15

Kaede Akamatsu Micah Flores Digital Media Clip Studio Paint Instagram: mini.mikez


his is Kaede Akamastu-the protagonist of Danganronpa V3


ommission for a friend with butterfly magic

VII Synus Digital Media

Forgetting Synus Digital Media



Eireis Athena "Sephiris" Concept Nyx Aurelia Watercolor and India Inks, 9X12'' nyxaurelia.com Twitter: nyx_aurelia

BYLETH yan Digital Media ClipStudio Paint Twitter: waffuri Instagram: waffuri


drew this piece to celebrate Fate/Grand Order's release of their Salem chapter in the video game. The girl, Abby, is the main Servant featured in the Salem storyline.

THE KEY TO SALEM Yurae Digital Media Procreate Instagram: yurae.doodles

MARINETTE Micah Flores Digital Media Clip Studio Paint Instagram: mini.mikez


arinette Dupain-Cheng with a clipart flower on her head. My first digital artwork piece!


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Fresh Produce Art Anthology 2019-20  

Annual art anthology 2019-2020 for Fresh Productions Art at UCLA

Fresh Produce Art Anthology 2019-20  

Annual art anthology 2019-2020 for Fresh Productions Art at UCLA