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ED’s note If you have not noticed, FRESH has not launched a single issue yet as of this year, until now. Long story short, I was immensely busy with university obligations, and was just generally not inspired by what I ideally proposed for this issue at the first place. Moving forward, I hope and attempt to transform this project into a small business. Believe it or not, that student loan of mines needs some closure. Content wise, I wish to be more involved in the contemporary, street art scene, interviewing intellectual minds, profiling quirky personalities from the fashion world, and introduce more accessible brands. Please enjoy, and do kindly spread the word out if you seem to like bits and bobs within the issue. Peace, M.

Creative Director / Founder Michael Cheung Projects Manager Lourine Jennifer Contributors Carmen Chan Cheuk Hei Chan Emerald Grippa Elizabeth Walker Jillian Ricciardi Keren Taggar Maia Akiva Sasha Prood Tess Ma Cover Art Aimee Han Reproduction in whole or part without written permission from the Publisher is strictly prohibited. While ever reasonable care is taken for editorial contributions, no responsibility will be assumed for return of materials. Opinions expressed or implied in FRESH are solely those of writers, and are not necessarily well thought out, or endorsed by the Editor or Publisher. Š 2012 Fresh Magazine.

If You’re Happy and You Know It… Unlike its name, Singaporean label Depression offers strong, cheerful designs that are a sight for sore eyes. Check out their new Spring/Summer 2012 line, which perfectly captures the sunny, no-fuss mood of summer. Both the menswear and womenswear have whimsical imagery that is grounded through the strong, graphic designs and minimalist lines. We at FRESH frankly love the bright aqua-and-white coloured tops with rainbows, it brings out the inner child in us who believed that unicorns and My Little Ponies existed. Sorry for that little tangent there but that’s where Depression’s designs lead our minds to wander – nothing depressing about it at all! If you are looking for a more subtle statement, the label also offers cleanly-cut capes and dresses in more chic colours of black, navy, or white. Wouldn’t these look perfect with the pastel-hair trend, which seems to have no signs of dying out?

Fall-ing in Love Oh, H&M, is it not enough that we’re already saving up our money for the fabulous-sounding Anna Dello Russo collaboration this fall? We are loving the retailer’s Autumn 2012 Preview lookbook. It’s filled with luxe leather, sombre florals, heavy beading and knitwear, all in tailored, sportswear-influenced silhouettes. Which are our favourite pieces? Well, that’s a tougher question than you’d think. The men’s classy varsity jackets are a definite must-have, and our little hearts are pining for the womenswear’s maroon leather cap and gold, beaded sweatshirts. H&M perfectly nails the luxurious, dressed-down look that has been dominating street style lately. Now – and we can’t believe we’re saying this – but when can summer be over?

Edited by Tess Ma

Lolli-hats The sweet, cool, fresh taste of dreamy-bright ice lollies in the sweltering summer heat. That’s what these Hectic Stone Bio Jet Caps remind us of. Need we say more? Who wouldn’t want to have these lovely, candy-coloured accessories perched on their heads?

Can You Hear Me? With the Diesel x Monster Vektr On-Ear Headphones, Diesel has made a right move in branching out from fashion by collaborating with the ever so popular Monster brand. The headphones have a futuristic, angular design and can fold up like origami. It also boasts optimum audio performance. It’s practically like having a piece of sculpture wrapped around your head!

Hello, summer, indeed! Treat your wrists with Nooka’s sleek Zub Zibi watches, they come in minimalist shades of black or white, but we say definitely go for the bright green or pink ones. They provide a lighter, more modern silhouette as an alternative to more traditional wristwatches and present the time in a distinctive way: the minute is shown in numbers on the centre, while the hour is shown through the partitioned circle around the face.

Cool Kid on the Block What word can we use to describe Opening Ceremony other than ‘cool’? The company will be releasing a book of pretty things – portraits, artwork, and other cool (see, we can’t stop using that word!) imagery – with Rizzoli on September 4th to commemorate its ten-year anniversary. If $65USD sounds like a steep price for a book, then take a look at some of these contributors’ names and have another think: Chloë Sevigny , Spike Jonze, Alexander Wang, M.I.A., Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Terry Richardson, and so on. Cool, no?

Mind warp Holy-scarves-on-acid! Carnovsky’s collection of RGB Silk Scarves make us feel like Alice staring into the Cheshire Cat’s wacky eyes or – in a less poetic comparison – like we’re nearing the end of the night at a crazy rave. We can just picture these looking absolutely hypnotising paired with a simple, monotone outfit.

You’ve Got Mail! In this day and age, everything can be done at lightning speed through computers and the Internet. We don’t know about you, but we are especially thrilled when we come home to a pile of mail. There is something to relish about ripping through envelopes or guessing what is in that brown parcel. Unfortunately, most of the mail that we get nowadays tends to be pesky bills, which is why Ned Corbett-Winder’s site Not Another Bill is so aptly named.

Arm Candy Candy seems to be a prevailing theme for the summer. Here, we’ve got some literal arm candy for you in the form of Shop des Createurs’s May28th watches by Latvian designer Agni Tilla. Inspired by the designer’s love for watches and the scarcity of interesting and affordable watches she could find, the shop offers an abundance of designs in all the colours of the rainbow you could wish for, as well as quirky and different textures. Why not treat your wrist with a fun May28th watch? Summer is the perfect time to show it off, after all!

His concept is a simple one – subscribe for small fee and you will get a small package containing a present every month. Who doesn’t love surprises? According to the site, Not Another Bill sources its things from less well-known brands and designers as well as from trawling through fairs. Scroll through the page of presents that Not Another Bill has previously sent and you will see lovely things like Lennebelle’s tassel bracelets in test tubes, pretty earrings made of bits of china plates, or jewellery from Julianna Cassandro. They are just the kind of quirky, unique mementos you would pick up with a friend while strolling through a vintage market on a lazy Sunday afternoon. That combined with the simple delight of receiving a lovingly wrapped package makes for a charming little pick-me-up at the beginning of each month. Not Another Bill also does international shipping, so what are you waiting for?

Sleepwalking It may not be the stuff of sartorial dreams, but for what PolerStuff’s Napsack lacks in style, it certainly seems to make up for in comfort. The best way to describe it would be a Snuggie for the outdoorsy types. It functions like a sleeping bag and keeps you snug and warm but has functionality as well, in that you can just unzip the shoulder sections to create armholes, have the bottom uncinched to stick your legs through and voila, you can go about as a walking sleeping bag! Is it wrong that we find this kind of appealing?

ROXY got hip! Who says black is boring? It’s the dominant colour in ROXY’s Summer 2012 collection, a collaboration with designer Daniel Palillo that could not in any way be described as boring. When summer rolls around, ROXY is always the go-to brand for fun, youthful beach- and swimwear, but Palillo brings a special twist to the brand’s young vibe. He has a very graphic and geometrical design aesthetic, but the pieces are still loud and fun, a perfect fit for summer. Some of the signature details in this collection are large triangle designs, fringes, and sea-themed references like octopus or starfish designs.

Where The Wild Things Are Put away your phones and tablets for a moment and indulge your inner child with these quaint Alburno wooden toys designed by Italian artist Nicolò Bottarelli. Lest you think that they are only here to stand and look pretty, these toys were designed with an eco-friendly aim in mind. The artist says that he chose extinct animals like the Mauritian Dojo, the Chinese Baiji, and the Tasmanian Tilacino so as to remind people of the fragility of our ecosystem. The Tasmanian Tila-what, you ask? Exactly his point.

Illustrations by Emerald Grippa

The demand for male models have risen to a level like never before, with the rapid development, growth within menswear, and new publications dedicating their voice speaking to men alike. FRESH chose five unique faces which has the potential to be next editorial star.

Edited by Tess Ma

Photographer Michael Cheung Model Nicola Lines Makeup Artist Walter Ma

With the recent, intense focus on street style and personal style, it’s easy to forget in the wake of looking cool that fashion is also a way to inspire imagination and to tell a story. Eilidh Ho reawakens our imaginations with her Hong Kong based brand Book of Deer. The lookbook calls to mind an image of a young girl quietly dreaming, and it is no wonder given her youthful designs: Peter Pan collars, whimsical prints in soothing shades of lavender and pale blue, and girlish A-line silhouettes. We also love the Emily the Strange twist that comes from pairing her designs with the ever-so-trendy dark lip. Take a peep at her equally quirky website at

HER average week Photography by Maia Akiva

pen or pen We are not sure how illustrator Keren Taggar juggles her freelance career, while nurturing a baby, and owning a cat. I guess the combustion of events, and happenings in her life have made her work so much more interesting. What makes Taggar stand out from the bunch is her quirky style of drawing, and staying loyal to her roots.

ncil How long have you been a working as a freelance illustrator for? I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator since graduating from art school in 2006, which means I’ve been doing it for six years now. Did you work in the creative field prior to freelancing? Yes, I did. I worked as a graphic designer for one of the big newspapers in Israel. I really liked the job, but after two years I decided I should give my all to my art, and that’s what I’ve been doing since. Have you ever thought “shit, this might not work out” in terms of a viable career path as an illustrator? Of course I have! I still do sometimes. Being an illustrator in Israel is a little difficult, mainly because it’s a small country with a small market. You have to be really stubborn and patient to make it here. There can be long periods of time with no work at all, and that can obviously be very discouraging, especially if you’re fresh out of art school. Also, I’m quite the snob and don’t take jobs that don’t feel right to me, so I work as a graphic designer on the side, to help pay the bills. Would you agree that the first year of any career is the toughest year? I would agree. The first year after art school is very tough. The education I got was great, but it really was only useful in terms of taking that first step, after that you have to learn everything yourself. The most difficult part for me was learning how to deal with customers. It’s still an on-going process. As I’ve mentioned, being stubborn is very important. Even if you don’t get an illustration job for a couple of months, you have to keep pushing and keep sending out printed matter. Keep making appointments with editors you want to work with, and in the meantime keep improving what you do. If drawing for a living is your passion, you have to keep trying. Then again, one of my professors used to say: if you don’t start working regularly within two years, maybe you shouldn’t be doing this.

Income is a difficult issue for many budding artists. Can you share some of your experiences in relation to this? Being an artist is difficult money-wise. It’s almost like we’re ashamed to ask to be paid well, because art is supposed to be “pure”. Many artists I know, including me, of course, always feel kind of shy when it comes to asking for the pay we feel we deserve. However, one of the most important things I learned over time is that when you ask for the amount of money that will make you feel good about doing the job, and the client agrees, you will work much more happily – and it will show! And the funniest thing is that the more you ask for, the more your client appreciates you. That’s another secret. Do you use software such as Photoshop to enhance your illustrations? I do all of my work on paper, with pens and pencils, and I try to keep my Photoshop-time to a minimum. Usually I use the computer just for scanning, cleaning up and colour correction. I love Photoshop, but I’ve found that I can get overwhelmed by all the options and can spend precious hours changing from this colour to that and then, of course, returning to the original option in the end.

How do you go about promoting yourself and your work? I‘m very, very bad at promoting myself. I haven’t updated my portfolio for more than a year now – that’s extremely unprofessional. My problem is that I prefer spending the time drawing rather than promoting. What personal projects have you been working on lately? My most personal and important work right now is on my blog ( It’s a diary in visuals, documenting what’s happening in my life. I try to post a drawing every day and I’ve been doing that for two and a half years now. I never imagined it would last so long. It changed my life and made me a better artist – no doubt. We know you’ve illustrated a few children’s books. Was it a challenge to translate someone’s words into visual imagery? Translating words into images is very easy for me, that’s why I became an illustrator, it’s what I do best. When I read the text I’ve been given, I immediately start to see images in my mind. The difficult part is transferring those images from my mind to paper. Close your eyes. What do you see right now? I can see my bed calling me: “come to me, come to me!” If one day you woke up and found yourself in a desert with no drawing tools at all, what would you draw with? Ha ha! Weird question! I guess I would use my body in weird ways I’ve never thought of before. But I would probably just be too busy freaking out.

When you’re having one of those tough moments in life, what do you usually tell yourself? It’s hard to say, every tough moment requires different treatment! I think that the thing that calms me most is remembering that I’ve been through hard times before and survived, so I can probably survive this crisis as well. I’m pretty tough by now. Are there any places in Tel Aviv that you would recommend to visitors? Tel-Aviv is so great, I love this place. It’s the cultural centre of Israel. It’s a small city you can walk through quite easily. You can get to the beach from anywhere and all of the boulevards lead to the sea. It’s one of those places where you can wander around for hours and find something new every time: a beautiful street full of huge trees or a small garden to take a break in. The architecture is also very interesting: a lot of Bauhaus buildings from the fifties. Tel-Aviv is really lovely.


borders It is always quite special when you find a young aspiring photographer who takes full control of the image. Elizabeth Walker could be described as a young lady who is multi-talented, as she styles most of her shoots herself. FRESH was totally drawn by her “Rose Tinted� series, and just the general nostalgic vibe you get out of her imagery.

Roses are red, violets are blue… if you stood outside naked, you would be too! Your “Rose Tinted” series was definitely where I started to become interested in your work. What keeps drawing you back to the collection and why do you want to keep working on the photographs? I think I stop wanting more when the images no longer reflect a part of myself. Seeing the world through rose tinted glasses is about seeing the world better than it is. I want to show some of that beauty in this series, so I keep trying different things on the prints. I just haven’t seemed to get bored of them yet! I’m not entirely sure what it is about them, I think maybe it’s that they just still feel like me.

Has your relationship with nature changed at all in relation to your move from the UK to Australia? Oh, this one’s tricky! Both places have inspired me and shaped the way I look at things. I grew up near countryside in England and in the suburbs in Australia. I swoon at both the British landscape and the Australian beaches. I think it’s a mixture. I don’t think I’ve been more in tune with nature since moving to Australia, but I have been more in tune with myself.

What’s one irreplaceable thing from the UK that you can’t find in Australia? The colour green! It seems silly, because Australia has green too, but it’s not the same. Green is the first thing I notice when I go back to the UK. That and Monster Munch. I think I should answer the question in the opposite as well, since I’m in the middle of moving back to the UK at the moment. Things that the UK can’t replace over Australia are Tim Tams, Half Moon Bay (that’s a beach) and my friends.

To me, your work plays with the idea of youth, especially in “Rose Tinted”, “Twins”, and “Staying Clean”. Did you have such an intention? I think youth plays a big part in my ideas. People come into adulthood in so many different ways and styles and I like looking at them all, from all of the different teen groups through history to all the styles and feelings and craziness. I don’t think it’s been my intention for youth to be a theme, but it’s always ended up being there. What do you do to stay young at heart? Well I still am quite young, so I think that helps! But really, staying curious. Trying to look at things differently and looking for something new, something you haven’t seen before, even in something you see every day. Curiosity is what keeps people young. You mentioned on your website that you style most of your shoots. Do you see yourself pursuing a career as a fashion stylist? I would love that. I’d like to be able to do it all if I could. Styling is something I would be so excited to do more of and I would be happy for my career to go in a styling or photography direction. But I think I’ll always be creating images and photographing, it’s my first true love and I’ll be doing it no matter where else life takes me. So what’s next? Well, I’m moving to London. Trying to get as many people to see my work as I can and trying to work with as many people as I can. And then, of course, become a photography superstar!

In a generation where city dwellers are bombarded by social media, and technology, we no longer rely heavily on our basic instincts when it comes to using our hands. FRESH truly admires illustrator Sasha Prood’s dedication in creating handwritten typefaces, where she draws main inspirations from nature, mixed with vintage and childhood influences.


with words

Let’s start off with a general question – where do you find inspiration? The sources of my inspiration vary. I love the organization and simplicity found in geometry. I find science to be inspirational, particularly biology—cells, molecules, etc. I include animals, vegetables and minerals—anything natural and organic—in a lot of my work. Things from childhood are also inspirational to me, particularly items with a sense of play and humour. I’m attracted to vintage items, especially ones that are typographic in nature. I am inspired by everyday, mundane things that are basic and utilitarian as well as anything that is hand-made. Examples include cultural items such as textiles, ceramics and basket weaving. I’m also interested in aspects of magic and ritual… and on and on! There is something very vintage and boho-chic about your lettering style. What do you think? I find it hard to describe what my work is as a whole and I appreciate hearing other people’s thoughts on the matter. I am often inspired by vintage items and aspects of the boho-chic look, and don’t mind either term being used in reference to my work. On your website, you mentioned that you are attending Type@Cooper to further develop your typographic skills. In what way can a formal education push your ability in typography design? It seems like a difficult thing to pinpoint whether someone is good or bad. My interest in getting additional education, specifically in typography, is about learning the rules in order to be more aware of my visual choices. I want to be able to choose when to break the rules and when not to, and know why I did so. Once you have this knowledge you can push your work to new levels. You will also become a better judge of what type you like, what type you don’t like and what type is just formally wrong, and be able to explain why.

If you had to pick between pen and pencil, which one would you choose and why? I don’t think that I could pick between the mediums of pencil and pen—in the type of work that I do, they are just too different. Since you’ve worked with a range of clients, from magazines to prominent fashion labels, would you mind sharing with us how you generally get commissioned? Clients have approached me with jobs because they saw my work in various places, such as my personal portfolio website (, my Behance Network portfolio website ( SashaProod), my Art Department, Illustration Devision portfolio website ( prood), or press including features in books, magazines, webzines and blogs and promotions that my representation and I have sent out, such as emails, postcards and mailers. Do you think living in a city like New York is overwhelming, in terms of expenses, rent, and just trying to make ends meet? No matter where you live, there are going to be pluses and minuses. For me, New York City has many more pluses—it has the most amazing selection of cultural events, museums, restaurants, and shops. There is no place like it! I’d imagine that your quirky lettering style would make pretty rad tattoos. Would you consider jumping into that medium? I would be interested in working on tattoo designs. I have been approached about them, but for various reasons the jobs have not worked out.

What projects have you been busy with lately? I’m currently working on a new personal project— I’ve started to paint on a large scale for the first time in years. I hope to develop these pieces into a series that can be shown as a solo art show. I am also working on commissions for clients in the areas of cosmetics and book publishing. How do you stay focused, especially as a full-time freelancer? I have never found focus to be an issue. I set specific goals for myself and work like crazy to get them done.

necklace H&M, dress DKNY, and wedges MELISSA

Photographer Carmen Chan Stylist Michael Cheung

jacket DIESEL, bustier H&M, and skirt BCBG

dress, raincoat MULBERRY, sunglasses THIERRY LASRY, and wedges MULBERRY (both pages)

all clothing by H&M

shirt MONKI, bikini, shorts, bracelets H&M, and wedges MULBERRY

Makeup Peggy Tsui Model Monique @ Starzpeople Assistant Hely So

hush hush

hush hu

Photographer Cheuk Hei Chan Stylist Michael Cheung



bangle H&M dress BLESSED ARE THE MEEK shoes H&M





earring, heels H&M bangle HOUSE OF HARLOW dress CHORUX

Makeup Peggy Tsui Model Morgan Kwok Assistant Hely So

Text & Images by Jillian Ricciardi


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one Sport a pair of fluorescent wedges then you’re ready to hit the dance floor. The combo of floral with stripes simply is a mouth-watering tangerine sensation. two Hello pretty! Define a soft feel with pale yellow crop pants and a tied-up pastel plaid-shirt. Finish the look with contrasting metallic footwear and glasses. three Spice up any sidewalk with a bright pair of heels. These chunky wooden-heel platforms will be your statement from day to night! four The down-to-earth feeling of the Navajo print is brought to life for summer with neon orange piping, complimenting the deep tones. Pair it with neutrals to make a statement.

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FRESH Magazine Issue 04  

FRESH is an exclusive online publication, which runs on a quarterly basis. The magazine focuses mainly on contemporary art and urban fashion...

FRESH Magazine Issue 04  

FRESH is an exclusive online publication, which runs on a quarterly basis. The magazine focuses mainly on contemporary art and urban fashion...

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