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FRENCH-AMERICAN PIANO SOCIETY 2017 Annual Report February 11th 2018


Photo by Mark Morris


FRENCH AMERICAN PIANO SOCIETY French-American Piano Society is a non-profit organization designed to promote cultural exchange, education, and networking between France and the United States through French pianists and music. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Mathieu Petitjean, our Society provides scholarships for aspiring young French pianists to attend competitions and festivals in the United States, presents world renowned artists in recital, and endeavors to promote the activities of French pianists in America and American pianists dedicated to French piano music. 2017 has been a very successful year with th growth and consolidation of our four major initiatives, Prestigious Benefit Recital, Young Pianists Scholarships and Mater Classes. In 2017, we piloted the concept of a Young Artists French-American Piano Festival, which we want to expand in the coming years. We have secured 100% of the financing of our Concert Steinway. The piano was selected at the Steinway Factory by world-renowned pianist Lise de la Salle and our Artistic Director Matthieu Cognet, and delivered at the Consulate of France late December! The inauguration will take place on January 16th 2018. A piano at the heart of our Society and the partnership with the Consulate of France secures our long term presence ,marking a major milestone in th life of our Society. We are grateful to the many corporate sponsors and individual patrons who have offered their invaluable support and scholarship funds, which make our recitals possible. Their continued presence at our side will guarantee our future progress.

Mathieu Petitjean Founder and Director


Photo by Mark Morris. Morris Marie-Ange NGuci in Recital, April 2016


HONORARY BOARD S.E. Anne-Claire Legendre Consul Général France a New York S.E. Bertrand Lortholary Ambassadeur de France au Vietnam

Françoise Noël-Marquis Directeur, Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris

Bruno Mantovani Directeur, Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris

Gery Moutier Directeur, Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyon

Jerome Rose Founder and Director, International Keyboard Institute and Festival

Susan Wadsworth

Director and Founder, Young Concert Artists, Inc

Hélène Tysman First Prize IKIF 2012 MacKenzie Award

EXECUTIVE TEAM Mathieu Petitjean, Ph.D. Founder and Director

Elizabeth Olson Executive Director

Hanyi Meng Outreach and Development Director

Matthieu Cognet, DMA Artistic and Master Classes Program Director

Mark Morris Photographer in Residence

Catherine Olson Brand Affinity Programs Director 5

Sarah Margaine and Felix Dalban-Moreynas receive the Lalique Award - Photo by Mark Morris


2017 SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS Since our creation in 2014, we have awarded scholarships to 14 talented young French pianists who have since competed and won international competitions in the United States. The scholarship covers round-trip transportation from Paris, tuition fees for the International Keyboard Institute and Festival (IKIF), and housing during the two-week festival. Our 2017 Scholarship Grants have been funded by: Hélène Buchen

Yann Coatanlem

Alfredo Gangotena


SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Matthieu Acar (‘14), Finalist IKIF 2014 Julie Alcaraz (‘16), Finalist IKIF 2016 Félix Dalban-Moreynas (‘17) Maroussia Gentet (‘14) Nathanael Gouin (‘14) Olof Hansen (‘15) Audrey Lonca-Alberto (‘15) Marie-Ange Ngucy (‘15), First Prize IKIF 2015 Sarah Margaine (‘17) Josquin Otal (‘16) Victoire-Théodora Pruvost (‘16), Finalist IKIF 2016 Timotée Urbain (‘16) Hélène Tysman (‘13), First Prize IKIF 2012 7

HÊlènebyTysman - Photo by Mark Morris Photo Mark Morris


2017 RECITALS Jean-Efflam Bavouzet 2017 New Year’s Recital Tuesday, January 24 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York Hélène Tysman (picture) Ravel, “Des Antiques aux Démons” Tuesday, April 18 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York Audrey Abela, Matthieu Cognet Alexandra Joan, Con Ji Victoire-Théodora Pruvost 2017 French-American Piano Marathon Thursday, June 22 at 6:30pm Lyçée Français de New York New York Sarah Margaine Félix Dalban-Moreynas 2017 Awards Ceremony Thursday July 20 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York Yves Henry Crédit Agricole CIB’s Recital Tuesday October 24 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York 9

PhotoHenry Yves by Mark - Photo Morris by Mark Morris


2018 RECITALS Lise de la Salle and Thomas Enhco 2018 New Year’s Recital Tuesday, January 16 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York

Julien Brocal On the footsteps of Ravel in the USA Tuesday, April 3 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York

Georges Lepauw and Matthieu Cognet Homage to Debussy Thursday, May 10 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York

Fête de la Musique Young Artist Piano Extravaganza Thursday June 21 at 7pm Steinway Hall in New York

2018 Young Artist Recital 2018 Scholarship Recipients to be announced Thursday July 19 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York

Yves Henry Tuesday October 23 at 6:30pm (TBC) Consulate General of France in New York 11

Jean-Efflam Bavouzet in Master Class- - Photo by Mathieu Petitjean


MASTER CLASSES Recognized as one of the leading educational programs for French piano repertoire in the United States, our Master Classes Program attracts the highest caliber of young performing artists. Students benefit from an unique learning experience, receiving guidance and inspiration from some of the most renowned French pianists of our time. The program is open to pianists enrolled in academic music programs in the United States. Classes are free and open to the public. PAST MASTER CLASSES Yves Henry Students: Mariel Mayz, Audrey Abela, Sarah Dutcher, Elham Fanoos Hélène Tysman Students: Anne Riegler, Sarah Dutcher, Mariel Mayz, Tyler Walker Jean Efflam Bavouzet (picture to the left) Students: François-Xavier Poizat, Mariel Mayz (left), Elham Fanoos Pascal Rogé, Students: Audrey Abela, Sarah Dutcher, Mariel Mayz, Marie-Ange Nguci Yves Henry Students: Małgorzata Goroszewska, Miles Massicotte, Ivan Gusev, Xi Chen

To apply for a masterclass, please contact our Artistic Director Matthieu Cognet: 13

Photo by Mark Morris


A PIANO AT 934 934 Fifth Avenue is the current location of the Consulate of France in New York and the selected recital venue of our Society. Before it became the Consulate, it was the private residence of music enthusiast, Mrs. Charles E. Mitchel. “Among the more important residences was that of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Mitchell by Walker & Gilette” Town & Country Magazine wrote in 1927. Elizabeth Mitchell’s love of music led to many musical evenings at the 934 Fifth Avenue house featuring world-renowned artists. Pianist Harold Bauer helped Mrs. Mitchel from a “Guild of Musical Amateurs,” which gathered in the music room at 934 Fifth Avenue for monthly programs. These recitals often featured world-renowned pianists, including George Gershwin, Rudoph Ganz and Ignaz Paderewski.

It is the goal of our Society to revive this prestigious tradition in the 21st century.

Around a Steinway grand piano and an active group of sustaining members and pianists, we will organize four to five recitals per year at the celebrated 934 Fifth avenue house, now home the Consulate of France in New York.

Please join us for the Inaugural Recital of our Steinway Piano on January 18th 2018. 15

Photo by Mark Morris. Morris


“88Keys” Society Members and Patrons ($100 per key donated to acquire our Steinway )

Helene Buchen

(C1#, D1#, F1&#, G1#, A1&#, F2#, G2#, A2#) Gilles Rousseau (G2,A2,B2,C3,D3,E3,F3,G3) Veronique and Pascal Carpentier (C6#, D6#, F6#, G6#, A6#) Ariane Daguin (B6, A6, G6, C7) Anne-Julia Audray (D5, F5, A4) Jean-Pierre Bizzari, MD (A5, B5) Laurence Chertoff (D2#, D3#) Thomas and Albane Duplan (C8, B1) Valerie and Gerard Duval (G7#, F7#) Lily Hsia (D5#, D7#) Susan Mackenzie (E6, C7#) Martha and Rick Olson (E4, G4) Daniel and Teresa Petitjean (F7, G7) Helene and Mathieu Petitjean (A0#,A4#) Dr. Ellie Abdi (B0) Catherine Munera and Alfredo Basurto (E5) Serge et Veronique Banzet (A5) Carey and Brett August (C6) Arnaud Boyer (E7) Nigel Brown (G1) Florence and Eric Brun (G5) Eric and Isabelle Chaboureau (F2) Vésine de La Rue (D2) Philippe Dreano (G3#) Yoni Elmalem (A7#) Sylvie Epelbaum,MD (D4#) John F. Bennet, Paris-American Club (G4#) Bernard Frelat (F6) French-American Choir of New York (A4) Simone Galton (B3) Guy Geslin (D7) 17

Photo by Mark Morris. Morris Sarah Margaine in recital, July 2017


“88Keys� Society Members and Patrons (continued) Anthony Gilroy Robert Gorman Odile Gorse Herve Houdre Laurent Kleitman Remy Lumbroso Pierre Martin Andrea Mayes Hanyi Meng Jean-Hugues Monier Mark Morris Rick and Mary O'Connell Elizabeth Olson Claudine and Bernard Parisot Joseph Patrych Michel and Judith Pautrat Jean Perrette Dmitry Rachmanov Jerome Rose Sophie Schyler - Chateau Kirwan Guy Sorman Annaliese Soros Marie-Monique Steckel

(A3) (D1) (C1) (C2) (C5#) (D6) (F3#) (C5) (A7) (E2) (A3#) (E1) (C4) (C4#) (G5) (F4) (B7) (F4#) (A0) (F5#) (D4) (C2#) (B4)


Photo by Mark Morris


2017 FRIENDS AND DONORS Friends and Donors of the French-American Piano Society are vital to the success of our mission. Your support to our organization provides encouragement and motivation to these young artists at the start of their careers, while also strengthening ties between France and the United States.

Keyboard Members ($8,800 and above) Karen Beluso, Steinway & Sons Lena Chang, Ph.D., Cure Insurance Marie-Paule Nowlis, Sofitel New York Bernard Parisot, JCDecaux Marc-André Poirier, Crédit Agricole CIB

Full Arpeggio Members ($2,500 and above) Serge et Véronique Banzet, Véronic Travel Jean-Luc Begasse de Dhaem, Colas, Inc Hélène Buchen Catherine Chardon, RATP Dev North Americas Le Comité de Associations Françaises de New York, CAF Les Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France, New York Laétitia Gazel-Antoine, ConnecThings Inc. Hélène Petitjean, MD The Alice Rosner Foundation

Chromatic Scale Members ($1,200and above) Patrick Baugier de Chevestre, Metrowine Group Yann Coatanlem Yoni Elmalem, The Inbox Group Alfredo Gangotena Michel Langlais de Langlade Martha Olson Gilles Rousseau

Scale Members ($600 and above) Emmanuel Cargill Philip Erard 21

Josquin - Photo by Mark Morris Photo byOtal Mark Morris


2017 FRIENDS AND DONORS (Continued)

Key Members (below $500) Florence Brun Nigel Brown Thierry Chaunu John and Janet Haag Dean Peter H. Baker Andrea Mayes Gérard Munéra

Our Young Artist Scholarships program is in partnership with:

The Conservatoire de musique et de danse de Paris, Sandra Lagumina, President Bruno Mantovani, Director The Conservatoire de musique et de danse de Lyon Catherine Tsekenis, President Géry Moutier Director


Income Event Proceeds




Scholarship Grant Donation


Steinway Piano Fund Donation Total Income

31,400.00 50,118.08


Expenses 797.51

Bank Charges Grants / Scholarship Expenses Awards Ceremony Recital


Festival and Competition Fees


Insurance & Legal


Scholarship - Lodging


Scholarship - Travel


Total Grants / Scholarship Expenses



IT Expense


Legal & Professional Fees


Master Class Program Advertising/Promotional


Artists Teaching stipend


Artists Travels and Expenses Total Master Class Program

1,873.46 $

4,079.57 69.00

Office Expenses


Other General and Admin Expenses


Purchases (Steinway Piano) Recitals and Promotion Artists Travel Expenses for Recital


Event & Recital Promotional Content


Insurance & Legal


Promotion for the Association & Fundraising


Recital Rentals (Hall or Instruments) Total Recitals and Promotion

988.00 $

Steinway Fundraising Digital Promotional


Networking and Receptions


Travel Expenes Total Steinway Fundraising

261.97 $





Utilities Total Expenses NetbyOperating Photo Mark MorrisIncome




2017 FINANCIALS The overall 2017 operating budget should be viewed as a combination of cash donations and in-kind contributions including:  Donations and proceeds of $50,118, 32% increase from prior year  In-kind donations for a total estimated amount of $67,500  12 hotel nights donated by Sofitel New York (~ $5000)  4 recital venues donated by the Consulate of France ($25,000)  Pro-bono work from the Directors and Executive Team to

support the execution of our operation, for an estimate of 900 hours or approximately $30,000  Grand Pianos for our three recital are a gift (rental and crating) from Steinway and Son (~$7,500)  After three great years, Air France did not support us in 2017 Our combined budget (~ $117,000, 33% larger than prior year) reflects the expansion of our society and the success of our Steinway Fundraising program, including the “88Key” crowd funding. We acquired a Steinway B piano (S/N 606796) for $94,950 (with a 10% institutional discount and no sale taxes), with a down payment of $40,000 in 2017. The balance will be paid in January 2018. The financing of the piano is 100% secured. A part of this financing is based on 5 year partnerships (3 more remaining): we have secured a $35,000 loan with BNP Bank of the West that will help us bridge the long term pledges with the payment of the balance. The piano will be 100% paid by 2020. Our 2017 cash deficit of $14,105 is offset by our 2016 cash profit of $11,700 and a $3,500 cash advance (now a liability) by our Officers. To better show our Assets and Liabilities, we will report on a balance sheet basis moving forward. Our Master Class program and French-American Festival continue to consume our budget as these initiative have not been able to secure their own sponsorships, which I expected to change in 2018. Less than 5% of our donation are used for Administrative purposes. This will grow to about 10% in 2018 as we moved to a “Regus” virtual office to become more autonomous and will include loan interest. 25

AudreybyLonca-Alberto Photo Mark Morrisin recital, July 2016 - Photo by Mark Morris 26



FRENCH-AMERICAN PIANO SOCIETY Operates in partnership with

Contact us: c/o Hodgson Russ, LLP, 1540 Broadway, 24th Fl, New York, NY 10036 Email: 28

2017 Annual Report - French-American Piano Society  

French-American Piano Society 2017 Annual Report. Also see:

2017 Annual Report - French-American Piano Society  

French-American Piano Society 2017 Annual Report. Also see: