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J u ly 19, 20 & 26, 27 FTI, 92 Adelaide Street, Fremantle

After an overwhelmingly successful launch in 2011, the Hidden Treasures winter music festival is back again this year with a fresh mix of local young artists intertwined with experienced mentors to bring distinctive new sounds to Fremantle. While last year the series was based in Fremantle’s historic West End, in 2012 Hidden Treasures will enliven the East End of Fremantle by taking over the heritage-listed Film and Television Institute (FTI), where four acts will perform each night. With an abundance of young artists in the program, the event will provide a platform for emerging musicians to play at their first festival  in a city where music is entrenched in our character and sense of identity. For visitors and the local community, Hidden Treasures is as much about showcasing the m e ss a g e great talent we have on offer as discovering and celebrating interesting places in Fremantle. If you feel like grabbing a bite to eat beforehand, Clancy’s Fish Pub will be hosting a dinner session and acoustic act to whet your appetite before wandering across to FTI to kick on for the rest of the night. I look forward to seeing you there!


Dr Brad Pettitt

F r e m a n t l e M ay o r

Music Mentoring Hidden Treasures looks at the links between different generations of Fremantle musicians, so an opportunity for formal collaboration was included as part of the series. This year, award winning artist Abbe May mentored Dianas, Mat Cheetham of Rooster Police, Sunshine Brothers, Downsyde and Drapht, mentored Funilingus, Richard Lane worked with young bands The Phonetics and The Shalalees to prepare them for their Hidden Treasures debut and Kim Salmon mentored Tim Gordon. The mentoring process includes the sharing of experience, wisdom, and knowledge in song writing, performance and music industry skills. The result of the pairing of established artists with young, can be seen in Hidden Treasures performances and further, an inspired musical career.


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92 Adelaide St Fremantle

Hidden Treasures is going ‘old school’, taking over the heritage-listed 19th century old Fremantle Boys’ School building, now known as the Film and Television Institute (FTI) at 92 Adelaide Street, where four acts will perform each night. FTI will show a series of musical themed movies and shorts during the festival. Fireplaces will keep FTI’s outdoor courtyard warm and a collection of public instruments will be available for anyone wanting to have a jam.

D inner


Clancy’s Fish Pub Fremantle at 51 Cantonment Street, – long-time local music supporters – are hosting a series of acoustic acts to enjoy over dinner before the bands start at FTI.

Hidden Treasures Dinner Special at Clancys From 6pm- 8pm, free entry.


The Story

In 1971, a bunch of freaky filmmakers invaded the condemned Fremantle Boy’s School to establish both Fremantle’s first independent arts association, in the Film & Television Institute WA, as well as the city’s reputation as a hippy haven. Over the next 40 years, FTI has led the growth of an industry, as the state’s premier centre for screen development. Services FTI provides includes; funding independent films; hosting screen events such as Tropfest, Bohemia Outdoor Film Festival and the WA Screen Awards; providing access to film equipment, training and networking; all of which gives emerging artists the opportunity to turn their passion for storytelling, into a career.

Listen, it’s good!

Thursday 19 July

11p m

ooster Police R Rooster Police is like a painter, his palette is visionary beats, samples and lush vocals, the canvas is a dreamy soundscape and soulful production, the finished artwork is a musical adventure created for your ears and body! Rooster Police is the brainchild of Mat Cheetham (Cheeky), a legendary musician who first came to our attention as the angel voiced bass player in Fremantle favourites Circus Murders.

Cheeky was meant to make music, his music has taken him from New York to record at Daptone studios, to stages in London, India and Spain and back to Australia to play with ARIA award winning hip hop artist Drapht, to play in the Sunshine Brothers and with pioneering West Australian hip hop outfit Downsyde. Cheeky found acclaim for writing music and sound design for Perth Theatre Company. In addition to his performance at Hidden Treasures, Cheeky is mentoring the talented Funilingus. Rooster Police performances are rare and beautiful. This is one Hidden Treasure discovery you do not want to miss!

Thursday 19 July



10p m


If you have been to a Fremantle house party, you have most likely heard MC Amani, usually backed by a DJ playing some block-rockin’ beats. MC Amani has an unmistakable style, a focus on deep groove and conscious lyrics. With a new organic soul/hip-hop direction, The Amani Consort is the latest offering from this exciting, dance music vocalist. MC Amani is backed by an All Star line up of Perth’s most talented musicians, featuring Alex Borthwick (The Crux) on guitar, Troy Gannoe (Zarm) on bass, Gordan Cant (Tina Turner- yes that’s right!) on keys and Bronton Ainsworth on drums, together the band manages to find the perfect ratio of abandon and restraint, transforming any song they play. The Amani Consort draws influence from the likes of The Roots and Erykah Badu whilst creating a new progressive funk sound. A consistent and influential artist, MC Amani cements her reputation for live performance with her relevant, honest and contemporary interpretation of culture and philosophy. Come one, come all party people, your body will be compelled to shake it and get your groove on with the fresh sounds of the Amani Consort.

Thursday 19 July

9p m

E n s e m bl e Fo r midab le Ensemble Formidable has been described as a joyous mash-up. Part Django Reinhardt, part jazz cabaret, part speakeasy rave, add some booty shaking and you are getting close to describing this exciting band. This young, Fremantle supergroup have been making lots of new fans with their unique and wonderful music, the joyous mayhem of their live show must be seen to be believed. Ensemble Formidable is paving the way in true renegade Style. The Ensemble’s 10-piece band, play an exotic variety of instruments, which shows off their exceptional musical prowess in the genres of swing, klezmer, manouche, dub, dubstep and tango. Their first single “Industrial Chook” was recently picked up by French electro swing pioneer DJ Incontrol. With a WAMi nomination for Best World Music Act under their belts and glowing accolades for their live performances, things are looking splendid indeed for this new group. Infectiously fun and undeniably talented, Ensemble Formidable are set for big things.


Thursday 19 July

8.10p m


Funilingus creates exciting electronic music that makes you want to dance, dance, dance! With catchy songs, and exuberant beats, Funilingus make music that could easily be at home on dance floors and in clubs around the world. What is interesting is that the two members of Funilingus at the tender age of 18 have just finished high school.

The duo consists of Robb White and Thom Wolfe who released their first single “Esmerelda� earlier this year, recorded in Fremantle the single was quickly added to rotation on Triple J. The pair headlined Norfolk Lanes Youth Festival with their previous band Blud. Funilingus have been working with mentor Mat Cheetham of Rooster Police, Drapht, Downsyde and Sunshine Bros, who brings his special understanding of electronic music and soulful production to help the duo, bring the wild ideas in their head to the live arena. At such a young age, Funilingus have the smarts to electrify any audience.

friday 20 July

11p m

T RO P H Y W IVES Kate Kelly does what female singers have been trying to do from time immemorial, if you have it, sing it and sing it Kate does. Kate has rocked and rolled with spunk rusted husband Pete Stone, had beautiful children, and shines as a voice for her community. Musically (and in life), Kate is the epitome of unleashed female passion with insistent rock desires and she is a song-well overflowing. Luckily for us, The Trophy Wives is the band with which Kate continues to make her incredible music. Precision gun bass player Pete Stone, axeman of choice for touring legends Don Walker and Kim Salmon, and gutsy drummer Warren Hall (The M16’s) provide the spirited rhythm section, Cam Sim (The Feends) and Kate Kelly bring intricate and bold guitar to the fore. The Trophy Wives, so passionate and determined will warm your heart this winter.

friday 20 July

10p m

s pan k

A very special reformation show for Hidden Treasures, seminal Fremantle rockers Spank will be mining their back catalogue to bring us their music that suggested angles and edges, at times terribly urgent and always entirely beautiful. Vocalist Sascha Ion is a singer of depth and great emotion and was voted ‘Most Popular Female Vocalist’ for 3 consecutive years at the WAMI awards. Spank released two albums and an EP, the most prominent release being Electric Mistress. The band toured the Eastern States and featured on Triple J before going on to tour Europe later receiving airplay in England and Italy. After disbanding various members went on to form bands such as One Horse Town, The Voodoo Economic and Disgraceland. Over 12 years since they graced our stages, this show by Spank will prove that good music made in Fremantle can stand the test of time.

gig guide FTI, Adelaide Street 8pm-12 THURSDAY 19 JULY

11pm - 12





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8.10pm - 8.50









The Phonetics The Shalalees


friday 20 July

9p m

Shortly after they began living together, Nathalie Pavlovic and Caitlin Moloney found themselves alone in their home too many nights of the week, surrounded by instruments neither of them knew how to play. After an awkward period of self pity and bad TV, they began writing theme tunes for local animals and fast food servers, soon realising that their tastes (and abilities) in music were surprisingly similar. Dianas were born in that lounge room, and might well have died there; had not one Ashley Ramsey moved in down the street and declared herself in the market for a band.  The three young girls brought an eclectic mix of influences and intuitive, unschooled playing styles to their inherited and/ or stolen instruments, working out how to play together as they went along. The resulting sound is noisy, a bit surfy, messy but cohesive; an intriguing blend of lo-fi naivetÊ and instinctive pop sensibilities brought together by sweet harmonies belying funny and dark lyrics.

d ianas

Without a doubt, Dianas are an emerging Hidden Treasure of the Fremantle music scene, VIVA la chic surf pop!

friday 20 July

8.10p m

EDIE GREEN Fresh- faced Edie Green will have your feet tapping with her charming guitar and beautiful voice. No stranger to Fremantle audiences, Edie started performing last year and quickly caught people’s attention with her stunning shows at the X-Wray cafe, Mojos and the Ellington Jazz Club. With an exuberance that defies her age, a natural and confident stage presence, Edie will warm all this winter with her enchanting nature and her catchy acoustic indie pop tunes. Edie has a spark and brilliance, a true gem in the Hidden Treasure program.

thursday 26 July

11p m


Richard Lane is best known as the wily heart throb of that 80’s Perth pop band The Stems. White hot and hard to miss, Richard was all frenzy and emotion with his hallmark stage moves, screaming garage guitar and rollicking keyboards. In the Stems, Richard wrote anthemic, swirling pop tunes including Can’t Turn the Clock Back, Could You be My Rosebud, and Tears Me In Two.


Today, Richard continues to make luscious music as a solo artist; his performances are resonant and sought after. Stirred by the birth of his daughter, Richard started Penny Lane Music Workshop, a music school for toddlers to teens. Richard uses engaging and innovative methods to teach music, song writing and performance, to inspire the next generation and to keep Fremantle’s rockin’ future bright. A hero, a true gentleman of the Fremantle music scene, Richard Lane is always delightful and compelling and a must see at Hidden Treasures.

thursday 26 July

Jill Birt

10p m

To most, Jill Birt and Alsy McDonald are a fine couple who chose Fremantle as a place to live and to raise their family. To a behemoth of music lovers, Jill Birt and Alsy McDonald in their band The Triffids created music so heart-wrenchingly beautiful, so exquisite and compelling, it is quite unbelievable they are not household names. Jill Birt has written and sung some of the most pure, devastating and breath-taking songs. Her highly anticipated debut album ‘Render and Prosper‘ out now, was more a creative outlet than a planned process. On ‘Render & Prosper’, Jill Birt is joined by fellow former Triffids Alsy Macdonald and Martyn Casey, Adrian Hoffmann from The Morning Night, Graham Lee, Rob McComb and Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre), the result is music both intimate and powerful. Jill Birt and Alsy McDonald, together with the addition of Adrian and Shaun Hoffman will bring an electric mix of classy songs to Hidden Treasures, something so special, it should not be missed.

thursday 26 July

9p m




The Morning Night with their lilting melodies, curious and playful lyrical content, have served a musical apprenticeship working with artists from such great bands as The Triffids, The Stems, The Church, Nick Cave and The Bad Seed and the Brian Jonestown Massacre, not bad for a group just out of their teens. The line-up of Adrian Hoffman on guitar and vocals, Chloe McGrath on keys and vocals, Jesse Brown on drums, Michael Savage on bass, Brendan Gaspari on guitar and Ed Smith on violin and guitar have developed a distinctive sound, a maturity and richness that can be found on The Morning Night’s debut album “Otis” produced by the charismatic American, Ricky Maymi of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Live, The Morning Night play inspired and dramatic music with poise and candour, something so telling, you know the Morning Night will be a part of the Fremantle musical tapestry for years to come.

friday 27 July

11p m


Kim Salmon has made uncompromising music for 35 years, starting out at Fremantle venues in the 1970’s, he has given life to many musical projects including The Scientists, The Beasts of Bourbon, The Darling Downs, SALMON, Antenna, The Surrealists, and The Cheap Nasties.


Kim Salmon’s unorthodox bass-heavy rhythms and distorted guitars were forging a sound that was a direct precursor for grunge and influenced Seattle bands such as Nirvana and Mudhoney.


Celebrated for an illustrious career that continues today, an invitation to All Tomorrows Parties Festival in New York, Kim Salmon is a legend and inspiration to music lovers. Kim Salmon teaches all aspects of music, song writing and performance to a new generation of players and continues to do what he does best, that is to ROCK and play by all means possible!

For Hidden Treasures, Kim will take up with his local rockin’ line-up of precision bassist Pete Stone (The Trophy Wives) and Todd Pickett (The Kill Devil Hills) on drums to mine his intense and potent catalogue of songs. Whatever you do, don’t miss this show.


T im Gordon

friday 27 July

10p m

Watching Tim Gordon perform takes you to a place where you feel nostalgic, happy and charmed. In song, this young Fremantle artist is charismatic and his honest perception of human interaction is conveyed by lullaby melodies, juxtaposed by heartfelt wails and brash guitar tones melts any heart. Tim Gordon began writing as an outlet to express himself in a way that he always found difficult to replicate in conversation, his early influences in Beck and Jeff Buckley, blended with the sounds of Kurt Vile and Bon Iver, direct both the mood and the delivery of Tim’s songs into beautiful narratives. Tim has collaborated with Perth’s most admirable musicians including Bex Chilcott (Ruby Boots), Liam Young (The Novocaines), Ben McDonald (Sonpsilo Circus), Andrew Campbell (The Tumblers) and Jake Chaloner (The James Teague Band) to capture the scenery behind his songs. The result, Tim Gordon’s classy debut EP, Burn the Clouds, was released in June. A true Fremantle Hidden Treasure everyone will be lucky to discover.

friday 27 July

9p m

g unns Gunns are a breath of fresh sea air. Cruisy summer vibes coming straight out of Fremantle Western Australia. The band is a spanking new offshore surf pop project for members of some of Perth’s favourite bands; Clinton Oliver (The Growl, Albrook/Avery), Michael Jelinek (The Growl, The Silents, Drop Macumba) and Jennifer Aslett (Hootenanny). Their unofficial first single, Pigeons In The Pond, has had plenty of spins on national radio thanks to Dom Alessio at Triple J who loved the songs ‘cruisy summer vibe’. Gunns first two shows were supporting The Grates and they were personally selected by Big Scary to support them on their WA tour. Keep your eye on Gunns because they won’t stay hidden for long.

friday 27 July

8.10p m


GREYJOY bring you jangly dream pop from the leafy-green suburbs of Perth, where songwriter Karlin Courtney first began recording in a patched-up, rickety wooden garden shed under a fig tree. Alas, the mosquitoes and other forces of nature soon proved too much, and both boy and recording moved out of the garden and into the house. Karlin was soon joined by Matt Crockett on keys, Jeremy Mulligan on bass, Jake Webb on guitar and Sam Maher on drums. 2012 has kicked off nicely for newly formed Greyjoy, with Triple J embracing songs Distance and Joseph which were quickly added to rotation. With their first gigs played in June, and Distance being picked up for use in the international WA Tourism campaign, this young band is definitely making all the right moves.

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T i c k e ts

For shows on July 19, 20, 26, tickets are $10. Tickets for July 27 are $20. Presale tickets at:

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Hidden Treasures - Fremantle Winter Music series  

Each year Hidden Treasures turns unknown venues into live music hotspots.

Hidden Treasures - Fremantle Winter Music series  

Each year Hidden Treasures turns unknown venues into live music hotspots.


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