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The secret behind making it to the top of Google

HOW TO BE ON BRAND with your brand



The promotion and dissemination of knowledge and information about products and organisations both externally and internally. Related topics Website design Social media Promotional techniques


FORWARDER magazine


FORWARDER magazine





othing beats holding a perfectly bound, glossy, freshly

Advertise yourself to the right audience

printed magazine in your hands, right? I mean, we’re

We’re passionate about the freight and logistics industry.

not exactly going to disagree with you there! As much

It’s in everything we do and it’s why we created FORWARDER

as we like to immerse ourselves in technology these days, digital

magazine. We have created and developed over 14 sections

won't yet truly outdo print in terms of the experience it gives

dedicated to the industry and over 12 topics of focus per year,

you. You can keep printed books and files forever, you can fan

so, whatever your business, there will be the right issue for you.

them out proudly on your coffee table to display, and we would

Our features calendar covers topics across the entire industry,

even argue it is the most sentimental form of marketing out

so whether you're an airlines or a courier, there will be an issue

there. So how exactly can you get your business in print?

with your company’s name on it…perhaps literally!

Advert placement

Of course, you want to make sure your company is placed

Placing an advert in a magazine can give great results. It’s even

into the most suitable magazine, so you can find our features

better when it’s in an industry magazine that is sent out and read

calendar on Our readership

by MDs, CEOs and subscribers within your sector. As one of the

is broad and well established across the entire supply chain.

industry’s most loved publications, FORWARDER magazine

We proudly produce content that is read and loved by experts

is proud to be able to provide opportunities to include industry-

and companies around the globe. Our reach is around 250,000

related articles and adverts. Want your business and services

readers per issue, and 45% constitute our American audience.

to reach a global audience that is specifically ready by industry

Furthermore, our readers are from an array of sectors, such

professionals? Starting from a quarter-page advert to a six-page

as freight forwarders (40%), manufacturers (15%), retail (12%)

feature, there are plenty of options you can choose to become the

automotive, pharmaceutical and more. Each issue is emailed to

next advert our readers see when they turn the page.

our subscription database, so our audience will never miss one.


FORWARDER magazine


Get yourself on our front cover Want the spotlight? Always dreamed of being on the front cover

They can be kept forever, and guess what? That’s right, you

of a magazine? Well, what if I were to tell you it’s possible?

can fan them out on your coffee table! Freight Solutions have

FORWARDER magazine can tick that one off for you. Our

all the right tools to make this happen for you – we can design

front-cover feature gives you that top-spot exposure, and you

it for you, print and then deliver it right to your doorstep.

also get a six-page interview and company roundup, images and

We would never publish something without your approval, so

a video interview for your website (images and videography

we will communicate with you to make sure your brochure (or

included in our cover-feature package). You will be advertised

whatever we're designing) is exactly how you imagine it. Matt

on our website for a whole month, and the printed magazines

cover...glossy? You get full control over everything from start

will go to both you (perhaps to adorn your coffee table) and to

to finish, and we’ll even send you a digital version so you can add

our readers. If you’re reading our cover features and picturing

it to your website.

your company there instead, maybe it’s time to make it happen… It all sounds impressive, right? Print’s still very much alive. Create your own publication

Check out how you can market yourself through print on

When it comes to marketing your own products and services, and

nothing says professionalism more than handing a client a branded company brochure that they can take away and keep for future reference. You’re bound to leave a bigger impression with

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

a brochure or publication than you would with just a business card, right? Company brochures are a brilliant way to display your services, fees, company information, news and contacts.






ocial media is becoming more than just a status or a photo

you are more likely to gain views from audiences throughout the

update. As we scroll through the black hole of social media,

entire day. Furthermore, if you are targeting B2B, consider posting

it’s easy to get caught in a thread of videos. However, using

your video between the standard working hours of 9am and 5pm,

this form of interaction as a marketing tool could gain your business

which will gain you the most exposure.

exposure to a wider audience. Keep your video concise

Here at FORWARDER we offer a video marketing service.

There’s nothing worse than a rambling video with no true purpose.

An example of our previous client work is our interview-based

Make sure your video is quick and concise and communicates

‘Move it Like…’ videos, which are then shared on our company

exactly what you want it to. Whether it’s advertising your services,

website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages. Videos are

discussing your business or you’re making a call to action (CTA),

a great way to incorporate multimedia forms of advertising, and are

always involve the viewer by making the video as relatable as

proving to be increasingly popular. Thinking of testing the waters?

possible. Any additional information can be added into the caption

FORWARDER has put together some tips on how a promo video

of the video.

could benefit your marketing strategy.

Brand your video LinkedIn

Add your logo, insert your website details and maintain your brand

LinkedIn is a great platform that merges both social media and

theme throughout the video. It’s important to create a solid identity

professional networking in one place. LinkedIn users tend to be

for your brand, especially when marketing your business (you can read

interested in business, whether it’s news, information and companies

all about how to create a brand identity on our website under our

in the same work sector, peers’ updates...and recruiters also use

Marketing Focus section). Creating a brand for yourself is setting your

the platform to head hunt candidates. Posting a video to LinkedIn

business up for recognition. Like any of your marketing products, your

for all of your connections and followers is a great place to start, as

brand should always be accurately and consistently placed.

those in the business who are connected to you or your business’ profile page will be able to like, comment on and share your video.

Create as high quality content as possible

Should this happen, there is a good chance it will appear on their

Video editing can be a tricky skill to master. Hollywood film and

connections’ feed, meaning that your business could immediately

sound editors don’t get paid the big bucks for nothing! Following

gain a wider network base.

on from maintaining your professional branding, your video content should be as smooth and professional as possible. Record the video

Be aware of your audience

on a high-quality camera and edit the video with an aim to being

When creating your video it’s important to consider your audience.

smooth and simple.

For example, if you are promoting your company on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, or you have a wide audience who could

Interested in what a marketing video looks like? Take a look on our

be watching the video sat in a working office, perhaps it’s best to

YouTube channel: search for 'FORWARDER magazine.'

add elements that would make the video easier to watch, such as subtitles. Videos with subtitles do not necessarily require sound, so


FORWARDER magazine


Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine





FORWARDER magazine





ompanies these days are faced with more competition

So not only will your business be exposed to various job seekers, but

than ever before. We are exposed to radio and television

also works on a national and global scale. Job seekers are more likely

commercials, social media, billboards, pop-ups. Whilst

to look into your company if a job role catches their eye.

there are more ways to market a company compared to ten years ago, it doesn’t necessarily mean that marketing is easier. Audiences


are bored of generic adverts, so sometimes it takes some outside-

Forwardingjobs provides the perfect marketing platform for all

the-box thinking to market and brand your company successfully.

your latest company vacancies. If you are recruiting on a regular basis, e can offer a range of services to you depending on your

Advertising within the freight industry can be a little bit of a head-

requirements. Furthermore, if you pay to place a job advert on the

scratcher. How do I reach such a specific audience? How do I

site it is automatically included in the recruitment section of the

advertise to new clients when I don’t know where to find them?

magazine and emailed to candidates in your area.

We hear you. You want a type of marketing that is going to reach audiences interested in freight and logistics. So, why not consider

Alternatively, you can use the group’s executive search team, claim a

putting your job vacancies on a job board?

loyalty programme voucher of up to 50% to spend this on marketing in the Forwarder Directory.

By advertising your jobs on a job board, not only will the candidates actively come to you, but they will be industry-specific professionals.

Searching for a new role? Looking to take the next step in your freight

You will also land yourself with some brilliant brand awareness

career? Want to discover opportunities within the sector? With

marketing, exposing your logo and company profile to more people.

vacancies from employers and recruitment agencies, it’s our mission to find you the perfect role within the freight forwarding industry.

Why choose a job board? Job boards are like a fruit basket. The fruit (jobs) is all collated in one place, ready for the perfect consumer

Job boards are a great way to expose your company to new and

(candidate) to decide which one they would like best. Usually, jobs

existing audiences. You will not only increase your network, but

are scattered across multiple job boards: you’ve heard of a creatives-

brand awareness is a crucial element to marketing. Giving it some

oriented agency, but what about one for freight? Well, that’s how

consideration? Head over to to find out more. can help. Unlike the standard job board, has been created specifically for the freight forwarding and logistics industry, listing jobs from management, manufacturers, driving, finance, warehouse, shipping, freight forwarding, operations, to senior, sales, administration and more. With the easy-to-use job search function, job seekers can find all current vacancies available, filtering from role to location.


FORWARDER magazine


Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine


FORWARDER magazine





ny event manager will know that running a large conference,

to assume that activity during the standard 9–5 working hours are the

exhibition or expo is no mean feat. It’s not a job for the

least active for social networking on Twitter, with the exception of lunch

disorganised, and between managing attendees, speakers,

breaks 12-2pm. However, if your marketing is aimed towards businesses,

staff, setup, marketing and sales, there’s so much to do. An event

it could be worth testing the 9-5-hour waters, as companies are more

executive worth their salt will work tirelessly for a year to 18 months

likely to be active on social media during work hours.

to get every detail in place for the day. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms at the moment. Social media takes up a big chunk of our lives. We scroll during our

It allows users to express their channel in pictures, creativity and

lunch breaks, on the bus, even while the kettle is boiling. The average

links, and is one of the biggest forms of money-making for Instagram

user spends 142 minutes per day on social media…

'influencers.' An influencer is essentially a user who has a large number of followers, and is endorsed by brand to advertise their

This next question might be a bit of a tough pill to swallow:

products to their followers through Instagram posts.

considering we spend so much time online, is your company really doing enough to promote your brand across your social media

Due to a hype around Instagram, having an active account within the right

channels? Are you really utilising this free marketing tool for your

industry could be worthwhile for your marketing purposes. According to

products and services? One of the most powerful methods to target

research, Instagram is the most active during the following times:

specific and brand new audiences. Do you know the secrets behind brilliant social networking? FORWARDER has put together some

Monday: 7pm and 10pm

Friday: 1am and 8pm

tips on how to maximise your engagement when posting on your

Tuesday: 3am and 10pm

Saturday: 12am and 2am

social media channels.

Wednesday: 5pm

Sunday: 5pm

Thursday: 7am and 11pm Pick your timing right Peak times aren’t a myth. There will be certain times and days that

However, if you make an Instagram account, make sure you post on

different social media platforms will be more active than others. It’s

it. Nothing screams time deficiency more than a dormant Instagram

wise to do your research, and remember: not every social media

account with 3 posts listed from July 2012. Use it or lose it.

platform is equal. LinkedIn, for example, is used more throughout the week than it is during the weekend. LinkedIn users are most

Maximise engagement

likely to be active for businesses purposes. Keep this in mind when

There are other sneaky tricks to the trade when it comes to maximising

posting on LinkedIn, particularly relevant to B2B-based companies.

your engagement online. Using hashtags (#) can enhance your post’s interaction, as anyone who searches the hashtags (usually searching for

Twitter is commonly used throughout weekdays, however research

a specific topic or keyword) is more likely to find your tweet/post. For

suggests that the peak times for Twitter engagement is 8:00–10:00

example, hash-tagging #freight might generate interest from industry-

AM, during the 'waking up' period. Most people check out the latest

specific social media users, increasing your post interaction rate.

news stories and social media first thing in the morning. Another peak

#freight #forwarding #cargo #projectcargo #oceanfreight

time for Twitter is outside work hours 5:00–9:00 PM. It could be safe

#warehousing #courier #supplychain #distribution.


FORWARDER magazine


Images and graphics will also boost your engagement significantly.

Social media can be an easy field to play once you do your

Attaching an eye-catching image will draw the attention of the reader

research. Understandably, social media marketing isn’t

much more than a plain text tweet will. Try and choose something

for everyone, and sometimes it takes a certain ‘knack’ to

in the style of your branding – this will not only look consistent, but

master. Above all, it takes time and requires consistency.

will also embed your brand’s style.

We understand that social media marketing is crucial for companies, yet can be difficult to find time to dedicate

Make use of what’s currently trending –trending terms (sometimes in

to. Stressed about spending time on your social media

the form of a hashtag) are a great way to boost your interaction, taking

advertising? Freight Media can help, offering services for

advantage of the internet’s most talked about terms at that present

all of your marketing needs. From posting to social media

moment. For example, the top trending terms on Twitter fairly recently

maintaining, Freight Media’s team of marketing experts

was #NationalEmojiDay. It would be ideal to make these as relevant to

will assist you with how to get the most out of your online

your industry and followers as possible (see below for exemplar tweet).

presence, targeting the right audience for your client-base. Want to find out more? Visit Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

Create brand opportunities Creating brand opportunities when posting on social media is a brilliant way to market your services consistently, and it’s even better when you can relate it to everyday life for the user, e.g... •• Christmas countdown •• Holiday celebrations (e.g. Hallowe'en, New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day) •• Weekly set posts (e.g. Motivational quote Mondays, throwback Thursdays) Posting alongside events, holidays or themes will encourage consistent posting. You might also benefit from users searching the keywords (similar to ‘trending’, addressed in the previous bullet point), as social media users will be more likely to search for 'Christmas' during the holiday season.






unning your own website isn’t a walk in the park. It needs to look sharp, run smoothly and regularly requires your


One of the best ways to drive traffic and website interaction is by

undivided attention. If your website is a successful one, it

posting unique content on your site. Many websites achieve this

can be a champion of your company. So how can you ensure you’re

through a blog feature, writing posts that could spark interest from

getting the best out of your website?

web users within their industry. For example, you might want to


write informative posts, which will remain timeless and relevant to users who search for the keywords that happen to be featured

You wouldn’t run a race with a sprained ankle. Chances are, you’d

within your post. Alternatively, your posts could be industry news

have lost the race before it had even begun. Effort and time wasted,

related, which will attract attention from anyone searching live,

and you’d probably end up in a worse state than you started. Think

trending buzzwords. It’s ideal to switch up your posts and maybe

about this principle, but with your website. Why post content and

even create categories once your posts become more numerous.

expect results when it’s not running (excuse the pun) properly in

If you’re struggling for inspiration, just ask yourself what sort of

the first place? Is your website’s performance up to scratch? Is it

content you would be interested in reading about.

designed with both aesthetics and usability in mind? Does it have enough high-quality content to drive your site to Google’s top results? These are all questions you should be asking to make sure your website is at its optimum running pace.


It will provide you with traffic (the website kind, not the transport kind), but you will have to be prepared to dig into your pocket. Although there is a fee, your website will reach the top tier on Google’s search results with keyword searches. Once you start receiving more traffic, you will notice a spike in sales leads and customer interaction. While this can become expensive, it might be a good idea to dip your toes in the water of Google Ads to get some traffic to your site and to hit the ground running. Something to consider before you splash your cash on advertising is to plan your budget, your goals and how long you intend to advertise for.


FORWARDER magazine





'Once I crack Google’s code, life will be a breeze,' I hear you say. I’ll stop you right there. Google is much more than a bunch of

rules that web users have to abide by to in order to achieve decent results. In fact, Google constantly changes its algorithms to prevent

manipulation of the system. Did you also know that Google analyses every page and the links to and from your website? This is called

‘crawling’ – essentially, search engines trawl throughout your website and rank you according to what they find. Don’t get comfortable, SEO-related rules are designed to keep you on your toes!

CTRL+C then CTRL+V, right? Nope. Absolutely not. Set down your coffee and pause your wellness podcast, because what I’m going to say next is very important. You mustn’t copy and paste your

content. Blog posts, ‘about’ sections, company profiles, services...

this rule applies to the lot. A blinding mistake a lot of people make is ripping content from a random site, posting it as their own. This is

not only plagiarism (and could even land you with a fine attached to a copyright lawsuit), but can also have hugely detrimental effects on your SEO. The world of SEO is a complex one, but the simplest rule

to remember is that the more unique content you have, the better. If you can’t avoid reposting content, such as with a supplied press

release or a bulky technical reference, it is essential to credit the

source with a backlink to the source, and highly advisable to insert a canonical link. These essentially prove that you recognise that the

content is duplicated and that you are aware of the original source already existing. Google will then not penalise you for this.

This avoidance of duplicate material should extend to the rest of

your site as well, even with your own, original content. Don't have the same content repeated within the site or you'll be punished by Google. Instead, make sure you rewrite any information that you

intend to repeat, for example a summary of a service on the home page and the more elaborated version on the services page.



Further information can be found at

FORWARDER magazine






to enhance your SEO. Firstly, keep your post’s URL (www.etc...)

searching for a topic remotely relevant to your website may stumble

as simple as possible. If your title is above five words, then make

across your website thanks to a beautiful little keyword you once

There are a few key tips to keep in mind when writing content

sure you customise your URL link to something still relevant to the article, but shorter. A post URL of ‘’ probably too long. This doesn’t mean that you have to change the title of your article – your CMS (Content Management System, e.g. Wordpress) should allow you customise your post URL. Perhaps would be better suited. Another point to consider is paragraph size, sentence structures and repetition of words. Keep your sentences simple and brief if you can – this reads much better and increases

The clue is in the title: key. Keywords are vital to your SEO. Anyone


wrote a few times in an article. Cargo, freight, airlines, goods, shipping: in the case of the logistics industry, these are little Easter eggs you can leave around your site for an internet browser (and potential customer) to discover. Bingo! They discover your website and are likely to take a nose around. If you’re wondering what the world is talking about online, visit Google Trends. Google Trends displays the current, most talked-about keywords being searched for online. Although don’t be surprised if the majority of keyword trends include Kardashian, Love Island, Jeff Bezos or Game of Thrones! Sometimes it’s just in the

your website’s readability for Google’s crawlers. Your opening paragraph

craft of making even the most contrasting topics fit. I mean, you see

should be fairly succinct, around four-to-five sentences. Feel free to go

what I did there, right? I just bagged myself four of the most talked-about

into more detail in the main body of your text, but remember that

keywords in one article ;-)

nobody likes a big slab of copy. It’s daunting and unappealing. Break up your text with headers, images and paragraph breaks. Even use ‘pull quotes’ to illuminate important elements of your article. Repetition of keywords can be bad for SEO. Again, don’t underestimate Google. It knows if you’re trying to outsmart it by cramming too many keywords in one paragraph. Note that you gain a loyal reader by creating interesting, relatable content. As a writer, I can say that connecting with your reader should always be your #1 priority.


FORWARDER magazine




Social media is easily one of the most successful and quickest

audience would be completely inappropriate and nothing would be

network-building tools. Just one retweet could reveal your brand

achieved. Apply this mentality to your website, and ask yourself

to thousands of other Twitter followers. Internet users check

whether your website and its content is reaching the right target

their social media on their lunch breaks, waiting in queues, sat

audience. If it’s not, then the chances are you’re not getting the

on a train, even whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Reaching

optimal results. Take a look at Google Analytics and dissect your

new audiences couldn’t be easier. Link to your social media from

website’s structure and activity. Using this data-analysing tool, you

If you were to see a professor giving a university-level lecture to a class of toddlers, you’d think...pretty pointless, right? The target

will be able to review your audience demographic, your most popular webpages, your organic visit levels and much more. This is a great way to see what areas you’re acing, and whether there are elements of your site that need to be improved. Consider and address the points above, and you’ll be ready to ace the race. And remember, this is all a lot to take in and a lot to commit yourself to as a business owner or marketing executive. SEO work is one of the services we offer, so get in touch with the team if you'd be more comfortable leaving it to the professionals...I doubt anyone would blame you! Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

your website, and link to your website from your social media. If you’ve posted a new blog post, tweet about it. Post it on LinkedIn. Use hashtags to extend to a wider audience. Some of the biggest brands reach far more people these days thanks to their social media marketing; just look at Apple, Nike, Spotify. Again, more traffic and a higher click rate will boost your website’s interaction performance and Google ranking. FORWARDER magazine





ny event manager will know that running a large conference,

Getting your stuff there on time (and in one piece)

exhibition or expo is no mean feat. It’s not a job for the

Before the exhibition itself, every crate could be handled as many as

disorganised, and between managing attendees, speakers,

50 times, and so the correct labelling and documentation is essential.

staff, set-up, marketing and sales, there’s so much to do. An event

You won’t want any customs hiccups and arranging for your goods

executive worth their salt will work tirelessly for a year to 18 months

to be transported offshore may put you at risk. Any mishaps in

to get every detail in place for the day.

labelling could mean your prized exhibit is delayed or even denied entry completely.

Getting goods to your event? That shouldn’t be an additional stress. Most specialist exhibition forwarders will utilise palletised shipping When considering the shipping and logistics side of any event, you

to transport multiple cargo heading for one destination: it makes

will want a company who is careful, communicates superbly, and

sense to keep many of these smaller loads lumped together. Along

gives excellent service. You may even want to consider a company

with being practiced at sending goods either cross-country or cross-

who specialises solely in event and exhibit transportation services,

seas, they will know any affecting regulations which will apply to

and here’s why:

goods exporting to the country of destination. For example, some countries will ask for pallets to be treated with fumigators before

Exhibition venues aren’t the easiest

entering the country: in this case, a specialist will have an entire

destination for couriers

team dedicated to organising this process for you. They will also be

Beyond the issues that come exact timeliness and parking, non-

expert at consolidating, packing and securing a pallet so there is no

specialist couriers aren’t permitted to just ‘bring your goods’ into

damage to your cargo, and will be able to advise and even organise

the venue, even if it’s a smaller box of marketing materials. To

insurance for the shipment throughout its journey.

prevent security scares, any parcels must be delivered by authorised individuals, and signed for on site. Just like with attending your

Having a specialist on-site

ticketed event, if you’re not on the list, you’re not getting in. That

A specialist event logistics carrier will also provide on-site personnel

goes for your parcel too.

who are able to arrange the delivery of equipment to a specific location within the venue: whether that be an exhibition stand,

Besides this, often exhibition equipment is bulky, heavy or otherwise

catering stand or workshop arena. It’s not a job that can be

awkward to transport. They may require a forklift or cherry-picker

underestimated. Loading and unloading equipment from vehicles may

to move, and in this case you’ll want a delivery team with expertise.

require specialist equipment – not to mention all hands-on deck!


FORWARDER magazine


Not what you want to be rushing around doing last minute when

If you have specialist or precious materials present, there’s added peace of mind for all involved. Many logistics contractors will also arrange to store anything not required on the stand away for you, ready for when you need them. Repackaging exhibits and exhibition paraphernalia at the end of a show is also a huge job, as is locating the materials to do so. When the show winds down, they’ll get going again Speaking of the end of a show, whether your goods need to move on to the next event, to a warehouse or back to HQ, it’s good to have someone on hand who already knows the layout of things, so no handover is necessary. If you need it, you may even be able to source a company who can arrange storage for your goods. Warehousing space will be the last thing you’ll want to try and arrange after your successful show, so finding a carrier who can arrange long or short-term storage makes life easier while you put your feet up for a well-deserved break. Sarah O'Connell, contributing editor


you have an exhibition to co-ordinate.

FORWARDER magazine






s a business, it is easy to feel as though you are not allowed

for running a strong website. Without it, your site essentially isn’t

to talk about your success – you often have to wait for

going to show results. Furthermore, Google change their search

others to give the praise, be that existing or previous

algorithm regularly. If your website is doing well right now, don’t

clients and customers. We’re living in a digital world, and let’s be

get comfortable. If you become too relaxed, you could find yourself

frank: nobody would be interested in LinkedIn if their feed were

unexpectedly relegated to page two.

clogged with constant pushy, boastful posts from companies. How do you increase your SEO content? Which methods are best to Search-engine optimisation (otherwise referred to as SEO) can be

follow? According to the technical experts, updating and republishing

a minefield even for web developers. The World Wide Web is fast

old blog posts with new content and images can increase organic

paced and changing every day. With this in mind, it is crucial you

traffic by as much as 111%. This means that the more unique and

keep up to speed with the latest online trends, especially if you want

relevant content you publish online, the greater chance you of

your website to land on the top page of search results. According to

climbing up that Google search ladder. Google can tell whether

our research, Google receives over 63,000 searches every second,

your content has been copied and pasted (not to mention you

making the search engine account for over 79% of all global desktop

could get into trouble for plagiarism), so refrain from churning out

search traffic. Want to be at the top of the search results? Of course

existing content you found from a similar website. Even duplicate

you do. I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s time to chum up with SEO

content between pages of your own site is a negative influence on

and make it your best friend.

your score. Should you need to credit an original article that is heavily referenced or repeated throughout your website, you will

If you’re currently asking yourself, 'what even is SEO, and why is it so

need to insert the appropriate 'canonical link.' This means that credit

important?' then we have you covered. Firstly, you should know that

is given where it’s due (essentially crediting the original source), and

SEO is one of the most important things to consider (and maintain)

Google won’t penalise you. SEO-specific research has proven that


FORWARDER magazine


content that includes keywords, simple sentence structures and the

prerogative is for your company to land on the first search results

latest (Google) trends helps to ensure that your content is reaching

page of Google, you should keep in mind that search results can

a widespread audience.

change at any time depending on two factors: your SEO ranking, and the surrounding websites’ SEO.

You can create unique content via a news or blog section on your website. This is a great place to post advice, news articles and expert

SEO is a powerful tool, but it takes a lot of research to master.

knowledge for your website's visitors. This gives the opportunity to

Expert advice and know-how will put you one step ahead from your

post content daily, which will vastly increase the amount of unique

competitors. If you’d like more information about the SEO services

content on your site. Be wary: writing a post a day takes time to

we offer, search .

build up to. But the reality of SEO is that making your way up the Google search results takes time too. Patience and consistency is key, as producing fresh and engaging content is vital if you want

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

organic traffic to your website. Posting high-quality content every day means you may want to consider hiring for or assigning a content-writing role. Investing in a word smith will benefit your web interaction. How so? Think of it this way: if someone searches for advice on how to ship a load and they stumble across your website article, they are more likely to take a further look at your website in full and what services you offer. This driving of traffic to your website not only enhances your click-through rate, but could uncover potential leads and customers. Click-through rate is crucial, as the higher the click-through, the higher your website will crawl up the rankings on Google’s searches. Ultimately, it’s a no brainer. Creating frequent content for your website can be time consuming and, understandably, not every business will have the resources to do so. It may be worth considering external content creation. Freight Media’s team offers this service, meaning that freight-specialised content writers can produce copy for your website and blog. It’s important to ensure that content isn’t outdated and stagnant; solid SEO requires unique content to be posted frequently. At we understand that the more you post, the higher you will rank. If your FORWARDER magazine





s a business, it is easy to feel as though you are not allowed to talk about your success – you often have to wait for others to give the praise, be that existing or previous

clients and customers. We’re living in a digitalised world, and let’s be frank: nobody would be interested in LinkedIn if their feed were clogged with constant pushy, boastful posts from companies.


Brand awareness Publishing a company report gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss your business, what you specialise in, what your

audience demographic is and any recognisable praises such as testimonials from clients. Not only this, but the layout and design of your report will maximise your brand's impact. Branding (as discussed in issue 37) is an integral part of your company and is the

In a modern world full of myriad marketing intelligence and business

identity that allows you to stand out. You should ensure that your

strategies, companies try to stand out whilst still maintaining a

newsletter conforms to your corporate identity from cover to cover,

modicum of dignity. Oh, and don’t you dare get caught talking about

which will solidify your presence.

From reaching a milestone or anniversary achievement, to informing


potential customers that you offer impressive services to the

reason, be they a potential client, potential candidate or out of research/

freight and logistics industry. These credible achievements can be

interest). So keep this in mind and blow your trumpet loud and clear

showcased in a tailored, sleek and professional format without the

– your audience aren’t LinkedIn scrollers, they’re here for business.

how modest your company is, because you will immediately fail and be labelled with the same boastful behaviour you’re trying to avoid in the first place. Reality check: it’s immodest to claim modesty. Where exactly do we draw the line between smug and confident?

Blow your own trumpet (you’re in the right acoustics) Granted, this article opened up about how businesses need to consider their marketing strategies and not sound too

boastful. However, the purpose of a newsletter? Company news.

There is a way you can shout about your company, professionally.

fuss of crossing any lines. The solution? A company newsletter, and here’s why you’re missing out...

Anyone reading it will fully expect to be reading about the ins and outs of your company (and are likely viewing this information for a


Marketing strategy A company report is brilliant for an additional marketing strategy. What better way to clinch a sale or get your brand

‘out there’ than with a sleek, shiny newsletter? This booklet will more or less be your company bible, so make sure you utilise it as much as possible. With over 25 years of team experience, Freight Media are marketing professionals, specialising in freight forwarding and logistics. At Freight Media, we understand that there’s competition to set yourself apart from other freight businesses, and to do so requires the right tools. Perfect to take to trade shows, client meetings and on display at your office, a company report can provide useful and insightful information to enhance your business' image. Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine


FORWARDER magazine









WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at

obody likes a poor website. Weak design, difficult


navigation, overwhelming content, slow loading images:

Specialising in both freight and web development, Freightwebsite.

these are all factors that could be dragging your website

design is an end-to-end service, specifically developed and tailored

– and subsequently business – down. Not convinced? Studies

to the logistics sector. Giving as much or little assistance required,

have shown that 38% of visitors will exit a website if the layout is

jargon-based terms such as web hosting, SEO, backlinks and canonical

unattractive or the content isn’t engaging. This could be problematic

links won’t seem so daunting if you’re not specialised in web design.

for e-commerce-led industries like freight. Is your website the reason your company could be missing out on business? How do you ensure your website is at its optimum quality for a user-friendly experience? You need to remember that your website homepage is essentially your “shop front”. In freight and logistics, it’s very rare you’ll have a physical shop front. Your website is the number one place users (and potential customers) will visit before making a decision to invest in


your services. The overall growth of online trade has significantly

Sometimes, an in-depth discussion is what it takes to work out

increased, estimating that by 2040, around 95% of purchases will be

how your site might benefit from a makeover. Whilst it may seem

facilitated by e-commerce. Therefore, it’s surely a no-brainer that

like appearance is everything, there's much more to consider when

your website should be your number one priority. Are you likely to

looking to improve the quality of your website. If you want your

visit a dingy, old fashioned store that has nothing to offer on display?

company to reach the first page of Google's search results using

When it’s as easy as reverting to the next Google search result, you

general search terms, you need to consider factors such as Search

want to make sure you’re the brand freighters decide to stick with.

Engine Optimisation (SEO). Refreshed, unique content and being clued up about strategic backlinks could really boost your website's

Okay, I hear you, but where do I start?

traffic stats.

Finding the right web developer can be a challenge in itself. You wouldn’t get your hair cut by a sheep sheerer, so why get your freight

Covering web design, web development, Search Engine Optimisation

website designed by just a general web developer? Freight forwarding

(SEO), hosting, maintenance, support, social media marketing

is a niche industry, so it’s important that your web developer

and logo/brand design, is built by a team of

understands the nuts and bolts of the industry. Representing the

specialists who truly care about the freight industry. Offering a

freight sector isn’t just about plastering each page with aeroplanes

combination of sector knowledge and professional, experienced web

and ships. While some freight companies choose to refrain from

developers, your website is safe in our freight industry specialist

the cliché “trucks and ships” imagery, others embrace a traditional

hands. No misinterpretation, no hassle, no bull. Just the perfect

freight style. In order to stand out, it's imperative for your web

formula of expert knowledge and passion.

developer to appreciate the balance between your company and its services and keeping up with the latest news and trends in the sector.


FORWARDER magazine


Rachel Jefferies, contributing writer, FORWARDER magazine

FORWARDER magazine





’m sure you remember the good old days of the Yellow Pages: the doorstop-thick wedge of yellowed paper, packed to the brim with everything from plumbers, to hairdressers, to gardeners,

skip hire and hotels. It was the staple of many family homes, whether

By listing your business services in the FORWARDER Directory,

you have the guarantee of your company landing in physical print on the desks of our customers. The FORWARDER Directory is

an annual subscription-only print, meaning you know your services

it was used more as a step-up for the kids to get to the biscuits tin

will be part of a catalogue that people want in their hands, on their

in the high cupboards, or a resting place for the house phone to

bookshelves and ready for reference.

sit. Nonetheless was an invaluable resource for finding businesses, particularly pre-internet.

There’s an additional bonus for those companies who decide to advertise in the directory. Sponsored advertisements are limited, to

Times have moved on, and the Yellow Pages has now become Yell,

keep the content of our directory as informative and high-quality as

and in fact the last print edition will be delivered this year. But that

possible. It’s good news if you are one of the select few advertisers

doesn’t mean the printed directory is dead – not by any means.

within our pages, with maximum secured branding and exposure.

The FORWARDER Directory has the Ronseal factor: a catalogue

The final section of our directory features services to industry.

of freight forwarders, shipping lines, airlines and road freight hauliers

Services such as industry-specific seminars and exhibitions, IT and

with a global reach. Subscribers to the FORWARDER Directory

software solutions, marketing, M&A or industry associations are all

receive an updated copy every year, with the knowledge that every

listed here. Due to our longstanding history in the industry, people

company listed has been vetted and approved by our account

have always turned to us to ask for the best recommendations

management team.

when it comes to these services and more. Include your business in our catalogue, and you’ll benefit from being the first port of

Where some directories are shrinking, the FORWARDER

call for those looking for the best of our industry, whether that’s

Directory is growing, year on year. Our international directory

the leading freight recruitment specialist, or the UK’s best-rated

features 120 of the most popular countries for importing and

warehousing provider.

exporting, showcasing the specialist carriers who will ship goods between the UK and these international hotspots.

Want your services listed in the FORWARDER Directory? Get in touch with the team at

Alongside this is our UK-specific directory. The domestic directory is broken up into both regions and specialisms, so that you can find shipping providers who serve your area. But why invest in a print directory? The answer is simple: people still use it, and it’s a condensed, reliable, vetted resource for any individual or business looking for a trustworthy service.


FORWARDER magazine


Sarah O'Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine






ould you recognise the logos of Apple, McDonald’s or

A design should be true to a business or product, and often true to

Mercedes? I bet you could. You were envisioning each

modern-day styles. Companies may decide to re-design their brand

one in your head as you read each brand, right? I’m

for a fresh look, such as Burberry’s fairly recent logo change, which

not a mind reader…I just know you know what these logos look

turned this traditional fashion house icon’s logo into a simple, clean one.

like, because, well…who, in this day and age, doesn’t? They’re on

However, change isn’t always positive, and rebranding can go wrong.

the devices we are scrolling on, the food we are eating and cars

There are conflicting opinions over software company, Slack, whose

we are stuck behind in traffic (or for some, driving). Branding

refreshed logo goes to show that if a change doesn’t reflect the product

is one of the most important attributes to a business and, if

as well as its original design then consumers won’t be easily swayed.

done well, can be the reason behind a successful company that is globally recognised.

Consistent design throughout the entirety of your branding is key. Whether this is across your logo, website, products, social media or

How have these businesses cultivated their global image so well?

marketing, interweaving elements of your brand’s ‘feel’ or style will

There are a number of factors, but ultimately it all boils down to

keep your product(s), website and services tied up in a corporate-

branding and design.

themed bow. This not only makes your image as a brand strong, but customers or visitors of your site will start to recognise specific

Branding started out as a red-hot iron marker that would be seared

fonts, colours and styles associated with your designs, and may even

onto livestock such as cattle, for the purpose of farmers claiming

know your product before it has been revealed – like when you see

the animals as their own. The rise of advertising, product placement

a jolly, black-haired man in a tux with a crinkled moustache singing

and media exposure has evolved branding far beyond these primitive

operatically, you’re quite certain it’s going to be a GoCompare

measures into one of the largest and most competitive markets for

advert (sometimes it’s good that we recognise these we

any business. Branding in the present day is associated with a logo,

can quickly press the mute button on the remote!).

slogan and signature colours that represent a business, product or institution. So, in the case of McDonald’s, the slogan is 'I’m lovin’

With all of the above said, nailing your company’s design isn’t an

it', along with the signature McDonald’s 'M’; for FORWARDER,

impossible job. Yes, it may be a head-scratcher, but believe it or not,

it’s 'market intelligence for the freight forwarding industry'

graphic designers are usually your best friend when it comes to whipping

…you get the point.

up your design on a computer. At Freight Media, we offer a service that will make your branding process as easy as possible. Listening to

Branding gives your business an identity. Without an authentic

your requirements and ideas, our experienced and talented design team

identity, you will blend in with the crowd. This doesn’t mean your

can make your branding dreams a reality. Anything from creating or

brand needs to be attention grabbing, brightly coloured or garish in

redesigning your company’s logo to giving your website a facelift, you

order to be seen. Consistent, quality branding is more important.

will have full control over your designs. Once you’re pleased with your

In some cases, less is more – proven perfectly by brands such as

branding, you’ll be ready to slap it on your business cards, letterheads,

Apple, Bang & Olufsen and Glossier. Their minimalistic designs

stationery...and maybe a couple of mugs for good measure.

speak volumes, so having an overly complex logo or brand theme Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

isn’t always necessary.


FORWARDER magazine




FORWARDER magazine





hen Ray Tomlinson sent himself an email – the very

Nevertheless, it’s not all doom and gloom! As long as the distribution

first email to have ever been sent – in 1971, little

list is an organic set of data built from subscription to your company’s

did he know the way in which emails have changed

emails, you won’t be sending out unexpected swarms of e-shots.

the way we communicate. While methods of communication have

If e-shots are distributed correctly, your business could see some

broadened drastically thanks to platforms such as social media,

great benefits from this creative form of communication. Considering

emails are still widely used for B2B and B2C forms of contact. Emails

an external marketing strategy could enhance your business.

are the main form for any professional communication, so what

Freight Media has a team of media specialists with expert knowledge

better way to catch customers’ attention than by dropping them an

in the design and distribution of e-shots, with over 15 combined

e-shot in their mailbox?

years of expertise. With daily experience creating e-shots on specialist and paid-for programmes such as Active Campaign, e-shots

A little different from your standard email, e-shots are generally

could be exactly what your business is missing.

emails that are sent in order to promote information or a business. Unlike normal emails that contain just plain text, e-shots are usually

Why choose e-shots? E-shots are easy to track; you can view

designed with images, graphics, titles, contain information and are

results such as the click rate, open rate and the demographic of

usually less formal than a standard B2B (business to business) or

the recipients. This means you can see how many people opened

B2C (business to customer) email. Almost everyone has received an

the emails and how many clicked on the links, which is useful when

e-shot, whether it’s a promotion from your favourite clothing brand

reviewing how well an e-shot has been received. Options to resend

or a weekly newsletter subscription (wink wink), e-shots are one of

the e-shot out to those who have not opened the original message

the most popular marketing strategies for brands.

maximise the readership and exposure reach. If your e-shots are B2B, your e-shots are highly likely to be read, as major business

It’s important to be clued up before you send out e-shots on behalf

communication occurs via emails. Therefore there is a stronger

of your company. If you don’t hit your target audience accurately, or

guarantee that business inboxes will be checked, and it’s not a case

portray the message efficiently, your e-shots may be seen as spam

of sifting through mountains of e-shots – an issue you may come

or annoying, which may damage the reputation of your brand. If the

across in a clogged-up personal email account.

graphics and appearance of the e-shot is not ‘on brand’, recipients may unsubscribe or the mail could end up in their junk folder.

Find out more on Freight Media’s e-shot service here:

New GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) data policies have

been set in place as of May 2018 to combat unsolicited mail. GDPR means that companies should be granted permission by customers before they can send them marketing material. Should this not be followed, companies can face a hefty fine. E-shots can generate impressive results. However, it is important to create e-shots correctly to optimise your results. Reaching out to an expert team could provide you with the best possible results.


FORWARDER magazine


Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

Your customers e-Shots



FORWARDER magazine






Brand ‘Stickiness’

ou’ll undoubtedly have seen advertorials somewhere in

In 2018 it is estimated that the average UK citizen sees 5,000 ads a

your regular reading. It’s usually a feature article which

day (StopAd, 2018). From online ads to offline, indirect influencer

might be labelled ‘sponsored’ or ‘promotional editorial’.

advertising, product placement, promotional events… It’s not

Whether it’s a trade-related publication or otherwise, brands will

surprising that some people are ‘turned off’ to advertising and the

often use this kind of feature in order to promote a new product or

constant bombardment – the market is completely saturated, and

business service, as well as providing much-needed context. Taking

most adverts are forgettable at best.

advantage of publications whose readers are your ideal clients makes great business sense: it’s a ‘low-pressure’ approach to advertising,

Presenting high-value material or experiences for prospective clients

and there is a multitude of benefits to producing advertorial content.

results in memorability. So what sticks? Two things: entertaining content and educational content.

Brand Awareness You may have heard the saying, ‘All publicity is good publicity’.

On the first point, think about John Lewis & Partners’ Christmas

Celebrating media attention regardless of whether it’s positive or

adverts. They are highly anticipated each year, because they connect

negative isn’t a strategy I would recommend for most businesses.

emotionally with consumers – they provide a story, a talking point.

However, there’s certainly a level of merit to be found in having a

It’s not about everybody flocking to John Lewis to buy a product

media presence which falls outside of traditional advertising.

featured in the advert, but when we think Christmas, a lot of people think John Lewis.

Often if you’re reading a news story, you’ll find a quote from someone reputable relating to the topic. For example, if there is an update on the

As for the ‘educational’, prospects will also hold you in higher regard

impact of Brexit on the logistics industry hitting the news, you’d expect

if they believe you value their interests outside of purely being your

soundbites from the government, perhaps the Brexit Secretary, an

client: i.e. you respect their individual interests and aren’t just trying

opposition party member and a representative from the freight and logistics

to hard sell. One great example is our recent promotional editorial

industry itself. A huge part of this method of reporting is establishing trust

for Crown Couriers. They wanted to provide a write-up for us

and credibility, so the sources used for providing opinion and perspective

on supply-chain efficiency: specifically, how it could be increased

on topical news has to be a trustworthy company or individual.

by the optimum utilisation of warehousing. Their promotional editorial discussed not only their own strategies in this area, but

In our current climate, any company worth their salt will not only be

how other companies within the supply chain were making things

keeping an eye on the latest updates around Brexit, but also topics such

work. It demonstrated the variety of options which are available to

as logistics market trends, competitor news, CEO and Director-level

businesses large and small, which represented their position as a

shakeups and more. this is an opportunity for your brand. If the same

business who cares.

prospective client consistently sees your brand name, they will begin to associate you with expert, trusted opinion. Getting your opinions across in established industry publications will pique the interest of their readership and cement your position as an industry leader.


FORWARDER magazine


Brand Leadership A promotional editorial piece helps you to cut through the advertising clutter and remind people that you aren’t just a brand: you’re a team of people. This is your opportunity to position yourself in front of your clients – prospective and current – and share your opinions, advice and your company’s USPs. Get in touch with the Freight Media team today to find out more


about creating a bespoke editorial feature which helps you achieve your business goals. Sarah O'Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine






f you had a store on the high-street and sold goods face-to-face, it

Freight Media has a web design team that specialises in producing

would be essential to get the right customers through your door.

websites for freight companies. We have assisted companies ranging from

One of the most powerful tools you would have to do this, is your

startups to top-25 forwarders, making their websites look amazing and

storefront: making your window presentable, attractive, and informing

bringing new business flooding in.

passers-by about exactly what you can do for them. Here are some examples of how we have achieved excellence for

Your typical forwarder, shipper or carrier won’t have a store on the high-

our clients...

street – or anywhere. In the digital age, your website is your storefront and you only get one chance to make a first impression - we are here to

Stop press! Your headline matters

ensure that it’s an excellent one.

You want your website to make a powerful first impression. If you have web traffic coming in from search engines, your visitors should know who

Before any potential client approaches you, it is guaranteed that one

you are and what you do in a matter of seconds.

of the first things they will check is your website. If you want to appear a leading, reliable, quality company, you need a website that is well

For one client, Eurgent, this came in the form of a scrolling banner.

designed, well supported and well maintained. That’s before you reach

Immediately, you can see the company title and This opening page

more complex factors such as web hosting, search-engine optimisation,

demonstrates exactly what the company specialises in, and is also

and ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC) advertising.

complemented by some great branding.


FORWARDER magazine


DID YOU KNOW? Using video on home pages increases conversions by 86%. (Wordstream, 2018) ( If your bounce rate (the percentage of people leaving your website after viewing only one page) is high, the first place to look is your site design – it could be that your pages take too long to load, for example.

Device optimisation, analytics, bounce rate.. Google drives 96% of search traffic on mobile devices.

Whether your website is opened on a tablet, a mobile phone or a

(Jody Nimetz Co., 2018)

laptop, you want your visitor to have the best experience of viewing your site. We can help you to ensure that your customers are using the

‘Don’t miss out!’ to action

site exactly as intended – and staying there – bringing the highest-quality

You don’t just want visitors to your site to know who you are – you’ll

leads straight to you.

want them to take action. Whether you want prospective clients to subscribe to your newsletter, to sign up for a new service, or to request

Get in touch today to find out how we can bring more traffic to

a call back, you should be giving any visitor to your website an option to

your website.

‘act’ whilst there – a ‘call to action’ (CTA). It’s a delicate balancing act. Not all CTAs are born equal, and if you

Sarah O'Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine

bombard a client with unnecessary or overly sales-y copy, they’re going to leave your site immediately. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being sold to, so make sure your call-to-action will result in a tangible benefit for your potential customer, at ‘low risk’. This site we designed for KDS Global Freight Services gives site visitors highlighted CTAs in the ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’ button. The button then leads into confirmation that the quote is free with no obligation (low risk) and reaffirms that action will be taken immediately. So, there’s no reason for someone not to proceed.







t’s no secret that social media can be an incredible tool when it comes to marketing your brand, raising awareness of your company’s


We have an excellent editorial team which produces regular, exceptional

ethos and specialisms. But, it’s more difficult to pinpoint how this

content which is both topical and engaging. To ensure that our articles

works when you’re working within a niche industry, particularly when

aren’t just lost in the internet void, we curate purposeful and educational

navigating multiple factors such as search-engine optimisation (SEO),

work. Combine this with a team who has over 75 years’ combined

unique content generation, brand tone of voice and the wide range of

experience within the industry, and these are the makings for some very

social platforms that are out there. Most of the businesses we know and

powerful content. So, how are these shared beyond the magazine?

work with are too busy moving freight to get caught up in perfecting their social media presence. Here’s how the team at Freight Media handles it.


LinkedIn provides a platform for longer-form articles which can be shared, commented on and hosted within either a personal or a business profile – establishing personal thought leadership or business trust and reliability. Combine this with our ability to breakdown and monitor the most popular hashtags (#) for your industry, and you have the potential for viral posts. Our team of social media experts can post regular articles that are timely, topical, newsworthy and will increase your brand awareness and exposure.


280 characters doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room to get things wrong, so content shared on Twitter needs to be hard hitting and concise in order to gain any traction. There are a few tactics which can be used to ensure that tweets convert to leads. We can ensure your campaigns garner attention along with high levels of engagement. With a marketing team well versed in social campaigns, Freight Media can take the stress away.


It’s a minefield to navigate, and we understand from years of working in this industry that your clients are your number-one priority. Get in touch now to find out how we can lighten the load for your business.

Sarah O'Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine


FORWARDER magazine



FORWARDER magazine





ere at Freight Media we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of handling digital marketing. From SEO to PPC, we have all the acronyms covered. However,

LinkedIn always holds a special place in our digital hearts. The channel is synonymous with the freight forwarding industry, in terms of connecting likeminded individuals and forging relationships digitally. Aware that LinkedIn isn’t the biggest of the social media channels out there, this doesn’t devaluate its purpose.



Making sure that you have a call-to-action (CTA) on any of your content is vital to engage an audience within your industry. At every stage of your campaign, asking yourself

what CTA you're using to drive consumer behaviour will ensure that not only you, but if your team stays on track. When approaching your CTA, you must ask yourself what content format your audience is most likely to respond to. Does your blog audience generally prefer e-book downloads? What news would most interest them? When

LinkedIn’s targeted way of focusing primarily on business, leaving the social part of the channel to one side, means that you are more likely to find reliable business rather the shifting through the tons of irrelevant content. Its constant evolving nature has meant that LinkedIn’s benefits go beyond prospecting and recruiting, and the site can also be an incredible inbound marketing tool for many freight forwarding practitioners. Here are our top seven tips on how to make the most out of marketing on LinkedIn...

you take into consideration these factors, and more, you’ll be able to


create revenue through clever marketing.


Growing the overall persona of your brand through LinkedIn is vital to having a successful marketing campaign. Promoting the page outside the company,

Linking In with likeminded people and groups and building the consistency of you brand through imagery and videography are all ways of growing positive reputation.



FORWARDER magazine




Understanding demographics linked to your industry will mean that you don’t waste time nor money on promoting content to unengaged audiences. Age, gender, location,

ethnicity, company, revenue should all become encompassing factors in how you approach content. Targeting teenagers with the latest developments in port connectivity isn’t exactly going to get you a massive amount of traffic and interest from investors, but if you are after younger talent within the


industry it may be of interest to them. Think carefully on this.


Making sure you stay connected to the most influential groups in your industry can lead to revenue being created. Often on social media platforms it is hard to

connect with your industry, particularly if it is within a niche market. LinkedIn offers a more robust way of connecting within less sought-after industries and means that you can target more relevant people within



Much like Facebook, LinkedIn offers targeted ads. These ads can allow you to quickly implement a marketing campaign, however, you do have to spend money. If you

don’t have time to deal with the complexities of SEO criteria, then you may want to look at LinkedIn’s ad platform to make sure you are


reaching the perfect potential client.


Some people can be reserved on LinkedIn, giving it the stigma that it is still a glorified CV stage. Shouting about your product/service in a professional manner and not

being afraid to connect and speak with CEO’s and MD’s of companies shows a willingness to compete within freight forwarding, and LinkedIn allows you to do this by marketing you, and your company, in a truly unique manner.

your field. Whether this is for advice, insight or business you have more


of an option with LinkedIn over other platforms.


A pet hate of mine is automation through any social media platform, especially LinkedIn. AI hasn’t quite achieved the

heights we really want it to be and, therefore, automated messages be a lazy way for a company to cast a wide net and not care about the people they are trying to conduct business with. Contact your potential clients personal on the channel and make sure you make them aware of this. A lot can still be said for the personal touch.

FORWARDER magazine





ver the past several months, we have been giving a breakdown of a variety of marketing innovations, techniques


No business wants to spend more money than they need to on marketing,

and technologies, currently making your freight forwarding

and understanding budgets is a factor that can create incredible revenue

business function to the peak of its capabilities. However, taking a step

for your company. For example, by focusing on accurate keywords when

back and looking at the entirety of the marketing landscape, we want to

delving into PPC campaigns you will get far more return on investment

go back to basics and make sure our readership understands how good

due to the targeted nature of your marketing criteria. This will mean

marketing practices can equate to repeat and new business.

more revenue to invest in other areas of your business.

Understanding the basics of a marketing campaign can develop


transferable skills across any industry. Here are a few tips on what you should focus on to push your advertising in the right direction...


Some may think that by solely occupying a niche in your industry you may be capping growth. However, a niche in the market allows you to be much more targeted. Once you have a loyal audience and repeat business is a constant, then you can expand your brand due to increased revenue,

Knowing what your audience wants and how you can provide it is vital.

but starting off niche and being more concise with your marketing is

Whether this information comes from previous market research and

something that can be recommended. The rise of niche publications

developing structured plans or from analytical data you have captured,

throughout the UK is a testament to the success of this.

understanding the complexities of demographics can allow you, especially with the development of e-commerce, to specifically target

By following these tips you can be assured that when implementing your

your audience. Online advertisement platforms, due to the power of

marketing strategies you will be able to evolve and innovate them in the

cookies, have become so targeted that if you wanted to market a product

future with ease.

solely to someone aged between 18 and 23 who lives in a specific area of London, enjoys jogging and is active on social media, you easily can.


Whilst aware that not all marketing is online, and that print still carries with it a perceived professionalism, the ease with which you can track the activity of your digital marketing campaigns means you really should know the numbers. Using Google Analytics, companies are able to see exactly where their web and e-commerce traffic is coming from. Pages viewed, geography, gender, behavioural traits and session duration are all trackable activities you should monitor to make sure that your marketing campaign is being seen by your desired target.


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n oft-overlooked form of online marketing for companies in the freight forwarding community is one the power Google


Whilst AdWords is a paid method of climbing Google's ladder,

holds. Google, which currently has the power to acquire

posting organically will help improve your SEO (Search-Engine

a company every day, is seen as more of search engine than a way to

Optimisation), and it is vital to understand how this works. There

successfully market your services. However, bigger brand awareness,

is currently an incredible amount of importance being placed on

Adwords, SEO, compatibility with Gmail, their own social media

the shoulders of SEO due to it affecting the visibility of a website or

platform and the ability to measure your performance reliably means

specific web page in a search engine's organic (non-paid-for) results.

that the numerous offerings from Google make it an all-encompassing

Whilst AdWords is a way to improve your position on Google, it

marketing tool that you really need to understand.

does cost in order to be successful. Instead, by understanding the criteria Google sets for SEO you will be able to organically increase

Here are our top tips and advice to help you to understand the

recognition for your service, product or page online. It may be a big

benefits of using Google efficiently and effectively and to reap the

ask for you to understand the complexities that come with SEO

financial rewards for your company.

criteria, but a basic understanding of how to organically grow your brand online is both cost and time effective.


Google's pay-per-click (PPC) campaign platform is a way for companies to drive traffic to their own website and thus create


Email influencing is a way for numerous companies in the industry

brand awareness along with potential revenue for your company.

to advertise their message and values in a quick, cost-effective way

Before running an AdWords campaign and ascending the Google

and being able to amalgamate Gmail into this means you will see

ranks, you must first think about how the platform works, what you

immediate results. Using Gmail as your preferred email platform

wish to achieve from your campaign, which audiences you wish to

you can take advantage of the huge amount of storage, easy

target, understanding your budget and how all this will correlate to

synchronisation with Outlook, incredible portability and possibly

future business. By implementing a successful AdWords campaign

the cheapest email platform for business use.

you can climb the Google ladder and not spend so much time adhering to the strict guidelines. A quick and effective way to pay for positive content, AdWords is a platform that most businesses


The Google equivalent to Facebook. If you haven’t been using this

need to consider if they want influential individuals to view their

channel, you really aught to be. Google+ hasn’t been hailed as an

content more often.

incredible success thus far, but it plays a vital role in Google’s view of your company’s SEO. I can understand why many would think that this is a relatively unimportant channel, but Google holds massive sway over the way people view content online, and to not buy into their social media channel could prove to be a company’s undoing. Making sure you post organically and consistently with engaging content means you will see the benefits of the channel.


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Using these different services will result in your company’s profile overtaking others trying to compete in the world of online marketing. Ignoring free marketing tools that are going to help increase your brand awareness online would be a huge mistake with regards to your company’s online persona. By implementing these tools and platforms, you will see traffic grow through your different platforms and create tangible change. If Google is something that you struggle with, don’t hesitate to give anyone at Freight Media a call for some


advice on how to conquer the world of digital marketing.


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here is a plethora of features currently in use on Facebook and even I accept that it all gets a little


You wouldn’t pay for a website that didn’t have pictures or a

perplexing. Companies across the globe want to utilise

way for your potential clients to contact you with immediate

the most popular social media / marketing platform in the world;

results. Why would you do it differently on Facebook? Making

however, with constant updates questions often arise...

sure your response time is validated, i.e. it says ‘very responsive to messages’, can sway a client towards contacting you.

How do you analyse your company's profile in detail? Should you be using video? What is branded content and targeted

A recognisable profile picture, cover photo, about section (littered

advertising? Let us guide you through the turbulent social media

with keywords) and an overall conclusive theme to your content

storm with some of our tips for Facebook users, and get you on

posting makes it seem like you pay attention to all your online

your way to online marketing victory.

channels and don’t just have a business Facebook profile because


A simple but effective tool for many freight forwarders is Facebook’s relatively new, extremely niche, targeted marketing feature. How convenient would it be if you could only advertise

it seems like 'a cool thing to have'. Professionalism and relevance are key indicators to clients that you know what you’re doing.


A feature which is seldom used on Facebook is the ability to

to people on Facebook in a certain age bracket, who live in a

schedule posts. How many times have you said you would use

certain area, with particular interests, in a job role connected to

social media for your company more, but it takes too much time?

your industry? Handy, right? Well, now you can.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Using Facebook's schedule post means that you can put out a standard message that you want

Using Facebook's targeted marketing services you can spend money

everyone to see, perhaps company values or a service you offer,

on making sure only people who will engage with your advertisements

three or four times in a month.

see them. Compared to more traditional forms of marketing this is an incredible service for any business aiming to grow their client base

Not only does this mean that the overall message will reach

and interact with customers on a positive, personal level.

more people, you can also schedule the post to appear at peak times that traffic is coming into the channel and ensure that your

FACEBOOK services are being seen by an engaged audience, constantly.


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Making sure that photos are formatted correctly, videos are professionally formatted and not grainy, compelling content with correct headlines and backlinking content to any other web-based platform is a crucial step in gaining notoriety on Facebook. Automatic posting is a newish fad that many businesses are doing, as is paid-for/branded content, and whilst they do have their benefits, posting your content online organically is always a better way to build your company's Facebook profile. It means that when it comes to paying for Facebook services, or automatic posting, having looked at the insights and understood your audience and landscape for your industry on the channel you will only pay for content that you know will positively affect your business. This is only a small measure of what Facebook has to offer you and your freight business. There are so many different features and with the ever-changing nature of these services, if you ever feel stuck, feel free to contact Freight Media ( for friendly advice.


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witter is by no means a new social media tool to many

that will he people perceive your business in a better light. The

businesses. If Donald Trump alone is anything to go by, it is

fact Twitter allows you to customise the look and colours of your

an incredibly powerful marketing tool to promote yourself

Twitter profile page, tells us that you really should. It is granting

or your business. Twitters real time activity set-up is unrivalled by

you an opportunity to provide additional information about your

any other social media platform currently in use. This means that if

business to everyone who checks out your profile. You can create a

you want immediate results, and to check the latest trends within

custom graphic and use it for your Twitter background, making you

your industry, then you really need to get tweeting.

stand out in the seas of social media.

With a plethora of tools and extensions that allow you to monitor


Twitter and gain insight on your competitions social media activity,

There are several ways in which using Twitter can used in a more

in the modern era of marketing, this is a free outlet that needs to

intelligent way. Using TweetDeck to monitor Twitter activity within

be taken advantage of. Whether it’s customer service responses,

your specific industry has become a vital tool for businesses around

business networking or research on potential clients / competitors

the globe. TweetDeck, for example, allows you to see exactly who

Twitter is very much still a tool that needs the attention of any

is Tweeting about freight forwarding and allows you to then respond

business, especially those within the freight forwarding community.

to them in real time.

Here are our top tips to help you become a triumphant Tweeter...

The impact this could have, if used correctly, on your business could be huge. If you were able to see every active Twitter user that is looking


for freight forwarding services, worldwide, and respond to their

First impressions count, and the fact people can examine exactly

demand instantaneously, providing them with great online customer

who you follow on Twitter is many businesses first opinion on your

service and quality products, then why not use this free tool?

company’s social media profile. An easy way to help the visibility of your follower profile is to use one of the platforms often overlooked features, its lists. Twitter lists are on of its most powerful features.


Many businesses now tend to post content directly from their

Lists allow you to group the important people you follow so that

webpage to Twitter. Whilst this is a time saving method of using

you don’t forget exactly who you want to follow and industry giants

social media, nothing with beat the engagement and reach of a well

that you can monitor. You can create separate lists for, customer

put together organic post. By using the right hashtags, incorporating

profiles, people in the forwarding industry, social media influencers,

the latest trends, tagging people in the post and through attached

professional organizations who you could collaborate with. This will

professional imagery, you will get a better result.

help you from following bots and inactive accounts.


This may seem like a bit more effort than automatic posting from websites, however, these well-constructed posts will affect your

Staying with the idea of first impressions, the branding of your

SEO ranking and you will see the effectiveness of you Twitter

Twitter profile says a lot about your company. Colour schemes,

account skyrocket.

professional imagery, a well written and snappy bio are all things


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March 2018


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March 2018





arketing is a crucial aspect of any business. Many freight forwarders underestimate the importance of marketing their brand in a positive light to different

people, across different platforms.


Social media plays a vital role in any marketing service in the digital age we now live in. Making sure that you are posting relevant content, on the right channels, can ensure that you are making the most of the unlimited advertising space you have through the web and social media.

The overall 'marketing' umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. This means that when you market a service

A new way many people are taking advantage of social media as a marketing

you offer, you must deal with many different aspects of your business.

tool is through 'boosting' posts. This has helped many businesses reach new audiences and have people engage with the content on levels

We have come up with some top tips for you, to make sure that

previously thought impossible. This can help the smallest forwarder

you can get the most out of your marketing services, and bathe your

market their services on a much larger scale, all for a smaller price.

company in the glowing light of success.



Search Engine Optimisation is an online marketing methodology that

Recent years have seen major organisations, such as FIFA, come up

can help boost your digital presence. Making sure any content you

against PR crises and that is something you simply do not want in any

have online for advertising purposes meets Google’s SEO criteria will

business. Making sure that you are honest with the public about all

help you soar up through the rankings and towards position one of

your successes and failures is a great way of marketing your brand

page one, which will help with promotion of your services.

in an honest way. It’s not enough to simply have a website. It’s important to make sure The public aren’t interested in your promotional rhetoric, they would

your website is structured and contains content that is relevant to

rather hear how your services can help them. A good public relations

your visitors and viewed as such by the search engines. Optimising

practitioner should be able to be humble whilst still making their brand

the structure and content of your website will help you grow your

shine through as a dependable, honest, successful company to work with.

business and increase sales.


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January 2018


Traditional marketing platforms are now often overlooked for online

Freight Media can deliver a wide range of tangible results that will

services. This doesn’t mean they don’t offer a great service for

improve your bottom line, your brand awareness and your sales

freight forwarders. Whilst print and TV marketing services tend to

team's morale.

be a bit more expensive, the perceived professionalism that comes with them encourages people to use a brand time and time again.

We are clear and honest about everything we do, and you will always know exactly what is going on.

Traditional marketing strategies allow you to haggle over several details concerning your ROI. If you were to use billboard advertising,

Overall, with Freight Media’s support, you can look forward to a

for example, you could discuss the possibility of only paying a monthly

regular flow of warm sales leads, additional marketing literature and

fee dependant on how much revenue the billboard itself generates.

increased market share.

Nothing is more important than the ROI you gain from any marketing services, and if you feel you would rather deal with your forwarding services rather than marketing then we have the answer for you... FORWARDER magazine

January 2018






ver the last several months we have given many

This engagement on social media shows your company genuinely

FORWARDER readers some top tips to market

cares about the feedback and views of customers, which is something

their services in the best light possible. These tips

have helped many businesses over the last few months maximise their reach, engagement and ROI with customers and advertisers across the industry.

you rarely get from other advertising platforms.


Email marketing has been an incredibly useful tool since the explosion of the Internet as a marketing device. However, in recent years

To make it clear how important marketing is to any logistic or

many people have began to slack in the creation of their own email

forwarding company is, we have come up with some of the most

marketing campaigns. Not taking care of the wording in emails, along

important things to consider when trying to market yourself to

the pictures, can be detrimental to how successful your emails can be.

potential customers. You can create a lift in your email marketing revenue by reducing


your subject lines to only one word. Choose that word carefully. It

One of the most important aspects of marketing is social media.

should encourage curiosity, while staying relevant to your message.

It’s prevalence over the last few years has led to an explosion for

With the one right word, or question you will see your email

businesses and it has created the perfect marketing tool. Many

campaigns rocket.

different people see social media as a limited source of advertisement for their business, however the potential marketing implications are almost endless.


Search Engine Optimisation is vital for any company who wants their website and social media channels to do well on Google, allowing

Organic posting, coupled with boosting posts is a sure fire was

them to appear in prime spots on the search engine. SEO helps

to push your company’s services, or content, to a wider, more

search engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may

influential audience. Responding to posts with positive comments is

be useful for users, as computers don’t see websites in the same way

a great way of keeping engagement from your users on the channel,

humans do, so making sure you use the right kinds of applications

which in turn, creates a more confident marketing experience.

on your website.


FORWARDER magazine

February 2018

Between 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase or using a service. They get these reviews from


Making sure you make the right choice for your company when

search engines, so making sure you use the right keywords, images,

it comes to advertising can be a major factor in determining the

sizes and responsiveness on your website will all contribute to how

success of your marketing presence. PPC advertising campaigns are a

people will be able to see your website through search engines.

great way to discover what will work for you business, but if you do


choose this way of advertising there are a few ways to maximise it.

Public Relations is an element of marketing that needs special

If you're running a campaign with a dozen keywords and only have

attention paid to it. The way in which a company portrays its brand

one ad, then you're throwing money away. Create a specific ad

or message to the public is an address that needs to be made in a

group that targets single keywords. Then create two to three ads

short concise way, whilst also being true. Hiding anything from the

for that one keyword. See which ad works best, then run with it.

public can be the destruction of a company, so being as upfront about

You will see a far better ROI when placing your ads with any search

any dealings is important.

engine this way.

A secret that public relations holds, that many don’t realise, is that the press are most interested in the value-added information that will help them succeed in each area—not in hearing promotional information from you. By thinking of your readers' needs first— not your own self-interests—you will receive business traction and audience engagement beyond your dreams. FORWARDER magazine

February 2018




arketing has been thrust into a new era over several decades. From print advertisements through to holograms to promote their services, the freight

forwarding world simply cannot be left behind.


There are so many tools available to anyone within a marketing team, that it really would be a shame if you weren’t unique in the way in which you approached advertising. Using VR to simulate the supply chain, using voice assistance to tell people exactly

Technological advancements have pushed us into a world of

where their package is or even using drones to fly banners in

marketing that we previously thought impossible, and smaller

certain areas to promote your brand.

businesses have become more creative in advertising their services because of this.

These ideas will always separate you from the rest of the crowd using more traditional forms of marketing. Whilst, it is hard to

Long gone are the days in which big brands dominate the

grasp an analytical view of exactly how these ideas will work,

marketing game. VR, AR, drones, apps, social media and

you can take solace in the fact you will always be different from

interactive advertising have completely reshaped the landscape

the rest of the crowd.

for many aiming to market their business. These changes have led to a resurgence in the advertising game, a


We are a while away from living in a Blade Runner type of

renaissance if you will. If you want to be in the know with regards to

world, however, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are factors

the new wave of marketing services at your disposal, let us help you

that every marketer must take seriously. AI and big data will

through the somewhat unchartered seas of new media promotion.

continue to be on the agenda for 2018, with the gulf widening


between the companies who know how to use it and those who don’t. Technology like this allows any business to understand its

There is now a plethora of services for you to choose from when

audience and those who don’t take this seriously will lose out on

it comes to spending that oh-so-important marketing budget.

an opportunity to advertise to an unchecked market.

However, which one is best for you? Do your homework, and make sure that you aren’t spending money on a service that is

As search engines become more complex, and SEO criteria

primarily directed at young adults in a city centre if your target

constantly changing, with a true understanding of voice and

demographic is middle-aged men living in the country.

context being needed, surfacing content will not be the biggest challenge. Engagement will still be a metaphorical mountain

This seems like a simple tip, but so many people are so eager to

to climb, due to a generation becoming used to online

get their name out there they tend to forget that they have a

advertisements and ignoring them. Exploring new narratives

specific service to market. A targeted social media campaign is

with this data will see your business flourish.

an effective, cheap way to start off spending your budget, if you know exactly which posts you wish to 'boost'.


FORWARDER magazine

April 2018


Amazon is taking over from Google as a product search engine, and what they have done well is wait and market themselves as a simple, de-cluttered marketplace. If you own any sort of business, looking at Amazon's business model and approach to marketing is a must. Due to the resurgence from the online platform, they have been able to corner markets such as voice assistance and staffless shops, instead of joining in the already saturated phone markets etc., allowing them, uniquely, to advertise effectively using a range of techniques. This has pushed e-commerce retailers to adapt their attribution models to understand that new audiences gained on social media tend to visit a site, engage and eventually purchase. This doesn’t happen every time, but by marketing the right service to the right audience, the process becomes easier. Looking at marketing models from leaders in various industries is an effective way of developing your marketing in a smaller company.



FORWARDER magazine

April 2018





f you are wondering exactly why an e-shot campaign is so

Here are our six top tips to help you succeed when

important then look no further than this fact: you are

it comes to structuring e-mail marketing and making

now 6x more likely to have someone click through to

the most of a great method of promotion for you

your website via email marketing than any other kind of

and your company...

coupled with the fact it takes far less effort for all involved and is


substantially more environmentally friendly makes it a no-brainer

more engagement through each email, and this engagement will lead

for large and small companies alike.

to people clicking through to your services, and eventually, more

advertising at your disposal.

Images are just as important as text

As well as complementing the efforts of the marketing teams of large companies, email marketing campaigns provide an excellent, cost-effective marketing solution for SME freight companies that are aiming to increase their sales. The low costs of setting up an e-shot,

When it comes to e-shots content is king. However, there is only one sure fire way you will be able to grab the attention of

prospective clients and that’s by using thought provoking, exciting and colourful imagery, suitable to the type of consumer you are targeting through your E-Shot campaign. This will create so much

revenue for you.

There are so many reasons why getting your e-shot campaigns looking professional is vital. You only get one chance to make a first impression with potential customers and it is still just as important with existing customers and colleagues. Direct-toconsumer or direct business-to-business campaigns require time and effort that many in the freight forwarding business simply cannot afford to dedicate.


A call to action Sitting down and brain storming exactly what you want to achieve from your e-shot campaign is vital if you want it to

thrive. Design a call to action and come up with research on your market competition, your marketing channel, concepts for all stakeholders to review, consider feedback, refine all your ideas and even develop digital ready artwork/assets. Follow these steps, monitor

Whether it is developing telesales scripts or allowing time for a

your progress once the campaign is set up and you will see great

designer to create the mailing, typically through several lengthy

results for your hard work.

revisions, e-shot campaigns are a must for any freight forwarder wanting to expand their services to a more diverse market.


FORWARDER magazine

September 2017


the time to send a test email to yourself or a colleague to make sure


you make your company look professional is a must.

relating to a company’s sector, you have a much better chance of

Make sure it works well and looks great One area in which many email campaigns fail is the functionality of the email itself. Making sure that your text,

imagery or even video files are all in proportion, working correctly and compatible with different devices is extremely important. Taking


Personalisation keeps customers coming back One of the key factors in making an e-shot campaign successful is making it feel individual. There is nothing worse

than receiving a mass email that appears to have no relevance to you. Those emails will be ignored or deleted. By using your existing contacts and personalising your emails with a name, or a picture engagement – today's email marketing allows you to do this.

Engaging content leads to business As with many different platforms on the Internet, getting your target audience to engage with your content will

lead to people clicking through to your website or app. Researching your consumer market and making sure you are using key words and imagery will have people 1) opening your e-shot and 2) pursuing further involvement with both you and your company.


Customer database Once you have your email set and ready to go the advantage of having a database of relevant clients at your disposal

opens up amazing avenues. Because you can segment your database of customers or users with email, you can send extremely targeted marketing campaigns that will result in increased sales conversions simply because they are relevant.

If all this sounds daunting and you don’t have the time to come up with

As logistics experts, we also appreciate that all freight companies

an email marketing campaign, fear not. The Freight Media marketing

are targeting different types of enquiries, so we tailor our campaigns

team has put together a range of unique, stand-out services that

around a client's specific requirements. Freight Media is the seamless

assist freight companies in increasing their market share.

strategic growth partner for the logistics company that aims to +44 (0)1454 628 771

stand out from the crowd. We have packages available to suit any marketing budget. So, contact us today for further advice and a rundown of our services. FORWARDER magazine

September 2017





hen it comes to the development of a website, sometimes it can feel a bit like a jungle for the uninitiated. However, the web has become an

integral part of our lives, and understanding how your company can benefit from its use is incredibly valuable. Your website is your digital shop front and you only get one chance to make a first impression. You need to make sure that it really stands out, looks professional and describes the values and ethos of your company, all in the first 15–20 seconds. No mean feat! It


Mobile and tablet browsing now accounts for well over 50%.

must not only look amazing but display content that will have people

Why is this important? Because if your website doesn’t automatically

coming back time after time. All this will create a revenue stream

recalibrate to fit on a smartphone screen you are losing out on

that, if maintained and updated regularly, will boost any business.

a huge chunk of potential business. The majority of web sites built in the last few years will be responsive, but it only recently

Before any potential client approaches you, one of the first things

became Google's policy to actively penalise sites that are not.

they will check is your website. We all do it. You hear about a

If you are having anything bespoke built always make sure to ask for

product from someone, go on their website and judge their services

it to be responsive, and then check this on your phone as a test.

and product based on your first experience of their digital persona. With this in mind, it is imperative that your site is well designed, well supported and well preserved.


It is and always will be. You need to put up thought-provoking and engaging content to get people coming back to your website.

If you are thinking of getting your company onto the digital highway,

The trick on the web is to choose interesting, vibrant imagery and

and want the best start possible, check out these five must-know

videos and to complement this with clear, concise wording, making

tips from our team...

sure to not simply fill your pages with reams and reams of text.


FORWARDER magazine

October 2017



that looks great on social media, clicked a link, gone through with

Are there loading issues or broken links? Are the site’s security

the intent of purchasing it and been completely put off by a terrible

features adequate for your business’s needs? Always take a bit of

website – form or function. You wouldn’t eat food from a dirty,

time and look at your website from your users' perspective and how

ugly restaurant and the same applies to the web. Make sure you

they would want a website to function.

There have been many times, I'm sure, when you have seen something

Making your website easy for people to use is crucial to its success.

use professional images and a clean layout that isn’t too muddled.


Finding this all a bit daunting? Freight Media has a web

Whilst you do want your website to dazzle any potential customers,

design team that specialises in producing websites for freight

you also want to make your website easy to read and for customers

companies. We can assist with anything from a start-up to

to understand its goals immediately. Choosing the right typography,

a top-25 forwarder’s website, search-engine optimisation

colour scheme and navigation are all factors you should really

and 'pay per click', which leads to more interest and revenue

consider before even starting on the practical design process.

for your company. We are here to help guide you through the web's unchartered seas, and make sure you're getting the most out of your digital experience. Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

FORWARDER magazine

October 2017





hen it comes to the web, social media, email

Here at Freight Media we want to explain exactly how


you can make your content stand out from the crowd

which you are marketing yourself. Otherwise they’ll simply scroll past

and earn confidence from any company reading it, whether

and the content will be wasted. Make content easy to share through

online or in print. Great visual content is vital, but without

social media and other platforms to keep people engaging.

campaigns and any other form of marketing, there has always been one vital rule: content is king.

You can only make yourself desirable to prospective clients if the content you deliver to them lets all your deliverables shine through.


A huge part of any business is getting your clients to engage with it. Only By doing this can you be assured of immediate

and repeat business. Quality content is the best way to do this. Catchy headings and other variations which can make content more

a meaningful context behind it, it won’t draw in the calibre of client you may be seeking. Here are our top five tips to make sure that your content never falls flat again...


FORWARDER magazine

November 2017

appealing to anyone is key to bringing people through the platform on


coming through. An invaluable business model and the relationship


between the brand and consumers that is created is something every

business functions and is something that you have to take into

company needs. Content that adds value for consumers by educating

consideration. Even paid advertisement through the media is

them on the product/services you offer is a vital tool for any marketer

dependent on the quality of the content.


You add value to your company with quality content. When everything is well written, laid out correctly and spell

checked, anyone viewing the material online will immediately appreciate your level of professionalism. Quality content leads to quality business


Whether we like it or not, all media platforms these days are content based. You need quality information

to contextualise everything on the Internet from social media to your webpage. It’s much more than just 'owned media' such as a blog or a website, it’s a critical aspect of how your

never thought possible. By creating content your customers find


useful, they feel as though they’re having a conversation with you,

and will therefore see more people visting your site and reading

which means they trust you and are more likely to buy from you.

your content. This will give you an option outside simply ranking,

Even commenting on your social media posts opens this dialogue.

displaying basic information about your business and what you do.

in today’s internet-based freight industry.



Your marketing sells your products to your clients. Sometimes face-to-face sales can be obtrusive, so by using

clever marketing you can expand your operations to business you


If you want to find your site at the top of search results then you need to start answering questions your customers are

asking. If someone searches ‘who is the best air freight operator?’ and content on your website or social media platforms answers this, then you will be recognised by Google as a reliable source

If you don’t have the time to produce quality content, Freight Media Ltd. are always happy to put together promotional editorial for our contract clients. Whether this be promoting new services, new recruits or any exciting projects that you have coming up, we can cover a wide range of sectors and topics that will get the attention of influential figures in the industry. A massively beneficial and popular feature that many companies have enjoyed the use of is Move It Like..., which perfectly balances unique, interesting content with professional imagery of you and your company. It provides any forwarder with a platform to stand out from the competition and for use when presenting your services to clients. Feel free to contact us for a full range of offerings. FORWARDER magazine

November 2017





ere at Freight Media, we understand that marketing your freight forwarding services needs to come from a plethora


Visuals and social media go hand in hand. People love seeing videos and

of outlets and channels. In the connected world we live in,

pictures, rather than scrolling through text. The freight forwarding

an incredible way of doing this is through the power of social media.

industry is lucky enough to have several diverse key sectors at its disposal—land, air and sea—so use these in a visually striking way!

It may seem obvious that your social media prevalence is an

Attractive, professional pictures will attract new business. Coupled

important part of marketing in today’s freight forwarding industry,

with tagging relevant companies you will see your social media

although sometimes you just don’t have the time to create attractive

engagement skyrocket.

content that will grab the attention of perspective consumers. If you follow these tips and tricks you will be a on a road to social


The forwarding game can be one with plenty of scope for analytics.

media success in no time. However, if you feel you are still struggling

Social media is no different. You can’t learn from your mistakes if

with keeping up with the social media savvy, fear not. Forwarder

you do not re-examine posts and see what worked and what didn’t,

has an incredible in-house team who can help you deal with social

some content performs better on some networks than others and

media across all channels.

you can now curate content by social network. Just like you would in any other walk of life, reflecting and acting on social media will help you gain more interest.


Planning and consistency is something needed to gain relevant engagement on your forwarding social media posts. Each social media channel out there is different, and therefore is operated in a different way. Looking through each one individually, factoring in things such as tone, content type, formatting, tagging, editorial plan and even content structure will help build a better base across all platforms.


FORWARDER magazine

August 2017



precious. You don’t want to be sat around for hours crafting posts to

website and show them all the information they need about your

different social media channels, when more pressing cargo deliveries

freight forwarding knowledge and services. Retargeting options

could be dealt with. Finding a balance that works for you and your

where you can follow your website visitors to other sites like

business is key to this. If you are building connections and creating

Twitter and Facebook, and encourage them to take further action

revenue through LinkedIn, but your Facebook posts aren’t generating

is a huge advantage to this. For example, you can display “page like”

any interest, then tailor your schedule around LinkedIn and continue

ads and encourage relevant customers to like or share content from

to expand on new markets that are there for the taking.

your forwarding site.

Like I have already mentioned, in the forwarding industry, time is

Using social media ads is a great way to attract people to your

This may be a paid service; however, the upside is a unique service, meaning your potential customers don’t see all your communication, but with good marketing tactics you can improve your chances of showing up in their social streams! In return, you get relevant clients and another place to reach your desired audience. We can help increase your brand recognition, whether this be through paid advertisements on social media, or through cutting edge marketing tactics, leading to more engagement and revenue through a more connected and relevant client base. Forwarder offer many different packages to suit your needs and would be more than happy to talk to you through them. All this can be achieved through the power of social media, so, what are you waiting for? Create a more engaging freight forwarding platform on social media today, and reap the rewards tomorrow! FORWARDER magazine

August 2017






nowing how to get the best out of a directory listing is

of your title and description tags is displayed in search results.

crucial for any business in the freight forwarding industry.

Think of this text as a ‘mini ad’ that you need to carefully craft.

Directory listings have become an integral part of many

The more consistent this is and the more accurate it is, the more

businesses. Knowing exactly how to structure your listing and

google will let make this appear for people searching for forwarding.

portraying yourself in a way that suits both your company goals and

Take advantage of this space and use it wisely – and make sure you

clients’ needs is crucial in getting new business.

double-check that your titles and descriptions aren’t getting cut off in search results.

However, many companies now take a back seat and throw money down the drain by not getting the most out of their directory listing. Pre-internet, it was easy to proof your directory listings

FORWARDER Directory is a catalogue of freight forwarding

companies, shipping lines, airlines, etc. that specialise in shipping

but today, if you are a business owner struggling to find the time

to or from certain countries. Freight Media can help you set up

to go through all the fine details, we recommend finding someone

a directory entry that is guaranteed to help you in the forwarding

to pick through your directory listing looking for any inaccuracies,

world. Our team perfects each listing or advert and makes sure

spelling mistakes or outdated images. Working closely with the

your details are correct and positioned in the best place possible

company producing your listing will result in a professional-

for your business.

looking product, enticing clients in from farther afield and from a wider range of industries. Comparing the market and making sure you are advertising your business in the right magazine or website is vital to creating a costeffective and reliable listing. This drive behind putting in the effort with all the small details stems from the fact that discrepancies such as misspellings, abbreviations and badly formatted contact details can wreak havoc when search engines can’t determine which information about your business is correct. If Google’s not sure, it may display information incorrectly – or not at all. Being in more directory listings helps increase your chance of being found by anyone looking for freight forwarding services. The text


FORWARDER magazine

December 2017



+44 (0)1376 333000



+44 (0)1753 682222



+44 (0)1274 765850



+44 (0)1625 858858



+44 (0)1622 716441



+44 (0)1482 325781



+44 (0)1472 241368



+44 (0)1472 878514



+44 (0)1293 611700


INDIA T: 01708 630 448 - W: - E:



+44 (0)1709 550512

The Directory lists the major countries in alphabetical order



+44 (0)20 8917 8910

ALLSEAS GLOBAL LOGISTICS LTD and the carriers are then displayed in order of advert size and


+44 (0)161 272 8989

ANDANTE FREIGHT LTD then alphabetically as basic listings. It allows the user to find a


+44 (0)1274 676057

APL LOGISTICS EUROPE B.V. true specialist with a strong service to/from the desired country.


+44 (0)20 8221 5684

CARDINAL For the carrier, it provides a steady flowMARITIME of qualityLTD enquiries for the


+44 (0)161 491 0491

regions which they serve best.CMA CGM LOG


+44 (0)151 235 8526


+44 (0)117 980 2420

DHLaGLOBAL FORWARDING You can place any size advert from free single-line entry LTD to a double-


+44 (0)1295 277888

GROUP LTD services. page spread in the Directory DOOLEY to showRUMBLE off your strongest


+44 (0)1473 835100


+44 (0)1827 871200


Our team can advise you on DSV howAIR best to LTD use the space. When it & SEA comes to the forwarding industry, we BROKERS have an extensive collection FREIGHT LTD of companies listing themselves through KUEHNE + NAGELthe FORWARDER

Directory, and with our dedicated team we can make the process a breeze for you.

Want to be involved? +44 (0)1454 628 771 London

+44 (0)20 8451 6703


+44 (0)20 8867 3000

FORWARDER directory

FORWARDER magazine

December 2017




A new service for the freight industry, bringing the power and convenience of mobile apps to transport and logistics companies

Company profiles

Track & trace link

Employee profiles

Corporate media

Quote request General contacts Company news

Job section Booking form Push notifications freight professionals...for freight professionals


FORWARDER magazine

ISSUE46 this space FORWARDER magazine






If you think about how long you spend on your mobile phone, then think about your customers – how long are they spending

on theirs and what are they doing on those devices? Statistics show that a huge amount of time is spent on mobiles and its growing. Your business should be available to these potential customers 24/7.





A mobile app for your business can massively contribute to

your brand awareness. Here are the two clear ways this can work. Brand. The strength of your brand may need some work, however if it is strong you are able to do a lot more of what you want with it; (Have Fun with it) But what you really want to do is create an app that has the features your customers will love, while at the

Apps serve many functions: They provide general

same time being well branded and beautiful in its design.. Always be

information, maps, prices, integrated booking forms,

thinking what your customers want. Recognition. The more often

individual user accounts, messengers, news feeds, testimonial pages

you can get customers involved with your app, (reasons to revisit)

(Digital word of mouth) and much more.

the sooner they will be inclined to buy your products and/or services and recommend to others – Digital word of mouth reselling for you.

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you want to provide to your customers including special sales and promotions is available right at their fingertips. With push notifications you can get even closer to your customers engaging directly about your products, services and unique selling points.





From selling products or tattoo services, your customers

need a way to reach you. Having a messaging (or help desk) feature within your app can really make a difference in the way you communicate with your customers. Are you like us? Do you

Push notifications are one of the most beneficial ways of

prefer to call and wait to book a restaurant table? With your App

communicating directly to your customers. We can’t avoid

customers can check availability, book the table, order the food if

that red message that needs action, that deal, that offer or update

they wish, with less than five clicks on their platform. Now think

you must press to find out more.

about it: How many customers would prefer to communicate with



Customers love being loyal and for you to reward them

keeps them with you and ensures they stay with you. We have always been frustrated getting that small printed loyalty card that fits in your wallet or purse only to find you had two more visits to claim your reward and you’ve lost it!!! The App can digitalise this loyalty

you in this way?



Most small businesses think that Apps are not for them and

they will wait at their own peril. But think about this “Soon people will be booking most things through their TV or home devices, using their voice, Booking what they want using a voice recognition

program you have in place, The result? More downloads, more traffic

addition to the company app. The younger generation will know

to your business that in turn will mean growth to your business that

no different and they will choose the companies that have this App

other media outlets won’t be able to achieve.

facility over yours.


FORWARDER magazine




The Features and benefits of an app to the client

Last, but not least, the most important reason why you

•• Increase Visibility to Clients at All Times. ...

should consider building your own mobile app is customer

•• Market More Directly – saving money on marketing spend

loyalty. With all the noise out there, roadside banners, billboards,

•• Provide Your Customers with Value

flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, websites, website

•• Build Brand Recognition

banners, Facebook ads, and email marketing. We slowly lose our

•• Increase Customer Engagement

impact on customers because of the immense amount of advertising

•• Stand Out From the Crowd

surrounding us all. It’s time to go back to making a true and sincere

•• Increase Customer Loyalty

connection with your customers, and making them a loyal lover of

•• Turn Your App Into a Social Platform.

your product and/or service. I am not saying a mobile app is going

•• Booking or ordering directly to you

to save your business, but it can be a way of staying closer to your

•• Complement your website and social platforms

customers, and being just a “fingertip” away at all times.

•• Most people use mobile devices every day

Having a functional website is the place to start. After attracting new customers, urge them to download your app on their mobile devices. After that, use the app to generate profitable opportunities. Create engagement by encouraging user reviews and interactions. As you build brand loyalty, expand your reach to social circles and deliver personalised shopping experience.







reightabase is an online digital platform for sourcing specialist

At Freightabase we understand that consumers’ needs are changing,

carriers to or from any part of the globe. You can source

and with constant time constraints freight buyers need to make

all carrier types, ranging from airlines, shipping lines, freight

educated decisions quickly. The idea of a shipping manager being able

forwarders and parcel carriers.


FORWARDER magazine

to source information to make a well-informed decision is exciting. ISSUE46


The ‘Quick Quote’ is designed to assist busy cargo owners who may not have the time to do an advanced search. Simply complete a very simple form and our customer services team will do the rest for you. The service is available on desktop and mobile and the app is being released soon.


The ‘Directory’ is recommended if you are looking for a carrier by name or in a specific location. You can also select carriers by key words, e.g. ‘perishables’ or ‘project cargo’. The Directory also lists service suppliers to the industry, e.g. marine insurance or mergers & aquisitions.


The ‘Loading List’ is a more advanced search where users can find carriers that specialise in a specific trade lane or shipping route. You can select mode of transport, collection and delivery point. This will then produce a list of specialist carriers to consider for your shipment.

FORWARDER magazine



Introducing... F R O M F O R W A R D E R M A G A Z I N E • P O W E R E D B Y F R E I G H TA B A S E

The global freight directory


is the fastest way to find NVOCCs, airlines, shipping lines, couriers, freight forwarders, pallet networks, etc.


FORWARDER magazine


Upgrade your listing to a featured company

See companies in your area

Search by country shipped to Search results by various criteria and ďŹ lters

Search by service, company or keyword Responsive and mobile friendly

Please visit...'s now live!

FORWARDER magazine






lackheath Products, a leading supplier to the

It used the latest polymeric DPF 4550GTX film from leading

construction and furniture industries, entered 2020 with

supplier Arlon for the decals. Purpose-designed for flat-sided vehicle

an eye-catching ‘new’ fleet following the completion by

applications, this employs a light grey adhesive which helps to cover

Graphics Depot of a major rebranding programme.

existing graphics or darker substrates, and offers a long-term bond.

A division of the multi-faceted Bevan Group, Graphics Depot

Importantly, because it has long experience of working with

removed the existing liveries and applied its customer’s latest,

Bevan, and has full confidence in the quality of its production

eye-catching design to no fewer than 16 trucks which were

processes and people, Arlon has committed to a five-year

already in service.

warranty on the printed vinyl. This might not be available to customers of other vehicle graphics suppliers.

Blackheath Products is a £28 million turnover business, and operates from a base with 100,000 ft 2 of warehousing in

It was crucial to Blackheath Products that vehicle downtime

Halesowen, West Midlands. It supplies decorative laminate,

should be restricted to an absolute minimum. Transport Manager

melamime-faced boards, solid surfacing and acrylic panels to the

Mick Greensill therefore worked closely with Graphics Depot

construction industry, as well as worktops, sinks and flooring to

Head of Department Colette Smith to put together an exacting

kitchen and bathroom retailers.

timetable, under which the materials were in place and fitters stood ready to rebrand two vehicles on a succession of Fridays,

Established over 60 years ago, Blackheath Products runs a fleet

the operator’s quietest day.

of 19 DAF rigid trucks, which are contract hired from Ryder. All have curtainside bodies built and liveried by long-term supplier Bevan Group.

Bevan have always done a good job for us, building bodies which are fit for purpose and stand the test of time. So, having decided to update the fleet with our new branding, it was only

Most of the operator’s trucks are 7.5-tonners, although

natural that our first call was to Graphics Depot. Colette and

Graphics Depot also rebranded six 18-tonners, three of which

her team took the project on and worked hard to ensure there

have sleeper cabs. The three oldest trucks on the fleet were

was as little disruption as possible to our business. We’re very

excluded from the programme, as they are now being replaced

pleased with the results, as the vehicles look great, and we’ve

with new vehicles.

had a lot of positive feedback from customers.

The rebranding project entailed removal of the old liveries from

A Black Country success story – it won Commercial Motor

the cabs and rear doors, prior to ‘mopping and polishing’ to

magazine’s inaugural Bodybuilder of the Year trophy in 2017 –

obscure all trace of the previous design. Graphics Depot also

Bevan Group has headquarters and two factories in Wednesbury,

printed, laminated, cut and then applied the new decals, and

in addition to other production facilities in Halesowen and

supplied and fitted replacement curtains.

Oldbury, and one in St Helens, Merseyside.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at

The company has provided a comprehensive vehicle livery

I have a fantastic team who are all experts in their field, and

service for many years. However, this was re-launched under the

with several exciting developments in the pipeline I’m confident

Graphics Depot name in 2019. While its core business remains

that Graphics Depot can look forward to a very exciting future.

vehicle graphics and fleet liveries, including creative design, under Colette’s leadership it has also branched out into exhibition

To find out more about the industry-leading support on offer

graphics, wall coverings and paint protection.

from Graphics Depot, call 0121 585 2960 option 3 or email





+44 (0)1454 628 771

Unit 8 Apex Court


Almondsbury Business Park

Bristol BS32 4JT