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“There’s a story that a customer came to a shaper and said ‘I got this magic board, it’s perfect. I want to copy it,’” said shaper Eric Arakawa while standing in his shaping bay. Dust saturated the floor and a fresh board stood on display next to him. “And the shaper looked at him and said, ‘what do you mean? You don’t want it any better?’” It’s evident today that hours of laboratory-like work in dilapidated warehouses have made “better” boards, with designs serving as a foundation that the performance of the sport currently sits atop. Recent board modifications have even taken surfers to new heights in the early WSL Championship Tour events (looking at you, Stu Kennedy and Matt Wilkinson). In the 2016 Beach and Board Buyers Guide, we aimed to not only

exhibit these cutting edge designs and shapes of today, but also to place your feet in the dusty, resin-smelling warehouses where you can glean more insight from the shapers themselves. In the following pages, we talk story with a host of Hawaii’s shapers: Mike Mattinson, Jon Pyzel, Eric Arakawa, Ron Meeks, Glenn Pang and Wade Tokoro on shaping innovations, how to pick out the best board, and other intuition gathered in shaping bays across the Islands where the sole focus is to make your next board pure magic.

Heff Blue Planet

Local Motion / Keanu Asing

Brent Bielmann

Marc Chambers

JON PYZEL With pros, you refine small aspects versus giant steps. Most pros in surfing aren’t going on a limb, they’re keeping it close, trying to fit everything in the judging criteria. It’s tricky, because a lot of times we don’t have too much time to work with them. I make more changes to the overall design with the average surfer.

Cole Alves / Minamai Surfboards

HIC / Josh Moniz


What’s the difference between shaping for a pro and shaping for the average surfer?

Blue Planet Surf Fun Stick Shaper / artist: Robert Stehlik 9’4 x 33 x 4 140L The 9’4” x 33” Fun Stick sets a new standard in ease of use and optimized performance. makes it stable while the thin rounded pintail and rails make it responsive in the surf. $1,199.00 540 Ward Ave, Honolulu, HI 96814 (808) 596-7755 Facebook:/ bpsurf Instagram: blueplanetsurf/ Youtube: blueplanetsurf

Hawaiian Island Creations Z-Glide Shaper: Steve Morgan Length: 7’2” Width: 21” Thickness: 3” Ideal for summer, this hybrid is a great compromise between a fun board and a performance board. With the volume a bit more forward this board really catches waves easily. Exceptional maneuverability makes the Z-Glide an excellent all-around board that can be ridden in a wide variety of surf conditions. Available as a Thruster or Quad and with Round Pin, Squash or Swallow tail designs. Enjoy the ride on a Z-Glide! Available at HIC’s Ala Moana, Kailua, Haleiwa, Maui Mall, Lahaina & Hilo stores.

Downing Hawaii Minihune

Glenn Minami Avenger

6'11" - 7'11" We gave the Minihune a fuller nose for extra stability while paddling yet not too wide to get caught in the wind on late drops, and a pulled in tail for tighter turns in the pocket. The Minihune has a short board rocker for quick responsive turning. Great for beginner to intermediate surfer of all sizes. Wave heights: 1-6 ft Setup: Thruster Type of Wave: If I had only one board to cover a wide variety of waves, from soft rolling, to steep vertical faces, this board would be the one.

The Avenger is a premier model in our line of performance shortboards. It excels in small to medium surf and has proven to be very versatile. Design characteristics are deep concaves, fuller shoulder width, and a modified tail rocker. The results are easy wave entry, excellent down the line speed along with drive and quickness. What is also very noticeable about the Avenger is its quick snaps off the top and the ease of making steep re-entries. The feedback for the Avenger has been excellent!

Downing Hawaii 3021 waialae ave. 808 737-9696

www.minamisurfboards. com 808 387-9875

Local Motion Longboards


Local Motion longboards shaped by Jay Richardson are designed with a flatter rocker and medium/ soft rails to catch waves with minimum effort and allow smooth rail to rail transitions. These boards range from 8¹ 0 ­ 9¹ 6 will have you cruising through the lineups and gliding across the waves from dawn to dusk all summer long.

Bluebird 9’2 x 22 x 3 The modern longboard yet with old school traditional features. 50/50 rails. Rolled v. Single fin box (+2 optional ). This board ideal for points tested in california as well as Brazil. Team riders : Danilo Couto, Luke Shepardson, Alexandre Ferraz, Alex Martins.

keith@localmotioninc. com for custom orders and quote IG @localmotionhawaii 808-450-7621

Pompermeyer Mendonca

Mendonca / Alexander Ferraz


Meeks Surfboards / Tai Vandyke

Performance versus durability: what’s the perfect middle point? GLENN PANG Durability comes second for average guy, and you need to compromise to get something in middle ground. WADE TOKORO You want a nice solid core, a nice and strong blank. And a medium standard glass, which you can keep, which is a middle ground. But performance-wise, you want to keep it as light as possible and that way the board’s a lot more responsive and quick. Durability, I think it applies for certain guys who want to keep a board for a while. For stronger guys you want durability. The type of waves you’re riding makes a difference too. When you’re riding really big surf, you want it a little bit stronger with more weight and durability. RON MEEKS

Northern Alliance / Ola Eleogram Heff


Powerdrive / Kaimana Jaquias


There’s so much gray area with durability. I have guys who want a board that's light and super durable, and you have to tell them pick one or the other. If you want one that is super light, it’s not going to be durable, and if it’s super durable it's not going to be light. It depends on how you surf, where you surf and how well you take care of boards.

Mendonca Doomsaday Survivor

Meeks Surfboards Upgrade

Meeks Surfboards Sumo

10 x 21 1/2 x 3 7/8

Hand shaped by : Ron Meeks 6’5’’ x 183/8’’ x 2 3/8’’

Hand shaped by : Ron Meeks 6’3’’ x 19 3/4’’ x 2 7/8’’

The Upgrade is a step up board when your normal short board is feeling a bit under gunned. Order them in the same dimensions as your shorty, just 1’’ to 3’’ longer.

The Sumo model is a high performance big guy board. Single into double concave. A little panel vee off the tail. Fuller rails. For surfers in the 200 lb. and up category that need a true high performance board.

This board was designed for the Eddie contest. It has a v bottom from the mid point back flattening out at tail. It has a five fin setup. Board turned out magic. It’s been a product of years of refining and perfecting the gun shape through tons of feedback to reach the highest performance level. Board was ridden at Jaws with 100% sucess rate.

Board as pictured is 455.00. 425.00 base price plus 30.00 for color.

Base price is 425.00 for a clear sanded finish board.

808 281 2221. Instagram / @meeksboards Facebook / Meeks surfboards

808 281 2221. Instagram / @meeksboards Facebook / Meeks surfboards

Northern Alliance Blockhead

Northern Alliance Mike’s Twin

5’6” – 6’6”

5’4” – 6’1”

Powerdrive A-32 High Performance Model

Fast, fun, responsive. Our go-to shortboard, made here, tested everywhere. Good travel buddy : )

Differences make the world an interesting place to live in.

Thruster or quad (or 5-fin set up).

Twin, je t’aime. mendoncasurfboards@ 808-450-7621 mendonca

Get A Twin

Twin, te amo. Twin, Ich liebe dich. Not your retro art piece, this little twinnie flies and holds, and turns like a mothertwinner.

A-32HP Model features a deep single concave to a double concave throughout the fins that gives this board exceptional acceleration and speed. The shape of the bottom concave allows the board to maintain the drive from a deep bottom turn straight to the lip. The A-32 shape makes smooth rail to rail transitions in hollow sections while generating tremendous speed. Kaipo Jaquias, Kaimana Jaquias, and Elijah Gates’s go to high performance short board model.

(808) 741-7085 @northernalliancesurfboards Waialua Sugar Mill, Oahu

@northernalliancesurfboards Waialua Sugar Mill, Oahu


Powerdrive Longboard EPS Epoxy Longboard 3/16" Double Stringer This longboard design features a double concave from the center throughout the board to a slight v at the tail. The narrow outline of the board allows for more critical maneuvers on the wave. Longboard so smooth like hot knife through butter. (808) 741-7085

Surfboard Factory Outlet / Vercelli

RJ Surfboards / Kahi Pacarro

Surfboard Factory Outlet Evolution Shaper: Dennis Pang Dimensions: 9’0 x 30 x 4 3/8

How do you choose the right tail shape? MIKE MATTINSON Where your surfing is a good indicator of the type of tail you want. If you surf Pipe, you’ll want a pintail, for Rockies a square tail, a swallow tail for Town, one that has more surface area. Where you surf the most dictates what shape it's going to be.

An SUP designed and built in Hawaii for Hawaiian waves is essential to having the most fun here. Feedback from some of the best SUP surfers helped me evolve a fast, stable, and highly maneuverable sup. Having the proper outline, deck, foil, rocker, and bottom contour (single concave to double barrel vee off the tail), makes this an exceptional SUP. The “Evolution” can be found at SFO. Stock and custom boards available. (808) 543-2145

WADE TOKORO You can use any tail shape in any type of wave, although certain type of designs are better for certain waves. I think a lot of it has to do with personal preference. facebook: surfboardfactoryoutlet instagram: surfboardfactoryhawaii

RJ Surfboards Dirty Whirly

Surf Design Hawaii Vog Machine

Shaper: Robin Johnston

Shaper-RP 5’5” x 19 1/8” x 2 1/4”

This small wave weapon has medium-low rocker, medium depth single concave, and a compact, full outline. The fuller nose and tail creates a straighter rail-line allowing for more drive even in softer conditions. It has a medium volume rail which sets in the wave face allowing for sustaining and projecting turns. Ride a couple inches shorter than the typical short board. Ride quad or thruster. Dimensions and tail design can be customized.

The ultimate hangover cure! Have that 2:30 feeling after the roughest night of yer life? In just seconds, the vog machine will pick you up and have you blazin right through that hazy Sunday morning*. *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA @surf_design_hawaii

Surfboard Factory Outlet El Gordito Shaper: Kim Purington Dimensions: 5’8 x 19 ½ x 2 3/8 This is your “go to” board for small to medium surf. Lower nose rocker and fuller outline make for easy paddling. Moderate tail rocker with single oncave is great for top to bottom surfing or barreling waves. “El Gordito” is the perfect board for waves you surf most of the time.

$420 for Poly $505 for Epoxy 1-808-738-7873 Facebook: RJSurfboards Instagram: RJSurfboards

(808) 543-2145 facebook: surfboardfactoryoutlet instagram: surfboardfactoryhawaii

Surfboard Factory Outlet Springer

Surfboard Factory Outlet Stone Fish

T&C Surf Traveler

Shaper: Eric Arakawa Dimensions: 5’9 x 19 x 2.44

Shaper: Marcello Vercelli Dimensions: 5’10 x 19 ¼ x 2 5/16

5’10” x 19 1/4 x 2 3/8

Outline is fuller overall, with slightly lower rocker than its predecessor, the “Transformer”. Most significant change is the bottom. Double concaves are more forward and transitions to a single through the fin area. This increases traction and drive under the front foot, and high-speed water flow through the tail section. The Springer is quick, with a “tail free” feeling through top turns. It’s fun and versatile for small waves.

Stone Fish has a wider outline and relaxed nose rocker for easier paddling. Bottom contour consists of slight vee through the entrance, to a single concave in middle, to double concaves flowing thru and off the tail. With aggressive tail rocker added, this board turns on a dime! The groove rails are a plus. They keep volume off the rails, but keeps volume in the middle of board where needed for maximum power in your turns.

(808) 543-2145 (808) 543-2145 facebook: sfohawaii instagram: surfboardfactoryhawaii facebook: surfboardfactoryoutlet instagram: surfboardfactoryhawaii

Glenn pang

As well as turning heads at your home break, take the Traveler on any trip you go on and you’ll have an amazing time . This board has speed like a fish but turns like a short board. Easy going board to ride in any type of wave, should be ordered 3” to 4” shorter and 5/8” to 3/4” wider than your standard dimensions. 808-621-5000 IG: tcsurfboards

Alpine Stars Seeker Boardshorts

Bureo Newen Polarized

Comfortable and functional 20” two way stretch fit

The Newen frame is made entirely from Bureo’s Net+Positiva plastic, a fully traceable 100% recycled and recyclable nylon fishing net material. Designed in collaboration with Karün eyewear in Chile, the glasses are complete with premium Carl Zeiss Polarized lenses. Made in Italy. $139

with side pocket body and no side seams. $59.00

Ayahuascaa Art Sunrise Shells Goddess Artist: Ytala Chacon. Merging the techniques of the Incas with unique and exclusive of the Hawaiian Islands ... sunrise shells! known as the Hawaiian gold for their beauty. We have created this unique and

elegant set in 14kt gold. $360 503-406-7500 facebook / instagram/ twitter @ayahuascaart

Cholos Trucker Hats Cholos New Selection of Hats for the Summer...

Brazilian Show Room Crochet Bikini Bottom and Top

Truckers from $14-$20 and Flexfits for $28. Cover your head and protect your beak with a new Cholos Hat!

Sold separated

COR Surf Waterproof Backpack (40L) Roll-top 100% waterproof backpack. Roll, click the top and you can go anywhere in any condition. Great for travel, and all watersports. Even floats comes with a padded laptop sleeve for your electronics

Bottom: $78.00 Top: $78.00

D’Blanc D’Blanc Made for Vissla Deep 6

HammerHead Spearguns MV3 Action Mask

Shoot them all! On video, that is, with the new MV3 Action mask from HammerHead Spearguns. HammerHead Dive Masks are the best in the industry, made with ultra-soft matte silicone and utilizing optical-grade glass lens in Ultra Clear, AntiReflective Purple, or Mirror Yellow finishes. Whatís more, the MV3 Action is designed to work with GoProô Hero Cameras, so you can shoot everything in sight! Keep your hands free to do whatever you wanna while your camera is steady and secure on the mounts on our dive masks!

Inspired by Vissla’s 7 Seas Collection, the sunglass frames were built with a Matte Black Exterior, 7 gloss

MV3 Action Ultra Clear = $79.99

stripes on each temple, and leopard acetate down the

MV3 Action ARC Purple = $94.99

side and top profiles

MV3 Action Mirror Yellow = $94.99


Hi-Tech Maui Vissla

2 mm neoprene super stretch FrontZip Vest, triple-stitched inside & blind stitched sealed seam outside. Easy paddler & keeps you warm on those trade-windy summer days.

Honolulu Beerworks Growler Brewer : Geoff Seideman

Honolua Surf Co. Wildside Boardshorts

Flip top “growler” so it helps make it more distinct from the standard scew top. They have a better seal, which keeps the beer tastier longer. Dark brown glass to keep the light out, so your beer doesn't skunk and

The "WILDSIDE” is comfortable and stylish with a 21

stays fresh!

inch outseam, side contrast pocket and drawstring

64 ounces $12.00 for the glass and $16.00 for the fill

cinch. $49.50


Kona Brewing Co. facebook / honolulubeerworks twitter and instagram / @hnlbeerworks | @jambahawaii |

Jamba Juice Hawaii Want your Jamba without the wait? Download the new Jamba Juice App to skip the line anytime. Convenience enthusiasts rejoice! Use promo code J2OFF2 to get $2 off your first purchase.

Custom-made by Sector 9 in San Diego, this Kona Longboard Lager-branded skateboard is perfect for cruising through the

662 Ride Shop Hubb Edition Quad Core Plus Bodyboard

Sizes/Specs: 40.5”, 41.5” and 42.5” (Quad Core, Single Stringer; Crescent or Hubb Tail)

neighborhood. Of course, it's a great display piece as well. Skateboard measures 40" in length by 9 3/8" wide. $175.00

The Quad Core features the latest innovation in Hubboards core technology, combining multiple layers of Polypropylene and React Mesh for increased projection, speed and durability. The specialized Hubb Tail design enhances the board’s lift and control, meaning the Quad Core can handle it all, taking you deep into the barrel or far above the lip. $350. @Hubboards (Instagram & Facebook)



Science Bodyboards / Mike Stewart

What are some tips on finding the right board for the average surfer? MIKE MATTINSON Know your dimensions and your volumes and understand what you like before you talk to a shaper. Sometimes a shaper will tell you what you like, so it's good to have an idea beforehand. RON MEEKS

You have to be brutally honest with your skill level. The biggest pitfall for those relatively new to surfing is that they’re riding boards geared for high performance surfing and their skill level may not be adequate for that kind of board. Basically, you've got a Ferrari on a Go Kart track. Average surfers benefit from riding boards that are a little wider and have more foam. Make sure you have board that fits your home break wherever you surf. If you surf a slope-like wave, you don’t want to be on super rockered out thruster, you want a flatter rocker and something that fits the type of wave. The other side of that coin is that if you’re surfing a super fast, hollow beach break you don’t want to be riding a flat board either.

Oneill / Eli Olson Heff

Penny Skateboards

Local Motion Blue Moon

Hawaiian Bath & Body® NEW SPF Lip Balms

Kaleimaeole Jewelry This gorgeous ring is made from a Hawaiian Sunrise Shell, found on the North Shore of Oahu. Makes a

The right fit and function for the modern era. Giving

Just in time for summer! Vegan SPF 15 lip balms

wonderful gift for any beach lover. 14k yellow, rose

you comfort with its 4 way stretch ability. At the same

loaded with organic sunflower, olive and hemp seed

gold or sterling silver.

time maximizing ease of movement in a scallop leg

oils! Fun new flavors to treat and protect your lips! Available at North Shore Soap Factory.

opening. @kaleimaeolejewelry

Maui Rippers Peahi Palm

REEF Slammed Rover

IG @localmotionhawaii

O’Neill Hyperfreak Boardshorts

The Reef Slammed Rover is specifically designed for style and comfort. The sandal features Swellular Known for our classic Camo’s, Tako’s, Fishing Shorts and Hawaii’s bulletproof Lifeguard shorts. This summer Maui Rippers will begin releasing our new line of quality stretch surf designs. Keep In touch and

Technology offering a super-soft contoured foam footbed with a compression molded triple density construction. Available in 4 colorways.

Prepare for the most technical Hyperfreak yet! The


O'Neill Hyperfreak Boardshorts offer a new level of

Rip It Up!

drying with Liquipel technology allowing the freedom to go from dry to wet to dry unreasonably fast. $59.50 Facebook / Oneill Instagram / @oneill

Scarfini Fins FX 3 Ecofin Series

Available at your local surf shop!

Sex Wax Sexwax No-Touch Face Stick The Sexwax No-Touch Face Stick (SPF-50+) is Water Resistant. It goes on dry and

Bamboo and Hemp are ecologically friendly, natural fibers which have been used for centuries. The strength and flex memory of bamboo cores replicates solid fiberglass flex while also reducing weight.

Quiksilver Division Remix Vee Boardshorts Made with the Dry Flight 4 way stretch technology. Laser cut and heat bonded inseam and hem.

provides Broad Spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. $11.95

Science Bodyboards Pocket

This is your board for hitting sections tight to the pocket. Easily launch out of the bowl for your favorite move or anything else you can imagine. This template is all about being in control of your board and maneuvering in and around the pocket.

MS Viper R-1 super flex fins.

Limited Edition. 100% natural rubber. Summer 2016. Used by Hawaii's finest. Tools not Toys.

Penny Skateboards 27” Toucan Tropicana MSRP $140

SlipIns Mini-Metal Scales A short tight fitting, long sleeve, figure flattering, upper body spring suit providing excellent sun protection with 60+

Sole Options L. A. VATED / LADYBIRD

Description: Cruise around in comfort and style. Each sock sports technical athletic features including compression arch support and a cushion foot bottom. Choose from a variety of fun and eclectic styles for men and women. Price: $7.00 - $10.00 ∙ 520-770-7887

SPF and preventing rash development while surfing or standup paddling. $118.00

Stephanie Boinay Art “Colors of Hawaii” Paradise Pouch Take ALOHA with you wherever you go! This pouch


measures roughly 10” x 6”; features double sided

artwork. Made from Eco-canvas (100% polyester canvas,

Instagram / @slipinsurfskins

45% recycled content). Crafted in the USA by the artist!

Facebook / slipins

$40 FB: Stephanie Boinay Art IG: @stephanieboinayart

Twisted Board Racks Surfboard Wall Racks

Most affordable wall racks available. Displays your board at any angle or height, on any wall. Twist to open, twist to store. Fast, easy installation. Eco-friendly Teak Wood. Variety of styles and colors available. Price: $24.95 free shipping

Wy’s Gallery Artist Alex Gupton “Out of the Blue” 18”x36” $1,190 Signed and Number of 250. Free Personal Dedication on back of artwork. Special Price: $1,070 (Shipping or Sales Tax may apply) 808.200.4678

Surf N Sea Shop Series Bodyboard Surfer X-ing top logo w/ Retro logo Bottom PE Core with Stringer Cross link deck and HDPE bottom with channels Double rails with 60/40 angle cut Single stringer 38" : Great board for anyone 5' 2" or smaller who is looking to get on an entrylevel performance board at a great price ( 40", 42" and 44" options also available) $109 for board $23 leash

Vans Joel Tudor Trimline Boardshorts Inspired by the Vans surf category’s focus on style and comfort, Vans is proud to showcase the new Joel Tudor Trimline Boardshort featuring Sturdy Stretch. Sturdy Stretch by Vans is a premium 4-way stretch fabric that strikes a balance between in-water performance and out-of-the-water wearability. / $64.50

Vissla DaFin Tee / DaFin Boardshort

The Mermaid’s Mirror Handsculpted Surf Art Surf art and beach chic décor. Distinctive, collectable art that expresses your love of the waves. Handmade on Oahu out of local tropical hardwoods. Exclusively at Nordstrom Hawaii, Haleiwa Arts Festival, local boutiques and our website. In an effort to blend modern & functional aesthetics with rich Hawaiian roots, Vissla is proud to collaborate with the original Hawaiian swim fin company, DaFin, featuring the DaFin Boardshort and the DaFin Double Fin Tee.

Shop now:

Keoki Keoki

Volcom /Imai Devault


Volcom / Jaackson Bunch


Volcom / Tom Dosland


Volcom / Jason Shibata

V13n5 Board Buyer's Guide  
V13n5 Board Buyer's Guide