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THE JOEL TUDOR COLLECTION Land or sea, Joel and Vans got‘ya covered. VANS.COM/SURF ©2015 Vans Inc. Photo: Russo



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Can your board do this? Mason Ho (and his board) display redirectional perfection. Photo: Sean Reilly



Publisher Mike Latronic believes the best surfboards are the ones you think about the least while riding wave...

By Mike Latronic Most people will see the cover of this month’s Freesurf Magazine as something uniquely different. Or is it? Where are the beautiful blue and green hues of Hawai‘i’s magnificent ocean? Where is the uber talented athlete performing maneuvers that almost look like magic? What is all this white space and why am I looking at it? For those of you who know, you know. And that’s exactly the reason we did it. Because we know you know, and well, we know too. Gracing the front page of this month’s Freesurf is none other than a shaped surfboard blank.  Put simply, it’s the base 10 of all that is surfing. The Alpha and the Omega. Meat and potatoes or beans and rice per se. It is the defining thing that makes an actual person an actual surfer. And the more you care, deliberate and obsess about this thing, the more likely a better surfer you’ll become. There would be no surf style, no surf fashion, no surf industry - heck there probably wouldn’t even be channel surfing or surfing the net if it weren’t for you guessed it - the surfboard.  And to those many described above, harmlessly not knowing what they’re looking at, the surfboard is merely a tool in which to ride waves. But to those others who are actually reading the small print, the surfboard is a finely crafted, technically complicated fusion of nose, deck, rails, fins, rocker, contours and overall dimensions. And perhaps a little magic. You KNOW. This sounds completely absurd, but the best surfboard you could possibly own, the one you’ve thought about obsessively all your life, is actually the one you think about least when you’re actually riding a wave. The magic board gives you no encumbrances. It is the connection, or perhaps the extension of the human form and spirit, which would only help create the expression of the surfer and the wave together. Starting to sound a little artsy fartsy? Let’s go back to the simplicity of the white space.  In this issue you’ll find a large array of surfboards in all shapes and sizes. If that’s not enough, there’s a ton of great beach gear and accessories to keep you informed and help make the right decision about your next pursuit of happiness by the sea.  pau



combines the best qualities of three different fiberglass fabrics - E-Glass, S-Glass and Warp fibe Glass - creating a surfboard that is lighter and more resistant to compression, buckling and breaking. All stock HIC boards are now glassed with the ACM system in combinations of 4 oz and 6 oz fiberglass, depending on the length of the board. Look for the ACM logo to be sure.

Josh Moniz

2015 Champion Martinique Surf Pro

Photo: Heff/Manulele

Amplifire Model by Eric Arakawa: 5’11” X 18.75” X 2.38” Ala Moana Center Street Level 1, Mauka





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Model: Kelly

Photo: Jake Marote


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Contributing Photographers Paulo Barcellos, John Bilderback, Marc Chambers, Brooke Dombroski, DoomaPhoto, Rick Doyle, Isaac Frazer, Pete Hodgson, Kin Kimoto, Laserwolf, Tim McKenna, Dave “Nelly” Nelson, Nick Ricca, Heath Thompson, Bill Taylor, Wyatt Tillotson, Corey Wilson, Jimmy Wilson, Peter “Joli” Wilson, Cole Yamane

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We’ve Come A Long Way I kept an image on my desktop during the creation of this particular issue, our annual spring/summer Beach & Board Buyer’s Guide. It was titled, “Evolution Of The Surfboard” and depicted twelve boards lined up, starting with the ancient papio and ending with the modern shortboard. Throughout the interviews, material collection, writing and editing, I kept coming back to that image as a reminder of what this Buyer’s Guide issue represents. The first thing being that all things are bound to change, develop and evolve. We are meant to adapt. New challenges will always come our way, whether in waves or work, and as long as we stay flexible, we can continue to fine-tune both as people and as an industry. The transformation from the Hawaiian papio, alaia and olo boards to the planks, longboards and guns of the classic era to the thrusters of today have been the biggest progression in our sport, and yet things are still continuing to develop. (Flip to page 64 to see what some of Hawai‘i’s top board builders are saying about the latest and greatest innovations in our ‘Master Craftsmen’ feature.) The second thing I was reminded of is that our equipment is the defining measure of what it means to be a surfer. To truly care about what equipment you’re riding is what marks a core surfer. Everything else we’re bombarded with - the trends, the constant feed of Instagram photos, the marketing – it’s all just the beach lifestyle that’s associated with surfing. Not surfing itself. I’m the first to admit that I prefer lifestyle surfing over the hard core routine, nonetheless Freesurf is dedicated to remaining authentic and core, and our Buyer’s Guide embodies this. But someone recently said to me, “If you’re a true surfer, you’re surfing even when you’re not surfing.” What I took this to mean is that surfing is a state of mind. It’s a feeling you can’t ever shake. It’s a lifestyle. Regardless of if you’re a weekend warrior or aspiring pro, you likely understand that it’s our equipment, (and the shapers behind it), that allow us the sense of stoke when riding a wave. And it feels everlasting! The connection between board, surfer and ocean is what radiates the unique lifestyle. The love for it all is what makes us surfers. Browse through our array of boards in this Buyer’s Guide (and all the other awesome beach apparel and accessories!), check out the tips from the board building pros, and get inspired to surf.

- Lauren Rolland Associate Publisher





39TH ANNUAL RELL SUNN MENEHUNE CLASSIC By Lauren Rolland Easter weekend was particularly special at Makaha Beach thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the 39th Annual Rell Sunn Menehune Classic. Beginning on Saturday, April 4th and finishing up on Easter Sunday, the family-friendly event had a huge turnout of competitors, parents and supporters, all eager to spend a day in the sun encouraging the young keiki of our sport to surf with a smile. The inspiring beauty of Oahu’s west side was at an all-time high, with warm skies, clear water and small but surfable waves on day 1, and equally beautiful weather and bigger waves rounding out day 2 for the finals. Surfers ages 13 and under got a chance to compete in three different divisions; shortboard, longboard and bodyboard, and each contestant went home with a prize pack that surely trumped their chocolate-filled Easter baskets.


Keoki Saguibo

Keoki Saguibo

Taj Davidson, age 4, participated in the Kokua division with dad, Craig, of Makaha. “There was a big wave that I didn’t catch, but I caught all of the rest,” Taj describes. “Dad helped me. I won a bathing suit, and a hat, and a medal!” Some of the other prizes included Ben Aipa, Al Merrick and




Arakawa surfboards, Volt bodyboards, Jansport backpacks, Dakine deckpads, Vertra sunscreen, OluKai slippers, tees, stickers, mags and much, much more. For the first time ever, the Annual Rell Sunn Menehune Classic was held in the springtime instead of in winter, which was a decision Jan SunnCarreira, daughter of Rell and contest director/organizer, made to ensure the keiki have a safe and fun experience, no matter what their skill level. The aloha vibe and spirit of auntie Rell was undeniable at Makaha, and parents confirmed with wonderful memories and stories. Noland Keaulana, grandson of Buffalo Keaulana, said that he participated in the event from the time he was of 4 all the way up to age 13. Now, as a parent, he joins his son Koanui, 4, to compete in the bodyboard division and take part in the water action. “It was different back then though, because we did have auntie Rell with us, which was a lot more fun,” says Noland. “But this event holds up her memory. To see the kids smile and have them play, that’s what the contest was always about, the kids.” Bunky Bakutis, Waianae local and waterman, has been a part of the Rell Sunn Menehune Classic from the very beginning. “It’s been really wonderful to see it develop and continue on with Rell’s spirit,” Bunky says. “It’s a joy watching the kids and seeing them develop in a nice competitive and fun-filled event.” Bunky also mentioned that this event is where many reputable surfers got their start in competitive surfing. “Rusty Keaulana, Sunny Garcia and Johnny Boy Gomes,” are a few of the names that started out surfing in the Rell Sunn Menehune Classic and have since gone on to excel in the professional circuits.




Relics of the ocean floor have surfaced and have now come to hang on the usually naked walls of Town Restaurant on Waialae Avenue. Legendary waterman, Mark Cunningham, one of the greatest bodysurfers of the modern era, presented his third art show this past April, “Mother Earth, Mother Ocean” in recognition of Earth Month. Through Mark’s art, he is bringing to our attention the quiet, subtle disconnect that has arisen between humanity and nature. “We think of surfing as so clean and so pure, yet look at how much stuff we leave behind here,” Mark describes. Atypical ocean ‘treasure’ hangs on the walls of the art exhibit, including fins, crusted coins, fishing hooks, even a GoPro. “All the fins up there, where did that fin come from?” questions Mark. “Was it from Andy’s board? Was it on Kelly’s board? Was it some kook or was it one of the best surfers in the world? It ends up on the bottom of the ocean and I always wonder how long it’s been sitting there.” If we want to continue to be in awe of the infinite shades of blue, to see right down to the reefs that surround our island home on cloudless days, we need to rethink our connection to our planet, which is a place all of


us call home. It begins with all of us coming together, and for this show Mark collaborated with photographer Zak Noyle to feature a three-shot sequence titled, “Wave of Change”. Though what’s being presented at Town is indeed art, Zak points out that we must remember where all these pieces came from, that they once served a purpose, but are now forgotten and essentially trash. “Maybe we should start carrying around our own forks and knives,” says Zak. “No one thinks it’s gonna be them, but it has to start somewhere.” Because we live in Hawai‘i, a place with finite resources and beauty worth preserving for future generations to come, we don’t want to be telling our grandchildren about the “days” when the water was clear, when we could still surf in Waikiki, when the beaches were filled with nothing but sand. We all get so distracted with a busy, modern life where there’s so much stimulus, option, opportunity, and information going through the air. The message is to go surf now. “When in doubt, paddle out because you may not always have the health or the opportunity to enjoy it so much,” Mark says. So fellow wave-riders, it’s up to us to write the end of this chapter with each session and each action taken toward preserving the surf zone because we love it, because it is our home.

Kresta Painter


Kresta Painter

Shaun Downham

Axel Irons

Leilani Webber

Paumalu Malone

14TH ANNUAL IRONS BROTHERS PINE TREES CLASSIC By Kresta Painter Fans cheered from the beach as the Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic gave over 260 participants aged 5 to 12 a chance to compete in a kidcentric and family oriented day of surfing. From its inception in 2002, the event has been focused on creating an encouraging environment for youth and continues to be supported by generations of families. The day was filled with sunshine, occasional rain showers, and cotton candy as steady sets in the 2 to 3ft. range offered up some great waves. Zander Satterlee-King (age 7) exclaimed, “It was really pumping out there and I think it was double overhead!” The Keiki Push-In with 150 kids under the age of 8 was by far the most popular event. Even the tourists were excited to see first hand some of the youngest of Hawai’i’s surfers embrace a passion for catching waves. Tin-Tin Puulei, the malasada master of the day, summed up the event by saying “The Irons Brothers 28

Pine Trees Classic represents community, family and most of all… it’s for the kids”. For many of the island residents the competition is a perfect way to bring together a very special surfing Ohana who are dedicated to keeping the memory and dreams of Andy Irons alive. When asked what Andy would have thought of the event, Patty Irons’ eyes sparkled as she smiled. “He’d just be stoked.”

Celebrating 50 years as Hawaii’s Ocean Sports Headquarters


(808) 637-SURF 62-595 KAMEHAMEHA HWY. HALEIWA HI, 96712

Kresta Painter

NEWS & EVENTS / Pipier Sheehan

IRONS BROTHERS PINE TREES CLASSIC RESULTS Judges Jesse Evans Mike Coots Hoku Hookano Kana’i Durant Josh Rex Sam Lee Travis Bonnel

Boys 11-12 1st Kawai Beeby 2nd Keliko Pa 3rd Victor Hepburn 4th Nainoa Irons 5th Kai Moots 6th Kaiwa Grubbe

Girls 9-10 1st Piper Sheehan 2nd Kaia Rest 3rd Sydney Doi 4th Serena Bryan 5th Leilani Kirkpatrick 6th Nohea Brandenburg

Surfboard Winners from Tamba Hazyn Botelho Leilani Webber Xailen Kamaka Trent Morgan Kaikahi Wong Ekela-Kai Mahuiki

Boys 9-10 1st Paumaulu Malone 2nd Tom Hamai 3rd Stone Abubo 4th Rush Abubo 5th Tesse Mangold 6th Ollie Ziets

Sponsors: Billabong, Tamba, Nixon, Dakine, Stance, Fox Head, Kuhio Auto Group, Surfing Magazine, VonZipper, the YMCA, Surfer, Kauai Elite Enterprise, The Hanalei Gourmet, Hanalei Liquor Store

Girls 11-12 1st Leilani Weber 2nd Coral Anderson 3rd Kahea Botelho 4th Mahealani Bryan 5th Ilihia Anakalea 6th Jane Williams 1/2 off select menu happy hour 4-5 Monday - Thursday


IAN WALSH’S 12TH ANNUAL MENEHUNE MAYHEM By Summer Macedo | Photos Mark Chambers Jumpy castles, jet skis, massive floaties, a dunk tank, obstacle courses, free massages, and fun waves. These were just a few of the things included in Ian Walsh’s 12th Annual Menehune Mayhem competition, held on Saturday April 4th at Ho‘okipa on Maui. With 12 divisions and over 160 kids competing, there was never a dull moment. Even though the competition started around 8am, most parking spots were taken before the sun rose. Restless groms and dedicated parents arrived early to catch a few waves and warm up before the contest started. The first group in the water were the 5 & Under keiki. The 2 to 3 ft. waves provided optimal conditions for a wide variety of divisions, with ages ranging from 3 to 17 years old. Big wave charger and Maui local Ian Walsh hosted the event for the twelfth year in a row, saying, “This event is the one I look forward to the most every single year. For me, it’s like reliving being 10 years old again and being able to create all these fun activities that I would’ve wanted when I was a kid.” Ian also gives mention to all the people who help make the event possible: “It’s also something that wouldn’t happen without the community’s involvement... It is Maui’s event and I’m very proud to be involved and help it keep going.”


Along with the competitive surfing, Ian supported academic accomplishments as well. Surfers with the highest grade point averages were given awards and new HP laptops! More laptops along with prize bags were also given to division winners, plus healthy snacks and hydrating drinks were provided throughout the day to keep everyone fueled. Overall, Ian fulfilled his goal of stoking all the groms out. Professional surfers like Shane Dorian, Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Granger Larsen, Kai Barger, Paige Alms, Chippa Wilson and more joined Ian Walsh at the event to sign posters and autographs. Even a huge Hawaiian monk seal and a couple turtles came to check out all the mayhem.

NEVER BLEND IN (808) 923-0442

(808) 873-0202

Models Shown: GA100CM-4A/GA100CM-5A/GDX6900TC-8

(808) 979-SURF (7873)

(808) 326-1771

(808) 923-2127 ©2015 CASIO AMERICA, INC.



Finn McGill

HSA INVITATIONAL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP By Kresta Painter with Chris Latronic Great waves and sunshine helped to create an awesome setting for Hawai’i Surfing Associations (HSA) Invitational State Championship at Ala Moana Bowls on Oahu. For three days, steady sets continued to roll through, giving ample opportunity for competitors to charge through their heats with waves in the 3 to 4ft. range on Thursday and Friday and dropping to 2 to 3ft. on Saturday. The invitation-only event is highly competitive and offers some of the best board riders from the Hawaiian Islands a chance to compete for the State Champion title. Spectators also had a chance to witness surfing legends like Koapaka Brown, Malcolm Ing and Roger Kinnamon, who competed in the 70 and over category, still shredding waves with style. Originating in the early 1960’s, the event is Hawai‘i’s longest running surfing championship and offers fans a peek at some of the youngest up-andcoming stars of Hawai’i, potentially preparing many of them for a career in professional surfing. Although the event is competitive, the vibe is mostly one of camaraderie. Anya Shockley (age 11) found it easy to describe one facet of what makes a great surfer. “It’s about having a good attitude, supporting others and cheering them on”. This was most certainly the case among all of the youth and adult participants both in and out of the water. Robert Grilho Jr. stood proud and nervous on the shore as his 11-year-old son competed. When asked what it is like to be a parent of a kid who wants to be a competitive surfer, he smiled and said, “It’s all about enjoying the ride with him and hoping he has a smile at the end of the day”. A big congratulations to all the winners, including Ocean Macedo, Brodi Sale, Kaulana Apo, Finn McGill, Brisa Hennessy and Kahanu Delovio, to name a few. Ocean Macedo of Maui, although the smallest competitor in his final, carved the biggest turns and ripped his way to a State Championship title. Brodi Sale of the Big Island gave us a glimpse of future endeavors as he sliced his way through a challenging division final. In disbelief till the very announcement, Brodi was all smiles in defense of his title. Kaulana Apo of Oahu used his experienced goofy foot technique to fend off heavy hitters like Imaikalani deVault and Taichi Wakita to championship glory, while Finn McGill charged his way through to the finals and added a nice trophy to the mantle. Kailua’s Brisa Hennessy was in unbeatable form throughout the comp, well deserving of a state championship title in the Girls Shortboard U16 division while Big Island’s Kahanu Delovio took the trophy for 1st in Girls Shortboard U18 division.




Brodi Sale

A big heartfelt mahalo to the HSA event coordinator Wendell Aoki and crew. Their tireless efforts are inspiring many promising youth surfers. A special thanks to the Beach Marshall Raymond Shito, Hawaiian Water Patrol Terry Ahue, tabulators Patty Harada and Ivy Bloomfield-Foster along with the judges Jack Shipley, Bernie Baker, Eric “Jr.” Matsui, Don Dubie, Lane Inouye, Milo Murguia, and Dave Blanot for their roles in making it all happen. The event sponsors included Quicksilver, MOKU, XCEL, T&C Surf Designs, Surfco, Hurley, Phix Doctor, HIC, Surfer, Penske, Vissla, and Kanaka Solutions. Boys Shortboard U12 1. Brodie Sale 2. Robert Girlho III 3. Diego Ferri 4. Luke Swanson

Girls Shortboard U16 1. Brisa Hennessy 2. Zoe McDougal 3. Tiana Tomoda Bannert 4. Brittany Penaroza

Master Shortboard 30-39 1. Jason Shibata 2. Scott Shimoda 3. Aaron Kekoa Witt 4. Grant Decker

Girls Shortboard U12 1. Savannah Stone 2. Gabbi Knudson 3. Luana Silva 4. Angelina Yossa

Boys Shortboard U18 1. Kaulana Apo 2. Imaikalani deVault 3. Forrest Elmer 4. Taichi Wakita

Senior Men Shortboard 40-49 1. Sam Fenwick 2. Shannon Silva 3. Richard Tom 4. Matthew Cintas 5. Chris Chester

Boys Shortboard U14 1. Ocean Macedo 2. Kainehe Hunt 3. Wyatt McHale 4. Cote Frye

Girls Shortboard U18 1. Kahanu Delovio 2. Mainei Kinimaka 3. Sierra Larsen 4. Dax McGill

Girls Shortboard U14 1. Kai Matsumoto 2. Noa Mizuno 3. Alex Pendleton 4. Marc Koga

Men Shortboard 18-29 1. Warren Estencion 2. Daniel Pelt

Boys Shortboard U16 1. Finn McGill 2. Logan Bediamol 3. Elijah Fox 4. Kameron Dowis


Womens Shortboard 18 & Over 1. Danielle Fenwick 2. Shelby Schweitzer 3. Brooke Decker 4. Christa Russell

Grandmaster Shortboard 50-59 1. Russell Lewis 2. Dale Sabate 3. Darren Okimoto 4. Tomo Saito 5. Tommy Reyes 6. Keith Miura Legends Shortboard 60-69 1. Allen Wicklund 2. Eddie Pieper 3. Craig Sugihara Golden Legends Shortboard 70+ 1. Koapaka Brown 2. Malcolm Ing 3. Roger Kinnaman

Open Men Shortboard 1. Loa Ng 2. Shayden Pacarro 3. Koa Yokota 4. Sam Fenwick 5. Kelson Lau 6. Cole Alves Bodyboard Boys U14 1. Kaikea Simpson 2. Noa Aquino Bodyboard Boys 15-17 1. Kallen Yamasaki 2. Zane Cintas 3. Denis Souza 4. Joshua Dela Cruz Jr. Boys Longboard U17 1. Julian Williams 2. Justice Chatfield 3. Ha‘a Blomfield Foster 4. Ty Simpson Kane 5. Kahanu Cuban 6. Joshua Kai Chester

“WHERE THE TRAIL ENDS, I BEGIN.” Kai Lenny— 6X SUP World Champion— —follows his calling with the card that takes him on more airlines to more destinations.



Subject to credit approval. Apply for the personal Priority Destinations ® World Elite credit card and, if you’re approved, receive 5 Priority Miles ® per $1 spent on net qualifying travel purchases up to $6,000 per calendar year, and 2 Priority Miles per $1 spent on travel purchases thereafter; 2 Priority Miles per $1 spent on qualifying everyday purchases (gas, grocery, cable TV, phone and other monthly utilities); and 1 Priority Mile for every $1 spent on all other net qualifying purchases. Travel and booking subject to availability. Additional fees and restrictions apply. See the Priority Destinations World Elite Program Agreement for more information. First Hawaiian Bank reserves the Member FDIC right to cancel or change the Program at any time without prior notice.


N e w s & E vent s /




Jr. Girls Longboard U17 1. Tabbi Kundson 2. Mason Schremmer 3. Kelta O’Rourke 4. Kelis Kaleopaa 5. Kehlil Shockley 6. Tyrra Gallano Men Longboard 1. Maui Zack 2. Kaula Pilago Master Longboard 30-39 1. Wesley Moore 2. Nick Riopelle Sr. Men Longboard 40-49 1. Leonard Barrow 2. Matthew Cintas Legends Longboard 50 & Over 1. Tommy Reyes 2. Howard Clark 3. Eddie Pieper 4. Tomo Saito 5. Alan Pacheco 6. Michael Lorne Women Longboard 18 & Over 1. Shelby Schweitzer 2. Hine Blomfield Foster

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Open Longboard 1. Wesley Moore 2. Maui Zack 3. Nick Riopelle 4. Eddie Pieper 5. Kaula Pilago 6. Howard Clark

Access Surf (Deaf Division) 1. Kiyo Seminara 2. Kaimi Seminara 3. Peter Balding III SUP Girls U17 1. Mason Schremmer 2. Lola Schremmer 3. Sally Cohen 4. Scarlett Schremmer SUP Boys U17 1. Dylan Schmarr 2. Ha‘a Blomfield Foster SUP Womens 18-39 1. Shelby Scheitzer SUP Men 18-39 1. Syrus Melandish 2. Derek Hamasaki 3. Chad Kalele SUP Open Women 1. Mason Schremmer 2. Shelby Schremmer 3. Lola Schremmer 4. Scarlett Schremmer SUP Open Men 1. Syrus Melandish 2. Tommy Chun Ming 3. Derek Hamasaki 4. Chad Kalele SUP Women/Men Over 40 1. Tommy Chun Ming

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Backdoor umbrella. Nikonos V - Ilford b/w film

Clockwise Night Marching "You're kinda blowing it, up". Nikon f90x - kodak gold film. Pali lookout, the hot version. Olympus XA- tmax film. NYC. Hasselblad Xpan- lomo film

Waterfalls via the H3. Olympus XA- lomo film Hokuleia in Oahu waters, a few days before she started her sail around the world.


Waikiki, the perfect for beach for everyone, all at once. Mikey Bruneau, the charge card is maxed.

Waiting for sets in the rain, pipeline. Nikonos V -Ilford b/w film. Sai Smiley at Pipeline, on the winter solstice swell. Nikon f90x- Portra 160 film. Zeke Lau, first frame on the roll. Nikonos II- lomo film


Tanner Hendrickson / Photo: Mark McInnis








Keoni Jones / Photo: Tyler Rock

Kiron Jabour / Photo: Tyler Rock

Flynn Novak / Photo: Tony Heff

Martin Saito / Photo: Ricca Heath Thompson


KEOKI SAGUIBO “This has to be one of the most scariest photos I had taken. Not because of wave size or unruly conditions, but for the fact that I didn’t have a water housing and drowning my camera was a huge possibility. The odds were against me of getting anything, but with the outcome of what happened, luck was on my side. You bet it was worth the shot!”

What’s the latest (and greatest) innovation(s) in surfboard technology? Glenn Pang, Town & Country Surfboards, 45 years shaping: “For me, one of the greatest innovations has been the use of CAD program designing software and cutting machines. Nowadays, consistency plays a major role when you are dealing with some of the top athletes of our sport. Changes down to the millimeter are possible when fine-tuning on CAD software. “Secondly, I would have to say that removable fins systems and the technology that goes along with them. Before, during winter seasons past, 95% of the boards that I did for the pros were glass on fins. Last year I would have to say that maybe only 25% were glass on fins. It offers so much more versatility, especially with having the option of riding the same board as a thruster or a quad.”




Wade Tokoro, Tokoro Surfboards, 30 years shaping: “The different combinations with foam cores (polyester, eps, extruded polystyrene, varial), resins (epoxy or polyester) and fabrics (Kevlar, Carbon) are some of the newest innovations in surfboard technology today.” Jeff Bushman, Bushman Surfboards, 37 years shaping: “I think the greatest innovation is the fact that collectively shapers around the world are trying to improve designs and materials, always working to improve not only performance, but experimenting with different materials. Thus pushing our knowledge of surfboards to new levels.” Matt Kazuma Kinoshita, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii, 25+ years shaping: “The latest and greatest innovation in surfboard technology would be the new generation of USDA BioPreferred epoxy resins. Better quality and a much more environmentally friendly American made product.”

Bret Marumoto, Bretboards, 32 years shaping: “Best innovation in surfboard technology that is here to stay is fin systems, with the addition of new fin foils that have different degrees of flex in the fin template. You can change the way your board rides by switching to different fins and configurations such as tri or four fin.” Kimo Greene, Kimo Greene Surfboards, 45+ years shaping: “The configuration of my double barrel bottom and the strength and durability of my designs. It is something that I strongly believe in. I am not a one and done shaper. I make boards that last. Many of my clients have my boards for 10+ years.” John JC Carper, JC HAWAII, “I was born shaping”: “Fiberglass, resin, balsa, fin, foam, more fins, CAD programs, CNC machines, Skill 100, sandpaper, Adz.”



Thoughts on hand shaped vs. machine cut boards: Glenn Pang: “There are so many exceptional hand shapers out there, but for me, it’s hard to beat the consistency of getting a board cut on a machine. Boards might look the same, but 1/16” here or an 1/8” there makes a big difference on how a board works. Also, using a CAD program allows you to calculate of the volume before the board is shaped. I think that the ability to calculate the volume on boards has been one of the best tools to recently become available.”


Wade Tokoro: “I started out hand shaping all my surfboards. It was very time consuming, less consistent and accurate, but allowed me to be creative in designing. I believe that machine cut boards are more consistent and accurate. You can start from a reference point and modify minute details.”


Name: Jenny Lee Age: 32

Occupation: Lifeguard, city of Honolulu Home Town: Honolulu, Hawaii Board: 9’ 0” What I Ride


MASTER CRAFTSMEN / Jeff Bushman: “The shaping machine has been a valuable tool in design innovation. The surfer usually gets a consistent, proven design. I have always used the machine to make better boards, not more boards as many manufacturers have. The greatest problem with the machine is that you now have a new generation of shapers that are only copying other shapers boards. I have used machines for over 20 years, yet I still had hand shaped over 30,000 boards. Jon Pyzel loves to tell the story of when I was helping him learn to shape… I would not let him use my machine until he had hand shaped 1,000 boards. And he did. I think it is important to have an understanding of the skill of hand shaping so that subtle design changes can be made to improve the shapes.” Matt Kazuma Kinoshita: “In the hands of an experienced shaper, there is no benefit to using machine cut boards. In fact, a master shaper like Glenn Minami can handshape to a level that most machine shapers dream of achieving. The real issue is that surfboard shaping is an art that takes decades to perfect and machines eliminate that old barrier to success. Experience.” Bret Marumoto: “I still hand finish off all my machine cuts. That’s something the computer cannot do - the fine details that you make on a CAD cut from a machine. Hand shaping from the raw blank is something I still enjoy doing, having hand shaped over 10,000 boards with a planer. But 85% of my shapes are machine cut nowadays. The consistency you get with high volume orders is hard to beat.”

Kimo Greene: “I particularly shape everything 100% by hand. The machine doesn’t take into consideration any personal aspects of the surfer. In fact, the machine isn’t for the surfer, It’s for the shaper/sander who tunes it up… I feel it’s important to have that personal touch when shaping, catering every board specific for the individual, their skill level and the waves they want to surf.” John JC Carper: “You can get a great board either way. You can just get MORE great boards with a machine and save your body.”

Top tips for finding the right board / board buying basics: Glenn Pang: “Probably the best thing to finding a good board is talking with someone who understands surfboard design, whether it’s a shaper or a knowledgeable sales person. Talking with someone will help you find the right design that is suited for your surfing and type of waves that you will be riding the board on.” Wade Tokoro: “Know what you want to use the board for and what your ability is. Your local shaper can help you dial in what type of surfboard you would need.” Jeff Bushman: “Be realistic about your ability and purchase what is correct for you, not what you see someone else ripping on. Talk to your

Brice Surfboards Zip Zero Shaped by Brice Yamashita A responsive high performance grovel board. Wider hips for speed and moderate swallow tail for control in a variety of conditions. Relaxed tail rocker for drive. Single to double concave to blend the design together. A perfect mix for everyday summer waves, head high and under.
Ride this board same as your height or 1 inch taller.
 Dealer: Clips Hawaii (808) 941.6777 822 Kaheka St. Honolulu, Hi 96814 Instagram @bricesurfboards

Brice Surfboards / Kaulana Apo / Gavin Shige


Channel islands Surfboards / Kamalei Alexander

shaper, and develop a relationship to make boards that will improve your surfing. A custom board is always better than buying some model off the rack.” Matt Kazuma Kinoshita: “The easiest way to finding the right board for you is to talk to an experienced shaper, with a few questions they know exactly what you need for you to surf your best.” Bret Marumoto: “When buying a board base it on your ability in the water. Get something that fits your height and weight. An experienced shaper can help you find that link to becoming a better surfer by using the proper equipment.” Kimo Greene: “It’s imperative to speak with the shaper who is making your board. Tell them what you want to do with it. Different waves dictate different shapes and designs. I love when people come and watch me shape. They get a better understanding of what it is I do and why certain cuts are where they are.” John JC Carper: “Talk to a legit, experienced shaper that doesn’t have a swastika tattooed on his forehead. It is to his best interest to get you a board that works… repeat customers are good.”

Catch Surf / Jamie O’Brien

Catch Surf

Catch Surf

Catch Surf

Beater Pro Original 54 Kalani Robb Model

Beater Pro Original 48 Moniz Bros Model

Odysea Skipper Jamie O’brien Model

54” x 20” x 2.5” Shaped by Catch Surf

48” x 20” x 2.5” Shaped by Catch Surf

The gnarliest Beater yet. All Beater Pro models feature the new Catch Surf performance fin system and custom graphic bottoms. Surfing icon Kalani Robb loves ripping his Beater-board in all different conditions but he felt he wanted to give his pro model a little something more. This year he went rasta and will be infusing the power of Jah on each of his models.

The gnarliest Beater yet. All Beater Pro models feature the new Catch Surf performance fin system and custom graphic bottoms. The Moniz Bros are the next generation of Hawaiians to emerge in the surf world and their new signature model is the first Beater Pro to be offered in 48”. Now smaller riders can get in on the Beater Pro action and bring out their inner warrior wave slaying.

MSRP - $229.99 MSRP - $229.99 (949) 218.0428 @catchsurf

(949) 218.0428 @catchsurf

Shaped by Catch Surf “The best soft surfboard ever! “ – Jamie O’Brien (The best softboarder ever.) Jamie has charged some of the gnarliest waves out there on his Skipper and believes it’s the ultimate shorebreak board, plus he can throw an air or a turn when the waves aren’t deathly. Not only does the JOB Skipper offer performance, it’s signature bottom graphic reeks of tropical bliss. 5’6” – $299.99 6’ – $324.99 6’6” – 349.99 (949) 218.0428 @catchsurf

Channel Islands

Channel Islands

Channel Islands

Pod Mod

High 5

Rook 15

5’4 x 20 1/8 x 2 3/8 @28.5L Surfboards by Al Merrick

5’8 x 20 1/8 x 2 5/8 @32.6L Surfboards by Al Merrick

5’10 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4 @25.6L Surfboards by Al Merrick

The Pod Mod design is a heavily modified Pod, designed to be ridden even shorter and wider than the original, catering to the surfer that wants a little more volume forward to catch waves but doesn’t want to sacrifice performance. The tail has been widened for small wave glide, and the original single to double concave has been replaced with a flat entry to concave vee for quick rail-to-rail transitions. Experienced surfers ride this board 3”- 6” shorter than you are tall.

Designed to be a quicker and nimbler offspring of the Average Joe, the High 5 will pad your wave count and still allow for rail work and section making. The bottom is single concave entry to deep double through the fins and terminating with deep concave vee out the tail. Comes stock with 5 fin boxes, can be ridden as a quad or thruster. Ride the High 5 however you want, but CI staff generally rides it 3” to 5” shorter than our height.

First seen on the WCT tour in 2010, the Rook 15 has been rediscovered by our entire CT team this year; Seabass, Kelly, Adriano, Lakey, Bianca, Sage, and Kai all have won heats on the new Rook 15. Ridden shorter and wider than the original, the Rook 15 is the ultimate contest workhorse. Single concave throughout, the Rook 15 works best when on rail. Ride this board your same height to 2” longer.




demarco surfboards / Leah Dawson

Hawaiian Island Creations / Josh Moniz

Performance versus durability: is there a middle ground? Glenn Pang: “Everyone is always looking for something that is more durable than the conventional PU board construction. Firewire, with its sandwich construction, seems to be doing a good job on the durability side, but then again nothing lasts forever. It all depends on how much durability you want to sacrifice for performance.” Wade Tokoro: “We have always strived to keep performance as priority. Performance boards are glassed lighter and not as durable as heavier glassed boards. The blank also makes a difference in durability. Our standard glassing is the middle ground where the boards are durable and relatively light.” Jeff Bushman: “Performance versus durability has been an on going topic. The best surfers in the world need to surf the lightest boards. This gives them maximum performance and flex, and raises the possibility of a higher level of surfing. Surfing in small waves also creates a need for lightness. The North Shore has plenty of power so the boards should be glassed stronger so that hopefully they survive. The North Shore eats surfboards.”

Hi-Tech / Granger Larson

demarco surfboards Dreamy 5’8” x 19” x 2 3/8” V: 25L Shaped by Joe DeMarco This model was designed for Leah Dawson as her go-to board for a dream trip she recently took to the Mentawais to film her new short “Julune.” The wider nose outline allows her to move forward on the board for deep barrel riding, while the pulled in thumb tail enables her to drive off the bottom for committed turns. A relaxed rocker and deeper concave combination makes this board ultra fast and lively. (808) 220.6822

demarco surfboards X Wave Riding Vehicles

demarco surfboards

Even Flow

5’9 1/2” x 19” x 2 7/16” V: 28.3L Shaped by Joe DeMarco

6’3” x 19” x 2 3/8” V: 29.8L Shaped by Joe DeMarco The Even Flow was designed for power surfing in all types of conditions. This model features a wider tailblock with deep double concaves and a spiral vee running off the tail. This makes the board flow through sections with ease while maintaining maximum control through turns. Precision rail surfing never felt so good. Available at WRV Haleiwa. Fin Systems: Thruster\ Quad\Five Fin combo (808) 220.6822

FCD Surfboards / Patagonia

Hawaiian Island Creations

Fark Surfboard


5’9” x 20 1/8” x 2 7/16” Shaped by Fletcher Chouinard

6’0” x 18.63” x 2.38” Shaped by Eric Arakawa

Farks go unreal in just about anything. This board has the foam to get you in early and deep. It paddles easily and accelerates quickly, turns great, and no nose = no swing weight. UV Safe Epoxy, Recyclable, Non-Toxic, Close3d Cell Foam, Triple 4-oz. warp glass deck, double 4-ox. warp bottom.

Fun and fast, the Booster provides exceptional front foot drive and quick directional changes. The semi-full outline adds stability on the wave face, in the lip and beyond. If you need one board that can take you from small-wave groveling to high-performance ripping on better days, this is that board.

Available to your local Patagonia store.

Ridden by Team Riders Josh Moniz and Leila Hurst. Available at HIC stores in Waikiki, Ala Moana Center, Kailua, Haleiwa, Maui Mall, Lahaina Cannery Mall & Hilo’s Prince Kuhio Plaza.

White Fire 15

The White Fire model has been our most popular model in Hawaii over the last few years. With each custom shape we are able to refine and improve the design even more. This model is our most versatile “performance” shape, giving you fun sessions in all types of surf. Speed and power are easily created, while turning and responsiveness remain sharp. Board shown is a custom shape with wavestorm airbrush for North Shore Lifeguard Paul Smith. (808) 220.6822

Hi-Tech 6’4” Parrish Swallow Winger Tired of riding your longboard? This little 6’4” Hybrid Swallow Tail Winger shaped by Tom Parrish will let you paddle with the longboarders while giving fast and responsive short board performance. Super fun in small to medium sized surf. Parrish Hawaiian Designs; no computer shapes, no pop outs, only custom hand-shaped surfboards for surfers who want to ride something unique. Available only at Hi Tech Surf Sports, Maui. (808) 877.2111 @hi_tech_surf

Kazuma Surfboards / Imai Devault

Matt Kazuma Kinoshita: “The advances in materials’ quality has finally eliminated the old performance versus durability debate. 90% of my materials are made in the USA and every supplier that I work with has not only made technological advances to their products, but has also improved on the overall quality, aesthetics and performance of the products. In my opinion, blanks, fiberglass, resins and fins have all improved more in the last year than the previous 20.” Bret Marumoto: “You can have the most durable (pop out molded) surfboard in the line up, but it will probably have the lowest amount of performance out there... nothing compares to the polyurethane foam core PU with polyester fiberglass glassing or expanded polystyrene EPS with epoxy resin glassing - these two are high performance applications for today’s modern surfboards.”

Kimo Greene Surfboards / Tia Blanco / Lalonde

Kimo Greene: “I don’t particularly believe in disposable surfboards. I feel it’s important to build boards that last. Just because it’s strong doesn’t mean it won’t perform, it means you’ll get many more years of usage. I enjoy making performance boards that hold up in heavy conditions. I want the most out of both worlds for performance and durability.” John JC Carper: “No matter what anybody says, a lighter board works better than a heavy board, EXCEPT at Jaws.”

Mendonca / Danillo Couto 74

Kailani Surfboards

Kazuma Surfboards

Kazuma Surfboards

Black Mamba



5’3” - 6’6” Custom Shaped by Julio Nurse

5’8” x 19”x 2.25” 27L Shaped by Matt Kazuma Kinoshita

5’6”x 18.5” x 2.25” 26L

 Shaped by Chaz Kazuma Kinoshita

The Moi model is designed for effortless high performance surfing. This board is built with the highest quality materials in the Kazuma Surf Factory on Maui.

The Tanto model is designed for the next generation of surfing. This board is built with the highest quality materials in the Kazuma Surf Factory on Maui.

$545 factory direct price
 Team riders: Most top surfers in Hawaii

$445 factory direct price
 Team riders: Tyler Larronde, ImaiKalani Devault, Cody Young and more.

The Black Mamba is Kailani Surfboard’s Pro Model for 2013 Latin American Champion, Fransisco Bellorin. This model has a medium nose rocker with a single concave and a super sharp edge in the back of the tail. This board is famous for holding the rails well on big carves and tail release. We can build this board in either polyester or epoxy with a thruster or 5 fin set up. $575 with FREE shipping

Order at matt@ or through Kazuma Surfboards at www. (808) 575.7510 Kazuma Surfboards Int. 
 375 W. Kuiaha Rd. #62

Order at chaz@kazumasurf. com or through Kazuma Surfboards at www.
 (808) 575.7510 Kazuma Surfboards Int. 
 375 W. Kuiaha Rd. #62

Kimo Greene Surfboards

Kimo Greene Surfboards

Kimo Greene Surfboards

Manini Model



5’8 x 20 x 2.5’’ Shaped by Kimo Greene

6’ to 9’ Width & thickness vary on surfers’ ability. Shaped by Kimo Greene

6’ to 10’ Width & thickness vary on surfers’ ability. Shaped by Kimo Greene

The Uhu is another of the fish line of high performance models. This board noserides and turns on a dime. Go Hawks.

The Ulua is a more advanced board that gets in early and gives you wave count to make your day. All the fish boards that I make are hand shaped by me. Go Hawks.

The Manini is the ultimate summer board. Great for hard turns and blasting the lip. Custom colors or resin stains and any fin set up desired. Originated in my new Bali location above Padang-Padang, Perfect for any style waves. Available in a variety of sizes. I support our troops. Always 20% off for all active duty military personnel. Team riders: Tia Blanco, Shiulina Wu (808) 841.5466

I support our troops. Always 20% off for all active duty military personnel. Team riders: Tia Blanco, Shiulina Wu (808) 841.5466

I support our troops. Always 20% off for all active duty military personnel. Team riders: Tia Blanco, Shiulina Wu (808) 841.5466

Local Motion Hawaii / Keanu Asing

Minami Surfboards / Jackson Bunch / Erik Aeder

With so many fin options out there, how do I know what’s right for me? Glenn Pang: “For sure there are so many fins out there. Again talking with a knowledgeable sales person should help with the confusion of finding the right fin for the right board.” Wade Tokoro: “The right fin choice will come with trial and error. You can read the material on what fin will suit you, but in the end you will know what works for you.” Jeff Bushman: “It is best to start out with whatever fin template your shaper recommends. Start there then experiment with other templates. As for quad vs tri fin? It is best to go 5 fin, this way you can explore all possibilities.” Matt Kazuma Kinoshita: “Fins are a big part of how your board works and there is so much information on the fin manufacturers’ websites that it is easy to get close right away. I have a certain fin that I like and use it as my reference point. I will always use that fin set on a new board. From there, I can fine tune the fin sizes to fit the board and the waves. Trial and error is the funnest way to know what is right.”

MS Distribution / Science Bodyboards / Mike Stewart

Kona Brewing Co.

Local Motion Hawaii

Maui Tropix Surf Co.

Kona Longboard Lager Skateboard

Keanu Asing Pro Model

The Ono

Custom-made by Sector 9 in San Diego, this skateboard is perfect for cruising through the neighborhood. Of course, it’s a great display piece as well. Skateboard measures 40” in length by 9 3/8” wide. $225

5’8” x 18 1/2” x 2 1/4” Shaped by Wade Tokoro Fin Setup: FCS II thruster Tested in a range of conditions around the globe, the Keanu Asing Pro Model by Wade Tokoro is Keanu’s go to shape for both the contest grind and freesurf adventures. A full outline allows for more volume in a shorter board to aid in paddle-ability while still maintaining maneuverability. Visit the Stabl Test Center to test ride a Keanu Pro Model, pick up a used one, or order a custom.

9’0” x 22” x 3” 1+2 fin setup EPS / Epoxy construction Handcrafted on Maui since 1977. Sold only at Maui Tropix Surf Co.

(808) 941.7873 @Stabl_HI Facebook | Stabl

Mendonca Surfboards

Minami Surfboards


Shrimp Chip

5’8” x 21 5/8” x 2 5/8” Shaped By Paulo Mendonca

Shaped by Glenn Minami 5’1” x 19 1/2” x 2 5/16”

This is an all around board that can change your approach in smaller surf. Full nose and planing area make for easy wave catching. The five-fin setup gives the rider a variety of options for a multitude of conditions. Wide point 1” forward makes it handle well in overhead surf. Pretty much the perfect summer board to have in anyone’s quiver. (808) 450.7621 mendoncasurfboards@

The Shrimp Chip was made for those really small days when you probably wouldn’t have paddled out. It’s fast and loose with deep XD concaves for that extra speed and flow in tiny waves. Set the Shrimp Chip up as a quad for great performance. Ride it short and wide and you’ll have loads of fun! Contact us and we can suggest some dims that will be just right for you. (808) 387.9875 2290 Alahao Place Unit 202 Honolulu, HI 96819

MS Distribution Science Bodyboards Mike Stewart Template Series

After years of testing 1,000’s of different combinations of shapes and materials, we have now arrived at the three best performing shapes for the three principle approaches to bodyboarding: “Pocket” surfing, “Launch”ing for air moves and “Style” for mixing it up. We call this the Template Series. It’s been the key to an entire new realm of performance.

North Shore Surf Shop / Barron Mamiya

RJ Surfboards / Kaoli Kahokuloa

Bret Marumoto: “Fin options can be confusing! The great thing about today’s fin manufacturers are that everything is pretty dialed on a scale for the consumer to view what’s available for their weight and skill level. It’s not a bad idea to have a five-fin option on your surfboard these days… you get two boards in one.” Kimo Greene: “In my opinion get the 5 fin set up. This allows you to have many options in one board. As I mentioned before, different waves dictate different fin set-ups. With the option of the 5, you can play around until you find a set-up that works best for you.” John JC Carper: “Tris work in all conditions and for everybody, but quads are faster and open up new areas on a wave to surf. Get both.”

Tail shapes and what they mean / how do you choose the right one? Glenn Pang: “It would mainly depend on where and what type of wave you are surfing. Usually a squash or swallow would be your best bet for the majority of waves. A round pin, which has less area at the end, would turn tighter and hold better in steeper waves.”


Northern Alliance / Ola Eleogram

Northern Alliance P-38 Lightning 5’8” x 19” x 2 3/8” Shaped by Mike Mattison Named after the potent WWII plane, solid in waves from 2 to 8 ft. Fuller rails with the wide point slightly forward = paddling power, lower rocker = speed maintained, and just a bit of kick in the tail = better release off the top. This board + the new Speedy-G, a fast grovel board whose name says it all, will have your travels covered. Team Riders: Ola Eleogram, Chris Bluthardt, Gavin Sutherland, Jhony Corzo, you. @northernalliancesurfboards

North Shore Surf Shop Blak Box II 6’0” x 20.25” x 2.5’ x 32.4 liters Shaped by JS Industries Blak Box 2 is a no nonsense board built for surfers who want something they can rely on in small surf and when the waves are big. Blak Box 2 is your summer board and hi-performance board all wrapped in one. It’s the every day all-rounder. Comes standard with 5 fin set up. Check out all our surfboard brands including DHD, HIC, Channel Islands, Pyzel, Bret and more!

Surf Design Hawaii

Standard Issue

Lipstick Light Saber

Summer is here, it’s so hot. MILK was definitely a bad choice. (808) 936.1316 surfdesignhawaii@gmail. com @surf_design_hawaii

Flybrid II Dimensions custom to order Shaped by Robin Johnston The Flybrid II has a similar hip in the tail as the original Flybrid allowing for that drivepivot-release sensation when turing in the lip. The Flybrid II however has a slightly more forward wide point and double concaves were added within it’s single concave between the fins. Ride the Flybrid II 1 to 3 inches shorter than the typical shorty. (808) 738.7873

(808) 637.5002

Surf Design Hawaii

5’10” x 18 5/8” x 2 3/16” Shaped by RP

RJ Surfboards

5’11” x 18 1/2” x 2 1/4” Shaped by RP

Just trust the Force Luke. (808) 936.1316 surfdesignhawaii@gmail. com @surf_design_hawaii

Surf Tech Thumbdrive Power Flex (Dual Foam Technology) 5’10”- 6’4” The NEW Power Flex dual foam blank creates dynamic flex for increased responsiveness and speed when you need it. The Thumbdrive is a smaller higher volume performance board able to generate speed in any section of the wave. SM-Med++ Size Surf: Intermediate to Advanced surfers. 5 Future boxes, thruster, quad or 5 fin

T&C Surf / Kekoa Bacalso

Surf Tech / Kalani Chapman

Wade Tokoro: “There are so many tails, but as a rule, the wider the tail the more surface area. More surface area like squash tails will keep the board on the surface of the water and will be better for smaller surf. The narrower tails like a round pin will keep the tail sitting in the water so it will be better for bigger and more powerful surf.” Jeff Bushman: “Round pins are the easiest, most forgiving, not just for hollow barreling waves, but all conditions. Squash tail give you lift in junk surf, swallows are creative. Try them all, find what is best for you.” Matt Kazuma Kinoshita: “I love using different tail shapes to fine tune a board. Take your standard shortboard squash tail - it is magic in most wave conditions, but will usually have a hard time in fast and hollow surf. Change it to a round pin and you will instantly become a better tube rider. If your standard shortboard is hard to ride in the smaller surf, change it to a swallow tail with wider hips, it will be much faster without feeling like it will slide out. Area and release back there makes a huge difference.” Bret Marumoto: “The basic tails of today’s performance surfboards the squash tail is the most versatile in all types of conditions. The thumb tail or round pin gives you down the line drive that lets you turn without spinning out, this tail can handle the speed and power of bigger surf. The swallow tail and bat tail gives you lift in rail for rail turns to gain speed, plus you can take a higher line on the steeper parts of the wave.

Body Glove / Tatiana Weston-Webb

Surf Tech

Surf Tech

Surf Tech

Big Rig HD-E

New Flyer TLPC

Revelation HD-E

9’6” x 23.5”, 76.25L

5’8” – 6’4”

A modern spin on a timeless classic. The Big Rig has classic longboard outline combined with subtle entry rocker, continuous nose concave rolling into a slight ‘V’ of the tail make this board the perfect choice for that epic offshore day.

For 2015 Channel Islands has modernized the Flyer into a shorter and wider package. This new planshape allows for the same volume in a shorter rail line. Keeping the forgiving 2-stage rocker and adding spiral “V” starting in front of the fins to allow for railto-rail quickness.

9’0” x 22.4”, 67.66L

SM-Med Size Surf: Ideal all levels of surfer, 2+1 fin set up, Future Boxes

SM-Med++ Surf: Intermediate to Advanced Surfers. FCS 5 Fin system, Thruster, Quad or 5 Fin

The perfect high performance longboard, with short board inspired bottom couture, you get a fast, confident and fluid ride on every wave. It features a double concave tail, flat mid and a subtle concave nose. The unique rounded pin shape and contoured curves redefines modern longboard design and is ideal for all level riders. SM-Med++ Size Surf: Ideal all levels of surfer, 2+1 fin set up, Future Boxes

SYCO Surf / Vortex Surfboards Excalibur Longboard 9’2”x 21 1/2”x 2 7/8” Shaped by Mike Moray The Excalibur is a wellbalanced longboard for 2ft to 6ft. performance surfing. It has super Secret Squirrel rocker, which is great for noseriding and a real nice cut back. Check out our other models, from fishes to performance shortboards, longboards and of course guns, online. (808) 223.0423 @sycohawaii Facebook | sycohawaii

T&C Surfboards

T&C Surfboards



5’11” x 19 x 2 5/16 Shaped by Glenn Pang

5’9” x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 Shaped by Makani McDonald

High Performance small wave short board. Fuller outline with a low entry rocker allowing the board to plane thru the flats, the tail rocker allows the board to turn tight in the pocket. Should be ordered at least an inch shorter and a little wider than your usual dimensions with the same thickness. (808) 621.5000 @tandcsurfboard

Very versatile board, This board can be ridden by all shapes, sizes, and skill levels, from entry to expert. This will be your go to board most of the small days while in between big swells. It has a low entry, low kick in the tail with a single to light vee out the tail. (808) 621.5000 @tandcsurfboard

WRV / Dave Wassel / Eric Baeseman

Varial / Shane Dorian / Ehitu Keeling

Most beach break type surf you go with a squash tail or swallow. For reef breaks or hollow waves with power, the go-to tail is a round pin/ thumb tail.” Kimo Greene: “Tail shapes are interesting. I personally like the wing swallow. It works well in all surf from 1 ft. to double overhead. My advice is to speak with the person shaping your board and tell them what you want to do with the board and what kind of waves you’re interested in riding.” John JC Carper: “Pintails turn smoother, quicker and hold the face best, which is why they are so popular on guns, but the rest (squash, swallows, moonbeams) can be faster and more powerful (punchy). It is really just about the area, more or less, of the tail.” pau

North Shore Soap Factory

T&C Surfboards

Varial Surf Technology

Pro Model

Varial Foam Shaped

9’0” x 22 1/2 x 2 7/8 Shaped by Tommy Tanaka

This board is narrow, thin and light which makes it extremely fast. Designed with the advanced rider in mind, it has a lower nose rocker and extra tail with more edge. The entire board is pulled in, especially on the tail and nose. Bottom has a flat nose to slight roll vee to vee off the tail. (808) 621.5000 @tandcsurfboard

5’6” x 19” x 2.25” Shaped by JC Hawaii Radically redefining how we look at a board. Short, wide and thick, this little TRD really does the trick. Displacement is gracefully maximized by the “S” deck so the rails can be low. Low rocker and vee out the back allow this board to turn on a dime and never lose drive. Did you see Dorian on his 5’6” TRD? What more can I say?

WRV Thief Shaped by Bushman 5’9 x 19” x 2 3/8” Collaboration between WRV and Mr. Bushman, who doesn’t need much introduction. He’s the man when the waves are serious. WRV has stocked Bushies for years, we’ve always got a good selection. Come down and check them out. $595 (808) 637.2020

$750 - $850 @varial_surf





Shaped by Bob Yinger 6’2 x 20.5” x 2.55”

Shaped by Pyzel 6’4 x 19.75” x 2.63”

Another Florida boy made good in California, Bob has helped refine the Nugget, which is a wider platform currently in the marketplace worldwide. A summertime specialty. We got ‘em in stock for you.

Since before JJF, Pyzel has made amazing leaps and it’s a thrill carrying his boards before and now. Jon provides very progressive designs and we always keep plenty in stock.

$595 (808) 637.2020

$595 (808) 637.2020

“The most fulfilling part of shaping boards for me is to see someone happy with their surfboard. It could be a beginner to a professional, as long as they are happy.”

- Wade Tokoro

Arnette / Mason Ho


DaFin / Ha’a Keaulana

Patagonia / Hank Gaskell

Aloha Betty Trucker Hats

Arnette Fastball

Brah, wit dis shades you can be stylin’ at da beach and spock da wahines and look like one solid rippa. Mo’bettah only wen cost hundred bucks so still get kala for grindz and gas money. Chee pono! Arnette is da winna!  

Get stoked on Betty and put a lid on it! Be curious... Trucker hats 20 bucks. She’ll do ya right! $20

Brazilian Showroom Braided Straps Dress

$109.95 Polarized $79.95 Standard   (877) 680.0123 @arnette Facebook | Arnette

Catch Surf

Body Glove Smoothie Long Arm Spring Body Glove’s all 2mm long arm spring, with Magnaflex neoprene throughout, allows for maximum stretch. The Lycra leg trim and smooth skin collar, combined with our slimming one-piece front design, ensure optimal comfort and fit. Must have for summer! MSRP $99.99

Channel Islands Jordy Smith Signature Arch Pad Jordy Smith Signature Hex Cord

Kalani Robb Pro Trunks WMCJ Hat Blue Moon Bernie Cali Girls Tee (949) 218.0428

Medium + Kick 32mm with 5mm arch bar. The hexagonal cord shape has proven to kink and stretch less than a traditional cylinder-shaped leash. 3/16 comp and ¼ inch standard diameter. $40.00 Pad $28.00-29.00 Cord

Dakine Stacked

DaFiN Surfing Products Kicks Fins

Stacked board short has a 21” outseam and light 4

New color combos and new XXS size for Summer 15!

way stretch. Comes with a Comfort Close Fly® with

Lightweight, comfortable and they float! Kicks Fins

Brazilian Show Room – Haleiwa

no rash internal binding and minimal hook and loop.

are the preferred choice of ocean enthusiasts seeking

66-250 Kamehameha Hwy. Suite# E101

Back pocket has an autolocking coil zipper and internal

a user-friendly and versatile swimfin.

Haleiwa, HI 96712

drainage. It’s the perfect board short, when you love

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This cute little dress has the versatility to take you from a day at the beach with the girls, right through a fun night out on the town. Be sure to check out our sassy accessories to spice it UP! Turn heads with Brazilian Show Room! $69.00

Light Blue/ Dark Blue $62.95

Brazilian Show Room – Kailua

MSRP $58

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D’Blanc Locals Only

D’Blanc 1 Chord Wonder

D’Blanc Evil Twin

The Locals Only is a full coverage wrap that is

The 1 Chord Wonder is an oversized sports frame

Simple yet refined, the Evil Twin evokes classic lines

available in both our P-1 Polycarbonate Polarized and

with a flatter modern shape. Available in both P-1

inspired by 60’s styling. Available in P-1 Polycarbonate

P-3 Mineral Glass Polarized lenses. Made in Italy.

Polycarbonate Polarized and P-3 Mineral Glass

Polarized. Made in Italy.

Polarized lenses. Made in Italy. $150 - $220

$95 - $150 $100 - $220

Dunstan Surfwear ‘Hatton’ Boardshorts

Freestyle Watches Shark Clip Aloha

GoBag World’s Only Magnetic SelfSealing Dry Bag

Dunstan Surfwear is a virtual board short tailor and you are the designer. This style among the others is completely customizable for the perfect fit and design, with a variety of fabrics and trims. Free world wide shipping!

The Shark Clip Aloha features the original clip band system that ignited the Freestyle brand in the

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1980’s. Much like a seatbelt, just clip in to keep your watch safe, snug and comfortable. Available in 5 colors. Thanks for your support Hawaii!  MSRP $55

Freesurf Coffee Mug / Phone Cases

Hawaiian Island Creations KAPENA

GoBag allows your cell phone to go ANYWHERE you go. With its double magnetic seal, GoBag is waterproof to 100ft./30m. It can also be used to

Over the years, Freesurf has captured the beauty of surfing in Hawaii. To share this with our fans, we’ve created a collection of products and apparel that any ocean enthusiast will love. Check out our full Freesurf line – hats, tees, tote bags, phone cases, mugs and more – online. @freesurfmag

Soft EVA footbed with medial arch support that molds to the shape of your foot. Non-slip rubber sole with high abrasion rate that lasts longer. Soft comfortable nylon between your toes.

keep your keys & wallet safe from any blowing sand


For wholesale orders:

or wind-driven rain. With a lifetime warranty, you’re guaranteed to get the quality you deserve. Find GoBag at selected surf shops including: T&C Surf, Surf N Sea, HiDentity, Hawaiian Island Surf N Sport, Hanalei Surf, Dejavu Surf, Millers Surf, and Maui Sporting Goods.

Joey Vieira Available at HIC stores on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island

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Future Motion Onewheel

Hang Ten Gold Sunglasses The Wavefarer 3

Onewheel is a totally new riding experience that is both completely unique while incorporating your favorite elements of other boardsports. • Brushless Hub Motor

• 15% Grade uphill/downhill

• Lithium Batteries

• iPhone App Connected

• Intuitive Control

• Electronically upgradeable

• 15 mph

• Digital Shaping

Luxury Sunglass Collection Hang Ten Gold sunglasses

• 8mi / charge • Intelligent LED lighting • 20 Minute recharging

are a modern, casual collection of handmade, polarized sunglasses 


that remain true to its heritage, inspired by the original Hang Ten surf brand of the 60’s and 70’s.  $80 - $110 Available at the North Shore Surf Shop.

GoXbro 1080P WIFI Camera

HammerHead Spear Guns HammerHead Evolution^2, PLUS Carbon Speargun

Hidentity Surf Sandy Beach Edition

Integrated 1.5 inch LCD Screen, Two Way Remote Control. Waterproof Enclosure 60M. Shockproof 2M & dustproof. 1080p:1920x108030frames per second. 720p:1280x720-60 frames

Located in the Kalama Valley Shopping Center,

per second. Viewing

HIDENTITY SURF features original designs that

Angle 170 Degrees, MP4

identify Hawaii culture and lifestyle. And owners Aka

Output, with 8G SD Card

Lyman & Spencer Skipper can help you choose your next shred sled. Come check us out!

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Hawaiian Bath & Body Plumeria Body Butter

Honolua Surf Co. Safari Rectangle Surf Hat

Evolution^2, PLUS Carbon perfectly matches Italian made PURE carbon fiber barrels with the Evolution^2, Please welcome the newest addition to our HBB

PLUS Mechanism with all Stainless Steel internals

skincare collection, über moisturizing Body Butter in

and Trigger. Expertly rigged with a double wrap of

five tropical scents, in an Avocado butter base and rich

shooting line and dual 5/8î bands on a 17/64î Shark-fin

in organic coconut oil. It’s Melt-On-Your-Skin good!

Shaft. Wrapped in our HammerHead Shark Cammo Pattern in Pelagic Blue or Deep Red Camouflage.

Nylon floppy hat with comfort headband and chin strap. Great for SUP days!

$19.95 - 4oz MSRP starting @ $499 North Shore Soap Factory (808) 637.8400

$24.50 Available at Honolua retail stores and at

Kaenon Jetty, Gold Coast Collection Clarke, Gold Coast Collection

KICKER Performance Audio KPw™ Bluetooth Speaker

Mahiku Pandora Capri

With a pair of robust drivers and bass radiators, an IPX5 water-protection rating and 10 hours of continuous play, the KPw is the perfect on-the-go, Bluetoothenabled speaker to stream your favorite music in any location. The golden hour - magical moments between day


and dusk when the water glistens and the land is lit in a majestic hue. Kaenon’s Gold Coast Collection is inspired by these moments. Pintail, Clarke, Lewi and Jetty are now available in this new color combination, a lightly-textured, dark brown frame paired with our

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MSRP: $209-224

Made in the USA with premium fabrics, and keeping every sport in mind, these are the go-to fun pant for

polarized SR-91 B12 lenses finished with a reflective gold mirror.

The PANDORA Capri Sport is your all around pant.

any adventure. Includes a drawstring waistband and

Nectar Baron

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quickdry lightweight fabric that can be used in the water and on land. Store opening in Haleiwa Town Center May 2015. $75.00 (kama‘aina + military discount in store with valid ID).

Noelani Designs Sunrise Shell Earrings

A Baron is noble. They command the respect of every room they enter. They are confident. They are calm.

Mahiku Aztec Legging

They are collected. Enjoy more in sunnies. $30 NECTARSUNGLASSES.COM

Hurley Phantom Free Sandal

Our made in the USA Mahiku AZTEC leggings are Hammered 14k gold-filled hoops encircle these unique

designed to get wet without getting heavy. With the

sunrise shells. Earrings (also available in silver) are

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custom made at Noelani Studios with sunrise shells

The Phantom Free Men's Sandal features the next

our leggings can be used for all sports in the water or

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generation of Nike Free outsole design so you can

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maximum comfort and all-day wear. Available online and in-store.

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OAM, On A Mission Day Mission 6 3” Board Bag 6’ Comp Glow Leash Durable 600D Polyester,

OAM, On A Mission Torrey Meister Mahalo Series Pineapple Pad Joel Centio Aloha Series Hibiscus Pad

Perfect Bar Peanut Butter Warning! These bars are deliciously addicting! Touted as the freshest nutrition

reinforced nose. UV heat & water resistant external

Quality EVA Material

bars ever created, be sure

internal tarpaulin. Rubber

& Strong Waterproof

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air vent & hidden removable

3MM Glue. OAM

the fridge at your favorite

shoulder strap. OAM S-Zip

Patented Animal

grocery stores. They come

patent pending. Top Or tail

Grip featuring a wall

in 7 different flavors, and

entry options. YKK Coil Zipper.

to grip your foot in

every Perfect Bar flavor

Internal Multi-Pocket Organizer.

place and a ramp

recipe is non-GMO, gluten

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free, loaded with high

GLOW In-The-Dark Orange

foot movement.

quality whole food protein,

Leash Available 55c, 6c,

The right degree of

and 20+ organic superfoods.

6r. Includes 2yr warranty.

hardness for proper

Check out the store locator

Made with the OAM

grip texture. Innovation

from the Perfect Bar

WaveFlex Technology Mold to

Originals since 1993!

website to find a retailer

provide maximum flex without


near you.


(866) 628.8548 Instagram | @perfectbar Facebook | Twitter | @Perfect_Bar

compromising strength. $87.99 Board Bag $25.95 Leash

Pakaloha Bamboo Sunglasses

Ultra Light and stylin’ sunnies made with real bamboo and recycled plastic. Available at all three retail stores and online. $22.99 (808) 661.9988

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Pakaloha Mermaid Surfer Hat

Pro Standard The Grill Mount

Every sun kissed mermaid needs this mermaid surfer girl trucker hat. Available in many different shades and colors. $17.71 (808) 661.9988

Get the Grill Mount, it’s the GoPro mouth mount the pros use to stack clips with the angle you and your friends want to see. Heat molded mouth guard design creates unmatched comfort, fit and filming stability. Breathe and speak like there’s nothing in your mouth. Now with patent pending “Cam Perfect” markings that let you recreate a perfect positioning from a previous session. Learn the perfect position for every wave. Additional uses: Handgrip, Tripod. $29.95 (604) 966.7640 @theprostandard

Brent Bielmann

Kicker / Brianna Cope

Vans / Dane Reynolds


On A Mission / Balaram Stack / Carey

Patagonia Stretch Hydro Planing Board Shorts – 19”

Patagonia Minimalist Wavefarer® Board Shorts - 19"

Quiksilver AG47 New Wave Bonded

The highest-performing board shorts in our line, the

Made from light, durable and quick-drying 100% nylon

Featuring traceable recycled Dry Flight 4-way stretch

Stretch Hydro Planings are made from superlight

(38% recycled), the trusty Minimalist Wavefarers

treated with durable water repellent, this boardshort

100% recycled polyester. Durable and fast-drying

feature 50+ UPF sun protection with a forward inseam

also has a laser cut, stitchless seam construction.

with 50+ UPF sun protection, functional 2-way

and flat-lying fly for comfort in the water. Fabric is

Simply put, this is the most advanced boardshort

mechanical stretch and a slim profile.

bluesign® approved.

we’ve ever made.




Available at Patagonia Honolulu & Hale’iwa.

Available at Patagonia Honolulu & Hale’iwa.

Ryders Eyewear Loops

Ryders Eyewear Pint

Scarfini Fins

Surfboard fins handmade from surfers for surfers, using the world’s leading technology and materials. The Loops comes equipped with ultra-durable frames,

473 milliliters of optic refreshment, perfectly poured

polarized/shatterproof lenses, and anti-slip nosepads.

to quench your eyeballs’ thirst for comfortable UV

Available in 4 frame colors with a variety of lens

protection. Comes with polarized, shatterproof lenses,


anti-slip nosepads, and ultra-durable frames.


$79.99 @RydersEyewear @RydersEyewear

Sacred Surf Hawaii The Perfect Wave Trucker

Sacred Surf Hawaii Earth Bird Hat

Embellished with rhinestones, this Sacred trucker is

Sacred truckers feature a fitted artistic hat created for

the perfect accessory for your active beach lifestyle.

the active outdoor enthusiast. Mountain or ocean,

Available in stores this summer.

you’ll see these hats on snow or sand.



(808) 469.5274

(808) 469.5274

Works with all popular fin systems. For base construction, chose from bamboo/hemp, hydroflex or carbon. Dealer inquiries available: (808) 227.7519

Surf N Sea Surfer X-ING Tee

Surf N Sea's 50th Anniversary "Surfer X-ING" Commemorative Tee. Grab'em while supplies last! $19.65 Available at Surf N Sea 62-595 Kam Hwy Haleiwa, HI 96712

Kaenon / Jamie Sterling

Sun Bum / Malia Manuel

Perfect Bar / Billy Kemper

North Shore Surf Shop

Hurley / Joel Centeio

Siren Mermaid Patch Truckin' Hat

Sun Bum Signature High Performance Sunscreen

Siren's iconic Mermaid logo patch adorns the timeless

SYCO Customizable Products

SYCO Hawaii, where we do things a little different.

trucker hat. Awaken your inner Mermaid, and keep

Made in the USA. Trusted by Sun Bum ambassadors

Amazing photo slates, aluminum panels, acrylics

the sun at bay.

Julian Wilson, Malia Manuel, Zak Noyle, Noa Mizuno,

and more. Visit our website to see our full range of

Kaiser Auberlen, Bailey Nagy and the Hawaiian Water

products, prices & services.


Patrol. @SirenBrand


Vans NF Boardshort

Replenish crunchy post

Vans partners

surf hair with LUSTER

with long-time

leave-in conditioner.

team rider Nathan

Wash off that wetsuit

Fletcher to launch

stank and enjoy a

his signature

refreshing tingle

NF Boardshort.


Vans' latest

the ultimate all-in-1

technical model

shampoo, conditioner

introduces the

body wash.

new Sturdy Stretch technology, a versatile 4-way

Long sleeve 5 oz. surf tee in textured wicking fabric in

stretch fabrication that achieves a balance between

a heathered grey. Vissla screen print at front chest and


in-water performance and out of water wear-ability. 

back. This garment is UPF 50.


(808) 223.0423

Vissla Alltime L/S Performance Surf Tee

Vissla Front Zip Jacket

Vissla Foundation Boardshort

Volcom Mo Benefit Boardshort

20” Progressive Fit. 4-way stretch board shorts made

The 20” Mo Benefit boardshort is part of Volcom’s

with coconut and upcycled polyester, all over Vissla

giveback program for the Mauli Ola Foundation. A

2mm neoprene front zip jacket in super stretch fabric,

logo print, contrast binding at side seam, and Vissla

portion of each sale will be donated directly to Mauli

triple glued inside and blind stitched sealed seam

woven labels. Made from Upcycled Coconut /

Ola to support their programs.

outside. Jacket features two tone body color and

Polyester Stretch.

MSRP: $60

Direct Link:

arms, screen print at front of chest and back. Tailored fit.

clothing/mens-clothing-boardshorts/mo-benefitbrdshrt.html @Volcom @VolcomSurf

Vissla / Kaimana Jaquias



Sacred Surf

Wax Buddy Endless Wave

Word Journeys Just Add Water

The next generation wax comb. Made from 100%

By Clay Marzo and Robert Yehling

recycled plastic. Ask about our private label program. Created by surfers for surfers.

Maui’s Clay Marzo is a surfing dynamo living with Asperger Syndrome. Clay shares his


remarkable story with author Robert Yehling in Just Add Water. Available July 14 from

Available at: Local Motion, Surf N Sea, Wave Riding

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Vehicles, Barnfield’s Raging Isle, Surf Garage, Diamond Head Surfboards, Quality Surf, Hawaiian Island Surf

Pre-order price via Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

and Sport. $26 (hard cover) Distributed by: Block Surf (805) 583.0057 Russ Marchan Hawaiian Island Sales John Adams Facebook | Wax Buddy by Endless Wave Instagram | @waxbuddy


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The Amazing Life Story of ‘The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, whose music still inspires surfers worldwide! O OP P EE N N II N NG G N N II G GH H TT WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY, JUNE JUNE 3rd 3rd at at 8:00pm 8:00pm


The Paige Alms Story H Sunday, June 7th at 8pm Special 10pm Premiere Too!


“The most mind-blowing ocean and extreme sports documentary ever!

June 3-7, 2015

View Complete Festival Program and Purchase Festival Passes & Single Tickets to Tributes, Special Culinary Celebrations & Film Premieres at:

Special Savings on Festival Passes, Single Tickets and VIP Patron Passes—Now thru June 2 Tickets Also Available at-the-door at all Venues & MFF Kiosk at The Shops at Wailea. For Directions, Parking and Additional Information, Call 808.579.9244


PAU HANA WITH KIM BALL By Lauren Rolland It’s not always easy to tell who the pioneers and veterans of our sport are. There’s the legends that everyone recognizes, like the Duke or Kelly Slater. And then there’s the professionals that shake hands with heavies at industry functions. There’s the household names that are internationally known, like Bob Hurley and Rusty Preisendorfer, and then there are those that fly under the radar, remaining underground and mostly out of the limelight. The forerunners of surfing are everything from board developers and pro tour masterminds to event organizers and shop owners, and each one of them has helped pave a pathway for surfing to succeed. These pioneers have witnessed the biggest transformations to ever happen to our sport, and have the stories to back it up. One man who has been around to see some serious change grace Maui is Kim Ball. The Lahaina local helped turn the Valley Isle into the wind and water sport capital that it is today by developing the Maui Race Series. He single96

handedly owns three Hi-Tech Maui shops, which harbor the most extensive variety of board sport equipment on the island. Mr. Ball is helping turn surfing into a reputable scholastic sport through the Maui Interscholastic League surfing, plus he helps coach wrestling and is a huge community supporter. For one of the more fascinating interviews to grace our pages, read on for a humorous, insightful and inspiring Q&A with the man himself, Kim Ball.

As the owner of Hi-Tech, Maui’s largest surfboard/skateboard shop, you have your finger on the pulse of the Valley Isle sports scene. In your opinion, how has surfing changed over the years? Would you say there is one thing in particular that has improved? It never ceases to amaze me to see the innovations that Maui guys have come up with to ride waves. From windsurfing to strap surfing to towing-in to hydrofoiling to kiting to

stand-up paddling, it’s cool to see kids like Kai Lenny excel at riding waves with a surfboard, sail, kite or paddle. One improvement? Board design/shapes continue to be off the charts. For example, some of our customers laughed at the Tomo shapes when they saw the boards on our rack, now you see variations of the Tomo shape everywhere. How and when did you become the owner/ president of Hi-Tech Maui? Craig Maisonville started Hi-Tech in 1982. He had a factory at the Haiku Cannery, and a board outlet in Paia. It was a board outlet because there were never any boards for sale. Craig shaped the most sought-after windsurfing waves boards in the world. He’d throw orders in the waste basket (mostly Euro orders) because he knew he could never get to them. He was an animal, he shaped three boards a day and would ride waves at Hookipa every afternoon without a harness, just holding onto the sail… something nobody does now or even then.


I was a windsurfing junkie at the time, and my pastor, Ricky Ryan, got Craig and I together in 1984. We shook hands and became partners, no signed agreement. I opened another Hi-Tech store in Kahului. Craig entered the ministry full-time in 1990, and we worked a buy-out. I can’t say enough good things about Craig as a partner and a man of integrity. Since then we’ve expanded a few times and opened two more stores, but I’ll never forget Craig’s influence on our company. Before your current career path, what were you doing when you were younger? For two summers in high school, I scooped horse manure and dug post holes and mended fences for the local county fair and horse races in Nebraska, made up to $1.30 an hour. Then the next summer, we hit the jackpot. A bunch of us high school seniors scored jobs at the meat packing plant for $3.38 an hour! We thought we were rich. I had the stinkiest job on the kill floor, even worse than my friend who cut and tied assholes. I would get the bloated stomachs full of undigested meal, and I would have to cut each one open and pass it to the next guy so he could wash it on the wheel. Every time I cut into it, it was like the meanest fart exploding in my face… I only had to do it about 800 times a day. That’s why resin never bothered my nose. Ha! Wow I was not expecting that! What a

humble beginning… Okay, so you’re also the coordinator for Maui Interscholastic League surfing, tell us a little bit about that. I’m actually co-coordinator with PK Higa, the King Kekaulike athletic director, for Maui Interscholastic League surfing. For MIL surfing, we created a four-meet schedule at four different venues. We put together a twoday coaches certification clinic in Lahaina, with the help of Archie Kalepa, Cary Kayama and Zach Edlao. We also had a clinic at Maui High School for our judges and officials. We just had our third meet (of our second season) at Lahaina Harbor. The coaches have done a great job of getting the student/ athletes organized with all the release forms, physical exams, grade checks, etc. I’m always reminded by my brother, who is a complex area superintendent… students first, athletes second.

and every other kind of board and sail. But gradually it got a little more serious, and before we knew it, we had the best slalom racers in the world competing in our amateur races. This will be year 31, and as long as our race director wants to talk at skipper’s meetings (he’s the youngest 72-year-old on the planet), I’ll continue to organize what is now called the Maui Race Series, a series of five windsurfing events. You mentioned you also coach for the Lahainaluna wrestling team. How did you get into all of these different sports? You seem to have a calling for coaching…

In 1985, you helped organize what has today become one of the largest wind surfing events in the state. Do you continue to organize the Maui Race Series each year?

When you’re a little skinny kid who was the only non-white kid (besides my bro) in our town, you naturally wrestle and play football. My mother was actually the only true minority in town, she was a local Hilo girl who went to U of Missouri and met my dad. When they got married (1951), it was against the law in southern states, so they had to go to Iowa to get married. My folks were such the radicals.

We started the Kanaha Team Slalom in 1985. You’ve got to remember in the 80’s, windsurfing was blowing up, it was the fastest growing sport in the world. The races were something for windsurfers to do in the summer when the north shore was flat. The first year, we had guys on asymmetrical wave boards,

I went to one Lahainaluna wrestling practice in 1980, and the athletic director asked me if I wanted to help coach. I thought, ‘I can help for one year’. Now they can’t get rid of me. I coached pretty heavily until my oldest son, Bailey, was born in 1988, and then when he was in kindergarten, we started a wrestling



PAU HANA / KIM BALL club up north, the Napili Surfriders… how original, huh? We helped Molokai start a club because we wanted to take our club over there to camp and surf; wrestling was just an excuse. I gotta say though, this past month was absolutely the pinnacle for all of us in the Lahaina wrestling community when Lahainaluna became the first neighbor island team to win a wrestling state title, capturing the boys and girls titles at the Blaisdell. Leigh Tonai (HIC) and Ryan Sugihara (T&C) are big wrestling guys, so when I see them at industry functions, the topic always turns to wrestling. Talking business is always too boring. Being as busy as you are, how often do you get in the water? I get in the water almost everyday, I’m a full-on SUP kook now. I came out of the closet a few years ago. Where’s your favorite place to surf on Maui? How about in the world? I’m a dawn-patroller, so anywhere it’s not crowded. World? I’ve been to this island somewhere in Indonesia three times, but it’s terrible, I wouldn’t go there, not worth mentioning. When you’re not managing the shop, coordinating MIL, planning the MRS or coaching wrestling, how else do you spend your time? No time for hobbies, but one of the cooler events we’ve organized was the Mauna Kea Snowboard Championships. Kevin Akiyama (owned Big Island Surf) would help me. We did a few of them, the first was 1994. Your publisher even showed up one time. I took my nine-year-old son up there, big mistake. He was so altitude sick, he couldn’t get out of the SUV. One of our buyers went with us, and she was so altitude sick too that she tossed her cookies in front of the Aloha Airlines counter at Hilo Airport when we were checking in. Boy those one-day snowboard trips were fun. Any tips for creating a work/life balance? My wife, Cindy, will probably say I’m the worst at creating balance. But at the end of the day, I still enjoy going to the shop, still love catching a few waves, still look forward to wrestling practice, and still can’t wait to see my wife every night. PTL.


Accessorize with

Capture your memories and convey your message through imagery, art on almost anything! Shop online at

SYCO Hawaii

For additional custom quality printing on a variety of products, call SYCO Hawaii today!

(808) 223-0423

Dave McCabe

GROM REPORT / KUIO YOUNG By Chris Latronic Full name: Ku‘i‘o’okalani hokulele (@kuio.hammah) Age/grade: 16 years old, 10th grade School: Kamehameha Schools kapalama Fav subject: Hawaiian Language GPA: 3.42 cumulative Sports: Surf Team Height: 5’10 Wt: 165 lbs Years surfing: 8 Surfboard dimensions: 6’0 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 Eric Arakawa Amplifier. Tail type: Rounded square Sponsors: none Home break: Haleiwa Ali’i beach Fav surf spot: V-land Fav pro surfer: Dane Reynolds is by far my favorite, but John John, Noa Deane, and Chippa Wilson are pretty close up to him. Fav meal in Hawaii: Ox-tail soup! My grandma makes the best! Fav meal outside Hawaii: Two 4x4’s from In-n-Out and a large fries, animal style and a strawberry shake. Fav surf maneuver combo: Big barrel to a tweaked frontside straightie.

Growing up in Hawaii is a special privilege. Tell me about your earliest memories of learning to surf and growing up in the islands. Do you remember your first wave? I think the first place I learned to surf was between the two rocks at Three Tables on the North Shore with my mom, definitely not the ideal place to learn how to surf, but I guess it worked, huh? haha. I think the first real memories I have of surfing that I can remember are surfing all day till I was burnt to a crisp on Kauai at PKs with my dad. Tell me about the first moment you knew you were hooked on surfing. I knew I was hooked on surfing one summer when I was about 9 or 10. I would wake up super early and pester my dad to get up and drive me to the beach. We would spend the whole day down there and I wouldn’t want to go home until it was dark. Sometimes I wish I could do that all day every day, but I know that I have other priorities to attend to. My parents have instilled in me that school and a good education are very important.

How do you like being enrolled in Kamehameha Schools? I really enjoy being enrolled at Kamehameha Schools, it’s a great institution for Hawaiian children and I am really thankful that I have the chance to go here. I’ve learned so much about my Hawaiian culture and I believe that this school is really preparing me for college and the real world. When do you find the time surf? It’s a busy schedule that we have here. I personally wake up around 6:00am to get ready and eat breakfast, then school starts around 7:25am. We finish around 3:00pm and I’m lucky to be able to surf town once or twice a week with the surf team. The waves usually aren’t that great, but it’s always nice to jump in the water after a long day of school. I primarily capitalize on the weekends to get all of my surfing in. Tell me about high school surfing in Hawaii. What’s it like to surf on a team? High school surfing is really great. I think it gives kids a good chance to represent their schools at a state and national level. Its really different than individual surfing because you surf with one or two more people in your heat that are from your own school, so you really need to make sure that each person is catching waves and getting good scores. It’s much more different than individual surfing in that sense because you’re not just hustling waves for yourself and you’re not just focusing on your own effort. The team is really good because we have very supportive coaches 104 86

Dave McCabe


like Lea Arce, Daniel Ikaika Ito and Isaiah Walker that are there to make sure we are surfing our best and that our heads are in the right place. Biggest contest results? I haven’t really done many comps in my life. I do the odd HSA contest here and there and I’ve won a couple, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve had many big results. I recently entered my first Pro Junior at Papara in Tahiti and made it through a few rounds. I’m just starting to get into doing contests and I’m hungry to get a good result one of these days. I’d say the biggest result I’ve had is helping my team win the NSSA National high school title in California last year. I believe I lost in the quarters or semi. What are some of your long and short term goals? Short term goals for the future are to start entering more Pro Junior and WQS contests to get a little more experience in the field of competition. Also to do well in the NSSA Nationals this year, and to work on my surfing technique so that I can surf as well as I can, and to train harder so I can be in my best physical condition. In the long run, I really want do have success in the surf industry, whether it’s making it to the World Tour, working with the marketing and design part of a surf company, or making it in a few surf movies. I really get psyched to surf when I see all the people in Kai Neville’s movies like Dane Reynolds, Noa Deane, Dion Agius and Chippa Wilson; I hope that

I can surf at that level one day so that other kids can get stoked to surf. I just hope that I can surf for my whole life and make a successful career out of it. Surfing makes me the happiest and I never want to lose that feeling. Do you have any role models or people who really inspire you? Role models would be Dane Reynolds because he is a really individual guy that has found success in the surf industry by just being himself. Not to mention he’s like the best surfer in the world. Also my friend Kainoa Kealoha because he’s a good guy that surfs super well, takes care of all his responsibilities, and always takes me for a surf! My biggest inspiration would have to be my dad though because he always spent whatever money he had to get me new boards, to put me in contests, and to always make sure that I was happy and healthy. He passed away about a year and a half ago now, but I really hope that I can be as good of a dad to my kids as he was to me. He was my number 1 supporter even when I would lose first round in keiki contests. Also, my mom is a big inspiration to me because she works hard and teaches me to work my hardest in school and in surfing. Sometimes I really need the inspiration. For our future surfers out there, what are some good tips they could use to balance an academic/surf lifestyle? I would tell kids to work hard, go to a real school, get a good education, show respect to your elders, and have fun with surfing! The most important thing to do is budget your time wisely when you have a busy schedule. I’m not too good at that, but I’m working on it. School is really important because you need something to fall back on if surfing doesn’t work out. But then again, my opinion doesn’t mean that much, I’m still a kid myself! Thank you to Freesurf for giving me this opportunity. Aloha and I Mua!




Doug Falter



The pioneers of eco-friendly surfboard shaping are up against the odds, as governed by basic economics. Low demand and expensive supply have turned many shapers’ noses from going green in their craft. Despite the numbers, there is a team of surfing talent on the North Shore of O’ahu determined to influence a shift in sustainable surfing and create more options for surfers to go green. Shaper Robin Johnston of RJ Surfboards and Kahi Pacarro, founder of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, are producing eco-boards made from recycled foam blanks then glassed with tree sap resin. Going green has never been safer, or more fun. How will they perform, you ask? Both Johnston and Pacarro understand that “most expert surfers don’t want to experiment. They don’t want to take the risk.” Thus, the progressive team replicated Pacarro’s standard high performance 5’8’’ shortboard to demonstrate how it rides, in hopes of creating sustainable options for all. An influencer in Hawai’i and the competitive surfing world, Pacarro says that “it’s not a mind-bender for you to switch to a more sustainable board. Icons in surfing need to show that this is important. The influencers of the sport should promote sustainable practices.” Fortunately, there are some eco-pioneers doing just that. 11-time World 108

Champ Kelly Slater recently acquired Firewire Surfboards, in hopes of making a more sustainable surfboard company that incorporates the world’s best shapers. SIMA (Surf Industries Manufactures Association) just endorsed the ECOBOARD, which ultimately helps surfers choose a high-performance sustainable surfboard made with a reduced environmental and toxic impact. Sustainable Surf even introduced the ECOBOARD Project registration process for shapers to certify their businesses with the green seal. The options for eco-conscious surfers are becoming steadily more available and recognized from the bottom-up. Yet, awareness of eco options is half the battle. “The goal is a domino effect with pro athletes to promote sustainable practices. Build the demand so that there is a market, and there will be a supply... Hopefully it’s an organic effect from the top down from our professional surfers. I’m beyond the moon to see how my eco-board turns out and push the movement,” Pacarro states. Freesurf Magazine stopped by Robin Johnston’s shaping bay to discuss his new summer line of eco-surfboards and his experimentation with environment-friendly board making materials. What we found was a

Pacific Islands




And many more!

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Kyle Bernhardt adds his touch.

progressive shift in shaping that stems from an eco-conscious surf community, more fired up than ever to create positive change. Where do most broken surfboards end up? ROBIN JOHNSTON: They go in the garbage. Fortunately, a champion longboarder by the name of John DeSoto - a Westside icon - started a non-profit for kids and was collecting all the broken boards he could to repair. If they were broken in half, maybe we would put them back together, but mostly it was boards that were just laying around with nothing being done to them. We would repair them to give them back to kids that can’t afford boards, or don’t have any.

I had an opportunity with Kahi Paccaro who started a non-profit called Sustainable Coastlines. Kahi is a really good friend, a team rider, a really good surfer and an interesting person. He has made a lot happen in Hawai’i with beach clean-ups and his environmental consciousness. He is riding that bubble and trying to increase this capacity of being proactive, instead of continuing on as we have. He’s determined to change that. We researched a bit and found the connection for the resin. He gave me a recycled blank and we cut into it. We made him his first eco-board, and if it works as well as we hope, its going to be a summer dedicated to that: offering a line of eco-friendly boards as a special summer opportunity to get these things out there.

What are you experimenting with in your shaping bay? Why are sustainable practices so important? RJ: I’m excited about experimenting with sustainable products, and I’m super confident the partially-recycled foam will perform the same. It’s a much better concept than using non-recycled foam. I couldn’t tell the difference when I shaped it, and I think we will see the board perform just like any other. The tree sap resin is supposed to be really good.

RJ: We can only guess how quickly humans pollute the environment. It’s frightening to think about. So every little bit help, if anyone can get involved that’s just buying us more time before things get more critical. Is there a demand for eco-friendly surfboards?

Is tree sap resin gaining popularity on the islands? RJ: It may have been around for a while, but you still can’t go to the main store and pick up these things. Fiberglass Hawaii might carry it now, but ten years ago they did not. For Hawai’i, tree sap resin is relatively new. I’ve heard of it and been interested, but it wasn’t easy to get.


RJ: The demand has not been that high. People want the best quality, and whether or not its sustainable may not make a difference to everyone, but if it’s easy to have the option and they’re not sacrificing performance, I think that it should gain popularity. Especially after seeing Slater’s interview about ways to make boards that are more ecoconscious materials. He was definitely pushing it, saying that it’s coming,

Doug Falter


it’s available and why not do it. Why is Hawaiian shaping unique? How were you introduced to shaping? RJ: My mom taught me to surf; she’s 70 and still surfs every week. The first spot I surfed was Malaekahana Bay, which is about 10 minutes that way (points East from his home on the North Shore). I grew up between South Shore and North Shore.

RJ: Behind most of Hawai’i’s shapers is a pretty good history of surfing. When it comes to bigger waves and performance surfing, Hawai’i is really on the upper echelon, and recognized as one of the most progressive places. There’s a lot of talent with both shaping and surfing. Describe the latest line of RJ Surfboards.

I was always involved with some board making production. Even my first introduction to performance board design was from a friend of mine who was chopping old boards up. In other words, he would strip off all the glass, strip it all down and then he would have a foam blank to begin with, take that, make another small board, re-glass it, and those would be our small boards. It was a way to recycle the boards. And we were perfectly happy with them as kids; it was like a brand new board to us. Those were my introductions to glassing and shaping... Inspiration in today’s surfboard design? RJ: The diversity of what I do is definitely inspiring. I work in a lot of sports in surfing: big-wave surfing with guns, shortboards, longboards, fun boards, fishes, and stand-up paddle is a big part of my life. I love it all. I believe my SUP shapes are cutting edge with the development of the sport. Some of the stand-up paddles that I made about eight years ago were the smallest ever made. Little boards with more volume make it fun to surf in small waves.

RJ: Look for the newest, most progressive shortboard models that I’ll be building for summer waves. And also progressive stand-up paddle boards. This is a 6’8’’ stand-up paddle, kind of unheard. Ten years ago no one was riding boards that short. It’s exciting. What do you love most about shaping? RJ: Riding the boards. And watching my friends and team riders surf the boards I shape.

Check out Robin Johnson’s shapes at: and visit to help raise awareness about ecofriendly surfing.


Superior Optics For Superior People


BEACH BUMS By Lauren Rolland Hawaii is a very progressive state. Many of us strive to eat healthy and plant gardens, stay active and enjoy the outdoors, recycle, reuse, reduce. We passed the ban on plastic bags and enhanced smoke-free policies, and many locals aim to lead a healthful and simple lifestyle. Organic and sustainable farming techniques are being practiced more often, and consumers are making conscious choices about where to spend their money. It’s obvious we care about our future, and Freesurf promotes this type of pono lifestyle. A few summers ago I was helping friends get outfitted for a Shark’s Cove snorkel at North Shore Surf Shop. I heard the cashier ask my friends, “Do you need a rash guard?” When they replied no, he then asked, “How are you going to protect your skin from the sun?” The obvious answer was sunscreen. All of a sudden I had this image of Shark’s Cove, the beautiful marine life conservation district that we all love so much, with an oily purple-pink-green sheen coating the water’s surface. Gross. And sad. Both for mankind and for the fragile ecosystems below water. Thankfully there are sunscreen companies that have this similar sentiment, and are working to develop ocean and reef-friendly products that are also good for our skin. Did you know that the epidermis is our body’s largest organ? From head to toe, our skin is exposed to the elements of nature, and here in Hawaii, the sun is the number one thing to protect against. Because summer is fast approaching, and Freesurf likes to share the Living Pono lifestyle, we’re giving you a quick run down on sunscreen and how to keep your skin (and the ocean) safe while enjoying the outdoors. We caught up with Co-Founder/President of Sun Bum sunscreen, Tom Rinks, to find out why we’re seeing the Sun Bum monkey everywhere in the islands, and why it matters. The company was created by a close-knit surf community that cares about the environment and their own families. As ocean enthusiasts, it was easy to see the need for a sunscreen company that put both aspects of the product – people and the ocean – on the same pedestal. Tom told us that Sun Bum does everything possible to protect the reef while also protecting the one’s they love. “I think what makes us different is that we started this thing for ourselves without worrying about what the rest of the world wants,” explains Tom.


76-6246 Ali`i Dr. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 (808) 326-1771

Kai Ku Hale Green Style Island Living Unique Hawaiian Art, Home Decor & Gifts

Haleiwa Town Center Open 10 am - 6pm Daily 66-145 Kamehameha Hwy., Haleiwa, HI 96712 Phone: (808) 636-2244


picked our ambassadors like we’d pick friends, people we really love and want to hang out with, not because of their standings but because of their goodness.”

As surfers and ocean lovers, one of the most important things to understand is the importance of good sunscreen. “Definitely use a mineral based sunscreen with Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide as the main “Active” ingredient because it performs so much better in the water,” says Tom. “And don’t forget your ears.” “We live on the beach and our kids are in and out of the water all day, so it just had to perform for them. We didn’t consider what tourists might want for one second, we’re stoked they like it, but we didn’t make it for them.” Since Hawaii sees millions of travelers to their island chain each year, it’s a good thing Sun Bum has spread state-wide! You can now see their brown and yellow burly monkey in surf shops, dive shops, bikini boutiques, hotel sundry stores, and pretty much any shop that’s affiliated with water sports.

Sun Bum has spent years testing and perfecting their surf/signature formula with surf friends on the North Shore, Southern Cali and Florida. “It’s the best thing we make,” adds Tom. Athletes like Julian Wilson, Malia Manuel, Zak Noyle, Noa Mizuno, Bailey Nagy, Kaiser Auberlen and The Hawaiian Water Patrol are all ambassadors of the Sun Bum team, and stand behind the product and their mission. “When we started we swore we’d try to create a company surrounded by good people, not just good surfers,” describes Tom. So Sun Bum chose their ambassadors based on athletes who lived pono. “I guess you could say we

Further perpetuating this goodness is Sun Bum’s backing of the surf community. The company supports surf camps and core shop events, and they contribute to ocean/ environmental charities. “We’re also at most of the big contests and supplied many of the corporate houses this past season at Pipe,” says Tom. “This summer we are launching a non-profit called ‘Protect The Groms,’ which will aim at inspiring and educating the next generation on the importance of sun protection and community.” Most locals’ beach bags are packed with the essentials – hat, sunglasses, water, towel, sunscreen. When we begin to notice that companies like Sun Bum are striving to encourage a healthy lifestyle and perpetuate living pono, it’s a good step toward making conscious choices in our consumer behavior. It’s also a vote for protecting our skin and the ocean. Freesurf asked Tom Rinks to narrow Sun Bum’s whole mission into a few words… “Spread the love… and the sunscreen. In that order.”









Since it’s that time of year where many surfers flock to better waves around the planet, we’re posting the 2015 board bag fees from some of the top traveled airlines from Hawaii. LUEX Travel compiled an exhausting list of every airline in the world, (which you can find online at or, but we’ve narrowed it down to the ones we think you’ll find most relevant. Check out the prices below and start dreaming up your summer surf travel plans!

Aero Mexico | $40 - $50 USD. $40 if paid in advance, or $50 at the airport. Air Canada | $50 USD/CAD. Boards under the maximum linear dimensions can be counted as your free baggage allowance, but you will be charged a handling fee per board in each direction. Boards must be less than 203cm long, and under 277cm total linear dimensions (length + width + height). Air France | €55 - €100 ($60-$107 USD). Boards 107-300cm long can be carried, though you’ll be charged €55-€100 each way, depending on route. You must notify the customer service department at least 24 hours before flying, but you can only pay at the airport. Air New Zealand | Free boardbags up to 6’5” can be taken as part of your free checked baggage allowance, plus multiple boards are allowed in one bag. 200cm is the normal maximum length allowed, but occasionally items up to 250cm long can be taken (by prior arrangement). Air Pacific | Varies. You can take boards up to (total linear dimensions) 9’, but fee (and currency) varies depending on route and destination. Fees are usually around 50-100 AUD ($40-$78 USD). Air Tahiti Nui | Free. Boards up to 8’2” and 50 lbs. fly free (in addition to your normal checked baggage allowance). Alaska Air | $25 USD. One boardbag containing up to two boards can be taken for the normal checked baggage fee. Size restrictions vary by route. On Alaska Airlines flights 1-999, the boards up to max 9’5” in length (alone) can be carried; on flights 2000-2999 and 3440-3499 the maximum combined linear dimensions (height + length + width) may not exceed 9’5”.










1 2 0 H A N A H W Y. PA I A, HI 9 6779 (NEAR CHARLEY’S)



MAUI 8 1 5 F R O N T S T. LA HA INA , HI 9676 1



When you live in Hawaii, it’s not easy to find a summer vacation that beats the warm air and clear waters of this archipelago. But if you’re a surfer, it’s common to fly south in search of better waves and a summer adventure. To prelude the travel bug that’s sure to hit soon, we asked a handful of athletes where they’re headed this summer, and why they’re tripping. From the tropical islands of Indo to the consistent beach breaks of Cali, let the wanderlusting begin.

British Airways | Free. One boardbag (up to a 6’2” x 29.5” x 25.5” and 50 lbs) can be carried as your free checked allowance. Board must be packed in a recognizable surfboard bag.

Evan Valiere: “My eyes are on Cloudbreak in Fiji, because I’ve never seen barrels that big or that long. I’m busy in the summer, but if conditions align I’ll drop everything and go!”

Makua Rothman: “I’m leaving in a few days to travel in defense of my WSL Big Wave World Tour Championship. I’ve been training harder than ever and am ready for the challenge.”

Keanu Asing: “Just finished traveling all over Australia, now it’s off to Brazil! A lot of traveling and planning, but for me, this is what I signed up for to be on the dream tour. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.”

Copa Air | $50 - $100 USD. One boardbag with max two boards can be taken to all destinations for $100 USD, other than São Paulo and San Jose (where only $50 USD is charged). Delta | $100 - $150 USD/CAD or €105. Two boards can be taken in one bag for $100 USD when traveling to/from Brazil, or for $150 USD/CAD (or €105) on all other routes. Go Air | Varies. Surfboards can normally be taken, but are possibly subject to an oversize baggage fee. Call the airline to confirm fees when booking. Hawaiian Airlines | Free - $150 USD. Two boards (up to 292cm) can be carried in one bag. Fees vary by route, ranging from free (to Australia and New Zealand) to $150 USD. Some planes have limited cargo capacity, so call the airline to reserve space when booking. Qantas | Free. Boards up to 277cm and 70lbs can travel free as part of your checked baggage allowance.

Jackson Bunch: “I’m going to Indo with some of the Volcom team. It should be sick! I’m super excited!”

Singapore Air | Varies. Surfboards can be taken for free if within size limits, which vary by route. Call the customer service department to confirm max dimensions and fees when booking your flight.

Paige Alms: “I’m in Fiji right now being a boat woman for Tavarua!”

SouthWest | $75 USD. You can take your board for $75 USD each way. It’s advisable to confirm exact fees and dimensions with the airline when booking.

Rainos Hayes: “I’m going to California for the Surfing America US Championships at Lower Trestles and NSSA National Championships at Huntington Beach. And then also mid-July I will go to Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa for a Billabong training camp. This will be my 21st straight summer going to California for these events! But it’s always fun and it’s nice to have a different opportunity to run a camp in another country.”

Brianna Cope: “I’m all over the place this summer. Cabo, Cali, France, Spain and New York.”

Kalani Chapman: “I’m tripping because the waves go flat in the summer on the North Shore and it’s my job to travel and continue the barrel riding. Over the years I’ve gone to Tahiti, Indonesia and Fiji they’ve been my main spots because they’re all perfect barreling lefts and it’s a no brainer.”

Kahi Pacarro: “Headed to Cloudbreak and Restaurants, Fiji to return to where we honeymooned and to visit life long friends. Such a short flight for such perfect waves, you’re surfing within 12 hours of leaving your front door. For late summer, we’re headed to Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. Looking forward to surfing perfect waves and eating biltong!” Brodi Sale: “California is my summer destination. I’m staying with a bunch of the Billabong guys and going to surf some of the local spots like Lowers, Huntington and Newport to practice for upcoming events.”

United | $150 - $200 USD. You have to pay $150 (each way) to take a board on flights between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and $200 (each way) for all other destinations. US Airways | $150 USD. You can take boards for $150 - PER BOARD. You must call the airline when booking the flight, as not all planes can take surfboards. Virgin America | Normally $50 USD. You can normally take your board for $50, but oversize weight fees (which vary by route) can apply. You should call the airline to check fees on your route when booking.


SOUNDS LIKE FATHER LIKE SONS By Antoinette Ranit For years, North Shore has known the Artis house in Haleiwa as the lively home to a talented group of spirited people. The house was impossible to miss; husband/father, Ron Artis, would round up his family to play music to every neighbor and stranger that passed by. The sound of their melodies mixed with the colorful backdrop became regular entertainment for Haleiwa locals and visitors, and the name Artis became a familiar one to the community. Sadly, Artis passed away in 2010. The family only kept the house a couple years longer until they decided it was time to move on. But even though the house is now vacant, the energy lives on. Oldest Artis sibling, Ron Artis II, and his brother Thunderstorm, continue to jam as a duo that performs by the philosophies they were taught by their father.

“Do you want to play music?” asked Artis. “Yes!” replied an enthusiastic young Artis II. “Do you want to have fun with it, or do you want to be really good?” asked father. “I want to be good!” exclaimed son. And like the honest man that he was known to be, Artis looked at his son and laid down the truth. “Let me tell you what that means,” the father began to explain. “It means that I’m never going to lie to you. I’m going to be dead hard on you, and it’s going to be rough. But the same way I will scream at you if it is not right, I will jump up and kiss you if it is right.” There must have been many screams and many kisses, because Ron II and Thunderstorm have blossomed into an extremely talented team. Playing around Oahu at events like Wanderlust at Turtle Bay and concerts at Doris Duke Theatre, to jam sessions at Jerry’s Pizza in Waialua and Surfer, The Bar, the sounds of Ron Artis II are familiar to most Oahu residents. And they appeal to the beach lifestyle enthusiasts that our state is so known and loved for. If you’ve ever been to an Artis Family Band concert, you’re guaranteed to hear something you can dig. From reggae to rock to blues to country, the Artis family knows how to play anything for anyone, because their music has no borders. Ron Artis did not believe in teaching genres, but instead thought of music as a unity meant to be played for other people. “The whole world listens to music,” explains Artis II. “You really have a chance

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SOUNDS / to convey something. You have the chance to make a difference. So if you’re on the stage for yourself, then you’re wasting your time.”

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When you play for other people, as the Ron Artis II band surely does, sometimes it means scrapping the set list. The Artis brothers are known for their improvisational skills on stage. Didn’t hear anything you liked yet? No problem, they’ll wing it on stage, just for you. “Spiritual improvisation means that the musicians on stage are not only skilled and intense, but they’re all in it for the same reason - to see who’s sitting in our audience and to play something for you,” describes Ron. Whatever it is, Artis II has promised that when his band plays, they play for you. These men deserve deep recognition for their skill and talent, but their humility and pure spirits are what are incredibly inspiring. When you feel the passion in their music and see their smiles on stage, you know you are listening to something special. “I don’t care what happens in my career, I never expect to win a Grammy. If we’re going to be dead broke, then we’re going to be dead broke!” laughs Artis. “But it’s a fun journey to know that at any moment we can go to playing a big festival like Wanderlust to playing at auntie’s birthday party. We have that freedom to do what we want to do and make somebody happy.” For upcoming events and performances, check out their website at



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INDUSTRY NOTES bededurbo,” said Mick (and Joel) via Instagram. “It’s called Surfers 4 and this is our new cologne Oceans Mist #mensgrooming #thescentofwinners.” Mark your calendars! June 20 is the Heather Brown solo show, happening at Wyland Galleries in Haleiwa from 5-8 pm. Meet one of Hawaii’s most popular surf artists and browse through the gallery’s collection of art for a fun evening on the North Shore. Hawaii Polo is back! Bring your cooler and lounge chairs and tailgate it on the beachfront property at Mokuleia. Gates open at 11:00am and the games begin at 2:00pm. Entrance fee is $12 per person, or book online and get $2 off your ticket by entering the promo code freesurf at

The Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame is proud to welcome three new inductees into the 2015 class! Congratulations to 6x Vans Triple Crown of Surfing champion and pro surfer Sunny Garcia, Triple Crown of Surfing founder and executive director Randy Rarick, and president of the Honolulu Marathon, James Barahal. As a celebration of their achievements, the three new inductees were honored at the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet, which took place on Tuesday, May 5th at the Honolulu Country Club. Induction into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame is highly prestigious - only a select few are inducted each year to those who’ve shown devotion, dedication and pursuit of athletic excellence in their sport, while helping to foster the sport in Hawaii and in the community. VANS adds three of Hawaii’s hottest groms to their team for footwear! Congrats to Wyatt McHale, 13, Jackson Bunch, 11 and Kaiser Auberlen, 10 for becoming part of the Vans program. The future looks bright for these groms! Body Glove returns as a key sponsor of the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) for the next three years. “We are extremely proud and excited to have Body Glove return again as a major sponsor of the NSSA,” said Janice Aragon, NSSA Executive Director. “Our renewed partnership is an example of Body Glove’s commitment to the roots of our sport and the importance of promoting and supporting the future. Body Glove also announced that 25-year-old WQS surfer Granger Larsen will be joining their team. Raised in Lahaina, Maui, Larsen has been surfing since he was eight. “I have known Granger Larsen since he was a menehune back in Lahaina,”says Body Glove’s Surf Marketing Manager Cheyne Magnusson. “He is an incredibly smooth and powerful surfer. We are beyond stoked to have him as a part of our family.” Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr and Bede Durbidge have launched a line of men’s grooming products, the debut item of which is cologne called Oceans Mist. “Stoked to announce a new project I’m working on with 3 of my best mates @joelparko @josh_kerr84 @ 126

This summer the Maui Film Festival is back, taking place under the stars in Wailea from June 3rd - 7th at the Celestial Cinema. Debuting films like “The Wave I Ride” with Paige Alms and “Love & Mercy”, the life story of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys starring John Cusack, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Dano and Paul Giamatti, the Maui Film Festival is continuing to perpetuate their mission of enlightening and entertaining guests the world over. To learn more or purchase tickets, visit Speaking of accessories, Pancho Sullivan’s new watch company, Aulta, has hit the market. “Aulta was born in Hawaiian waters, tied together by friendship, laughter and a shared love for the ocean,” describes Pancho. “The idea was pure and simple, lifestyle matters. Finding time for that rewarding counterbalance to a hard day’s work.” From the very beginning, the creators of Aulta asked the question, why pay more? “We believe that stylish, well-made watches shouldn’t break the bank,” says Pancho. “Which is why we chose to offer watches built using the highest quality components, at the best possible price, direct to you.” Check out the new line of watches online at www. Kelly Slater bought the film and TV rights to the 2013 book ‘Thai Stick: Surfers Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana

Trade’. “We have begun work on a documentary film and several parties are interested in making an episodic tv series about it,” posted Slater on Instagram. “This is a history they certainly don’t teach you in school but an important and significant cultural phenomenon that occurred mostly undocumented.” Apparently it’s everything you didn’t know about pot smuggling from the late 60’s thru early 80’s.

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サ ーフボードストレージ Have you seen the new shops in Haleiwa’s Town Center? Be sure to ANY SIZE BOARD / BOARD BAG / SUP / PADDlE BaliMoon In the heart Road, of theHaleiwa/Waialua, North Shore HI 96791 BaliMoon Hawaii,Hawaii 66-935- Kaukonahua check out MAHIKU, two doors down from LuiBueno’s, for some colorful active wear! Their Haleiwa store opening is happening this month! And don’t forget to stop by T&C too, for a variety of surf and beach BM-SBS 2015-Draft 2.indd 1 lifestyle apparel and accessories.

This spring, Vans’ takes its “best foot forward” with the debut of the UC1 sandal. Developed in conjunction with the Vans surf team, the UC1 is built with comfort and function as its number one priority. The UC1 starts with a molded Ultracush sole, has specifically engineered flex grooves that are designed to allow the sandal to move with your foot, and utilizes a three-point upper with a foam-backed, mesh-lined strap and reflective details to create a sandal that truly embodies “classic style” with “modern comfort”. Congrats to Klyde Neer, a junior at Hana High School, for winning the Boys Shortboard & Bodyboard divisions at the Maui Interscholastic League surf meet #2. Eight high schools competed in the firstever MIL meet held at Koki Beach near Hana, Maui. And another congratulations goes out to Lahainaluna wrestling team, who won the Boys & Girls 2015 state wrestling titles at the state tournament!

Surf with a smile

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Dr. John

Jones Dentistry

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Celebrating the Cuisines of the New Americas, with Aloha

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Jacob Romero / photo: Sam Venn

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Former Deputy Attorney General


If all of the elements burst forth from the stars, how are we not Mauna Kea? Photo: John Hook

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