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Reasons to Leave Hawai`i Shane Dorian, Mexico. Photo: Edwin Morales






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Free Parking To say surfers from Hawaii are spoiled, is an understatement. With waves year round and paradisiacal conditions, it’s a wonder that we even consider leaving at all. But the same intrepid spirit that brought waves of voyagers here to the Islands remains alive and well within us today. In this issue we hope to inspire those who defer to the siren’s call for adventure, experience and exploration. Photo: Doug Falter

Cover Story

Edwin Morales

Cover Story

By Edwin Morales This day was the best day of my life shooting. Conditions were as good as it gets. Stiff offshore winds, a monster swell slamming right into Puerto and the very best big wave riders in the world. What else can we ask for?! We have seen bigger swells here of course, but this particular one had a different vibe to it. We had almost the whole BWWT here since they just had the event down in Peru a couple of days before the same swell got to Puerto. So a lot of them made it out here and that’s why this swell was so special. Lots of heavy waves and the right crew to charge the bombs. In Puerto, we started using the Hawaiian’s measurement, which is the back of the wave. This day, I remember seeing the biggest bombs between 16 to 18 foot, and maybe even 20 foot on the biggest sets. It was a freak show. The whole town was packed. Even the unusual people from up town came to watch, and of course all of the tourists that were in town, plus the surfers crew. Cameras all over the place. I remember exactly when I saw Shane starting to paddle into this one. He was trying to get an early take off, but since the wind was so hard, the board caught some air right under it, making for one of the craziest drops I have ever seen in Puerto. When I saw that he made it, I knew that what was about to happen could definitely be one of the very best waves ever ridden in town. Sure enough, Shane made it look really easy and got spit out of the monster barrel. I have noticed that Shane is very selective and I’m sure that’s the reason why he is always on the very best waves wherever he goes. It was hard to keep track of everyone of course, but I’d say Shane got one of the two best waves of the whole swell. pau



PHOTO: KEOKI SAGUIBO - Body Glove and the hand design are registered trademarks of Body Glove international, LLC


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Tahiti. Photo: Kirstin Scholtz / ASP

Edwin Morales

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“What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?” - Jack Kerouac Travel is synonymous with adventure. It’s a deviation from normal life, a step beyond the comfort zone, a chance to get to know more of the world. New foods and languages and coastlines and customs… Chartering the unknown is one of the most exciting endeavors in life, and many of us are lucky enough to look forward to it each year. Others, like me, have to consider a trip to Kauai or Cali an adventure when there’s nothing worldwide on the horizon. But don’t get me

wrong- these destinations are exciting! I love the journey’s end in both locales. Besides, travel doesn’t have to mean international per se. You can travel right within your own hometown, hence the newly coined term ‘staycation’. Whether you’re traveling via foot or plane, 30 miles or 3,000, it’s all the same. It’s all about covering new ground and gaining new experiences. The trips abroad that our Hawai’i surfers did go on this year though will undoubtedly have you feeling a bit envious. In these pages we expose a few grom missions to Tavarua, Nicaragua and New Zealand and then rove to the continents of Africa, North America, Asia and Australia. To roam

Cory Scott

Editor’s Note

is to wander free, but that’s not to say it’s without purpose. Freesurf’s ROAM feature highlights surfers who had intent in their travel, so flip to page 34 to see if victory was made. Despite all the globetrotting that goes down in this issue, if you live in the Islands, staying (and returning) home is never too dull. After all, home is Hawai’i, one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world. Which is why we pay homage to neighbors within our own island chain. Check out the flights, long rides and aquatic adventure that went down here in the Hawaiian archipelago in the Aperture photo gallery on page 54.

The wave scene has been pretty fun for everyone that stuck around this past month too. Hurricane Iselle and Julio spared most of Hawai’i (sending love out to the Big Island) AND brought in a 3 to 5 foot north swell to the North Shore. Town saw good action too and everyone got an early taste of the winter wave season, which will be descending upon us before we know it. First day of autumn is September 22nd. If you’ve been gone traveling around the globe this summer, welcome home. And for everyone else, welcome to the fall season and Freesurf’s annual Travel issue. - Lauren Rolland Associate Publisher | Editor

Kirstin / ASP

News & Events

Billabong Pro Tahiti In what most of the surfing world is calling the best event ever, the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti at Teahupo‘o featured massive barrels and stunning performances clearly setting the bar for all other tube-riding contests. Teahupo‘o, perhaps the hollowest wave on the planet, left little room for hesitation or doubt. The top surfers in the world were either gleefully enjoying the experience of man-on-man surfing in some of the most perfect tubes on the planet or fearing every time the horn went off. The final Day’s 12-man field took on perilous conditions and monster 12 to 15 foot barreling waves, the biggest of the season, in pursuit of victory.

Rowland / ASP

These were serious waves of consequence, and world number 1 surfer Gabriel Media certainly has added a lot of lead to his pound-for-pound stature in the surfing world with his victory. The win over 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater is Medina’s third WCT victory of the year, after triumphing at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast and ASP Fiji Pro, and sees him extend his lead in the World Title race.

Vans US Open of Surfing Australian Tyler Wright and Brazilian Filipe Toledo reigned supreme on the final day of the Vans US Open of Surfing. Tyler has been crowned champion of the Women’s event, stop No. 6 of 10 on the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour, while Filipe has won the Men’s ASP Qualification Series (QS) Prime event. After dispatching tour front-runner Carissa Moore, Tyler Wright did away with Hawaiian Malia Manuel in the semifinals before defeating five-time world champ Stephanie Gilmore in the final. The win was Wright’s first of the season, and it moved her up to third place in the race for the world title. Congratulations to Oahu’s Bailey Nagy and Australia’s Matt Banting, who took home the prestigious titles for the ASP 2-Star Vans US Open Pro Junior in peaky 1 to 3 foot waves at Huntington Beach Pier. Nagy grabbed the lead early in the 30-minute final and held poll position throughout the heat’s entirety despite the valiant efforts of fellow finalists Mahina Maeda (Oahu), Brianna Cope (Kauai) and Meah Collins (Newport Beach, CA). The Vans US Open Pro Junior win marks the biggest victory of the 18-year old’s career.


Hamish / Ripcurl

Mick Curley / RipCurl

News & Events

Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang With the best waves that the Rip Curl Cup has seen in its 11-year history, Padang Padang delivered 6 to 8 foot solid bombs with tradewind conditions for the event. Congratulations to Bali’s Garut Widiarta for taking first place and to Raditya Rondi (Garut’s cousin) for taking second. The two set a new standard of performance in Indonesian surfing during the Finals. The Rip Curl Cup Invitational at Padang Padang is Indonesia’s longestrunning surfing competition and the only ISC tour event featuring top international surfers alongside Indonesia’s best. The lineup of invitees included Jamie O’Brien, Kekoa Bacalso, Flynn Novak, Bethany Hamilton, Dusty Payne and Kalani Chapman.

Duke’s Oceanfest By Chris Latronic The 13th annual Duke’s OceanFest featured a plethora of ocean sport competitions in honor and celebration of the late and great Duke Kahanamoku and his legendary contributions to the world of surfing. This week-long fun event included the many beach activities that the Duke himself played and loved throughout his lifetime. Some of these timeless enjoyments included Longboard Surfing, Paddleboard Racing, Swimming, Tandem Surfing, Surf Polo, Beach Volleyball and Stand-Up Paddling. But the Duke will always be more famously known for his ambassadorship in introducing surfing to the world, and this event showed no lack of surf competitions to exemplify this iconic sport. With contests for keiki of all ages and even a few featuring legends of the past, mother nature truly provided, as a perfect sized south swell brought more than enough sets through the famed Queens lineup for all to enjoy. Here are the results: Hawaiian Airlines Duke’s Legends Surf Classic 1 - Kona Brewing Co 2 - Tiki’s Bar & Grill 3 - Monkeypod Kitchen 4 - First Hawaiian Bank 5 - Hawaiian Airlines Waikiki Kane Longboard Pro Am- Kai Sallas ITSA Waikiki Tandem Pro- Kalani Vierra / Krystal Apeles Papa He’e Nalu Alaia Surf Contest- Kai Sallas Alaia for all Legends and Contestants- Patrick Hannon

Hale‘iwa Arts Festival Photos Lauren Rolland The Hale‘iwa Arts Festival presented their 17th Annual Summer Event under sunny warm skies- despite the talk of stormy weekend weatherand provided a fun two days for North Shore residents and island visitors. With white steeple tents taking over Hale‘iwa Beach Park, the grassy area was alive with music from Ron Artis II, Josh Sharp Trio, Tavana, Erika Elona and many more to entertain the crowd. Over 130 traditional and contemporary visual artists displayed original works and limited editions for guests to enjoy. Mediums included oil, acrylic, ceramic, photography, sculpture, watercolor, fabric, serigraphy, jewelry and glass, as well as other media. Artists such as Christie Shinn, Welzie, Kimi Werner, Jen Homcy, Heather Brown and Kaleimaeole were part of the weekend art extravaganza, and Colleen Wilcox’s “Duck Dive” painting was this year’s shirt art. The purpose of the Hale‘iwa Arts Festival non-profit organization is to promote education and public awareness of arts and culture, with emphasis on participation, for the betterment of the community. If you missed it this year be sure to check it out in 2015- this weekend event is always a fun way to spend an afternoon in Hale‘iwa. 18

Menehune Surf Fest winners SB Boys (10-13) - Ako Vinnu SB Girls (6-9) - Bettylou Johnson LB Boys (6-9) - Tevalani Foster LB Girls (6-9) - Lemao Tauahi SB Boys (6-9) - Daniel Stella SB Girls (10-13) - Summer Ivy LB Boys (10-13) - Kaniela Stewart LB Girls (10-13) - Sally Cohen Junior Surf Fest winners Boys (12-13) - Makana Pang Girls (12-13) - Sara Wakita Boys (14-15) - Kameron Dowis Girls (14-15) - Sara Wakita Boys (16-17) - Taichi Wakita Girls (16-17) - Zoe McDougall Boys (18-20) - Kuio Young Girls (18-20) - Konami Asano Access Surf Hawaii empowers people with disabilities by providing adaptive surfing instruction and enriches lives by assisting families to access the beach and ocean in a barrier free environment. Over 40 challenged athletes from around the world converged on Waikiki Beach to celebrate and participate in the Duke’s Oceanfest this year. Even those with challenges were able to surf with Duke back in the day and Results continued on page 78









News & Events




Vintage Surf Happening Presented by Vissla Photos David Kelly The classic-enthused surf community had a revival- Randy Rarick’s Vintage Surf Happening presented by Vissla, which took place on July 26th at Hawaiian South Shore. For over six hours, surfers, collectors and community members joined together for a highly anticipated and high-energy event in Honolulu. The atmosphere was set with the help of classic surf tunes performed live by Tiki Taboo and the “Antique Road Show” type appraisals that took place. “People were excited to find out what their collectables were worth,” says event director Randy Rarick. Along with the surf music and free appraisals, visitors enjoyed eats from North Shore’s Ke Nui Kitchen, as well as guest appearances from legends like big wave riders Fred Hemmings and Charlie Galanto, shapers Glen Minami, Ron Roush, Big Island’s Tim Orr and Pat Rawson, Doc Paskowitz (who did signings with his book Surfing & Health) and industry notables such as “Baby Dave” Rochlen of Surf Line Hawai’i, Hunter Joslin of “Balance Board” and Mark Fragale of the Honolulu Surf Museum at Jimmy Buffett’s. Over 100 items were assed for value and collect-ability, including a 1920’s full redwood Alai‘a style wood board (appraised at between $5,000-$7,000), a Surf Line Hawai’i promotional board shaped by George Downing and made in the early 80’s, and won by the owner in a Sears giveaway (valued at $1000) and tons of beater boards that weren’t even considered worth the gas it took for their owners to bring them in.

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“I think the most successful part of the whole day was the ‘coming together of the tribe,’” Randy describes. “There hadn’t been anything in the collecting genre since the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction back in 2011, so the island surf collectors and history aficionados were anxious to get together and swap stories and share the excitement of the collector hobby.” Deemed a lively success, we hope to see the Vintage Surf Happening gracing Oahu’s surf event lineup on an annual basis!

AMPLIFIER The Amplifier Model evolved from Eric Arakawa’s popular K4 design that was modified for Joel Centeio. The tail rocker is slightly more relaxed than the K4 and the concave is amplified through the mid-section of the board. This increases forward lift for more front foot acceleration and speed. The position and shape of the concave creates better grip and drive through bottom turns with more speed heading into the lip and beyond. The Amplifier is a great high-performance short board for intermediate to advanced skilled surfers. Tail shapes: Squash, Thumb, Round Pin and Swallow.

Maximum Performance

shortboard designs to energize your surfing


Eric Arakawa

BANDIT The Bandit breaks all the rules as to what type of waves a mini-board can be ridden in. Designed to be ridden 3-6” shorter than your everyday shortboard, the Bandit catches waves easily and grovels well in small mushy conditions. However, this design should not to be regarded as a groveler only, it is a high performance shortboard in a mini-board disguise. It’s fast and loose. It squirts through flat sections and powers through the pocket. The Bandit is a barrel of fun and plenty of fun in the barrel. Add one to your fall quiver, and you may find yourself riding it all winter long. Tail shapes: Squash, Bat Tail and Swallow.

BOOSTER The Booster Model is designed to provide exceptional front foot drive combined with quick directional changes on the wave’s face. The semi-full outline provides added stability under foot, even when surfing beyond the lip. This design really excels in small surf, as well as a variety of other conditions. If you need one board that can take you from small-wave groveling to high-performance surfing on those better days - this is that one board. Rated: FF for Fun and Fast! Tail Shapes: Squash, Thumb, Swallow and Diamond.

Kekoa Cazimero at Bowls. Photo: Heff/Manulele

With over 20 different Eric Arakawa models to choose from, HIC’s got the right board to take your surfing to the next level.

Ala Moana Center Street Level 1, Mauka



Bryce Johnson

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Bryce Johnson

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The 5th Annual Na Pali Race, held by Kauai’s Evan Valiere, took place on Sunday, August 3rd in challenging conditions. The event had the largest turnout yet with 154 paddlers that journeyed from Haena Beach Park on Kauai’s North Shore to Polihale State Beach Park on the west side. Evan says that the conditions were challenging and even brutal for some participants.



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“The Na Pali Race typically has 12 miles of downwind and 5 miles in the leeward side of the island,” Evan describes. “But this year we were faced with 5 miles of incredible downwind and about 12 miles of headwinds and currents, making for extremely tough conditions.” But the beauty of the Na Pali coast is worth every mile. Part of the mission behind the Na Pali Race is to help support the Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana and this year, on behalf of the participants and event, the race raised $3,075. The Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana is a grassroots non-profit organization that works to protect and preserve the cultural and natural resources of the Na Pali Coast State Park. Evan would like to thank Hanalei Surf School, Hurley, Captain Andy’s Sailing, Kauai Hand Therapy and Kalapaki Joe’s for their support this year. Congratulations to all the participants who had the mental and physical strength to finish the race, and here are the impressive 1st place winners:

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1st Place, OC-1 Women- Lauren Denton, 2:43:49, $250 1st Place, OC-1 Men- Jesse Palumbo, 2:20:19, $500 Stock Paddleboard Champion- Jackson Maynard, 3:20:21 $1,200 Women Paddleboard Champion- Kanesa Seraphin, 3:38:36.4 Women Stand Up Paddle Champion- Penelope Strickland, 3:39:05, $600 Stand Up Paddle Champion- Andrew Logreco, 3:12:25, $1,200

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The North Shore Swim Series (NSSS) is a 5-part summer swimming event that takes place along Oahu’s beautiful north shore coastline. The series has been gracing the waters for many years now, but many don’t know that it actually began in Town. Waikiki Swim Club, Hawai’i’s oldest organized ocean swim club laid down the foundation for NSSS back in the early 80’s. When members of the club sought additional venues for open water races, the clear, calm summertime waters between Pipeline and Waimea seemed the ideal location. Today, over 500 swimmers participate in each swim, with the highest amount of registered athletes being for the Cholo’s Waimea Bay Swim (813 people). NSSS race director Rae Sojot says, “Our numbers have steadily grown, which we are very pleased with!” This year saw the debut of the newest race, the North Shore Soap Factory Laniakea to Pua‘ena swim. This 1.9-mile swim took place on Saturday, July 26th, with three races preceeding it on June 14th, June 28th and July 12th. The final race of the series, the Jamba Juice North Shore Challenge, was cancelled on August 9th due to the hurricane threats. NSSS race director Rae Sojot, says that a reschedule looks to be in place though, so anyone participating in the final swim be sure to check out northshoreswimseries.com for updates!



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6-Star Paul Mitchell Super Girl Pro The largest all-women’s surf contest in the world and the only ASP 6-Star event in North America was held in August at Oceanside Pier in California. Congratulations to Sage Erickson who won the championship title and gained big points earnings on the ASP Qualification Series (QS). The finals saw Sage and Tatiana Weston-Webb battle it out in 1 to 3 foot waves with other stand-outs including Coco Ho and Brazil’s Silvana Lima. “Winning this event is an amazing experience,” Erickson said. “Congratulations to Tatiana (Weston-Webb) she’s been ripping the whole event and I knew going into it that she was looking really sharp. Somehow I got sent that left and gave it everything I had. I’m over the moon and so excited to be in this position.”

s l a n r u o J r e f r u S |


Scott Winer


Shane Dorian, Brodi Sale, Kahanu Delovio and Ocean Donaldson

May 5, 2014- SHANE: Organizing a trip to Fiji as an educational and cultural trip for Brodi, Kahanu and Ocean. This’ll be a great chance for them to surf some world-class waves on their summer vacation. Stoked that my family and I were invited to be part of the group and have the chance to travel and hang out in Fiji with some of the kids who surf in our Keiki Surf Classic each year on the Big Island.

Scott Winer

May 16, 2014- SHANE: I remember my first trip to Tavarua when I was a kid. I’ve been having flashbacks this whole time of that first experience surfing such an unbelievable wave. May 19, 2014- SHANE: Went to Cloudbreak today. The surf was fun and perfect for the kids. Brodi, Kahanu and Ocean’s ability levels were right in line with the overhead walls of Cloudbreak. We also got lucky and the kids scored a couple empty sessions at Restaurants too. May 19, 2014- BRODI: Cloudbreak is scary and fun. It’s scary because there is sharp reef and it’s super powerful. It’s fun because when you catch a good one it drains, and maybe you can do some turns at the end. My favorite session so far was at Restaurants, when it was about 3 to 4 feet, and about 300 yards long. You can do lots of maneuvers on that wave.

Brodi Sale

Shane Dorian

Surfer Jo urnals



Scott Winer


May 21, 2014- KAHANU: Today we got to plant coral, and later went to Nandi, Fiji to stay the night in the village! We got to visit the school and teach the kids about protecting the ocean and we learned a lot about the culture. We had the privilege to meet so many new people!

May 27, 2014- SHANE: Back home on the Big Island. Tavarua was a blast. We got really fun surf and the groms were so fired up to travel somewhere totally new and foreign and to get to experience something that you just can’t find at home.



Kahanu Del

Scott Winer

May 24, 2014- SHANE: Been in Tavarua for over a week. The kids spent quite a bit of time with the local Fijian kids, and were invited to stay in the local village with them to experience the Fijian way of life. So many people travel to foreign places and never experience local cultures, I was so stoked these groms had that opportunity and I believe the experience had a big impact on every one of them.


Cory Scott

Surfer Journals


Stories of Summer



Moana and Kailani Jones

Kailani Jones

April 10, 2014- KAILANI: I’m so excited for this summer. I get to travel with my sister, mom and dad to one of the most beautiful places on the earth. April 28, 2014- KAILANI: Today we rented a camper van and went down to Terranaki for the Women’s 6-Star Pro. It was an adventure heading down there with a 7-hour drive from Auckland. But we had tons of fun exploring around and surfing new waves.


May 3, 2014- MOANA: One of the best times we’ve had so far was today’s trip to Dawson Falls and the Goblin Forest. Dawson Falls had an awesome walk through a fairytale land/forest. It was so beautiful, with moss-covered trees, mushrooms and waterfalls- it was just so pretty!

May 6, 2014- MOANA: There have been many hilarious moments on our trip, but by far the funniest moment yet was when my sister got electrocuted while modeling next to an electric fence.

Moana & Kai


May 3, 2014- KAILANI: Later today we were at Opunake RV camp and decided to go for a walk along the beautiful cliff trail. While on the walk, Moana and I tried to pose in front of some cows so my dad could take a picture of us. I put my hand on the fence to pose and got the shock of my life! The shock was so bad I thought Moana kicked me really hard in the leg and all over my body. I cried and Moana was bawling with laughter!

m of the South Pacific


With a year round surf season, Samoa truly is the Gem of the South Pacific. Seven day air-inclusive surfing packages operating Friday/Friday from Honolulu with Fiji Airways. Salani Surf Resort – Upolu: $2,054 Aganoa Lodge – Savaii: $2,720 Ask about special pricing for couples or two week split island packages!!!

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Surfer Journals

PLAYA COLORADO| NICARAGUA Kaiser Auberlen Photos: Brian Scott June 10, 2014: So stoked for this summer, I get to travel to Nicaragua with my mom, dad and little sister Kirin. We plan to have fun hanging out together, surfing, swimming and checking out monkeys. June 24, 2014: Had the heaviest wipeout ever at Colorado’s… I went over the falls and got pounded. June 25, 2014: Today I visited an elementary school up in the mountains. It was a 45-minute ride by horseback. We brought school supplies and all kinds of stuff from my sponsors. My parents have always taught my sister and I that you can’t just take, you need to give back. It makes you feel good when you help people. June 29, 2014: Just took a boat trip to Playgrounds where I got some of the best barrels of my life! July 1, 2014: Back home on the North Shore. The surf was too good to be true in Nicaragua. We surfed at least 6 hours a day everyday. It was 6 to12 foot faces, perfect and offshore all day long. Beach break, reefs and long left points, all firing.

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Sunny Garcia. Photo: Tyler Rock


By Lauren Rolland With Tony Heff Many of Hawai’i’s top surfers roamed the globe this summer in pursuit of adventure, athletic challenge and worthy waves. While the photos depict the worldly locations at their prime, the text informs readers a bit more on what else can be found in these destinations. And if you’re wondering what the best-case scenarios (and worst-case) for scoring in Indo, South Africa, Mexico, California and West Oz is like, we covered that too.

Kalani Chapaman

Indonesia Undisputedly a surfer’s paradise, Indo seems to be the most popular destination for summer surf trips. With consistently powerful swells gracing thousands of miles of island coastline, the well-groomed and clean long lines are some of the planet’s best waves. May through October is the dry season, which means the Southern Ocean is at its biggest and most consistent, but Indo is regardless a year-round surf destination.

Home to the famed Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Kuta Beach and tons of other reef and beach breaks, Bali is perhaps Indo’s best known island for surfers and the epicenter of Indonesia surfing. Which means a variety of waves- for beginners to the very advanced- and also serious crowds in the water. But spend a little time with the locals and you’ll probably discover a few hidden gems that are unbeknownst to most.



With a large volume of waves- both world famous and uncharted- the Mentawai Islands are a dream come true for any surfer. Home to more world-class surf spots than any other place on the planet, the most popular way to surf the Mentawais is by boat. Which means that your surf trip can get pricey though. Boat charters range from $2,000 to $5,000 for a 10 to 12 day trip. But ask any surfer if it’s worth it and the answer will be unanimous. Climate: Tropical, hot, humid, more moderate in highlands Currency: Indonesian rupiah (IDR) Exchange Rate: $1 = 11,715.00Rp Water temp: 82° F Time difference from HI: 17 hours ahead Best-Case Scenario You win an all expense paid private yacht that is at your disposal for three weeks. The captain happens to know the archipelago inside and out and gives you the secret tour to everythingfrom the uncrowded perfect point and reef breaks to the island’s hottest party spots. You make wealthy friends along the way that see an epic swell coming, rent the yacht for an extra three weeks and invite you to stay on board with them.

Mick Curley

Mick Curley

Worst-Case Scenario Your luggage is delayed for three days, leaving you to rent boards and shuttle 18 extra hours hours back and forth from the airport to the surf spot. You break the rental board and take a hard bounce off the razor sharp reef, resulting in a hospital visit and 30 stitches. When you finally retrieve your luggage, you are surprised to find that it has been swapped for one filled with narcotics. You are swiftly taken to Indonesian prison where you await your acquittal… or a firing squad, whichever comes sooner.

Mick Curley

Mick Curley

Kirstin / ASP

South Africa While the continent of Africa has a 270-degree exposure to swells on offer, the South African coastline is most notorious for its series of relatively uncrowded points and bays. With very consistent surf, South Africa is home to the infamous waves of Cape Town, J-Bay and Durban, with plenty to boast about on the western Cape Town side too.

Jordy Smith

Thick wetsuits are typically a must in South Africa, but you can sometimes get away with a summer wetsuit because the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet here and mix up cold and tropical temperatures, so the sea can be anywhere between 57° to 72°F. Winter months (June through August) in South Africa are best, with the most swell being pushed in by huge storms between Cape Town and the Antarctic. The landscape is rugged and mountainous yet extravagantly beautiful with wide, flat beaches and golden sand. The backdrops deviate between luxury home and resort lined coastlines to deserty peaks to remote strands of sand that seem to stretch for days. Dungeons, South Africa’s premiere big wave, gets good on a SW swell and produces hollow, powerful right-handers that work best in the winter. If you’re worried about the men in grey suits though, there is plenty of wildlife action to explore on land. Make friends with the resident penguin colony of Boulders Beach or take a South African safari in Kruger National Park to witness lions, cheetahs, elephants oh my. Climate: Mostly semiarid; subtropical along east coast; sunny days, cool nights Currency: Rand (ZAR) Exchange rate: $1 = 10.59R Water temp: 64° F Time difference from HI: 12 hours ahead

Red Bull

South Africa

Kirstin / ASP Red Bull Red Bull

Best-Case Scenario You win an all expense paid two week trip to South Africa, complete with airfare, accommodations and a safari tour. You spend the next two weeks searching up and down the coastline for epic and empty lineups. While on the safari, you stumble upon a rare flower that your tour guide says is thought to be extinct. The plant is carefully taken to botanists that claim it is the missing link to the cure for cancer. It’s the discovery of the century and ends global suffering on a massive scale. Worst-Case Scenario Your first connecting flight is delayed resulting in a chain reaction of missed connecters and it takes an extra two days of sleeping in airports just to get to Cape Town. Your luggage never arrives and you spend all the money you brought on hotels, clothes, and surfboards. The credit cards you brought all get declined, and when trying to send emails to family and friends for help, everyone thinks it is a junk mail scam. You end up panhandling in the streets until your flight home... which you don’t make it to.

Ryan Chachi Craig

California California is a top destination for summertime travel for competitive Hawai’i surfers. Contest season lasts from June through September in Southern Cali, and waves like Trestles, Huntington Beach Pier and Salt Creek are in the limelight. Because of its diversity, California hosts surf competitions for amateurs, junior pros, WCT pros and BWWT competitors alike. With a coastline that stretches over 800 miles, The Golden State is one of the most surf-saturated cultures on the planet.

From the beefy slabs of Mavericks in Half Moon Bay to the consistent and powerful waves of Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz to the aerial ramps of Trestles in San Clemente, California doesn’t have the nickname ‘the birthplace of modern surfing’ for nothing. The sport was brought to the mainland in 1885 by the Hawaiians, when three princes vacationed in Santa Cruz from Hawai’i and showed locals their ancient sport of kings. While traveling to California doesn’t qualify as anything foreign or exotic, there is still adventure to be had and much to explore- a haven for surf enthusiasts. Just remember to pack your 2mm wetsuit for summers and 4/3mm for winters, otherwise you won’t last but an hour in the water. Embrace the chill with a visit to a local coffee shop or flannel layers and a beanie- it’s the California way. Climate: Warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Along the coast, average yearly temperatures range between the low 40s (°F) and into the high 70s and 80s. Currency: US dollar Water temp: Mid 50s to low 60s in the winter, mid to high 60s in the summer. Water is warmer the further south you travel. Time difference from HI: 2 hours ahead in fall/winter, 3 hours ahead in spring/summer. Best-Case Scenario You win free airfare and all access VIP passes to the Hurley Pro at Trestles. While en route you’re surprised to find your first class seats are next to Selena Gomez. You two become fast friends and she invites you backstage to her concert. You take her surfing, she treats you to the finest and most exclusive spots LA has to offer and you both end up driving out to Napa Valley for the weekend together, surfing up and down the majestic California coastline.

Colin Nearman

Worst-Case Scenario Trouble strikes on the red eye flight into LAX when engine failure brings your plane down and the pilot attempts an emergency water landing. Pandemonium ensues as hundreds of passengers scramble to make it out of the sinking airliner. You somehow make it to a life raft and after drifting for 8 hours at sea, you’re picked up by Coast Guard. After several days you finally settle your nerves enough to surf. During your first session, a white shark narrowly misses you, making a surprise attack on a seal 5 feet in front of your board.

Ryan Chachi Craig


Ryan Chachi Craig

Colin Nearman

Colin Nearman

Brent Bielmann

Western Australia With a wave-happy coastline, Western Australia is a haven for surfers of all sorts. Typical swell directions come from the southwest in Perth, and prime time for waves is‌ year round pretty much. Famous for its quality and variety, West Oz has nearly 7,500 miles of coastline (and Australia in its entirety has 22,292 miles!) and is premiere for honing high-performance surfing.

The undisputed surf capital of Western Australia is Margaret River, which boasts almost 25 miles of coastline that delivers powerful and challenging waves. A stop on the World Championship Tour, Margaret River is home to 75 top class breaks and offers some of the cleanest waters around. With sun almost 365 days a year, Kalbarri is another popular WA destination for holiday travel that contains tens of waves that break pretty consistently. Pros migrate to all areas of West Oz seasonally, from May through September, to chase the Indian Ocean storm systems that

Brent Bielmann

Western Australia

march in from the southwest. But you can bet that they also take retreat in the open country spaces and rugged treks that make this area so daring and exploratory. Climate: Lots of sunshine, moderate temperatures and seasonal rain Currency: Australian dollar Exchange rate: $1 = 1.07AUD Water temp: Averages around 65째 F Time difference from HI: 18 hours ahead

Brent Bielmann Brent Bielmann

Best-Case Scenario Your best friend is marrying a wealthy Australian girl and her family flies you and all your bros out for the wedding. They put you up for two weeks in their vacation house overlooking Margaret River. It’s the best wedding you’ve ever been to, and the day after, the best swell in a decade slams into the Australian coastline. You and all your best friends score the most perfect and uncrowded waves of your life.

Worst-Case Scenario You arrive in Perth after a 15-hour flight only to be detained on the plane along with all other passengers because of an interrogation process by the Australian authorities. When you finally make your way down to Margaret River, on your first wave you wipe out and your fin gouges you in the head. You receive 40 stiches and the doctor tells you to stay out of the water for 4 weeks. That was the first and last wave you caught on your coveted West Oz surf trip.

Mexico With world-class beach breaks, year round surf, warm water temperatures and plenty to party about, Mexico is a low budget travel destination that is guaranteed to deliver. Mainland Mexico is one of the more popular areas to explore, which harbors Oaxaca’s Puerto Escondido, a.k.a. the Mexican Pipeline. The waves at Puerto peak in the summer season (mid-July), since the winter swells from places like Chile and Peru are moving up the coast.

Trevor Carlson. Edwin Morales

Trevor Carlson. Photo: Doug Falter


Northern Baja (“Baja Norte”) and Southern Baja (“Baja Sur”) also provide plenty of point breaks and beach breaks, with waves like Scorpion Bay and Zippers (in Baja Sur) and Todos Santos and San Miguel (in Baja Norte) among the more popular. Surf is possible all year in Mexico, but the best season is from June to September. You’re guaranteed your pick of waves while surfing in Mexico, since it encompasses an incredible amount of empty point breaks. Mexico makes for a surprisingly uncrowded and adventurous journey’s end for surfers. Climate: Varies from tropical to desert Currency: Mexican peso (MXN) Exchange rate: $1 = 13.07Mex$ Water temp: Usually warm, but varies between 65° and 85° F depending on season and location Time difference from HI: 5 hours ahead

Doug Falter

With little tourism in the area, Salina Cruz is relatively unknown to the general surfing population and sits south of Puerto Escondido. Surf season in Salina Cruz generally runs from mid March until the end of October, and the sand bottom point breaks are some of the best in Southern Oaxaca.

Doug Falter

Worst-Case Scenario You arrive in Mexico prepared for an epic adventure. All of your luggage arrives with you and you hire a taxi to your hotel. Your taxi driver takes you out to the middle of nowhere and claims he is lost. A group of men stop the car and rob you at gunpoint of everything you have. While trying to find your way back to the city, you end up walking for miles in the wrong direction and get picked up by a “coyote” who smuggles you back into the U.S. and sells you on the black market to a ranch in Texas, never to be seen again.

Doug Falter

Best-Case Scenario You get upgraded from coach to first class while flying into Mexico City. You are seated next to a wealthy Mexican business woman who is interested in surfing, and wants to fly you in her private helicopter to the deserted right-hand point breaks and empty beach breaks. You score the best waves of your life, teach your new “girlfriend” to surf and get treated to the most exotic accommodations Mexico has to offer.


It’s hard to tell, but Granger Larsen definitely has his “oh face” on. Photo: Epes / A-Frame

Beauty is in the eye of the barrel holder. In this case it’s Aaron Swanson. Photo: Sheadon Ringor

Why drive when you can fly? CJ Kanuha answers in silent rhetoric. Photo: Ehitu Keeling

Kai Barger and a dramatic turn of events. Photo: Tai Vandyke

Macy Mullen, altering seascapes. Photo: Tyler Rock

8 1 5 F R O N T S T. LAHA INA, HI 9676 1

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(877) 617-1328

Isaac Frazer

Grom Report /

Shayden Kaulana Dela Cruz – Pacarro By Sean Reilly Hometown: Pohoiki, Big Island DOB: June 9, 1997 Height/ Weight: 5’6 ft./130 lbs. Stance: Goofy Sponsors: Hurley, HIC, Arnette and of course my friends and family.

What is your first memory of surfing?

I have a bunch of nicknames like Shaydo P or Shades or Shaydo.

My first memory of surfing was paddling out on some surfboard and trying to learn how to catch waves and stand up. It’s definitely a standout moment because if it wasn’t for that day I don’t know if I would be the person I am today. It changed my life and now all I want to do is surf.

Where do you call home?

When did you start competing?

I call Pohoiki home. It’s where I feel most comfortable to do anything I want without being judged. Everyone around here knows each other and it’s like we’re one big family. Pohoiki is also my homebreak. That’s where I surf every day.

I started competing when I was about 11 or 12 years old.

Do you have any nicknames?

What grade are you in and where do you go to school? I’m a senior attending Pahoa High & Intermediate school. My favorite subject is body conditioning and science. What’s your quiver look like?


My go to board is an Eric Arakawa 5’9 x 18.25 x 2.25 Amplifier model. Or a 5’8 x 18.25 x 2.25 GX model. The rest of my quiver is all pretty similar with some bigger boards for when the waves get bigger.

Where is your favorite surf spot and why? My favorite spot is a place at home called Dead Trees because it’s a gnarly sketchy slab that not very many people can or do surf. What is your favorite part about surfing? My favorite part about surfing is definitely getting drained. It’s a feeling like no other feeling in the world.


Grom Report / Shayden Kaulana Dela Cruz – Pacarro

Favorite surfer?

Any future goals?

Chicken and waffles or Pigs in a blanket?

Andy Irons because he’s a power surfer with style and he charges!

To be the world champ!

Chicken and waffles

When you’re not surfing, what else do you like to do?

Dragon or Dragon Slayer?

Any friendly rivalries?

Dragon Slayer Ulu boy. We grew up and surfed together pretty much our whole lives and we always compete against each other in the same division. Hahahaha... The funniest contest moment would be getting a wave from him in a heat because he’s so much bigger than I am.

When I’m not surfing I like to hang out with the crew.

Kelly Slater or Dane Reynolds?

Smooth or Chunky?



Any last words for the Freesurf audience?


Skittles or M&Ms?

Follow me on Instagram @shaydenpacarro. Mahalo & A’hui’hou!

The thrill and the competition motivate me to keep surfing. Oh, and people at home that keep me in the right state of mind.


What is your favorite post session grindz?


Ummmm... Cheese burger or shave ice. Sometimes both :) haha

Fried or Scrambled?

Mullets or Mohawks?

Fried Do you have any hidden talents? Didgeridoo or tambourine? Hidden talent would be riding a motorcycle. Neither


Cayla Moore By Daniel Ikaika Ito

The positivity Cayla Moore, 17, exudes is infectious. Spend any amount of time with the Kamehameha Kapalama junior, however minute the period may be, and you will feel the Aloha spirit. On any give day she is the most-genuinely stoked surfer at her beloved homebreak, Kewalo’s. As the daughter of Chris Moore and Carol Lum, Cayla is the younger sister of two-time ASP Women’s World Champion Carissa Moore. Despite having her last name paddle out before her at any wave in the world, Cayla is adding to the Moore legacy of surfing in her own way. This summer Cayla won her first national title, leading the Kamehameha Surf Team to their first NSSA National High School Championship. That victory, alongside playing water polo for Kamehameha, is allowing Cayla to find her path. Freesurf got to talk story with Cayla during the first week of the school year to chat about positivity, leadership and surfing.

Alex Ruybalid

She Rips /

something I did and that’s always nice to hear. My dad has a lot of input on my surfing. He takes me to the beach and watches most of my surf practices. His feedback helps me to improve what I’m doing wrong and continue to do what I’m doing right. We know you went to So Cal twice this year for NSSA Nationals and the U.S. Open, but what other surf trips have you been on? This year I went to Fiji with my dad and sister and that was the first real surf trip that I’ve been on where there was no contest, just surfing. It was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever visited. Other than that I‘ve also surfed in France, Australia, Japan, California and else where on the Hawaiian Islands. My favorite location would be Fiji. I fell in love with the kind spirited people and warm waters. I mainly surfed Cloudbreak, which is a left in the middle of the ocean, and would love to go back. That is an impressive list of surf destinations considering you’re in a traditional school setting. When did you get in to Kamehameha?

So what’s it like growing up as Carissa Moore’s little sister? It’s just like having any other sibling. She is my best friend and I love her a lot! From that, I know I have my own path and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. How much feedback does Carissa give you on your surfing? My sister is my surf buddy. She keeps me company out in the lineup and is always encouraging me to try my hardest. She doesn’t have much input on my surfing, but she gives me feedback if she likes 68

I entered Kamehameha freshman year. I came from a small school so it was a big difference. When I joined the surf team it helped me meet students from other grades and make friends with new people that liked the things I liked. That camaraderie that you build with your teammates is priceless because you have that mutual passion. My favorite part of participating on the Kamehameha surf team is that I get to meet wonderful people that are interested in the same things I

am interested in. I get to travel with my teammates and because of that we get really close. They support me and encourage me no matter what and I truly value the friendships I’ve made over the years because of that. How do you think the Kamehameha surf team was able to win their first NSSA National high school championship? I think that the Kamehameha surf team was able to reach a national championship in five years because of our coach, Lea Arce. She started the surf team and without her we definitely wouldn’t be where we are today. She encourages surfers to join the surf team and she is always pushing us to try our hardest. Lea worked really hard to bring us all together and with each other’s support we were able to achieve a national championship. Having a science teacher that surfs is pretty rad. Coach Arce and her staff seem to have a lot of confidence in your leadership because you’re the girls team captain. As a surf team captain I strive to be encouraging, hardworking and courageous. I work to encourage my teammates to do their best and try their best both in and out of the water. I work hard so that I can help my team achieve the goals we set and so that other people will know that following me is a good idea. I also try to practice being courageous because as a surf team captain there are difficult decisions I have to make and I have to be able to communicate ideas to others. That is awesome how you embrace your kuleana (responsibility) to the team. Why are you stoked to be in a typical high school like Kamehameha?


She Rips / Cayla Moore

I believe that a traditional school setting is an awesome experience. Most aspiring surfers are home-schooled and don’t get the same experiences (from traditional school). I feel that being in a traditional school setting teaches me to use my time wisely. As a surfer I learn to appreciate the times I get to practice and make the most of each time I’m in the water. A traditional school setting pushes me to balance school and sports and with that comes hard work. Plus you don’t get to play interscholastic sports when you go to homeschool and that can be a bummer. Besides surfing what other athletics do you participate in? I started playing water polo when I joined Kamehameha freshman year. Water polo is a great cross training sport for surfing. It helps me to keep in shape and to be aggressive. Water polo positively influences my surfing because I carry over how I approach the game to how I should approach contests. Water polo teaches me to play hard and play smart but not be too hard on myself, which is very helpful in heats. You constantly exude the Aloha spirit in the lineup and on land, so why do you think there is value in having a positive outlook on life? The value of having a positive outlook on life is that you are motivated to make the most of it. Being positive about the things you do and where you want to go allows you to work hard and try your best each and everyday. One of my favorite quotes is “be your passion.” I feel that having a positive outlook on life is finding what you are passionate about and living life with that passion. pau

Kama‘aina Trippin’ /

The Art of the Staycation By Jenna Roberts

Hawaiian residents are spoiled. That’s right. We said it. Astounding ocean conditions paired with magnificent sunlight and tropical flowers and mountains that exotic dreams are made of. Pure blue bliss at our fingertips with the magical variety pack of fish and sea life dancing around us to their own underwater symphony. It is these characteristics that emphasize how lucky we are. Why would anyone even consider leaving our fabulous ‘aina to go anywhere else? After all, Hawai’i is one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world.

The Modern Honolulu • Free board storage • 90-second access to the sand (Kaisers, Rock Piles and Bowls in your backyard!) • Kama’aina room prices (starting at 15% off rack rate) • Complimentary entrance to Addiction night club

Before you decide to book a staycation to a neighbor island though (or even just to Town or Country), think about a few features that might help make the most of the experience. Consider cost of parking, board storage options, the types of foods offered and the hours in which they can be ordered, and naturally, the proximity from the hotel to the beach. A little research on what the concierge can offer will also be helpful too. For example, there are hotel concierges that can nab ‘day of’ reservations for their guests at some of the island’s busiest restaurants, even if the restaurant has been booked for six months in advance!

Others can order and receive a new passport in one day if a hotel guest happens to lose theirs. Concierge usually has their ears and eyes tuned into the most happening spots around the island and are there to make sure guests are cued into them. Make sure to be that guest and your experience will be maximized! There are hundreds of hotels scattered across the Hawaiian Islands, many of which are worthy of the coveted Staycation. Here are two that justly serve as a starting point to the Staycation destination search.

• FREE coffee bar • Easy and convenient parking for quick access to Town fun!

The Staycation: the most amazing answer to the struggle of where to go when a vacation is necessary, but destinations afar seem too pricy or too exhausting. A staycation is realizing that there’s no need to leave home, especially when home is paradise. Staycations help residents rediscover why Hawai’i is such a phenomenal place to vacation, especially when it comes to embracing the poolside fun, lavish amenities and of course, gourmet food and drinks that these islands have to offer.


Staycation Destination : Oahu The Modern Honolulu The Modern is an enchanting, aesthetically pleasing upscale hotel that has surfing roots in its blood. Upon entering, a massive art piece put together by Herbie Fletcher features the broken and mangled boards of some of Hawai’i’s best surfers and favorite wintertime visitors. Many of them are even signed by the surfers who rode them. The pool deck is something out of a luxury magazine, featuring plush daybeds and a view of some of the South Shore’s best surf breaks. The rooms are comfortable yet elegant, with splashes of bright colors- like

Kayson DelMar. Photo: Mike Cerrone

76-6246 Ali`i Dr. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 (808) 326-1771

Kama‘aina Trippin’ / The Art of the Staycation Hawaiian pareos and ukuleles- against the chic white décor palate.

Staycation Destination : Lanai The Four Seasons Koele

Dining is also top notch. Masaharu Morimoto, best know as Iron Chef Morimoto, has his famed Western and Japanese style food gracing The Modern. Chef Morimoto’s critically acclaimed food is famous around the world, and luckily is right at our fingertips. For a less formal dining experience, take a bite of Executive Chef Scott Toner’s culinary creations. Chef’s food utilizes both organic and local ingredients, with everything from the baguettes, buns and cheese being made daily at the Modern. The best part of it all is that you can order in-room dining 24 hours a day!

The Four Seasons Koele feels like Northern California, with the pine trees and the cooler weather, but really is only a quick shuttle down to the pristine beaches and poolside escape that The Four Seasons Manele has to offer. It is a two-for-one staycation experience at either of the Four Seasons in Lanai, as guests have access to all of the amenities of both of the hotels and a shuttle to take them between the two.

The daybeds deserve honorable mention too, as they are available to rent for both hotel guests and non-hotel guests. For a minimum

Something for all guests, The Four Seasons offers golf, both putt-putt and traditional, an incredible spa equipped with a steam room and sauna that all guests can enjoy, poolside and beachside services and incredible

dining options from casual to formal.

Four Seasons The Lodge at Koele • On the go picnic baskets available for guests • Popcorn and tea service in the lobby • Horseback riding, Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) rides, archery and sporting clays activities • Access to ameneties at The Lodge at Koele and Manele Bay • Shuttle transportation between both resorts

spending fee, a daybed can be rented for the day, allowing for a magical poolside experience complete with underwater music and frozen coconut mojitos. Other highlights that make The Modern Honolulu premiere for a staycation is their free board storage, 90-second access to the sand (Kaisers, Rock Piles and Bowls in your backyard!), kama’aina room prices (starting at 15% off rack rate), kama‘aina promos above and beyond the 15% discount, complimentary entrance to Addiction night club, a FREE coffee bar and easy and convenient parking for quick access to Town fun!

For the outdoor enthusiast, or anyone who enjoys clay shooting, Lanai Grand Adventures offers a variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. From horseback riding, to UTV rides, archery and sporting clays, Lanai can offer up an experience unlike most in Hawai’i. Not many destinations will offer a clay shooting experience that includes golf carts and an ocean view. The lobby at Koele also provides a cozy cabin-feel for when the evenings cool off. Popcorn and tea service are available next to the two massive fireplaces that are in the lobby, and oversized cushioned chairs and game tables give the feel of being in a mountain lodge. Just remember, a little research goes a long way in finding out the perfect staycation destination. Think about everything that makes Hawai’i such a sought after place and then mix it with the best parts about being on vacation, and you’ll create the best concoction for a staycation in the islands! pau



Industry Notes Carissa Gets Vocal. Hurley girl Carissa Moore recently made her singing debut on Kevin Okimoto’s title track, “Love Down on Me”. Is there anything the 2x World Champ can’t do? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. Turn up your volume and head over to iTunes for a listen. Volcom’s New Motto. Reflecting a turning point in the continued evolution of its brand, Volcom has reframed its core tagline to one that honors its 23-year history while underscoring the brand´s future direction and global customer base. “True To This” is the company´s new unifying message that will accompany a renewed visual direction and modernize one of the most recognizable and revered board-sport and lifestyle brands. Breathe by Body Glove. This fall, Body Glove is bringing its philosophy of “do what you love, love what you do” to a whole new realm with the launch of a new line of women’s active wear. Designed for the woman who aspires to make exercise about an experience rather than a regimen, Breathe by Body Glove embraces the outdoor fitness lifestylea natural extension of the California surf and beach culture that’s always been a big part of the Body Glove identity.

Body Glove’s Water Filters Make it to Hollywood. The new movie Get On Up, which chronicles James Brown’s life, is currently playing in theatres and Body Glove had a helping hand with the making of it. The water sports brand helped quench the thirst of the cast and crewmembers on the set by providing self-filtering water bottles. Body Glove’s Filter Bottles have a built-in filter that provides clean, safe and great tasting water from any source (except the ocean). OC16 Channel Changes. In an effort to make all the OC16 channels next to each other, Oceanic Time Warner Cable moved OC16 On Demand and OC16 Interactive as of August 7th, 2014. Here’s the details: CHANNEL OC16 OC16 On Demand OC16 Interactive

CURRENT 12/1012 15/1015 17

NEW no change 14/1014 13/1013

San Clemente Beach Candle. San Clemente Beach Candle, a California-based environmentally conscious candle company, just launched their new Outdoor & Aroma Collection. The Outdoor collection is made from toxin free mineral oil and 100% pure citronella essential oil, while the Aroma collection is environmentally friendly and comes in a variety of scents. This collection is available in recyclable tins, which is great for both home and travel. Check out sanclementebeachcandle.com for more details!

Coco x Etnies. Etnies is proud to welcome Coco Ho to the surf team as the women’s brand ambassador. Coco will join her brother Mason Ho, the Coffin brothers, Wilko, Chris Del Moro and CJ Kanuha on the Etnies team. The North Shore girl currently travels on the ASP World Tour and aims to inspire other girls to have the confidence and courage to pursue their dreams and ambitions, both in and out of the water. Koa & Alex Smith Do Africa. The second edit in a series of four this year, “Diamond Of The Desert,” is Koa & Alex Smith’s latest addition to their blog, LastNameFirst.TV. The edit chronicles the brothers’ journey to Africa alongside international model and brother Travis, videographer/ editor Dan Treanor and friend Dylan Goodale. Shot primarily with GoPro and drone camera technologies, the film brings viewers a noholds-barred look at the some of the best point breaks in the world.

Vans Leila Hurst Collection. Vans spotlighted surf team rider Leila Hurst on the release of her first-ever head-to-toe women’s collection of women’s apparel and footwear at the Vans US Open of Surfing this past month. Leila worked with Vans designers to create her first signature apparel collection using a range of favorite silhouettes from her own closet, and inspiration from surf trips across the globe. 76

The Endless Summer Resort. A new surf resort is coming to West Oahu in 2017. Apparently, the investors who are redeveloping Coco Palms on Kauai are also planning to develop an “Endless Summer” themed resort that will include a 4-acre surfing wave pool at the center of the property. This wave pool will be able to create customizable waves utilizing “perfect swell” technology created by American Wave Machines, and the waves will vary in size- from knee-high to 8 foot- and wave shape for all ability levels.

kaleimaeole handcrafted jewelry

Earth friendly • Fine Silver • Sunrise Shells • and other designs Request a private showing at our studio Tuesday - Saturday 9 am - 5 pm Facebook(kaleimaeole handcrafted jewelry) www.kaleimaeole.etsy.com klatronic96712@gmail.com

News & Events / Dukes Ocean Fest Continued from page 18 Access Surf Hawaii is proud to pass this tradition on with a world class competition in 7 different competitive divisions. Prone Unassisted- Buster Kawaski Prone Assisted- Raul Pernites Men’s wave Ski- Jeff Munson Women’s Wave Ski- Alana Nichols Amputee- Javier Rodriguez Deaf- Paul McDonell The Honolua Ultimate SUP Showdown featured 64 of the world’s best athletes as they went head to head in a brand new format of SUP surfing and SUP racing in the beautiful waters of Waikiki. Men’s Showdown 1st: Connor Baxter ($5,000) 2nd: Kai Lenny ($3,500) 3rd: Danny Ching ($2,500)

Small Treasures Silver Jewelry Design North Shore, Oahu


Women’s Showdown 1st: Annabel Anderson ($5,000) 2nd: Candice Appleby ($2,500) 3rd: Jenny Kalmbach ($1,500)

Memorial / Jay Adams frequently made trips around the world to chase waves, especially to the North Shore of Oahu, where he resided on and off for the past few decades. Jay Adams is coined as being the father of modern day skateboarding. His raw character and natural talent made an impression on millions, and the artist will be remembered for his embodiment of the culture and lifestyle of skating. Jay came from a generation of Californians that collided surfing with skating, morphing water tricks into land maneuvers that later paved the way for more modern skaters like Tony Hawk. Another famous iconic skater and friend, Tony Alva probably said it best when he described Jay’s approach in the Dogtown and Z-Boys documentary, “Some kids are born and raised on graham crackers and milk, he was born and raised on surfing and skateboarding.”

The world of modern board sports recently lost a legend. Jay Adams, iconic skateboarder and Z-boy of the 1970’s Zephyr team from Venice, California, passed away from a heart attack at age 53 in Puerto Escondido, Mexico on August 15th. While the man was notorious for developing the sport and lifestyle of hard core skateboarding, Jay was also a well-known surfer and

Many knew Jay as a hardcore skateboarder with a raw, ‘what you see is what you get’ type personality. Seemingly uninterested in the flavor of fame or media, Jay rode gravity because it was… FUN. His no holds barred attitude on a board was essentially a simple translation of his life and attitude. Blessed with unparalleled raw talent back in his heyday, Adams took life one ride at a time. He will be missed by many, remembered by more and influential to all of us.

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