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Free Parking Just because winter is over doesn’t mean guys aren’t getting standup barrels on the North Shore. Flynn Novak, holed up for spring break. Photo: Tony Heff



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28 Jonah Morgan Surfer turned photog

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52 CJ Kanuha Purveyor of tradition

Swimwear by Stone Fox Swim. Model: Jenna Fettig, Photo: Tony Heff

Brent Bielmann

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Cover Story

Ezekiel Lau

By Tony Heff Ezekiel Lau has been on an international tear lately. With a knack for winning contests around the globe including the Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach, the Oahu native puts the fear in the unfortunate surfers that find their name next to his on a heat sheet. And if you’ve ever seen Zeke paddling for a wave, the emanation of passion and determination just goes to show he’s not slowing down any time soon. With numerous spreads in international surf publications and a recent cover of Surfing Magazine, this Hawaiian powerhouse’s presence is now being felt on our sport’s world stage. A relative latecomer to the world of competitive surfing, Zeke elected to continue his education at Kamehameha schools and forgo the now standard homeschooling route that young surfers choose in order to deal with the rigors of a traveling lifestyle. Ezekiel’s patience bears witness to his strong family values, roots in discipline and sheer determination to accomplish what he’s set out to do. Now he’s set out to take the surf world by storm, and it’s no surprise he’s had no problem being taken seriously. The sky’s the limit for Zeke Lau. We believe he’s just getting warmed up. pau

MANGO A great Summer board, the Mango will keep you stoked and ripping even in really small surf. The straight rocker merged with a triple concave, give this board amazing speed, drive, stability and control. The wide, round tail creates exceptional lift and glide over flat sections, and instantly adapts in the pocket for critical maneuvering. The angular rail taper creates a low drag profile that grips the water through turns, giving the board a true high-performance feel. Add a Mango to your quiver and you’ll have more than your share of waves and fun all Summer long. Size your Mango 2 to 4” shorter, and .5 to 1” wider than your standard board. Also available in a narrow nose “HP” version for more vertical mobility.

Summer Performance

HIC Surfboards and Boardshorts

BANDIT The Bandit breaks all the rules as to what type of waves a mini-board can be ridden in. Designed to be ridden 3 to 6” shorter than your everyday shortboard, the Bandit catches waves easily and grovels well in small mushy conditions. However, this design should not to be regarded as a groveler only, it is a high performance shortboard in a mini-board disguise. It’s fast and loose. It squirts through flat sections and powers through the pocket. The Bandit is a barrel of fun and plenty of fun in the barrel. Add one to your Summer quiver, and you may find yourself riding it all year long. Tail shapes: Squash, Bat Tail and Swallow.

“ALEWA STRIPE” Octo Stretch Boardshort IN BLACK & SILVER

HOBBIT Compact in shape, the Hobbit delivers full-size shortboard results, with the added looseness that a smaller board provides. The magic comes from it’s unique bottom contour. This short and stout performer features an unconventional double to single concave - while most multi-concave bottoms go from single to double towards the tail. This reverse progression with the double concave moved forward creates a “clean zone” of low interference for a free flowing tail, with more directional stability and traction under the front foot. It is super fast and grips tight through hard turns, working well in a variety of conditions. Ride your Hobbit 1 to 3” shorter than a conventional high-performance shortboard, but expect the same results.

With over 20 different Eric Arakawa models to choose from, HIC’s got the right board - and boardshorts - to take your surfing to the next level.

Ala Moana Center

Street Level 1, Mauka



Editor’s Note

A Perfect Combination This past weekend I walked the stretch of sand from Ke Iki to V-Land. The waves were up and a straight NW swell pushed through the North Shore, with 8 to 10 foot sets powerfully gracing the coastline. When I got to Pipe, a crowd of photographers, surfers and beachgoers had already formed on the sand berm.

Speaking of summer, in this issue we bring you Freesurf’s Beach & Board Buyer’s Guide. Brimming with the best of this season’s board models, the guide also features accessories, bikinis, clothing, footwear and more. Plus we throw in pre-summer sidebars for the traveler planning to trip, just to give you wanderlust in advance.

As I walked closer, I heard applause and whistles intermittently erupt from the collection of people. The gazes were all pointed toward the horizon, hands shielding eyes from the bright sunlight. They seemed to be straining to see something aside from the world-class surfing that was going down.

Professional surfer and board builder CJ Kanuha also graces this month’s pages with a personal interview about his traditional Hawaii lifestyle. From throw net fishing to discovering fallen koa trees for shaping wooden classic surfboards, the Big Island surfer is a man of legendary descent. CJ’s traditional Hawaiian boards have also gained notoriety outside the surf community and are tribute to the art behind board building.

Honing in, I first saw massive movement in the water. Then vertical water sprays. Then the dark blue backs of giant mammals. A pod of humpback whales were playing in the lineup at Pipeline. Literally riding the waves amongst the surfers. It was an astonishing sight to witness, truly phenomenal. Those lucky enough to see it too will probably agree when I say we were beyond blessed to be part of it- of Hawaii’s constant show of aesthetics. Not only have the islands received lively whale activity this season, but the waves have also pursued through spring as if it were still November. Residents have been receiving the best of everything- lingering winter wave action, springtime vibes and sunny summer esque weekends. The sandbar swimming pools have even persisted on the North Shore, and the massive Pipe pool dubbed ‘Beaver Creek’ has many convinced June 21st has come early.


If you happen to be enjoying the outdoors right now, take a moment to become aware of the surroundings. Even if it’s not the tropics, the ocean or the beach, I image you can still experience the beauty of spring wherever you are.

Lauren Rolland Associate Publisher

ISA / Rommel Gonzales

Tatiana Weston-Webb

ISA / Tweddle

ISA / Rommel Gonzales

News & Events

Imai Devault

ISA / Tweddle

Hawaii Victorious at VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship Congratulations to the home team! Hawaii swept finals day at the 2014 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championships, which took place in Salinas, Ecuador this past month. Following an incredible week of camaraderie and competition between the 32 national teams, Hawaii reigned victorious, taking home the team gold medal and team champion trophy. In the individual divisions, Kauai’s Tatiana Weston-Webb defended her gold medal in the Girls U-18, while Oahu’s Mahina Maeda also defended her gold medal in the Girls U-16 in the incredible waves at La Loberia (La FAE), Ecuador. Be sure to check out our next issue, which will have the full run down and wrap up of the event. In the meantime, check out to get the latest from ISA.

WCT Stop #2: Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Joli

Carissa Moore

Mahina Maeda

By Tyler Rock As an addition to this year’s newly revamped ASP World Championship Tour schedule, the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro saw some new twists for stop #2. While Margie’s has been a nostalgic WCT venue dating back many years, recent times have seen it in the form of a Qualifying Series rated event. But the raw potential of the wild west coast and this year’s run of good surf have proved the event worthy of world-class status. Another stop combining the women and men’s tour, the girls competition continued with rousing match-ups between the current crop of top females. Four contenders are beginning to emerge and the battle between semifinalists Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore, Tyler Wright and Sally Fitzgibbons was prelude to an ongoing battle that we will no doubt see all year. By the final horn, event winner and current world champ Carissa Moore showed everyone that she means business. On the men’s side, two Margie’s firsts set the event apart from any in the past. First, the much-anticipated round 5 saw the venue shift across the channel to the original slab, The Box. The fickle barrel lasted just long enough to show how diverse and talented these world-class surfers really are. Second, back at Main Break, a first time Margie’s winner emerged, where power met power on the 4 to 6 foot walls during the final. Tahitian Michel Bourez bested Aussie flyboy Josh Kerr in a feel-good victory seeing the ‘Spartan’ claim his maiden WCT win.


n a c i x e M t s e B s Ha wa ii’


& Margarita Bar Finn McGill

Photo: Manulele

Located in the

North Shore Marketplace

66250 Kamehameha Highway Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

637-3059 www.CHOLOS.MX

Authentic Mexican Favorites

Island Fresh Fish Tacos Refreshing Margaritas Daily Specials - Large Parties Welcome! Open Everyday 9:30am-9:30pm

Sean Reilly

Robert Pascua

News & Events /

Moana Jones

Sean Reilly

Sean Reilly

Bethany Hamilton

Surf N Sea Pipeline Women’s Pro 2014 With only one day remaining in the waiting period, the call to run the Pipeline Women’s Pro was made and the 1-star event took place in 3 to 5 foot wave faces under blue skies. Stop No. 4 on the Women’s 2014 ASP Women’s Qualification Series, the finals saw four determined girls battle it out at atypical Pipeline, surfing both lefts and rights. Bethany Hamilton (Kauai), Moana Jones (Oahu), Sayuri Hashimoto (Japan) and Dax McGill (Oahu) provided great wave action with style and turns in the 4-woman final, but one surfer in particular swept the competition single handedly. 24-year-old Bethany Hamilton was on fire throughout the event, and in the end took charge and sealed the win with giant turns and conviction. “It was fun, it wasn’t exactly Pipe but better than most spots around the world that I surf,” Bethany says after the win. “I usually lose, so this was great,” she reveals. It has been ten years since the Kauai surfer has won an event, but on March 20th, 2014 the dry spell was broken and Bethany took home $2k for first place and the Banzai Sushi award for the best tube ride.

Dax McGill

WCT Stop #3: Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach By Tyler Rock Quickly following the Margaret River event, the iconic Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach wrapped up a whirlwind Australian leg of the 2014 ASP World Championship Tour. After a disappointing finish in West Oz, reigning world champ Mick Fanning found a return to form taking the win and ringing the coveted Bells trophy, taking out an on-fire Taj Burrow in the close final. Also coming with a breakthrough performance was Hawaii’s top contender John John Florence. Nailing the first perfect 10 point ride of the year and defeating Kelly Slater two different times, confidence is

back on John’s side as we look forward to more big things from the phenom in the near future. The women’s field saw the continuation of dominance by Hawaii’s star, Carissa Moore. Following suite from the match up in the last event’s final, Carissa took out Aussie contender Tyler Wright. But right behind in the semis were Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons, proving the title race will be a battle to the end. After three stops now on the 2014 ASP World Tour, one thing is for sure; both the men’s and women’s field are stepping it up and the level of competitive surfing is as high as it has ever been heading into the next stop. Get ready for Rio!

News & Events / I Heart The Ocean

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On March 28th, the Waikiki Aquarium was host to an incredible event put on by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. Over 300 people attended I Heart The Ocean, a fundraiser for the nonprofit organization that helps keep the beaches clean. Thousands of dollars was raised and donations were made for the silent auction, which consisted of art, surfboards, jewelry, clothing, accessories and more. The night started off with live music and cocktails, and guests moseyed throughout the aquarium. Buffet style pupus were offered and attendees later enjoyed a lively marine debris ‘trashion’ show for more entertainment, where models strutted down the runway in outfits made entirely out of marine debris found on the beaches. “The marine debris fashion show was taken to the next level this year,” says Kahi Pacarro, executive director of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. “The detail and imagination really set the bar high for next year’s show.” If you missed the event this time, be sure to check it out next year! Drinks, live music, pupus, a silent auction and a fashion show all taking place at the Waikiki Aquarium is a wonderful way to spend an evening in Town. “Thank you to everyone that came to support our organization,” Kahi adds. “We look forward to hosting more epic cleanups for the state of Hawaii and expanding the awareness of our residents to the detriments of plastic/marine debris and how we can reduce our negative impacts on our beaches.”

Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem For the 11th year, Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem took place at Ho‘okipa, Maui on Saturday, March 22nd. With 150 young contestants surfing in 10 divisions, the event aims to embrace the community and the scholastic achievements of its participants. The 4 to 8 foot stormy waves provided the youngsters with highly contestable surf at Pavills Peak and finals saw young surfers being honored with GPA awards, memorial awards and prizes. “When I first started this event 11 years ago it started as something for the kids to look forward to and give them something to do at the beach because there was a lapse in surf events on Maui at that time,” says Ian. “It’s something that has grown into a carnival like event. Each year I love bringing new activities to the event and this year I was especially excited to bring Matt Kinoshita of Kazuma Surfboards and his son Chaz to do a demonstration of how to shape a surfboard.”

News & Events /

Seth Moniz

Gabbi Knudson Brisa Hennessy

Finn McGill

VQS Pufferfish Season Finishes at Makaha

NSSA Regionals at Kewalos Photos: Tony Heff With small but clean conditions, the sun was out for the NSSA Hawaiian Regional Championships at Kewalos in Honolulu. Guest announcer and shaper Joe DeMarco added enthusiasm and spice to each heat throughout the days of competition. Congratulations to our following champions! Results


Open Divisions Mens- Seth Moniz Womens- Brisa Hennessy Juniors- Finn McGill Girls- Brisa Hennessy Boys- Dylan Franzmann Mini Groms- Brodi Sale Open Longboard- Miles Serafica

Explorer Divisions Mens- Kalani David Juniors- Noa Mizuno Womens- Mahina Maeda Girls- Moana Jones Boys- Loa Ng Menehunes- Cole Alves Super Groms- Brodi Sale Womens Longboard- Ocean Tsutsui Mens Longboard- Miles Serafica SUP Womens- Shelby Schweitzer SUP Mens- Dylan Schmarr Seniors- Richard Patey Dukes- Raymond Shito

The final event of the 2013-2014 Pufferfish season of the Totally Crustaceous Tour finished off with a bang at Makaha on Saturday March 22nd. With solid swell and good conditions in the forecast, Saturday morning was looking like the perfect day for the event. World famous Makaha Beach was throwing perfect 2 to 4 foot rights, and packed with groms frothing to surf. Winners received goodies from Volcom, Goldcoast Skateboards, Electric and more, plus a few lucky groms won surfboards from Kai Borg and other Volcom surf team members. Mahalo to everyone who made the event such a success! Results Pro-Am- Kalani David - $500.00
 Juniors- Elijah Gates
 Groms- Finn McGill
 Squids- Eli Hannemann
 Girls- Zoe McDougall
 Electric Volt Thrower-
Baron Mamiya ($100.00) Watermelon Award-
Noah Bradbury

13th Annual Iron’s Brothers Pinetrees Classic What started 13 years ago with humble prospects has now turned into a largely successful community surf event on Kauai’s North Shore. The 13th Annual Iron’s Brothers Pinetrees Classic took place on April 19th at Pinetrees, beginning at 7am and running through the day for keiki surfers ages 5 through 12. Danielle Irons, mother of surfers Bruce and the late Andy Irons, says the event itself is much more than simply a surf contest. “It’s a really beautiful event. Always has been. As it grows, more and more it becomes a community day. Thousands of people show up.” T-shirts, backpacks, hats, posters and trophies were given out, plus even a handful of surfboards to stoke out a few lucky keiki.









T R A D I T I O N Intro by Lauren Rolland Interview by Shawn Pila

“The wood speaks,” the Hawaiian says as he runs a palm across the grain of a koa wood board. And truly for this man, this artist, this surfer, the process of board building breathes life back into the traditions of his ancestors. Touted not only for creating custom Hawaiian surfboards, but also as a progressive surfer and avid waterman, CJ Kanuha is a skilled individual. The Big Island native was raised with traditional Hawaiian values, like respect for the ocean, for nature and for all people. These morals are very apparent in CJ’s day-to-day life and have since been carried over into board building. Extremely passionate and talented in the ritual of shaping custom Hawaiian surfboards, CJ is the perfect introduction to Freesurf’s Board Buyer’s Guide. Here’s a glance into the man’s love affair with surfing and shaping.

When did you start shaping wood boards? I started getting into shaping, working with wood, and doing the wa‘a (Hawaiian canoe) when I was around 12 or 13. My family has been around paddling, the ocean and Hawaiian culture since day one. At that age though, pro amateur surfing took up a big part of your life. What influenced you to continue the tradition later in life? When I was 16 years old we did a cultural event down in Kamoa and we had uncle Pohaku come over. He opened my eyes again to what board building was and how important it was to me. I love everything that has to do with the ocean. I love that everything serves its own purpose. Surfing to me was always the number one thing when I was young, so it fit well. Until I realized the impact I could make with creating boards. I started making boards for charity because that’s what my dad was doing and that’s where it all began for him. Describe a few of the traditions your carry out when building boards. The first thing to do is get your wood. Getting koa here in Hawaii is not an easy thing. But I have friends and family members who have land, so

Ehitu Keeling

CJ Kanuha. Waterman. Craftsman. Rootsman.










CJ, at home in the deep blue waters of the Big Island.

Eric Baesman

first we look for fallen trees. The one thing I’ve never done is cut a live tree down. I’ll never cut a tree till the day I die because there’s so much wood that’s out there that has already fallen in the forest; you just need to find it. Next, doing the pule (Hawaiian prayer). Basically it’s doing the protocols to get the wood, to ask permission to take the wood from the forest and bring it down to the house in order to get it into slabs. After that it’s letting it sit, trying to get all the moisture out of it. I take it down by the ocean so it will dry slowly where it’s not too hot and it’s not too moist, where water slowly evaporates out of it. After that it’s all about shaping. But first knowing inside that it feels good to start doing it. I tell people all the time you can shape boards everyday if you wanted to. But for me, the board will tell you and the wood will tell you when it wants to be shaped and when it wants to be touched. I’ve had boards that I’ve cut, but mid way through cutting them something told me it wasn’t the right feeling or something wasn’t right. So I’ll stop until I get a good feeling, until it feels pono. The final thing is blessing. Blessing the board, taking it out, making sure everything works and rides before I donate it to a charity or to a school, or give it to a client or even just keep it for myself. So it’s a long process from A to Z, and there are definitely no short cuts in between. What is the most expensive board you’ve sold and why was it so valuable? First, let me tell you this. Koa wood costs a lot of money, so that’s why the boards cost a lot of money. For reference, just a koa door costs around $10,000. So let’s put it this way, you could get a nice brand new Tacoma if you wanted to for one of the most expensive boards I’ve sold. But that’s not the reason why I got into shaping these boards. I’ve always donated or backed a charity every time I make money off boards. Who have been some of your most noteworthy clients? Clients from Paul Allen to Wilt Chamberlain, to some of the most famous computer technicians, to people who own some of the most famous clothing brands in the world, to our world champ Kelly. I’ve sold a few boards to a few famous famous famous








Not your ordinary walk to the beach with your board. CJ puts heart and soul into each surfboard and carries on the tradition of his ancestors, a weight he is glad to bear.


Ehitu Keeling


Ehitu Keeling Ehitu Keeling

people. So I’ll leave it this way, the cliental runs deep. Are you more passionate about shaping or surfing? I’m actually more passionate about surfing than I am shaping. But I think they both intertwine with each other. Because I really love to shape, and I’m really passionate about shaping. But when the waves are firing you’re not going to catch me making surfboards. What is the most fulfilling part about shaping these surfboards? If I can pass down or at least influence some of the younger children about our culture and influence them with the right aspects, like shaping these boards, then I’m helping to keep the traditions alive. Also, helping out foundations and kids not only just here in Hawaii nei, but all over the world. For me it’s huge. For me that’s it.

Tell us about your hobbies outside of surfing. I really love hunting, I love fishing, I love gathering my own food from the land and from the sea. Literally from the time I was walking I had some sort of weapon or fishing rod or spear in my hand to be able to

J K A N U H Ehitu Keeling


Ehitu Keeling

I’m actually more passionate about surfing than I am shaping. But I think they both intertwine with each other. Because I really love to shape, and I’m really passionate waves are firing you’re not going to catch me making surfboards.

about shaping. But when the

catch food, so I really love that. I love art, I love to paint, obviously I love making the wood boards, I love taking photos. I’ve been into photography since I was a kid. I’ve really been into martial arts from day one. I like boxing, I like kickboxing and muay thai and jui jitsu. In life if you don’t go, you don’t know. If I could pick up a new hobby every other day I would. If you could teach the world one thing what would it be? I would teach the world aloha. Aloha does not mean hello and goodbye, aloha means love. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, a smile goes a long way. If you can just learn a little aloha, it will take you a long way. So aloha to everyone. pau



J K A N U H Ehitu Keeling


CJ’s versatility embodies a spectrum of Hawaiian surfing that extends from the roots onward.

Ryan Hakman, moving at the right speed. He knows springtime in Hawai’i is the place to be. Photo: Dane Grady


Big Island native and North Shore lifeguard Mikey Bruneau in a late, late season Pipe dream. Photo: Tony Heff

Conner Coffin made a good call spending spring break 2014 in Hawai’i. Photo: Sean Reilly

Valley Isle aerialist Matt Meola gets equally tweeked in 2ft or 22ft surf. Photo: Tyler Rock

Zeke Lau making the early season rounds on the South Shore. Photo: Tony Heff

For perpetual springbreaker Mason Ho, springtime on the North Shore just means more girls on land and less dudes in the water. Photo: Tony Heff


Surfer / Photographer Jonah Morgan in his element. Photo: Brent Bielmann



By Tony Heff Photos Jonah Morgan Jonah Morgan doesn’t say too much. Like most humble island boys, this man lets his actions do the talking. The barrel time this surfer has clocked at Pipe and the long lefts of Indonesia speak volumes of Jonah’s love for the tube. Now a newer passion has taken hold. It seems many surfers pick up a camera and are able to translate their ability to read the waves as a surfer into reading them like a photographer. But Jonah has done so with prolific dedication, and the Big Island boy has produced volumes of astounding images in a very short time. So we caught up with the water photographer to find out more. Be sure to check him out on Instagram @j_magichawaii too for more Jonah Morgan style photography. So, what got you hooked on shooting? Barrels haha… But really, just being in the water and having the instant gratification of coming home and looking over all of the different images. It’s a good feeling. Has surfing helped your photography? Definitely. Being in the ocean so much helps me with positioning, and I am comfortable being out there in some heavy conditions.


Are you a morning person? Yes, I am definitely a morning person. I love shooting the early mornings with less people and perfect conditions, especially the sunrise. Do you get up super early to surf or to shoot? Both. I get up early to surf and shoot and sometimes I don’t know which one I’m going to do first. If the surfs pumping, I am always gonna surf first. Have you ever gotten a really good shot and super barreled in the same day? Haha, yeah for sure. This last Pipe swell was pretty epic. I managed to get a few fun ones at Pipe then went down the road for a few quick shorebreak shots. You post a lot of good ones on Instagram, how often do you shoot? Yeah Instagram is great for that. I try to shoot almost everyday if the conditions call for it. I love being in barrels, even if it’s tiny.



Instagram seems like it has been a great platform for photographers to share their photos. What do you think? It’s a pretty cool way for all of us to share our work, and also hype each other up so we stay motivated. I’ve met a lot of good people from ocean photography. I hear some of your images have been used in collaboration with Owlette Hawaii (local clothing & accessories brand). Yeah, definitely. Anuhea and I bounce most of our ideas off of one another, and help each other with photography. Naturally, we wanted to collab on a few pieces. She comes with me when I shoot, and we have used images for a few of her Owlette Hawaii clutch bags, which are now sold all over the world. They are ocean themed, water resistant, fire retardant zipper bags. It was pretty cool to watch them take off all over Hawaii. She is so creative, and an all around awesome person. It makes my half of the job very easy. (She also does all of my secretarial work because I hate typing, but what are girlfriends for?)



What makes a photo great? A great photo has a lot to do with the right lighting and the positioning of the photog. But for me, I love all types of photoseveryone is unique. What do you think the camera of the future might be like? More like a GoPro, or more like a Red camera? I think the GoPro style of camera is only going to get more innovative... User friendly and at a reasonable price point considering all of the things you can achieve with it. It has opened the doors to such a healthy hobby; so many young people are getting more into photography, which is cool. They are spending more time in the outdoors and less time doing nothing or getting into trouble. I hope that it keeps evolving and getting better. What keeps you motivated to continue to shoot? I think it’s because you never know what you’re going to get, every picture is different. So it always keeps me coming back for more. pau


Summer 2014 /

Beach & Board

Board Buying Basics By Matt Kazuma Kinoshita

Choosing a new board can be very difficult since there are so many different board styles and shapes in such a wide variety of dimensions. Looking at different boards is like comparing apples to oranges. Thankfully, in this hi tech age most boards have the volume numbers written on the stringer. Use this volume measurement to narrow it down based on what you are currently riding or reference a board that you have liked in past. Knowing as much as possible about what you currently ride, good or bad, makes all the difference in making the right board choice.

Most core surf shops have sales staff that are good at getting you into the right board, so use that valuable asset. If you are getting a custom board then success is even easier to achieve, as the shaper knows what questions to ask and can diagnose what you like, don’t like and what you need on a board. If you go to an experienced shaper they will certainly guide you into the “magic” board on the first try, as the knowledge these shapers possess is truly priceless. Surfing time is too valuable to settle for anything less than the “magic” board.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a tail shape.

Choosing your fin set up.

Unless you have specific needs or surf a truly unique spot like Pipeline, then the best bet is to get a squash tail. Squash tails have the most area and the most efficient shape to give you the most “on” days.

The standard fin setup since the 80’s has been the tri fin setup. The tri fin is a configuration you can trust and works in all wave types and conditions. The tri fin setup has been refined to perfection, so if you are unsure, then this is the way to go.

Round pins have less area, which give you more control at speed but sink quicker in the flat spots. Swallow tails are interesting since they have the control of a round pin with the area and efficiency of a squash tail. There are many new variations of these three tail shapes that we shapers use to fine tune the board’s ride and feel.

Quad fin setups have become popular on boards of all shapes and sizes due to the wide use by the top professional surfer’s on tour. Quads are faster and have less drag through the turns when compared to the tri fin setup, but you need to be aware that the more fins, the more sensitive a board will be to wave speed, rider weight, fin shapes and surf conditions. Most of my customers will choose the 5 fin box option so that they can switch it up between a tri and quad, depending on the conditions.

Chris Latronic



Hi-Tech - Ola Eleogram



Quincy Dein

demarco - Love Hodell

Brice Surfboards - Zeke Lau


HIC - Kekoa Cazimero

Brice Surfboards



Mochi Rocket

Funky Fresh


Ride this board your height or 1 to 2” taller Shaped by Brice Yamashita

6’3” x 19 3/8” x 2 1/2” vol: 34.6 liters 97.1 beers Shaped by Joe DeMarco

5’10” x 20” x 2 1/2” vol: 34.2 liters 96.4 beers Shaped by Joe DeMarco

A friendly performance shortboard. Touch wider nose. Moderate nose rocker with a moderate tail rocker for ease and quickness. Medium single concave with slight double for an easy to use high performance feel. A perfect shortboard for the every day surfer, the easiest high performance board in our model selection, for waves knee high to overhead.

The Funky Fresh model was inspired by Leah

The Musubi model takes the volume of a retro style shortboard and slaps a slice of high performance on it. Wrapped all together with colored fiberglass and a five fin setup, this board has you ripping in style.

Dawson and her amazing approach to surfing. Joe and Leah worked together to design a board that she could dance on the nose or get extremely pitted on, as well as ride quad or single fin setups depending on the conditions.

(808) 220.6822

(808) 220.6822



Hi Tech

Wave Sk8


Lone Ranger

5’8” x 19 1/2” x 2 1/2” vol: 35.9 liters 101.2 beers Shaped by Joe DeMarco

6’0 x 18.63” x 2.38” 26.4L Shaped by Eric Arakawa Hawaiian Island Creations

6’4”x 21.75”x 2.54” Shaped by Matt Kazuma Kinoshita

The Wave Sk8 is a fast and loose board that flies down the line and above the lip. This board is designed to turn those average summer days into epic progression sessions. The outline and rocker work together to boost the speed and flow of your glide.

Fun and fast, the Booster is designed to provide exceptional front foot drive and quick directional changes. The semi-full outline provides added stability under foot, even while surfing in the lip and beyond. A great choice for small summer surf, but can ridden all year long.

The Lone Ranger model is the latest model from Kazuma Surfboards and is the ultimate small wave glider. Available exclusively at Hi-Tech Surf Sports Kahului and Hi-Tech surf sports Kihei locations.

(808) 220.6822

$563.00 Ridden by HIC team riders Josh Moniz and Leila Hurst. (808) 266.7201 (ex.225)

$495.00 Team riders: Most top surfers in Hawaii (888) 717.0683 (808) 877.2111
 HI Tech Surf Sports 
 425 Koloa Street Kahului, HI 96732

Josh Moniz

Chris Latronic

Seth Johnson

Chris Latronic

Catch Surf - Kalani Robb

Isaiah Moniz Nick Ricca

Catch Surf

Catch Surf

Catch Surf

Beater Pro Original 54 Smith Bros Model

Beater Pro Original 54 Kalani Robb Model

Beater Pro Original 54 Jamie O’Brien Model

54” x 20” x 2.5” Shaped by Catch Surf

54” x 20” x 2.5” Shaped by Catch Surf

54” x 20” x 2.5” Shaped by Catch Surf

The gnarliest Beater yet. All Beater Pro models feature the new Catch Surf performance fin system and custom graphic bottoms.

The gnarliest Beater yet.

The gnarliest Beater yet. All Beater Pro models feature the new Catch Surf performance fin system and custom graphic bottoms.

(949) 218.0428

(949) 218.0428

Catch Surf

Catch Surf

Catch Surf

Odysea Stump

Odysea Skipper

Odysea LOG

60” x 22” x 3” Shaped by Catch Surf

5’6” x 20.5” x 2.5” 6’ x 22” x 2.5” Shaped by Catch Surf

7’0” x 22.0” x 3.0” 8’0” x 23.0” x 3.0” 9.0” x 24.0” x 3.0” Shaped by Catch Surf

The world-famous Odysea LOG has a little brother! The all-new Stump will take you steep and deep or in the air! Available with tri or quad performance fin systems. (949) 218.0428

All Beater Pro models feature the new Catch Surf performance fin system and custom graphic bottoms.

Don’t be a Gilligan, shred the Skipper! Now with quad performance fin system. (949) 218.0428

(949) 218.0428

Hog the waves on a LOG! All new colors and graphic bottoms. (949) 218.0428


Tyler Rock


Sean Reilly

Sean Reilly

Kazuma - Imai DeVault

Mark Angell

Local Motion - Keanu Asing

Kazuma Surfboards

Kazuma Surfboards



5’6”x 18.5” x 2.25” 26L

 Shaped by Chaz Kazuma Kinoshita

5’8” x 19”x 2.25” 27L Shaped by Matt Kazuma Kinoshita

The Tanto model is designed for the next generation of surfing. This board is built with the highest quality materials in the Kazuma Surf Factory on Maui.

The Moi model is designed for effortless high performance surfing. This board is built with the highest quality materials in the Kazuma Surf Factory on Maui.

$445.00 factory direct price
 Team riders: Tyler Larronde, ImaiKalani Devault, Cody Young and more. Order at chaz@kazumasurf. com or through Kazuma Surfboards at www.
 (808) 575.7510 Kazuma Surfboards Int. 
 375 W. Kuiaha Rd. #62

$445.00 factory direct price
 Order at matt@ or through Kazuma Surfboards at www.

Local Motion

Tide Dye Series Dung Beetle

Team Series BF-19

5’5” x 20” x 2 3/8” Shaped by Wade Tokoro

5’9” x 18 5/5” x 2 3/16” Shaped by Wade Tokoro

The Tide Dye Series by Local Motion and Wade Tokoro is a collection of premium surfboards that are designed to look as good as they ride. The radiant resin tints give these boards a unique look that will last the test of time.

The Local Motion Team Series are the latest in high performance shortboards from


Kona Longboard Lager Skateboard Custom-made by Sector 9 in San Diego, this skateboard is perfect for cruising through the neighborhood. Of course, it’s a great display piece as well. Skateboard measures 40” in length by 9 3/8” wide. $225

(808) 575.7510 Kazuma Surfboards Int. 
 375 W. Kuiaha Rd. #62

Local Motion (808) 922.7873 Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @localmotionhawaii

Kona Brewing Co.

Local Motion and Wade Tokoro. Based off of boards ridden by team rider Keanu Asing, these boards thrive in waves of all shapes and sizes and are built to perform. The BF-19 is Keanu’s go-to board for every day surfs in most conditions. (808) 922.7873 Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @localmotionhawaii

Mark Angell Surfboards Transfusion 6’1” x 18 3/4” x 2 3/8” Shaped by Mark Angell The Transfusion is an all-around performance board. Built to ride waist to overhead surf. Single to double concave with a lower entry rocker makes it super versatile. Works great for Town or Country. The perfect traveling board. Specs: Thruster or 5 fin set-up. FCS or Future (808) 651.1234 markangellsurfboards. com markangellsurfboards@

Heff Rock

Kimo Greene Surfboards - Bali


Kimo Greene Surfboards

Kimo Greene Surfboards


Kimo Greene Surfboards

Kimo Greene Surfboards

Kimo Greene Surfboards



Biala Gun

6’0 x 17” x 21” x 16” Shaped by Kimo Greene

8’ x 12” x 22” x 14” x 3” thick Shaped by Kimo Greene

13’ x 22” x 14” x 4” Shaped by Kimo Greene

This fish paddles well and turns insanely. Perfect for a super fun beach break. Custom artwork courtesy of Dr. Lori.

Wing swallow is the key to high performance. This board paddles like a tank and turns like a shortboard.

This is designed for big guys who want to catch the bomb sets. This is just a sample of what we can do. Just send me a picture and we can put it on your custom board. Can be ridden as a tri or quad fin.

This is what I ride.

(808) 841.5466

(808) 841.5466

(808) 841.5466

Kimo Greene Surfboards

Kimo Greene Surfboards

Kimo Greene Surfboards

Honolulu Model


9’0 x 18 1/4” x 22” x 14” Shaped by Kimo Greene

10’ x 32” x 4 1/2” Shaped by Kimo Greene

Full Gun Jaws – Sunset

This is my most popular board model. It works in all kinds of waves, from the North Shore to Town. The colors are all resin stains that last.

The SUP is good for all kinds of conditions. Boards can be made from 8’0” to 11’6” and up to 34” wide. The Ahi board is also joining the SUP lineup. Available in a variety of colors with many fin combinations available. These boards are incredibly well built. A hui hou.

(808) 841.5466

(808) 841.5466

11’ x 22” x 9” x 3 1/2” This board caught a 40-foot wave and it handled superbly. Fast as a bullet, the Full Gun gives you the confidence to go again and again.

(808) 841.5466

Chris Latronic Heff Taylor Ivison

MS Distribution



Minami Surfboards - Mahina Maeda


Meeks Surfboards - Tai VanDyke

Meeks Surfboards

Meeks Surfboards

Mendonca Surfboards

Double Barrel Machine

John Doe

Missing Link

6’2” x 19 3/8’’ x 2 7/16’’ Shaped by Ron Meeks

6’1” x 21” x 3” Shaped by Paulo Mendonca

5’10” x 18 1/2’’ x 2 3/8’’ Shaped by Ron Meeks This is your standard high performance shortboard. Typically features lower volume rails, slightly deeper concave, feeding into slight vee off the tail. Built for high speed and high performance. (808) 842.0550 819 Moowaa St. #203 Honolulu, HI 96817

This is a performance shortboard with slight increases in volume where it counts. Slightly wider outline and more volume in the rails. Can be ridden as quad or thruster and works well with any tail shape. (808) 842.0550 819 Moowaa St. #203 Honolulu, HI 96817

Missing Link is shaped out of peeled and recycled clark foam. This board turned out to be the most fun and is an all around shortboard with a retro feel. The board comes with 5-fin option with the choice of single fin box in the middle. Team Riders: Rodrigo Koxa, Vitor Faria, Danilo Couto, Lapo Coutinho, Alex Martins. (808) 450.7621 mendoncasurfboards@

Minami Surfboards

Minami Surfboards

Shrimp Chip

Black Diamond

4’2” to 5’6” Shaped by Glenn Minami The Shrimp Chip came about from all the small surf we had this past summer. It’s short, wide, goes over flats easily and is loose as a goose. Deep XD concaves add to that extra speed. Set the Shrimp Chip up as a quad for great performance. Works best in knee to shoulder high waves. Tail: Fang Pin. (808) 387.9875 819 Moowaa St. #203 Honolulu, HI 96817

MS Distribution Science Bodyboards

5’4” to 6’2” Shaped by Glenn Minami The Black Diamond has great speed and maintains solid carves through turns. It should be ridden 3”-5” shorter than your normal shortboard and depending on how short you go, ½” or more wider. Nose is moderately wider with less rocker for ease in getting into waves. Tail is a bit wider with deep XD bottom concaves. Tail: Diamond (808) 387.9875 819 Moowaa St. #203 Honolulu, HI 96817

Mike Stewart Template Series After years of testing 1000’s of different combinations of shapes and materials, we have now arrived at the three best performing shapes for the three principal approaches to bodyboarding. “Pocket” surfing, “Launch”ing for air moves, and “Style” for mixing it up. We call this the Template Series. It’s been the key to an entire new realm of performance. See what board is right for you, check out the Science Bodyboards board finder at www.sciencebodyboards. net/board-finder/







Town & Country - Kekoa Bacalso


Tokoro Surfboards - Seth Moniz

RJ Surfboards - Wakita

Powerdrive - Kaimana Jaquias

PowerDrive Hawaii Surfboards

PowerDrive Hawaii Surfboards

RJ Surfboards

Short Board

Longboard EPS Epoxy

The Seed

5’10” x 18 3/4” x 2 3/8” Shaped by Yoshi Umeda

9’1” x 21 1/2” x 2 1/2” Shaped by Yoshi Umeda

This model features a single to double concave and has some rocker to the nose. The nose is made slightly wider and thicker to produce speed. The most important characteristic of this board is the apex of the rocker, which is a little forward from the center, making it possible for power drive turns and big ripping!

This board features a

slight single concave to a deeper double v-concave. A versatile board that can go vertical or cruise on with your toes on the nose. Team Riders: Kaipo Jaquias, Kaimana Jaquias, Elijah Gates, Marvin Nuestro, Brennan Boudreau.

Team Riders: Kaipo Jaquias, Kaimana Jaquias, Elijah Gates, Marvin Nuestro, Brennan Boudreau.

(808) 741.7085

$420 / $490 for epoxy Team Riders: Jensen Hassett, Maikai Burdine.

(808) 741.7085

T&C Surf Designs



5’10” x 19” x 2 1/4” Shaped by RP

6’2” x 18 1/2” x 2 5/16” Shaped by Glenn Pang

(808) 936.1316 surfdesignhawaii@

The Seed is a one board quiver. Great in all types of surf, waist high to double overhead. Excellent for late drops and tight turns. Paddles better than the average short board. Custom shortboards made in 4 weeks.

(808) 738.7873 Order online at

Surf Design Hawaii

“Is it a fast board?” “You’ve never heard of the MFalcon?” “No, should I?” “It’s the board that made the point to bowl run in less than 12 parsecs! She’s plenty fast for you old man. She may not look it but she’s got it where it counts. She can outrun imperial surfers, I’m not just talking about your average kook, I’m talking big purple dinosaurs.”

Dimensions custom to order Shaped by Robin Johnson

Single to slight double concave between the fins. This board has a nice following outline with rocker that enables you to drive and whip the board around. (808) 483.8383

Tokoro Surfboards SF3 5’8” x 19 3/8” x 2 3/8” Shaped by Wade Tokoro This model has a fuller outline with the wide point pushed up a little from center. With an even amount of nose and tail rocker the board has great maneuverability. This design also has a deep single concave for added lift and speed. With easy paddling and quick turning, the SF3 is an awesome shortboard machine. (808) 239.6263


Wavejet - Peter Mendia




Quincy Dein

Tore Surfboards

Tore Surfboards

Tore Surfboards

Tore Surfboards

Happy Smile


TV Melt

5’9” x 20” x 2 1/2” Shaped by Kent Senatore

5’7” x 19 5/8” x 2 3/8” Shaped by Kent Senatore

5’5” x 22” x 2 1/2” Shaped by Kent Senatore

This is a hybrid with a retro look and modern rocker. There’s a beak nose, a

This board features low entry rocker, moderate tail rocker and a mellow single concave starting under your front foot and flowing off the tail. More foam has been pushed forward in the foil creating a balanced thickness flow. I’ve added width to the outline everywhere possible, while still maintaining a short board look. I’ve also flattened the deck and puffed up the rails for added volume.

This is a retro design featuring rolled entry, low nose and tail rocker and double barrel concave, which starts on center and runs off the tail through a panel vee. I’ve added a bit more tail rocker than the typical retro, and a custom keel template with less tip area, which has been toed in a touch more than my other retros for added maneuverability.

rounded diamond tail and more tail rocker than you’d find on the typical retro. This gives the board paddling power like a fish, while all that tail flip and the pulled in tail template lets it perform in overhead surf as well as waist high and under days. (808) 638.0124

(808) 638.0124

(808) 638.0124

WaveJet 9’0” Longboard 9’0” x 22 12” x 3 12” Shaped by Steve Walden Our most popular longboard model, the 9’0” combines glide and maneuverability perfectly, enabling surfers of all levels to have a great session. Combined with patented WaveJet technology, WaveJet longboards assist surfers in paddling out, catching more waves and connecting sections.

Top things to look for when buying a new board “Have a realistic understanding of what you need based on four key questions: Weight, level of physical condition, skill level and type of surf the board will be ridden in.” - Eric Arakawa Eric Arakawa Designs

Tips on ding repair “Basic ding repair is relatively easy if using a prepackaged ding repair kit sold in surf shops, like the Quick Fix brand. It is sunlight cured in less then 5 minutes, safe for epoxy and polyurethane boards and will get you back out on the water quickly and cheaply. I keep a kit in my car so most dings will not ruin my day. For major repairs or fin box damage, special tools may be needed, so it is best to go to a reputable ding repair shop.” - Matt Kazuma Kinoshita Kazuma Surfboards Int.



Stone Fox Swim

Brian Bielmann

Bryce Johnson


S.tory Standards

Pakaloha The Lanikai Bikini

Stone Fox Swim Natasha Top in Vitamin D Hudson Bottom in Vitamin D

The Lanikai Bikini set is part of the Pakaloha 2014 collection. Both top and bottoms have braids and tassels, which creates a feminine touch. The top criss-crosses in the back, allowing you to wear your bikini all day in comfort. The bottom is ruched in the back creating a nice heart shape on ya bum.

Natasha fits like a traditional tri top but has 6 straps on each side that tie around the neck, perfect for a little extra excitement! Our Hudson bottom is double lined in front with a single layer of fabric in back that hugs your bum perfectly, and also features an adjustable drawstring ruched bum, so you can decide how cheeky you want to be.

Our Bambi top features a high neck panel and fits like a glove, perfect for surfing with no need to worry about the ladies making an appearance. This top also features a racer back with small cut out detail. Our Jessie bottom is simple and sweet, cheeky hipster with seam up center back to accentuate your bum. Instagram @stonefoxswim Instagram @stonefoxswim

Stone Fox Swim Bambi Top in Pink Oasis Jessie Bottom in Pink Oasis

S.TORY Standards

S.TORY Standards

S.TORY Standards

Jolie Bandeau x Agatha Bottom

Esra Top x Lapis Bottom

Malka Top x Adina Bottom

S.TORY Standards is a swimwear line based out of O’ahu, Hawai’i. Our swimwear is made for the “not so ordinary girl” in mind; bold, sexy and confident. Stand out and turn heads with your favorite pieces from the Sauvage Collection 2014.

S.TORY Standards is a swimwear line based out of O’ahu, Hawai’i. Our swimwear is made for the “not so ordinary girl” in mind; bold, sexy and confident. Stand out and turn heads with your favorite pieces from the Sauvage Collection 2014.

$80 (Top) $70 (Bottom) Facebook s.torystandards Instagram @storystandards

$70 (Top) $70 (Bottom) Facebook s.torystandards Instagram @storystandards

S.TORY Standards is a swimwear line based out of O’ahu, Hawai’i. Our swimwear is made for the “not so ordinary girl” in mind; bold, sexy and confident. Stand out and turn heads with your favorite pieces from the Sauvage Collection 2014. $98 (Bandeau) $80 (Bottom) Facebook s.torystandards Instagram @storystandards

Ehitu Keeling

D’Blanc - Derrick Disney

Honolua Surf Chris Latronic

HIC - Erik Arakawa


Futures - Sebastian Zietz



Dakine - Billy Kemper

Art of Craft

Art of Craft

Buzzy Trent Timothy Hogan & the FIN project

Heritage Timothy Hogan & the FIN project


Ezekiel Lau Signature Pad Zeke’s pad was designed to combine full rail surfing with the progressive Youthful Movement attack. The colors and shapes of this pad were a way for Zeke to pay tribute to his Hawaiian heritage. $39 Instagram | @dakine_surf

We find the people behind the passion projects and feature them and their craft on a limited edition Art of Craft product collection. 10% of the FIN project sales are donated to the Surfrider Foundation. $39

We find the people behind the passion projects and feature them and their craft on a limited edition Art of Craft product collection. 10% of the FIN project sales are donated to the Surfrider Foundation. $39

D’ Blanc

D’ Blanc


Minor Panic

Last Laugh


100% Made in Italy, the Minor Panic is crafted from Mazzuccelli Acetate, 5 barrel optical quality hinges and base 6 European polycarbonate lenses.

100% Made in Italy, the Last Laugh is constructed by Injection Molding, 5 barrel optical quality hinges, base 6 European polycarbonate lenses and is available in Polarized.

Built for adventure with its large frame and wide arm profile, the Backbone is your first line of defense against any condition. Available in polarized level 1.






Honolua Surf

Danny Fuller Signature Quad

Fade in the Shade

SIDES - h: 4.35 | b: 4.37 | a: 14.41 REARS - h: 3.74 | 3: 4.63 | a: 10.05

100% polyester engineer printed hydrostretch boardshort with logo and island chain screenprints on side panels. Comes in two bright colorways - perfect for summer.

DW02 PU The all new DW02 with aluminum bezel insert allows for precise timekeeping and improved wearability. This classic bezel treatment captures the essence of traditional dive watch construction. Fivehand Japanese Quartz chronograph with date. 30ATM/900Ft. $375

Consistent with Danny’s performance in this kind of surf, these fins deliver equally impressive results. The fiberglass materials provide stability and control, when you need it most. $112

Team riders: Buzzy Kerbox, Archie Kalepa, Patrick Fukuda, Kiva Rivers, Isaac Stant, Kalani Vierra. $54.50



Nectar - Jamie O’Brien


Julia Viana


Local Motion Hawaii - Keanu Asing

Quincy Dein

Malu Eyewear - Gavin Beschen

Noelani Designs


Local Motion Hawaii

Local Motion Hawaii

Local Motion Hawaii

Raise It Up Racer Tank

Weather Forecast Boardshort


Whether at the beach, on a hike or lounging, this racer tank is perfect for any occasion. Ecofriendly materials will keep you comfortable on any summer day. $24 (808) 922.7873 Facebook | Local Motion Hawaii Instagram | @localmotionhawaii

These are the latest in the Perflex 5.0 boardshorts line. Comes with a zipper fly, 4-way stretch material and seamless side panel. Engineered for quality performance and purpose. $58.50 (808) 922.7873 Facebook | Local Motion Hawaii Instagram | @localmotionhawaii

This is the high performance short for the minimalist surfer. The 4-way stretch material, lycra fly and sleek side pocket provide great functionality while maintaining a clean look. $58.50 (808) 922.7873 Facebook | Local Motion Hawaii Instagram | @localmotionhawaii

MALU Eyewear

Nectar Sunglasses

Noelani Designs

Kapu = Sacred


Mermaid Necklace

Break away from the monotonous, mundane routines that dominate your day. Do something awesome. Take a chance. Grab a pair of these shades and start living the sweet life.

Are you really a mermaid? Show your love for the ocean with this beautiful hand-stamped 14K gold fill charm adorned with electric blue apatite stone. Available at Noelani Studios in Haleiwa.

$20 Instagram | @nectarshades

$68 (808) 389.3709

Sacred Surf Hawaii


Paisley Passion

Mineral Oil Candles

MALU Sunglasses are made of the highest quality nylon injected wire frames, featuring “High Def Polarized, Polycarbonate Lenses”. Our durable shades provide the highest “UV & UVB Protection” along with unparalleled comfort and style. (714) 960.1957

Noelani Designs Lakshmi Earrings Mother of pearl lotus with seagreen amazonite and 14k goldfill chains. Like the Lotus that rises from the mud, its beauty unfolds. From life’s greatest challenges, a beautiful outcome is always possible. $68 (808) 389.3709

Sacred truckers feature a fitted artistic hat created for the active outdoor enthusiast. Mountain or ocean, you’ll see these hats on snow or sand. $32

Other than looking cool... SCBC candles are actually made from a patented, toxin-free mineral oil. They burn 2x longer than traditional candles and are better for you and the earth. Starts at $14





Watermans - CJ Hobgood

Sanuk - Albee Layer


Watermans - Mark Healey

Brent Bielmann

Vissla - Keoni Jones

Wax Buddy

Volcom - Tom Dosland


Siren Surf

Siren Surf


Boneyard Crop Tank

Siren Crop Tank

Extra! Extra! Feet all about it!

Made and sold locally on the North Shore of Oahu. A brand connecting mermaids, dreamers & believers. BE A SIREN OF THE SEA.

Made and sold locally on the North Shore of Oahu. A brand connecting mermaids, dreamers & believers. BE A SIREN OF THE SEA. Facebook | Siren Surf Instagram | @sirensurf Facebook | sirensurf Instagram | @sirensurf



$34 Instagram | @sanukfootwear


Established T-shirt Zulu Boardshort Made from Upcycled Coconut Stretch, the Zulu Boardshort is made for the Islands! Built with a 4 Way stretch, side seam scallop edge, key chord and a VISSLA woven label.

The Established tee is made from 100% Cotton and is Garment Dyed with a Vintage Wash. Developed with a super soft screen print and iconic flag label.



Watermans Sunscreen

Endless Wave

Volcom Lido Mana & Island Camo BoardShorts 21” Outseam boardies made from our recycled 4-way stretch blend, cinch fly technology and side zip pocket! A portion of proceeds from our Hawaii only product goes directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii! $49.50

Yellow Bird Bohemia

Wax Buddy

Aqua Armor Long days in extreme conditions, over exposure and whatever else comes your way, this lotion is built to handle it all. If you’re looking for the ultimate in UV protection, you’ve found it. $16 (1.5oz) / $22 (3.0oz)

The wax comb that makes scraping your board easier and gets you back in the water. Faster. Created by surfers, for surfers and made from 100% recycled material.

Shark Trucker hat

$3.99 Facebook | Wax Buddy Instagram | @waxbuddy

Stay stylish and keep yourself protected from the sun in these 100% waterproof snapback trucker hats. Made in Hawaii by local artist Lauren Roth. Multiple designs available. $44 Facebook | Yellow Bird Bohemia

Why You Tripping? Summer is right around the corner, which means glorious weather and warmer water. In Hawaii, summer also means calmer oceans and swell lulls on the North Shore, so many surfers flock elsewhere to find their fix. Freesurf checked in with some athletes to see where and why they’re tripping.

Flynn Novak “I have my sights on Tahiti, Fiji and Indonesia, but nothing is planned as I like to leave a place in my life for spontaneity, and I fulfill a lot of that through traveling.”

“One trip I have planned for this summer is a Mentawai’s boat trip. I’m going because all my life I’ve dreamed of going on a boat trip and now this year I was able to plan one out.”

Barron Mamiya

Pancho Sullivan

“I am going to California for the NSSA Nationals.”

Elijah Gates “I’m going to Cali and the East Coast for contest. I was also thinking of going on a trip with a few of my best friends to Indonesia, whether it’s the Mentawai’s or just Bali.”

Brianna Cope “I’m heading to Cabo, Mexico for the WQS 6 star event in June, and then I’m going to Bali at the ending of June with my Under Armour team mate Flynn Novak to score some good waves and practice barrel riding!”

Zeke Lau “This summer I’ll be traveling a lot for contests but I really want to go to Tahiti again this year! I went last year and I just remember it as being the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. With some of the best waves ever! I really want to get over there for one of those tow swells.”

Hank Gaskell “I am planning to go to Central America with my girlfriend this summer. There’s a 3 star in Chile that I want to do, and we really just want to explore and see the world! Also, keeping the fingers crossed, but I might get to go on a dive trip to Mexico or the Bahamas.”


Josh Moniz

“My plans for the summer consist of a trip to California for a sales meeting and trade show, in addition to trips to the South Shore. Nothing extravagant like Bali or Fiji or Tahiti.”

Seth Moniz “There’s a couple places I would like to go to this summer, like Tahiti and Fiji. But one trip that fully looks like a go is the Mentawai’s. Me, my brothers and a few friends on one boat surfing perfect waves and catching fish... This would be our first time to the Mentawai’s.”

Garret McNamara “First a surf film in New York with NYSea, and then off to Portugal to film seven episodes for a travel surf show that will air during the ASP CT Peniche contest. After that, we will be in Brazil for the World Cup. The rest of the summer I’ll keep my eye out for Tahiti and Fiji. The most exciting news is that we are having a baby at the end of summer!!”

Torrey Meister “In April I went on a trip to Salina, Mexico with a few of the O’Neill boys and Josh Mulcoy. I hadn’t been to that part of Mexico in about 6 years and the last time I went it was some of the best surf I have ever witnessed. Trips like this are my favorite! Surfing with friends, getting good waves and getting work done is always nice. Other than that, most of the trips I’m taking this summer will be WQS trips. I’m chasing the tour full time this year so right now that is my main focus.”

Board Bag Fees If you’re gearing up for a summer surf trip, here’s a break down of board bag fees across international airlines, thanks to Airlines that include a surfboard as part of the regular bag allowance Virgin (Europe)
 Interjet (Mexico)
 Quantas (Australia)
 Singapore (Asia)
 South Africa (duh)
 Air New Zealand
 Qatar Airways (New 2014) Airlines that charge more than $100 each way American
 Cathay Pacific
 Hawaiian Air
 United Airlines that charge more than $150 each way Japan Air
 US Air
 Northwest Top offending airlines Alitalia $260
 Swiss Air $250
 Thai Air $150 Per Board (yes, they open the bag and count)
 United $200
 All Nippon $300



Dane Grady

She Rips /

Natalia Smith Kauai Style: Wave Sliding & Free Surfing Intro Lauren Rolland Interview By Jericho Rell Born and raised in Hanalei, seventeen-year-old longboarder Natalia Smith has had solid accomplishments over the past two years. Last April at the 2013 Hawai‘i Surfing Association State Championships on Oahu, the surfer showed impressive versatility by placing in four different categories, nabbing gold in the Girls U-17 Longboard division and silver in the Girls U-17 Stand-Up Paddle division.

Tell us about how you first started surfing.

Currently competing in HSA events all over the state, the Kauai native recently took first place at the Pinetrees contest and is eager to begin the summer competition season. With the mindset of training hard, Natalia is preparing to perform well in these upcoming events with the hopes of returning to China again for the Women’s Longboard World Tour. In 2012, the free surfer placed equal 13th at the Swatch Girls Pro China hosted by Wanning and looks brightly toward the future of her career in surfing.

Favorite board?

DOB: July 10, 1996 Home break: Hanalei, Kauai Stance: Goofy

My parents bought me my first surfboard when I was three years old and I haven’t stopped surfing ever since. I learned to surf mostly next to the pier until I developed the skills needed to go all the way out to the Bowl in Hanalei.

I really love classic style longboards because I feel like they highlight my style. My favorite board is a 9’0 square tail, three stringer, shaped by Mark Sausen. Favorite surf break? The bowl at Hanalei Bay is my favorite surf break. That is usually where you can find me every afternoon.

Dane Grady

She Rips / Natalia Smith

Where have you traveled this year and what is your dream travel destination? This year I have traveled to Tahiti and Brazil so far. My dream destinations are probably Fiji or the Maldives. What has been the highlight of this year? The highlight of this year for me was probably getting the opportunity to surf in Tahiti. The water is so amazing and the surf breaks there really drive you to test your abilities in the water. Tell us about your training techniques. I paddle a 6-man canoe three times a week as a big part of my training. It keeps me fit and works out my upper body. Although sometimes I am very busy with schoolwork, I do my best to surf every day as well.

Other interests? I enjoy canoe paddling as a second sport. It keeps me in shape and also in the water. I am also definitely very interested in fashion. Because my mother owns a shop, I am exposed to clothes and fashions very often. Fashion excites me, and I plan to possibly minor in Fashion Design when I am in college. Who are your surfing inspirations? So many people in the surfing world inspire me. Kelly Slater is an inspiration to me because he has shown such consistency in his surfing and I think that is a gift. He also promotes clean eating, and I hope to follow that example. Laird Hamilton also inspires me. He surfs out at Hanalei Bay often and it is amazing to see someone surf so smoothly. Lastly, I admire Kassia Meador because of her surfing style. What are your surfing goals for the year?

Do you have any sponsors? I don’t have any main sponsors. My mother and I Heart Hanalei are my main sponsors, however, I am really hoping to find one sometime in the near future.

This year I want to train different maneuvers and perfect my surfing. I also have the goal of qualifying for the Women’s Longboard Tour in China again. If I do so, my goal is to place better than my last result. Describe your love for longboarding.

So your parents are a big influence. Tell us more about them. My mother owns I Heart Hanalei and she spends a lot of hours in her store. She is who inspired me to develop my passion for surfing, as she cannot go through the day without getting in a morning session. My dad is a firefighter in Hanalei. He is also an avid skier, and led me to really enjoy skiing since I was very young. My mother is from Brazil and my father is from Idaho, which means I get to visit both places often and enjoy both cultures.

Longboarding illustrates such finesse and that’s why I love it. It’s graceful and beautiful to watch. I love the feeling I get when I’m in the water surfing, there’s none better. It’s so rewarding when you catch a great wave that makes your session or even your whole day. There are so many good things that come along with surfing and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. pau

Chris Latronic

Grom Report /

Cody Young By Chris Latronic

If you have been scouting the latest Maui surf prospects, then there is no doubt you would have come across the burly dirty blonde natural footer, Cody Young. Hailing from the northern coast of the Valley Isle, Cody has been a product of the Maui surf machine following the likes of Ian Walsh, Albee Layer, Matt Meola and many other ‘Maui built’ surf stars. Most recently, Cody was selected for the distinguished Hawaii Surf Team, where he traveled to Salinas, Ecuador to compete in the ISA World Junior Championships. Although a fresh rookie at an unfamiliar location, Cody proved that his skills were no joke. With a strong, mature build unique to most 16 & under surfers, Cody used raw power to throw plenty of water out the back, gaining the judges attention early on. Making numerous qualifying heats throughout the grueling 8-day contest, Cody’s performance helped the Hawaii Surf Team take the overall team gold medal. With rookie year gold already under his belt, who knows what kind of bright future is in store for Cody Young.

NSSA Regionals at Kewalos Favorite surfer of all time - Buttons Kaluhiokalani Favorite surfer currently on the WCT - All the Hawaiians, Seabass, JJF, Freddy P Favorite female surfer - Paige Alms Favorite female surfer on the WCT - Malia Manuel Future goals - Paddle in to Jaws and win a national title Favorite food - The Hawaiian Power Bar (spam musubi) Biggest role model - Nakoa Decoite because he’s a good person and he charges!

instagram - @cody_young_ Favorite maneuver - Barrels Age - 15 years Hometown - Makawao, Maui School - King Kekaulike High School

Job besides surfing, what would it be Professional kendama player Favorite type of music - Classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix

Favorite subject - English and Graphic Design Favorite movie - “Finding Nemo” Homebreak - Ho’okipa, North Maui Favorite surf movie - “Campaign 2” Favorite board dimensions - 5’11” x 18 5/16” x 2 1/4” Kazuma Milkman Favorite fins - Dusty Payne mediums (kinetic racing) Deck pad or no? - Yes deck pad! Dakine deckpad!

Hobbies - spearfishing, dirt biking and eating Girlfriend - no, not yet Best individual result in competition - 4th at USA Championships at Trestles, 2nd at

Something about you that no one really knows - I have dual citizenship in Canada & USA Siblings - I have a 10-year-old little brother who likes to surf also, he’ll be ripping up the ranks soon. What would you do with a million dollars I’d take all my friends on a boat trip to the Mentawais, surf our brains out then fly to Whistler, Canada and take a private helicopter snowboarding to all the best untouched peaks in the backcountry. Then go to NY and climb the statue of liberty, then bungi jump off of it. Then with whatever is left, invest in some good stocks so I could live like that forever. pau


Team rider Ivy Cerrone ,Photography by Mike Cerrone

76-6246 Ali`i Dr. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 (808) 326-1771

8 1 5 F R O N T S T. LA HA INA , HI 9 67 61









Photo by: Jade Alexis



Sean Reilly

Sounds /


The Josh Sharp Trio By Sean Reilly It’s hard to stand out amongst the multitude of musical talent Hawaii has to offer. Accomplished musicians perform daily and open mic nights rarely disappoint. Catchy Jawaiian lyrics and rootsy reggae beats echo throughout our island chain. Originality, however, is a little more difficult to come by. So when Freesurf heard the euphonious indie alternative sound that is The Josh Sharp Trio, we couldn’t get enough.

Does surfing influence your music?

The heart and soul, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of the band, Josh Sharp combines unprecedented vocals with passionate acoustics. Accompanied by explosive percussionist Eric Tidd and talented bassist Evan Duffin-Barnes, the trio has a star quality stage presence guaranteed to captivate your eardrums. Make sure to check these guys out next time they play near you. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

What genre would you consider yourselves?

Josh – Yea I definitely come up with some lyrics while I’m sitting on my board. And when you come out of the water feeling refreshed, having left all the bad stuff out in the water you’re so much more open to life in a positive way. The songs are able to enter.

Josh – Alternative Rock maybe. Sometimes rock and roll, other times singer/songwriter kind of stuff. I guess that’s why you call it alternative, because it alternates within the genres. Evan – I’ve heard it called indie rock. Eric - I was going to say acid jazz.

How did you guys come together as a band? Who inspires you? Josh - Me and Eric met at Hank’s in China Town last summer. We’ve been jamming together ever since. But we didn’t start playing together live till January. Evan saw us perform in February and asked if we needed a bassist, and we did. Evan - Yea I saw these two jamming at an open mic and I was like ‘wow, that guys got an unreal voice and good stage presence’. So I just went up and asked them, ‘what do you guys need? A guitarist? A bassist? How can I get me some of this?’ Josh – One of the coolest things about us, is as a band we get to surf together. We all love to surf.

Josh – A lot of people, Johny Cash is the biggest one in my musical life. But the Beatles, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, the Early Days, U2, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, that kind of music. I started out very pop rock and we kind of shifted into true rock and roll. It’s nice to mend it with these guys. pau

Reviews & To Do’s Just in case you missed it… By Sean Reilly Jurassic 5 – Turntable scratches, classic beat drops, and a throwback nostalgic sound left the crowed begging for more. The six-member tribe comprised of two DJs/ Producers and four distinct rappers rocked the Republik like it was 1997. J5 kept it classic with songs like “Playground tactics, the rabbit in a hat trick,” “Concrete Schoolyard,” and “What’s Golden.” Their witty lyrical flow and bass dropping beats kept arms waving and heads nodding all night long. City and Colour – Organic lyrics, dulcet vocals, and a wide range of melodic acoustics awed all who attended the jampacked show. City and Colour, recording alias for Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, lead the audience through a wistful, enchanting, and incredibly insightful journey of musical poetry. Featuring many songs from his latest album The Hurry and The Harm, while including classics like “The Girl,” Green captivated the hearts, minds, and ears of all who attended with pervasive charm. Adventure Club – The dynamic dance music duo, otherwise known as Adventure Club, delivered a cornucopia of hottest in EDM, dubstep, trap, techno, and house. For two straight hours the manic masterminds consumed the audience with a diverse high-energy set. Floor-rumbling hits like “Rise & Fall” and “Crave You” had the congested crowed hoping around like Mexican jumping beans. Colorful light shows, head banging dance floors, and circle pit encores; the Montreal-based DJ/producers are the epitome of modern day Rock Stars.

Don’t miss out… May 20th – The Naked and Famous @ The Republik An exciting New Zealand electronic rock band that captured a global audience with their hit singles “Young Blood” and “Punching in a Dream.” May 29th – People Under the Stairs @ The Republik The Los Angeles based rap group dubbed “ The Steely Dan of Rap Music” is the most successful fully independent hip-hop duo in the history of hip-hop.

Summer Music Calendar May 16th, 17th & 18th – Big Daddy Weave @ Neal S. Blaisdell Center May 16th – Hawaii Symphony Chorus @ Neal S. Blaisdell Center May 16th – Summer Kick Off @ Hallway Internet Cafe May 17th – Ignite @ Vice Night Club May 17th – Flosstradamus @ The Republik May 18th – Yafaiian Concert @ Waikiki Shell May 20th – The Naked and Famous @ The Republik May 20th – VIVO @ The Dragon Upstairs

May 31st – Zeds Dead @ The Republik An up-and-coming DJ duo who combines the camaraderie of house, the thrill of drum and bass, the beauty of ambient music and the heaviness of electro.

May 29th – People Under the Stairs @ The Republik

May 31st – Xavier Rudd @ The Republik Xavier Rudd is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, a surfer, environmental and cultural activist and one of Australian’s most iconic voices. This issue’s TOP STAFF PICK!

May 31st – Xavier Rudd @ The Republik

June 8th – Rebelution @ Kaka’ako Waterfront Park A front-runner for grassroots, independent and tour driven music groups, the Santa Barbara bred reggae band has dominated reggae charts since 2007. June 13th & 14th – Rebel Souljahz @ The Republik A premier local reggae and R&B band from Waipahu with sweet soulful harmonies like “Gotta Know Your Name” and “Play Me Like a Fool,” both songs currently hold the #1 requested spots on all Hawaii radio stations.


May 30th – Memphis May Fire in Hawaii @ Hawaiian Brian’s May 31st – Benny Rietveld and friends @ Honolulu Academy of Arts May 31st – Zeds Dead @ The Republik May 31st – Hanayui @ Orvis Auditorium UH Manoa June 4th – Meiko @ The Doris Duke Theatre June 5th – Meiko @ Surfer. the Bar June 7th – The English Beat @ The Republik June 7th – Havana Brown @ M Nightlife June 7th – Maxi Priest @ Waikiki Shell June 7th – Rebelution @ Kauai Community College June 8th – Rebelution @ Kaka’ako Waterfront Park June 13th & 14th – Rebel Souljahz @ The Republik June 13th – Bryan Vickers Band @ Surfer. the Bar June 20th – Bryan Vickers Band @ Hard Rock Café July 4th – 3 Doors Down @ Joint Base Pearl Harbor

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Industry Notes or artist, the legacy of his work, and the strong wake of his innovations will live on forever.” Hi-Tech Expands to Kihei. Hi-Tech Surf Sports opened its third Hi-Tech store on Maui with a blessing and soft opening on March 15th. This was the first Hi-Tech store to open in 30 years. The first store opened in Paia in 1982, followed by the Kahului shop in 1984. The new Hi-Tech store opened on South Kihei Road across the street from Cove Park, the best kid-friendly surf spot in South Maui. Hi-Tech shares a lauhala-covered building with Maui Waveriders, the top surf school in South Maui. Vissla Welcomes Twiggy. The Vissla Creators & Innovators family is pleased to welcome 2014 Big Wave World Tour Champion Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker to the team. “I am very pleased to announce becoming an ambassador for and partner with VISSLA,” states the South African surfer. “I was lucky enough to be involved previously with most of the new team at VISSLA and I am so stoked to be back on the program with

Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge. Hawaii experienced its busiest season in recent memory, with swell after swell descending upon Pipeline. Countless opportunities were offered for surfers and photographers to partner and potentially nab the best image of the season. According to the panel of Pipe and photography experts, this year’s best image and the Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge title was awarded to Zak Noyle and Tyler Newton. Congrats on winning the award, which is held in memory of Pipeline great Sion Milosky. Zak and Tyler each took home $2,500 from Vans, bragging rights and the chance to defend their title in the 2014/15 season. Kelly Slater Uncouples With Quiksilver. After what many thought might be the greatest April Fool’s media prank in surfing history, it was with great surprise that Kelly Slater indeed called his nearly 24-year partnership with Quiksilver quits. Kelly is moving on to create his new brand through the Kering Group, who owns Volcom and Electric (as well as non-action sports brands like Gucci and Stella McCartney). Leaving good will behind, Kelly states that, “As a brand and on a human level, they have been a part of my life, career and personal relationships for more than 23 years now, well over half my life. They’ve supported me through good times and bad, personal hardships and competitive triumphs, and never wavered in backing my choices and desires in all that time.” Hobie Alter Passes On. Hobart “Hobie” Alter, one of the greatest innovators and most successful entrepreneurs in the history of surfing, passed away peacefully at his Palm Desert home on March 29th surrounded by loving family. Hobie started out shaping surfboards and ended up shaping a culture, as he is widely recognized as the developer of the modern foam and fiberglass surfboard. Also remembered for his innovative catamaran sailboat designs and a unique line of skateboards in the 60’s, the man introduced California, and largely the world, to an active outdoor lifestyle. His label, Hobie, remains one of the top-selling surfboard brands of all time. “Hobie’s passing will leave an incredible void in the world of surfing, sailing and watersports,” a statement on Hobie’s website reads. “But as with any great author, actor

these highly talented people. It’s pretty mind-blowing how far ahead of the game they are and I feel as surfers we need to get behind these new brands that have the best interest of surfing in mind!” Albee Layer Head to Toe Dakine. Maui charger Albee Layer has been decked out exclusively by Dakine, so we heard… Congrats Albee! MS Distribution and Science Bodyboards Launch New Gear. On May 15th, you can grab a pair of Delta Viper Fins at http://sciencebodyboards. net/accessories/fins/delta-viper/ and also catch the summer shipment of Science boards. Find them at your nearest surf shop retailer. Pacifico and ASP Partner. The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) is pleased to announce Pacifico as its official U.S. beer sponsor, participating in elite Tour events at Huntington Beach, Lower Trestles, Honolua Bay and the Banzai Pipeline. “Pacifico will be at every WCT event in the U.S., hosting fan experiences at contest sites and throughout the local areas,” says Jim Sabia of Pacifico. Paul Speaker, ASP CEO said he’s excited to have Pacifico sign on as the official beer of the ASP in the U.S. and so are we!

Offering the most extensive range of technical eyewear outside of Honolulu.

Small Treasures Silver Jewelry Design North Shore, Oahu

Nate Yeomans / Oakley Team Rider / Photo :Robert Pascua

Mention FREESURF and get a 2X KAMA窶連INA discount of 20% off anything in the store! Offer excludes eyewear. Valid through 5.31.14

Come see the latest collection of Oakley logo surf wear, lifestyle apparel and all new tech gear including compression fitness & waterman training apparel. Located next to the North Shore Kula Grille on the lobby level, Turtle Bay Resort. Open daily 9am-9pm P. 808.447.6668


RIP Teddy Bear 09/19/1956 – 03/23/2014 Theodore La‘akea “Teddy Bear” Davis was a true Hawaiian. The Makaha beach boy could catch, cook and prepare an a`ama crab, teach you how to do it and then play a song about it on his ukulele. A versatile waterman, Teddy could pole fish, throw net, pick opihi, paddle wa`a, surf massive waves and save lives. “Teddy is the perfect example of a ‘Manuela Boy,’” remarked Teddy’s good friend Manny DeSoto. “He’s one of those who perpetuates the old school. He liked great music and would sit around the campfire, drink beers, talk story and play music. He was kolohe (mischevious), but he was loving. He never had a mean bone in him.” Teddy Bear oozed ma`a, which is the Hawaiian word meaning experienced, accustomed and familiar. Teddy was ma`a to the kai (ocean), ma`a to the aina (land), and ma`a to the culture. Accomplished, talented and knowledgeable, it was always in this man’s nature to share what he had with friends and family. “Teddy Bear was one of a kind,” remarked long time friend Pua Rochlen. “He was a renaissance man, one who is interested in and knows a lot about many things… But above all else, his greatest gift to all he touched was his heart.” It was that heart that brought hundreds of people together on April 12th at Makaha Beach. Friends and family from across the Pacific gathered to celebrate Teddy Bear’s life and bid aloha to a true Hawaiian legend.


Noel Marchan photo by Wayne Agsalda

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Last Look

Congratulations to the Hawai’i Junior Surf Team on another gold medal victory at the Vissla ISA World Surfing

Championships. Look for the full run down and wrap up in our next issue. Photo: ISA/Tweddle


Albee Layer Matt Meola Evan Geiselman Eric Geiselman Ezekiel Lau Ian Gentil Sebass Josh Burke Jake Halstead Billy Kemper Granger Larsen Ulu Napeahi Jake Davis Ryan Callinan Miguel Pupo Josh Moniz Tanner Hendrickson Koa Rothman Noa Mizuno Josh Moniz Riley Liang Luke Davis



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