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MADE in Hawaii Volume 11 Number 3

Grom Issue Hawaii’s Top 14 + Volcom Pipe Pro + Freeskate

Surfer: Barron Mamiya Photo: Mike Latronic


Keoni Jones

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If you are 18 years old or younger, this is your issue. Although sometimes overshadowed by the myriads of talented waterman the Islands have on offer, the youth of Hawai’i are able to standout on their own, and Freesurf loves to give credit where credit is due. This month we bring you “The Grom Issue.” Enjoy! Surfer: Jao Marco Maffini Photo: Sofie Louca


Contents 28 14 To Watch in 2014 We rank the top grom threats

38 Aperture Groms ripping Hawaii’s heaviest peaks

52 Chocolates 1st Annual Freesurf Chocolate Haupia Pie Surf Off






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Tasha Jahrmarkt Photo: Tracy Kraft Leboe


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Editorial Publisher: Mike Latronic Managing Editor: Lauren Rolland Guest Editors: Barron Mamiya, Moana Jones, Kailani Jones Editor -at- Large : Chris Latronic Multimedia Director : Tyler Rock Photo Editor : Tony Heff Art Director : John Weaver Editorial Assistant : Sean Reilly Staff Photographers : Tony Heff, Tyler Rock, Mike Latronic, Chris Latronic, Sean Reilly Free Thinkers: Isaac Frazer, Jenna Roberts, Sean Reilly, Shawn Pila Office Manager: Amy Withrow

Contributing Photographers Erik Aeder, Richy Arosemena, Eric Baeseman (, Paulo Barcellos, Brian Bielmann, Brent Bielmann, John Bilderback, Kyle Burnett, Ryan Craig, Jeff Divine, Brooke Dombroski, DoomaPhoto, Damea Dorsey, Rick Doyle, Paul Fisher, Ryan T. Foley, Isaac Frazer, Pete Frieden, Dane Grady, Pete Hodgson, Taylor Ivison, Bryce Johnson, Ha'a Keaulana, Ehitu Keeling, Kin Kimoto, Laserwolf, Bruno Lemos, ManaPhoto, Tim McKenna, Dave “Nelly” Nelson, Zak Noyle, Shawn Pila, Jim Russi, Scott Soens, Spencer Suitt, Heath Thompson, Bill Taylor, Wyatt Tillotson, Patrick Vieira, Jessica Wertheim, Peter Corey Wilson, Jimmy Wilson, Peter “Joli” Wilson, Cole Yamane Sales & Marketing Coordinator: Jenna Roberts Advertising Executives : Andeaux Borundas, Andre Derizans, Nate Cloud, Shaun Lopez

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Cover Story

By Sean Reilly This month, Hawaii’s wonder groms have seized the moment and stolen the show. Overflowing with talent, it was easy to fill the pages of our magazine with enticing gromtastic imagery. However, the deadline neared and we still needed a cover. But who? Who is the perfect representation of an up-and-coming Hawaii bred grom? After countless shoots with local talent from around the islands, we came to a conclusion. The cover would feature our very own guest editor, Barron Mamiya. A spitting image of Hawaii’s future, Barron embodies all that is grom, radiating stoke after every barrel and combining just the right amount of focus and fun. When you watch this kid get spit out of a heaving 5-foot Backdoor barrel, you may forget he’s still a grom. But then the sound of a high-pitched giggle follows as Barron paddles back into the lineup, and you quickly remember. Now that we had a cover boy, we needed a cover shot. Freesurf rallied the North Shore local for one more day of shooting. Our first session was unsuccessful. Pipeline and Backdoor refused to cooperate while a mouthmounted GoPro photo bombed any salvageable photos. Light southerly winds and a 3 to 5 foot NNW swell lead us to Rocky Rights. The surf was firing and the boys were shralping. Rippers like Elijah Gates and Jake Marshall pushed Barron throughout the session. Elijah punished the wave with a powerful front side snap, hurling gallons of water toward Gas Chambers. Jake boosted three feet above the lip, nearly pulling a colossal air reverse. But it was Barron who walked away with the maneuver of the session. After a half dozen alley oop attempts, Barron gouged the lip with power and style. Freesurf publisher, Mike Latronic captured the textbook fins free frontside hack and the rest is history.


Editor’s Note Gaining Grom Perspective Every year Freesurf dedicates an issue to the groms. Since they are the sport’s frothiest fans, we figure these kids are not only deserving of some representation, but also a little recognition. It’s been a few years since we’ve brought in guest editors to help with the issue, and the last crew consisted of Seth Moniz, Malia Manuel and Koa Smith back in 2010. This year it was time to bring in a new crop of kids to help generate perspective and youthfulness to our pages. And who better than a grom to write about Hawaii’s 18-and-under grom scene? The staff at Freesurf handpicked a few that stand out. Not just in surfing, but in the all around representation of what it means to be a kid living and surfing in the best place in the world to be a kid. Leading the younger generation of Hawaii’s up-and-comers without even trying, this trifecta possess the characteristics that make up a happy grom: Barron Mamiya, Moana Jones and Kailani Jones. Not in a hurry to grow up nor focused on gaining exposure in the industry, these kids are just concerned with getting good waves and having fun. In part the voice of Freesurf’s annual ‘Grom Issue’, these North Shore surfers have a positive attitude and plenty of personality. Plainly put, Barron, Moana and Kai are all around good kids and aspiring surfers. Our feature, ‘14 to Watch in 2014’ is a list of up-and-coming groms that was generated largely by Barron, Moana and Kai. While you won’t see their names listed in the piece, these guest editors are definitely among the top. With a casual approach to surfing, Barron Mamiya seems to already have made an entry into the lineup pecking order at Pipe- not an easy feat for a fourteen year old. This grom has also been collecting high contest results, including a win at Nationals in 2013. Barron is good at getting barreled, but nipping at his heels is Moana Jones, an apt barrel finder herself. With an aggressive above the lip approach and solid fundamentals, Moana rivals a lot of the boys and is sparring with the top in her age group. Meet the softer side of women’s surfing with Moana’s younger sister Kailani. Elegant and graceful on top of the water, Kai will surprise you with a power turn to round out the wave, throwing a good forehand snap. Spending much of their surfing time together, Barron, Moana and Kai give this month’s issue the carefree tone of young surfers growing up together in Hawaii. Their contribution was significant. From showing up for weekly editorial meetings to helping with Freesurf’s Free Skate Day, to interviews, peer polls, choosing photos and dealing with the last minute antics of producing a magazine, these three were put to work. Since they made a routine out of showing up to meetings with wet hair and the stoke of a good session fresh on their faces, we knew we’d made the right choice. Lauren Rolland Managing Editor


Barron Mamiya

Mike Latronic

Moana Jones

Kailani Jones


Zachary Ramos

When is a grom not a grom anymore? Brent Bielmann: To grow out of gromhood they have to get past that timid stage. Once they establish their place in the pecking order and, if a wave comes, look at a couple guys and go ‘okay I’m taking it’, then they’re not really a grom anymore. Kalani David: You can be a grom for life. It could be an age thing or it can just be you, because some people are just groms for life. Makana Pang: When all da boys at Pipe stop calling you a grom. Noah Beschen: Probably at 16. Rainos Hayes: I think you over step that boundary when you start placing yourself in the outside of the peak in the lineup. And some kids seem to get there sooner than others. If you’re not scrambling around on the inside and you’re actually outside waiting for the real wave, you’re probably no longer a grommet. Wyatt McHale: A grom’s not a grom probably when they’re around 18 or 20, because they’re pretty much an adult. Finn McGill: Probably when they’re funny and cool. Probably when they’re around like 15. Noa Mizuno: When you stop acting like a grom. A grom can be super frothing to surf 1-foot waves or it could be an aggressive little guy who snakes people. But groms just want to surf and surf and surf all day. I think that’s what I want to be for the rest of my life.



Grom Rules!


JMack Marote Heff


Grom Etiquette


If you just caught a wave, don’t paddle back out and keep catching more – wait your turn.


Don’t call uncles off a wave.


If an uncle tells you to go on a wave, you kind of have to go.


Don’t back paddle or paddle around someone.


Have respect for someone else’s home break (having a friend out there does not make it your home break).


If you’re having a bad session don’t let it show. No temper tantrums in the lineup.


Don’t Chinese wax someone’s board.


Pay your own dues, your dad or sponsors don’t validate your place in the lineup.


Maintain a good attitude, have fun. Don’t be a salty grom.


Don’t be in a hurry to get in the mag, get the shot or get the sponsor. It’ll happen if you focus on the right things, like having fun and ripping.

North Shore Surf Shop Sunset Jr Pro


News & Events /

Kalani David

The 3rd annual North Shore Surf Shop Sunset Pro Junior set new standards for the sport of surfing. The worlds best 20 and under surfers courageously attacked the biggest waves ever ridden in a Pro Junior event. A competitive field of over 130 international athletes battled it out in heavy 8 to 10 foot Sunset, easily triple the height of some young competitors. The massive surf and challenging conditions raised the bar for any and all junior events to come. Gigantic surf flooded all three days of competition, but it was the third and final day that would define the event. At first light, 12 foot close outs descended upon the playing field. Kona winds and a short period swell jumbled the enormous surf. The tricky conditions would have challenged most die-hard sunset locals, yet a brigade of three-dozen juniors paddled out to practice for their heats. The swell continued to pulse throughout the day, leaving parents anxious and spectators captivated. Kids were pulling into treacherous barrel sections. Boards and leashes were breaking left and right. The Hawaiian Water Patrol even made a few jet ski assists, plucking besieged competitors out of the impact zone and whisking them into the safety of the channel. But the contest wasn’t all carnage, in fact far from it. Fearless juniors threw down radical combinations and some unreal maneuvers. World Champion Kelly Slater visited the competition to commentate for the Final and was blown away by how hard the kids were charging. “I wasn’t surfing out here when I was their age,” said Slater. Fellow World Champion Barton Lynch offered his time on the live web cast as well. “This has to be the biggest surf ever for a junior competition, a new bar has been set for the sport of surfing,” said Lynch.


Jack Robinson


By Sean Reilly

Sunset delivered the biggest waves some of these kids had ever ridden. A truly historic event, the under-20 juniors proved the future of our sport is in good hands. A tip of the hat to all that competed.

Results Mens Junior Final 1- Jack Robinson 2- Miguel Tudela 3- Kalani David 4- Leo Fioravanti

Womens Junior Final 1- Meah Collins 2- Dax McGill 3- Tatiana Weston-Webb 4- Brisa Hennessy

n a c i x e M t s e B s Ha wa ii’


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Volcom Pipe Pro


News & Events /

Kelly Slater

Sean Reilly

By Chris Latronic In the world of surfing, the competitive season begins and ends with Pipeline. After the conclusion of the Pipe Masters (the final contest of the year), the best pros stick around to challenge themselves once more at the famed reef and most notorious barreling wave in the world. The 5-star Volcom Pipe Pro is a 3-day event with a prize purse of $130,000. With the gladiator crown being owned by John John Florence for the past three years, Jamie O’Brien returning after his temporary forced hiatus from ASP events, and Kelly Slater leisurely entering into the mix, the competition was collecting all the elements to climax in powerhouse form. But with trying, less ideal conditions the first day, it was difficult for surfers to find heat advancing scores. The waves were so lack luster that the heats were moved to the neighboring sandbar Gums, where competitors went from a barrel hunting exhibition to a beach break brawler. Although Gums was looking pretty good for the average Joe, scoring potential was scarce resulting in the surprising elimination and emergence of many top favorites and new faces. On the second and third day, Pipeline came to play. With superb 8 to 12 foot barreling A-frames filling the lineup, all the remaining competitors were frothing to have survived the first day and were ready to get pitted in a 4-man crowd. Amazing rides went down as a light south wind direction kept the waves nice and hollow for takeoffs at Pipe or Backdoor.

Billy Kemper

Sean Reilly

News & Events / Volcom Pipe Pro

But one of the biggest upsets came as defending champ John John Florence came up short against American rippers Parker Coffin and Evan Geiselman, who got the best waves to kill John’s chances at a 4peat and successfully advance through to the final day.

Sean Reilly

Mason Ho put on a show, maneuvering through countless Backdoor drainers to consolidate a more than respectable 3rd place finish.

When it came to finals, one name never ceased to resonate, Kelly Slater. Besides JJF, JOB and AI, there’s no one else who can dissect the Pipeline lineup like Kelly. But victory road still had some obstacles left as hungry local boys Mason Ho, Kiron Jabour, Dusty Payne and Torrey Meister were hot on Slater’s tail, chasing his fumes into the semis. When it was all said and done, only one Hawaiian (Mason Ho), two Brazilians (Wiggolly Dantas, Adriano de Souza) and King Kelly were atop the pedestal. But in the first 2 minutes, Kelly Slater grabbed 2 keeper scores to combo the field early while the rest tried to play catch up.

Final Results: 1. Kelly Slater (USA) 2. Wiggolly Dantas (BRA) 3. Mason Ho (HAW) 4. Adriano de Souza (BRA)


After all the blood and tears were shed, Kelly Slater emerged victorious in the arena of Pipeline, earning the coveted gladiator crown trophy.

News & Events Stand Up World Tour Sunset Beach Pro Stop No. 1 of the 2014 Stand Up World Tour saw the 5th anniversary of one of the tour’s most recognized events, the Sunset Beach Pro, take place on Oahu this past month. Friday, February 14th saw four rounds of four-man heats battling it out in challenging conditions and the final round was a battle between Caio Vaz (BRA), Keahi De Aboitz (AUS), Kai Lenny (HAW) and Zane Schweitzer (HAW).

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Congratulations to Caio Vaz of Brazil, who took home the title of 2014 Sunset Beach Pro champion, with a combined wave score of 14.17. Hawaii’s Kai Lenny placed 2nd, Zane Schweitzer 3rd and Keahi de Aboitiz took 4th. The next stop on the 2014 Stand Up World Tour is the Brazil Pro starting March 29th.

Carissa Moore & Adriana De Souza Victorious at Australian Open The ASP 6-Star Hurley Australian Open of Surfing took place in Manly, New South Wales, Australia mid-February, and Oahu’s Carissa Moore and Brazil’s Adriano De Souza walked away victorious. Two-time and reigning ASP Women’s World Champion Carissa Moore dismantled Alessa Quizon, a 2014 rookie and fellow Hawaiian, in the finals. The win was sealed with the best move of either final, a huge finthrow to layback for a 9.43. Definitely next-level for Carissa and female surfing altogether. Adriana De Souza overcame a very in-form Julian Wilson in the Men’s Final. De Souza’s score was an impressive 17.20 points to Wilson’s low 8.34, thanks to a super quick start that saw the Brazilian nab two excellent waves before a strong southerly change switched up conditions. By winning the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing, De Souza pocketed $25,000, was awarded 3,500 all-important WQS ratings points and logs another stat in the history books. Men’s FINAL: Adriano De Souza (BRA) 17.20 def. Julian Wilson (AUS) 8.34 SF 1: Julian Wilson (AUS) 15.00 def. Tomas Hermes (BRA) 14.33
SF 2: Adriano De Souza (BRA) 17.40 def. Patrick Gudauskas (USA) 10.53 QF 1: Julian Wilson (AUS) 13.63 def. Peterson Crisanto (BRA) 13.03
 QF 2: Tomas Hermes (BRA) 13.33 def. Jeremy Flores (FRA) 13.17
 QF 3: Adriano De Souza (BRA) 15.77 def. Fredrick Patacchia (HAW) 14.33
 QF 4: Patrick Gudauskas (USA) 16.53 def. Bede Durbidge (AUS) 16.16 Women’s FINAL: Carissa Moore (HAW) 17.10 def. Alessa Quizon (HAW) 15.80 SF 1: Carissa Moore (HAW) 9.94 def. Maud Le Car (FRA) 9.56
SF 2: Alessa Quizon (HAW) 14.90 def. Malia Manuel (HAW) 12.60 QF 1: Carissa Moore (HAW) 16.33 def. Leila Hurst (HAW) 5.10
 QF 2: Maud Le Car (FRA) 12.70 def. Georgia Fish (AUS) 12.67
 QF 3: Alessa Quizon (HAW) 15.50 def. Nage Melamed (HAW) 12.60
 QF 4: Malia Manuel (HAW) 17.90 def. Nikki Van Dijk (AUS) 12.00







S U R F E R S . . .









auth-n-tik :HAWAI‘I

News & Events /

Shane Dorian Keiki Classic Story & Photo: Isaac Frazer Saturday, January 18, 2014 marked the 19th annual Shane Dorian Keiki Classic at Banyans in the heart of Kona town. The groms were there in force before the sun came up, splitting every available peak with the young menehune shredders to the prestigious Junior division surfers, hoping to get in their last few turns and airs before the crew blew the starting horn for the first heats. Shane Dorian proudly announced, “This is definitely the best surf we have had since we started this contest 19 years ago.” With solid 3 to 5 foot surf (Hawaiian scale of course) out of the west-northwest, everyone was stoked to be able to showcase the best of their ability with consistent clean waves all day long. The roars from the crowd of surf moms and dads, uncles, aunties and supporters could be heard from a distance as these keiki laid it down for the professional judging staff. Speaking of pros, there were a few of the top names in surfing at this event to support the youth including Kelly Slater and Mark Healey, as well as the Kona pros CJ Kanuha, Keala Nahi, Tonino Benson, Casey Brown and many more. The stakes were high at this free event with prize packages including round trip tickets to the US west coast, inter island round trips, brand new custom surf boards from multiple shapers, GoPro’s, sun glasses, skateboards, backpacks and gift bags with all kinds of accessories. Shane went the extra mile to make a positive impact for the Big Island kids and all the outer island keiki who made the trek. These kids showed no fear with sets that were triple overhead as they pulled into slabbing barrels, laid down huge power turns and boosted off critical sections. Their smiles were ear to ear too with all of the aloha in the air and their eyes glowed with delight as they shook hands and received autographs from their heroes. A big mahalo to Shane Dorian for continuing this event every year and to all of the supporting sponsors who make this contest possible. Here are the results: Menehune Boys (13 and under) 1. Ocean Donaldson 2. Eli Hanneman 3. Brodi Sale Menehune Girls (13 and under) 1. Kui Delovio 2. Mehana Resetnikov 3. Kona Resetnikov

Junior Girls (14-17) 1. Kahanu Delovio 2. Chloe Smith 3. Cayla Moore Junior Boys (14-17) 1. Loa Ng 2. Charlie Akao 3. Forrest Elmer


LIVING Justin Silva

Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic 2014


The 38th Annual Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic took place over two weekends in February at Makaha Beach on Oahu. This event features two days of surfing contests as a tribute to “Buffalo” Keaulana, local Makaha surfing legend and one of the state’s premiere watermen. Old-timers ride the waves on the huge wooden surfboards that were used in Hawaii’s early days, with other events including canoe surfing, team bodyboarding and tandem surfing. Food booths and Hawaiian entertainment were part of this classic event, helping to perpetuate the local culture. Meme Moody, RA - North Shore Menehune Surf Contest, 1990’s.

Karin Moody-Tsutsui, R and Meme Moody, RA

VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championships The ISA has announced the location for the 2014 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championships (WJSC) at La FAE Beach, in Salinas, Ecuador, from April 5th to April 13th. La FAE offers a long, peeling lefthander and a consistent punchy beachbreak for the double-area contest site. “We are excited to return to Ecuador as the location couldn’t be better to hold the VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship during the ISA’s 50th Anniversary year,” said ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “Besides its welcoming people, warm weather and the amazing support of the Ecuadorian government, the area has a rich history that provides the perfect backdrop for the next generation of surfers to compete at the highest level,” Aguerre added.

North Shore residents Karin Moody-Tsutsui (R) and Meme Moody (RA) are a dedicated Real Estate team that combines professionalism with years of Real Estate experience and neighborhood knowledge.

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14 2014 TO WATCH IN


When it comes to groms, Hawaii is holding. Perhaps the close proximity to the ocean is to blame, or the fact that the water stays relatively warm all year round. Or maybe it’s just that the quality of Hawaii waves lend themselves to invite anyone, from the youngest kids to the oldest. Whatever the case may be, it’s no wonder that Hawaii groms tend to dominate the menehune and junior divisions at NSSA year after year. They start them young here, and it shows. The ocean becomes their playground before most kids even start kindergarten, and they push each other to the next level in a playful yet competitive way. Also, it doesn’t hurt that these kids eventually play alongside their heroes in the blissful waters of Hawaii. And dreams of being the next Andy Irons or Carissa Moore seem within reach. Although we could amass a list of young rippers as long as the island chain itself, we had help narrowing it down to 14 to watch in 2014, from our guest editors Barron Mamiya, Moana Jones and Kailani Jones. Those on this list may not hold the top accolades in their age group, and may not all be future world champions. But their dedication to riding waves and having a blast doing it has not gone unnoticed.

De Los

14 TO WATCH IN 2014

Keanu Taylor Lahaina, Maui 7.24.2004 Don’t let Anu’s initial shyness fool you. This kid is known to charge, going on any wave that comes at him, and is now moving up in the ranks to surf Pipe. With a fondness for V-Land, this 9-year old has honed in on barrel riding and surpassed expectations.


Jackson Bunch Paia, Maui 12.19.2003 With just 10 years in the water, Jackson not only charges for his age but is also well spoken and friendly. Stoked on any kine waves, this grom is high on life and recently got picked up by Volcom. Leading the mini grom pack, Jackson boosts airs and reverses and has a real aloha vibe.


14 TO WATCH IN 2014

Eli Hanneman Lahaina, Maui 11.7.2002 Focused and well-rounded, Eli is a shy grom who hails from Lahaina and is gaining speed throughout Hawaii. Sponsored by Hurley, this kid is seriously improving his all around game. Using the Maui winds to his favor, this pre-teen is boosting some major airs for an 11-year old.

Sarah Lee

Brodi Sale Kona, Big Island 2.6.2003 Validated by a lot of Big Island surfers, Brodi is stoked on life but even more stoked on getting barreled. The grom has really good backside snaps and is already pulling airs, so it’s no wonder why Billabong, Dakine and HIC have already picked this Kona boy up.

14 TO WATCH IN 2014


Isaiah Briley Sunset Beach, Oahu 10.21.2002 With tons of personality, Isaiah is a chatty elevenyear old who seems to be as fearless on land as he is in the water. This North Shore native can be found charging Sunset and taking advantage of the other training grounds on offer.


Wyatt McHale Pupukea, Oahu 5.24.2001 This grom’s wetsuit tan is a good indicator of his time spent in the water. Ripping for being only 12 years old, Wyatt’s backside airs are soaring, and a fast and smooth surfing style has already developed. Multitalented and focused, if this grom is not schralping the sandbar, you can find him practicing Kendama.

14 TO WATCH IN 2014

Moran / A-Frame

Sean Reilly

Makana Pang Pupukea, Oahu 10.13.2000 Adventurous and always just looking to have fun, Makana is good at getting barrels and charging. At his first ever ASP Pro Junior event, the 2013 North Shore Surf Shop Pipe Pro Junior, Makana took home the ‘most inspirational surfer’ award for the fearlessness shown in 6 to 10 foot conditions.

Noah Beschen Rocky Point, Oahu 9.18.2000 Son of surfing legend Shane Beschen, Noah is an adventurous super grom who charges Backdoor on the bigger days. With a skatey surf style, this 13-year old can be spotted getting barreled at V-Land and simultaneously getting the shot on his Go Pro.

Carey / A-Frame

14 TO WATCH IN 2014

Finn McGill Pupukea, Oahu 4.12.2000 Volcom saw something eccentric in this grom, and for a little guy, this 13-year old packs quite a punch. Finnegan Thunders McGill has combined a skatey style with North Shore power surfing. With solid carves and a signature grab rail cutty, Finn is a quiet yet quirky ripper.


Brisa Hennessy Kailua, Oahu 9.16.1999 Petite yet mighty, Brisa charges on big waves and has a powerful surfing style. Grounded and humble, this grom is focused and on a mission to succeed. Don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor, Miss ‘Mighty Might’ charges and has a mean cutback.

14 TO WATCH IN 2014

Sarah Lee

Mike Latronic

Noa Mizuno Kuliouou, Oahu 12.6.1998 This talented goofy footer isn’t just a surf-crazed competitor; Noa is a fun loving jokester and also a passionate fisherman. With wins on the Big Island, Maui and Kauai, the Aina Haina local is a stand out in all conditions. When this 15-year old isn’t tearing apart Kewalo’s you can find him cruising with the Moniz family.

Kahanu Delovio Kailua-Kona, Big Island 7. 29.1998 Hailing from the Big Island, this Hawaiian/Portuguese wahine has a snappy style with some serious confidence in the water. Focused on smoothing out her surfing, Kahanu stays low and compact while throwing powerful blowtail turns.

14 TO WATCH IN 2014

Mike Latronic

Elijah Gates Barber’s Point, Oahu 3.27.1997 This super chill grom has a quiet conduct but his surfing style speaks volumes. With a backside snap wired, Elijah is working on charging the North Shore and becoming a major threat in the competition.

Kenworthy / A-Frame

Dax McGill Pupukea, Oahu 3.11.1998 With a competitive drive and focused demeanor, Dax. Charges. This freshly turned 16-year old transitions tricks on the half pipe to airs in the water. Tenacious in spirit, Dax is determined to reach top goals.



NEW FOR 2014


Leading the charge, Seth Moniz demonstrates how to thread a proper Pipeline barrel. photo: Brent Bielmann

* Photo selection by Barron Mamiya

Big Island boy Charlie Akao styles out a lofty air reverse over a few inches of water. photo: Tony Heff

Finn McGill packing quite a punch for a 13-year-old. Photo: Kenworthy / A-Frame

Kona Oliveira rushing beyond his years at Peahi. Photo: Jimmy Hepp

North Shore native, Landon McNamara is no stranger to the charge. Photo: Tony Heff

Noah Mizuno screams through a turquoise vortex. Photo: Seth DeRoulet

The early bird gets the worm. Makai McNamara finds morning glory in a Backdoor nugget. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Onlookers watch in awe as the kids take to the water at a spot most didn’t even know existed. Barron Mamiya puts on a show on the biggest day of the decade.

CHOCOLATES 1st Annual Freesurf Magazine Chocolate Haupia Pie Surf Off With 30ft+ sets looming on the outside, Elijah Gates was able to find some head high nugs.


Sean Reilly


L to R: Ready for an epic sesh Barron Mamiya, Moana Jones, Makana Pang and Kai Jones.

Being the only surfable spot on the entire island, it got a bit crowded at times. Moana Jones, Finn McGill and unknown share a wave.

Anybody that’s ever seen or paddled out in giant surf in Hawaii knows the kind of danger and treachery that lurks during a high surf advisory. Whipped up white caps, strong winds and perilous currents make for menacing conditions. On Wednesday, January 22nd there was a high surf warning calling for waves in the 30 to 40 foot ranges… generally not a great day to go in the water. Unless you are a big wave maniac wearing a dive suit or inflatable vest… or worse. Some kind of adrenaline junky. Those who would paddle out know true fear and courage all at the same time. But guess what? On that certain day, North Shore parents got together and sent their CHILDREN yes CHILDREN in the water in nothing short of these perilous conditions. And thus Freesurf Magazine kicked off its inaugural specialty event that can only be held when surf is in the 30-foot+ range. Welcome to the First Annual Freesurf Magazine Chocolate Haupia Pie Surf Off.

Heff Heff

With 30ft+ sets looming on the outside, Elijah Gates was able to find some head high nugs.

Isaiah Briley and the Chocolate factory.

Makana Franzmann carves into the chocolatey stew.

Moana Jones likes extra foam in her chocolate latte.

Dig in! In somewhat of a mad frenzy, parents and children gathered on ‘the sands of Haleiwa’ to paddle out in the wide ocean channel of Puena Point. Right there in front of Surf N Sea Haleiwa, the infamous river mouth started to break at a spot aptly called ‘Chocolates’. While Wednesday’s massive ocean swells started out at 40 to 50 feet in the middle of the sea, the waves were indeed good fun once they hit the shore, morphing into 2 to 3 foot peelers on the inside. Perfect for groms. With an invitee selection consisting of Dylan & Makana Franzmann, Ben Benson, Paumalu Reef Malone, Isaiah Briley, Moana & Kailani Jones, Makana Pang, Barron Mamiya, Finn McGill and Elijah Gates, parents and unofficial official unofficials looked in amazement as the kids tore apart the chocolate brown ooze in front of Surf N Sea. In the end, everyone was a winner, and the pie was delicious. Care for a slice of this next year?

Paumalu Malone. There's no wrong way to eat Chocolate Haupia Pie.

Marcher Heff

The kids and their prize.


Heff Sean Reilly Heff

Finn McGill throwing some icing on the chocolate cake.

Board Story / Seth Moniz’s Quiver By Sean Reilly

6’0 – When the waves are 4 to 5 feet, this rounded pin tail thruster is the call. The board paddles really well for its size and is Seth’s go-to Backdoor shralp stick.

6’4 - This rounded pin tail thruster bridges the gap between the 6’2 and the 6’6. A happy medium for when conditions get tricky. Seth takes out this board when he’s looking for a bomb on a medium size day.

6’2 – Similar to the 6’0, this rounded pin tail thruster is great for Backdoor and Pipe. When conditions call for a little more foam, Seth grabs this beauty.

7’0 – This rounded pin tail thruster is for when the waves get a little bigger and more powerful. Good for 2nd reef roll-ins at Pipe, but predominantly Seth’s go-to Sunset board.

Hawaii’s diverse coastline is home to thousands of breaks. Each one has its own unique personality, and just like zebra stripes or finger prints, no two waves break the same. From Waikiki’s Queens to North Shore’s Pipeline, the island chains’ surf is as varied as its inhabitants. So how does a surfer prep for 1 to 30 foot surf? Freesurf popped into the Billabong house to check out how Seth Moniz does it.


6’8 – When Pipe’s firing, this rounded pin tail thruster is Seth’s go-to board. Perfect for 6 to 8 foot surf, this board can paddle into anything and allows Seth to take off under the ledge.

7’2 – A step up from the 7’0, this 7’2 rounded pin tail thruster is ideal for macking Sunset. The board has thick rails and is a paddling machine. Seth rode this bad boy in the Triple Crown event last year.

6’4 – Duplicate. When the heaviest wave in the world is in your backyard, boards tend to break. Got to have a back up!

9’6 – The newest edition to Seth’s quiver, this brightly colored gun is the only quad of the bunch. Ideal for when the surf gets XXL, look for this board next time Waimea breaks.

5’9 - This squash tail thruster is the ultimate groveler. It’s fast… really fast. When the waves are small, Seth relies on this beast to get the job done.

5’10 – The B3 model is a squash tail thruster for waves in the 3-foot range. Extremely versatile, this board performs in all conditions. Seth rode this board when he earned second place at the Vans Pro Junior in Virginia Beach.

Fit For Surf /

Skating with Kalani David By Barron Mamiya


I interviewed Kalani David, who is 16 years old and from the North Shore of Oahu. Widely regarded as a double threat in both surfing and skating, I caught up with him during Freesurf’s Free Skate day to talk about how this land sport keeps him fit for the water. How does skating help your surfing? It’s all relative to surfing, the stance, approach and style. So it definitely helps! Ugly airs would probably be referred to as stink bugs on a skateboard… haha I think we see the relation to where surfing is headed in the air as well. It’s helped me control my body in motion when I’m surfing. How does surfing help your skating? It reduces swelling! It doesn’t really. In fact, it makes for a continuous re-learning routine to not stretch or extend, like you would in surfing. What is your favorite surf spot? My favorite surf spot is Backdoor. Who is your favorite surfer and why? My favorite surfer is Albee Layer because he surfs everything from 1 foot to 30 foot. He surfs big waves and good waves just as well. He and John John are my favorite because they’re both gnarly and do the sickest airs. They rip and they surf everything. Which is more dangerous, skating or surfing? Why? I think that’s a pretty obvious answer… Concrete is harder than your body and your head. Then again, Pipe can be 10 fold more dangerous when you’re bouncing off the reef. I could only really compare either on where you’re doing it and to what level. Have you had any injuries from skating that kept you out of the water? Sure, but I’ve had surfing injuries that have kept me from skating as well. Did you ever question whether the injuries from skating were worth time out of the water? Ahhhh, the age old question. Haha... You only


Fit For Surf / Skating with Kalani David

get 1 life to live… Truth is, none of us are getting out of here alive. Why not live every day like it was your last and have no regrets at the end? I love doing both too much to stop either.

feet. It was the biggest I ever caught.

What’s your favorite air?

My favorite skaters are Grant Taylor and Raven Tershy.

My favorite air to do is probably a slob air because your board’s just right there, you can go off the lip and just grab it and it looks pretty sick. It looks cool if you do it right, if you get behind the knee. Basically anything you do if you’re doing it right is going to look good.

What is your go-to move on a skateboard?

Who’s your favorite skater?

Front-sider. What’s the biggest different between your surfing and skating?

Tell us about a typical day in Kalani David’s life. Wake up at 5, go down to the garage, workout for like an hour. Go upstairs, go in the kitchen, grab some food, probably a bowl of cereal, go surf for a couple hours, do some school, go surf again, skate. But before I go skate I play drums, then I skate, then I play some video games and I go to bed.

Is there any kind of training that helps both your surfing and skating?

When I’m with my friends and just having a good session, and everyone’s killing it and we’re just all having a good time.

Yes, of course! I could tell you what it is, but that would be like handing out Grandma’s secret recipes! Grandma wouldn’t like that too much now, would she? Thank you Freesurf, Mike, Tony and Goatramp (Portable Halfpipe Hawaii) for one of the most fun skate sessions all of us have had in a while! Yeeew!

What was the biggest wave you ever caught?


When do you have the most fun surfing?

I was at Phantoms. I don’t know how big it was, probably 15 or 20 60

I kind of look at it the same. I just look at it like I’m going to have a good session with my friends and have fun. I look at it the same and have fun with both.


Freesurf Free Skate Day 2014 Heff

By Jenna Roberts It is not everyday that you find a halfpipe set up on the beach in one of the most beautiful resorts in the country. However, on February 1st, 2014, the crew at Freesurf and a handful of groms, and a few not-sogroms, made the first ever Free Skate Day happen. Skateboarders, including the North Shore’s own Kalani David, Finn and Dax McGill, Noah Doak, Noah and Koda Beschen, Evan Mock and Kaiser Auberlen, showed up after a few rain showers to the fabled and newly renovated Turtle Bay Resort. A seemingly empty grass field, bordered by horse stables and beach cottages, transformed into a stage that put on a magnificent show of power skating. With the wild blue ocean as the backdrop, it was truly a one-of-a-kind spectacle that both hotel guest and locals enjoyed. Portable Halfpipe Hawaii set up a fully functioning and impressive halfpipe with the manpower of just a few guys in under an hour. After wiping down the ramp because of a sudden torrential downpour, skaters began challenging the aerodynamics of their boards and gravity alike as they soared through the air with talent beyond their years. One by one, they would plummet down the ramp then take flight off the edge of the ramp, sometimes crash landing into the grass, sometimes pulling it off and transitioning into some other unexplainable see-it-tobelieve-it maneuver. After watching the unspoken communication between the participants, ensuring everyone got their own turn to risk a trip to the orthopedist, it was clear that skateboarding is not just an afterschool activity, rather a sport of dedication and a tight-knit community. Neal Kelley, owner of Portable Halfpipe Hawaii agrees. “Skateboarding is a great passion to

have because you’re self-driven and you take a lot of chances [which is similar to] life… You gotta be self-driven and take chances and work hard to do what you want to do.” Both heat and hunger were solved with the wildly healthy and scrumptious Pitaya Plus Smoothies. Magical magenta mustaches were in full bloom, as they have a tendency to do after a cup or two of Pitaya’s dragon fruity goodness. Because of the success of the event, plans are in the works to have another Freesurf Free Skate Day in the near future. Keep an eye out on the Freesurf website, Instagram and Facebook for the next chance to shred beachside. pau

Sounds / Peer Poll By Kailani Jones I interviewed a bunch of teen friends and grom surfers who frequent the North shore of Oahu to find out what kind of music they liked best… The results are really funny and have a lot of variety between the girls and boys. These young Oahu surfers listen to a broad spectrum of music from Enimen to Hakuna Matata. There is no shortage of musical taste here!

If you could see anyone in concert, who and why? |

If you had to sing karaoke… |

Brisa Hennessy: The Beatles, because they are a classic band I love.

Nicki Minaj- “Super Bass”

Reef Tsutsui: One Republic, because I like their music and want to see them live.

Olivia the Band- “Saturday”

Makana Pang: Eminem, because his music is really weird but sick.

Lana Del Ray- “Summertime Sadness”

Kalani Rivero: Eminem sick.

Eminem- “Rain Man”

Noah Beschen: Black Keys, because they make sick music.

Miley Cyrus- “Wrecking Ball”

Finn McGill: The Beatles

Vanilla Ice- “Ice Ice Baby”

The White Stripes- “Seven Nation Army”

Wyatt McHale: MGMT, because they make super bosssick songs and I think a concert of theirs would be really fun.

Imagine Dragons- “Radioactive” because it’s probably the only song I know all the words to.

“Thrift Shop” because Macklemore is just the in it the whole time.

Zoe McDougall: Blondie

Lana Del Ray- “Queen of Disaster”

Katy Perry- “One of the Boys”

Hillsong United- “Oceans”

Eminem- “I Need a Doctor” because I’m always

Isaiah Briley: Imagine Dragons, because they are Imagine Dragons- “Demons” awesome.

Ozzy Osbourne- “Crazy Train”

Max Mesiter: Johnny Cash. I love the song “Live in Darrell Labrador- “Da Kine is Da Kine Folsom Prison” and think it’s cool he sings it live in and Dats Da Kine” because you can’t Folsom Prison. remember the words.

“Hakuna Matata”

Honolua Blomfield: Akon, because he is my favorite singer and his voice is flawless.

Shaggy- “Strength of a Woman”

Shwayze- “Drunk Off Your Love”

Luke Swanson: Toby Mac because he is an awesome “Gummy Bear” a foreign dance song Christian songwriter. by Gummibär.


Describe your life with a song.

“Into Yesterday”, from Surf’s Up the movie.

Gary Miyata

She Rips / Makani Adric

By Moana Jones

Tell us about when you first started surfing.

DOB: March 27th, 1996 Hometown: Pupukea Height: 5’1 Stance: Goofy Favorite board: 11’0 Jeff Bushman Sponsors: San Lorenzo Biknis, Futures Fins, CHANCE’EM, Gi Soap, Hellahigh California, arte suave, RCG Brand

I was seven years old when I first started surfing, and my whole family loved to surf. When we were little, my sister and I would always paddle out to Haleiwa with our cousins and friends. I think that’s what encouraged us to grow up and have fun surfing just like everyone else.

Makani Adric, born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, lives the surfing lifestyle. The almost eighteen-year old started competing in HSA and NSSA Hawaii contests at an early age and now has zeroed in on being a free surfer and big wave rider. Not only does Makani enjoy surfing big waves for the adrenaline rush, she also competes in and teaches jui jitsu (another love of her life!).

My favorite wave is Pipeline.

At a young age, Makani started surfing Ali‘i Beach with sister Kui, cousins and friends, and eventually progressed to surfing huge Waimea Bay. And this wahine has been seen dropping in at Big Pipeline too! Makani Adric is a local North Shore big wave charger who always has a smile and enjoys sharing the aloha spirit through surfing.

Favorite wave?

What made you want to surf bigger waves? I started surfing bigger waves because small waves are boring, and doesn’t give me enough of an adrenaline rush to satisfy myself, compared to if I were to surf bigger waves. What other sports are you into? I do a lot of cardio and working out. Running, sprints, pull-ups, mountain biking, jiu jitsu, and a bunch of breathing techniques, which help a lot with training to surf bigger waves.

One other sport I do besides surfing would be Brazilian jiu jitsu at Sunset Beach Jiu jitsu. What’s your quiver? 5’5, 5’7, 5’10, 7’2 Bret Marumoto boards. 6’10, 8’0 RM boards. 10’0, 11’0 Bushman boards. Who is your inspiration? My inspiration would be anyone who pushes me in succeeding well in life, along with surfing and jiu jitsu. Do you have any hidden talents? I have many hidden talents, you’ll just have to see for yourself. What are your goals for this year? My goals for this year would be to compete in Worlds for jiu jitsu and place well. Also to surf bigger waves around the world and try to get nominated into the Billabong XXL this year for Women’s. If you could be a billionaire for a day, what would you do? If I could be a billionaire for one day I would invest all my money into something bigger. What are some words of wisdom to live by? There’s no greater person in life you can defeat but yourself. Do you have a nickname? Makanani. What is your ultimate goal in life? My goal in life is to live life to the fullest and challenge my inner craziness. Last words for the Freesurf audience… Shoots...see you all later! pau

Mike Bresnen

She Rips / Makani Adric

Pau Hana /

Rainos Hayes From Surf Coach to Life Mentor By Lauren Rolland As the coach and team manager for Billabong in Hawaii and also the head coach for the Hawaii Surf Team, Rainos Hayes’ job might sound like it’s just a day at the beach. From the outside looking in, some might think this type of career is part time, happening only when the waves are good, or maybe just a weekend gig when the contests take place. But this notion couldn’t be any further from the truth. Coaching and team management is a 24/7 job for Rainos, and he’s taken this responsibility to a whole new level of dedication. With 19 years involvement in surf team management and coaching, the Kahuku High graduate describes his career as ‘extremely soul satisfying.’ Anyone who knows this man would agree that Rainos’ job is more than just a career- it’s a passion, a lifestyle and an extension of who he is. “I got into surfing because it was the most fun thing that I did and I was absolutely in love with it,” the surfer explains. “I love being in the water everyday, and when I was younger I couldn’t spend enough time at the beach. The minute I found surfing, that was my excuse.” And thus the sport became a lifestyle and an unlikely pathway to a career. When Rainos began as a surf team coach and manager in 1994, the job only borderline existed. “People view surf coaching as a norm these days the same way they view surf lessons as a norm.” But it wasn’t always this way. Coaching and team management was a relatively new career in the surf industry. And for Rainos, it was a journey and an adventure he never thought he’d take. Competing on the professional circuit, Rainos became less concerned with winning and more on performing. “In the end, that’s how I ended up teaching myself the game of competitive surfing, and I was able to pass that on fairly easily,” Rainos describes. The competitive experience was a necessary lesson that the professional athlete would later share with younger surfers. “For me when I was a kid and I first got into competitive surfing, I really struggled with it. I really didn’t figure out what was happening in a heat until about age 24. That was the time I kind of stopped chasing around the world for WQS points, and I really focused here at home.” Rainos grew up at Sunset Point and developed relationships with this home break along with Pipeline and Haleiwa. Ideal training grounds for aspiring athletes, these three breaks also make up surfing’s biggest events of the year, the Triple Crown. It’s easy to see why Rainos succeeds as a coach. Selfless, patient and extremely knowledgeable, this mentor knows how to hone in on a surfer’s strengths and how to translate the competitive game into strategy. But the fulfillment doesn’t just come from watching the team succeed. “The most fulfilling part of my job is the fact that I actually get



Terry Houston

Pau Hana / Rainos Hayes

to watch kids change their lives,” Rainos confides. Coaching surfers like Joel Centeio, Kekoa Bacalso, Pancho Sullivan, Alessa Quizon and Josh Moniz, Rainos has witnessed many surfers move from gromhood into being champions. This growing list of successful surfers gives credence to Rainos’ knack and skill as a mentor. And while this type of success might be sweet for a coach to witness, it’s the athlete’s success as an all-around good human being that is the ultimate goal. Rainos keeps two key points at the forefront of every ‘lesson plan’ for the surfers: work ethic and a good attitude. “Life takes work. And in order to get good performances you have to really work at it, you have to apply yourself.” This lesson can easily be seen in the athletes on the Hawaii Surf Team that Rainos coaches. Many of the kids have a relatively rigid daily structure; from eating right to staying active outside of surfing to making sure their school grades are on point. And you can bet that Coach Rainos is the voice in their ear. Oahu’s Mahina Maeda, a member of the Hawaii Surf Team and Sunset Point local says, “Rainos is a loving character who is very dedicated to making the team become strong individuals.” Kauai’s Tatiana WestonWebb mentions that “Rainos is one of the most dedicated, whole hearted and knowledgeable human beings about surfing,” and that she couldn’t be where she is today without him. Noa Mizuno describes Rainos as being “down-to-earth, honest, solid, passionate and a leader.” What you might not know about the coach however is that leadership wasn’t a natural characteristic, the art just came with the position. Working as a coach has allowed Rainos to continue to be compassionate, calm and calculated. “I didn’t know I wanted to coach surfing, but I’ve always known that I enjoyed helping people.” This was the natural progression in Rainos’ career. Being supportive and encouraging for the Billabong team in Hawaii and the Hawaii Surf Team, Rainos is not just a surf coach. He’s a life mentor for so many of Hawaii’s aspiring surfers. Rainos wanted to express his gratitude to the people in his life who have helped him along the way. “Thanks to Bert Ishimaru, Kahea Hart, Stephen & Jimmy Tsukayama, Donald & Lavonne Pahia and Tony & Tammy Moniz who have all helped by supporting me. And a big mahalo to all the kids that have allowed me to participate in their lives.” pau

Industry Notes Volcom Stone Presents “True to This” “True to This” starring the Volcom family, is a motion picture celebrating America’s first boarding company. When Volcom was founded in 1991, it was the first company to combine surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding under one brand. This way of life influenced the “Youth Against Establishment” style and attitude that defined a generation. The cultural phenomenon was best captured when Volcom released “Alive We Ride” in 1993: a film documenting the raw excitement and spontaneous creativity inherent to the lifestyle. Twenty years later, with the release of “True To This”, Volcom again captures the energy and artistry of board-riding in its purest forms. Shot on-location around the world and showcasing iconic athletes, “True To This” is a tribute to the movement that inspired a generation and the people and places that embody the spirit today. Here are the movie premiere locations and dates:


3/20 Honolulu, HI Next Door 7:30PM -1AM 4/3 Oahu, HI Local Motion - Windward Mall 4PM - 9PM 4/4 Oahu, HI T&C- Pearl Ridge 4PM - 9PM 4/5 Oahu, HI HIC Ala Moana 4PM - 9PM 4/10 Maui, HI HI-Tech 4PM - 9PM 4/11 Kauai, HI Hanalei Surf Company 4PM - 9PM 4/12 Kauai, HI Muira - Muira (Mod-Tech) 4PM - 9PM

3 possible bypass possibilities.

Lani’s Beach Access Plan Big Changes to BWWT The ASP has released the new schedule for the upcoming Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) season. New additions to the Tour include lineups like Jaws in Maui and Dungeons in South Africa. However, Mavericks, along with the Nelscott Reef event in Oregon, will not be a part of 2014’s action. Dave Prodan, an ASP spokesman, said Mavericks Invitational organizers chose to withhold the contest from the tour. “The ASP very much respects the Mavericks events and it is a very special spot. Unfortunately, event organizers were not interested in having the event participate in the ASP BWWT for the 2014/2015 season, and results from next season’s event will not count towards the ASP BWWT Champion at this time. We hope that will change in [the] future and Mavericks joins the BWWT.”

There is a new proposed plan to alleviate traffic and pedestrian crossings for Laniakea beach, otherwise known as Lani’s on the North Shore. Hawaii Senator Clayton Hee is advocating for a new law that would create a park by Lani’s in an effort to address coastal erosion and get the state to move faster on long-held plans to fix traffic problems by the beach. Senator Hee wants the state to buy the land mauka of the highway from Laniakea Beach to Chun’s Reef, which currently belongs to Kamehameha schools. The plan drawing shows a wayside park makai of the realigned highway, which would be similar to the wayside parks at the Pali Lookout and Makapuu. The public could park there and the Department of Land and Natural Resources would have a staging area for emergencies that involve the turtles. The new highway would also include a half lane for bicycles and pedestrians.

Team rider Ivy Cerrone ,Photography by Mike Cerrone

76-6246 Ali`i Dr. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 (808) 326-1771

o f f e r in g

l iv e r y free de

! o f h a w a ii for all 815 Front St.

Lahaina, HI 96761

(Located between Kimo’s & Cheeseburger In Paradise)


66-165 Kamehameha Hwy. Haleiwa, HI 96712 (Haleiwa Shopping Center)

STORE OPENING SOON! Shop online at

Maui Added to Women’s WCT ASP is pleased to announce the addition of Maui as the final venue on the 2014 ASP Women’s World Championship Tour (WCT) schedule. The event will take place at the world-famous Honolua Bay from November 24 through December 6, 2014. A regular stop on the elite ASP Women’s WCT until 2009, Maui will offer the ASP Top 17 another quality platform on which to compete, further confirmation of the ASP’s commitment to putting the world’s best surfers on the world’s best waves. “Maui will always hold a special place in my heart,” Stephanie Gilmore, five-time ASP Women’s World Champion, said. “It’s where I clinched my first world title and Honolua Bay was very good to me over the years. It’s a world-class wave and befitting of the talent we have on tour this season. What a fantastic way to end the year.”

ASP Announces Commentary Team for 2014 The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) recently announced the broadcast commentary team for the 2014 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT). The core commentary team includes Pat Parnell, Joe Turpel, Ross Williams and Martin Potter, supported by Peter Mel, Rosy Hodge, Todd Kline, Strider Wasilewski, Ronnie Blakey and other regional experts. The ASP commentary team will work together with the rest of the Broadcast team to deliver top-of-class coverage of this year’s WCT. Hundreds of hours of content will be produced, allowing fans to watch every moment of the elite competition.

Jordy Smith Gets Hitched On Saturday, February 1st Jordy Smith married his sweetheart, Lyndall Jarvis in Cape Town, South Africa. Approximately 200 guests gathered beneath white canopies at The Grand Beach Cafe to watch the couple exchange vows. Jordy was dapper in a classic charcoal two-button suit with white shirt and white Converses while Lyndall wore a lacy ivory gown to stun the crowd. Big love to the happy newly weds!


Kirstin / ASP

Industry Notes

Volcom Donates $40k to Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii During the Volcom Pipe Pro Awards ceremony last month at Pipeline, Volcom Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Richard Woolcott presented a check for $40,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii (BGCH) as a gift from Volcom’s Give Back Series. Monies from its Give Back Series are raised through sales of special Hawaii Only styles in Volcom’s clothing line and a portion of the proceeds goes to a chosen non-profit organization that helps to further a cause in the community. Volcom has partnered with BGCH in its Give Back Series since 2010. The money raised from this year’s partnership will go towards supporting programs at BGCH Clubhouses afterschool and during intercessions.

King of the Groms During February 14th - 17th, grom skaters congregated in Mesa, Arizona from as far as Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts and Florida to compete in the King of the Groms skate contest. Oahu’s own super grom Makani Franzmann won 1st in Bowl and 1st in Mini Ramp for the 12 & Under division, adding yet another win to his growing list of skating accomplishments.

Bethany Hamilton Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast in D.C. Kauai surfer Bethany Hamilton shared her story of faith and determination at the 62nd Annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., before an audience that included President Barack Obama, members of Congress and Christian leaders. The breakfast took place on Thursday, February 6th “I thought for a time I had lost more than just my arm,” said Bethany, who lost her arm in a shark attack when she was 13 years old in 2003. “I [felt] as though my hopes and dreams to become a pro surfer and venture the world were stripped away.”

Small Treasures Silver Jewelry Design North Shore, Oahu

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Sponsor Shuffle Billabong is proud to announce Jack Robinson as the newest addition to its international pro surf team. Jack, a 16-year old prodigy from Margaret River, West Australia has long been of interest to industry insiders, and after his recent win at the North Shore Surf Shop Sunset Pro Junior, Billabong saw this unique surfer as a great addition for its illustrious team. Body Glove welcomes Hawaiian surfer Kaoli Kahokuloa to its team of athletes who help keep the spirit and tradition of Body Glove alive. The “Flyin’ Hawaiian” is grateful for the chance to represent. “I’ve been waiting for a long time for something to happen, and I thank Body Glove for being that sponsor to step up. I’m stoked to get ready for the Triple Crown, it’s going to be a great year,” the young surfer mentions. Congrats Kaoli!

Beach & Board Buyer’s Guide Freesurf’s Summer Beach and Board Buyer’s Guide is hitting shelves in May. Please join our pages as we highlight everything from shapers and surfboards to bikinis and bags. We want to share the newest and most innovated parts of the surfing world with our captive audience. Act now, the deadline for all contributors is April 1st.

Column Listing Model Column total space: 2.5” x 5” Word count max: 70 Surfboard image size max: 1.25” x 4”

We also want to congratulate Mason Ho for his recent sign with Body Glove. Scott Daley Vice President of Marketing at Body Glove says, “We are very stoked to have Mason part of the Body Glove family and are looking forward to supporting him on his way to qualifying for the World Championship Tour.” Congratulations Mason! Maui grom Jackson Bunch is Volcom’s newest surf team member, and was picked up by the modern lifestyle brand in mid-January. Jackson says he is stoked to be part of the Volcom team and Jason Shibata, team manager and Hawaii coach adds, “We are very proud to welcome Jackson Bunch to the Volcom family. Jackson has grown up surfing Pavils at Ho’okipa on Maui watching guys like Imaikalani, Dusty, TommyD, Kaimana, Tai and Kaleo so to bring him in is a perfect fit.” Shibata also mentions that in addition to being an amazing surfer “Jackson is very humble and a great student, which make him a pleasure to have around!” Congrats Jackson! Congratulations to Sunset Point local Mahina Maeda for her recent sign with Hurley. Joel Centeio, Hurley Hawaii Team Manager says “We’re stoked to have Mahina join our Hurley girls team. Mahina’s accomplishments in surfing are second to none, and her personality really suits our brand.” Joining an all-star squad including Carissa Moore, Meah Collins and Lakey Peterson, we know Mahina will bring more Hawaii talent to the Costa Mesa-based brand.

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Last Look

Kaoli Kahokuloa holding down the roots of Hawaiian surfing and pushing its progression toward the future. Photo: Tony Heff

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