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VOLCOM PIPE PRO Sunset Pro Jr + Board Buyer’s Guide John John Florence. Photo: Tony Heff


2013, Vans Inc. photo: William Sharp

Arguably the world’s most sought-after surfer, Dane Reynolds is a humble enigma. While most likely surfing more than any human on the planet, he still finds time for music, art, and editing. Vans worked with Dane to combine his own art, an aloha print, and the material from an old comfortable coat to translate into this collection. Dane chose his three favorite styles for this special pack, available at the best surf shops around the world.

Free Parking

Makua Rothman, now a well known veteran, never fails to find parking at Pipeline. Photo: Tony Heff

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Board Buyers Guide

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K4 Model by Eric Arakawa: 5’6” X 18” X 2.06” Photos: Vans/Russo

Ala Moana Center



Heff Editorial ™

Publisher: Mike Latronic Managing Editor: Lauren Shanahan Editor -at- Large : Chris Latronic Staff Photographers : Tony Heff, Tyler Rock, Mike Latronic, Taylor Ivison, Chris Latronic Art Director : John Weaver Multimedia Director : Tyler Rock Free Thinkers : Tiffany Foyle, Matt Luttrell, Nick Carroll Office Manager: Amy Withrow Contributing Photographers Eric Baeseman (, Brian Bielmann, John Bilderback, Kyle Burnett, Kelly Cestari/ASP, Quincy Dein, Patrick Devault, Brooke Dombroski, Paul Fisher, Tiffany Foyle, Pete Frieden, Greg Huglin, Erik Ippel, Bryce Johnson, Ha'a Keaulana, Ehitu Keeling, Kin Kimoto, Bruno Lemos, Gary Miyata, Trevor Moran/A-Frame, Zak Noyle, Sean Reilly, Sebastian Rojas, Jim Russi, Epes Sargent, Kirstin Scholtz/ASP, Jason Shibata, Batel Shimi, Gina Sinotte, Spencer Suitt, Bill Taylor, Patrick Vieira, Jessica Wertheim, Peter Joli Wilson Sales Senior Sales Executive : Sean Wingate, Mike Takahashi Advertising Executive : Shaun Lopez, Maile Botelho Business Coordinator : Cora Sanchez

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Chris Latronic

Cover Story

Will we ever get tired of seeing Mr. JJF on the cover of surf magazines? Here at Freesurf, it’s a unanimous NO! More John John covers means more recognition and pride to Hawaii surfing, and respect to the North Shore, our home. During the second day of the 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro, John John graced the Pipeline lineup for his first heat. Running down from his house with the excitement of a little grom, his eyes blared bright with an undeniable hunger for pristine barrels in the near perfect Pipeline conditions; John John was out to get some. He ended up catching 4 near-perfect rides and this was one of them. While I sat and pondered this cover shot of John John Florence I was compelled to scribble some poetry… The man has 2 first names, maybe he should have 3? 3 times he has won, 3 Volcom Pipe Pro Victories! Surfing gladiators fought, Pipeline is where they bleed... Doing what it takes in their soul to succeed! But none could compare to his smooth, calm demeanor, while others are scared like a complacent creature. Through the giant Pipeline tubes he rides so precise, on a Pyzel, what great surfing device. Could he be denied? Could he be defeated? We’ll find out next year, or John John John John is the way he’ll be treated. - Chris Latronic


Editor’s Note

Another beautiful month has passed in Hawai‘i nei and the spectacular surf has been plentiful to say the least. Nice sized waves were well in order at Sunset Beach for the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior, where a healthy spectrum of junior surfers battled for valuable ASP points at the surfing world’s ultimate proving ground. Some of those same juniors were able to then qualify for Volcom’s Pipe Pro, where eager surf gladiators from across the globe battled for glory by attempting to tame the mighty banzai Pipeline. On a parallel note, surf filmmaking at its greatest was unveiled with an exclusive premiere of Jack McCoy’s “A Deeper Shade of Blue” at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Witnessing all those legends gathered together for one event was quite a sight to behold, and all in the loving name of surfing. Speaking of love, this issue’s big feature is the Freesurf Board Buyer’s Guide, which highlights cutting edge surfboard designs for the modern era. Some of Hawaii’s board carving geniuses even stopped by to share their knowledge of the different aspects of surfboard creation, enlightening us on the art (and love) of shaping. And to

make things user-friendly, we got the latest info for easy access to purchase these undeniable shred sticks. It’s time to get equipped! Spring is just around the corner and that means fun mid-sized WNW swells with some added south shore action. And best of all most of the pros will all have gone home. So if you’ve been dreaming about threading that perfect wave all winter long, then now’s the time. And to make life even easier out here on the north shore, we’re also giving away a brand-spanking-new cruiser surf bike from Bike Factory. Equipped with a surfboard rack & cargo basket, this bike will offer one lucky winner a comfortable commute to the beach, so be ready to surf safari in style. To be entered, all you gotta do is LIKE us on Facebook and share anything from Freesurf’s page. Thank you readers, fans, and fellow free surfers for the continual support, now get out there and get stoked! -Chris Latronic Editor-at-Large

Sunset Pro Jr


North Shore Surf Shop

By Chris Latronic

January 2013 marked the 2nd coming of the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior at Sunset Beach. This surfing competition is still the largest in Hawaii’s history, holding a 3 star ASP rating and offering $15,000 in prize money. Featuring more than 100 males and females of the top Under 21 surfers in the nation with a variety of juniors coming from Japan, South America and Europe. The founder and event organizer is longtime North Shore pro surfer Liam McNamara and former ASP world #2 ranked Shane Beschen is contest director. “It’s awesome to see the progress and it’s a great feeling to give back to the sport that gave me so much,” says McNamara. Liam’s amazing team consists of great people like ASP Hawaii administrator Faith Wenzl, HSA’s Wendell Aoki for his mastery for event setups, the Hawaiian water patrol led by local legend Terry Ahue, and head

Seth Moniz


n the 1970’s, nearly 30% of the top ranked pro surfers were from Hawaii competing on the International pro surfing tour. In today’s scene, there are only 4 Hawaii surfers (~12%) on the men’s elite tour. But with Pro Junior events like the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior giving more and more local kids a chance to gain valuable ASP points, it feels like the ranks of Hawaii surfers are swelling.


Parker Coffin


Taylor Iveson

Makai McNamara


Kaikea Elias


Conner Coffin


Keanu Asing made it to the finals.

1st Place, Ian Crane


1st Place Women Moana Jones


News & Events


with the

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The North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior is heavily supported by local businesses and deep community support, even gaining official sanction by the Association of Surfing Professionals. “As they say, it takes a village,” McNamara says. He hopes in the future, more surfers will get behind the Junior program, give back and get involved. Liam believes that more of Free Surf - Kokostatewide Only Coupon these events are Ad still needed if Hawaii is going to keep pace x 10.375 withDimensions: the development3.75 of future surfing champions in other regions. ASP Pro Junior events like this are a vital step for young surfers in pursuit of a career in professional surfing. They provide an early opportunity for male and female surfers to gain priceless professional experience that is R2Fas competitive 12/14/11athletes. This event is extra crucialKON to their11003 development beneficial to a young competitor. Majority of Junior events are held in smaller, average surf that does not prepare them for heavy waves of consequence on Oahu’s North Shore. They are given the chance to prove x themselves at surfing’s ultimate proving ground, Sunset Beach. The competitors were treated to perfect 6 to 8-foot waves that kept building through the semis and into the afternoon finals. Waves were

Becca Villegas 12/14/11

fun off the point. Male competitors include defending champ Ezekiel Lau, Oahu’s Eala Stewart and Keanu Asing, Kauai’s Kaimana Jaquias, California’s Coffin brothers, Costa Rica’s Carlos Muñoz, Peru’s Cristobal de Col, Italy’s Leonardo Fioravanti, Japan’s Takumi Yasui, and second generation names like Curren, Beschen, Moniz, McNamara, Sarlo, Aikau and Rothman. Under the radar all competition, Ian Crane slashed his way to the top making his first ever final in pro junior competition. Feeling no pressure, Ian went on to grab an early back up score before heading out the back. To his luck, the wave of the final breached to his position. Ian’s technical backhand attack earned him an 8.5 and with the ocean going silent shortly after, Crane has flown straight into his first ever pro junior victory.

Men’s Final

3rd Keanu Asing $1250 4th Parker Coffin $1150


1st Ian Crane $3000 2nd Seth Moniz $2000

1st Moana Jones $1200 2nd Mahina Maeda $600

3rd Brisa Hennessy $450 4th Bailey Nagy $250


Women’s Final

News & Events

Shane Dorian Keiki Classic

Upcoming Events March 12-22nd ASP/ Women’s Pipe Pro, Pipeline

March 27th-31st ASP Mens / Vans Classic, Huntington Beach

April 13th-14th, 20th-21st HASA event, Haleiwa Beach (Ali’i)

April 25th-28th HASA/ Invitational State Championship

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ISA China Cup

Micah Nickens


Photos: Ehitu Keeling Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed id mi nibh, in ornare magna. Proin justo neque, imperdiet vitae sollicitudin vitae, iaculis in tortor. Sed blandit diam vitae orci imperdiet auctor elementum eros fringilla. Ut sollicitudin blandit dui id cursus. In a lobortis dui. Cras vel neque non orci sodales sagittis et eget lacus. Integer placerat malesuada libero, ac placerat mauris tempor et. Donec rhoncus leo eget augue fringilla tempor. Nam et sagittis ipsum. In

Congrats to Australia for winning two consecutive Team Gold Medals in the ISA China Cup. We’re also giving thumbs up to Brazil, who came in at a close 2nd place, and our very own Team Hawaii for bringing home bronze. Alessa Quizon made a dramatic finish when she got called on interference for dropping in on Australia’s Phillipa Anderson. However, still claiming silver in the Women’s Final, we send out our congratulations to Alessa and the rest of the home team.

Stand up World Tour Sunset Beach Pro This past February the Stand Up World Tour kicked off in Hawaii at Sunset Beach, preceded by major Trials events which began on the 7th. Congratulations to Kai Lenny of Maui for his standout performances this year and for claiming the champion title at the Sunset Beach Pro. Setting the bar high for the upcoming competition, other notable locals of the events included Robin Johnston, Kody Kerbox, Mo Freitas, Vanina Walsh, Ikaika Kalama, Kekoa Auwae, and Kala Alexander.

Honolua Legends of the Bay With glassy 4-6 foot waves, light winds and a NNW swell, Honolua Bay hit the mark for competitors on Sunday, January 20th. The surf legends of Honolua Bay featured Buzzy Kerbox, Mark Anderson, Less Potts, Matt Kinoshita, Roy Yamada and Albert Jenkins, with a 1st place win going to Matt Kinoshita. Other 1st place standouts include Kaimana Kinimaka (Boys U18), Eli Hanneman (Boys U12), Rodrigo Banderra (Boys U14), Imai Devault (Boys U16), Aloha Lopez (Girls U14), Lani Doughtery (Open Women), Granger Larsen (Open Mens), Kona Wolfson (Open Longboard), and Kahekili Labatte (Open Bodyboard).

VOLCOM PIPE PRO A Fight to Surf in Heaven the Longest By Chris Latronic

In John John’s first heat of the event he scored four 9-point rides in less than 20 minutes. This is one of them. Photo: Tony Heff

It was an unfortunate occurrence that this year’s Backdoor Shootout was skunked and forced into dormancy. But we all felt that something else phenomenal was still on the way. The ocean waited a little while before it showed some teeth, just in time for the 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro. The world-renowned Banzai Pipeline challenges aspiring professional barrel riders to risk their lives for surf hero praise and a hefty prize purse

of $130,000. This gladiatorial display is the first surfing event of the year and the official start to the new surfing season. Those seeking to build a successful World Qualifying Series’ campaign would be poised to make a fierce run for victory. Volcom Pipe Pro is an ASP 5-star qualifying event, engaging surfers from all over the planet to attend. For the chosen gladiators, it’s an opportunity to prove themselves at one

of the world’s most revered waves, as well as make a quick early jump ahead in the ASP ratings. For the local Hawaii surfers, there is an extra incentive to do well. A good result in this competition is rewarded with a wildcard berth into the event at the end of the year, the Pipe Masters. With four man heats and three days of perfect Pipeline conditions, there was opportunity to surf perfect uncrowded Pipeline all day…

Anthony Walsh never ceases to amaze. Whether your checking out his GoPro pics on his Instagram or watching him take epic drops like these. Photo: Mike Latronic



Following a stellar performance at Billabong Pipe Masters, Josh Kerr was back, showing equal prowess, threading epic tubes to a 3rd place finish at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Photo: Tony Heff

Anthony Walsh psyched to surf perfect Pipe with only 3 guys out.


Conner Coffin has been putting in time lately at Off the Wall and Backdoor. And it showed. On the final day with the focus shifting to Backdoor waves, Conner found numerous tubes and a semi-final finish. His best result yet. Photo: Mike Latronic

Olomana Elogram was the standout of the quarters, with the highest heat total of the round. Making it all the way to the final, Ola settled for 4th. Photo: Tyler Rock


With one of the best swells on tap for the second day of the Volcom Pipe Pro, Alex Gray’s usual big wave antics were expressed with elegant tube riding. At this moment, there is no place he’d rather be. Photo: Mike Latronic


Freshly qualified as a WT competitor, Nat Young brought confidence to Pipeline. Making numerous heats, he found one of the few tenpoint rides of the event. Photo: Sean Reilly

The biggest Ward story of the event was his barrel mastery. Whether Pipe or Backdoor, Chris Ward has become a perennial threat, just missing the win in the close final. Photo Mike Latronic

Geronimo! Going to battle at Pipe is all about guts and glory. Brazilian surfer Jeronimo Vargas pays his dues. Photo Mike Latronic


Chris Latronic


Volcom Pipe Pro Results 1

John John Florence HAW 16.33

3 Josh Kerr


Chris Ward USA 14.80


AUS 13.83

Olamana Eleogram HAW 13.30

Calm, composed, happy, ripping. Nobody can surf better than John John Florence at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Effortlessly dismantling every heat, for the third year in a row, John John was poised for victory. Photo Sean Reilly

Brisa Hennessy By Lauren Shanahan


She Rips

A Costa Rican native and now growing up in Kailua, this bilingual little power package stands at 4’9” small. But don’t let her petite looks mislead you; Brisa Hennessy is thirteen years old and quite an accomplished young lady. A list of wins and triumphs are paving the way for her future surfing success in 2013, with a win in the ISA U16 Hawaii Team Trials in 2012, and taking 3rd at this year’s ASP Sunset Pro Junior. What seems to set her apart from the rest is her unmistakable smooth style and great attitude, finessed even at her young age. Add in Brisa’s travel pinpoints, straight A’s, and cooking specialties and you’ve got a very talented, wellrounded up-and-coming pro. Get personal with our She Rips highlight and find out more about this sweet natured surfer girl who hits it hard! Sponsors: Olley, Roxy Clothing, Makani Monstah! Surfboards, Hoven Sunglasses, Scarfini Fins, Pro-lite Accessories, Freestyle Watches, BoardStix, Charming Shark Jewelry From: Costa Rica. Brisa and her parents lived off the grid amongst a jungle full of monkeys, toucans and Scarlet Macaws until she turned 8 and they moved back to Oahu. It was in Costa Rica where she learned to surf; uncrowded point breaks at her whim. “My mom and dad owned a surf school, and when I was born they just put me in the water. I wasn’t even swimming yet and they told me I would go as far deep down as I could and just hang out down there. Then when I started surfing when I was three, I just loved the ocean, it was so magical. It’s my favorite place to be.” Her idol: Carissa Moore. “When I was little, we had this old surf video called “7 Girls”. We still own it! My mom told me that I would ask to play the part Carissa was in over and over and over again. She was 7 years old in the video and I was only about 4 then. Then we started seeing Carissa’s name everywhere in surfing and we couldn’t’ believe it was the same little girl! Carissa doesn’t just rip at surfing; she is such a good person and has such a positive attitude. She is a great role model. Brisa’s parents were her #1 mention for people she looks up to. Coaches: Uncle Gregg Nakamura and Kahea Hart. “I just love watching them surf and they’ve been so inspiring to me. My uncle Gregg (aka Double G), he was the one that started me in competitive surfing and he told me to always remember to have fun no matter what. I try to do that every time. Coach Kahea has helped me with my mechanics and just

being tough, and he’s gnarly but (laughing) he’s really good… “He’s such a passionate guy. I love to watch him because he’s an amazing surfer too. We do training every Wednesday and Friday and we do a lot of stretches and warm ups. We do carve boarding, which I really enjoy and has helped me so much. We do lots of mock heats in the water too. He’s really taught me a lot.” me to look at life in a different way and dimension. I love to paint; it’s just so much freedom.” Most known for: She’s been referred to as “Little Mighty Might” and “Little Power Package.” “But I’m just so small, (laughing) I just hope I get bigger! “I’d like to be known for just being a good person and having good sportsmanship and always being me. But, if I could (be known for anything), I would like to be a barrel queen... “At Sunset, most of the boys find the barrel, but I haven’t really seen many girls find the barrel as much…like Keala Kennelly does.” Favorite surf spots: “I love Bowls and Kewalos. I also love to come here (north shore) to surf V-land, Lanis or Ehukai. On the east side I love surfing with my parents. We surf the reef, the Mokes and Kailua shore break and that’s pretty fun because it’s challenging, but it has also helped me with other surf breaks.” Brisa’s last words to the Freesurf audience: “My mom and my grandma got diagnosed with cancer this past year and it was really hard, but I have kept a positive attitude. Live the moment and don’t take anything for granted.” An inspiration to anyone who has dealt with and is dealing with life’s challenges, we’re cheering for your success. Recent Accomplishments:

• 3rd in 2013 N. Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior at Sunset Beach • Triple win all 3 divisions HSA 12-13, 14-15, 16-17 Sandys Jan 2013 • 1st NSSA Exp Girls Banyans Oct 2012 • 1st in ISA u16 Hawaii Team Trials Kewalos Sept 2012 • Double win HSA 14-15, 16-17 Queens Aug 2012 • NSSA Sportsmanship Award of the year & Keanu Asing Award 2011 • 1st 36th Annual Rell Sunn Menehune 2011 • 1st Shorebreak Classic Open Girls 2010 and 2011 • 3rd u12 Surfing America Nationals at Lowers 2011

Elijah Gates By Sean Reilly


Grom Report

funnest contests because all the groms are there. I just decided to compete up, might as well. And I ended up winning it, and it was sweet. When we were standing up there getting the trophies, all the kids were like three feet taller than me, it was funny.”

Elijah Gates is on fire! On an island chain overflowing with ridiculously talented groms, this frothing ripper remains a step above the rest. The freckly-faced 15-year-old has more wins in the last year than most surfers do in their entire NSSA careers. Coming off wins at Kewalo Basin, PK’s, and Sunset Beach, Elijah just claimed another NSSA victory at Pinetrees. Hailing from Makakilo Oahu, this regular footer has been on the competitive surf scene since age nine. Known for dominating the south shore’s Kewalo Basin, Elijah has proven he has what it takes to win just about anywhere. This little grommet may only be 95 lbs., but big things are in his future. In the words of Elijah’s coach Marvin Nuestro, “The best is yet to come!” When did you start surfing? “I started surfing when I was about 7 years old. The family would go down to White Plains beach and just hang out all day. I’d play in the shore break, and then I’d go boogie boarding. For my seventh birthday I got a surfboard and started surfing.” Who are your favorite surfers? “Definitely number 1 is Andy Irons because of his pure raw emotion surfing. It came all out and he just ripped so hard. And then Parko, just because of his style. He makes it look so easy and nice.” Who pushes you? “Definitely all my surfing friends, from Kaulana Apo to Seth and Josh Moniz. And my coach Marvin, he helps me out so much and it’s getting me far.” What is your biggest accomplishment so far? “Getting second at Nationals this year. I was proud of myself for doing the best I could.” You seem to do well when you compete up an age group, tell us about your win at Kewalos. “The Rip Curl Grom Search is one of the

Tell us about your recent NSSA success. “This year has been really great around the islands in the NSSA for me. I’ve been winning contests left and right. It ‘s been awesome. I’m so psyched. Won one at Sunset, won one at PK’s on Kauai, and won one at Kewalos. It’s awesome. The Sunset one made me that much happier than the rest of them because everyone was there, and the waves were so fun, and I got a barrel to finish it off.” What are your goals? “My goal in surfing is to make a good living out of it. I want to go to the WCT someday. That would be so sweet. I want to do well from here on out and maybe become world champion some day. The perfect next couple seasons till I turn 18 would definitely be to win Open Men’s at Nationals and win maybe a couple Open Juniors or something. And just get really known in the magazine and be known for charging Pipe and stuff.” Surf celebrity crush: Monyca Byrne-Wickey. When you’re not surfing, what do you like to do? “When I’m not surfing I like to play basketball at the courts with my friends and ball everyone up. If surfing doesn’t work out I’d definitely play in the NFL or NBA, that’d be sweet.” Any last words for the Freesurf audience? “Don’t surf, surfing sucks, have a great day.” Sponsors: Hurley, On A Mission, Ronin Eyewear, Quality Surfboards Hawaii, Power Drive Hawaii Surfboards, Zinc Sunscreen. Recent Accomplishments: • 1st at 2012 Ripcurl Grom Search Surf Series at Kewalo Basin • 1st at 2012 NSSA Hawaii contest #1 at Kewalo Basin • 1st at 2012 NSSA Hawaii contest #2 at PK’s 1st at 2012 NSSA Hawaii contest #5 at Sunset Beach • 1st at 2013 NSSA Hawaii contest #8 at Pinetrees • 2nd at 2012 NSSA National Championships 2nd at 2012 NSSA Hawaii Regional • Championships, Kewalo Basin


Lauren Shanahan


The Edible Bike Path Project By Lauren Shanahan

magine a day on the north shore: clean waves and warm sun on your shoulders, you’ve just finished a great session in the water. You head to your car parked alongside the bike path and on the way, pluck a ripe banana from a tree. You grab a papaya for later too. No purchase necessary, just the reward of nature’s bounty. This is the vision that started the concept for the Edible Bike Path Project.


“S#it grows, it wants to grow,” laughs Drew Wilkinson. “If everyone planted a couple different things and shared the abundance, it would be the start to a huge evolution.” This guy doesn’t just talk about these ideas

he actually implements them. And he’s been implementing them on the north shore of Oahu. Part of a few different organizations, this humble humanitarian works to better the community’s lifestyle, overall health, and mindset. Through planting and growing food, and teaching others how to do the same, Drew sees his efforts beginning to take root. His contributions have recently been carried out along the north shore’s most beloved footpath. Using “The Edible Bike Path Project” name as a catalyst for sharing thoughts and information, this mission is taking place right in the Freesurf office neighborhood, and will hopefully extend out to yours too. Heavily influenced by his passion for surfing and natural desire to give and to teach, Drew recognizes this connection. “Being a surfer you’re in touch with the ocean. And you’re also connected to the land… “You want to ensure that they are getting the respect they need from everybody.” Drew explains that negative effects on the land equal negative effects to our ocean, marine life, and biodiversity; which in turn effect the ultimate reason why Drew wants to be in the water. This past October under a full moon, Drew and other volunteers planted about 6 banana trees, 8 papaya trees, plus chaya, lilikoi, sweet potato, wing bean, and Malabar spinach along the stretch of bike path just past Sunset Beach. (In the Backyards neighborhood along the

white fence). Using a permaculture framework, Drew began by mapping out the location, growing starters, and gathering local resources. Mushroom compost and manure were used to enrich the soil. Natural debris from the ditch was used to build support banks for the plants. Mulch was added last to help retain moisture and prevent erosion. One afternoon of planting followed by a weekly water routine (thanks to a kind neighbor who lets the volunteers use his garden hose) and the Edible Bike Path Project is heavily underway! So where does Drew’s motivation come from? Well when the waves are good, some days he just wants to spend surfing, but he is able to find a balance and believes he’s living his purpose in life. Originally from Florida, Drew grew up surfing and traveled to Hawaii to push his limits. Not wanting to be just another sightseer profiting from Hawaii’s natural resources, Drew decided to give back. And in return, the land has been providing plentifully for him as well. “The more I’ve learned about where our food comes from, how mass production impacts the environment and quality of nutrition, the more I want to be a catalyst for local sustainable change. We have one of the greatest examples to follow right here, the ahupua’a system. It is a perfect example of resilient sustainable practices for water and land management for the indigenous Hawaiian culture. A shift back to this system would have a huge impact on securing Hawaii’s food security and greatly reduce our need for imported foods.” The Edible Bike Path Project is a way to counteract the trend of dependency that our society is following. “I want to be able to sustain myself without having to go to a grocery store, without having to rely on food transported thousands of miles across an ocean and a continent,” explains Drew. His ideas promote a more simplistic lifestyle that is based on local food and a local community, without the exchange of money. Contribute whatever resource you have and build relationships toward a more sustainable lifestyle. “When you share a delicious energizing meal straight from your garden, knowing you’re providing friends and family healthy food... that is fulfilling.” Eventually, funding will be necessary to take the project to greater heights. Drew is applying

continued Model: Jasmine Photographer: Susan Knight


for a grant and always welcomes donations and volunteer help, with plans of spreading the planting in both directions along the bike path. On the horizon is signage, beginning with a modest A-frame structure that details community bike path workdays, which are every full moon from 3-5pm. Next they’d like a more permanent structure to display the latest happenings of the bike path garden, local growing workshops, places to purchase local organic food, farmers markets, etc. Ultimately, Drew would like to extend the plants out beyond just fruits and vegetables. Native Hawaiian plants, herbs with medicinal properties, and other functional flora with informative signs next to each one is the future goal. “My thought process is that I want to share my knowledge about growing food with the community, and also promote a healthy lifestyle.” Drew hopes to teach as many people as possible how to plant and share, while building relationships through working with the land and in the soil. Knowing exactly where your food comes from is an important aspect of consumerism these days, so take it from Drew. “Learn where you food comes from and grow your own. Educate yourself. Plant something. Malama Aina!” Get involved! -Edible Bike Path Workday March 26th 3:00-5:00pm. -Make a tax deductible donation to the non-profit Positive Energetics Foundation -Join “Growing Together”(north shore) on Facebook. -Join Permablitz Hawaii’s mailing list at

The Inside Under the Radar on Instagram These days, everyone seems to be highly addicted to the photo-sharing app, Instagram. Images of gorgeous landscapes, beautiful people, and tantalizing food infiltrate our smart phone screens, offering users a peer into the lives of the rich, the famous, and the everyday Joes and Janes. But we’ll be the first to admit that Instagram is deliciously entertaining and time consuming. And what better way to pass a day at the office than scrolling through the barrage of amazing surf shots happening right here and now on the north shore (just kidding Mike). While some Instagram profiles are more amusing than others, we won’t deny that our personal favorites are an array of pro surfers, photographers, and of course, ourselves. Here are a few under-the-radar Instagrammers that are worth following, if you’re not already! Don’t forget to follow us at @freesurfmag.

Bryce Johnson @brycejohnson

Tammy Moniz @tammymoniz

Tara Binek @ladyslider

Jason Shibata @alottashibata

CJ Kanuha @cj_vanillagorillasurf

Magnum Martinez @magnummartinez

Ryan Hipwood @ryanhipwood

Finn McGill @finnstagrom

Dave Wassel @davewassel

Brianna Cope @briannacope

Spring 2013 Board Buyers Guide

hances are if you’re reading this editorial on surfboard design, then surfing is important in your life. And even to any semi serious surfer, if surfing is important, then your board is of monumental meaning. The human connection to wave riding is uniquely unexplainable, however the mechanics behind surfing can certainly be put into words. But part of this equation is what enables us to glide across the ocean vibrations, experience nature in a profound way, and immerse ourselves in the salty water environment. It’s our surfboard. It’s our lifeline, it’s our enabler. It’s our worst enemy if it’s not quite right. The bottom line is

Fundamentals Transition


Tail Rocker Rail

Tail Stringer


if surfing is an art, then board shaping is also undoubtedly an art as well. There is no right or wrong way to ride a board if your goal is to have fun. Whether it’s a 50 lb. Alaia board, softboard from Costco, or stateof-the-art spanking new high tech fiberglass module from your local surf shop, the theory remains the same: if it works, it’s a good board. Freesurf selected several “artists” to comment on board design for this Buyers Guide. We’re

not trying to write the book of science on this topic, but merely reflect what’s happening in the world of board building today in the Pacific. So flip through, read on, and enjoy the pages of this guide, as they display today’s top designs, wise words from the shapers, and visual pleasure for any surfer out there.

Catch Surf

Micah Moniz. Photo: Chris Latronic

Glenn Pang

“For the professional surfer, consistency is probably the most important aspect when it comes to making their boards. Most of them, once they find that magic board, would want to duplicate it over and over again. Being that there are so many variables when it comes to duplicating a board, makes it no easy task. Even with the help of computer generated CAD shapes, which gives a better chance of duplicating a board. It’s just a base to start off with, and every board still has it’s own little differences, whether it be from the blank, the glassing, the sanding and even the shape, surfboards are still basically a hand made product.”

Ballistic Shaped by Carlos Rios Dimensions: 5’7” x 19 5/8. Shaper’s comments: Creating custom stand up boogies for Hawaii’s reefs since 1996. R&D designer Carlos Rios developed the ultimate soft top board. Introducing the Ballistic Offspring! Tribolic stringers = lively spring where it needs. Amazing memory recoil to bounce out of turns with energy! Strength where you need. 5 fin fcs setup. Ballistic double barrel bottom. Foiled rails = responsiveness and speed, relaxed rocker for speed works with Ballistic recoil flex = air.

Catch Surf

Catch Surf

Beater Original 54

The Super ONE

Shaped by Catch Surf Dimensions: 48” or 54”

Shaped by Tom Morey Dimensions: 4’6” x 20” x 2 3/8”

Shaper’s comments: The original fully customizable shred stick! Surf it with or without fins, skim or bodyboard it, do whatever the heck you want. Available in 7 new color-ways.

Shaper’s comments: The Super ONE is a pocketsized shredder based on The ONE with the addition of FCS® fins! The Super ONE is loose, but still offers plenty of drive. Available in 4 color-ways.

Price: $149.00

Price: $295.00 949.218.0428 949.218.0428



Matt Curvin. Photo: Willy Asprey

Wade Tokoro

“It is very crucial to know what the surfer intends to use the surfboard for. Ability, fitness, and experience are also very important. For example, professional surfers surf for a living so they are in top physical condition. Shapers need to know the surfer’s ability level whether he or she is a professional, average or beginner.” –Wade Tokoro

Leila Hurst. Photo: M. McEwin Photo: Yukinori Maekawa

Catch Surf

Catch Surf


The One

Division 71 The D-Phil Pro

The Clash

Shaped by Tom Morey Dimensions: 4’6” x 20” x 3/8” Shaper’s comments: THE SKATEBOARD OF SURFBOARDS™ The ONE fuses two types of riding: finless surfing and skimboarding; creating a surf-style more in-line with skateboarding. Spins, slides, shove-its, big-spins, airs, etc. Available in 4 color-ways. Price: $225.00 949.218.0428

Dimensions: Available in 39”, 40”, 41”, 41.5”, 42”, & 44” Shaper’s comments: Designed by Hawaiian pro bodyboarder David Phillips, the D-Phil Pro has a template built for speed and boosting. The D-Phil Pro also features our new Black-Lite™ core with double PFS stringers with is bullet proof and ideal for warmer tropical water temps. Price: $225.00 949.218.0428

Shaped and painted by Joe DeMarco Dimensions: 5’10 x 19 ¼” x 2 3/8”. Volume: 76.7 beers Shaper’s comments: We have bridged the gap between your high performance shortboard and your groveler and created The Clash. Team Riders: Willy Asprey, Love Hodel demarcosurf instagram: @demarco_ surfboards twitter: @demarcosurf shaper 808.220.6822 ashley@demarcosurf. com sales 619.694.7805

demarco The Machine Shaped and painted by Joe DeMarco Dimensions: 6’0” x 18 3/8” x 2 ¼”. Volume: 68.8 beers Shaper’s comments: This is the standard in high performance surfing and the model for which all others are measured. Team Riders: Willy Asprey, Love Hodel demarcosurf instagram: @demarco_ surfboards twitter: @demarcosurf shaper 808.220.6822 sales 619.694.7805


Diamond Head Surfboards

The Playtoy

Maori Paddle Boards

Shaped and painted by Joe DeMarco Dimensions: 5’5” x 19 ½” x 2 ¼”. Volume: 73.5 beers Shaper’s comments: This model has a high performance profile with a fun, fishy outline creating a board that blows up in small to medium surf. Team Riders: Willy Asprey, Love Hodel demarcosurf instagram: @demarco_ surfboards twitter: @demarcosurf shaper 808.220.6822 sales 619.694.7805

Shaped by Luiz Juquinha Dimension: 8’10” x 28” x 3 3/4”. Tail: Swallow, Weight: 17.2 lbs., Volume: 106.9 l. 5 fins Epoxy Clear Tech SUP Maori 8’10”. Made with Crystal Armor Epoxy Resin - lighter, more pure, clear, and ding resistant. Shaper’s comments: This board is basically designed for expert surfers looking for high performance in medium/big waves. Can also be used for lightweight beginners or kids as a leisure board for all around paddle. Price $ 950.00 Diamond Head Surfboards Hawai’i 525 Kapahulu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 691-9599

Diamond Head Surfboards



DHS Mitsu Crystal


Parrish Jaws Gun

Shaped by Eric Arakawa Dimensions: 5’9” x 18.5” x 2.25” Shaper’s comments: The Whip features a deep single concave that is more an inverted vee than the standard parabolic shape. This creates a turbocharged effect with exceptional drive, tail control and directional stability. It’s low-entry nose rocker helps it paddle and catch waves easily, while the rail curve and accentuated tail lift enable the rider to execute fast, full rotational carves in the face.

Shaped by Tom Parrish Dimensions: 10’6” 3-stringer, 20 1/2 wide, 3 1/2 thick Price: $900

Shaper: Mitsu Board specs/dimension: Polyester Long Board 9’1” shaped by Mitsu. This board is a perfect combination of high performance and smooth riding. Lengh: 9’1” Width: 21’ 3/4” Thickness: 2’ 3/4” Fins: 2 + 1 Pin Tail Price $ 920.00 Diamond Head Surfboards Hawai’i 525 Kapahulu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 691-9599

Available at HIC stores in Waikiki, Ala Moana Center, Kailua, Haleiwa, Maui Mall, Lahaina Cannery Mall & Hilo’s Prince Kuhio Plaza.

Available at Hi-Tech Surf Sports 425 Koloa St. Kahului, HI 96732 808.877.2111 HiTechMaui


Nage Melemed. Photo: Latronic

Local Motion

John Pyzel “It is hard to break down the individual parts of a surfboard without considering how they are a part of the whole. Outline, rails, rocker, thickness, concave, vee, fins, foil, width, and volume are all ingredients thrown into the mix that adds up to the finished productyour board. “ ...”While rocker and outline are the more obvious “main ingredients” to a surfboard, the bottom contour and rails are more like the spices that add flavor to the finished product.”

Keanu Asing. Photo: Rock

Photo: Heff

Local Motion

Lyle Carlson Surfboards

Lyle Carlson Surfboards

Dung Beetle


Shaped by Wade Tokoro

10’10” x 23” x 3 3/4” Triple Stinger Modern Pipeliner Single Fin One board that can handle 2 foot to 20 foot.

Grant “Twiggy” Baker Model Eddie Aikau / Mavericks Gun

This model is a fun little board for small to medium surf. Fuller nose and tail outline with a flatter deck and fuller rail makes this model user friendly. Lower overall rocker allows this board to paddle well and makes surfing fun. (808) 254.7873

Team Riders: Jensen Hassett, Emi Erickson, Chris Owens, Ian Wallace, Mike Schlebach, Tikanui Smith, Johnny Smith, Jeff Spiller, Alex T-C, Sven, Twiggy Baker, Danillo Cuoto, Pato Teixeira and Josh Ryan. Lylecarlsonboards http://lylecarlsonsurfs. 415.596.6464

9’0 x 21” x 4” Future 5 Fins Volan Glass Performance Big Wave Surfing Team Riders: Jensen Hassett, Emi Erickson, Chris Owens, Ian Wallace, Mike Schlebach, Tikanui Smith, Johnny Smith, Jeff Spiller, Alex T-C, Sven, Twiggy Baker, Danillo Cuoto, Pato Teixeira and Josh Ryan. http://www.facebook. com/Lylecarlsonboards http://lylecarlsonsurfs. 415.596.6464

Surfboard Buyer’s Guide Mark Angell Surfboards

Local Motion


Keanu Asing BF 19 model

Da Beast


Size Shown: 7’10_ x 20 1/2 x 3 Outline: Fun gun / Hi performance, full volume Rocker: Low nose and low entry, low kick in the tail. Bottom: Slight Single to light double with light vee out the tail. Tail: Round Pin Fin Setup: 5 fin Convertible One of the most versatile boards made by Monstah, this board can be ridden by all shapes, sizes, and skill levels, from entry to expert. This will be your go-to board for all seasons, winter or summer. “Da Beast” models can be ordered from 7’0” to 10’0”. “Da Mini Beast” models are available from 6’11” and under. Easy paddle, easy ride, enjoy surfing again.

Shaped by Mark Angell Dimensions: 9’0” x 22 1/4” x 2 3/4”

Shaped by Wade Tokoro The Keanu Asing model was designed by combining two of his favorite designs. The rocker, concave and foil are based off his small wave board. The outline is based off his all around board. The merging of the two designs created a great all around to small wave surfboard. This is his go to board in most surf conditions and competition.

(808) 254.7873

Mendonca Surfboards AK-47 Shaped by Paulo Mendonca Dimensions: 10’5 x 21 x 3 3/4 The board is designed for Jaws, for rider Rodrigo Koxa. Board weighted along stringer on bottom, total weight 24 lbs. Price: $900.00 Team riders: Alex Martins, Rodrigo Koxa 808.450.7621

The Jackpot sums it up, you’ve hit the mother lode. Imagine riding your longboard like a shortboard; quick acceleration, tight turns and smooth transitions. My bottom blend of concaves and curves makes it happen. Experience the adrenaline and agility of a shortboard in longboard form. Mark Angell Surfboards; over 40 years of Shaping History, Design and Innovation. Custom orders welcome (808) 651-1234

Modex Designs

Modex Designs

Mini Masher

Green Revolution Sup / Seedles

Shaped by Tom “Nezzy” for SO FRESH Dimensions: 5’6” x 21 1/2” x 2 3/8” The MINI MASHER, it’s where “retro” meets “progression” and features a unique cut off nose. This is a must for your quiver! Price: SO FRESH SURFBOARDS start from $549, which includes our *Full Package (*leash, deckpad and fiberglass fins all included!) MODEX Hawaii Retail Shop 909 Kapahulu Ave. #A Honolulu Hawaii USA 808.421.7517

Shaped by Tom “Nezzy” for G.R. All art by Pinky Taylor x Modex collaboration 9’0” x 30’” x 4’ 3/8” This is our all round user-friendly fun model! This go-to model comes in sizes up to 11’4”. Price: Starting at $769.00 (boardbag, traction deck, leash and fiberglass fins and carbon fiber paddle all included!) greenrevolutiondesigns. com inquiry@modexdesigns. com 808.421.7517 MODEX Hawaii Retail Shop 909 Kapahulu Ave. #A Honolulu Hawaii USA http://www.facebook. com/modexhawaii


Randall Paulsen. Photo: Latronic

John Carper “I don’t care what anybody says, there’s one thing that everybody wants when it comes to a board- good paddle ability. And you can get paddle ability by putting tons of foam in it, but that’s no good. But by rocker and just manipulating or pushing your outline, you can make really nice performance boards that paddle great… “And now you see all those boards with little round noses, we call ours Turds. You see Dorian riding those things, they’re just little 5’6s and they’re wide, kind of thicker in the middle and real low rocker, and they just surf brilliantly.” Photo: Heff

Diamond Head Surfboards

Lyle Carlson Surfboards

Jensen Hassett. Photo: Rock

Mendonca Surfboards


Kaoli Kahokuloa. Photo: Heff

Surf Designs Hawaii



Elusive Bradley



Shaped by RP Dimensions: 5’11” x 19” x 2 1/2” Shaper’s comments: Named after one of the many enigmatic characters in Hilo. The Elusive Bradley is similar to a normal shortboard, but more fun.

Shaped by Glenn Pang Dimensions: 6’2” x 18 1/2 x 2 3/8 Shaper’s comments: Good all around shortboard with single to double concave. Our team rider favorites!

Shaped by Wade Tokoro Dimensions: 5’0” x 20” x 2 1/4” Shaper’s comments: The Inari is a fun playful board, it features an extremely wide outline and flat deck that gives it great glide and paddling for such a small board. The fin set up on the Inari can be ether a quad or twin (keel) and the tail options are squash, square, or diamond.

808.936.1316 surfdesignhawaii@gmail. com Also available at Hilo Surfboard Co.

Modex Designs Lil Micro Shaped by Tom “Nezzy” for Modex All art by Pinky Taylor x Modex collaboration Dimensions: 5’2” x 17’ 5/8” x 2” Shaper’s Comments: This is our model for groms who rip! No more waiting for custom performance shapes. Price: Modex boards start from $400, which includes our *Full Package (*board bag, deckpad, leash and fiberglass fins all included!) 808.421.7517 MODEX Hawaii Retail Shop 909 Kapahulu Ave. #A Honolulu Hawaii USA modexhawaii

808.483.8383 Also check out the Tokoro Boardroom at the Quiksilver Store in the Ward Warehouse for a complete selection of new models and demo boards to test ride.

Scovel Surfboards Kauai Drive Shaft Shaped by Will Scovel, art by Kylito Dimensions: 5 11 x 19 x 2 3/8 The “Drive Shaft” is designed as a slight step down ridden 2-3 inches shorter than your standard shortboard. Wider outline curve, med rails, lower entry rocker for speed and good paddling. Single-double concave and a nice flowing med tail rocker keeps this board flowing and turning on a dime! Great for intermediate to professional levels. Also available with squash, swallow, or thumb tail, thruster, quad or 5 fin optional setup. 808-652-7929 Custom Orders PO Box 1435 Koloa, Hi 96756 Facebook: scovelsurfboardskauai Available at Poipu Surf Co., Backdoor Surf Co. Hanalei

Setsu RP1 Randall Paulson Model RP1 Randall Paulson Model Shaped by Setsu Dimensions: 5’11” x 18 _” x 2 1/8” Shaper’s comments: All around board for mushy and barreling conditions. If it feels like you’re going 300 mph…then it’s the RP1! All inquiries please contact Randall Paulson

Surf Designs Hawaii


Simon Carvolho. Photo: Meg



Photo: Rock

Kekoa Bacalso. Photo: Latronic


Twisted Surfboard Racks

Future Fins

Irons Brothers Leash

Surfboard Wall Racks

Jordy Smith

The best surfers have trusted Dakine leashes for over 32 years. The Irons Brothers Leash features maximum strength urethane cord, overmolded ends, double swivels, triple rail saver and a key pocket in the quick release cuff.

LARGE - h:4.73 | b:4.77 | a:16.12 MEDIUM - h:4.54 | b:4.59 | a:14.85 SMALL - h:4.40 | b:4.45 | a:13.98

MSRP $28.00

Most affordable wall racks available. Displays your board any angle or height on any wall. Twist to open twist to store. Fast easy Installation. Eco-friendly Teak Wood. Variety styles & colors.


Price: $24.95 free shipping

Price: $90.00

Jordy’s signature template is now available for all size surfers. Look for the NEW Small and Medium size sets this Spring.

Versagrip Technology Sunny Garcia Signature Model VGT Tail Pads side pieces are made with American made EVA 1/16� super light foam with a Diamond-Grip embossed profile that allows for maximum traction underfoot. We digitally print the graphics into the Foam. The tail-kicks and arches are made with top quality EVA super-light foam with 3M PSA Adhesive. Price: $39.99 714.891.3537

Photo by: Rupert Trevlyn

...say it, don’t spray it! 815 Front St. Lahaina, HI 96761

(Located between Kimo’s & Cheeseburger In Paradise)


Shop online at

151 Hana Hwy. Unit 1 Paia, HI 96779 (Paia Courtyard Market)


Waimea Valley is a wonderful venue for Special Events: Weddings, Receptions, Birthday Parties, Workshops and Seminars. Please call for Event Planning, Facility Rentals and Catering Information. 59-864 Kamehameha Highway Hale`iwa, Hawai`i 96712 (808) 638-7766

Open 7 daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Industry Notes

Vans, IMG, Sign Partnership with US Open of Surfing

Jack McCoy’s “A Deeper Shade of Blue” Red Carpet Premiere Renowned surf filmmaker Jack McCoy was pleased to present his newest work, “A Deeper Shade of Blue” at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on the evening of February 6th. A stunning sunset display followed by a cloudless evening created a memorable backdrop for this outdoor event. Appearances from legendary surfers, shapers, and industry standouts made this event into what could very well be known as the greatest conglomeration of _____ since the premiere of “Step Into Liquid” in 2003. Cast members included Jamie O’Brian, Jordy Smith, Stephanie Gilmore, Manoa Drolett, Chad and Trace Marshall, Derek Hynd, Terry Chung, and Marti Paradisis.

Carve Sunglasses Instagram Contest Give us your best shot. For all you Instagrammers out there, we’re looking for your best carve action photo. Tag #freesurfcarvecontest for a chance to win a pair of Carve Sunglasses and a Sunny Garcia Signature Model Versagrip Technology deck pad. Staff pick wins, which we will announce at the end of the month. Good luck!

Vans and International Management Group (IMG) announced their official partnership with US Open of Surfing this past February, which is agreed to last for 3 years and include Vans’ title sponsorship. 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the reputable surf contest, which is being held at Huntington Beach, California. “Surf City USA” will accommodate this 9-day event (July 20th-28th), which is said to attract upwards of one million people. Vans’ vice president of marketing, Doug Palladini reports, “Being able to continue this relationship via such an iconic platform, in our own backyard, is simply a perfect fit.”

Broken up into multiple chapters, the film traced the history of traditional board shaping and surfing, and made testament to how Hawaiian surf culture conquered the world. With a soundtrack featuring Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Makana, Hapa, and many more, the film was dedicated to Rell Sunn, Jeff Johnson, and Bud Browne, honoring these ambassadors of Hawaiian surf culture. Anyone who attended this premiere event had to have felt blessed by the presence of so many renowned legends; Freesurf sure did. If you missed the premiere event then be sure to check it out in theatres, opening March 28th.

Thank you Hawaiian Water Patrol We’re giving our deepest gratitude to members of the Hawaiian Water Patrol for helping not only Freesurf, but all surfers and photographers in the world to do what we do. Without them, we probably wouldn’t be here and we definitely wouldn’t have the events and coverage in Hawaii that exist today. Thank you for protecting us, you guys make our jobs possible.

Women’s Pipe Pro 2013 The Women’s Pipeline event is on for March! A female showdown of epic proportions, this contest will showcase the best of the best in women’s surfing from around the world. The holding period begins March 12th and lasts until the 22nd, with female athletes gathering together on the north shore to compete. Contest directors and supporters are anticipating ideal spring waves and surf conditions, so be sure to check out this unique event honoring the wahines of our beloved sport. Collaborators includes Bubble Shack Hawaii, check out for updates and more information.

Industry Notes Wassel Signs with Body Glove North shore lifeguard, big wave charger, and all-around waterman Dave Wassel is now part of the Body Glove International family, representing in both the surf and dive categories. Marketing Director Greg Browning gives him a warm welcome, “We are really stoked to have Dave as a part of the family. He is, with out a doubt, one of the greatest watermen in the world and fits the Body Glove brand perfectly.” Congratulations Wasselhoff!

Garrett McNamara Beats Personal and World Record GMAC has broken yet another record, conquering his previous 78-foot wave win from the Billabong XXL Biggest Wave award in 2011. The same beastly break off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal produced what some have claimed to be a 100-foot wave, ridden by this extreme waterman. Still waiting to hear back from the research team at Guinness, there has been some dispute as the whether or not the wave actually towered at 100 feet. Regardless, that’s a monstrosity that few (if any) would ever consider challenging, so hats off

Introducing: Astars Turbo Sandal New for spring, the Turbo sandal features Nubuck Upper Strap with Woven Polyester Inner Strap, Anatomical Arch Support with Dot Textured EVA Footbed and Custom Astars Patterned Rubber Outsole. Available in black. MSRP $24.00. Stay tuned for our upcoming Summer Buyers Guide and see more of the hottest trends in surf wear.

kaleimaeole handcrafted jewelry

Earth friendly Fine Silver Sunrise Shells and other designs Available online at

North Shore Country Market

Sunset Beach Elementary School across the street from Pipeline Open Saturdays from 8 am - 2pm

Tyler Larronde Photo: Tony Heff

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due Let us correct ourselves... Our February issue was printed with the incorrect name for this photo, our apologies. We would like to introduce you to 18-year old Jaws veteran, Tyler Larronde, who is making a name for himself in the big wave world. Tyler was among the Pe’ahi paddle crew this past winter, taking the limelight with waves like this one.

Surf with a smile

Dr. John

Jones Dentistry

808 955 0058 1441 Kapiolani boulevard suite 907, honolulu, hawaii 96814

DIAMOND HEAD SURFBOARDS 525 Kapahulu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: 808-691-9599

(808) 349-2259

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Last Look

Nathan Florence finding the pot of gold. Photo: Mike Latronic

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Freesurf March 2013  

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