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The Nexpa Pro features a super-soft, molded Ultracush footbed with anatomical arch support and an ergonomic, synthetic nubuck upper with soft neoprene liner. The entire bottom unit utilizes plus foam technology, an innovative process that produces a fully recyclable, no-waste, non-slip outsole. Shown here is the John Florence colorway.


Š2013, Vans Inc. photo: Daniel Russo


F O X H E A D . C O M / / P H O T O : N E L LY

Free Parking A view from the front row seats to surfing’s greatest show. Josh Kerr going Backdoor as Kelly Slater wows the crowd with Pipeline mastery. Photo: Tony Heff

Christy Shinn. 2013 Vans Triple Crown official poster artist

Rob Young

Cover Story

On a Beach in Hawai`i This issue is memorabilia: Collectors will smile with the official poster art for the 2013 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing gracing the front cover of this month’s magazine. Artist Christie Shinn captures the energy, beauty and sexiness of this years Trifecta. Yes I said sexy. Shinn’s dreamscape portends the Vans Triple Crown events are sexy. And sexy for more reasons than just half naked, fit surfers and the scantily clad crowds that watch them. The Triple Crown is smokin red hot because we get front row seats to watch mere mortals testing themselves in Mother Nature’s most extraordinary productions: Waves up to 20 feet high thundering with bone breaking impact. While the pro athletes competing are willing to pay with their limbs and lives to contend for the crown, viewers get to watch history go down for free and safely on the beach. The experts will dare greatly amongst nature’s most menacing moving water—and YOU the spectator, feeling sexy or not get to play voyeur. Dress however YOU want -legally please.


Timeless Moments


The DNA of a Triple Crown Champion


Spoiler Alert



Historic snapshots in Triple Crown history

Ross Williams explores what it takes to win the crown

How wildcards can dash tour dreams

Freesurfing at it’s finest

Brent Bielmann

Table of Contents







Table of Contents

28 By the Numbers Fun facts about the Vans Triple Crown

38 Name Dropping Examining the modern day names of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing venues

44 Map of the North Shore You are here

60 Next Generation Young bucks to watch

66 Icons of Originality Going deep into the Vans Family Tree

72 Perspectives Peeps tell it like it is

94 Surf Art The Story Behind the Poster

98 Community Talk Story Sessions

100 She Rips Carissa Moore, ASP World Champ, again!

102 Pau Hana Terry Ahue - Hawaiian Water Patrol

106 News & Events 124 Autograph Page Corner your favorite surf star with this!

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Photo: Manulele/Latronic

Amplifier Model by Eric Arakawa: 5’11” X 18.5” X 2.27”

Pearlridge Center


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Publisher’s Note The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2013 Aloha! Welcome to the Vans Triple Crown Surfing. If you are lucky enough to be standing beachside this moment then you can already smell the salt spray and feel the pulse of another epic waveriding showdown in the works. If not, by all means tune into the webcast at Steeped in history, color and well-documented drama for over three decades the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is the “super bowl” of surfing. Big surf season is here and powerful Aleutian ocean swells have begun marching toward the North Shore of Oahu. Giant North Pacific storms send waves of energy far across the sea and after a thousand miles of momentum surge, sometimes violently, on the shallow nearside waters of the famed North Shore surfbreaks. It is truly one of the greatest natural phenomenon on earth. The world’s best wave riders have gathered to test their mettle in this magnificent Pacific power. Fantastic and mountainous walls of water rush toward the Hawaiian coastline and crest abruptly upon the rock reef bottoms and what most people would consider “out of bounds” or even certain death- to the hundreds of well honed athletes entered in the events - this is their playground. These ocean gladiators who you get to watch in the Triple Crown of Surfing are in the ultimate test of skill and courage. Along with the elite surfers come thousands of spectators, coaches, friends, family, fans and media. They are all here for what many consider the three most prestigious events in surfing. The three special events that comprise the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing stand as some of the most important competitions on the ASP world tour circuit today with the ultimate Billabong Pipe Masters cap the 2013 ASP championship season are qualifying events with massive points toward qualifying for a coveted slot on the tour brings serious year end drama. And then there’s the prestigious Triple Crown Title. In its own right a life long achievement that only the best of the best will come to realize… Who will be crowned the coveted Vans Triple Crown champion this year? In the pages of this November special edition of Freesurf Magazine we outline the events, the history, the players, the drama and excitement all coming to life in a six week winter window. Enjoy. -Mike Latronic Publisher



Kirstin / ASP

Cestari / ASP

Cestari / ASP

Van’s Triple Crown / By The Numbers

By the Numbers $271,725 Most Triple Crown Prize Money Won cumulative (by Andy Irons)

The Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing is... 3 events


offering close to $1 million in prize money

Most Triple Crown Prize Money Won in a single season (by Andy Irons)

30-foot waves

3 thumbs on the reigning Triple Crown Champion, Sebastian Zietz

presented by Mother Nature

30+ years of crowning the ASP World Champion each December

FREE.99 for access to watch the contests

10.4 million+ viewers Action Sports Industry Live Stream Record

19 Age of youngest competitor to win the Triple Crown, John John Florence

Rick Doyle

Joli / ASP

Kirstin / ASP

Paying It Forward By Tiffany Hervey As a major player in the North Shore’s winter happenings, Vans Triple Crown of Surfing has provided local community support along with their infamous surf spectacles. In keeping the youth as a top priority, Triple Crown participated and fundraised for beach cleanup programs for Sunset Beach Christian School and the North Shore Pony Club. The list of beneficiaries also

Kirstin / ASP

includes: medical assistance for pro surfer Pancho Sullivan’s daughter; travel support for NSSA & HASA members; Malama Pupukea-Waimea Marine Life Conservation District; North Shore Community Land Trust; the North Shore Chamber of Commerce; the Hawai`i Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation; Friends of Waialua Bandstand; Operation Backpack for school kids; homeless meal outreaches; the City & County of Honolulu through the parks programs; Hale`iwa Surf Center with equipment and cash donations worth tens of thousands of dollars; Sunset Beach bike path restoration and shoring.

The Triple Crown Gives Back $1,000 cash and a framed Triple Crown Poster was the first donation made to Sunset Beach elementary in the 80s— a trend that continues to this day. Every school throughout Waialua, Hale`iwa, Sunset Beach and Kahuku has benefited

39 Days of competition


Most Triple Crown Titles 6 Sunny Garcia 4 Andy Irons and Derek Ho

Triple Crown Printed Programs circulating

30 Past Triple Crown of Surfing Events

2 men per heat in the Pipe Masters

from Triple Crown donations over the years.

$10,000+ in direct donations to the Junior Lifeguard Program. At the turn of the millennium, Triple Crown also donated an ATV to the North Shore Lifeguards, as well as a fully outfitted Ford

Most Triple Crown Event Wins 7 Sunny Garcia 7 by Andy Irons 5 by Kelly Slater

Ranger Pickup Truck.

$20,000-50,000 in donations to grant requests and fundraisers such as the North Shore Community Land Trust annual benefit, Rell Sunn benefit, and the Marine Life Conservation District.

$9 million is spent directly on the North Shore and $14 million in auxiliary spending during the Triple Crown events

$500,000 in trade, product and cash contributions given to the local community from the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing throughout its long philanthropic history.

Timeless Moments A





It is not the critic who counts; nor the one who points out how the strong surfer stumbled, or where the rider of a wave could have done better. The credit belongs to the surfer who is actually in the lineup; whose face is marred by reef, salt water and sun spots, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; who does actually strive to do deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotion, spends oneself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at worst, if he or she fails, at least fails while daring greatly. Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those timid spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. —Surf-centric tribute to Theodore Roosevelt’s “Dare Mighty Things” speech (26th president and 1906 Nobel Peace Prize winner)

“The Snap Heard ‘Round the World” Arguably the most memorable top turn in the history of surfing came from three-time world champ Tom Carroll during the 1991 pipeline master. After free falling down the face of a legitimate 10-foot bomb, TC clawed into an impossible bottom turn and to the amazement of all, threw down the heaviest cutback of all time, snapping beneath the heaving lip, immortalizing himself in the annals of Triple Crown history. Photo: Jeff Divine

“Hawai`i’s champ” Despite being the birthplace of wave riding, and remaining the ultimate proving grounds for surfers worldwide, no other Hawaiian had risen to the top of competitive surfing until 1993 when Derek Ho charged his way to first place in the Pipe Masters, therein winning the World Title in dramatic fashion. Photo: Rick Doyle

“The Wildcard” In the winter of 1997, Johnny Boy Gomes marched past the likes of Kaipo Jaquias, Kalani Robb, Shane Dorian, and the Master himself, Kelly Slater, to earn the coveted Pipe Masters title. As a wildcard in the event, the powerful Westsider fought through the ranks of the seeded tour surfers, and blazed a trail to the finals where he met up with a 40 year old Michael Ho, another wildcard, making for the first and only all-wildcard final in the history of the WCT. In the end he prevailed, and reached the pinnacle of his surfing career, a feat that he holds as his “greatest accomplishment.” Photo: Jeff Divine

“The Sultan of Sunset” To win a pro contest in 10-12 foot Sunset is a heroic feat, to win two back to back, is the stuff of legends. Gary “Kong” Elkerton dominated sunset in the winter of 1987 like no other before or since. Nearly two weeks after winning the Hard Rock Cafe World Cup, he found himself in the final at the Billabong Pro, again at Sunset, against Martin Potter, Shaun Thomson, and Glen Winton. Tomson looked strong, but Elkerton conquered, cementing his rule of the fierce right-hander and owning that year’s Triple Crown of Surfing. Photo: Joli

“Kelly Loves Andy” The greatest rivalry in the history of surfing undoubtedly belongs to Kauai’s Andy Irons, and Floridian Kelly Slater. The entire year of 2003 was fraught with stink-eye, callouts, and not so subtle claims. The tension culminated as the world title race between Kelly and Andy was to be decided by the Pipe Master’s final. Just prior to the monumental heat, we suddenly find Kelly embracing Andy. What could he have possibly said? It was later revealed he told Andy he loved him. A moment of sincerity or a shrewd tactic, we may never know, but it didn’t get inside Andy’s head as he went on to claiming the Pipe Masters, and his second consecutive world title. Photo: DJ Struntz

“Hi Five”

“The Master Has Come Back”

It was the ‘95 Pipe Masters, and Kelly Slater was on a tear. His third World Title was within reach and he was quickly becoming the fiercest competitor surfing has ever known. But as Rob Machado came flying out of the barrel during the Pipe Masters, and found Kelly Slater on the shoulder, the two high fived, a gesture that arguably preserved the playful essence of surfing, despite the competition. Kelly would later go on to win the heat, the event, and the World Title. Photo: Rick Doyle

At the 2008 Pipe Masters, in pumping 6-8ft Pipeline, Kelly Slater put on a show. Riding his and legendary shaper’s “Deep Six” board - now legendary itself - Kelly wowed the masses with his 5’11” creation, a board most would look at as unridable in such conditions. Instead, Kelly performed a surgical attack on the place, slicing in and out of the belly of the beastly lefts and rights at the world’s most dangerous wave, and reclaiming his place as Pipe Master, a feat he had failed to accomplish in over a decade. Photo: Tony Heff

“The Golden Child”

“Hard fought Myles”

For most surfers, winning the Triple Crown of Surfing is a lifelong pursuit. But John John Florence is not like most surfers. No other surfer has grown up in the spotlight, as did John John. Hawai`i’s “Super Grom” first competed in the Vans Triple Crown at the age of 13, the youngest competitor ever. By the time he was 19, he was a seasoned veteran and comfortable in the mountainous waves of Hawai`i’s. With two quarterfinal appearances, and a win at Sunset, he added his name to a list of legends and became the youngest victor the Triple Crown has ever seen. Photo: Tony Heff

To win one event as a trialist of the Vans Triple Crown is an arduous task only previously achieved by Johnny Boy Gomes. That was until 2001, when the Sunset Beach local fought his way through every round of competition, to first place at the Rip Curl Cup at Sunset. With a third place finish at Hale`iwa, and a solid show at Pipe, Myles Padaca became the first, and remains the only trialist to claim the Triple Crown title. Photo: Karen / ASP

“Andy’s redemption” After losing at hard fought title race in 2005 to rival Kelly Slater, Andy Irons found himself along side his nemesis in the final of the Billabong Pipe Masters. Andy wanted nothing more than to beat Kelly, but within minutes of the heat, Kelly had the entire four-man field comboed. In the waning minutes of the final, Andy ducked into a cavern and emerged out of the foam ball placing an 8.4. With 5 minutes left, he snuck under Kelly on a smaller inside tube came flying out of the barrel and completed an impossible floater, placing a 9.8 and taking the lead. With seconds left on the clock, Kelly had one more chance as a backdoor bomb was making its way along the reef. The two rivals paddle battled, but Andy was in the spot, and disappeared under the heaving lip only to emerge seconds later. Arms raised. Perfect 10. This final has been referred to as the best heat in the history of surfing. Photo: Brent Bielmann

“Never Say Die” After a clash to the reef during Pipe Masters, resulting in a hospital visit and a torn muscle, most mortals would call it quits. But six-time Triple Crown Champ Sunny Garcia knows no quit. Sunny checked out of the ER and made it to his semi-final heat, with just enough time to advance to the finals. Halfway through the final, he was in the lead when he smacked the reef again, this time head-first, and was rushed to the hospital with a concussion. He ended up placing second to Kelly Slater, but secured the Triple Crown title and affirmed his place as Hawai’i’s most tireless competitor. Photo: Joli

Ali‘i Beach Park (Hale‘iwa)

Name Dropping Examining the origins of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing venues By Daniel Ikaika Ito Hawai‘i’s ethnic and cultural diversity can evolve place names from their original monikers. Throughout modern history, the three venues of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing–Hale`iwa, Sunset and Pipeline– have been subject to name changes. Present-day names to describe the North Shore’s most infamous three surf spots are widely known throughout the world thanks to the international media and visitors. The original names of these beaches are not often recognized or acknowledged. Therefore, we compiled a guide to navigating the three jewels of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and the source of their names. The evolution of these monikers is a product of Hawaiian culture influenced by several other ethnicities. There are two popular theories on how the first site of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing got the name “Ali‘i Beach Park.” Many older wave riders contend that the beach was named after the ali‘i (chiefs) who rode the surf there before Western contact. According to John R.K. Clark, author of Hawai‘i Place Names: Shores, Beaches and Surf Sites, Ali‘i Beach Park was given its name because of the youth football team that practiced in the area in the 1950’s. The team’s name was Country Keiki Ali‘i and before the park was built, they used the site as a practice field. Once Ali‘i Beach Park was opened and surfers started frequenting the area the place’s name evolved into the name of the town: Hale‘iwa, which means “House of the ‘Iwa bird.” The current at Hale‘iwa is notorious for pulling surfers away from the ideal takeoff point. As a result, a wave rider is constantly paddling to stay in position while waiting in the lineup. The hardest working wave rider will be the winner of this event. Whether the surf at Ali‘i Beach is big or small, to properly ride Hale‘iwa surfers need to make the fast, racing sections and utilize high-performance surfing.

Characteristics of the wave: -A dominant right breaking wave with a left breaking wave on the smaller days. -Inside section of the right is nicknamed “The Toilet Bowl.”

Location -Not to be confused with it’s more northern sister Hale‘iwa Beach Park, which is located next to Pua‘ena Point, on the north side of the harbor. -Western side of Hale`iwa Boat Harbor, at the end of historic Hale‘iwa town.

Amenities Public restrooms, showers, ample parking and lifeguard patrol seven days a week.

Surfer: Mason Ho. Photo: Heff

Sunset Beach Park

The original name of the Sunset Beach Park, the site of the second jewel of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, is Paumalu (taken by surprise). This name is derived from an ancient Hawaiian legend involving a greedy woman who was fishing the area and took more octopuses than what was allowed by the law of the land. While making her way back to the beach with her catch, she was “taken by surprise” and killed by the guardian shark of Paumalu for her greed. The modern moniker of this beach park isn’t as nuts as its Hawaiian name. The beach park got its name from the adjacent real estate development, Sunset Tract, which started selling housing lots back in 1919. Ever since then, this pristine stretch of white sand has been known as Sunset Beach. Sunset Beach is the premier stage for high-performance big wave surfing and is one of the most challenging lineups on Earth. Sunset’s main peak features a heavy drop that reshapes itself into a hollow, thick wall of water. The best of the best Sunset surfers get barreled while their less skilled counterparts are put through a heavy rinse cycle by the white wash.

Characteristics of the wave -A dominant right breaking wave ideal for high-performance, big wave surfing. -The West Bowl is a notorious barrel machine.

Location -Northern-most beach park on the North Shore coastline. -Surfing takes place more than 100 yards out to sea. -Sunset Beach is the standard by which other beaches are measured.

Amenities Public restrooms and showers. Lifeguard patrol seven days a week. Parking isn’t always close to the beach so bring additional transportation, like a skateboard or bicycle.

Tom Sanders

‘Ehukai Beach Park (Banzai Pipeline) ‘Ehukai means “salt spray” in Hawaiian and describes the light mist in the air from massive waves breaking. The reason for this beach park’s name is documented, but perhaps ‘ehukai describes the projectile stream of water that surfers call “spit” when a wave breaks at the Banzai Pipeline.

while riding) champions versus only two goofy foot (right foot forward while surfing) champs. Coincidence? Negative. The last goofy foot to be crowned a Pipe Master was California’s Rob Machado in 2000. Since then, the regular foots have dominated the title by utilizing Backdoor (the right breaking wave at Pipe).

In 1961 after one of the first sessions at the most famous wave in the world, California’s Mike Diffenderfer observed a construction site across the street of ‘Ehukai Beach Park. He suggested calling the barreling surf spot “Pipeline” and the name stuck.

Regardless of the right or the left, the Banzai Pipeline is known as the most dangerous wave in the world. Pipe has claimed more lives than any other wave in the world — on average, one a year. The last Pipeline surfing tragedy occurred in March of 2008. Despite the death toll, Pipeline still attracts many wave riders because of its perfect shape and power. These beautiful, barreling waves are produced from swells hitting the shallow reef. It’s the iconic tube that all other barreling waves are compared to.

The left-breaking barrel is called “Pipeline” while the right-breaking tube is known as “Backdoor.” The last 16 years of the Billabong Pipeline Masters there have been seven regular foot (left foot forward

Kirstin / ASP

Characteristics of the wave:

Pipeline Masters.

-The most dangerous wave in the world: more surfers died riding Pipe than any other surf break.

Amenities Location -Across the street from Sunset Beach Elementary School (don’t park in the school parking lot). -Pipeline is the ultimate viewing experience for spectators because the waves break just 35 yards from shore. -Upon arrival walk to the sand and look left to see the Billabong

-Public restrooms and showers. Lifeguard patrol seven days a week. Limited parking and cell phone service.

John Weaver Haleiwa town - The historic Rainbow Bridge over the Anahulu River marks the northern entrance to old Haleiwa Town. The old plantation town character is preserved in many of the buildings. Gift shops, eateries and art galleries line the two lane road with only one traffic light. The Reef Hawaiian Pro is held here between Nov 12-23.

Laniakea Beach - (not turtle beach) The high probability of seeing a turtle at this beach attracts a myriad of tourists to this congested spot. The unavailable parking, lack of crosswalks, and drivers “turtlenecking” or slowing to catch a glimpse of the ocean, creates a major traffic problem for North Shore residents. Take caution, but please. KEEP MOVING!

Waimea Bay - This legendary surf spot is the birthplace of big wave surfing. Also home to the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf competition, Waimea Beach Park, Waimea Valley, and Pu’u o Mahuka Heiau offer much to do and see here.

Sunset Beach - Ample parking and epic sunsets make this a popular stop. Not to mention a world class wave and the Vans World Cup of Surfing taking place here Nov 24th - Dec 6th.

Ehukai Beach Park - Located across from Sunset Elementary School, the beach park is the gateway to the worlds most spectacular wave, The Banzai Pipeline. When the northwest swells march in, you can witness up close the spectacle that makes this place so special. The Billabong Pipe Masters is held here between Dec 8-20.


Waimea Bay




3 Ted’s Bakery


Vans World Cup of Surfing


November 24th - Dec 6th

Shark’s Cove








Ka’ena Point - The end of the road, is a State of Hawai’i Natural Area Reserve. The rough terrain, undertows, dangerous rip currents and other hazardous ocean conditions abound. Surfing is not recommended here.


14 19





Hale`iwa ALI`I

November 12 - 23rd



4 1. Backpackers Hawaii 2. Banzai Sushi 3. Cholos 4. Growing Keiki 5. Guava Shop 6. HIC 7. Jameson’s by the Sea 8. Jerry’s Pizza 9. Jungle Gems 10. Kai Ku Hale 11. Kua Aina 12. Noelani Studios

13. NS Boardriders Club 14. North Shore Soap Factory 15. Polynesian Treasures 16. Pupukea Grill 17. Soap Cellar 18. Surf N Sea 19. Tasi Boutique 20. Waimea Bay 21. Waimea Falls 22. WRV 23. Wyland Galleries Haleiwa



11 6 17

2 23 3 9 15 13 12 22

The DNA of a Triple Crown Champion By Ross Williams

If you could witness the glare on six-time Triple Crown champ Sunny Garcia’s face as he’s about to paddle for a set wave at Backdoor, you would know what it looks like to possess the passion to win the Triple Crown. Confidence, grit, strength, versatility, motivation and last but not least, experience, are keys to winning the title. Let’s take a deeper look at the qualities that these men of men have that give them the edge over their competitors in this grueling series. Most locals have a deep appreciation of the history of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, which presents the opportunity to showcase wave riding expertise at some of the most coveted platforms available in our sport. Hawai`i surferans will and do bleed for a chance to put a jersey on in these events. Along with Sunny, other North Shore dominators are the Ho brothers and Andy Irons, winning the lion’s share of the titles in the last few decades. Every year, our community opens the floodgates for one of the biggest productions in surfing. Gladiators from all over the world fight for glory, fame and prize money. Joel Parkinson, an Aussie, has dominated in recent years, until last year Hawai`i’s own Sebastian “Sea Bass” Zietz surprised the world by taking apart Hale`iwa, Sunset and Pipe to bring the title back home. Can Sea Bass do it again? Or will John John take what is seemingly his to lose? One thing is for sure: the usual suspects will be ready to rumble.

Confidence There’s a common thread amongst Triple Crown Champions: confidence. Winning builds confidence, plain and simple. Again, Sunny was the best at building his mojo after beating his peers to a pulp. Once you get the feeling of accomplishment, you free your mind from any negativity, which can be a huge hurdle in competitive sports. Once Andy Irons tasted his first win at Pipe he was unstoppable. Derek Ho has confidence in his ability at Pipe, which helped clinch his four Triple Crown titles. Last year’s champ, Sea Bass was definitely a dark horse but one thing he never shows is negativity. He seems happy to rely on his ability. The same goes for John John. The very humble kid from the North Shore has all the confidence you could ask for, evident in his surfing at Pipe, where surfers that fall victim to intimidation get eaten up.

Diversity Being diverse is part of the recipe if you want to win the Crown. Sunny won his six titles by more than just being able to rip at all three locations. Where some guys are specialized in highperformance surf or barrels alone, Sunny can dominate in any and all conditions. Surfing three-foot lefts at Hale‘iwa is unfortunately

Surfer: Sebastien Zietz. Photo: Kirstin / ASP

a common theme in the Triple Crown. It’s the one condition that can really weed out surfers who don’t cut the mustard in small surf. The same can be said for 10- to 12-foot Pipe. If you are inexperienced at Pipe or simply don’t enjoy hucking yourself over the ledge, you will get smoked out quickly. No one in our sport is more proven at versatility than Kelly Slater, who also has two Triple Crown titles to his credit. Amazing to think that Kelly has won in two-foot slop at Huntington, eight-foot grinding Tavarua, twenty-foot Waimea and everything in between. John John could steal that banner away from Mr. Slater’s reputation as the most diverse surfer on the planet if he keeps his current act up. With a huge air game and a promising big wave repertoire, JJ oozes versatility.

Brent Bielmann

The DNA of a Triple Crown Champion

Kelly Slater

Joel Parkinson

Kirstin / ASP

Locals Rule. Sunny enjoyed being an intimidator better than anyone. One of the tricky things about having success in the Triple Crown is being able to catch the best waves. Local knowledge can only get you so far. History has shown you need to be on the best waves to win. If dudes pulled back or simply didn’t hassle Sunny because they didn’t want to mess with the bull, this only made him hungrier. A deadly combination of talent and competitiveness in Sunny made him the ultimate Tripe Crown machine. AI was very intimidating in the lineup as well. Andy was never afraid to push his weight around in the water and simply demanded his space once he donned that jersey. Then there’s the new school tactic, simply out-surf your competition on any wave that comes your way, good or bad, small or big. It worked well for Sea Bass last year, and no one does it better than John John. JJ gets lots of respect in the lineup and definitely gets his share of the best waves, but unlike Sunny or AI, JJ has a more laidback approach. He simply positions himself so well in the lineup that he can’t be denied. He has plenty of opportunity to beat his competitors despite the fact that he really only needs half the quality of waves to get it done. JJ has no weaknesses. Hale‘iwa suits him fine. Sunset: He’s already a proven winner there. Pipe: Forget about it, that’s his stomping grounds since diapers! John John sleepwalks into 10 point rides out there.

Brent Bielmann



Sunny Garcia


We all know how important a world title is, so how is it possible for the Triple Crown to compare? Long before there was a professional tour, Hawai`i was the main proving grounds. With most of the attention from surf publications focused there, surfers would come to build up their stature and hopefully create a name for themselves. Being that surfing was in its infancy as a professional sport, it was more for bragging rights and pride than it was for money or fame. This foundation still remains in the spirit of this coastline. To this day, surfers from all around the world come to be a part of something bigger than any one surfer, to be a part of history. Come wintertime, you can feel the buzz in the air. From huge closeout swells, to pounding Pipe pits, to beautiful sandbar days at ‘Ehukai, the North Shore is a special place that has so much to offer. The Triple Crown is part of the allure in a place that has been entrenched in our wonderful sport

Andy Irons

Rick Doyle

The DNA of a Triple Crown Champion

Gary Elkerton

Brian Bielmann


for all these years. Despite all the success the surf industry has had and the fact that the North Shore looks more like a trade show in December than a neighborhood, the Triple Crown has managed to keep true to its roots. You can’t argue with the results: local surfers winning 20 TC titles out of 30.

Past Champs Mike Ho- 83,85 Derek Ho- 84, 86, 88, 90 Gary Elkerton- 87, 89

Myles Padaca

Derek Ho

Tom Carroll- 91 Sunny Garcia- 92, 93, 94, 99, 00, 04 Jessica Werthheim

Kaipo Jaquias- 96 Mike Rommelse- 97 Kelly Slater- 95, 98 Myles Padaca- 01 Andy Irons- 02, 03, 05, 06 Bede Durbidge- 07 Joel Pakinson- 08, 09, 10 John John Florence- 11 Sebastian Zietz- 12

John John Florence

Josh Moniz - Current ISA Boys Under 18 World Champ!

The Hawai`i Surf Team engages young surfers in a healthy, active lifestyle by providing a foundation for Hawai`i’s best to compete on an international level. It is our goal to teach participants the value of proudly representing Hawai`i with integrity and commitment as true Ambassadors of Aloha.

Chris Latronic Tammy Moniz


T Rock

Tatiana Weston-Webb - Current ISA Girls Under 18 World Champ!

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Mahina Maeda - Current ISA Girls Under 16 World Champ!

Brent Bielmann Ryan Chachi Craig

Evan Valliere


Billy Kemper

ALERT By Ross Williams

Every winter, the ASP tour and all its loyal point chasers come to the North Shore for the Triple Crown. And every year dreams are made and dreams are crushed. The Triple Crown and especially the Pipe Masters is set up differently from any other tour event. With 12 wildcards slotted into the main event at the Pipe masters (most CT’s have only four) the

Kekoa Bacalso

Evan Valiere, Kauai, 29 - Smooth at Pipe, all-around ripper. Makua Rothman, Oahu, 29 - Commited Pipe surfer, good in pressure situations. Has won at Sunset. Bruce Irons, Kauai, 34 - Naturally gifted in all conditions. Has won at Pipe.

Kirstin / ASP


Makua Rothman

Pancho Sullivan

Kirstin / ASP


Kalani Chapman



Bruce Irons

Shane Dorian

Billy Kemper, Maui, 23 - Determined charger, all-around ripper.

Kekoa Bacalso, Oahu, 28 - Smart competitor, consistent in all conditions.

Kalani Chapman, Oahu, 31 - Loves big waves and big barrels.

Shane Dorian, Big Island, 41 - Veteran at steely, big Pipe.

Pancho Sullivan, Oahu, 40 - Viscous power surfer, deadly at Sunset.

elite top 34 surfers on the ASP tour are thrown into the fire against Pipe specialists. You could look at it like Robin Hood stealing from the rich, but this scenario creates a dramatic finish to the year, to see who can grab the valuable points they need to secure their job for the following season.

TRICKY TACTICS Hale`iwa is a tricky spot. The current, lineup and funky closeout end section are cause for serious confusion and frustration for surfers with little experience at this venue. While Hale`iwa is the high-performance event of the Triple Crown, it can be more of a wave catching contest if the conditions don’t cooperate. While Hale`iwa produces one the most rippable waves on the planet, Mother Nature can also choose to subject the guys to choppy, twofoot lefts. Last year Sebastian “Sea Bass” Zietz made his tour dreams come to life by destroying the waves and the opposition heat after heat. Three out of four finalists were locals, proving that the home court advantage is a factor. Although Sea Bass is from Kauai, he’s surfed Hale`iwa enough to know where to sit and more importantly, how to feed off the home crowd energy. Hale`iwa tends to favor certain surfers. Regular-footers who not only have a power snap but also tack-sharp timing do well. When guys like Pancho Sullivan or Sunny Garcia string together a couple of huge hacks in the pocket you can bet the judges will throw down excellent scores. There’s no shortage of talent that could produce some explosive dark horse performances. Kekoa ‘Bam’ Bacalso, Ezekiel Lau, Dege O’Connell, Mason Ho, Granger Larsen and Keanu Asing are names to look for. Bam is a young Hawaiian with an appreciation for an old school attack. His knack for drawing lines conducive to power surfing, combined

MAN HACKS Sunset Beach is where the drama starts to pick up the pace. Being that this is the last opportunity to get valuable points to qualify for the elite World Championship Tour (WCT), you’ll have many year-round tour surfers looking to seal the deal while local standouts can cause a serious road block. The Vans World Cup of Surfing is a Prime event on the World Qualifying Series - the highest rated event short of a WCT. Last year, Sea Bass was the only local to make the final and in doing so, set up his berth in the Pipe Masters, which allowed him to go on to capture the Triple Crown. Jamie O’Brien was one of the few locals to make a solid run, finishing ninth, with a close loss in the quarters. Sunny Garcia is always a favorite at Sunset Beach, with his power and savvy wave knowledge. Other power surfers that can cause serious damage are Pancho Sullivan, Billy Kemper, Ian Walsh and Joel Centeio. Mike Ho clearly passed on his mojo to his son. Mason Ho has that sixth sense that is needed to catch the right waves at Sunset beach. With an appetite for the barrel, Mason could easily find himself going deep in the World Cup with tube rides providing huge scores. Easily the most stylish youngster anywhere, Mason has the ability to put smiles on faces when he surfs, including the judges. Not good news for his competition. Some young bucks to look for are Granger Larsen, Ian Gentil, Alex and Koa Smith, Kekoa Bacalso and Ezekiel Lau. Some young locals who will be playing both roles as local standouts and tour surfers fighting to get points are Granger, Dusty Payne, Mason, Keanu, Kiron Jabour and Ezekiel. These guys could be in a position to make the big show and will need to lean on all their skills and local knowledge to navigate Sunset’s huge playing field. In recent years we’ve seen the new crop of surfers ride shorter boards in an attempt to free the guys up from the slalom type of maneuvers. It’s a dangerous game to play

when you see how successful guys like Sunny and Pancho are with their big boards and man hacks. You can’t deny the results they’ve had. Just like every event on the North Shore, the conditions will dictate the action. BANZAI BARRELS Pipeline is the perfect location for a dramatic finish to the ASP World Tour. Pitting the best surfers in the world against the best Pipe surfers in the world makes for the most entertaining event of the year. In 2012, Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater duked it out for a world title. In their first heats they drew Kalani Chapman and Billy Kemper respectively. Both Kalani and Billy are very capable of upsetting the world title contenders, but fell just short. We’ve seen in years past where the wild cards absolutely destroyed the tour guys, like in 1997 when Johnny Boy Gomes and Mike Ho blasted through the field of tour surfers to make an all-Hawaiian final. With 12 wildcard surfers making it into the event, the dark horse scenario happens left and right. You will see athletes on the “bubble” who are trying to squeeze out one last result to keep their jobs only to face the task of taking on a wildcard like Shane Dorian or Billy Kemper in six- to eightfoot shacks.


The tour provides mostly high-performance waves all year long, making things difficult when the pros come to Hale`iwa, Sunset and Pipe where the larger surf dictates how you perform. Although your average tour surfer has paid more attention to waves with power in recent years, the North Shore still presents an advantage for the locals who are comfortable in all conditions here. Lets take a closer look at the local players and who could upset the established tour guys or even alter the world title race outcome. Like Dikembe Mutombo waiving his finger saying “not in my house,” the Hawaiians will look to shake things up while defending their home court.

with his sturdy technique, produces the type of surfing that is perfect for Hale`iwa. Bring your umbrella when you come to the beach for Bam’s heats because the dude will be throwing buckets! Another potential spoiler is Granger Larsen, who showed a lot of promise in his heats last year at Hale`iwa. With a new school flair and good style, Granger can produce fireworks at will. Look for an added fire at Hale`iwa as he will be looking to pull a Sea Bass: Granger is in striking distance to qualify for the big show.

Shane Dorian made a valiant effort last year with a very respectable quarterfinal finish. In an instant classic, the two 40-somethings, Shane and Kelly, slugged it out in a close heat. That’s the beauty of the North Shore and these three historic events. Wave specialists that aren’t on the World Tour can swoop in and steal the show from the surfers who have been in the spotlight all year. The real winners are the spectators. We get to see the best of the best duke it out in an arena that completes the criteria of a well-rounded surfer. In the past, many tour surfers were ill prepared to compete against Hawai`i’s best in the Triple Crown. In recent years however, the average tour surfer can rip the bag out of Hale`iwa, navigate the line up at Sunset and get pitted at Pipeline, seemingly leveling the playing field. With all the points and pride on the line, the stage is set. So with that being said, let the games begin!

Brent Bielmann


ALERT Marcus Hickman

Brent Bielmann

Joel Centeio Cestari / ASP

Ola Eleogram

Cestari / ASP


Mason Ho

Hank Gaskell

Mason Ho, Oahu, 25 - Entertaining and upredictable in all conditions.

Flynn Novak

Joel Centeio, Oahu, 30 - Precise turns and lots of experience at Hale`iwa and Sunset. Has won at Halewia.

Marcus Hickman, Oahu, 34 - Likes big waves with open faces and big barrels.

Hank Gaskell, Maui, 27 - Original style and a wealth of natural talent.

Ola Eleogram, Maui, 27 - Excellent wave knowledge, selection and positioning.

Flynn Novak, Oahu, 29 - Lots of experience at Pipe and the entire North Shore.

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N3XT Gen


EZEKIEL LAU A natural-footed powerhouse, Ezekiel Lau is one of the most dynamic young surfers in the world. Ezekiel, or Zeke, epitomizes the Hawaiian surfer: big turns, big barrels, big airs, and big aspirations. Quite large himself, the six-foot Hawaiian commands the respect of any lineup that he paddles into. Hailing from a strictly regimented Kalihi household, discipline and professionalism were instilled in Zeke at an early age. As a top junior, Zeke balanced surfing with scholastics at Kamehameha Schools, while many of his home-schooled competitors traveled the world to compete. Zeke patiently watched from home as peers like John John found success on the road. Far from discouraged, obstacles only fueled his drive for success. The most frustrating aspect of Zeke’s adolescence had become his most powerful weapon.

By Sean Reilly We’ve reached a tipping point, and we’re rushing past it. Maneuvers are becoming more technical and athletes are becoming more serious. Surfing is progressing faster than ever. A wave of change is flooding the industry. Those who paved the way will soon pass the torch to their successors. A new breed of surfers has emerged, ready to revolutionize the sport as we know it. In this feature, we pay homage to our future, to the next generation.

“It gave me a different set of values, a different outlook,” Zeke recalls. “I think it just made me stronger. It made me want to work that much harder for what I want to accomplish. All those years of watching just made me more hungry to be successful.” At only 19 years old, the young Hawaiian has the determination of a decorated Olympic athlete. On a competitive level, Zeke has proven himself on more than one occasion, but it was his performance at the 2009 NSSA National Championships that best exemplifies his character. A few weeks prior to the competition, Zeke hurt his back surfing at Hale`iwa. As Nationals neared, the pain grew worse. During the competition, Zeke relied on bed rest and doctor visits between heats. Despite the injury, Zeke went on to win the contest. When the event was over, Zeke discovered that his back was broken. He was confined to a body cast for the next three months. Motivated, the young Hawaiian will stop at nothing to pursue his dreams of a World Title. If sheer athleticism and natural talent don’t make him a world champ, his unrivaled competitive drive will. Watch out Triple Crown, Zeke is hungry!



100 M






Cestari / ASP


KOA SMITH Kauai-bred Koa Smith is no stranger to the public eye. His captivating video clips have left surfing fanatics in awe. Traveling the world in search of epic surf, Koa has been pumping out killer edits for his blog, Tearing apart pristine Indo lines, getting spit out of heaving Mexican monster tubes, and shralping lowers with a hundred friends are all a part of a days work for this young buck. But Koa’s no one-trick-pony. When the toe-headed teen is not gallivanting the globe for his latest webisode, you can expect he’s getting ready to throw down. This 18-year-old is in no rush to get on the World Circuit, but when he slips on that Jersey, he can compete with the best in the world— and he has the hardware to prove it. Last winter Koa was named Triple Crown Rookie of the year, forever leaving his mark on the most prestigious surf series in the world. Weeks later, Koa took a jet ski to the dome, forcing him to withdrawal from the Volcom Pipe Pro. Koa was left high and dry for two months after the accident. Not to be forgotten, Koa showed up to the Pipe Pro Junior ready to shred. “My first heat was my fourth session back in the water and my first session without a helmet,” said Koa. The cold turkey approach worked out well for the talented junior. Koa posted the highest heat total of the event and ended up taking second. The Garden Island local never ceases to impress. Whether he’s punting lofty reverses in two-foot wind chop or screaming through deathdefying Pipe, Koa is a standout in all conditions.

Photo by: Vinnie Pimento

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Cestari / ASP


JOSH MONIZ Arguably the best 18-and-under surfer in the world, Josh Moniz is riding a wave of recent success. The regular footer from Oahu’s South has strung together an array of impressive results, including wins at the ISA Junior World Championship and the Vans Pro Junior. A new face on the men’s ASP Qualifying Series, he has already proven he can stay calm, concentrate, and produce scores. The junior prodigy exemplified that during last year’s Triple Crown. “A switch clicked on,” Josh remembers. “Last winter during the HIC Pro I made it to the Semis. That got me into the Triple Crown. After that, everything started going my way. I’ve been having a little bit of luck, so I’m stoked!” A driving force on the Junior surf scene, Josh takes in his recent success with a humble grin. Drenched in the life aquatic since birth, Josh’s family roots are intertwined with surfing prowess. Growing up with three brothers and a sister that all surf extraordinarily well, this middle child didn’t have to look far for inspiration. “Josh has always been a student of the game. Even at a young age he knew all the stats, and could breakdown what to do,” said Hawai`i Surf Team Head Coach Rainos Hayes. “He is by far one of Hawai`i’s best bets to make the jump to the world professional stage.” Josh’s lethal front hand gouge and extensive aerial game have left the top Juniors trembling. Summer triumphs have given him a new sense of focus and confidence coming into the winter season. Josh has all the tools he needs to make his mark on the Triple Crown.

more “story” than “store” We like to say that the North Shore Watershed is more “story” than “store”. From the products we offer to the lifestyle we promote, the Watershed is filled with great stories that are the fabric of this fabled coastline. The Watershed is based on a place that holds great pride in Hawaii’s coastal communities- an accessory shed where every waterman and woman house their “tools” for maximizing adventure. We are proud that the Watershed features all locally designed and crafted custom fixtures. We carefully select our product and favor brands that continue to be great partners with the North Shore and represent the nature of life here. Whenever possible, we support local artists, designers, and small business.

Photos: Robert Pascua

Photo: John Bilderback

*All Vans Triple Crown of Surfing merchandise sold here. North Shore WaterShed is located in the center of the lobby level, Turtle Bay Resort. Open daily 9am - 9pm Call 808- 447- 6673


Nathan Fletcher

Vans Family Tree / Icons of Originality By Lauren Rolland

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

is one particular brand in the action sports industry that stands out amongst the rest as a frontier of originality. Vans.

- Oscar Wilde

The Van’s team riders, managers, directors, representatives and executives all help make up a unique ‘family tree’ that was founded on originality. It seems each member in the Vans team possesses something authentic that contributes to the epitome of the brand.

Originality is hard to come by these days. It seems everything has already been seen, done or heard and anything fresh is actually just a recycled idea. But expressing something unique is making a stance to be yourself. There

From the Gudauskas brothers to John John to Joel Tudor and Nathan Fletcher, the surfers representing the Vans logo are the gamut of originality. Collecting a series of personalities, Vans recognizes not just the top regional

surfers, but those who are unique and independent in thought and lifestyle. “There’s tons of talent all over the place, not every one of those people make sense for what we do here,” responds Vans Marketing Manager and surf leader Scott Sisamis. What does make sense is what matches the brand’s DNA: Talent and expression of personality founded upon originality, individuality, humility and a fresh, creative approach. Starting from the ground roots of this family tree is Steve Van Doren, whose father co-founded the company nearly 50 years ago. Now VP of Events and Promotions, Steve symbolizes the personality and



Vans Vice President GM of Americas Doug Palladini describes Steven Van Doren as the soul of the brand: “As big as Vans has become, we never lose sight of where we came from, and having original Van Doren family members such as Steve in the building, at events, and interacting with Vans everywhere he goes, he keeps us hungry, humble and well-grounded.” Doug himself has helped build the Vans brand for the past nine years as the company’s global marketing leader, and has watched the company quintuple in size globally. The face and brains behind the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, Randy Rarick, has been with the event since day one. In sticking with the metaphor, Randy is the trunk of the family tree. “Randy is the godfather of professional surfing,” Advertising and Marketing Director



Checkwood / A-Frame

Pat Gudaskas

Tanner Gudaskas

Ivan Florence

John John Florence

Sean Wingate says. “He’s the one who started the World Tour and he has provided the opportunity for countless local Hawaiian surfers to have a professional surfing career.” Surfing in over 70 different countries, Randy is worldy but maintains a small town lifestyle on the North Shore. “Without a doubt Randy Rarick is the man who embodies originality,” Wingate adds. So what exactly does it take to be part of the Vans family? “A great attitude combined with an individualized approach, I think that’s first and foremost,” replies Jodi Wilmott. Both the team riders and behind-the-scenes Vans members represent individuality through a variety

Cris Latronic

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Communications Director Jodi Wilmott describes Steve as the patriarch of the festival atmosphere of the Triple Crown. “Steve and his daughter Kristy are true advocates of the Vans family spirit,” Jodi recounts. “They don’t blow a conch announcing themselves. This family has quietly served up Thanksgiving lunch to the homeless in Hale`iwa; presented a volume of product to schools and groups in need. They’re not concerned with themselves, but with paying the stoke forward and doing what you can, simply because you can, to contribute to the collective stoke.”

Dane Reynolds

Damea Dorsey

spirit of what Vans is notorious for. Familyoriented, generous and brilliant, Steve is Vans’ namesake. Yet most team riderspro surfers don’t even know this man by face. Nevertheless, every year Steve shows up to the Triple Crown events and incorporates a family vibe to the competitive climate. It’s not unusual to find Steve in the competitor’s area at the crack of dawn preparing a fresh batch of Waffle Sole breakfast waffles, or cooking up burgers for the athletes at lunch. Most athletes assume he’s a neat guy who likes to hang out in the competitor’s area serving up the Aloha on behalf of Vans, unaware of the fact that he is Vans.

Maassen / A-Frame

Van’s Family Tree

Joel Tudor

of ways. Who better than Dane Reynolds to exemplify this: Positive, imaginative, unbounded, respectful, Reynolds marches to the beat of his own drum, as does every individual who contributes to the whole of Vans. The brand truly empowers its team to tap into their own source, and by doing so, produce a wellspring of ideas, personality, color and potential. Dane has approached pro surfing selectively, on his own terms, and kept us hungry for more – perhaps contributing more to it through his absence. “I can’t recall another surfer whose absence from the pro tour has kept us watching simply to see when he will next appear, and what contribution he will make,” Jodi explains. “He is the producer and controller of his own content and is unabashed


Checkwood / A-Frame

Van’s Family Tree

Alex Knost


Andrew Doheny


Damea Dorsey

Nathan Florence

Dane Gudaskas


Dylan Graves

by its delivery. He has single-handedly inspired kids to seek out their own identity and has energized them by connecting them to their own passion. We can all watch a surf star and admire their abilities, but when they cause us to examine ourselves and connect with our own fire, then you’re really tapping the magic.” Vans team riders Nathan Fletcher and Joel Tudor are pillars of the brand. Both are legends in the sport and with a lifeline of achievements, Nathan and Joel are not only phenomenal athletes but also passionate about music, art, and surf culture in general. Most team riders have music, photography and art interests. “We look for people who are just as talented out of the water as they are in it,” Scott explains. As Vans’ surf leader, Scott has seen the progression of talent in the past decade, including surfing’s brainchild, John John Florence. “He’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime surfer to witness and I’ve been lucky enough to see his development,” he says. A multi-talented standout, John John was not only the youngest competitor in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, but also the youngest champion to win the overall title at the age of nineteen. Sponsoring the young prodigy at the age of eight, John and the Florences have become part of Vans’ long lineage of family, making their mark as innovators. “Vans is a true original,” Sean Wingate maintains. “They are one of the first lifestyle brands that started an entire industry and are still leading the way 47 years later.” The lifestyle of originality, Doug Palladini says, is really just about being true to yourself. Without question, Vans has a disproportionately high representation of individuality per capita. They are a brand surfers can connect with emotionally, philosophically, and inspirationally, which goes far beyond fabric and imagery.


Leila Hurst

Russ Hennings photo

Oakley is the proud sponsor of local hero Sebastian Zietz Winner of the 2012 Vans Triple Crown

Robert Pascua

Offering the most extensive range of technical eyewear outside of Honolulu. Come see the latest collection of Oakley logo surf wear, lifestyle apparel and all new tech gear including compression fitness & waterman training apparel. Located next to the North Shore Kula Grill on the lobby level, Turtle Bay Resort. Open daily 9am-9pm P. 808.447.6668

Perspectives What is the Triple Crown of Surfing to you?

“Surfing in the event was an awesome experience for me last year because I’ve been watching those contests ever since I was little. Just being able to compete in this event really helped me gain a lot of confidence—having a chance to surf with the best surfers from around the world right here at home.”

“It’s the ultimate string of competition for camaraderie, perseverance, athleticism and glory. As a Hawaiian Surfer there is nothing more rewarding then doing well in the Triple Crown.” Dustin Barca, Pro Surfer/Kauai Community Activist

Josh Moniz, ISA World Junior Surfing Champion (18U)

Chris Latronic

Here we are again, blanketed with anticipation as we await the coming of the world’s best surfers as they descend upon the northern point of Oahu for one of the most acclaimed spectacles of our time, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. This is more than just a regular end of the year surf competition. It’s where surfing started, it’s where the world tour ends, it’s where a new one begins, and in a climactic finale, births the spring surf season in a harvesting of barrels, blow tails, big airs, and action sports drama of championship proportions. A few neighborhood friends near the FreeSurf office were more than eager to define this unparalleled sixweek time period.

Bryce Johnson

Tammy Moniz

by Chris Latronic

“The Triple Crown will always be the ultimate test for a surfer. It is a gathering of our tribe where the best surfers from around the world all come to a sevenmile stretch of beach and surf some of the world’s best and most daunting waves.”

“I’ve witnessed the continual progression of our sport as well as the various conditions that the ocean and weather produce. We learn nothing is ever the same; it is always changing. Triple Crown is the celebration and appreciation of Hawai`i as the magical wave creation that it is.”

Kaipo Guerrero, Surf Announcer Leah Dawson, Pro Surfer/TC Camera Operator/ Filmmaker


Chris Latronic


“Many of us, myself included, don’t have sponsor backing and pay out of our own pockets to travel around the world doing WQS events, solely to collect enough points to qualify for the Triple Crown. Motivators: Surfing our favorite waves with three guys out, a huge crowd cheering for us, and a chance at winning lots of money and possibly getting sponsored. It’s the chance to make our careers every Triple Crown event.”

“Growing up at Hale`iwa, I loved watching the pros surf their practice sessions and being able to surf amongst them. They’d say hi to me and my friends and we would just be beaming. I enjoy giving the audience my perspective as a former competitor, Water Patrol Ski operator, and North Shore native.”

Rocky Canon, Surf Announcer/MC



Hank Gaskell, Pro Surfer

“The Triple Crown is the most epic series of events there is! Most of the time in these events, you are riding a bigger board, and that means bigger waves, more speed, more power and sometimes an element of fear because of the size of waves. It gets me psyched. It gives me something to look forward to each year and helps me strive to better my surfing.” Evan Valiere, Pipe Specialist/Hurley Team Rider

“Triple Crown is the fireworks display of the ASP World Tour. For any touring pro or Hawaiian seed, it is the highlight of the whole year: three events in one place, and to make it even more exciting, it often determines the World Title race!” Tammy Moniz, Faith Riding Co./MotherPhotographer Extraordinaire


Everyone remembers the first “real� swell of the season. When stacked lines start marching towards Pipe and shortboards go back on the rack, you know that winter has arrived! Photo: Brent Bielmann

As most gals do, Pipe has her moody side, but dedicated tamers like Danny Fuller hang in there through the tantrums. Photo: Tony Heff

When it all boils down, pushing yourself over the ledge is the only way to get the ride of your life, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Curtains down for Mark Healey, but not for lack of trying. Photo: Brian Bielmann

North Shore’s son, Koa Rothman, carries the family name proudly. At a young age, he has found a comfortable spot in the heaviest lineups, routinely finding himself in the right spot at the right time. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Hawai`i’s powerhouse Zeke Lau always makes his presence felt. When Zeke catches a wave, you watch. Whether dropping into towering peaks or launching to great heights, you know Zeke is always pushing 110 percent. Photo: Tyler Rock

The unofficial skatepark of the North Shore, Rocky Point is the go-to for hardcore shredding. Rocky’s local Flynn Novak on the morning routine. Photo: Eric Baeseman

With the bounty of waves comes a bounty of talent and every nook of the North Shore becomes an open canvas. Damien Hobgood, making art. Photo: Spencer Suitt

Surfrider Spirit Sessions Catching waves and changing lives Rochelle Ballard gave her time and support to Surfrider Spirit Sessions, you should too.

Surfrider Spirit Sessions is an IRS 501(c) (3) Hawai‘i non-profit organization that aims to create and deliver holistic, ocean-based experiential education, mentoring programs and activities that connect, enhance, and fill in the gaps within existing nonprofit programs serving adjudicated, at-risk, or vulnerable youth, and to teach ocean awareness, environmental sensitivity and Hawaiian culture to the general community.

Support us with donations, sponsorships, and mentorship Surf to the Turf Golf Fundraiser Feb 28, 2014 sponsor, volunteer, or play! For more info Or Contact Dr. Kev @ (808) 218-8733

Getting that last ounce of sunlight at the end of shortened Hawaiian winter days can result in some colorful moments. An unidentified aerialist throws some flair towards the setting sun. Photo: Spencer Suitt

Surf Art execs in 2008. Helping with the merchandise designs back then and later creating the Women’s Triple Crown poster in 2010 (which didn’t end up running), Christie likes to think this year’s poster art is a collaboration between her talent and former Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Executive Director Randy Rarick’s vision.

The Story Behind the Poster 2013 Triple Crown Artist Christie Shinn By Lauren Rolland Every year, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing marks its presence around Hawai`i in one very specific form. Poster art. Seen in almost every surf shop window, featured on T-shirts at every Triple Crown event and tacked to bulletin boards and fence posts, the Triple Crown poster is a symbol of the transformation that takes place along Oahu’s North Shore during the winter months. For the past 31 years, artists have entered their work for the chance to have their art featured for the most prestigious events in the sport of surfing. From Ken Auster to Steven Power to Wyland, contest paraphernalia has seen a variety of interpretations of the Triple Crown through the eyes of an artist. One thing that remains the same throughout the years of poster art is the representation of the waves. Beauty and power always take center stage. Canadian-born North Shore resident Christie Shinn is 2013’s poster artist. Christie’s work is becoming increasingly popular in Hawai`i and was noticed by Triple Crown

“Randy was traveling with his wife in Vienna and was at an art museum when he saw a brochure for an art exhibit for vintage travel posters,” describes Christie. Randy mailed her the brochure and explained that he was looking for a vintage style poster with a North Shore theme and a Comsat Road perspective, which overlooks all three event locations at Hale`iwa, Sunset and Pipeline. “I’m a collaborator and Randy’s a really good person to collaborate with,” Christie says. “I’m lucky to have worked with him since 2008. He’s taught me a lot about what works. I’m really lucky to have had that learning experience.” A vintage poster feel was the proposed theme for 2013, but it took brainstorming from both ends. Because Christie strives to paint only from real experiences and true-to-life subjects, she went to great lengths to make sure the artwork was authentic. “I went on a super sneaky mission up to Comsat to take pictures of that viewpoint,” Christie laughs. The girl pictured in the poster is Christie’s friend Nicole Barrett, who was asked

Uncommonly Beautiful

Photo: Zak Noyle

A musical mixture of culture, art, and deep surf history...

Experience Oahu’s

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Surf Art

GLOW your skin Alex Carcamo, MD, FAACS, FAAD Eric Yukumoto, PA-C Andrea Kissling, PA-C

to pose because of her classic feel and look. “Nicole exemplifies North Shore beauty,” the artist maintains. Tucked behind Nicole’s ear is a spider lily flower, which was found on the beach path during the photo shoot. Preferring the description of ‘North Shore artist’ to ‘surf artist’, Christie paints vignettes of her life and is inspired by the uniqueness and simplicity of the North Shore. Growing up in the Great Lakes area of Toronto, Canada, Christie saw the ocean for the first time at the age of 20. “I’m a late bloomer!” she laughs. After high school and with a streak of wanderlust, the teenager traveled the world in search of the exotic waves she had only heard about as a child from her dad’s stoke for surfing. Christie’ first experience with the ocean was in England, learning on a 6’8 single fin bought off Craigslist. To this day the ocean still holds the exotic appeal from childhood, even though Christie surfs all the time and lives across the street from Log Cabins. Splitting time between Canada and Hawai`i, art has expanded from a hobby into a career for this selftaught artist.

COMPLETE DERMATOLOGY 100 Kahelu Avenue, Suite 226 Mililani, HI 96789

Christie describes her work as “simple, straightforward, positive and definitely bright and cheerful.” The 2013 Triple Crown poster is soft, relaxed and powerful with brush strokes of wind and water movement. “I get really overwhelmed by chaos, by complex things. So I think my art is a way of taking a complex thing and simplifying it,” Christie explains.

808-621-1000 Monday – Friday, 7:30AM – 4PM General and Cosmetic Dermatology All Insurance Plans Welcome

The 2013 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing poster emphasizes the waves, the power and the beauty of the North Shore, fundamentals of the event. Unembellished, the 2013 poster art is raw and understated—a beautiful addition to the 30 posters that came before it.




featuring: heather brown


Colleen Wilcox / Christie Shinn / Hilton Alves David Wight / leanna Duncan / STEVEN POWER SHANNON OCONNEL

dec. 14th / 5-9pm wyland galleries haleiwa northshore marketplace

66-250h kamehameha hwy / haleiwa, hi 96712 808.637.8729


DEC 30TH / 6-9PM 226 LEWERS ST / HONOLULU, HI 96815 / 808.924.1322

Cestari / ASP


Talk Story Gives Back All Door Proceeds Support Local Causes By Tiffany Hervey The tradition of sharing important stories to preserve them for future generations in the Hawaiian culture is called mo‘olelo. The tradition of sharing important stories as a feeling of connection and mutual respect in local culture is called talking story. Each winter, at SURFER the bar, some of surfing’s most colorful and inspirational icons whose contributions to the world span far beyond the waves gather to talk story. Now heading into it’s third year, TALK STORY, has featured legends like Reno Abellira and Jock Sutherland; contemporary surf stars like Kai Lenny and Mark Healey; water women like Audrey Sutherland and Kimi Werner; authors like Susan Casey; photographers like Brian Bielmann and Mike Prickett; filmmakers like Derek Hoffmann, Don King and Bruce Brown; and industry heads like ROXY’s Randy Hild. TALK STORY sessions are scheduled in four, six-week blocks during the year, and typically hit a high point during the winter surf season. “We’ve raised close to $30,000 in donations at the door, of which 100 percent has been given to local programs,” Jodi Wilmott says. Jodi, who produces and hosts the TALK STORY sessions, explains that all door donations from each event are given to local schools, groups and organizations. “Speakers get to choose the charity, but are encouraged to make it a local one,” she says, citing Surfrider Foundation, North

Shore Community Land Trust, fishpond rejuvenation programs, and digital media and reading programs at local public schools as some examples of donation recipients. Champion surfer and master shaper Reno Abellira gave the proceeds from his talk to a community animal shelter. “The surf industry has been coming through the North Shore and passing through Hawai`i, the birthplace of surfing, for so long now, and it’s really easy to become self important and forget that we have a deep responsibility to pay back and respect the culture here,” Jodi says. Hawaiian wayfinder and President of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Nainoa Thompson, is scheduled to speak in December. What Nainoa represents and the worldwide voyage of Hokule‘a symbolizes needs to be understood by the industry people from around the world, Jodi says. “They will understand what culture means and the delicate nature of it,” she maintains. “There’s a lot that needs to be done right now for the Hawaiian community and the culture as a whole. This is a very formative time for them, and the industry— whether it fully understands it or not— has a contribution to make there. This will be a great opportunity to gain perspective and narrow our sites on what our own contributions will be going forward.”

Photo by: Dooma





THE PRODUCERS OF POSITIVE APPAREL *Wholesale pricing available upon request Special thanks to

Ryan Miller

She Rips

The Champ Is Here! Carissa Moore wins her second world title By Tiffany Hervey On October 5, 2013, Carissa Kainani Moore won her second world title in Portugal, just weeks before her 21st birthday. It was a close title race with fellow competitor, Tyler Wright. It came down to the final day of the last event to determine who would win. “I want to give a lot of credit to Tyler Wright,” Carissa says. “She’s an amazing competitor and human. I’m so glad we got to share this together, because we pushed each other so hard—we both have to be proud of how we performed.” As a bubbly, social, and joyful young woman, Carissa is hardly the picture of a dog-eat-dog competitor or a hardened Olympic athlete. She doesn’t stare down her competitors or break her board into pieces when a heat doesn’t go her way. She doesn’t exhibit boastful bravado when she snags a high score or blame judges for contentious calls. She doesn’t seclude herself in training camps or adhere to extravagant regimens for world title goals. In short, Carissa Moore is simply not representative of what we’ve come to know as a fierce competitor. “Competing feeds a different part of my soul,” she explains. “When that horn blows, a different part of me comes out. I get to push myself out of my comfort zone to do something I’ve never done. I love trying to reach my peak performance in a limited amount of time.” As stressful as competing can be, Carissa thrives on heat strategy, figuring out new waves, and traveling the world. She foresees her future in surfing as competing as long as she can and hopes to inspire other females to do what they love, strive for goals, and most importantly, be themselves. Even though many of her peers grew up with plenty of time to hone their surfing skills as homeschoolers, Carissa attended Punahou School from kindergarten to 12th grade. “I had to really discipline myself, use my time wisely, and appreciated it more because I didn’t have as much

time to be in the water,” Carissa recalls. Since her parents were divorced when she was 10, she also had limited time to be in the water as she balanced life in two households. “My dad is my coach and has been my coach since the day he pushed me into my first wave,” says the 2011 and 2013 ASP World Champion, explaining that while other coaches have come and gone, her unique relationship with her father is what has given her the support and drive to push herself further than she ever thought possible. “He said his main objective in teaching me to surf was that if I fell in love with it, then hopefully I would never move away from Hawai`i,” she laughs, adding that her dad is an accomplished waterman in his own right, a three-time winner of the Waikiki Rough Water Swim. Now that Carissa is home in Hawai`i to decompress from the world tour, she doesn’t have any events to compete in on her home turf during the winter. She hopes to see some Hawai`i contests for women return in the next couple years, because she would love to compete at during the big wave season. “It’s a bummer to not get to compete at home where the waves are so challenging, but I am looking forward to surfing a lot this winter regardless,” Carissa says, adding that she will be at Hale`iwa and Sunset as well as paddling out to Pipe where she is looking to get more comfortable. As a role model for females, Carissa is very aware of her influence on the next generation and wants her legacy to serve as an example for those who also want to be a pro surfer. “There are a lot of opportunities for the youth to compete in Hawai`i, but there’s also not any rush,” she explains. “Balance is important so just be happy, enjoy yourself when you surf, and take your time.”


Pau Hana / Terry Ahue & The Hawaiian Water Patrol

By Sean Reilly

After a heavy wipe out at Pipe, there’s no one on Earth you’d rather see more than Terry Ahue and his elite crew of water safety specialists. A staple in the evolution of ocean rescue, Terry has been keeping the North Shore safe for over four decades.

Terry grew up in the small town of Hau‘ula, located just down the road from the fabled seven-mile miracle. In the early 70’s, Terry became a City and County Lifeguard at what many considered the biggest wave in the world, Waimea Bay. Working alongside legendary waterman Eddie Aikau, Terry surfed the colossal waves between his hundreds of rescues. In the mid 80’s, Terry and his good friend and fellow lifeguard, Brian Keaulana, noticed a demand for water safety professionals at local surf contests. Thus the Hawaiian Safety Patrol was born. Terry, Brian, and a handful of other lifeguards and big-wave chargers would spend their weekends as water patrol safety for surf contests around the Island of Oahu. Armed with nothing but their own personal longboard, fins, and a rescue tube, the two friends turned their passion into a successful company that would revolutionize water safety forever.


Rainbow DRIVE-IN

“Rainbows all day long” Open everyday 7am-9pm

Take-out 737-0177 Or stop by whenevers 3308 Kanaina Ave. Honolulu, 96815 Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @rainbowdrivein


Pau Hana Continued

“It started after Brian took a beating at Waimea,” said Terry. “Brian was surfing in the first ever Eddie when he got pounded by a 20-footer and got stuck on the inside. Squiddy Sanchez zoomed in on his jet ski to check on Brian and was able to take off before the next set came.” That’s when a switch clicked for Terry and Brian. Enamored by the jet ski’s capabilities in massive surf, they bought a ski for themselves. The dynamic duo opened a door to an entirely new realm of water rescue possibilities. With the help of Melvin Pu‘u, Dennis Gouveia, and a few other lifeguards and big wave surfers, the research and development of personal watercraft rescue went into full swing. While the rest of the world looked to the California and Australian lifeguards for progression, Terry and Brian were pioneering the future of water safety. Now that they had the ability to get in and out of the impact zone safely, they needed something for those they rescued to hold onto. Using a modified Morey Doyle surfboard, strings, and a garden hose, they rigged the first ever rescue sled to the back of their personal watercraft. After many years of research and development, the Hawaiian Water Patrol has now standardized the rescue sled and rescue techniques we use today. “We pioneered it the whole way. Bought the jet ski out of pocket, pow-wowed with some other guards to write a manual, and even pushed it through legislature so the City and County could use it,” said Terry. “It made history, everyone’s using it now. Not only the lifeguards, but the fire department, the police department, the DLNR, and all the tow-in guys.” Redefining the limits of safety in an aquatic environment, the Hawaiian Water Patrol is now considered a must-have at any event in or around the Pacific waters. Terry and his select group of waterman monitor the safety of surf contests, paddleboard races, ocean swims, commercials, television shows, and film productions all over the world. Whether they’re rescuing Kelly Slater from maxing Pipe, or jumping off battleships in Pearl Harbor, Terry and the Hawaiian Water Patrol will make sure everyone’s in one piece at the end of the day.


sl pacific i

indo reservations specialist

sean walker 877-617-1328



and many m


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News & Events

Josh Moniz


NSSA at Sunset Beach The National Scholastic Surfing Association hosted one of its premier events at the historic Sunset Beach in October to give the local upand-coming groms a chance to gain experience on a world-class wave. Here are the division results:

OPEN DIVISIONS MEN 1. Josh Moniz 2. Dorian Blanchard 3. Seth Moniz 4. Benji Brand 5. Cody YOung 6. Joey Johnston JUNIORS 1. Wyatt McHale 2. Kelson Lau 3. Finn McGill 4. Cody Young 5. Kala Willard 6. Ryder Guest WOMEN 1. Honolua Blomfield 2. Bailey Nagy 3. Brisa Hennessy 4. Mahina Maeda 5. Zoe McDougall 6. Sunshine Patey GIRLS 1. Brisa Hennessy 2. Zoe McDougall 3. Honolua Blomfield 4. Brittany Penroza 5. Summer Macedo 6. Nicole Fletcher BOYS 1. Ocean Macedo 2. Axel Rosenblad 3. Eli Hanneman 4. Wyatt McHale 5. Brodi Sale 6. Isaiah Briley MINI GROMS 1. Brodi Sale 2. Ty Simpson -Kane 3. Jackson Bunch 4. Levi Young 5. Dylan Schmarr 6. Maikai Burdine LONGBOARD 1. Honolua Blomfield 2. Ocean Tsutsui 3. Kelta O’Rourke 4. Kylie Nagy 5. Victoria Baugh EXPLORER DIVISIONS MEN 1. Benji Brand 2. Elijah Gates 3. Imaikalani DeVault 4. Raymond May 5. Kala Willard 6. Reece Leonard JUNIORS 1. Imaikalani DeVault 2. Benji Brand 3. Joey Johnston 4. Seth Moniz 5. Elijah Gates 6. Christopher Bluthardt

Honolua Blomfield

WOMEN 1. Bailey Nagy 2. Dax McGill 3. Moana Jones 4. Mahina Maeda 5. Zoe McDougall 6. Kailani Jones GIRLS 1. Sunshine Patey 2. Honolua Blomfield 3. Moana Jones 4. Kailani Jones 5. Kelta O’Rourke 6. Zoe McDougall BOYS 1. Finn McGill 2. Loa Ng 3. Conor Kennedy 4. Barron Mamiya 5. Logan Bediamol 6. Dylan Franzmann MENEHUNES 1. Wyatt McHale 2. Cole Alves 3. Brodi Sale 4. Reef Tsutsui 5. Wyatt Walter 6. Eli Hanneman SUPER GROMS 1. Brodi Sale 2. Keanu Taylor 3. Thatcher Johnson 4. Jackson Bunch 5. Robert Grilho 6. Luke Swanson LONGBOARD 1. Honolua Blomfield 2. Ocean Tsutsui 3. Kelta O’Rourke 4. Victoria Baugh 5. Kylie Nagy 6. Angeline Yossa

Team rider Ivy Cerrone ,Photography by Mike Cerrone

Farm fresh island produce and local fish help to inspire a seasonal menu that caters to both locals and visitors alike

76-6246 Ali`i Dr. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 (808) 326-1771

Located in Shark’s Cove Hale`iwa 59-680 Kamehameha Hwy. Hale`iwa. HI 808.779.7943 (Pupukea Service Station parking lot) North Shore, O’ahu

News & Events Kirstin / ASP

The World Title Comes to Pipe As stop number nine of ten on the 2013 Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Championship Tour (WCT), the Rip Curl Pro Portugal officially sent the 2013 ASP World Title Race to be decided in Hawai`i at the Triple Crown of Surfing events. The two contenders left to battle it out at the Banzai Pipeline: Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater. In Portugal, all eyes were on Mick Fanning, who needed to make the semis to accumulate sufficient points to take the crown before the season-ending event in December at the Pipe Masters. His only remaining challenger, 11-time champion Kelly Slater, was eliminated in the second round. However, Slater still has enough points stored up to take the title with a win at Pipeline. Kirstin / ASP

Kai Otton

The elimination of Joel Parkinson from the semi-finals, Jordy Smith in the quarter-finals and Taj Burrow from Round Five put an end to all their chances of claiming the 2013 ASP World Title, and left it as a two-horse race between Fanning and Slater. Kai Otton won the event and is now seventh on the ASP WCT Rankings following the victory. He has been one of the most consistent surfers in 2013.

Cestari / ASP

Cestari / ASP

Kirstin / ASP

Nat Young

Gabriel Medina

Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning Wins Quiksilver Pro France Australia’s Mick Fanning dominated the Quiksilver Pro France in an action-packed final over Brazil’s Gabriel Medina in early October. With three- to four-foot waves at the backup venue of Le Penon in Seignosse, this was stop number eight of ten on the ASP World Championship Tour. The Quiksilver Pro France dealt with a difficult forecast to showcase the world’s best surfers in quality waves over the two iconic spots of La Graviere and Le Penon. Mick Fanning nailed a historic fourth win at the event, making him the most decorated surfer of The Quicksilver Pro France’s 12-year history. This result marks the first event win for Fanning this season and cements him in the pole position on the rankings. “I’m pretty emotional, I never really got into rhythm until this morning so it feels great,” an ecstatic Fanning stated. “It just feels so good. Gabi is such an incredible kid, even with 20 seconds to go I was still under pressure. It just feels so good.” Fanning consecutively out-surfed Hawaiian phenomenon John John Florence and Joel Parkinson on his way to the final, where he found himself backed up against the wall with Medina in the lead. The two-time World Champion held to his game plan and attacked a bumpy right-hander with all his power to clinch an excellent 8.83 and steal the show. “Conditions deteriorated towards the end, but I was a little lucky with that last wave I guess. Gabriel and Filipe have just been going so big, I just thought I’d stick to my game and it sort of paid off towards the end,” Fanning continued. “I watched them flipping around in the air, they have no fear and go so high it’s incredible, I wish I could start again with new ankles and try to do some airs like that.”

News & Events

Tweddle / ASP

Honolua Brings Home Gold As the only female in the Junior’s Under 18 Final, Oahu’s Honolua Blomfield took home the gold medal and Junior World Longboard Champion title from the ISA event in Huanchaco, Peru, held in September. The first final in the water was the Junior’s Under-18, where Hono won the gold medal. As one of only two girls entered in the Junior competition, this wahine had a difficult task, but managed to dominate most of her heats throughout the event, including the final. “I just feel on top of the world! I can’t believe that I was able to make it this far,” Honolua exclaims. “On my first wave, a set wave, I just played safe and did a couple of turns and some nose riding and ended up getting a seven. I was just amped throughout the whole heat. Then another really long wave came through, a little nugget that peeled all the way to the inside and I ended up getting another seven on that one.” Those two rides added up to a winning performance. Congratulations Hono!

Aloha George

Chris Latronic

George Ramos Paddle Out A memorial celebration honoring the life of George Ramos took place Saturday, October 12 at Sunset Beach. In the morning light, a group of family, friends and supporters paddled out to scatter his ashes and remember the vibrant and active life of this dedicated and longtime paddleboarder and surfer. George spent countless hours surfing and paddling the waters of Oahu’s North Shore, was an inspiration to many people, and loved by all who knew him.


Hawai`i Surf Team Tryouts Junior World Team Trials It’s that time of year again, the Hawai`i Surf Team is starting early in selecting the next group of Hawai`i Juniors to represent our humble state in the World Championships brought to you by the ISA. Coaches Rainos Hayes, Bert Ishimaru and Kahea Hart set up a surf clinic on the North Shore of Oahu, inviting local 18 and under groms from around the islands to challenge their competitive spirit and possibly gain a spot on the 2014 traveling team. Make it or not, all the participants got in a full weekend of surfing and expert coaching from the industries best.

Poullenot / ASP

News & Events

Carissa Claims 2nd ASP Women’s World Title

Brent Bielmann

At just 21 years old, Hawaiian phenom Carissa Kainani Moore is the 2013 ASP Women’s World Champion after clinching a victory at the EDP Cascais Girls Pro presented by Billabong. “It feels awesome. I woke up this morning and really felt like today was the day,” said Moore. “This world title win was sweeter, since it came down to it being so close with Tyler. Winning events in different places this year and also winning again at the US Open, that was really special. It was overall a really meaningful year.” Carissa kicked off the 2013 season at the Roxy Pro in Gold Coast, AUS, with a third place finish. This momentum fueled her aggressive campaign for the rest of the tour, with three wins (Margaret River, Bells Beach, Huntington Beach) and culminating in her victory at the Rip Curl Pro. She had been battling Australian competitor nineteen-year old Tyler Wright, who was in a seesaw battle with Moore all season. Carissa has won 9 ASP Women’s World Tour events, an unprecedented 11 NSSA Titles and now two ASP World Titles. Congratulations Carissa!

JOB Barred from ASP Events Jamie (JOB) O’Brien, a Pipe Master, will not compete at his famed home break this year. After an altercation during the trials at the Billabong Pro Tahiti with Brazilian barrel specialist Ricardo Dos Santos, Jamie is barred from all ASP events until the end of the year. He will make his return for the Volcom Pipe Pro to begin the next season.

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News & Events

Redefined Ocean Front Property

Cestari / ASP

In mid October,one particular oceanfront home overlooking Kammie Land near Sunset Beach had a major change in landscaping: The backyard pool cracked in half and fell into the ocean. Eroding shoreline is a given on beachfront properties that are subject to seasonal ware and tear, but the first bigger swell at the end of the summer brought a lot of backyards into the water. Many homes along this stretch are perched on a 20-foot drop that is becoming more and more water than sand.

Big Deal The first national and global media deal in the history of professional surfing has been made by ESPN and ASP teaming up as the exclusive U.S. domestic broadcaster for professional surfing in 2014 as part of a three-year agreement to showcase the sport’s elite events. The ASP YouTube channel, along with the rebuilt ASP website, which will embed this content via the YouTube player, will exclusively provide fans with more than 3,000 hours of programming, including 26 live streamed events annually across the men’s ASP World Championship Tour, the women’s World Tour and the ASP Big Wave World Tour. For the first time in the sport’s history, the ASP YouTube channel will enable fans around the world to go to one global destination to view surfing digitally. ASP events enhanced by the media deals include the 26 elite tour events across men’s, women’s and big wave arenas in Australia, Brazil, Fiji, Indonesia, Tahiti, USA, France, Portugal, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Spain and Mexico.

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Delivery to sunset beach starting nov 1

Monday-Thursday 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM Friday-Saturday 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM Sunday 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM 66-250 Kam Hwy. Haleiwa, HI 96712 (808) 637-5026

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Tasi Boutique Inspired by the ocean, nestled in the country” We carry locally made seashell jewelry, pareos, and clothing! Phone: 808-990-1236 Email:

Small Treasures

Silver Jewelry Designs North Shore, Oahu 808~778~7809

SUP World Champ: Kai Lenny


Kai Lenny placed second overall for the SUP World Series Finals at Turtle Bay, presented by Turtle Bay in October and won the overall World Title for 2013. Not too shabby for this young Champion from Maui who just turned 21.

JC Shaping in Brazil JC recently traveled to Brazil where he shaped surfboards. Located on the North Shore of Oahu, John “JC” Carper is considered one of the top shapers in the world. Working with many of the elite pro surfers on the ASP Tour, JC has translated high performance needs into shapes that have built him a reputation for cutting edge, core designs worldwide.

Factory and Showroom # 573-SURF

Photo: Brandon Ells

“ Always go where you are towed. ” PARTS • ACCESSORIES • TOW HITCHES

We’ll Hook You Up!

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PRINT AD: FREE SURF 1/4 PAGE: 3.75” x 4.875”

Industry Notes Heff

Joe Fortunato • Custom Fine Art • Paintings • Giclee • Commissions (808) 277-6408

John Y.U. Choi Attorney - Auto Accident Law Center Pacific Guardian Center, Makai Tower 733 Bishop Street, Suite 2390 Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813 808.792.8333 R The People’s Choice Law Firm

Keanu Asing Joins Pro Lite Pro Lite announced the addition of Hawai`i’s Keanu Asing to its global surf team. Keanu has recently relocated from Hawai`i to San Clemente California to pursue his dream of making the WCT. “I think Keanu is a great addition to our team here at Pro Lite,” stated Mike Henderson. “Keanu is super driven. He is proven in all sizes of surf and is a great all around surfer, and an all around great human being. We look forward to helping Keanu excel and work his way onto the WCT in the near future!” 

Noel Marchan photo by Wayne Agsalda

Realtor Associate

(808) 282-0949

The In-N-Out of Massage Kahala Mall, Upper Level 4211 Waialae Ave. Box 9050, Honolulu, HI 96816

North Shore Foot Massage treated FreeSurf’s managing editor to a much-needed 60-minute de-stressing massage. What a relief. Located in the little wellness corner of Hale`iwa (between Noelani Studios and Celestial Natural Foods), North Shore Foot Massage will be cranking out the feel good rubs for surfers and tourists alike during the upcoming big wave season. Don’t just let the winter aches and pains get you in the door. Loosen up your body at this new massage parlor every week and zone out for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes, starting off with a very relaxing foot soak/rub. North Shore Foot Massage promotes a healthy body for a healthy mind.

Board Stories & Billabong Surf TV Expand Horizons

@freesurfmag BOMBUCHA + 2013 Board Buyers Guide + Portfolio | Brent Bielmann + S p o t l ight | D u st y P ay n e

Billy Kemper Photo: Brent Bielmann

In a recent wave of popularity, Board Stories & Billabong Surf TV have been picked up by several new networks in the past year. Surf lovers and beach enthusiasts can now catch our fun and sun loving surf powered programs on five networks. Fuel TV Australia, OFF Television in Brazil, Outside Televison USA, COX 3 Orange County, CA, TimeWarner Cable in Southern California, and of course our one and only home player OC16 in Hawai`i.

Kai Ku Hale Green Style Island Living Unique Hawaiian Art, Home Decor & Gifts

Hale`iwa Town Center Open 10 am - &pm Daily 66-145 Kamehameha Hwy., Hale`iwa, HI 96712 Phone: (808) 636-2244


Industry Notes

Clary Marzo’s New Biography Freestyle surfing great Clay Marzo and his mastery of the waves, as well as his life with Asperger’s Syndrome, are the subject of “Just Add Water,” a biography by Robert Yehling. The book is scheduled to be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2014. The book will feature Marzo’s rise to greatness as one of the most unique and gifted surfers ever, as well as his lifelong struggle to deal with everyday life because of what was diagnosed as Asperger’s Syndrome, a developmental “re-wiring” of the brain, in 2007. Marzo was already well known to the Hawai`i surfing community when he came to the U.S. mainland in 2005 and won the NSSA National Championships open division at age 15—with two perfect 10 scores— the only time it’s ever happened in the 35-year history of the event. His power and ridiculously difficult maneuvers prompted onlookers to consider him the world’s next future surfing great.

Jungle Gems North Shore Marketplace Hale`iwa, HI (808) 637-6609

Gemstone Jewelry - Original Designs In Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Follow Us on Instagram @junglegems

Jimmy Ulu Napeahi signs with Hurley After surviving a horrific shark attack on the Big Island, ‘Ulu Boy’ has returned and with more than some scars to prove it. His first paddle out was October 12, where family, friends and fellow Da Hui members like Kala Alexander paddled back out next to him in support. Noticing the strength and character behind this upcoming Hawaiian Junior, Hurley has opened up their arms to take Ulu on board as he makes his return to the competitive surf scene. Ulu Boy is going through rehab and is slated to make his comeback debut at this year’s 2013 HIC PRO at Sunset Beach.

Rare Opportunity to purchase the landmark 1932 Bishop Bank Building in Hale`iwa. Incredible location next to Anahulu Bridge and across from Hale`iwa Joe’s Restaurant. Interior is 690 sq. ft. and still has the vault. B1 zoned lot is 7322 sq.

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ft. Offered at $1,750,000 which will include plans and permits for an additional 4188 sq. ft. building. Broker/ Owner. Possibility of Seller financing with 50% down.

Juliana Simone (R) CRS

President and Principal Broker Sunset Homes, LLC

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Request a private showing at our studio Tuesday - Saturday 9 am - 5 pm Facebook(kaleimaeole handcrafted jewelry)

Painting By Sue Stagner

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Hurley Anti Canvas The “Anti Canvas”, a showcase of boardshort art for charity by Hurley. Its's Hurley's fifth annual event, held on Saturday, Dec 21, 6pm-11pm, in conjunction with Honolulu Night Market (in Kaka’ako), 683 Auahi St., Honolulu. Hurley will have 30 artists participating. All boardshorts are silent auctioned and 100 percent of the proceeds of the auction will go to Hawai`i Food Bank and Waves 4 Water.

Hale`iwa International Open One of the longest running amateur surf contests in the world, Hale`iwa International Open surf contest, held at Alii Beach in Hale`iwa, will run December 21 - January 2.

Kauai’s Mike Young Passes Mike Young, native Hawaiian surfer and musician from Kaua`i, has passed on from this world. Known for his strong and resonating spirit, he lived Aloha to the fullest. Surfing and writing music by day, and performing by night, Mike was an inspiration to everyone.

@freesurfmag BOMBUCHA + 2013 Board Buyers Guide + Portfolio | Brent Bielmann + S p o t l ight | D u st y P ay n e

Billy Kemper Photo: Brent Bielmann

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Ssshhhh! The best kept secret! In Hale`iwa since 1991 Featuring local artists and designers at great prices! Original yellow dot: Harder rubber compound = stiffer kick

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Salon La Sirena

A new Green Salon on the North Shore Owner Gina Walker Haircut, Highlight, and Color Specialist Hairdresser to the stars from Malibu, CA 20 years experience

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Photo Bielmann

H a w a ii ’s B e s t M e x ic a n


& Margarita Bar Pancho Sullivan

Photo He/Manulele Images

Located in the

North Shore Marketplace

66250 Kamehameha Highway Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

637-3059 www.CHOLOS.MX

Authentic Mexican Favorites Island Fresh Fish Tacos Refreshing Margaritas Daily Specials - Large Parties Welcome! Open Everyday 9:30am-9:30pm

Last Look

It’s time to punt. Dane Reynolds closing us out in style. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Freesurf V10n11  

The vans Triple crown of Surfing Issue.

Freesurf V10n11  

The vans Triple crown of Surfing Issue.