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Volume 9, Number 9

The Gold Standard Adventure: Panama Chasing Gold in Nicaragua Creature Photo Feature

FREE Daniel Jones Photo: Chris Burkard

in Hawaii

Nathan Circa 2002


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free parking Without the contributions of our hard working photographers, our monthly surf magazine would be quite drab and boring. For the September issue, the crew at Freesurf decided to give the hardworking photographers a chance to explain what went into getting the perfect shot for this issue. We hope you enjoy their thoughts being behind the lens.

Photographer: Clark Little “This image was taken at night with a top mount flash. It was a very powerful wave with great texture caused by the wind and energy. Timing was perfect and I was stoked to capture mother nature’s fury/beauty and get out of the ocean in one piece.”

Photographer: Eric Baeseman Surfer: Koa Rothman “Koa Rothman has been stepping it up! This wave came in perfect on the shelf and he sliced into this one super smooth.”


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Volume 9, Number 9




Free Parking Tubes Times Two


Adventure: Panama The Spirit of Adventure


Cover Story Getting the Shot


Aperture Photographer’s Edition


Editor’s Note Words are Overrated


Nicaragua Hawai`i Brings Home ISA Gold


News & Events Bethany, Parko & more


Fit for Surf Run!


She Rips Tatiana Weston-Webb

Surfer Rochelle Ballard Photo: Shawn Parkin / ISA

Table of Contents

Chris Burkard Captures Daniel Jones in Silhouette “It is always cool when you are able to work with your friends. They seem to be more on the same page as you and working with you to get that unique perspective. This night the sunset was producing some great color and Daniel Jones was pushing himself to get that photo while I was working hard to get that unique perspective for him. It is great when there is a mutual understanding and respect for one another in the photographic process. It means even more when you get that shot for a good buddy.” Chris Burkard “Sometimes it comes easy, first wave. Other times you show up and the waves are horrible, you don’t surf. Everyone thinks it was a waste of time, but you’re a surfer so you might as well try. Shooting is a lot like a normal surf. You check the forecast, call some friends to go surf, but one is a photographer. Then you drive around because everyone wants to go somewhere different. The most important part of the equation, of any good photograph, is a good photographer.” Daniel Jones 14


Cover Story

Editorial Publisher : Mike Latronic Managing Editor : Matt Luttrell Editor -at- Large : Chris Latronic Photo Editor : Tony Heff Art Director : John Weaver Multimedia Director : Tyler Rock Copy Editor / Office Manager: Lauren Shanahan Free Thinkers : Casey Butler, James Stone, Jordon Cooper SeniorPhotographer : Eric Baeseman

Contributing Photographers Nathan Adams, Erik Aeder, Kirk Lee Aeder, Jamie Ballenger, Brian Bielmann, John Bilderback, Chris Burkard, Tom Carey, Vince Cavataio, Kanoa Dahlin, Hilton Dawe, Quincy Dein, Patrick Devault, Jeff Divine, Willi Edwards, Grant Ellis, Paul Fisher, Isaac Frazer, Pete Frieden, Jeff Hall, Noah Hamilton, John Helper, Dave Homcy, Ha'a Keaulana, Ehitu Keeling, Kin Kimoto, Ric Larsen, Tracy Kraft Leboe, Bruno Lemos, Sue Li. Mana, Mike McGinnis, Allen Mozo, Zak Noyle, Carol Oliva, Tom Sanders, Kaz Sano, Epes Sargent, Bobby Schutz, Jason Shibata, Batel Shimi, Pake Salmon, Pat Stacy, Vince Street, Spencer Suitt, Bill Taylor, Steve Thrailkill, JP VanSwae, Jessica Wertheim, Jimmy Wilson.

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Surfer: Mike Latronic Photo: Rommel / ISA

Editor’s Note Matt Luttrell Surfers understand better than anyone the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.” We surfers are seekers of moments of indescribable euphoria. And words just don’t do any kind of justice at articulating our special kinetic art. Have you ever tried to explain to a non-surfer the joy surfing brings you? Words fall short almost every single time. Most of us are left sounding like mystical morons. Hell even Jack London and Mark Twain, two of America’s most gifted writers, didn’t do any real justice when they tried to describe surfing to the masses. Where words fall short though, photographs perfectly convey the indescribable moments we surfers experience. Photography is THE visual medium that best explains to landlocked Americans the aquatic bliss surfers feel when we slide across waves. Since Tom Blake invented the first water housing back in 1930, surfers have documented wave riding for the last 8 decades with devotion and panache. Venturing out into the vast ocean, surf photographers have held our attention through their phenomenal images. While most of these surf photographers have made very little money, these individuals have made a career from their passion. Lucky bastards.

Mick Curley

News & Events

Live Like Sion Gromfest

The first annual Live Like Sion Keiki Grom Fest was held this past July over at Pk’s on Kauai. 80 young surfers gathered in Poipu to compete in memory of the late Sion Milosky. Sion’s best friend Milo Murgia acted as Contest Director, and with a fantastic turnout this event will continue on

Parko places 3rd in Molokai 2 Oahu Apparently competing in the World Championship Tour isn’t challenging enough for Joel Parkinson. This year, the #3 ranked surfer in the world decided to paddle in

Bethany Hamilton Gives Back in Bali Bethany Hamilton has been in Bali this past month. Having been awarded a wildcard slot to surf the 2012 Rip Curl Padang Padang Invitational, Bethany took time out from her trip to teach a group of Balinese orphans how to surf. The kids, ages 8 to 13, surfed Kuta’s Legian Beach with Hamilton and other surf instructors for an unforgettable day of fun. This great event was a joint effort put together by the Rip Curl School of Surf and Soul Surf Project Bali.

the 2012 Molokai2Oahu Paddleboard World Championships presented by Kona Longboard. Before the US Open of Surfing, Parko paddled across the “Channel of Bones” with his trainer Wes Berg. Not only did Parko complete the channel crossing, the competitive juggernaut and his partner Berg ended up finishing 3rd in the stock paddleboard division. Former world tour competitor Rob Machado also crossed the channel this year, competing in the SUP division.

Kaiwi Channel also known as the Moloka`i Channel


Separates the islands of Oahu and Molokai, and is 26 miles wide. Maximum depth is 2300 feet (701 m)


for many years to come.


Whalers Village, KaĘťanapali Front Street Lahaina Cannery Mall South Kihei Shops At Wailea

Big Island

Kona Inn Shopping Village Kings’ Shops Waikoloa


Outrigger Waikiki Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Walk Sheraton Princess Kaiulani


Poipu Shopping Village Anchor Cove



News & Events

Kamehameha Repaved Big news here on the North Shore with Kam Highway getting repaved just in time to prepare for the 30th edition of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Residents are stoked they don’t have to dodge basketball sized potholes on their drive to Foodland. But will the fresh tar on the road help the traffic?

Michael Ho inducted into Surfing Walk of Fame Legend Mike Ho, the former Pipeline Master and two time Triple Crown winner, was Surfing Walk of Fame alongside Sean Collins, Michael Peterson and Dick Brewer. Congratulations on the big honor Uncle Mike!

Board Stories Drops into a New Channel

Don’t worry Board Stories fans, you will continue to see all the best board riding action here in Hawaii on TV. However, you will need to change the channel from 16 to 12 to catch all the action!

Lau wins Japan’s Biggest Event Young Ezekial Lau continues to find competitive success in 2012. Fresh off a semifinal placing at the JBay Billabong Pro, Zeke headed to the Land of the Rising Sun and won the Billabong Pro Tahara. With his four star win at Japan’s biggest event, Lau appears poised to make a serious run at qualifying for the world championship tour in the coming year. Congrats Zeke!

S. Yamamoto

recently inducted into Huntington Beach’s

Jon Steele

Bronson Lovell - Freesurf surfboard contest winner talks story I have been surfing since I was 5 years old and the first break I ever got wet at was at Hanalei pier...I love to surf and have been surfing ever since. Winning the surfboard, all I can say is that I was surprised, in shock and couldn’t believe it! When I heard Mike Latronic say his name on the phone I was tripping... I was just cruising one day watching Board Stories and decided to enter the contest for the board and the next thing I know I was the winner!!! It was so awesome...I am so stoked and full of gratitude and much mahalos to Freesurf and T&C! T&C’s traveler board is super fast and very responsive... I haven’t been able to ride the board on any really good waves yet...Summer’s been kinda flat, just waiting for some 4-5 footers to roll through. News and Events Continued on page 70



PANAMA Mike Latronic

Griffin Colapinto

Our trek through Central America began in southwest

follows the passion of

ceremonies of the Da Kine ISA World Junior Surfing

Panama, in the quaint town of Pedasi that held the opening Championships. Hundreds of the world’s best young surfers had gathered bearing their countries colors at the parade of

discovery and in Central America


the country of Panama presents

Each year the International Surfing Association hosts

both in ample supply.

numerous Olympic style surfing events worldwide and


had selected Panama in 2012 due to its plentiful surf,

Griffin Colapinto



he spirit of adventure

Panama is blessed with nearly 1500 miles of coastline, much of it as yet unexplored by surfers.

accommodating people, supportive government and favorable logistics. Even the PRESIDENT of PANAMA is stoked on surfing, having made a personal appearance to wish the athletes good luck. The event brought some thirty nations together speaking the common language of surfing. I could go on to tell you how Hawaii went on to win the Gold medal, but alas‌ this story is not about the event‌ but rather the decision by a few adventurous surfers that chose to stay on after the medals were passed out to do what surfers love to do most. Explore and discover new waves. Bordered by two oceans (the Pacific and the Atlantic), Panama is blessed with nearly 1500 miles of coastline, much of it as yet unexplored by surfers. The Panamanian coastline features a variety of long beaches, rocky coves, bays, and points. With southwest swells pulsing on the Pacific side, our target was the Azuero Peninsula. This area of Panama is flourishing with great set ups, from



sandbars to rocky points. We realized we could NEVER surf all the breaks on offer in just a week! After the hundreds of surfers on

Sterling Spencer

Jake Davis

Magnum Martinez


Sterling Spencer


hand at ISA World Junior Champs event just 24 hrs prior at the beach break of Playa Venao, our small adventure entourage sat on a quiet stretch of beach just an hour away and watched perfect 2-4 peelers wind across a sand and cobblestone point‌ with no one in the line up‌ except us.


ur entourage included a diverse group of surfers. Seasoned traveler, Venezuelan born professional

and 2012 ISA Masters Champion, Magnum Martinez had recently relocated to Panama with his expectant wife. Sterling Spencer, top East Coast performer and auteur of pinchmysalt.tv also joined the group. And straight off the beach from the heat draw of the most prestigious Junior events on the planet came two up and coming young surfers from California, Griffin Colapinto and Jake Davis. With no jerseys and no horns, both were invited to explore the Panamanian coast for an additional week and half of pure free surfing adventure. Griffith and Jake were notably stoked with the view at hand. Boards in tow the teens and the rest of the crew jumped out for some surf in the quaint town of Kombutal. This was just the first of several surfing

Magnum Martinez


areas we would visit.


espite having just recently moved to Panama, Magnum was super tuned to where to be and when to be there. (Quote about tides and waves?) While the next location Martinez suggested we go to was about 4 hours drive by car,

he deftly studied the maps and projections like a young stock market analyst about to make his first million on a new penny stock. “It could be reallllllly good,� he opined.


Panamanian surfer Jean Carlos Gonzales made the trek from the Caribbean side to Playa Venao and completely lit it up.


or the most part the road systems in Panama are straight forward (meaning navigable), well cared for and safe. However, Panama gets a whole lotta rain seasonally. Sunny days can turn to lightning storms within an hour and vis versa. Between April and December, Panama receives over 120 inches of annual rainfall in certain areas during the rainy season. So while the roads

are mostly well kept, beware of POTHOLES. After driving 5 hours and dodging 5000 potholes, Martinez was spot on with his call about the surf. Well rested at one of many local beach lodges, our crew was treated to 3-5’ pristine sandbar tubes, with not a soul on the beach. The morning sessions brought smiles for miles with every one of our crew scoring plenty of good tubes. We camped it all day in what could only be considered surf trip gold. After surfing, a successful coconut hunt was followed by a simple lunch and more surfing. Our group returned to the same beach the next day. The waves were still fun but the wind had notched up. Additionally, the beach was slightly more populated as we were joined by another crew of top surfers from Team Quiksilver. Jeremy Flores, Balram

Sterling Spencer

Rock Rock

Mike Latronic

For the most part the road systems in Panama are straight forward (meaning navigable), well cared for and safe. However, Panama gets a whole lotta rain seasonally. Sunny days can turn to lightning storms within an hour and vis versa. Between April and December, Panama receives over 120 inches of annual rainfall in certain areas during the rainy season. So while the roads are mostly well kept, beware of POTHOLES. After driving 5 hours and dodging 5000 potholes, Martinez was spot on with his call about the surf. Well rested at one of many local beach lodges, our crew was treated to 3-5’ pristine sandbar tubes, with not a soul on the beach. The morning sessions brought smiles for miles with every one of our crew scoring plenty of good tubes. We camped it all day in


East coast surfer, Balaram Stack showed up with Jeremy Flores and a few other Quiksilver team athletes and proceeded to take apart the peak down the beach.

THE MOLOKAI award winning patented tide technology

what could only be considered surf trip gold. After surfing, a successful coconut hunt was followed by a simple lunch and more surfing. Our group returned to the same beach the next day. The waves were still fun but the wind had notched up. Additionally, the beach was slightly more populated as we were joined by another crew of top surfers from Team Quiksilver. Jeremy Flores, Balram Stack and others shared a session and were in great form.



Left: Jake Davis is “little brother” to Californian phenom Luke Davis. Matching power with progressive creativity, there is nothing little about this rising star’s repertoire.

Sequence: Griffith Colapinto is about the most polite and well-behaved young man you could ask for on a surf trip. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the many waves this Orange cousurfer tore to pieces with vicious intent.



he country of Panama is green and lush and full of color. Our crew opted for some jungle time and went zip lining. After a few thrills on the zip line the boys cooled down in a nearby waterfall before we journeyed back to the capitol. Arriving back to Panama City in the daylight it was easy to see why the city is heralded as a place of cosmopolitan style with great hotels,

nightlife and eateries. In fact few cities in Latin America can match the diversity and cosmopolitanism of Panama City. Home to the Panama Canal, Panama City’s unique position on the world’s trade routes has provided economic opportunity for businesses immigrants from all over the planet, making Panama a true hub of mixed cultures. With great food, great people and great fun in the sun, everyone in our crew knew they will be coming back soon!


Photographer’s Edition

Photographer: Chris Burkard “This was a secret trip into the Caribbean with Ben Bourgeois. I had to swear secrecy and basically count on his word that there was going to be pumping surf at this spot. This shot was literally the view Ben had for the entire trip. The shot is exactly what every surfer wants to see...covered by the barrel while their buddy witnesses it all and can only hoot and smile back at you. It was amazing to pull up to a secret spot have the swell fill in for a few days and then only to disappear as soon as it appeared.”

Photographer: Nelly/SPL Surfer: Dusty Payne “Dusty and I planned this trip over a round of golf at Turtle Bay! When the swell showed up, my friend Mitchell called me and assured me it was on! Dusty, Gavin and Eric Geiselman and I jumped on a plane to the Caroline Islands...This was the day before the swell hit, and it was crazy good....sheet glass and tubing all the way through.....One of the best trips of my life, and I took Dusty’s $$$ at Turtle Bay!!!”

Photographer: Mike Latronic Surfer: Cooper Chapman “Life is all about moments... And with surf photography this is a solid reality. I snapped this freesurf photo of young Aussie Cooper Chapman during the ISA World Junior Championships. I like the way he approached the oncoming section, weighting and unweighting with style and flow. Sometimes a simple re direct is all that you need to call it a good day!�

Photographer: Joli Surfer: Kala Alexander “Kala said “It looks easy in the magazines.” Half joking & half serious, he was trying to convey how heavy the waves were as he paddled back out past our boat after catching this wave. Surfing on Friday the 8th of June at Cloudbreak in Fiji was never easy. The big wave guys had flown in from all around the world after watching an intense low pressure off Australia push a massive swell towards Fiji. The day started with solid eight foot sets and continued building right through the day. All the conditions came together late in the day with the right tide, light winds and the long period swell pushing massive waves down the reef. In all my years of shooting, and there are a lot of them, I’ve never seen waves like the ones I witnessed late that afternoon. There were probably 4 sets with two waves pushing 25’ plus in each set that produced amazing barrels while the in-between set waves were in the 15’-20’ plus range. Cloudbreak showed it was probably the longest and biggest left-hand barrel in the world on that day. The paddle in crew including Kala pushed the limits that day. I still feel very privileged to have witnessed the session and so glad I was on hand to record it.”

Photographer: Ehitu Keeling Surfer: CJ Kanuha “We may not have the sandiest beaches but we do have a lot of reef. We love our island and the beauty that surrounds us in and out of the water. After you get a surf lesson from the Vanilla Gorilla you can enjoy watching him play in his office while you eat your lunch. This is where all our surf lessons take place on the Big Island.�

Photographer: Zak Noyle/SPL Surfer: Danny Fuller “One of the only places that you can shoot such clear underwater photos is Tahiti. It has some of the most magical water in the world. I went down on a trip with Danny looking for 10 foot waves, it only got 4 feet. So we had to be creative. I brought along a special housing that was made by Sean Labrie of SPL Water Housings. It’s an over sized lens port which allows me to photograph above and below in one frame. This is able to show the viewer that it’s not so calm like it is above as it is below. Quite amazing to see what’s happening of how close the reef is and turbulent the water is below.”

Photographer: Tyler Rock Surfer: Kekoa Bacalso “A lot of times nailing a shot means just being in the right place at the right time. This day was a very late season swell on the north shore and after shooting all morning at rockies, I was just about to eat lunch when I was given the call to come shoot this out of the way North Shore spot and I’m glad I skipped lunch because the colors, light and talent where all in line for me to snap this shot of Kekoa Balalso hitting the lip.”

Photographer: Justin Mack Surfer: Christian Redongo I just feel super stoked and relieved when a photo lines up. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially if it’s shot with a fisheye. This day my buddy Christian Redongo and I got together to get some of this incoming swell. Everything came together, good light, kona winds, solid swell, and no one out.

Photographer: Chris Latronic Surfer: Kaimana Henry “Posted up on the back of Mike Akima’s lifted truck with the 600mm lens, I was in a nice spot slightly perched above all the boats fronting the Ala Wai Harbor. This shot gives great perspective to how much water is displaced by the local contingent of power surfers gouging Ala Moana Bowls’ rippable left, gracefully demonstrated here by one of Andy Irons’ favorite surfers, Kaimana Henry... You had us at HACK!”

have done last night pumped you up with that extra boost of power you need to dodge a massive wipeout? Can marathon running rev up your speed on a mile long paddle? Does a jog do you justice when it’s going off? To find out, we talked to Sunny Garcia, Ezekiel Lau and Kahea Hart on how to train your body for the water by hitting the ground running. For Sunny Garcia, who puts away at least 5 to 6 miles every day, running not only is the best way to trim down on extra pounds, but also pays off in the water. “Surfing is a pretty taxing sport,” he says. “When I’m not running, my cardio is not up to par. If you’re out of shape, you definitely feel it when you’re paddling out. When I run a lot, I don’t get that. I can paddle all day long.” Garcia changes up his routine by trying to run at least 10 miles in two hours once or twice a week and varying the pace. “Some days I’ll run at 6 miles an hour for 5 minutes then walk at 4 miles an hour for 5 minutes, and some days I’ll just run at 5 miles an hour then I’ll go out at 7 or 8 miles an hour for the whole hour,” he explains. “It depends on how much energy I have. If I have some energy to burn, I’ll run faster.”

Fit for Surf Step it up!

Running is also the first part of 18 year old Ezekiel Lau’s daily workout. “I like to use running as a way to wake up my body and get everything going. It is really good for mental strength as well as cardio,” he explains. Zeke runs 3 times a week in twenty to thirty minute sessions, varying long distance running to maintain mental strength and good pacing, with short distance running to bolster recovery time. “We do some interval sprinting to work on controlling my heart rate specifically for contest surfing.” Kahea Hart, on the other hand, has found running hard on the knees and joints. He runs 3 days a week at high intensity intervals of 20 minutes but modifies this workout with more “functional training” for surfing and for every day life, such as practicing surf-ups or burpees, tuck jumps, and stepping up to a block. Some of the best prep for running happens even before you lace up your shoes. “Just make sure you stretch and learn how to use a roller,” Kahea says. A foam roller can release the memory in your muscles and reduce lactic acid build up. For new runners, Garcia advises, “The only way to do it is to get out there and run.” He encourages beginners to take their time. “Running is not an easy thing.” Before hitting the road, remember to warm up your body and mix up your routine to maximize efficiency, as well as your performance in the surf. - Sue Li

Surfer: Sunny Garcia Photo: Baeseman

Free falling down the top of the lip, you wonder – could those interval sprints you should


She Rips

Tatiana Weston-Webb

Sweet sixteen and dominating, this Kauai surfer has already earned a reputation as one of the top progressive females in this new era. Towheaded, sociable, and confident, (insert “blonde

year, she won the Pipeline Women’s Pro Championships

bombshell” here), her attractive looks are just another

and this year she defended those titles, earning herself the

addition to her path of rapid rise in the surf

label “Pipeline Princess”. To top things off, she bagged the

industry. With a firm grasp on future goals, she hopes to

Surfing America USA Championships at Lower Trestles this

compete in more Junior and QS events, as well as make a

past June, and did we mention she was the only competitor

name for

in the entire event to score a perfect 10?

herself in the next level of competition. Ultimately, this teen strives to get on

“The 10 I got was probably the best wave out there, it

the world tour. And at this rate she’s

was a Lower’s left which gave me an advantage because

making a beeline. Considered the

I’m a goofy footer, and the wave bowled up and gave me

next big thing in women’s surfing, this

a perfect face to work with.” Going into this competition

female phenomenon is Tatiana WestonWebb.

she knew she wanted to mimic her performance from last year, and coach Kahea Hart was alongside her for their

A quick re-cap on Tatiana’s latest accomplishments and you’re sure to be as enamored as we are. Most recently, she won the

usual pre-contest warm ups. Tatiana shared with us one of her techniques for excelling, and that is “find the right equipment for the line-up, and learn the line-up,” but most importantly, “You have to learn to lose before you can learn to win”.

Rip Curl GromSearch at

With a free-spirited approach on life and a levelheaded view

Kewalo’s. At the Panama

on surfing, Tatiana is an up-and-coming surf sensation. This

ISA’s in April, she scored a

knockout is lined up for surfing success, and now that she’s

podium finish. This summer

being home schooled, she’s got more time for surfing and

at the NSSA National

bringing her ability to (beyond) the next level. Keep this one

Championships at Huntington Beach, Tatiana collected the Explorer Womens crown. Last

on your radar boys because she’s currently single, but also probably surfs better than you. -Lauren Shanahan


ISA World Masters Championships Mike Latronic

Sunny Garcia - Hawai`i

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. -Mark Twain

Each year hundreds of surfers over 35 years of age gather for the International Surfing Associations Masters Championship. This year’s locale was at Colorados Beach in Nicaragua. And akin to Mr. Twain’s sentiment, these guys and girls competed like stoked school kids! With the largest turnout in ISA history, the 2012 ISA World Master Surfing Championships featured nearly 150 competitors from 21 countries in a celebrated Olympic style team event at Playa Colorado, Nicaragua, from July 14th-22nd. The week-long tournament kicked off under sunny skies and beautiful offshore conditions, with very contestable 3-5’ sand bar surf on offer. The small provincial town of nearby Rivas hosted a colorful cosmopolitan parade, complete with local folk dancing, marching bands, and lots of smiles, cheer, and team spirit.

Cordero / ISA

Parkin / ISA

Rommel / ISA

Kaipo and Sunny - Hawai`i

Parkin / ISA

Armando Daltro - Brazil

Nearly twenty years ago, with the late Mark Foo, I was lucky enough to venture through Nicaragua searching for waves. Surfing was a new blink on the radar back then. Though we traveled nearly three hours each day on flood torn dirt roads and rickety bridges, the surf was offshore and 3-5 feet every day for a week straight. Blink to 2012 – Nicaragua is home to the ISA Masters World Championships at Colorados and for some of our three hour drive, the roads from Manaqua were still dirt, but now flat and machined. Beach front surfing communities have sprouted up in several areas off Cesar Aspillaga Peru

Rommel ? ISA

the lush coast of Nicaragua since then. Nicaragua’s lush tropical forest sprawls all the way out to the Pacific coast, bordered by bright white beaches that offer a vast array of opportunity for wave hungry wayfarers. The air off of Lake Nicaragua blows steady offshore all day long, most of the year. For the second consecutive year, Hawaii fielded a Masters squad and this time Team Hawaii would leave a big impression taking home Gold.. Forty-two-year-old Sunny Garcia is more social network savvy than one might imagine. Sunny tweets, posts, tags and texts. And most of the time it’s inspiring, complimentary and heavily followed. When I got the text from Sunny saying, “Let’s make this happen- I’m in” I had practically thrown in the towel on putting together a team. No team sponsor, very little time and a healthy enough airfare were just some of the reasons the Hawaii Masters push was uphill. But the universe opened up. Sunny had his way paid by his sponsors, myself and Rochelle Ballard followed suit. With the enlistment of Kaipo Jaquias and a few others to round out the squad, momentum took over. Master shaper Glenn Pang took the slot as team Grand Kahuna, while myself and local Haleiwa standout Nelson Sadoy filled in the Kahuna division. Former number two in the world, Rochelle Ballard represented in the Master Women’s and then came the heavyweights. Highly decorated, deeply talented, Sunny Garcia and Kaipo Jaquias each filled in two divisions, competing in the Masters and Grand Masters. Team Hawaii enjoyed a very cool dynamic from day one. It was reunion

for Kaipo, Sunny and Rochelle, as the trio traveled the globe nearly fifteen years prior. “Total flashbacks!” says Rochelle. “I fully remember traveling all over with these guys. They made me feel safe and secure and being back together again is just like old times.” The cheerful and solid disposition of Kaipo Jaquias shined through immediately. “We got this,” said a cheerful and resolute Kaipo. In more ways than one, Team Hawaii got it indeed. Throughout the whole trip belly laughs and old stories were shared between Kaipo and Nelson Sadoy. Nelson is a craftsman that used to shape boards for Kaipo. Sunny Garcia is confident and never afraid to back it up, with the same spirit and self assuredness that drove the Maili Point teen to venture far past Oahu’s west side. Over the past twenty five years the Hawaii power surfer has racked up an ASP world title, countless ASP victories, Triple Crown Titles, surfer poll accolades and then some.

Rommel / ISA

Kaipo Jaquias - Hawai`i

Parkin / ISA Rommel / ISA

Sunny and Kaipo - Hawai`i

Dean Randazzo - USA

If there was a way to capture and bottle

champ Juan Ashton, Brazil’s Armando

confidence, then I would set up camp

Daltro, the wrestler Jimmy Hogan and

wherever Sunny Garcia lives. At the tender

Super Magnum Martinez (to name just

age of sixteen, Sunny Vincent Garcia made

a few). Showing top shelf progressive

the assertion, “I’m gonna kick some top

surfing Team USA dominated the event

sixteen ass…” and little has changed

from day one and coming into the last day

since. Sunny surfed powerfully but also

of the event looked poised to defend their

showed good speed and snap. Garcia had

2011 team title. With solid performances

dropped 20+ pounds since last year and it

delivered by Team Australia, Hawaii, Peru

showed. From high speed power gouges

and Brazil, these four teams managed to

to nearly perfect barrel rides Garcia made

help check the USA’s momentum on the

his presence felt every heat.

final day. While Sunny and Kaipo surfed double divisions and impressively ended

From high speed power gouges to nearly perfect barrel rides Garcia made his presence felt every heat.

Final 10 Team Standings Gold – Hawaii – 10,540 Silver – USA – 9,771

It was apparent early on that Sunny, Kaipo,

up making two finals each, Team Hawaii

and Rochelle were at the top of the class

captured the overall Gold on the last day

talent of the entire event. Kaipo likewise

with Sunny and Rochelle both nabbing

surfed ferociously. Vertical forehand and

individual Gold medals. Yours truly took

backhand snaps were coupled with solid

home a Bronze and Kaipo got silver and

tuberiding skills. Holding up the wahine

bronze medals.

6. Peru – 7,060

female Rochelle Ballard, who surfed

Surfing is truly a selfish pursuit. There

7. Puerto Rico – 6,753

aggressively with style.

are some who might say those who

torch single handedly was Hawaii’s top

watch waves being ridden derive some Other top international surfers to watch

form of art or pleasure- but ultimately the

were speed Dean Randazzo, former

one doing the riding is in the moment,

Bronze – Australia – 7,540 Copper– Brazil – 7.306 5. Venezuela – 7,303

8. Japan – 6,476 9. Argentina – 6,366 10. Costa Rica – 5,996

self-absorbed with nature. For this reason the idea of surfing as a team sport might sound awkward. Yet, the International Surfing Association would have us believe much differently. For the past few decades inspired surfing diplomatic Fernando Aguirre has set in motion a new way to experience the art of surfing in a team dynamic. The individuality of surfing can be illuminated while at the same time, the dynamic of team sporting understood. As the athletes from different countries waved their flags and cheered their compatriots passionately from the beach, even Sunny was stoked. “To see everyone cheering on the beach- it was like a scene from a feel good movie. Ya know. I didn’t make a dime at this event, but it was one of the best events I’ve ever been to.” Garcia won his division in the 40-45 category but also got second in the 35-40 division to Magnum Martinez. “I was happy for Magnum. Really. Cause I knew what that meant for him, his country, and Latin America. It’s huge. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to lose, but the fact that we weren’t surfing for money took the edge off and made it fun,” said Garcia.

Rochelle Ballard - Hawai`i

Rommel / ISA

Rommel / ISA

Rommel / ISA

Nelson Sadoy - Hawai`i


Rommel / ISA

Sunny and Rochelle

Mike Latronic- Hawai`i

Rommel / ISA

Glenn Pang - Hawai`i

Congrats to all the teams and athletes at this year’s event and special thanks to :

Parkin / ISA

Carve Eyewear, Fyasko, Noelani Designs, Nukumoi Surf, Surf Doterra, Go Pro, Surfbreakrentals.com, nicaragua365.com, ISA, Billabong.

Hawai`i team pride. Got the gold!

News & Events

Presented by Hurley & Converse

Lallande / ASP

Nike US Open of Surfing

Rowland / ASP

The Surf World’s Biggest Stage

ASP Prime Men’s event ASP Women’s World Tour event ASP 4-Star Pro Junior Men’s event Huntington Beach California July 28 - August 5, 2012

Lakey and Julian


The 2012 U.S. Open of Surfing presented by Nike saw surfing’s greatest stars all descend on sunny California for 9 jam packed days. Huntington Beach looked like a carnival with all the stages, events and sheer amount of people crowded onto the beach. Despite the lack of waves, high drama still ensued, with Julian Wilson winning the men’s crown and Lakey Peterson beating an in-form Carissa Moore for the women’s championship. On the men’s side, Hawaii’s John John Florence made the quarters, while Granger Larsen and Keanu Asing made it to the round of 16 before bowing out.


John John Florence

Carissa Moore 70

News & Events

Clark Takashima Unveils New Art At Banzai Sushi

Hawaii’s Clark Takashima recently unveiled a brand new custom painting at Banzai Sushi Bar. Clark’s gorgeous new painting of the Banzai Pipeline is now hanging at the popular sushi bar, so be sure to stop by the North Shore Marketplace to check it out! About the artist Born and raised in Hawaii, Takashima began drawing at age 5 and painted surf art since he was 15. He feels lucky to have traveled around the world and has seen nearly every living condition imaginable. Clark now spends each day practicing a wealth of lessons from mentors who have helped him grow into what he calls his “Blue Collar Degree”-A U.S. Marine, High Tower Worker, Live Concert and TV Lighting Crew Chief were a few of his “class electives”. He has learned all life experiences-good and bad are lessons in gratitude. “I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to have many positive people help me in my life. Now, I aim to help perpetuate the practice of Aloha through and beyond my paintings and sculpture.”


Friends don’t let friends ride China boards!


Book Report

Deep In The Wave by Bear Woznick In his memoir, tandem surf champion and Waikiki fixture Bear Woznick has crafted a narrative that is highly engaging and thoroughly entertaining. Bear and co-author Lou Aronica take the reader on a journey through the ocean in search of waves and spirituality. Reading through this book, any lover of the ocean can instantly identify with Bear’s intense respect and love for the ocean. This is a great read for surfers who find their spirituality riding waves. Check it out at bearswave.com

My Daddy Taught Me to Surf My Mommy Taught Me to Surf Written by Joseph Tomarchio and brought to life by Shane Lasby Take it from me, when you become a parent your time spent surfing is cut in half. With so much water time being taken away, you really start wondering if your little baby is going to be a surfer. If you dream of more water time, these two books from Taught Me 2 Books could be invaluable to surfing parents that want to “encourage” their children to follow in their sandy footsteps. Check them out at taughtme2books.com




handcrafted jewelry

Earth friendly Fine Silver Sunrise Shells and other designs available online at

www.96712jewelry.com or at the

North Shore CouNtry Market Open Saturdays from 8 am - 2pm

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Jon Steele

In Memoriam

Surf with a smile

Dr. John

Jones Dentistry

808 955 0058

Randy Sleigh

1441 Kapiolani boulevard suite 907, honolulu, hawaii 96814

Influential surfboard shaper Randy Sleigh passed away on Kauai this past July 25th. Sleigh, originally from Southern California, moved to Oahu in 1970 and began surfing Sunset and Rocky Point. As a surfboard shaper, Sleigh crafted boards for Derek and Michael Ho during their competitive dominance in the 80s and early 90s. Sleigh’s shaping skills heavily influenced Matt Biolas of Lost Surfboards.

Pastor Ron Ron Valenciana, beloved pastor and North Shore community member, passed away on July 29th. Pastor Ron, as he was affectionately known, was a fixture here on the North Shore, and was best known for publishing the North Shore News and leading the Once a Month Church in Haleiwa Beach Park. Our condolences to Pastor Ron’s friends and family.



3:28 PM

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Open Daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm In the heart of Haleiwa


News & Events

Luke Shepardson Wins HIC Pro Junior

Luke Shepardson

HIC Pro Junior ASP 1 Star Men’s Junior Event Waikiki, Oahu Hawaii August 18 - 26, 2012

It has been a big 2012 for V-Land’s Luke Shepardson. After making the semis at the Pipe Pro Junior this past March, Shepardson showed off his prowess in small waves, lacerating the rights at Queens throughout the HIC Pro Junior. In the finals, Shepardson held out an in-form Isaiah Moniz, Roy Carvalho and Kain Daly to take out the win and $2,000. The sweetest part of the win for Shepardson was scoring a wildcard slot into the HIC Sunset Beach Pro in October. Congrats Luke!

Country Living Manulele Inc. and Visitor Video’s joint production “Country Living - The North Shore Sessions” began airing in hotel rooms across Oahu this summer. Featuring stories that are full of stunning visuals and ... all you need is love!

adventurous activities, Country Living is now being aired in over

815 Front St. Lahaina, HI 96761

151 Hana Hwy. Unit 1 Paia, HI 96779



(Located between Kimo’s & Cheeseburger In Paradise)

(Paia Courtyard Market)

Shop online at www.pakaloha.com

90% of Oahu’s hotels. Manulele Inc. is excited to share Oahu’s natural treasures with Real Hawaii TV!

Last Look

Photographer: Frederico Pompermayer Surfer: Aaron Gold “That was Aaron Gold at Jaws raising the bar of big wave surfing. Historic day when the best big riders of the planet show up at Peahi, changing the scenery from jet skis to using their own muscle power. Paddling in on the biggest paddle session ever.�

Profile for Freesurf Magazine

Freesurf Sept 2012  

Freesurf V9N9

Freesurf Sept 2012  

Freesurf V9N9

Profile for freesurf