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The trail was just as long as it seemed.

This is a graphite recording.... All graphite recordings are in the public domain. For more information, or to volunteer, please visit The Tempest Shadow narrated and translated by Andrew Gullen

Canto I -Oh, you have made me break -my skull cracks like a river on a map -continued by one goal -seperated into many paths -I moved my hand over the path of the crack, but to no avail.

They took the form of bubbles

and when they reached the surface... they turned into clouds.

Stay inside

The bush was meant to be a bush.

The fire was meant to be a fire.

If you would have asked them both they would have said otherwise.

Virgil Almedav Pm What did you notice about the way you responded to the prompts. Did it change through out the project? 1.) I responded to the prompts in a very visual way. I just looked at my prompts to my photos and felt my way out on which ones fit together. I did this throughout the entire project. Give some examples of how the visual informed your writing. what was your favorite prompt and why? what were your favorite materials and why? 2.) The visual aspects of my pictures always had a link to the visual aspects of my drawing. For example my favorite image was the one for solitude. I took a picture of a grate full of water and my drawing had an ocean in it. The actual image was the drawing ocean overlaid over the real water. My favorite prompt was the sublime prompt since I was able to create a whole story from it in my limited time. Give a specific example of places you took risks in your photography, art projects, and writing, explain how they are risks. Address both formal/structural risks and content related risks. Support with specific visual examples. 3. An example of some risky I took with the photos is when I focused a loWhat are some consistencies you notice in the formal qualities of your works? Are there things you always do? Is your line quality consistent, is your compositional arrangement consistent? Explain. Support visually with specific examples.

4.) An obvious consistency in my blink book i the frequent use of the 3-d text. I usually have either the title or a some text from my quick-writes made into 3-d text. I wanted this to be a purposeful part of my book so it is very consistent. What are some consistencies you notice in the conceptual approach you took to your pieces. Do they have a consistent mood? Do they have a consistent energy? Support visually. 5.)I always have some sort of overlay in my images. So either a photo or a prompt is in the background. I think this adds some unrealness to the images and make them seem unique. Brainstorm a list of themes you’d like to explore in a thematic project for the rest of the semester. List at least 10 themes. Make a page in your In Design Document for it. This should be the last page. 6.) -technology -togetherness -creativity -sublime -loneliness -solitude -story -contradiction -comfort -destruction

Virgil Almeda  

By Virgil Almeda The trail was just as long as it seemed. This is a graphite re- cording.... All graphite record- ings are in the public dom...