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Blink Book By :HuJun

What is Thought

it that bad?


Maybe I over did it...

I wish I can start Over.


Moral vs




Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings

The snake that cannot shed it’s skin...


r u d m rea d y a d yuld m o e w n i n g e a t I of ree time. I im ce, in a f la p t n e r ing my life fe f n i i d e a g an h c A self at . t a d l h r t o g w n i nt th e e r e m f o f s i d ne nce O e . i e r r e o p and ex ever felt bef op up in p n n e t f o I have le uld d o d i w m t a e h h e, place t is a lake in t r e h t d om r n i f m r a y f m ot ion s N n . a t s m e r e of a fo ould be a hug A huge . t w i e o r t e t h t e nex h t t h r g e i d r un g n i t sitting t i elf s s y n o m i s d n red ma . I often foun peek. a un g s n i t k h a g i t br nd a n i g sneakin

I change myself,

I change the world.

The Beautiful

vs. The Sublime

The power of sublime is a beautiful thing in this world. It is for the good of the people as well as the good of the world. The world right now is an ugly place full of corruption, the people are not unite as one. With the song of sublimation, we will go back to the orgin and unite as one.

Questions and Answers Q:What did you notice about the way you responded to the prompts. Did it change through out the project? A:At first, my respond is directly at the prompts that was given. Like I drew an apple when the prompt is an apple. But my respond starts to go off to places as The more I do. The relation to the prompt gets smaller and harder to see. Q:Give some examples of how the visual informed your writing. What was your favorite prompt and why? A:My favorite prompt is about thoughts, I think it’s a really deep question with a lot of ways to show the idea that I have. I pasted a lot of pictures from the magazines to my piece and it’s all over the place. Q:What were your favorite materials and why? A:My favorite material is the water color that we get to use on drawing isolation, but I didn’t like the part where we have to combine it with crayons. Q:Give a specific example of places you took risks in your photography, art projects, and writing, explain how they are risks. Address both formal/structural risks and content related risks. Support with specific visual examples. A:The one that I think I took the most risk is the one with isolation. The picture had a black background and the way that I used crayons is not the way I usually used. Another one I think I took risk in is the first one where I cut out magazine pictures and paste then into a new picture. There is a lot of randomness in it but it actually turned out okay.

Q:What are some consistencies you notice in the formal qualities of your works? Are there things you always do? Is your line quality consistent, is your compositional arrangement consistent? Explain. Support visually with specific examples. A:I usually goes for the safe side on my paintings. My pictures are usually organized and clear most of the time. But some of the time I want to shake things up and put a little bit of something different into my piece. Q:What are some consistencies you notice in the conceptual approach you took to your pieces. Do they have a consistent mood? Do they have a consistent energy? Support visually. A:Maybe there’s a relation to the prompt that were given to us, but some of my pictures are a little bit dark. There are also some pictures are clean and neat. Like Isolation and Shame are very dark, while the sublime one is kind of peaceful.

10 Themes Light, Dark, smooth, random, colorful, sync, mood, quantity, Shine, and full.

HuJun Cui  

Blink Book By :HuJun What is Thought Is it that bad? I wish I can start Over. Maybe I over did it... Moral vs Freedom Isolation Solitude Tho...

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