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Change happens, I know. It’s so scary though. How do I get through this? Nothing’s the same. He doesn’t even know my name. I try no to cry. “Be strong” I hear. But it’s so hard to stay compossed when I’m frightened. There’s a smile here and there. I’ll stay strong for him, for Poppa. “Be strong, strong, strong!” I’ll try. I can. I know I can. I will.

The Sublime Purple and yellow reflect in your eyes. Projecting onto the sky. Polka-dots fly high in the sky. Mixing and mingling Growing up from beneth the ground, Vines twist up. And up, and up. Curling and twisting. Tightening hold on the sky. Encroching and choking.

You see these women and men. All over TV, media, and things. Half naked. Having sex. “vulgar ” they call it. “Down right discusting” they cry. I disagree. Beauty is what I see. There is nothing wrong with it. We’re all humans. All natural. And we all have wants and passions. So I say why so taboo? Why so hypocritical? In private we can do what ever we want. But in public we can’t even talk about these things. They can’t even say the word sex. Why?


Thought Butterfly. Open your wings. Fly high in the sky. Be free, feel the wingd on your wings. So beautiful, so danity. Yet very strong willed. When you tire, don’t worry, I’m here. Rest on my petals, So soft and bright. I’ll supprot you. Don’t doubt that one bit. I’ll love you forever. I’ll support you always. You’re my butterfly beauty.





L asting forever O pening hearts V ery adoring E xtra ordinary H eated passion E ver loving A lways there R acing for you T imesless H ate U ndesireable R edo T ime heals T his hurts H armful O ut of sight R ecoil N ever welcome

Solitude Dear Journal, It’s been a rough few weeks. It feels like work, work, work. And no play. I have had no times to truly relax and have fun. I rarely see my friends besides at school. It’s getting very tiring. I was so upset about this last night I just broke down crying. I just have been feeling so alone because of all that’s going on. Second semester senior year isn’t truing out to be the fun, relaxing, enjoyable semester I’d hoped for. I just want all this crap to go away and just spend time having fun with my friends. I sometimes feel so alone and lonely that it is like there is no one there for me at all. But I know that’s not the case. There are so many people around me and loving me even when I am feeling so isolated. My family and my friends are always there. Even if it’s just in my heart or a phone call away. I need to realize this every time I start to feel lonely or about to cry. There is no reason to get so upset when I can reach out and hold my dad’s hand. Love, Chelsea





Freedom is the chance to roll the win hair. Freedom is the chance to take o Freedom is my 1965 Red Ford Mustang.





ndows down and feel the wind in your off to the beach whenever you want.



Throughout the prompts, art and writing, I always had an underlying theme of love. Whether that is boys, friends, or family. I’m not quite sure if it’s because I’m an optimistic person or I have a deep longing for being secure? Most likely both, I think. Although I have the same theme throughout, I have different variations on this topic. The happy-go-lucky side of love, the longing for love, the remembrance of love, searching for love, or the loneliness when you don’t have love. One of the art pieces that strongly influenced the writing piece was the collage: the thought prompt. I cut out very opposing types of photos from the magazines: flowers, and the word sex. And in my writing piece I focused on both those sides. I talked about sex and the taboo and forbidden sense that is always tied to it. Then on the flip side, I also talked about the softness of being in love.  My favorite prompt was the thought prompt. To me it was like letting all my thoughts free. I could use what ever thoughts were in my head and it would always tie to the prompt because they were my thoughts. My favorite materials we used were the acrylic paints. I loved using them because I could create dimension with them. Around the border on my piece I made mountain like peaks. The brush strokes also gave it another cool texture that I love. I feel I took a risk with photography by doing one piece as a triptych. I have never done a piece like that. As well, I feel that I experimented with a new genre of photography: cars. I feel like it was a challenge to get a good angle and and outstanding photo of the car. Another area outside of my comfort zone was paint. I have never really used painting as a way of expressing myself until now. And I quite enjoyed it. Even though I kept my piece very simple for that prompt, I felt like I turned out with a beautiful painting - which I’ve never been able to do before.  I feel that I always have a consistent theme, but never a consistent mood. Some of my pieces are very upbeat and colorful. But other’s are bleak, dismal, and dark. I think it has more to do with how I felt that specific day. I was most likely in a great, happy, and relaxed mood when I used more color and a stress, sad, and lonely mood when I created the darker pieces.  I think the one consistency I have in my pieces are the types of lines. I alway tent to use wavy and curly lines, rather than harsh straight lines. All of these pieces have some sort of wavy or curly line it them: Freewill, Sublime, Isolation, and Change.

c t i on


i on


ont ai n




ll e m


otio ns w

t e f r g o u m o y b e g n i i ng i l e e F n

alling in love F in o urs elves

e c r o Div





s s e rkn

Con nec t

Chelsea Pyne  

Regret Change happens, I know. It’s so scary though. How do I get through this? Nothing’s the same. He doesn’t even know my name. I try no t...

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